Titfight Academy: Chapter 6 by Augur

I was pretty sure I would never forget that Sunday night. Who knew the cute, geeky second-year brunette could shag like that? Considering how I’d never seen Hermione hanging out with a boyfriend – or girlfriend, for that matter – I’d been expecting the brainy girl to be somewhat shy and clumsy in bed. She wasn’t. Whether it was simply natural talent, or if the brunette had read every instruction manual on the subject cover-to-cover, she’d given my dick the ride of its life. Before I could realize what was happening, Hermione had climbed on top of me, clamping her tight, warm pussy around my throbbing member and proceeding to ride me out. Several times in a row. I’d shot three huge loads of cum into her womb in less than an hour, moaning incoherent sounds of pleasure against the young girl’s mouth as she drained my balls. The exquisite, simultaneous sensation of spurting my seed deep inside Hermione’s warm pussy while the cute brunette kissed me long and hard, almost as if she was trying to suck out my very soul, had been enough to reduce me to a shivering mess. It had taken a good while to catch my breath after the third mind-blowing orgasm, and I could still remember Hermione’s beautiful, flushed smile as she’d caressed my abs with her gentle hands. The brunette had spent a few minutes snuggling to my side, pecking me on the lips every now and then, and looking quite happy with herself. Then again, she had just completely outfucked me.

Even Fleur had been caught off guard by the second-year’s obvious skill in bed, and I’d watched her trade several smaller orgasms with Hermione before finally managing to drive the brunette into a truly earth-shattering, howling release. The French beauty had flashed me a tired, shaky smile as she’d hugged the trembling girl beneath her, trailing small kisses across Hermione’s face, neck and heaving chest. Still panting, the well-fucked brunette had grudgingly acknowledged my girlfriend’s sexual supremacy, melting in Fleur’s tender embrace and whispering the gorgeous blonde some quiet words of adulation. They’d spent several minutes making out, rolling around on the bed and taking turns to pin each other in the process. By then, my erection had made a strong comeback, their searingly hot bout of girl-on-girl sex and the ensuing snog-tussle having caused it to stand rock-hard at attention and to throb like crazy.

I’d done Fleur first, taking advantage of her significantly heightened state of arousal and giving the poor girl her hard-earned release. The French blonde had already been close to coming from her tussle with Hermione, and I’d toyed with Fleur for a few glorious minutes before taking her over the edge, pounding my girlfriend from behind and enjoying her muffled yells of ecstasy as her soaking wet pussy contracted around me. Fleur and I had fucked in missionary position as well, and she’d been able to coax out my fourth load of the night, the blonde’s vaginal muscles milking my dick with steady, measured squeezes until I collapsed on top of her with a breathless moan.

Getting it up after that had taken even longer than before, but eventually my girlfriend’s insistent mouth had managed to make me hard again. At her urging, Hermione and I had went at it once more, and having gotten rid of all my ‘pent-up frustration’, I’d finally been able to give the brunette a dose of her own medicine. We’d fucked hard and fast first, and then proceeded to slow down to a more gentle, loving pace. Both approaches had worked equally well, and the cute second-year had reached several powerful orgasms before whimpering a quiet submission into my ear, her overstimulated pussy having gotten too sensitive to handle any more pleasure. Fleur was still upset that she hadn’t managed to get my wide and no doubt ridiculously smug grin captured on her phone.

The French beauty had finished me off – mercifully for the last time that night – with her recently beaten and therefore deliciously pliable jugs, catching my seed in the deep cleavage between them. With a wicked smile on her face, Fleur had then crawled over to the still recuperating brunette and lowered her wobbly rack on top of Hermione’s, allowing the younger girl to lick the warm substance off. Hermione had used the opportunity to remark on the velvety softness of the breasts she’d tamed with her own just a few hours earlier, earning a cute huff from my pouting girlfriend. The brunette had silenced any potential rebuff with a kiss, the two girls running their tongues across each others’ lips as they shared my cum. Just thinking about that scene was enough to make me light-headed.

Thoroughly shagged and too exhausted to even think about returning to her own dormitory, Hermione had spent the night with us, cuddling with Fleur while I’d wrapped my arms around both girls, spooning the brunette from behind. While her bust was smaller than my girlfriend’s, the second-year had an otherwise thicker, curvier build, and her pleasantly round bum had felt amazing against my own body. As I’d drifted off to sleep, my last conscious thought had been to ask Fleur if we could have the brunette over more often…


The following week started out much like any other, the first-years having returned from their academic excursion in the early hours of Monday and attending classes from the afternoon onwards. Hermione had managed to sneak back into her own bed without her dorm mates being any the wiser, though her slight limp at the breakfast table had raised some eyebrows. As well as brought no little amusement to Fleur and I, my girlfriend doing her best not to laugh aloud at the proud look on my face. Luckily no one had caught on, and the exact cause of the resident bookworm’s ‘injury’ remained a mystery to everyone else.

A heavy course load kept us all busy with our studies for the following days, and it was pretty late into Thursday evening until I had a chance to exchange more than a few words with Hermione again. Fleur and I ran into her near the greenhouse while returning from an advanced botany class, while the very warmly-dressed brunette seemed to have been out on a walk. The normally pretty girl looked even more adorable with her furry winter coat, flushed cheeks and frost-covered dark curls espacing from under a pink wool cap, and I couldn’t help but grin at her. The little bookworm was definitely growing on me.

”Ooh, if it isn’t the dream couple,” Hermione sang, giving us a bright smile that revealed two rows perfect white teeth. Then again, she was a dentists’ daughter. ”Ooh, and if it isn’t our favourite concubine,” my girlfriend shot back, laughing at the brunette’s look of surprised mock-incense. We chatted with her for a minute or two, catching up on recent events before starting to head back towards the manor. I was relieved to see Fleur and ‘Mione getting along well, our little ménage-à-trois evidently not having affected their friendship one bit. If anything, the girls seemed to be even more amicable than before. As we walked towards the main entrance, my girlfriend decided to broach a topic I’d heard her discuss with Susan earlier that day.

”So, what’s the story with Ginny falling out with Lav-Lav in Italy? Susie and Hannah said your pal had a right meltdown,” the French girl asked, sounding genuinely curious. The brunette responded with a deep sigh.

”Oh, that,” she muttered. ”Well, you heard right. Like most girls Ginny’s never really liked that bimbo, but apparently Lavender’s antics during the trip pushed her over the edge into actively hating Lav’s guts,” Hermione explained. ”I didn’t ask Gin for specifics, but it sounds like they’re going to settle things in the traditional way at some point, probably sooner rather than later.”

Fleur’s startled face reflected my own reaction perfectly. ”Whoa,” she managed, taking a moment to digest this new development. ”Gotta say, I didn’t see that one coming.”

The brunette let out a short, dry laugh, shaking her head slightly. ”What can I say, never underestimate a redhead. I don’t think Ginny planned any of this, just lost her temper plain and simple. She’s not backing out, though. Way too much pride on the line.” My girlfriend nodded, looking thoughtful. ”Well, you can wish her luck from me. Lavender’s surprisingly good with her tits, as I had the misfortune of finding out.”

An amused snort from just a few feet behind us almost made me jump. ”Yeah, I saw that match. Definitely didn’t go as expected,” a slender, toned redhead called out as she strolled closer. ”A common floozy beating the champ with a set of slightly better-than-average tits. The mind boggles,” she marveled in a condescending voice. Somehow, none of us had heard Ginny’s footsteps, allowing the sporty girl to listen in on the last few sentences.

Hermione looked embarrassed at having been caught talking about her friend’s private affairs behind her back, while Fleur seemed to be trying to figure out a response to the redhead’s less-than-impressed tone. Ginny wasn’t finished, however. ”Anyway, there’s no reason worry about me. I have no intention of losing to Lav the Bimbo Bitch like you did. Her days as the queen are numbered.”

I watched my girlfriend school her features into a neutral expression, eyeing the younger woman coolly. While Fleur was a few inches taller than Ginny, the feisty redhead didn’t show any outward signs of feeling intimidated. Quite the opposite, in fact. After a short staring contest, the French beauty nodded slowly. ”Fine, suit yourself. But be careful, I meant what I just said. Lavender’s boobs may not look as dangerous as some others, but appearances deceive. Bring your A game if you really want to win.”

Ginny pursed her lips carefully, mulling my girlfriend’s words over. She, similarly to Hermione, was dressed in a thick overcoat, so for once I focused my attention on her face. The redhead was certainly rather cute, those freckle-covered cheeks only enhancing the impression, while her eyes seemed to be burning with plucky determination. Damn, this school really was full of pretty girls.

”Okay… I guess you know what you’re talking about, having flattened more than a few challengers over the years. Consider me duly warned,” Ginny finally relented, even going as far as to crack a small smile towards the end. ”Truce?” she offered, sticking out a mitten-covered hand. Fleur glanced at it, relaxing her tense posture.

”Sure. Enemy of my enemy and all that, right?” she replied, grasping the redhead’s proffered hand with a wry grin. Ginny guffawed at the quip, nodding. ”Yeah, that should work.”


Most of Friday went past rather uneventfully, and between attending lessons, writing essays and snogging my girlfriend, I had little time to spend socializing with other students. It was Saturday now, and Fleur and I had once more made our way to the school gym, waiting for the weekly fight event to kick off. My girlfriend wouldn’t be taking part today, but the voluptuous girl sitting next to her would. I knew that quite a few guys were excited to see Susan’s massive globes out in the open again, myself included.

I quickly spotted Hermione and Ginny, the two girls whispering excitedly to each other and sharing an occasional laugh as they tried to find some unoccupied seats for themselves. Unable – or more accurately unwilling – to keep my wandering eyes in check, I took took a moment to appreciate the brunette’s full, attractive figure, enjoying how the outlines of Hermione’s sizable breasts pushed against her snug light purple top. The brunette’s thick, meaty thighs were similarly highlighted by a pair of grey jeans, and despite having spent an entire night groping them quite recently, I found myself leaning forward to take in all those luscious curves. It was somewhat unusual to see Hermione putting her body on display this openly, the brainy girl tending to wear comfy, far less flattering clothes, but I was certainly not going to complain.

Walking next to the cute but decidedly unathletic brunette was the lean, impressively fit redhead. Ginny’s lithe frame contrasted quite nicely with her friend’s more luxurious figure, and I found myself checking out yet another girl even as my beautiful girlfriend was seated right by my side. Sorry Fleur, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. And Ginny’s tight body definitely called for a bit of ogling. Her relatively modest-sized bust was mostly hidden beneath a sweater, but the skin-hugging leggings pants she was wearing made sure that the redhead’s toned bum and sinewy legs got all the attention they deserved. Which was quite a lot. While I didn’t find Ginny to be quite as eye-poppingly gorgeous as my girl, she wasn’t far behind, and could certainly give Cho and Angelina a run for their money in the looks department. In terms of tits I wasn’t so sure, though the sporty redhead had apparently defeated Cho’s very firm pair, which had to say something. All in all Ginny was an undeniably hot babe, no doubt having her fair share of male (and female) admirers.

I risked glancing to my right briefly, and was relieved to see Fleur chatting with Susan animatedly. The top-heavy first year’s sprained ankle had now healed fully, and she was scheduled to face another large-chested girl, Pansy, in just a few minutes’ time. Satisfied that my beautiful girlfriend was otherwise occupied, I brought my attention back to Ginny and Hermione who had managed to find two front-row seats.

As the girls turned and sat down, they seemed to notice my hungry gaze, looking up from their hushed conversation with a pair of matching sly grins. I tried to look sheepish as Hermione shook her head in mock disapproval, and watched her whisper something into her red-haired friend’s ear while giving me a small wave. Ginny guffawed visibly and joined the older girl in greeting me from afar, an amused smile tugging at her lips. Feeling a familiar blush appearing on my face, I began to wave back, but froze as the redhead’s look hardened. The sporty girl’s smile had vanished in an instant, and she narrowed her eyes dangerously. I shifted in my seat uncomfortably, trying to figure out what I’d done now, when something soft brushed against my arm. My left arm.

”Oh dear, looks like little Gin still hasn’t gotten over her jealousy,” Lavender murmured, her hot breath landing on the bare skin on my neck. ”I mean, I know it’s unfair, but she’ll have to come to terms with the facts at some point anyway,” the blonde continued, sighing dramatically. ”Besides, it’s not like there’s any shame in being out-boobed by me, is there? Especially when her own tits are still in the kiddie league,” she laughed, rubbing her plentiful set against my arm and chest as she sneered towards the redhead. ”Anyone with half a brain can see I’ve got the bigger and better pair. Your girlfriend at least has tits that look like they might have a chance against mine, but Ginny’s little bumps are just no competition,” Lavender finished with a snort, her expression almost annoyingly smug as she turned to flash Fleur a wide smile. The French beauty didn’t seem at all happy with Lavender’s choice of seating, and gave the younger girl a scathing look.

”Enjoy it while you still can,” Fleur said sharply, her nostrils flaring as she took in the close proximity of the spunky blonde’s outthrust bust to her boyfriend. Me. ”Because you won’t be the top dog for much longer. This time next week, you’ll be getting those bimbo boobs flattened by my firmer jugs”. Lavender’s grin only widened at the taunt and the blonde leaned in closer, her ample set coming into contact with my arm again. Entirely by accident, I’m sure.

”You’re a slow learner, I see,” Lavender cooed, looking supremely confident. ”My tits crushed yours then, and they’ll crush them again,” she continued in a sing-song voice. ”Still, I’ll give you this: Those big puppies are some of the nicest-looking jugs out there, and by far the perkiest pair of Double Ds I’ve ever come across. In a wet t-shirt contest they might actually be able to give my awesome boobs a worthy challenge.” Lavender admitted, her eyes drinking in the modelesque French girl’s best assets. ”But that’s just about the only competition where you could beat me, Fleur. In a titfight, my stronger tits will eventually grind yours to paste. Just like they did last time.”

With a superior smirk, Lavender stood up and took off to join her friends, a group of giggly and rather superficial girls that was mostly made up of first-years seeking to sponge off the new champ’s sudden success. If the busty blonde was aware of my girlfriend’s furious gaze burning holes into her back, she didn’t show it.

Susan’s low, quiet whistle broke the silence. ”Whew, she’s really something,” the curvacious redhead muttered, looking at Fleur understandingly. ”Lav was pretty cocky even on the first day, strutting around the place like she owned it and making sure her cleavage got as many stares as possible. I thought it was just an act to get popular with the boys, but she genuinely seems to think she’s the hot stuff, with the best body and the best tits in school.” Susan huffed, crossing her arms on top of her own prodigious rack as she glanced in the offending blonde bimbo’s direction. ”Too bad she doesn’t seem to have been entirely wrong, either,” the girl grumbled, continuing quickly as Fleur opened her mouth in annoyance. ”Oh, no, I’m not saying she’s hotter than you!” Susan exclaimed, looking sincere. ”Or that her boobs are better, since the jury’s still out on that one. But she’s clearly got the goods to go head-to-head with even the toughest of opponents and hold her own.”

Fleur let out a small, noncommittal grunt, but the lack of explicit objection was telling. Lavender had definitely established herself as a force to be reckoned with, and no titfighter, my girlfriend included, could afford to take her lightly. ”Until a few weeks ago I was really looking forward to facing Lav-Lav myself,” the redhead revealed, pursing her lips slightly as she seemed to stare into the distance for a second. ”God, how I’d love to teach the blondie some manners by turning those puffy little D-cuppers to mush,” she murmured, looking almost dreamy. ”But now, after witnessing her latest matches, I’m okay with you taking care of that instead,” Susan finished, poking her tongue out at Fleur playfully.

My girlfriend snorted, fixing her blue eyes on the redhead’s bountiful bosom. ”Thanks for the support, I guess. But seriously, Susan, I think you could take her. Those mammoth jugs of yours pack enough punch to be able to overwhelm just about any set.”

Susan smiled at the modelesque French girl, shrugging slightly. ”Sure, I reckon there’s a good chance I’d win that fight. That’s not the issue, not really.” I saw Fleur’s eyebrows furrow a bit as she tried to understand what the pleasantly plump first-year was trying to tell her. ”You of all people should know what I mean,” the redhead guffawed softly. ”No one had ever beaten me before you, Fleur. I’m pretty firm, and way bigger than the other girls, so actually losing a titfight hadn’t really registered as a genuine possibility. I was sure I’d flatten your perfect boobs, too.”

The French beauty grinned. ”Well, to be fair, you almost did.” Susan waved her off, a smile playing on her lips as well. ”Yeah, well, anyway. I guess I’m just not quite as hotheaded as I used to be. Or at least more careful about issuing challenges. Sure, I’ve still got great tits, and can outgun just about any woman in terms of size, but I also now know that there are a few pairs out there that could beat mine. Not many, mind you, but apparently they do exist,” the top-heavy redhead concluded with a lopsided smirk. Fleur shook her head, looking amused.

”Makes sense, I guess. But do Pansy’s big, saggy udders fit into that category?” my girlfriend asked in a suggestive tone, looking around to see if she could spot the second-year in question. Susan’s reply was a loud snort. ”Not fucking likely. I’ll pound that arrogant cow flat in about two seconds. I can even dedicate the beatdown to you if you’d like.”

”Nah, I’m good,” the French beauty grinned back. ”Besides, I wouldn’t want you to try and weasel your way out of paying the main stakes. Remember that I still own your ass, Susie.” The redhead rolled her eyes at the older girl. ”Yeah, yeah, but only because you wouldn’t let me shag Ced’s brains out straight away. I would’ve happily paid all my dues that very same night. All night, in fact,” Susan whispered, flashing me a suggestive smirk. ”If I didn’t know better, Fleur, I’d say you were worried that I’d rock your boyfriend’s world a little too much. Scared I might steal him away?” The voluptuous redhead teased, cupping her large, heavy jugs and giving the substantial mass of flesh a good shake. My eyes, predictably, were immediately glued to the redhead’s wobbling cleavage, and I let out an involuntary squeak as I realized she was letting the girls roam free today. Susan laughed at my dazed look. ”I rest my case, he sure seems to have good taste,” the first-year grinned, ignoring Fleur’s indignant huff. ”Just a few more weeks, Ced, before you get to suckle on these beauties. You’ll never look at Fleur’s smaller, lesser boobs the same way again.”

”Ha, don’t make me laugh, Susie,” my girlfriend called back, not looking too bothered by the redhead’s taunt. ”You’ve got me in size, nowhere else.”

As Fleur and Susan continued their friendly banter, I took the opportunity to scan the crowd for familiar faces. Angelina and her gang had taken seats not far from Lavender’s posse, though there seemed to be no love lost between the two groups of females. Between them, I noticed Cho and her sidekick Marietta. The pretty asian girl was shooting frequent glances in the direction of Angelina’s friend Katie, whose boobs I’d seen Cho destroy in one of the – no, THE most brutal encounter so far. Whenever their eyes met, the unusually quiet third-year quickly averted her gaze, looking embarrassed as she slinked back in her chair. Angelina and Alicia, for their part, did their best to console their distraught friend while giving Cho cold looks. They seemed to be refraining from direct confrontation, however, either to avoid drawing attention to what’d happened to Katie at the hands (and tits) of the Chinese beauty or because they weren’t entirely unappreciative of the Asian’s position. Katie had been sleeping with Cho’s guy, after all. Either way, it looked like there wouldn’t be any open hostilities for now.

Just opposite to us, on the other side of the mat, I watched a petite girl with long, blonde hair walk up to Hermione and Ginny and take a seat next to them. Her bust seemed small even in comparison to Ginny’s, and there was something almost pixie-like about the girl. She was short, thin and rather cute. Based on what I’d head from Hermione, the blonde had to be Ginny’s longtime friend Luna, a quirky but sweet girl. She didn’t look like much of a fighter to me, though, least of all titfighter. Before I could scrutinize the new girl any further, another sight caught my attention. Susan’s best friend Hannah was approaching us in a half-jog, causing the first-year’s hefty knockers to bounce up and down rather distractingly. She and Susan had rather similar, fleshy builds and large racks, though the redhead’s bust was the appreciably more massive of the two.

”Phew, just in time,” Hannah panted as she reached our seats, looking flustered and placing a hand over her heaving chest. ”I ran into Mrs B in the corridor and lost track of time. She wanted to talk about that assignment on 19th century Dutch painters, apparently we’re going to get a few extra days before having to turn it in.”

”Thank god for that!” Susan exclaimed in relief, high-fiving her friend as Fleur and I scooted over to make some room for Hannah. ”I’ve only got a few sentences so far, and the original deadline was on Monday.”

Mrs Bunton, the school’s esteemed art professor, had a reputation as a fairly demanding educator, and didn’t hesitate to admonish students who failed to live up to her expectations. She was also one of the more lusted-after female teachers here, having a rather expansive bosom and a fondness for open-necked blouses. Even I had to admit that for a 40-something Mrs Bunton didn’t look half bad, and could probably match most women half her age in sheer physical attractiveness. In terms of bust-size she wasn’t on Susan’s level of course, but impressively well-endowed all the same. Not that I’d paid any attention to that during class. Definitely not.

Hannah had barely had time to sit down next to her friend before I noticed some movement in the corner of my eye. Looking up, I saw that Pansy had already stepped on the mat and started to stretch. While her shapely body wasn’t particuarly slim or toned, it did have noticeably less extra padding than the redhead’s fleshy frame did.

”Time to make some pancakes,” Susan quipped from my right, hopping to her feet and giving us a quick grin before taking off towards her opponent. The redhead’s hands went to her top and she promptly started pulling it off. No need for much trash-talking today, it seemed.

I stared as a pair of truly massive boobs slid out from under the hem of her shirt. The first-year’s pale flesh shook for a moment, the impressive weight and density of her heavy teats becoming apparent to anybody who hadn’t seen them before. I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about the debt the busty redhead owed to my girlfriend, Fleur’s perfect orbs having crushed Susan’s larger mammaries into submission some weeks ago. They’d agreed to hold the stakes right before the Christmas holidays, and I was understandably quite eager to get my hands on the redhead’s enormous, full breasts. And the rest of her pleasantly round body, too.

The bitchy second-year Pansy yanked off her own top, and I grinned as the blonde’s quivering jugs plopped down. They did hang a bit, but also looked quite dense and heavy. Pansy’s skin tone was just a tiny bit darker than the redhead’s, but still quite pale. I found myself thinking about Pansy’s fight against Hermione’s smaller but rounder boobs, recalling how the brunette had eventually ground the blonde’s prized assets away with her nice, firm pair.

I could also remember how Susan’s massive teats had had even Fleur’s perfect globes on the ropes a couple of times, and was already feeling somewhat confident in the redhead’s victory. As I let my eyes wash over Pansy’s ample titflesh, it was obvious that for the first time in quite a while, the busty second-year would be fighting against an even bigger pair of boobs. Normally Pansy was the top-heavy one.

Susan flashed the audience a small smile and posed for us a bit, pushing her huge tits outward. For its size the first-year’s bountiful chest had a very nice shape and enviable firmness, and despite being at least half a cup size bigger than Daphne’s heavy jugs, appeared to sag slightly less. Susan’s globes did shake and wobble a bit more, though, so I wasn’t sure if her inner tissue was quite as dense as the blonde’s. In any case, there was no denying that the young redhead had one hell of a rack. Pansy glanced at Susan’s expansive globes and I saw her mouth tighten just perceptibly.

Judging the girls purely by their tits, the advantage certainly seemed to go to Susan’s hulking DDD udders. They were visibly larger than the blonde’s set, and while seeming to have a bit more jiggle and bounce, also had a somewhat rounder, fuller shape than Pansy’s heavy-looking udders. That said, I knew the older girl to be more experienced than the redhead, and much more ruthless. That difference could easily overcome any disparity in sheer tit quality, and I found myself hoping that Susan would be able to dole out the same kind of impressive punishment on Pansy’s jugs that Fleur’s perfect tits had suffered.

True to her usual aggressiveness, the blonde second-year took the first step, Pansy’s hefty teats quivering on her chest. Susan followed her example, and soon both students’ big racks were barreling toward the center of the mat. Their nipples lined up, but came to a stop just a few inches apart. Susan grinned as she compared her jugs’ size to Pansy’s hefty boobs.

”Huh, is that it? I thought your fat, ugly udders were supposed to be the second biggest set in the school,” Susan snickered, bouncing her prodigious orbs gently. ”Those don’t look like much to me. Seems like my big beauties really are in a league of their own.” Pansy scowled, but I noticed several girls in the room grinning at Susan’s insult. The blonde bully was pretty universally disliked, after all.

”Watch it, Miss Piggy,” Pansy snapped, her face turning bright red. ”I’m going to trash your oversized marshmellows in just a sec.”

”With those floppy sacks? I kinda doubt it,” Susan laughed. Without any warning, she shoved her left teat into Pansy’s right boob, rousing a surprised grunt from the latter. The sheer size of Susan’s huge breast seemed to push Pansy’s smaller jug inward for a moment, causing it to wobble mightily as the older girl immediately pulled back and withdrew from the first contact. I wasn’t sure if the blonde had simply been caught off guard, or if the redhead’s mammaries really were powerful enough to put a tough girl like Pansy on the run so quickly, but Susan’s smug grin seemed to indicate that the first-year at least thought it was the latter.

”Yeah, thought so. You’re all talk and no tits,” the redhead drawled, earning an angry glare from her opponent.

”And you’re all lard and no substance,” the blonde snapped back, taking a step forward. ”Let’s see what you think of my tits after they’ve ground yours flat.”

Almost simultaneously, both girls lunged at each other. The collision was so quick that I couldn’t really tell if one set of heavy mammaries yielded more than the other, but both Susan and Pansy grunted audibly. Their substantial racks bounced off each other, and the girls stopped to look at their opponent’s chest for a moment before stepping forward for another impact. I watched closely as Susan’s slightly rounder and Pansy’s more pendulous teats careened toward each other. This time the blow was slightly slower and the rebound less noticeable, and though it wasn’t by much, it seemed to me like Susan’s mammoth jugs held their shape just a bit better than the blonde’s.

The voluptuous redhead shoved her left teat into Pansy’s right, making the older girl’s big jug wobble and shake. Pansy grunted and pushed her boobs forward so that their pairs smashed together, and prevented the redhead from following through with another punch. Again, the blonde’s teats appeared to displace a hint more than Susan’s, and I noticed a frown appear on her usually snotty face. She kept shoving her hefty rack into the opposing titflesh, and though the move did cause the redhead’s paler titflesh to balloon and push out to the sides, Pansy’s own jugs also compressed further. Leaning forward, I couldn’t help but stare at the blonde second-year’s big, wobbly teats as they lost more and more of their rounded shape. Susan’s huge jugs were certainly giving up lots of real estate, too, but seemed to be taking the close contact a bit better.

Clearly I wasn’t the only one to come to that concluson. Growling at the busty redhead, Pansy decided to change tactics. She began pushing and pulling her tits around, trying to gain more purchase for her jugs. Susan responded in kind, and soon both sets were juggling for position.

I couldn’t see either girl gaining the upper hand in this new grinding match, and while they fought in a tight embrace, grunting in unison, a shiny layer of sweat started to appear on their skin. After a while, the redhead began to try to jab her bigger boobs into Pansy’s heavy pair. She was awarded with a surprised groan as the blonde felt her mammaries push in, losing ground visibly. Before Susan had any time to think up a suitable taunt, however, her opponent showed her experience once more. Pansy was no pushover, and I knew that even the third-years were wary of getting in her way.

With a snarl, Pansy leaned back and made a small hop, lifting her large boobs on top of the redhead’s rack. The tall second-year was making good use of her height advantage, and by forcing the heavy-set redhead to support two pairs of massive teats, she had managed to turn the tables completely. I could see the strain on Susan’s face as the sneering blonde sunk her tits into the sea of titflesh below them, compressing the redhead’s larger pair visibly and causing the younger girl moan aloud. Pansy was the picture of smug triumph she tried to burrow her set further in, taking turns between glancing down at their glistening chests and smirking at Susan’s pained expression.

”Mmm, that’s more like it. Take a good look at my big, powerful tits burying Susie’s pillows, everyone,” Pansy boasted, seeming to take immense pleasure in watching the younger girl’s enormous jugs making way to her own ”This bitch is about to learn what happens to fat little girls with illusions of grandeur.”

The ‘fat little girl’ in question didn’t seem to be interested in Pansy’s lesson, however. I watched Susan shove her ample rack up forcefully. Taking the blonde bully by complete surprise, the voluptuous first-year strained her back as far she could and lifted Pansy’s sweaty mammaries towards the the older girl’s bewildered face. Cho, who’d been chanting Pansy’s name, suddenly fell silent.

The Asian hottie had narrowly lost to Susan’s mammoth jugs a little over a month ago herself, and had no doubt been eager for some revenge-by-proxy. She winced at the pained, shocked look on Pansy’s face as the crowd watched the blonde’s ample flesh stretch and expand upwards towards her chin.

”How’s that for some schooling, you ugly skank?” Susan panted angrily, clearly enjoying the girl’s embarrassing predicament. ”Looks like I’m feeding you your own tits, doesn’t it?”

Cursing loudly, the second-year grabbed Susan by her shoulders and shoved the redhead away. The younger girl grunted at the sudden move, taking a step back in order to maintain her balance. I watched Pansy’s large, reddened breasts drop down with a thud. They wobbled on her chest for a moment before the second-year cupped them in her hands, kneading her jugs softly. Apparently satisfied that there was no serious damage to the tissue, the blonde slowly looked up. I swallowed. Pansy’s face was absolutely furious, her nostrils flaring dangerously and those ice-blue eyes boring holes into Susan. If looks could kill…

”Big mistake,” she hissed in a low, unsteady voice. ”You’re in for a world of pain now, you fat, arrogant upstart of a whale,” the blonde was practically shaking with rage. ”I’m going to beat those greasy flesh-bags right off your chest and make you cry for mommy in front of the entire school,” she growled ”Feel free to kiss those udders goodbye, ’cause there won’t be anything left to nurse back to health once I’m done with them!” With that final roar, Pansy charged forward, the redhead taking an instinctive step backwards as she braced for the attack.

I’d rarely seen someone get so enraged during a titfight, and couldn’t help but to flinch as Pansy’s heavy teats crashed into Susan’s full pair. As substantial as the redhead’s rack was, the force was enough to cause her big orbs to splash out violently, the ample flesh pushing to the sides as Pansy’s large jugs slammed against them. Both women groaned loudly, but whereas Susan looked stunned, the blonde paused to recuperate only for a second or two. Growling obscenities, Pansy began to swing her shoulders from side to side, slapping their boobs together in a frenzied rhythm. Susan cried out as her massive, already bruised pair wobbled and shook with each blow, but soon started to fight back. Even so, I realized she was in trouble, and doubted she’d be able to match Pansy’s aggression or speed. The redhead was doing her best avoid the beating that the blonde was dishing out, staying mostly on the defensive.

The second-year gasped when Susan scored a direct hit into the underside of her rack, but didn’t slow down the assault. Loud slapping sounds echoed around the room, and I knew that both racks had to be hurting by now. Pansy was attacking with wild abandon, not seeming to care that she was also causing considerable damage to her own breasts. Each girl groaned as they used their ample chests as punching bags, and I wondered, given the redhead’s relative inexperience, if Pansy would be able to simply pummel the younger girl into submission. I wasn’t the only one.

”Fuck yeah, Pansy! Pound her oversized melons flat!” Cho and Marietta whooped from the audience, cheering the blonde bully on. I watched in major concern as Susan’s face showed more and more discomfort, but couldn’t see any definite change in her boobs. Both sets of massive teats shook wildly as the girls traded blows, their bountiful flesh rolling and waving like half-filled water balloons. Though Susan’s size advantage may have helped her some, overall, the boob-boxing seemed to favor Pansy. The older girl still looked furious, but the considerable effort that went into maintaining the assault had taken its toll on her stamina, and she was slowly running out of steam.

”She’s getting tired, Susie, just hang on!” I heard Fleur yell in encouragement. Hannah, who was sitting by her side, had clasped her hand over her mouth and was staring at the scene in horrified fascination. ”Pansy’s droopy sacks don’t stand a chance against those monsters!” the French girl continued.

I wasn’t sure how much attention the redhead was paying to my girlfriend, but whether it was Fleur’s words or something else, the top-heavy school girl leaned in and grabbed Pansy’s shoulders. Before the second-year had time to react, Susan had slid her arms lower and caught her opponent’s upper arms in a tight hold. Her mobility now severely limited, Pansy grunted and tried to wiggle free.

”Oh no you don’t,” Susan hissed angrily. She began to slam her massive pair into the opposing pair of teats, the girls’ heavy breasts meeting straight on. The redhead’s blows created large ripples of titflesh across both sets, though the shaking was more pronounced on the Pansy’s somewhat smaller breasts. The blonde tried to respond with quick jabs of her own, but seemed to realize that her own blows simply weren’t as effective. The younger girl’s lead in size and mass wasn’t huge, certainly smaller than it would’ve been against almost any other opponent, but it was enough. I shared a quick grin with Fleur as we watched Susan’s large, round tits make Pansy’s mammaries wave on her chest.

The experienced second-year still continued to fight back, landing several good hits and causing her rival’s big globes to shake and wobble independently of each other. But even as Susan’s jugs took the blows, I noticed they maintained their shape a little bit better than the blonde’s teats did. The discomfort was equal on both girls’ faces, though, and I wasn’t ready to call it just yet. The redhead appeared to be feeling more confident, however.

”Yeah, look at them fade,” Susan wheezed between boob-slams, a strained smile playing on her lips. ”Those big, saggy udders are starting to go soft on you, bitch. Softer than they already are, I mean,” the redhead clarified with a snarl as she ground closer for a moment. I couldn’t help but grin. A girl with tits like Susan’s, and the right amount of skill and aggression to make the most out of them, would be almost unstoppable. And at that moment, the redhead seemed to be exactly that.

Pansy’s eyes flashed at the younger girl’s taunt, but her reply was drowned out by a gurgle as Susan pushed forward again, landing a violent blow against her weakening tits. The blonde big, meaty jugs splayed out severely, and for a moment, it looked like the redhead had actually squashed them flat with her massive teats. Pansy did manage to shift her boobs upwards slightly, the bright red flesh regaining some of their usual shape, but the blonde’s set was still giving up far more real estate than Susan’s. The redhead leaned back, bringing their prominent chests tip-to-tip again, and shoved her left teat into Pansy’s right one. Susan repeated her maneuver in mirror image, and soon got a feel for the desired location. She began to thrust her big jugs into the quickly softening core of the blonde’s rack, battering the breast tissue in an obviously painful fashion. Pansy squirmed as her discomfort grew, and tried to pull away, but Susan had managed to wrap her fleshy arms around the blonde’s waist, holding her close. I could see the look panicked look on Pansy’s face as she realized that Susan’s tits were already starting to overwhelm her own.

”There we go, Blondie,” the redhead sighed proudly. ”Your worthless sacks of jello are done.” Pansy groaned and closed her eyes for a moment, but was clearly too stubborn – and proud – to quit. The fight, while definitely violent, couldn’t have been going on for much more than five minutes.

”We can both feel it, can’t we, you posh bitch. My stronger boobs are pushing yours flat. Slowly massaging all that weak, soft flesh away,” Susan hissed, staring straight into her opponent’s wide eyes. I could see Pansy swallow, unable to hold the redhead’s intense gaze. She looked down to see her now yielding boobs welcome the redhead’s powerful breasts, billowing out severely. The shaken second-year gasped as her flesh was pushed further and further into her chest, making way for the massive pair.

”Fuck, that feels awesome,” Susan sighed, ”Like a comfy water bed to rest my better boobs on. It’s just too bad it’s so small,” the redhead smirked, licking her lips and leaning back slightly as she admired the sight. I saw a look of relief cross Pansy’s face, but knew that it was premature. Susan had wrapped her arms around the older girl’s midriff, and was still keeping her close. I saw Susan shift slightly, their tits wobbling a bit as she found what seemed to be the optimal position. The only sense of movement that could be seen from my vantage point was the gentle flexing of Susan’s well-padded shoulders, and I knew that she was grinding her large orbs against Pansy’s wrecked set.

”Oh, shhhit,” Pansy moaned. She tried pushing away, but Susan shook her head slightly, still smiling, and tightened her grip. As they shifted, I could see the redhead’s round jugs pushing Pansy’s liquified teats around on her chest.

”Go on, Pansy, look down. Watch me flatten those saggy tits,” Susan murmured, shoving her large globes forward. She made it a slow, progressive thrust, and the crowd looked on as more and more of Pansy’s defeated udders spread against her ribcage. When the full-figured redhead finally stopped her advance, her opponent’s once impressive breasts had all but disappeared, molding submissively around Susan’s dominant pair.

”Pancakes,” the redhead declared, grinning. She sent a wink in our direction, earning a few giggles from Fleur and Hannah. Pansy let out a long groan as Susan kept the blonde’s large teats pinned against her chest, and I noticed Cho shaking her head, looking sullen. Still no luck for the vindictive Asian, I realized. Then again, Cho was ranked higher than Pansy was, and must’ve anticipated this outcome. We all watched Susan pull away slowly, and saw the blonde’s heavy jugs slide down her chest, wobbling violently as they came to a stop. The smirking redhead whispered something to her opponent, out of earshot, before ramming those massive boobs into the blonde’s quaking rack once more, utterly obliterating the latter’s overmatched teats. Pansy’s flesh splashed against her ribs again, held in place by Susan’s larger mammaries.

”Fuuuckk, stop killing my tits! I give, I give!” the older girl wailed, her voice laced with pain and shock. Pansy seemed stunned at the relatively quick conclusion of their fight, staring at her ruined chest in dismay. I knew the blonde bully wasn’t used to getting so thoroughly womanhandled by another student. Come to think of it, the only previous time I could recall her having faced a pair bigger than her own was in Pansy’s fight against the old champ Penelope. But she’d been a firsty then, and lost to the school’s alpha female. This defeat was far more humiliating. I watched Pansy cup her swollen, droopy teats gingerly, trying to massage them back to life. ”You got me, Susan,” the second-year murmured quietly, her words barely loud enough for me to make out. She looked up slowly and took a shaky breath before continuing. ”Those huge wrecking-ball jugs completely outclassed my lesser boobs.”

”Too fucking right,” Susan grinned, making a small twirl and curtsying to the crowd cutely. The voluptuous redhead was clearly more agile than her fleshy frame indicated, I decided, admiring her big, shaking teats and somewhat less jiggly rear.

Christmas was going to be awesome this year.


As per custom, the crowd had quickly dispersed for a few-minute break before the second match of the day. I’d wanted to ask Fleur and Hannah if they knew who’d be fighting who, but would have to wait a little longer: They’d both got up to join a large gaggle of girls congregating on the mat, each waiting for their turn to congratulate the well-endowed redhead. Pansy had a lot of enemies after all, and Susan’s much more pleasant demeanor made her the favoured contestant in most students’ eyes. Well, pretty much everyone’s eyes. More than one male student also tried their luck, no doubt hoping for a chance at hugging the sweaty, topless first-year with the biggest rack in town. They were in for a disappointment, however, as the older girls drove them off with stern, cold glares. Tough luck, lads.


After the commotion had died down and Susan returned to her seat, the next pair of fighters began to make their way to the mat. I watched a lean, athletic-looking redhead and a more shapely blonde meet in the middle of the room, glaring at each other. Looking to my girlfriend, I saw Fleur make a face, before shrugging slightly. Hermione’s friend wasn’t one to wait around, it seemed.

Ginny had already removed her sweater, opting to face the competition in a snug, lime green t-shirt, and was evidently not wearing a bra. Not that she needed one. I could see just how high the redhead’s perky tits sat on her chest, and her nipples provided plenty of protrusion through the thin fabric of the tight-fitting top. It also seemed as if I had misjudged her size slightly before. The redhead wasn’t terribly chesty to be sure, but might’ve actually held a tiny edge over the Chinese beauty Cho’s mid-sized Cs. Still, it was difficult to be sure without a direct comparison, and Ginny’s opponent of the day was definitely looking more buxom. With a quick, nasty look toward the blonde, the sportier of the two girls turned to address their audience.

”Okay, everyone,” Ginny called out audibly. ”Lavender here thinks that just because her big, saggy boobs managed to beat a couple of hyped-up third years’ sets, they’re suddenly much better than my firm ones.” The redhead paused for a moment as a buzz of whispers traveled through the room. She was of course referring to my girlfriend Fleur and her classmate Alicia. ”Naturally, I offered to prove her wrong. And being the stupid bimbo that she is, Lav-Lav took me up on that,” Ginny jeered, locking her gaze onto the blonde’s. I knew Lavender to be more interested in her looks than her grades, being considered something of an airhead by her classmates. The redhead on the other hand was one of the brighter students in their year, and I watched her pretty face contort into a smirk. ”Now, I suggest you all get comfortable while I flatten those weak sacks.”

”Hah, good luck with that, Ginger!” Lavender laughed, not looking at all concerned. And, admittedly, she did have a reason to be confident – beating my gorgeous girlfriend had boosted both Lavender’s self-esteem and her reputation quite a bit. With a practised move, she pulled up her shirt and let her tits bounce free. The blonde seemed to love the sensation of her large breasts falling so dramatically, a smug grin forming on her lips. Ginny’s eyes followed the blonde’s rack, the supple flesh jiggling on Lavender’s more robust frame for a moment. Her tits were full and round, and sagged only slightly. Lavender’s skin was also flawless, and while her boobs didn’t look quite as pert as my girlfriend’s, their undeniably attractive shape did catch a lot of stares. Even Ginny was eyeing the girl’s large, dense jugs with some caution. The blonde definitely had a nice rack.

”What’s the matter, are these too much for your mosquito bites?” Lavender asked with a wink, clearly loving how the redhead – and the entire student population, for that fact – was lavishing their attention on her full globes. Then again, they WERE arguably the best set in the school, having earned that title less than a month ago. In fact, Lavender’s thick breasts had so far succeeded in flattening every single challenger they’d met, though in one case, the fight had admittedly ended in a draw. Those early matches were mostly about ‘breaking the firsties in’, and tended to be one-sided beatdowns. I glanced in Daphne’s direction, recalling the second-year’s baffled expression as she’d watched their loose, sloshing jugs mold together in a puddle of boob. The ensuing banter from Daphne’s classmates had died down quickly, though, as the busty first-year began to rack up her body count. Which now included even my girlfriend.

Just a week ago, I’d watched Fleur fight against Daphne, defeating the tall girl pretty decisively. She’d already flattened that particular set of heavy teats once, back in September, but had wanted to send a message to Lavender: The French beauty was coming after her, and was still very much in the running for the top position. It had been my girlfriend’s for almost a year, and would be hers again in just one week’s time when she could challenge Lavender to a rematch. I was sure of it.

My oversexed mind had just started imagining how Fleur’s big, perfect orbs would tame her younger opponent’s set, when Lavender’s next taunt brought me back from my thoughts. ”Maybe you’d like to forfeit the match and move straight to the part where you lick them, Ginny? I hear you’re pretty tight with Hermy over there, and spend a lot of time sucking on both her nips and her lips, upstairs as well as downstairs…” the blonde smirked, winking at the brunette bookworm who was glaring at her from the audience. ”Then again, I can understand why you’d want to get up close and personal with those juicy big boobs, they look much nicer and more womanly than your little girl’s buds do.”

”Screw you, Barbie,” the sporty redhead snorted, pulling her own top off. ”You’re just jealous I’ve got actual friends. You only have groupies.” I stared in rapt attention as Ginny’s pale, perky tits were revealed, and made note of the pronounced lack of bounce or movement. Though they were smaller than her rival’s large D-cups, Ginny’s boobs looked very, very dense. The redhead’s prominent, thick nipples were also on full display, already hard. Just like the rest of her breasts – and her lean, fit body in general, as it happened. Ginny’s ass looked great, and I traced the curve of her shapely posterior as it sloped into a pair of well-toned thighs. Her torso seemed to be the only part entirely free of freckles, I swallowed, bringing my gaze back to the smooth, fair skin on Ginny’s chest. The girl didn’t bother cupping her more pointed boobs, and instead put her hands on her hips. Lavender tried to stare nonchalantly, but was obviously more impressed with her opponent’s toned physique and rock-hard boobs than she wanted to admit.

My modelesque girlfriend on the other hand didn’t have to worry about hiding her reaction. Fleur let out a soft gasp, making me glance in her direction and watch the gorgeous blonde bite her lip unconsciously. ”Wow, she looks fucking amazing! And those tits might be even firmer than mine,” the French girl breathed out quietly, sounding taken aback. ”I mean, sure, they’re not very big, but still… it’s like there’s no sag at all!” I couldn’t help but agree. Ginny’s cute, pert breasts looked incredible, and although I personally preferred my girl’s more feminine, spherically-shaped and noticeably larger orbs, there was no denying that the sporty redhead’s pert boobs were a sight to behold. While Ginny was giving up what seemed to be a full cup size, her tits looking like high-end Cs to me, everyone in the room knew that size wasn’t everything in these competitions. Not with that kind of firmness, anyway.

”You were saying?” Ginny smiled cockily. The blonde simply narrowed her eyes in reply, steeling her jaw as she stared the toned redhead down. While the recently-crowned champion must’ve been expecting to face a less impressive rack today, her confidence didn’t seem to be wavering.

”Let’s get this thing started,” Lavender hissed, earning a similar snarl from the redhead as the two first-year students quickly strode toward each other. I watched the blonde thrust her chest out, and saw Ginny mirror her movements, bringing her own pair forward.

As the redhead’s perky boobs slammed into Lavender’s larger, meatier pair, the blonde couldn’t hide a wince. I could see flesh of her full breasts bend away from the invading set of tits, before quickly regaining their round shape after the impact. They did continue to jiggle a bit, but looked otherwise unaffected, having survived the first test of strength without yielding too much ground. Not bad, I thought.

In her title fight against my girl, the busty blonde had certainly proved her jugs to be tougher than they appeared on the surface, their ample and pleasantly round shape hiding the thick, resilient tissue within. To Fleur’s shock and immense humiliation – and my intense arousal – they’d slowly but surely managed to wear down the resistance in the French beauty’s firmer-looking set and tamed her legendary chest in a match that’d be talked about for some time.

Whether they’d end up flattening Ginny’s rock-hard boobs in a similar display of deceptive inner density remained to be seen.

”Is that all you’ve got, bitch?” Lavender asked, the blonde’s eyes smoldering as she pushed her large bust out in an obvious challenge. Ginny didn’t say a word, instead sending another battering ram shot into the blonde’s round mammaries and denting them visibly. Lavender grunted but thrust back, her attractive face displaying some satisfaction as Ginny’s pair, too, compressed slightly. Lavender moved to swing her bigger boobs from the right, but the redhead thrust forward again, and the blow slowed as it hit Ginny’s ribs before dragging across her firm breasts. This time I heard a quiet grunt from both girls, but Lavender seemed to realize that she really didn’t want to be in a grinding type of fight given the density of the redhead’s tits. The disparity in visible firmness was impossible to miss, and physical contact seemed to be only confirming it. I could see the blonde begin to wince, no doubt feeling Ginny’s tight boobs burrowing into her flesh, and watched as she pulled back to try another swing.

Ginny recognized the move and stepped closer, reaching for Lavender’s shoulders. The blonde shifted her shoulders left and twisted her hips fast, slamming her bigger right breast into Ginny’s smaller pair. Lavender’s teat glanced the redhead’s right breast and the force of the blow forced Ginny’s flesh to jiggle slightly as Lavender’s jug ground for a moment into Ginny’s left. The surprising speed of the strike also caused the redhead to pause, and Lavender took advantage, savagely jerking her shoulders to the right. She landed another solid blow from her bigger pair, this time slamming her left breast into Ginny’s left boob. The sporty redhead groaned as she felt her thick breastmeat get viciously shoved to the side.

”Damn, you do have some nice, perky tits,” Lavender breathed. ”I can’t wait to crush them with mine.”

”You can’t crush anything with those pillows,” Ginny spat.

”Watch and learn, carrot top,” Lavender replied lightly, rearing back for a big blow. Ginny moved quickly, however, sending her hard tits straight against Lavender’s bigger mammaries. Lavender grunted as she felt the redhead’s sleek breasts push into her own, the denser rack starting to gain some ground. I fought to steady my breath, admiring the contrast between the blonde’s ample and Ginny’s pert boobs. The redhead really was every bit as firm as she looked, I realized, watching their sets line up again. Ginny was gritting her teeth as she worked to burrow her boobs further in. Lavender hissed at the sensation, but stubbornly pushed back and strained her creamy jugs against the invading rack. I grunted quietly, watching the blonde’s more plentiful breastmeat get forced outward while Ginny’s slighter orbs compressed less obviously.

”It looks like I’m splitting your jello boobs, Lavender,” Ginny grunted, though I could see her trying to hide the discomfort she felt at her own, incredibly dense breasts shifting slightly.

”Not even close, Red” Lavender snapped, looking annoyed. It was easy to tell that she hated the fact that Ginny’s perky boobs were holding their shape better than hers. The blonde’s own tits looked solid enough, certainly firmer than most girls’ did, but it was obvious who had the advantage here. Just as I began to wonder how she’d managed to beat Fleur’s big, perfect set in the first place, Lavender forced her breasts up, sliding the large globes over the redhead’s firm tits. Ginny groaned and clenched her jaw as the older girl’s breasts pushed her own up and then dropped them. Added to the savage motion was the sudden weight of the blonde’s heavier tits. Ginny tried shifting away, but Lavender put her hands on Ginny’s shoulders. Holding the redhead as steady as she could, Lavender stood on her toes and then dropped, sending as much of the heft from her large pair as she could crashing down. Ginny groaned, looking surprised at the pressure that Lavender was able to generate with her bigger, heavier tits.

”You fucking bitch,” Ginny groaned, but thrust upward. Lavender winced as she felt Ginny’s hard tits try to dig into her own again. The undersides of her tits seemed more sensitive, and Ginny was generating some meaningful pressure. ”Let me shred your tits, you saggy cow.”

”Fat chance, Ginger” Lavender hissed. ”I’m going to teach those small, girly boobs not to mess their betters.” The blonde tried pushing down, but Ginny managed another thrust, and the hard, compact breasts of her rival burrowed again. Lavender groaned as she felt her tits get pushed up and out. She could obviously tell that her flesh was being distorted rather significantly, even without looking down. Had she really done so, the blonde would have seen what I did: the front half of the bottom of Lavender’s full breasts seemingly split in two, with slight folds of her tits caressing Ginny’s more pointy boobs.

”What lovely pillows you have,” Ginny laughed. ”Perfect cushion for my firm titties,” she added spitefully. They really did seem right at home there, I had to admit, starting to rub my bulging crotch before I even realized what I was doing. I risked a quick glance at my gorgeous girlfriend, and to my relief her attention was fully on the two fighters. Phew, crisis averted.

Lavender growled angrily, trying to figure out how to pull away from the aggressive redhead. She got a momentary reprieve and sighed, but barely had time to register the feeling before Ginny thrust up even harder. Lavender’s head rolled back as she gasped, clearly shocked at how much damage Ginny’s small, tightly-packed tits were doing. The blonde tried leaning backward, but Ginny thrust up again, spearing Lavender’s large, meaty orbs once more. My girlfriend’s eyes were saucers as she stared at the display, her gorgeous face flushed and mouth hanging slightly open. I could tell she was seriously turned on, no doubt eager to see the busty blonde’s pride and joy get crushed.

”Dammit,” Lavender cursed. Ginny grinned and set her feet for another thrust. Lavender tried moving to the side, which did lessen some of the damage, as Ginny’s blow missed much of the sensitive tissue. Lavender slung her shoulders to the side again, and while she didn’t generate the momentum she thought she might, she did feel her tits colliding with equal force, causing Ginny to moan as she tried to match the move.

”Can’t take the pressure, huh?” the blonde asked, pushing forward. With Lavender holding her shoulders, Ginny couldn’t step back, and her center of gravity shifted. She quickly gripped Lavender’s arms so she didn’t fall back. As soon as Lavender stopped, however, Ginny seemed to realize what the blonde had done. Ginny could no longer arch her back, and therefore could provide no pressure to attack Lavender’s heavy jugs. Lavender, however, had positioned herself so that she could slightly lift and drop her bigger breasts, and she began doing so immediately. Two wet, sweat filled smacks later, and Ginny was groaning.

”Yeah, let’s tenderize those pointy sacks a bit,” Lavender hissed. Ginny opened her mouth as if trying to come up with something witty, but Lavender had apparently nailed the sensation. ”She can feel her tits begin to soften, a dull throb emanating from within,” Fleur whispered into my ear, a far-away gaze in her beautiful eyes. ”A burning sensation has started in the core of her tits, and is now speading and intensifying,” my girlfriend continued, giving the young redhead a sympathetic look as she mentally relived her own loss to the curvacious blonde.

Growing desperate, Ginny tried to push hard against Lavender, her slender but toned arms flexing as the redhead fought to find some purchase. Bent at the waist as she was, even slightly, Lavender’s hands immediately dropped to Ginny’s tight ass, then just below it. The blonde pulled up and in and Ginny found herself falling for a split second, before Lavender’s hands had found the center of Ginny’s back.

”Time to lie down, bitch” Lavender spat. She lunged forward, and Ginny’s footing gave way. Lavender broke her fall, but still remained on top of the redhead, and Ginny yelped as Lavender followed through with her tits crashing onto Ginny’s smaller mounds. Lavender found Ginny’s wrists and bound the stunned girl beneath her. The blonde looked somewhat heavier than her lean opponent, and the combination of Lavender’s leverage and weight was obviously quite effective. Soon Ginny could barely wiggle, I noted. Still, some macabre instinct was making her watch as Lavender’s heavy jugs began pounding her more compact set. The first and second blow obviously hurt, and the third blow caused her breasts to splay out noticeably, the redhead’s exceedingly firm glands compressing as the blonde’s bigger boobs smashed into them.

”Oh, shit!” Ginny wailed.

”You want more, Ginger?” Lavender asked, her voice getting a hard edge. ”Happy to oblige.” She dropped again, slamming her tits down onto Ginny’s. Ginny’s head rolled back as she felt the fight slip away. The redhead was spending a good deal of energy trying to escape, and seemed to realize that she’d have to get away quickly. If she didn’t, the blonde would blast her firm tits into mush, all the while bragging about her latest victory. Ginny made another attempt to dislodge her rival, this time bracing against the floor with her left foot and twisting her hips around.

With a sudden burst, the redhead jolted up. Clearly not having expected such a feat from the thin girl, Lavender shrieked and fell to her side. I could see she’d hurt her shoulder a bit, and heard the busty blonde let out a pained gasp. Ginny rolled away, her pointy tits now visibly reddened from the damage from the fight. ”You’re so going to get it now, you big-titted slut,” Ginny spat.

Lavender was on her knees when Ginny met her. The redhead slammed her chest forward, and despite the beating, I witnessed Ginny’s firm tits begin to burrow again. Lavender’s hands immediately went for her opponent’s shoulders, but the redhead ducked, and wrapped her arms around the blonde’s back.

”OK, let’s see how you like grinding,” Ginny panted. Lavender groaned as the lithe redhead pushed those perky boobs into her own heavy tits. Rather than try to escape, Lavender grabbed Ginny around the waist and pulled her even closer. Both women winced and Ginny stabbed forward as much as she could. There wasn’t much pressure, as Lavender was hugging her tightly, and I realized the redhead could no longer stab as effectively as before. Ginny cursed aloud, having evidently lost what had been an effective strategy. As Lavender shifted, I noticed something else. Ginny’s hard boobs were no longer digging into the blonde’s orbs quite as noticeably as they had earlier.

”Oh yeah… can you feel it? Those little tits are starting to go limp on you,” Lavender taunted, mirroring my own thoughts. ”Let’s see how long ’til they flatten completely.” I watched as Lavender began gently pushing and pulling her own torso, ensuring that the core heft of her breasts met Ginny’s perky jugs. Gasping, the redhead couldn’t hide a wince as she felt her opponent’s big teats straining against her own. I saw Ginny stab forward, causing Lavender to grimace in return, but the blonde continued pushing her larger boobs across Ginny’s chest. While Lavender’s mammaries bent and shaped, they also pushed Ginny’s compact tits to the side with each pass. If Lavender pushed up, then momentarily Ginny’s perky breasts dented the top of Lavender’s larger orbs, but soon Ginny’s boobs were pointing up while Lavender’s pair regained some of their shape.

Still defiant, the lithe redhead leaned back and thrust her chest forward with a yell. Lavender could only watch her full breasts mushroom at the tip, the force of the blow displacing much of her flesh. The blonde groaned as Ginny’s first strike hit dead on. The redhead winced, too, but the blow didn’t seem to affect her nearly as much as it did Lavender, who actually staggered from both the force of the sudden blow and the pain that accompanied it.

Ginny pulled back and swung her tits from the right, faster than one would’ve thought she could after the momentum she’d put behind the first attack. Lavender nearly fell over from the force of the impact, and Ginny grabbed her arm, pulling the blonde in hard until their sore chests met. The smack of crashing titflesh caused several people to jump, shocked at the feracity. Ginny slid her arms under Lavender’s and pulled the blonde up and into her, so that Lavender’s breasts were under her own. Lavender instinctively clasped her hands together and began pulling as well, but Ginny seemed to have her tits in a better position. Lavender grunted as Ginny shook violently, almost like some predator. Each movement sent her breasts grinding into Lavender’s, and the blonde began cursing.

Lavender had a pained look on her face, and for a moment it seemed as if Ginny had the more buxom girl at her mercy. Pretty soon, however, the defending champion managed to move her hands up and grabbed Ginny’s shoulders. With an angry growl, the blonde brought her tits up and over Ginny’s, causing both pairs to shift and mold as they seemed to fight for position. Lavender, watching the mass of shimmying titflesh, rested her no doubt throbbing udders atop Ginny’s pair and began grinding back. The blonde’s tits seemed red, and grew redder still from the effects of the attack. But now Ginny grunted and groaned, and as much as she tried, could not re-establish her earlier position. Their straining chests had become so closely entangled that it was impossible to tell who really had the dominant pair. Lavender kept grinding, but the redhead’s perky little breasts strubbornly resisted her assault.

”Damn,” I heard Fleur mutter. ”She almost had her. Those are some serious tits.”

Ginny struggled fiercely, groaning and cursing as she did so. After a while, both first-years’s breasts seemed to be in a more or less equal position, battling for the space between them, rather than an upper or advantageous position. Each pair of breasts squished and bounced as the two young women went back and forth and even brought their tits together straight on. Neither girl’s proud chest seemed to give in to the other, and one had to wonder how they would resolve it. No energy was being wasted on taunts, Ginny and Lavender deciding to concentrate on the battle waging between their boobs instead.

With a low growl, the sporty redhead reared back, her face a mask of angry determination. Ginny was able to pull away just enough to see a gap between the fighting orbs, and then it was gone as the redhead tensed her well-defined leg muscles and thrust up. Still holding the bear hug, Ginny had essentially uppercut Lavender’s full tits, and the blonde’s udders took the blow straight on. Both breasts flew back and up, towards Lavender’s shocked face. The blonde let go, but Ginny did not, choosing instead to repeat the maneuver. As her reddened breasts shot upwards again, Lavender wailed upon contact.

”Fuck!!!” the blonde shouted. Ginny grinned and delivered a third shot. This time Lavender staggered and slipped, and as she began falling, Ginny held her up. The athletic redhead was displaying an impressive amount of strength, and the blonde’s eyes widened almost comically as Ginny pulled Lavender to her.

”I’m going to finish these sad udders off now, you slut,” Ginny growled through gritted teeth. Lavender caught her feet under her, but let out a deep moan as she felt what was obviously a very firm pair of tits slam into hers, pushing their way deep into the more ample pair. The blonde struggled, but I could see her boobs fold and splash around on her chest as Ginny forced herself into Lavender intimately.

”Unnnh,” the busty girl groaned weakly, earning a strained smile from her opponent. ”That’s right, Barbie. Feel how my Super Tits turn your weak, empty sacks into mush.”

Lavender apparently couldn’t quite believe the sensation, and had to look down to make sure it was really happening. Fleur and I watched Lavender’s big, heavy tits push in severely, her tenderized flesh ballooning out and around the redhead’s pert boobs. The blonde was starting to comprehend that Ginny’s tits had managed to penetrate her own, and simply stared as her larger breasts slowly oozed around Ginny’s firm, youthful pair. The sporty redhead had a look of absolute triumph on her freckled and undeniably attractive face, smirking at the panting blonde as she let her boobs rest in the shivering breasts of her opponent. Lavender gasped, horrified, as her flesh seemed to spill downward when the redhead pulled away, reforming slowly rather than springing back like they normally did. Her best assets were now red, badly bruised and seemed to be sagging noticeably.

Anyone could see that the fight was over, but for some strange reason, Lavender was still stubbornly refusing to give up. Maybe she was simply in denial? I knew the blonde had never lost a single titfight until then, her big, meaty boobs defeating even Fleur’s perfect rack in what most people in the school considered a shocking upset. Getting suddenly flattened by a cute spitfire of a girl with small, pert tits had to be a lot to take in.

I, along with everyone else, looked on in surprise as Lavender roared, slamming her tits forward in a final desperate effort to shake the redhead off. The busty blonde let out a pained groan as she felt her round orbs wrap around Ginny’s more compact boobs. The athletic girl took advantage of her opponent’s apparent shock, and pulled the girl into a very tight hug. Slowly, gently, she pushed her tits into Lavender’s obliging glands. The redhead looked almost fascinated at the change in Lavender’s rack, and stared as her boobs pushed aside more and more of the blonde’s loose flesh. Soon it looked like the blonde’s tits had simply surrendered to the redhead’s firmer pair. Grinning, Ginny pulled away and did it once more.

Lavender stood in stunned silence as she saw her proud, powerful tits collapse. There was no denying it — Ginny’s perky rack had proven better. Lavender’s eyes were wide as the redhead began moving the large, yielding pair of beaten jugs all over her chest. The blonde could undoubtedly feel her tits flopping gently around. Up, down, left, right, her boobs wobbled and shook as the redhead directed them. Lavender’s eyes flickered from the redhead’s smug smile down to her own impaled chest. Closing her eyes, the blonde groaned, Ginny’s hard breasts moving back and forth over and through her tits, pushing her rack out severely. The crowd stared in silence as Lavender’s once firm boobs made way to Ginny’s, quivering and molding as the better pair roamed around her softened flesh.

”Fuck yeah, bitch. I ground your big, worthless udders flat.” the redhead gloated. ”Who’s got the superior rack now? Whose boobs are the best in the school?” With a snarl, Ginny pulled away and presented the freshly beaten breasts of her rival to everyone. ”Take a good look, everyone! You too, Fleur.” My girlfriend tensed in surprise, staring at the wobbly, sagging breasts of the girl who’d defeated her earlier. Fleur’s unexpected loss had been avenged, yes, but there was now yet another threat to her throne. Well, Ginny’s throne at the moment, really. The sporty redhead clearly hadn’t flattened Lavender’s big jugs as a favour to my girl, but in order to take the coveted title for herself. And at least for the time being, she had arguably the greatest pair of breasts around.

It was fairly unusual for that honour to go to a first-year, and rarer still to someone as… well… ‘undersized’ as Ginny. Yes, a girl with large C-cup breasts wasn’t exactly flat-chested, but considerably less well-endowed than Fleur, with her Double Ds, or her predecessor Penelope who’d had a set of Triple D jugs. If Lavender had raised some eyebrows by grabbing the top title just a few months into her first year, Ginny’s rather compact set was also worthy of a mention in the history books. An interesting semester, to say the least.

Lavender still seemed dumbfounded as Ginny gently cupped the blonde’s left tit, letting it ooze through her fingers before flopping the pulverized flesh against Lavender’s chest. The curvy girl watched her humiliation unfold, unspeaking. She did not resist when the redhead pulled her head to the firmer, superior tit, and wasted no time in paying her homage by sucking at the rock-hard peak of the victor. Though the normally pale flesh was now reddened and swollen, Ginny didn’t appear to be in too much discomfort. She watched my girlfriend’s stony face intently while the fresh ex-champion worshipped the redhead’s smaller, perkier breasts, Ginny whispering encouragement while Lavender acknowledged her defeat over and over.

”Your fat, arrogant tits are nothing compared to mine. Isn’t that right, Lavender?” Ginny whispered, though loudly enough to hear. Lavender’s affirmative was audible, though muffled by the redhead’s dense titflesh. Ginny’s hands grew more insistent as she directed the suddenly demure blonde. ”Keep sucking them, Lavender. Keep sucking these firm, strong champion tits.” Lavender obeyed, latching her lips to the redhead’s left nipple. Ginny winked at Fleur as the busty blonde first-year was humiliated, her message loud and clear. There was a new Queen Bee in the house.

Ultimately, the redhead got tired and pushed her rival’s head away. ”That’s enough, Lav-Lav, you’re starting to slobber. Get your saggy tits and fat ass out of my sight.” Lavender quickly pulled her head from Ginny’s chest and stumbled away, looking close to tears. She was no doubt trying to come to terms with the fact that her reign, which had barely lasted three weeks, had already come to an abrupt and brutal end. Ginny, meanwhile, stood proudly in the centre of the room, her hands resting on her toned hips and those firm, perky breasts jutting out in our direction, bruised but unyielding.

Fleur raised an eyebrow at the redhead, giving her an appraising glance and nodding slowly and deliberately. The game was on.

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