Territorial Dispute by Hype

Narmada woke up from her sleep panting and sweating. It was the same dream again that she had been getting frequently for the past few months. Her pussy was all wet. She checked at the time and it was almost 6 in the morning. She washed her face and drank some water and sat on her bed and began to recollect her dream. She could remember each and every part of it very clearly.

In the dream she was going through a forest searching for something. She was totally naked and had a tail. She roams around the forest until she comes across a little pond. Felling thirsty she begins to drink water from the pond. Suddenly she hears a growling sound and looks around and sees another similar naked girl with a tail growling at her. Narmada realises that the other girl is trying to claim the pond as her territory. Narmada too starts growling and both the girls come closer and stand tit to tit growling at each other. Suddenly both girls fall to the ground and have a savage catfight. At this point Narmada used to wake up.

 Narmada couldn’t understand why she was getting this dream again and again. But no matter how much she tried she couldn’t remember the picture of the other girl. The other thing was that the dream used to made her completely wet. From her childhood Narmada was a competitive girl. But she never had a catfight with other girls, that too the one like in her dreams. She couldn’t understand why she was getting the same dream again and again. 

It was more than 2 years since she moved to America for her job. Even though Narmada had many guys lining up for her beauty she wasn’t interested in relationships. As her mother died a long time ago, her business minded father didn’t really cared about her. After she moved to the states he occasionally used to call her once in a blue moon. But Narmada liked this freedom and was happy with her life. She had a nice job and had an ok social life. 

Narmada’s team leader that day announced that their sales manger who was in London for the past 2 years was returning to America that week and the whole team planned to go to a nearby pub for a welcoming party. Narmada heard that her sales manger Emma rogers was kind of a bossy woman on the day of the party Narmada wore a short skirt and a top that barely covered her cleavage. Many of her colleagues complimented Narmada on her beauty. At the pub everyone of her colleagues were waiting, when Emma rogers entered the pub. When Narmada saw Emma it took her breath away. She wasn’t some middle aged lady as she thought. She was as beautiful as her with a blonde hair. They both would have been of same age. Moreover Emma was also dressed just like Narmada.

   Narmada began to feel a little jealous of Emma. She felt Emma was also feeling the same. They awkwardly introduced themselves with each other. During the whole welcoming party they both were occasionally looking at each other and sizing each other up. After the whole welcoming party was done all of them began to enjoy the evening in the pub. Narmada was sitting and was having a drink. She saw Emma who was coming towards her. Emma came and sat beside Narmada and both of them smiled at each other.

“ hi Narmada heard that you were pretty good at work” said Emma

“likewise Emma I too heard a lot about you” said Narmada

“ so Narmada you have a boyfriend?”

“ no, what about you Emma”

“ I once dated a guy before. But as of now I am single”

Both Narmada and Emma could sense some tension in the air. 

“ no offence Narmada but this dress didn’t really suit you at all” said Emma casually.

Narmada was surprised at such a statement from Emma. ‘ this bitch’ she thought.

“ why Emma? I think its better than yours?” said Narmada nonchalantly 

This time Emma was surprised. They both glared at each other

“ I didn’t said it was bad Narmada it just doesn’t suit you” 

“ it suits me better than your dress suit yours”

They both continued to glare at each other. Narmada knew that Emma was a bossy lady. Narmada’s competitive nature began to surface. She doesn’t want to lose to this bitch.

“ my drink is finished. Care to accompany me to the bar?” said Emma. Narmada followed her to the bar and both of them began to drink silently staring at each other. Suddenly Emma spilled her glass on to Narmada’s lap.

“ oops sorry somebody has pushed me from behind” Emma said mockingly. Narmada was completely angry but she controlled herself. She understood that Emma was trying to mark her territory and prove to her that she was the alpha bitch. Narmada saw her colleagues enjoying the party on their own and not paying any attention to them.

They both went to the restroom and Narmada began to clean herself up.

“ I know you did it on purpose Emma” said Narmada “ the only reason I am controlling myself  is because you are our sales manager”

“ or else what will you do?” said Emma

Narmada splashed the sink water on to Emma

“ you did it on purpose” said Emma shocked

“ just like you” said Narmada

They both pushed their tits forward and stood face to face

“you want to do this here slut” asked Emma

“ no bitch if we do it here everyone will get to know. I don’t want to risk my job” hissed Narmada

“alright bitch then lets go somewhere private and finish this. Woman to woman” hissed Emma

“ lets go slut”     

They both came out and took leave from their colleagues. Both of them got into Emma’s car.

“ I know you are just jealous whore” said Narmada

“ bitch you are jealous of  me” said Emma.

“bitch lets make this clear its between you and me”

“ this is nothing professional bitch. We are just two sluts settling our differences”

“ whore”


Narmada never felt like this before. She wanted to fight Emma at all cost. She completely hated this bitch

“ bitch I am going to kick your ass” sneered Emma

“ its me who is going to be kicking your ass slut” Narmada sneered back. They both cursed each other back and forth as they travelled to Emma’s house.

 Narmada was getting restless minute by minute

“ still how much longer slut” she asked restlessly.

“ still we have to travel for 45 minutes” said Emma

“ do you know any other place we can fight alone” asked Narmada

Emma turned the car and began to go towards a hill. She stopped the car on top of a small hill. There was no one there. The whole place was very calm. It was full moon day and the moon was shining brightly.

Both Narmada and Emma looked at each other. They were breathing hard 

“ lets fight here bitch. Nobody will be there to stop us” said Emma breathing hardly

“ lets do it slut. Just you and me” Narmada replied back

They both got out of the car and stood opposite of each other. Narmada could feel her heart pounding. She was already a little bit wet.

They both glared at each other and as if on a cue they both came forward and started punching each other. They both punched each other wherever they want

“you whore”

“you cunt”



They both pulled each other close by pulling each other’s hair. Both continued hitting each other in the sides, face breasts etc. their screams could be heard throughout the hill. Narmada pulled Emma to the ground and both rolled on the ground pounding each other on the head

“ you fucking blonde whore” spit Narmada

“ you  crazy Indian cunt” Emma spit back

They both rolled on the ground in an uninhibited fashion. Emma tore Narmada’s top and threw at away and Narmada returned the favour. They both kicked away from each other and stood up and looked at each other angrily.

“fuck you whore”

“ screw you slut”

Emma began to remove her skirt and Narmada followed. Both stood in front each other in panties. Narmada looked at Emma’s panties and realised she was like herself.

“ ready to give up whore?” asked Emma

“I am not afraid of cunts like you bitch. Bring it on” sneered Narmada

They both rised their fists and circled each other and came forward and started a fistfight. It was a nonstop slugfest. They both didn’t even block other’s attacks. Narmada liked this fight with Emma. They both were equals and matched each other very well. They continued throwing punches at each other, they even kicked each other a few times until they became tired and ended up in a bearhug resting their heads on each other’s shoulders. They both stood in that embrace for a few minutes trying to catch their breath.

Out of nowhere Emma bit Narmada on her shoulder. Narmada screamed and bit her back. Both of them tackled each other to the ground and started rolling slowly on the ground. Both Narmada and Emma removed each other’s panties and threw away.

“ ohhhh bitch”

“uuuhhh cunt”

They both were completely entwined from top to bottom like two mating snakes. They occasionally punched and slapped each other. They both scratched and raked each other. Both of their pussies were completely wet. Narmada didn’t care that she was rolling naked with an other woman in broad open. They both pulled each other’s hair fiercely. Both of them could feel each other’s nipples and their breasts were completely mushroomed together.

At last they both they stopped rolling and lay side by side staring at each other. Both Narmada and Emma were totally angry that none of them could get an upper hand over the other.

“ so you accept I am better than you bitch” asked Narmada

“in your dreams whore” hissed Emma

“ fuck you skank”  hissed Narmada and slapped Emma

“ you dyke” Emma slapped back

Both Narmada and Emma started slapping the shit out of each other. Bitch…. Cunt… ohhh….ahhhh…I hate you…I hate you more… that’s it….letsfight….aahhhh…uhhhhh. they continued slapping each other until tears were forming in their eyes. they both looked at each other angrily and started screaming into each other’s face. The slapping began to reduce as both of them got tired. At last they both kicked away from each other.

Both of their bodies were completely bruised and scratches were present all over their body. They both began to make their way towards the car angrily glaring at each other.

“ you cunt”

“ you whore”

“fuck you”

“ no fuck you”

Both Narmada and Emma climbed on top of the car and sat touching each other and began to caress their wounds. 

“ I have to admit slut. I have been in a lot of catfights and this is the longest of them all” said Emma

“I have been having recurring dream lately slut. Where I was going through a jungle and stopped by a pond,Where I find another woman growling at me trying to mark her territory. We both growl at each other and start a savage catfight. we both looked like two she-cats. But no matter what I could never see her face. Now I realise that other she cat was you”  said Narmada

“ yes bitch we are two she cats fighting to mark their territory. But you have to agree I am better she cat than you” said Emma

“ stop joking slut. I am far better than you”

“no I am better”

“ no its me”

They both clasped their legs together and pushed their foreheads together



“ grrrrrrrr”


They both growled at each other and tried to push each other back with their foreheads. They both stared into each other’s eyes intensely. Slowly Emma bought her tongue out and licked Narmada’s lips. Narmada licked Emma’s lips with her own tongue. They both immediately started a tongue fight. Both of their tongues fought like two swords. They both kissed each other into a vaccum and started humping each other. They both moaned into each other’s mouth as they had an orgasm.

They both tried to catch their breath and looked at each other. Suddenly Narmada pushed her pussy into Emma and Emma pushed back. They both gave each other a little smile.

“you want to pussy fight bitch”  said Emma

“ yes slut pussy vs pussy” said Narmada

They both once again started humping each other



On the hill, under the full moon and into the night they continued their fight. They screamed at each other as they began to reach climax

“ I am better than youuuuu”

“no I am better than youuuuu”

They both had an orgasm for the second time



They both screamed into the night as they had an amazing orgasm. They both immediately came together and deeply kissed each other. They both stayed there for some time and got down. They didn’t even knew what time it was. They must have been fighting for past 2-3 hours.

They both looked around and saw their clothes scattered everywhere. Both of them came together and stood tit to tit and deeply stared into each other. Both knew that this is not over.

They both didn’t even pick up their clothes and got into the car naked.

Hissing, cursing and threatening each other they drove off into the night.

The End

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