Titfight Academy: Chapter 7 by Augur

To say that the school was in disarray was an understatement. After a long period of stable rule, lasting for nearly a year, the students had now witnessed two sudden changes in leadership in less than a month. Furthermore, the current champion, who’d taken the title from her predecessor after a reign of only two weeks, was a complete newcomer. In an unprecedented move, the sporty, red-headed first year Ginny had assumed the throne after her very first public match. It had been a narrow, closely fought victory, but a victory all the same. Now, under normal circumstances a girl would have to climb her way up to top ten before being able to take on the champion, but apparently Lavender had decided to accept the redhead’s challenge anyway. As the then-ruling boob queen, it’d certainly been within her rights to do so. I suspected the busty blonde might have tried to avoid a match against Angelina, Fleur’s old rival and by all accounts a very dangerous opponent, and picked a safer alternative. But whatever the reason, agreeing to face Ginny’s rock-hard boobs had backfired spectacularly. Lavender had gotten her big, bouncy udders flattened, and there was now another brand new champion. By now the word had gotten out regarding Cho’s earlier defeat against the redhead of course, but the initial shock had been palpable.

To top it off, my girlfriend’s perfect pair, which had ruled the school since last Christmas, had now officially dropped to third place, with a pair of little first-years holding the two highest positions. I could tell Fleur wasn’t at all happy about that, and the only reason why Angelina didn’t go around making fun of the French beauty’s embarrassing fall from fame was the fact that she’d also suffered a similar drop in the rankings, the toned and rather egoistical black girl rapidly falling to fourth place.

And this is where things got interesting. Fleur and Angelina had never really gotten along, both third-year students quickly coming to view the other as a threat and doing their best to prove their own superiority. Usually my gorgeous girlfriend had been the one to come out on top, and all of their titfights had ended with the tall, athletic ebony girl’s large jugs ultimately succumbing Fleur’s gorgeous set. But now, quite possibly for the first time ever, the two rivals had a common interest: Crushing a couple of firsties, and taking back their rightful places at the top of the pecking order.

The brilliant way to settle things had been Hermione’s idea. Of course it had. The brunette wasn’t considered a borderline genius for nothing. She’d suggested something of a ‘doubles match’, with Fleur and Angelina each facing one first-year. The winners of those two fights would then compete against each other in the final, and the last boobs standing would be awarded the title of best boobs in the school. Being a close friend to Ginny as well, Hermione had been able to get the redhead on board pretty quickly. From Ginny’s point of view, the tournament was an excellent way to cement her position – by winning just two matches, she’d eliminate all immediate threats to her reign and become the undisputed champion. Lavender, too, had agreed to the idea, being eager to reclaim her throne after last week’s humiliating defeat. Normally the blonde would’ve had to wait for a whole month to get a rematch, but now she’d be getting her chance much sooner.

Of course Lavender still had half of her two-week recovery period left, and considering the high level of boobs she’d be facing, the blonde wasn’t quite dumb enough to jump into another fight before her tits had had time to heal fully. It was now a common topic of conversation in the corridors to speculate about the damage Fleur’s boobs had sustained in her fight against Susan’s mammoth jugs, and whether or not my girl’s loss to Lavender just seven days later had been at least partially due to that encounter. In addition, as Hermione had helpfully pointed out, the championship tournament would take up an entire meeting, and there were other challenges that needed to be answered as well. The top fighters couldn’t just monopolize the whole scene for themselves. In the end all four girls had agreed to wait until the next Saturday, when they’d settle their differences decisively – and with fresh tits.


As a result of that upcoming special event, today’s roster didn’t feature any of the four highest-ranking girls, who’d be following the action from the audience for a change. Instead, we were going to be treated to a number of somewhat lower profile matches, involving both new and more experienced students.

Fleur and I had found seats next to Susan and Hannah, my girlfriend preferring their company to her fellow third-years. Even I had no trouble figuring out why: the older students tended to be a bit catty towards the French beauty, usually out of jealousy, and considering how they now had plenty of ammo to use to get under her skin, Fleur was understandably wary of their company. I’d already witnessed Cho take a few digs at my gorgeous girlfriend, the strikingly pretty Asian seeming to find no small amount of enjoyment in the blonde’s recent hardships. Fleur had done her best to ignore the Chinese girl, confident in the temporariness of the situation.

Susan’s soft voice suddenly bought my focus back to the present.

”You already counting days to Christmas, Ced?” the voluptuous redhead asked me with a Cheshire cat grin, leaning forward so she could watch me from behind Fleur. Susan was wearing a simple grey t-shirt, but with her massive chest and the relatively low cut, she was displaying a deep valley between her young, creamy tits. I stared at her dumbly for a few seconds before I understood what she meant, blushing violently while my gaze slid down to the girl’s impressive cleavage. Susan and Hannah, having watched the realization dawn on my face, broke down in a fit of giggles even as my girlfriend admonished them good-naturatedly. ”Now now, girls, be nice. Cedric is a growing boy with a natural curiosity for his age”. That only served to reduce the two first-years into more hysterics, the girls leaning on each other for support as they tried to catch their breath. I was glad to not have a mirror there, as I knew my complexion closely resembled that of a ripe tomato.

I was saved from further humiliation by Hermione, who plopped down on a free seat to my left. ”Do I want to know what that’s all about?” the brunette asked in obvious bemusement, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head vigorously, and silently begged her to let me change the subject. The brainy second-year seemed to agree to my request, and I quickly steered the conversation to her favourity topic: school and academics. We chatted about that for a while before the brunette suddenly fell silent. I followed her gaze to the other side of the room, and spotted an athletic Asian student strutting across the mat like she owned it. Our eyes met for a brief moment, and the girl flashed us a cocky smirk.

”I think Cho wants to challenge me,” Hermione said quietly, pursing her lips slightly as she regarded the slender Chinese girl. ”To get back at me for flattening Marietta. But since Cho’s one of the top fighters, and I take part in these public matches so rarely that I doubt I even have a specific rank, I’m not sure if the rules would allow it… Besides, she’s not dumb enough to mess with a friend of Ginny’s right now. Too risky.”

It was now my turn to raise an eyebrow, and I studied the brunette for moment before replying. ”Has she said something?” Hermione snorted, giving me an exasperated look. ”No, of course not. But she’s been eyeing me up like a cheap piece of meat for the past few weeks. And not in a good way,” she added, grinning playfully. I returned her smile, once again marveling at the cute second-year’s perfect row of pearly white teeth. Her smile really did light up the entire room. ”But enough of that, I doubt she’s going to do anything about it for the time being,” Hermione finished in a matter-of-fact tone, taking a more comfortable position and giving me a mostly unintentional glipse of her meaty rack. At least I thought so. The brunette was wearing a moderately snug sweater top, with just enough v-neck to entice guys to look. Who was I to refuse?

”I hear you’ll be spending the holidays with Fleur?” the curvy second-year said, the small ghost of a smile on her face revealing that she’d caught my hungry leer. Oops. It’d been almost two weeks since our long, steamy shag session, and there was no denying the fact that the brunette had made one hell of an impression. I really needed to ask Fleur when we could have the young sex-fiend over again. Speaking of the French beauty, I only then noticed she’d gotten up from her seat, and seemed to be discussing something with Angelina, Katie and Mrs Bunton, one of the teachers, near the entrance.

”Yeah,” I managed, struggling to concentrate on Hermione’s question. ”Well, most of it anyway. I’m going home for Christmas, and join Fleur and her family right afterwards.”

”Ooh, in France? I remember Fleur telling me she’s from somewhere near Lyon,” the brunette murmured slowly, biting her lip cutely as she tried to summon the details from her formidable mental library.

”No, we’re actually heading to Saint Barthelemy,” I corrected Hermione. ”Her parents have a place there. But I guess that’s still technically in France,” I added, sharing a grin with the brainy brunette. My girlfriend had shown me a few photos of their ‘winter house’ in the Caribbean, and I was very much looking forward to seeing it in person. ”Fleur’s dad spends most of his time sitting in the office or the boardroom, so whenever he’s on vacation, the weather has to be warm and sunny.” Hermione guffawed at my explanation, but nodded in understanding. ”Can’t say I disapprove. I’d trade my rainy Oxford for a week or two in the sun, too.”

Pretty soon, we saw Ginny and Luna arrive at the gym, and the brunette took off to join her friends a few seats down to my right. Looking towards the doorway, I could also see the three older girls starting to make their way towards me, the school’s art professor evidently having accomplished whatever she’d been here to do. I watched Fleur and Angelina whisper something to each other before my girlfriend lifted her arms and shoulders in a textbook-perfect gallic shrug.

They stepped on the mat together, the toned black girl clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention. ”Before we begin, there’s a quick announcement,” my girlfriend started in a loud, clear voice. ”All third year students have been invited to the traditional Christmas get-together with the teachers and staff on Tuesday the 19th, about a week and a half from now. Don’t forget to add that to your calendars.”

”And don’t be late,” Angelina added, exchanging a quick smile with the French blonde. ”The event starts at 6 PM sharp. Casual outfit.”

With that out of the way, Fleur and Angelina left the stage for today’s first pair of contestants.


A tall, full-figured blonde and a shorter, more slender girl strode forward. I took a moment to admire Daphne’s jugs’ impressive heft as she thrust her still cloth-covered bust out at her opponent, her plentiful flesh shaking deliciously under the shirt. Padma met the blonde’s show of force with a roll of her eyes, not looking at all intimidated. Underneath her own tight-fitting tank top, I saw the Indian girl’s nipples protrude almost obscenely, obviously thick, and closely matching the hard orbs they were attached to.

”Long time no titfight,” Daphne called out, earning several guffaws from the crowd. Padma grinned back, but even I could tell that there was a veiled threat just behind her slightly upturned lips. The girls weren’t enemies per se, but both had a strong competitive streak, and anyone expecting a nice, friendly match was going to be disappointed. Or pleasantly surprised, depending on how you looked at it. I followed Padma’s smile down to her shoulders, remembering her trademark agility. The Indian’s lithe, slender frame was compact rather than muscular, but as I traced the outlines of her firm breasts, bulging against the fabric of her shirt, I knew Daphne had a real fight in her hands. Padma’s rack was currently ranked just below Angelina’s, and widely considered the most dangerous of the second-years.

While Cho had famously managed to flatten the Indian student in their first fight at the Academy, the girls’ subsequent rematch had seen Padma’s bigger rack turn the tables, defeating the Chinese hottie rather convincingly. In fact, before narrowly succumbing to Lavender’s boobs about two months ago, only a select few third-years had seriously threatened Padma’s position in the food chain. Namely Alicia and Megan, that is. Cho also continued to challenge the Indian from time to time, but had so far been unable to repeat her initial success.

”Doesn’t look too good for Daphne,” Susan muttered, effectively vocalizing my own thoughts. ”I don’t know what she was thinking, going after Padma. Even I haven’t flattened her yet.”

”Yet?” my girlfriend asked, a small smirk playing on her lips as she raised an eyebrow at the top-heavy redhead. ”You planning on changing that, firsty?” Susan huffed in reply, flipping the French blonde off. ”At some point, sure. But let’s see how Daphne does against her, shall we?”

Daphne and Padma had begun to peel off their shirts, so I immediately brought my attention back to the main event. I’d seen the busty blonde release her puppies before of course, but found myself turned on when she pulled her shirt up, slowly, letting the bottom hem of the garment hook her big, heavy tits from below. They thudded down impressively, quivering on her chest. I had to admit that while Daphne’s large Double Ds did have some visible sag, they were far from soft or floppy.

”Full points for special effects, I guess,” Padma laughed as she nonchalantly revealed her far perkier, though smaller boobs. I couldn’t help but grin as I remembered the last time I’d seen the Indian girl’s firm rack. They’d made short work of Hannah’s big jugs, and proved their superiority beyond any doubt. And looking at them now, it was easy to understand why they’d been too much for Susan’s best friend to handle: the two dense, almost perfectly round orbs would’ve looked like the carbon copy of my girlfriend’s glorious tits if it wasn’t for their warm, brownish colour and somewhat modest size. As it was, the Indian’s rack appeared to be one full cup size smaller than Fleur’s, a compact D rather than DD.

Incidentally, my most intimate contact with Padma’s pert, beautiful tits had occurred right after her loss to Fleur’s set, almost a year ago, and I could still remember how even a fight the Indian had put up against my girlfriend. I also happened to know that the French beauty wasn’t really looking forward to an eventual rematch – in Fleur’s own words, fighting against the brown-skinned girl’s rack had been much like facing a scale model of herself, and it’d taken a good while for her boobs to heal after that ordeal. Given the contest about to unfold, I was eager to see what Padma’s impressive firmness would do to Daphne’s bigger and heavier pair.

”Nothing personal, Padma,” the tall blonde announced casually, sounding strangely self-assured. ”With all the recent changes in hierarchy, your boobs just happen to be in my way. It’s time someone knocked them off their perch.” The Indian girl snorted, meeting Daphne’s bold declaration with a wry, condescending smile. ”And you think you have the rack to achieve that? Just what have you been smoking, stoner girl?” The blonde narrowed her eyes dangerously, slowly starting to circle her opponent and forcing Padma to follow her example.

Neither girl waited for long. Almost as though it was an unspoken agreement, both lunged at each other at the same time. The dull smack of their breasts crashing together thudded against the walls. Daphne’s bountiful jugs shook and quivered far more than Padma’s, whose firmer pair wobbled from the impact. Both women groaned and rammed forward again, with similar results. Padma’s thick nipples bounced against Daphne’s comparable tips, and then both pairs of breasts compressed at the point of impact. While it was obvious that Padma’s boobs had displaced more of Daphne’s tits, the Indian girl’s pert pair had still flattened a bit at the point. I almost laughed at the absurdity of percentages, but neither girl seemed to be in more discomfort than the other.

Again, seemingly instinctively, Dahpne and Padma decided on the same maneuver. Both fighters began slowly twisting their hips, keeping their breasts in constant contact as each pair slid over the other. Daphne’s pale skin looked almost white next to Padma’s warm brown tone, and I felt the usual stirring as both girls’ breasts undulated against the other pair. Daphne’s bigger tits would sometimes block Padma’s firm pair from view, but when I caught a view of both, each seemed to be holding its ground. The larger pair of the blonde jiggled and shook as her tits rolled over Padma’s, while the Indian girl’s dense pair shifted less, forcing Daphne’s heavy jugs up and to the side as they rolled against each other. Both titfighters were grunting when they pulled apart.

The two fighters were beginning to perspire, but neither pair looked even bruised. I realized that the fight was likely going to last longer than I’d originally anticipated. While the blonde appeared to have almost two full cup sizes on her darker-skinned rival, the corresponding disparity in breast density was clearly sufficient to even out the odds. Both women cupped their tits, no doubt trying to massage some early soreness away.

Daphne made a wild lunge forward. Her more agile opponent stepped back quickly, however, and I was treated to a massive misfire. Daphne’s heavy boobs slung forward distending from the base to the cherry tops of her big boobs as her wild swing missed. Padma, as usual, waited calmly before striking back, fast and hard. The top-heavy blonde let a big ‘ugh’ out as her tits shook violently from the impact. The Indian girl struck again, this time pulling back and slinging her firm orbs from the right. Padma’s boobs barely lost their perfect shape, though they were shaking, while Daphne’s pair seemed to roll across her chest from the impact.

Padma pulled back again, keeping her arms locked onto the blonde’s. With that blinding speed the Indian girl slammed her tits forward, arching her spine, and demonstrating her impressive flexibility and lean figure. I watched as she turned her firm boobs into weapons, shooting toward Daphne’s heavy rack. The blonde groaned as Padma speared her big tits, and her quivering flesh began shaking even more violently as Padma began grinding her hard boobs into the taller girl’s massive tits. Padma was all business, not pulling away until Daphne wrenched her torso to the left. The blonde’s tits flopped over Padma’s invading boobs and the Indian girl grinned as she realized Daphne was trying to escape.

”Getting scared already, Daph?” Padma laughed. ”Just hold still, and it’ll be over more quickly. Won’t be painless of course, but you knew that al-”

Daphne wrenched again, managing to break free from the smaller girl’s embrace. Padma snorted. ”And what now? Are you going to run away?”

Daphne, to her credit, chose action over words. She slung her shoulder to the left violently, sending both of her hefty mammaries in a wild haymaker that slammed a direct hit into the Indian girl’s pert tits. Padma’s tits, as dense as they were, were pushed in hard as Daphne’s larger jugs connected. The thump of the blonde’s full tits into Padma’s rack caused a few of the girls, including my girlfriend, to wince noticeably, and the Indian girl was staggered by the weight of Daphne’s boobs and the suddenness of the blow to the point she almost fell down. Daphne’s big jugs had reddened considerably, but she wasted no time in pursuing her advantage, slamming her teats into the top of Padma’s chest as the Indian girl was bent over, almost at the waist. Padma shot up, sending her tits shaking over her chest, but also leaving herself as open as she possibly could for a wicked uppercut from the blonde’s oversized rack.

The contact shoved Padma’s dense tits upward, and Daphne ensured that her plentiful mammaries slid over the Indian girl’s chest slowly and with intent to keep contact. The more the blonde pushed, the more Padma groaned, and before Daphne’s big orbs hid Padma’s from view, I could see just how much the pressure was stretching the Indian girl’s smaller pair. As Daphne completed her pass, Padma’s boobs bounced down, regaining their pert form, but starting to discolour even as they settled on her chest. I didn’t get a chance to watch them bruise for long, however, as the chesty blonde dragged her tits back down over Padma’s torso, leaving the bulk of their weight on Padma’s tits for a moment. The Indian girl groaned as she felt her breasts supporting Daphne’s heavy jugs. Daphne’s arms flicked out, and she grabbed Padma’s shoulders.

”Hold still, Baby-Boobs,” Daphne smirked. ”It’ll hurt less if you don’t move.” Daphne thrust her stomach up, forcing her huge tits into the air, and they came crashing down onto Padma’s exposed boobs. Padma let out a muted yelp as she felt the impact of the blow. Padma began squirming as Daphne shot her tits up again, letting them crash down atop her opponent’s battered set. Padma’s boobs had to be burning, I realized, impressed by the blonde’s dominance. My girlfriend’s own fight against the Indian girl hadn’t been this one-sided, Fleur struggling to gain the upper hand for most of its duration. I watched as Daphne changed tactics again, pulling back for another haymaker.

Padma hadn’t been as active as I’d expected, though it looked like Daphne’s blow had done some serious damage. Now, however, the Indian girl displayed her cat-like reflexes, springing to the side and letting the blonde’s devastating wrecking-ball tits fly by hers in order to set up her own strike. As Daphne’s quivering tits began to settle on her torso, Padma lunged forward with a short, very controlled step. I watched as the Indian girl’s firm, sore-looking boobs thrust into Daphne’s big jugs for a moment, sending the flesh not pinned by Padma’s invading pair to wobble across her chest. Daphne’s pale but reddened flesh shook again, bouncing back into form only when Padma moved back.

As soon as Daphne’s boobs were free, she flung them up, hoping to again land a heavy shot from above. Padma was quicker, though, and soon the loud slap of Daphne’s now-sweaty breasts slapping against her chest filled the room. It sounded like it stung, but the blonde didn’t let any pain show on her face from the botched maneuver. Her face did register Padma’s stabbing shot to her shaking rack, however. Daphne’s tits splashed outward for just a few seconds as the Indian girl pushed her sudden advantage. Despite the beating that her tits had taken, Padma was moving like some graceful predator, sliding to the left and right to burrow her firm boobs into Daphne’s larger pair.

The blonde’s ample flesh bounced and quivered under the assault, and Daphne reached out again to grab Padma’s shoulders. I don’t know if Padma trained or if she was just that fast naturally, but I didn’t see her block the attempt by grabbing Daphne’s wrists. Daphne’s arms were just suddenly trapped. I’m not sure even the blonde knew she was trapped when the first of Padma’s stabbing blows rocked her big tits, but she began to struggle after that first spearing attempt. Daphne’s jugs ballooned outward as she tried to move away from the subsequent onslaught, failing to avoid Padma’s precise strikes which sent her fleshy boobs all over her chest. It would’ve looked almost ridiculous if not for the cold expression on Padma’s face.

The Indian girl’s eyes never left Daphne’s quivering jugs, even to gauge her opponent’s reaction to the attack. Her focus was apparent to everyone, and explained why so few of the girls had ever succeeded in beating her. The latest pair to achieve that was Lavender’s, and even she had won by only the smallest of margins. The busty first-year’s round boobs had been a tender, red mess by the end, and one lucky (or unlucky) move could’ve easily changed the outcome.

Shifting my attention back to the fight, I was glad to see that not much seemed to have changed. The flesh of Daphne’s heavy teats had moved on from its earlier bright pink skin-tone, taking an angrier colour as the Indian girl continued to work them over, pounding and pummeling the bigger orbs in a steady rhythm. I grinned, thinking how Daphne would react to seeing her big, proud tits lose to Padma’s smaller set once more. I’d witnessed their previous match when they were still first-years getting initiated, with Daphne having to settle for the third place after getting her heavy jugs speared by the Indian’s firmer orbs. Cho had finished as the number one firsty back then, of course, so changes in pecking order were entirely possible. And that’s exactly what the blonde appeared to be counting on.

Unable move her hands locked in Padma’s iron grip, Daphne tried a new tactic. She twisted at the hips, sending a massive swipe of her jugs toward Padma. The brown-skinned girl groaned as she felt her pert tits get shoved to the side for a moment while the blonde pulled her far heavier boobs over Padma’s compact pair. Each time Daphne’s huge teat flopped over Padma’s boob, both bounced back into their usual form, but from the way both women grunted, I could tell some damage was being done. Despite the discomfort, Padma made sure she didn’t release the hold. I could tell, watching the Indian girl’s arms tighten, that she wanted to keep Daphne trapped in that position and prevent the blonde from making use of her size advantage in a boob-slamming contest. When Daphne twisted again, I questioned Padma’s wisdom. Another massive shot rocked Padma’s firm boobs, and the sound of impact was still echoing around the room when Padma thrust her tits forward.

Daphne groaned this time, her large mammaries getting shoved slightly up from the force of the strike, but rather than pulling away, Padma began grinding away at the tall blonde’s oversized boobs. Daphne grunted as she tried to pull away, but Padma used Daphne’s wrists to pull the blonde closer. Soon, Padma’s tits seemed to almost disappear into the blonde’s bigger jugs, and Daphne’s pair spread out slightly. Both women were breathing heavily, and the slip-slap sound of sweating breasts filled the gym. The audience had gotten quiet as they watched Padma and Daphne battle, encaptured at the intensity of the fight. I knew that Fleur would be making mental notes for her upcoming match against Ginny, my girlfriend being completely new to fighting tits firmer than her own.

Padma groaned as Daphne finally managed to pull away, the Indian’s slender arms slackening. Daphne grinned as she put some distance between the two sets, and I could almost see the relief on her face. Both pairs of tits were visibly bruised, and both wobbled considerably as they broke from the contact with the other rack. Daphne’s big red tips looked soft, but Padma’s dark nubs looked about the same in terms of their stiffness. I imagined the constant and obviously painful contact must’ve gotten to them.

”Not bad,” Fleur remarked, ”Daphne’s done better than I thought she would. If she can avoid Padma’s famous close grinding and bash her tits from afar, she might even win. All she needs to do now is keep away.”

Unfortunately for the blonde, she didn’t appear to have heard my girlfriend’s words. As Daphne tried to take another step, Padma’s arms suddenly tightened once more. In a flash, the blonde’s arms were trapped to her sides. I watched Padma shove her tits back into the blonde’s pillowy rack, dipping just below to push them toward the tall girl’s surprised face. There were a few gasps from the audience as the move was so sudden, but before I could react to that, Padma’s arms were suddenly wrapped around the small of Daphne’s back, her right hand gripping her right wrist.

”Oh crap,” Daphne cursed loudly. The blonde’s tits were forced to their most uncomfortable position thus far, and Padma’s smaller, firmer pair were spearing those big globes from below. I felt my cock pulsate as I watched the Indian girl begin shifting her feet from side to side, alternating the highest points of pressure into the blonde’s trapped jugs. Padma began moving more violently, even shaking her top-heavy opponent slightly to increase the points of impact. With every shuffle, Daphne grunted and Padma picked up more speed.

”Fuck, that’s gotta hurt,” Fleur whispered, sounding sympathetic. ”That girl’s a total monster if she catches you in a hug. Almost ground ME out last year.”

As I watched, Daphne’s tits seemed to slowly melt, drooping down around Padma’s firmer pair. The Indian girl continued tenderizing the blonde’s tits even though it was obvious to everyone she’d won. Daphne’s pushes were being muted by the pain obviously emanating from her hefty boobs, and while Padma was pushing hard, the general look seemed as though a slap at the bottom of one of the blonde’s big jugs would have sent it into her face. Padma must have thought the same thing as she began bouncing her legs, sending Daphne’s defeated titflesh wobbling all over.

”Dammit Padma, stop! You destroyed my tits with your better pair. Please let go,” Daphne groaned, sounding strained and out of breath. The disappointment was clear on her face, all the more so because of how close to victory she’d come. Padma immediately released the hug and let the blonde fall to her knees. Daphne’s big tits hung on her chest as she began gasping, and the Indian girl looked down at her for a moment, nodding, before she moved away. No stakes here, I realized. Padma had simply proved her point. She was the top dog in her year.

Daphne stood slowly and staggered away to go sit next to Tracey, who touched her shoulder, smiling sadly. Daphne nodded and sat down in her chair, leaving her sore, blotchy tits exposed for now. I saw Padma pull on her shirt, before making her way towards Daphne. The girls whispered briefly for a moment before the Indian girl patted her beaten rival on the arm and went to her original seat. To me, the blonde seemed to be taking her loss rather well, despite the confidence she’d demonstrated earlier. I realized that Daphne must’ve finally come to terms with her one-off draw against Lavender’s jugs at the beginning the school term having been just that: a one-off. She’d fought the curvy first-year when she was still green, and couldn’t expect to match her performance now. The girl simply didn’t have the tits for that.

Not quite, anyway. Daphne was still one of the better fighters here, I silently reminded myself. Most girls wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long against Padma’s incredible rack.


My girlfriend used the short break between matches to go chat with the Indian girl, taking a seat next to Padma and congratulating her with a quick hug. It was hard to tell what else they were talking about, but the discussion appeared lively and Fleur wasn’t hurrying in getting back. To my right, Susan and Hannah were also caught deep in conversation, though judging by their un-ladylike snorts and snickers, the subject itself wasn’t particularly deep. As I turned my gaze back towards Padma, I could no longer spot the French blonde anywhere. Knowing that she must’ve found another girl to gossip with, I didn’t dwell on Fleur’s absence too much.

Just as the last wandering students were taking their seats once more, I saw a tall, fairly thin redhead walk to the stage. She wasn’t an exceptional beauty, but her fondness of snug, revealing tops and short skirts guaranteed a steady flow of interested suitors. And the fact that the girl was a shameless flirt probably didn’t hurt either. Natalie was in the same year as Fleur and I, and spent most of her free time hanging out with another third-year Megan. Both girls were known to enjoy a party, and regularly frequented the local nightlife. Which wasn’t nearly wild enough for their tastes, I suspected. Fortunately there were other, more suitably ‘rowdy’ ways to let off steam, some of them not even requiring one to leave the school grounds.

”Got cold feet already?” Natalie called out, adressing someone just out of my view. While the redhead’s irate facial expression made her seem somewhat less approachable than normal, the male students were probably too busy ogling at all the exposed flesh to notice.

”You wish,” I heard a familiar voice laugh. ”Just thought I’d offer you a way out with those pretty boobs still intact, but I guess you’d rather have me knock them flat than see sense.”

The young brunette took a step forward, facing Natalie and giving her an exasperated look. Megan’s curvy but toned frame was certainly impressive, and I ran my eyes from the girl’s smooth, powerful legs to her flat stomach. The sporty third-year was wearing a pair of very skimpy gym shorts, and several male students were openly ogling at her large, meaty ass and thick thighs. Megan was the picture of a hot volleyball girl, and it wasn’t difficult to see why so many guys were drooling over her. In terms of body, she could very nearly give my modelesque girlfriend a run for her money, possibly even surpassing her in the rear department. But while Megan’s face was pretty, and her big, round boobs much better than average, she wasn’t quite a match for Fleur there. Then again, very few women were.

The brunette flung her top off to the side, and I felt my mouth water as I took in Megan’s thick, ample breasts, sitting high on her chest and jiggling deliciously. The girl’s full teats were topped by stiff, rosy nipples, and reminded everyone why she’d had the guts to go against Angelina’s legendary set a few weeks earlier. Megan hadn’t been able to beat the black girl then, but definitely shown she wasn’t someone you’d want to mess with. I finally glanced up to the volleyball player’s face, and noticed that her gaze was firmly glued to the girl in front of her.

Likewise, Natalie’s eyes were on the sporty brunette, and the redhead took her sweet time in drinking in her competition. I noticed Megan was pursing her lips slightly.

”Last chance, Nat,” the brown-haired girl called out, her tone simultaneously pleading and a touch threatening. ”Don’t make me hurt those puppies. So what if your boyfriend said I have a nicer rack than you do? The guy’s clearly an asshole.” I couldn’t help but agree with Megan on that one. Based purely on body language, the fine male specimen in question appeared to be sitting right behind Hermione and Ginny, the Justin Bieber -esque punk shifting in his seat uncomfortably and doing his best to look innocent.

”You admit he’s wrong, then?” the redhead snapped, sliding her hands under the hem of the tank top but not peeling it off just yet. ”Acknowledge that my boobs are better, Megan, and I won’t crush your set.”

As proud and strong-willed – or plain stubborn – as she was, I was surprised that Natalie had really let things go this far. Especially with her supposedly closest friend, and over a matter that seemed so… minor? No. To be perfectly honest, in these circles that was actually a fairly big deal. But it still seemed a little extreme to fall out with your best friend over something like this. Maybe Megan would rise to the occasion and take the high road?

She very nearly did.

”What if I said our tits were equally good?” the brunette asked in obvious aggravation, crossing her arms under her ample, naked bust and glaring at the redhead. ”Would that do the trick?”

”Fuck. You.” the redhead intoned, slowly and deliberately. I watched the skinnier girl unceremoniously pull her top up, freeing a pair of round, fairly dense-looking breasts which settled down on her chest with a slight bounce and jiggle. They were visibly smaller than Megan’s thick D cup jugs, most likely a mid-range C if I had to guess, but had a very similar shape and appeared to sag only a hint. Natalie turned around slowly, smirking at the numerous lustful stares her rack received, and clearly enjoying the attention. All in all the girl had a pair of rather impressive tits, and it wasn’t surprising that she’d be a bit vain about them.

I thought I was slowly beginning to understand why Natalie was so reluctant to admit any boob inferiority – or now even parity, it seemed – to her friend. Even if the pretty volleyball player did have a great rack, the redhead must’ve put quite a lot of stock in her own, sexy breasts, and had to hate the idea of coming second to Megan in that area. In my mind I suspected that it’d be something akin to the last straw, considering how attractive the brunette’s all other attributes were. If Natalie accepted that her friend had the superior pair of breasts as well, she might just as well put on a shirt saying ‘The ugly Sidekick’. She’d have absolutely nothing on the sporty girl in terms of looks.

Many introverted, studious or nerdy girls would’ve been okay with that. And the more outgoing females generally learned to live with it, even if they secretly hated living in someone else’s shadow. But a popular, confident woman like Natalie, it seemed, wasn’t going to go down without a fight. She was young, good-looking and sporting a very nice set of firm boobs. She wouldn’t settle for being anyone’s sidekick.

I wondered how Alicia and Katie handled being around Angelina. Maybe they simply didn’t think about it? Then again, some people just didn’t mind coming in second all that much. The redhead clearly wasn’t one of them.

”You wanna call it?” Natalie hissed. ”Or would you like me to flatten those pillows first?”

The volleyball girl huffed, each woman eyeing the other up.

”Alright, might as well get on with it,” Megan sighed dramatically, rolling her eyes at the fuming redhead. ”Your cute little tits asked for a beating, so I’ll give ’em one. Would you like me to feed them to you afterwards, or will your boyfriend be taking care of that?”

A few of the girls snickered, and Natalie seemed to go into a blind rage. She growled at Megan, lunging forward with a yell. The brunette must’ve been expecting that kind of a reaction, and I watched her duck just in time, sidestepping the redhead’s assault.

”I’m taking you down, bitch,” Natalie spat, narrowing her eyes at her opponent. ”You and those mushy, fat udders!” As the redhead turned for another pass, she stepped right into a ferocious blow from Megan’s boobs. The redhead cursed in pain and anger, but Megan ignored her screech and thrust her tits into Natalie’s again. The redhead’s firm tits were pushed back momentarily, but as the volleyball player pulled away, Natalie quickly slid just to the left. I watched Megan try to regain her momentum, giving Natalie just enough time to land a violent blow into the brunette’s her left teat. Megan grimaced, but quickly resumed the attack.

Natalie, who had by now recovered from Megan’s sudden blows, fired another shot, sending the volleyball player’s big breasts bouncing on her chest. They regained their fullness and form soon enough, though, and the brunette decided to put her impressive physical fitness to good use.

She sent a flurry of jabs and slaps into Natalie’s waiting breasts, peppering the smaller set with her own. When the redhead tried to rear back, Megan simply pushed forward, hitting the other girl’s tits with startling accuracy. Natalie’s dense breasts shook and jiggled from the force of the blows, despite their modest size and obvious firmness.

”Don’t run yet, Nat,” Megan laughed, grinning. ”I’m only just getting started. Your perky little boobs feel so good against my better set. I’m going to have so much fun pounding the life out of them.”

The redhead’s reply was swift and vicious. I could barely make out the stream of obscenities as Natalie launched her boobs straight at Megan, staring with my mouth open as two firm tits slammed against the larger pair and caused the brunette’s orbs to shift and shake. The redhead rammed forward again, this time managing to dent Megan’s thick boobs visibly.

Megan cursed as the violent motion sent her boobs bouncing, and I saw several students lean forward to watch the pretty volleyball player’s best assets wave all over her chest. Natalie’s fast and powerful strikes continued to drill the brunette’s jugs, making her ample flesh wobble enticingly.

A wild thrust from Megan succeeded in breaking the redhead’s rhythm, and Natalie groaned as the bigger pair slammed into hers, burying the thin girl’s boobs for a moment. Both seemed happy to take a small breather, stepping back.

”Shit, those things pack a lot of punch,” the volleyball player admitted grudgingly, kneading her sore, reddened orbs.

”You ready to give up, saggy bitch?” Natalie sneered, carefully touching her own tender flesh. ”Just admit that I’ve got the better boobs, and I’ll let you go. You won’t even have to eat me out in front of the crowd. We can do that in my room.”

The brunette growled, stepping towards her opponent. ”Oh, I’m going to make you pay for that, slut,” Megan hissed. ”Bring those weak titties here and I’ll show just who will be doing who!”

The two seething girls brought their hands to each other’s shoulders and shoved forward, letting both sets of breasts shift around the other. Megan’s bigger orbs didn’t seem to cave any more than Natalie’s pert boobs did, each fighter grunting as she felt the pressure of the opposing rack strain against her own. The girls traded thrusts for a while without either gaining an appreciable advantage, before Natalie tried sliding her chest across Megan’s, evidently attempting to pull her firm boobs over and through the brunette’s larger rack. Megan’s dense flesh quivered, but the redhead’s tits met stiff resistance, and both women groaned, each suffering through the grinding pressure. Each set of breasts maintained their shape rather well, bending and shifting in an apparent stalemate.

I was struggling to recall how Natalie had done in her earlier titfights, and could tell that she definitely wasn’t inexperienced. The redhead had never faced Fleur, of that I was sure, but thought I might’ve seen her dueling with Pansy sometime last year. Whomever had emerged as the winner in that match escaped my memory. In any case, it was clear that Natalie, just like Hermione, wasn’t a regular at the public fight events.

As I shook myself from my thoughts, and I noticed that the girls were now locked in a hug. Natalie seemed to have grabbed the brunette in a tight embrace, and I could see the volleyball player twist around, trying to escape the hold.

”Struggle all you want, Megsy” Natalie hissed. ”You’re not going anywhere. Now watch me spear those big, pillowy tits. I want to feel them pop.” The toned brunette grunted as her opponent’s firm, compact breasts pushed against hers, but to Natalie’s dismay, Megan’s thick boobs didn’t budge. I watched the redhead redouble her efforts, pouring on the pressure and causing both sets to compress more noticeably. Again, Natalie’s dense breasts did their best to invade the opposing flesh, only to come to a quick halt as the volleyball girl’s larger orbs pushed back. Each pair appeared to be holding its own, and refuse to give up any more ground than the other did.

Megan continued to wiggle in the redhead’s grip, and I noticed her hands crawling towards Natalie’s thin waist. Natalie, miffed by the resilience of her opponent’s big tits, began to grind their sets together in earnest. Megan winced as her rival’s more compact tits kept trying to burrow into her own set, but seemed to realize that they weren’t having the desired effect. The brunette’s face broke into an abrupt, vicious grin.

”What’s taking you so long, Nat?” Megan smirked. ”I thought your oh so firm pair was going to spear my weaker boobs? Well, I’m still waiting.” Natalie’s quickly reddening face clenched as she struggled to squeeze harder, her eyes closing while she channeled all her strength into the task at hand. Both fighters grunted and groaned, but just like before, neither set was really able to displace the other. After a while, Natalie had to take a rest, and the brunette pounced.

Megan moved with explosive speed, wrenching herself free from the redhead’s embrace and quickly locking on a hug of her own. Megan’s toned arms snapped around Natalie like steel vines, and I admired how the brunette’s muscles twitched as she pulled the smaller pair into her own. Natalie, who appeared to have been taken completely by surprise by the sudden change yelped, her eyes flying open.

”Oh, fuck no,” the girl whispered, recognizing the peril she suddenly found herself in. Megan immediately began sliding her tits up and down, grinding away at the trapped redhead. I saw both pairs of breasts shift and mold as Megan and Natalie responded to one another’s movements in the hold, but the brunette’s tight grip ensured that her opponent had trouble finding much purchase or leverage. I could almost feel Natalie’s desperation as the girl struggled to get away.

”Just where do you think you’re going, missy?” Megan asked, sounding strained but at the same time unmistakably smug. ”Don’t like the taste of your own medicine I take it? You wanted to grind this out, so that’s what we’ll do. May the strongest set win.”

Groaning at the taunt, Natalie seemed to abandon her futile attempts to escape the sporty girl’s grip. I saw her begin to grind her boobs into Megan’s more forcefully, rolling her back as much as she could given the close embrace.

Both young women were making small grunts and gasps as their tits continued to do battle, but the redhead’s more pronounced grimace revealed that it was Megan who was mostly controlling the space between their youthful busts.

”No… fucking… way,” Natalie panted as the pretty volleyball player tightened the hug even further, her pained eyes growing wide with trepidation as she watched the brunette’s toned limbs bulge with considerable strength. Natalie’s own arms went slack, sliding down until they came to rest on her rival’s beautifully rounded bum. Megan held the girl in place, moving her hips and torso left and right as she forced her thick jugs onto the redhead’s smaller rack intimately.

I watched in amazement as Megan slid her jugs over Natalie’s, the latter’s pair slowly losing its round shape and yielding more and more ground. The volleyball player’s big boobs were starting to push their way into the opposing flesh, shoving much of Natalie’s once firm tits to the sides and ultimately causing them to flatten against the shocked girl’s ribcage.

”I hope you’re happy now, Nat,” Megan said softly, staring deep into the redhead’s wide eyes. ”You’ve just proved your dick of a boyfriend right. My boobs really are bigger, firmer and BETTER than yours,” she continued in a slightly harder tone, her quiet voice gaining an edge. ”Aren’t they?”

Natalie swallowed, but nodded gingerly. She looked crestfallen as her tits kept shaping lazily around Megan’s stronger pair, her biggest source of pride now weak and submissive.

The brunette leaned in to whisper something to her friend, holding the shivering girl in her arms as she licked her right ear. Natalie let out a long, shruddering moan before she relaxed into the embrace, lowering her head on the pretty volleyball player’s shoulder. The two girls stayed like that for a moment, gently caressing each other’s backs and talking in hushed tones. I saw Megan plant a kiss on Natalie’s neck, and heard another weak moan from the redhead. Her long legs were shaking noticeably, and the girl seemed to be almost hanging on to the toned brunette to stay upright.

After what felt like hours, but was most likely only a minute or two, the fighters finally separated and slowly began to make their way back to their original seats. All eyes followed Megan and Natalie as they stepped off the mat, hand in hand, and I knew that the school’s male population now had some new material to wank off to.


Fleur finally returned from her little tournee, though she was for some strange reason refusing to say who she’d been talking to after Padma. I knew just how good my intelligent girlfriend was at planning things, whether they be social events, birthday surprises of elaborate schemes to overthrow legitimate governments, and suspected she might be up to something bigger. But having no way to force that information out of her, I sensibly decided to let Fleur keep her secrets for now. She was unlikely to be plotting my demise, anyway. Someone else’s I could let slide.

The French blonde was, however, entirely willing to discuss the titfight we’d just witnessed. Or at least its participants.

”So, did you enjoy staring at Megan’s ass?” she teased, grinning. I did my best to look suitably chastened, but Fleur stuck her tongue at me playfully. ”Don’t worry about it, I did too. It’s pretty damn spectacular. Big, meaty and muscular, must be all that volleyball…” the blonde mused, looking in the sporty third-year’s direction. ”Think I should try it?”

I gave my girlfriend a meaningful look, craning my neck slightly. ”You already have a great ass, Fleur. Enhancing it any further might break physics.” She laughed, her face took on an exaggeratedly dreamy expression. ”Aww, what a sweet boyfriend I have. Always looking out for me.”

Susan, too, decided to join the conversation. ”What are my cute little ears hearing? Is Fleur actually jealous of another girl for once?” The blonde beauty chortled, turning her head. ”Hey, didn’t you see those glutes? Damn right I’m jealous. And so is Natalie, I bet.”

The first-year nodded, looking thoughtful. ”Yeah… you think she’ll be okay?” My girlfriend shrugged, but smiled slightly. ”Sure, I expect she’ll get over it eventually. I mean, it’s not like her own body isn’t pretty nice, too. Megan’s is just better. And that ass simply unreal,” Fleur muttered in a mock-awed voice, earning a giggle from the pleasantly plump redhead.

”Yeah, don’t I wish mine looked even half as toned,” Susan said with a small grimace. ”But at least I’ve got her beat up top.”

My eyes predictably fell to the girl’s chest, admiring how Susan’s huge, pale orbs strained against the fabric of her overworked shirt. The redhead had the biggest pair of breasts in the room, outgunning even Pansy and Daphne by roughly half a cup size, and was surprisingly firm to boot. I doubted her heavy jugs could quite match Megan’s in density, but given the enormous cleavage (pun intended) in sheer mass, they wouldn’t have to. In terms of appearances alone, Susan’s Triple D rack was of course sure to steal the attention away from pretty much any other set.

Fleur regarded the voluptuous redhead with a small smile. ”Getting cocky again, are we?” she said, clearly amused. ”First Padma and now Megan. Should I be worried?” my girlfriend suddenly asked, grinning conspiratorially. Susan mirrored her expression. ”Maybe…” the top-heavy firsty replied, glancing down at Fleur’s sizable assets and giving the blonde beauty a wink. ”Seeing how I’ve already flattened a bunch of second-years, it’d only be fair if you oldies got the same treatment. I bet you’d make a great little slave-girl.” Both women studied each for a moment before bursting into laughter.

”That reminds me,” Fleur said, licking her lips seductively as she reached out to cup Susan’s heavy jug through the shirt. ”We’ll be holding your stakes on Tuesday after next, right before the holidays. That soirée with the teachers shouldn’t take too long, so you can drag your bouncy loser tits into our dorm by nine. Wear something Christmasy.”

The redhead tensed a bit and glared at my girlfriend.

”Gather ’round, ladies and gents,” a dark-haired girl bellowed, struggling to be heard over the background noise of countless separate discussions. I immediately recognized Tracey’s signature alto, looking at her in curiousity. The friendly if sometimes a bit showy second-year had been tasked with overseeing this autumn’s traditional initiation process, and I could only assume she was adressing the crowd in that capacity. I wasn’t wrong.

”The time has come to slug out our last ‘firsty fight’ of the year! As you’ve probably noticed, this particular batch of first-years has been of rather high quality.” Several laughs, whoops and whistles greeted Tracey’s no doubt intentional understatement, and I could see the girl’s amused gaze linger on Susan and Lavender before coming to rest on Ginny. It’d certainly been an unusual semester. ”One can only hope that the subsequent harvest will be just as fruitful,” Tracey continued once the last snickers had died down. ”Because if not, those poor sods are in for a right trashing from the upper classes next year!” the brunette joked with a lopsided grin. Again, the growd ruptured into raucous laughter as everyone applauded the ‘retiring taskmaster’ for a job well done.

Tracey bowed theatrically, accepting the student population’s boisterous praise with a proud smile. While I knew that some others had coached the firsties as well, she’d been the primary girl in charge of that. ”Without further ado, let us welcome one last busty combatant to the mat. I give you the blonde bombshell… Astoria!”

A young woman with light, almost platinum-blonde hair stepped forward, her modest top hugging the sides of two sizable breasts. They bounced slightly as she moved, suggesting the girl might not be wearing anything else under her top. Astonia’s smile was small and slightly nervous, and as I ran my eyes up and down her rather pleasant figure, I couldn’t help but think she reminded me of someone. Tracey’s next words confirmed my suspicions.

”Many of you already know her as Daphne’s lil sis. In more ways than one…” the second-year grinned, trailing off. Tracey’s implication was of course immediately obvious – while Astoria had nothing to be ashamed of in the size department, she didn’t appear especially ‘blessed’ either. I saw Daphne give her younger sibling an enthusiastic wave, and noticed that the tall second-year had put on a dark green hoodie, shielding her big, sore jugs from view.

”By having beaten Luna, Romilda and Hannah in the initiation tournament, Astoria has earned the right to face one of the higher-up girls,” Tracey intoned in an official-sounding voice. ”And since she didn’t express any specific preference for an opponent, we took the liberty of looking for a volunteer,” the second-year finished, her eyes settling on familiar face.

Greeting the crowd with a confident smile, Cho jumped on the mat, her long jet-black hair bouncing around the girl’s attractive face. The Asian had a very striking, slender figure, and obviously took good care of herself. While Cho wasn’t buff like Angelina, and fell just short of Ginny’s lean, sinewy figure in sheer muscle definition, she looked plenty fit enough. I watched Astoria drag her grey eyes across the Chinese girl’s toned body from her shoulders down to her hips and jeans-clad legs, stopping for a moment to appreciate the Asian’s small but flawlessly shaped bum.

The blonde first-year wasn’t much taller than Cho, but had somewhat more luxurious curves. Though she wasn’t quite what I’d call sporty, Astoria’s arms and legs did show some muscle tone, and the girl was obviously in reasonably good shape. As I admired the two fighters, I noticed that both were wearing a somewhat conservative outfit. Though the girls’ t-shirts were snug enough to highlight their round, firm tits, there was precious little cleavage on display. Looking more closely, the fabric on Cho’s white top seemed to be just tight enough to reveal the slightest outlines of her nipples, signalling a lack of a bra. I wasn’t the only one to notice. Astoria’s thorough inspection of the Asian’s sculpted frame seemed to come to halt as her gaze locked onto Cho’s bust, and the sporty girl flashed her opponent a playful smirk.

”Wanna cop a feel? All you have to do is ask,” the Chinese beauty grinned, causing the blonde first-year to quickly look away, a slight blush making its way to her cheeks. ”I bet Daphne’s told you all about how hard they are,” Cho continued with a pleasant drawl, glancing over at Astoria’s older sister briefly. The haughty blonde didn’t look too pleased to get dragged into the conversation, but I saw her meet Cho’s eyes evenly. ”How many times have you licked my tits now, Daffy? Three? Four?”

”Two,” Daphne’s annoyed voice rang from the audience. ”That bet at Tracey’s birthday party doesn’t count.” A few giggles followed her reply, and the bafflement must’ve shown on my face, since Fleur quickly leaned in to whisper. ”Some of the second-year girls got together over the summer. Apparently Pansy and Daphne were trying to use their big jugs to catch the attention of Tracey’s handsome rugby-player cousin, when Cho decided to up the ante a bit,” my girlfriend exlained, pursing her lips as she studied the sporty Asian. Cho and the tall blonde were currently glaring at each other, having chosen to communicate nonverbally for the moment. ”I hear she suggested a friendly little wager to see whose boobs he liked the best. Both Pansy and Daph agreed, of course.”

I looked up to see a ghost of a smile playing on Fleur’s pouty lips. ”What they didn’t expect was for Cho to take part in the competition as well. And topless at that,” my girlfriend murmured, guffawing at my look of surprise. ”Yeah, she’s not shy, that’s for sure. But to be fair to her, that’s pretty much the only way for a girl like Cho to demonstate her main advantage over bigger busts,” Fleur mused, shrugging a bit. ”Firmness or shape don’t show through a shirt and bra like size does.”

I nodded, prompting her to continue.

”Pansy and Daphne followed suit of course, but as you’ve seen, their racks have a bit of sag to them. And it turns out that Tracey’s cousin isn’t quite as obsessed with huge tits as some other meat-heads are. The guy ultimately picked Cho’s pert orbs over the other girls’ heavier udders, much to Daph and Pansy’s displeasure,” Fleur finished, cupping her own, perfectly-shaped jugs though her top and flashing me a quick smile. ”Sure, they’d both already lost to Cho in a titfight before, but I guess coming second to a much less well-endowed girl in a purely esthetic comparison as well really got to them. No doubt they’d silently believed that their big boobs were still more attractive than Cho’s,” my girlfriend muttered as she jostled her globes gently. ”Clearly Tracey’s cousin disagreed. Anyhow, as per their agreement, both girls had to give Cho’s perky set a nice, good lick. In front of all the guests. Good thing Tracey held a separate party for the old people,” Fleur chortled.

My imagination went racing as I tried to imagine Pansy and Daphne on their knees, suckling on the Chinese hottie’s firm tits while the guy they’d all been trying to impress looked on. Next to me, I heard Fleur suppress a giggle. ”Yeah, too bad we’re not friends with Tracey. I would’ve loved to have been there.”

”To watch, or to get your own tits sucked?” I asked, surprising both the French blonde and myself with my confident, suggestive tone. Fleur studied my face for a moment before breaking into a sly grin. She slowly lowered her head to my shoulder, letting her hot breath land on the skin on my neck. ”Either one sounds like fun, to be honest. But what about you, naughty boy?” she whispered huskily. ”Would you have enjoyed seeing me join Pansy and Daph? I bet those perky little tits taste great.”

Despite my best attempts, I couldn’t prevent a grunt as I felt my engorged member lurch at the mental image Fleur had just conjured up. I knew that the French girl’s big, perfect breasts were shaped almost exactly like Cho’s much smaller tits, and that she would’ve been very unlikely to lose such a contest to the Asian beauty. But I couldn’t deny the fact that the idea of witnessing my modelesque girlfriend pay homage to Cho’s rack was strangely appealing. I felt my face redden, and gave Fleur a sheepish look. She laughed heartily, shaking her head. ”Oh dear, what am I going to do with you,” she murmured in mock disapproval.

”I’m sure we’ll figure out something later today,” I shot back, waggling my eyebrows and grinning innocently. Fleur returned my smile, but quickly gestured towards the mat. Finally turning my attention back to the center of the room, I realized we’d almost missed the start of the fight.

I watched Cho lift her shirt without ceremony, peeling it off, and revealing her pert but smallish C cup tits to the school. The black-haired girl sighed seductively as she cupped those exceedingly firm-looking globes, her gaze moving to Astoria’s slightly apprehensive face. I could see from the corner of my eye Katie’s sullen look, recalling her painful loss to Cho a few weeks earlier. The Chinese’s hottie’s boobs were certainly impressive, and many of the girls here knew from personal experience that they felt every bit as dense as they looked. Looking closely, I thought the Asian’s tits might be just a hint more conical than my girlfriend’s, making them look even harder, but doubted she could’ve maintained that remarkable shape with the added size and weight. Fleur’s combination of mass and density was pretty much universally envied.

Her grey eyes still glued to Cho’s pert pair, the blonde first-year pulled at her own top, lifting it up. Astoria’s big, meaty boobs fell down with a quiet thud, shivering on her chest ever so slightly. I grinned as I saw the school girl’s large, firm orbs fall out of the shirt, the dramatic drop making them appear even heavier as they escaped from the confines of the restrictive garment. Astoria smiled nervously, giving her opponent a small wink as she gently rubbed her tits, slowly squeezing and kneading the ample, creamy flesh.

The blonde didn’t seem much taller or thicker than Cho, but her tits were noticeably bigger, and sat high on her chest. Quite a bit higher than her elder sibling’s, in fact. Astoria’s boobs weren’t as large as Daphne’s heavy mammaries to be sure, being closer to a small-to-mid D cup in my estimation, but their shape was rather nice and round, and the amount of bounce limited.

But while they looked firm for their size, Astoria’s bigger jugs of course had more visible sag and jiggle than Cho’s compact breasts did. It was difficult to tell how much of that was due to some fundamental difference in density and not simply caused by the greater mass, but I gave it a shot anyway, drinking in the young, nubile titflesh on display. Astoria appeared to have her opponent outgunned by about one cup size, a comfortable if not exceptional lead.

”Hmm, at least you’re not floppy like your sister,” Cho murmured as she finally dragged her gaze away from the blonde’s attractive rack, giving Astoria a quick grin. ”Still, I doubt that’ll be enough to save your tits today…” Cho trailed off, slowly letting her lips curl into a shrewd smirk. ”Has anyone told you that I’ve been in the top ten ever since starting here?”

Without giving her opponent any further warning, the Chinese girl shoved her impressively firm pair into Astoria’s meaty mammaries. The platinum blonde grunted as she felt her rack lose some of its round, full shape for a moment, displacing at the point of contact. Astoria’s face registered the contact, but the first-year looked more surprised than hurt. Cho’s mouth tightened, and it looked like she’d been expecting a more pronounced reaction. I felt Fleur snuggle closer to my side as we watched the two girls start to match their best assets.

”This should be good,” my girlfriend said quietly, brushing her left boob against my arm. ”Susan said Astoria’s nearly as firm as I am. Gave her loads of trouble back in September, apparently.”

The two fighters seemed slightly wary of each other at first, moving carefully and simply pushing and shoving their dense breasts into each other. As Cho’s right boob met Astoria’s left teat, both breasts would flatten at the point of contact. The blonde’s set of course gave more ground in absolute terms, but proportionally, they looked fairly even. The contact was not always tip to tip, and Cho’s tits sometimes looked as though they were trying to impale Astoria’s bigger boobs, forcing the younger girl’s flesh outward from the point of impact. When Astoria’s larger mammaries slammed into Cho’s, however, the sporty Asian’s hard tits seemed to yield some, compressing visibly under the larger set.

Each pair held its shape quite well, with neither girl being able to invade the other’s pair for more than a few seconds before the competing breast tissue sprang back. Astoria and Cho had moved their hands on their opponent’s hips, keeping their breasts in an almost constant contact. As their tits slid over each other, sweat began to build. Their boobs bounced and shook on each pass, though not by much, and both looked happy to simply rub the other girl’s rack off their chest.

”Yeah, don’t you just love seeing my firm boobs wear your softer pair out, Blondie?” the Chinese girl smirked, winking at the audience as she lined her tits up and pushed. The move forced Astoria’s more ample flesh back, and it seemed, just for a moment, as though the younger girl’s heavy jugs were making way for Cho’s pert, dense tits.

”I know you can feel it. Those big, fat boobs are opening up for my firmer set already!” Cho sneered, obviously encouraged by the sight. She shoved again and again, each thrust making the blonde’s bigger boobs yield slightly. They still retained their round shape for the most part, but the difference to Cho’s tight tits was becoming noticeable. To my right, I saw Daphne open her mouth to give her sister some pointers, but pause as she saw the Astonia’s large, grey eyes harden.

”Keep dreaming, you slit-eyed bitch. I’m going to squish your little sacks into paste,” Astoria snapped, and shoved back, slamming her bust’s greater mass forward. This time, Cho’s perky boobs flattened more as they received the blow’s force head on. Fleur and I glanced at each other, wondering if things were about to escalate. But they didn’t, at least not yet. Both fighters were wincing slightly as their shoves and jabs forced some of the flesh outward, and the advantage was held with the person beginning the contact. If Astoria shoved her bigger tits into Cho’s chest, the smaller-chested girl either saw or felt her firm tits flatten out from the surface. When Cho pushed, Astoria’s more ample breasts seemed to allow access, her flesh pushing in briefly. Neither girl looked to be more uncomfortable than the other, and no mentionable advantage seemed to have been gained.

Still maintaining their close embrace, Cho began to slide her torso back and forth. Astoria mirrored her, trying to match the Asian girl’s shoves. It looked like every bit of their flesh was in contact, sliding, folding, bending and slapping. Astoria’s big boobs looked almost as if they were bouncing at times, while Cho’s breasts were pushed in before bouncing back. Both sets shifted as they made way for the other girl’s dense flesh, but I could see Astoria’s larger jugs slowly start to soften, losing ground to her opponent’s tightly-packed set just a bit more obviously than in the beginning.

As if she’d been reading my thoughts, the blonde’s hands moved suddenly, sliding up to Cho’s toned shoulders. Astoria seemed to have realized that even if her breasts weren’t far behind Cho’s in firmness, the Asian’s more compact tits were highly durable, and able to concentrate significant pressure on a small area. Looking at the blonde’s perturbed face, I could tell she was feeling her dense, heavy jugs bulging out as the Chinese girl’s hard pair tried to invade them, and knew that she needed a different kind of strategy. While her tits had so far been able to hold Cho’s perky pair off, the brutal grinding was clearly working in the Asian beauty’s favour.

I noticed a small but constantly widening smile on Cho’s face as she regarded her younger opponent. With an indignant sniff, Astoria began to push the sporty girl away, forcing the surprised Asian back. Cho responded quickly, however, and did her best to pull their racks back into each other. They stayed like that for a while, one girl pushing and the other pulling. While Cho appeared to be marginally stronger of the two, she was no longer able to attack effectively, and I couldn’t see either titfighter making much headway.

Rather than drag out their little test of strength any further, the Chinese girl leaned down and fired a shot from below. Astoria’s heavy boobs bounced up, jiggling delightfully as Cho continued the blow, shoving her firm tits into the underside of the blonde’s bigger rack. Astoria’s dense breasts flew up, rolling from the impact, and the first-year groaned as she felt the blow connect. Astoria’s breasts settled on her chest just as Cho reared back, and I could see Daphne’s look of concern as her little sister’s tits dented at the center, the plentiful, creamy flesh pushing to the sides as the opposing pair dug in. Astoria gasped at the sensation, and the older girl took advangage by spearing Astoria’s large breasts again. Realizing that she had to break Cho’s rhythm, Astoria’s hands tightened, but she didn’t move in time.

Cho’s swing changed again, and Astoria, clearly unfamiliar with the athletic second-year’s strategy, was having difficulty anticipating. A shot from the Chinese girl’s firm left breast slammed into Astoria’s right, forcing her big, round boob to wobble. Cho repeated the move with her other breast, and soon Astoria’s tits were both shaking on her frame.

”There we go, Floppy Tits,” Cho grinned, ”I can see the family resemblance now. Let’s see how high I can bounce these soft udders!” Another shot from Cho’s perky, firm-looking left tit followed, and Astoria’s jugs were each shaking independently of the other. When Cho finally paused, apparently to taunt the first-year, Astoria took her chance. With an angry growl, the blonde slammed her larger breasts into Cho’s waiting pair.

The Chinese girl’s compact tits almost looked like they’d been swallowed by the blonde’s creamy jugs, and I winced at Cho’s high-pitched shriek. Flashing the sporty Asian a quick, menacing grin, Astoria ground their tits together for moment, enjoying the sensation of her pair burying Cho’s smaller set. Before Cho could retaliate, the blonde pulled back and slammed forward again. The blows were so rapid that her opponent – or I, for that matter – barely had time to register them. Grunting and cursing, Cho watched as the blonde’s violent thrusts slammed into her tits, sending large ripples across the firm flesh.

Astoria pressed her advantage, swinging from the left to force her heavy breasts into the opposing rack. Cho’s dense flesh shook and wobbled over her chest as Astoria held her breast against Cho’s and began sliding her heavy, firm tits over Cho’s smaller counterparts. The Chinese beauty groaned as she felt the considerable weight push her own breast inward and down, shifting both the surrounding tissue and core of her tit. Cho’s boob slid back as Astoria continued, the latter pressing her flesh into the Asian’s other orb.

”Good job, ‘Tori!” I heard Daphne yell in excitedly. ”Kill those puny little boobs!”

The black-haired girl’s right tit was pushed outward noticeably, before being covered by Astoria’s breast. A confident smirk now making its way to her lips, and the blonde pulled back, watching Cho’s tight tit bounce back into its original position. Astoria slid back, using her right breast to try to repeat the maneuver.

Cho moved quickly this time, pulling back and slamming her hard pair into the underside of Astoria’s rack. Her left breast made the most impact, this time slamming into Astoria’s right tit, forcing the younger girl’s meaty flesh up toward her shoulder. Cho followed up by grinding her right tit into Astoria’s left, pushing in so that Astoria’s boob slowly pushed out. The blonde moaned, but apparently couldn’t stop herself from staring at the sight. All eyes were glued to Astoria’s big, firm teat yielding to Cho’s even harder boob, the blonde’s creamy flesh shimmying as it welcomed the invading orb.

”Oh wow, crushing these soft, bouncy udders is making me hot,” Cho whispered. ”I can’t wait to feel them surrender to mine,” she added. ”They’re going to look amazing, spilling around my better boobs.” Astoria groaned as her other jug was pushed inward slightly, leaving both her teats momentarily impaled by Cho’s obviously firm pair. Cho pulled away for just a moment, and Astoria sighed as she felt her boobs rebound into their original, almost spherical shape. Her relief was short-lived, however, and the Chinese girl remained the aggressor, this time lining her pert boobs up and slamming them forward. Astoria’s heavy flesh rippled as it was pushed back and outward, and the first-year moaned as she felt Cho’s attempts to invade her big orbs. Cho ground in for a second, but pulled away, seemingly to take stock of the situation.

Astoria pounced, dipping her waist just enough to send her large mammaries into the underside of her opponent’s perky boobs. Cho’s boobs moved this time, flattening slightly at the bottom while the bulk of her mass flew upwards, wobbling up her chest. Cho’s mouth was hanging open in surprise and pain as Astoria’s attack shook her firm tits. The blonde shifted her weight, and before Cho’s pert boobs had time to stop jiggling, Astoria’s right breast slammed into its counterpart like a wrecking ball. Cho let out a guttural groan as she felt her right tit get mashed inward, and again, Astoria poured on the pressure. Soon her right breast was pushing into Cho’s left, while Astoria’s left tit was trying its best to flatten the raven-haired girl’s right boob. The look on Cho’s face seemed to be of discomfort and pain. She seemed a bit dazed, but her eyes were narrow and her mouth was tight.

”What’s the matter, bitch?” Astoria teased, smirking slightly. ”Are those little buds going soft on you already?”

”Oh, I’d be more concerned about your saggy udders if I were you!” Cho replied with a hiss, and pulled away with a sudden burst of strength. Astoria managed to keep her balance, and soon the girls were circling each other. They both rubbed their sore breasts, their reddened flesh bouncing and jiggling enticingly. It was easy to see that Cho’s tight tits had loosened quite a bit, but Astoria’s jugs weren’t doing much better either.

Diving down suddenly, Cho shot her tits into the underside of Astoria’s big boobs. The attack sent the blonde’s heavy tits shaking uncontrollably upward, and Cho grabbed her shoulders before the latter could step back to regroup. Astoria’s big boobs were wobbling when Cho quickly moved forward. She slammed her tits into Astoria’s, once again spearing the blonde girl’s bigger tits. Still, the Asian’s smaller pair also compressed noticeably, and both fighters groaned as they felt their dense flesh yield to the other’s rack.

Astoria closed her eyes for a moment as Cho’s set invaded her larger boobs, but the blonde’s arms snaked around her opponent’s back. ”Shit,” Cho grunted as she felt the younger girl pull their sweaty racks even tighter together. She replied in kind, and as their boobs mashed against each other, both girls began to roll their tits further in.

”Stupid move, Barbie,” Cho murmured in strained voice. ”My firmer boobs are going to grind you flat.”

”Oh, really?” Astoria grunted in reply, shoving her rack forward and forcing the older girl to groan as she felt her dense flesh displace briefly. ”Are you sure it’s not the other way around?”

Gritting her teeth, Cho pushed back. ”Even for a firsty, you’re dumber than you look. Watch and learn,” she whispered angrily, rubbing her pert boobs over the tops of Astoria’s jugs. It was now the blonde’s turn to wince, her more ample bust billowing down and out as Cho’s firm tits pushed in from above. I wondered if Megan’s success against Natalie’s thick set in the previous fight had boosted the first-year’s confidence, as she seemed determined not to back down from the close contact.

The room became silent as the girls ground against each other, listening closely to the wet smacks of their tits against each other and their grunts and gasps as they felt their titflesh shift and jiggle. I noticed Fleur staring at them, captivated, as the two pairs of sweaty breasts slid from side to side, their flesh rippling with every pass. Cho’s pert, more compact breasts slid up and over, shifting slightly, while Astoria’s tits shifted more. But they were also a lot heavier, and whenever the blonde managed to slide her rack on top, she was rewarded with a moan from her attractive opponent as Cho’s firm flesh compressed beneath the bigger bust.

Astoria had taken note of this, if her satisfied smirks were any indication, and she seemed to be doing her utmost to ensure that her mammaries were resting above Cho’s as often as possible. The Chinese girl fought her attempts of course, trying to make sure that her small, firm tits were meeting Astoria’s point-to-point.

The hug went on for a while, with each of the girls sliding, rubbing and shoving their breasts into and against the other’s firm set. Astoria’s jugs were yielding quite a bit of real estate now, and I wasn’t surprised to see Cho’s tight tits slowly starting to take over. I glanced over at Fleur, and saw her lick her lips as she watched the two pairs of youthful breasts bend and fold, compressing the opposing flesh before being pushed back and starting the process all over again.

We both stared in rapt attention as Astoria dragged her sweaty boobs across the older girl’s dense pair, causing Cho to grunt again when her boobs flattened under the mass rolling over them. Cho responded by shoving her own chest forward, the blonde’s ample rack pushing out visibly. Both pairs of breasts were spilling to the sides as they met, compressing and shifting around each other, but I thought I could see a small, careful smile grow wider on the Asian hottie’s face. The girls kept twisting and rolling their shoulders gently, sending their firm tits wave by wave into the other’s rack.

Just then, one of the girls begin to grunt with an increasing frequency, while the other became silent. Both pairs of breasts compressed, molding against each other just like before, and I leaned forward for a better view. Just then Cho started another shoulder roll, forcing her pert pair into Astoria’s larger rack. The blonde’s grunts and gasps indicated the move’s effectiveness, and I could see Astoria’s struggles begin to slow down. It almost seemed as though the younger girl was tiring out.

”Fuck yes, Blondie,” Cho hissed, a labored but exceedingly satisfied smirk forming on her lips. ”You sure put up a good fight. I reckon you might actually have a nicer set than your sister. But it’s over now. I’ve crushed your big tits with my firmer pair.”

The sporty second-year slowly pushed to her left, and the crowd let out a collective breath. We watched Astoria’s right boob get shoved outward and gently mold around Cho’s pert tit. The blonde, looking a bit shaken, responded quickly. I watched her push back hard, but the Asian held her ground, and it looked like Astoria’s big teat was pushed even further out, reshaping rather than resisting.

”No,” the first-year gasped in surprise, watching her once round boob spill away. Cho’s cruel, toothy grin reminded my of a tiger stalking its prey. ”Oh? You want me to flatten them completely, do you?”

The Chinese girl pulled the blonde closer so she could press both of her hard breasts into Astoria’s larger, more ample set. I watched in fascination as the Asian pushed her tits into and over the blonde’s big, beautiful boobs. The heavy pair began flattening quickly, compressing at the point and moving outward with a fluid motion, and I could’ve sworn I heard my girlfriend stifle a moan. Cho had clearly succeeded in turning those large, firm tits into mush, and we both watched the blonde’s flesh simply make way for the Asian’s perkier orbs. Astoria still hadn’t given up, though, and the sporty Chinese girl used the opportunity to drive her point home. Cho slammed her tits head on into the first-year’s loosened, slightly droopy set, cackling gleefully as the blonde’s ample tits flowed around hers like half-melted butter. I saw Astoria’s hands drop and her shoulders sag.

”Oh shittt, you win, you win!” she gurgled, feeling the Chinese girl’s pert tits impale themselves deeper and deeper into her own chestmeat. ”Your firmer, better tits crushed my weak set,” Astoria panted, fighting back tears of pain and embarrassment. ”They ground my mushy udders flat just like you said they would. I’m no match for you, Cho. I surrender.”

”That’s a good girl,” the Chinese girl cooed. ”I’ve always loved beating up firsties, but it turns out you come with an especially tasty bit of loot: my first matching set of siblings.” She blew a kiss at Daphne, whose regal face had turned into stone, reminding me why she was commonly referred to as the ‘ice queen’. Cho met the second-year’s murderous glare evenly, before turning back towards the younger blonde. ”And if that wasn’t enough, you’re supposed to be blue-blooded, right? Your dad’s a what, an earl or something?” she asked smugly, clearly enjoying every second. Astoria nodded, looking down at her feet. Cho wasn’t ready to let her off the hook just yet, though, lifting the meek blonde’s face by the jaw and forcing her to meet her gaze. ”Now, it’s time to serve your betters, slut. I want your saggy cow of a sister to see what you can do with that tongue.”

Astoria didn’t seem interested in dragging out the humiliation any longer, and quickly sidled over to the Chinese girl’s pert rack. I watched her attach her mouth to Cho’s hard nipple, moving her lips around the small orb and pleasuring the Asian to the best of her ability. The blonde paid equal attention to both breasts, and Cho couldn’t resist the temptation to continue her taunting.

”Whoa, ‘Tori,” the toned Asian drawled while Astoria continued her tribute session. ”I was hoping that the talent for tit-sucking might run in the family, but damn, you really seem to enjoy it. Any time you want to lick my perfect tits, just say the word,” Cho moaned, patting the first-year’s head condescendingly. ”You can even bring Daphne along if you’d like. She’s not as talented a slave as you are, but better than most.”

Fleur was shaking her head at the Asian beauty wistfully. ”She can be a total bitch at times. There was no need for that, especially with a firsty, but Cho just had to keep rubbing it in,” my girlfriend sighed. ”I wish she’d challenge me. Knocking those tight tits down a peg ought to teach her some manners.”

I watched the Chinese girl strut off, leaving her red-faced and tearful opponent kneeling in the middle of the mat, unsure what to do. Somewhat unexpectedly, Ginny was the first to snap out of her stupor. She quickly made her way to the blonde, pulling her to her feet. I noticed that the sporty redhead was making sure not to hug her fellow first-year from the front, instead wrapping a sympathetic arm around Astoria’s shoulders and starting to lead her away from the mat. It seemed to me that the girls were, if not close friends, at least on reasonably amicable terms. Which only made sense considering how many classes they probably took together. Daphne soon joined them, embracing her little sister carefully and allowing Ginny to step away. They shared a look before the newly-crowned boob queen turned and addressed the room.

”Okay, everyone. That’s all the fights we had time for today,” Ginny intoned, letting her gaze move through the audience. ”Don’t forget to be here next week, when you’ll get to see me flatten not one, but two pairs of overrated boobs in a row. Personally, I’m hoping it’ll be Angelina’s and Fleur’s, but we’ll see if they can beat Lav-Lav’s fluffy udders this time.” The redhead’s eyes locked onto Fleur’s as she said those words, and I could see my girlfriend’s look harden. Ginny wasn’t done, though. ”Lavender’s short reign was nothing short of an embarrassment to the school. That bimbo was way too fat and saggy to wear the crown, and thanks to me, her weak, mushy sacks can no longer defile that esteemed institution.”

The busty blonde in question was barely able to control her rage at this point, seeming to practically shake with rage in her seat as she listened to the redhead’s stinging insults. If anyone had been uncertain as to the level of disdain the girls had for one another, they weren’t anymore. It was obvious that Ginny and Lavender hated each other’s guts with a passion.

”And while Fleur and Angelina may seem more deserving of the honour in terms of their tits,” the redhead continued, ignoring the ex-champion’s seething look, ”They’ve clearly shown that they can’t be trusted to guard the throne even against a lesser rack. How else could someone as-”

”FUCK YOU, Ginger!” Lavender finally exploded, getting up and starting to stomp towards the mat. ”Fuck you and your sad, ugly bags of shit! I’ll flatten them right-” The blonde’s infuriated tirade was interrupted by a group of second- and third-years scrambling to block her way. I barely had time to recognize Katie and Megan’s toned figures before the gaggle of girls tackled Lavender to the ground, blocking my view of the action. Turning my head towards the mat, I could see Hermione dragging an amused redhead in the opposite direction. Ginny didn’t seem at all scared or remorseful, instead chortling loudly as she admired the mess she’d just created. She eventually allowed the brunette to steer her away, flashing Fleur and I one last smirk from the doorway before exiting the room.

Slowly and purposefully, I braved a glance at my girlfriend. To my surprise, she too appeared to be struggling not to laugh aloud, gigging into her palm while using the other hand to wipe away a small tear from the corner of her eye. Sensing my gaze, Fleur turned towards me and grinned.

”What? I like her style,” the blonde beauty said, shrugging. ”It’s a bit mélodramatique, yes, but also very effective. One could almost think she was French.”

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