The Duel Room: East vs West by JustLooking9000

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<>=dialogue in mandarin
Baigui= white devil. A non-polite (or OK term, depends on the tone) way to refer to Caucasian people in Chinese.

The office was on edge. How could it not? It all started when a new girl from HR, Manami Honjo, decided that a co-worker’s cock was a perfect fit for her pussy. The fact that said co-worker, Eiji, already had a girlfriend claiming that cock for herself hardly deterred Manami from pursuing him. What was more, she went out of her way to very publicly incite the girlfriend, Fumiko Hayashi, into a physical confrontation in the hopes of taking her out of equation. It worked: a challenge was issued and accepted in front of a throng of co-workers, culminating in a vicious duel that saw one woman affirming her rights over Eiji’s manhood and the loser exiled from the city (1. The Duel room: Work wife vs girlfriend)

Word of the duel and eventual outcome had spread like wildfire in the company, igniting a chain reaction of copycat violence as men excitedly talked about the duel and women sought to impress their male lovers. Love triangles and romantic rivalries that had long been simmering under the surface were suddenly becoming physical affairs as women defended their place in a lover’s bedroom.

One such incident happened right at the regional manager’s office. Apparently, the CEO’s son, Cho Minho, had been fucking both his executive assistant, Lee Jimin, and his secretary, Yuda Lin (English name: Amy Lin) for months. The attractive young women were sick of the love triangle, especially since they had to interact with each other on a daily basis. Hearing about the Manami’s and Fumiko’s duel, the women decided to see who would get Minho in a brutal duel that saw the Korean beauty leave for another branch. Since Minho was the son of the CEO, nothing was done to him or the Chinese secretary, despite the clear rules the company had against duelling co-workers (2. The Duel Room: executive assistant vs secretary).

What really kicked things into over drive was the fact that the CEO’s son was married to a Caucasian woman who had won him in a savage duel where the final prize was a marriage proposal (3. The Duel room: Wedding proposal). The now wife, Sophie Jansen, was incensed at the gall of the Chinese secretary. Not only was Amy Lin sleeping with her husband, but she was openly flaunting her mistress status and making no secret that her final goal was marrying her husband. It was a slap in the face, an insult too great to ignore. No woman in this time and age would ever let such insolence go unpunished. No formal challenge had been issued yet, but everyone knew the secretary and the wife were bound to fight soon.

The company was abuzz with rumours of fights and upcoming challenges. The two girls fucking Steve from accounting went at it in the company’s gym but were broken up, and no one knew if they’d end up formally duelling each other. The head of marketing was bedding four women, and neither was happy with the situation. Everyone was waiting for next shoe to drop.

The 27-year-old Cindy Wang (Chinese name Wang Jing) was too thinking of the recent office tension. More specifically, she was thinking of her own tense stand-off with certain British woman. The 175 cm tall beauty would be lying if she said she hadn’t considered challenging Jennifer in order to end their feud over Alan.

The Chinese Cindy and the American Alan had been intimate for several months until Alan had to go to the UK to work for 6 months. They decided the best was to “break up” and see what happened after he came back to Hong Kong. They still talked over instant messaging and Cindy hoped she could win him back when he returned.

He did come back…. with a blonde Englishwoman named Jennifer Chambers, who possessively hung around him and declared herself his girlfriend. It was bad enough the baigui was pretty, but what really riled up Cindy was the white whore’s F cup tits.

She knew Alan was a tit man. As a matter of fact, Cindy knew that it was her own massive chest that had won her entrance to his apartment. He worshiped her tits and they had kept him loyal in a world where male fidelity was a scarce commodity. Thus, the fact that her ex-boyfriend had a busty new girlfriend disappointed Cindy tremendously.

It hardly deterred her from trying to rekindle their relationship, however. On the very third day Alan had come back, the Chinese temptress wore a daring miniskirt and a tight dress shirt showing a lot of cleavage, walked to his office and seduced him on the spot.

To show Alan how serious she was about winning him back, she used his phone mid coitus, called Jennifer and amidst laboured breaths she stated her declaration of war.

-“Alan belongs to me bitch, and I’m not giving him up.”

Back in the present, the dark haired Cindy looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a black miniskirt and a tight white long sleeve shirt with the two top buttons unbuttoned, showing a very generous amount of cleavage. The “war uniform” she wore to fight for Alan’s affections. She looked utterly feminine and she knew it. She decided to go to Alan’s office. All non-stop gossip of jealous women fighting over lovers had left her desiring something long…hard…inside her wet vagina. And she knew how to get it.

Alan was worth fighting for, and she was going to fight for him.

Jennifer smiled as she entered the refreshment area and hugged Alan from behind, letting him feel her enormous tits grinding against his back.

If one could define the 30 year old Jennifer with one word, it’d be perfection. The 176 cm tall long haired blonde oozed sensuality and she knew it. She was a firm believer in the if you got it, flaunt it mantra; never missing a chance to show off her F cup breasts in daring low neckline dresses for her boyfriend’s benefit. If someone could get past her generous cleavage, they’d be sure to note her smooth legs and shapely ass. Her sensual allure would have been enough to get her a lot of male attention anywhere, but in Beijing she was not only attractive; she was exotic. At work, social parties, private gatherings; Asian men could not help but to be fascinated by her long blonde hair, western blue eyes, and smooth white skin; much to the chagrin of their girlfriends and wives.

The blonde revelled in the attention, both positive and negative. Every time she walked, her chest bounced wildly and animatedly, firing up the imagination of many a observer. All the while, she enjoyed waving her hair around like in some shampoo commercial, as if pretending the world was looking at her through the lenses of a camera.

-“Not right here”-said Alan breaking the make out session his girlfriend had started in the refreshment area. That did not stop his hand from sneaking under her black miniskirt while his gaze was focused on Jennifer’s pink short sleeved shirt.

-“Let’s finish this in the office then…” -purred Jennifer coyly as her hand rubbed his crotch- “Although doing it in here should be more exciting.”

-“You’re crazy!”-exclaimed Alan in good humour-“What if someone sees us….or how about worse, what if Cindy sees you?”

The blonde siren hissed at the mention of her sexual rival. She had worked together with Alan back at the UK branch. The high stress, lack of sexually available men and long hours conspired to have them fucking each other brains out by the end of the first week. His love making prowess and romantic nature kept her coming back for more, always under the understanding that it would all end when he got back to HK. Fate seemed to be on Jennifer’s side though: A position in the HK branch was opened, and she grabbed the chance to continue her relationship with Alan with both hands.

Then that fucking chink ex-girlfriend happened. Very few women managed to get such a visceral reaction out of Jennifer, and she knew the reason: Apart from race, the Chinese cunt was a carbon copy of herself. Height, weight, chest. It was clear that Alan had a type, and Cindy fit that mould perfectly.

-“I don’t care about that whore…She can watch if she wants…after all, I’m your girlfriend and she isn’t”-replied the blonde temptress angrily. She remembered that incident when the chink slut called to brag about fucking Alan in his office. Jennifer was infuriated! She had a little one on one chat with Cindy only for the whole conversation to devolve in an angry screaming match involving name calling, shoving and threats; neither woman willing to back down from seeing Alan. The argument got really tense when the two sex kittens clashed tit to tit, each proclaiming the superiority of her knockers. They would have come to blows had they not been aware they were in company property and they could both fired for fighting.

-“Trust me…she’s won’t stay still…while we fuck”-whispered Alan while he locked lips with Jennifer.

-“I’m not…scared of…that tramp”-replied Jennifer. She knew that Alan, like any heterosexual male out there, was thrilled to have two beautiful women fight over his cock. Jennifer wasn’t as thrilled to be competing for a man, but her friend Sophie told her in plain terms that she either fought for his affections or lose him to her sexual competitor. It was that simple. So Jennifer put all her efforts into showing Alan she was the better lover, going as far as exciting Alan with stories of what she would do to her sexual rival if they ever got into a non holds barred catfight. And what a change! It was as if Alan was on a steady supply of Viagra. She had never seen him so enthusiastic or passionate. It all made her even less willing to give him or share him.

-“Well…”-teased Jennifer-“She try to tear me off your cock …I just don’t think she’ll be able to.”


That was all Jennifer heard before she felt someone pulling her hair from behind and banging her head against the table in the refreshment area, leaving her seeing stars.

-“Cindy! Wait!”-exclaimed Alan, grabbing his Chinese lover from behind and getting her away from the dazzled blonde.

-“Let go of me Alan!”-roared Cindy in her heavily accented English, the hemline of her black mini skirt rolling up as she tried to kick the stunned blonde with her shapely legs, revealing the frilly black thong barely covering her pussy-“I had it with this bitch fucking you in the office.”

-“You big hypocrite!”-screeched Jennifer as soon as she cobwebs cleared. She dived straight into the restrained aggressor and pulled two big chunks of black hair. She had promised Alan not to let their private issues seep into the workplace but if Cindy was going to escalate the situation, Jennifer wasn’t going to turn the other cheek-“It was you who started fucking him in the office!”

-“GIRLS! GIRLS!”-begged Alan, his manhood rubbing against Cindy’s naked ass as the two women ripped handfuls of black and yellow hair. Seeing he couldn’t contain a 120 kilos of unaltered fury intent in committing career suicide, he let go of Cindy and prayed that whatever might come of this did not end in him getting fired.

Free at last, Cindy grunted as she tackled her blonde adversary through the open door and slammed her against the wall on the narrow hallway. She then grabbed the hated foreigner by the cleavage of her pink shirt, ripping off the buttons and then using her clenched fist to hit Jennifer’s pretty face.

Jennifer got out of this predicament by ramming an uppercut right under the Chinese succubus’ chin, causing Cindy to groan in agony, her hands letting go of Jennifer’s ruined shirt.

The Oriental beauty now distracted, Jennifer took a look at her button-less shirt, now exposing her pink bra and taut belly.

-“You’ll pay for this!”-hollered the blonde seductress, her hands latching on Cindy’s tight dress shirt and pulling it in opposite directions, ripping the buttons apart, uncovering Cindy’s enormous chest, clad only in a tiny black bra.

The girls rolled on the wall as they furiously punched each other, a throng of co-workers forming around them to cheer them on. A Cindy/Jennifer match up had been rumoured for some time, but no one expected to see them fight it out in the office. <“Take her bra off Cindy!”> “Rip her cow tits apart Jennifer!” “Scratch the face Cindy!” “Tear her panties off Jennifer!” “Keep fighting!” “Claw her up Jennifer”

-“Beat that Chinese whore!”-encouraged Sophie, who had by pure chance come to the office to confront her husband’s Chinese mistress but momentarily dropped that matter to cheer for her friend Jennifer. They had talked about what to do with Cindy and Sophie had encouraged her friend to seek a duel against her sexual competitor and not to worry about the consequences: Sophie herself would try to pull strings with her husband to ensure she wasn’t fired.

-“Someone get security!”-ordered Amy Lin, who was just passing by the department when she heard the commotion. However, right after that she started cheering for Cindy in Mandarin. She had advised her co-national to keep raising the stakes and not to worry too much about a duel, which Amy was sure Cindy would win. The secretary would then talk to Minho about letting the black-haired beauty off without consequences for her career. She shouted “”

Wife and secretary glared at each other from opposite sides as they cheered their favourite. It was not lost on them that the East vs West conflict unfolding in front of them matched their own private drama closely.

As they grappled, the vengeful Jennifer fired her chest into Cindy’s similar sized chest several times, causing both women’s bra straps to loosen up. The crowd cheered when the blonde devil ripped Cindy’s flimsy bra out, tossing the bra at Alan, who became the target of loud whistles. Busty Cindy instinctively tried to keep herself decent but there was no enough hand to cover so much jiggling breast. It took a second for her to realize that she couldn’t let modesty get in the way of winning the impromptu catfight, and decency quickly gave way to seeking retribution by tackling Jennifer on top of a series of interconnected office tables.

The girls were wrapped up in a frantic catball as they rolled on the desks, knocking down documents, computers, portraits and anything that stood in the way as they wildly kicked and scratched each other, regaling their co-workers with the joyful sight of pink and black thongs grinding against their barely covered pussies.

The co-workers roared in approval when the Chinese beauty managed to pin down the blonde seductress and tear her pink bra off, Jennifer’s massive knockers waving like crazy as the constraining bra was taken off.

Despite her seductive nature, the red-faced blonde tried to cover up with her arms but was pinned to the desk by Cindy, whose chest began entrenching into her own territory. And yet, the English girl was still full of energy, bucking like a wild bronco until she managed to toss the black-haired female off and send her crashing down the floor.

Both mangled, dishevelled women quickly stood on their feet, the remains of their work shirts still stubbornly hanging on but doing nothing to cover up their giant melons.

-“Had enough tramp?”-asked Cindy.

-“Only if you stop sleeping with my boyfriend”-countered Jennifer, raising her hands in the shape of claws-“otherwise I’ll go after your tits”

The audience fell silent as they waited for Cindy’s reply with a baited breath. They did not wait long.

-“If you want my tits, here they are, !”-challenged Cindy, strutting her boobs to much general cheer. There was no way she’d stop seeing Alan, neither was she going to countenance making a humiliating retreat in front of the whole office.

The girls released a blood curling war cry as they lunged into each other, using one hand to secure each other by the hair while their free hands raked its nails on the enemy’s soft titflesh. The girls danced around the room, wailing and scratching as they tried to keep their balance in their heels, ignoring the perverted ogling, catcalls, and damned smartphones recording their tussle.

-“Oh right make way! Show is over folks!” -said the head of security as he and his subordinates got through the crowd and with much effort separated the warring women.

-“YOU WANNA FIGHT WHORE? LET’S FIGHT LIKE REAL WOMEN!”-shouted Jennifer, her bobbing chest visibly lacerated as she tried to jump over security to get her hands into the slant eyed skank-“I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL OVER ALAN!”

There were murmurs and gasps as the onlookers grasped the significance of the last sentence.

-“I ACCEPT”-screeched Cindy, her bouncing bosom in similar condition, unfazed as she tried to free herself from security and have another go at her sexual rival-“MY MAN WILL SEE ME DESTROY YOUR SORRY TITS!”

Several days had passed by.

Unfortunately for Alan, he and the girls had been suspended and were very close to being fired until he pointed to out that it’d bad for office morale if he was fired, since everyone knew that the CEO’s son and his women got away pretty much scot free.

Since neither Jennifer nor Cindy wanted to come to a quiet arrangement for the sake of office politics, the company had no choice but to let the women duel under the condition they keep the duel secret and deny it ever took place. Officially, the company would then fire the loser for instigating the catfight in the office.

One week later…


-“You like?”-teased Cindy as she entered the duel room and laid her eyes on the naked Alan. She was familiar with this place, having been there several times already: This was Alan’s bedroom, devoid of any furniture but the bed in which she and Alan had spent several passionate nights together. A bed her Caucasian adversary pretended to claim for herself.

It was only natural for Jennifer and Cindy to decide to settle their romantic feud in Alan’s bedroom: The bedroom of the man being fought over were one of the top locations for duels, for much ill will between the combatants spawned from the fact they knew they were sharing the same bed. A duel there would also serve to make for more passionate lovemaking as the guy would always remember that two women had fought over him on that very spot. According to winners of bedroom duels, it made fucking all the more pleasurable.

Cindy grinned as she felt Alan’s eyes devouring her sensual, perfumed body clad in nothing but a red garter belt, stockings and high heels set; leaving her tits and crotch exposed.

-“I’ll show you how much I like that outfit”-whispered Alan as he dragged the Chinese beauty to the messy bed, turned behind her, sank his fingers into her already wet clit and thrust his rock hard dick inside her. Cindy bit her lower lip as Alan softly kissed her neck and furiously fingered her. The dark-haired beauty could not help but to note the smell of fresh sex on the mattress: It was a foreign smell, not like the smell left when she made love with Alan. No, it was definitively a foreign and unwelcome aroma…there was no doubt the Caucasian tramp had recently made love with Alan and she had told him not to change the bed covers.

-“There’s…no much…time…”-squealed Cindy, aware of her rival’s impeding arrival-“On my tits…I want to…crush her…with your cum…on my tits…”

-“As you wish!”-exclaimed Alan as he turned his perspiring Asian lover around and straddled her between his knees to let Cindy’s delicate hands take over the job of making him cum.

-“This is mine…”-said Cindy as she squeezed one last time, causing a torrent of semen to rain down her excited F cup chest. Alan heaved as he saw Cindy greedily smearing the white liquid all over her mammaries.

A loud thud of high heels smashing against the floor focused the couple’s attention to a third party. “The interloper” thought Cindy as she hissed in anger. Jennifer was standing at the entrance of the room, her attractive anatomy sporting an identical outfit as Cindy but in black, her massive bosom jiggling as she sensually strutted towards the bed.

-“A fitting goodbye gift before I kick you out of his life”-taunted Jennifer referring to Alan’s white liquid quickly drying on Cindy’s knockers. The exotic blonde had made a point of having sex with Alan on that very bed in the morning before the government crews came in and having his milk smeared on her chest too. She presented a deliberately messy look, not having showered, nor fixed her dishevelled hair. She wanted Cindy to smell the aroma of sex emanating from her white skin as they fought for Alan.

-“In the contrary, I look forward waking up in his bed tomorrow”-spat Cindy getting up from the bed.

-“I woke up with him today…and I’ll wake with him tomorrow”-stated Jennifer before turning to the man she desired, kissing him as she shoved her massive tits into his chest and let his hardening dick graze her wet pussy-“Let’s get this over with dear”

-“Alan, I can’t wait to destroy her tits with mine”-purred Cindy as she rubbed her cum covered chest against Alan’s back.

-“On the contrary, mine are going to crush yours”-retorted Jennifer.

-“I’ll get the handcuffs”-said Alan, reluctantly freeing himself from his jealous lovers.

This was going to be a different kind of duel. It wasn’t going to be a pure catfight. No, that didn’t suit the tastes of two young women proud of their massive tits, especially since they knew their mutual lover was a tit man. It was only logical for them to want to show him their tits were the best. They therefore agreed to be handcuffed, forcing them to use their tits as weapons. A feminine way to fight for a man. To sweeten the pot, they had Alan be their “referee,” interrupting the duel only when one of them fell, letting the fallen woman recover while Alan would fuck the one left standing until the girl on the ground managed to get on her feet. They would continue to clash chest to chest until one of them made Alan cum. His climax would trigger the bio connected handcuffs to come off, leaving them free to fight in what promised to be a brutal catfight over his cock until one of them surrendered her claim on Alan.

-“Alan, you drive me crazy…”-moaned the blonde siren as her boyfriend gave her one last taste of his cock before he handcuffed her-“I’ll never share you with that Chinese wench”

-“Alan, I’m putting my tits…no…my whole body…on the line…for your cock”-purred the sultry Chinese beauty as she received the same treatment from Alan before he handcuffed her, “she’ll never have it”

Having wished each young woman the best of lucks, the man in dispute got out of the way.

As soon as the buzz indicating the start of hostilities rang, the young women ran towards each other as fast as their high heels allowed them, gathering a tremendous momentum before they explosively crashed into each like trucks. The direct clash released a huge amount of energy that sent both girls rebounding backwards, their huge knockers jiggling wildly as they tried to regain their balance in precarious high heels. Jennifer grit her teeth, charging once again into a ready Cindy, repeatedly smashing their chests together, bouncing back several times, each time the gap between the clashing combatants becoming smaller and smaller until they finally mashed their tits together, this time staying together, their stocking covered legs erotically rubbing together as they strained to overpower the other.

-“How does it feel…my tits devouring yours?

-“You’re delusional…it’s obvious your tits are no match for mine”

Cindy disengaged from the tit smashing contest that seemed to go nowhere to go back and quickly blitzed again at Jennifer who eagerly met her sexual rival half way, neither showing hesitation as they jousted again and again, squealing and wailing as they stubbornly clashed boobs 20 more times with no apparent advantage being won. They lunged again, this time the sensual brunette managing to recover her balance in her precarious high heels as Jennifer was still stumbling backwards. Seeing her chance, Cindy charged once again, her tits clashing again the blonde’s arm and making her fall on the floor.

-“Not so tough when there’s no one to interrupt us huh”-gloated Cindy as she mercilessly sank her dangerous heels into fallen enemy, a tactic Amy had recommended to weaken the blonde devil. She managed to dig her heels in several times before Alan was able to pull her away from the hurting Jennifer. Feeling his excited cock rubbing against her skin, Cindy suggestively bent over, showing her ass to Alan, who quickly grabbed her by the hair and inserted his hardened cock inside his Chinese lover’s wet pussy, the force of his thrusts making a loud smacking sound against her ass.

-“Yes…yes…harder…I want this cock…all for myself…”-moaned Cindy as the friction made her increasingly horny and her pinkish tits bounced like crazy from the force of Alan’s pounding.

-“I know Jennifer…she won’t back down…she’ll rise again…and challenge you…for my cock…will you…meet her in combat?”-whispered Alan.

-“YES!”-squealed Cindy enthusiastically as Alan’s thrusting elevated her arousal levels-“she can come…again…and again…she’ll fail! For your cock…I’ll do…everything”

Jennifer was furious at seeing the sordid spectacle play in front of her as she rolled towards one end of the room and leaned against the wall, using her back to rise herself up. She failed a few times until finally the right amount of force and luck helped her regain her footing.

Alan stopped jack hammering her sweaty Asian lover as soon as he saw Jennifer stand up. The brunette reluctantly let him go and gave Jennifer a smug look.

-“If you want him…come and claim him…”-gloated the arrogant Asian nymph as she made a shimmy with her excited chest.

-“I’ll enjoy fucking him on top of your unconscious body!”-howled the British goddess after she waved her head around to get her blonde locks out of her field of vision.

The beautiful young women released a battle cry as they hurled their bodies towards each other, excited mammaries clashing once again with painful violence. The stubborn women ferociously shoved and pushed until a stalemate was reached. Then, as if by an unspoken agreement, retreated to repeat the charge like gallant knights brandishing their massive melons like lances in a medieval bout.

-“Come on whore…I want Alan…to see my tits…destroying yours!”-grunted Cindy, her long brunette mane momentarily blocking half her field of vision.

-“All he’s going to see…is that I have the…best tits!”-countered Jennifer, copious amounts of perspiration falling off her forehead and giving her sensual body a shiny patina. The room was quickly filled with the overpowering smell of dry semen and sweat as the women struggled against each other in this most womanly of contests.

The women continued, frantically trying to regain balance and lurching forward before her adversary could recover her own footing, temporarily gaining and losing ground depending on how much momentum they could gain compared to her adversary. They clashed ten…twenty times like battering rams without missing a beat, their knockers becoming larger and larger by the stimulation and mutual bruising before exhaustion and pain started to set in. By their 30th direct clash they were walking back and lurching at a slower pace, spending more time between charges to recover their breaths and then erotically grinding against each other once they clashed.

Cindy was sure she couldn’t go on like this, but every time she saw her sexual rival going back and preparing to charge, she resolutely met her half way. Even if it destroyed her, she would never admit that the foreign bitch’s chest was better than hers, especially not in front of Alan.

The blonde seductress was having second thoughts about the duel. This wasn’t her first time fighting for a man. She had matched her tits against equally busty rivals and had won every time, so at the beginning of the match she was confident of her victory. It was clear her antagonist was faltering, but to her surprise the Asian wench insisted in prolonging this sordid contest. The blonde eye candy realized this conflict would not be won simply by dishing out a lot of pain. No, only the total destruction of the other’s feminine charms would suffice.

Jennifer grimly commanded her body forward once again, smashing against the Chinese tramp’s reddish tits. Cindy was still trying to find her footing when Jennifer took advantage of the situation to charge like an angry bull. Then again. And again. Each time, the tit charge prevented the Chink slut from finding her balance, pushing her back until Cindy’s legs gave way and she fell like the Great Wall crumbling beneath some foreign invader’s cannons.

-“You really thought…your small tits could…ever match up…with mine?”-huffed the blonde beauty as she cruelly trampled Cindy’s melons until Alan could pull her away.

Jennifer allowed herself a sigh of relief. This punishing round had been resolved to her favour. Turning to her boyfriend, she requested, amidst heaved breaths -“Not from behind…I was to kiss you…I want to see…your face.”

Alan complied with her wishes, pushing the blonde stunner against the wall and fucking her in a vertical missionary position.

-“I knew…you’d fight hard…for my cock…”-said Alan in between kisses as he encouraged his blonde lover-“no way you’d…let Cindy…take me away…from you”

-“No…she’ll never…have you…because…”-squealed Jennifer as the pleasure of having her boyfriend’s hard dick inside her relieved some of her pain -“…you’re all mine! Mine! Mine!”

Cindy was hurting badly, taking several minutes to recover her strength. She wanted to take a rest, but the sight of her guy fucking her sexual rival reminded her of the stakes involved. It’s was sight she’d not tolerate! She rolled to the opposite side of the room and used the wall as support to lift herself up.

-“Alan…move back…”-whispered the blonde valkyrie as she saw her foe rising up-“The chink slut…still doesn’t understand you’re mine and mine alone”

The third “round” promised to be intense, the girls speaking no words as they once again clashed in the middle of the room. Stalemating again, Cindy changed tactics by forcefully twisting her body to the left and using her melons’ momentum to slap the blonde’s chest. Jennifer wailed at this unexpected turn of events only for her chest to be hit again by Cindy’s swinging tits.

The stunned blonde retreated back a few steps to regain some composure.

-“So this is…how it’s going to be…”-heaved Jennifer as she put some distance between her hurting tits and Cindy’s before charging again and swinging her boobs like a hammer against the Cindy’s beautiful yet battered chest-“SO BE IT SKANK!”

-“I’m going…to ruin…your flat chest!”-said the Asian warrioress amidst labored breaths as she returned the hit by “uppercutting” the baigui’s chest with her mammaries.

The girls moved frenetically around the room as they tried to use their massive melons as wrecking balls, intent on destroying the other’s tits. Whenever one felt her tits were in a lot of pain, she’d retreat and take a second to let her prized assets “breathe” before renewing the assault on her rival.

Jennifer wailed as she took and dealt “punches” with her bosom, the excitement of Alan fucking her just then quickly forgotten. Her chest was on fire, but the mental image of her Chinese antagonist mounting her boyfriend spurred her to keep going despite the pain.

Cindy on the other hand was visibly crying. She had never been in a duel that had dragged for so long: Usually by now the other girl was begging for mercy and renouncing her man. She felt so much pain in her prized pair, but was unwilling to desist from the furious tit fight. The only thing keeping her going was knowing that Jennifer’s tits were in obvious distress. She just had to last a little longer. Again and again, she willed her oversized melons for that one last punch that would knock the blonde whore down…

This erotic mix of tit jousting and tit boxing conspired to make this the longest round of the fight so far, with both women desperately fighting to prove their chest was superior. As this erotic battle of attrition continued its restless pace, it became clear that one woman was gaining a slight advantage. At first, only the losing woman felt the change in her tits. They weren’t as firm as before, each blow became progressively more painful, and she struggled in vain to contain her increasingly loud wails…

Meanwhile, the other woman was uncertain at first, not quite sure if her formidable foe was really weakening or whether she’d rally again, as she had done before. As she pressed her rack forward, however, she realized she was getting a small but consistent advantage…which only grew larger as the minutes passed.

As realization that she was actually flattening and pushing back the bitch dawned upon her, Cindy ignored the pain her battered boobs were in and drove a flurry of tit slaps on the sobbing Jennifer.

Finally it dawned on Alan that his blonde girlfriend was not simply just having a bad moment. No, she was consistently being outfought and outclassed by Cindy’s tits.

-“Come on…baigui…weren’t you going to destroy my tits with yours?”-taunted Cindy as she continuously backed Jennifer against the wall. She mercilessly charged at her cornered prey, delighting in the British cunt’s cries of desperation. There’d be no mercy. She’d destroy that bitch in front of Alan!-“Give him up!”

-“Never bitc…Arghh!”-cried Jennifer as she felt Cindy’s chest battering into hers. To add insult to injury, the Chinese bitch kicked her in her belly, making her double in pain.

There was no question Jennifer had lost the titfight, but that didn’t mean she had to concede defeat. She knew she had to do something quick or risk losing her boyfriend. All was fair in love and war, and this was both.

Seeing the slant eyed cunt coming at her, the blonde temptress got out of the way at the last second, sending Cindy crashing against the wall with a painful thud.

Willing herself forward, the desperate blonde turned back and approached her sexual rival from behind, sinking her teeth onto Cindy’s shoulder while she raised her right leg upwards, kneeing the struggling brunette’s wet cunt. Cindy let out an emphatic “oompf” as pain shot up her legs and through the rest of her body.

Once…twice…thrice…Jennifer continued firing her knee up while Cindy screeched and squirmed like a trapped animal to no avail. The blonde focused on her vicious assault until the brunette’s long legs gave way and she finally fell down, her nipples rubbing against the wall as she fell down.

-“You better…stay….down…if you know…what’s good for you!”-puffed Jennifer as she vindictively kicked her Chinese foe before Alan had the chance to pull her away.

Jennifer let out a soft cry and closed her eyes as she focused her attention on the sensation of Alan’s manhood entering inside her moist cunt…a just reward for the trial she had just endured.

-“It seems…you’ll be…getting my cum…”-stated Alan as he pumped harder and harder. The whole spectacle of these two amazing busty women clashing tit to tit for three “rounds” had left him incredibly turned on. Each break he used to fuck the girls had brought him closer and closer to climaxing. His British girlfriend might have “lost” the titfight, but the rules were clear: He had to fuck the girl left standing. Not that he was complaining. Moreover, he was thrilled to see what was in store, as he was sure the ensuing catfight would be brutal. There’s no way Cindy would let matters rest like this…

-“There’s nothing…I’d love more…than you cumming…inside me”-moaned Jennifer. She could feel it as she rubbed her hips and chest against her man…he was close to orgasm and she, as the rightful lover and girlfriend, would be receiving his semen. An important victory, she thought, but she knew this was not the end. The Chinese whore was still not beaten…and she was going to fix that. The moment the handcuffs came off, she planned to scratch her sexual adversary bloody and then make her lick all of Alan’s cum off her pussy.

-“”-muttered Cindy as she slowly recovered from the ‘foul play’ Jennifer had inflicted on her. She knew she was totally winning the titfight. That was the whole point of the handcuffs. She felt cheated by losing the round by such dirty means. It should be her, not Jennifer, getting fucked by Alan. The Caucasian whore’s transgression would not be forgotten. No…if that was the game Jennifer wanted to play, fine, Cindy would fight dirty too. The Chinese beauty was getting up when she heard her sweaty ex-boyfriend releasing a guttural grunt and grinding to a halt. The next thing she knew was that her handcuffs felt on the ground. Alan had orgasmed.

Jennifer slowly relaxed her legs, letting all the tension release from her body. She turned back to Alan with a satisfied smirk, -“I’ll be back after I deal with this trash.”

The lovely blonde made her way towards Cindy, who slowly picked herself off the ground. They both adjusted their wrists, now free of any restraints binding them. The two combatants glared at one another from opposite ends, hatred in their eyes. It didn’t matter how far and how vastly different East and West were from one another, the law of the jungle was the same anywhere in the world: whoever won would get to keep the spoils.

With her golden locks tangled and tussled over her blue eyes, Jennifer possessed a fierce look on her face that accentuated her sultry model look. She was a valkyrie in stature and appearance; a war goddess who had proven herself victorious time and time again. She knew she had won Alan’s love and deep down, she knew it was her destiny to conquer all her enemies.

Cindy made a disapproving scowl on her face, as if unimpressed. And why shouldn’t she be? Her dark eyes matched her tangled jet black hair, giving off an intensity, as if to signify a deep and fierce determination against the radiant blonde. In her, Alan saw a strong, porcelain skinned beauty…no, a vengeful Chinese goddess with a desire for the complete and utter destruction of the foreigner who had stepped into her land and taken her man.

The two took deep breaths, their perfect bodies glistening against the sunlight. The sound of high heels thumped across the floor as the exhausted women warily circled each other, neither wanting to restart hostilities just yet.

-“Come on whore! Weren’t you going to rip my tits off?”-taunted Jennifer-“Unless you’re scared?”

-“No”-jeered Cindy, noticing Alan was a few steps behind her-“But I’ll Alan a preview of what we’ll be doing after I destroy your flat chest”

Cindy smirked at Jennifer and bent over, pushing her hips back until they touched Alan’s body. Though he was drained, Alan still felt tension in his body rise as the Asian temptress slowly teased him. Alan of course knew what the wily Cindy was doing: She was taunting Jennifer, trying to bait the blonde warrioress into making the first move. He certainly didn’t object, especially when she grabbed his manly hands and placed them on her large, luscious breasts. Indeed, they were like ripe fruits ready to be plucked.

-“After tonight, you’re not even going to remember her” -murmured Cindy seductively as she took her eyes off Jennifer for a second to kiss Alan. She paid dearly for that mistake, as the furious blonde seductress rushed the copulating couple, shoving Alan’s hands away and sinking her nails onto the Chinese woman’s enormous chest.

The Chinese lover shrieked as she was pulled away and dragged across the room by her chest. Evidently, the blonde was still hell bent in destroying Cindy’s knockers. After all, she had proven time after time that her tits were superior to every other woman she encountered back in the West. Why should it be any different in the East?

-“Whore! I’m going to crush you and your pathetic tits!” -screamed Jennifer as she sent Cindy crashing into the wall, followed by a hair pull that jerked the stunned Cindy’s head forward, allowing Jennifer to whack her porcelain face. The cruel Jennifer repeated the cycle over and over, Cindy struggling in vain to free herself. Every one of her attempts to counter was met with resistance or struck nothing but thin air.

-“You’re finished, bitch” -screamed Jennifer as threw more slaps, eager to destroy her opponent. Each blow rained down like a punishing whip from the blonde vixen. “I’m going to tear you apart and I’m going to make you watch Alan make love to me!”

-“No! He doesn’t love you, Baigui bitch!” -retaliated Cindy defiantly as she threw a wild punch towards the blonde’s head. It barely nicked Jennifer but still, Alan noticed it was enough to stun his blonde lover for a brief moment and send her backward.

And yet, the blonde valkyrie wasn’t so easily startled. Jennifer retaliated by firing a knee into the weakened Cindy’s stomach and ribs, sending her sprawling to the side. Cindy held her midsection in pain. She tried to crawl away on all fours but Jennifer yanked onto her red garter belt and stockings and began pulling the Chinese beauty backwards like some obsolete object prepared to be tossed out.

RIIIIIP! The ripping sound of nylon stretching and tearing was heard in the room as Cindy’s scant lingerie was torn asunder.

-“I’m going to keep these as a memento” -stated Jennifer as she removed the nylon stockings and threw them to the ground -“And then, when someone asks me, I’ll say they were from tramp that tried to steal Alan from me.”

The Chinese temptress was dragged backwards across the floor before she was aggressively shoved into the wall, next to an anxious Alan.

With her heels clicking across the cold floor, Jennifer walked over the Chinese beauty’s arched body, pulling Cindy her by her hair and wrapping the torn stocking around the Asian beauty’s neck. Alan was worried for Cindy’s safety as he saw Jennifer dragging Cindy like a trained pet on a leash, but he also knew better than to interfere.

-“I have a present for you but no touching”-said Jennifer playfully to her lover as she shoved Cindy over. He felt Jennifer’s heavy tits caressing his chest as she trapped Cindy in between her legs. -“Touch me instead.”

The blonde smiled dirtily as she noticed Alan’s cock slowly rising once more: All this catfighting had turned him on. Jennifer should be focusing on winning the fight, but like many women, she couldn’t help but to take breaks in the fight to tease the man she was fighting over or to humiliate a struggling love rival.

Meanwhile, the noose tightened for Cindy. She mumbled all kinds of unintelligible words and choking noises in response to seeing her Alan being kissed by the blonde gweilo bitch she hated so much. The Chinese beauty struggled to fight but could not break through the Caucasian woman strong thighs and powerful hips.

-“Unfortunately, there’s still the problem of this chink slut.” -stated Jennifer before tightening her drip around Cindy’s neck-“Give up now and I’ll let you watch while I fuck my man,”

-“N-no….never!”-grunted Cindy, who had been working on slowly twisting her body around and throwing a punch straight into Jennifer’s crotch, drawing an ‘oompf!” from her white tormentor.

Jennifer stumbled backward, her hands gripping her aching pussy. The attack had caught her by surprise, making her trip on her heels. Unfortunately for her, Cindy wasn’t done just yet, firing a well-aimed kick right into her crotch once again, sending the blonde awkwardly tumbling into the wall with a loud thud.

With a smile, Cindy took time to catch her breath, walking over to Alan’s hard cock and slowly stroking it-“Her cunt doesn’t deserve this cock.”

The Chinese woman slowly began to rub her battered knockers against Alan’s body, both drawing deep breathes as they shared a passionate kiss. Her grip around his cock tightened even further. But before anything else could happen, the Chinese warrioress stopped and walked away from Alan.

-“I’ll be back for you”-promised Cindy teasingly.

Such a dirty blow had caught Jennifer off guard. She could have finished the chink slut then and there. That didn’t matter anymore: She was furious and wanted to destroy the Chinese woman once and for all.

-“How does that feel?” -asked Cindy with a smirk on her face as she noticed that the blonde still holding her pussy.

-“You’ll pay for that “-Jennifer’s lips curled in anguish-“Oh, you’ll pay for that, bitch.”

Their stances suggesting fury and aggression, the two fighters circled one another before jumping forward again.

-“I’m going to break you, slut!”

-“Go to hell, bitch!”

East and West smashed into each other again as the two women’s sweaty breasts collided against one another and their gold and black hair tangled in unison, the two fighters shouting obscenities in their native tongues at each other.

-“I should’ve smashed these pathetic tits a long time ago. But I’ll now watch them bow in submission to the superior pair of tits.”


They pulled one another’s hair as they fell over, locking their shapely legs together into a cat ball. Alan immediately leaped up from the bed and stared down as the hellcats rolled and tangled on the floor. Cindy would pull Jennifer back by her thighs and hair only for the blonde to kick her, tackle her and shove her down.

-“I’m going to ruin your cunt!” – yelled Jennifer, sending her fingers straight towards Cindy’s crotch, twisting and turning her nails. Wide eyed, Cindy shrieked in horror as she tried to unlatch the ferocious blonde’s claws.

-“” -wailed the Chinese fighter as she shoved her massive mammaries into her blonde opponent in an attempt to knock her back. After multiple tit shoves from the Chinese woman, Jennifer lost her grip and fell backwards.

The two women struggled as they rolled across the floor, grabbing and tearing. By now, Jennifer’s garter had been pulled loose and cast off to the side by Cindy. Soon, the furious Cindy pounced upon her blonde opponent and pulled her golden mane. She slammed her head back onto the floor several times. Jennifer tried to fight back by pulling and scratching at the Chinese woman’s body to little avail.


-“You had enough?”-asked Cindy in her accented English-“huh?!”

The blonde responded by pulling Cindy’s dark hair. In retaliation, Cindy fired a slap into Jennifer’s beautiful face.

-“Bitch!” slap “Alan!” slap “Loves!” slap “Me!” slap

Each slap stunned the blonde and filled her world with pain. But despite the sharp pain, she was not deterred. Instead, she grabbed Cindy’s hand and bit into it before bucking her hips upward and throwing Cindy off. The Chinese woman flipped over and crashed onto the floor.

-“Fucking skank! You think you can handle me?”-jeered the blonde as she pulled herself off the floor, watching Cindy pick herself off from being thrown overhead.

-“Me handle you? Just so you know, I’m not used to riding cows and neither is Alan!” -retorted Cindy as she lunged at the blonde warrioress and kept her from getting up. In continuation from earlier, she began throwing more slaps to the blonde’s face, sending her cheek from side to side and drawing more grunts and shrieks while Jennifer tried to claw her Chinese tormentor’s thighs and hips but to no avail.

-“How does that feel, gweilo bitch?”- asked Cindy as she mixed in a few punches to the side, chest, and stomach as well.

-“No…you won’t…win” -heaved Jennifer amidst the pain. In an immediate and desperate attempt to free herself, Jennifer reached up into the air and with a sharp tug, yanked onto the Chinese beauty’s enormous melons.

Cindy’s smirk disappeared and she shrieked in horror as her bountiful bosom was twisted and turned, kneaded like dough in a bakery under the blonde’s lethal claws.

Jennifer grinned with delight at the cries that she drew from the Chinese minx. These were the tits that dared compare themselves to her own. And now, having them within her grasp as she destroyed them only made it all the more satisfying, especially as they acted like a pair of giant stress balls to release her pent up anguish.

Jennifer soon pushed herself off the floor, still gripping on the Chinese woman’s tits. She smiled chillingly as she stared into Cindy’s helpless eyes.

-“”-screamed Cindy as she tried to unlatch the blonde’s iron grip. It was too much. Too much! Soon, she was being dragged on the floor by her chest, squealing and almost sobbing. She wanted to give up in this moment but could not imagine losing Alan. Not to this baigui slut. Her only choice now was….

….to return the favor.

Cindy reached out into the air and sank her own nails onto Jennifer’s equally massive chest, drawing a shriek from the blonde.

-“” – yelled Cindy as she began to squeeze her opponent’s chest.

Beautiful golden locks tangled against silky black strands, interlocking like Yin and Yang. Both fighters screamed like hellcats as they pulled and yanked their opponent around, attempting to survive the massive mutual assured destruction of their chests.

Alan soon noted, however, that Jennifer still had the upper hand despite both fighters pulling off the same move. For one, the blonde had a slightly larger and stronger frame. Secondly, she had better positioning as well.

The blonde was tossing and dictating the tempo of the fight by pulling and shoving Cindy across the room and into the wall. Soon, Jennifer pushed Cindy back far enough that gravity pulled the Chinese whore down, effectively maximizing the damage being done.

At the same time, she also continued pulling at the Chinese woman’s chest with her claws.

-“Say goodbye…to these pathetic tits!” -stated Jennifer through her gritted teeth.

-“” -Cindy screamed as her chest was held in mid-air. The pain tore through her body. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared up at the Caucasian devil’s foreign blue eyes. Soon, the Chinese beauty lost her grip and began to desperately pull at the blonde’s hair, arms, and shoulders to no avail. Nothing she did eased the iron grip perpetuated by the blonde warrior.

A satisfied Jennifer released her grip and, now grabbing her opponent’s hips, began shoving Cindy’s tits with her own, asserting dominance and seeking revenge for the titfight they had earlier. The blonde temptress wanted to make it a point that her tits were superior to this chink whore.

And yet, Cindy was in the perfect position to throw a well timed uppercut into Jennifer’s head.

The blow was enough to cause Jennifer to unlatch her arms and sprawl over to the side. Meanwhile, Cindy crashed backwards to the floor.

Both fighters lay for a brief moment, gathering their bearings and laying in pain.

Alan mentally counted as both fighters slowly pushed themselves off the floor.

1….2……3……4……The first to get up was a weary Jennifer.

6…..7…..8…..9……Following through was an exhausted Cindy.

The two women charged in at one another. In sluggish motion, both threw punches that missed more than they hit before falling back onto the walls.

Clearly drained of their stamina, both fighters took their time to take in deep and laboured breaths.

Alan stared at the two beauties as they huffed and puffed. Their magnificent, gleaming chests moved up and down. After several seconds, the fighters clashed again.

Almost as if hugging, they heaved and pushed for territory. Their chests mashed into one last titanic struggle sent them across the room…and towards Alan.

For a brief second, he got a close-up glimpse inside the perfect storm that was two enormous pair of tits rubbing and smashing into one another. But such joy would only last briefly, for he knew only one woman could have him…only one woman would win…..

Cindy ducked as Jennifer threw a wild right hook meant for her head. In response, the Chinese beauty shot a fist into Jennifer’s swinging left tit, pancaking it.

The blonde grunted, holding her aching breast in pain as she stumbled back.

Cindy immediately followed this by sending her other fist into the blonde’s pretty face, forcing Jennifer reeling sideways, her blue eyes lazily drooping in the process.

-“”-yelled Cindy as she noticed Jennifer tumbling into Alan’s arms.

Before the blonde could fall back into Alan, the Chinese beauty tugged her tangled golden hair and pulled her face into her ample chest. What was considered heavenly to most, was hell for the blonde. Jennifer knew she had stumbled into the lair of her opponent. She knew she was cut off and could not escape. She now knew she had made the error of challenging the better woman and the better pair of tits and was now about to lose.

-“Mmmpphfff-” Each muffle and plea for mercy was met with silence as the Chinese goddess began smothering the blonde, punishing her insolence by sealing her inside a bosomy tomb. Alan could only watch with awe as Cindy’s tits expanded and swelled up into epic proportions as they swayed back and forth, smothering his Jennifer into submission.

Before releasing her opponent, Cindy aggressively shoved her magnificent chest into Jennifer’s tits several times, drawing weak groans and yelps from the blonde. With fear in her eyes, Jennifer watched as her once proud tits were devoured by Cindy’s bountiful chest. Her stockings were torn with holes in them and the tension only made the tears stretch even further to the point where she was now completely naked. The blonde amazon tried to cry out for mercy, but each following shove knocked the breath out of her.

-“I give!”-sobbed Jennifer, unable to take the punishment anymore. And with that declaration, the fate of her relationship with Alan was sealed. The buzz declaring the end of the duel confirmed the fact.

-“Louder!”-demanded Cindy, pinning her exhausted opponent with a schoolgirl pin-“say my tits are better!”

When no reply was forthcoming, Cindy sank her nails into Jennifer’s deflated and bruised chest to encourage her to say the desired words.

-“I give! I give!”-screamed the beaten blonde, howling of agony-“Your tits are better!”

-“Who’s the better woman?”-prodded Cindy, twisting Jennifer’s nipples.

-“You ARE! You’re the better woman! Please!”-

-“Did you hear it Alan?”-gloated Cindy as she groggily stood up-“I’m the better woman. I have the better tits.”

-“I don’t know how I could have thought she could ever compete with you”-said Alan, hugging is battered victress. Cindy did not wander much, since duel law stipulated that the winner could do anything she wanted to the loser, so long the beaten woman wasn’t in mortal danger or unconscious, and inside the duel room. She thus gathered herself and used the tattered remains of her stockings and garterbelt to tie Jennifer up.

-“What happened to your threats baigui?”-taunted Cindy as she dragged the broken Jennifer by the hair-“Do you regret trying to steal my man?”

-“I’m sorry…auch…I tried to take you man”-sobbed the usually proud Brit as she was unceremoniously tossed to the bed she had spent many a pleasant night with Alan. She knew what Cindy was thinking

-“Please, don’t do this”-pleaded Jennifer, only to be ignored. The exhausted oriental beauty hopped on the bed and rested her mauled body on top of the beaten Jennifer, inviting Alan to fuck her raw on top of her vanquished foe: An ending sought by many a winner of such bruising duels.

Alan didn’t need much prodding, fucking Cindy missionary style on top of the beaten blonde.

-“No no no!”-sobbed the broken Jennifer, her screams drowned by the sound of vigorous sex. After a few minutes of this psychological torture, Cindy flipped over and brought herself face to face with her tied adversary while she shook her ass, inviting Alan to keep fucking her.

-“I know why you wanted Alan”-moaned Cindy, her hand tugging Jennifer’s hair for support while Alan was pounding her doggy style-“But only the best…woman deserves his…cock..and that’s ME!

Ignoring Jennifer’s pleas, the perspiring Chinese victress sank her left hand in Jennifer’s rack and twisted without mercy, her beaten foe’s squeals only making love making hotter.

-“I’m cumming!”-grunted Alan, ejaculating inside his now undisputed girlfriend’s pussy and then falling on the bed, exhausted.

-“You want his cum don’t you?”-mocked Cindy cruelly as she stood on her knees, feeling Alan’s precious liquid inside her-“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a last taste.” Then proceeded to rub her cum filled pussy in Jennifer’s face until the blonde goddess passed out in shame.


Cindy had done it. This was not the first time she had fought for a man, but the feeling was just as exhilarating as the first. The HR “investigation” predictably found Jennifer guilty for inciting the office fight and had her transferred back to the UK branch, while Amy pulled strings with Minho to shield Cindy from any fallout. All the protagonists of course denied a duel had ever happened, as per the HR agreement, but Cindy’s frequent and extended visits to Alan’s office, her confident demeanour as she swaggered around the office in her miniskirts and Jennifer’s silence made it clear that two women had in some way or shape had decided to “settle” their differences and one woman had come on top.

The better woman.

The End.

-Cindy had no way of knowing this at the time, but her showdown with Jessica unleashed a chain of events leading to a massive conflagration where 25% of the regional office was involved in one way or another (7.The Duel Room: Office Mayhem). While Cindy herself was lucky not to get caught in the crossfire, she was a key participant in the events leading to such chaos. You can read a little bit more about her role in 7.1 The Duel Room: Office Mayhem Intro.

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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