Squared Circle Sexfight by Rival’s Rapture

“Let’s see it then!” Natalie, or Natalya as she is called in the WWE, shouted in challenge as she climbed through the ropes of the ring with purpose, her voice echoing through the empty Performance Center. 

“What are you even talking about, Natty?” Called back Natalya’s tag team partner, Beth Kocianski, known on TV as Beth Phoenix.

“I heard what you said to Carano! About how you were carrying me…. About how we’ve never had a real feud because the fans wouldn’t believe I could beat you.” The explanation came hot and heavy, as Natalya, clearly upset, moved to the far corner of the squared circle. 

“Look…. I didn….” Beth began, as she looked up from the padded floor outside the ring, shocked that her private conversation had been heard, a surprise which left her desperately trying to think of a way to explain what she had said, though no explanation seemed sufficient — not when the words spoken were so harsh and dismissive. 

“Save it!” Natalya shouted from the corner, not interested in talking it out, or hearing Beth’s side of the story. 

“Just get in this ring, NOW!” Beth, unsure how to react or respond, rolled into the ring, stood up, and took her position in the corner opposite her upset partner. 

“Ok, you know what?!” Beth’s sullen face, suddenly found itself plastered with a confident smirk. “Yeah, I said that…. And you know what? All of it is true, Nattie — every last bit of it. Which is why Corano agreed with me!” 

Even though Natalya had heard the entire conversation, and knew that in it, Beth was saying what she really felt, hearing her admit to having said it, and then own it in such a confident way, hurt. A pain, the Hart was determined to return to her partner. “Uh huh, so let’s see it, ‘Glamazon’.” Wearing not but a pair of short, tight, black and gray-striped gym shorts, and a tight gray and black sports bra with a zipper in the back, Natalya stepped forward, her eyes narrowed with focused. 

“You keep saying that! See what?” Beth asked in confusion, as she looked at her partner’s slow advance, the Glamazon wearing a near matching outfit, though all black, with no gray. 

“You and me. Right now. Right here.” Natalya stated flatly, her eyes never leaving Beth’s. 

“You want to wrestle?” Beth’s eyes dramatically rolled before she asked in a dismissive tone. “What is that gonna prove?” 

“A lot, because we’re going to be wrestling for real, Beth. No selling. No script. Me vs. you. Natalie Neidhart versus Beth Kocianski, till one of pins the other or forces the other to submit.”

The explanation took a moment to settle in, as Beth quietly walked to the center of the ring, sizing up the tone and tenor in which the challenge was made. “You’re really serious?”

“Very.” Natalya responded shortly, she too walking forward until she was only a few feet away from Beth. 

“But you don’t stand a chance against me.” The Glamazon saw the statement as an offering to her partner — a last chance to take her offer back, though it did just the opposite, instead fueling Nattie’s desire for a match even more. That desire was obvious to Beth, who quickly dropped into a more defensive stance, preparing herself for what was about to happen. 

“AARrRGGGHHH” Natalya lunged forward, as did her partner, both locking up in the tightest clinch either had ever been in, each using all of their strength to try and overpower the other. One might assume that due to Beth’s reputation for power, that she would easily win such a contest, but Natalie was one of the strongest women the division had ever seen, and was able to match the Phoenix push for push, each shove from either ending only in a deadlock. A deadlock which surprised the Glamazon to such a degree, that she found herself unprepared for Natalya’s quick move to shift their clinch into a headlock. A real headlock, applied by the only female graduate of the Hart Dungeon, who knew exactly the kind of pressure such a hold could cause. Seeking to inflict as much, Natalya squeezed, and squeezed, as hard as she could, trying to cut off all the blood to her opponent’s brain. 

Such intentions were becoming reality, as the painful and disorienting effects of the hold began to take effect on Beth, who began to stumble, and falter. Such a staggering state made it clear to the Glamazon that she had to escape, and escape quickly, lest she find herself defeated by her opponent’s first hold. Wanting to avoid such a fate, Beth wrapped her arms around Natalya, and lifted her high up into the air, only to slam her, groin first, back down on Beth’s outstretched knee. Natalya grunted, but held on, hoping to tire her opponent out, before too much damage could be done. Beth, for her part, lifted Natalya up into the air again, and then again, slammed her down on her knee. Natalya, despite her strength, and masterful grip, was forced to let go, as she collapsed forward off of Beth’s knee, into a kneel. 

Beth, still unsure how exactly to wrestle another woman for real, went for the first move she could think of, a sleeper hold, wrapping her arm around Natalya’s throat. Then, with that arm positioned, she sat down, and wrapped her thighs around the Hart’s torso, before collapsing back to the mat, bringing her opponent’s body with her. In reaction, Nattie began to reach out wildly, striking at Beth in anyway she could, knowing that such a hold was deadly, especially when applied by someone as strong as her opponent. 

So much fire, Natalya had at first, as she threw a series of elbows back into Beth’s unprotected ribs, struggling and squirming to get out of the devastating hold. But slowly, second-by-second, she began to weaken — to tire, her opponent effectively choking her out, whilst using all of her body weight and strength to keep her from escaping. The effect was obvious to Beth, who could feel that with each moment that passed, and as seconds turned into minutes, the impact from Natalya’s strikes became lighter and lighter, until they could almost not be felt at all. It was then, when Beth knew how close her opponent was to passing out, that the smug Glamazon whispered into Natalya’s ear: “I knew you couldn’t handle me.” The comment came just before Beth released her hold, and rolled away from her nearly unconscious partner. 

“Come on! Get up!” Beth demanded, as she motioned for Nattie to stand, though she knew she could not. Unwilling to wait, the Glamazon grabbed Natalya’s blonde and pink hair, and pulled her up to her knees, before slapping her as hard as she could across the face, a move which sent the Hart crashing back down to the mat below. “You’re pathetic, Nattie.” Beth mocked, as she walked back and forth in front of her grounded partner, who continued to try and push herself up from the canvas. “I can’t believe all this time, I actually thought you were tough! But NO, you’re just a prissy little bitch like all the rest of the Divas.” As Beth continued to talk, Natalya reached out, and tried to pull herself up, by grabbing onto each of the Glamazon’s powerful legs. 

“Oh, you like my legs? Let’s give you a closer look.” Beth mocked, as she dropped down to her butt, and wrapped her mostly bare thighs around Natalya’s neck, head, and throat, locking her into a brutal head scissor. 

“How do you like that!?” The Glamazon asked as she squeezed, again cutting off the air to Natalya’s brain. The move again sent Nattie squirming, her arms punching in desperation at Beth’s exposed stomach, trying to force her to release the hold so she could breath again. And though each blow hurt, and caused Beth to grunt in pain, instead of releasing the submission, she merely tightened the hold, betting that she could knock Natalya out, before any real damage to her abs was done. It was a good bet, one which Nattie knew she would lose, as her vision began to darken from lack of air. Knowing that it was then or never, Natalya used her legs to push herself up, and forward, causing Beth’s body to bend into a U-shape, until the Hart had come almost to a stand, though her head was still caught between her opponent’s muscle-etched thighs. Beth, for her part, clung tight, not allowing Natalya’s new angle to force her to release the hold. But it was that decision Nattie counted on, as she then used all of her strength, and waning consciousness, to pick up her opponent with a loud grunt, to walk forward, and then to slam her opponent’s lower back into the turnbuckle, once, and then again, and again. 

The blows were painful and awkward, forcing Beth to release her scissor, as she crumpled into a ball in the corner of the ring. Exhausted and breathless, Natalya collapsed to her knees in front of her opponent, gasping for air as they both tried to recover. Beth, having had less damage done to her, came to her feet first, though only a second or two before Natalya. Once upright, and with a frustrated growl, Beth swung a wild and anger-driven fist at Natalya, who grabbed the Glamazon’s wrist, ducked under, and locked in a vicious crossface chicken wing, shoving Beth’s left arm up behind her back, and wrapping her own right around Beth’s throat. Then, like as was done to her, Natalya dropped, pulled her opponent with her, and wrapped her thighs around the Glamazon’s abdomen, locking her in a tight body scissor. 

Being both a choke and a painful submission hold, Beth began to not only scream out in pain, but also suffer from the same effects that had taken such a toll on Natalya earlier. Clutched between her partner’s thighs, Beth too tried to throw elbows, with her one free arm, but found that her opponent was better at angling their bodies so that such strikes would be hard or even impossible to land. Minutes passed, as Beth squirmed, trying desperately to escape the hold, though to no avail, until finally, she too began to tire, until her attempts at escape were fewer, and far between, being only barely able to move, her energy spent in Natalya’s expert grasp. 

The Glamazon, desperate to escape her partner’s clutches, and knowing that she would soon be defeated by someone she knew to be her lesser, decided on a rather unusual attempt at escape. One which required her to lean up and forward as much as she could given the hold she found herself in, and then, once at the apex of that attempt, to reach down between their stacked legs and pelvises. Having just enough arm length, and upper-body strength to accomplish it, Beth then began to, shockingly, massage Natalya’s clit, which remained hidden under only the thinnest layer of tight gym shorts. Natalya, notorious for having a phobia of even the suggestion of lesbianism, immediately released her chicken wing, and rolled away. “What the hell was that!?” Natalya shouted in interrogative outrage, as her opponent tried to pick herself up off the mat. 

“You know … you liked it.” Beth offered in defiant explanation, as she coughed and gasped for air on all fours.

“I most certainly did not! Why–why would you even think such a thing!?” The Hart demanded to know, as she brought herself back to a stand in the farthest corner she could find.

“You don’t think I’ve caught you looking at me? At the other girls in the division? You don’t think I know why you’re so weird whenever anyone even mentions the idea of lesbianism to you?” Beth asked in rapid succession, as she reached her feet, her breathing still heavy and labored. 

“I do not! I don’t look at you or the other girls! That’s crazy! YOU’RE crazy!” Natalya shouted, absolutely triggered by the suggestion. Beth did not respond, instead she charged, slamming into Natalya in the corner, who was far to fixated on her partner’s words, to watch for an attack. After the initial impact, one aimed at being just hard enough to push and pin, Beth used a single forearm to hold Natalya still, and unable to escape. Then, as Natalya began to struggle, the Glamazon used her free hand to slip into the Hart’s shorts, and down into the lips of her sex. Natalya tried to struggle free, but it was too late, Beth finding all the evidence she needed in her partner’s incredibly wet pussy. 

“So, want to tell me again that you don’t like it? That wrestling other women doesn’t turn you on, Nattie?” As every word passed Beth’s lips, which hovered closer and closer to Natalya’s, the latter continued to writhe, using all her might to try and push herself free. In response, and knowing that she could not keep her pinned in the corner indefinitely, Beth removed her soaked finger from her opponent’s cunt, and then after removing her hand from their lining, tore down the Hart’s shape-hugging gym shorts and panties, until they fell past her thighs,and landed between her ankles. 

Beth, wanting the trophy for herself, used her heel to catch Nattie’s bottoms, and tug them away from their owner with a backwards kick. Then, having made her point, Beth pulled back her forearm, and drove a knee into Natalya’s gut — before doing it again, and again, until Natalya’s violent struggling stopped, and she went limp in the corner, her arms draped over each of the top ropes.

Beth, knowing that given Natalya’s current state, she was free to step back, she did so, before grabbing the pink lace panties from her opponent’s shed gym shorts, and then walking to the center of the ring. “Come on Nattie! Wake up!” As Beth mocked, Natalya began to stir in the corner, slowly at first, until she came to the horrific realization that her partner had left her cunt exposed, with her bottoms too far away to be reached. 

“Beth, you bitch! Give me those!” Nattie demanded, as she used both hands to cover her pubic hair, which was trimmed into a heart-shape. 

“Come get em!” Beth challenged, enjoying the sight of Natalya squirming in offended modesty. 

“No! Not until you give me my shorts back! I can’t wrestle like this!” Her response was heartfelt, as despite her secret desires, which she had kept hidden for decades, she was, in fact, quite shy when it came to moments of overt sexuality.

“You can’t? I can!” Unwilling to accept Natalya’s terms, Beth dropped Natalya’s panties to the mat below, and then reached down, and pulled down her own gym shorts and thong, so that she and her opponent now matched in their states of mutual undress.

Though the sight distracted Natalya for a moment, as her eyes, without intention, found themselves glued to her partner’s clean shaven pussy tip, she responded with another denial while she leaned against the corner, hands still covering her cunt. “That doesn’t make anything better! I’m still not wrestling you until I get my shorts back! And until you put yours back on! I’m not a lesbian!” 

“Fine! I’ll just have to kick your ass without resistance then!” As her sentence finished, Beth again charged, this time diving into the air at as she approached the corner, intending to come down on the Hart with a stinger splash. Then, despite her denials and spoken refusals, Nattie’s wrestling instincts kicked in, forcing her to step forward, let go of her modesty-molded grip, and catch Beth mid-air in tight bear hug. With such a hold applied, Natalya stepped out of the corner, carrying her opponent with her, trying to put every ounce of strength she had to keep Beth in her grasp, knowing that if she could tire Beth out, she could once again grab and put on her shorts, which laid not feet from they stumbling two. 

The plan however, did not work, in fact it backfired, as Beth first, and with speed, reached around Natalya’s back, and unzipped her sports bra, only to then reach around her own back, and quickly do the same to her own. Natalya was stunned by the further undressing, and went to yell at Beth for the act, but before she could utter a single word, the graduate of the Hart Dungeon found herself buried between the Glamazon’s perfectly shaped tits, struggling not just to speak but to breathe. That suffocating feeling found itself worsened, as Beth brought her legs up, and locked her thick, muscle-bound thighs around Nattie’s ribs, squeezing as tight as she could. 

For a moment Natalya thought to herself, if she should release her bearhug, but decided against it, committing herself to see who would give out first. Due to that decision, together the two languished, body-to-body, each draining the life from the other, a struggle that continued, even after Natalya dropped to her knees. Beth wanted to appear as if she was getting the better of the engagement, as if it was she who was dishing out the punishment, but as they dropped together, the Glamazon cried out in pain, finding herself only barely able to keep her opponent’s face held between her boobs. And even though she could keep her placed there, she did so with so little strength, that Nattie found herself once more able to breathe, if only barely due to the leg scissor around her abdomen. 

“Give … up … Beth!” Natalya demanded through gritted teeth, with air from compressing lungs, before groaning in pain from a tightening squeeze from her opponent. 

“Ne-ver!” Beth blurted out between pain-induced moans, finding herself leaning backwards in Natalya’s tight bearhug, which was meant to put as much pressure on the Glamazon’s lower back as possible. 

Together they squeezed and moaned, using every ounce of their strength to make the other submit, but as they each poured it on, and endured the others onslaught, they suddenly collapsed, with Natalya landing on her back, and Beth landing on top of her in a straddle. Both from the impact of the fall, and the exhaustion coursing through their bodies, both of their holds upon the other were broken — the two instead landing in a gripless clump upon the mat. 

Beth again stirred first, just in time to reach in, detangle, and then tear Natalya’s undone sports bra out from between their bodies, just as the modest Hart, fatigued beyond measure, and barely able to move, reached with slow fingers to grab at it. There, with each wearing nothing but their gym shoes, and short white socks, they both laid gasping for air — tits pressing into tits, ab-etched stomachs locked together, their effort-flushed cheeks laying against one another. 

After a single moment stretched into several, Beth brought her head up, and back, until her lips hovered just above Natalya’s. “Tell me you want this…. Tell me you’re a lesbian. And that wrestling me turns you on….” She whispered softly, though still in a mocking tone, before rearing back only slightly, and then using her nose to rub against the tip of Natalya’s. 

“I … don’t…. I’m not!” Natalya offered weakly in denial, she still being broken from all that had just transpired. 

“Liar….” As the soft accusal of dishonesty came, Beth grabbed at Natalya’s hands with her own, interlaced their fingers, and then pinned her opponent’s arms to the mat, straight out to either side of them. 

“1…….” Beth counted, intentionally slow, wanting to drive Natalya, who at that point stirred only halfheartedly, into resisting. 

“2……” She counted again, as she began to rub her bare tits against Natalya’s, hoping that by turning her on, Beth might light her partner’s fire. A bet which paid off, as the graduate of the Hart Dungeon mustered her strength, and pressed upward with her right arm, lifting her should just centimeters off the mat. Beth, secretly pleased, immediately pushed Natalya’s shoulder back to the mat, before starting again. 

“1……” At the number’s utterance, Natalya opened and locked eyes with her partner, before again trying to raise a shoulder up. Upon her attempt, she met only an intentionally restrained resistance from Beth, who found that she loved every single second of the pin, the feeling of Natalya weakly trying to escape it, and in truth, found herself wanting more than anything, to continue their battle, even if she had been resistant to the challenge at first.

“2…….” Beth continued her count begrudgingly, before she began to place the smallest of kisses upon Natalya’s face, their chests still mashing together, tits squeezing out on either side of their connected bodies. Driven by a maddened desire to end the Glamazon’s advances, even if she enjoyed them, Natalya again pushed her shoulder off the mat, this time lifting not only her own shoulder and arm off the mat, but also Beth’s entire body up, before her strength gave out, and both came crashing back down.

“1…….” Natalya, having shown signs of life, allowed Beth, in her own strange, desire-driven calculus, to use all of her strength to hold Natalya down. Nattie, for her part, having finally recovered enough to fully push, this time did so with both arms, using her recovered strength to press hard upwards, against the weight of both Beth’s straddle, and the force of her palms pushing downward. Their combined resistance left their two sets of outstretched arms to hover just above the mat, breaking the count, but leaving both to again exhaust themselves on each other, pressing tit-to-tit, stomach-to-stomach, and forehead-to-forehead for balance. There, in that struggle they groaned and moaned through gritted teeth, each trying to overpower the other, until they found only stalemate — only an equality of effort.

Seconds passed as each held on, their bodies shaking violently in each others grasp, until finally, the levee broke, when Natalya lifted her head just enough, and unexpectedly pressed her lips to her opponent’s. Beth was shocked, pleased, and due to both: stunned, just long enough for Natalya to roll the two, ending with Beth on bottom, and herself on top. Quickly thereafter, the Hart wrapped her legs around her partner’s, pressed her body into that of the same, and with their still-laced fingers, pinned Beth’s whole body to the mat. 

“See! I knew you liked gir….” Despite her predicament, Beth began to gloat about her earlier accusals being right, but found herself cut off, as Natalya once again sealed their lips together, thereafter invading her opponent’s mouth with her tongue. The Glamazon responded, meeting her opponent’s tongue with her own, each kissing the other with years of repressed passions, and hidden lusts. But just as the kiss could get no more intense, and each found themselves more turned on than they ever had been in their lives, Natalya pulled back, and counted: 

“1……” Before diving back into their glorious kiss. Beth’s eyes, which had been closed in enjoyment, shot open in shock, as she realized Nattie considered their match ongoing, and her pin, one to end the match. 

Beth, in response, and without breaking their incredible kiss, began to use her arms, abs, and chest to push upward, but in so doing found only her opponent’s strength and weight, bearing down on her, keeping her pinned. Worry began to set in, despite her distraction, that she could not push herself free, and that she was was quickly headed towards defeat — a threat made more real as Natalya again pulled away from their kiss, to announce a long delayed:

“2……” At the very sound of the announcement, Beth began to buck her hips wildly, looking for some method of of freeing herself, and in so doing, rammed her clit up into Natalya’s, which was already pushing down to keep the Glamazon pinned. The sudden and unexpected touching sent shivers down both wrestlers spines, a wave of pleasure through each of their bodies, and caused Natalya’s grip and hold to soften just enough for Beth to shove her off, and roll away. 

There, on the mat, only feet away from each other, they both just laid, taking in air. Unsure what to do next. Unsure what had just happened. Unsure what they had gotten themselves into. Were they wrestling? Fighting? Having sex? None of that? All of it? They weren’t sure, but despite the odd feeling of not knowing, neither was going to pull back now. This was it. This was their battle. This was what they both wanted, even if neither could even explain what it was. 

“Not done yet, are you?” Beth asked out of both feigned and actual concern, as she brought herself up to her knees, hoping that her partner had more in her, and wouldn’t bolt, now that she was free to leave the ring. 

“Not even close.” Responded Natalya defiantly, as she too raised into to a kneel. 

There the two stayed, catching their breath, their naked breasts gleaming as the overhead lights hit the sweat thereupon. But then, as if some unspoken signal was passed between the two, they both stood up, stepped towards each other, and locked up again, just as they had when their match started. It was Beth who took the initiative this time, backing her opponent up across the ring and into the ropes, until both, as is required by the general rules of the ring, released their clinch. It was at that moment of unrequired sportsmanship, that Beth reached behind Natalya with her left hand, and grabbed her hair, from the other side of the ropes, tugging it harshly so that she could not escape, and was as a further consequence, pulled against the ropes, with her back arched over the top rope in a incredibly awkward position. Natalya went to scream out in pain, but found her wind to do so suddenly stolen, as Beth drove a hard fist into her partner’s undefended gut. The Hart tried to double over in pain, but the Glamazon held firm to her opponent’s hair, and kept her bent backwards over the rope, thereafter driving another hard punch to her exposed abdominal muscles. 

Again and again, Beth delivered blows, until Natalya’s legs gave out, and she found herself being held up by the Glamazon’s grip upon her hair alone. It was at that point that Beth released her hold of Nattie, and let her collapse face first to the mat below. The Glamazon, confident that she had the upper hand, walked behind her opponent, reached down, wrapped her arms around the Hart’s waist, and then lifted her up into the air. From there, Beth sat down, slamming her partner’s face first into the mat, in her patented Glam Slam maneuver, Natalya legs splayed out to either side of Beth’s abdomen. 

At the very moment of impact, Natalya’s naked body went limp and unmoving, broken by her opponent’s finishing move. There, Beth sat thinking of what to do next, resting her strong hands on Natalya’s toned ass, squeezing it, for her own enjoyment and curiosity. Finally however, once the Glamazon decided on her next move, she scootched back at an angle, and then freed one of her legs from underneath Natalya’s. After having done so, she lowered her thigh back down on top of Nattie’s, and scootched forward again, thereby nestling her clit against her partner’s. Then, Beth began to thrust her sex into her opponent’s, making sure to keep a tight grip on Nattie’s ass, so that she could not escape, were she to suddenly wake from her Glam-Slammed-state.

“Uughhhhh” Beth began to moan, as she let her head drop back behind her shoulders, her every thrust not only bringing pleasure to herself, but life back into her grounded partner. Those moans were before long reciprocated and equaled by Natalya, who found herself giving into ecstasy, being unable to crawl away from the Glamazon, and her clit-to-clit submission. If she could not flee, at least she could reposition, Natalya thought to herself, as she turned over, keeping her thighs crossed with her partner’s — who did not cease her thrusting for even a moment. There, in that mutual, face-to-face scissor, Nattie began to thrust back, meeting the Glamazon’s clit with her own, over and over again. 

Minutes passed, as each wrestler’s moans filled the Performance Center, neither giving an inch — each fighting off bravely their desire to release their sweet juices upon there other. But as push gave way to push, and thrust succeeded thrust, it began to dawn on Natalya, the position in which she and her opponent found themselves, and how she could use it to her advantage. From that realization to action, took only seconds — seconds in which Natalya rocked back, and then rolled her body forward and up, until she was standing, and looking down at her confused opponent, from the absolute perfect place to lock on her own finisher: the Sharpshooter.

A move she did cinch in, after crossing her partner’s right ankle, behind her left knee, on top of Natalya’s own thigh, and then in one single, practiced motion, did Natalya turn her opponent over, and sit down, placing her own unclothed ass, on top of Beth’s. The move was devastating to a fresh opponent, let alone one who had been in and out of the wringer, over and over again, breaking her own body against that of her former friend. Such a reality at play, Beth began whimper, as she reached out, for a rope, for a hand, for anything that she might use to escape, as her lower back began to ache in excruciating pain — but all to no avail. For Natalya had the hold well-applied, and had put it on, due to the placement of their tribbing session, in a location as far away from a rope as possible, one Beth might use to escape, rules or ref regardless. Having little to no other choice, other than submitting to her partner, or passing out from the pain, Beth placed her palms on the mat, and tried to push herself up, off the ground, and in so doing, escape the submission hold she found herself in. 

Natalya held tight, and leaned backwards against Beth’s attempted leverage, putting an incredible amount of pressure on Beth’s lower back, which had already seen itself targeted throughout their impromptu match. And though it hurt, and in truth left Beth injured for months after their battle, Natalya gave way first, finding herself thrown off of the Glamazon, who poured all of her remaining reserves into her desperate push. But such an escape left Beth broken, winded, and still grounded, whilst Natalya found herself still standing, and free to plot her next move. 

In that freedom, Natalya decided to climb the nearest turnbuckle, naked though she was, and once there, crouch, and wait for her partner to stand. It took some moments for Beth to recover enough to attempt it, finding herself more than confused as to the sudden absence of Natalya, or any follow up maneuver therefrom. But as she wondered, and wandered unsteady, she turned, just a blink before Natalya dove off the top rope in a flying cross body, and slammed into Beth’s chest, their bodies connecting, forming the shape of a lowercase T being crossed. It was then, that in an absolutely amazing feat of strength and ring awareness, Beth caught Natalya mid-air, and after a stumble this way and that, she struggling to keep upright despite all the damage done to her lower back, the Glamazon captured Natalya’s right arm firmly between her powerful thighs, and then fell forward, slamming her partner into the mat. 

Having landed in, and then maintained their t-shape, Beth reached her left hand up, and pinned Natalya’s left wrist to the mat, and then with her right hand, reached down, and dug two fingers deep into Nattie’s soaking cunt. Natalya was devastated by the slam, the match, and all that had transpired, and yet, even as all hope seemed to have been lost, she still struggled. 

“1……” Beth began to count, causing her partner, who laid beneath her breathing heavy, to try to overpower Beth’s left arm with her own, trying to free her wrist, to attempt some form of escape, but found that no matter how hard she tried, she could not. 

“2…….” At the sound of the second count, Natalya began to try and free her right arm, from between Beth’s thighs, either completely, or just enough to reach her sex, but found that she could do neither. With all other avenues having failed, and knowing that the count of three was about to pass the lips of the woman she had kissed not moments ago, Natalya began to use her legs, and wounded abdominal muscles to bridge out of the pin. And though it worked, despite how much pain it caused, bringing her shoulders just far enough off the mat to break Beth’s count, every second the Hart spent bridged, drove her opponent’s fingers deeper into her sex.

“1…….” Beth began again, while increasing the speed at which she fingered Natalya, who began to moan loudly beneath her. 

“2……” The count came again, as Natalya wriggled under Beth, the former trying desperately to close her thighs to Beth’s hand, before begrudgingly she bridged again, this time only barely able to break the pin, given the aching she felt in her abdominal muscles. A pain that was then made worse by the Glamazon, who quickly withdrew her fingers from Natalya’s sex, only to use the hand a second later in the shape of a fist, driving it down hard into Nattie’s stomach. Such a blow was repeated over and over again, 10 times, then 20, each eliciting a cry of pain from the Hart, until Beth, satisfied at the damage done, once again reached down and drove her fingers into her opponent’s cunt.

“1…….” The Glamazon counted again, her fingers pumping in and out of Natalya’s pussy, just as the latter again tried to bridge, this time early, knowing that the blows to her abdominal muscles would make a successful bridge harder, if not impossible. Again the bridge drover her opponent’s fingers deeper, and again the attempt caused her abs to burn, this time terribly, the strange mix of intense pleasure and agonizing pain caused tears to well in her eyes, even though she was not crying. 

“2……” The count continued, and still Natalya’s bridge faltered, her shoulders still pinned to the mat. And though she tried, desperately, using all of the strength she had left, she finally collapsed, when the pain from her abs became too great, and a vicious orgasm ripped through her body.  

“3……” Beth finally counted to three, before releasing Natalya’s various limbs, and pulling her own juice-covered fingers from the quivering and convulsing snatch in which they had worked. Then, the Glamazon pushed herself up to her knees, leaving her conquered partner shaking on the mat below, her eyes closed in both the shame of defeat, and the newly revived embarrassment of having crossed so many lines, not just with someone who was not her husband, not just with a woman, but also with someone who she for all intents and purposes hated. And as all that flood of regretful thoughts began to fill the Hart’s mind, and disgust at herself and her own actions began to churn in her stomach, a new reason for concern became as apparent, as Beth’s sweat-drenched pussy was suddenly lowered over Natalya’s mouth.  

“You wanted to see it, Nattie! Well, you saw it! Now … /I/ want to see it! I want to see what you’ve been thinking about when you bumped into me in the showers, making sure we were always in the stalls next to each other. I want to see what you’ve been masturbating to, when we’re on the phone and I can hear your breathing get deep. How you picture eating me to get off, when you’re fucking T.J.. I know you’ve wanted me, Natalya, and have for so long…. Now, let’s see it!” Beth mocked, imitating Natalya’s initial challenge, as she ground her wet lips into Natalya’s face, stopping her motions only briefly when the Hart’s nose caught on her clit. 

Beth was right, about all of it. How Natalya felt. What she had done. That she had dreamt about this moment a thousand times. But even with that wanting, and all the pent-up desires, Natalya found herself crying beneath and between Beth’s thighs. For she, Natalie Neidhart, a woman some call the greatest female wrestler of all time — graduate of the Hart Dungeon — relative of the great shooter Stu Hart and Excellence of Execution Bret Hart, had been beaten. Had been pinned, and forced to cum, not separately, but simultaneously. Not only that but now, she was being forced to lick the clit and cunt of the woman who bested her. It was catastrophic in its humiliation — devastating in its attack on her ego, and yet, despite that, after one swift and firm tug of her pink and blonde hair by Beth, Natalya began her chore. 

Licking. Sucking. Nibbling. Forced to continue, whenever she slowed, by Beth, who would yank her hair cruelly, and grind her hips downward painfully, whenever the pleasure began to ebb even a little. Minutes passed, one after another, until after nearly half an hour of forcing her defeated partner to please her, in the most intimate way possible, the Glamazon suddenly stood up, still not having cum. 

“My turn…. Open your legs to me!” Beth demanded as she walked back to Natalya’s feet. At first, Nattie resisted, intending to keep her thighs closed to her victorious opponent, hoping that the humiliation would just suddenly end, without any more. But, Beth, knowing the truth behind all of the tears, and whimpering — knowing that so many years of lust and unfulfilled desires could not be so easily bottled, decided to convince the rebellious Hart. And so the Glamazon lifted up Natalya’s still-flexed legs and began to nibble at her toes. Taking one into her mouth at a time, and sucking on them, until finally, after having reached all 10, she lowered those legs, which had already begun to soften in their resistance. Beth then leaned over on all fours and began to crawl over Natalya’s body, using her tongue to trace from those very feet, up Nattie’s right calf and shin, until she reached her clamped together knees. There, she put her tongue between both of her partner’s thighs, as best she could given their state, and then began licking up the length of them, towards what it was that the Glamazon wanted. Almost immediately, did Natalya release the tightness of her legs’ constriction, one half of her mind betraying the other, giving way to desire, and forgetting about all else that drove her. 

With Natalya’s thick and powerful thighs having finally opened, Beth lowered herself and began to unleash her tongue, her teeth, and even her nose, bringing each to bear,  to drive Nattie wild. In reaction, and driven by instinct and desire alone, the Hart began to thrust her pubic mound upward, toward the Glamazon’s mouth, who herself aided in the effort, by using her powerful hands to pull the Hart’s ass up from the mat, thereby driving her tongue deeper than either woman could have imagined. Given such manipulations and all else that was uniquely powerful about Beth Phoenix, whereas it took Natalya half-an-hour to fail at bringing Beth to Orgasm, it took all of a minute and a half, for the Glamazon to succeed in the same race.

But the very moment Natalya began to gush her sweet juices, and quake in the most intense and exhausting of orgasms, Beth pulled back, only to then hop forward, and place her still undaunted clit against the quivering same of Nattie, bringing their bodies into the very tightest of upright scissors. 

Despite the intense orgasm still coursing through her body, in horror, Natalya tried to crawl backward and free herself from Beth’s grasp, knowing that she could take literally not even a second’s more pleasure — not even a single additional thrust from her better, let alone whatever such better had in mind. 

But as Nattie realized that she was stuck, and could not crawl away, she cried out, and put her hands out in plea, begging for mercy, just as Beth began to thrust, driving their clits together with all the force and friction she could muster. But Beth did not stop, not in minutes, not in tens of them, pulling forcefully every last drop of cum from her partner, even as she cried, recovered, and then began to cry again, only stopping when the Glamazon herself finally came, pushed over the edge by the sound of Natalya’s pathetic whimpering. 

Finally pleased, and certain that her partner had been completely broken, Beth released Natalya’s muscle-etched leg, which she had held upright and tightly to for the entirety of their forced tribbing session. It was then that the Glamazon pushed herself forward, and laid down next Natalya’s broken and orgasm-ravaged body. There, she without warning reached out and grabbed the Hart’s pussy and clit with a firm grasp, making Natalya jump in terror, only to relax when no overt pressure was placed on the hold, or movement used to continue any more torturous continuation of pleasure. 

“Now…. We’re going to get up. We’re going to get dressed. You’re going to come with me back to my place. Adam (Copeland or Edge as he is known in the WWE) is waiting for me. Adam has always talked about a threesome with you and me. We’re going to give that to him. Do you understand?” In response, Natalya did not speak, instead only nodding in agreement, as she sniffled and wiped tears off her cheeks, she now being completely willing to do whatever Beth asked of her. 

“Good….” Having received the answer she wanted, and having done all that needed to be done in the ring, Beth stood up and began gathering their clothing. Then, after having gathered all that they were wearing, the Glamazon threw Natalya’s clothes on top of her still mat-bound body, except for Nattie’s panties, replaced instead by Beth’s. The mismatch was intentional, as Beth, with an intentional flare, put on Natalya’s panties, and slowly pulled them up to her crotch. 

“You and I are going to have a lot of fun from now on….” The Glamazon mused, with the widest of smiles upon her face, as Natalya finally peeled herself from the mat, and brought herself to a stand. Once both had fully dressed, each wearing the others panties, Beth approached her partner, slowly, and raised a hand up to the Hart’s tear and mascara-stained cheek.

In response, Natalya flinched, nervous that Beth planned on continuing to punishment and torment, but instead, she merely brought her lips to Nattie’s sweetly, before she opened her own, and with her tongue, forced her way into her partner’s mouth. There they stood, and kissed each other passionately, before suddenly, with a full handful of hair, Beth yanked Natalya’s head back, there whispering into her ear. “Oh the things we will do….”

The End

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