Sword and Sorceress by JB57

Sword and Sorceress by JB57 Story

Part I

Ravanna rode up the wide, flagstone avenue and entered the ancient city of Madrigar early one bright summer morning. She rode a powerful battle horse, a chestnut-colored old veteran of many campaigns. The massive animal and its mistress were traveling lightly. A couple of moderate-sized packs containing the camping gear and most important possessions of the itinerant traveler were strapped to the horse’s broad back.  A series of battle knives were fastened to its saddle, and there was room near the back of the saddle for a scabbard containing a large sword. The scabbard was positioned so that it was easily accessible to the rider’s right hand.  A hefty battleaxe was fixed along the horse’s left side.

It was immediately apparent from her gear that Ravanna was a warrior. However, she seemed, at first glance, an unlikely soldier. Her dark-red hair fell down her shoulders and her back, a bit wild and unkempt, despite her efforts to keep it manageable. She wore heavy black leather boots, which ended halfway up her thighs, and daggers were strapped to both boots. She wore thick, strong riding gloves. However, the rest of Ravanna’s garb was far less conventional. In fact,, she was almost nude. She wore a single garment, a piece of midnight-black cloth that looped a spaghetti thin-strap behind her neck. The two parts of the strap swelled just enough to cover the areola of her remarkable breasts, before thinning again as the two strands of cloth, stretched tight, reached down her belly and intersected to form part of a tiny thong. The thong’s spaghetti straps looped back around her voluptuous hips. The woman’s body overflowed from the meager scrap of cloth, which served only to accentuate the tight, taut, abundant flesh that it strained to contain.  Ravanna wore gold earrings, and an ornate silver band around her right bicep, a plain gold band around her left. These were her only adornments.

Ravanna radiated power and sexuality. Her presence at the city gate created an immediate sensation. On this world, warrior women, even nearly naked warrior women, were hardly uncommon. But this woman was exceptional even among her battle-hardened sisters. Her beauty was striking, dark blue eyes blazing out of a beautiful, remarkably calm, face. Her lips were red and lush. Her body’s hard, chiseled muscle and soft, rounded curves combined to form a vision of voluptuous physical perfection.

Ravanna stopped at the guard station when she entered the city. She registered her presence, as required, then she asked directions to the royal palace. Madrigar was the capital of a large and growing empire. The city was beautiful – cobblestone streets separated the looping spires and flowing curves of ancient and ornate public buildings and temples, spacious inns and comfortable houses lined the boulevards, lush public parks and terraced gardens draped the city in greenery and the scent of flowers in full bloom. The city was a fitting capital to an empire on the rise. The current king, Lokken, and his beautiful wife, Queen Madarath, were renowned for their political and military acumen, but also for their love of the arts and sciences. Madrigar had a long history as a city friendly to the pursuit of all kinds of knowledge.

Oddly, given her appearance and apparent profession, Ravanna had come to the city to search for information in the royal library. She knew that her difficulty would be gaining access to that library and then, even more importantly, leaving with what she needed. But she had a plan to do just that.

Her first task in the city was to get herself a room at an inn. She found the Boar’s Head, an old and modest structure across the street from a beautiful city park, and only a short distance from the palace. At first, the innkeeper thought Ravanna a prostitute and was going to deny her accommodation. One look into her cool blue eyes, however, changed his mind.  He could tell that, despite the overwhelming sexuality radiating off this woman, she was genuinely dangerous and powerful. He gave her his best room and hoped that her presence would not bring him trouble.

After leaving her baggage in her room and her horse in the care of the inn’s stable, Ravanna ventured out into the busy streets. It was still early, and she decided to find a good breakfast before going on to the palace. She ate her fill in a restaurant next to the inn. Then, she made her way through the busy streets toward the palace, armed only with a long dagger fixed to her boot. While there were many other women on the street in various stages of undress – the fashions of the day allowed for the exposure of vast quantities of female flesh – none were quite as well-displayed  or voluptuous as Ravanna. She was forced to knock a man senseless when he could not resist the urge to paw at her alluring body. After that, she had no other problems. People realized that this nearly nude beauty was a barbarian warrior, and gave her a wide berth, though they could not help their admiring glances and stares.

It was only a five minute walk to the gates of the palace, where she presented herself to the royal guard.

“I have come seeking an audience with Queen Madarath,” Ravanna told the captain of the guard.

The captain looked her up and down and could not resist a lascivious smile. “I’ll bet you have,” he said. “Why should she see you? She’s a busy woman.”

Now Ravanna smiled. “I think we both know that the Queen will want to see me, captain,” she said, with a knowing smirk. “I think the real question, for you, will be how angry will she be with you if you make it difficult for me to meet her? If I manage to do so anyway, I don’t think that the Queen will appreciate the delay.”

The captain smiled grimly. “No, I don’t suppose she would.” He nodded. “Who should I say is seeking the audience, and where can we find you if she grants it?”

“My name is Ravanna. I am a scholar, traveling from the court of Aragon. Please give this to the queen, as a token of my rank.” Ravanna presented the captain with a gold medallion stamped with the sigil of the court of Aragon. “I am staying at the Boar’s Head Inn, not far from here.”

The captain nodded again. “Yes, I know the place.” As he spoke, he examined the medal, then looked Ravanna up and down once again. This woman was incredible, and he had to struggle not to ogle the fantastic body displayed before him. He found himself examining her muscled belly, her bulging, thrusting breasts. He imagined what it would be like to be locked in sex with this woman, then his thoughts turned to what he knew this woman was offering to the queen, and he found himself becoming intensely aroused. It was only with effort that he pulled his eyes from Ravanna’s body and looked her in the eyes. He realized how tall she was, taller than him, and he was not a small man. Ravanna was smiling with amusement. The captain had the sense that she knew everything that he was thinking, and he felt deeply uncomfortable. The idea that she was a traveling scholar, as well as a warrior, struck him as odd, though he had to admit that her bearing and speech indicated a woman of breeding and education.

“You are certainly the least scholarly-looking scholar I have ever seen,” he said to her, roughly.

Ravanna shrugged, an act that drew his eyes back to her impressive chest. “One can be a scholar and a warrior, captain. I’m a bit of both. As it happens, I’m here in Madrigar as a scholar. Maybe, some other day, I’ll return in my other capacity.” The man and woman locked eyes and, suddenly, the captain had a vision of Ravanna walking across a blazing battlefield, surrounded by carnage and death, her near naked body splashed with the crimson of blood, a sword in one of her powerful hands, an axe in the other, her uncanny eyes glowing with bloodlust. He swallowed; the longer he bantered with this woman, the more uneasy she made him feel. He trusted his instincts and he began to wonder if he should deny her request to meet with the queen. He realized that Ravanna was exactly the kind of woman that the queen wanted to meet, and he felt torn. He knew that the queen could take care of herself, but his job was to see that she did not have to. And the fact that Ravanna might be even more than she seemed was a possibility that made him a little more nervous.

“Are you just a scholar and a warrior,” he asked, somewhat nervously -he cursed himself for not being able to keep his anxiety out of his voice – “or do you have … other abilities, too?”

Again, Ravanna smiled enigmatically. “I’m not sure what you mean, captain. I have many abilities,” she said archly. “But if you are asking me am I a sorceress, or something of the sort – well, the answer is no. I don’t use magic.”

The captain nodded, still uncertain. But, after a few more moments of hesitation, he decided that he had no real grounds to deny her request.

“Very well. Return to your rooms. I will see to it that the queen gets your request for an audience. If she grants the audience, you should know within the next day.”

“Thank you, captain,” the red-haired beauty responded. She turned and walked away. The captain could not help but admire the entrancing sway of her flaring hips, the see-saw ripple of her bare, round ass. But he could not shake the feeling of unease. This woman was more than she seemed, and he knew that while she had said that she did not use magic, she had not said that she did not know how. He looked at the sigil of Aragon. Aragon was a distant kingdom to the north and east, a place of many dark legends and rumors. It was separated from Madrigar by several other large kingdoms and vast, dark forests full of creatures and supernatural forces. Traveling such a distance through such terrain and arriving unscathed – as this woman certainly seemed to have done – was quite a feat, and seemed to indicate considerable proficiency with a blade, good luck, and maybe other abilities. It was possible she had traveled with a larger party, he guessed, but he had the sense that she had made the journey alone. The captain puzzled about it a moment more, then turned to go and make Ravanna’s request for an audience to the queen’s secretary.

Ravanna returned to her room to eat and rest. She stripped off her traveling garment, kicked off her heavy boots, then had a long, hot bath. Afterwards, feeling rested and relaxed, she stretched out, nude, on her bed. The sun was shining in through the open window, and she enjoyed the heat on her bare skin, the warmth on her naked breasts. A gentle sweat soon broke on her fine skin as the heat built, but she remained where she was and soon fell asleep, enjoying the scent of lilac in the nearby park, wafting in on the breeze. Her dreams were quiet and peaceful, a welcome relief from the unpleasant nightmares and memories that often troubled her at night.

Some time later, she was awakened from her nap by an insistent knock at her door. She rose swiftly to her feet, instantly alert. She hesitated and considered picking up her sword. But it was unlikely that an attacker would knock, she decided, and she was already quite sure she knew who was at the door. She moved to the entryway. She knew that she was naked, but that hardly concerned her. Indeed, her nudity might even provide a momentary advantage if she was under attack. When she opened the door, she was confronted by two palace guards and a page. The three men gawked at the nude Amazonian beauty standing before them; it did not take long before Ravanna saw the signs of arousal in all three.

“Yes?,” she asked, after a few more moments of letting the stunned men ogle her womanly curves. “Do you have a message for me?”

The page finally came to attention. “Are you the lady Ravanna?,” he croaked, still trying to recover his bearings.

“Yes,” she replied, somewhat impatiently.

“Her majesty Queen Madarath requests that you attend her in two hours time at the royal palace.” The page presented Ravanna with a scroll. “Present this document at the palace gate and you will be admitted and taken to the queen.”

Ravanna accepted the scroll, thanked the page, then closed the door in the faces of the shocked, horny men. She smiled. She had her audience and she now knew that things were moving ahead quickly. Soon, she should have access to the royal library and, with any luck, she would be able to find what she was after. But first, she had to deal with the queen. She smiled, and shivered in delighted anticipation. This was the part of her plan that she had been looking forward to the most. It was also the part of the plan that contained the greatest risk of failure. But Ravanna was determined not fail.

Ravanna laid out the meager scraps of clothing she would wear to meet the queen, then sat cross-legged on the soft rug at the foot of her bed, still nude, and begin to meditate, preparing her mind and body for the ordeal to come.

Part II

A little less than two hours later, Ravanna walked up to the palace gate. She was wearing a beautiful grey traveling cloak, a special gift from a mystical friend, but more as a cape than to cover her body. If anything, she was wearing even less clothing now than on her earlier visit. She had soft, strong leather boots on her feet, which reached halfway up her calves. Her powerfully muscled legs were otherwise bare. Bronzed from the sun, her long, golden limbs flowed up into wide, womanly hips. Her crotch was covered by a tiny thong, a blue colored triangle of cloth that barely covered the slit of her pulsing pussy. Thick, red pubic hair spilled out over the top of the thong and accented her pubes. Thin, fragile chains reached up around her jutting hips to hold the thong in place. Her taut, brown bronzed belly was naked, save for the golden pendant winking in her navel, and the expanse of bare flesh stretched up to her majestic breasts. Her tits were fantastic, rocking gently as she moved, taut and firm. Her nipples and areola were covered by small metal circles, attached to a small, thin chain which looped behind her neck. The chain did little to secure the nipple coverings; instead, they were held in place by a gentle suction and did nothing to support the substantial weight of Ravanna’s heavy tits. Other than her earrings and arm bands, she was naked. She had not bothered carrying any weapons, knowing full well that she would not be allowed into the queen’s presence armed. Even so, the guards still required that she remove her boots to be searched and that she leave her cloak in the guardhouse. She noted, with approval, that they treated her respectfully, being careful not to ogle her directly. It was obvious that Ravanna was not carrying any weapons on her person, but protective spells around the castle still saved her the indignity of having her body’s orifices checked. She realized that security needed to be this tight. Still, her body was a weapon in itself.

Ravanna waited in the guard house only a few minutes before a page came to lead her to meet the queen. They crossed a huge inner courtyard garden, resplendent in flowing fountains and the fragrance of exotic flowers, and entered the east wing of the palace, the domain of the queen.

Queen Madarath was well respected and praised in Madrigar and beyond for her justice and wisdom. Even though her status depended on her position as Lokken’s wife, it was well known that the king loved and admired his wife and valued her opinion in all things. It was also clear that Queen Madarath was very well suited and trained for the job of a ruler. But she also had other, well-known appetites and weaknesses, and these were what Ravanna intended to exploit.

Madarath had been born in the neighboring seaside kingdom, but her mother was an Amazon from a fabled island off the continental coast. Madarath spent half of her life in Amazonia, learning the ways of her mother’s people, acquiring great knowledge and skill. She was known as a wise ruler and it was clear that she loved her husband deeply. But Madarath was also very bisexual. Indeed, the truth was that she was far more strongly lesbian than she was heterosexual, and she frequently enjoyed indulging her taste for the flesh of beautiful women. Her husband knew all about her inclinations and he did not mind his queen taking lovers, so long as they were not men. Ravanna had known that by presenting herself at the palace gate, she would soon get an audience with the queen. Ravanna was not a vain woman, but she was well aware of her spectacular beauty and sexuality and she was more than prepared to use her physical assets to her advantage.

Ravanna was ushered into a large sitting room, a smaller, more intimate space than a throne room, in which the queen could meet her guests. The queen was reading a book and lounging on a luxurious divan when Ravanna and the page entered. A beautiful blonde servant girl, dressed in a brief halter, a thong and jeweled sandals was attending the queen. Queen Madarath glanced up as Ravanna walked in, then started, her eyes suddenly blazing with heat. She slowly put her reading material down, her burning gaze sweeping over the woman entering her chamber.

Ravanna felt the fire in her loins flare to life. Her breasts bounced and swelled and tightened with arousal and began to pulse, her nipples hardened to spikes. She felt a growing wetness between her legs. Madarath was even more beautiful than Ravanna had been led to believe. She realized that she was facing a woman who was easily her equal – something that she did not often encounter.

For a moment, the queen lay stretched out on the divan, her body proudly displayed, facing Ravanna. Then, she rose to a sitting position. Queen Madarath was wearing no more than her guest. Her breasts were incredible, two perfect, round globes of taut, tanned flesh, thrusting out proud and high on her chest, totally without support. Her nipples and areola were covered by circular metal coverings. A thin, decorative chain hung between the two nipple cups. Her navel was adorned with a diamond stud. She was wearing a tiny thong which, like Ravanna’s, barely covered her pussy. Her dark pubic hair tufted up from the thong enticingly. Her legs were bare and perfect, long, tanned and powerfully muscled. She wore blue slippers, which curved up at the toe. On her head, she wore a small, pointed tiara as a sign of her office.  Long, dark brown hair flowed seductively down her shoulders and to the small of her back. Her eyes were a piercing green, and they now locked with Ravanna’s blazing blue eyes, then swept hungrily over Ravanna’s gorgeous body. 

Ravanna smiled, unable to keep the desire out of her face and expression. She and the queen faced each other, raw lust and powerful animal magnetism flowing between them like a living force. The queen slowly rose to her feet, her magnificent body unfolding from the divan gracefully. Ravanna realized that this woman was as tall as she was. Madarath smiled regally and stepped forward, extending her hand. A ring bearing the crest of Madrigar rested on her right index finger.

“I am Queen Madarath of Madrigar,” the queen said, in a deep, melodious voice. “Welcome to our fair city, milady.”

Ravanna bowed, then introduced herself. “I am the Lady Ravanna from Aragon, my queen,” she said. Ravanna stepped up and bent down from her waist to kiss the queen’s ring, as protocol required. Then, she did something unexpected. Slowly and seductively, she reached up and stroked the strong palm of the queen’s hand.

A bolt of pure erotic electricity blasted through both women. To Madarath, the shock was completely unexpected and she gasped with the sudden, unbearable sensation as heat flooded her loins and her breasts suddenly tightened and swelled with intense arousal. Ravanna had been expecting the shock but, even so, she gritted her teeth to keep from crying out from the heat that flashed through her erogenous zones. Her nipples went so stiff they hurt; her breasts throbbed and her pussy burned. The sensation was much stronger than she had expected, and that both excited and worried her.

Gasping, her tits heaving, Madarath staggered back from her beautiful guest, placing her hand on the divan to steady herself. She groaned and, suddenly, her thong went wet as her pussy gushed an uncontrollable stream of hot fluid, some of which began to trickle down her perfect thighs. Seeing this, Ravanna smiled. She had caught the queen completely unaware. Ravanna waited, her own breasts heaving with her pants as she struggled to control herself, her face flashing a lustful smile.

Madarath regained control and straightened. She locked eyes with Ravanna in a hard glare. “Orome,” she said to the blonde servant girl, her melodious voice now tight and angry. “Please leave me alone with my guest. I will ring for you if I need you.”

Orome had watched this exchange between the two women with surprise and worry. Had the queen been attacked? She had been on the verge of calling for the guards. Now, however, her face closed, betraying nothing.

“Yes, mistress,” she replied, and rapidly left the room, closing the door behind her. The whole time, the two beautiful women stood facing each other, eyes locked, beautiful tits rising and falling together.

“What do you want, woman?,” Madarath asked, coldly, once the door was closed. She now stood tall and proud, her hands open at her sides, but her body in a state of readiness.

Ravanna smiled. “Please, milady, call me Ravanna.” Then her expression turned grim. “There is a book in the royal library. It is called the Ceritan. It is vitally important that I take it from here. It has knowledge and power that I need. I am here to challenge you for possession of the book.”

Madarath said nothing, but studied her guest even more closely. Madarath was a sorceress, a powerful and experienced mistress of the mystic arts. She was committed to the way of the light and she was, when necessary, the defender of her kingdom against malevolent supernatural forces. Even so, what she had just experienced had caught her completely by surprise, and she was both angry and a bit uncertain. When Ravanna stroked her hand, Madarath had received a sexual shock, a violation of her womanhood at the deepest elemental level. It was as if the pure spiritual essence of her womanhood came into direct, raw contact with the fundamental womanhood of Ravanna. This was something only one sorceress could do to another; indeed, it was a challenge, a call from one enchantress to meet in primal battle with another. Madarath was usually very good at detecting the presence of other sorcerers and sorceresses. Somehow, however, this red-haired bitch had completely concealed her power from Madarath and, even more, was continuing to do so right now. As she glared at the woman, Madarath saw an incredibly beautiful woman whose presence was brimming over with sexual and physical power, but no evidence of supernatural skill. But Madarath could not deny what she had just experienced. Her body was still thrumming with arousal, and it was all she could to keep her cunt from gushing again with hot liquid.

Madarath gestured to a chair facing the divan. “Why don’t we sit and discuss this?,” she suggested.

Ravanna nodded and walked to the chair, sat down, and crossed her long legs. Madarath sat across from her on the divan. The sexual power flowing between the two women was now like a livewire, a magnetic force calling both to confrontation. Their bodies continued to burn with tension. Madarath felt her nipples aching with desire, her pussy flexing with hunger.

“What I want is the book, milady,” said Ravanna. “I realize that you are obligated to protect it. So, the only way that I can get it is to challenge you to a battle. I have no desire to test my magical skills against yours. On the other hand, I am quite confident that I can best you in a woman to woman battle, one sorceress to another.”

Madarath understood what Ravanna intended. Ordinarily, sorceresses would meet each other in magical combat. Evidently the warrior woman was not confident of her ability to defeat Madarath in a such a contest. However, occasionally, sorceresses would meet in sexual combat, a form of battle that involved channeling the raw, fundamental power of a woman’s essence into her sex organs then using those weapons to fight at the most primal level possible. This form of combat was usually used to settle personal disputes or sometimes to decide the leadership of a coven. But it meant two women battling each other in the most intimate way possible and proving to each other which of them possessed the greater sexual power. Madarath had been in such battles before. Indeed, she enjoyed them immeasurably. But she had never before entered such a battle against someone about whom she knew so little.

Once issued, a sexual challenge could not be denied. The rules required that Madarath accept the challenge or forfeit the object of the battle. This explained why Ravanna had concealed her power until she actually had a chance to touch Madarath and make the challenge. But it did not explain why Ravanna continued to mask her power. Perhaps, thought Madarath, she thinks that she can maintain some psychological advantage by leaving herself cloaked.

The formal rules of the battle to which Madarath had been challenged required that the loser do the bidding of the winner. From that perspective, Ravanna’s actions had been sensible. Now, if she won, she could be certain that Madarath would be required to turn the book over to her.

Madarath smiled grimly. “You are a beautiful woman, Ravanna,” she said. “I am certain that you will prove to be a real challenge. But I am not easily beaten, and I don’t think that you are enough of a woman to take me.”

“We will soon find out, milady,” replied Ravanna. The women exchanged hot smiles. Then, Madarath reached down, picked up a small silver bell, and rang it. In a moment, Orome had reappeared.

“Orome,” said the queen. “My guest, Lady Ravanna will be staying for supper this evening. Please see her to a guest room and provide her with anything she may request.”

Madarath rose from her seat and Ravanna rose with her.

“Thank you for your hospitality, milady,” said Ravanna. “I look forward to continuing our …conversation tonight.”

Madarath smiled, but anger and something more flashed in her eyes. “I usually eat at 7 PM, Lady Ravanna. I hope that is not too late.”

Ravanna indicated it was not.  Bowing low and leaning forward to kiss Madarath’s ring – this time, being careful not to touch skin to skin with her new enemy – Ravanna took her leave of the queen.

Ravanna followed Orome to a large guest room, equipped with a large bathtub. Ravanna soon found herself immersed in hot water for a second time that day, luxuriating in the bath as she planned her next move. It was still several hours until her dinner with the queen. She resolved to use the time to prepare her body and her mind for the conflict to come. After she emerged from the tub, she dried off. Then, she stripped off her scraps of clothing, sat cross-legged in the center of the room, and began to meditate.

While Ravanna had left her power concealed, Madarath had not, or at least had revealed enough of her power to make Ravanna worried. Madarath’s aura radiated a golden light, the intensity of the emanations indicating considerable strength. But Ravanna was challenging Madarath at a more primal level. No amount of knowledge or skill in the mystical arts could make the essence of the Queen’s womanhood, her raw sexuality, more powerful than it actually was. Ravanna was counting on this to win the battle. In the end, it would depend on which of them possessed the greater amount of pure sex in her clit and tits and every other erogenous zone.

Ravanna calmed her mind and concentrated on her womanly core, calling up the essence of her sex, feeling it burn in her slowly swelling clit, feeling it ache in her thickening tits and sharpening nipples. She concentrated on controlling her sexual power, on readying her body to accept and overcome the unbearable pleasure she would soon face. She was about to face the greatest sexual challenge of her life. She trembled with lust and anticipation and fought back a smile of pure hunger. Soon, Madarath would know what it meant to lock sex to sex with a woman from Aragon.

Part III

In her luxurious quarters, Madarath readied herself for the battle to come. She stripped away her meager clothing and sat cross-legged in an alcove in the corner of her room, which she had turned into a shrine for her gods. She meditated for a while then, when she was ready, reached between her legs with her right hand and slowly, carefully, began to masturbate herself. As her clit swelled, as raw sensations began to ripple through her powerful body, as her tits began to throb and ache with arousal, she chanted, calling on her gods to grant her strength and victory. As the pleasure built, Madarath followed an internal ritual that slowly, carefully sent the sexual power she was evoking deep into the core of her womanhood, readying her body to call on that power, teaching her to control and master the boiling energy of her own raging sex. She was a sexually ravenous woman, who had been known to spend many hours and days in sexual ecstasy. She had never had a lover whom she could not overwhelm, she had never fought a sexfight where her god-given erotic gifts had not proven far too much for her opponent. But Madarath took nothing for granted. She knew nothing about this new challenger. What she did know was that Ravanna’s body was fantastic, and that it promised hours and hours of sheer pleasure. Madarath was not often granted the gift of a woman as beautiful and powerful as she, and she had every intention of ravaging every inch of Ravanna’s lovely flesh for as long as she possibly could. But first she had to win the sexfight and she knew that she had to fight overconfidence.

“Ravanna,” she thought to herself, “I don’t know who or what you are, but I do know that I am going to fuck you into a coma.” She smiled, then chastised herself for her own arrogance. The ritual she was undergoing was slowly and irrevocably unleashing the raw, wild beast of her sexuality. Soon, she would turn it loose on Ravanna’s magnificent body and enjoy everything that followed.

For the next several hours, Madarath masturbated, bringing her own body up and down the orgasmic pleasure curve several times, pushing herself to the very edge of an incredible orgasmic release, then pulling back and pushing that sexual energy down into her core. It was an exercise in self-torture and self-denial, but it also demonstrated her own mastery of her body. Her ability to control her own sex reassured her of her ability to withstand anything that Ravanna’s voluptuous body might throw at her. Indeed, as she prepared, Madarath could not help but force herself to be more realistic. The chances of Ravanna actually presenting her the challenge that she had begun to expect were very small. Ravanna might think she knew what she was getting into -after all, she had come a very long way and gone to a great deal of trouble to bring about this sexual duel – but Madarath suspected that the red-haired woman was probably overestimating her own sexual control and power. Well, they would soon find out.

At 7 PM, a young servant boy came for Ravanna. Ravanna was wearing clothing brought to her earlier by another servant. The clothing consisted of nothing but two nipple cups, which stuck to her breasts and barely covered her areola, and a tiny black thong, maybe even smaller than the one she had been wearing. It barely covered the slit of her pussy and almost all of her pubic hair was exposed. She was also provided with fragile jeweled sandals and a silken, transparent shawl. She left the shawl behind and, virtually naked in her minute costume, followed the young servant down a long corridor to Madarath’s personal apartments.

Massive steel doors opened onto a vast room. The room was bathed in golden light from numerous torches and other luminous devices set along the walls and in the ceiling. The walls were decorated with ornate frescoes and the room was well-appointed with luxurious items of furniture, scattered in clusters around the vast space, forming discrete areas for gatherings and conversation. Sliding doors at the far end of the room opened onto another large chamber, within which she could see a massive, fur-covered bed. The ceiling of the main chamber was at least three stories high, and a beautiful round skylight dominated the overhead view, opening onto the night sky. Or so Ravanna thought, until she realized that it was not yet dark enough outside to see the night sky, and the stars in the skylight were none that she recognized. A shiver of apprehension ran down her spine, as she confronted the evidence of Madarath’s considerable sorcerous abilities.

An internal balcony, accessed by a staircase on the far side of the chamber, ran along the upper level of the room, leading to a large oaken door. The door appeared ancient, far older than the surrounding walls, and was bound by steel and gold and covered in sigils and symbols. Ravanna had no doubt that behind that door, Madarath performed powerful acts of sorcery and divination. The room contained many displays of beautiful works of art, impressive marble sculptures (most, Ravanna noted, of gorgeous and powerful women) and a few portraits and other artistic tributes to Madarath herself.

The servant boy led Ravanna to a small, low table near a glass door leading onto the terrace overlooking the garden, and left her there. The table was surrounded by cushions, meant for sitting and reclining. Madarath was not yet present, however, so Ravanna got up and walked around the room, examining the art, getting a sense of whatever the huge chamber might conceal, trying to get an impression of what her hostess-enemy was like. She could not see much that raised her suspicions, but she could sense an undercurrent of magical power running through her surroundings. She paused beside a life-sized marble statue of Madarath. The sculptor had captured the queen’s likeness perfectly. The statue was nude, and it did not exaggerate the queen’s beauty one iota, as far as Ravanna could tell. She was admiring the statue, examining certain parts of it with more interest than others, when a cool wind suddenly blew from behind her, and a voice spoke nearly in her ear.

“Do you like it?” Madarath asked. She had appeared seemingly from nowhere. Ravanna did not start, however. She had expected something like this from such a powerful sorceress. Instead, she turned calmly and faced the beautiful woman whom she would soon meet in intimate combat. Madarath’s presence was almost overwhelming. So close, only a meter or so away, Ravanna was struck by the woman’s eyes, by the raw sex that came off of her perfect body in waves of heat and erotic promise. Of course, Ravanna knew that Madarath had spent the last few hours preparing her sex for the upcoming conflict. The air between them was thick with pheromones and the scent of their aroused bodies. They had both been stimulating themselves, without release, for a long time. Still, the redhead had to struggle to keep her head clear, to keep her own body from responding too powerfully to the delicious sexuality confronting it.

Madarath found herself reacting in the same way to Ravanna. She had expected this, but she was still very impressed as her body instinctively began to heat and throb and moisten in response to the incredible beauty facing her. For both women, it was as if they had dipped themselves in the raw essence of sex and were now radiating that power into the core of the other.

“Yes,” Ravanna responded to the question. “It’s a fantastic likeness. It captures your beauty and grace perfectly, my queen.”

“Thank you,” Madarath murmured, stepping closer to Ravanna. Both women were wearing only thongs and nipple cups and tiny jeweled sandals. Their ripe, taut bodies may as well have been naked. The diaphanous shawl that Madarath draped across her shoulders provided no protection at all. The women were acutely conscious of how close they were, of how little it would take for their flesh to touch and rub and burn with heat…

“I am not really as vain as some of these paintings and sculptures may suggest. But one of the requirements of being queen is that people be able to see my image, and that of my husband, all through the kingdom. Most of my portraits go out to some distant part of the empire. I keep some of them because I do have some vanity.” She smiled gently, but seductively. Ravanna felt her heart leap, just a little. “This statue was done by a particularly gifted artist, who became a good friend. He is traveling right now. I think that he may even have gone as far as Aragon.” The women locked eyes, heat and lust passing between them. Ravanna felt the tips of her nipples tingle with electricity and point aggressively at Madarath’s swollen nips. They were not so far apart. One step, and Ravanna could bring her sex-filled body into contact with Madarath’s silken flesh. But she resisted the urge.

“Come, let us eat,” Madarath said. She gestured towards the table. During their brief conversation, servants had come in and laid out food and drink. Now, only Orome was standing beside the dining chair-cushions, waiting to serve her mistress and her guest.

Ravanna and Madarath walked side-by-side to the table by the terrace door, their bodies swaying together, both women absolutely aware of the other, both engaged in the dance of seduction and lust that would, ultimately, lead them to sexual combat. Madarath directed her guest to recline on the cushions facing the door. Ravanna slipped off her sandals and sat down, crossing her legs in front of her. She did not want to be too comfortable. She was very aware that her wet, hot cunt, barely covered by the thong, was pointing directly at Madarath on the other side of the table, but that was only part of the game. Madarath reclined across from Ravanna, propping herself up on some cushions.

Orome poured red wine for the queen and her guest, and the women toasted each other with their golden goblets. They said little with their mouths, but their eyes and their bodies exchanged many intimacies. They watched each other over the tops of their drinks, they examined each other as they ate, they allowed their heated eyes to stroke and caress the other’s nearly naked flesh. The heat between them continued to grow. Ravanna felt her pussy get wetter, and knew it would not be long before a trickle of pussy juice ran down from her cunt into her ass and, eventually, down to the cushion she was sitting on. Her nipples ached with tension. Madarath found herself constantly shifting her legs, rubbing her thighs, the heat in her crotch growing into an unbearable itch that demanded satisfaction.

As they ate and silently measured and challenged each other, the women talked.

“Tell me why you want the Ceritan,” Madarath said, eating a grape as slowly and seductively as she could.

Ravanna paused to consider, then nodded, having reached the decision to be honest with the queen.

“Many years ago, a great friend to me was cursed with the mark of the beast. I have helped him to try to find ways to control the curse, or end it, but nothing has worked, at least not well enough to relieve the pain of his life and those around him. The Ceritan may have a spell that can help. It probably can’t relieve the curse, but it may help him to control it. The only copy of the Ceritan that I can find is in your palace library.”

Maradath nodded. “That is a noble cause. What if I just allowed you to copy the spell from the book?”

“Ah, my queen” said Ravanna with a sad, seductive shake of her head. “If only it were that simple. But the spell needs the power of the book to work, too. It must be read from the Ceritan. The book’s power may eventually regenerate, but it will be drained, at least for a time.”

“Ah,” Maradath nodded. She knew that she could not simply give the book to Ravanna. It was her responsibility to protect sacred mystical artifacts and knowledge like the Ceritan and allowing the book to be drained, even temporarily, would be to allow it to be damaged. If she lost the book in a noble and accepted contest then at least she was still meeting her responsibilities. Besides, she could not be sure that Ravanna was telling the truth. She did not feel that Ravanna was lying, but the woman had already proven remarkably adept at hiding important things about herself.

“How have you hidden your sorcerous power?” Maradath asked. She was genuinely curious.

Ravanna smiled mischievously.  “Can’t you guess?”

Maradath looked at the beauty across from her, then swept her eyes over the woman’s incredible body, enjoying the shot of lust that rippled through her cunt and into her belly. Soon, she would be locked tight with that magnificent flesh, fighting Ravanna, controlling her, taking and giving ecstasy, overwhelming and mastering that body with her own… She forced herself to concentrate. She noticed the earrings and the arm bands that the warrior woman continued to wear.

“Your jewelry. One or all of the pieces is some kind of protective charm.”

Ravanna grinned wider. “Yes, one of my arm bands. It has no offensive purpose, it just serves to absorb most of the more usual magics that could be used to find me. Where I travel, it helps to be invisible to supernatural forces, if that’s possible.”

“Yes, it is a very effective charm. Earlier, I tried to do a scrying to see you. I could not.” Maradath paused. “That is unusual. There is a story behind that charm that you must tell me, later.” 

Ravanna smiled, but said nothing.

The women continued to talk, but the more they spoke the more intense their mutual desire became. Being in the presence of the other simply enflamed their bodies, send heat rippling through their erogenous zones, made them more and more desperate for contact. But their mutual desire also fed their aggression. Both women knew that what they were about to engage in was a contest, a competition where one would win and the other would lose. Finally, after nearly an hour of dinner, neither woman could wait any longer. They had the whole night ahead of them in which to pit their sexual power against each other. It was time to begin.

“Orome,” the queen said. “I believe that Ravanna and I are ready to …have a much longer conversation.” Madarath smiled. “Please leave and go to your quarters. I will summon you if I have need. And I am not to be disturbed unless there is a true emergency.”

The beautiful blonde girl nodded her golden head. “Yes, my queen.” With a respectful nod at Ravanna, the young woman glided from the room, her womanly hips swaying enticingly. She closed the massive door behind her as she left. Maradath gestured and Ravanna saw a sigil on the door glow, very briefly. She knew that the portal was now magically sealed. She felt a jolt of power and watched as sigils on all of the doors and windows around the room suddenly flashed, briefly. The terrace door facing her closed, gently, on its own. All throughout the vast room, windows pulled closed and heavy drapes fell into place. In a moment, the room was sealed off from the outside world. Only the skylight remained untouched, and it was already looking into a different place.

Madarath regarded Ravanna with a cool, appraising stare. Ravanna returned the gaze, her blazing blue eyes locked to the queen’s shining green ones. The women felt the great beasts of their powerful sexualities moving and circling, two savage tigers preparing to fight and claw to the death.

“I like you, Ravanna. But I’m afraid that I can’t just let you win because you have a good cause. My responsibilities to protect the mystical artifacts of this city are paramount.”

“I realize that, my queen. But I am sure that I do not need you to ‘let me’ win. I am quite capable of winning whether you like it or not.”

The women exchanged savage smiles, and the tension between them rose markedly. To now, they had both been basking in their mutual lust, in their shared desire to match body to body and satisfy their burning sexual desires. But now the element of competition came to the fore. These were proud women, both confident in their sexuality, both certain of their erotic power. They were challenging each other at the most fundamental level of their womanhood. Only one woman could leave here as victor. The other would leave with the knowledge that she was not as sexually potent as her rival, or as powerful a woman as she had believed. They could not be friends, they could only be savage, bitter antagonists.

“Good. You are a bitch,” Maradath smiled. “I like that. It makes it easier for me to break your cunt with mine.”

“I’ve ridden many women, clit to clit, tit to tit, Madarath,” Ravanna replied, with a savage sneer. “You may think that you are impressive, but I’ve seen far better. And I’ve fucked them all into submission. Do you think I would travel this far if I didn’t know that I could beat you? Trust me, you’ll be licking my pussy and sucking my clit as my personal fuckbitch by the time this is over.”

Madarath’s eyes burned with rage. “You common whore,” she snarled. “I’m going to ride your little pussy until you shrivel up, girl. I’m going to suck your big tits off. Then, you’re going to eat my cunt and drink my cum until I decide to let you go.”

Exchanging glares of rage, their mutual lust only enhanced by their shared anger, the women prepared for battle. Madarath removed her earrings and left them on the table; Ravanna did the same.  Maradath rose to her feet, her magnificent body uncurling from the cushions like a cat, her tits wobbling with the movement, her sleek muscles rippling. Ravanna stared up at the beauty before her with unabashed lust and raw rage. Ravanna rose to her feet to match the queen. Maradath extended her hand. Ravanna reached for the other woman’s hand, then stopped. Instead of taking the offered hand, she extended her own hand, palm out, towards the queen. Madarath immediately understood and, without hesitation, placed her left palm to Ravanna’s right. Both women jerked and gasped as naked flesh touched, erotic energy flowing with the sensual heat down into all of their sexual weapons. Madarath, her eyes blazing, extended her other hand and Ravanna matched it. The women interlocked their fingers and squeezed tight, bare palm to palm, hot flesh to flesh, erotic electricity sparking through their bodies with the intensity of molten fire. Panting, tits heaving, eyes locked, Madarath and Ravanna groaned in unison as their oversexed bodies burned with sexual heat, then suddenly crossed a threshold. Their pussies contracted in concert and both women suddenly gushed hot pussy juice, soaking their thongs, sending clear liquid trickling down their ripe, round thighs. Maradath closed her beautiful eyes and smiled with pleasure, then slowly opened her eyes and caught Ravanna in her lustful gaze. Ravanna returned the look, smiling as the lust burned through her.

Slowly, still trembling with desire, the women released each other. Maradath gestured towards the bed and she and Ravanna walked, bare foot and side by side, through the sliding doors and into the bed chamber, stopping at the edge of the expansive bed, the place that would be their sexual arena. Ravanna noticed that the bed was a short distance away from the wall of the room and was, in fact, inside a mystical protective circle, which was carved onto the floor.

Maradath and Ravanna faced each other, the sexual tension between them grown to unbearable levels. Their eyes were locked, expressions of pure lust and growing anger lighting their beautiful faces. Their mammoth tits moved together, their heaving pants of pleasure and desire speeding up. Ravanna felt the pressure and searing heat in her cunt and knew that she had to mate with this woman. She struggled to control herself, but the time had come to bring their bodies together and find out who was the stronger bitch.

“Let us do this properly,” said Maradath, barely holding herself back. She nodded at the ground. Ravanna saw that they were both standing inside the mystic circle. “Let us invoke the D’Nath ceremony, according to the custom.”

Ravanna nodded. The D’Nath ceremony was usually invoked during sexfights between sorceresses. It meant that the women sealed themselves within a magical prison, a wall that could not be broken until the victorious woman succeeding in painting the symbol of release on the body of her defeated foe. It was a measure that ensured that the winner of the contest was absolutely clear to all. The symbol could only be painted if one woman was fucked to submission or was too soundly defeated to resist.

“Where is the paint for the symbol?” Ravanna asked.

Maradath pointed to a table beside the bed, which was also positioned inside the circle. On the tabletop sat a bowl of dark water paint and a small brush. Ravanna nodded, then turned her burning gaze back to her enemy.

Maradath climbed on to the bed, and Ravanna followed her. The women crawled to the center of the large, round, fur-covered mattress, then kneeled, their round asses resting on the soles of their feet, facing each other.

Maradath raised her hands, palm out. Ravanna matched her. They shuddered in an agony of erotic pleasure as the sexual energy coursed through their over-stimulated bodies once again. They clasped hands, squeezing tight. Then, Maradath began to speak in a clear, cold voice.

“Great Hecate, goddess of magic and women. Look down on your daughters. Help us to learn which of your followers is the stronger, more blessed with your gift of womanhood. Lock us within your embrace until the greater woman pleads for release.”

“Great Hecate, hear our plea,” Ravanna intoned solemnly, fighting against the sexual energy raging in her clit and breasts.

A burst of energy suddenly jolted the savage women. It raced through their bodies, pooling in their breasts and pussies, then seemed to flow through their legs into the bed. The mystically inscribed circle around the bed suddenly flashed a brilliant blue. Green flames leaped up a meter from the circle, then quickly died down to a ethereal green glow. Panting with fever, the women now knew that the goddess had blessed their battle. They would not leave this sexual arena until one surrendered or was soundly defeated by the other. They released the other’s hands and sat glaring at each other, their bodies close and hot, sexual power radiating from both women.

“You will submit to me, little girl,” Madarath said, her voice cool and hard, her breath coming in hot pants. “My cunt, my tits, are stronger than yours. I am the greater woman, and that is something I will force you to accept before you leave here.”

“We will fuck, Madarath,” said Ravanna, her voice a low snarl. “Our cunts, our tits will meet in combat and decide this. But don’t have any doubt – I will leave here with your pussy as my prize, as well as that book.”

Maradath leaned forward and reached out with both hands and seized Ravanna’s nipple cups. With a quick twist and a sucking pop, she peeled them away from the warrior woman’s massive tits. Ravanna immediately replied, pulling Madarath’s nipple coverings off of her beautiful breasts and threw them to the floor. The women sat up on their knees, confronting each other, now totally nude except for their soaked thongs. Both women allowed their eyes to explore the other’s tits, so round and firm and dense, Ravanna’s caramel-brown nipples and areola facing Madarath’s dark brown counterparts from only inches apart. Ravanna reached out and ran her hot hands along the sides of Maradath’s tits. The queen sighed and bit her lip, struggling not to scream out, then her own hands were roaming and kneading at Ravanna’s magnificent orbs, running over the strong flesh, flicking at the enflamed nipples, teasing and tweaking the ridged areola.

Ravanna and the queen gasped and moaned as they fondled each other, as their hands filled with the other’s taut, yielding flesh, as their touches burned and stimulated like erotic fire. They rubbed and explored each other’s tits enthusiastically, lifting and weighing the other’s meaty orbs, letting them drop, pushing them together to elicit cries of pleasure from the other woman. Maradath felt the trickle between her legs getting harder and tighter, threatening to turn to another gush. She knew what she wanted – to go tit to tit with Ravanna, to let their massive breasts confront and battle each other flesh on flesh, nipple to nipple, taut, meaty mass to taut meaty mass. Ravanna’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back, her moans of pleasure growing ever stronger as the fondling continued and grew ever more unbearable.

Maradath released Ravanna’s tits and grabbed Ravanna’s hands away from her own tits. Ravanna gasped, then opened her eyes and locked her gaze with Maradath’s. She knew what the queen wanted, and she could only groan in agreement. Slowly, palms locked and massive melons throbbing and aching with pleasure, the women pulled their arms apart and let their magnificent tits draw nearer and nearer. Ravanna could not take her eyes from Madarath’s beautiful green eyes. They were both nearly delirious with lust and they had barely started their sexual encounter. Suddenly, Ravanna was not sure how much pleasure she could take from this woman, but she knew she had to fight on.

Their massive, throbbing tits crushed hard, nipples piercing each other and fusing, areola grating and rubbing, thick, meaty breastflesh squashing and merging, struggling with heat and tension. Maradath and Ravanna shrieked in concert, shuddering with the incredible sensations, crying out as their nipples hardened against each other, as their dense tits pulsed with raw pleasure. The women pushed closer, their arms still extended at their sides. They pushed up, struggling against their taut tits, trying to press nose to nose, to gasp and moan in the other’s face. They rubbed their tits back and forth, up and down, in between and over each other, letting their hard nipples trace their sensitive flesh, their cries of pleasure growing to a fever. Maradath could not help but smile in erotic joy, crying out with the enormous electrical sensations that radiated from her grinding tits down into her belly and her cunt. Ravanna screamed back as she worked her back muscles, as she pushed with her chest, trying hard to merge her tits with Maradath’s, to crush the other woman’s grinding chest with her own. The women finally freed their hands and wrapped their powerful arms around the other’s back. They squeezed tight and threw their heads back to scream in ecstasy as their tits crushed and mated even harder. The pulsing mutual penetration of their engorged nipples felt to both women like they had impaled each other with enormous cocks as the pleasure exploded all through their erogenous zones and inflamed their clits and the sensitive erotic flesh within their vaginas. Maradath began grinding her tits up and down, trying to wear down and overwhelm Ravanna. Ravanna moved from side to side, grinding back, seeking to crush her enemy flat. Their hard, slick bellies slapped and rubbed together and the erotic heat of their naked skin radiated into their groins. Their thick nipples rubbed and jousted, pushing and twisting, causing the women to gasp and scream with the sensation.

As they fought, Maradath’s questing hands ran over and squeezed at every inch of Ravanna’s naked back, then moved down the delicious curve of the redhead’s spine to her powerful buttocks. Maradath seized the other woman’s rippling ass and pulled hard, filling her hands with the tight muscle. Ravanna reached down and seized the queen’s spectacular ass in return, squeezing and clawing at the smooth, strong flesh. Cheek to cheek, the women moaned and gasped in the other’s ear.

“Bitch, you bitch…,” Ravanna moaned, her hands pulling Maradath’s beautiful ass cheeks apart, her right middle finger working around the strip of the queen’s thong to penetrate her anus. Ravanna pulled harder as the queen groaned at the violation, reveling in the feeling of their massive tits crushed and throbbing.

“Cunt, filthy cunt…,” Madarath cried. She thrust two fingers up Ravanna’s tight asshole in retaliation, on either side of Ravanna’s butt-thong, then bit gently, teasingly at the other woman’s ear. She writhed her body, rubbing her naked belly to Ravanna’s abdomen and pushing with the powerful muscles of her chest, crushing their tits harder.

Their thighs rubbed hard, their legs pushed, muscle to muscle, thigh to thigh, straining against each other. The women were finding it harder to maintain their balance, as their bodies writhed and wriggled in each other’s arms, as each tried to push the other back onto the bed.

Ravanna could not take it anymore. Biting at Madarath’s jaw, licking at the other woman’s cheek, she finally forced her tongue between the queen’s ruby red lips. In a moment, the women were locked in a deep, open mouth kiss, their tongues twisting and licking, the heat between their two sensitive pick probes burning like erotic acid, sending electric sparks through their wrestling tits and their throbbing clits. The women ate and sucked at each other hungrily, each trying to consume, devour the other. Their pants and groans were swallowed by their thrusting tongues and ravenous mouths. They swallowed each other’s spit, they pushed their heads even closer together. Their bodies pressed even tighter, their bare bellies rubbing hard, their thick pubic hair crunching and tangling, the pulsing throbs in their mated, crushed tits growing ever harder. Madarath and Ravanna were overwhelmed with sexual heat. They had locked together and still had so much more to do to each other, yet they were already on fire with lust and need, every inch of their skin itching for contact and friction with every inch of the other woman.

With a groaning cry, almost lost within their locked mouths and intertwined tongues, the women lost their balance and fell hard to the bed, landing on their sides. Never breaking the kiss, each woman struggled to mount the other, to assume the dominant position from which she could begin to fuck her foe. Their bodies thrashed, hands pulling at rippling asses, thighs flashing and wrestling, mouths at last breaking their ravenous kiss so that they could catch their breath. Madarath had landed in a slightly better position and, with a lot of pushing and straining, managed to force her body on top of Ravanna.

“Fucker, you cuntfucker…,” Ravanna managed to gasp, before Madarath silenced her protests with her tongue and lips. The women kissed and sucked hard, grinding and writhing frantically in each other other’s arms, Madarath managing to just hold on to the top position.

They broke the frantic, hungry kiss again. “Spread your cunt, whore,” Madarath growled, gasped, at her redheaded enemy. “Get ready to have your pussy fucked off…”

So saying she plunged back into the kiss, which Ravanna gratefully rejoined. Madarath also spread her legs, just enough to keep the top position, just enough to fully position herself between Ravanna’s succulent thighs. Ravanna opened her own legs wider, issuing an erotic invitation to Madarath’s cunt. She spread herself, twining her powerful legs with the queen’s limbs, planting both of her hands on the queen’s beautiful bare ass and pulling the sorceress as hard against her burning sex as she could.

Madarath broke the kiss, the women licking feverishly at each other, and then, pushing forward so that Ravanna’s tits took the full weight of her body, the queen aimed her aching, thong-covered cunt at Ravanna’s matching pussy and pushed down hard. Ravanna thrust up to meet her.

“Mmmmmn, oh Fuck, oh Fuck, that’s good…,” Ravanna groaned then gasped, as her pussy rubbed against Madarath’s cunt through their soaked thongs. Madarath said nothing, she just moaned and snarled with pleasure. Both women wanted it this way, enjoying the incredibly tantalizing closeness of the near-cunt to cunt fuck, while allowing their saturated thongs to slowly work into their hot, open slits, to rub around and around with a delicious friction at their sensitive flesh, to feel the seductive outline of the other’s cuntlips and hot sex so close, yet separated by just enough to keep from fully mating. Ravanna felt the occasional electric slide of bare pussy to pussy as both thongs were pushed aside or pushed into a hot cunt slit, but the momentary meeting of wet, slick, inviting cuntflesh only served to tantalize and torture both women all the more. Soon, their thongs would be gone and they would be locked in all-out, full-on fuck but, for now, each woman tried to stimulate her foe to the point of defeat even before delivering the first blow.

Writhing, grinding, slick flesh sliding and crushing and rolling over hot flesh, the scent of hot sweat and womanly arousal filling the air, steaming cunts sliding and teasing, pussies lubricating,  pubic hair tangling as they rubbed, the two savage beauties forced each other to ever higher levels of erotic pleasure as their bodies prepared for the ultimate sexual confrontation.

Part IV

Ravanna and Madarath spread their open hands on the other’s rippling, rounded ass, and their mouths locked together in continuous sucking, eating, licking kisses. They could not get enough of each other, and each kiss exchanged feminine spit and sent molten heat coursing through their bodies into their battling crotches. They continued to move together, rubbing, writhing, bare flesh to bare flesh, bodies sliding in the hot sweat, massive tits crushing and rolling, throbbing with pleasure, struggling to squash each other down, each woman stimulating and arousing the other to higher and higher levels of desire. Their moans and sighs of lustful joy mixed and echoed in the vast room.

Ravanna sealed Madarath in a probing kiss, keeping the other woman’s face locked to her own by holding the queen’s head in place, pushing her mouth as deep into Madarath’s as she could. Then, pulling hard on Madarath’s chestnut hair, she struggled to roll their battling bodies. Madarath fought back, however, spreading her legs, pushing down with all the power of her beautiful body, determined to hold the dominant position in this conflict, knowing well that the slightest advantage could be decisive.

For several minutes, the two beautiful women struggled on the bed, the heat between their writhing bodies building, their shared sweat glistening on their skin, scenting their battle, slicking their firm flesh. The tension in their cunts grew unbearably, their curses and snarls and gasps became more pronounced as Ravanna tried to turn their bodies and Maradath fought to maintain her place. Their hot, hungry cunts slapped together, thong to thong, thick pubic hair crunching and tangling, both women crying out with animal lust. They rubbed their thongs together viciously, groaning with pleasure as they felt the slick flesh of their aching cunts abrade on the soft cloth, flicking tantalizingly at each other through the sopping wet material. Their nipples were fused, piercing each other, pushing each other deep into their dense titflesh, but it would be only by going naked cunt to naked cunt and clit to clit that they could bring their full womanhood to bear.

Untwining her thrashing, stroking legs from Madarath’s beautiful limbs, bracing her arms and her heels against the bed, Ravanna bridged her back, thrusting up with all of the power of her incredible body. Her head, shoulders, the length of her arms and the heels of her feet remained on the bed. The rest of her body curved up like a bow, lifting Madarath high off the fur-covered mattress. The queen had not expected this move. Her body was still twined to Ravanna’s, and the warrior’s sudden act had the effect of driving their grinding cunts together with enormous force. For a moment, Madarath was suspended in the air, her body solidly balanced, cunt to cunt, on the thick, juicy base of Ravanna’s twat. The women shuddered, gasping at the erotic charge that roared through them. Then, Ravanna threw their bodies to the side, hurling Madarath over onto her back. Ravanna assumed the top position and brought her powerful body crushing down on top of the savage queen.

Madarath gasped and heaved as Ravanna’s tits squashed flat to her own, thick, exquisitely sensitive titflesh. Their boobs crushed into one, burning nipples piercing and rubbing. The warrior’s hard, hot belly slammed onto the queen’s, their deep navels sucked for a moment. As the flash of pain and pleasure roared through Madarath, she felt Ravanna twine their legs, pulling her thighs apart, and pushing into her hard, driving their throbbing cunts together. Madarath groaned, clawed at Ravanna’s back, and bit the red-headed warrior gently on her muscled shoulder. The queen was almost insane with lust.

Ravanna looped her arms around Madarath’s back and grabbed the queen’s long brown hair. The queen opened her thighs wider, allowing Ravanna’s body to sink even more tightly into her crotch. The women locked eyes, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, hot breath blasting over their faces. Their tits throbbed, nipples rock-hard and twisted into pulsing, fleshy knots.

Madarath reached down to Ravanna’s hips and pulled hard at the delicate chain holding the warrior woman’s thong in place. The chain resisted for a moment, then snapped. In an instant, the queen had ripped Ravanna’s thong from her body. The heat from the redhead’s volcanic cunt exploded out onto Madarath’s thighs and pussy juice dribbled down from Ravanna’s twat to moisten Madarath’s sopping thong and pubic hair. The sorceress writhed in anticipation of the cunt to cunt fucking to come. Ravanna smiled, her hunger raging, and slipped her left hand down Madarath’s back to the queen’s thong. She grabbed the chain and the butt-floss cloth of the thong and simply tore the garment away. Now nothing stood between the women’s hot, wet cunts and absolute ecstasy.

The women lay pressed tight, the furnace heat from their over-sexed pussies warming their inner thighs. Belly to belly, tits flattened deliciously to each other, the women glared at each other in hate and need. Hot juices dripped down from Ravanna’s soaking cunt to Madarath’s matching pussy. Ravanna’s thick red pubic hair was tangled and matted with the dense fur of Madarath’s chestnut-colored bush. Hearts pounding with exertion and excitement, raw lust boiling in their veins, erotic electricity tingling in their flesh, the two battling women stared deeply into the other’s eyes, sharing hot breath as they prepared to carry their fuckwar to the next level.

“Are you ready to be cunt-fucked, Madarath?” Ravanna growled. “Are you ready to feel the clit of a real woman?”

“Let me feel you, girl,”Madarath snarled back. “And you can feel me, and we’ll both find out who is the real woman here.”

Ravanna smiled, pulled back her hips and ass, then drove her aching, burning cunt down to meet Madarath’s hot, wet twat. She could not wait a moment more. She had to mate with this beautiful bitch, she had to join her flesh to the queen’s body and merge with this woman in the most intimate and erotic way possible. Madarath angled her pussy and spread her legs wide, welcoming Ravanna’s attack. Smooth, slick pussy lips met and slapped wetly, then caressed and slid deliciously on each other, unleashing a bolt of pure sexual electricity and raw pleasure through both beautiful women. The women gasped together, crying out in harmony. Their throbbing cunts rubbed, hot slits meeting and stroking. Their soaked pussies kissed wetly, then slid apart, trailing thick strands of viscous cunt juice as their pussies lubricated and moistened even more. The women trembled and moaned with erotic bliss as their cunts caressed and taunted each other. Erotic power burned through their incredibly sensitive flesh. They rubbed pussies, their hungry twats ate at each other, teasing, torturing. Their solid bellies slid and rubbed, their deep navels sucked and filled with sweat and the pussy juice that now coated their inner thighs and lower bellies. They shuddered with lust, their bodies burned with desire. Whatever higher purposes their battle might serve were lost. All that mattered to both women was to fuck each other senseless, to satisfy the incredible lust consuming them.

Ravanna drove her hot, wet cunt down onto Madarath’s answering twat. Their soft, thick pussy lips met and squashed tight, their cunts sinking into each other, wet flesh merging and melting, impossibly erotic sensations burning through their blood. The two women worked their hips hard, gyrating, grinding, rubbing their cunts around and around in opposite directions, drilling into each other, forcing each other’s tight, hot slits open, rejoicing in the mutual violation. Then, they pulled apart in a spray of pussy juice, before slapping their ravenous cunts together again and again. The women gritted their teeth and shrieked in pleasure as their exquisitely sensitive cuntflesh merged, slid and slicked, the wet furnaces of their twats fusing them into one throbbing, boiling sex. Their pussy lips spread, their grossly swollen clits bulged from within their melting, merging labia. As they ground at each other, Madarath moaned as she felt her swollen clit slide between Ravanna’s  inviting cuntlips and penetrate the redhead’s burning sex. Ravanna inhaled sharply, then gasped as her clit slipped down into the furnace of Madarath’s wet sex. Arching her back, Madarath presented her burning clit to Ravanna’s attack. With a jerk of her powerful hips, Ravanna drove her aching clit directly into Madarath’s matching sexhorn, the two electrified sex organs meeting and smashing head to head, then holding each other in quivering tension.

An explosion of ecstasy too great to endure erupted in every nerve in the women’s pleasure-saturated bodies. Erotic power roared through the women in unbearable waves, and each woman felt the potency of the other’s sex, flooding and racing through her body, struggling to overwhelm and devour her with raw pleasure. Their tits swelled with electricity, their soaking cunts convulsed in muscular spasms and gushed hot pussy juice as they contracted powerfully and sealed into an unbreakable, sucking kiss.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!,” Madarath shrieked, the shock of pleasure almost causing her to pass out. “Yes, oh YES!!!,” she screamed. “You Fucking BITCH!!”

 “FUCK, OH FUCK!!!,” Ravanna cried,  “DIRTY CUNT!!” Her voice broke and dissolved into incoherent moans of joy.

The women threw back their heads, their wild hair thrashing, their beautiful, glowing eyes wide and staring but unfocused, lost to the incredible sensations blasting out of their struggling clits. Their warring bodies shuddered and writhed, their muscles trembled with erotic power, meshed and strained against each other, locking the women together as tightly as possible. They jerked and bucked together, striving to become one mass of pleasure-saturated flesh. Their claws sank into the other’s thrusting ass, scratching at the round, firm muscle, struggling to pull each other in, driving as deep and hard into each other as possible. Their toes curled with the heat and tension rippling through their voluptuous bodies.

Madarath fought to hold on to consciousness, she struggled to master the sexual energy pouring into her from Ravanna’s magnificent clit. She had never felt anything this intense before, and the pleasure was beyond belief. In that moment, she knew that she had never before locked up with a woman as powerful as this one. Her sex trembled with the force of Ravanna’s erotic strength. Her cunt lubricated massively, aroused beyond belief.

Ravanna shrieked, her mind almost overloaded with the power roaring through her. Madarath’s sexual strength was unbelievable, and it was all she could do to keep from coming in a torrent of gushing pussy juice. Her cunt convulsed, her breasts seemed to expand and explode with the sensations coursing through her erogenous zones. For the first time, she began to doubt her ability to master the other woman’s cunt.

Slowly, deliberately, the panting, groaning, writhing women brought themselves under control. Hands still gripping and clawing the other’s round, firm ass, they pumped at each other, gliding their swollen clits back and forth, up and down, sawing their sexhorns against each other until raw ecstasy burned in every atom of their perfect bodies, until they sobbed and screamed in rage and need, their bodies one mass of straining, heaving muscles and hot, sweat-soaked curves. They clawed at each other’s voluptuous flesh, desperate to merge their bodies, equally desperate to ride the other into sexual submission.

“I’ll crush you, girl, I swear to Hecate, I’ll crush you…,” Madarath gasped, panting furiously.

“No, Madarath, no,” Ravanna groaned, nose to nose with her enemy, gasping with desire, their luxurious manes of hair tangling as they thrashed in each other’s arms. Ravanna ground her clit down onto Madarath’s, her ass clenching as she thrust with her hips, as she forced more and more ecstasy out of the queen, as she resisted her own orgasmic release. “My clit is bigger and stronger than yours,” she panted, “and you will beg for my cunt by the time I’m done with you, bitch.”

The furious, sex-crazed warriors locked into a brutal kiss, their tongues sliding electrically, before twisting into one sensual knot and struggling for domination. The women’s taut tits rolled and quivered, slipping and sliding over each other, then crushing each other almost flat, their nipples grating and twisting into sensual knots. Their strong, dense titflesh still resisted the compression, rubbing furiously and sending waves of erotic sensation burning into the battling Amazons’ clits. Their bellies slid and slapped, hot flesh working against hot flesh, slick sweat and cunt juice lubricated their grinding bodies, the thick mats of their pubic bushes tangling into one hot, wet mass.

The battle raged on. The focus of the struggle was between the women’s struggling clits, but every other sexual organ and sensual weapon was brought to bear. Tongues, tits, writhing bellies and stroking hands were used by both women to try and give one or the other a decisive advantage in their sexual duel. Madarath kissed and licked at her enemy’s neck and ear, trying to provoke still more pleasure out of her redheaded foe. Ravanna kissed and licked in return. Madarath twined her legs through Ravanna’s powerful pair and used them as the leverage to drive back against Ravanna, to compensate for the redhead’s advantageous position. Their locked bodies moved as one, every inch of skin burning with erotic sensation, wet, ravenous cunts pounding in ecstasy.

They broke a savage kiss and lay cheek to cheek as their bodies warred, their pants and erotic cries harmonizing as they fucked. Madarath jammed two fingers up Ravanna’s tight ass. The other woman retaliated immediately. The women smiled viciously at each other as they continued the struggle.

Ravanna struggled to focus her mind and her will, concentrating her sexual power into her throbbing clit and her pulsing nipples, trying to channel her sexual energy into Madarath, to fill the queen with unbearable ecstasy. Every delicious thrust of her hips, every stroke of her rock-hard clit against Madarath’s opposing clit forced ever more pleasure on the sorceress queen. But Madarath was giving back just as much as she was getting. Even as Ravanna’s burning clit was grinding pleasure into Madarath, so her swollen clit was being stroked and stimulated and forced to accept sheer ecstasy from Madarath’s burning sex. Her throbbing nipples were electrified by the grinding of Madarath’s thick, hard nips. The women’s flesh grew ever more sensitive as the battle raged. They locked up in a hungry kiss and found that they could both feel every nerve in their twisting tongues exploding with pleasure as they licked and pushed at each other. Both women sobbed with ecstasy, their bodies trembling with erotic joy as they pumped each other full of sexual power, struggling to overwhelm each other, riding each other to a devastating orgasm.

Ravanna broke the kiss and, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, with her foe whimpered with joy. Madarath moaned and cursed. The women opened their mouths, touching lip to lip as they exchanged hot breath and desperate gasps. They gritted their teeth and sobbed uncontrollably, tears streaming down their faces, as their bodies shuddered with tension and pleasure. Their wet cunts slammed together in ecstasy, their bellies slapped rhythmically.

Ravanna found herself on the verge of a terrible orgasm. She fought desperately to push the raging pleasure back, to keep the erotic dam from breaking. But it was just too much. With a shriek of agony and sheer bliss, she drove her boiling cunt and her rock hard clit against Madarath’s steaming sex. Their clits trembled together, fusing with power and pleasure. Then Ravanna exploded in raw ecstasy. Pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt came boiling out of her core, filling her entire body, engorging her breasts and pumping up her clit even harder, before sending her into a shattering release of erotic energy.

“FUUUCCCCKK!!,” Ravanna shrieked, her body going rigid with the pleasure. Hot cum erupted from the depths of her body, and she thrust down with her ass and hips, injecting her fluids deep into Madarath’s vaginal canal, filling the other woman’s sex with delicious warmth. The queen gasped and screamed with joy, twining her limbs with Ravanna’s, struggling to hold back her own impending orgasm, fighting the delicious sensation of Ravanna’s hot cum burning down to her womb, intimately violating her. Madarath continued fucking her clit into Ravanna’s pulsing sexhorn, hoping to ride the red-headed warrior to sexual defeat before she had to surrender to her own erotic sensations, looking forward to paying back the violation. Ravanna continued to grind her clit to Madarath’s matching sexhorn, even as the orgasm took her body.

With a shuddering cry, Madarath wrapped her arms around Ravanna’s convulsing, bucking body and twisted, rolling Ravanna onto her back. Madarath took the top position. The queen slid her cunt into place on Ravanna’s slick, hot twat, she dropped her massive tits down onto Ravanna’s magnificent rack. The women groaned together in ecstasy as their pussy lips kissed once again, as their swollen clits caressed and locked.  Madarath began grinding hard, desperately, clit to clit, determined to force Ravanna into orgasmic submission. Ravanna groaned and sobbed, holding back another devastating orgasm, even as she fought back, meeting every one of Madarath’s powerful thrusts with her own. The room filled with the sound of taut bellies slapping, wet cunts pounding and sucking, the screams and animal growls of two alpha bitches fucking each other to the end.

“Fuck, Fuck, Ohhhh FUUUCCKK!!,” Ravanna howled as another incredible orgasm burned out her core. Then came another and another. She screamed and shrieked and continued to writhe and grind her powerful clit to that of Madarath. Even as Ravanna became delirious with the pleasure being beaten out of her, her perfect body continued to fight back, though whether she was simply seeking more and more ecstasy or refused to surrender was not clear, even to Ravanna.

Madarath whimpered with pleasure and desperation as she rode Ravanna’s luscious body. She needed to fuck Ravanna into unconsciousness, she needed to completely defeat and control the redheaded bitch if she wanted to win this battle. But her body was thrumming, quivering with pleasure and tension of a kind she had never felt before. Her sex-saturated muscles burned with sensation, her swollen tits pulsed with pleasure, her crotch ached with sexual heat, boiling her blood with lust. Her swollen clit continued to fence and rub with Ravanna’s matching sex, but the redhead’s clit showed no sign of softening and surrendering, despite the multiple orgasms it had already produced. With groaning cries, the women locked together in a tongue twisting kiss, each trying to force the other to the breaking point.

In final desperation, Madarath drove her aching clit into Ravanna’s throbbing sexhorn with all of her power, trying to crush or bend the redhead’s clit beneath her own. Ravanna thrust up with equal strength. Their swollen clits met head to exquisite head, then bent each other back, before suddenly twisting together and folding into a tight knot. The explosion of unbearable pleasure that resulted shocked and paralyzed both women for several seconds. They broke their kiss, gasping, glaring at each other in shock as they both felt the sexual bomb building in their locked cunts. Then, it exploded like a star going nova. Raw, unbelievable pleasure roared through their bodies, filling them with unendurable sensations, engorging their sexual organs with power, overwhelming both women with excruciating pleasure.

“No, NO, Oh Fuck, NOOOO!!” Madarath shrieked as her cunt exploded, as her clit seemed to expand to encompass her entire body. She sank her hands into Ravanna’s thick red hair and pulled viciously, snarling and sobbing at the warrior woman, even as her ass pumped mercilessly, pumping her hot cum into her foe. Ravanna screamed and bucked, shuddering with pleasure as devastatingly powerful multiple orgasms took her, as Madarath’s incredible climax filled her with the queen’s boiling cum and raw pleasure, as their knotted clits expanded and swelled into one interlocked, fused mass of ecstasy.

In the back of her mind, Ravanna knew that she had lost this incredible battle. Madarath had ridden her to the point of multi-orgasmic defeat. She could no longer control her body, she could only wrap her arms and legs around Madarath’s writhing, muscled perfection and fuck the queen until her consciousness collapsed from the sheer pleasure.

“I’m sorry Darvaron,” she thought dimly, asking forgiveness of her friend, who was now losing his final chance at a mystical cure to his condition.  Then her body exploded with a heat so intense that she was sure she was melting into Madarath’s rubbing, writhing flesh. The last sensations Ravanna felt were the heat of Madarath’s boiling cum flowing into her vagina, the fiery grating of their engorged nipples, and a final explosion of pure erotic joy from their locked clits. Ravanna felt as though her entire body had become one gigantic genital, rubbing and sliding with Madarath’s woman-sized cunt and clit. Then she passed out, her mind no longer able to endure the sensual sensations filling her sex.

Part V

Ravanna returned to consciousness, a sudden flash of pain in her crotch jolting her back to awareness. Her body was on fire with a sexual fever. Delicious sensations emanated from her hot cunt. Her breasts pulsed with electricity, her nipples were as hard as nails, her titflesh was acutely sensitive and dense with arousal. She was wet with sweat and the many secretions that had flowed in and out of her pussy, that coated her belly and her inner thighs. She kept her eyes closed. She did not feel the weight and heat of Madarath’s body crushing down on hers. She did not know how long she had been unconscious and she did not know if Madarath had already painted her with the sigil of victory. It was clear that the erotic power that had been unleashed in the women’s sexwar was still far from being depleted, despite Ravanna having been fucked into oblivion. But now, she had to face the consequences of her defeat. She was sure that Madarath would use her as a sextoy for the rest of the night, and she was not sure she could endure the humiliation.

Slowly, however, she became aware of the panting gasps beside her. Her own pants had kept her from noticing it before. She turned her head and saw Madarath. The queen was lying to Ravanna’s left side, her right arm tossed over her forehead, her left hand gripping her mammoth left tit, her chest heaving with effort. Madarath’s legs sprawled out carelessly, her thighs wide apart, her pussy leaking with sexual discharge, her tattered bush glistening with wet in the dim light. The queen was soaked with sweat and pussy juices and Ravanna suddenly realized that the queen had only just rolled off of her body. Indeed,  it was Madarath’s movement, the lifting of the beautiful Amazon’s sensual weight from Ravanna’s body, the flash of pain caused by the tearing apart of their enmeshed pubic hair, that had brought Ravanna back to awareness. And, suddenly, Ravanna knew that the battle was not yet over. Madarath had fucked her senseless, but she had succeeded in exhausting the sorceress queen. Madarath had been too spent to paint the sigil. Ravanna smiled. She still had a chance.

Madarath turned her head to Ravanna and the women’s eyes locked, green to blue. The women continued to pant, but they both licked their lips in anticipation. Electricity flowed between them, and their mutual lust and desire flared again to a fever pitch. The mystical nature of their battle was linking them, joining them in ways neither woman had felt before. A sexual bond was forming between them that could not be denied.

The women smiled at each other, their mutual, ravenous hunger obvious to both. No words were necessary. All that mattered to either of them was satisfying the hunger churning between their legs, pulsing in their tits, flopping within their bellies.

Ravanna pushed herself to a sitting position, her long powerful legs folded to her side, her pendulous tits swaying tantalizingly as she moved. Madarath mirrored her position, pushing herself up, her broad hip curving away from her slim waist.

Ravanna’s hungry eyes shifted to watch Madarath’s massive tits rock as she sat up. The redhead could not contain herself. Her innards tightened with desire, sexual energy flowed through every cell in her magnificent body. Standing on her knees, she reached out and cupped Madarath’s magnificent rack. Madarath groaned with passion. Ravanna filled her hands with her enemy’s bulging flesh. She weighed and squeezed the dense tits, she ran her hands over the perfect orbs and ran her palms over the tight, thick nipples. She squeezed the nipples like knobs and stroked the pebbled areola, forcing a cry of joy from Madarath. Her eager fingers sank into the thick, warm flesh.

Even as Ravanna filled her hands with Madarath’s tits, Madarath sat up on her knees, matching Ravanna’s stance again, and reached for Ravanna’s perfect, heavy breasts. As Ravanna worked and fondled Madarath’s tits, the queen began stroking and squeezing and hefting Ravanna’s beautiful tanned globes. She squeezed Ravanna’s thick nipples sharply, inflicting pain and a shock of pure pleasure. She kneaded and massaged the dense flesh. Ravanna and Madarath squeezed their enemy’s beautiful tits together, eliciting cries of pleasure from each other. The intensity of this mutual assault was greater than it would have been under other circumstances, as both women battled under the growing influence of the mystical sexual energies they had evoked in their bodies, energies that saturated them and made them exquisitely sensitive to the slightest stimulation.

The women sighed and gasped, moaned and cried out as their tits burned and throbbed and ached under their mutual ministrations. They pushed close, until they were forehead to forehead, sharing sweet breath and desperate sighs and groans of lust.

“You fuck, you dirty fuck…,” Ravanna groaned. “I’ll break you Madarath, I’ll crush your clit, I’ll suck your tits off…”

 “I fucked your twat off, you redheaded whore,” the queen gasped in reply. “I’ll make you scream like the cheap slut you are…”

Madarath and Ravanna touched hungry tongues. Pure sexual power flowed between the delicate pink probes and they licked at each other eagerly, before turning their heads and locking into a long, slow, slick kiss. They groaned together, their cries muffled by their twisted tongues, then slowly broke the kiss, still licking and pushing at each other, tongue to tongue, exchanging saliva. The women continued to fondle their enemy’s magnificent breasts, to work the thick, hot, excruciatingly sensitive flesh.

With a moan, her eyes half-open and staring intently at Ravanna, Madarath suddenly took Ravanna’s bulging right tit, squeezed the nipple hard between her index finger and thumb, then lowered her head to the beautiful brown nub and began sucking with a ravenous hunger. She wrapped her lips around Ravanna’s inch-long nipple and sucked hard, quickly taking as much of the surrounding areolae and titflesh in and chewing gently, feasting on Ravanna’s gorgeous tit. Ravanna screamed out, her tit flaring with incredible heat, her stomach roiling with tension and desire. “Gods, oh gods of earth and air,” she thought, “this is good, this is so good…” For a few moments, Ravanna was paralyzed, unable to do more than simply enjoy the raw feelings radiating out from the centre of her magnificent breast. Even as she suckled at Ravanna’s right tit, Madarath continued kneading and massaging the redhead’s left breast.

Ravanna pulled Madarath’s right tit to her mouth, lowered her head and, in moments, the room filled with the muffled groans of the two women suckling at the other’s gorgeous breast, sucking and chewing, rubbing and kneading, squeezing and massaging the thick titflesh, inflicting more pleasure on each other than either could stand. Their free hands continued mauling and stroking, squeezing and hefting the other’s free tit.

For long minutes, Ravanna and Madarath devoured each other, their muffled moans and cries of pleasure growing in intensity. They bit and ate at each other’s nipples, leaving teethmarks and angry red welts, they licked their enemy’s beautiful golden tit, covering the dense flesh in glistening spit, lapping away the hot sweat, sucking for the other’s milk. Their bodies burned with fever.

Madarath’s wet cunt, partly open and spread and already dripping with the signs of her arousal, suddenly gushed in a flash of ecstasy as Ravanna’s titsucking hit a particularly pleasurable spot. Madarath moaned in joy. Stimulated by the delicious scent of aroused womanhood, Ravanna’s boiling cunt gushed in sympathy moments later. Soon, each of the women had soaked the bed fur under their cunts several times as their mutual assault on the other’s magnificent rack continued.

Madarath felt like her chest was burning up. The unbearable pleasure that Ravanna was inflicting on her was driving her crazy with lust. Her only recourse was to do the same to Ravanna, to unleash her burning desire by eating and feasting on Ravanna’s delectable tit with all of her ravenous hunger. The women felt as if their mutual sucking was completing a circuit of erotic power. It felt as though the pleasure and tension flowed through each woman’s body, then poured out of the sucked tit and back into the other woman.

After feeding on each other’s right tit until both of their nipples were hard and sore and their assaulted tits were red and throbbing, covered with light teethmarks and gleaming with spit, the two women turned from the other woman’s ravaged tit, their faces brushing past each other, their questing tongues touching and licking, and resumed their assault on each other by feasting on their enemy’s left tit, while they switched to kneading and massaging the freed right tit. Their breasts throbbed with sensitivity, the savaged nipples pulsing with heat and electricity, burning with a tenderness that filled both women with raging need.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Ravanna and Madarath moaned together, lost in erotic bliss. Their tense pussies grew even wetter and hotter. They kept sucking, stimulating their nipples until the thick nubs were longer and more acutely sensitive than either woman could remember them ever being before. With a gasp, Madarath pulled her mouth away from Ravanna’s engorged nipple, then twined her right hand in Ravanna’s hair and yanked the redhead’s head back, away from Madarath’s aching tit. Ravanna returned the grip. For a moment, the women squeezed the other’s right tit while pulling at the other’s hair. The women came together chin to chin as they snarled and gasped and briefly struggled to control the other.  Finally, each woman squeezed the other’s tit hard. The women gasped in unison, pulling back from the incredible jolt that raced through them.

Madarath released Ravanna’s burning jug, then moved herself away just slightly. The women regarded each other, taking in the other’s perfect body with burning eyes. Their chests heaved, their round, ravaged tits glistened in the warm light. Madarath reached back with her free hand to the table beside the bed. She retrieved a small glass vial.

Madarath smiled at Ravanna, her beautiful face lighted with heat and lust, her wild mane of tousled chestnut hair framing her savage grin and shining eyes. She unstoppered the vial and slowly, languorously, poured out some of the contents on to the upper curves of her majestic golden tits. Ravanna realized that this was some kind of oil. Madarath poured out enough oil to coat the top of her breasts. The viscous liquid began to trickle down the sides of her breasts, between her round, golden jugs, down her taut, wet belly to her deep, narrow navel, before trickling on down to moisten her pussy fur. Madarath reached out and tilted the vial over Ravanna’s breasts, and poured a good dollop of the oil onto Ravanna’s magnificent rack.

Without hesitation, Ravanna reached out and began rubbing the thick, fragrant liquid around and around her enemy’s bulging tits, lifting and separating Madarath’s tits as she handled them, sometimes squeezing the beautiful orbs together tightly as she rubbed.  Madarath gasped at the delicious sensations, then stoppered the vial, twisted it shut, and threw it aside, onto the bed. She filled her hands with Ravanna’s equally massive breasts and began kneading and massaging the redhead’s meaty orbs. The oil slicked their skin, warming their thick titflesh with a pulsing heat, as they worked the liquid into the other’s massive orbs. Around and around they stroked silk smooth skin, they gently, teasingly worked the sweet-smelling oil into the other’s taut, dense flesh. Their nipples, already sensitive and tingling with pleasure, began to burn, pleasantly, enticingly. The thick, fleshy nubs, already more than an inch long, grew just a bit tighter and longer. The abrasions and teethmarks stung deliciously as the oil worked in. Their tits pulsed with the new heat and began to swell and harden with arousal even more, though Ravanna had thought that impossible at this stage.

The women kept their gazes locked as they massaged their enemy’s massive rack. Their majestic boobs gleamed in the dim light of the room as the slick oil covered their tender flesh. Madarath licked her dry lips, panting with lust and pleasure, and smiled in anticipation.

“The oil grows hotter under friction,” Madarath groaned. “And I think our tits are going to be creating a lot of friction with each other,” she added, with a lustful grin.

“I don’t care how long it takes, Madarath,” Ravanna breathed, “my tits are going to crush your flabby little bags into your ribs.” She squeezed the queen’s rack, crushing the nipples, her fingers slipping on the slicked flesh.

Madarath smiled again, then responded with a haughty toss of her head. “You were lucky to survive the first part of our battle, bitch. I have no doubt that I’ll finish you off now. I’m going to make you come so hard you won’t be able to stop.”

Ravanna smiled. She released Madarath’s tits, then batted the queen’s hands away from her own rack. The redheaded warrior moved forward on her knees, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust forward. She wanted Madarath desperately. She needed to feel the other woman’s flesh grinding and slipping and driving against hers. Her pussy was tight and hot juices trickled down her inner thighs.

Madarath returned the smile. Hands on her womanly hips, she thrust her tits forward, offering her meaty rack to Ravanna’s oncoming tits.

The women came together, rock-hard nipple to rock-hard nipple. After the furious tit sucking and mauling they had inflicted on each other, their engorged nips were impossibly sensitive. The thick brown nubs and ridged areola crushed hard, eclipsing each other perfectly. Their solid nipples slid on the hot oil, but slowly crushed each other down, back into their areola, and further back into their dense tits. The two women whimpered in concert, groaning as the explosion of pain and pleasure throbbed through their breasts and into their loins, warming their bellies.

Madarath and Ravanna pressed close, but they did not strain to crush their dense tits into one. Instead, keeping their swollen nipples tightly compressed, the two voluptuous beauties began rotating their tits around their interlocked nipples and areola.  The muscles of their backs rippled. The oil heated rapidly, sending sensual electricity radiating through their gently rubbing breasts. The dense, sensitive flesh slid and slipped on the slick oil, sending quivering pulses of ecstasy down into their loins. Raw pleasure trickled away from their nipples, filling their tits, leaking down into their bellies, tightening the throbbing muscles of their powerful cunts, pumping up their rigid clits with ever more power and fire.

The women pushed their faces close, forehead to forehead, nose to nose. They shared panting breath and turned their heads so that their open mouths could touch and tease and occasionally lock. Questing tongues darted out to touch and stroke and tantalize each other. The women briefly locked up in a deep kiss, scouring the insides of the other’s mouth with their hungry tongues, before pulling apart to gasp in joy.

Round and around they worked their tits, enjoying the tantalizing sensations as massive tits rolled and slid like fleshy cannonballs on their chests, gliding and slipping in the oil, hot friction building and deep sensations pulsing into their engorged tits through their burning nipples. Their tits slid between each other from time to time, prompting both women to flex their chest and back muscles, seizing and squeezing the other’s meaty masses with their own. Electricity ran like a constant current from the women’s burning tits to their swelling, pulsing clits. Their gasps and moans of pleasure grew more frequent and more desperate as the erotic struggle raged on. Their tits grew hotter and hotter the harder and longer they rubbed.

Ravanna moved her hand from her hips and placed them on Madarath’s hips, just above the queen’s own hands. Madarath raised her hands and seized Ravanna’s biceps, a move that pushed the queen’s massive tits together and forced them to jut powerfully into Ravanna’s opposing rack. The redheaded warrior reciprocated the grip and, suddenly, the women’s tits were pressed solidly together, nipple to nipple, suffused with the heat of the oil. Their tits quivered in tension as they struggled to crush and compress the other’s rack, as they slowly merged and held. Madarath and Ravanna pushed their lower bodies forward, locking up pelvis to pelvis, allowing their thick pubic bushes to mesh. They could not help but rub their lower bellies together as the heat between their legs grew to unbearable proportions, forcing them to wriggle and gasp with the desire to relieve the terrible need. But they continued to focus on the titwar, grinding into each other, each woman determined to master the other woman’s breasts with her own.

Excitement and pleasure built. The tension in Ravanna’s chest became unendurable. With a groan, she released Madarath’s biceps and slipped her powerful arms around the queen’s back. Ravanna wanted to squash her tits to her enemy’s as long and hard as she could, to grind herself mercilessly into the other woman, tit to tit, until one of them gave way to the strength of the other. Madarath eagerly returned the grip. Pressed nose to nose, their heavy tits pressed tight, heat radiating from their sensitive racks, both women wrapped their arms around the other’s naked back. Finding the best position, they squeezed hard, rejoicing in the feeling as their dense titflesh crushed, as sharp nipples locked, milkholes sucking to each other. Ravanna began rubbing up and down, grinding her tits with Madarath’s, struggling to wear the other woman down. Madarath began grinding back and forth, working her tits in opposition to those of her enemy. The women whimpered in pleasure, their bodies moving together up the pleasure curve towards agonizing sexual release. Their bellies slapped tight, their wet navels sucked, their lower bodies wriggled and rubbed, pussy fur twining. Their thick, smooth thighs flexed against each other. Madarath shifted slightly and then drove her right thigh hard up between Ravanna’s legs. Ravanna shuddered as she felt her flaring pussy suck to the hard flesh of Madarath’s thigh. She shifted her own thigh into Madarath’s crotch and was rewarded with the delicious sensation of Madarath’s hot, wet cunt sucking and sliding along her leg.

Madarath gasped at the sudden blast of pleasure and then, as the hard, slicked flesh moved against her swollen clit, she shuddered. Her eyes widened in surprise. The incredible heat and raw erotic power that had been building in her tits, that had been consuming her with deep pleasure, suddenly seemed to explode. The vast heat in her tits seemed to flood her chest and lungs and then pour like molten liquid down into her clit. Madarath’s eyes widened and she cried out in shock. For the first time in her life, she experienced a nipple orgasm and it swept her away. Her pussy squirted hard with the sudden infusion of heat and her aching clit, still sliding blissfully along Ravanna’s thigh, trembled with the sudden release. Her juices coated Ravanna’s thigh, lubricating the sliding motion of her cunt.

“Oh, godddsss…,” Madarath moaned, her breath coming in shuddering pants, her grip on Ravanna’s back suddenly weakening as the tension seeped away from her body, if only for the moment. The orgasm was wonderfully intense, though not as devastating as the vaginal orgasms she had so far experienced. But the flowing heat, the sudden weakness, was enough to give Ravanna a momentary opportunity.

Ravanna continued rubbing tits, but when she felt Madarath’s warm gush on her thigh, when she felt the queen shuddering in her arms, she realized what had happened and knew that she needed to take advantage of the situation. With a gasp, Ravanna pushed hard with her burning tits, she thrust up with the thigh she had lodged against Madarath’s cunt. Still caught in the throes of her ecstasy, Madarath could not resist. Crying out in pleasure, the women fell back onto the bed, Ravanna on top.

For a moment they thrashed, each woman continuing to jam her thigh into the other’s pussy, holding each other tight as their heavy tits absorbed the impact of their fall, then pulsed with unbearable pleasure as they pancaked against their chests. Ravanna grabbed Madarath’s hands and, intertwining their fingers, locking palm to palm, she forced Madarath’s arms down to either side of her head. Ravanna  lifted herself slightly off of Madarath’s body and began rubbing her breasts around and around into Madarath’s delectable,  fleshy orbs. Madarath cried out and writhed in joy as the orgasmic heat in her tits continued to flow down, filling her cunt with pleasure. Ravanna pushed herself up, still holding Madarath’s writhing body in place with their hand to hand grip. She quickly lowered her head and took Madarath’s bouncing right tit in her mouth, sucking and biting hard at the engorged nipple.

“Fuck, oh FFUUCCCKKK!!,” Madarath cried, as the shock of ecstasy pulsed through her tit, setting off yet another delicious orgasm as the heat from her ravaged breast flowed like liquid into her throbbing clit. Her pussy burned like a star, radiating raw sexual pleasure through every muscle in her body.

As Madarath bucked with joy, Ravanna released the queen’s left hand from her own right, and grabbed the queen’s left leg. She pulled the leg up to her shoulder, opening the queen’s thighs, exposing and lifting the woman’s succulent pussy. Ravanna slid her right leg under the queen’s body and threw her left leg over the other woman’s right hip. In a moment, the two women were interlocked like scissors.

Ravanna savoured the moment. Her pussy was burning, aching with heat and need. Her clit was swollen like a balloon, pumped up with the raw pleasure of the tit to tit struggle that she and Madarath had engaged. Her cunt leaked like a faucet, the tension of its unreleased sexual power tightening her muscles all the way up her vagina into the core of her being. She was aroused beyond all belief and as she paused, her ravenous cunt suspended just inches over Madarath’s equally hot, equally wet and hungry and delectable pussy, she thrilled to the anticipation of the ecstasy just moments away. Then she lowered her sopping wet cunt down onto Madarath’s soaked pussy. 

Their blood-thickened pussy lips met and crushed tight, spongy, exquisitely sensitive flesh meshing and merging.  Ravanna lowered her weight down on Madarath’s body, opening and spreading the cunt below her own. Labia melted into one, tight vaginas opened and spread and thick, throbbing clits met and caressed, sending an unbelievable shock of electricity through the mating women, causing them both to shriek in raw ecstasy.

Ravanna gripped Madarath’s raised leg tightly and, slowly at first, then gradually becoming faster and stronger, she began to pump herself into her foe, settling into Madarath’s beautiful cunt like a rider into a saddle. Madarath bucked beneath her, her head thrashing from side to side, her hips driving up to meet every one of Ravanna’s violating thrusts. The women fucked each other powerfully, their pussy lips flattening, their hot juices flowing like molten lava, their enflamed clits sliding and rubbing with electric caresses. Her right hand on Madarath’s ankle, her left hand reaching down to maul Madarath’s jolting right tit, Ravanna poured on the fuck attack.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh…,” Ravanna grunted in joy with every delicious thrust. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her mouth open in an ecstatic smile as she basked in the incredible sensations rolling up from her cunt in waves of pure pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh Fuck, yes…,” Madarath chanted as she and Ravanna fucked. She filled her hands with both of Ravanna’s bouncing tits and squeezed hard. Ravanna released Madarath’s leg and breast and leaning back, trembling with pleasure, she ran her hands through her own hair and threw back her head to groan in sheer erotic euphoria. She kept pumping hard, her whole world reduced to the clit to clit grinding that she and Madarath now inflicted on each other. They pumped their sexual power into each other, fucking  to the end.

Ravanna lowered both her hands to Madarath’s tits and squeezed tight, even as Madarath squeezed her tits in return. As the pleasure built, Ravanna slowed her thrusts, trying to make sure that the incredible orgasm building her core could not break free anytime soon, trying to prolong the sheer bliss of the clit to clit fuck. The women moaned and screamed together in ecstasy, relishing their mutual violation.

For Madarath, the end came suddenly. The nipple orgasms that had driven her over the edge now helped to reinforce the clitfucking that was wracking her body. With a shriek of unbearable release, arching her back and nearly bucking Ravanna out of her body, Madarath came in an orgasmic tidal wave of raw pleasure and power.

“FUCK, oh you dirty filthy FUCKING WHORE!!!,” she screeched as her back bridged. She convulsed, her clawing hands mauling Ravanna’s thrusting tits. Ravanna returned the squeeze, but she was now fighting the intense flash of pleasure that radiated in her core as Madarath’s rock-hard clit crushed with her sexhorn. Moaning with pleasure and the thrill of victory, Ravanna welcomed the warm flow of molten cum that pushed into her vagina at Madarath’s release, she enjoyed the feeling of slick lubrication as the gushing pussy juices saturated the intersection of their grinding bodies. Ravanna began pumping hard again, now wanting the incredible orgasmic release. She leaned forward, pushing Madarath’s leg, which was resting on Ravanna’s shoulder, almost all the way back to the queen’s body. She stared intently and savagely into Madarath’s sweaty face, studying the queen’s expressions of sexual agony as chain orgasms rocked her body. Ravanna pulled Madarath’s hands away from her breasts, locking together, again, hand to hand. Their heavy tits crushed, nipple to nipple, and Madarath bucked some more as the heat in her chest burned nova-bright.

“You’re mine, cuntfucker,” Ravanna moaned. She spat in Madarath’s face, then licked up the spittle. The women’s hot tongues twisted together and they locked in a luscious, probing kiss.

Beneath Ravanna, Madarath bucked and writhed. Her body was wracked by the multiple orgasms now flowing out of her, building up to incredible tension and then releasing in a blast of pure erotic power and joy. She did not even try to resist. She simply relaxed and let Ravanna fuck her senseless while she enjoyed every moment of it. She felt split wide, open and violated, fully exposed and merged with Ravanna’s dominating cunt. She loved it. The pleasure was unbelievable and she wished it could on forever.

The women broke their angry, hungry kiss. Ravanna leaned back and pumped harder and deeper, riding Madarath to the end. Finally, the redheaded warrior could not stand any more. Rearing up, thrusting hard with her ass, her hands running through her own hair and down her body, caressing her own mammoth, rocking tits, Ravanna came in a cataclysmic orgasm.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH MITRA, FUCK!!!” she swore as her sexual power erupted and flowed out through her pussy down into Madarath’s welcoming twat. Pure cum jetted down into the queen and Ravanna thrust hard and furiously as she tried to milk her cunt to the last drop of cum, as she tried to completely overwhelm Madarath’s luscious body and burning sex with her own. Multiple orgasms chained through her pussy. Ravanna pumped cum into Madarath and then groaned in joy as she felt Madarath pumping it back to her, along with the queen’s own discharge.

For long minutes, they exchanged orgasms and juices, their cries and gasps of pleasure slowly fading as their exhausted bodies met their limits. Finally, panting, completely spent, Ravanna looked down at Madarath. The queen appeared unconscious, fucked to oblivion. Ravanna pushed Madarath’s leg off of her shoulder and let the beautifully sculpted limb fall to the bed. Ravanna studied the beautiful face and body beneath hers for a moment more, drinking in the queen’s exquisite loveliness, relishing the thought that she had just fucked her foe into a coma. But then her head grew light, a pulse of pleasure coursed through her and she found herself passing out. She felt her body falling onto that of the queen. She felt their taut tits crushing tight, she felt her lips caressing Madarath’s lips. She felt an answering kiss and pressure from the queen’s tongue. Her final act was to wrap her arms around the queen’s back before the darkness rushed up to take her.

Part VI

Madarath regained awareness slowly but, as her mind oriented itself and she realized where she was, she also realized that she did not feel the sensual weight of Ravanna’s body pressing down on her own. Her ears detected movement near her; her eyes snapped open and she saw Ravanna looming above her, a paintbrush in her right hand, preparing to mark Madarath’s belly with the sigil that would end the battle, seal the redhead’s victory, and break the boundary spell around the bed.

Madarath moved like lightning. Her left hand lashed out, seizing Ravanna’s right wrist; her right hand reached up and filled itself with Ravanna’s glorious left tit and squeezed hard. Ravanna cried out and dropped the paintbrush. Ravanna’s left hand sank into the taut titflesh of Madarath’s right breast and retaliated. For a moment, the women struggled. Then Madarath managed to get her right foot up, planted it solidly on Ravanna’s smooth belly, and kicked the beautiful redhead away.

Ravanna flew back, nearly rolling off the bed. She managed to catch herself on the wooden bed post. She pulled herself back onto the furs, on her hands and knees. Madarath was now also on her hands and knees, confronting Ravanna. Madarath’s massive tits hung from her chest, beautiful and delectable orbs of taut flesh, swinging gently with the queen’s sudden movement. Madarath’s hair was wild and she was breathing hard. Ravanna could see the sexual fever in the other woman’s eyes, mirroring her own.

Ravanna felt intense sexual desire building, once more, in the core of her being. Ravanna momentarily considered simply beating the queen into submission. She was angry; she had come so close to ending the battle and claiming both of her prizes: the queen’s cunt and the mystical book that was the ostensible cause of this fight. But the feeling passed quickly. Ravanna knew that the spell she and Madarath had performed together could only be satisfied through sexual combat. Pummeling the queen as part of their sexfight was possible, but she could not simply batter the other woman until she was too stunned to fight back. This battle could only end when one woman’s sexuality overwhelmed and mastered the other. Besides, Ravanna suspected that the queen was a very formidable fighter. So far, the queen’s magnificent body had met and matched Ravanna’s powerful body in every way. The woman had Amazon blood; she would not be easy to defeat in any contest.

The women glared at each other from across the bed, their hungry eyes taking in the other’s beautiful, voluptuous form. Their bodies dripped with sweat, liquid dropping from the tips of their engorged nipples. Their skin glistened in the dim light. Their hair flared around their beautiful faces, wild and unkempt.

Madarath felt the mystical energies that she and Ravanna had evoked once again rising to restore her sex to its full power, to suffuse her body with heat and the pleasant, growing tension of unsatisfied lust. Ravanna felt the same sensations. She glared at Madarath angrily but, at the same time, she knew that her greatest desire in the universe was to feel the queen’s hot, wet, pussy, grinding between her legs.

Madarath smiled, then stood up on her knees and gestured to Ravanna. Ravanna crawled to the queen, got up on her knees to face her regal enemy. The two beautiful women contemplated each other for almost 30 seconds, staring into each other’s eyes, feeling the tremendous erotic power moving between them.

Madarth slipped her arms around Ravanna’s flawless back and, with a sigh of anticipation, pulled the warrior woman in tight. Both women groaned with pleasure as their heavy, perfect tits mated, nipple to nipple, areola fitting together, dense titflesh crushing and pulsing. Madarath slipped her tongue between Ravanna’s slightly parted lips; Ravanna sucked the other woman’s tongue hungrily, before opening her mouth wide and allowing Madarath better access to her inner orifice. Their tongues twisted and tied, spit flowed deliciously between them. Ravanna’s arms wrapped around Madarath, squeezing tight, and the two gorgeous women began writhing slow and hard against each other, rubbing and thrusting with their voluminous tits, sliding their bellies together, deep navels sucking and popping apart. As the kissfight deepened and became more savage, as their bodies moved harder and the tit to tit, belly to belly rubbing became more frantic and forceful, both women began to move their hands around the other’s back, squeezing hard, massaging and stroking, sliding their hands down their enemy’s back to grasp and knead and scratch at the other’s hard, rounded ass. Pubic hair crunched and meshed as the women thrust their pelvises forward in challenge and rotated their pubes against each other.

Madarath and Ravanna struggled, locked in a licking, probing kiss, but neither woman could gain an advantage. Changing tactics, Madarath threw her body to the side, pulling Ravanna with her. They landed on their sides on the fur, their heads towards the top of the bed. They broke their vicious kiss and, for a few intense moments, their bodies thrashed furiously as each tried to gain the top position. Slowly, agonizingly, Madarath forced Ravanna over on to her back. The women squirmed, writhing and wrestling, rubbing and grinding slick, hot flesh to slick hot flesh. Madarath spread her legs, both to prevent her body from being rolled and to provide easier access to her cunt. Ravanna’s claws dug into Madarath’s ass, pulling the queen harder to her steaming body. Ravanna angled her pelvis, presenting her hot, eager twat. Madarath pushed down with her pussy and both women groaned in joy as their hot cunts kissed.

Madarath raised her upper torso, and began to rub her golden tits into and around Ravanna’s meaty rack. Ravanna groaned as the intense sensations rippled from her overstimulated tits into the rest of her body. Ravanna began to wriggle back in response, but Madarath dropped back down on to Ravanna, flattening their tits, crushing her mouth to that of the warrior woman, trying to drive her tongue deep into Ravanna’s throat. Ravanna had not expected the sudden kiss attack, and she found her tongue being forced back, her mouth scoured by Madarath’s probing, dominating pink probe. Madarath forced her lips and her mouth deeper and harder on Ravanna’s matching orifice, she willed more of her saliva to flow down her wet inner mouth and into Ravanna’s hungry maw. For long moments, the women’s tongues thrashed and twined and struggled within the liquid battleground of their open, spit-filled mouths, before Ravanna found herself being overwhelmed. Swallowing back Madarath’s saliva, pushing back against Madarath’s invading tongue, Ravanna grabbed a handful of the queen’s beautiful chestnut hair and yanked the woman’s head back. With a gasp, Ravanna turned her head to the side, sucking in air, coughing from the sensual assault. Madarath rested cheek to cheek with Ravanna, licking at her opponent’s lips and mouth.

The women’s matching, crushed tits pulsed with tension, their hard, sweat-slicked bellies slid. Madarath shifted her hips, rubbing her thick pubic hair into Ravanna’s matching bush, pushing her pussy lips against those of the redhead. The women moaned in concert, cries of raw lust and building tension. Then, unexpectedly, Madarath rolled herself off of Ravanna’s body. Ravanna was momentarily dismayed by this sudden action. But she was confused only for an instant. Smiling with hunger, Madarath wordlessly turned herself around, her feet at Ravanna’s head, her own head facing down Ravanna’s body. Madarath swung her right leg left over Ravanna’s head, placing her thighs on either side of the warrior woman’s face. Instinctively, Ravanna spread her own thighs, opening her cunt to Madarath’s violation.

Madarath descended on Ravanna’s pussy, burying her face in the redhead’s dense pubic fur, then slipping down to rub her beautiful visage into the warrior woman’s thick, wet, juicy cunt. At the same time, Madarath lowered her cunt to Ravanna’s hungry mouth. Ravanna’s skilful tongue drove deep and hard into Madarath’s gaping fuckhole, licking and lapping at the queen’s sextrough, ravenously devouring the pussy juice coating the woman’s sex, sucking lustfully at Madarath’s engorged, throbbing clit. Madarath sobbed at the incredible stimulation, at the excruciating pleasure radiating out of her sex. She set about devouring Ravanna’s gloriously beautiful pussy with equal fervor.

The women ate each other with a ravenous hunger, Madarath on top, their legs spread wide, inviting the other in. Ravanna ran her hands up and down the deep curve of Madarath’s beautifully sculpted back and ass, massaging the sides of Madarath’s boobs, caressing the queen’s expansive hips, occasionally pulling at the woman’s chestnut hair. Ravanna felt her taut tits compressed beneath Madarath’s belly, her hard nipples turning to stone as Madarath continued to eat her cunt, to stimulate her body to new levels of sexual fever. At the same time, Ravanna felt Madarath’s nipples cutting hard into her own ridged belly. The undersides of their tits were pressed tight against each other. Ravanna’s hands wandered up to Madarath’s tight ass. She kneaded the thick pads of the queen’s buttocks, she massaged, lifted and separated the rounded muscles, then she spread the queen’s ass and licked at the woman’s tight asshole hungrily, teasingly, before resuming her pussy-eating. Madarath groaned in delight and, for a few moments, Ravanna thrilled to the delicious feeling of the queen’s tongue probing her ass in reply, before returning to the task of sucking and nibbling voraciously at her swollen, aching clit.

The women feasted on each other like two starving lionesses. Their tongues went as deep into each other’s fuckholes as they could, exploring and caressing with silken softness and delicate swirling motions the sensitive flesh inside of their labia and vaginas. Their tongues plunged, thrusting forcefully. Their fingers probed deep into their enemy’s vaginal canal, rubbing and caressing, seeking the pleasure spots, stimulating hard, throbbing clits with gentle, tantalizing strokes, running sharp fingernails over the exquisitely sensitive sexhorns. Both women drove stiff fingers up tight assholes, forcing involuntary moans and cries of delicious pleasure from the other, violating each other in the most intimate and erotic ways.

Their muffled moans and groans of pleasure grew louder and more insistent as they ate each other. Their shared pleasure, raw and pure and overwhelming, grew inexorably, then faster and faster as the tension in their cunts became ever more unbearable. How long they sucked and feasted on each other’s sex, Ravanna did not know. Her mouth and lips and tongue were wrapped around Madarath’s enflamed clit and she worked vigorously and enthusiastically at stimulating that sensuous organ, at driving Madarath insane with ecstasy. But Ravanna’s cunt was burning like a star, the incredible tension in her pussy building to excruciating levels as Madarath sucked and sucked at her aching, pulsing clit. Both women sobbed desperately, their tears coursed down their beautiful faces. Madarath’s wild mane covered Ravanna’s groin, her head moving frantically, as she sucked and licked at her foe’s core; Ravanna’s red hair fanned out like a flame on the pillow as she feasted on Madarath’s cunt. Their bodies wriggled and writhed with barely contained ecstasy.

Ravanna reached down Madarath’s body to viciously seize the queen’s hair, to try to pull the other woman’s head back from Ravanna’s burning, throbbing cunt. But Madarath resisted, holding more firmly to Ravanna’s ass, sucking even harder at the warrior’s exquisite sexhorn.

Ravanna felt her clit explode. It felt like her aching, burning sexhorn suddenly expanded, blowing up like a balloon, filling her insides with an intense, coruscating pleasure. She screamed and sobbed uncontrollably; stars exploded behind her tightly shut eyes as her body’s nerves overloaded on the incredible stimulus flowing through her pulsating flesh. Her insides convulsed, growing tight as a bow, then suddenly releasing, pussy juice gushing from her overloaded pussy, jetting into Madarath’s eager, open mouth. Ravanna brought her legs together, clamping her thighs around Madarath’s head, crossing her ankles, holding the queen in place, her hips bucking frantically.

Even as the orgasm took Ravanna, she continued to suck desperately, ravenously, at Madarath’s engorged clit, her fingers worked deep inside the queens soaking cunt. Seconds after Ravanna orgasmed, Madarath joined her. The queen shrieked, her scream a long, ululating cry of pure ecstasy, but muffled in the depths of Ravanna’s twat. Her pussy gushed, soaking Ravanna’s face, filling the warrior’s mouth, cunt juice splashing down on Ravanna’s tits. The queen closed her thighs around Ravanna’s head and rolled their bodies. The women were now on their sides, locked together in a perfect 69, thighs clamped around their enemy’s head, their hips bucking slow and hard as they rode out a series of intense chain orgasms. They filled their hands with the other’s rounded ass and, crying in sheer, unbearable pleasure, sucked the other woman’s clit desperately and held on, pussies gushing regularly, soaking both women’s faces, scenting their hair.

Madarath lost track of the number of delicious orgasms that exploded out of her core, each orgasm accompanied by a jet of cunt juice. She kept sucking at Ravanna’s engorged clit, torturing the exquisite organ even as she was tortured in turn, enjoying the feel of the sensitive sexhorn trapped between her lips, stroked by her tongue, even as Ravanna ate her throbbing clit with equal passion and hunger.

Eventually, the orgasmic explosions faded. The women lay squirming, still wrapped together, sobbing with pleasure. They finally released each other, then rolled away on to their backs, gasping, their faces, tits and hair soaked with the cunt juice of their enemy, their bodies sprawled out in exhaustion, their massive breasts heaving as they sucked in air, struggling to regain their strength.

After a minute, Madarath reached down and filled her hand with Ravanna’s heaving left boob, her fingers indenting the enormous orb. Ravanna returned the grip, seizing Madarath’s left tit in a gentle hold, squeezing the hard nipple. They lay there together, in that way, for another few minutes, their beautiful golden orbs rising and falling beneath their grasping hands. Then, Ravanna gave a Madarath’s tit another gentle squeeze, and rolled herself away from the queen, onto her stomach. Madarath turned her head to see what Ravanna was doing.

The warrior woman pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, then she lowered her torso, pushing her tits into the fur, thrusting her ass into the air, presenting her haunches to the queen. Her elbows on the bed, her back arched, her asshole and pussy fully exposed, she rocked her hips and ass from side to side and looked over her shoulder at the brown-haired queen. Ravanna’s eyes glowed with lust. The furious sexual combat was only fuelling her desire for more.

“Come on, you cunt,” she murmured. “Ass to ass. Let’s see if you can handle it.”

Madarath smiled, then rolled herself to her hands and knees. She crawled down the bed, clearing some space, then planted her fingers deep in the fur, curved her back, thrust her ass in the air and presented her buttocks and her steaming cunt and asshole to Ravanna. Looking over her shoulder, she locked eyes with the warrior woman.

“Come and get it, cuntlicker,” Madarath growled.

The women backed up towards each other, meeting in the middle of the bed. Their bare toes touched, and then their hard, rounded asses. The women pushed, ass to ass, rubbing and rolling the taut, firm muscle, feeling each other’s buttocks ripple and press. Madarath and Ravanna moaned with pleasure as they fought, enjoying the feel of muscle and flesh merging and straining. As they grew more excited, they began rubbing harder and faster.  They spread their legs and raised their asses high and, with a hard push, forced their buttocks apart and pressed their hot, tight assholes together.

“Mmmmmm, mmm, oh yessss…,” Ravanna moaned, smiling ecstatically, her eyes closed, her face a mask of delight as she felt herself connect with Madarath in this new and deliciously sensual way. Madarath also smiled in lust and excitement as she pushed harder, trying to bring their intimate parts into even closer contact.

“Yes, yes, oh yessss….,” Madarath gasped, her pleasure building in waves.

The backs of the women’s beautiful, muscled thighs and calves pushed tight, and seemed to melt together. They stood on their tiptoes, the heels of their bare feet crushing. They wiggled their asses, grinding together, opening and spreading each other, feeling the ridged skin of their tight assholes suck and grind.

“Ah, Gods, that feels so good…,” Madarath groaned, her ass and hips moving rhythmically, in time with Ravanna’s powerful, violating thrusts. Both women were pushed up high, joined at the ass, their arms supporting them, their massive tits jiggling and bouncing as they rocked and ass-fucked. As they moved, as they bucked and arched higher, the undersides of their hot, wet cunts slid together and kissed slowly, wetly, deliciously. They moved up and down, ramming together as deeply as they could, violating each other as intimately as possible at the top of their arc, before coming back down, still ass to ass, gathering themselves for another hard thrust, and then driving against each other again.

“Fuck, Fuck, oh Gods…,” Ravanna cried, her excitement building, the sexual energy in her core growing and flaring, filling her senses, sparking the incredible lust of her womanhood once again.

The women put their hands on the bed, pushed back, and then rubbed the intersection of their voluptuous bodies into one, smearing tight assholes and soft, sucking cunts, locking their bodily orifices together and then rotating their hips in opposite directions so that they could drill into each other even more. Their sexual power flared and burned, their lust grew hotter and stronger as they fought, as they sought to grind each other down, to enter and violate each other intimately. They glared at each other from between their spread legs, their heads hanging down, their heavy tits jiggling wildly, their untamed hair hanging like curtains, bouncing and thrashing as they fucked with greater and greater power and force. Their wet cunts flooded their interlocked crotches and asses with juices, soaking their fuckholes and assholes, adding a thick squelching sound to their hard thrusts and slick grinding as they mated. Juice trickled down their thighs and their calves.  

“Gods, gods, yes, you dirty little fuck…,” Madarath cursed, her eyes shut tight, her lips curled in a sneer of rage and raw lust as she rammed herself higher and harder against Ravanna’s beautiful body, as their asses and twats merged and melded, as the heat between their conjoined bodies flared unbearably.

“Whore, cunt, fucking twat…,” Ravanna chanted, her hate for the queen matched only by her lust for the other woman’s incredible body.

Panting, groaning, grinding, the two battling women rode each other hard, pushing each other closer and closer to another delicious climax. The women moved up and down together, asshole to asshole, cunt to cunt, slipping and sliding against and into each other. When their asses were at the peak of their arc, the women glaring at each other from between their spread legs, Madarath groaned at Ravanna. “Clit to clit, we need to go clit to clit.” It was clear that the queen needed, desperately wanted, the final lock-up.

“Yes,” Ravanna breathed, “Yes, yes, fuck, yessss…”

Part VII

It would have been possible to remain locked together and simply shift their legs to scissor each other, to bring their clits into contact. But Madarath suddenly pulled away and twisted herself around to sit on the bed. Ravanna moaned in misery as her enemy separated from her, her ass and pussy still burning with friction and heat, her clit throbbing with fever.

Madarath spread her legs wide, her pussy trickling with juices, the powerful musk of sexual desire filling the air. Her tits were jiggling, the nipples tight and hard, her abdomen rippling with muscle and tense with arousal. She looked at Ravanna with furious desire, her expression that of a woman transported by sexual lust. An erotic furnace was burning uncontrollably between her legs, and the fire could only be quenched by Ravanna’s sex crushed and driving against her own.

The queen reached behind her and picked something up off the bed. It was the vial of oil, the thick, sweet-smelling liquid that had burned so deliciously when they had fought tit to tit earlier. The queen sat back on her round, firm ass, her thighs spread wide, her cunt open and pointing directly at Ravanna. The queen flexed her cunt lips, inviting Ravanna to examine it, to kiss and suck its juicy lips and hot, steaming core.

Madarath smiled and unstoppered the bottle, then poured a thin stream of the slick oil directly onto and into her pulsing cunt. Her twat hardly needed the lubrication; it was already slicked and soaked with juices and secretions. But she rubbed the oil smartly into her genitals, then gasped, and convulsed, a look of shock followed by pure bliss lighting her face.

“Aaaaaah,” the queen moaned. “Fuck oh fuck, yess….” Even as she shuddered, the lubrication in her twat suddenly surged, her juicy cunt squirted. Her swollen clit, already fat and thick, grew even larger. The queen trembled, her teeth clenched as a spasm of almost unbearable pleasure surged through her sex. Her eyes closed in ecstasy, then opened slowly, glazed with delirious lust, half-lidded as spasms of heat rippled through her core. Madarath poured a stream of the sex liquid onto her heaving tits, and moaned as her nipples flared and tightened in sensation.

Panting with pleasure, Madarath offered the bottle to Ravanna who took it and then positioned herself to face the queen, mirroring Madarath’s position. Ravanna saw the effect the oil had on Madarath and was eager to experience it herself. She poured a dollop of the liquid into her steaming cunt.  She poured trickles of oil onto her rock-sharp nipples. Even before she had stopped, the shock of heat in her pussy almost caused her to scream in ecstasy. She barely managed to stopper and drop the bottle of oil before the next surge of incredible heat pulsed through her body. Her cunt had already been boiling with lust and need but now, with the addition of the oil, her twat became a raging inferno of sexual power and hunger. Ravanna rubbed the oil into her cunt, around her throbbing clit, into her labia and deep into the recesses of her vagina. Then, she threw back her head and gasped in joy as her cunt exploded with nova heat. For a moment, as she struggled to regain her bearings, she wondered if she had actually been driven to an orgasm. But, as she looked down into her squirting pussy, as she watched her incredible clit pump up to a greater size than she had ever imagined it could reach, she realized that she was still not quite at that level of ecstasy.

Ravanna panted and heaved. She looked across the furs at Madarath, whose majestic tits were bouncing as the queen’s chest rose and fell like a bellows. The women smiled at each other, grins of raw sexual desire. Their eyes sparkled in the dim orange glow of the room. Ravanna knew that the oil, combined with the magics that had evoked the women’s pure sexual essence, had now driven them both to an almost inhuman level of sexual sensitivity and desire.

Trembling, Ravanna pushed herself forward, her legs spread wide, her pussy open, hot, wet and inviting. She was eager to mate with Madarath, but she wondered, with fear, trepidation and incredible desire, what it would be like to rub cunt to cunt and clit to clit with her rival when their twats were boiling under the influence of the sex oil. She felt like her aching, throbbing cunt was filling her lower body, she dreamed that she could feel every cell of sexually stimulated flesh in her cunt, every millimeter of the taut, throbbing skin of her aching clit. Her pussy squirted again and again as the desire burning in her core overflowed. Her pussy lips were thick and wet, incredibly wet, and electric with sensitivity. Her pubic bush was soaked and matted.

“Come here,” Ravanna whispered to Madarath, her vote rasping with lust. “Come here, you royal whore…I will fuck your cunt until it falls off.”

“Yes,” Madarath whispered back, her eyes shining with desire, “ We will fuck… we will fuck until only one of us is left…”

Ravanna and Madarath scissored each other, their smooth, muscled legs sliding deliciously over each other, and pushed forward, their pelvises jutting, their burning cunts and rock-hard clits ready to meet and mesh and merge. The slick oil glistened on their crotches, their pussies continued to trickle juices, occasionally gushing as deep internal spasms caused both women to convulse with need. Ravanna and Madarath reached between their legs and rubbed their hungry cunts, momentarily caught in the fever of their lust.  Then they spread their juicy pussy lips, exposing and presenting their massively engorged clits. Hands bracing their bodies, massive, jiggling tits swollen with heat and arousal, eyes locked in hate and unbelievable lust, the two magnificent women lined up their hungry twats and, with a final snarl of rage, drove their throbbing, burning cunts together.

The shock was indescribable, nearly unbearable in its intensity. The women’s earlier fuckfights had been incredibly intense and pleasurable sexual experiences yet even those battles paled by comparison to the sexual electricity that roared through their bodies as their wet, thick, juicy cunts slapped together. For both women, the mystic expression of their womanly power had become more potent with each excruciating orgasm. Now, combined with the sensual intoxication of the oil balm, they found themselves at a level of erotic power beyond anything either had felt before.  

Their meaty cunts slapped and sucked, locking together like two hungry mouths, like two wild animals, eager to kiss, eager to fight, desperate to devour each other. The intoxicating, excruciating heat that pulsed through Ravanna and Madarath as their twats mated exploded like a bomb. The pleasure doubled, tripled, grew even more intense as their rock- hard clits struck and stroked, delicious clitflesh almost melting into one mass of electric sensuality, fusing like wax in the sexual heat.

“Fuck, Fuck, OH FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!,” Ravanna howled, throwing back her head, her eyes wide in shock, every muscle in her body tensed with pleasure. She gritted her teeth, her face a mask of sexual agony.

“AAAHHHHHHH, Gods, Oh GODSSS!!,” Madarath shrieked, her chestnut hair thrashing wildly, her body shuddering with the powerful shockwaves tearing through her sexual core.

The pleasure roared in the beautiful women’s bodies, an intense explosion of heat that threatened to envelope them, burning up from their cunts, filling their throbbing tits, hardening and heating their swollen nipples. Sobbing, screaming, Ravanna and Madarath rubbed their cunts into one mass of sexually saturated flesh, sliding sex-slicked cuntlips in and out of each other, thrusting and grinding their trembling clits until the raw ecstasy flowed like electricity through every cell in their bodies. Slow and hard, the two gorgeous women moved their hips and asses, pushing with all their strength, working to open and spread each other, to enter and violate and dominate the other woman’s perfect body. Their sexual power flowed inside of them, built up to inhuman levels, and burned down to their clits and tits,  powering them as they brought their bodies and all the strength of their womanhood to bear against each other in this final, desperate struggle.

The women pulled apart in a spray of cunt juice, then thrust together again and again, ramming into each other, trying to drive deep, trying to pry open the other woman’s tight wet, sex with her own. Their swollen fuckmeat splatted over and over, the women rotating and grinding their cunts together, before pulling apart and then driving together again. Their clits clashed like swords, pounding and struggling to crush each other back. Their massive tits bounced and jolted, spraying sweat, their hard nipples vibrating with pleasure and tension. Their glistening abdomens rippled and flexed with the effort. Their deep, narrow navels overflowed with the sweat that flowed down their struggling bodies. Madarath and Ravanna fucked brutally, deliriously, wanting nothing more than to merge into one sex-saturated voluptuous flesh.

Hands behind their bodies, leaning back to allow better, deeper access to each other’s cunts, welcoming the other woman’s hungry, angry twat, Madarath and Ravanna began pumping, bucking, grinding into each other. Their driving cunts sucked and sealed in a sopping wet, unbreakable bond, their pubic bushes grated and tangled, their throbbing clits rubbed and rubbed and rubbed against each other, exquisitely sensitive clithead to clithead, sending constant pulses of excruciating pleasure reverberating through their bodies. As they fought, as the friction between their wet cuntlips and yielding labia and battling clits grew, the oil burned ever hotter, stoking the unbearable furnace between their legs to ever higher levels.

Madarath threw back her head and shrieked incoherently, wild with passion. She felt like her entire lower body had become one with the searing sexsword between her legs, which now pulsed and raged with power as it struggled with its delectable counterpart. Madarath felt every cell in her body burning with sexual need, but her mind, her self-control, was almost overwhelmed by the incredible sensations radiating from her clit. She knew that the battle was close to being decided. She and Ravanna were finally locked together, their womanly power at its peak, and now in direct confrontation. She knew that she and the warrior woman would fuck and fuck and fuck until the clit of one of them finally surrendered. Her nipples burned, tight and hard, as her massive tits bounced.

Ravanna felt exactly the same way. Her body was burning up, consumed with its own sexual power, and all of its energy was concentrating into the exquisite sexhorn between her legs. Her clit was locked head to head with Madarath’s clit. Her body trembled with raw pleasure, her toes curled and her heart pounded with sheer joy as erotic sensations filled her flesh, overloading her body, subjecting her to more ecstasy than she had ever dreamed possible.

And still, they kept fighting, kept fucking, harder and harder, neither women wanting or able to stop. The giant chamber filled with the wild, erotic sounds of two women locked in supernatural passion. They cried out and screamed with joy, they snarled and howled in rage and pleasure, their taut, wet bodies slapped and sucked and squelched as hungry cunts ate more and more of each other, as massive tits slapped on their chest walls as they bucked furiously into each other, as rock-hard bellies flexed and rippled with muscular effort as they drove their cunts and clits as deeply inside each other as they could go.

The first orgasm hit without warning. The unbearable heat in their joined cunts suddenly flared even hotter, incredibly hot, then exploded in a pulse of sheer ecstasy. Madarath and Ravanna’s eyes widened, they gasped in astonishment, then they howled in unison and held each other rigid, paralyzed with pleasure, their asses locked and quivering several inches over the bed, their fantastic bodies braced by their powerful arms, their tits trembling with tension, their muscles clenched and vibrating with power as the mutual climax roared through their locked bodies. They struggled to drive their cunts through each other, to eat each other, twat to twat. Their clits fused and held each other in stalemate as wave after wave of sheer sexual bliss radiated out from them. Deep within their bodies, the muscles of their vaginas convulsed and hot cum blasted out, mixing inside and filling both women’s vaginal canals, then overflowing, soaking their pussies, drenching their pubes, splattering their bellies, trickling down their inner thighs and into their asses before dripping to the furs of the bed.

Madarath found her voice. “AAAHHHHHH!!,” she shrieked. “Fuck, fuck, oh you filthy FUCKING WHORE!!,”

“CUNT!! DIRTY FUCKING CUNT!!,” Ravanna howled back, her body as tight as a bow as sexual power pumped through her. Ravanna concentrated, trying to will her womanly energy down through her clit into Madarath’s body, struggling to overwhelm the other woman’s sex with her own. But she felt Madarath’s power pulsing in her own body, she felt the queen’s power violating and ravaging her own fantastic body in the most delicious and intimate ways.

The orgasm lasted for several excruciating minutes and the women held each other taut the whole time, their bodies vibrating with unbearable ecstasy, their breath coming in sobbing gasps, their eyes locked in hate and pure ecstasy. Finally, the orgasm began to subside. Momentarily exhausted, the women’s asses dropped to the bed, their cunts still locked and struggling against each other. The women were panting furiously, their tits heaving, their hearts pounding with the incredible exertion and pleasure, their beautiful bodies drenched in sweat, their lower bodies dripping with cunt juice.

Suddenly, however, almost without warning, Ravanna and Madarath felt another excruciating orgasm building in their clits, vibrating deep in their cunts. Their eyes widened in shock; surely another devastating climax could not be coming so soon on the heels of what they had just done to each other? But they could not deny the reality of the terrible orgasm building in their cores.  It came so fast, and so hard and it was so overwhelmingly powerful that neither Ravanna or Madarath could do any more than endure the sensation. Both women fell onto their backs, shoulders to the bed, their bodies intertwined and sealed into one. They grabbed at the other woman’s overlapping thigh and, as the second orgasm detonated in their clits, their bodies arched in ecstasy and formed a bridge over the bed as they drove together with all of their power.

“GODS, OH GODSSSS!!!!,”Ravanna shrieked as she arched her back and thrust her ass and hips with all her strength, trying to penetrate and eat Madarath’s cunt with her own.

Madarath screamed incoherently as she rammed her body back into Ravanna’s, consumed by the nova heat exploding in her pussy.

 The women pumped hot cum deep into each other and howled in unbearable joy as orgasm after orgasm chained through them. Their asses fell back to the bed and they sank their claws into the other woman’s thighs, holding each other as their magnificent bodies squirmed and twisted and bucked and spasmed, as they ground into each other relentlessly, as they became one long, writhing, undulating mass of perfect female flesh, joined clit to clit, sucked twat to twat. Their massive tits flopped and rocked deliciously as they writhed, grinding together in ecstasy. Their powerful abdomens flexed with exertion. They poured their sexual power into each other, screaming in joy and rage, each struggling to conquer the other’s beautiful pussy.

Ravanna and Madarath realized that a sexual dam had broken. Now, their bodies were truly and completely at war. They inundated each other with sexual power and pussy juices. When the second round of orgasms finished, Ravanna and Madarath were left spent and gasping. But sexual energy continued to ripple in their bodies, filling their tits, pumping up their clits, demanding release.

Gasping, Ravanna pushed herself up on her elbows. Madarath did the same. The women glared at each other over their massive tits, their mutual exhaustion evident, but pure lust still burning in their eyes. Neither woman would give up; both realized that they could only keep fucking each other until one could not go on.  They reached for each other. They locked hand to hand, intertwining their fingers and, holding each other in place, used the leverage to pump at each other, riding each other hard. The mutual fucking lasted only moments before it was enough to bring on another searing orgasm. They held each other’s hands tightly as the pleasure exploded in their cores and resonated through their voluptuous, sex-soaked flesh. They screamed like banshees, riding the unendurable sensations together, until the orgasm finally began to fade. Sobbing, Ravanna and Madarath released each other’s hands and fell back to the bed.

The women lay flat on their backs, their arms thrown over their sweaty faces, their massive tits rocking in sympathy with their gasping breaths, their faces soaked in sweat, their hair damp and bedraggled. Ravanna felt the heat building inside of her again, even deeper and more powerful than before. She did not know how much more of this she could take but she was determined to see things to the end. If she were going to die in this bed, there were worst ways to go than dying from pleasure and sexual exhaustion. Still, she knew that she had to throw everything she had into a final, decisive battle and hope it was enough to overwhelm the incredible woman she was facing.

Ravanna pushed herself up. Madarath rose instantly to meet her. Both women could see in the other’s eyes that they had reached the same decision. They needed to conquer the other, right here and now, if they were to squeeze victory from this fuckwar. Ravanna seized Madarath’s chestnut locks and pulled her close; Madarath buried both her hands in Ravanna’s flame-red hair and yanked viciously, trying to control the warrior woman. The women screamed in pleasure as their rock hard nipples crushed and pierced, the sex oil sparked by the sudden intense friction. They squashed tits hard, then locked into a deep, frantic kiss. They freed each other’s hair and wrapped powerful arms around muscled backs instead, then squeezed tight, compressing their golden boobs even harder. Madarath and Ravanna spread their thighs as wide as they could and pushed as hard together as possible. The wet maws between their legs ate at each other ravenously, sealing tight, rock-hard clits grinding and sliding and stroking at each other, sexual electricity burning up from their cunts to suffuse their bodies.

The women pulled each other as close as they could. Both seized the other woman’s tight, round ass and used it as an anchor as they bucked and writhed in each other’s arms. Hard, round tits rubbed and crushed furiously, forced together between the women’s arms. Inch-long nipples speared each other, struggling together within their prison of dense, combined titflesh. Hips jerked and asses flexed and clenched as the warring Amazons fucked at each other, using all their power to drive clit to swollen, exquisite clit.

Even as their pussies sealed in a wet, unbreakable kiss, the women’s mouths locked. Ravanna and Madarath drove their tongues against each other, tying and twisting them, thick, amazingly sensitive pink muscles pushing and shoving, stroking and stimulating. Hot spit flowed between the women’s sealed mouths, so much that it began to overflow and trickle down their jaws. Both women swallowed back the mixed saliva and continued scouring and ravaging the inside of the other’s mouth, struggling to consume the other woman. Between their legs, their throbbing clits stroked and rubbed, occasionally twisting into a deliciously, excruciatingly pleasurable tight knot, imitating the vicious tonguefight going on within the women’s proper mouths, before twisting apart. All the time, the women screamed and groaned and howled out with pleasure, snarling with animal growls as they swallowed each other’s cries of ecstasy. Their faces were wet with sweat and tears, and they continued to sob with unbearable pleasure as they ravaged each other mercilessly, as they fucked with all of their strength.

Ravanna clawed and squeezed at Madarath’s taut, round ass, raising many scratch marks. Then, she thrust two fingers deep into Madarath’s asshole to anchor herself. She used her other hand to rub and stroke at the other woman’s back, to seize Madarath’s head to push the queen more deeply into their kissfight. Madarath returned the grip, penetrating Ravanna’s ass with her fingers, then pulling savagely at the warrior woman’s lustrous red hair. The women pulled each other out of the kissfight by yanking viciously at their opponent’s hair. Their mouths separated and they rubbed cheek to cheek, gasping and sobbing, moaning and crying as the pleasure between their legs built to unimaginable levels. Their hot, throbbing clits, struggling head to head, pulsed with erotic fury as they built towards another devastating orgasm.

Ravanna was almost delirious with the overwhelming sensations vibrating through every cell in her body, but she could still feel Madarath’s sexual power warring and raging against her own. She felt their mystical confrontation building to a climax. Ravanna felt herself being worn down. She and Madarath might survive the next orgasm together, they might even survive the one after that, but Ravanna knew that she could not last much longer. For the first time in her life, she knew that her womanly power had limits, and they were fast approaching. She knew that Madarath might well feel the same way, but she could not know that with certainty. All she could do was keep fucking, keep riding Madarath, even as she was being ridden in turn, and hope that her essence, in the end, would prove more durable than the terrible sexual power of the queen.

Nose to nose, hot, sweaty forehead to forehead, Madarath and Ravanna pressed close. Their bodies bucked and rubbed in a hard rhythm as they rode each other up the pleasure curve, fucking mindlessly, viciously, brutally inflicting as much ecstasy on each other as they could. They shared hot breath as they stared into each other through half-lidded eyes.

“We won’t stop,” Madarath moaned, her lips nearly touching Ravanna’s as she whispered, her breath coming in panting gasps, timed to each delicious thrust.

“No,” Ravanna promised her. “We don’t stop, we fuck to the end…”

“You’re mine, little whore,” Madarath snarled, her body boiling with the need for sexual release. “Your little cunt is giving in, I can feel it…”

“I’ll fuck you dry, pussy licker,” Ravanna gasped back in reply. Then she ran her tongue along Madarath’s lips. Madarath eagerly licked back and, in a moment, the women were locked into another deep, tongue twisting, mouth scouring kissfight. But Ravanna was afraid, deep in her heart, that Madarath might be right.

Even as this thought flitted through her mind, Ravanna was suddenly struck with an incredible surge of power. Her eyes, squeezed tightly shut as she engaged Madarath in the kissfight, shot open in astonishment. For a brief moment, she feared that her orgasm has arrived before Madarath’s and that she was about to be ridden into submission. But the surge was not one of pleasure, it was simply like a bolt of electricity had been added to her body. Her physical exhaustion seemed to lift.

Ravanna did not question what was happening. Instead, she seized Madarath’s beautiful ass and began pumping her cunt harder, grinding her throbbing tits with greater force into Madarath’s matching rack, began pushing back against Madarath’s powerful tongue with more strength. The women’s twisted clits began radiating even more luscious pleasure into their cores as Ravanna’s thrusting ass and hips began to work harder.

Madarath’s eyes widened in shock as she felt Ravanna’s physical attack suddenly intensify. She fought back, trying to work her hips and ass as hard, struggling to match Ravanna’s tongue. She held tight to Ravanna’s pumping ass, she arched her back to thrust her tits with greater force against Ravanna’s grinding boobs. But these measures were not enough. Slowly, inexorably, Madarath found herself forced onto her back, Ravanna on top, the warrior woman’s voluptuous body now driving against the queen’s perfect form with greater and greater force.

Madarath and Ravanna broke their kiss with a spray of spit and a gasp of pleasure. Nose to nose, they panted furiously into each other’s face. But Ravanna could see the fear and rage in Madarath’s blazing green eyes.

“You little fuck…,” Madarath cursed, her voice hoarse. She bucked her pelvis, she thrust her hips and writhed her torso, grinding her tits back against Ravanna’s thrusting orbs, driving her clit against Ravanna’s throbbing sexhorn. But, as the women’s bodies thrashed on the bed, Ravanna was able to use her superior position and renewed strength to flatten her body the length of the queen’s voluptuous form. Their legs tangled and locked, straining against each other, their perfect forms thrashed as they struggled. Both women grasped the other’s ass, pulling their cunts as deeply together as they could. They rotated their hips, drilling pussy into pussy, clit to clit.

The pleasure built unbearably and, almost involuntarily, Madarath spread her legs wide, accepting Ravanna’s cunt into her twat. Ravanna drew back and then rammed her raging cunt as hard into Madarath’s boiling pussy as she could. Fuckhole met fuckhole, and the women’s wet, juicy cunts splatted together in a brutal, mutual fucking, as Madarath bucked up to meet Ravanna’s attacks. Madarath wrapped her powerful legs around Ravanna’s thrusting hips, she clawed at the warrior woman’s pumping ass. Ravanna kept up her attack, her pussy lips flattening and sucking to Madarath’s cuntlips, her boiling clit crossing and grinding furiously against Madarath’s matching sexhorn. The women’s tits rolled and crushed, their sharp nipples stabbing and penetrating. Their hard bellies slapped, their pants and growls and snarls of lust and hate building to a fever pitch as the fuckwar raged on.

“No, no, you bitch, you whore…,” Madarath groaned. She forced her body to keep fighting, but she could tell she was being overwhelmed.

“Yes, oh yes, you dirty little cunt, you filthy whore…,” Ravanna whispered in Madarath’s ear as she rode the queen harder and harder. Madarath’s cunt was opening, spreading beneath her own, their inner labia merging and melting, their inner cunts matching and melting into one. For the first time, Ravanna could feel her twat eating Madarath’s beautiful pussy and it was an indescribably delicious sensation.

Their bodies moved in unison, their pussies sealed and sucked, their tits and bellies grinding and thrashing. Their clits were locked head to head, still battling furiously within the tight arena of their locked pussies. The women sealed together in another brutal kiss, but Ravanna quickly overwhelmed the queen, her hot tongue pushing Madarath’s resisting pink probe almost back to the queen’s tonsils.

Madarath broke the kiss and moaned, almost giving in to despair. Her hands remained grasping Ravanna’s powerful, driving ass and she could not help but pull the warrior bitch as far into her ravaged cunt as she could. Ravanna pulled Madarath as deep inside her as she could too. Cheek to cheek, gasping and sobbing and screaming, the two women felt the final, unbearable orgasm building in their cores. Their rock hard clits continued to stroke and struggle, sexual electricity blasting away from their enraged sexhorns with every delicious thrust.

The devastating orgasm arrived with a flare of nova hot heat. The women’s struggling clits merged and twisted into an unbreakable knot and fused, then exploded with the most intense orgasm yet. Madarath felt her body convulse and explode, every molecule in her beautiful form erupting in pleasure. Her powerful cunt spasmed. With a final, pussy-shattering thrust, Ravanna drove her twat into Madarath’s pussy. Ravanna felt her cunt bisect and melt into Madarath’s raging twat.

“You MOTHERFUCKING WHORE!!!,” Madarath shrieked, her body trembling and shuddering as her cunt finally surrendered to Ravanna’s burning twat. Their cunts squeezed and squeezed at each other, even as the mutual orgasm burned through their bodies. Ravanna reared up, her teeth gritted in sexual ecstasy, her deep internal muscles flexing hard. Hot cum gushed from both women, pumping into each other, mixing and slicking the intersection of their locked bodies, soaking their bellies and thick cuntfur. The women screamed in unison, Madarath’s cry a howl of defeat, Ravanna’s a scream of pure bliss and ultimate victory.

Madarath eased her vicious grip on Ravanna’s ass as the queen lost consciousness. Ravanna squeezed Madarath’s cunt with her own, trying to milk every drop of cum from the queen’s pussy as she could, her body trembling and quivering in passion and pleasure as the orgasm finally began to abate. She felt that her crotch had melted and fused irrevocably to Madarath’s crotch, but she was too tired to move. The power that had come to her, that had given her the stamina to win this fuckwar, seemed to have abandoned her as suddenly as it arrived. She collapsed on the queen, their perfect bodies perfectly aligned, their heavy tits crushed and throbbing nipple to nipple, their flat bellies pressed tight, their pussies interlocked.

Ravanna placed her cheek on the queen’s, and licked the other woman’s lips, briefly, before she passed out into a blissful, exhausted sleep. Red hair and chestnut hair tangled and covered the beautiful faces of the sleeping women like a silken curtain.

Epilogue I

Some time later, Ravanna stirred. She and Madarath were still joined together, Madarath’s body splayed beneath her own, their faces pressed together, cheek to cheek. Their spread legs were twined, tits pressed tight, nipples grating and pulsing, pussies pressed snug and hot and wet against each other. Even their clits remained crushed together, head to head, pulsing and throbbing in unison, sending waves of erotic electricity rippling through their bodies. Madarath’s hands spread on Ravanna’s tight ass; Ravanna’s arms were wrapped around Madarath’s back. Their bodies were damp with sweat and other juices.

Madarath was completely unconscious. Slowly, painfully, her mind still disconnected from her body, her awareness still struggling to right itself in the aftermath of the incredible sexual struggle, Ravanna rolled her naked body away from her opponent. Groaning, she lay flat on her back on the wet, sex-soaked furs for a few minutes, then slowly sat up. She pulled her knees to her chest and rested for a moment longer.

The rock floor around the bed was glowing and radiating heat, an indication of the mystic power unleashed during their battle. Ravanna was exhausted, but she crawled to the bedside table, picked up a paintbrush from the water paint bowl. Kneeling beside Madarath’s beautiful body, she painted the sigils needed to break the mystical barrier around the bed on the queen’s wet, taut belly. With a flash of light, the barrier fell. Spent, Ravanna flopped back onto the bed to rest some more.

The warrior woman did not know what had happened. She and Madarath had been melting and merging, forming into one sexually potent force, struggling at the most primal level to dominate each other, joined into almost complete unity, basking in the indescribable pleasure, slowly destroying each other with the pleasure of their orgasms. Ravanna had felt herself slipping, had felt her sexual power nearing its end, had felt her womanhood being overwhelmed – then something had interrupted the battle. At the last moment, a flash of physical power had roared through her body, giving her just enough strength to suddenly, decisively, overpower the queen’s defenses.

Ravanna suddenly had a sense of another presence. She looked to the side of the bed, in the direction of the chamber door and, to her amazement, saw Orome, the queen’s beautiful blonde servant girl, standing just outside of the protective circle of runes surrounding the bed. She was dressed in her usual brief halter, thong, and sandals. Her perfect breasts taxed the meager cloth. Her beautiful body seemed to glow dimly in the firelight. The girl was holding a large, thick, leather-bound book under her arm. Ravanna could see that the book was sealed by a steel band but she realized that Orome was holding a key in her other hand.

The blonde girl held out the book, and the key, to Ravanna. “Here is the Ceritan,” she said, in a quiet, yet strong voice. “Here is the key to unlock it. Please return the book and the key to the palace library once you have used the spell.”

Ravanna remained seated on the bed, trying to make sense of this turn of events. Orome continued to stare at her calmly, the book and key extended in her hands. After a few moments, she spoke again. “I cannot enter the circle.  You must come and take these from me.”

Ravanna started to tell the girl that the barrier was down, but then she understood what she was being told. Ravanna blinked hard. Then, slowly, the magnificent warrior woman rose to her feet and climbed off of the bed, her nude body glistening in the firelight. She was tired, exhausted from the incredible sexual marathon she had just fought. But certain truths were slowly starting to come clear.

“You are the one who interfered in our battle, aren’t you?” she said, her blue eyes searching the young woman’s face, her body, for any telltale signs of otherworldly power. “You are the one who gave me the strength to win.”

Orome pulled back her arms, tucking the book against her hip, and shrugged. She walked to a nearby table and placed the book on top of it, the key resting on the book’s cover.

“Yes,” she replied. “Both you and Queen Madarath are forces for good in this world. You were very close to destroying each other. I did not think that losing one or both of you to little more than a matter of pride was a very sensible thing to do. Besides, it is my duty to protect the queen. Sometimes, even from herself.”

Ravanna paused on the edge of the circle, her hands on her naked, curving hips, her red mane wild and unkempt. Her blue eyes flashed. “Does the queen know what you are?”

Orome smiled serenely. “Do you know what I am?,” she asked. Then she grew more serious. “The queen knows less than she thinks and more than she knows. But, yes, she is aware of some of what I am and what I do. In a certain sense, we are partners.”

“Why did you help me? Why didn’t you help your queen?”

“Because your cause is just. The queen may be angry at losing the book, but even she would not argue with what you are trying to accomplish. She is just fulfilling a duty that she has and, quite honestly, satisfying her own lust and appetites. She will be angry at me, but she will understand.”

Ravanna nodded. She was still not quite prepared to cross the boundary of the circle and expose herself to the mystical power of this being, whatever it was. But she did not have the sense of evil at work. This creature in the form of a girl seemed sincere.

Orome spoke again. “I would be grateful if you could bring the queen to me. I cannot enter the circle – at least, not without great difficulty. I would rather that the queen woke up warm and comfortable in a dry and clean bed. I will keep her sleeping until you are gone.”

“Will she accept that she lost the battle?”

Orome smiled. “I can convince Maradath that letting you have the book is the right thing to do. And that you and she killing each other just to prove which of you has the stronger sex is not.”

Then the girl turned and locked Ravanna with a powerful, hypnotic gaze. “Please remember to return that book. If you do not, I will come looking for it.” She smiled, her teeth suddenly needle-sharp, her eyes flashing red. “And that is not something you would like.”

Ravanna swallowed, a cold shiver of fear running down her spine. But she stood her ground. “I have bested many demonic creatures, girl,” she replied. “Don’t threaten me, or you may find your head hanging on the end of my sword. My word is my bond. I will use the book as I said, and then I will return it. It may take a few months, but I will be back.”

The girl nodded solemnly. “Please, bring me the queen.”

Ravanna turned back into the circle and crawled on the bed to Madarath’s magnificent body. She gazed down at the queen’s fantastic breasts, her smooth, perfectly muscled abdomen, her powerful and entrancing legs. The urge to mount this woman and fuck her nude body suddenly seized Ravanna. She and the queen had inflicted incredible pleasure on each other, and she wanted more. But she pushed the desire aside. She looped her left arm under the queen’s knees and her right arm under the woman’s back, her hand reaching around to push at the queen’s dense tit, and stood up on the bed, lifting Madarath off the furs. The queen’s tits bounced and rolled as Ravanna picked her up, and the warrior woman could not help lowering her head to lick and kiss at the queen’s magnificent nipples. She sucked at the queen’s salty left tit for a moment, biting just hard enough to leave her mark, then broke off with a sigh. She stepped down from the bed and carried the unconscious woman across the boundary of the mystical circle and approached Orome.

The blonde girl extended her arms. Ravanna handed her the queen and was not surprised at all to see the servant girl manage the queen’s weight as though she were carrying a child. Orome looked down on the sleeping monarch with affection.  Then, she nodded toward the book.

“Take it. Take your clothing from your room and leave the palace. No one will stop you. I wish you the best and I hope that the spell works for your friend.”

The servant girl raised her blue eyes to the warrior women. “I expect that the queen will be more than happy to welcome you into the court when you return. You and she will have some – unfinished business.” She smiled.

Ravanna returned the smile and could not help but let her hot gaze roam over the queen a final time. The woman was beautiful and Ravanna was already looking forward to the next time she could lock up with Madarath’s body, sex to sex. Maybe then, they would decide which of them had the stronger sex, without having so much at stake.

Then, the nude warrior woman retrieved the book and the key and walked out of Madarath’s mystical chamber without a backward glance.

Epilogue II

Ravanna returned to the guest room in the palace and put back on the miniscule scraps clothing with which she had come to the queen’s domain. In the guard house, she retrieved her grey cloak. She returned to the Boar’s Head Inn. By this time, it was early morning. She had been in the palace for more than half a day. She was totally exhausted and, after putting a protective spell around the Ceritan, she fell into a deep sleep. But it was not a dreamless affair. Instead, her mind and her body kept returning to the fantastic pleasures of her erotic war with Madarath, the delicious sensations and tastes that had wracked her body with ecstasy. When she awoke, her bed was soaked with sweat and other, more sexual secretions.

The next day, Ravanna left Madrigar, dressed in her black, one-piece warrior’s garb, the marks of her sexual struggle with the queen clearly visible.  She tucked the book securely into her pack. She enjoyed the warm summer sun on her bare skin as she followed the flagstone road out of Madrigar’s towering gates, away from the city and into the countryside.

 Some distance and time later, she rode up a steep hill. After she crossed this promontory, she would lose sight of Madrigar. At the crest of the hill, she paused to look back at the city for a final time. She picked out the palace. As she stared, she saw a flash of a bright green light issuing from a palace tower. Something told her that it was the queen watching her and the sudden shock of erotic yearning and power that blazed in her cunt and tits confirmed this feeling. The queen was offering her an invitation to return, as soon as she could. Ravanna smiled, heat and raw lust burning in her core. She drew her sword and raised it high, letting its shining blade catch the sun. As it shone in the light, she saw an answering flash from the castle.

Ravanna smiled again, then replaced her sword in the scabbard behind the saddle. Her body burning with sexual heat, her memory turning back to her recent experiences, she crested the hill and continued on the path to the deep forests and, eventually, to Aragon.

The End

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