Titfight Academy: Chapter 3 by Augur

It had been a week since my girlfriend’s first ever titfighting loss, and a lot had changed in that short time. The school’s reaction to the sudden coup d’etat had so far been mixed, with some (mainly female) students welcoming the change in leadership with open arms, no doubt glad to see the modelesque French girl finally knocked off her throne, while others (mainly boys) seemed too astonished to form much of an opinion. My girlfriend had held the top position for almost a full year, and had never lost to anyone before. She was also widely credited with having the best body (and face) in the school, being the target of much jealousy and lust from the students. But now, it seemed her rack would have to settle for being the ‘second’ best. At least for a while.

After the last week’s fight, as per their agreement, Fleur had let Lavender have her way with me. I knew my girl had been unsure about whether or not she should stay and watch, but the victor had chosen to enjoy her spoils alone, sending the French beauty away. Still, given the fact that our head boy and head girl bedrooms were right next door to each other, I had no doubt Fleur had been able to hear much of the action.

The moment we were left alone, the blonde firsty had pushed me down on the bed and dropped to her knees, freeing my throbbing cock with quick, enthusiastic movements. She’d taken a few seconds to grin at my shocked face before licking her cute, plump lips and proceeding to wrap them around my arousal. I don’t know if it was because watching my girlfriend’s jugs lose for a change had gotten me so incredibly hot, or if the blonde simply was that talented, but it’d been the best blowjob I’d ever experienced. Despite my cock being somewhat larger than average, the busty first year had swallowed me to the hilt, her greenish grey eyes never leaving mine. Using her tongue and throat muscles, she’d turned me into a panting mess, my loud grunts and moans no doubt fully audible through the thin wall. As expected, I hadn’t lasted very long at all, shooting my load into the pretty blonde’s warm mouth as I came with a roar. It’d taken a while for my breathing to even out afterwards, and Lavender had taken the opportunity to climb next to me, pressing her lush curves against my body and giving me a long, hot kiss. Tasting my own cum on her tongue had caused my cock to twitch again, and I could still remember the blonde’s wide, smug grin as she gave me a knowing look. Fleur had told me about Lavender’s reputation as a great fuck, but boy did she know how to drive a guy wild.

While I’d recuperated, the new tit champion had started getting rid of our clothes, getting her puppies out in the open and pulling my face in to give them a good lick. While I still didn’t consider Lavender’s boobs to be quite as nice as my girlfriend’s, it was pointless to deny that they were very, very attractive. The young blonde had encouraged me to grope and fondle her best assets, and I, being a mere mortal, hadn’t been able to resist her advances for long. Lavender’s big boobs had felt amazing in my hands, somehow slightly softer and fuller than Fleur’s pert orbs, her smooth, ample flesh almost caressing my palms as I kneaded the firsty’s teats gently. In their fight earlier, Lavender’s set had looked just a tiny bit smaller than my girl’s, but without a direct comparison it was hard to tell. All I knew was that I’d really enjoyed getting acquainted with them.

We’d fucked for hours that night, and as much as I wanted to deny it, Lavender had been truly great in the sack. Her warm, wet pussy hadn’t felt as tight or overpowering as Fleur’s, but she’d used that thick, shapely body of hers to very good effect, squeezing and grinding my seed out time and time again. For someone so clearly experienced, the blonde first year had also seemed surprisingly cute and innocent, planting small kisses all over my body and giggling quietly as we cuddled after each climax. I’d returned the favour several times of course, and learned that her favorite position, straddling my waist and riding me like a cowgirl as I pounded her from below, was just as likely to get her off as it was to get me. All in all the young blonde had been a gentle but amazing lover, and I couldn’t help but want to feel her soft curves against my muscular body again.

And that’s where things had gotten complicated. We’d woken up pretty late in the morning, which was understandable given the previous night’s strenous activities. I’d found Lavender laying mostly on top of me, her large, meaty boobs resting on my left arm and chest, and the cute blonde making soft moans as she slowly woke up from her slumber. She’d looked so hot then, her pretty, round face groggy with sleepiness and her long hair mussed up, and against my better judgement, I’d leaned in to give her small a peck on the lips. That little kiss had quickly escalated and led to further two rounds of intense, frantic sex, followed by one last romp in the shower, where I’d again spurted my load into Lavender’s skilled mouth, grunting and gasping as the blonde swallowed every last drop of cum, licking my spent cock clean. I’d pawed at her boobs and rounded bum for a while, enjoying how her supple flesh bounced and rippled in my hands.

When we’d finally exited the head students’ bathroom, Lavender leaning in to give me one last, searing kiss before we parted our ways, I’d heard a sharp cough. Looking up, I’d noticed Fleur leaning against the wall, looking flushed and oddly vulnerable. While her face had been beautiful as usual, her eyes had seemed tired, looking like she hadn’t been able to sleep at all. And in hindsight, she of course hadn’t. Another woman had been banging her boyfriend all night, just on the other side of the rather thin wall.

”So, I guess you two had a great time?” Fleur had asked, trying to sound cheerful but failing. Her forced smile had looked more like a grimace. Lavender’s grin, on the other hand, had been bright and genuine, even if a bit smug. ”Yeah, you can say that again! Cedric was awesome, fucking me like a wild animal. I’ve never had a guy get back up so quickly, he just kept going and going, totally insatiable!” the blonde first year had giggled, giving my ass a playful smack and smirking at the tense French girl. ”I even had to resort to sucking him off just now, in the shower, because my pussy’s too sore.”

My gorgeous girlfriend had taken a deep breath, willing herself to stay calm. She’d nodded, eyeing us with a seemingly neutral look. ”I’m not surprised, Cedric’s pretty great in bed. But apparently you’re not half bad yourself, Lavender, I could hear his moans and groans all night.” The younger woman had laughed at that, looking up at me through her long lashes. ”Sure, I did my best to keep up. This bull definitely lived up to the hype, in more ways than one,” she’d grinned, pressing her boobs into my side as she leaned her head against my toned chest. ”I’d ask you if you’d be willing to rent him out more often, but I’m pretty sure the answer’s no.”

Fleur’s look had quickly hardened, my girlfriend steeling her jaw a bit. ”Well, it’s not really me you should be asking, Cedric’s perfectly capable of making up his own mind. And besides, didn’t you already do just that?” the French beauty had snapped, her eyes locking into mine. ”Extend his lease, I mean. The terms we agreed to only covered one night. This morning was all Cedric,” she’d added with a tight, pained smile, marching off to leave me standing there, frozen in shock. She was right of course, though I hadn’t realized it at the time. I’d been too occupied with my growing lust for the busty first year to recognize that the stakes had already been paid.


Fleur had accepted my panicked apologies fairly quickly, reassuring me that she wasn’t mad at me, and that this mess was mostly her own fault anyway. She’d been the one to suggest the stakes, and the one to lose the titfight. I wasn’t exactly innocent either, of course, having been too busy thinking with my dick to kick Lavender out straight afterwards. But at the end of the day, we were both at fault to some degree. Even so, though my girlfriend had been adamant about her forgiveness of me ‘acting like any guy would’, I still felt like shit for letting her down. For betraying her trust. I was crazy about Fleur, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to throw away what we had for some hot little blondie. Even for one who was as awesome in bed as Lavender.

And to be honest, while my gorgeous girlfriend was the better looking of the two, I really couldn’t say which one was better in the sack. Both were young, curvy blondes, yes, but also quite different in build and demeanor. What I knew was that I was in love with one, and only attracted to the other. And that was the important bit.

It was Saturday morning once again now, and Fleur and I were making our way to the weekly meeting. My girl wouldn’t be facing anyone this time, since it was customary to give every girl a two-week respite after a loss, giving them time to heal both mentally and physically. I silently wondered if Fleur should’ve had a similar break after her strenous, very narrow win against Susan’s massive jugs. The top-heavy redhead had given my girlfriend’s firm boobs a serious pounding before her own rack finally wilted, and I suspected a longer recovery period wouldn’t have gone amiss. There was of course no way to know how big of a role the damage sustained in that fight had played in Fleur’s loss to Lavender, but personally, I was convinced that my girl had a good chance of beating the busty first year in a rematch. We’d have to wait three more weeks for that, though, as one could issue a new challenge only a month after the previous fight.

In order to take on the champion, one would also have to be in the school’s top ten, but when it came to my girlfriend, that requirement was more of a formality. I had no doubt that Daphne, a tall, blonde second-year who’d lost to Fleur some weeks ago, would try her luck again in the next fight event. She’d managed to fight Lavender’s boobs to a draw before, and would need to defeat my girl in order to gain a shot at the top title. Fat chance of that happening, I thought to myself, feeling quite confident in the French beauty’s ability to flatten Daphne again.

Fleur and I sat down next to Hermione, who’d apparently been keeping two front row seats for us. Seated on the other side of the mat, just opposite to us, I noticed a dark-skinned girl. Angelina was a toned and beautiful third year, whose impressive jugs matched Fleur’s in size, but fell just a bit behind in firmness. Aside from Penelope, she’d been the only one to give my girlfriend real trouble last year, and had started out this school term as the number two fighter. To my knowledge, none of the firsties had beaten her yet. Sitting next to the black girl were her friends Katie and Alicia, also third year students. Both brunettes were among the top fighters, though not quite as good as the black girl.

”I hear all three have issued a challenge to Lavender,” Hermione whispered softly, nodding towards the girls. ”And the new champ decided to go against Alicia first.” I looked at the studious second year curiously, raising an eyebrow. ”Oh? Well that was quick. I thought they pretty much hated Fleur’s guts?” I murmured in reply. At least Angelina seemed to enjoy putting my girlfriend down whenever an opportunity presented itself, and the two other third years were thick as thieves with the black girl. Hermione laughed quietly, giving me an exasperated look. ”Don’t be silly, Ced, they don’t ‘hate’ her. I guess Angelina just sees your girlfriend as a threat…” the brunette trailed off, biting her lip in thought. ”I mean, if it weren’t for Fleur, she’d probably be the queen bee herself. The girl everyone admires, and all the boys want. Angelina’s pretty, athletic and has a great rack, so of course she resents Fleur for one-upping her.”

I grinned, shaking my head at the pretty second year. ”I’m so glad I’m not a girl.” Hermione snorted, returning my smile. ”Yeah, I know what you mean. We can be really bitchy at times. With you guys everything’s much more simple. But anyway, while they don’t exactly like Fleur, and would definitely want to take her place, they don’t have any love for Lavender either. She’s the newbie who stole the throne right from under their noses. Well, mostly Angelina’s nose,” the brunette finished knowingly. I gave her a small nod, thankful for that little insight into the female world.

As I turned towards my girlfriend, I noticed she was chatting animatedly with Ginny, Hermione’s red-headed and much more sporty schoolmate. The girls seemed to be getting along pretty well, and I wondered if Fleur had made a new friend. She didn’t exactly have lots of close confidants, and often presented a somewhat cool exterior to the other girls. Which was just as well, since many of them treated her with envious disdain.

First on this Saturday’s schedule was supposed to be a fight between Susan and a rather firm second-year girl of Indian heritage, Padma. The redhead had however hurt her ankle, and was currently wearing a cast on it as she made her way to a seat. I watched Susan lean onto her friend Hannah, a somewhat plain-looking girl with strawberry blonde hair, who was going to take her place on today’s roster. Apparently the two had been practising together a few days ago, and the top-heavy redhead had lost her balance for a moment, landing on her foot in a bad angle. As bad as I felt for Susan, having her equally out of commission as my girlfriend was actually pretty good news, from a strategic point of view. The redhead could be a dangerous rival to just about any girl.

Susan and Hannah whispered to each other for a few minutes before the less busty of the two got up and marched forward. Her opponent was already standing on the mat, Padma’s long, black hair in a braid as she streched her limbs. The dark-skinned girl looked svelte and exotic next to the curvy, pale English girl.

I saw that Padma’s gaze was glued to Hannah’s ample bust, no doubt trying to cauge its exact size and density. Noticing the Indian girl’s close scrutiny, the first year gave her a careful smile, and Padma shrugged, grinning slyly. Susan gave her friend a few last-minute tips, and we waited for a while. When they finally separated, Hannah looked good and ready, her round face a mask of eager determination. Her jaw was set, and I wondered if she was more experienced than she looked. Susan’s friend didn’t seem at all nervous to me.

The pleasantly curvy light-haired girl stepped forward, removing her top and peeling off her lacy bra, letting a pair of full, meaty tits fall on her chest. As I took in the shaking titflesh, I estimated that she was a smallish Double D, about the same size as Fleur, and therefore noticeably bigger than Padma. Hannah’s boobs did have some visible sag, however, and I felt a sudden desire to see the first year match her cute boobs against my girl’s firmer-looking globes. I’d seen the fleshy blonde fight once before, losing to Hermione’s thick boobs, and feared Hannah might have her hands full against the more experienced, very firm Indian girl.

”I heard a few first years babbling about how Hannah supposedly used to have even nicer boobs before, but that because she’s fought against Susan so many times, the redhead’s huge mammaries have pounded some of the natural firmness away,” Hermione murmured in a stage whisper, sounding amused. I gave her an incredulous look, and the brunette giggled. ”Yeah, I know, doesn’t quite work like that. Gotta love firsties.”

Giving me a quick grin, Hermione turned back towards the mat. I watched as Padma pulled her shirt over her head and flung her brassiere away. Her medium brown tits were somewhat smaller than Hannah’s udders, probably a small D cup, but their shape was more perky. I found myself thinking how much they reminded me of Fleur’s amazing, almost spherical breasts. Padma’s boobs certainly looked firm and dense, though similar to my girlfriend’s, they had just enough natural sag to ensure that no one would suspect them to be fake. All in all, the Indian girl’s rack looked pretty damn spectacular, and her brown skin contrasted well with Hannah’s lighter tone. As I admired their sets, Hannah and Padma took a few careful steps towards one another, their chests jiggling enticingly.

”Ready to start?” the Indian girl asked, moving her hands to her hips. The first year’s response took us both by surprise. With a low growl, Hannah charged, slamming her full breasts into Padma’s stationary tits. The Indian girl groaned as her pert, firm breasts swelled from the impact, shimmying over her chest before they returned to their original shape. Because of the quickness of the contact, I couldn’t really tell whose set compressed more, but Padma certainly took the brunt of the damage. Another vicious swipe from the blonde’s heavy tits displayed their density, and the Indian girl’s mammaries dented visibly.

Padma did, however, manage to snap out of her stupor and began to respond with tit-punches of her own. She intercepted the first year’s next attack in mid-air, and I watched as Hannah’s jugs swung from left to right, then into each other, flattening against the sides of her own breasts. The older girl pushed her tits forward, trying to reach around and grab Hannah in a hug. I knew Padma preferred grinding to boxing, and had to admit that with her firmness, it was usually a sound strategy. She’d held her own even against Fleur’s dense, powerful orbs for a while, and I had no doubt Hannah’s softer-looking boobs would respond well to that kind of approach. Unfortunately, the blonde seemed to have similar thoughts and quickly grabbed Padma’s hands, preventing her from wrapping them around her back. It certainly seemed like Hannah had been in quite a few fights, and I suspected those silly first years had been right about one thing – Susan and her friend no doubt sparred with each other regularly.

Hannah swung her larger mammaries, connecting with her right onto Padma’s right tit. The brown-skinned girl’s globe shifted slightly, and Padma winced. I wondered how well the Indian girl had recovered from the beating she took from Lavender, and recalled how brutal their boob-slapping edgame had been. Lavender’s merciless pounding had in the end managed to turn Padma’s dense pair to mush, and the dark-skinned girl still seemed somewhat uncomfortable with matching her tits against another set in that way. I watched as Hannah swung again, hitting the older girl’s left breast with considerable force. Hannah’s plentiful flesh ballooned under the pressure, but I could tell the blow had hurt Padma. Cursing, the second year steeled her jaw and thrust forward, interrupting the blonde’s next swing.

The thrust sent her left breast into Hannah’s left tit, and in mid-stroke, the blonde’s right breast crashed into her left. Hannah grunted as she felt her own breast slam into her other jug, while Padma’s boob was hitting it dead on. The pretty Indian girl swung aggressively from the sides, and I saw Fleur nod approvingly as the second year increased the effectiveness of her stroke. Hannah seemed to think it was effective, too, as she groaned, releasing Padma’s hands. The Indian girl quickly seized the advantage, and finally succeeded in trapping Hannah in a tight bear hug. As Padma closed her arms around the blonde’s fleshy frame, it was easy to see the advantage the older girl’s tits had in firmness; Hannah’s plump tits began to mushroom earlier than her opponent’s did, and the movement continued further into her rack. As I took their straining chests in, it actually looked like Padma’s meaty tits were pushing into Hannah’s sacks with more and more pressure, forcing their way deeper and causing the pale flesh to push out to the sides.

”Oh, fuck,” Hannah groaned, her round face turning into a grimace as she no doubt felt her thick mammaries yielding to the opposing set.

”That’s it Padma, grind those fat, saggy boobs out!” I heard Cho cheer, the fellow second-year egging the Indian girl on. She’d of course lost to Hannah’s friend Susan earlier this year, and probably enjoyed getting at least some form of revenge on the busty redhead. In any case, Padma took Cho’s advice to heart and began swinging her torso back and forth, straining her legs to push Hannah’s tits up. Grunting, the blonde responded, swinging her own torso in an opposing rhythm.

Still, each pass seemed to confirm that one of the pairs was dominant. When Hannah’s heavy jugs rode over the Indian girl’s rack, they did force the tops of Padma’s caramel-colored breasts to compress slightly, but otherwise it was the Indian girl’s firm, thick set that pushed Hannah’s full teats around. Padma, much more in her element now, speeded up the rhythm, still pushing in hard. Her dense jugs didn’t move as much as Hannah’s, but the girl’s winces indicated that the first year’s bigger breasts were having at least some kind of an effect on Padma’s. Susan’s yells of encouragement may have also spurred the blonde to keep going despite her apparent disadvantage in firmness, and neither girl was trying to pull away. Both had their arms wrapped around the other’s back, staring down at their racks and rolling their hips as they ground on. If anything, they seemed to be picking up speed and increasing the force with which they shoved their ample racks together.

Hannah looked up from their sweaty bosoms for a moment, grunting softly. ”Come on Padma, bring it. Or is that all you’ve got?” she asked in a strained voice. The Indian girl groaned as she felt her opponent’s heavy, pale jugs roll over hers, displacing her darker flesh for a moment, but stared back evenly. ”Oh, don’t you worry Honey, I’m just getting started.”

Padma and Hannah met each other’s thrusts willingly, almost eagerly. One girl would twist her hip, thrusting her torso, and the other girl would meet it, their breasts slamming together at their points. Padma had a small but confident smile on her lips, and the blonde’s face was slowly starting to fall. Despite her best efforts, Padma’s firm breasts were still maintaining their impressive shape well, while Hannah’s fuller, larger tits molded around Padma’s more and more noticeably. Groaning, the blonde used her thick body and wide hips to gather more power behind her strikes. She was sweating noticeably, but by putting all her weight behind her breast-shoves, she was forcing Padma to take an occasional half-step back before she could reposition her feet.

Both girls were breathing hard, but Hannah began grunting more and more with each pass. She still wouldn’t give up, though, and hopped slightly, landing her heavy jugs on top of Padma’s smaller boobs. The Indian girl gasped in surprise, but quickly pulled back and shoved her rack into the blonde’s meaty chest, this time meeting them head on. Hannah moaned as Padma kept thrusting forward, sliding her tits back and forth.

The blonde’s hands fell to her sides and she let out a guttural groan, apparently in pain from the vicious strike and constant grinding. Padma pushed in once more, her flesh burrowing into Hannah’s softer jugs. It was obvious to me that the Indian girl’s solid teats were taking up more and more space between their chests, and I watched as Padma started pulling back and slamming forward. Hannah tried to meet the thrusts, but her ample breasts were pushed back at the point of contact, ballooning out before Padma pulled back. Padma’s tits held firm, and her face was growing more confident with each strike.

Hannah tried a last ditch thrust or two, slamming her tits into Padma’s, and while the older girl stepped back, it was pretty easy to see what had happened. Hannah’s tits flattened against Padma’s on the first powerful blow, and as Padma responded and met Hannah’s next blow, the latter’s flesh splashed even further back, pancaking against her chest.

Padma showed her experience by quickly grabbing Hannah, holding her close and keeping the blonde’s flattened tits between them. She began grinding against Hannah, who at that point started to moan, but had not yet surrendered. The blonde’s hands slowly cupped her opponent’s round butt, and Hannah slowly twisted until her tits were laying atop Padma’s. Padma shifted a bit as she felt Hannah’s maneuver, waiting until the blonde was finished before thrusting up. Her smaller breasts pushed Hannah’s up and outward as the pillowy flesh drooped to the side, yielding to Padma’s denser, better tits.

”Oh fuck, I give, I give!” Hannah cried out as her tits flopped aside during a particularly strong grind from the Indian girl. Padma carefully pulled away, watching Hannah’s tender jugs slowly flow towards the center. They hung, loose and soft on her chest as Padma gently pushed, obviously enjoying the view of her tits moving Hannah’s larger mammaries around.

”Good match, firsty,” Padma said, smirking as she looked up at the younger girl’s face. ”But did you really think your soft titties could beat these?” she asked, bouncing her sizable, still firm-looking boobs. I recalled Fleur telling me they’d felt as dense as her own, and right then, I was inclined to believe her. Hannah said nothing as she pulled away, cupping her breasts and massaging them gently. She sighed, giving Susan a quick, apologetic glance.

”You flattened my boobs, Padma,” the first year murmured, looking at her loose flesh sadly. ”Your strong, firm tits were too much for my softer pair.” The Indian girl snorted, grinning at her beaten opponent. ”Well spotted, Hannah,” she said with a wink, her dark, seductive eyes twinkling with amusement.

”Anyway, I guess I should thank you for knocking your friend over the other day,” Padma continued, looking in Susan’s direction. ”I’ve seen what those monster tits can do, and would hate to get the same treatment as Cho,” the Indian girl said with a mock grimace. ”Your cute, bouncy boobs are much more comfortable,” she finished with a sweet smile, cooing at the fleshy first year. Hannah simply huffed in reply, pouting adorably. Hermione giggled at the two girls, and I couldn’t help but to laugh with her.

As the crowd dispersed for the usual five minute break, I sensed my girlfriend lean towards me. Looking up, I was surprised to see Fleur scrutinizing the brunette who was sitting on my other side, her face thoughtful. ”Hey ‘Mione, can I ask you something?” The younger girl gave a quick nod, and Fleur continued. ”What’s the story with some second years trying to pick on a firsty? Ginny mentioned you two seeing a couple of girls push someone around. What happened?” Hermione grimaced, shifting in her seat. ”Oh, she told you about that? It’s nothing really, we took care of it,” the brunette said with a small, forced smile. Fleur’s lips, however, curled into a much more genuine, shrewd grin. ”Yeah, I heard. She said you’d put a quick end to it by threatening to crush their tits. Now, spill it. Was it Pansy’s gang?”

Hermione let out a deep breath, shaking her head. ”No, Pansy’s been keeping a low profile lately. Ever since I-”

”-flattened her saggy boobs, yeah yeah,” my girl interrupted, looking impatient. ”But who was it then? And what happened exactly? I got the impression you also made good on your promise.” Fleur and I both knew that the brunette had been bullied in her previous school, and had little tolerance for it here. I suspected her tussle with Pansy also had something to do with the bitchy blonde’s tendency to harass other students.

I saw Hermione bite her lip, a familiar gesture from whenever the brainy brunette was trying to solve a problem – or recall the correct answer. ”Okay, fine,” she sighed finally, looking reluctant but realizing that Fleur wasn’t going to let it go. ”It was Cho and her sidekick Marietta. They were going after Luna, Ginny’s best friend.” I could see my girlfriend’s eyebrows disappear into her wavy, blonde hair as the information sunk in. ”Wait, what?” Fleur asked, looking surprised. ”So you flattened Cho? Wow. She’s supposed to be pretty tough.”

The brunette shook her head again, a careful smile making its way to her lips. ”No, not exactly. That was Ginny. I took care of Marietta,” Hermione explained, now grinning. ”She’s got decent enough boobs too, definitely bigger than her friend’s firm little C cups.” I was pretty sure my face matched Fleur’s as we both stared at the kind, innocent-looking girl in bafflement.

My girlfriend continued pushing Hermione for more information, and we learned that Ginny wasn’t exactly new to the world of titfighting. She and Hermione had apparently put an end to the bullying in their old school with the same exact method, making their would-be aggressors think twice before trying to bother them. I was starting to look at the cute brunette with entirely new eyes. Under the disguise of a shy, cautious bookworm was a tenacious young woman who took no crap from anyone.

”So how come you and Ginny haven’t been taking part in these competitions?” I couldn’t help asking, now awfully curious. Hermione simply shrugged. ”Why would I? I’m perfectly happy with people appreciating me for my intelligence, not my boobs. I only fight when there’s a good reason,” the brunette explained, sounding mature well beyond her years. Which wasn’t at all rare for her, to be honest. ”And as for Ginny, I guess she’s been busy with football practise, running, tennis and all that,” Hermione continued, pursing her lips as she thought of something. ”Though I do know she wants to give it a go at some point, especially now that she knows she can beat a skilled fighter like Cho. So you can relax Ced, I’m sure you’ll get to see Ginny’s sexy little titties for yourself pretty soon.”

The curly-haired brunette laughed at my reddening face, sharing an amused look with Fleur. ”Wow, he really is that easy,” the cute second year giggled, my girlfriend nodding emphatically in agreement. ”Yup, Cedric simply can’t resist a nice pair of boobs,” Fleur grinned. ”It’s his one flaw.” Hermione snorted at that, her pretty brown eyes sparkling. ”Oh, I’d hardly call it a flaw. More like an endearing trait, really.”


As the students returned to their seats, I saw Fleur’s long-time rival Angelina lean towards her two friends. She was murmuring something to them in a low voice, and pointing in my girlfriend’s general direction. Katie and Alicia grinned at the black girl, stifling a few laughs in their hands. The leader of their small pack gave a small nod, and one of the brunettes took it as a sign, getting up from her seat and stretching her neck lazily. Lavender acknowledged the older girl’s challenge and also got up, stepping forward.

I watched as Alicia started walking towards the mat, her dark hair flowing down her shoulders and a sizable rack bouncing on her chest. She was tall, toned and fit, and as I let my eyes follow her figure further downwards, I realized that her body looked quite a bit more athletic than her opponent’s. Not that I didn’t find Lavender’s softer figure attractive, of course. I happened to know from experience that the blonde first year was very, very fuckable.

The tall brunette was the first to start to undress, peeling off her sweater and revealing a tight sports bra which covered a pair of large, tanned orbs. With a small smile, Alicia began pulling the top upwards so that her boobs distended, pulling up with the garment before eventually beginning to slide. They fell to her chest and wobbled slightly before settling, her nipples pointing straight out. Alicia’s impressive tits didn’t sag much, and I’d seen them beat countless other sets over the years. Though I wasn’t sure about her exact rank right now, the dark-haired girl had once reached as high as number four, and had sparred with my girl on several occasions. She’d lost every time of course, but that was hardly unusual. I shifted in my seat, feeling a familiar pressure.

Trying not to stare too long, I turned back to Lavender, who winked at me with a knowing smile. She bunched her shirt in her hands before slowly sliding the hem above her boobs. With a groan, I realised she was going to put on a show for my benefit, reminding me of the ample curves I’d gotten to know quite intimately during our night together. Not that I really needed to be reminded, the sex had been plenty memorable enough. Fleur huffed a bit, rolling her eyes, and grabbed my hand to lift in onto her left teat.

”There,” she whispered into my ear. ”You’ve already got nicer boobs right here.” I nodded, grinning at my girlfriend and giving her big, firm boob a gentle squeeze. She may have suffered the first defeat of her long titfighting career to the blonde, but we both knew it was just a matter of time before Fleur would climb back on the throne. Everyone has to lose sometime, and the fact that my girlfriend had managed to maintain a perfect record for so long was nothing short of astonishing. Penelope hadn’t kept the title for even close to a year, and I doubted the new champ would either.

Back on the mat, Lavender’s tits rose with the shirt, then slid out, bouncing against her chest as they hem could no longer contain them. The blonde’s large, round rack settled down with a soft smack, and I watched as those big jugs bounced and jiggled on her chest for a moment. The ripples quickly calmed down, however, the first year’s boobs looking full and firm. Their shape wasn’t as pert as my girl’s, nor did they look quite as hard, but the result of last week’s fight left little doubt as to the density of the blonde’s thick inner tissue. Lavender grinned at her opponent, a look of pure confidence on her pretty face. Still, there wasn’t much difference between the girls in terms of size or visible firmness, at least not from what I could see. Both seemed to have a solid set of rather large D cup breasts.

”Hmm, not bad for a firsty, I guess,” Alicia smirked, ”But that’s not gonna cut it here. I mean, did you really think your win over Fleur’s boobs was anything but a fluke?” she laughed, throwing a quick smirk at my girlfriend, who flushed a bit. ”I’ve flattened enough girls to tell a nice rack from a great rack, and yours is nothing special. I’m going to have so much fun playing with those big pillows after I’ve won.”

Just as my mind was about to wander to Fleur’s previous match against Alicia, sometime last May, the brunette shoved her firm boobs into Lavender’s round globes. Both sets seemed to refuse to yield to the other, displacing only slightly at the point of contact. Lavender’s face registered the contact more out of surprise than anything, as neither woman seemed put out by the first touch. I leaned back and watched the girls go at it.

They were tentative at first, simply pushing and shoving their sizable breasts into each other. As Alicia’s right would meet Lavender’s left, both would flatten at the point of contact. It was not always tip to tip, and Lavender’s tit sometimes looked as thought it was impaling Alicia’s boob, forcing the brunette’s flesh upward and outward from the point of impact. When Alicia’s heavy gland pushed against Lavender’s from the exterior, the same thing happened, and the blonde’s tit seemed to yield momentarily.

Each pair held its shape quite well, regaining their round form as the invading pair retreated. Neither woman said much, save for whispers that I couldn’t make out. I looked towards Alicia, who had instigated the stance both women were in. Each girl had her hands on the other’s hips, keeping their breasts in almost constant contact. As their tits slid over each other, sweat began to build. Their boobs bounced and shook as I watched, and Lavender seemed to notice the effect it was having on me. Her plump lips curled into a smirk, the blonde looking less like an innocent schoolgirl and more like a seductress.

”Oh wow, it looks like Cedric loves watching my gorgeous boobs wear yours out. I guess seeing them tame Fleur’s soft titties wasn’t enough,” the blonde said, and I saw Fleur give me an exasperated look. I grinned back sheepishly, shrugging a bit. As I turned back to the fight, Alicia had lined her tits up and pushed forward. The move shoved Lavender’s boobs back, and it seemed as though, just for a moment, the blonde’s heavy jugs were making way for Alicia’s full, round tits.

”Yeah, look at those big, soft boobs open up for me,” Alicia said. She shoved again, and once more, Lavender’s heavy mammaries yielded slightly. The room had grown completely silent, and all eyes were looking for signs of one pair gaining the upper hand.

”Like this, you mean?” Lavender hissed angrily, and shoved back. This time, Alicia’s boobs flattened more, receiving more of the blow’s force. I wondered if things were about to escalate, and was surprised when they didn’t. Both women were wincing slightly, but light shoves forced some of the flesh outward, and the advantage was held with the person beginning the contact. If Alicia shoved her big tits into Lavender’s chest, the blonde either saw or felt her meaty jugs flatten out from the surface. And when the blonde pushed, Alicia’s round breasts seemed to allow access, her flesh visibly pushing in. I wondered which girl was more uncomfortable, but neither seemed to give any indication that an advantage had been gained.

Lavender’s hands moved first, sliding up to Alicia’s toned shoulders. The older girl stopped pushing, instead leaning down and firing a shot from below. Lavender’s boobs bounced up, jiggling delightfully as Alicia continued the blow, shoving her globes into the underside of the blonde’s big rack. Lavender’s heavy breasts flew up, rolling from the impact, and the blonde groaned as she felt the blow connect. I watched as Lavender’s breasts settled on her chest and Alicia reared back.

The busty first year’s tits dented at their center before springing back. She grunted, and Alicia put her experience to good use by trying to spear Lavender’s large breasts again. Lavender’s hands tightened on Alicia’s shoulders, but she didn’t move in time.

Alicia’s swing changed again, and I realized that Lavender, unfamiliar with the brunette’s strategy, was having difficulty anticipating. A shot from the girl’s firm left breast slammed into Lavender’s right, forcing the new champ’s dense boob to wobble. Alicia repeated the move with her other breast, and soon Lavender’s tits were both shaking on her frame.

But Lavender was quick to retaliate, and slammed her large breasts into Alicia’s pair. The brunette’s tits, sizeable in their own right, almost looked as though they’d been partially swallowed for a moment before Lavender pulled back, slamming forward again so rapidly that my her opponent barely had time to register the blow before the next strike. Alicia grunted and groaned as Lavender’s thrusts slammed into her’s ample chest. As the cute firsty pulled away, I saw that both girls’ tits had already begun to redden impressively.

Lavender pressed her advantage, swinging from the left to force her heavy left breast into Alicia’s left. The older girl’s flesh shook and wobbled over her chest as Lavender held her breast against the brunette’s. With a satisfied smirk, the blonde began sliding her heavy, round tit over Alicia’s equally meaty counterpart. The experienced third year groaned as she felt the mass of flesh push her own breast inward, shifting both the surrounding tissue and core of her tit. Alicia’s boob slid back as Lavender continued, the latter pressing her flesh into the brunette’s other orb.

”Shit,” the third year grunted, causing her opponent’s pretty smile to widen. The blonde had an almost predatory look in her eyes, and I couldn’t hide a grunt as my treasonous cock twitched.

I watched with growing arousal as Alicia’s right tit was pushed outward, before being covered by Lavender’s breast. Lavender pulled back suddenly, and I felt myself stiffen even further as the brunette’s full, round jug bounced back into its original position. The young blonde slid back, using her right breast to try to repeat the maneuver. Alicia moved quickly this time, however, striking without warning by pulling back and slamming into the underside of Lavender’s rack. Her left breast made the most impact, this time slamming into Lavender’s right tit, forcing the blonde’s dense flesh up toward her shoulder. Alicia followed up by grinding her right tit into the firsty’s left, shoving in so that Lavender’s boob slowly pushed out.

The blonde groaned as her tits were pushed inward slightly, but responded in kind, starting to roll her torso against the older girl’s rack. Both fighters were doing their best to grind their solid boobs into the other’s waiting teats, grunting with exertion and discomfort. I watched as the young blonde’s full pair managed to slide on top, their considerable weight starting to weigh down on the brunette’s jugs. Alicia’s face turned into a wince, and she pushed the blonde away, taking a small step back.

Lavender pounced, dipping her waist just enough to send her wrecking ball mammaries into the underside of her opponent’s large orbs. Alicia’s boobs took a powerful hit, flattening slightly at the bottom while the bulk of her mass shifted upwards, wobbling up her chest. Her dark nipples danced as Lavender’s attack shook the older girl’s sizable tits. The curvy first year shifted her weight, and before the brunette’s round, heavy-looking boobs stopped jiggling, Lavender’s right breast slammed into its counterpart. Alicia groaned loudly as she felt her right tit get mashed inward, and again, Lavender poured on the pressure. Soon the blonde’s right breast was burrowing into Alicia’s left, while Lavender’s left tit was trying its best to flatten the third year student’s right boob. The look on Alicia’s face seemed to be between shock and pain. Her eyes were wide, but her mouth was tight and angry-looking.

”I can’t wait to see what these look like when I’m done,” Lavender breathed out, grinning smugly. ”I bet they’ll droop even more than Fleur’s.”

”Speak for yourself, Blondie,” Alicia hissed. The tall brunette pulled away with a sudden burst of strength, reminding everyone of her athleticism. Lavender kept her balance, and soon the girls were again circling each other. They both rubbed their sore breasts, and I enjoyed watching their flesh bounce and jiggle as they dropped each boob.

”Can’t take the heat, old woman?” Lavender taunted.

”You’re going to pay for that, little girl,” Alicia said, her voice edged with promise. The girls advanced quickly, and both pairs of tits slapped against each other loudly. I watched four young, nubile breasts wobble and shake away from the other, driven by the force of impact and the density of their glands. Both women winced, but both also thrust their chests forward again. While the impact was lessened because of the lack of momentum, neither woman seemed to hold back and both pairs of ample breasts quivered as the women pulled apart.

Lavender ensured she wouldn’t lose momentum through the lack of effort, stepping quickly to her left to bring her torso snapping back. Her own breasts distended for just a moment as the motion pulled them away from her chest, then Alicia’s right breast flattened at the point of impact, where the blonde’s right breast slammed directly into Alicia’s. Both girls grunted, having identical looks of pain on their faces. The first year slowly rolled her torso, sliding her solid boobs through Alicia’s. The older girl’s right tit dented and flopped inward, meeting Lavender’s left tit as the two fighters hugged each other, resting their sweaty foreheads together. After some impressive moves, both women seemed to be tiring.

”You done, Big Tits?” the young blonde panted, grinning at her opponent. ”You might as well say it now: Me beating your queen was no accident. Just like flattening your weak, sof-”

The end of Lavender’s sentence was drowned under a loud growl. Faster than I had thought either woman would be capable, Alicia sent a shot into the underside of the firsty’s big boobs. The brunette’s attack sent Lavender’s tits shaking uncontrollably upward, and Alicia grabbed the blonde’s shoulders before the latter could move back to regroup. The new champion’s big boobs were still wobbling when her opponent moved forward, and I watched as the athletic third year student slammed her tits forward, once again displacing the blonde’s meaty tits. Both sets seemed as though they’d softened, but it was Lavender who grunted as Alicia’s big boobs invaded her heavy pair.

The crowd looked on with anticipation as Alicia pulled away, apparently preparing for another blow. This time Lavender was quicker, however, stepping back before slamming forward herself. Alicia’s eyes widened as she felt Lavender’s big, firm breasts connect with hers. Both pairs flattened at the point of impact, and slowly, the blonde pushed forward. Alicia groaned, but Lavender’s hands slid up from Alicia’s hip and within seconds, the brunette was pulled into a hug.

Both women groaned as the firsty closed her arms around the brunette’s sculpted frame, their sets mushrooming against each other. Two pairs of large, firm jugs were pushed out more and more as the blonde increased the pressure. The crowd remained silent while the two women ground against each other, listening closely to the wet smack of their heavy tits against each other and their grunts and gasps as their nipples scraped against the opposing flesh.

Easing her grip slightly, Lavender began swinging her torso back and forth, lifting her legs to push Alicia’s tits up. The older girl responded, swinging her own torso in an opposing rhythm. With each pass, one of the pairs of tits seemed dominant. First the younger girl’s big, proud jugs rode over Alicia’s breasts, melting around them and swallowing them, while on the next pass, the brunette’s meaty tits seemed to push into Lavender’s rack. While it looked like the blonde’s boobs didn’t move quite as much Alicia’s, their unusual tint made it clear that the brunette’s large breasts were causing significant damage.

The stalemate lasted for probably just over a minute, but as Lavender let go of Alicia’s shoulders, the older, more experienced girl pulled the blonde into her. Alicia moved quickly, forcing her set into Lavender’s. The first shot came from the right, a strike that sent the blonde’s tit slightly down. Lavender grunted and dipped her hip forward just a bit so that her tits only received the glancing blow from the other swing. As Lavender’s tits flew by her own, the brunette slammed upward again, sending her big tits into the blonde’s from beneath. While it lacked the visual impact, the physical impact was apparently very real.

Lavender tried to step back, but the brunette struck quickly, sending a swinging blow from her right. Her big tits slung to her right, slamming into the blonde’s torso, making Lavender’s breasts tremble over her chest. Lavender groaned as she felt the blow take its effect, and staggered back.

”Just where do you think you’re going, champ? I want to flatten those big jugs,” Alicia grinned. ”Didn’t you say they were better than mine?” To my surprise, Lavender answered with a smile of her own. ”Yeah, I did,” she murmured, her voice dripping with determination. ”You’ve seen how my big, firm boobs crushed Fleur’s perfect rack. And now, you’ll get to feel them flatten your puny tits, too.”

The tall brunette raised an eyebrow. ”Cocky until the end, huh?” she replied, looking amused as she smirked at the shapely first year. ”I’m going to love watching you face as I tame those cute little tits. Taking the championship from you is just a nice added bonus.”

As Alicia moved forward, Lavender surprised everyone by slapping her arms around the brunette, and trapped the older girl’s arms to her side in a bear hug. Lavender shifted so that her tits were laying completely on top of Alicia’s, and I saw her grin, whispering something into her opponent’s ear. The brunette struggled mightily after that, but Lavender tightened her arms and began to slowly grind her tits into Alicia’s orbs.

I found myself admiring Lavender’s control over the athletic brunette, whose toned arms bulged as the girl tried to get loose. Alicia kept squirming, struggling stubbornly, and both women began showing signs of discomfort on their face. Lavender was twisting the brunette to the best of her ability, shaking her opponent so that their tits kept sliding over and around each other. I still could see no pair gaining an advantage, but I did note the sheen of sweat becoming more and more noticeable as their chests glowed in the light. Alicia’s groans grew louder as the blonde began shifting more violently, rocking her body back and forth.

After a while, she began moving in a circular motion, trying to push Alicia’s tits up and down and then right and left. Lavender’s boobs seemed to be gaining ground, but the brunette fought back, trying to push her own tits into Lavender’s. The stalemate held, Lavender shifting while Alicia tried to match and grind.

The brunette pushed up, seemingly hoping to push her tits on top, but Lavender pushed down in response. Alicia’s tits flattened visibly, and there was a collective intake of breath. I watched Lavender’s pretty face turn increasingly smug as the young blonde lined up their boobs, shoving forward. Alicia pushed back, but this time, her tits caved in. Both the visual of watching Alicia’s tits splay out as Lavender pushed forward and the shocked groan that escaped the older girl’s mouth indicated the fight’s end. Letting out a deep, satisfied sigh, the blonde began pushing her opponent’s tits around. Alicia’s tanned jugs flopped around on her chest while Lavender’s globes retained their shape for the most part. I noticed the blonde licking her lips while she played with Alicia’s softening boobs.

”Fuck yeah,” Lavender whispered. ”Watch them mold around my better boobs.” The brunette gripped her rival’s shoulders and tried thrusting again. Lavender on the other hand did nothing, and watched, as we all did, while Alicia’s outmatched tits splashed around the blonde’s stronger pair. Lavender’s tits shifted, while the brunette’s boobs folded and spilled around the opposing set. Alicia groaned loudly when Lavender finally decided to push back, forcing the tall athlete’s tits back into her chest. The brunette’s hands slipped down to Lavender’s nicely rounded waist.

”I crushed your best assets, Alicia,” the blonde said, staring her beaten opponent straight in the eye. ”My champion boobs just pancaked your weaker set.” I swallowed, watching as Lavender moved her tits into Alicia’s jugs once again. She made it a progressive thrust, and as she moved forward she pushed more and more of Alicia’s boobs against her ribcage. She finally stopped and the brunette looked down, shaking her head. Lavender just smiled, and whispered something. She then shoved her winning boobs into Alicia’s more forcefully, this time obliterating the last bits of resistance in the brunette’s big mammaries. The older girl’s flesh splashed against her ribs again, held in place by Lavender’s better boobs.

As the blonde pulled away, Alicia cupped her sore tits and began massaging them demurely. ”I surrender,” she gasped, looking flustered. ”You beat me, Lavender. Those amazing boobs completely crushed my useless bags. You have the best tits.”

”Damn right, Alicia. You know, you could’ve avoided a lot of trouble simply by admitting that in the first place,” Lavender grinned, giving her beaten rival a patronizing look and earning a few giggles from the audience. I noticed nearly all of them came from first years, the older students watching the events unfold in silence. ”Still, I can understand why you wanted to try your luck anyway. Those are pretty nice tits. It’s no wonder you’re one of the top guns here.” The brunette shrugged a bit, making her tenderized chest jiggle enticingly, and I found myself leaning forward to get a better look. A sharp elbow from Fleur brought me back to earth. Lavender seemed to be giving her latest victim a far lighter treatment that she did my girlfriend. I guessed the firsty was eager to make some friends in the upper classes, now that her dominance had been established. Angelina and Katie had identical looks of surprise on their faces, no doubt taken aback by the result, and I wasn’t sure if they were still as keen on challenging the first year themselves.

”Thanks. It’s just too bad they’re not as good as yours.” the brunette murmured, getting a few laughs. Lavender reached out for a hug, and the older girl, though initially hesitant, obliged. I watched greedily as the blonde’s big tits pushed against Alicia’s sore jugs, Lavender’s solid boobs flattening the opposing pair once again. The blonde leaned forward, kissing the older girl’s cheek and whispering something in her ear. Then, suddenly noticing my gaze, the pretty first year smiled. She ran her tongue across her lips slowly, making sure she had my full attention, and then mouthed two words.

You’re. Mine.

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