Titfight Academy: Chapter 4 by Augur

After Lavender’s long and closely fought but ultimately victorious match against Alicia, even the older students had slowly begun to accept the curvy blonde’s position at the top of the food chain. My girlfriend Fleur was still celebrated as the most beautiful girl in the school, having the most attractive body of all the females, but her big, firm rack which had ruled the titfighting circles for almost a year had now been relegated to second place in most people’s eyes. It was a very close call of course, and I knew the third and second year students were anxiously waiting for the gorgeous French girl to face the new champ in a rematch soon. They’d witnessed Fleur’s perfect breasts dominate all other pairs for too long to write them off just yet. Many were unsure as to which way that clash of boob queens would go, and even I, though feeling fairly confident that my girlfriend’s would eventually defeat her younger rival, had to admit that the fight would in all likelihood be very tough. In any case, we’d have to wait another two weeks for that showdown, Lavender still being protected by the one month cooldown period after their previous encounter.

The busty first year had so far made only discreet passes at me, and refrained from antagonizing Fleur by outright flirting with me while she was around. I had caught Lavender giving me seductive looks on several occasions, and every time we saw each other in the corridors, the young blonde would flash me a wide, suggestive smile. It seemed like she was simply biding her time for now, either waiting for me to come to her, or for my girlfriend to snap and launch into a jealous rant in front of other students. Either way, Lavender was in for a disappointment. While I’d certainly enjoyed our night together very much, and couldn’t deny the fact that the curvy first year was a total beast in bed, my girlfriend meant a great deal more to me. Fleur was also amazing in the sack, looked even hotter than Lavender did, and was highly intelligent to boot. Furthermore, I was head over heels in love with her, and couldn’t really imagine being with anyone else. Now, on the off-chance that the two blondes were willing to share, we might be able to work something out, but as things stood, my heart belonged firmly to the French beauty.

And if Lavender thought she’d be able to get under Fleur’s skin and make her jealous, she really didn’t know my girlfriend. Fleur, as expected given her intimidatingly good looks, was the last person to fall victim to possessive envy or insecurity. I was whipped, and she knew it.

On Friday, I finally got a short reprieve from the young blonde’s tempting glances. With all the first-years heading out to Rome for the weekend on a traditional history class excursion, we older students had the entire school for ourselves. Of course, it being late November, not too many people were keen on engaging in any outdoor activities, and most simply huddled together by the fireplaces. But as nice as it would’ve been to spend the weekend in sunny Italy rather than grim, drizzly Scotland, I personally couldn’t bring myself to complain. It was the perfect opportunity to cuddle with my beautiful girlfriend, not having to worry about any distractions – namely one seductive firstie.

The weekly meeting took place just as usual, though, and on Saturday morning I had to distangle myself from Fleur’s incredible body. My girl had received a much-anticipated challenge from Daphne, who was hoping to beat Fleur so she could face the new champion in the next week’s event. I had seen the second-year ice queen give quite a beating to Lavender’s pair some months ago, the taller blonde using her heavy jugs to slam and beat the firmness right out of her opponent’s smaller tits. Still, even Daphne’s savage tit-bombing, which had visibly shaken the stunned first year, hadn’t been enough to secure a victory. We’d witnessed both sets become more and more loose on their chests as the bloody brawl went on, and with neither girl willing to back down, they’d ended up literally pounding each other flat. It was a pretty rare outcome, I knew, but happened every once in a while. More often fighters agreed to a draw before their tits were ruined, in order to save their strength for another opponent. But on that occasion, the two blondes had gone all out, not caring about anything other than their rival’s destruction. And that they’d both certainly achieved.

Fleur’s own match against the tall, busty second-year had been less brutal, but mostly because she’d been experienced enough to evade Daphne’s slams and haymakers, and responded with close grinding that favoured her superior firmness. Even so, the haughty blonde had given my girl plenty of trouble, and would no doubt attempt to use every little detail she’d learned from their previous fights to gain an advantage. Daphne’s big jugs were second only to Susan’s in size, I remembered, and pretty dense to boot. She wouldn’t be an easy opponent.

I leaned back in my seat, glancing towards my girlfriend. Fleur’s face was calm and focused, but I noticed her mouth tighten as her blue eyes locked onto Daphne’s. Both girls were staring daggers at each other, and it seemed that the two proud, attractive women had already started a mental battle as they prepared for a more physical confrontation.

My attention was was drawn to the seat on Fleur’s right, and I gave Hermione a quick smile as she sat down. The girl’s brown, wavy mane of hair looked even wilder than usual, and noticing my gaze, she let out a cute laugh. ”Oh, that’s what it usually looks like in the morning. I didn’t have time to ‘tame’ it today,” she explained, sticking her tongue out playfully.

”Had a fun night?” I teased the second-year, knowing full well how punctual she tended to be. Hermione replied with a wide grin, though I could detect a hint of blush on her cheeks. ”Ah well, can’t complain. Hannah’s surprisingly good with her tongue.” I gaped at the brainy girl, lost for words as I tried to wrap my mind around what she’d just said. Hermione quickly lost her composure upon seeing my face, and burst into a fit of melodious laughter. Fleur joined in, and I made a show of huffing and turning away as the two girls once again had some fun at my expense.


As soon as all the students had found their seats and the commotion had settled down bit, two third-years began to make their way to the center of the room together. One was a gorgeous, athletic-looking girl with dark brown skin tone, and the other an equally pretty if somewhat less muscular redhead/brunette. The black girl took her position on mat, grinning at the loud whistles coming from the crowd. While she didn’t have as large a fan base as my girlfriend did, Angelina’s tall and impressively toned figure did have its fair share of male admirers. Personally, I had to admit that the ebony beauty was one of the best-looking girls in the school, and I was well aware that her spectacular rack was ranked just below my girl’s. Angelina’s auburn-haired opponent of the day, Megan, wasn’t far behind either, possessing a very nice body and being rather popular among the boys as a result. She was also known to be something of a party girl, both in and out of school. Her tits weren’t quite as famous as Angelina’s, but certainly better than most.

”Moment of truth, Big Tits,” the brunette called out, jostling her shirt-clad pair through the fabric and blowing a kiss at their boyfriends, who were seated on the front row to my right. The slightly less bulky of the two, Michael, had a curly mop of blond hair, and was staring at his school sweetheart’s boobs hungrily. They looked to be a bit smaller than her rival’s, but the pronounced lack of wobble or shake suggested that the brunette’s chest was quite firm. And anyone suspecting Megan might’ve had a bra on only needed to look at the clear outlines of the girl’s hard nipples, protruding through the top, to know that definitely wasn’t the case.

Angelina grinned back, yanking her white t-shirt off and throwing it to her current fling. Gareth, a tall and roguishly handsome third-year was sporting a buzz cut, and looked seriously built. ”Yes it is, Megsy” the black girl drawled lazily, stretching her back as she gave a little shake for the audience. ”But you and me both know how this is going to end. With you nursing your saggy, loose tits while I tame Michael’s big cock.”

I watched Angelina’s full breasts quiver beneath the cups of her bra, and made some quick preliminary evaluations. I knew that the ebony woman’s thick, round teats were almost exactly the same size as Fleur’s, being around a small Double D, and it seemed like she had her opponent outgunned by a comfortable margin. The dark-skinned beauty slid her heavy tits out of the bra, happy to bare them for all to see. Her large, ample chest fell down with a delicious smack, and I couldn’t prevent a quiet grunt. Fleur and Hermione shared a meaningful look, shaking their heads at me in mock disapproval.

”Oh dear, Ced looks rather distracted already,” my girlfriend sighed, giving me a condescending smile and leaning towards the brainy second-year. ”I really should’ve taken care of him this morning, but thought it’d be fun to watch him squirm. He’s not going to last a minute when we get back to the head student’s dorm.” The brunette giggled, eyeing me sympathetically. ”Oh, poor Cedric,” she cooed, her deep brown eyes sparkling with amusement. ”You’re always so mean to him. Maybe I could ‘give him a hand’ while you tussle with Daphne later on?” Fleur grinned at that, sparing me a quick, knowing glance. ”Sure, go right ahead ‘Mione.”

Deciding that the girls were just messing with me as usual, I forced myself to ignore their banter and focused my attention back to mat. I watched as the athletic black girl threw away her brassiere, giving her opponent a confident smirk. While Angelina’s large, coffee-colored orbs weren’t quite as perky as my girl’s, the difference in shape and apparent firmness wasn’t too big – that alone being high praise. Megan was staring at Angelina’s expansive naked bust, narrowing her eyes as she took in the black girl’s best assets.

With a small huff, the brunette whipped her own shirt off. Since she wasn’t wearing any bra, the crowd was immediately greeted by a pair of impressively solid boobs. I took a moment to admire Megan’s beautiful, meaty rack, watching them shake as she cupped and lifted them. Her breasts looked exceedingly pale next to Angelina’s dark skin tone, but rested high on her chest, their shape full and round. It was hard to say for certain which girl was firmer, though I did think Megan’s set jiggled and shook just a hint more than her opponent’s did. I knew the brunette to be one of the better titfighters, but hadn’t seen her on the mat for a while now.

The black girl gave a small nod of approval, cupping her own mammaries as she eyed her opponent’s chest. I guessed Megan’s boobs to be a mid-to-large -sized D cup, and thought that they certainly looked dense enough to give Angelina’s set some trouble. Then again, the tall ebony beauty was widely respected and feared for a reason, her large, firm tits having flattened just about every girl in the school at some point. She’d given even my girlfriend’s perfect rack a run for their money on several occasions. By my calculations they’d faced each other three or four times now, and though Fleur had so far come out on top, it’d been extremely close every time. My girlfriend had gone so far as to admit that the black girl was the only challenger she thought could beat her. That’d been before this autumn’s batch of busty firsties, of course. Now Fleur also had Lavender and Susan to worry about.

Anyway, the black girl’s reputation as one of the school’s most dangerous fighters was well-earned. Come to think of it, I couldn’t recall her ever losing to anyone except Fleur and the previous champion Penelope. Quite an accomplishment, all things considered.

In terms of build, the black girl was both taller and more brawny, having wide shoulders and more visible definition than Megan did. That wasn’t to say the brunette wasn’t fit, of course. Megan’s own body looked reasonably sporty, and it was clear she was took good care of herself. I knew she was also somewhat taller than average, but you wouldn’t have guessed it with her standing next to the statuesque black girl. In brief, Angelina’s muscle-packed frame was that of a short distance sprinter, whereas her opponent Megan would’ve looked more at home as a volleyball player. Which she happened to be, incidentally.

Angelina was wearing an almost annoyingly confident smile on her face, while Megan for her part looked determined. The competitors took a few steps, and I watched them eye each other closely. Despite her smug expression, the black girl did seem to take her lighter-skinned opponent rather seriously. Soon, the girls had begun to slowly circle one another, their boobs jiggling enticingly. I couldn’t help but stare as their ample flesh shook in rhythm with every step and twitch.

Megan and Angelina both pushed forward, setting their big jugs against each other. I could hear the the brunette say something to her opponent, but Angelina seemed to dismiss it with a snort. The black girl rolled her shoulder from one side to the next, scraping her big, firm boob over Megan’s somewhat smaller tit. I could only imagine that Angelina’s hardened peaks were dragging across the brunette’s creamy flesh. Megan met the move with a similar tactic, and both sets of breasts molded and twisted as they sought purchase over the space between them. This went on for a few moments, and both girls seemed to grin through the contact as if they were enjoying it. I wasn’t the only one to notice.

”There’s a rumor that Angie and Meg have been planning a foursome for some time now,” Fleur whispered in a low voice, keeping her eyes firmly on the fighters. ”But their boyfriends weren’t too keen on the idea. Guess they’d prefer a threesome with just one guy present,” the French girl grinned slyly. ”So the girls offered to give them a show first. And what guy could resist watching his girl match tits with another chick?” Fleur asked me with me a wink. ”Yeah. They caved pretty quickly. Just like you would’ve.” I gave her a meek look, swallowing with an audible gulp. Fleur guffawed, taking far too much enjoyment in my predicament. ”Relax, Ced,” she relented, though still grinning madly. ”I’m not looking for fresh cock, either. Your straight male pride is safe.” With one last knowing smirk, the French beauty turned her attention back towards the mat. I quickly followed suit.

Angelina was leaning forward this time, whispering something into Megan’s ear. Whatever it was, it seemed to spark some action, and both girls began rotating their torsos more energetically. Their tits were now constantly shifting and slapping as they worked themselves into a more aggressive pace. I heard the girls grunting occasionally, and Angelina made the first move after a few minutes, reaching up to grab Megan’s bicep. Megan matched the maneuver, and the two girls became mirrors of one another again. Rather than sliding their tits over the other’s set, the new strategy seemed to be to push their boobs together. Both girls watched the position of their tits ebb and flow.

”Mmm, that’s so hot,” Angelina breathed out huskily, a hungry smile flickering on her face as she admired the mass of breast flesh between them, ”Don’t you just love watching my bigger, better boobs grind your soft little titties to mush?” I couldn’t quite agree with the black girl’s statement just yet, but it did certainly look like they were trying to do exactly that. Megan wasn’t fazed by the comment, however. ”Hah, keep dreaming Angelina,” she replied with a grunt, ”My firm jugs are pushing your sad udders flat,” the brunette replied, shoving her solid rack forward a bit. The paler flesh did seem to gain some ground, but Megan’s advance quickly came to a halt as the black girl pushed back, the coffee-colored orbs straining against the brunette’s smaller set and forcing them to push out slightly.

”Oh yeah? You sure about that, white girl?” Angelina asked in a low growl, sounding a bit winded. Considering her high level of physical fitness, I suspected it might’ve been at least partially due to arousal. Angelina’s dark skin was shining with some early perspiration, and as I watched her ample chest rise and fall with with every breath, I couldn’t recall the ebony beauty having ever looked more seductive. ”You’re one sexy bitch, Megan, but your tits are no match for mine.”

The tall black girl struck a sudden blow, pre-empting any comeback Megan might’ve thought up with a straightforward slam into the brunette’s ample bosom. The volleyball girl’s round breasts were shoved back into her chest, and as Angelina pulled back, Megan’s paler boobs were shivering violently. Angelina slammed forward again, sending the brunette’s head rolling back, and elicing a loud moan from the sporty third-year.

I looked for a sign of Megan’s more compact breasts’ weakening, but saw none. The black girl appeared to agree with that assessment, and promptly sent another shot into her opponent’s waiting rack. Both sets of big tits shook and wobbled, and I watched as Angelina reached around, pulling Megan’s body into hers. The toned black girl tightened her grip, causing the trapped brunette to groan aloud.

”Sorry Megs, it looks like I was right after all,” Angelina grinned as Megan struggled in her grasp, the ebony girl’s sinewy arms bulging with power. ”Can you feel my big, beautiful jugs slowly taming your little girl boobs, Megan? Can you feel how these chocolate orbs are taking over your pasty white marshmallows?” The pretty brunette gasped as she sensed her flesh compress under the considerable pressure, but shook her head.

”Piss off, Angie,” Megan growled back in a strained voice. ”Don’t think you can bully me with those big, saggy boobs of yours. I nearly had you last time, and we both know it. This time you’ll be the one sucking on my tits in front of everyone.” With surprising speed, the brunette jumped up and slammed her rack into Angelina’s from above, elicing a loud grunt from the black girl. Megan quickly took advantage of Angelina’s shocked stillness, and shoved her toned opponent away, stepping back. The brunette’s smaller tits seemed to have reddened quite a bit in the hug, but I could tell from the way Angelina was slowly touching her large boobs that Megan’s blow had hurt them.

Sharing identical nasty looks, the girls approached again, appearing far less playful than in the beginning. They took each other’s hands in their own and locked fingers. As Angelina thrust her rack forward, Megan met her motion, and the sound of their boobs slapping crashed through the room. Both fighters grunted as their big jugs shook on their chests.

Megan surprised her rival – and the audience – by immediately going on the offensive. She leaned back and quickly slammed forward again, then repeated the fast attack. The brunette seemed to be gaining more and more momentum, as she peppered the black girl’s larger rack with a flurry or blows and slams. I could sense the tide of the battle shift as Megan continued to bash Angelina’s big, coffee-colored tits with rapid jabs. Several girls gasped loudly as the pace of the beating increased, and the ebony beauty’s face was betraying an increasing amount of discomfort as she no doubt felt her proud teats absorb some serious punishment. Megan seemed to know the tide was turning as well. As Angelina started turning away, the brunette grinned.

”Don’t run yet, Angie, I haven’t even gotten started yet. It’s gonna be so hot, watching you kneel before me,” Megan taunted. ”I’m going to enjoy fucking your man while you suck on my gorgeous breasts, those brown udders hanging loose on your chest.” I felt my cock stiffen at the mental image, and could see both girls’ boyfriends shift in their seats, doing their best to cover up their straining erections. Despite his otherwise more compact frame and boyishly cute looks, it seemed like Megan’s guy Michael might’ve actually been better endowed than the muscle jock beside him.

Angelina’s answer to the brunette’s smug taunting was swift and brutal. The chesty black girl immediately launched an attack at her opponent’s round teats, and I watched the cocky brunette take the thrust straight on. As Angelina kept crashing her firm jugs into Megan’s smaller set, the brunette tried to dodge some of the bigger blows. Megan did retaliate pretty quickly, though, swinging her tits from left to right. The blow connected, and both pairs of large, meaty boobs, shook around wildly.

Before Megan’s jugs could stop shaking, another swing from Angelina’s tits sent the brunette’s pair in the other direction. Angelina seemed to clench her fingers more tightly, and Megan couldn’t stop another blow. It hit its mark so hard that both fighters wailed. They pulled away simultaneously, wincing, and began massaging their tits, clearly happy to take a small breather.

”Wow, Megan seems to have been practicing,” Fleur said in a quiet voice. She looked rather impressed by the fight the brunette was taking to her long-time rival. ”Yeah, I know what you mean,” Hermione murmured, nodding in agreement. ”She’s a lot faster than before. I mean, Meg’s tits have always been tough, but her technique used to be a bit sloppy.” I saw my girlfriend raise an eyebrow at the brainy second-year, who grinned back sheepishly. ”Hey, if she’d been this good last year, she would’ve flattened me without breaking a sweat. Now I at least put up a decent fight.” Fleur laughed at that, giving the younger girl an amused smile. Hermione had indeed done rather well for a firsty, even if she’d ultimately lost to the older girl.

Turning back towards the mat, I caught Angelina’s bigger teats bouncing on her chest as she let them drop. Both I and the rest of the crowd stared at the tall, toned ebony girl’s best assets, her dark, plentiful flesh shaking on her chest. It was obvious that the brunette had managed to soften them up from their normal, impressively firm state, but to Angelina’s credit, Megan’s boobs didn’t seem to be doing any better. They were red and splotchy all over, the damage being more visible on the white girl’s paler skin tone. Both third-year students stood with their hands on their hips, before facing off once more.

Megan moved first, swinging her tits to the right against her opponent’s unmoving boobs. The slap echoed through the room and Angelina moaned at the violent assault. The brunette followed through with her initial swing, but this time, the black girl retaliated, swinging her own massive jugs into Megan’s flying teats. Both pairs of boobs met at their peak momentum, slamming into one another with another ringing slap. The pain was obvious, and both women actually cried out. Still, neither was ready to quit, I realized, as both women flung their boobs into each other again.

The girls kept slamming their chests straight into each other’s boobs, both pairs distorting at the point of contact, compressing as they were forced together. Angelina’s large jugs seemed to be slightly more affected with the impact, but little ripples flashed across the exposed flesh of brunette’s smaller teats, too. Megan stepped back and Angelina slammed forward with a grunt. Megan’s eyes widened at the speed of the move, and I could see Angelina’s dark tits push the brunette’s tits across her chest. Megan recovered soon enough, and shoved back. Both women glanced down to see their tits battling between them, their breasts shoving to gain and lose footing with each movement.

”Not bad, Megs. Not bad at all,” Angalina hissed, panting a bit as she continued to force her bosom forward. The darker flesh seemed to take over the space between them for a moment, Megan’s grunt audible as she felt her rack yield some precious real estate. ”I can definitely see how you managed to beat Katie last Spring. She’s pretty good,” the ebony beauty admitted, but quickly began to grin. ”Unfortunately for you, I’m even better. Now, be a good girl and let me finish off those tits.”

”Fuck you, black bitch,” Megan replied, sounding just as winded as her opponent, if not more so. ”I flattened your little groupie then, and I’ll flatten you in a sec, too.” The brunette shoved her torso to the left while her tits were still touching Angelina’s, sending a shot into her opponent’s big, solid breasts and causing them to shake and wobble just slightly. Megan winced as she felt Angelina push back, sending Megan’s tits a bit further back before they separated and each pair regained its natural shape.

The brunette moved forward, only for Angelina to fall back a step. I watched as Megan’s mouth turned into a grin, the girl obviously thinking she had her larger-breasted opponent on the run. But Angelina had laid a trap. As Megan moved closer, the athletic black girl slung her tits from the left. Angelina’s big right boob slammed into Megan’s right teat, sending the pale flesh rocking over her torso. I licked my lips unconsciously as my mouth went dry.

”That’s right, Meggy. I’m going to flatten that pretty set of yours, just like I promised,” Angelina murmured, then continued with a smirk, glancing towards their boyfriends. ”Ready for your show, boys? You want to see how these pale udders flop?” Another shot from the confident ebony girl rocked Megan’s right tit again, and the brunette winced. Rather than pulling back, Angelina rotated her other shoulder, sending her own right breast slamming directly into Megan’s left. The smaller-busted girl grunted, and as she tried to step back, Angelina slammed both her big breasts into the brunette’s chest once more.

Given the lack of space, the blow was more forceful than one would have expected, sending Megan a step back with a thunderous clap. The brunette was forced to continue her retreat as Angelina’s big tits kept swinging, the coffee-colored orbs slapping Megan’s tits back and forth. The black girl swung from below next, but when Megan stepped back, it was obvious the brunette had managed to adapt to her opponent’s rhythm. As Angelina’s tits were coming down, Megan’s tits were coming up. The smack as the top of her breasts slammed into the bottoms of Angelina’s tits was loud, echoing around the room. The tall ebony girl staggered backward and Megan used the opportunity to spring forward, landing another solid blow with her breasts atop the stunned girl’s boobs.

”Oh, the boys are gonna have so much fun with these big, bouncy tits Angie,” the brunette promised, licking her lips. ”I’m sure they’ll look amazing covered in their cum. A sugar coating for your precious chocolate orbs.”

Angelina groaned, reaching out to grab her opponent. Megan’s hands shot up, and she caught Angelina’s wrists, slamming the tall girl’s arms down to the side and leaving the larger pair of breasts exposed. Megan’s excitement seemed to increase as she moved forward, shoving her tits roughly against Angelina’s. Both girls winced, but Angelina’s trapped torso obviously took the brunt of the blow. Megan fell into a rhythm quickly, and smirked as she started to obliterate one of the most feared pairs in the school with fast and powerful jabs. The crowd was going wild, with several students openly cheering for Megan. Katie and Alicia on the other hand looked dismayed to see the leader of their little gang struggling to escape the pretty volleyball girl’s embrace.

We all stared at the rippling mountains of flesh and could hear Angelina beginning to grunt more loudly with each blow. The toned black girl’s lips turned into a wince as her large, coffee-colored boobs took a serious pounding from the brunette. Megan was going from top to bottom, side to side, and even from under to send Angelina’s jugs waving across her chest. When Megan reared back for a big strike, Angelina jerked her entire body backwards, almost jumping out of Megan’s arms. The brunette stumbled, only barely managing to maintain her balance.

The black girl was clearly hungry for some revenge, and I watched her lunge forward with a roar. Just as Megan regained her footing, her reddened breasts were slammed by Angelina’s no doubt equally sore orbs. Both pairs of breasts splashed outward, sending flesh wobbling all over the girls’ chests. Megan groaned, and she was stunned enough that she couldn’t dodge the next blow.

Megan’s tits flew upward as Angelina’s uppercut blow slammed into her stationary tits. The brunette’s boobs were flopping all over her chest when she looked up and stumbled back. The tips of Angelina’s big, hefty boobs grazed Megan’s tits, bending the slightly smaller orbs at the middle for just a moment before the distending breasts flopped back into shape.

Angelina kept up the aggression, this time slamming from her left. Megan gasped as she felt her boobs shoved to the left, and the black girl dragged her heavy jugs across Megan’s, pulling another groan from the brunette. I couldn’t suppress a grunt of my own as I watched Megan’s sweaty tits jiggle under the brown, thick pair, losing their round shape for a moment.

”Fuck yeah, flattening these soft titties is making me so wet,” Angelina moaned, clearly enjoying the sensation of another girl’s proud breasts yielding to hers. ”I can’t wait to feel them finally surrender to my firmer boobs,” she added, smiling at the crowd flirtatiously. ”What do you think, guys? Should I just keep bouncing these beaten jugs until her boyfriend actually cums in his pants? It’s either that, or have both Gary and Mike shoot their loads on Megan’s saggy tits.”

The curvy brunette grunted, looking up in defiance before thrusting forward. Angelina avoided the blow, and her hands reached out to trap Megan’s wrists.

”Whoa, easy there Megs. It’s hardly my fault I’ve got the better set,” Angelina smiled, twisting her shoulder so her big left breast flew into the volleyball player’s trapped right tit. The latter’s boob wobbled gently and soon her left breast joined in a delightful dance across her chest. Megan’s head lolled slightly as she watched the black girl’s dense boobs begin to trash her set.

As Angelina pulled back for what would have seemed to be the final blow, Megan took her chance. The brunette dipped down suddenly and delivered a brutal-looking uppercut straight into Angelina’s big boobs, sending them up and toward her face. Megan’s unexpected blow had taken the self-satisfied black girl completely by surprise, and allowed her to break free of Angelina’s grasp.

”Holy shit,” Angelina groaned, sounding just as shocked and pained as she looked. Megan didn’t let up, sending another uppercut at her rival’s waiting bosom. Still reeling from the previous attack, the black girl didn’t get out of the way quickly enough. The brunette’s smaller pair once again found their target, slamming into Angelina’s impressive jugs from below and causing them to shake and wave violently. I couldn’t help but agree with Fleur and Hermione’s earlier comments – Megan had definitely prepared for this fight, seeming to have a counter for the black girl’s every move.

Angelina didn’t look at all happy with her opponent’s increased skill-level, having no doubt expected an easier win. She still looked very much determined to flatten the brunette’s solid boobs, however, and retaliated with a rather straightforward shove. Megan mirrored her action, and both pairs of breasts met at the tip. This time, the brunette groaned more than than her dark-skinned rival did, and I watched her step back, apparently hoping to avoid more contact. Angelina quickly leapt forward, hoping to end the fight.

Megan foiled the attempt by slapping her toned arms around Angelina’s sculpted body. The black girl groaned as she felt the hefty boobs of her opponent laying atop her own battered pair, and Megan, though obviously tired, began to smirk. ”I’ve been dreaming of this for such a long time, Angie. Your super tits trapped beneath mine, slowly losing their firmness and giving up the fight. Tell me, how does it feel to lose for a change?”

Angelina’s face was a mask of shock and discomfort, but it didn’t look like she was willing to go down just yet. She strained her well-muscled arms and thighs, grunting as she tried to shove her coffee-colored jugs upwards. The brunette tightened her grip, forcing her own rack down and into the black girl’s large, firm tits. She struggled to stop Angelina’s progress, but it was no use. Both sets of big boobs were covered in sweat, and the beating they’d administered on each other had softened their youthful titflesh into a pleasantly malleable state. I watched Megan’s creamy tits push in and to the sides as Angelina’s larger, darker breasts slowly slid through them. ”Unnnh,” the brunette groaned, staring at their straining breasts is disbelief. ”How fucking firm are you!?” A few giggles could be heard from the crowd, and Fleur snorted beside me, a wistful smile on her face. ”Pretty damn firm, I’d say. It took me a good while to grind those big things out.”

Soon, the black girl had brought their ample chests to the same level, and started to violently shake her torso back and forth, forcing a frustrated groan from the pretty volleyball player. Angelina’s lips curled into a grin as the continued to grind their large boobs together, her coffee-colored orbs pushing into the the brunette’s thick set. Both pairs of breasts gave some, but it looked as if the darker flesh was ever so slightly taking over the space between them.

”Ahhh, fuck yes. Feel my big, firm boobs slowly squeezing the life out of your jugs?” the statuesque black girl asked, giving her opponent a small, strained smile. And judging by the way the other third-year student was reacting, the answer was obvious. Megan’s flushed face looked pained and tired, and she was breathing heavily.

The brunette grunted and groaned as Angelina’s big teats tried to burrow into her own, but stubbornly fought on, pushing back with a shaky growl. ”Hmh, you never did know when to quit,” The ebony beauty muttered. I saw her toned limbs tighten, and Megan actually whimpered as Angelina picked her up. Being one of the most athletic students in the school, the tall black girl’s strength was impressive. And clearly her stamina, too. Even after a long and grueling fight like this, Angelina seemed to have no trouble keeping the outmatched brunette in the air. ”Now, I’m going to give you one last chance to surrender.” Megan shook her head. Faking a pout, the dark-skinned woman reset her arms, making the brunette grunt loudly. ”Really? Because if you don’t, I’ll have to flatten those pretty tits,” Angelina breathed huskily, squeezing hard. ”You really want me to turn them into jello again?” Megan let out a pained moan, and I could see her eyes start to tear up, but she was still refusing to yield.

The black girl sighed dramatically, and began shaking, hard. My eyes lingered on the space between the two women. Despite Angelina’s position, her big breasts beneath Megan’s smaller set, it seemed as though the paler pair of boobs was pushing in more severely. The ebony girl continued to increase the pressure on her opponent’s tits, and the brunette began to wail. I saw Megan occasionally thrust back, only to witness her beautiful breasts get shoved back by the sheer firmness of her busty rival. I noticed Angelina looking down with a hungry gaze, enjoying how her ample, coffee-colored flesh burrowed into Megan’s breasts, pushing the brunette’s prized assets away. When Angelina finally stopped her manhandling of the poor girl, Megan’s eyes were shut, and her breasts seemed to have given up the fight. At the slightest movement, the brunette’s suddenly pillowy mammaries shook and wobbled.

With a wide smile, the black girl set her opponent down and pushed gently. There was no mistaking the superior pair. Megan’s firm tits pancaked visibly, her flesh billowing out to the sides as Angelina’s big jugs claimed yet another victim. The toned ebony beauty grinned as she watched her opponent’s boobs fail and make way to her own set. She shook the beaten brunette once more, thrusting her solid, gorgeous tits forward and smashing away the last remaining bits of resistance. Megan’s once round boobs flopped wildly on her chest and she bit her lip, whimpering quietly as Angelina completed her set’s destruction. I realized I was staring, but couldn’t bring myself to look away. The black girl had always had a knack for domination, and seemed to enjoy the attention the crowd was lavishing on her victorious boobs.

”Uuunnh, shit,” Megan groaned, gasping for breath. ”I give, Angie, I give!” The dark-skinned athlete smirked, looking satisfied.

”Yeah, I bet you do, little Megsy,” Angelina laughed, smug as ever. ”It’s not like you have much choice, anyway. My bigger, stronger boobs just completely pancaked your puny set,” she drawled, grinning. The pretty volleyball player let out a soft moan as Angelina gently prodded her wrecked tits with her own pair. I could hear the tall, toned black girl murmur something in a low voice, before leaning in to plant a small kiss on Megan’s cheek.

”What did I tell you? My jugs are simply too much for a little girl like you,” she breathed out, the words just loud enough for me to make out. Angelina pulled away slowly, caressing the brunette’s back softly. ”I know you’d been training for months to beat me, Meg,” she said, and reached down to cup her opponent’s sore teats gently. ”Hitting the gym like crazy, and even asking that new girl Lavender for advice. Did you really think that’d be enough?” Angelina drawled with a smirk, gloating more than really asking. Interesting. Apparently the busty little firstie had made at least one friend among the upperclassmen. Megan let out a shaky breath, her shoulders sagging slightly, and looked down at her loose chest sadly. ”Yeah. I thought this time it’d be different. That I could take you, and show everyone that you’re not as good as you think,” she swallowed, before continuing. ”I was wrong. Your awesome boobs completely outclassed my lesser tits. I never had a chance.”

The black girl nodded condescendingly, smiling at the submissive brunette. Megan’s beaten breasts looked soft and pathetic on her chest, and while Angelina’s bigger set also sagged somewhat more than usual, there was now absolutely no doubt as to who had the better tits. ”I’m so glad we agree. Anyway, good match, Megs. You definitely did better than last time,” the ebony beauty complimented the brunette, giving Megan’s nice, supple ass a squeeze, and elicing a surprised yelp from her opponent. ”With a little more practise, you might make a pretty decent titfighter some day.” A large number of students guffawed, no doubt amused by the understatement. It was clear to everyone that Megan was already well beyond that.

And to be fair, the black girl did look reasonably impressed by the damage the brunette’s smaller but very solid set had managed to cause. I caught Angelina massaging her big coffee-colored orbs discreetly, her powerful rack wobbling slightly as the ebony beauty turned to address the audience. ”I hope you took notes, girls,” Angelina smirked as she cupped her boobs, starting to juggle them gently. I watched along with everyone else as the thick, nubile flesh bounced and quivered enticingly on the black girl’s chest, her ample boobs looking undeniably dense and intimidating.

”You can train and practice all you want,” she called out loudly, moving her gaze across the audience. ”But in the end, great tits will always beat nice tits.” I could see Angelina’s eyes lock onto Fleur’s at the end, her implication clear. My girlfriend tensed noticeably, but didn’t reply to the ebony beauty’s thinly-veiled dig in any way. Few girls had the guts to make fun of Fleur’s humiliating loss right to her face, but Angelina was a notable exception.

With that declaration, the toned black girl began to lead her defeated opponent in the direction where their boyfriends were sitting. I had just enough time to register the awed and very much excited expression on the two males’ faces before my eyes were drawn to the wobbling flesh on Megan’s chest, the brunette leaning slightly into the black beauty as the fighters made their way off the mat. The contrast to the rather limited ripples on Angelina’s larger bust was impossible not to notice, and I could see a bright smile on the ebony girl’s face as she strutted towards the waiting boys, proudly showing off her spectacular body to the crowd.

”She always did have a flair for drama, that one,” Fleur muttered, giving me a wry grin. ”Not to mention boasting. Too bad she’s also got the rack to along with the attitude.” Hermione snorted at my girlfriend’s remark, but didn’t disagree. It was easy to see why. Angelina’s large, firm cholocate orbs would be a tough nut for any girl to crack.


A couple of girls stopped by to congratulate the athletic black girl on her win, and I saw the Asian hottie Cho give Angelina an excited high-five while the girl’s less sporty friend Marietta chatted with Megan, patting the volleyball player’s shoulder understandingly. Megan gave her a weak but genuine-looking smile, shrugging slightly. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it didn’t seem like Megan was too upset over her defeat. There was no shame in losing to the stacked ebony beauty, after all. Usual suspects Alicia and Katie quickly walked into the fray as well, blocking my view of the two sweaty, bare-chested girls. And as pleasant as it was to admire Alicia’s and Katie’s tight, toned asses, it just wasn’t the same thing.

After the usual five-minute break, the students were once again returning to their seats. Daphne got up slowly, and as I took my time ogling her body, I realized that Fleur had a lot of work ahead of her. The blonde second-year was slightly taller than my girlfriend, and her tits were larger. They bounced deliciously as she walked, the resident Ice Queen’s expansive chest being second only to Susan’s in size, and currently the only boobs that could claim parity with Lavender’s. Well, had been able to claim parity at least – Daphne’s draw against the first year’s mammaries had occurred in one of Lavender’s earliest fights, and the new champ had only improved since. It was far from guaranteed that Daphne would be able to repeat her performance now, though the tall second-year certainly looked ready for a challenge. As I continued admiring the haughty blonde’s supple curves, I found myself more and more impressed.

Her abs looked flat, but not toned, and her full ass flared out, leading into finely sculpted legs. The lines of her calves were smooth and defined. I noticed that she walked with poise and confidence, her platinum blonde hair just brushing her shoulders, and had to admit that all in all, Daphne looked every bit the aristocratic young woman she was. As she took what seemed to be her designated spot, she smirked at my girlfriend, starting to pull off her top and revealing her pale globes, which were topped by small, pink nipples.

While Daphne’s ample teats did hang lower on her chest than Angelina’s or Megan’s had, sagging a bit, their appearance only made them look more hefty and powerful. They weren’t quite as massive as Susan’s huge glands of course, but had a similar pendulous shape and obviously weighed a lot more than my girlfriend’s pert breasts did. The blonde’s large Double Ds also didn’t shake or jiggle nearly as much as one would’ve expected given their size, a testament to their considerable density. I could see a few of the less well-endowed girls eyeing the tall second year’s pride and joy with a mix of envy and intimidation, no doubt glad they weren’t facing Daphne’s big, heavy rack themselves. Still, there was one female who didn’t look at all worried.

”This should be fun,” Fleur whispered, winking at me. She stood up and stepped towards Daphne, who was waiting for her on the mat. My girlfriend yanked off her shirt and bra as she walked, flinging them to the side. Judging by the awed ”Wow!” that was heard, some lucky male fan had probably managed to catch her bra. I grinned as I ogled Fleur’s thick, full flesh for what must’ve been the millionth time, and saw those pert, spherically-shaped breasts fall just slightly on her chest. She had just about the firmest set in the school, the only girls that could offer serious competition being Padma and Cho, whose tits were considerably smaller. And maybe Ginny, though I hadn’t seen her without a shirt just yet. As my girlfriend bounced her glorious boobs gently, I couldn’t help but marvel over her amazing combination of size and firmness, as well as her soft, flawless skin. But while Fleur’s skin was soft and smooth, everyone in the room knew that the flesh beneath was anything but.

”You wanted these, Daph?” my girlfriend called out, jostling her jugs again and grinning cockily. Several male students seemed to have vacant looks on their faces, and the only reason I was doing any better was the sheer amount of exposure I got. After getting to grope, fondle and lick Fleur’s perfect tits every night, simply seeing them from a distance no longer turned me into a drooling idiot. Most of the time. My girl’s more chesty opponent simply rolled her eyes, snorting. ”Yeah yeah, you can cut the crap, Fleur. Your perfect little pair isn’t number one anymore, and now that we’ve seen Lav-Lav flatten them, I’m sure lots of other girls will want to crush them as well. Today is going to be my turn.” The pale, haughty blonde looked oddly confident, staring at my girl with a hint of a smile on her face. Her dense-looking breasts weren’t as perky or round as Fleur’s, hanging a bit on her chest and having more bounce, but they also seemed to be about half a cup size bigger. I’d seen the busty second-year give several skilled titfighters a run for their money before, and suddenly found myself hoping that my girl’s psyche had recovered from her defeat as well as her tits obviously had. She’d need to be on top of her game today.

My concerns were highlighted when Daphne suddenly jumped forward, fast and with no warning. Even Fleur, who was something of a veteran in this field, wasn’t expecting the blow. I watched as Daphne’s heavy left breast slammed into Fleur’s firm left tit, and noticed that the resulting smack startled a few students who apparently hadn’t realized the fight had begun. The room grew silent as everyone in the room watched the battle before them. Another crushing blow from the tall second-year nearly sent my stunned girlfriend on her shapely ass.

”Oh, playing dirty are we?” Fleur hissed, trying to steady herself. Her shot was as quick as Daphne’s first had been, and almost as impressive. Her firm right boob hit Daphne’s left, causing a shockwave to originate from the center of the blonde’s large, full breast. I licked my lips unconsciously as Daphne’s pale flesh rippled in waves, from nipple outward. Fleur landed another blow, using one firm globe at a time to begin pummeling the bigger-chested girl’s ample jugs.

”There we go Daphne, how’d you like that? I’m crushing you big, pillowy tits, just like last time,” my girlfriend smiled, a tight smile playing on her lips as she continued her attack. The taller girl grunted as Fleur’s right tit smashed into her left. Fleur’s face was concentrated, almost impassive, but I could tell her own breasts were absorbing some of the beating. Fleur’s perfect orbs were in constant contact with Daphne’s heavier mammaries, their creamy skin tone turning bright pink, and it was apparent that it was taking its toll.

After a while, the French beauty stopped the alternating and began to simply ram forward, doing her best to flatten Daphne’s massive tits with a direct, head-on assault. Daphne’s face was pained as she felt her tits take the punishment from Fleur’s solid jugs, but the blonde refused back down. Her mouth curled into a frustrated grimace, and I watched her fire forward with an audible grunt. Fleur’s eyes widened as she took the full force of Daphne’s impressive rack, and while the second-year’s large tits jiggled more, Fleur actually staggered back. Daphne reached out and grabbed Fleur’s shoulders, keeping the older girl in place.

Another powerful strike landed against Fleur’s firm titflesh, causing the smaller pair to wobble on her chest. I watched, entranced and alarmed, as Daphne continued to be the aggressor. Fleur looked down, not at the boulders that Daphne was hurling at her chest, but at Daphne’s shoulders. I saw my girlfriend’s hand at her hip, and as soon as Daphne twitched, Fleur leaned forward, pulling the taller blonde to her. It completely threw off the blow, and soon Fleur’s tits were meeting Daphne’s head on. Fleur’s tactic was sound. She was not likely to win what amounted to a tit-boxing match with Daphne’s heavy tits, but she should be able to outgrind her.

The plan had immediate results. Daphne winced as she felt the dense pair of her opponents’ tits begin asserting themselves. Fleur’s prized chest seemed to take this sort of contact much more easily, judging from the expressions on her face. Both women thrust and ground, each breast flopping over the other before returning to its original shape. Both women were also soon covered in sweat, and despite the fact that neither was trying to land a smashing blow from her tits, the smacking sounds of breast on breast flesh filled the room. I watched as Daphne’s arms curled upwards, pulling the French girl into her more fully, and wondered to myself if that was a good idea. The answer turned out to be no, and Daphne groaned immediately.

”Oooh, did I hit a sweet spot, Daffy?” Fleur whispered, her mouth turning up into a shrewd smile. My girl’s pert orbs were now burrowing their way into the tall girl’s more plentiful set, pushing some of the pale flesh aside as they slowly sunk deeper. I was just about to cheer when Fleur’s smile begun to flicker. I couldn’t understand why until I saw Daphne’s arms tighten, and muscle that had not been visible under her slightly thicker limbs suddenly sprang to life. Fleur’s eyes widened as her feet left the floor, and Daphne groaned as she exerted more effort. The smooth, pale skin of the younger blonde rippled with the effort, and Fleur grunted and twisted, shifting her weight around. The second-year had clearly taken a leaf out of Angelina’s book, and was using my girl’s more slender build to her advantage.

While I, along with the rest of the crowd, was impressed with the power that Daphne was displaying, Fleur was obviously no stranger to fighting a larger opponent. Her shifting caused the tall second-year to lose her balance, and the moment my girlfriend felt Daphne miss a step, she thrust downward. Daphne’s knees buckled, and I was thankful for Daphne’s sake that the mat was there to break her fall. The crash was still hard, and the blonde instantly let go of Fleur. I took special interest in watching Daphne’s tits jiggle and fall to the side just a bit. Fleur, who had landed right on top of the slightly taller blonde, brought her gorgeous, firm breasts against Daphne’s, pushing them into the blonde’s full pair. Daphne groaned, and perhaps stunned from the fall, did not react until my girlfriend raised herself up a bit, dropping her rock-hard orbs onto Daphne’s breasts. The resulting gasp and groan seemed to bring the second-year back to reality, and she begun to trash around and buckle wildly. I could see Fleur’s toned legs entangle with the big-titted blonde’s longer limbs, my girl straining to hold her opponent beneath her.

”What’s the matter, Daffy, don’t you like you own medicine?” the French beauty panted, sweat starting to drip down her glistening body. ”I saw how you pinned little Lavender down for a nice, long titty-bashing session back in September, and decided that I wanted to try it out myself. Gotta say, I can definitely see the appeal.”

Daphne growled. Having finally managed to plant her feet firmly against the mat, she gave a mighty push. My girl tried to counter, but lost her balance as the younger blonde arched her back and rolled to the left. Fleur fell off her opponent with a cute yelp, but her surprise lasted only for a second. She quickly jumped back to her feet, and had just enough time to dodge a wild boob-haymaker from a very angry-looking Daphne. Fleur didn’t waste any time in retaliating. Both women swung their large breasts at each other, and while the blow was glancing, the look of pain on both women’s faces was indicative of a powerful strike.

I watched Daphne and Fleur take a step back, the tall second-year kneading her sore-looking mammaries while Fleur simply ran her hands over her perky but reddened orbs. Both seemed a bit wary of the other, and circled each other for half a pass. Daphne moved first, a snarl carved into her haughty face as she stepped forward, bringing her heavy left tit crashing forward. My girlfriend tried to evade by twisting her lean torso to the left, and did manage to get some of her firm boob out of the way. But the side of her right breast caught a solid blow, forcing the mass of her dense flesh towards the center of her chest. As Daphne pulled back, Fleur, grimacing, threw her right tit right back into the taller girl’s left, scoring more head-on blow than her opponent had. The second-year winced, firing back another shot with her other tit, this time landing a solid shot that forced my girl’s left jug to wobble violently as Daphne pulled back.

Fleur tried to withdraw, but Daphne surprised us both by following through, taking a step forward while swinging. The blow was from the side, as the younger girl twisted her torso and sent another shot into my girl’s left boob. Fleur’s big, pert breast took the slam straight on, compressing impressively and earning a pained moan from the third-year. This was exactly the kind of tit-slamming match Fleur needed to avoid, as it allowed Daphne to take advantage of her jugs’ larger size and mass. The tall, busty blonde seemed to be pummeling my girl’s perfect boobs.

”Fuck yeah, these little tits are going to look awesome in a minute. Hanging empty and loose after I’m flattened them with my better set,” Daphne sneered, and unfriendly smile on her attractive, almost regal face.

Fleur didn’t just take the beating laying down of course, and replied with quick jabs of her own. She slammed her thick pair into her opponent’s substantial mammaries, forcing Daphne’s pale flesh to balloon outward as it made way to my girl’s firmer tits. The tall blonde grunted, but swung up, bending slightly at the waist before snapping to a vertical, standing position.

The attack seemed to have caught Fleur flat footed, and both of her firm, perky breasts leaped upwards as Daphne’s hefty teats crashed into the underside of the older girl’s jugs. My girlfriend’s solid pair shook for a moment, but as Daphne pulled away, Fleur’s boobs quickly settled back into their original shape.

The French girl stood still, recovering, which allowed Daphne to fire two alternating shots with her swinging breasts. Her left came from the side forcing the firm flesh of Fleur’s left boob to splay across the older girl’s chest, while Daphne’s right jug scraped across it. Fleur groaned as her tit quivered, before getting mashed to the side by Daphne’s heavier boob.

My girlfriend readied herself for the next blow, and I winced as Daphne’s right mammary careened into Fleur’s right breast, sending the gorgeous teat smashing into her chest. Fleur grunted, stepping back, and Daphne followed her aggressively. The French girl was waiting this time, however, and brought her pert, thick chest down. Daphne moaned as she felt the powerful blow fall hard on her jugs, somehow flattening them slightly at the top. Daphne’s waist bent as she struggled to avoid the pressure from Fleur’s impressive pair. As soon as she bent Fleur grabbed her shoulders.

”Oh no, you’re not going anywhere, softy,” my girlfriend murmured, a tight, knowing grin on her face. She first fired her left breast into Daphne’s right, and I watched both tits compress at the point of impact. Daphne’s larger tit seemed to fatten more, but it was receiving the blow. I watched as Fleur pulled back, letting Daphne’s heavy orb regain it’s full rounded shape. As my girlfriend pulled back, a blow to Daphne’s left boob landed, shaking both pairs of teats. I watched the second-year’s left mammary distend from the impact, then meet Fleur’s perfectly spherical breast at the front again.

”You’ve got some serious jugs, Daphne,” Fleur complimented her opponent, looking the haughty blonde in the eyes evenly. ”Most girls I’ve fought would’ve already given up. I guess you really want that rematch against Lavender, huh?” she continued, a small smirk making its way to her lips. ”Sorry to have to disappoint you, though. Those big boobs are mine.”

The tall second-year’s eyes narrowed and she slammed forward, both tits firing upwards. Fleur staggered, releasing Daphne’s shoulders with a pained yelp. The impact sent my girlfriend’s firm tits wobbling, and the younger blonde took advantage of her shocked stillness. She stepped forward with a wrecking-ball style shot from the side, her right breast slamming into Fleur’s right boob with a sharp clap that caused some of the girls present to ”ooh” with a few gasps. While the French beauty’s big breasts didn’t shake or wobble as much as Daphne’s hefty mammaries did, each hit made them splay out severely, my girl’s dense flesh pushing in for a moment, before bouncing back with a delicious jiggle.

Another mighty slam found its mark, and Fleur’s face was masked with pain as she tried to regain some control. Daphne’s thundering blows were apparent as I glanced at her boobs. My girlfriend’s gorgeous breasts were still maintaining their usual pert shape, but the considerable damage had turned them bright red. Yet another blow landed, and Fleur’s moan was deep and primal. As Daphne reared back for one more strike, the French beauty desperately struck forward, and muted Daphne’s strike. She also managed to wrap her arms around the younger girl, and pulled her in roughly. I groaned, unable to stop the sound from escaping my mouth. Hermione glanced over at me and shook her head, her brown curls bobbing around.

”Just hang on, Ced,” she whispered softly, struggling not to laugh aloud at my predicament. ”I’m sure Fleur will take care of you afterwards. And if she doesn’t, you can always come to me,” the brainy brunette grinned with a wink, obviously enjoying my squirming a little too much. I swallowed, and feeling my face grow hot, quickly brought my gaze back towards mat. Daphne’s face was now pained, as was Fleur’s, with both women struggling to grind the other out.

”I can’t wait to flatten you again, you stuck-up bitch,” Fleur said, her mouth a strange mixture of a smile and a snarl. She still looked beautiful, but also very dangerous.

”You’ll need a new pair of tits first, you dumb slut,” Daphne hissed back, her steel grey eyes boring holes into my girlfriend’s blue one. ”’Cause I’m just about to pop these fun-bags. Good luck flattening anyone with pancakes.”

I wondered how much more they could take. With each moment in the hug, either Fleur would flex her back and lower torso, thrusting her chest further forward as Daphne tried to grind, or Daphne would bend as much as she could to bring her breasts up and over. Each action caused the respective pairs of breasts to undulate, shifting, and molding around the other pair. While Fleur’s tits still seemed the firmer, she didn’t have the volume or mass that Daphne obviously did.

The second-year’s hefty boobs did move more, but Fleur’s face seemed to relay the same amount of discomfort and pain that Daphne’s was. When Fleur thrust forward, it seemed as though Daphne’s tits flattened more at the point of meeting, compressing at the nipple. But Fleur couldn’t hold her there, and inevitably Daphne pulled back and started her grinding assault on Fleur’s jugs.

Little progress was being made as the girls stayed locked in their tight embrace. With each movement, flesh spilled out, then fell back in, undulating as the two pairs of breasts remained in contact. Fleur, whose boobs’ famous density should’ve given her some control, finally found a way to exert it. She lifted Daphne’s torso just slightly, so the blonde’s jugs met with Fleur’s on top. The further she lifted, the more pressure she put on Daphne’s abused jugs.

Daphne groaned at the new tactic, unable to match Fleur’s incredible firmness. She twisted her torso as her breasts pushed upward, but only succeeded in making Fleur’s thick breasts shake and wobble a bit. Her own tits, however, flattened further down with any more pressure, and the pain was becoming evident as Daphne’s legs would twitch occasionally.

Fleur was not without her limits, though, and pulling up like that was starting to wear. The French girl’s lean arms began shaking as she struggled to keep the pressure on. My cock lurched at the sight, and I felt Hermione’s warm hand rest on my thigh. I eyed her cautiously. Knowing she was most likely just teasing me, I quickly looked back towards Daphne and Fleur. For a moment, I thought I saw Daphne position her leg between my girlfriend’s, but couldn’t really be sure.

Fleur finally couldn’t hold her hug any longer, and released the blonde. Daphne’s sigh of relief was audible at least towards my seat, and I’m willing to bet even the back rows heard something. The blonde’s jugs shook and wobbled as they fell back on her chest, almost as if shaking off the cobwebs. I found myself staring at them, my cock throbbing painfully as Hermione’s gentle hand caressed my leg through the fabric. I could feel my breath hitch for a second or two, but forced myself not to react to her ministrations.

As I looked back in my girlfriend’s direction, I saw Daphne try to push Fleur over the leg she’d repositioned. But the graceful French girl maintained her balance, and with her opponent’s leg trapped, returned the attempt. The tall second-year cursed as she fell to her back, pulling Fleur on top of her.

”Ooompf!” Daphne’s gasp was loud and genuine, and I could practically hear the wind get knocked out of her. My girlfriend had again fallen atop her opponent, and had a predatory grin on her gorgeous face. Fleur grasped the younger girl’s hands almost immediately after crashing down, and pulled them up, leaving Daphne’s rack exposed. Daphne’s tits, unsurprisingly, seemed less impressive as the flesh rolled out to the sides, flattening from gravity.

”Oh, poor Daffy,” Fleur said, grinning like a madwoman. ”It looks like you just keep getting into trouble.” Daphne struggled, trying to free her hands, but didn’t seem to have much success in getting out.

”Get off, bitch! You fucking tripped me!” the tall blonde panted, looking tired. While she wasn’t flabby or anything, I wouldn’t really call Dahphne athletic either, and she was clearly running out of steam. Fleur laughed aloud, shaking her head. ”You mean you tried to trip ME, only to fall down yourself? Just take your beating like a woman, Daphne. It’s almost over anyway.”

I was practically shaking with arousal as Fleur slowly lowered her breasts into her opponent’s large, meaty jugs, angling so that her firm teats slowly pushed Daphne’s ample flesh outward. The crowd let out a collective sigh. The second-year’s mammaries dented, flowing from the center out as Fleur’s dense breasts sunk in, and we watched as the French beauty began to gently roll her torso, forcing her boobs into Daphne’s intimately. It almost looked like my girlfriend was drilling holes in her opponent’s bigger breasts, and judging from the pinned blonde’s pained wails, the unusual tactic had the desired effect.

Fleur kept working on Daphne’s heavy tits, alternating her pert boobs into the weakening flesh of her rival. She would at times grind, then at times pepper the massive boobs in front of her with some well-placed shots. Each shot sent waves of flesh outward, riding across their chests like some erotic tide. As it continued, Daphne’s heavy breasts spilled, it seemed, further and further to her side. Daphne seemed to be out of energy, trying to shake free but failing, and she finally reached a point I thought would have arrived sooner.

”Ohhh, gawwwd… My tits, Fleur, please! You’re killing my tits! Stop! You win.” Daphne whined in a weak, breathless voice. ”You destroyed my weaker boobs. Your big, insanely firm tits simply ground me flat. Please, just stop!” There was loud applause and yelling as the crowd cheered for the winner.

”Smart move, Daffy, though you probably should’ve given up a lot sooner. That way I wouldn’t have had to turn these big, gorgeous titties into mush. Sorry ’bout that,” my girlfriend grinned, catching her beaten opponent’s lips in a dominating kiss as she continued to lounge on top of the tall blonde. I could see scores of male students leaning forward for a better view, and a few had even begun to rub their bulging crotches. It wasn’t every day you saw the best-looking girl in the school make out with another hot babe, after all. Those with girlfriends quickly got a smack on the head for their troubles, and I shared a laugh with Hermione.

”Now, I believe you owe us some entertainment,” Fleur continued, glancing up. Her hands reached around the base of Daphne’s pillowy tits and shook them, making them wobble enticingly as she brought them to the center of the beaten blonde’s chest. I don’t know why I hadn’t figured out what she was doing until she did it, but my girlfriend lowered her victorius chest directly onto the gathered mass of titflesh, drawing a painful moan from the blonde. Daphne’s now loose tits spilled out and around Fleur’s pert breasts. I shifted as I watched Fleur’s amazing rack prove its superiority once more, but stiffened when I suddenly recalled my girl’s overwhelmed tits yielding to Lavender’s unrelenting pair. It’d been a huge shock for me, and no doubt Fleur as well. But the French beaty had now decisively crushed the only girl who’d faced Lavender’s big boobs without losing, and was well on track to beat the busty first-year champ in their rematch.

”Oh wow Daphne, these are awesome. I bet Theo just loves playing with your huge, soft pillows,” Fleur sang in a sweet voice, glancing briefly at her opponent’s flushed boyfriend. The dark-haired second-year student looked embarrassed, but nodded anyway, apparently hoping that the French beauty would show some mercy if he cooperated. Or maybe he just wanted to see Fleur dole out even more humiliation on his girl? It was hard to tell.

”Your perfect boobs outlasted and crushed my jugs, Fleur,” Daphne breathed out submissively, looking up at her conqueror. ”You have better tits than I do, and deserve to face Lavender’s again. I hope you can get her this time,” she mumbled. Fleur immediately pulled away, smiling. She reached out her hand and Daphne stood, slowly, obviously exhausted physically as well as mentally. She and Fleur shared a careful hug, and began walking towards Hermione and I. As the firsties were away this weekend, there were plenty of free seats available.

Given their animosity before and during the fight, it was a bit odd to see how quickly the blondes had been able to put aside their differences. But clearly, with my girl’s dominance now re-established, Daphne had simply fallen back in line. Fleur made her way towards me, stopping only when her big, amazing tits were at my eye level. They seemed softer than at the start, sagging a bit and having reddened impressively, but looked absolutely gorgeous anyway. ”Care to give them a kiss, lover boy?” she whispered, grinning. I was only too happy to oblige.

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