The Duel Room: Executive Assistant vs. Secretary – Fight Over the Boss by JustLooking9000


-“As if I’d share my man with you!”-exclaimed the Korean executive assistant Lee Ji Min as she rudely threw the contents of her wine cup at the Chinese secretary Lin Yuda.

-“I’m glad we agree on something you fucking kimchi slut!”-replied Miss Lin as she splashed the brunette’s face with red wine.

They had known about the other for quite a while, having had several heated arguments over the boss, a young stud called Cho Minho, heir apparent to the family business. For the most part, they tried to ignore each other as they competed for his attentions with the help of short mini dresses, feminine charm and sexual play; but as the months passed by and the boss refused to pick a favourite, tempers frayed and it was becoming harder for them to be civil to each other in front of the boss.  The fact that they worked in the same room and that they could clearly hear whenever the boss fucked one of them in his office next door did not help matters.

Hoping to heal the discord between his attractive subordinates, Minho had invited them both to his summer villa without the other’s knowledge. It did not go well. A sharp chill blanketed the residence the moment they saw each other. The wine emboldened them to tell each other what they really thought of the other lady fucking her man. It was ugly. 

They did agree on one thing: Cho Minho had one too many mistresses and one needed to go. 

-“You’ve been asking for it!”-screamed the Chinese secretary as she leapt from the sofa and made a dash for cute executive assistant.

-“You wanna fight chink?”-asked the Miss Lee rhetorically as she welcomed her sexual rival into her personal space by grabbing Yuda’s long black hair-“I’m gonna give you a fight!”

-“Girls Girls!”-exclaimed the exasperated Minho as he saw the two young subordinates rolling on floor and pulling hair like street whores. Not that that was a bad thing. He was used to this sight. Seeing they weren’t paying attention to his pleas, he sat down drinking wine and stroking his hardened manhood until he saw the two combatants disengage from the catball.

-“STOP!”-commanded the young boss as he put himself between the raging beauties. Just as he thought he had taken control of the situation at last, his young Chinese lover vocalized the thought that had been in everyone’s mind for a while.

-“Let’s solve this in a duel.”-proposed Yuda heatedly. A duel was the ultimate recourse for women who were disputing ownership over a mutual lover. Winning a duel was as good making your romantic rival disappear. She would be exiled from the city; government law would prevent her from communicating electronically or in person with the victress or the man in question.

-“My pleasure”-retorted Lee Jimin. She had thought about it for some time, especially since that girl from HR had challenged a coworker’s girlfriend over his cock (1. The Duel Room: Work Wife vs Girlfriend (Manami vs Fumiko)). 

The HR girl lost in what Jimin heard was a vicious catfight (Several people in the HR department noted that the HR girl must have put up quite a fight since the girlfriend ended up nursing significant wounds) and had to leave town as per duel law, but the idea hung in the air-“I’ve had it with you fucking my man”

-“I can’t wait to get you out of my relationship with Minho”-replied the Chinese temptress as she picked up her handbag and prepared to leave-“Make sure to enjoy my lover tonight…soon you won’t be riding his cock anymore”


Yuda smiled sweetly as she opened the door, as if she wasn’t aware she was about to put everything on the line for Minho’s cock. Her laced high heels made a distinct sound on the wood floor as she proudly strutted towards her boss’ desk in her short, backless cream cocktail dress. Minho met her half way and made his Chinese lover sit at the edge of the desk. He then proceeded to lift her dress and lower her pink gstring to eat her out. Yuda moaned as she wrapped her legs around him.

Once the girls agreed to duel over him, events cascaded quickly. As they no longer needed to pretend to be civil to each other, the two attractive bombshells started to openly insult and badmouth each other. Minho could clearly hear them hurling threats at each other from his office. Each tried to find excuses to come into his room and loudly fuck him for the benefit of the woman on the other side of the door. Minho was thrilled that these girls were going so far to impress him.

Amidst the tensions, the women quickly agreed that the fight should take place in Minho’s office. Feminine logic demanded it be so, since most of their sexual competition had taken place there: It was only fitting that’s where it should end. 

Had the romantic rivals decided to go to the standardized duel room to settle their differences like what Manami and Fumiko had done, the cost of the duel would be quite low. Special requests like additional rules, waving some rules and a different place for the duel could be accommodated to, but there was an added cost which the man being fought over would have to cover. In this case, the young boss paid for the temporary refitting of his office to make it conform with government guidelines and the privilege of not being caged while the women fought over him. 

Minho felt his Chinese mistress tense up, and soon found the reason why.

-“Enjoy him while you can…after today you’ll ever see him again”-that was clearly Jimin’s voice. Minho rose up and gasped in awe when he took a look at the Korean temptress. She was wearing an even more daring dress, exposing even more skin than the Chinese secretary’s already short dress. It was a cute and sexy blue dress that exposed Jimin’s smooth shoulders and back, which she complemented with laced blue high heels.

Minho knew one thing for certain: Those dresses weren’t going to withstand the stress of two angry, young, fit girls rolling around the room while he watched. Not that he wanted them to.

-“I’m sorry to disappoint you”-said the sultry Chinese eye candy as she put up her panties back on-“but I intend to have him finish eating me out tonight”

-“Tonight you’ll be alone in a hospital while *I* fuck him!”-shrieked the sexy Korean temptress as she heard the signal to start hostilities blaring through the speakers. Minho quickly got behind his office desk while the girls fearlessly walked towards her opponent. Each grabbed a chunk of her enemy’s hair with one hand while the other drove punch after punch into the other’s exquisite anatomy.
The Korean seductress let a surprised cry when Yuda tripped her but managed to pull the black-haired beauty down with her. Just as in Minho’s villa, the catty coworkers went at each other with wild abandon. Sexy mini dresses were gradually torn apart as sharp nails tried to penetrate the delicate fabric inadequately protecting the women’s chests. Thighs rubbed and tangled in an attempt to secure an advantage.  

Minho stroked his erect shaft as he watched the short dresses ride higher and higher in the commotion, exposing the girls’ shapely asses and minuscule pink and black panties. So far the fight was too close to pick a clear winner.  From time to time, one of Minho’s sultry subordinates would come on top, making her sexual rival suffer a really bad time as she bucked and bridged her legs in desperation. The punishment was amply reciprocated whenever the girl at the bottom could reverse the pin. 

A brief pause in hostilities allowed him to see the sorry state of the belligerents: the expensive mini dresses they had worn for his benefit were now rags hanging around their flat stomachs, leaving their feminine bits at the mercy of cruel nails. The abundance of red marks each around the crotch area and on their huge boobs told him the ladies were versed on the arts of fighting dirty. The elegant hairstyles they had when they entered the office were now gone, replaced by tangle of black and brown hair giving them a savage look.

-“I’M GONNA TEAR YOU UP KIMCHI WHORE!”-snarled the black haired secretary as she tackled the still recovering executive assistant against the boss’ desk, momentum conspiring to send them on top of the table, where they furiously rolled back and forth for a few minutes until the Yuda managed to sit on top of Jimin’s much abused tits in a schoolgirl pin.

-“Weren’t you…going to…suck…my man’s cock…dry?-gloated the Chinese temptress as she repeatedly hit Jimin on the head. The Korean beauty scratched and bucked like a wild bronco to no avail, and Minho wondered if this was going to be the end of his executive assistant.

The beleaguered Jimin managed to execute a sudden turn, sending her Chinese tormentor off the table! The young secretary managed to maintain her calves on the desk and use them as an anchor to prevent herself from falling all the way, leaving her hanging mid-air upside down. The black-haired female was dizzy, but soon her problems were going to get worse.

Still on the table top, the Korean mistress used one of Yuda’s calves for support and punched downwards under the table, managing to hit her romantic rival’s cunt.

-“I’ll…suck him…dry…TONIGHT!”-taunted the executive assistant with some effort as she kept fisting Yuda’s cunt and tried to stay stable while the secretary was wildly kicking upwards with her free leg.

She managed to connect 4 good hits before Yuda’s dangerous swinging heel hit her on the face, making her precipitously fall off the table.

The Chinese secretary sobbed as her hands nursed her much-abused cunt. She was furious! Her dignity demanded payback for the heinous attack on her cunt! Locking her blurry eyes on her target, she got up intent in seeking retribution.

The stunning Jimin was hurting badly but she forced her body to move. She saw her handsome lover stroking his cock from the corner of her eye and knew she couldn’t give him up! That cock was hers! She saw her rival in love limping towards her and steeled herself towards victory.

The man fought over was on edge as he saw the faltering beauties lunging towards each other for what was sure to be one last clash. There was no way they could keep fighting like this much longer. He saw them clinching tightly into each other and bypass the tiny thongs to sink their nails into each other’s cunt. 

-“I’m…never…going to…give him…up”-said the haughty Korean seductress, her face running down with tears as she forced her body to keep going just a little longer. Just enough to beat her enemy.

-“His cock…is…mine…mine…mine…”-sobbed the determined  Chinese tigress as she felt herself falling into unconsciousness only for the pain to jolt her back into continuing the sordid cunt fight.

Minho was at the edge of his seat as the girls kept crouching lower and lower until they disappeared below the desk. He could hear his lovers still murmuring and sobbing but he couldn’t see the action. He knew he couldn’t leave his seat but he wondered if he could move to have a look at the action. Suddenly he heard smack…then another…and another…then the buzz indicating the end of the duel sounded.

He saw one hand reach for the table…then another…then a black hairline…then a struggling Yuda trying to use the table to get on her feet. He stood up and hugged the sobbing secretary, now victorious after a depraved duel over him.

-“That fucking bitch…ruined my pussy…”-cried the normally tough secretary as she let Minho comfort her. And truth be told, the stream of blood flowing from her cunt didn’t look good.

-“But you ruined hers worse”-cooed the young boss as he saw the medics entering the room and attending the defeated Jimin.

-“Yes..because I’m the better…woman…your woman”-heaved Yuda as she let the doctors take her away for some much needed professional care.


The news of the secretary’s victory spread like wildfire through the office grapevine, and there was no shortage of people wanting to ingratiate themselves with the boss’ mistress. The Yuda basked on the glory of winning a duel over man and celebrated with a private night with her hard-won prize after she was discharged from the hospital. Jimin was quickly forgotten, her womanly pride in tatters. Such is the fate of a woman losing a duel over man. She would recover, but she’d be exiled to another city, likely never to bother Yuda and Minho again.

However, there was the matter of Minho’s wife. She had been overseas, eagerly waiting for her husband to join her in their annual holidays when she heard of the whole affair. She was livid! The fact that Yuda picked up her husband’s phone when she called to ask what was going on did not help her mood. The young wife and the sexy secretary traded charged barbs until Minho was able to take the phone from Yuda.

Minho soon left to accompany his wife as scheduled. As soon as he met her, it was clear another duel over him was on the horizon.

The End

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