The Duel Room: Work Wife vs. Girlfriend by JustLooking9000


Eiji Oue could not help but to feel anxious. How could he not? His two lovers had each vowed to eviscerate her love rival in what promised to be a savage catfight over his cock. The winner would have him, the loser would disappear from his life.

He had tried to talk them out of this madness, making it clear that duel law stipulated horrible consequences for the defeated party. All to no avail, for both his girlfriend and his work wife were assured of her victory over her sexual rival. With so much at stake, it was guaranteed to be a fight to the bitter end.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

-“How do I look?”-teased Fumiko Hayashi, walking on her red high heels. She took pleasure on the effect her brand-new red lingerie set was having on her boyfriend. She had bought the tight outfit with the express purpose of upstaging that whore who wanted to take her man away from her. His reply came in the form of a forceful French kiss that she eagerly reciprocated, followed by his hungry hands roaming her exposed skin. She gleefully noted his exposed manhood rubbing against the tiny red g-string covering her shaved pussy.

-“You look great”-whispered Eiji dumbly as he turned his girlfriend around and used one hand to finger her pussy while the other hand possessively grabbed her breasts.

–“Aren’t you afraid of her going after your boobs though? She did say she’ll tear them off”-continued Eiji as he noted that the flimsy bra could not possibly protect Fumiko from his coworker’s long nails.

-“As you can see…”-Fumiko let an involuntary moan as she felt her boyfriend’s shaft entering her-“I’m not afraid of her…threats…if she goes after my tits…I’ll go after hers…”

-“Yes yes…go on…I want you inside me”- moaned the young Asian woman, feeling Eiji’s hardened cock sliding in and out her wet pussy while he showered her neck with kisses. His heavenly touch as he roamed her feminine body steeled Fumiko’s resolve. No whore will take deprive her of his cock. The couple spent a good time in this position, her pussy and panties becoming increasingly wet in the process.

-“Tonight….I fight for your cock!”-moaned the brunette beauty as she felt her boyfriend thrusting with increasing speed-“I’ll rip her hair off…she’ll learn never to….fuck with my MAN!”

She punctuated the last word as she felt her boyfriend relaxing his grip and gradually slowing his frenzied grinding. She could feel his hot white cum slowly trickling out of her pussy while his finger still furiously stimulated her clit.

-“Stop!”-heaved Fumiko as felt herself reaching a point of no return. She leaned on the wall and breathed for a few seconds before unmounting him. She kissed her sweaty man-“We’ll finish this tonight…after I kill that whore!”

“That whore” had a name: Manami Honjo. He could remember the first day he met her: Manami wore a tiny tight dress showing off her young yet nubile body when she introduced herself as his coworker in HR. Big tits, long legs, long brown hair and an angelic face. It clear from day one that she wanted a taste of Eiji’s dick. He humored her. She quickly became his work wife. The long hours and short dresses allowed her to move quickly from “work wife” to “fuckbuddies” and then to “mistress.” Had Manami decided to keep the whole arrangement discreet, he could have had keep fucking both girls for a long time.

But it was clear the young temptress had other ideas when she openly kissed Eiji in front Fumiko and the whole office. Fumiko was livid. The insolence! It was clear Manami was challenging her for Eiji’s cock. Fumiko would not tolerate this slap to her womanly honour. She challenged her sexual rival to an official duel over Eiji and Manami accepted on the spot.

The night before the duel Manami went to Eiji’s house to show him the sexy little contraption she would wear for her duel with Fumiko: A long semi-transparent black teddy that reached almost to her ankles, yet gifted with a long slit that ran from just under her left boob all the way down, showing off her pale legs and allowed her the necessary freedom of movement to fight for Eiji’s cock. It was a one-piece affair with a deep V-neck that highlighted Manami’s feminine attributes. Completing her look was a daring black g-string and laced black heels. Her lover was suitably impressed. Then, amidst abundant amounts of wine, she spent the rest of the night telling him all the horrible things she would do to her sexual rival while a shower of semen rained non-stop on top of her slutty body. She was confident of victory and promised him they would make love on top of Fumiko’s unconscious body when all was said and done.

The Fight

A Eiji naked waited outside the iron cage that would hold him while Fumiko and Manami dueled. He was supposed to get in the moment the duel started, letting him see the action close and personal yet preventing him from interfering. The cage would not open until the fight was over.

He had just gone through the interview with a supervisor. Right now, the head supervisor was probably talking to each of his lovers separately trying to dissuade them one last time from fighting. When one woman challenged another in this type of duels, there was a certain procedure that had to be followed. The government had a stake in making sure that whatever the outcome, the integrity and fairness of the process would not be questioned.

The sound of a door opening caught Eiji’s attention: It was Manami, clad in the outfit she had showed him last night. Her eyes brightened when she saw him, and excitedly pranced towards him, planting a hungry kiss on his lips.

-“They told me that we can get a video of the fight afterwards”-said the brunette temptress, one hand grabbing his hardened shaft and using it to moisten her pussy-“Let’s watch it tonight while we celebrate my victory”

-“I want that soon to be ex-girlfriend of yours to see us making love”-cooed the young beauty as she pushed the man she wanted against the iron bars and carefully directed his dick inside her. Eiji didn’t need any convincing, eagerly pumping for a few minutes as they waited for the last member of this drama that was about to unfold…

-“Get off my boyfriend you stupid whore”-that familiar voice sent a chill down Eiji’s spine. Fumiko had arrived, and she was pissed. On the other hand, Manami seemed unperturbed as she unglued herself from Eiji. He took his cue and got inside the iron cage, which automatically closed the moment he was in.

-“He’ll be MY boyfriend after today”-predicted Manami arrogantly-“he deserves better than an ugly bitch like you”

-“The only thing happening today”-replied the sizzling Japanese girlfriend as she watched the countdown to the start of the match-“is me teaching you a lesson about coming after my man!”

The alarm sounded and the girls wasted no time running towards the middle of the room as fast as their heels would let them. Punches came hard and fast as they unleashed all the pent up anger that been bubbling over weeks of sexual competition. It was an even back and forth for the first few minutes, the girls hardly slowing down as the flimsy fabric of their miniscule tops failed stop their wonderful tits from jiggling and bouncing in the francas.

Reeling from an uppercut Manami had placed under her chin, Fumiko couldn’t prevent Manami from grabbing her hair and using her long legs from ramming her knee into Fumiko’s face. One…twice…thrice…each time drawing a horrible grunt from the sensual girlfriend. Seeing some tiny red dots on knee, the sultry work wife unceremoniously tossed the helpless Fumiko aside.

-“Is that all?”-mocked the brown haired beauty as she used her pointy heels to kick the helpless girlfriend. It looked bad for Fumiko. Manami pulled her foe by the hair to finish her off-“I guess Eiji now knows…ARGH!”

Things started badly for Fumiko, but she quickly recovered by punching her sexual rival’s cunt. Ignoring her dizziness, she kept mercilessly hammering Manami’s cunt until her boyfriend’s mistress kneed her on the face, separating the combatants. Fumiko didn’t let up, immediately pouncing on top of the hurting mistress, toppling her.

Though surprised, Manami quickly used her long and sharp nails to bring devastation on her sexual rival’s excited boobs. Fumiko’s flimsy top never had a chance against Manami’s determined assault on her tender melons. But neither had Manami’s delicate top. Fumiko howled from the pain but she was nothing but a vengeful goddess: She tore into Manami’s black negligee, causing it the top to break and hang loosely below her belt. Fumiko’s sharp nails quickly latched onto Manami’s exposed tits, making her sexual rival pay dearly for her past transgressions.

The girls desperately rolled around the floor punching and clawing with wild abandon for several long minutes, until Eiji’s girlfriend managed to secure a position on top of the mistress and started raining punches on Manami’s pretty face. The HR girl vigorously agitated her long legs in an attempt to buck Fumiko off. Drops of blood and perspiration dropped on top of that slut’s body but Fumiko didn’t give a fuck.






Eiji could swear his work wife was progressively weakening as Fumiko got the better of her and thought this was the end for his newer lover…until Manami managed to sink her teeth deep into Fumiko’s soft tit flesh. His girlfriend turned frigid with paralyzing pain, screaming like a banshee as her body processed the unbearable agony. She managed to free her massive boob from the cruel bite, but Manami’s animal instincts told her now was the chance to turn the tables! The Japanese tigress quickly stood up and head locked the faltering girlfriend from behind while her nails maliciously penetrated Fumiko’s cunt.

-“Say goodbye to your cunt!”- exclaimed the excited coworker as she relished destroying her sexual rival’s sexual organ-“No that you’ll need it….Eiji’s cock…. is MINE!”

-“Stop…you whore!”-cried the beleaguered Fumiko amidst sobs. She tried to free herself from the depraved assault on her womanhood. She could sense was about to lose her boyfriend -and much more than that- unless she did something drastic. Ignoring her bleeding pussy, Fumiko violently pushed backwards, smashing Manami against the iron cage where her boyfriend was imprisoned. Then again…and again…and again…until she felt her cunt free from Manami’s offending hand.

Overflowing with adrenaline, Fumiko turned around and snatching her love rival by the hair, she punched the stunned beauty over and over. At first Manami fought back furiously, but a dirty cunt attack was the beginning of the end for her. The pretty HR girl managed to fight back some more but she simply could not keep up with Fumiko’s bloodlust. In her berserker rage, Eiji’s gitlfriend didn’t notice that Manami had stopped fighting back. Only the signal indicating end of hostilities blaring through the speakers, and Eiji’s hands pulling her back halted her merciless assault on the now disfigured coworker.

Fumiko heaved as her primal rage gave way to rational thought, letting her see that her love rival was truly done for.

-“A slut like you….doesn’t…deserve HIM!”-spat the vicious girlfriend as she watched the government workers coming in to attend to the unconscious Manami.


The victorious Fumiko regaled her boyfriend with weeks of wild love making. She was proud of herself…in this dystopian society, winning a duel for your man was a mark of honour. So it was only natural her friends, family and acquaintances showered her with congratulations and admiration. She hadn’t come unscathed, but modern medicine would leave her like new in a month’s time. In the meantime, she was not shy about showing off her battle wounds and recounting the story of how she defeated the woman who pretended to steal her man. Manami was…alive. But she was to be exiled for a year, no longer being able to interfere with Manami’s relationship.

The End

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