Star Trek Catfight by N2-9

Deanna Troi and Tasha Yar had never really gotten along. They were constantly competing for recognition and often started arguments with each other. Tasha was jealous of Diana’s higher rank in Starfleet but Deanna also suspected she was jealous of her large breasts that Tasha lacked. Tasha denied this saying that the only reason she disliked her was because of her undeserved promotion and this just made Deanna even more frustrated with her but then everything changed when Seven of nine joined the crew of the starship enterprise.

Seven of nine was a human who had been assimilated by the Borg but had escaped. She was a tall woman with short brown hair and she easily had the largest bosom out of the entire crew. She also had a robotic arm and a small piece of wiring over her right eye souvenirs from her time with the Borg. Seven of nine was a very productive member of the crew completing tasks twice as fast as anyone else would, she was also very dismissive of the other women something that Deanna and Tasha didn’t appreciate. They felt like Seven was saying that she was better than them. Deanna and Tasha put their own rivalry aside in the face of this common enemy and decided that they needed to do something about it. Deanna invited Seven to meet with her and Tasha on the holodeck to, “talk” things out.

Deanna was first to arrive. She had long brown hair which was slightly curly. She wore her blue Starfleet uniform which struggled to contain her large breasts. She spent a few minutes at the control panel of the holodeck writing some programs she thought she might need and most importantly turning off the safety feature which made everything harmless. Then Tasha Yar entered the featureless room. Tasha had short blonde hair and was wearing a yellow Starfleet uniform. Deanna and Tasha stared daggers at each other but for once didn’t start an argument, they had another target in mind. A few minutes later The door slid open and Seven of nine entered. She looked over the other two women and smirked. “Well let’s make this quick, I’ve got other things that I need to do,” she said.

“That’s fine with me,” Deanna said she tapped the controls one last time and the door slid closed and locked. Then she went over to stand next to Tasha arms on her shapely hips “Me and Tasha are suspicious of you we think that you’re secretly still working for the Borg”

“Oh really, You know that I was rescued from them and I had most of my Borg parts removed,” Seven said.

“We think you’ve been passing secrets to them about what our plans are” Tasha snapped.

Seven laughed. “Oh come on we both know that’s not what this is about, you too are just jealous of me”

“We’re not jealous of you,” Deanna said angrily

“Really, I’ve seen the way you to look at me with your envious eyes you’re jealous of my efficiency professionalism, and not to mention my body,” Seven said stroking her hands over her breasts.

 “As if I would be jealous of those artificial tits when I’ve got my own all-natural pair,” Deanna said confidently.

“My tits are about the only part of me which is still natural,” Seven said smirking. “Face it you’re jealous because I’m a better woman than you, honestly I can’t blame you”

“You think you’re better than us, your just a talking Borg sex doll” Tasha snapped.

“Big words coming from someone who doesn’t have any tits” Seven shot back.

Tasha flushed red. “whore” she snarled.

“Are we going to stand here all day throwing bitchy insults at each other or, are we going to settle things like real women?” Deanna said.

“Yeah let’s get this thing started,” Tasha said still staring daggers at Seven.

Seven crossed her arms under her large breasts. “Sure I’m game, destroying you two sluts might be fun”

“Fine then, computer run program number one,” Deanna said. The holodeck shimmered and began to transform. The black featureless room was replaced by a large empty arena with a wrestling ring in the centre, the sky above the stadium had stars and planets hanging in it. Seven smiled and slid under the ropes into the ring and started stretching her curvy body in anticipation. Tasha followed her and began stretching out her arms.

“What no holographic audience, you don’t want to be humiliated in front of them do you?” Seven taunted. She jumped on the spot to loosen her body her giant breasts jiggling.

“I just don’t want any distractions when I’m kicking your sorry ass,” Deanna said sliding into the ring.

All three women stopped stretching and then stared at each other their hands raised waiting for one of them to make the first move. Tasha caught Deanna’s eye and subtly nodded her head towards Seven, Deanna nodded back and suddenly they both sprinted at the taller woman. Seven expecting this brought up her hands and blocked Deanna’s and Tasha’s punches. Seven then lashed out at both with harsh bitch slaps. Deanna cried out as Seven’s par made contact with her cheek and she stumbled backwards.

Tasha tilted her head back just enough to dodge the bitch slap. In retaliation she raised her leg and spiked her knee into Seven’s soft stomach. “OOOFFAA” Seven grunted as the wind was knocked out of her. She hunched over clutching her stomach her large breasts wobbling and these were a natural target for Tasha, she sank her fist into one of the fleshy orbs causing Seven to shriek in pain.  By this time Deanna had recovered and she smashed her fist into Seven’s other tit. The two women began furiously pounding on Seven’s rack both of them working over one of Seven’s breasts. Seven moaned and howled as her precious tits were bruised and battered. Tasha was enjoying the opportunity to attack the breasts she had always been jealous of.

Deanna was also enjoying this but only because Seven’s rack challenged her own in size. Seven’s boobs bounced around under her silver top flying each and every way as the other women mercilessly punch them. Seven grunted huskily with every hit but gritted her teeth and reached out and grabbed Deanna and Tasha by their brown and blonde hair respectively. Deanna and Tasha squealed as their heads were pulled backwards by their hair. After a few seconds of pulling their hair, Seven then slammed their heads together. Deanna’s and Tasha’s skulls met with a loud cracking noise. Both of them fell to the mat clutching their heads and moaning. Seven smirked down at them but her tits were still throbbing painfully after the beating they had taken. She cupped them and began to massage them softly.

Deanna slowly got up to all fours groaning. Seven kicked her in the ribs causing the busty brunette to flip over and lie on the floor face upwards breathing heavily. “Time for some payback bitch,” Seven said and she stomped her shoe right on Deanna’s large breasts. Deanna screamed as her proud bosom was squashed under Seven’s heel. Seven brought her foot back up and slammed it back down again causing Deanna’s whole body to jerk as her tits were squashed once again.

“AAAAHHHHHUUUFFFF” she grunted huskily.

Seven grinded her heel into Deanna’s rack making her whimper pathetically. “Not so great when it’s your tits is it?” Seven mocked leaning in putting more of her own weight on Deanna’s breasts. Deanna just moaned. Seven continue to stomp on Deanna’s breasts it was like she was stamping two pillows into shape. She stomped the right one and then kicked the left one in the side. Deanna continued to cry and howl in agony. “Resistance is futile slut” Seven gloated. She placed a foot on top of her breasts pressing down hard. “Your no match for me” suddenly Seven felt a sharp pain as her hair was pulled from behind, she stumbled off Deanna’s prone body as she was pulled backwards by Tasha.

In her preoccupation with stomping Deanna’s tits, she had completely forgotten about the other woman. Tasha pulled hard on Seven’s brown hair forcing the taller woman to bend backwards. Tasha span seven around by her hair and through her heavily into the mat. “AAOOOFF” Seven grunted as she landed painfully on her back winded and her breasts bouncing. Tasha straddled her sitting on her stomach their thighs sliding past each other. Seven tried to push her off but Tasha held her ground and started sending stinging slaps into Seven’s cheeks and tits. Seven screeched as her already throbbing breasts were struck even more. “You jealous slut, stop going after my tits” Seven hissed through the pain.

“Not until I’m done with them” Tasha shot back. She grabbed two handfuls of seven’s tits and dragged her to her feet with them. Seven’s breasts were so large they made for pretty good handholds. Seven screamed as her breasts were pulled as they both got to their feet. Tasha stood behind Seven but still kept hold of her tits trapping her in a modified full nelson. “Finish her off” she shouted. Seven watched as Deanna slowly got to her feet and smiled. “NO” Seven screamed. Deanna sprinted at the struggling women as fast as she could her breasts bouncing up and down with every step. With this momentum, she sent one leg straight upwards into Seven’s pussy.


“AAAAAAAAAAAFFFFFHHHAAAAA” Seven cried. Tasha let go of her and Seven immediately clutched her pussy before stumbling away eyes closed tight a long moan escaping from her mouth. Slowly her legs gave out and she slumped to her knees and then to the floor her large ass sticking up in the air.

“Yes get wrecked you robotic slut,” Deanna said smiling.

“Yeah that’s right you know who the better woman is now you bionic bitch” Tasha mocked.

The two women smiled at each other and then looked back to Seven’s unconscious body. They stood there in awkward silence. They stole glances at each other but looked away before they made eye contact. Now that their mutual enemy had been vanquished their thoughts turned back to their own rivalry. This was probably the best opportunity they would have to settle things between them.

Without saying a word in unison Deanna and Tasha turned to each other and both threw a slap which struck the other woman’s face. “AAAFF” they cried simultaneously. Deanna grabbed Tasha’s short blonde hair and pulled harshly. Tasha cried out but sank her talons into Deanna’s brown locks and pulled in retaliation. They stumbled around the simulated wrestling ring screaming as they ripped at each other’s hair. “I’m going to kick your ass just like I did to that Borg bitch” Deanna growled.

“I let you take that cyber whore out but now I will be the one taking you out ” Tasha spat. She slammed her knee upwards right in between Deanna’s legs and into her pussy. Deanna’s eyes went wide and she lost her grip on Tasha’s hair. “NNMMMMAAAFFF” she moaned. Tasha pulled on her hair making the hurting woman bend double. Then she began to run with her towards one of the corners of the ring intending to slam her opponent’s head into the turnbuckle. Deanna saw this coming but she didn’t have enough strength to stop her forward momentum especially with the pain in between her legs. “Computer run program two” she shouted.

 The room obeyed. Just as Deanna’s head was going to slam into the turnbuckle it disappeared and she went stumbling through it. For a moment they stood in a wave of shifting ill-defined shapes until the room reformed this time as a tropical beach. This was a popular program for the crew to take breaks in. The gentle sound of waves reached their ears as a cool sea breeze blew over them.

“Nice trick but that won’t save you,” Tasha said.

 “Bring it on bitch” Deanna challenged. They ran at each other kicking up sand as they went then they clashed in a tornado of slaps hair pulls and shrieks. Tasha slapped Deanna across the face who retaliated by punching one of her tits. Tasha grunted but grabbed Deanna’s larger bosom and sank her nails in.

Deanna screamed her tits were still sore from Seven’s stomping earlier and she didn’t want them taking any more damage, she tried to pull away but Tasha held on tight and all this achieved was ripping her blue Starfleet uniform wide open. Deanna’s voluptuous naked tits spilled out of her outfit. Despite herself, Tasha stared at them they seemed to be even bigger now they weren’t contained in her tightfitting uniform. “You slut you’re going to pay for that” Deanna yelled, she decided to take advantage of her newly released assets and roughly slammed her naked breasts into Tasha.

Tasha tried to push back with her own tits but hers were a lot smaller than Deanna’s and she was easily overpowered. They both fell to the sand with a screech, Tasha underneath Deanna. Deanna grabbed Tasha’s hair and continue to press her heavy boobs down onto the smaller woman. Tasha moaned as her breasts were crushed by Deanna’s larger pair. “How do you like my tittys, they are a lot better than your tiny pair aren’t they” Deanna mocked she started gently bouncing up and down slamming her tits into Tasha’s repeatedly.

“UNNGG” Tasha moaned sensually. She grabbed Deanna’s hair and pulled upwards in an effort to get her off her. Deanna winced and stopped bouncing her boobs on Tasha’s instead opting to grab her hair and pulled. They rolled into a catball brawling across the sand pulling each other’s hair and squealing.

Water splashed against Seven of nine’s face and her eyes flickered open. She was lying face down in the sea. She slowly got up and looked around at her surroundings. How did she get to a beach, and why did her pussy hurt so much. Then she saw Diana and Tasha rolling around tearing into each other, then the memories came rushing back. Those stupid bitches had tag-teamed her as if either of them could have taken Seven down by themselves and she would prove it to them. She stood water dripping off her outfit making it go slightly see-through her nipples becoming visible through the sodden fabric. They must have switched the holodeck from a wrestling ring to a beach setting Seven thought to herself well two can play at that game. “Computer run program 79”

Unaware of Sevens revival Deanna and Tasha continued to go at it rolling around tearing at each other’s hair slapping faces and breasts. “You half-betazoid slut” Tasha growled raking her nails down Deanna’s naked tits and pulling her hair.

“Better than just a human whore” Deanna growled back slapping her across the face. Suddenly the sandy ground they had been rolling over flickered and shifted into hard rock. The ocean disappeared and was replaced by a bubbling lake of molten lava. “Oh fuck” Deanna cursed.

“Shit” Tasha swore.

They both try to stop their  momentum but it was already too late. Screaming Tasha and Deanna rolled off the low cliff together and fell straight into the lava with a large splash.

Seven laughed as the stupid cows fell in. Changing the holodeck to this lava planet had definitely been the right move. After a few seconds of nothing, Deanna’s head broke the surface of the lava. She screamed as the hot liquid burnt her skin slowly she began to doggy paddle over to the rocky shore and dragged herself out.

The holodeck safety features ensure that no lasting or fatal harm could come to the occupants and so instead of boiling them alive the lava just stung and irritated the skin, but this safety feature did not extend to their clothes. Deanna’s Starfleet uniform had been completely burnt off her body leaving her naked. Her skin stinging red from a dip in the lava and her tits swaying freely. Tasha also dragged herself out of the lava she as nude as Deanna was. She collapsed next to Deanna and both of them lay on the stony ground trying to catch their breath, their breasts rising and falling. The rest of their naked bodies were flushed a bright red.

Seven walked over to them smirking. “Did you have fun with your little dip in the pool girls?” she said condescendingly.

“That was a dirty trick,” Tasha said still lying on the ground.

“What, and tag-teaming me wasn’t” Seven accused. “But it looks like your alliance didn’t last long”

“This bitch thought she could get the jump on me” Deanna accused.

“You’re the one who went for me first” Tasha shot back standing up. “I can beat both of your arses at the same time if I have to”

 “Prove it,” Seven said.

Tasha ran at her with Deanna and Seven running to meet her. The three women clashed with six tits slamming into one another. Seven grabbed both of her naked opponents by their hair and pulled harshly. Tasha grunted and likewise grabbed Seven’s and Diana’s hair, Deanna grabbed Tasha by the hair but her other hand went for seven’s shirt tearing at it until she had ripped a hole big enough to let Seven’s tits come spilling out. Deanna started to drag her nails down Sevens bosom. All three women shrieked growled and hissed at each other in their furious tangle of hairpulling and breast groping. Each of them was under attack from two different directions whilst simultaneously inflicting pain to two targets at once. The space between their bouncing naked breasts a web of arms pulling scratching and tearing.

“Bitches” Seven growled.

“Sluts” Deanna grunted.

“Slags” Tasha moaned.

They stumbled around over the rocky ground coming dangerously close to the lava pool with Deanna’s back to it. Seven and Tasha both notice this, and at the same time sent a fist into Deanna’s dangling breasts. She gasped in pain and fell backwards splashing into the lava once again. With the third wheel temporarily vanquished Seven and Tasha went back to attacking each other. Seven pulled her head back by her hair and sank her fist into her stomach causing Tasha to let out a gasp of air. She got even by sinking her nails into Sevens huge tits causing the biotic woman to scream. Tasha decided to double down on this strategy roughly groping her tits as if she was trying to sculpt them into a specific shape.

“MMMMMAAAAAAAAMMM” Seven moaned breathlessly. Tasha grinned sure that Seven was moments away from giving up but her overconfidence left herself wide open from an attack from below. Deanna launched herself out of the lava her skin even redder than it was before. Her hands were cupped holding a piece of the stinging liquid in them. She slapped her hand over Tasha’s exposed pussy smearing the lava all over her crotch. Tasha screamed at the top of her voice as her most sensitive area was scalded. At once she let go of Sevens tits and staggered away clutching her red-hot pussy. She was in so much pain that her body couldn’t handle it her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped to the rocky ground in an undignified heap, smoke rising from her vagina.

With one of them seemingly out of the fight for good Seven and Deanna took a moment to catch their breath. Both of them were feeling the fatigue of the fight at this point and were in no small amount of pain. Sevens tits were throbbing painfully after being clawed by Tasha meanwhile Deanna’s whole body was stinging from her second dip into the lava. Both of them knew they couldn’t last much longer so they had to defeat their last opponent quickly.

“Now that I have taken care of that titless slut your next” Deanna said.

“You should have kept her around because now there’s nobody stopping me from getting at you” Seven replied.

“Are you ready to finish this bitch?” Deanna growled.

“You bet slut” Seven replied “but first a change of scenery, computer run program 69”

The volcanic landscapes shifted into a mountainous one, snow began to fly through the air blown by a harsh wind, the heat replaced by a bitter cold. The two women found themselves standing on a snowy mountain. Deanna shrieked at the sudden cold that ran through her naked body she hugged herself in a vain effort to keep warm.

Although Seven had a hole in her shirt she still had most of her clothes on so wasn’t as affected by the cold which is exactly why she had chosen this arena. She rushed at Deanna her tits bouncing. Deanna distracted with the cold was blindsided as Seven smashed her with a punch to the face. Deanna cried out and her head whipped backwards. Seven landed a few more blows to her face before lowering her attacks to Deanna’s breasts. Deanna grunted huskily as Seven treated her tits like a pair of sexy punching bags.

Whilst this was happening Tasha’s unconscious body was slowly being buried in the snow.

Deanna fell to her knees clutching her hurting bosom moaning. “Haha game over, I knew you couldn’t beat me” Seven mocked. “I may still be half mechanical but I’m still a better woman then you OFFFFFAAA”

Deanna in one last desperate attack had slammed her fist into Seven’s pussy. She dug her nails into the fabric and pulled ripping most of Seven’s trousers off her revealing her ass and pussy. “NAANN” Seven shrieked as the bitter cold made itself felt in her nether regions. Deanna went to rise to continue her attack but seven wasn’t as incapacitated by the low blow as she hoped. Fighting through the pain Seven grabbed Deanna’s hair and pulled her head forward into a head-butt. Deanna saw stars and went limp which let Seven snake her arms around her and pull her into a painful bear hug. Deanna began to scream as her body was crushed in Seven’s unnaturally strong grip. Seven with her head between Deanna’s bouncing tits applied her robotic enhancements to squeeze her harder than a normal person could. Deanna felt like her eyes were going to pop out of her head by the pressure.

Casually Seven walked over to the cliff edge and dangled Deanna’s legs over it. “No, No!” Deanna pleaded as she looked down the 500 m drop. “See you later bitch” Seven said and let go. Deanna screamed as she fell off the mountain. She was sure that she was about to die. The icy ground rushed towards her but before she made contact with it she landed on something else instead. Her tits were crushed underneath her she let out a wail of pain and then lost consciousness. Seven looked down at her naked body. It looked like Deanna was lying on an invisible floor. Smiling to herself Seven said “End program” The snowy mountain vanished to show the bland room of the holodeck once more revealing that Deanna had landed on the floor of the room. The holodeck could make it seem like you were in a different place that went on for miles but it couldn’t do anything to expand its own dimensions. In reality, Deanna had only fell a few feet.

Seven looked at her vanquished foes. She felt incredibly proud that she had managed to prove that she was the better woman. Whilst she had them here she might as well have some fun with them. Seven walked over to the control panel and started writing a program.

Five minutes later Seven left the holodeck with her new program running. She put a do not disturb sign over the door and walked off smiling to herself her naked breasts bobbing up and down and her ass wiggling.

Back inside the holodeck half the room was the volcanic planet whilst the other was the freezing mountains. Tasha lay tied up in a pool of lava which burnt and irritated her naked breasts and pussy. Her screams were muffled by the gag in her mouth. Deanna was likewise bound and gagged but she was tied to a rock as a blizzard blew snow all over her. She was freezing her tits off.

Because of the sign on the door, no one came to rescue them until the next day. And after that, they refused to say how they had gotten into that situation. Neither Deanna Troi or Tasha Yar ever tried to start anything with Seven of Nine ever again.

The End

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