Titfight Academy: Chapter 2 by Augur

A week had passed since the previous fight event, and my girlfriend’s latest boob conquest. She’d faced off against the cute but somewhat chunky redhead Susan and her massive jugs, managing to tame the youthful challenger after a long and grueling match. More than once, the newcomer’s large, heavy rack had taken my girl’s firm boobs to their very limits, making me wonder if I’d finally witness Fleur’s perfect orbs surrender to another pair. But each time, my gorgeous girlfriend had stood her ground, matching the redhead’s assault blow-for-blow, and eventually grinding her huge rack out with her better tits in a truly arousing demonstration of feminine dominance. As usual, watching my girl’s pert, beautiful boobs flatten another busty babe’s pride and joy had gotten me incredibly turned on, but luckily for me, Fleur knew exactly what these competitions did to us guys. And to most of the girls, too, for that matter. She’d dragged me to the nearest empty classroom, and promptly proceeded to fuck my brains out.

I wasn’t ashamed to admit that the first round couldn’t have lasted any more than two minutes, as I knew none of the other guys would’ve done any better under the circumstances. Besides, I’d quickly returned the favor with my more, ahem, ‘lingual’ talents. After our initial releases, Fleur and I had staggered upstairs to our head student chambers, reaching several more peaks during the four-hour romp that followed. I was truly blessed to not only have an insanely hot girlfriend, but also one that got off on the fights almost as much as I did. Later that day, as we’d lain in bed in a sweaty, exhausted post-orgasmic bliss, Fleur had revealed to me that just before their fight, Susan had proposed a set of rather unusual stakes. Involving me.

”Oh come on Cedric, no need to look so surprised. You know half the girls here would love to borrow you for a night or two. And the rest would probably prefer to steal you away for good,” my girlfriend had explained, laughing at my dumbfounded look. ”Susan’s no exception. She suggested that if she won, she’d get to fuck you anytime she wanted to. Which I bet would be pretty damn often,” Fleur had grinned with a seductive look. ”’Cause I definitely do.” She hadn’t seemed at all jealous or insecure about other girls wanting a piece of me, but given how gorgeous Fleur was herself, I guessed she felt confident in her ability to handle the competition. I was yet to meet anyone that could match, let alone beat, my girlfriend in the looks department.

”And what would happen if she lost?” I’d managed to stammer when I had finally found my voice again. ”She would become our little bitch. Pleasuring us both, every night, for a month.” I swallowed. Hard. No doubt amused by my reaction, and my tomato red face, Fleur had dissolved into a fit of giggles, her melodious laughter filling the small, cozy room.

It turned out that instead of outright accepting or refusing the redhead’s bold offer, my girlfriend had made a counter proposal of her own. The main idea had remained unchanged, but the terms would cover only one night, after which both sides would part their ways. ”Obviously, she would’ve preferred to have you for much longer,” Fleur had whispered into my ear, her hot breath sending shivers down my neck and causing my pulse to race. ”But she knew that it was the best deal she’d be getting, and that no matter what happened, she’d get her hands on your big dick. So she accepted.”

Just then a sudden realization had dawned on me, and I’d looked up at her bright, blue eyes with alarm. ”It’s tonight, isn’t it?” While our lovemaking was always pretty passionate, Fleur had fucked me with an even greater enthusiasm than usual, making sure to keep milking my cock with her tight, warm pussy long after each orgasm had subsided. She had completely drained me, and I doubted I’d be able to get it up again anytime soon.

”No, of course not!” my girlfriend had shaken her head, again laughing at my horrified expression. ”That would be cheating,” she’d continued, sticking out her tongue playfully. ”We can pick the date later, though I thought we might want to save her for Christmas. I know how much you like presents, and that way I get to keep her under my thumb a little longer.”

I’d quickly agreed to my girlfriend’s suggestion, still struggling to wrap my head around the whole arrangement. Like any other guy, I had of course fantasized about fucking two sexy girls at the same time. But I also knew that Fleur was perfectly capable of satisfying my every need on her own – in all honesty, her incredible body and strong pussy muscles could tame my dick without even breaking a sweat, as she’d proved on several occasions. Every now and then, the French beauty would hit a more dominating mood and pounce on top, showing just how easily she could take me apart if she wanted to. And while I quite enjoyed giving my girlfriend pleasure in turn, there was something indescribably hot about being both physically and mentally overwhelmed by her sheer sexual prowess. All I could do was hope that Fleur would be less aggressive during our threesome with Susan… if she wasn’t, I’d be in serious trouble.


Now, one week later, my girlfriend and I were heading towards the school gym for our latest titfight meeting. Fleur would be facing another new girl, a pretty blonde with reasonably large boobs and a cute, thick figure. As Fleur and I took our seats next to Susan, her friend Hannah and a brainy second-year brunette called Hermione, I saw the girl in question walk in the door. She waved at us, smirking as her eyes found Fleur’s. Lavender wasn’t chubby by any means, and actually looked a bit thinner than the voluptuous redhead Susan, but had what I considered an attractive layer of baby fat in all the right places. Whereas my gorgeous girlfriend had the body of a supermodel or a goddess, these first years seemed to be of a more robust build in comparison. Not that I had any reason to complain of course, nothing wrong with a little variety.

Two fights had been scheduled for today’s extracurricular meeting, and my girl would have to wait a little longer before flattening her latest pair of big firstie boobs. The first match was between two older students, with a bitchy blonde second year by the name of Pansy taking on one of her classmates. I didn’t know who exactly, but would find out soon enough. Shifting in my seat slightly, I tried to find a more comfortable position while I waited for the two competitors to get ready. Pansy was one of the more stuck-up girls in the school, but I knew she also possessed the rack to back up that attitude.

The buxom blonde traipsed onto the mat gracefully, yanking off her dark green hoodie. I watched as her large jugs shook and waved under the girl’s t-shirt, grunting as I felt Fleur’s hand caress my thigh gently. She grinned at me cheekily, being well aware of my fascination with big boobs, and gave me a look of mock-disapproval before turning away again. I rolled my eyes, snorting at her playful antics and bringing my attention back to the mat

While Pansy’s jugs might not be particularly firm or perky, they were considerably bigger than average. Actually, if it weren’t for Susan, she and another second year Daphne might’ve even had a claim on the biggest bust in the school. I started scanning around the room, hoping to find Pansy’s opponent, when I felt movement to my left. I watched in surprise as Hermione, the brunette that’d been sitting next to me, stood up. She flashed a grin at me and Fleur before quickly making her way towards the top-heavy blonde.

The brunette had a reputation as an academically gifted but somewhat quiet or reserved girl, and besides that one match against Hannah, I couldn’t recall having seen her fight anyone for some time. It wasn’t unusual for some female students to avoid taking part in these competitions of course – they were a completely optional, extracurricular activity, and many girls with less than impressive busts preferred not to risk the embarrassment of getting their tits crushed in front of an audience. From what I could remember, the brunette had a nice enough set of boobs, and I assumed her lack of participation had more to do with the large crowd. Not everyone was comfortable with baring their breasts in front of the whole school.

Hermione had reached her spot on the large mat in the middle of the room, and began to stretch. I leaned forward without even realizing it, and watched as her large and fairly solid breasts bounced pleasantly under the confines of her top. My girlfriend made an exaggerated sigh, and I smiled at her apologetically before straightening my back again. What kind of a straight guy wouldn’t look when there was a cute, curvy girl flaunting her young body in front of him? Yeah, my point exactly.

”Well, are we going to do this or not?” Pansy asked the brunette with a sneer. ”I don’t know what made you think those floppy tits could compete with mine, but I’m happy to prove you wrong. Maybe after my jugs have turned your weak little sacks to paste, you’ll finally realize that this place isn’t for dirty beggars like you.” There was a collective gasp at those words, and I saw Hermione freeze for a moment. In a normal school anyone with dentist parents wouldn’t have been considered poor, but here, the brunette was one of the ”paupers”. Students with significantly reduced tuition fees, in recognition of their exceptional academic achievements.

Hermione turned towards the blonde slowly, narrowing her eyes. ”Oh, really? Crushing your saggy udders is going to be even more fun than I thought. I will enjoy feeding them to you while you worship my better boobs.” The brunette’s tone was deliberately light and dismissive, but I could sense the dig had gotten under her skin. Next to me, Fleur huffed in annoyance. Upon noticing my gaze, she leaned closer.

”Pansy’s a real bitch, always picking a fight with the other girls. And mostly coming out on top, too. She’s even been mouthing off about me behind my back, but is very careful not to get caught. I hope Hermione destroys her,” my girlfriend whispered, looking irritated. I nodded, giving her an understanding look.

Back on the mat, the top-heavy blonde was still smirking at her opponent. ”You ready for your beatdown, Hermy? Shall we get this thing started?” she called out, pulling her shirt off.

We watched Pansy’s bra fall away, her heavy set slipping down and bouncing against her chest. I could tell that the blonde’s pale boobs, while certainly having some visible sag, were somewhat bigger than Fleur’s. Their size and shape reminded me of Daphne’s Double D jugs, hanging a bit but also looking thick and heavy. They weren’t as large as Susan’s mammoths of course, nor did they look quite as round, but the blonde quite clearly had a reason to be smug.

Hermione had already removed her sweater and was now unclasping her bra, letting the dark purple garment fall off. The brunette cupped her thick boobs for a moment before letting them bounce down, the obviously dense flesh slapping against her skin with a dull thud. Hermione’s full, round tits weren’t quite as big as Fleur’s, and I estimated them to be an average-sized D cup. They seemed to have slightly more sag and bounce, too, but I found myself liking their visual appearance. They went well with the brunette’s cute, girl-next-door looks and overall friendly demeanor.

As I took turns looking at the two fighters, it was obvious that Hermione’s opponent had her beat in sheer size and mass. But in terms of apparent firmness (and pure visual attractiveness, I thought to myself), the advantage went to the brunette. Both girls had a somewhat similar body type, being of average height and carrying a nice amount of meat on their bones. Still, to me it looked like Hermione was the slightly thicker of the two, the brunette’s weight being distributed more evenly around her body while the blonde’s excess fat had quite clearly gone mostly to her rack. I noticed Pansy take a deep breath, inflating her substantial jugs even further. They looked fat and heavy compared to the brunette’s somewhat smaller, rounder orbs, but I could see they had plenty of weight and density.

Without saying a word, the girls took quick strides towards each other and bumped their heavy chests together. Both pairs of breasts began morphing as the points met and ballooned outward. It was easy to see that Hermione’s pair held their shape better, but Pansy’s large jugs weren’t flopping much either. The competition was evident as the two women began pushing each other. At first the blonde made Hermione back up a few steps, but the brunette was able to quickly get her feet under her, and thrust her breasts forward, forcing Pansy’s tits to push out for a moment before the blonde took a step back.

In rapid succession, Hermione pushed and pulled Pansy’s shoulders, pounding the more buxom girl’s jiggling boobs with each thrust. Encouraged by the crowd’s oohs and aahs, the brunette did her best to shove Pansy’s plentiful teats back into her chest. ”Aww, did I knock you flat already, Pansy?” Hermione cooed with a grin, and I heard several girls laugh aloud, obviously amused. The brunette didn’t stop there, and swung her tits away from Pansy, and then slammed her boobs into the blonde’s big tits. I stared as the plump, hefty knockers of the blonde quivered from the impact. Pansy shook her head in anger and surprise. The first few blows didn’t rock Pansy’s jugs much, but after a few swings, the brunette had her opponent’s globes bouncing off each other and sloshing around her chest.

Pansy, clearly getting frustrated, retaliated by slamming into her opponent chest first, knocking the brunette back from the impact. The blow knocked the smile off Hermione’s face as well, and the girl grunted softly as she no doubt felt her firm boobs compress severely. I did notice Pansy’s tits mash visibly from the impact as well, but she didn’t seem to care or notice as she began to rub her boobs over the brunette’s tits. Pansy’s heavy knockers covered Hermione’s smaller chest as she scraped and ground her jugs into her opponent.

”You want to feel how flat I am, bitch? Well feel this!” Pansy said angrily as she grabbed the brunette by her shoulders. Before Hermione could respond to the blonde’s threat, the more chesty girl swung her tits into the brunette’s ample bust from her right. Whatever Hermione was going to say hung in her mouth, and instead a groan escaped from it. The smacking sound of Pansy big jugs smacking into Hermione’s full tits brought a gasp from both Fleur and Susan, and I briefly glanced in their direction. The girls had worried looks on their faces, and I realized that my girlfriend hadn’t been exaggerating when she told me that the blonde bully usually won her matches. While the blows didn’t knock Hermione’s tits across her chest, they did put some fear into the brunette. Pansy followed through with her swing and then brought her tits back to the left, smacking the backside of Hermione’s quickly reddening orbs.

The blonde was getting ready to send her tits flying into Hermione from the right again, but the brunette reacted quickly, grabbing the top heavy blonde by her shoulders and pulling Pansy into her. Both girls grunted, their flying tits slamming into each other’s chests. With the girls latched onto each other’s shoulders, Pansy couldn’t get a good swing to bash the brunette’s tits, while Pansy’s moving targets made it hard for Hermione to catch the blonde’s jugs for a good thrust. The result of the mutual embrace was a mishmash of boob slamming and tit mashing that presented no clear winner. Pansy’s tits compressed and contorted as Hermione’s boobs twitched and turned red.

Hermione and Pansy shoved their big, meaty boobs into each other for a while, and I found myself getting turned on by their display. The blonde’s heavy melons would begin to slide over Hermione’s, and the brunette would in return thrust her own fleshy orbs forward, pushing into Pansy’s tits before the latter regained their natural shape. Hermione had managed to pin the blonde’s arms to her sides, though, and began squeezing. Their breasts met at the nipples again, and both women sighed as they felt the contact, but the brunette was able to flex her arms and her breasts pushed forward. This part of the fight seemed to favor Hermione’s firmness as her breasts kept pushing forward, and Pansy’s kept expanding outwards. She was able to readjust, however, and gaining leverage, forced her own tits back onto the brunette’s. Hermione groaned as she felt the heavy boobs begin grinding her own.

“There we go, Hermy,” Pansy boasted loudly, looking triumphant. ”Your sacks finally learned their place. Beneath my superior boobs.” Given the position of the blonde’s breasts, now riding completely on top of the brunette’s set, I could understand the latter’s groaning. She was trying to support two pairs of large breasts, and her boobs were flattening at the top. ”How do you like my big, powerful titties now?” Pansy hissed. Hermione, surprising her smug opponent, responded by thrusting up, the sudden movement forcing the blonde’s tits almost into her jaw. ”No!” Pansy gasped. The brunette kept thrusting as Pansy’s breasts bent and wobbled more and more.

Hermione put her tits’ firmness to good use, pushing more of her full set into the blonde’s chest. The brunette’s tits had been forced down slightly by Pansy’s heavy jugs, but with every thrust, they bore deeper into the blonde’s softer flesh from below. It looked like Pansy’s set had been pushed up, severely. The blonde’s tits were flopping all over, buoyed by Hermione’s impressive breasts as the latter dictated the movement of her opponent’s mammaries. Pansy tried thrusting back, and slowly but surely managed to slide her heavy knockers back down.

Hermione, looking more determined than ever, gritted her teeth as she wrapped her hands tighter around her opponent’s lower back, and pulled. ”Shit!” Pansy yelled, throwing her head back.

”Yeah, you can feel it, can’t you, you rich, conceited slut?” Hermione asked in a low growl. ”My firm boobs are pushing yours flat. I’m crushing your pillowy jugs, aren’t I?” While Pansy’s boobs weren’t quite yet crushed, they certainly were under a powerful strain as the brunette’s solid pair had the upper hand. I watched, entranced, as the blonde’s bigger, softer tits were compressed and distorted in shape, the brunette’s boobs gaining more ground. While Hermione’s jugs ballooned out a bit too, there was now far more of her creamy flesh showing than Pansy’s paler flesh.

”Are you ready to give up? Are my boobs better than yours?” Hermione demanded. Pansy shook her head, pushing on her opponent’s shoulders to give her big, heavy boobs some separation from the brunette. Hermione loosened her grip slightly, but then struck with a wrecking ball maneuver, slamming her meaty set straight into the blonde’s. The blow rocked Pansy as the brunette’s tits crashed into her sore pair. Pansy’s hefty knockers sloshed across her chest, and the blonde was pummeled with blow after blow from her opponent’s firm, round boobs.

”Oh, shit!” the busty blonde wailed as she felt her rack get pulverized.

Knowing that the match was coming to its end, Hermione pulled the blonde back into her tits, impaling Pansy’s jugs on her own in a final boob-crushing bear hug. Pansy dropped her hands from the brunette’s shoulders while Hermione tightened her grip. Soon, Pansy’s head, too, fell onto the brunette’s shoulder, as Hermione pumped her arms to increase the pressure. ”There you go, softy. Those big jugs are done,” Hermione grunted, thrusting her tits into the blonde’s quaking, yielding chest. The blonde groaned weakly, watching Hermione’s tits overwhelm her own.

”You fucking bitch…” I heard her gasp, a pained look on her face. ”Fine, I give, just stop crushing my boobs!” Pansy panted, groaning again as Hermione sank her tits deep into hers one last time, the blonde’s tenderized flesh billowing loosely around her rival’s firm orbs. ”Your wrecking ball tits outgunned mine, Hermione. You have the better pair,” Pansy muttered quickly, obviously eager to get off and avoid more embarrassment.

Hermione eased the pressure slightly, but continued to rub her tits all over the blonde’s beaten boobs. The brunette closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her opponent’s now defeated jugs molding against hers as she pushed the pillowy flesh around on Pansy’s large chest. ”OK, I think that’ll do for now,” Hermione told the other girl, giving her a dangerous smile. ”But if you’re late for our meeting tomorrow morning…”

”I’ll be there, don’t worry,” Pansy breathed out, looking much more subdued than usual. There was clearly something more going on between the girls, and I made a mental note to ask my girlfriend if she happened to know something.

The blonde backed off quickly and began to massage her conquered tits, gently squeezing and rolling them as she skulked over to her friends. Her opponent on the other hand stayed on the mat for a moment, catching her breath and letting the crowd admire her thick, round orbs as they glistened in the bright lighting. Hermione seemed to notice my gaze and grinned, shaking her full, sweaty boobs a bit. ”What, you like mine too? I thought being with Fleur would’ve kept you well stocked in big, firm boobs, but I guess I was wrong,” the brunette teased me with a friendly smile, looking towards my girlfriend and raising an eyebrow. Fleur replied with a snort, shaking her head at the brainy second year.

”Careful now, ‘Mione, or I might think you were trying to flirt with my guy,” the French beauty winked, bumping her shoulder into mine lightly. The brunette guffawed at that, giving us a mock-thoughtful look and pouting slightly. ”Well, it’s not really fair that you get to keep him all to yourself, Fleur. You could at least let him lick my boobs a bit, he obviously wants to.” I sputtered loudly, causing both girls – and most of the audience, who’d been listening in on our little banter – to roar with laughter. I could feel my face redden, but proceeded to flip Hermione off, a small smile making its way to my lips. With all three of us being quite studious, the brunette spent a lot of time with Fleur and I in the library. Hermione was also one of the few girls that didn’t seem to harbor any jealousy towards my gorgeous girlfriend, and got along with her very well. Then again, the brunette had never seemed too concerned about her looks, and being highly intelligent herself, had no reason to feel inadequate in that area.

”Okay, that’s enough teasing for one day,” Fleur called out, finally taking pity on me. ”And nice work, Hermione, I’m glad you put that bully back in her place. Now, would anyone else like to issue a challenge before today’s final match?” my girlfriend asked loudly. No one stepped forward, and she gave a slow nod. ”Very well. We’ll take a short break, and continue in about five minutes. You’ll see Lavender’s big, soft pillows get their first taste of defeat,” Fleur added, smirking at the busty first year. Lavender glared right back at her, and I heard the blonde mutter something under her breath.

”I offered her the same deal as Susan, you know,” Fleur whispered into my ear, still looking at the young blonde and ignoring my sharp intake of breath. ”And the little slut practically jumped at the opportunity. Lavender’s already been making herself a name as a pretty good shag, so I thought it’d be fun to try her out,” my girlfriend added in a husky voice, lowering her hand on my thigh, dangerously close to a certain painfully throbbing organ. I gave her a pleading look, and the modelesque blonde relented, giggling. She eventually turned to her right, starting to discuss the fight we’d just witnessed with Susan and Daphne.

Several students got up to stretch their legs, and I saw an attractive, toned redhead make her way towards the mat. She went to give still-topless Hermione a warm hug, a bright smile on her pretty face, and the two laughed together about something. Unfortunately, due to my vantage point directly behind the brunette, I didn’t get a good look at how their busts matched up. The redhead had a shirt on anyway, and seemed to have noticeably smaller breasts than her friend did. It was hard to tell if she was wearing a bra not, but the redhead’s perky set definitely appeared to be pretty firm.

Hermione returned to her seat next to me after a while, and I took the opportunity to ask about her friend. It turned out the redhead’s name was Ginny, and that she was a rather athletically inclined first year student. She’d gone to the same school as the brunette, and though her family wasn’t particularly rich, Ginny’s father was apparently fairly high up in the government. Something to do with defence acquisitions, so definitely Whitehall.


The five minutes were up quite quickly, and I stopped my girlfriend for a small kiss as she moved to get up. Not one to shy away from public displays of affection, Fleur brushed her big tits against me quite deliberately, the excuisite sensation making me groan into her mouth. She grinned at my reaction before hopping to her feet. As the gorgeous blonde made her way to the mat, her pronounced hips swaying seductively, loud whistles and catcalls followed her. While I knew my girlfriend wasn’t universally liked by the students, there was no denying her popularity among the boys. Even I could hardly tear my eyes away from her amazing, toned legs.

Fleur looked confident as she pulled off her light blue sweater and skirt, standing clad only in a sheer turquoise top and matching knickers. Her rounded ass, now fully visible, pushed against the fabric, and there was a noticeable silence as the large crowd feasted their eyes on my girl’s incredible curves. I really was one lucky bastard. If the French beauty realized that everyone was staring at her, she certainly didn’t let it show. Fleur’s thick nipples protruded through the thin top while she waited for her competition.

I saw a curvy blonde make her way to the center, looking quite seductive with her meaty, luscious body and crimson lingerie. Lavender’s impressive cleavage drew my hungry gaze as the younger girl walked up to Fleur. This was the second firsty that’d made it far enough to be able to challenge the champion, and my girlfriend’s face was stoic as she stared back at the blonde. Both competitors disrobed at the same time. Lavender, still wearing her bra, flung the garment off and revealed her ample breasts, which shook pleasantly while the busty first year student posed for the growd. If I had to guess, I’d have said she was a mid to large D cup. The blonde’s nipples were hard and thick, and she cupped her large boobs as she stepped towards the gorgeous French girl. Fleur’s thin see-through top slid over her full, round breasts, jostling her gravity-defying boobs and shaking them as she discarded the top.

”Whew, nice pair Frenchy,” Lavender called out with a low whistle, bouncing her own sizable breasts. ”I can’t wait to feel those perky tits yielding to my stronger boobs.” Fleur smiled back good-naturatedly. ”Many have tried, Blondie, none have succeeded.”

The two pairs of breasts seemed fairly evenly matched in terms of size. Lavender’s set did look just a hint smaller, and they certainly hung slightly lower on her chest than my girlfriend’s exceedingly firm pair did. Still, the firstie’s boobs had a nicely rounded shape, and jiggled enticingly as she streched out to give everyone a good look. While Lavender’s somewhat softer-looking breasts didn’t quite match Fleur’s amazing, pert pair in my eyes, they certainly looked formidable enough to put up a fight. I knew the blonde had previously fought Daphne’s large, heavy jugs to a stalemate, crushed Hannah’s nice pair, and managed to tame Padma’s proud breasts to boot. Even my girl’s rock-hard tits had had trouble with those, I remembered, briefly letting my mind wander and picture Fleur struggling to outgrind the cute second-year Indian girl’s thick boobs, recalling how they’d eventually submitted to my girl’s larger pair. Feeling a familiar rush, I quickly focused my attention back to the encounter in front of me. It seemed like this as going to be a good match, even if I did once again give the edge to Fleur. Lavender had a careful but confident smile on her soft face, and I wondered if she had a plan to defeat the French beauty’s perfect breasts. ”Whenever you’re ready, Lav-Lav,” Fleur grinned.

Lavender sprang forward, slamming her chest straight into my girlfriend’s luscious boobs. Both pairs distorted at the point of contact, compressing as they were forced together. Fleur’s seemed to be more affected with the impact, but little ripples flashed across both sets. Lavender stepped back and Fleur, obviously experienced, slammed forward herself. The younger girl’s eyes widened at the speed of the move, as the two sets flattened at the tip. While Lavender’s boobs certainly seemed to spread out more quickly and fiercely, Fleur’s firm breasts also dented quite a bit. The curvy first year winced, but slammed back. Fleur took a direct blow from Lavender’s right breast across her own, sending little waves from the inner side of her tit outward. My girlfriend grunted but pushed forward, sliding her boobs across Lavender’s and letting the blonde get a feel of her firmness. ”Yeah, look at those soft boobs open up for me,” Fleur smirked. She shoved once more, and again Lavender’s heavy boobs yielded slightly. The women glanced down to see their tits battling between them, their breasts shoving to gain and lose footing with each movement. I was not surprised to notice that Fleur’s big, perfect boobs were giving up somewhat less ground than her opponent’s. While the blonde had a nice rack, I doubted her thick boobs would be able to outlast my girl’s.

Fleur continued by grinding her right tit into Lavender’s left, pushing in so that the blonde’s boob slowly pushed out. I found it kind of hot, watching my girl spear another girl’s big, powerful tit. Lavender groaned as her other tit was pushed inward slightly, leaving both her tits momentarily impaled by Fleur’s very firm pair. Fleur pulled away for just a moment, and Lavender sighed as she felt her boobs rebound into their original, round shape. Her relief was short lived as Fleur remained the aggressor, this time lining her intimidatingly hard boobs up and slamming them forward. Lavender’s flesh rippled as it was pushed back and outward, and I heard the pretty first year moan as she watched Fleur’s attempts to invade her large orbs. My girlfriend ground for a second, but pulled away, seemingly looking down to take stock of the situation.

Lavender acted quickly, and dipped her waist just enough to send her wrecking ball mammaries into the underside of the French beauty’s prefect boobs. Fleur’s boobs moved this time, flattening slightly at the bottom while the bulk of her mass shifted upwards, wobbling up her chest. Her pink nipples danced as the firstie’s attack shook my girlfriend’s firm tits. Lavender shifted her weight, and before Fleur’s round, powerful boobs stopped jiggling, the first year’s right breast slammed into its counterpart. Fleur groaned this time as she felt her right tit mashed inward, and again, the younger blonde poured on the pressure, forcing her set on top of Fleur’s.

The gorgeous blonde grunted as her tits compressed beneath the slightly smaller pair, seemingly filling back out as Lavender pulled away. Both breasts jiggled from the release, and both women eyed the four boobs before them. It was hard to tell who moved first, but almost simultaneously, they launched their breasts at the other pair. Each orb compressed at the point of contact, forcing soft, supple flesh to spill out the side of the impact point. Both women held their breasts in the position for a while, twisting their hips, testing their firmness against one another before pulling away.

The girls took two huge strides, fast and crisp. Both pairs of tits slapped against each other loudly. I watched four young, nubile breasts wobble and shake away from the other, driven by the force of impact. Both women winced, but both also thrust their chests forward again. While the impact was lessened because of the lack of momentum, neither woman seemed to hold back and both pairs of ample breasts quivered. After a while, the women pulled each other into a tight hug.

The heavy boobs bounced and shook as they slid against the opposing pair, dropping against their chests as the contact was broken, only to push up, out, and sometimes even down as the girls pushed their tits together again and again. Lavender shoved her torso to the left while her heavy tits were still touching Fleur’s, sending a shot into the larger breasts and causing them to shake and wobble just slightly. The firstie winced as she felt my girlfriend push back, sending Lavender’s supple tits a bit further back before they separated and each pair regained its natural shape. Lavender kept her eyes down as she thrust forward again, drilling her supple flesh into Fleur’s dense boobs. Both breasts folded and bent as the two women swiped their chests together. Fleur’s left boob found its way atop the firstie’s right breast, shoving the pliant flesh down, and in reaction, Lavender shoved her torso up, her right tit sloping around and across my girlfriend’s left breast before the blonde’s left breast lay atop Fleur’s left jug. They went back and forth a couple of times, each breast slipping and slapping across the opposing gland.

Lavender prepared for another slam, and Fleur fell back a step. The blonde grinned, obviously thinking she had the her opponent on the run, but the older girl quickly slung her tits from the left. Fleur’s big right boob slammed into Lavender’s teat, sending the first year’s flesh rocking over her torso. I licked my lips almost unconsciously as my mouth went dry. Lavender wasn’t ready to give up just yet, though. She pushed her jiggling pair forward, forcing Fleur’s round flesh to briefly splay across her chest. The gorgeous blonde groaned as her tits quivered. ”You’ve got some nice boobs there, Lavender,” Fleur admitted grudgingly, panting a bit. ”Not bad for a little girl. They’re certainly a lot firmer than they look.” Not put off by the thinly-veiled insult, the first year student again slammed forward, both tits firing upwards and Fleur staggered. The impact sent her firm tits wobbling, something I knew the French beauty hadn’t experienced a lot.

Lavender again thrust forward and landed what, judging by the look on Fleur’s face, must have been a stinging blow to her left breast. The older blonde’s firm flesh rolled slightly from the impact, and the jiggling teat withdrew with a sharp jerk, causing more waves to course through the entire boob. Another shot from the younger girl’s full left breast slammed into Fleur’s right, forcing my girlfriend’s round boob to wobble once again. Lavender repeated the move with her other breast, and soon Fleur’s tits were both shaking on her frame. ”Let’s get them bouncing,” Lavender grinned. Another shot from Lavender’s smooth, meaty left tit followed, and Fleur’s jugs were each shaking independently of the other.

As the firsty paused to admire her own handiwork, Fleur took advantage, and slammed her larger breasts into Lavender’s pair. The young blonde’s tits almost looked as though they’d been partially swallowed for a moment before Fleur pulled back, slamming forward again so rapidly that my her opponent barely had time to register the blow before Fleur’s next strike. Lavender grunted as Fleur’s thrust slammed into her sizable tits. The French beauty’s next stabbing move sent waves of flesh on the firstie’s chest, and she thrust back, grunting as she felt Fleur’s firm tits against her own. Fleur’s pert tits pushed the blonde’s softer-looking boobs outward more, but the jiggling udders seemed to hold up well enough against the bigger boobs of her rival. Fleur slammed forward again, causing Lavender’s boobs to wobble more, and I felt my mouth tighten as the blonde’s plentiful jugs shivered before coming to rest on her chest. Fleur wiggled from left to right, forcing Lavender’s boobs to shift and shimmy before the younger girl withdrew. As she pulled away, I saw that both women’s tits had already begun to redden.

The young, curvy blonde retaliated by smashing her left tit into Fleur’s right, compressing my girlfriend’s perfect breast before it bounced back to its original shape. Another shot sent Fleur’s left breast across her chest, trembling as Lavender reared back for another strike. Fleur shifted almost imperceptibly, and as Lavender reared back, I saw the Fleur’s shoulders twitch before she sent her sizable jugs careening into her opponent. The blow was not matched well, but Fleur’s left boob slammed into Lavender’s left tit as both women staggered. The slap echoed off of the walls.

Lavender recovered more quickly, a move I attributed to her burning desire to teach my overly confident girlfriend a lesson, and slammed both of her tits into Fleur’s again. Both of my girlfriend’s boobs compressed again, springing back to their original form, only more red. Fleur reached up to grab Lavender’s shoulders, but the firstie batted her hands away. The motion seemed to distract Lavender, though, and Fleur pounced on the opening, launching an uppercut into Lavender’s boobs. The blonde’s tits jiggled wildly from the impressive strike, and Lavender stumbled, almost falling.

Fleur had taken the advantage after the quick uppercut, grabbing Lavender’s shoulders and swinging her chest like two dense wrecking balls. The first blow she landed, from the right, pushed both of Lavender’s seemingly softer tits against her ribcage, bending them before they slowly flopped back to their original position. Lavender grunted as she felt Fleur’s dense boobs burrow into hers, but unwilling to give up the advantage, put her hands on Fleur’s waist. Using her grip on ther older girl’s center of gravity, she whipped herself into Fleur, coiling, then snapping her lower back so that her heavy mams drilled Fleur’s boobs. The groan from Fleur was low and guttural, and I found myself impressed. A grin spread across Lavender’s pretty face, and she briefly slid her chest from side to side, savoring the sensation. ”I’m going to flatten your perfect boobs, Fleur,” she taunted her opponent. ”You’re got a great rack, but I can feel those firm jugs starting to soften up.”

Lavender repeated the previous snapping move, looking for all the world like a snake as her supple back rolled and then snapped forward. Fleur’s breasts flattened on impact, but each time regained their flawlessly round shape. ”Yeah, can you feel my puppies wearing your precious boobs out?” Lavender breathed out confidently. Fleur swung her tits wildly to avoid the next blow, and did so, but made no contact of her own. On the back swing, however, Fleur’s left teat glanced Lavender’s boob, the former’s thick tip scraping across Lavender’s areola. Lavender winced at the contact, pulling back and slamming forward again. Fleur shifted, and another glancing blow forced both pairs of breasts to shift and slide against the other. I felt Hermione’s hand on my thigh and looked up at her. She grinned as she turned back to the fighting, but I saw her thick nips begin poking out through the snug top. The brunette obviously hadn’t bothered putting on a bra after her fight, preferring to let her sore boobs roam free.

Both women were now shifting their torsos, sending wave after wave of titflesh over the other’s pair. Lavender’s tits seemed to fold and bend on the first pass, but when she pushed her tits in more, it was apparent that Fleur’s tits, too, were yielding. My girlfriend’s mouth opened, and her eyes went wide as Fleur felt the blonde’s heavy tits straining against her own set. They had done a number on each other! All four tits between them were shaking, wobbling as tit met tit. The French beauty’s perfect pair, which had seemed firmer than Lavender’s, was now shifting almost as much as her opponent’s smaller tits. Both glistening sets morphed and rolled, but regained their almost round form each time. Fleur, apparently a bit miffed by the fight the busty little firstie was taking to her now quivering boobs, looked up from the fleshy struggle and growled. ”Gotta give it to you, Blondie, I didn’t think your tits were this good. Most girls would’ve surrendered by now. At least your boobs are putting up a fight before my better set finally crushes them.” Her opponent’s eyes narrowed and she stared back with smoldering eyes, unblinking. Both girls looked incredibly sexy with their large breasts glistening with sweat.

Suddenly, Lavender pulled back, using her arms to keep Fleur at bay. I was surprised until I saw Fleur thrust forward. She landed a heavy blow, and Lavender’s tits wobbled on her chest, but even as she winced from the pain, the blonde reached around and grabbed Fleur in a hug. Fleur’s eyes went wide as she felt Lavender’s surprisingly strong arms begin pulling, forcing Fleur’s reddening boobs into the firstie’s fleshy pair. Lavender resumed the snapping motion with her back again, forcing her tits into Fleur’s rhythmically. The curvaceous blonde, having tenderized her opponent’s breasts, thrust her big boobs into Fleur’s. This time, my girlfriend’s boobs gave just as much as the firstie’s, flattening at the point and pushing against her ribcage.

The French beauty was groaning with the close attack as Lavender seemed to pump her solid tits into Fleur’s. The older girl’s breasts seemed to be holding up as on every outstroke they retained their shape, but the maneuver was taking its toll on Fleur’s jugs. ”Can you feel my big, powerful titties overwhelming yours? Are you ready to admit defeat? We both know you’re just delaying the inevitable.” the young blonde taunted. I saw a slight grin on Lavender’s face as she felt her opponent’s large, perfect boobs yielding more and more, quivering slightly as the spunky blonde shook their tightly mashed chests. ”See, they’re already trembling in fear in front of my better set.”

Fleur seemed to know she had to do something, and anyone watching could see her mind racing. Her eyes lit up suddenly and she bent her knees. Lavender had been keeping her held close, but didn’t expect the sudden downward move. It took Lavender just a second to figure out what had happened. Fleur took advantage, quickly standing up, and with a sudden twitch of her lower back sent her firm, round tits into Lavender’s rack, causing the younger blonde to grunt and step back. Lavender took another sudden blow, and I recognized that Fleur was using the same tactic Daphne had employed against her, flinging her thick breasts into the opposing pair. While the top-heavy Ice Queen hadn’t been able to beat Fleur’s firm tits then, she’d certainly demonstrated the method’s effectiveness.

Lavender groaned again as her breasts smashed across her chest, slamming up and then down shaking with the force of the impact from Fleur’s jugs. my girlfriend pressed her advantage, swinging from the left to force her heavy left breast into Lavender’s left. The blonde’s flesh shook and wobbled over her chest as Fleur held her breast against Lavender’s and began sliding her heavy, firm tit over Lavender’s smaller counterpart. The busty, young blonde groaned as she felt the mass of flesh push her own breast inward, shifting both the surrounding tissue and core of her tit. Her boob slid back as Fleur continued, the latter pressing her flesh into Lavender’s other orb. I watched as the firstie’s right tit was pushed outward, before being covered by Fleur’s breast. Fleur pulled back suddenly, and I felt myself stiffen as the Lavender’s jug bounced back into its original position. Fleur slid back, using her right breast to try to repeat the maneuver.

Fleur leaned for another blow but as she came forward, Lavender’s sightly smaller tits came crashing down. The smack was a loud one, and the sound careened off of the walls echoing loudly throughout the room. Fleur groaned as she felt Lavender’s tits bury themselves into her flesh, but again, both women pulled away with comparable damage. Lavender’s tits looked an angry red instead of their normal creamy tone, and they had been answered in kind by the sharp pink coloring of Fleur’s boobs. Lavender wasn’t satisfied with the color, I realized, and she slammed her heavy boobs on top of Fleur’s once again. Fleur’s tits splayed out slightly from the compression, flattening on the tops and pushing her flesh outward.

Fleur gasped as she pulled back, muttering ”oh merde” loudly enough for everyone to hear. Lavender grinned and swung down, aiming for Fleur’s sore boobs. Fleur was frustrated, but still determined to beat the surprisingly tough blonde, I realized. As soon as she saw what the busty firstie had planned, she slammed her tits forward, staggering Lavender even as the latter’s supple jugs slid over her collar bone. Fleur pulled away, having gotten too close and slammed her famous boobs back into the opposing pair, this time slamming both of her big breasts into Lavender’s. Both pairs flattened again, and Fleur kept the pressure up. Lavender’s breasts flew up, rolling from the impact, and the firstie groaned as she felt the blow connect. I watched as Lavender’s breasts settled on her chest and Fleur reared back. The young blonde’s tits dented before springing back. Lavender grunted and my girlfriend showed her experience by spearing Lavender’s heavy breasts again. I saw Fleur reach up to grip Lavender’s shoulders and start thrusting her pert teats deeper into the opposing flesh. ”Had enough, little girl?” I heard Fleur smug hiss. ”If you give up now, I’ll take it easy on you.” The younger blonde looked pained, but shook her head angrily. ”Fine, I guess we’ll have to do it the hard way then.”

All four sweaty breasts flattened and ballooned, each returning to their round shape. Lavender’s breasts shifted more as Fleur dictated the movement, but both boobs slid and shifted as Fleur shoved her chest at Lavender’s rack. I looked over to Hermione for just a moment. She was watching the fight, but sensed me looking. She shrugged as the battle continued. I began to doubt Lavender’s chances as my girlfriend began picking up the pace. Her thrusts, close as they were, came more rapidly, compressing and jostling the young blonde’s slightly smaller breasts with more frequency. Lavender seemed to welcome the contact, pushing back with her own boobs, though the contest seemed to favor Fleur’s pair. ”Not so cocky now, are you Lav-Lav?” Fleur asked with a grin. ”Sure, you’ve beaten Padma’s tough set, and you might even have a chance against Susan’s monsters, but there’s no way those pillows will survive against my perfect boobs.” I couldn’t help but enjoy seeing the familiar confidence on my girlfriend’s face, and silently agreed with her. The only girl I could imagine beating Fleur in the firmness department was Ginny, and the redhead was at least a full cup size smaller.

I saw Lavender tense, her face twisting into discomfort as Fleur’s gorgeous, pert breasts struck a particularly solid blow. Fleur grinned as she pulled back, then drilled her substantial boobs into Lavender’s. Both pairs of breasts seemed to split, shaping around the impact point and jiggling. Fleur’s boobs shaped upwards, sliding over Lavender’s teats, which were pushed down from the top, though they held up well considering the dense breasts atop them. Lavender twisted away, pulling her own substantial rack to the side, letting Fleur’s big boobs drop down. Fleur followed her tits, but Lavender twisted just as hard the other way, sending her breasts over Fleur’s lush curves.

This time both pairs split time on top, as Lavender’s left breast snaked up and over Fleur’s right boob and her right jug slid under Fleur’s left. They continued grinding against each other, their breasts almost occupying the same space in some fleshy misunderstanding of how physics worked. Aside from skin color, I couldn’t tell where one tit ended and the other began. Both women began grunting at each pass. I wondered if the fight was drawing to a close, but both women stuck to their technique, ignoring the pain in what had to be their now sore breasts. All four breasts compressed against their counterpart, shaking and jiggling as the two women continued to grind each other out. Fleur’s breasts pushed forward for a moment, but when Lavender shoved back, her own jugs made some ground. Each woman placed her hands on the other’s shoulder as they kept slowly pushing their boobs into each other. The busty little first year had so far put up a very convincing fight against her modelesque opponent, and I was starting to wonder what would happen if Lavender’s undeniably thick pair actually managed to beat Fleur’s perfect tits. Judging by the contemplative looks on Susan and Hermione’s faces, they too were thinking about that same possibility. The pretty young blonde had surprised everyone and proved her quite attractive but seemingly less dense set to be a worthy opponent against Fleur’s enviably gorgeous, so far untamed breasts.

My girlfriend let out a frustrated gasp as she felt Lavender’s meaty tits slip and slide into and across her larger pair. Had she looked down, she would have seen what I had seen — her big jugs being pushed around for a moment before sliding into place. I was getting worried how Fleur’s perfect boobs seemed to be losing their much-celebrated firmness. At the start, Lavender’s sizable tits had appeared to be giving up more ground than Fleur’s pert pair, but clearly the spunky blonde had managed to pound and grind that initial lead away. After a minute or so of grinding, Lavender changed tactics. She pulled away quickly, and Fleur, mid slide, couldn’t stop the strong blow of Lavender’s heavy boobs slamming into her own. Fleur’s tits bent and folded around Lavender’s, though I couldn’t tell if it was the damage to her tits or the sheer force that Lavender was able to put behind it. Fleur’s jugs reshaped, and the younger blonde mashed their boobs together, almost as if she had been savoring the blow.

The French beauty’s right breast flattened at the point of impact, where Lavender’s right breast slammed directly into Fleur’s. Fleur’s left tit slammed into her other big boob, but I noticed that Fleur whimpered, and the pretty firstie’s grin told me what I needed to know about who got the worst of the arrangement. Fleur’s right tit dented and flopped inward, meeting Lavender’s left tit as the busty little blonde dragged her torso through Fleur’s again. As her tit fell back to its original position, Lavender let herself pause for a moment, leaving Fleur’s perky but sore-looking right jug between her cleavage. Suddenly Lavender started shaking. I saw my her hands snake outward and grip Fleur’s hip. As I watched the new tactic, I realized that Lavender was simply shifting left and right quickly, from one foot to the other. The older girl’s left breast was pushed outward, bouncing off of Lavender’s meaty boob, and I felt almost bad for Fleur’s right tit, trapped as it was between the other girl’s impressive pair. ”Merde,” Fleur groaned as her big teat was squeezed and pummeled in Lavender’s powerful cleavage. She had only been stunned for a moment, and soon her own torso slid back and forth, trying to match Lavender’s blows.

In moments, it appeared that every bit of their flesh was in contact, sliding, folding, bending and slapping. The busty young first year’s sizable boobs looked almost as if they were wobbling at times, while Fleur’s ever-so-slightly larger breasts were pushed around before bouncing back. Neither girl seemed to be gaining a good advantage. Suddenly, as if she’d read my mind, Lavender sent a shot into the underside of Fleur’s pert, sweaty boobs. Her attack sent the shocked French beauty’s tits shaking uncontrollably upward, and the young blonde grabbed Fleur’s shoulders before the latter could move back to regroup. Fleur’s big boobs were wobbling when Lavender quickly moved forward. I, along with the rest of the crowd, watched in awe as the spunky little firstie slammed her tits forward, once again pushing in the gorgeous blonde’s bigger tits. Both pairs seemed as though they’d softened, and while Fleur’s yielded more easily, Lavender’s compressed more as well. The French beauty groaned as Lavender’s meaty boobs invaded her large, glistening pair. ”Wow,” the younger blonde grunted as she tried to work her tits further in. ”So this is what it feels like to crush your arrogant boobs, Fleur? They’re so fucking firm.” Perhaps realizing that it sounded like praise, Lavender quickly continued. ”Gonna make crushing you so much more worth it.”

”You’re not going to beat me, Lavender. My perfect big tits are going to flat… Oh fuck,” Fleur suddenly groaned as the younger girl’s round boobs burrowed into her pride and joy again.

I swallowed, wondering if my girlfriend’s tits had just been beaten by Lavender’s surprisingly dense pair. The busty little firstie pulled some distance between the two women and I could almost see the relief on Fleur’s face. Both pairs of tits were splotches of angry red on a pink background, and both wobbled considerably as they broke from the contact with the other pair. Lavender lifted her breasts again, and Fleur gamely swung her tits up, aiming for Lavender’s pair. She hit, but Lavender was still pulling back, minimizing the impact. Lavender still grunted as she felt the contact, though, and stepped back. Fleur used the moment to swing her tits again, hoping to nail a haymaker blow to Lavender’s left breast. The wild shot missed, however, as Lavender twisted to her right, and when Fleur stopped moving, she was greeted with a shot to her still-quivering orbs. Fleur grunted and then almost yelped; Lavender had not stopped with the single blow. Both girl groaned as my girlfriend pulled her opponent in. At times, it looked as though Lavender’s thick breasts were forcing their way into the older blonde’s large pair, while at others, Fleur’s bigger tits seemed to be pushing and pressing the first year’s round boobs flat. I remained silent while the two girls ground against each other, listening closely to the wet smack of their sweaty tits against each other and their grunts and gasps as their nipples scraped against the opposing flesh.

Lavender broke the stalemate by forcing her boobs forward, and Fleur’s ample breasts seemed to allow access, her flesh simply pushing in. Fleur’s boobs bounced up, jiggling delightfully as the busty first year continued her blow, shoving her tits into the underside of the French beauty’s big rack. The young blonde slammed her heavy tits down, earning a long moan from her beautiful opponent. It was an intense sight, watching my girlfriend’s perfect boobs get forced down on her chest. Fleur’s taut flesh stretched, distending the breasts’ tissue against the weight of Lavender’s powerful boobs. ”No… fucking… way,” Fleur groaned. Lavender raised her own tits again and slammed down once more. Fleur swore again as her tits shook, only regaining their original position when the curvy firstie pulled her large, fleshy orbs away. Lavender slammed forward, and the French beauty groaned again. Fleur’s hands fell to her side, and I wondered if the last few blows had done her jugs in.

”Yeah, you’re going down, Fleur. I know you can feel those super tits slowly making way to mine. It’s gonna be awesome, having you worship my superior pair in front of everyone,” Lavender said in a low, husky voice. The chesty young first year’s arms wrapped around Fleur’s slender waist and forcefully pulled the girl into a hug. Fleur’s ample tits immediately splashed outward as they met Lavender’s, but the firstie’s own boobs compressed significantly as well. Both women groaned at the impact, and Fleur started to struggle. She could gain no leverage, and her tits began pushing and almost pulsating from the rhythmic pressure the busty blonde was applying. As Lavender began twisting her torso to the left and right, thrusting her heavy jugs into Fleur’s bigger pair, I saw my girlfriend’s mighty breasts twist and shape. Fleur’s tits jiggled more than before, but the young firstie wasn’t done, I realized. She followed suit with her left breast, and I watched as Lavender pushed her meaty tits into and over Fleur’s amazing but quickly softening rack.

At first, I wondered what was going to happen, as Lavender was moving slowly, savoring the hold and whispering something into her shocked opponent’s ear. Then Fleur’s tits began flattening earlier than they had been, compressing at the point and moving outward with a more fluid motion. A chorus of ”ooh” traveled around the room. Lavender had definitely loosened the French beauty’s firm, round tits, and Fleur’s flesh slowly made way for the young blonde’s, even as the first year’s own boobs compressed visibly. But while Lavender’s breasts also gave ground, it was nowhere near as much as my girl’s famous orbs were now yielding. Fleur tried thrusting forward one more time. The end result was a dent in Lavender’s meaty tits, and a noticeable wave of flesh from the older girl’s large breasts, radiating outward from the point of impact. In a minute Fleur had stopped fighting, and Lavender was again leaning in to whisper into her ear. She pushed her supple tits slowly into the the French blonde’s beaten breasts, and Fleur didn’t look down to watch her gorgeous tits fail her for the very first time. Her face was a mask of pain and disbelief at having been bested by the curvy little first year. Fleur moaned, no doubt feeling the full breasts of her rival invade her softening jugs. As I watched, Fleur’s tits seemed to slowly yield, drooping down and around Lavender’s pair. The busty blonde continued tenderizing Fleur’s sore-looking tits, and then began bouncing her legs, sending her opponent’s ample titflesh wobbling all over.

”Yeah, look at those big jugs bounce. Didn’t think I’d be able to tame your precious set, did you Fleur?” Lavender smirked, gloating. The young firsty slammed head on into Fleur’s vanquished tits, watching with joy and triumph as her opponent’s formerly powerful tits molded around her slightly smaller set. Fleur let her hands drop as Lavender gripped her shoulders. Lavender lightly shoved with her solid tits, and Fleur’s rack pushed up, her boobs almost flattening from the bottom as the younger blonde humiliated her. The French girl’s tits eventually slid down, and Lavender pushed her breasts over them until her were once again on top. Fleur groaned as her tits fell. ”Okay,” she said, her voice cracking just slightly. ”You win, Lavender. Your stronger pair crushed my tits.”

Lavender laughed, giving the audience a quick grin. I noticed quite a few girls cheering for the young firstie, clearly eager to see her dole out even more humiliation on the girl whose intimidatingly good looks were the target of a great deal of jealousy and resentment among the female student population (and admiration and lust among the boys). Apparently deciding to grant the crowd its request, Lavender pulled the older girl in for more punishment. I watched as the young blonde showed off, enjoying her win over the gorgeous blonde in front of the whole school. While Lavender was quite pretty herself, Fleur could’ve easily won a beauty contest between all of the girls, and had practically every boy drooling after her. Crushing the French blonde’s perfect boobs in such a public manner had to boost the young firsty’s confidence quite a bit.

”Watch them fade. Look how those amazing tits slowly open up to mine,” Lavender whispered, almost to herself. Fleur’s head dropped as she felt Lavender’s tits once again displace her own. The young blonde spent her time annihilating her opponent, pushing Fleur’s thick tits to the left and right, and up and down, and even holding them in place. Lavender shook her nice, full bum to some music in the background, instructing everyone to ”Watch this Frenchy’s overrated tits jiggle.” And they did. As bad as I felt for my girlfriend, it was still hot to watch her now slightly droopy breasts shake on her chest through the motion of another, better pair.

”Who has the best goddamn tits around?” Lavender asked loudly. Fleur sighed her surrender again.

”You do Lavender. Your amazing breasts outgunned my weak sacks. You have the best boobs in the school. They pounded mine into these bouncing jugs,” Fleur groaned.

”That’s right Fleur, my big boobs crushed your weak, bloated set,” Lavender smirked proudly, obviously enjoying every second. Not that I could blame her really, defeating the French beauty’s firm rack was one seriously impressive achievent. The curvy first year hefted her victorious left tit into Fleur’s mouth. ”Suck my better tit, Fleur. Suck it like you mean it.” The older girl did just that, letting the nipple enter her mouth and basting it. My eyes were drawn to Lavender’s quivering flesh as my girlfriend gamely paid homage to her betters.

”Oh wow, you have a talented mouth,” the pretty first year purred. ”I know a lot of the girls here would want to test it.” My eyes immediately drifted to Susan, the cute and rather top-heavy redhead who’d narrowly lost to my girl the week before, and now looked at the proceedings with a lusty gaze. Sitting next to her was Daphne, whose big jugs had also been flattened by my girlfriend’s firmer pair. She, if anything, looked even more enraptured than the younger girl. Considering she’d previously fought a draw against Lavender, I realized Daphne was probably looking forward to some interesting rematches.

Lavender’s shaky moans drew my attention back to the centre of the room, and I watched, mesmerized, as my girlfriend continued to suckle on the young firsty’s best assets. They were ample and full rather than perky, looking more luxurious than sporty or statuesque. But there was no denying their power and attractiveness now – the busty, blonde first year was one to watch out for. I rubbed my cock through my pants surreptitiously, watching the intensely arousing scenario unfold before me. Fleur’s unexpected loss and submissives had definitely gotten me hot, especially since she was usually so confident in the bedroom. I could see Fleur’s formerly perfect tits sagging just slightly as she serviced Lavender’s round, victorious teat. ”Yeah, suck my big, strong boobs. They’re the best there are,” Lavender moaned, licking her lips seductively and staring at my bulging crotch. ”Ooh, I’m glad you agree, Ced,” she winked, grinning. A few of the girls giggled, and I blushed in embarrassment.

Finally, the busty first year gestured her opponent to get up, and leaned in to kiss each of Fleur’s tender boobs. I watched as Lavender bounced the French girl’s large jugs gently. ”Wow, they really are gorgeous. Just like the rest of you, really,” Lavender smiled, narrowing her eyes in playful jealousy. ”But I think we all know whose boobs are better, don’t we?” My girlfriend nodded demurely, biting her lip as she stared at her opponent’s winning teats with newfound respect. ”And thanks for the fight, Fleur, you sure gave me one hell of a match. But I bet you didn’t expect to lose to some little floozy,” Lavender smirked.

Fleur chortled, looking a bit sheepish. ”Yeah, I thought I’d flatten your pretty newbie tits without too much trouble.” Lavender grinned at my girl, cupping her own sweaty boobs and bouncing them softly. Their plentiful flesh shook and rippled pleasantly, and the young blonde again caught my eye, her smile widening further. ”And how’d that go, Fleurie dear?” The modelesque French girl took a deep breath, glancing towards me and hanging her head a bit. ”You crushed my overconfident boobs, Lavender,” Fleur admitted quietly, groaning as Lavender started to jostle my girl’s slightly larger boobs for one last time. ”Your big, beautiful jugs tamed my lesser set.”

As soon as Lavender had strutted off to find her shirt, Hermione snapped out of her stupor and stood to go comfort Fleur, as did both Susan and Hannah. Susan put her arm around Fleur’s right shoulder, hugging her tightly. In stark contrast to their fight earlier, the redhead’s large, braless boobs gently pushed Fleur’s smaller jugs away, a visible signal of the destruction Lavender had wrought on my gorgeous girlfriend. I doubt the girls had seen that one coming either, but clearly we’d underestimated the young blonde and her impressive chest. And as if on cue, Lavender interrupted my thoughts from across the room. ”Oh and Fleur, I’ll be having my reward tonight, in your dorm. Make sure to keep your hands off Cedric ’til then, ’cause I’m gonna ride him like the stud he is!”

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