Supremacy: Parts 6-10 by James347

Subtle Confrontation – Part 6

As Erika walked away Tasha found herself staring at the blonde’s swaying ass.
“I’m getting as bad as these guys in the gym”, she thought to herself. “Still, it was a perfect ass.”

Her jealous eyes and mind were having a hard time keeping her mind focused. She kept stealing glances at the blonde at the far end. She had decided to do whatever was necessary to prove to the blonde she wanted another rematch, that she was worthy of another rematch. Even so far as joining the same gym as the blonde.

But Erika was unswayed by these efforts, more annoyed than flattered.

Tasha was in the locker room wiping the sweat from her face when she realized she wasn’t alone. Turning she was face to face with the blonde.

“Stop staring at me.” Erika said with a glaring and condescending tone. It threw Tasha off for a moment.

The Spanish girl gave a quick glance over her right shoulder for privacy before stepping in. “Bitch what the fuck makes you think I’m looking at you?” She said it low enough not to be heard, but still loud enough to maybe keep the blonde thinking she wasn’t afraid to call her out in public.

“You’re really not very good at this, are you?” Erika casually shrugged. Again it felt as if the blonde was mocking her.

“You’re the one who is pushing my buttons?” Tasha snapped. Erika smiled trying very hard not to be aware of Tasha’s sweat covered breasts in front of her. They were in perfect proportion to hers and it bothered her to a degree.

Both women began stripping down to shower, Tasha turned glared over her shoulder knowing the blonde was only a few feet away watching.

Was the stare a challenge? If so it was one that Erika was not prepared for. Had she misjudged the girl’s tenacity? She felt her heart pound in her own chest as she watched the strong Spanish girl walk off toward the woman’s locker room. Naked, beautiful and powerful from a strong workout. Erika was admired the ebony girl’s subtle cords of muscles that ran up her back calf and thighs, her butt was perfect and round, and so tight. But she was also smaller and less skilled then the blonde, and their first meeting had been such a one-sided thrashing Erika had no idea how Tasha could show her face around her.

As the two women showered Tasha struggled to keep her thoughts more on the hostile, but she felt the little tingles from between her legs as she watched Erika soap up her body. It was a joy to admire such a fine body.

Erika turned and froze as she watched a stream of soap tinged water run down the crack of that tight, Spanish, beautiful ass. Her nerves became a bit frazzled and worried if she had succumb to a one of Tasha’s pathetic manipulations.
Erika blinked, had the taunts and games gotten the best of her as they played out their erotic game of seduction, she watched the ebony girl wash and squeeze those bouncy round breasts. Erika had to bite down to keep from moaning in admiration.

Tasha looked over and into those haunting hazel eyes of the blonde.

This was the first time they had been in each other’s presence totally nude and both girls new the other was trying to discreetly study the other’s body, to scrutinize down to the last detail, they were both physically perfect female specimens. Erika had the edge of height and muscle, but proportionally they were perfect, their breasts could be identical in form and firmness. Without a doubt they had the best bodies around.

The blonde did admire Tasha’s body, her Spanish skin seemed like wet granite, her legs didn’t seem real, looking as smooth as glass. With etched muscles running the length of her calves, up her thighs and tapering up to her magnificently trimmed pussy.

Erika tilted her head back and closed her eyes when she heard the ebony beauty walk from the showers. Her eyes cut sideways but Tasha had already turned the corner. ‘And so it begins.’ Erika thought. Nary a word spoken since she soundly defeated Tasha that day in the park, and while Erika was irritated that Tasha was starting-up again with her, she also felt a thrill surge thru your body. Grabbing the towel, she leaned over and proceeded to wrap the towel neatly about her head, strutting from the shower stall in all her wet naked glory, save for the towel wrap.

Tasha stood dripping wet in her own nakedness her lips almost trembled taking the time to collect herself. Her chest felt like it might give way as her heart pounded so hard it could burst any moment. The fresh air had her nipples raging with a hardness she had never felt, and her pussy was so moist at the thought of putting that bitch in her place. She watched the blonde walk by and not even acknowledge her. It irritated Tasha but she also hope that it was a sign she was drawing Erika into another round.

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Tasha threw herself on top of her bed, her whole body bounced as her long Spanish hair flew out in all directions.

She screamed into pillow, it did an adequate job of muffling her cries of anger, frustration, hatred and tension that had been building for a long time.

God how she needed relief!

She was horny, so fucking horny, it was worse then ever now.

Resolutely, she stood up and skidded the zipper on the side of her workout pants. With one fluid motion she hooked her pants and hem of her underwear and worked her moist panties down past her knees. Kicking them free from her feet she looked down at the bare mound between her legs as her fingers worked down over her pussy and fanned out.

“Ooooooh.” she sighed. Without even touching it yet, she knew the pleasure thorn had poked out of its fleshy sheath, tingly and hot. Tasha sat back on the edge of her bed, falling onto her back she drew her feet up until the heels were against her buttocks; she fanned her knees and tense strong thighs wide.*

Tasha knew that the seat of pleasure lay just inside the folds of flesh just below the mound across her pelvis. But she would prolong the enjoyment. Slowly, delicately, she stroked her fingers up and down the inner planes of her thighs. “Ooooooh,” she moaned as muscles jerked and nerves sparked. She used her thumbs to press the thick lips together over the clitoris and the aching opening to the vagina. She was so drenched with passion, she knew stroking the firm flesh of her crotch could make her cum. But she fought off the building thunder in her loins. She wanted lightning to strike at the same time—and that would come only when she parted the full lips and stroked a hand in the wet groove and crammed two or three fingers of the other hand into her greedy hole. The seething and boiling in her channel was reaching a tempestuous pitch. After a slow rake of sharp nails along her thighs, she used the fingers of both hands to spread the labia wide. Almost brutally, she worked her bunched fingers into her vagina. Then she attacked the clit furiously, stroking up and down, raking the thorny clit harshly. There was a pounding of drums in her head in long rolls in her insides.

She was cumming, faster and faster her hands flew-up and down in the vulva, her fingers in and out of her cunt.

She whimpered as the waves of passionate splendor washed through her like high tide. She was buffeted and battered by tremendous shock waves of masturbatory satisfaction. As her heartbeat started returning to normal, after the lightning retreated into her uterus and the thunder grew still, she slowly opened her eyes, still clutching her snatch with both hands.

Her body had become an inferno, her legs slowly came down. Her breathing the only sound as her eyes scanned the ceiling, but she did not see, the balls of her feet brushed along the carpet as she lay their, her legs spread wide, her hands tenderly moving over her sensitive mound.

‘I wonder what that blonde feels like?’ she thought in the after-glow.

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Another Go – Part 7

Tasha sent the email, it was short and to the point;
“I want a second shot.”

She clicked ‘send’ and could already feel the elevator plunge into the depths of her gut, she knew how Erika operated, the answer would be a simple ‘no’. In fact she suspected that she might not even get any reply back, another way to dig the salt further into the wound.

Tasha felt like she had almost no dignity left now, she had avoided eye contact with Erika at parties and would leave the room whenever Erika would enter.

It was more than the loss for Tasha now that drove her for revenge, it was an inferno of hostility that wanted to fly loose, to tear into the blonde and drag her down into a fight until only one was left standing no matter how many times it took. Until one of them would openly submit at the feet the other, admitting which one was the stronger, better female between them.

Erika’s cold shoulder and cutting glances only fuelled Tasha’s rage. Erika made no attempt to ease any situation, she would just swagger with that cocky sway to her firm sexy hips and stuck her chest out in Tasha’s face every chance she got.

As desperate as it sounds Tasha felt her sanity hung in the balance to some degree. She was on the verge of begging Erika for one more meeting, one more fight, even if she had no hope of winning. She wanted to try and escalate things even further but Erika seemed to want none of it. There was no hope of continuing this quest for domination if Erika didn’t accept the next challenge.

‘But if she does accept then maybe she wants the same things I do?’ Tasha told herself as a way of consoling the obsession.

‘I shouldn’t worry about this unless she accepts.’ Tasha turned from her laptop and propped her elbows upon her knees in despair. ‘I have to focus on getting faster and stronger, if not for the fight, then for my own focus and well being, regardless of what happens with Erika.’

Whatever erotic feelings she had fighting this girl were driving Tasha mad with anticipation. Now she only to wait for a response.

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Erika was totally unaffected by the email at first, in fact, it bored her senseless. She almost didn’t respond but Tasha’s desperation struck a nerve with her. The short, directness of the email was very unlike Tasha. The whole thing baffled Erika, she enjoyed the challenge at first but Tasha had been a let down. Erika took a slow deep breath, her chest swelled with pride at the memories of the one-sided thrashing she had given the girl.

‘Is she a glutton for punishment?’ Erika wondered. Erika had even dragged out the fight just to make it last longer before grinding Tasha into submission. Recalling their few social encounters only pumped Erika’s ego even higher, easily recognizing the look and demeanor of fear and intimidation, ‘And I put it there’, Erika smirked with a great sensation of satisfaction. Something about Tasha, about beating and humiliating this Spanish girl stimulated and aroused Erika. It was the tingling in her nipples and her moist pussy that tipped her decision making process.

“Meet me at the bookstore, tomorrow night, 8:00 PM.” Send.

Erika was in the mood to see what was going on in the head of this girl and thought it might be entertaining to see how desperate Tasha really was for second fight.

For the first time she allowed the thought of ‘beating down’ this beautiful ebony goddess, yet again, as a form of sexual stimulation. Slowly she stood up from her chair after shutting down the laptop, her hands clenched with excitement next to her body as she envisioned the outcome of their next meeting. She smiled a little and went to bed, her mind toying with how she would dominate the Spanish girl yet again.

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Coffee was out of the question. Tasha didn’t need anything else to crank her up, she was doing a miserable job of trying to calm herself down as it was while pacing up and down the aisles of books.

She knew that Erika would not be expecting her to be all dressed up, but that’s why she went out of her way to wear something that really accented her figure. Heads turned for sure as they studied the ebony beauty in a short skirt, and sleeveless blouse and heels.

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Erika paused and was taken aback a little at the site of the beautiful girl. She watched the girl pace a little, trying to look distracted, oh she was distracting alright, but in ways Erika was still not accustomed to. Erika felt a slight surge of pride that the girl was waiting, waiting for her arrival, and then a tingle of excitement went thru her body and it unnerved her.

‘What was this woman’s goal? Her desire in all of this?’ Erika wondered. She had a few ideas but kept them suppressed for now.

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Tasha spotted her, hard to miss, damn near impossible. Her heart fluttered but then her stomach knotted and she looked away. She knew the blonde had seen her as well, slowly she turned and began a walk to the table furthest away from the coffee shop, it was ‘their table’ now. Where they debated and had heated negotiations over when, where and how their first match would take place. Tasha hoped for one more, beyond that was impossible to even fathom, and yet the second fight now all depended on the next few fragile minutes.

‘Can I convince the Blonde? Not on my terms for sure, but she is here at least, so that is a start.’

The two women took up opposite sides of the small circular table, with no acknowledgment of the other. But there was the tension that was filling the space between them as they each took their seats. Strong legs crossed over one another as short skirts Tasha up higher to reveal their powerful legs.

“What do you want?” came the question in an almost flat tone. It startled Tasha, she was so distracted she had not noticed how close Erika had leaned across the table toward her.

“You obviously got the email and read it.” Tasha curtly snapped back glaring up, her large, dark eyes fluttered with irritation. She then sat up straight and stiff as if the very question was indignant and glanced away only for a second.

Erika was starting to enjoy this ‘And so it begins.’ she thought and even gave a small smile from the corner of her mouth. Relaxing into the back of the chair, “I mean, what do you want out of this, I realize you are challenging me to another fight. Do you just enjoy being humiliated? Is that it?”

Tasha eyes shot a death-threat across the table “Humiliated? How? It was just the two of us.” and she leaned in while lowering her voice, “You arrogant fuck, you are not as hot and great as you think you are.”

Erika just gave a condescending smile in response because she knew Tasha was putting up a ‘front’.

“You have been spending some time in the gym, well good for you, it won’t change anything. The outcome will be the same,” And Erika leaned in across the table from her side, “It will always be the same you idiot.”

“Well lets see about that.” Tasha hissed and fought with every fiber of her being not to backhand that smug look off the blonde’s face that very moment.

“No bitch!” Erika snapped and stood up looking down at the Spanish girl with a condescending sneer. From Tasha’s sitting position Erika’s imposing stature seemed all the more impressive, and intimidating. In an even bolder move the blonde walked around the small table and stood right next to the ebony beauty, and then slowly leaned over placing her face next to Tasha’s. “I am the one that will decide!” Erika seethed, “It’s not up to you if we fight again, but if we do there will be no third time, your ass is out, got it! It’s all over between you and I, and never show your face around Sharon again.”

Tasha could no longer control the visible trembling in her lips, fingers and legs. A flood of emotions had surged up thru her entire body and she was becoming an emotional wreck. She wanted Erika to leave and now, she wanted to be alone, she couldn’t take the verbal abuse any longer.

“Look at me.” Erika whispered, “I’m not leaving until you look at me.”

Tasha, by sheer will power, turned her head but was barely able to look into the light blue eyes of the blonde, a girl she now loathed and hated with every ounce of her existence. Tears welled up barely, but enough she knew that the blonde would notice.

“You should be scared, I am that good, and I have one of the hottest bodies God ever created, you know it and I know it. You see this cleavage?” Erika’s smile was now cruel and evil, her tee shirt was low cut and bending over she was giving up a good show of cleavage right in Tasha’s face. The Spanish girl felt her willpower continue to fade as her eyes lowered a little to look at those beautiful Italian breasts. They were magnificent indeed.

Erika slowly straightened back up and adjusted her shirt before turning away and leaving.

Tasha’s nostrils flared with excitement and fury, her eyelids narrowed as her pupils drilled hatred into the back of the blonde’s head, but also admiring the woman’s female curves and fit body tightly wrapped under a layer of fine clothes.

Seconds later Tasha bolted from the table and walked on unsteady legs to the women’s bathroom, it was empty and she turned the deadbolt latch to ensure privacy. Her emotions could no longer be kept in check and she began to openly sob, but quickly covered her mouth and nose with the palm of her right hand, she didn’t want people to hear her hysterically wailing.

“You fucking bitch I am going to get you back.” Tasha vowed thru a shaking, rattling voice.

Recovered enough to make it out of the bookstore, and relieved the dreadful meeting was over, she went home and to bed early. She had no idea what to do next but wait. She had survived the meeting, emotionally that is. “Odd” she mused for a moment, there was some peace in knowing she had possibly coaxed the Italian girl out for another fight. She didn’t know what she was going to do and she no longer cared as she went thru the routine of brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed.

‘Hell,’ she mumbled to herself, as her eyelids got heavy from an exhausting night, ‘it probably won’t even happen. Just more mind-fuck games from that girl.’

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“Any lasts requests?”

Erika sent the one-lined email because it amused her, and would taunt the Spanish girl. She didn’t think of herself as cocky and arrogant, but if that’s how Tasha perceived her then why not live up to those expectations. She didn’t expect a response anyway, at least not a civil one.

Erika was feeling particularly feisty the past several days. The few times when Sharon did invite Tasha over, barely a word of acknowledgement passed between them. As far as Sharon was concerned it was just par-for-the-course with ‘those two’, things must be icy again she simply surmised.

Getting right up in Tasha’s face like that and then using her cleavage as another jab was as far sexually as Erika had taken things, but it excited her. She knew Tasha was a proud woman and that the humiliation of their struggles was on a personal level now and Erika found herself getting turned-on at the thought of humiliating and dominating another woman. And not just any woman, but Tasha. Slowly but surely the blonde was now thinking of doing things to the Spanish girl that would ‘put her in her place’ once and for all.

“Fight only ends when one of us can not continue. Undergarments only.”
Tasha thought the ‘underwear only’ comment sounded a little desperate, but she was desperate, and she was trying to throw the Italian girl ‘off’ of her game. She wanted any kind of advantage she could at this point.

Erika tapped her fingernails across the smooth oak finish of her desk and sighed. Tasha’s request to fight in their underwear felt crass and beneath her. She almost snorted with mocking laughter. ‘Fight? The girl can’t put up a worthy fight.’ So she toyed with the idea of humiliating Tasha some more. But more how? Pushing her breasts up in the girl’s face was pretty exciting. The Blonde reflected on much of their banter, an underlying sexual energy was there, but she disregarded that as some infatuation on the part of the ebony beauty. But it was still uncomfortable to Erika, all of it; the bantering dialogue, insults, and now another fight. ‘In my underwear? This is crazy.’ Her rational side wanted to dismiss it all and never think about it again.

But another part of her…

After some soul searching Erika shifted in her seat and crossed her strong, muscular legs, she felt it in her nipples now and the warmth in her lower stomach, the thought of fighting the girl had become more erotic to her. She only wished Tasha was a more worthy opponent, then she wondered just how turned-on she might get during one of their battles. Feeling truly cocky she smiled and responded to Tasha’s request;

“Sure. Whatever.” It was a flippant answer but that was intentional on Erika’s part, it was sure to annoy Tasha. And it did.

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It was late, but they knew the Yoga room offered them plenty of privacy.

It was a process that seemed to take forever. The removal of their warm-up pants and tops, then their spandex shorts and tops. Erika was wearing a cream colored bra and underwear, Tasha couldn’t tell if it was a thong from just the front. It wasn’t. Erika wasn’t ready to bare that much skin. But Tasha was ready, and had worn a thong regardless of Erika’s attire.

Erika admired Tasha’s body, lean and still womanly curved. Her bra and panties were dark brown, very sexy the Blonde had to admit. The two girls crossed the distance between them and stopped just inches away. Tasha had almost forgotten how devastatingly strong and powerful Erika was.

Erika’s mind and body thrilled with the secret love of locking up with Tasha, body-to-body, woman-to-woman and she knew Tasha wanted it just as bad, only worse.

Without a word the two strong women slowly began to circle one another. Erika was supremely confident in her own strength and endurance, Tasha not so much since their first meeting. Seeking an early advantage Tasha lunged from the blonde and the two women came together chest-to-chest, arms struggling for some advantage as the women pressed together, trying to muscle the other back. Tasha wrapped her arms around Erika, trying to force her off balance. Erika retaliated by wrapping her arms around Tasha and the women swayed together in the middle of the room, locked in each other’s embrace. Erika felt Tasha form a knot at the base of her back, telling her the Spanish girl had secured her grip and was going for a painful bearhug, Erika quickly clasped her left hand around her right wrist and pulled quickly applying her own painful hold. Their heads leaned back as their faces were almost looking straight up now as they grunted and panted.

She squeezed Tasha back with all her might and heard a faint whimper from the Spanish woman, still they squeezed and twisted, and so they remained locked together in a slow-motion ballet. A thin sheen of sweat covered their bodies and made them slip together. Tasha felt Erika’s breasts boring into her tits and while a welcoming sensation on one level, a dangerous distraction on another.

Neither girl paid attention to where the other’s feet were planted, they were shuffling, jockeying for position until one girl’s ankle crossed another’s, hooked and they both lost their balance, falling to the mat. They remained locked together tightly with arms and legs clasped about one another, rolling first one-way and then the other. For several moments they traded holds and grips, testing each other’s skill and strength. And then, finally, they settled into a kind of slow-motion wrestle, with first one on top and then the other.

But Erika had other ideas, she felt in control, allowing the wrestling match to extend until she wanted to regain control. Her strong body arched upward in a bridge, releasing a massive amount of energy and strength into the maneuver, almost toppling Tasha from her perch. Then Erika began bucking and heaving as Tasha battled to stay locked in place atop her opponent’s squirming, thrashing body.

“Fuck!” Tasha cursed aloud at Erika’s ability to free herself by skill, or sheer brute strength if need be. She couldn’t maintain her mount on top of the blonde and felt herself being rolled over, onto her back, a place she wasn’t comfortable with at all.

By now their arms and legs were becoming slippery with sweat, giving their flesh a kind of wet and rubbery feel as they slid together. Erika also felt the distraction of her nipples growing stiff as they rubbed under the confines of her bra. For her part, Tasha discovered that the Blonde’s muscled body was far stronger than she had remembered it, and she was also amazed at the way this combat was playing out, almost to the point of being erotic.

Erika had underestimated the turn of events their wrestling seemed to be taking on. As their muscular bodies slowly moved on the mat, every movement was countered and tested with a kind of sexual intensity. But she did not enjoy being held prisoner within the strong limbs of this Spanish woman, she despised it in fact as they continued their battle. She also began to worry that she had been expending too much energy and would begin to tire soon as her body slowly squirmed in their tightly locked battle. Her very efforts to control and drag out the fight, in essence to make Tasha suffer even more, now seemed to be turning against her! Tasha was a quick learner and used their sweat soaked limbs to her own advantage now.

Smooth muscled legs knotted and entwined, struggling against one another. Their buttocks worked in their own rhythm as they would clench and relax . . . clench and relax . . . in slow flexing as their thighs clasped around each other. Each had the other’s long leg locked within the imprisoning strength of a powerful scissors, squeezing and humping the other’s muscled thigh. Their breath was beginning to come in quick gasps, and both were emitting low moans of pain and maybe something else.

Erika did glance over to the mirrors and noticed how the sweat gave their limbs an oiled look, and seemed to accentuate the etched shape of each clefted muscle and corded limbs, but the sight of being pinned under Tasha from time to time was not something she liked to see.

Tasha was also finding herself becoming easily distracted, by the way their bodies had become so intensely intertwined with one another, and she revelled in the moment as she wondered if it would all be over too soon. Erika seemed unable to move or counter as easily as she wanted to. But Erika had changed tactics, all she needed was to free her right leg and with the aid of their sweaty, slippery skin, she flexed every muscle for what it was worth down the length of her thighs and calves until it snapped free. Tasha felt the free leg move out and sought to counter, and then Erika’s left leg *popped* out from it’s captivity and Tasha suddenly found herself captured in a crushing scissors. It was like being trapped within the constricting coils of an Anaconda.

“Damn!” Tasha cursed out loud, she knew better then to get into this position, to not let those long, muscular thighs of this amazing Blonde wrap around her torso. The first time Tasha had seen Erika in a pair of workout shorts, she had recognized the strength of those well-developed thighs and solid calves. And now those gleaming limbs were wrapped tightly around her midsection, in danger of crushing her into submission if Tasha couldn’t free herself. Tasha pried at those mighty thighs with both hands, but she couldn’t spread them a single inch. Desperate now, the Spanish woman let out a muffled moan, and then she made the only move she could. Her hands moved up, slowly to the ‘V’ of Erika’s inner thighs, sliding her fingers over the skin tight bikini underwear, she jammed her thumbs into Erika’s crotch. She was instantly rewarded with a gasp of surprise from Erika, then a momentary relaxing of thigh muscles was all she needed. With a wild twisting and wrenching of her body Tasha broke free of Erika’s scissors and rolled quickly to her feet.

Erika stayed there on the mat for a moment, looking up at Tasha with a strange expression. Then she too Tasha to her feet. Erika just stood there with hands on hips, her broad chest heaving as she sucked in air.

Erika shook her head in private frustration, and then the two moved back towards the center of the mat. Tasha stood slightly crouched, circling Erika warily as the other moved toward her. Tasha was surprised to find that she was fantasizing about how it would be to have sex with this magnificently muscled Amazon. It excited her to wonder if she could dominate Erika and make her submit in the end.

They locked their fingers together, arms straight, wrists slightly bent. For a second there was no movement, but then both sets of arms began to quiver from the strain. Tasha’s eyes were drawn to Erika’s shoulders, watching the way the woman’s hard deltoids bulged into sculptured clefts and ribbons of strength. For her part, Erika glanced down and found herself becoming excited by the ripple and play of muscularity in those smooth legs.

Tasha then caught sight of a slight smirk on Erika’s mouth, the Blonde might be toying with her during their test-of-strength. This might have caused other women to wilt, given Erika’s power, but Tasha became more determined and went on the attack. She suddenly broke the dual finger-lock and slid her naked arms around Erika’s body in a front bearhug. It worked and she achieved a solid hold, catching the Blonde off guard causing her to gasp in shock.

Erika had indeed been toying with Tasha as they locked fingers, but the Spanish beauty broke off the contest before the Blonde could crush the girls wrists. Either Tasha was lucky or she was doing a better job of improvising and reading Erika’s intentions then she anticipated. ‘All that means is I just need to step up my game.’

“You want to fucking test me, you got it!” Erika groaned and sent her own mighty limbs coiling around Tasha’s upper body. They were now locked together in a new test. The two glistening bodies stood jammed together, swaying slightly from side to side as each put more pressure into her hold. Their breasts were mashed; belly flattened against flat belly, loins locked, buttocks tensing and rippling. The two straining bodies appeared as one, smooth flesh flowing into a hard knot of tangled female strength. Their heads moved off the sides as Erika’s right cheek rubbed against Tasha’s, their slick sweat intermingled with one another, the breathing coming in slow long moans. Suddenly they each realized another competition was building between them as their swelling magnificent breasts pressed against one another, neither yielding to the other.

“No cunt, I’ve got you!” Tasha grunted and squeezed, she felt she had the better grip, at least she hoped. Although very painful, she was intoxicated with the feeling of their bodies crushing together.

“Wrong again bitch!” Erika roared and Tasha was stunned to feel her body jolted sideways by the bigger, stronger Blonde. Erika had suddenly twisted her upper body, throwing Tasha off balance sending her crashing down to the mat. In a flash Erika was down on top of her Spanish opponent and stretched out the full length of her body, her legs grapevining Tasha’s, her hands pinning Tasha’s wrists. It all happened so fast that Tasha was still in a daze when the pain of the crippling hold seared thru her body.

Instinctively her Spanish body tried to bridge upward, balancing herself on shoulders and heels as she strained to topple Erika’s muscular weight from off her, but she couldn’t maintain the position for long, and Erika felt Tasha’s body slowly recline back onto the mat. Erika’s legs maintained their grapevine with Tasha’s, her hands pinning Tasha’s wrists to the mat. Erika moved forward, putting more of her weight across Tasha’s hips. As Erika strived to keep Tasha pinned down, her glutes clenched and flexed from the effort of holding the Spanish opponent flat against the mat. The mat itself was sweat-slippery, which made it more difficult for Erika to keep Tasha imprisoned beneath her and it appeared that at any moment Tasha would escape. However, Tasha was completely pinned and at Erika’s mercy.

Finally, after another long minute of straining, Erika felt the ebony body beneath hers begin to tremble and shudder. It was like faint vibrations as Tasha’s resistance was slipping away.

“I’m enjoying this.” Erika said. Tasha tried to twist free, but she was held securely in the vise of Erika’s powerful coils. Tasha’s eyes got big and for the first time in her life she felt completely dominated by another woman. It infuriated her, a blaze of hatred lit inside but all the hatred in the world couldn’t move the powerful blonde off of her.

“Okay!” she finally conceded.

“Okay what?” Erika leaned her face a little closer. Both women stared into the other’s eyes for several seconds. Tasha swallowed hard, knowing the words that the arrogant bitch wanted her to say.

“Let me go.” Tasha seethed out. She expected more humiliating demands from Erika, but instead got a sneering look of disdain and disgust. It was in fact worse then any verbal taunts. The Blonde was looking down on her, as if she was beneath her. Their mutual dislike had taken an abrupt turn for the worse. Now Tasha didn’t want to just beat this Blonde girl, she wanted to humiliate and hurt her in ways she never thought she as capable of.
In one fluid move Erika stood up and arrogantly stepped over her prone opponent, proudly walking about the room in a somewhat victorious posture and strut. The exertion from the struggle was giving her body nice sheen of perspiration, she had almost forgotten she was decked out in only bra and underwear, not a thong mind you, but still low cut panties none the less.

Tasha slowly got to her feet, quickly adjusted her bra and straps to her underwear, and without a word uttered between either girl the two women, the Spanish girl stepped in close indicating she wanted more. But in a move that took the wind out of Tasha she watched as the Blonde turned her back on her, as if she wanted none of it. It was a smack in the face and humiliating that Erika thought so little of her that she would turn her back on her.

“I’m done with you.” Erika waved her left hand in a care free manner.

The Spanish girl wavered between breaking down into tearful, crushing defeat, and in the very presence of this other woman. Or letting loose the fury of her boiling rage. Fight or flee.

Fierce claws dove for the back of Erika’s head, forming a fist deep into the Blonde hair and giving a hard yank.


Erika screamed as her head felt like it might be ripped from its strong foundation, she fought the tug, but her scalp screamed for relief and she had to let her head follow the pull. Soon her whole body was falling backward as her arms reached out in front of her, grasping into the thin air.

Tasha’s heart rate increased, sweat dripped from her arms and face, her body tensed, pupils dilated as she pulled at the woman’s hair, pulling down until she felt her opponents body slam against the ground with a powerful, satisfying thud!

“Fucking a lot of good all those muscles are going to do you now! You’re going to get a lesson in real fighting you smug cunt!” Tasha screamed.

Tasha grabbed another fistful of hair causing a scream from the Italian woman yet again, it was music to Tasha’s ears. “Get up bitch. Now the fighting really starts.”

Erika remained doubled over for as long as she dared, or could, and decided it was time to fight fire with fire.

“I said stand up!” Tasha growled and tried forcing the Blonde to face her. She was going to unleash a brutal slap, or punch, to her wounded nemesis, she hand’t decided which yet. But it was going to be enjoyable nonetheless. Unfortunately she was thinking too many steps ahead and was totally unprepared for the clenched fist that slammed into her gut. It seemed to spring out of nowhere, and the girl’s eyes went wide with shock as air rushed from her mouth.

Erika repeated the blow two more times, each one with more devastating effect then the prior. Tasha had relinquished her hold for sure and now she was the one that was doubled over, clutching her stomach in pain.

“I should have known you would pull an underhanded tactic like that!” Erika said while rubbing the back of her head, “Next time try that face to face, If there is a next time.”

Tasha dropped to one knee, the blows to her gut had been terrible and the waves of pain kept coming. “Damn straight there will be a next time.” She mumbled to herself, still taking deep breaths trying to shake off the punches.

“I heard that!”

And in a move that shocked even Tasha, she felt what was probably a forearm crash into the back of her head, sending her face smashing into the mat below. A quick blinding flash of light and her head felt the spread of a dull ache as she rolled over onto her side. Moaning in renewed agony she blinked back tears and watched the Blonde strut off toward her gym bag to get dressed. Again, not even acknowledging her presence.

“I hate you.” Tasha mouthed silently, “I hate you with every fiber of my body.” Tears trickled out of her eyes.

Somewhere deep within, her fighting spirit cried out against any possibility of surrender. She wanted to fight, to meet Erika again, and keep fighting her until she submitted the bigger, Italian bitch.

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Taking it to Her – Part 8

“Then no fight.” Erika’s calm voice radiated in a tone that unnerved Tasha. Her eyes leveled on the beautiful Spanish girl, studying her reaction. The two women stood on the back deck of the large Estate. Erika took another sip of her glass of wine.

Tasha whipped around and took a couple of steps away from Erika, she began to fidget nervously, but realized she didn’t have a choice in the matter. ‘How much more do I have to grovel to get another fight?’ Tasha wondered.

“That’s the only way I will agree to it, you admit it openly to me, and then of course it’s on my terms and my turf.” Erika leaned against the railing and looked over the moonlight gardens, revelling in her position of power and knowing that another win was in the bag in any case.

“It’s always been where and when you want.” Tasha’s strong line clenched as she looked back down at her own glass of wine. A cool breeze brushed thin, revealing evening gowns against their strong voluptuous bodies.

Erika gave a bored sigh.

Tasha took a long deep breath and began another downward spiral. She had to just get it out of the way and swallowed hard. “You won.” Tasha started looking down at the marble patio, her peripheral vision caught site of Erika’s head come around and she looked up into the Blonde’s waiting eyes, “I lost, you beat me the first time, and the second. You were the better woman.”

“Were?” Erika looked at her with a nasty sneer.

“You are the better woman.” Tasha’s hissed and couldn’t stop a small tear from trekking down her left cheek. “I’ll agree to whenever, and wherever you want.” But couldn’t hold back any longer, she had to get one shot in before this discussion was over and took a step right up in the Blonde’s face. “The mighty fall, they always do, and your going to get yours this time.” Tasha’s voice almost failed due to the rising emotion in the back of her throat as more tears welled up in her eyes.

“Watch your tone and attitude, or I just might call the whole thing off.” Erika remained leaning against the railing, their light summer dresses fluttered into one another and the heat from their strong female bodies radiated against one another. There was a dead silence that ensued as the two women studied each other.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you bitch.” Tasha felt a faint smile of pleasure come over her high trembling cheeks that were made for modelling. The dark shadows of the balcony lamp posts hid much of their faces, but in some ways made the moment all the more intimate.

Erika suddenly leaned in pressing her breasts against Tasha’s, and then swiped them from left to right brushing the front of the girl’s chest as she pushed off from the stone railing. Erika immediately noticed the effect it had on Tasha’s expression right before walking away.

It took every bit of self control to not leap at the arrogant, cocky blonde. ‘Soon’ Tasha thought and could still feel the exquisite tingling in her nipples from where the blonde had brushed her breasts against her own. She was alarmed at just how firm the Blonde’s breasts felt against her own. She could never recall a more conflicting moment in her life, lusting after this beautiful Italian girl while wanting to rip her to shreds, to humiliate and dominate her in every way.

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Tasha skipped dinner, her stomach was so knotted up, and the closer she got to the location the more nervous she became. She wasn’t at all comfortable with the place or surroundings, although she knew the location well enough. Her palms wrung the steering wheel as she felt desperation almost overwhelm her, a large part of her wanted to turn the car around to avoid the feeling and even fear in facing the statuesque blonde again. “I can’t face another humiliating defeat.” She sighed.

Her heart thumped several beats faster when she spotted Erika’s car at the far end of the parking lot. At night the parking lot seemed even more desolate and foreboding, her headlights swung around catching sight of the blonde sitting in her car, she had barely put the car in ‘park’ when she noticed the girl already getting out of her car.

“This is my father’s shop and it’s the weekend, no one will be here.” Erika looked as if she was taking a leisurely stroll, her calmness caused Tasha’s nerves to become even more rattled as the Spanish girl eyed her surroundings with a hint of paranoia. She barely made note of walking into the side entrance of the building.

“I’ve already laid out the mats.” Erika said as she flicked on a few switches and the overhead lights flickered on. Once Tasha had entered the building Erika slid the dead bolts home on the door causing the Spanish girl to whip her head around while giving a wary gaze. “There,” smiled the Blonde, “we are safe, just the two of us and we wont be disturbed.” Erika was amused by the skittish way Tasha was acting, she almost felt sorry for the girl and walked around her nemesis to take her position on the other side of the matts.

“They keep wrestling matts laying around this place?” Tasha dropped her bag.

“Nope, I brought them over and set them up a little while ago, they go back to my Martial Arts school after I’m done wiping the floor with you.” Erika smirked and untied the string from the waist her track pants.

The dark shadows did a good job of hiding Tasha’s fury at the Blonde’s assumptions of victory, her blood pressure boiled at such arrogance, it had been boiling for weeks now. Slowly her nerves steadied as she pulled on the elastic hem of her own pants and pushed them down.

Erika kicked off her flip flops and stepped on to the matt grabbing her tee shirt and with a swift yank pulled it off her body and tossed it to the side as well. She smiled and placed her hands on her hips, her body seemed to glean under the harsh florescent lights.

Tasha pulled off her top and let it drop to her side, now both stood in the middle of the large motorcycle shop, their playground a series of interlocking matts that covered about a twelve foot by twelve foot area. Their surroundings were the dullish gray and Spanish shadows; no witnesses, no interruptions, just the indifference of the steel and concrete that seemed to loom up into the darkness as two women were about to determine which would reign supreme over the other.

Each girl was adorned in tight, Spanish compression shorts and a sports bra, leaving very little to the imagination. But Tasha knew needed to push the envelope with Erika, to catch the blonde off guard. Tasha felt like she had nothing left to offer, no more to give and that made her desperate. Her desperation quickly turned into action as Tasha hooked her thumbs into her shorts and began pushing them down, her eyes never leaving Erika’s, carefully noting how the girl might react.

“And what the fuck are you doing?” Erika snapped “I haven?t agreed to anything yet.”

“You want to kick my ass, fine, then let’s go all out. Your so proud, flaunting your body like it’s hotter than anyone else’s, lets just see. But if your scared then just say so!” Tasha’s voice quivered right at the last moment, she knew it lacked the conviction necessary in taking such a risky gamble. But she continued to push the small, tight shorts down over her smooth Spanish muscles and pushed it aside with her left foot, leaving her only in a Spanish thong. She quickly reached up and grabbed her top, pulling it over her head and throwing it down. She placed her hands on her hips and flexed every muscle she had in her body. Her breasts felt awkward in the open air and vulnerable. But she was ready to gamble everything at this point.

Erika didn’t expect this at all, she recoiled mentally at the challenge Tasha was putting out there. Yet her mind was swimming in such a sea of confidence that she actually started to consider the challenge. She had easily whipped Tasha twice before, they were in a place she was intimately familiar with and she knew her body was better then this Spanish girl in every way, shape and form.

“Fine, this is what you really want, you want me to further humiliate you? You got it!” Erika fumed but her smirk betrayed a sense of anxiety, this was the first time she was actually loosing her patience and cool. Privately she felt a sense of freedom in removing her bra, letting her breasts stand out, totally exposed. She stood proud before her opponent and put her hands on her hips mimicking the pose presented by Tasha.

And then, Erika surprised even herself.

The blonde decided to up the stakes to the ultimate level. Her fingers pulled at the him of her dark, tan colored thong, stripping down totally naked. She held up the flimsy undergarment with her right hand, as if taunting Tasha, before dropping it off to the side. It was an unexpected turn of events but Erika felt this just might be the most humiliating thing she could do to her enemy, ‘After all,’ she thought, ‘What could be more devastating then submitting another woman, totally nude. To lay this Spanish bitch out and make her beg for mercy.’

Tasha fought to control her reaction, Erika was like this tall golden goddess, her body ripped and perfect, her breasts sat up firm and high on her chest and Tasha even felt her insides quiver at the very site of this powerful woman before her. Tasha was not only awe struck by seeing the blonde totally nude, but that it was Erika now taking the initiative. Tasha quickly snapped out of her distraction and pushed down on her Spanish thong, her heart was pounding so hard she couldn’t believe what was getting ready to happen. A fresh rushing sensation of lust seemed to rise up out of her most inner female sexuality.

“Good by me, all out nude, nothing between us now. My body is just as good as yours and our breasts are equal. So let’s get it on!” Tasha said clenching her fists, rising up to her full height and arching her shoulders but she couldn’t erase the look of anger in her expression.

Erika stepped forward, maybe three feet separated them at most. The blonde taunted the Spanish girl as she casually pulled her hair into a tight ponytail, flexing her biceps and chest as she did so. Tasha was almost entranced as she watched the blonde move her hands down from her head, slowly running her fingers down the outside of her breasts, almost seductively, caressing them and then down the side of her six pack stomach to finally settle on her waist. “They are perfect, firm, and all real, bitch, don’t ever think you stack up against me.” Erika stuck out her chest and shook a stray lock of blonde hair from her forehead.

It was that action, those cutting words, that twisted the psychological knife deep and Tasha’s mind was sent reeling. Erika’s brazen stance and outburst had also physically sent Tasha back on her heels; ‘That smug, arrogant look!’ The ebony beauty was shaking all over, a jolt of lightening ripped thru her body and the fine hairs on her neck bristled with blind rage. Tasha could no longer stomach this!

Never in her life could she recall moving so fast. She never knew she was capable of such speed and quickness. A combination of her desperate physical and mental state had hit right at the peak of a ‘fight or flee’ moment. Tasha had committed everything she had into the former.

Her right hand moved as a single extension of emotion; All of her rage and focus flowed from behind the deep recesses of her soul, finding its way into her body, culminating into one powerful driving physical force. A noise, something akin to that of a powerful firecracker resonated inside the building, off the metal walls, and then reverberated around the room. The singular source of this sound was that of a powerful smack. Flesh-against-flesh.

“Ouughhhh!” Erika’s voice cried out, more so in shock. The pain would follow quickly thereafter.

The action had now unfolded, Tasha knew this visually, but it was the sting radiating from her fingers, palm, wrist, and even into her forearm that confirmed what had just happened. She watched at how the blonde’s head jerked violently to the right as the girl’s hands seemed to dislodge almost instantly from her strong hips from where they were so proudly resting. The affects of the physical blow radiated throughout the blonde’s body in a way that even alarmed Tasha with concern.

But the satisfaction of the successful opening attack quickly dissipated, warnings began flowing through Tasha’s mind ‘Don’t stop girl!’ for fear of Erika quickly recovering. In fact Erika’s head did come back around, more so out of instinctive reflexes, but the impact of the stinging attack was still coursing thru her senses, but the blonde never got the chance to recover as Tasha’s left hand was already flying, every ounce of energy she had to offer was behind it.

She had struck again. The power, the swing, the Spanish muscles along her calf tightened as her heels came up off the ground to lean forward. This swing was everything she had, making the second slap more powerful then the first!

“Guuughhhhhh!” Erika cried out even louder as her head was slammed to the left by a devastating open palmed strike. Her pony tail, tautly pulled only seconds before was now coming loose as strands of blonde hair flew up into the air.

‘Keep going!’ was the singular thought, a total fanatical drive to finish this girl off. Her breath, eyes, instincts all seemed to be reacting with one focus now. She watched the blondes head recover less quickly this time around, and with the reddening right cheek still presenting itself Tasha struck again with laser focus. The Spanish girl let out a cry, that of a warrior’s tone as her left hand came about, her palm striking, the crack echoed off the dark, cold walls of the shop. The blonde’s head rocked back significantly more this time causing the tall woman to finally yield, stumbling back a couple of steps.

The shock and disorientation was rattling inside her head and body. The third smack had Erika seeing stars, the blows were terribly powerful, in fact, she was so disoriented she fought to maintain her footing now. Each time she thought she had regained her balance her face was stung with another powerful blow. Her eyes were now blurred with tears that soon felt like a waterfall.
The still life of motorcycles and wood crates were the only witness to the brutal site as it unfolded. There was no letting up, the smaller Spanish girl shuffled forward on her feet, stalking her wounded prey. Her bigger blonde nemesis cried, and then wailed again, and again, as Tasha’s palm would crack the girl’s left and then right cheeks making the blonde’s powerful body sway, and then stagger in this one-sided smack-down. Erika’s head rolled back on it’s strong foundation, her body contorted with greater agony, struggling to remain standing, she wobbled back and forth and was now fighting to even stay conscious.

It was an amazing sight for Tasha to see those beautiful Italian breasts, so firm, jerk left and then right in reaction to the torquing motion of Erika’s body. It was beautiful thing to behold from her vantage point.

“Wait!” Erika cried aloud, it was the first time Tasha ever thought she heard the blonde sound like she was truly hurt, and more important, maybe helpless. Tasha only hesitated a second to notice how flush and bright red the blonde’s face really was, and the tears streaming out of her glazed eyes. She thought she detected a hint of blood even starting to leak from the girl’s nose and lower lip.

“Wait? Well fuck you!” Tasha grunted at Erika’s plea. The pause also caused her to realize the tremendous amount of energy she had expended, sweat was pouring off her naked body as she drunk in gulps of fresh air. Her palms of her hands were ringing with a new stinging pain, like thousands of little needles poking. The adrenaline that had flooded her body was beginning to subside and she didn’t know how much longer she could keep up, her arms were getting heavy and tired. She figured she must have slapped the blonde at least a good nine or ten times, maybe more, maybe less, and with all her might. She had lost count. In fact she wasn’t counting, it was still happening too fast. ‘How in the hell is she still standing!?’ Tasha began to worry, ‘That is one tough bitch!’

She paused clutching her aching hands, watching Erika’s strong, beautiful body stagger to the side and back. Her shoulders no longer proudly squared back, but slumping forward as her head rolled around. “Tasha…Don’t…please…” The blonde sobbed out with a slur, a whimper perhaps. The severely disoriented Italian girl tried to hold up her hands defensively but it was too little, and too late.

Tasha’s heart pumped several times faster, ‘one last time’ she thought, and flung her left arm in a great arc toward the blonde’s head. She couldn’t tell how hard the strike landed, her hand was numb now. Upon impact Erika’s head cocked up and to the left, her eyes rolled back for a second, her legs wobbled and then her ankle buckled, finally her left knee bent right before she collapsed backward.

From Tasha’s angle Erika’s head looked dangerously close to the edge of the matt when her head hit the ground with a jarring thump. Tasha gasped and even felt tears well up in her eyes as she looked down in shock. ‘I did it!’ She thought as witnessed her foe’s beautifully naked, sweat covered body crash to the floor. A loud grunt went up from the blonde’s throat as her back smacked against the matt with full force, her arms splayed out wide.

The fall itself was very ungraceful, leaving the blonde’s left leg bent and trapped under her thigh, her right leg outstretched, her arms splayed out as her head barely seemed to roll back and forth in a state of semi-consciousness. All her limbs seemed contorted in an unnatural sort of way. A few moans bubbled up from the blonde’s lips as Tasha stepped in closer, now standing right over her fallen adversary. She eyed and confirmed a few traces of blood around the corner of the blonde’s mouth and her nose.

A sense of pride swelled into the Spanish girl’s chest as she clenched her tired, aching hands and for just a few seconds gloated over her fallen advisory. She only wished the girl was more awake to realize what had just happened. Her heart was racing harder now, but she was also exhausted, bathed in sweat and her hands felt raw. Looking back down, there below her, Tasha studied the girl she had battled with verbally for months now, then physically fought against only to be humiliated twice in a row. But now her nemesis lay totally helpless and humbled at her feet. A part of her wanted to extract something else, some other kind of additional payback as Erika looked so vulnerable. Her beautiful breasts slowly Tasha and fell with each breath, her shaved pussy looked perfect, everything about the girl was perfect. It made Tasha only want to hurt and dominate the girl even more.

But everything suddenly seemed wrong…she was in a strange place and that made her very uncomfortable. A sudden urge to flee took hold of her again and she took a step back, but paused to soak in the site one more time.

‘Finally’ she thought ‘A victory over the mighty Blonde, knocking her out and all in an unplanned attack.’ The mere thought sent another rush tingling out to her body as it aroused also a sense of female pride in her accomplishment, to be standing over another woman, having proved herself superior. And she did just that, taking a couple of steps forward Tasha proudly placed a foot on either side of Erika’s beaten torso, standing astride the fallen girl and looking straight down like some towering amazon. A sexual thrill went outward from deep within Tasha’s body, through her breasts, and her nipples felt harder then ever before, and her crotch moist with excitement.

The Blonde’s right leg seemed to roll and twitch a little, it caught Tasha’s attention, ‘Was she coming around?’ A part of Tasha wished she would get back up just so she could smack her again.

The moment of self-congratulatory-pleasure seemed all too brief, the reality of her surroundings had set in again. Tasha quickly decided to leave Erika there, alone, to wake up and realize on her own what had happened. In some ways like how Erika had simply walked off and left Tasha alone after their previous fight.

“See how you like it.” Tasha sighed with satisfaction. ‘Oh she will be furious.’ and another satisfying smirk lit up on her face, as she imagined her naked nemesis coming around, finding that the smaller Spanish girl had just done what no one else had ever been able to do.

Tasha dressed and was ready to zip up her bag when she smiled and grabbed her phone. She turned around and smiled again ‘Oh I must.’ and she tapped the screen switching to camera mode, made sure she got a good angle shot. ‘A little memory keepsake.’ and ‘click’.

‘Good enough.’ Tasha sighed, ‘Actually very good. I’m sure you will want one of these you bitch.’

Now she was ready to leave, but gave a parting glance. It was more the moaning that caught her attention, but she was thankful she did look back, it was in that moment her eyes found something else. As good as the photo was she decided to take something as a trophy, icing-on-the-cake she thought with a clever smile and her heart raced with excitement.

‘This turned out to be the best night ever!’ Tasha thought as she started her car and pulled out into deserted street, heading home with a cautious smile on her face.

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Erika fought the ache, but unlike a dream it could not be easily dismissed. She then realized it wasn’t a dream as the pain didn’t go away, in fact it increased, the more she came out of her hazy state the more it seemed to spread all over her head and upper body. Slowly she focused on the lights overhead, the brightness made the throbbing in her brain worse.

Her mind tried to grasp her situation as she stirred and immediately realized she was flat on her back! And then a revolting set of memories began to return, right up to those hazy few seconds before Blackness, where she felt shock, and then the pain. The pain was still there but worse, all through her cheeks, her head, and neck. Everywhere. Her finger nails clawed at the mat and she cautiously moved about. Her left leg ached, it was folded back under her thigh with her butt resting on the heel of her foot. She rolled to the right and her right hand moved up to her head feeling around to the back where she felt the source of much of her discomfort, a small lump, the back of her scalp had hit the concrete. The top of head lay a few inches off the edge of the matt. Slowly she sat up and her headache increased making her pause for a minute to absorb the surroundings and then realize she was also alone.

‘Tasha was gone.’ She was almost sure of it.

The blonde tried to comprehend what happened.

“Oh my God!” she groaned while replaying the events. Her cheeks burned hot, her tongue could taste a faint presence of blood in her mouth from what felt to be several cuts along the inner linings of her cheeks. “She did this? That bitch did this to me!”

She moaned out loud in agony while slowly getting to her knees. Erika leaned over toward a trash can to spit out a wad of red saliva, and then cautiously gathered her belongs in stunned silence, letting the memories come back on their own. Tears filled her eyes as she felt clumsy, disoriented, and awkward while piling her clothes into the gym bag. At this point she attempted only the basics, pulling on the warm-up pants and shirt over her naked body, and then fumbling to get the workout mats back into the trunk of her car.

A new realization crept up on her slowly, that first slap totally caught her off guard, but it was more than that, it was the power Tasha had behind it. She had underestimated the Spanish girl.

Even with all of the recovering images, Erika felt a wave of shame for getting overconfident, letting her guard down. She had to admit that Tasha had really knocked her for a loop, her neck felt totally fucked up and she was still disoriented and probably would be for the next several hours. The knot on the back of her head made her wonder if she might have recovered had she not hit her head on the concrete floor.

The most crushing reality is that Tasha had just beaten her, she had been defeated by some piss-ant Spanish chick and it was a horrible feeling.

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Back at her apartment the blonde beauty soaked in the warm confines of her tub, a fluffy towel propping up her aching head, a good dose of tylenol and aspirin were slowly making their way into her system. Her hands gripped the edge of the tub as she replayed the events in her head.

The image of her laying there unconscious, totally nude, helpless while Tasha stood over her, probably gloating in her victory. It made Erika’s insides twist with nauseous rage. Her fingers tensed again. That very image kept replaying over and over, her heart pounded harder in her chest as she recalled those initial smacks, and then crying out for Tasha to stop…wait, did she? She vaguely remembers screaming. It was becoming a bitter pill, the thought of pleading for that Spanish bitch to stop attacking her. ‘Pleading for mercy.’ the very thought made Erika cry with humiliation and rage.

The images got clearer, but also all the more embarrassing was the thought, ‘I was smacked senseless by Tasha? Knocked on my ass! By my worst enemy!’ and her mind reeled at the thoughts, but it also began to anger her. ‘Her worst enemy’ seemed overly excessive, but the brutality of Tasha’s attack, and her ensuing loss, certainly did not increase a fondness for the Spanish woman, no, everything was moving in the opposite direction now. Erika could feel herself getting drawn into a deep hatred for that bitch and wanting revenge for the humiliation she had suffered.

Erika’s sexy body squirmed in the tub under floating islands of bubbles and skin conditioners. She felt the competition rise inside of her, she wasn’t ashamed to feel aroused at the thought of fighting that ebony skinned girl. Her thighs clenched tight as the root of her sexual arousal throbbed and her stiff nipples protruded from the water’s surface. A few more tears crested her lower eyelids, she told herself it was just the stress from the whole thing, but deeper down she felt embarrassed, and worst of all, she felt vulnerable.

For the first time she felt nervous about fighting the Spanish girl again, but at the same time it was sexually arousing. That sense of fear she had never felt before. Seething into the bubbles that crested her lower lip, ‘I’m going to kick your ass bitch. So bad next time.’

But unlike many times before, her tone wasn’t as convincing, but she felt a underlying sexual drive that was stronger then ever before and it compelled her to test herself against the strong, smaller Spanish girl.

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Tables Turned – Part 9

Tasha approached the table and immediately noticed a new look coming from Erika. Gone was the once disconnected, aloof air of arrogant confidence. Replaced now by a burning stare, there was a fire in this girl’s eyes that was not there before, ever.

While it concerned Tasha it also made her feel something else…


“I see I have your full attention now, bitch.” Tasha said letting a cruel sneer out of the corner of her mouth. She sat crossing her legs as the short dress Tasha up her thighs, and enjoyed the unusual feeling of having the upper hand for once.

“If that’s how you want to fight, fine with me.” Erika leaned forward, unblinking, her firm jaws clenching.

“If we fight, I haven’t decided.” Tasha sat back in her chair, appearing relaxed and sending out her own waves of a casual attitude, even flipping her wrist toward the Blonde in a dismissive gesture. The Spanish beauty now enjoyed the show, watching the blood flow into the caucasian girl’s cheeks, her temper was rising and Tasha had caused it. Being in the seat of power for once was very gratifying, “Besides, you should be thanking me.” Tasha sighed.

Erika’s lips parted in stunned silence and then, “I what?” she seemed to give up an awkward smirk, but one more born out of disgust it might seem.

“Yes,” said Tasha as she leaned forward a few inches, “I could have Roseted you a hundred different ways that night, you were totally helpless before me.” She watched with pure joy as the Blonde’s face went a further shade of red.

Erika had to remove her hands from the table, they had begun to shake with fury. “If you had touched me.” she paused and swallowed hard, “Or Roseted me in any way, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d be in jail right now for murder.” Erika mustered every bit of seriousness that she could.

“That’s my point, you were knocked out, and I left you there.” Tasha couldn’t maintain the casual air anymore, things were getting tense and seemed destined to get uglier in the coming seconds. Thankfully they were in a crowded coffee shop. “I left you knocked…out…cold!” Tasha’s smile punctuated the end of her sentence with perfect timing.

“Get one thing straight you dumb bitch…” Erika forced her voice to lower when a person glanced over from another table “…the only reason I was out-of-it was because the back of my head hit the concrete floor, and I have the knot on the back of my head to prove it.”

“Bullshit!” Tasha suddenly leaned in, irritated that the girl was already making excuses.

“If I had not hit my head on that floor, I would have gotten back up and kicked your ass so bad you would have had to take short term disability from work.”

“You can’t even admit I slapped you silly! You are a delusional, arrogant cunt for sure!” Tasha sneered, “In fact, I slapped you so many times I lost count. I knocked your dumb, Italian, bitch-ass out-cold, leaving you spread out before me totally naked and at my mercy.” Tasha spoke as low as she could make her voice and yet still convey her anger.

Erika leaned in as close as possible, their eyes burning into one another. A new game was on between them. Tasha wanted this all along and now she had it, their rivalry had taken a new turn, one for the worse, but it excited her terribly. She wondered if Erika was feeling anything similar.

“A few things you need to get straight, and I’ll break it down so maybe even someone as simple minded as you can comprehend; First, you sucker-slapped me and that will never happen again. Second, believe what you want about me being knocked out. Third, the next time will be the last time we meet because the hurting I am going to put on you will make you regret ever crossing me.” Erik’s right hand was now pointing down with some force into the table top.

“Okay.” Tasha said with a slight quiver in her voice, but one that conveyed her own growing rage, “Then answer me one question.” Tasha brought her elbows up on the table and clasped her hands in front of her as Erika did the same, their faces only inches apart.

“Ask it already.” Erika snapped impatiently.

“How did you end up on the floor to begin with and who put you there?” Tasha smiled.

“You want to play slap fight? Then let’s you and I meet and we will see who get’s slapped around and knocked the fuck out.” Erika hissed thru her tensed lips.

“I’d be more then happy to knock your Italian Ass back down again. But this time the ‘when and where’ is not up to you.” Tasha’s hands clasped tighter as her finger tips curled into the back of her hands, she only wished her nails were digging into the Blonde’s creamy, Italian skin.

“Are you fucking kidding me, you have been begging me to fight for months.” Erika challenged, her own hands resting inches away, clasped just as tight in rage and frustration.

“But now, you are the one begging me.” Tasha smiled sarcastically.

“I am not begging you, I am telling you. I kicked your ass twice before, it’s going to happen again just so you understand you are no match for me.”

“No match for you? Not so fast, the last time I kicked your ass, so I will let you know when, where, and how we fight.” Tasha said and stood up from the table and was about to turn away when a gleeful smile came over her face, she looked back down at the Blonde who was staring hateful daggers back at her, “And oh by the way, I took a souvenir as a reminder of my win over you.”

“You what?!” Erika gasped in horror “What are you talking about? Bullshit!”

“Are you missing something?” Tasha leaned over a little closer, her low, v-cut shirt showed off her own amble cleavage, and she made sure it was eye level with the Blonde Amazon’s gaze.

Erika’s eyes disengaged from their stare as she searched her brain, her lips parted in shock as she looked back up into Tasha’s amused expression, “You took something of mine?” Erika could barely contain herself.

“Damn right.” Tasha’s full dark lips peeled back to show off her amazing straight, Italian teeth.

It struck Erika full force, “You took my underwear! You fucking bitch!” Erika felt her face blush the deepest red of the entire confrontation and fought to keep her voice low as the flush of embarrassment continued to wash over her complexion. Her toned, tight ass scooted around on her seat in frustration and agitation. She wanted to lunge at this little bitch with everything she had.

“I took your thong panties to be precise, very nice ones too. They are hanging up in my closet as a trophy.” Tasha smiled and bent down close so her breasts were right in Erika’s face. The Blonde’s expression was priceless for the Spanish girl, watching all of the emotions roll into one another; recognition, humiliation and then anger that had the blonde dumbfounded.

Erika seemed to sit speechless as she bit down on her lower full lip to keep it from quivering. “You better be joking. God damn you…” but Tasha quickly spun around, leaving the befuddled Blonde sitting, mouth now open, stunned at the table.

In fact, Erika continued to sit in disbelief, not only being handed her first defeat ever by any woman, but now this girl had the upper hand in their war of words and decision making. Erika shifted in her seat nervously as she watched the petite Spanish girl strut proudly from the table and out of the store. Erika’s left hand came up trembling with emotion from what she was just told. She brushed a tear from her cheek and crossed her legs nervously again, her warm inner thighs quaked under the thought of that horrible girl having her underwear. Something so personal and private, taken from her like some kind of prize! She almost buried her face into her hands at how horribly wrong this whole thing had gone down. ‘Everything has taken a turn for the worse.’ She worried.

Every sense of decency reeled thru her body and came tumbling down in a cascade of broken fragments. Her pride, wounded so bad that she wanted revenge in such a way that she feared she might agree to anything just to get it.

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Tasha wondered if taking the underwear had gone a step too far. Where would it lead to next? If things continued to escalate between them how bad would the taunts and retaliations get? Would one of them end up badly injured?

It all seemed like some dark secret now, something she couldn’t share with anyone and maybe that’s what she wanted all along. It thrilled her emotionally and sexually to compete with this girl, to fight her tooth-and-nail until who knows where it would lead and who would finally emerge victorious, and ultimately as the dominant woman between them.

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Erika’s legs felt weak for the first time in her life as she walked to her car. Her head hung a little low at the shame, knowing that bitch had actually beaten her and taken something very personal from her. She also worried that she was getting caught up in something she had no business or experience in. Fortunately she also suspected Tasha had no experience either.

Part of her wished she had never met the girl, and yet another part felt some excitement at what was to come. She was slightly ashamed at getting sexually aroused by everything that had happened. Even getting slapped around, which was painful and not fun, sent an erotic-sexual charge thru her body. The danger of putting everything on the line against this other woman, fighting for dominance as the two of them struggled against one another. It was starting to drive Erika mad, all of the confusing thoughts and feelings.

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Tasha smiled on the drive home knowing she had not even pulled out her ‘ace card’ yet, the one that would send Erika into orbit. After that, then she could demand anything she wanted.

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Making Demands – Part 10

Tasha paused in front of a thick oak panelled door that blended in with the rest of the wall. Her hands pulled on a small knob, cracking open the door just enough. She hadn’t actually planned on some form of confrontation happening tonight, but she wasn’t about to back down either.

“We will have some privacy down here.” Tasha said as she glanced around and flicked on a light switch which seemed to illuminate the stairs and a basement below.

Erika followed closing the door behind her, her fingers tightly grasped the dead bolt latch and shut it, she caught sight of Tasha looking back over her shoulder when the metal lock clicked, both girls glared at one another but they also both knew they wanted no interruptions.

Their heels echoed on the thick wooden stairs, Erika’s heart raced as she followed her nemeses deep into what felt like some underground arena, although this was just to be a simple negotiation, but neither could be sure how far things would go.

Tasha could feel the blood rush to her head and she did her best to remain calm. She landed on the bottom step and walked into what appeared to be a large recreational room. The two girls scanned the room quickly not wanting to waste time, instead they wanted to focus on each other. A small pool table filed one corner of the room, the wood flooring had decorative throw rugs strategically placed. A couch at the other end with a chair and a large flat screen in one corner. A lamp inadequately lit the room form a corner shelf to Erika’s left.

Stepping out into an open area of the room Erika turned to face Tasha who had taken up a position opposite her. Both were suddenly aware that the room either lacked proper ventilation or they were both excited beyond what the A/C system could provide.

Erika’s mind raced a thousand miles an hour, she couldn’t keep track of all her thoughts. Her body trembled with anticipation, she didn’t even want to speak knowing Tasha would pick up on a quiver that was sure to be in her voice. She watched Tasha walk over and set her purse down on a nearby chair, Erika performed the same, walking over and setting hers down on top of the pool table.

“I want them back now, or I am coming to your house and taking them from you by force.” Erika found the words flying off her tongue on their own, she was no longer able to contain herself, or her outrage.

“I say how this goes down bitch!” Tasha fumed.

“Then say it!” Erika snapped right back, waving her hands out to her side.

Tasha fought to control her nerves, only the ticking seconds would determine what happens next, hopefully she had Erika so worked up into a fighting frenzy that she wouldn’t reject the idea. “You think your breasts are so fucking fantastic, well I’m sick you sticking them ‘out there’ like they are the best thing around.”

“Yeah I know,” Erika huffed with a degree of arrogance, throwing her head back to accentuate her cocky posture, “You, and everyone else are obsessed with them, so get over the fact you weren’t born with better breasts then mine.”

“Then let’s find out who’s are better!” Tasha lips curled into a hopeful smile.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Time to back up your big attitude and big mouth.”

“If you think I am having some kind of fight that involves our breasts then you are nuts!” Erika had never been challenged to something like this before and the idea seemed preposterous, “Just forget it, this whole thing is getting out of control.” Erika even shook her head ‘no’ several times.

Tasha stood there for a moment, her nipples as hard as they have ever been. It felt good to see Erika reeling from a challenge and knew it was the right time to play ‘her hand’.

“Wipe that stupid smile off your face, what’s so amusing?” Erika’s face blushed, getting angrier at Tasha’s silence. “You know what,” Erika fumed in frustration “keep the damn panties, you must be desperate. Obviously you think my breasts are a hell of a lot better then yours if you feel the need to challenge them!”

Tasha cocked her head slightly to one side and ran her tongue around in her mouth as Erika went on her rant. She then slowly turned and walked over to her purse to retrieve her cell phone.

“What are you doing now you nutcase? Making a phone call? I’m out of here.” Erika turned to grab her purse.

“Thought you might want to see this, maybe help to refresh your memory of why we are down here talking.” Tasha smiled as her fingernails tapped on the screen.

“What? What is that, more of your bullshit games?” Erika stepped forward.

Tasha silently gestured the phone toward Erika who grabbed it out of Tasha’s hand with cat like reflexes. ‘The Ace has been played’ Tasha thought to herself in satisfaction and her heart leapt with a perverse joy as Erika’s eyes went wide in horror, the girl’s face turning a beat red.

Erika couldn’t believe what she was seeing, a photograph of her laying naked on the floor of her father’s shop. “That night!” the Blonde’s brain raged, and then her whole body felt on fire.

Erika’s right fist clenched the phone, while her left hand reached out and smacked Tasha across the face viciously. The Spanish beauty let out a scream, her whole neck felt violently twisted as her head flew off to the left. She staggered several times to catch her balance. She never saw or expected the slap! Erika moved so fast!

“You fucking bitch” Erika hissed, “How does that feel?” and then she tossed the phone across the room with enough force that it cracked the case by the time it bounced off the floor.

Tasha had been smacked before, but never experienced one like that, ever. It was like a searing, white, hot pain, a flash of light and then she was quickly wiped tears from her eyes as she struggled to right herself. Suddenly she wondered how Erika had managed to endure almost ten of them before being knocked down. Tasha was struggling to stand after just one!

Another sharp cracking noise split the air as Erika slapped Tasha’s same abused cheek, this time sending the girl falling backward onto the plush couch.

The Blonde’s finger tips trembled with rage as she reached for her purse, “Your pathetic! Two slaps and your down on your ass already. You wanted another fight, well now you got it!” Erika’s voice trembled from the stress, “You just let me know where, when, and how. I’m up for anything you have in mind.” And stormed back up the stairs.

Tasha sniffed back a few tears and quickly composed herself, sitting upright on the couch while trying to ignore the ringing in her ears, the burning in her cheek, and the pain in her neck. Running her tongue along the inside of her slapped cheek she moved her jaw around cautiously.

“Nobody smacks me and walks away!” Tasha yelled.

“Just name the time and place!” Erika yelled back and slammed shut the basement door.

Tasha leaned forward and cradled her aching head, she was feeling woozy from the two slaps and cautiously got to her feet. ‘Idiot, you should have seen that coming.’ Tasha scolded herself. ‘But damn that hurt. That cunt hits hard!’

“Guess you got the reaction you were looking for.” Tasha mumbled to herself sarcastically and managed a smile.

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As expected the emails were short and to the point. Erika wanted to waste no more time on words and tough talk, she was ready to take the fight to that Spanish bitch and cut her down low. ‘Such a low class cunt. I knew it all along.’ The Blonde surmised as she shut down her computer. The only demand that made Erika uneasy was Tasha still wanted to fight nude. But there was no mention of the impending slap-fight that both of them had taunted the other with. Tasha didn’t mention it in any of the emails and Erika didn’t ask, ‘So let’s just find out what happens’ she thought.

She didn’t want to be petty, but she did demand that Tasha return her underwear when they met again. Tasha agreed, but only if the Blonde won, would she give them up.

Erika laughed out loud at the demand. “If I win?” True, she had been nervous for days after their third fight, thinking Tasha was maybe more of a handful then she anticipated, but as more time went by the Blonde Amazon was more confident than ever in her skills and was not going to let anything catch her off guard this time.

This Story is Continued in Parts 11-15 — Coming Soon to Fights.Sexy!

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