Titfight Academy: Chapter 5 by Augur

Fleur and I had celebrated her win over Daphne’s big jugs in the traditional way; by locking ourselves in the head students’ chambers and shagging each other like rabbits. Our life, which had in the past few weeks taken a rather unusual turn, seemed to be slowly returning back to normal. My girlfriend hadn’t reclaimed her lost throne just yet, of course, but looked set to do so in the near future. She had proved to everyone that her legendary boobs, which had ruled the school for almost a year, were every bit as firm and powerful as before. One little fluke couldn’t knock them out of the game, and anyone wishing to challenge them would do so at their own peril.

The rest of Saturday had practically flown by – no need to explain why – and I found myself gazing at Fleur’s gorgeous, sleeping figure. I watched as a few scattered rays of morning sun hit her back, dancing against her lightly tanned skin. My girlfriend’s lean body was smooth and completely flawless, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to brush a strand of wavy blonde hair away from her naked shoulder. Fleur made a soft, oddly arousing mewling sound at the touch, and turned to the left slightly, revealing the curve of her large, round boob. I paused to admire it for a moment, a small smile beginning to tug on my lips. I really was one incredibly lucky bastard.

An hour later, after having finally managed to get out of bed, Fleur and I headed downstairs for some breakfast. We spent the rest of our Sunday morning in the library, finishing a couple of essays due on Monday and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Just before noon, Hermione joined us in our regular study table, drawing a chair and flashing a suggestive grin. I glanced up at the brown-haired girl, narrowing my eyes playfully. ”What?” I asked her, already knowing the answer. The brunette simply shrugged innocently, her smile only widening. ”Oh, nothing. Nothing at all,” she sang cutely, her brown eyes full of mirth. ”It’s just that you two look so… happy and relaxed. Almost as if you’d been up to something naughty,” Hermione continued, trailing off and sharing a glance with Fleur, who snorted. ”And who says we haven’t?” my girlfriend replied lightly, pretending to look at her finely manicured nails. ”If you want in next time, just let us know,” she added in a more husky voice, bumping her shoulder into the brunette’s somewhat meatier counterpart. The second-year’s eyebrows almost disappeared into the wild, bushy mane of hair, and I noticed her cheeks acquiring a slight red tinge.

”Umm, okay,” she stammered, for once caught off guard. Hermione seemed to study the gorgeous blonde’s face for a moment, trying to gauge her intent. And whether or not Fleur was serious about the offer. The brunette eventually decided that she was, a grin slowly returning to her cute face. It was common knowledge that the French beauty, like many other girls here, swung both ways, and had even had a female lover back in France. After coming here she’d quickly gotten together with me, but had also made it clear on multiple occasions that she wasn’t partial only to boys. The kiss she’d shared with Daphne yesterday being a good example. I watched Hermione bite her lip, before straightening her back and starting to lean towards us. ”Well, I’m definitely interested. Sign me up.”


I was still struggling to get the image of two sweaty, nude girls taking turns to titfuck me out of my mind aa I tried to focus on the economics book in front of me. But the laws of supply and demand couldn’t quite compete with my horny imagination, and I was soon forced to give up. Fleur had met the brunette’s declaration of interest with a knowing smirk, no doubt already well aware of Hermione’s feelings for me. And for my girlfriend, for that matter. But Fleur had also told the second-year that she only shagged girls who she’d matched tits with – and who therefore knew their place. Hermione had stiffered visibly at that point, obviously not too keen on getting her boobs flattened by the French blonde’s spactacular pair. The matter had been left at that, with the brown-haired girl heading back to her common room to work on some group assignment.

It was well into the afternoon when the brainy second-year burst into the head girl and boy’s chambers, sounding a bit winded as if she’d jogged all the way from her dorm. I saw Fleur give her an inquisitive look, and waited for Hermione’s heavy breathing to abate a bit. ”I’ve got an idea,” the brunette managed, her round face flushed but clearly excited. ”Or rather, I have a deal to propose.”

Hermione, on her way to the common room, had apparently stumbled upon an argument between two of her schoolmates. The girls had been screaming at each in an empty classroom, and having of course stayed near the door to listen in, it hadn’t taken the studious brunette too long to discover what the ruckus was all about. And boy was it juicy. I could almost see Hermione’s brown eyes sparkle as she told her story. It turned out that Katie, a toned brunette who was part of Angelina’s little gang, had been seeing another girl’s guy behind her back. And that Cho, a slender, sporty hottie of Chinese origin, had finally found out about the affair. Now, her boyfriend Colin of course had a bit of a reputation as a ladies’ man, but I’d been under the impression that he’d been rather… satisfied with his relationship with the Asian girl. Cho did give mean head. Or so they said, anyway.

Personally, I found Cho to be hotter than Katie, who while fit and all around okay-looking in terms of her body, wasn’t particularly pretty. Certainly not as pretty as the Asian was. But I also knew that some guys just couldn’t keep it in their pants when willing pussy was readily available. And it seemed like Colin wasn’t blessed with much loyalty or willpower.

Whatever his motivations, the wronged party had taken her boyfriend’s betrayal rather badly. But going against the stereotype and not being trained in any martial arts, Cho couldn’t really go beat up her cheating boyfriend or his slutty lover. She could, however, resort to another kind of violence. That’s what Hermione had stumbled upon, and according to the girl herself, even managed to get on video.

”So…” the brunette trailed off, grinning like a Cheshire cat. ”Would you be interested in seeing it?”

I’d already opened my mouth, most likely looking just as eager as I felt, when Fleur intercepted my reply. ”Wait a minute, Ced, ‘Mione said she wanted a deal. What’s the catch?” Hermione laughed heartily at that, giving the blonde a wink. ”Oh, I do like the way you think, Fleur. Always keeping your eye on the ball,” she smiled. ”My suggestion is quite simple. I show you the tape, and you agree to face my boobs straight afterwards. Right here, right now.”

My girlfriend’s jaw dropped, clearly not having anticipated this. I watched Fleur’s eyes narrow into thin slits as she regarded the brainy second-year. ”You want to fight me tonight? Just a day after my previous match?” Hermione nodded, smiling. ”Yeah. We both know you’ve got the better rack, Fleur, and I usually try to avoid fighting battles that I don’t think I can win,” the brown-haired girl explained, taking a seat next to my girlfriend and cupping her right boob. She gave it a small bounce, Hermione’s pretty face breaking into a grin at Fleur’s grunt. I watched the blonde’s big jug jiggle a bit under her shirt, the movement easily discernible through the thin fabric. It wasn’t unusual for my girlfriend to go braless, especially if her breasts were sore after a recent match.

Fleur glared at the younger girl’s cavalier jostling of her best assets, but Hermione didn’t seem fazed by her reaction. She gave the beautiful third-year an innocent smile and began to gently knead Fleur’s other round orb. My girlfriend’s ample flesh, visible through the low cut in her top, seemed to ripple slightly, and the brunette licked her lips. ”Wow, these feel awesome. I reckon my boobs might actually have a good chance of beating yours right now.”

My girlfriend’s only reply was an angry huff, and at that moment, I realized there was no way she’d be backing out now. Her spectacular breasts’ honour had been brought into question, even if for entirely valid reasons. Hermione really knew which strings to pull. ”Fine,” Fleur snapped, yanking the brunette’s offending limb off her chest. ”But I want a copy. And this better be worth my time.”

It was. It most definitely was.


”You made a big mistake going after my guy,” Cho’s hissed at her opponent, looking furious as she stalked closer and thrust her perky chest out. Though her bust didn’t look particularly large, it did seem impressively dense. It jiggled just a bit, bouncing precious little under her tight-fitting blouse as the Chinese girl glared at the older student.

”Let’s see how Colin likes your ugly boobs after I’ve flattened them,” the Asian growled with a menacing grin. ”You better hope he finds saggy granny-boobs attractive, ’cause pretty soon those udders will be hanging all the way down to your waist.”

Katie rolled her eyes at the taunt and took a step towards the sporty second-year, her own full breasts shaking under her top deliciously. Both young women were among the school’s top ten fighters, and obviously quite skilled. I knew that Katie had lost to Megan’s impressive set last year, but then again, given how much trouble the auburn-haired girl had given Angelina in yesterday’s gathering, I wasn’t sure Cho would’ve done any better.

The Asian girl, for her part, had recently succumbed to Susan’s massive jugs, her tight tits proving unable to handle the sheer mass of titflesh they’d faced. But the top-heavy redhead happened to have the biggest rack in the school, outgunning even Daphne’s and Pansy’s big jugs and almost dwarfing Fleur’s orbs, so you could hardly fault Cho for losing that fight either. In short, I couldn’t really say which fighter was the favourite here.

The wronged party, by contrast, was extremely easy to identify. Cho seemed to be slightly shorter and lighter than her opponent, but she was also quite fit, and her lean body looked surprisingly powerful. Not to mention attractive, I added to myself. The lithe Chinese girl was a real hottie, easily one of the best-looking chicks around here. A few guys actually preferred her to my modelesque girlfriend, though they were a small minority.

Fleur and I stared at the large tv-screen in our common room as Cho began to remove her blouse. Button by button, the Asian slowly revealed her surprisingly ample cleavage. I felt my girlfriend squish in closer as the sporty second-year stood proudly for a moment, letting Katie get a good look at her bra-encased boobs. With a sneer, Cho reached behind her, undid the clasp, and then held the garment in place for a moment or two before whipping it off. The Chinese girl’s hard breasts, while smaller than her opponent’s boobs, stood high on her chest, jiggling just noticeably before settling in their natural state in the center of her chest. They looked every bit as firm as Fleur’s amazing rack did, though being only what looked like a small-to-mid C cup, their pert appearance wasn’t quite as big of an achievement.

In any case, it didn’t seem like Katie was intimidated. The brunette sneered at the sporty Asian distainfully, before beginning to remove her form-fitting tank top. Cho had a matching expression of her face as she gazed at the contrast of the white lacy bra and the tanned skin of her opponent. Katie undid the front clasp and then pulled the material away from her round boobs, the lean Asian girl’s face remaining a mask of anger and malice while she stared daggers at the brunette. I watched Katie’s tits jiggle sexily as the brunette flung her top and bra away.

I, together with Fleur and Hermione, took a moment to compare their boobs up close. The third-year was both taller and wider than the Asian was, seeming almost buff next to Cho’s slender but toned body. Katie’s tits didn’t look as big as her friends Angelina’s or Alicia’s, being either a small D or a large C cup, but it was obvious they were firm. Though maybe not quite as firm as her opponent’s pert set. Cho’s boobs were smaller than Katie’s, but to the Chinese girl’s credit, they did look impressively dense, having a perkier shape and somewhat less visible bounce and jiggle than the brunette’s tanned globes did. Despite Cho’s slight height disadvantage, both pairs of boobs sat at pretty much the same level.

Though the Chinese hottie had never fought against Fleur, I could imagine her tight tits holding their own in a grinding match. Until my girlfriend’s vastly superior size wore them down, that is.

”Ready to get your weak, mushy udders fed to you, whore?” Cho hissed, her dark eyes burning with hatred. Katie snorted, and gave the Asian girl a cold sneer.

”Don’t kid yourself, bitch. My tits are way better than yours, and will grind those little bumps into paste. Just ask Colin whose boobs he prefers – my bigger, nicer ones or your weak tiny things.” the brunette smirked, looking quite sure of herself. ”But if you really want to get your puny set destroyed by a superior pair, I’m happy to help.”

I could see Cho’s eyes flare as she clenched her fists tightly. ”I’m going to destroy you,” the Chinese hottie growled, actually seething at her opponent. ”I’m going to wipe those sad, empty sacks of fat right off your slutty chest. Colin isn’t going to look at you twice after I’m done with them!”

There was no more trash talking, just glaring before the action started. All of a sudden, the girls jumped toward one another. Both pairs of breasts slammed into the other with a loud smack, the reverberations bouncing off the walls. All four boobs compressed against their counterpart, shaking and jiggling as the two women continued to grind even after the first blow. Katie’s firm breasts pushed in a bit further, but didn’t look to be yielding Cho too much ground. Each woman placed her hands on the other’s shoulder and they began slowly pushing their tits into each other.

Katie grunted first, even as Cho winced. Neither woman seemed willing to give the other the satisfaction of a reaction. The brunette’s full jugs were holding up reasonably well, I noted, tracing the curves as they met Cho’s pert tits. For the moment, it was impossible to tell if one set of boobs were winning the battle. One thing that did contrast was the second-year’s flawless pert boobs mashing into Katie’s fuller jugs.

After the initial clash, both women were sliding their firm, young breasts over each other, forcing each tit to shift and bend, each time reshaping beneath to the force of the other pair. There were no visual signs of which pair of boobs had the most force, or strength behind them. Cho tried several times to slide her tits atop Katie’s, but the brunette slipped back just slightly and pushed her own rack up. The four boobs met at the sides more often than not, and I wondered if the girls’ stiff nipples were entering into the equation as their sizable jugs rolled over one another. Their hands still gripped the other’s shoulders as they began grinding their breasts against each other. Katie’s toned arms looked somewhat stronger than the Asian’s lean ones, being thicker and more muscular just like the rest of her body. While the brunette wasn’t quite as buff or defined as her friend Angelina, the contrast against Cho’s sporty but slender figure was noticeable.

”I’m flattening your weak, saggy tits, you man-stealing slut,” Cho sneered.

”Go get some glasses, blind bitch” Katie countered with a hiss. ”I can already feel those floppy little sacks starting to cave in.”

Cho snarled as Katie jerked her shoulders, sending her left breast into Cho’s right tit. The Asian girl returned the favor with her left tit, and Katie winced as her right mammary wobbled on her chest. Both women pulled away from each other, as if some unspoken agreement had been made, and then slammed their chests together. Again, both pairs of breasts compressed at the point of impact, this time sending waves from the centers of their breasts outward, the flesh rippling despite its obvious density. I winced a bit at the slapping sound, watching Katie’s face twist and turn as she grunted and groaned against Cho. Fleur was watching the fight intently, too, leaning against my arm and whistling quietly.

”Damn, I’ve never seen Cho this mad before,” she murmured, looking awed. ”She’s always had a bit of a mean streak, but Katie shagging her man behind her back seems to have really set her off.”

I nodded dumbly, staring at the TV screen as the Asian hottie moved her hands down to Katie’s arms, focusing on repeating the move. But the more heavily built brunette slid her chest down before Cho could get the grip in place, and launched herself upward. Her thick jugs slammed into Cho’s cute, pert pair, sending them up and out.

”What’s the matter, Cho?” Katie asked as she watched Cho’s exceedingly firm breasts rock across the girl’s chest. ”Can’t your weak little set handle my stronger tits?”

The toned third-year continued her onslauht, slamming from the left and twisting her hips violently. Fleur, Hermione and I watched her right breast bang into Cho’s exposed right teat, and the maneuver almost caused the Asian’s victimized tit slam into her left, despite their compact size. Cho was cursing loudly as she was forced to absorb the pummeling, clearly growing more and more angry by the minute. Katie’s atheletism was obvious to everyone as she peppered her opponent’s dense rack with a flurry of blows.

”Did you really think you could compete with me, you Chinese skank? My big, powerful jugs are destroying your pathetic set without even breaking a sweat,” Katie taunted with a laugh. ”I guess it’s time to accept the truth, Cho – these perfect boobs aren’t only more attractive than yours, they’re better in every conceivable way. Colin’s mine.”

That definitely got a reaction. Cho let out an infuriated roar, thrusting forward mightily, while Katie met the shove with a breast slap of her own. Again, flesh flattened and waved, but neither pair seemed to move appreciably more than the other did; each set was rippling and jiggling across their respective chests. Their meaty globes didn’t have time to stop shaking before the two women brought them together again, hard. Another loud smack echoed through the room. The two resumed a lock with their arms and slowly pushed their jugs into each other. I glanced towards Fleur and Hermione, noticing that both girls were equally enthralled with the fight. They weren’t commenting on the action, just staring as two sets of nubile tits battled for supremacy. Neither Cho nor Katie was showing any signs of hesitation, though both sporty students had by now begun to sweat noticeably as they ground their glistening boobs together.

I watched again as their breasts shifted, Katie’s tanned boobs bending at the side, then ballooning out, regaining their shape with each pass. Cho’s firm breasts did much of the same with each pass, their sides spilling out as they passed over and around Katie’s thick mounds. The collision and contact with their dueling orbs was now accompanied by the smacking sounds of wet flesh.

Their faces were wincing more and more as the fight went on. Cho, seemingly growing tired of grinding, took a step back. She bent her knees and then swung her big jugs upward. There wasn’t much force behind it, and Katie stepped back to avoid the blow. As she did so, Cho suddenly pulled Katie in, letting go of the brunette’s toned arms to wrap her own limbs around Katie’s back. Somehow, I got the impression she’d been planning to do that all along, using a half-hearted move to trick her opponent. We all watched the Asian hottie stand on her toes as she pulled Katie forward, and when she seemed to lock in the hug, Cho’s tits were laying atop the athletic third-year’s jugs. The Asian girl flashed her rival a venomous smile, and whispered something I couldn’t quite catch.

Katie twisted and struggled, but Cho was surprisingly strong, and by wrapping the bigger girl’s arms up, she had taken the leverage away from her. The trapped brunette groaned as Cho began snapping her back to push her pert tits into and down on Katie’s slightly rounder-looking boobs. The brunette’s chest flattened for a moment from the top as Cho’s firm breasts compressed Katie’s jugs. The athletic third-year groaned again as Cho’s dense pair tried to push the brunette’s tits flat with each twitch of her back. I saw Katie’s eyes close with the pain of the move.

”That’s more like it. Can you feel my better boobs overwhelming your mushy udders?” Cho asked with a cruel, vindictive laugh as she continued to push her perky tits deeper in writhing, snakelike blows.

Katie grunted as another blow sent her boobs further down her chest, and I sucked in a breath of air while watching the confident second-year dominate her older opponent.

Cho’s face was triumphant, her lips drawn into a wide, menacing grin as she thrust her chest out. Katie groaned as she felt her boobs get pushed outward by the force of Cho’s undeniably dense pair. I saw the brunette bite her lip while watching the Chinese girl’s breasts come forward, her own set slowly making way for the Asian’s pert tits. The brunette’s arms fell from Cho’s shoulder to her arms.

”Oh fuck yeah. Let’s make your udders pancake again, shall we? You ready, Katie? Those weak pillows are even softer than I thought. One too many boobjobs you’ve given to Colin, huh?” Cho cackled, looking vengeful as ever and seeming confident in her impending victory.

She stopped laughing when she caught Katie’s eye. The brunette yanked Cho forward, pushing her boobs straight into the black-haired girl’s set. Off balance as she was, the only part of Cho that was trying to resist were her tits. Both pairs of breasts spilled out, but it looked, in that moment, like Katie was winning the war for the space in front of them. Her tits dented, but so did Cho’s breasts. I could see the look of pain on the sporty Asian’s face as she felt her firm rack meet Katie’s thick boobs, both nubile sets molding and pushing to the sides.

”Fuck!” Cho moaned, ”I had you! I fucking had you!”

Katie roared back with gusto, slamming Cho’s tits with her own. Cho’s tits shook and wobbled on her chest, the flesh rippling and shaking from the force of impact. Another shot sent the Chinese girl reeling back, but Katie grabbed her arms and aimed again. Her tits met Cho’s head on, tanned and lighter-colored flesh compressing equally, but I could see the fiery red stand out on Cho’s skin. The Asian girl groaned loudly, both in pain and anger. In a move that seemed to surprise the brunette, she lunged to the side, just as Katie grabbed for Cho’s shoulders.

The two women grappled for a while, but again Katie’s greater strength bacame evident: With a yell, the lithe Asian fell, twisting around. Still, she didn’t release her hold, managing to pull the brunette down with her. Katie landed on her side as well, and both women struggled for position. As Cho reached and grabbed for Katie, the third-year rolled away from her opponent and then quickly hopped to her feet. Katie stood back, waiting for the Asian to rise to her feet before resuming her attack. As Cho got to her feet, Katie narrowed her eyes at the slighter girl.

”Your little tits are done.” the brunette hissed. ”I’m going to pound every last bit of their loose flesh away, until you’re completely flat-chested. That shouldn’t take too long, considering there’s so little meat to begin with.”

”Fuck you, you saggy cunt! I know you’re just jealous of my firmer boobs,” Cho snapped, trying to steady her breath.

”Hah, those droopy things? I’m going to feed them to you in a moment,” Katie answered with a snort.

The brunette advanced on Cho with her hands up ready to grasp the Asian’s shoulders. Cho did the same. After locking up in a shoulder holding embrace, Katie took half a step back before planting her left foot behind her and thrusting forward with what looked to be substantial force. The blow connected from the bottom, knocking the Asian girl’s boobs up. The third-year had dipped during the strike and given her bigger jugs just the angle she needed to slam into Cho’s thick tits. We all watched Cho’s reddened breasts shake violently for a moment before resting atop the brunette’s full pair. Katie seemed to realize that she had another move before Cho did, and pulled her tits up, even standing on her toes to try and stretch the tissue at the base of the Chinese girl’s tenderized chest.

”Shit,” Cho groaned, looking as surprised as she looked pained. Katie quickly capitalized on the Asian’s distraction, and slid her hands down, snaking them around Cho’s waist and pulling the sporty girl closer.

”Something wrong, bitch?” Katie asked with a growl, her voice cruel. The Asian fought back with sporadic grunts, clearly looking for an escape. I saw the toned brunette’s arm muscles bulge impressively, and knew she was using as much strength as she could. The move drew further grunts from the lean Chinese girl.

”I thought you were going to flatten me with your firm, powerful tits?” Katie continued. ”Well, I’m still waiting.”

”Screw you, you ugly skank” Cho hissed, sliding her hands down to the interior of the brunette’s elbows. ”I’m going to fuck your saggy boobs up for that,” she gasped, looking more furious than ever. ”Your pride and joy will look like granny’s droopy udders when I’m done with them.”

The engared Asian slammed down, causing Katie to groan as her arms gave way. Cho’s firm tits slid over the rounder boobs of the brunette, and both women grunted as their flesh melded together briefly. Soon both pairs of meaty teats shook on their chests. Cho held onto Katie’s arms, tightly gripping her elbows, and pulled the girl in. The sudden move caused Katie to stumble, and Cho managed to land a huge, battering-ram shot into Katie’s ample tits.

Fleur let out a gasp as we heard the thudding blow. I watched Katie’s boobs flatten at the point of contact while Cho’s pert pair tried to burrow in, pushing the brunette’s orbs outward. The second-year didn’t let go of Katie’s arms, and instead used them to push away to set her opponent’s sore boobs up for another hard blow. I winced as Katie’s larger breasts took another aggressive shot from Cho’s hard tits, sending the brunette’s supple flesh shaking all over her chest. Cho held her tits in place for a second, ensuring that Katie could see her perky set displace the brunette’s round tits, Katie’s lush, tanned globes losing more and more space as the Chinese girl’s boobs pushed in.

Cho leaned back, obviously preparing for another blow, when I saw Katie’s hands curl up to grab the back of the Asian’s arms. The toned brunette pulled on Cho’s arms, curling her own while forcing the sporty second-year to release her elbow. She struck a quick, strong blow, rolling her back to bring her boobs low, and then up, slamming into the underside of Cho’s pert tits. The Asian’s smaller breasts sprang upward, bringing a satisfied smirk to Katie’s face.

”Aargh! You… fucking… slut,” Cho groaned.

Katie stepped back, her arms free and lined up for another shot. Cho took the initative from her, however, stepping forward and shoving her meaty right boob into Katie’s left teat. The brunette’s breast flesh pushed out briefly as Katie winced, while Cho ground for a moment, giving the third-year a truly evil smile.

”I love the way your weak jugs bend under mine,” Cho whispered, her voice sickeningly sweet.

Katie glanced down as Cho’s perky teats tried to burrow in, forcing her own boobs to balloon to the sides. I saw the exposed titflesh wave toward the outside curve of Katie’s compressing breasts, and noticed a worried look on the brunette’s face.

”Watch them ooze around my better pair, Katie. Soon those big, soft tits will be hanging around your ankles. I’m going to DESTROY them.” Cho growled menacingly, clearly meaning every word she said.

The Asian twisted her shoulder and then threw her left tit into Katie’s right, forcing both of her firm tits against Katie’s jiggling pair. The brunette gritted her teeth and shoved back, while Cho spread her feet to give herself a wider base. Both women began pressing and grinding their big boobs together, sending each of their tits up and over each other. At some points, Katie’s tits looked as though they were going to burrow into Cho’s firm but undoubtedly tender pair, pushing aside much of the Asian’s dense flesh while her own orbs maintained more of their full, round shape. But more often, Cho’s boobs seemed to shape Katie’s tanned jugs, pushing her tits up or down depending on where the bulk of the Asian’s pert boobs was placed.

After what felt like an eternity, the two fighters pulled apart. Each pair of firm tits sprang back, jiggling on their chest as they pulled away.

”It’s going to feel so good to flatten your arrogant little flapjacks,” the brunette said, her voice low. ”Colin won’t even recognize them.” She had raised her hands to her own sore globes, and massaged them carefully in an attempt to ease the throbbing pain.

”Speak for yourself, you saggy bitch,” Cho sneered, though she too was kneading her reddened mammaries. ”Your soft, weak udders are just about done. They already look almost as bad as Alicia’s. You remember how she got crushed by cute young Lav-Lav? Your friend’s proud jugs spilling out like marshmallows, making way for a better pair? Now everyone knows she’s not all that. And neither are you.”

Katie’s nostrils flared, and she took a sudden step toward Cho. The latter instinctively withdrew a bit, dropping her hands from her tits. Katie smiled at the small victory, and shot forward, right into Cho’s waiting boobs with a quick snap of her hips. The Chinese girl fired back, and her tits flew into the brunette’s tanned pair, sending the older girl a step back. Katie’s tits jiggled and wobbled on her chest as Cho stepped forward, launching another shot into Katie’s boobs. The brunette’s breasts splayed out at the point of impact, but the sporty Asian’s dense orbs were also pushed in visibly. It was clear that the third-year’s attacks had loosened them up quite a bit. Still, Cho didn’t seem to care, taking great pleasure in Katie’s pained groan as she pulled away. Sensing an opportunity, Cho pushed forward, slamming upward so that her firm tits plowed over Katie’s. The brunette winced, but tightened her well-muscled thighs and sprang forward, sending another uppercut into Cho’s pert boobs.

Cho cursed loudly and pulled back, rubbing the underside of her boobs. I noticed Fleur leaning forward to get a better look. The fight had so far been the most ferocious I’d ever seen, and we were definitely feeling its intensity. I looked at Katie, whose eyes were locked into Cho’s. She had a strangely focused look on her face, but the second-year’s eyes were actually smoldering, and I found myself wondering how this was going to end. I’d seen Cho flatten quite a few girls with her perky boobs, and even Susan, whose huge, heavy rack had ultimately beaten the Asian girl’s set, had admitted that Cho’s firm boobs were way more dangerous than she’d anticipated. But Katie’s thick jugs, too, had crushed their fair share of young tits. In her first and so far only match against Fleur’s perfect pair, the third-year had put up a fairly convincing fight, just about matching Alicia’s performance against my girlfriend. Neither brunette was quite as good as their pack-leader Angelina, but certainly too tough to be taken lightly.

We didn’t have to wait long for the fight to resume. This time, Cho took the fight to Katie, hard and fast. The Chinese girl moved in quickly, slinging her dense breasts to the right so that both of her tits slapped across Katie’s sore pair. The brunette hissed, but fired her own shot, pushing straight forward into the base of Cho’s left breast. The Asian gasped, pulling her reddened boobs across her body, and in doing so pushed Katie’s larger tits with them. Both women were pushing and pulling against each other. Cho’s left hand gripped Katie’s right wrist, while Katie’s right hand gripped Cho’s left wrist.

Both girls pushed and pulled their boobs into and across the other, a contest that appeared to be rather evenly matched. The girls twisted and turned, their firm tits slapping and stretching against the other pair. Katie had been able to take advantage of her superior strength, successfully countering Cho’s small lead in firmness, but it was hard to say whether the toned brunette’s athleticism would eventually win out. I wasn’t particularly fond of either girl, Cho’s catty personality offsetting her good looks to some degree, though it was clear that one fighter was championing a more just cause than the other. The sporty Asian had a very good reason to be angry, and I couldn’t help but sympathize with her a bit.

Just as I started to picture the slutty brunette on her knees, humbled and humiliated by the Chinese girl, I saw Cho’s face turn into a wicked grin. She pulled away slowly, whispering something I couldn’t quite make out. Katie gasped as the contact was broken, and Cho fired her smaller tits from the side. Katie moved, but not quickly enough, and Cho’s left breast slammed into Katie’s left tit. Katie’s flesh spilled out from impact, regaining some form, but not completely before Cho’s right boob slammed into her again. Katie grunted, her breast wobbling, and she staggered back.

Before the third-year had managed to regain her footing, Cho slammed her pert boobs forward once more, spearing Katie’s fuller breasts with her own. The toned brunette grunted, and her eyes closed as Cho wrapped her arms around the older girl.

”Get those tiny things off me, you bitch,” Katie snarled, struggling. It was easy to see that their match was at long last coming to an end. Katie’s tits were pushed inward as the Asian tightened the grip, while Cho’s were holding their shape better. The Asian hottie shoved her firm tits further into the space between the two young women, and Katie’s tanned jugs obliged, bending, pushing inward and spilling out.

Cho laughed at the brunette’s horrified expression, a wide but at the same very malicious smirk playing on her lips. ”Oh dear, poor little Katie. It seems your weak, saggy whore-tits have finally failed you. Tell Colin I said hi.”

Katie’s head lolled back, and I saw the fight leave her as her tits gave out. Her face was a mask of shock, despair and shame, and I guessed the brunette’s confidence hadn’t been faked. She’d really expected to win. But now, Cho’s pert breasts were pushing Katie’s boobs around, the latter wincing with every pass of the smaller yet superior pair.

”Oh fuck, you win,” Katie groaned, just loudly enough for us to hear. Cho loosened her grip slightly, but left Katie trapped. The third-year’s larger tits slowly slid downward, jiggling as they came to rest. Both racks looked red and tender as Cho pulled away, but the Asian girl demonstrated her dominance by lifting the beaten pair with her own boobs. Cho’s tits bent and pushed Katie’s beaten jugs upwards while the sporty second-year gloated.

”Ahhh, I’m going to savour this sensation for a long time, bitch,” she sighed, throwing her head back and basking in her rival’s demise. ”You thought you were something special, didn’t you? That your precious fat boobs were better than mine? Well, guess what. They’re really just pitiful, droopy sacks of fat, not worthy to even touch my firm, pert breasts.”

Katie’s only reply was a weak, pained groan, and she seemed to be doing her best to stay still and avoid incurring any more damage to her battered jugs. From the corner of my eye, I could see Hermione fumbling with her phone, checking how much time was left. She’d been recording the fight from the back of the classroom, hiding behind a cabinet while the two girls did their best to destroy the other’s firm boobs. Looking back at the screen, I watched Cho shake her head at the beaten brunette. She finally released Katie’s strained mammaries, letting them drop.

The third-year groaned as her obviously sore tits flopped down with a smack, waving on her chest like lumps of jello. They hung significantly lower than before, looking tender and swollen, and I could tell there was going to be some serious bruising. But the Chinese girl wasn’t satisfied just yet. Katie glanced down to see Cho line up their breasts again, shoving her firmer pair forward and squishing Katie’s now sagging jugs. We all watched the Asian’s boobs move through the beaten flesh with ease, pushing Katie’s more ample teats around at will.

”Make sure you don’t forget this, whore,” Cho hissed. ”Because I certainly won’t. Your sad and ugly udders are NOTHING.”

I could hear Katie’s pained wail as she no doubt felt her tenderized jugs getting pressed against her chest, the larger set of boobs succumbing to the firmness of the Asian’s superior tits. ”Look down, and imprint this image to your memory,” Cho said in a silky voice, just loudly enough for me to make out. ”Watch how your soft, saggy boobs spill away as they surrender to mine. My pert, firm tits simply pushing your loose sacks flat.”

The Asian gave her whimpering opponent one last spiteful smirk before increasing the pressure again. She kept flattening the brunette’s heavy breasts against her ribcage without a hint of mercy or pity. When Cho finally pulled away, I watched Katie’s loose titflesh fall, sagging to her body. The brunette’s once firm and round tits fell down as though they’d been turned into mush, and the gloating second-year apparently couldn’t resist administering one final bit of humiliation. She lowered her pert breasts just below her opponent’s hanging udders, and then lifted them upwards. The brunette’s breasts offered no resistance, seeming to simply ooze around the firmer and obviously better pair.

”Haha, that’s fucking awesome!” the Asian girl cackled. ”Granny tits, just like I promised. Now, do you have anything to say to me, you ugly skank?” she sneered, a malicious mirth dancing on Cho’s normally pretty face. Now she looked more like an angel of vengeance.

”You were right, Cho,” Katie sobbed, her voice tinged with pain, humiliation, and something a bit deeper. ”You were right. Your firm, powerful tits crushed my droopy sacks, and proved that they’re much better than mine. I should never have even looked at Colin. There’s no way I could ever hope to compete with you.”

Cho nodded, apparently done with the brunette, and walked off. I watched Katie slide down to her knees, burying her face in her hands as her shoulders started to shake. The weeping brunette seemed to break down completely, trying to come to terms with her tits’ utter destruction.


No one said anything for a moment, just taking it all in. After a while, Fleur started to lean back, clearing her voice carefully. ”Wow… Just wow. That was fucking intense.” I noticed Hermione nod in agreement, and the brunette flashed us a bright smile.

”Yeah, you can say that again. Cho really means business. Note to self: don’t ever piss her off,” she replied in mock fear, though I’m sure part of the sentiment was quite genuine. ”Had I seen her flatten Katie before Ginny and I took Cho and her sidekick on, I’d probably have told Ginny to be more careful,” the brown-haired girl continued, pursing her lips. ”But she did okay anyway, so no harm done there.”

Fleur hummed quietly, looking up. ”Your friend seems to be a pretty good titfighter, then. Have you ever fought her yourself?”

Hermione shook her head, a small smile making its way to her lips. ”Nope. Like I told Ced before, I rarely fight without a good reason. Plus she’d probably end up spearing my jugs with her perky set, so I’m hoping to avoid that, too,” the brunette grinned innocently, and I couldn’t help but laugh at her cute expression. ”Ginny’s got some seriously tight tits,” she explained. ”Likely as firm as yours, if not more so.”

My girlfriend let out a small huff, and Hermione’s smile widened. She now had an almost wolfish grin on her face. ”Which reminds me; I finally get to join the ”I’ve flattened Fleur’s perfect boobs” club. Doesn’t have too many members yet, that one.”

”No, it doesn’t,” the gorgeous French blonde snapped, getting up from the sofa. ”Besides, even the current, sole club-member is about to get kicked out any day now. I can fight Lavender again in less than two weeks, and you can bet your cute little ass that this time the result will be different,” Fleur promised, her tone hard. The brunette followed my girlfriend’s example and climbed to her feet.

”Hmm, good thing I booked my interview for tonight,” Hermione replied lightly, still smiling. ”I wouldn’t want to sit in the meetings all alone.” Fleur snorted, shaking her head.

”You’ve got some spunk, ‘Mione. If we weren’t such a good friends, I might consider flattening your pretty boobs in public.”

”Aww, I’m touched,” the brainy second-year grinned, not looking too worried. ”But it’d be your own tits’ funeral, at least tonight. You’re going down, Fleurie.” My girlfriend narrowed her eyes slightly, but didn’t say anything.

I looked as Hermione and my girlfriend met in the middle of the room, embracing each other. Fleur’s figure was more slender and graceful, with the brunette looking shorter and thicker in comparison. The young women had ensured that their meaty chests were between them, and I stared at the clothed boobs smashing and folding together. Despite being otherwise leaner than her opponent, my girlfriend had a noticeably larger bust. When they pulled apart, both Fleur and Hermione had smirks on their faces, and seemed to be communicating silently with just looks. Having finally taken a step back, they began to remove their tops. Hermione was wearing a sweater while my girlfriend had a snug v-neck on.

Fleur whipped her top off first and threw it to me, her flesh quivering a bit. I watched those big, round tits fall on my girlfriend’s chest slightly, which was unusual, but hardly surprising given her match against Daphne’s heavy mammaries the day before. They seemed to also bounce and jiggle somewhat more than they normally did, but I was happy to see that the bruising was already starting to go away. Despite the recent battle damage, Fleur’s large rack sat impressively high on her chest, and looked thick and firm. The French beauty brought her hands up under her big tits and held them up, bouncing them a bit. Hermione bit her lip in thought, making a noncommittal sound. She’d no doubt been expecting my girl’s set not to have healed quite so well.

The brainy second-year student took her time removing her sweater, shirt and bra, before casually dropping them beside us, and showing off a very attractive set of full, fairly solid tits. Her ample bust shook gently, but it seemed to me that for once, the advantage in apparent firmness might actually go to Hermione’s meaty breasts. Under normal circumstances the brunette, while having a perfectly respectable pair of nice, round boobs, couldn’t really hope to match my girlfriend’s perfect tits in terms of density. But clearly now that they’d been weakened a bit by Daphne’s powerful jugs, things were different.

But even if she did have a minor and very much temporary edge in visible firmness, the brunette’s creamy tits were still noticeably smaller than my girl’s, a medium-sized D cup compared to Fleur’s Double Ds. I knew that Hermione would have a hard time overcoming the disparity in mass and volume, and felt my mouth water as I imagined the cute brunette and I licking Fleur’s perfect tits together.

Hermione and Fleur started the fight by gripping each other’s biceps. As soon as the arms were locked up, they began to bump their heavy boobs into each other. Hermione quickly took the role of aggressor, landing a number of forceful chest bumps while the French beauty settled for slower, more measured thrusts. The bumps turned into hits as both girls began to twist their hips a bit just before crashing their tits into her opponent’s chest.

It was immediately obvious that Hermione was far more experienced at titfighting than she looked. She hit my girlfriend’s ample rack with well-timed blows and did her best to duck and dodge Fleur’s jabs. On the occasion when Hermione and Fleur did land simultaneous blows, their boobs would shake and shimmy from the impact. I enjoyed the sight of the contrasting colors of Hermione’s creamy jugs smashing into Fleur’s more tanned pair. As the tit boxing session went on, the girls began to grunt and groan with each hit. Neither one said anything as they concentrated on the fight.

I noticed that Fleur was rolling her lean torso to deliver more of her blows while Hermione turned her shoulders to avoid the blonde’s bigger tits. When the French girl’s rack did land a blow, Hermione would thrust her jugs straight into Fleur’s rack. My girlfriend would grunt just a bit whenever the brown-haired girl’s meaty boobs would smash into her tits, especially if they’d been caught in an awkward position. Just when I thought Hermione might be getting the upper hand in their exchange, Fleur would launch a blow that would knock Hermione’s thick jugs right across her chest. After each blow from my girl, Hermione would get defensive, avoiding Fleur’s heavier tits. When this happened, Fleur would stop her twisting motion and opt for a direct bash. As soon as her jugs smashed into Hermione’s rack, my girl’s already battle-worn tits would be the first to compress, but the cute second-year girl’s plump rack would give way just an instant later as Fleur’s boobs invaded Hermione’s space. I watched the brunette wince each time, an unreadable expression on her face. Was it surprise or worry? Intimidation? Or maybe just good-old respect for a powerful pair of breasts?

It was slow and gradual but their titty boxing turned into a grinding contest. Hermione’s shoulder turn jabs became shoulder sweeps. Fleur mimicked the opponent’s motions. We were all treated to two gorgeous sets of breasts gliding across each other. At this point, the fight began to turn more and more sensual, I noticed their grunts and groans slowly change into moans. Hermione and Fleur seemed to enjoy mashing their boobs together, and they kept glancing down, watching the flesh slide across each other’s chests. Both girls were giving each other smug smirks, obviously having a different idea of who was winning. From my side view, I was treated to watching a large, creamy breast pop free from a valley of cleavage, wobbling a bit and showing off its long erect pink nipple, and then watched it disappear back into the mountains of flesh only to see another orb emerge from the breast flesh, displaying a rock hard nipple briefly before diving back into the fray.

Just like the boob boxing at the beginning of the match, neither set of jugs seemed to dominate or even have much of an advantage. Fleur’s ample rack seemed to cover up Hermione’s tits, but the brunette’s meaty boobs appeared to hold their shape slightly better than my girl’s bigger set. I could see why Hermione had never challenged the French beauty to a proper fight: even with the damage Fleur’s boobs had suffered on Saturday, the cute second-year’s full, round tits enjoyed only a very limited advantage in firmness, and were on the whole locked in a stalemate with the bigger rack.

Judging by their moans, flushed faces, and erect nipples neither fighter seemed to be suffering too much. On and on the boob-sliding went with neither girl getting an advantage or seeming to care to change strategies. I, too, was growing excited watching the fight delve into something more sexual, and prayed to some higher power that Fleur wouldn’t change her mind about letting me in on the aftermath.

There was a brief moment where both competitors simply stood still, staring at each other with obvious desire. The girls looked down at their tits while still locked in the upper arm embrace. Hermione slid her left boob out from Fleur’s ample cleave to line her boobs up with her gorgeous opponent. Both sets of nipples were still rock hard.

While Fleur tossed her head back to shift a few long strands of hair that hung over her boobs, Hermione released her grip on my girlfriend’s bicep and then drew Fleur into a hug, clasping her hands together behind the blonde’s slender back. After a quick gasp, Fleur retaliated by locking her arms around Hermione’s somewhat fleshier torso. As they embraced, their boobs still seemed a fairly even match. Fleur’s big, round jugs covered more area of Hermione’s chest, but the brunette’s smaller tits also appeared to yield a bit less ground than the French girl’s rack did.

I watched Hermione and Fleur pump their arms to apply as much pressure as possible. Whenever one of them would tense their arms, the result would cause a ripple effect of breast flesh jiggling across their cleavage. It was encouraging to see Hermione’s flesh wiggle and shake just as much as Fleur’s large boobs did, and wondered if my girlfriend’s ample tits might be beginning to wear down the smaller rack. Despite one set being fresh and the other having started with a disadvantage, they seemed to be locked in a virtual standoff.

As the girls kept their big jugs pressed tightly together, Hermione and Fleur jousted for position. Their movements were quick and compact, a shoulder twitch here, or a quick chest bump there, and occasionally the raising and dipping of their shoulders, but the force was minimal.

I did notice Hermione and Fleur gazing into each other’s eyes intently. The brunette was smiling while my girlfriend was grinning. At the same time, quick, short movements were taking place below their necks. I looked back down at their tits, but all I saw was a boob standoff with neither set controlling the other. They just seemed to jockeying for space. I watched Fleur’s more tanned set of tits move to the right and then thrust inward while Hermione’s lighter pair dipped down and then thrust upward and inward. The process seemed endess, and the jousting constant. Their boobs were always in contact, even when they were repositioning their boobs.

”Don’t look, but I think Ced’s about to come in his pants,” Hermione murmured in a stage whisper, flashing me a quick grin. ”He seems to really get off on watching my gorgeous boobs grind your jugs out. Right, Ced? I bet you’d love to see Fleur’s big, pert breasts surrender to mine,” My treasonous cock jumped at her words, and I swallowed, desperately trying to avoid my girlfriend’s eye.

Fleur on the other hand answered with a loud snort, and promptly shoved her rack straight against the brunette. Hermione’s ample teats mushroomed visibly, and I watched the French beauty lick her lips as she worked to force those perfect tits deeper into the opposing flesh. The cute second-year let out a loud groan, feeling her set compress, but pushed back. The brunette quickly started to roll her torso, pressing her thick set more tightly onto my girlfriend’s breasts. After twitching her back a bit, I saw Hermione slide her teats across Fleur’s rack, the French girl’s dense breastmeat pushing in briefly as it made room for the younger girl’s meaty tits. Grunting, Fleur responded by forcing her large boobs even harder onto Hermione’s chest, and leaned in to whisper something in the brunette’s ear. I tried to move closer to listen in, but it was too late, and Fleur pulled away.

”Sure, normally you’d flatten me,” Hermione replied with a confident smile. ”But you seem to have missed that right now, these puppies are more than holding their own against your arrogant udders.” The brunette emphasized her point by shoving forward, and we all watched as my girlfriend’s orbs lost their round shape for a moment, molding around Hermione’s invading breasts. The curvy second-year kept her rack there, visibly displacing a considerable amount of Fleur’s dense flesh, and grinned cockily. ”See what I mean, Miss Tits?”

The French beauty grunted again, but returned the smile. I watched my girlfriend pull her opponent closer, increasing the pressure on their tightly mashed chests, and saw the younger girl lose some ground as Fleur’s powerful boobs brought their titflesh back into parity. ”Nice try, ‘Mione. Look again,” the French beauty smirked, pursing her lips as she cocked her head slightly. ”Your cute little face is going to look amazing between my thighs tonight,” she whispered, leaning in to plant a small kiss on the brunette’s parted lips. ”You’ll be spending hours eating me out while I play with those pretty boobs. But don’t worry – if you’re good enough, I’ll let Ced pound your pussy while you do me.” I felt my breath hitch at Fleur’s words, my over-stimulated mind racing to picture the scenario she’d just painted, and could’ve sworn I heard a soft moan.

”Wow, that sounds so fucking hot,” Hermione managed to breathe out, shivering visibly. I saw the brunette blink slowly as she tried to clear her head from both the effects of the kiss and the arousing mental image. ”Almost makes me want to let you win. Almost, but not quite. Having you suck on my tits while I tame Ced’s big cock sounds even better,” the flushed second-year whispered, her eyes smoldering with both desire and determination.

I watched Hermione make a small hop, lifting her thick tits on top of Fleur’s set and then pushing down. My gorgeous girlfriend gasped at the sensation, groaning as her firm tits were forced to compress. They popped back up just as soon as the brunette’s meaty breasts had slid through. Hermione opened her mouth to say something, most likely having prepared another highly arousing taunt, but Fleur cut her off by jabbing her large boobs into Hermione’s rack. The brunette’s smaller tits molded around Fleur’s for a moment, and she let out a long, primal groan, resting her sweaty forehead against my girlfriend’s. I could practically feel their shaky breaths mixing together, and stared with my mouth hanging open. The sheer sensuality of this fight was making me seriously hot.

Fleur slowly pulled away, smirking at her panting opponent, and pushed her teats back against Hermione’s smaller set. As soon as my girlfriend’s firm breats started to burrow into her flesh, however, the brunette rolled her shoulders, sliding her tits sideways across Fleur’s and forcing the blonde’s rack to shift and mold slightly.

The younger girl appeared to be trying to avoid meeting my girl’s big breasts in a head-on shove, Fleur’s greater size and mass having the advantage in that position. Instead, Hermione did her best to grind her boobs into the opposing pair from every other angle, enjoying how the French girl’s thick, meaty orbs seemed to make way to her own. Fleur’s more tanned flesh pushed in briefly as the larger set strained against Hermione’s impressively solid bust.

I watched the gorgeous blonde’s mouth turn into a wince as her proud teats compressed under the pressure, but she responded in kind, forcing the brunette’s jugs, too, to yield a bit. ”Scared to meet me head on, baby girl?” Fleur grunted. She sounded somewhat annoyed, but was obviously relieved to see her breasts continuing to stand their ground.

”Hey, I’m not dumb,” I heard Hermione mutter in reply. ”You’ve got an epic pair of tits, Fleur. The least I can do is play dirty,” the brunette added playfully, giving my girlfriend a small, strained smile. The older girl glared at her. She was trying to reposition her big tits for a quick jab, and Hermione’s eyes narrowed as she caught on. ”Oh, so that’s the way you want to do this?” Hermione hissed. I watched the younger girl shove her thick boobs forward before Fleur could launch an attack.

Fleur, likewise, pushed her large jugs back into Hermione’s lighter-toned tits, meeting the brunette’s grinding motion. No advantage had been gained so far, and one set would give way and compress, only to decompress then push the advancing pair back. Hermione used her slight firmness advantage to push into Fleur’s chest, while the blonde used her size and mass to push forward, engulfing the opposing set slightly and trying to pin the brunette’s tits against her chest.

I finally realized that having never fought a pair denser than her own, my girlfriend found it difficult to adapt to the right mindset. While she could try to imitate some tactics used by Susan and Daphne, nothing could replace first-hand experience. And Fleur had so far always been able to rely on her superior – or at the very least equal – firmness. Hermione’s current edge in that area was of course purely artificial, but if there ever came a day when my girlfriend really did have to face a woman with even firmer tits, today’s match might actually end up being a very useful lesson.

Coming back from my musings and forcing my attention back to the action in front of me, I noticed that Fleur and Hermione remained locked in a close, almost loving embrace. First I thought the girls had once again leaned in to exchange some whispered taunts, but on closer scrutiny it appeared they were just breathing heavily on each other’s neck and ears. Their fight had been much more sexual than I’d ever dared to hope, and I was eager to witness it reach its logical conclusion. And the hot, blissful release afterwards, of course.

Apparently growing tired of Hermione’s attempts to sink her solid set into her big, round globes, Fleur first dodged the brunette’s tits, and then dragged her hefty jugs across the smaller set of boobs. The new tactic seemed to favor the modelesque French girl’s greater size and mass, and I watched her boobs roll over Hermione’s orbs, pushing them out. The cute second-year met Fleur’s tactic with a sweeping motion of her own. Standing to the side, I watched Fleur’s left boob slide from its compressed position with Hermione’s right tit then pop out, wobble a bit, and then compress again once she drug it back over the brunette’s right jug. I did notice that whenever Hermione’s boob popped free it seemed to have a little less wiggle than my girl’s larger tit.

”Mmmhm, holy shit that feels incredible,” Hermione moaned into my girlfriend’s ear, causing the gorgeous blonde to bite her lip as she tried to control her own urges. The brown-haired girl turned her head to she side a bit, and moved her mouth away from Fleur’s slender neck so she could give me a grin. ”Come and take a closer look, Ced. It’s not every day you can watch Fleur’s big, soft tits mold around mine.”

”In your dreams, ‘Mione,” Fleur snapped, growling. ”My firm, perfect boobs are grinding your plump tits to mush. And that’s after they’ve been weakened by Daphne’s set. Now, imagine what they’d do to you otherwise.”

The French blonde immediately tightened her hold, pulling Hermione into her and thrusting her chest forward. The cute brunette sucked in some air as the older girl’s tits invaded her chest. I looked on in awe as my girlfriend’s sweaty rack displaced Hermione’s boobs noticeably, and Fleur seemed to relish the feel of the maneuver. ”Aww, what happened to your little puppies, ‘Mione? Did I flatten them already?” the lean, shapely blonde teased her opponent with a small laugh.

From my view point, it did look like Fleur had smashed Hermione’s boobs down, and I could feel my throbbing member grow even harder. The French beauty looked up into Hermione’s eyes with a winning smile. The brunette gritted her teeth, tightening her grip around Fleur’s shoulders, and my girlfriend gasped as Hermione increased the pressure. Fleur’s boobs began to compress and bulge out at the sides. The blonde’s smile quickly faded as she fought to maintain her position. Both girls were now breathing hard, and had a glistening sheen of sweat on their bodies. Hermione leaned in and began whispering into Fleur’s ear again. I thought I saw the blonde shudder a bit, before doing the same to Hermione. The girls moaned as they felt their plentiful flesh shift and slide slowly over each other’s boobs, pushing against the opposing pair. They maintained their tight embrace for several extended moments with no movement.

Suddenly, the whispering stopped. As the two combatants pulled away from each other, I noticed Fleur and Hermione’s faces were flushed with excitement. Both girls wore stupid grins as they stared at each other, their hooded eyes mirroring the other girl’s growing lust. ”Okay, enough teasing. It’s high time I finished those big pillows off and put your dirty mouth to work.” Hermione grunted in a hoarse voice. ”I bet that tongue of yours is just as talented at licking pussy.”

”Ooh, sounds kinky,” Fleur replied as she swept her boobs across and over Hermione’s. ”I’m going to have so much fun taming you, ‘Mione. Starting with your cute, fat tits.” Having moved her large set on top of the brunette’s, my girlfriend’s lips curled into a smirk. Hermione, for her part, stared back evenly. ”We’ll see about who tames who. My firm boobs are going to grind you flat.”

I thought Hermione had a point. We watched as my girl’s full, plentiful breasts slid across the brunette’s teats again, only to see Fleur’s jugs compress and then wobble when they were clear of the brunette’s set. ”Hmph,” Fleur huffed, sliding her big round orbs back on top of Hermione’s chest. My first impression had been right, and Fleur’s jugs failed to move Hermione’s boobs as much as they’d done before, the brunette’s thick pair standing its ground.

As Fleur began to slide her boobs across Hermione’s for a third time, the brunette took action by lifting her tits above Fleur’s chest. My girlfriend made a small grunt, and watched the brainy second-year bring her set down onto the blonde’s jugs in a diagonal direction. Fleur winced, letting out a long groan as Hermione forced her boobs down and then to the right. I watched with fascination as Fleur’s boob popped back up with a bounce once Hermione’s boobs dropped under the blonde’s meaty chest.

My girlfriend froze for a moment trying to figure out how to combat Hermione’s latest tactic. I realized she was still very much unfamiliar with the situation, being used to having the firmer pair. Hermione took advantage of the blonde’s hesitation and lifted her right jug up and around the outside of Fleur’s left boob, while her left boob lifted the blonde’s right orb. The second-year held her position for a moment, looking down at Fleur’s elevated jug with a grin, before shifting her shoulders so that my girl’s tit fell from its perch.

Hermione slashed her chest across, down and across Fleur’s quaking boobs in a diagonal direction opposite from the first sweep. Fleur’s right jug took the brunt of the assault with Hermione’s left tit leading the way, pushing the blonde’s right boob down and to the right. As soon as the brunette’s left orb passed over Fleur’s right jug, Hermione’s right came sliding down onto the quivering, shaking udder. The result of the move caused Fleur’s right boob to spring up and then bounce weakly on her chest. Hermione whispered something to Fleur, watching the blonde’s jiggling tits, and then restarted her diagonal slashes that turned into a figure eight motion. I stared in awe as the brunette pushed Fleur’s boobs around at will. My girlfriend tried to pull away but Hermione held her arms, hugging her close.

I saw Fleur’s beautiful face fall as her opponent took control of the fight. With Hermione’s new tactic, it was was becoming obvious who currently had the firmer chest. The curvy second-year looked confident, while my girlfriend’s expression was one of disbelief. As the brunette made a few quick jabs with her chest, I saw Fleur’s ample tits shift out and over Hermione’s orbs. ”Fuck yeah. Your big, soft titties are flopping all over the place,” the brunette teased, flashing the dismayed blonde a wide smile.

Wanting no more of Hermione’s approach, Fleur pulled the brunette in for a tight hug. Hermione loosened her grip, grinding her jugs into the blonde’s chest. Fleur was pulling hard so the brunette didn’t have a lot of room to maneuver. I saw Fleur’s tits puffing out on the sides a bit, but Hermione’s jugs also ballooned as they strained against my girlfriend’s meaty chest. The brunette began whispering into Fleur’s ear, and the French girl responded in kind, pumping her tits rythmically into the opposing pair and eliciting sporadic grunts from the brunette. Occasionally, Hermione would growl and then kiss Fleur’s neck. The whispering ended with Hermione flexing her arm muscles, hugging the blonde tightly and thrusting her breasts forward. Fleur grunted, putting her own force into the clinching hold and tightening their already close embrace. I could hear my girlfriend’s shocked gasp as she watched her dense breasts push out severely, displaced by the thick, round orbs of her younger opponent.

”Yeah, watch those comfy pillows shape around my solid tits,” Hermione whispered, sounding amazed, and was clearly enjoying the sight and the sensation of a pair as firm as my girlfriend’s yielding to her own globes. Fleur grunted and groaned, but kept thrusting with her sizable chest, slowly but steadily bringing their boobs back to a more equal position. ”Unnh, just give up already,” the brunette moaned as her teats were pushed back again, starting to look frustrated. ”There’s no way you’ll beat me, Fleur. Frankly, I’m surprised your big tits have lasted this long.”

”Oh, they’ll last longer than your sad little boobs ever will, ‘Mione,” my girlfriend replied, looking tired but meeting the brunette’s eyes with a steely gaze. She still wasn’t ready to quit – and neither were her tits. They really were the stuff of legends, I thought, astonished at their endurace.

Both women seemed to hold still for another few moments, trying to stare their opponent down. Hermione broke the stalemate first by releasing her grip, with Fleur quickly following her example. The girls pulled back for a moment as they looked to see what damage the fight had wrought on the battling breasts. Both were red and blotchy, but I noticed each set of nipples was still rock hard and standing at attention, confirming the girls’ heightened state of arousal. Taking a deep breath, the two busty students dropped their hands from each other’s shoulders, letting them slide down to their waists.

Without a word, Fleur pushed her jugs forward, compressing the brunette’s smaller pair briefly. Hermione pushed back, forcing the invading flesh to spill around her creamy boobs and giving my girlfriend a feel of their density. Both pairs of tits seemed to compress about the same amount, and the brunette no longer looked quite as confident as before. The French beauty slid her tits to her left, while Hermione did the same, buth girls grunting in unison. I watched Hermione’s left boob pull against Fleur’s right tit, pushing the pressured orb further to Fleur’s right. As soon as Hermione’s left orb passed, her right jug continued the pressure on Fleur’s boob.

The modelesque French girl groaned as she felt Hermione’s meaty tits pushing against her right breast. She retaliated, and both tits met again. I saw Fleur purse her lips and watched her slam forward, mirroring her earlier maneuvers. Straight-on shoving had been her turf before, and she was apparently hoping that the same rule would still be in force. She wasn’t wrong. The cute brunette groaned as she felt more and more of her round tits push inward and spread across her chest. But Hermione was soon returning the favor, grinding her chest into my girl’s big boobs and heaving her thick orbs across Fleur’s chest.

Their boob rubbing was vastly different from the earlier contact. Instead of gliding their tits across each other, their jugs seemed to be trying to steamroll the opposing pair. I could feel my heavy breathing as I watched Hermione and Fleur do their best to sink their tits into the base of the other girl’s jugs, all the while grazing their hard, engorged nipples against the opposing flesh. The result of the scrapes caused both sets of tits to bend and ripple enticingly. Every time a boob escaped from the fray, the tenderized orb would spring free with more energy instead of just bouncing out. There were no more smiles or whispers, only grunts of exertion and groans of discomfort. Not to mention incredible, almost animalistic moans of lust. If the girls didn’t settle on a winner soon, I’d have to take care of my throbbing erection myself.

Panting hard, I watched two pairs of incredible, glistening breasts bounce and shake as they slid against the opposing pair, dropping against their chests as the contact was broken, only to push up, out, and sometimes even down as Fleur and Hermione pushed their tits together again and again. Both sets quivered as they met each other. After a while, Fleur managed to pull her big jugs up and lay them on Hermione’s rack, pushing the brunette’s tits down and flattening them from the top. A few thrusts from Hermione sent my girl’s rack shaking, but I saw the brunette’s round breasts compress significantly before finally springing free.

I’m not sure if it was my imagination or just hopeful thinking, but it seemed as if Hermione’s boobs had started to yield just a little bit to Fleur larger orbs, more than they had earlier in the fight. With each pass across their meaty chests, the brunette’s tits appeared to shift more under the pressure of the French girl’s heavier boobs. In addition, each time one of her tits popped free on the side, the second-year’s dense jug seemed to hang a little lower on her chest, before she shoved it back onto Fleur’s waiting pair.

Seemingly unnerved by the resilience of her opponent’s gorgeous, large tits, Hermione gave up on the boob grinding and scraping, and opted to try to crush Fleur’s rack head on. My girlfriend reacted the same way, pushing forward in a move that had until then worked quite well.

To her clear and immediate shock, we could all see how the French blonde’s big jugs bulged out further than before, pushing out as Hermone’s smaller pair burrowed in. Fleur let out a guttural groan, obviously feeling her breasts yield to the brunette’s thick boobs, and I saw the relief on Hermione’s soft, round face. ”About fucking time,” she sighed, shaking her head. ”I was beginning to think they were made of steel or something. Holy shit do you have awesome tits, Fleur.”

The French beauty grunted weakly, and let her arms fall as the cute brunette pushed them gently out of the way. The move subtly thrust Fleur’s ample chest out, but rather than pushing against Hermione’s round pair like before, my girl’s larger tits slowly spilled outward, their tanned flesh starting to shape around the smaller set.

With a quick move of her hips, the brunette slammed her full orbs straight onto Fleur’s chest. The impact forced the French girl’s proud boobs to compress, waves rolling away from the impact point. Encouraged by the sight, the second-year shuffled a bit, forcing both pairs of boobs to bounce and quiver. Not daring to touch my raging hard-on for fear of shooting my load right there and then, I watched Hermione’s pair slowly burrow into the big, firm tits of my girlfriend, sending ripples of flesh all over Fleur’s tenderized rack.

The French beauty’s ample set splashed out, and I could tell that the brunette’s smaller boobs were causing her serious discomfort. Fleur’s perfect tits pushed in noticeably, quivering as they were displaced by Hermione’s thick, round breasts. The second-year grinned, leaving her chest there. I watched Hermione slowly push my girlfriend’s tanned flesh against her chest, grinding at her yielding breasts from all angles. Fleur groaned at the unfamiliar sensation, and at first tried twisting away. But it seemed from her reaction like even that move was driving the brunette’s solid boobs further into Fleur’s now molding tits.

My girlfriend gasped as her opponent repeated the grinding motion, and I heard Hermione actually moan as she felt her full, round jugs rolling over the French girl’s softening pair. The brunette’s more compact set was shifting and ballooning quite a bit as well, but the difference was clear. It was obvious that on this occasion, Hermione’s cute, meaty tits had worn Fleur’s perfect pair out. With a bright smile, the pretty second-year leaned in again, whispering something. I saw my girlfriend close her eyes, and then nod, agreeing with whatever Hermione had said.

The brown-haired girl shook her bust, admiring how the direct comparison of their flesh showed that Fleur’s large jugs were now jiggling far more violently than her own breasts were. Hermione continued the demonstration until the French girl tapped her fleshy thigh lightly.

”You beat me, ‘Mione,” she breathed out in a soft, tender voice, ”Your firm, gorgeous boobs turned mine into mush. They tamed my proud tits, and made them yours.” Hermione grinned at the older girl happily, and pulled away slowly, letting Fleur’s tenderized jugs slowly fall away from the smaller set. The brunette bounced her tits, pushing them into my girlfriend’s loosened mammaries gently, and sent them swaying. Fleur stepped back, cupping her beaten, now slightly droopy breasts carefully and eyed Hermione with a torn look.

”If you tell anyone…” my girlfriend began, the warning clear in her voice.

”…You’ll flatten me in front of everyone once your tits have recovered, I get it,” Hermione interrupted her, touching the older girl’s arm reassuringly. ”Relax, Fleur, it’s me you’re talking to. You can trust me.”

The French beauty let out a long sigh, before nodding and returning the girl’s careful smile. ”Yeah, I know. Sorry. But please, don’t monopolize Cedric tonight. I really need his big cock, too.”

I could see Hermione’s brown eyes widen, and her lips part in surprise. ”Whoa, you really meant it? You’re actually going to let me fuck him?” the younger girl asked, sounding genuinely taken aback, even if a bit eager. I realized that she hadn’t quite dared to believe that my girlfriend was serious after all. Fleur snorted, grinning playfully. ”Well, not just Cedric, we sort of come as a package deal,” she continued with a wink, chuckling at Hermione’s hungry look as the younger girl gave her gorgeous, half-naked body a once over. ”I take it you’re interested?” The brunette’s only reply was a predatory smile.

Fleur walked over to me, her big, sore jugs wobbling on her chest, and hugged me tenderly. Feeling her sweaty and unusually soft boobs flatten against my chest almost caused me to make a mess in my pants, and I couldn’t hide a loud grunt. ”Careful now, Fleur,” Hermione called out, starting to make her way towards us. I looked up to see her caress her victorious breasts gently, and noticed that her brown eyes were glued to the pronounced bulge in my crotch. On her round face the girl wore an expression of pure, unadulterated desire. ”Our stud looks ready to go, and I think I’ve earned the first few rounds,” Hermione murmured, licking her lips.

My girlfriend glanced at the enthusiastic brunette, laughing aloud. ”Hmm, fair point.” Fleur turned to me, a knowing look in her blue eyes. ”Seeing my big, perfect tits pancake against her cute set really turned you on, huh?” I nodded, not quite trusting my voice. The blonde grinned, leaning in to graze her lips against my ear. ”Okay, Ced. Time to show that little bookworm what you can do. Make her scream your name.”

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