Sleep Over by Catharsis

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Kate Laskey had barely sat down after returning from her final Friday afternoon class when the phone rang.

“Hi Kate! Got anything goin’ on tonight?” chirped the voice on the phone.

“Oh, hi, Christie.” Kate took a quick, self-conscious look around her small university dorm room. “Not really…”

“Well, how about coming with me to a sleep-over?”

“A sleep-over? That sounds so Junior High.” If Christie took offense, her perpetually cheery voice didn’t betray it.

“Oh, that’s just the name. Y’see, Pam and I are going over to Valerie’s house — you remember Valerie Hudson from high school, right? — She invited us to play cards, and we need a fourth.”

Kate twirled a lock of her brown hair around one finger. “What kind of cards?”

“Spades, Hearts, that kind of thing. You… don’t sound too enthused.” Christie was right.

“Well, um, what kind of stuff would I need to bring?”

“Your toothbrush and stuff to wear, mainly. There’ll be places to sleep and food and all that already there.”

“That sounds nice. So, just clothes for tomorrow and something to sleep in.”

“Yeah, and as for that… This is the first time we’ve been over to Valerie’s, so I don’t quite know how casual things are going to be.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it depends on how the conversation tends to go, y’know. Some get togethers, it’s just regular gossip and stuff, and that’s fine. You’re just chillin’ out in t-shirts. Other times, though, the talk gets raunchy, the beer’s hittin’ everybody right, and everyone puts on their trashiest lingerie. It’s a blast!” Then, Christie’s excited voice quieted down a few notches. “You still don’t sound like you’re into it, though. What’s up? You gotta test coming up? A paper to write?”

“Nah, it’s not that…”

“Look, it starts at about eight. I’ll pick you up in my car, so you don’t have to worry about directions.”

Kate didn’t say anything.

“Oh, wait… You don’t have a thing against Valerie, do you?” Christie was right again.

“I don’t dislike her, but I wouldn’t exactly consider her and me as friends.”

“Oh… Look, I’ll be there, and Pam’ll be there, too. It’ll be fun. How about I pick you up at six, we’ll go out and get something to eat and head on over after that?”

Kate thought for a moment. Five minutes ago, she’d been lamenting the onset of another Friday night surrounded by the other girls on her hall. Though they were an easy source of alcohol, their plain, ordinary looks reminded Kate that she could do better than hang around with them. Christie and her could walk into a party and land guys the likes of which they could only dream of. Christie’s friend Pamela was really smart and sweet, and had helped Kate out when procrastination had made her homework pile too unmanageable. Those were the kinds of people she belonged with. Kate figured she could handle one night with Valerie.

“Sure, why not…”

“Aw, c’mon, girl, loosen up a bit. Valerie’s rich, right? She’s probably got lots of cool stuff there.” Christie paused. “Y’know, I bet that once you two get to talking, you’ll find something you both are into doing.”

Christie had no way of knowing, but she was right a third time.

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Kate sighed and stared into the full-length mirror on her closet door. She had removed the clip that held her shoulder-length hair into a pony tail, and was holding the brush she intended to use to smooth it out. In fact, she had been standing there for nearly half an hour in that position, worrying over the same thoughts again and again in her mind. The mirror stared back at her, showing her what she already knew. Kate was a stunning 20-year old. Her love of long distance running had toned her 5’7″ frame to perfection. Her wardrobe contained many shirts like the one she had on now: one size too small. It accentuated the tightness of her abs, as well as the fullness of her chest. Although her legs weren’t long, they were sleek and powerful. Years of circling tracks and competing in high school cross country races had given her an impressive amount of stamina. It was more than enough to handle a possible all-nighter here at college.

Kate’s problem was not with her appearance, or her health. It was that her mind kept circling through the same logic endlessly. She could have told Christie about the incident last summer that was the reason she didn’t want to be around Valerie. Trouble was, she wouldn’t have dared to tell her the whole story, and half the story wouldn’t have been convincing enough.

Back in July, Kate and Christie had gone to a big block party. Christie had disappeared somewhere with her boyfriend towards late afternoon while Kate was playing volleyball. The combination of hot sun, exhaustion, an excessive amount of alcohol, and the local garage band playing far too loud had left Kate feeling worn out and irritable. She was wearing her favorite purple bikini, and was getting the eye from quite a few guys. Even so, when the game ended, she didn’t have a date to hang out with. She sat down in a lounge chair on someone’s lawn and nursed the last of a cup of beer in an effort to cool off. She had just put it down when Valerie and a few of her cheerleading buddies from high school had wandered by. They were laughing hysterically about something, and it was obvious that they were all quite inebriated.

Valerie spied Kate sitting alone. Motioning to her friends to wait a moment, she half-walked, half-staggered over to Kate’s chair, giggling all the while. Leaning down close in order to be heard above the noise, and close enough for Kate to smell the alcohol on her breath, Valerie said, “I ran into Stephen the other day.”

Kate looked up lazily at the girl who had invaded her personal space. “Oh?” she replied. She wasn’t particularly interested to hear anything about the boyfriend who had dumped her the week before. Especially not from someone she could barely count as an acquaintance.

“He said you were a boring fuck in bed,” blurted out the drunken blond. Kate stared in disbelief at Valerie, who apparently thought this piece of information was beyond funny. She began laughing again as she sauntered away and rejoined the other girls. In a few seconds, they had disappeared into the crowd, leaving Kate fuming. The initial shock of the insult had worn off, and a boiling rage had arisen in her stomach. Kate had left the party soon afterwards, and had spoken to no one about it.

She could have told Christie then, and she could have told Christie an hour earlier when Christie called about tonight’s sleep over. But, Kate hadn’t. She knew what Christie would have said.

“She was drunk. She wasn’t trying to be mean. She probably didn’t even realize what she said. I bet that if you asked her about the party, she wouldn’t even remember seeing you there, let alone talking to you.”

There was truth in those words. The heart of the matter, though, was that the thought of being around Valerie had dredged up things Kate wished would vanish from her memory.

Kate had returned to her parents’ house that evening with her head still swimming. She checked her answering machine, which was empty, and passed out on her bed. Sometime during the night, a very vivid scene played out in her unconscious mind. Kate was back in the lawn chair at the party. Her head turned, and Valerie appeared in her field of view wearing that red string bikini she always wore. Valerie’s shoulder-length blond hair cascaded down about her face as she leaned over to deliver her insult. Kate watched helplessly as the dialog played out just as before. As her tormentor turned and walked away, though, things changed. Kate jumped up from her chair and grabbed the back of Valerie’s hair. She yanked the blonde’s head backwards and spun her around. Kate then delivered a series of stinging slaps to Valerie’s face.

After the fourth or fifth one, Valerie counterattacked. The blond leaped at her and tackled her to the ground. She lay atop Kate, pinning her wrists and laughing in her face. Even though it was a dream, Kate felt everything as if it were real. Her arms refused to move, and a heavy weight seemed to be pressing down upon her stomach and legs. In the dream, Valerie lowered her face closer to Kate’s. As it filled her vision, she could feel the other girl’s firm breasts bearing down on her own.

“You wanna fight?” the phantom Valerie taunted. “You think you can beat me? Hmm? You think you’re superior to me?”

Kate tried to squirm free, but no force she could muster seemed to dislodge the nightmare that gripped her. Kate felt her body push and rub itself against her foe to no avail. The smooth, soft skin of the other female felt so different in comparison with the rough, muscular skin of the guys she had been with. Kate felt herself twisting back and forth in an effort to roll Valerie off of her. The blond’s body refused to move, though, and Kate tried to thrash harder. It didn’t work. Her body seemed to be attached to that of her rival, and the two girls merely rocked from side to side. Valerie’s grip was strong, and her grinning face loomed larger and larger in Kate’s mind.

Suddenly, it was over. Kate’s eyes opened and all she saw was her dark bedroom ceiling. Her arms had been behind her head underneath her pillow, and she quickly drew them out. Kate’s heart was thumping loudly in her chest, and it took her several minutes to calm it down. Looking over at the nightstand, the clock told her it was a quarter past one in the morning. She stumbled to the bathroom for a drink of water to soothe her dry throat. Her thoughts swirled chaotically. Never in her life had she experienced such a powerfully real nightmare. The brunette was never one to resort to violence, but somehow, slamming her open hand against that rich snot’s cheek had felt good. Thrilling, even. “It was just the booze,” she assured her reflection in the mirror, and went back to bed. Nothing bad disturbed her sleep the rest of the night.

The next night’s sleep, however, was not so serene. In the hours just before dawn, the dream struck again. This time, Valerie’s attitude was even ruder. Kate could barely wait to get up and confront her. She only got in a single slap before the blond cheerleader jumped at her and forced her down. Instead of being pinned, Kate managed to free one hand and grab the side of Valerie’s head. Yanking hard, she rolled the two of them over so that she was now on top of her rival. Kate pinned Valerie’s hands and put her full weight upon her body just like Valerie had done to her. She heard Valerie’s mocking voice call out to her.

“This is what you like? Is it, bitch?” Kate felt her opponent’s body shift, and Kate pressed down harder with hers to keep it trapped. She felt her boobs bulge out to the sides as they squashed against the cheerleader’s opposing pair. Valerie twisted her hips in an effort to dislodge Kate, and Kate retaliated by pushing back. Seconds ticked by into minutes as the two girls’ bodies rubbed together in a tight struggle. Then Valerie broke the silence.

“Yeah, I feel you grinding away down there. You’re such a horny, desperate slut that you’re gettin’ off on another girl.” Kate tried to reply, but no words came out of her mouth. She couldn’t seem to shut Valerie up, and, most frustratingly of all, her adversary was slowly working her way free by arching her body in order to throw Kate off. Kate strained with her arms and furiously rammed her midsection over and over into Valerie’s, trying to knock her back down. Their breathing had become ragged and was now punctuated by grunts at each impact. The battle raged this way ever more violently. Both girls seemed unwilling to give up. Kate felt a heady mixture of emotions running through her unlike anything she could ever describe.

With a final grunt, Kate awoke. Sweat covered every inch of her body, making her nightshirt stick wetly to her skin. She was lying on her stomach with her arms wrapped tightly around her pillow. Her body burned as if she had a fever, and the covers had been kicked into a pile at the end of the bed. Burying her face in her pillow to quiet the audible sound of her ragged breathing, Kate rolled onto her side. While doing so, she felt a familiar tingling between her legs. Disbelieving at first, she snaked a hand down to see if it was just a residual illusion. Horrifyingly, it wasn’t. Her panties were soaked from an undeniable arousal. She wanted something badly to satisfy her, but it wasn’t sex. Kate couldn’t figure out what her aching pussy was crying out for, and she was scared to find out.

Though it was well before dawn, Kate cleaned herself up, pulled on a jogging suit, and slipped out of the house for a run. She sprinted for several blocks before being forced to slow down because her lungs were on fire. Kate continued pushing herself until her legs began to hurt, and made it home on the last bits of energy she had left.

Despite her attempt to purge the nightmare from her memory, images of her and Valerie fighting still popped into her mind over the next few days. Each time one did, Kate focused herself through physical exertion and drove it away. By the sixth day after the party, no more appeared. The weekend had arrived, and Kate and Christie were back partying. The handful of guys that Kate hooked up with during the last few weeks of the summer could scarcely believe their luck. When they were alone with her, Kate had been anything but boring.

She thought about all these things as she brushed her hair in a determined manner. “That’s the past,” she told her reflection. “Tonight, I’m just going to have a lot of fun.”

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Kate looked out the passenger window as Christie pulled her car into Valerie’s driveway. The house Valerie’s parents had bought for her was a small, blue, single-story house with white shutters and trim. It wasn’t as impressive as Kate thought it might have been, but it still beat having to live on campus. Kate wished her family included a rich dad who ran a real estate business like Valerie’s, or a rich doctor like Christie’s mom. She hid a slight frown on her face from her friend as she pulled the two overstuffed gym bags out of the trunk.

Valerie met the pair at the front door. She was wearing a red tank top and black shorts, and was all smiles as she held the door and waved them in. The living room that Kate entered seemed rather bare. It contained only a couch facing a large TV, and a lamp.

“Is this where we’re going to be?” Kate asked.

“No,” Valerie chuckled. “We’re playing cards downstairs. Go through the kitchen and take the door on the right.”

“Downstairs?” Christie wondered aloud.

“Yeah. Don’t worry, it’s a finished basement. It’s pretty swank.”

Kate raised her eyebrows. “Swank?” she thought. “Who the hell uses that word anymore?”

When the trio reached large room at the bottom of the stairs, it was obvious that ‘swank’ was, indeed, the correct term for it. The basement looked as if it had been decorated when the house was built in the ’70s and never changed. Fake wood paneling lined the walls, and a creamsicle orange rug covered the floor.

“Ohmigawd!” exclaimed Christie. “Is this shag? It thought this stuff was extinct!”

“Welcome to the den.” Valerie announced. “I’m still in the process of redecorating the whole house, you know. My bedroom’s all cleared out for the painters and the living room furniture hasn’t arrived yet. This room… well, I haven’t settled on a good color scheme yet, so we’re stuck with retro for now.”

“You’re taking an interior design class, right?” asked Christie.

“Yeah, but it’s all stuff I already know. I mean, I’ve seen so many model homes being set up, I should be teaching the class!”

Kate rolled her eyes at this last remark. She let the other two girls ramble on as she looked for a good place to put their stuff. At end of the room closest to the stairs was a round wooden table surrounded by four chairs. At the far end was a giant flat-screen TV hooked up to a tall rack of video and audio equipment. A comfortable-looking sofa sat in front of the TV, and a matching recliner was set at an angle next to it. In the center of the room were a pile of sleeping bags and pillows. Kate put the gym bags down next to the pile, and listened back in on the conversation.

“Pam’s typically right on time, too. I’ll give her a call.” Christie said, and flipped open her cell phone. Finding no signal, she ran back up the stairs.

“Pretty cool, huh?” said Valerie, fishing for a compliment.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” said Kate, trying to act as pleasant and natural as possible. Involuntarily, her eyes darted up and down Valerie’s figure. Kate noted the small muscles in the blond cheerleader’s legs and arms, and the firm, round breasts that sat upon her chest. Kate swiveled her head and glanced around the room in an effort to look somewhere else. Unbidden, the thought shot through her mind.

“I could take her.”

Kate’s heart pounded hard in her chest. She was embarrassed at herself. There was no reason for that kind of thinking. Her dislike of Valerie was completely illogical, she assured herself.

Valerie’s next words made her question that, however. “It must suck living in the dorms for another year. I mean, the rooms are so small, and you have to share them with someone. I could never live like that. I’m surprised you didn’t get an apartment like Christie did.” Kate shrugged her shoulders and opened her mouth to speak, but Valerie continued, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. Your family lives down in Mill Creek, don’t they?”

Now, to an ordinary observer, the Mill Creek subdivision looked like a typical middle-class suburban community. Pleasant, clean, and respectable. However, the high school that its residents went to also took teenagers from the affluent Mason Hill gated community where Christie and Valerie’s parents had their homes. To the members of that social group, Mill Creek was populated by the also-rans, the middle managers, and the wannabes. Valerie had simply stated what she thought to be fact. She had forgotten that Christie, who grew up down the street from her in Mason Hill, was friends with someone from “outside the gates”. Christie, Valerie thought, was ditsy, but in a nice sort of way. It was just unfortunate that she had brought someone like Kate along for the night. Girls like Kate had no class, and just dragged a party down. “Still,” thought Valerie, “I can handle someone like her. No problem.”

“At least you’re in college,” Valerie went on, “and that’s the ticket to finding a good man, isn’t it?”

“I’m not sure what you’re getting at.”

“Well, you’re not here on an academic scholarship, are you?” Kate bristled at that, and Valerie smiled to herself. Being able to get under someone’s skin was one of the best ways of controlling them, she thought. Kate wouldn’t dare blow up in front of Christie, and Valerie had just proved that she knew which buttons to push to assert her dominance.

“If you must know…” began Kate in an irritated tone, but Christie came bounding down the stairs and interrupted her.

“Pam’s been in an accident! Her roommate was driving her back to their apartment when someone ran a red light and hit the driver’s side door. Pam’s OK, but her roommate got pretty banged up. They’re at the hospital right now. I’m going to go there and pick Pam up. Alright? I’ll be back in half an hour or so.”

“God, that’s a bummer,” murmured Valerie.

“Drive safe,” said Kate, and the two girls stood there and listened to Christie walk through the upstairs and out the front door.

“Well, then,” Valerie said, looking for something else to entertain herself. “How about watching a DVD while we wait?” That sounded fine to Kate, especially since it didn’t involve Valerie talking. “You can pick one out while I go upstairs and change.”

Valerie left, and Kate walked over to the large entertainment center. She only saw two DVDs on top of the player, and wondered if Valerie had been making a joke. Then, she saw the open cardboard box on the floor that contained several dozen DVDs, many still in their original plastic. After a few minutes of rummaging, Kate found one of her favorites, and tore off the wrapping. She walked to the couch and tried to guess which of the five remotes operated the TV and the DVD player. As she did so, Valerie came back downstairs wearing an over-sized football jersey and a pair of white socks. She chuckled to herself at Kate’s predicament.

“I’ll set that up. You can go and get changed if you want. There’s a bathroom through that door there.”

Kate put the DVD down on the couch and got her sleepwear from her gym bag. She heard the TV come to life as she closed the bathroom door and began removing her clothes. She put on her favorite nightshirt, an extra-large one with running shoes on it, and picked up the pair of shorts she had brought. “To wear them, or not to wear them?” she wondered. Looking down, she quickly made up her mind. It didn’t matter how much money Valerie had. Kate knew her beauty trumped Valerie’s, and her legs were the best example of that. “No shorts tonight,” she said proudly, and added them to the pile of discarded clothes.

Kate’s self-confidence faltered when she left the bathroom, however. Valerie was sitting on the couch, and the DVD box that Kate had picked out was still laying where she had dropped it. Sitting wide open on the sofa next to the blond was another DVD box, and it was empty. Without saying a word, Kate put her clothes atop her gym bag, and walked to the other end of the couch and sat down. The opening credits to the movie were already running. It was a light-hearted romance from the year before that Kate had already seen twice.

“If we start the other one, I’m going to want to watch the whole thing. I decided to pick something that we could stop at any time instead. Sorry.”

“That’s OK,” Kate replied, but it wasn’t.

The two sat there and watched the predictable plot unfold, from the hackneyed first meeting of the leads to the dialog that set up why the two couldn’t stand each other. During that scene, the phone rang. Valerie got up and answered it while Kate sat and stewed. She was still sore about having her choice of movie ignored, and had chosen to ignore Valerie in return. Before Kate knew it, Valerie had hung up and sat back down in her spot.

“That was Christie.”


“Pam’s neck started hurting her, and she’s feeling woozy. Christie’s going to stay at the hospital with her for a while, and then she’ll be right over.”

“That sucks. I hope Pam comes through alright. She’s such a smart girl.”

“Yeah,” Valerie concurred. The movie ran by on the screen for another minute. “You want anything to drink?”

“Sure, why not?”

“There’s some wine in the fridge. Could you get it? I really like this part.”

Kate lifted herself off of the sofa in a huff and tromped up the stairs. This night was turning out worse and worse as it went on. As she dragged the bottle of wine out of the refrigerator and searched the cabinets for glasses, she said a silent prayer that Christie would show up sooner rather than later.

Back in the basement, Kate pulled the cork out and handed a glass to Valerie. The blond’s eyes were glued to the screen as she took it and held out her hand for the bottle. Valerie nearly filled her glass before returning the bottle. Kate poured the rest into her glass as she walked around the back of the couch. She shot a frown in Valerie’s direction. Her hostess had left her with only half a glass.

The pair sipped at the wine as the movie wound its way towards a predictable feel-good ending. Neither looked at each other or spoke a word. Inevitably, the main characters realized they had quite a bit in common, and ended up together at the end. The credits rolled, and Kate’s head suddenly cleared and reminded her that Christie should have called by now.

“I wonder what’s up with Christie?” she said to Valerie. Valerie grabbed the phone and started dialing. It took a minute, but Christie finally answered her cell phone. Kate couldn’t hear what she said, but it seemed obvious from Valerie’s responses that the planned card game wasn’t going to happen. Valerie hung up and filled her lone guest in on the details.

“Christie’s at Pam’s place helping her out. Pam’s OK, but still isn’t feeling 100%. Christie says she’s really sorry, and she’ll come by and pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t you have a car?”

“It’s in the shop. That’s why I decided to have this sleepover. I’m stuck in the house for the weekend and have to sleep down here because my bedroom’s all covered in drop cloths for the painters. I figured that I might as well have company.” An awkward silence hung in the air.

“You wanna play cards?” Kate asked at last.

“The only two-player game I can think of to play is Cribbage, but my set for that’s still at home.”

“We could play War.”

Valerie glanced over at Kate. A strange look crossed her face, and then she shook her head. “Nah. Let’s just roll out the sleeping bags.”

The two set to work quietly, arranging their sleeping bags and pillows. When she had finished, Kate slid inside hers and lay down facing away from Valerie. Valerie noticed what Kate had done, and drew her lips into a tight, frustrated line. She had been looking forward to beating Kate at something, but now that plan had been foiled. She felt cheated, and sighed audibly.

“How about we just talk for a while. You wanna do that?” Valerie said.

Kate tilted her head and looked up at Valerie. “No,” she replied coldly.

Valerie stood in place, her eyes fixed on Kate’s. The temperature in the room felt as if it had suddenly dropped a dozen degrees. Something unspoken was hanging in the air between the two girls, an almost palpable tension. A warning seemed etched on Valerie’s face: “Don’t you test me!”, and Kate’s face responded with cool defiance. A car passed on the street outside, and then its sound faded. Silence reigned for several seconds as the staring contest continued. Then, Valerie gave a quick snort, and turned and switched off the lights. Kate heard the other girl crawl into her sleeping bag and arrange her pillow.

Time passed, but Kate didn’t go to sleep. Her eyes had slowly adjusted to the darkness, and she stared upwards at nothing in particular. The moon shone faintly through a small window high up on one wall, and cast strange shadows on the opposite wall. The exposed beams that ran the length of the ceiling seemed to shift and sway as clouds dimmed the pale light. Or was it the wine? She could hear Valerie, who lay only a few feet away, shift in her sleeping bag every couple of minutes, trying to get comfortable. A chorus of crickets chirped far off in the distance, and the sound of traffic had died to a faint murmur.

She heard Valerie turn over yet again. Kate’s eyes didn’t feel tired, and she realized that she wasn’t going to be ready to drop off to sleep for quite a while. She let out a gentle sigh and glanced over at Valerie. To Kate’s surprise, Valerie was lying on her side facing towards her, and her eyes were open. Kate didn’t move, not knowing whether Valerie could see her. Reflected light illuminated the top side of the blond girl’s face, and kept the other in shadow. A minute went by, and neither girl moved.

“Not sleepy, are you?” asked Valerie. Kate grunted in reply. Valerie paused, getting more pissed off by the second, and then propped herself up on one elbow. “You know what your problem is?” she accused. “You act like you’re so superior to everyone else. It makes me sick.”

Kate could hold her thoughts in no longer. “Oh, yeah, and I suppose you think you don’t act exactly the same way? You, Valerie Hudson, are the worst, stuck-up snob I’ve ever met. You think that just because you’ve got a lot of money that you’ve got a free pass to walk all over everybody else. I had to work hard to get to where I am, and I’m damn proud of that.”

“Oh, yes, it’s HARD WORK being a slut, isn’t it?”

“Excuse me? I am not…”

“Don’t lie, you pathetic skank. God, at the end of last summer, about the only topic of conversation was which guy you had most recently slept with and discarded. And don’t you give me that dopey face! I know your type. Wide open legs and no class. You’re just lucky that you hang around with Christie. If you didn’t, you’d never have access to any of the guys that you do.”

“Shut up, bitch!” Kate was sitting up now. “You don’t know shit. I have guys falling all over themselves to get near me. And you know why? It’s ’cause I’m good looking. No wonder you’re jealous of me. You can’t handle the attention that I get.”

“Well, it’s obvious that you never came to any football game, stupid. If you did, you would have seen that I get more than my share of attention. Oh, that’s right! You were in track and field. The event so boring that it was worthless for the cheerleading squad to show up for.”

“Bullshit. If you talentless pompom twirlers had shown up, you would have seen true athleticism. ‘Look at me, I can kick my leg high!'” Kate mocked.

“Oh, and what kind of talent does running take? None! How much creativity and effort goes into practicing a new cheer? A lot more than you’ll ever know. And, we look a whole hell of a lot better in our uniforms, too.”

“Only after daddy bought you that big pair of boobs!”

“Say what? I’ll have you know that I’ve never had the slightest bit of plastic surgery.”


“You best just shut the fuck up, because you are way out of your league. Look…” Valerie rose up onto her knees and lifted the football jersey over her head. Throwing it to the side, she tossed her blond hair and thrust her chest out. Inching forward on her knees, Valerie brought her body into the thin shaft of moonlight. Her bare torso glowed, and the brazen display left Kate temporarily at a loss for a witty response. She had to admit that Valerie’s was an impressive pair of breasts. They jutted out from her chest without a bit of sagging, and were tipped with two perfect pink aureoles. “These are all natural, you common whore, and much prettier than those ugly cow udders you try to impress guys with.”

Kate could not let such a statement go unchallenged. She rose to her knees and removed her shirt. Defiantly placing her hands upon her hips, Kate threw back her shoulders and taunted, “Those tiny tits would get you last place in a wet t-shirt contest. THESE are what first prize looks like!” At this, Kate scooted forward so that she, too, was illuminated by the moonlight. The two pairs of naked breasts were now only a few inches apart. Kate’s were at least a cup size larger, but Valerie’s jutted out from her chest straight and firm.

“Bullshit. I’ve…”

“Bullshit yourself. You just can’t take…”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“…the fact that I’m…”

“Shut up!” Valerie screamed, leaning forward. As she did so, her breasts bumped gently into Kate’s. Both girls gasped and reared back.

“Don’t you touch me with those disgusting things!” Kate spat.

“Why? What are you going to do? You’re all bark and no bite. I’ve got a better chest and a better body, and you just won’t admit it.”

Kate was livid now. She drew herself erect and stared right into Valerie’s eyes. “You really think that, cunt?”

“Yes, you stupid slut. I can beat your sorry ass any day.” There was a slight pause, broken only by the sound of the two infuriated young women breathing heavily.

Kate said slowly, “Bring it on.”

For a second, nothing in the basement moved. The very air felt like a taught fishing line about to break. To the girls, the rest of the world seemed to vanish, leaving only them, each naked except for a pair of panties and lit by the half-full moon. Their eyes had adjusted to the lack of light, and they could make out each other’s shape just a few inches away. A cloud drifted by, plunging the room into near-darkness.

All at once, Kate and Valerie let out twin howls of rage. Lunging at each other, they dug their hands firmly into the other’s hair. Twisting and pulling, the two she-cats yanked their heads from side to side. Shrieks and grunts filled the room as the girls tried to force each other down. After the fury of the initial attack, both slowed and concentrated on inflicting as much pain as possible with their tight grips. Desperate to keep their balance, they widened their stances and drew their bodies more and more upright. Inevitably, their chests came into contact and began a battle of their own. At first, only their sensitive nipples brushed against the smooth skin of their opposing breast. Soon, however, accidental bumps changed to intentional ones. Valerie rammed her firm tits again and again into Kate’s. Kate retaliated by pushing back and attempting to flatten the blond’s boobs. Each hit sent shock waves of pleasure through the combatant’s bodies, which temporarily made them forget the torture their hair was going through. One minute went by, then two, and then more.

As the hair pulling ground to a stalemate, both girls concentrated on the duel that their chests were involved in. Their breasts bashed harder and harder together, adding audible smacking sounds to the involuntary moans that punctuated each attack. Again and again their stiff nipples stabbed and poked. Tit flesh bulged out sideways at each impact. Frustrated at Valerie’s lack of capitulation, Kate slammed her boobs once more into her enemy’s and held them there. Valerie eagerly accepted this change in tactics, and began grinding her tits deeper into Kate’s. Long groans escaped the two fighters’ mouths, but neither seemed to be gaining the upper hand. After one particularly excruciating bout of breast mashing, the two pairs of mammaries slid apart. Valerie attempted to press her tits back into Kate’s, but Kate pulled back slightly. Valerie’s nipples dragged along the full width of Kate’s breasts, pausing only when they encountered Kate’s firm nipples. Both girls gasped at the sudden pleasure they felt.

“Your tits are no match for mine,” whispered Kate in a husky voice.

“Oh yeah? See if you can take this!” Valerie yanked Kate’s body towards her and swung her breasts in an arc across her rival’s. Kate let out a muffled grunt, and Valerie grinned. She swung back the other way, but Kate counterattacked. Both girls exhaled forcefully as their four tits collided solidly and rubbed roughly against each other. The sensations caused by this new level of warfare were unlike anything the two could have imagined. Undeterred, they continued back and forth, using their pendulous orbs as weapons to slap at each other’s chest. Faster and faster the battle raged. The intensity of the feelings generated by the fight were rapidly reaching a point that neither could handle. The titfight grew chaotic, and neither Kate nor Valerie was able to control their wildly crashing breasts.

With a snarl, Kate caught Valerie’s boobs with her own and pushed hard, attempting to flatten them. Valerie pushed back, but found that her hold on Kate’s hair didn’t give her the best leverage. She let go of the brunette’s locks and quickly wrapped her arms around Kate’s back. Squeezing tightly, she felt her stomach come into contact with Kate’s and her boobs mash firmly against her rival’s. Kate felt her rib cage slowly contracting and it became more difficult for her to breathe. Finding herself at a disadvantage, Kate clasped her arms around Valerie and was soon putting plenty of pressure on her. The two remained locked together, straining to crush each other, for several minutes. At times, they applied every ounce of strength they had, and both would cry out in agony. After each painful squeeze, they rested with their heads right next to each other and their cheeks lightly brushing. Sweat had started to form on their bodies where their naked skin touched. During an awesomely fierce squeeze, Valerie’s hands slipped apart and she released her embrace. Kate refused to let go, and Valerie was stuck and unable to prevent Kate from forcing the air from her lungs. Reaching up, she jammed her palms under Kate’s chin and pushed. Both remained frozen in that position as long seconds ticked by. With a loud groan, Kate unlocked her grip, sending the fighters flying apart.

They sat there for some time, taking in deep breaths that made their breasts heave up and down. Their tits felt raw and abraded, but otherwise the two had only suffered minor bruises. The urge to fight completely filled both girls, and it wasn’t long before they felt ready to continue.

“I am so going to fuck you up,” said Valerie matter-of-factly.

“It’s you who’s going to get a beating tonight, bitch!”

Tossing her blond hair away from her face, Valerie stood up. “Fucking come on, then, slut!”

“Shut up, you ugly cunt!”

“At least I’m not a sleazy whore!”

“I’m going to make YOU scream like a whore,” said Kate as she rose to her feet. “After I pound your ass into the ground!”

Kate swung an open-handed right towards Valerie’s head. The blond dodged it, but Kate’s hand continued in its arc and landed square across one of her exposed tits. Howling with pain, Valerie launched a volley of slaps, and the two coeds began trading blows at a fearsome pace. Palms pounded into bare flesh, filling the air with a cacophony of stinging smacks. Nothing was safe from the flurry of swinging hands. Red marks appeared on cheeks, shoulders, arms, and chests. On and on the girls fought, oblivious to injury, concentrating solely on causing as much damage as possible. They began a slow, circular dance in the center of the basement, each attempting to find an opening to inflict a blow that would send the other into retreat. Valerie took a strong hit to the head and retaliated with a downward slap. It connected hard with one of Kate’s boobs and elicited a sharp cry from the brunette. Kate ducked down to prevent further attacks on her sensitive bosom, and Valerie rained a torrent of loosely-closed fists onto her back. Kate snarled and rammed her head into Valerie, trying to knock her backwards and off balance. Valerie sidestepped Kate’s charge, and wrapped an arm around her neck. The headlock worked, and Kate suddenly felt herself trapped. Valerie tightened her grip and started wrangling Kate around the room. Kate desperately tried to free herself, one hand grabbing roughly at Valerie’s arm, and the other pinching her thigh. Mid-stride, Valerie’s foot slipped on one of the sleeping bags. She leaned on Kate for balance, but her foe twisted out of the way and the pair fell.

The impact jarred Valerie’s elbow, loosening her headlock. After a quick struggle, Kate successfully escaped the choking hold and pushed Valerie onto her back. Kate pounced, and the two girls started grappling wildly on the floor. Valerie successfully prevented Kate from pinning her and knocked the brunette off onto her side. Both immediately tried to gain the top position. Their bodies drew into a fierce embrace with their legs snaked tightly together. Kate found that she was able to use one of her legs to work her hips atop Valerie’s. With that advantage, Kate slowly drove Valerie’s writhing body underneath hers. A final effort, punctuated by a grunt of exertion, allowed Kate to lay full on top on Valerie. Her victory was short-lived, however. Valerie bucked her hips upward and threw Kate up and to the side. Using the momentum, Valerie tried to repeat Kate’s maneuver. The brunette fought back, and the panty-clad pair began a slow, rolling battle across the thick carpet.

First one, and then the other wrestled her opponent down beneath her. Neither girl really knew how to execute a pin, and so the catfight continued in this way for several minutes. Their bodies were filled with adrenaline, and flush from the intimate contact of breasts, arms, and thighs. Shouts and cries echoed off the walls as the tumbling ball of female fury churned its way from one end of the room to the other. Muscles were pushed to the limit, and the coeds started throwing short punches into each other’s sides. Fists thudded again and again as the battle reached a stalemate. The two girls were now tied up in a sweaty knot, landing hit after hit. They were running out of energy, though, and the pace of the mutual slug fest eventually slowed.

They lay there entwined in a close embrace amid the chaotically tossed pillows and sleeping bags, breathing heavy and fast. Their chins rested on each other’s shoulders, and their arms and legs prevented either from moving. Frustrated that Kate had taken every bit of punishment she had doled out and hadn’t given in, Valerie groaned angrily and groped around with her free hand to find something to inflict pain on. She soon settled on one of Kate’s ass cheeks, which were barely covered by the cotton panties she wore. She dug her nails into one and squeezed. Kate growled, and involuntarily thrust her pelvis forward into Valerie’s. Kate spanked Valerie once, and then found a patch of skin to attack that her rival’s small panties failed to cover. The two worked their fingers and nails into each other’s tender flesh, and underneath the elastic bands that held their last remaining pieces of clothing snug against their bodies. They propped themselves up on their elbows and continued clawing for some time. Valerie noticed that Kate was basically defenseless, and tried to tackle her. Kate pushed back by slamming her tits into Valerie’s, and the impact knocked the blond backwards. Kate’s free hand was still torturing Valerie’s thigh, and the sudden shift sent it sliding into the well-trimmed bush that guarded her enemy’s pussy. Valerie gasped, and Kate saw a chance to humiliate her opponent. Her fingers glided deeper into Valerie’s intimate region, but were stopped when the blond forcefully grabbed her wrist.

“Just what I expected from a slut like you. Let’s see how you like a dose of your own medicine.”

Valerie’s arm lashed out, and before Kate could bring her legs together, Valerie’s hand had dived into her inner thighs. She felt it worming its way closer to her pussy and moaned in exasperation. Valerie’s long middle finger reached its goal and gave her cunt several strong strokes through the fabric of her panties. Kate whimpered, trying to stifle the sudden rush of arousal. She renewed her own assault, but the other girl held her hand too firmly.

“Can’t take it, huh? You fucking… OWW!” Valerie screamed in agony as Kate’s fingers grabbed and yanked her pubic hair. She slugged Kate in the stomach, and the two broke apart and retreated several feet. Kate massaged her injured midsection, and Valerie attempted to quell the pain in her crotch.

“Give up?” asked Kate, hoping her last attack had sealed this vicious duel that she wanted desperately to win.

Valerie was having none of it. “I’m going to destroy you, you cunt! Do you understand me?”

“You don’t stand a chance. You’re so much weaker than I am.”

“You think so? Why don’t you come over here and find out how wrong you are?”

“You come over here, bitch.”

Both were still in the process of catching their breath, and neither made a move for nearly a minute. As if on a signal, they got up on their hands and knees and began crawling towards each other. Each kept her eyes focused on the other in the dim light. The moon’s glow illuminated faces contorted into masks of hatred, skin covered in beads of sweat, and breasts bouncing and swaying in rhythm with their hastening movement. Clashing together, the duo reared up and scratched at each other’s extended arms. On their knees now, they waded closer together. Their arms slid past each other and both girls latched onto their opponent’s exposed breasts. Clawing and twisting, they mauled each other’s boobs in a frightening display of violence. Pain shot through their bodies, and both knew that they couldn’t take much of this punishment. Even so, they kept at it, ratcheting up the pressure for well over a minute. Tears welled up in their eyes, and they let go simultaneously, pushing off to escape the excruciating torture.

They fell back on their rear ends, sending their legs out at each other. A short kicking fight erupted, where each scooted forward in an attempt to kick their opponent’s stomach. Before either got close enough, Kate caught one of Valerie’s feet between her thighs. Valerie did the same, and the two squeezed hard to crush the other’s foot. Valerie extended her foot, and soon her toes were brushing up against Kate’s panties. Squirming around, Kate worked her foot further towards Valerie’s crotch and dragged her toes along the warm cleft she found there. Both girls wiggled their toes, sending electric arcs of pleasure outward from their hot pussies. The two noticed that their foe’s panties were soaked with an unmistakable wetness, and felt the same burning, dizzying feeling clouding up their brains.

They let go of each other and pulled their feet back. The odor of feminine arousal drifted through the air. Their breasts heaved on their chests as they sat back on their hands. Each had an wild look on her face, and neither could bear to take her gaze off of the other.

Valerie broke the silence first. “This playing around’s gone on long enough. If you think you’re so much sexier than I am, face me now pussy to pussy, or show yourself to be the loser that you are.” As Kate watched, Valerie stood up. Unashamedly, the blond pulled her underwear down and cast it aside. Valerie put her hands on her hips as if in challenge, and long shadows framed her nude body in a harsh contrast.

Kate got to her feet as well. “I can take anything you can dish out, honey!” she spat. In one smooth motion, Kate removed her panties and kicked them away. The girls stood and stared at each other. Their strength was waning, and both realized that the fight was about to enter its final stage. Both had meted out a lot of damage, and neither one showed a sign of giving up.

Worry crept into Kate’s thoughts, as she wondered whether the impending clash would bring her victory, or defeat. That worry began to fade as she studied the nude figure opposite her in the quiet room. She had dreamed of battling Valerie, and the fight she was in now made her feel more alive and focused than she ever could have imagined. She was ready to push everything to the limit.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Kate. “Stunned by the sight of a body that’s so much hotter than yours?”

“Just looking at a body that’s soon going to be crushed by mine.”

“That’ll never happen, you stuck up…”




The blond and the brunette leaped at each other and rammed their entire bodies together. Wrapping their arms in a fierce embrace, they staggered about the room wildly for a few seconds before losing their balance. Still locked together, they hit the floor in a tangle of arms and legs. Rolling over and over, the two coeds wrestled, bringing the fullness of their naked bodies into contact. Groans of exertion mixed with moans of uninhibited excitement. They exhaled hot breaths onto each others’ cheeks as the catfight escalated towards its peak. Colliding with the wall, the pair were forced to stop their crazed tumbling. Neither stopped moving, however. Hands grasped at exposed skin, legs became grapevined together, and the rest of their bodies undulated in a war of pressure. Their breathing became more labored as their hands ended up firmly squeezing each other’s smooth ass. Kate began pumping her hips into Valerie’s, just as in her dream, and Valerie responded in kind. Their legs parted, allowing their wet cunts to grind together. The shock of the initial touch of their most intimate areas made both emit unmistakably erotic gasps. This didn’t diminish their sexual assaults one bit. On the contrary, Kate and Valerie sped up their attacks, slapping their pussies together again and again and rubbing their nether lips against each other. Loud moans and pleasure-filled screams soared towards a crescendo as the two enemies engaged in a fevered sexfight, bringing every last ounce of strength to bear. In sudden ecstasy, Kate and Valerie shuddered and cried out as simultaneous orgasms exploded through their bodies. They increased the intensity of their mutual hug, feeling successive waves of pleasure excite every single one of their nerve endings. They stayed that way for some time, in partial disbelief of what had just transpired. Then, they rolled apart and lay on their backs. Their skin felt like it was on fire, and their rapid breathing was punctuated by deep moans.

Valerie spoke first. “You fucking sleaze.”

“You’re the sleaze, you snob. Humping me that way.”

“You were the one doing all the humping,” Valerie lied. “Disgusting pig.” She sat up and grabbed her nightshirt. Kate did the same. The exchanged evil looks as they covered their nakedness. Without a further word, Valerie picked up her sleeping bag and walked up the stairs. Kate was too tired to follow. Her exhausted body limped into her sleeping bag, and fell fast asleep.

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Morning light caressed Kate’s face. The sounds of birds in the trees outside danced in through the small window. Kate opened her eyes slowly and looked around the basement. She was alone. Two sleeping bags were neatly stacked up next to a pile of pillows. Against one wall was her and Christie’s gym bags. Kate sat up with a start. This couldn’t have been the same room where, late in the night, she and Valerie had… Kate’s mind raced. Had she only been dreaming again?

From the kitchen up above, the sound of glasses clinking together could be heard. Moments later, stairs creaked as Valerie began descending into the basement. She was carrying a tray with short legs. Kate searched, but the blond’s face contained nothing to indicate that she, too, had been in an intense, erotic duel several hours before. She was wearing a thin blue cotton robe and matching slippers, and her hair was brushed and neat. Valerie knelt down and placed the small table next to Kate. On it were several danishes, a large mug of coffee, and a glass of juice. Plopping herself on the opposite side of the table, Valerie picked up one of the danishes and took a big bite. Sleep still in her eyes, Kate just sat and stared at the food arrayed in front of her.

“Go ahead. Eat. It’s not poisoned.” Kate looked up suddenly at Valerie’s words. The rich girl’s face remained calm and unreadable. Kate’s gaze returned to the food. She picked up a cherry danish and put it in her mouth. Her throat felt dry, and she reached for the glass of juice.

“I don’t like coffee,” she said.

Valerie smiled. “I know. The coffee’s for me.”

The two finished their breakfast in silence. When they were done, Valerie picked up the tray and stood up. She cleared her throat.

“I spoke with Christie, and she’s not going to be able to make it over here until ten or ten-thirty. It’s a little past seven-thirty now, so that’s about three hours away.” Valerie paused and took a deep breath. “You have a choice, Kate. On top of your duffel bag there are two outfits. Pick one if you want to leave and head back to campus. Pick the other one if you want to stick around and continue partying.” At that, Valerie turned and carried the tray back upstairs.

Puzzled, Kate looked over at the bag that contained her things. On top of it was a teeshirt and sweats. She had anticipated wearing them back to the dorm in Christie’s car and taking a shower once the party was over. Kate started to get up. As she did so, she felt a twinge of pain in her side. Kate sat down and raised her nightshirt to see what the matter was. She froze in shock. There was a bruise next to her bottom rib, right where she remembered Valerie punching her the night before. More astonishing, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. There was only one explanation. The fight HAD taken place. It hadn’t been a dream. If that was the case, then what was Valerie talking about? Adrenaline shot through her system, clearing the last vestiges of drowsiness from her head. Next to her casual clothes on the gym bag was the other sleepwear she had brought. It was the lingerie that Christie had suggested that she bring. Kate’s heart began pounding in her chest. The choice Valerie had given her made complete sense now.

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Valerie sat on the couch in the living room with her eyes fixed on the TV across the room. It was off, and in fact had never been plugged in since she moved in at the beginning of the semester. She wasn’t really looking at the darkened box, however. It was her thoughts that consumed her attention. A strange emotion had hold of her, and she couldn’t put a name to it. It wasn’t anger, and it certainly wasn’t passion. After several minutes of thinking, she settled on desire. It wasn’t the word she wanted, though. It was a word that was close cousins with lust, and didn’t include any shades of the competitive spirit that was wide awake and boiling inside of her. Kate was at fault for it. The brunette appeared again and again in her mind, like a inescapable fixation. She folded her hands across her chest and grimaced.

At that moment, she heard footsteps approaching up the stairs from the basement. Her vantage point on the couch gave her a perfect view of the kitchen, and the door that led to where Kate was. Her muscles tensed. Valerie knew exactly what she wanted, and hoped that her guest wanted it just as bad. To her surprise, the first thing out of the door was Christie’s gym bag. It sailed a short distance into the kitchen, and was followed by Kate’s. Valerie felt a mix of anger and disappointment. Kate was leaving. That meant that she was giving up, and was admitting that she was afraid of her. Valerie had won the battle of wills, but it wasn’t the contest she had wanted to win. Her hands balled up into fists and her eyes stared straight ahead at the door to the downstairs.

Valerie stopped breathing when Kate stepped into the kitchen. She was dressed in a silver satin chemise and matching satin panties. The plunging V-shaped neckline brought Kate’s ample cleavage into prominent display, and the sunlight coming in from the window behind her made Kate’s body glimmer and framed her brown hair with a bright shine. Kate sauntered towards the living room with a slight smirk curling up one side of her mouth. She had seen exactly what effect her appearance had had on Valerie, and deliciously savored her little victory. She paused at the kitchen entrance and leaned against the wall.

“So, Valerie, where’s the party?”

Valerie collected herself, and then stood up. “It’s right here, Kate,” she said nonchalantly.

“You sure you’re not too tired out after all the excitement last night?”

“Oh, I’m plenty rested,” said Valerie, untying the belt on her robe. “And ready to kick your ass.” Valerie dropped her shoulders, letting the robe slide off of her body. Kate inhaled sharply at what was underneath. The blond was wearing a red lace bustier and thong ensemble that left little to the imagination. She combed a lock of hair out of her eyes with her fingers and cocked her hips in challenge to her brunette guest.

Kate had been unsure about engaging Valerie in another catfight while wearing attire better suited to turning guys on. Upon seeing her in that revealing outfit, however, Kate knew why it was perfect. Their conflict was all about who had the better body — in beauty, strength, and sexuality. Both were confident of their power and attractiveness and unashamed to show it off. Kate could scarcely believe what was happening. Here, a few feet in front of her, was the girl she had dreamed of fighting and the girl she had met in a most intimate battle just last night. That duel had been fought to a tie, and now she and Valerie were about to go at it again. The idea thrilled her as few things in her life ever had. She took a step into the living room and brought her hands up, eager for what lay ahead.

“Let’s do it, then.”

Valerie assumed a fighting stance and studied her opponent. She couldn’t help but notice that Kate’s nipples were already stiff and trying to poke through the silky material of her top. Valerie didn’t need to look down to tell that her pair were equally excited. They had been ever since she saw Kate slink through the kitchen like she hadn’t a care in the world. Valerie’s whole body was on edge and filled with powerful emotions. She had never encountered anyone who seemed to be her equal, but at the same time shouldn’t have been. It both infuriated and intrigued her that Kate had matched her so evenly. She wanted nothing more than to throw everything she had at Kate, and have her reciprocate. Valerie knew that both of them would push their bodies to the limit just to see who could conquer the other, and the idea that another person existed that shared her desire made her feel ecstatic.

The two began circling each other in the middle of the bare floor. They weaved and feinted for a minute, testing each other out. Valerie reached out to grab Kate’s hair, but the brunette dodged the attack. Kate swung her fist and connected with Valerie’s arm. The blow stung, and Valerie retaliated by stepping forward and throwing a punch at Kate’s stomach. Kate jumped back, but not before her foe’s balled fist slammed into one of her boobs. She gasped in pain, and flung a series of punches in Valerie’s direction. The blond stood her ground, and began returning every attack with one of her own. Grunts and smacks rang out as the two females pounded on one other. Neither put up any sort of defense. Pounding the other into submission was the only goal in their minds. They worked their way around the room slowly for several minutes, trading punches continuously, striking at whatever they could reach. Bellies, arms, breasts, and chins all began to sting from the constant barrage.

Kate managed to catch one of Valerie’s arms with her own and the two settled into a boxers’ clinch. Their heads rested on each other’s shoulders, and they were panting heavily, trying to catch their breaths. Their nipples, aching from being struck time and again, collided roughly and stabbed at each other through the thin material that separated them. Pleasure arced from the sensitive tips down to the fighters’ innermost thighs. Several seconds went by, with the alternating breathing of the two girls causing their nipples to slide up and down past each other.

With a moan that was half from anger and half from arousal, Valerie drove her fingers into Kate’s hair and pulled. Kate, her arms now free, slugged Valerie in the stomach, causing her to double over and let go. She grabbed the blond’s hair and tried to push her head downwards. Valerie was too fast, however. She quickly grasped Kate’s hair again and tugged with all her might. Kate bent over at the waist, and the coeds began staggering around the room, twisting and yanking each other’s hair. Twice, they slammed into the wall, but that did nothing to dislodge their fierce grips. Crying out in pain, they continued the hair pulling duel for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, their two heads collided with an audible crack. This loosened the hold that their claws had and gave them a chance to escape. Valerie released one of her hands and began slapping Kate’s arms and wrists with it. The brunette returned the favor, but their attempts to break free were for naught. Valerie hauled Kate towards her with one hand and reached out to grab Kate’s hair again with the other, but missed. Kate ended up too close to her, and Valerie’s fingers caught hold of Kate’s satin chemise instead. She pulled at it in an effort to bring it over her opponent’s head and blind her. Kate fought back, but it was no use. She knew that Valerie would be able to steal her top away from her because both of her arms were extended out over her head. To prevent that, she’d have to let go and bring her arms down, unless…

Kate’s free hand latched onto the thin fabric of Valerie’s lace bustier and tore at it. The blond howled in anger, feeling the expensive material being ripped off her torso. Kate laughed. “Two can play at this game,” she sneered.

“Fine, then!” Valerie shouted. Both let go of each other’s hair and concentrated on liberating the clothing that covered their foe’s upper body. They drew apart and tossed the torn clothing aside. Their breasts, now free, swayed and bounced as they approached one another again. Kate and Valerie brushed the hair out of their faces and stared into each other’s eyes. Surprisingly, they both had faint smiles curling up the edges of their mouths.

Those grins faded once they closed, however. Both girls were hell-bent on winning, and eagerly attacked the other’s newly exposed tits. Nails sought out the tender flesh, but their targets weaved and dodged away. Kate finally sunk a set of nails into one of Valerie’s boobs, and the blond retaliated by swinging a fist wildly and connecting solidly with her cheek. Kate’s head snapped to one side, and she stumbled back a couple steps. Valerie saw her chance and charged at the brunette, throwing lefts and rights with ferocious speed. With a frightening shriek, Kate counterattacked, and a fist fight even more brutal and faster than the last one erupted. The sounds of punches smacking into naked flesh echoed off of the bare walls again and again, mixed in with feminine grunts and cries. Neither girl slowed the dizzying pace of their assault for many minutes. They fought on and on around the room. The two would occasionally separate a foot or so, only to come together again and resume the hail of fists.

Both were beginning to tire, and sweat glistened on their skin and matted their disheveled hair. After one final pause, during which each took a step backwards to shake off the pain, they clashed again, ramming their bodies together. They continued throwing punches at their sides and stomachs, but neither had the energy to strike hard enough to do much damage. Kate’s hands ached, and she eventually stopped and wrapped her arms around her rival’s back. Valerie didn’t stop, though, and kept beating on Kate’s back in a slow rhythm. They remained standing in that position for a short time with their heads on each other’s shoulders, until Kate managed to snake a leg in between Valerie’s and trip the blond, sending her backwards. They landed with a thud on the floor, still locked in that loose hug.

“Got off of me, you skank!” said Valerie.

“Make me, bitch.”

“Stupid slut.”

“Stuck-up cunt.”

Neither one moved for a while. They were both still catching their breath, and their muscles were starting to complain of overuse. The closeness of their bodies and the feel of hot breathing on their necks began to make them uncomfortable. Valerie tried to wiggle one of her arms free, and Kate attempted to pull her hands out from under the blond. This set them rocking back and forth. Their movements became more and more aggressive, until Valerie finally bucked her hips up violently, which sent Kate tumbling off to one side. Kate dug her claws in, and a crazed rolling battle ensued. The sweaty, panty-clad coeds wrestled across the floor, grasping and straining with whatever strength they could muster. They bumped into the couch, and pushed off of it, resuming the tight struggle in the opposite direction. Faster and faster they leaped on top of one another and were thrown off.

Suddenly, the back of Kate’s head smashed into the the side of the TV. The force of the impact sent her eyes rolling back in her head, and she passed out cold. Valerie lay there, her fingers still gripping the brunette’s body, stunned at what had happened. She quieted her rapid breathing and detached her body from Kate’s. She had won, hadn’t she? If that was the case, why did it feel like she hadn’t really achieved victory? “Who cares?” she thought. She looked down at the brunette’s limp form. What should she do now? Mischievously, she reached out and pinched one of Kate’s nipples. It was still stiff, and tweaking it didn’t seem to register with the knocked-out girl. Valerie grinned evilly. She knew exactly what she wanted to do now.

Valerie got up and went to her bedroom. Lifting the painter’s drop cloth from her dresser, she opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a shoe box sitting at the back of it. Inside was her collection of toys that helped her release stress when she needed to. Underneath of them was what she was looking for. Out of the box, she drew a gigantic dildo. Not only was it quite long, but it was also extremely thick in diameter. Valerie had received it as a gag gift on her eighteenth birthday. It was much too obscene in size for her to consider using it. “But,” she chuckled to herself, “let’s see if it’ll fit the floozy out in the living room.”

Kate’s nearly nude figure still sprawled out in the same position that Valerie had left her in. Valerie rolled her onto her back, and started sliding her satin panties down her legs. She tensed, fearing the Kate would come to at any moment and kick her. She didn’t, and Valerie soon finished stripping her naked. She tapped the dildo idly in the palm of her hand and murmured, “Now all I need is my digital camera.” She stood up and padded her bare feet into the kitchen, where her purse sat on the counter. Retrieving her camera, she fumbled with it for a minute trying to see how many pictures were already in it. Satisfied, she returned to the living room.

“Rrraaaagh!” Valerie turned her head just in time to see Kate’s fist fly at her. She didn’t have time to cry out in alarm before it rammed into her nose and bounced off. Stars streaked through her vision, and she involuntarily dropped what she was carrying. Kate’s left hand grabbed the top of Valerie’s head, and her right hand grabbed her thong, yanking it painfully up into her crotch. Kate dragged Valerie in this way across the room and threw her onto the couch.

“You wanna fight naked, huh? You got it!” Valerie’s nose still smarted, and she made no effort to prevent Kate from stripping her last remaining piece of clothing off of her.

Valerie turned over onto her back just as Kate pounced on her. Their nude bodies grappled for a moment, but Valerie soon brought her legs up and kicked Kate off of the couch. Kate flopped onto the floor, and accidentally banged the bump on the back of her head. Wincing in pain, she lay there while Valerie slid off of the sofa and straddled her. Valerie grabbed her wrists and pinned them to either side of her head. Kate attempted to bridge her off, but one solid bounce from Valerie flattened her back out. Valerie leaned her face down close to Kate’s.

“You’re beaten,” she purred. “There’s no escape.” Desperately, Kate tried to squirm out from under Valerie’s legs. The blond responded by laying down fully atop of her and trapping her legs. The girls were now in almost full contact, from their chests all the way to their feet. Kate kept wriggling, but she couldn’t dislodge the weight that was above her.

After a few minutes of imprisoning the brunette’s body, Valerie felt exhaustion set in. Each twist and wiggle from Kate made some muscle of hers complain and ache for rest. Worse, she could feel Kate’s rough bush rubbing against her bare pussy. She didn’t dare let go of her opponent in order to stop her, and strangely, some part of her didn’t want to. Before long, she was grinding right back, sending jolts of erotic electricity through the both of them.

“You think your pussy can beat mine?” the blond asked in between labored breaths. She was beginning to relish the combat that she and her rival were in. Kate felt her heartbeat quicken, and looked up at her captor. Valerie’s eyes were only half-open and she was whimpering and panting heavily as her arousal became more complete.

“I can fuck ten times better than you can,” Kate answered. She increased the pace of her thrusts, only to gasp and groan uncontrollably as powerful sensations thundered through her. The intimate duel continued, with both moaning loudly in ever-growing pleasure. Then, when they were on the edge of ecstasy, they stared right into each other’s eyes. Even at this moment of dizzying sexual intensity, their faces bore a look of challenge.

“Can’t take it, can you?” Valerie gasped.

“You’re the one who’s about to lose it,” panted Kate. On and on their pussies fought, grinding back and forth as both strived to hold back the inevitable. Deliriously teetering on the brink, each was completely lost in the struggle. Wet smacks filled the air as their juicy cunts slapped faster and faster.

With a great shout, Valerie shut her eyes and dropped her head onto Kate’s shoulder. Her body shuddered as an orgasm stronger than any she had previously felt exploded inside of her. She released her hold on Kate’s wrists and placed her hands on each side of Kate’s head, gripping it tightly as she squealed with pleasure. Kate stared at the ceiling. A fearsome aching between her legs told her that she wasn’t ready to stop just yet. Kate rolled the two of them over so that she was on top. Her hips bucked up and down and rubbed from side to side, pushing the two girls’ wet cunts together again and again. Moments later, she, too, cried out in ecstasy and then collapsed on top of her rival.

Valerie could scarcely believe the powerful feelings that were sweeping through her. Here, laying entwined with her, was someone who not only shared her love of full-throttle competition, but who also matched her in physical and sexual ability. Kate was truly special, and in a strange way Valerie wanted to thank her, but the blond couldn’t find the words to express what she felt.

When her breathing had calmed down somewhat, she turned her head to look at Kate’s face. Kate felt her move, and shifted her head to return the girl’s gaze. Valerie raised her hand to the bruise on Kate’s cheek and gently stroked it. Kate looked down at the person that had haunted her dreams since the summer. Valerie had helped her discover something that she hadn’t really understood until now. The contests for dominance that the two had engaged in were amazingly intense, as if both were on the same wavelength. Just last night, the brunette had searched for a way to leave early. Now, she didn’t want their encounter to end.

Kate drew one hand to the back of Valerie’s head and lifted it upwards. Their mouths met in a soft, wet kiss. For some time, they lay there, ravishing each other with their lips. Their hands wandered about each other’s body, caressing bare, sweat-soaked skin. Kate began grinding her hips in a slow, circular motion that made Valerie emit low moans. The blond spread her legs wide, letting Kate deeper into her. Although worn out, Kate kept up her movements as she felt a growing desire build within her. All at once, the two gasped as their sensitive clits touched briefly. Their tongues met and licked hungrily. They continued rubbing their pussies back and forth, driving their clits against one another again and again. Each knew this was another stage of their battle, but neither cared. The passion the two felt had taken control of them, and was building into a towering crescendo as time ticked by. Lost in desire, the girls kept at it, groaning louder and louder as the speed and force of their attacks on each others clits reached a dizzying peak.

“Unh, you slut.”

“Fucking whore.”

“Think you’re sexier than I am?”

“I know it, bitch. Ooh!”

“Yeah, that’s it. You can’t take what I’m doing to you. Aaah!”

“You’re the one who’s going to give in first.”


“Sleazy skank! Unh, oooh!”

“Stuck up cunt! Aaaah!”

Unable to contain themselves any longer, they screamed, and successive waves of orgasm rolled through them, each one more thrilling than the last. The forceful climaxes eventually subsided, leaving the two of them drifting in a wonderful afterglow. Weary and incapable of doing anything else, Kate and Valerie shared a blissful nap, coiled together naked in a tender embrace.

Catharsis Divider

On the days that followed, the two young women met frequently and soon became almost inseparable. Less than a month later, Kate packed up her stuff and moved into the second bedroom in Valerie’s house. The two could now party as often, and as hard, as they liked.

Christie, for her part, was happy that two of her buddies were getting along so well. Still, she was a little puzzled by the way they acted when they were together. “It’s as if the two of them are, y’know, more than just friends,” she remarked to Pam one day.

Christie, once again, was right.

The End

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