The Final Grade by KingofDaPirates1

The redhead screamed in pleasure, a desperately high pitch that rang through walls of the messy old room. “YES, RAVISH ME MORE!”, she cried as the blonde rode her down on the flimsy mattress that lay directly on the floor with little other furniture around, their bodies not moving in sequence as the blonde was clearly in control. Amber screamed back, “FUCK YOU, FIGHT BACK, DO SOMETHING!” but the small redhead had no chance against the blonde’s dominant body and began to cum, long before Amber was even close or tired. “No! Stop fucking cumming!” Amber cried above the screams of the other girl who was now lost in the passion that overcame her body. After a few seconds, the girl finished and Amber who was now more frustrated than ever got up quickly. She ripped the blanket from the other woman and had just started to reach for it with a dark look on her face.

“Get out. Now.” The brown-eyed blonde hissed and whether it was the venom in her voice or the dark glare Amber was giving her; the other woman didn’t hesitate. She jumped up grabbing her clothes that lay spread out from just 10 minutes prior, “Did…did I do something wrong?” she tried to ask but it was to no avail with the stunning blonde.

 “Get the fuck out of my room,”  Amber said aggressively now beginning to move towards the redhead fists balled up at her side. With a quick yelp, the woman ran from the room still only half dressed leaving the blonde alone. The guy roommates who lolled around the house got a small peak at the girl as she dashed from the house. They hooted and laughed but didn’t dare go up to see Amber now or ask what had happened.

 Amber now stood alone in her room. Both horny and angry, which were two feelings she had often recently. This girl had been the 2nd woman and 3rd person that week who had not been able to scratch her sexual itch. She sat back down and began to masturbate trying to focus on her own desires; anything but the same thought that had run through her mind the last 2 months, a pitch-black room and another woman against her. ‘Damn it’ she thought as her mind replayed the night again realizing it was the only thing to get her off.  Her triumph against the wallflower librarian who had attempted to stand up to her. A fight with a woman of surprisingly equal build and desires. Amber became soaked in her nether regions quickly and her fingers pumped easily in and out of herself, getting closer and closer until she gave herself a quick light orgasm that warmed her insides. She got to the edge thinking about mounting the redheads face in a reverse schoolgirl pin drowning out the other woman’s cries under her ass while she moaned in victory.

“Ohhhh yes,” Her body jerked slightly in the pleasure, but she knew she had finished too quickly and now laid still in bed; a little less horny but still angry… “Fuck this” she whispered aloud to no one but herself. The pleasure was enough to clear her head slightly and she closed her eyes in an attempt to sleep, passing out a few minutes later.

The new semester had arrived, and Amber was preparing for the first day of class putting on a very simple string thong under her classic ripped black jeans. A boring, but still tight black t-shirt to match, but she added a leather choker for a little extra wild look. It was a big day, as this was the last first day of college and Amber was ready to move on from this school and student life altogether. Years earlier, her wealthy grandmother had promised her a huge inheritance if Amber could get and maintain a 4.0 throughout all of college, a challenge that Amber quickly realized only a week in that this was beyond her reach alone. She had always been rebellious and the more she got pushed towards school, the more she found other things to entertain her and avoid it which did not bother her until now.

She had no problem asserting and applying herself if need be, but with school, she had never felt the need or want. She was not unintelligent, but it never interested her when there was sex, music, and travel to entertain her. She normally wasn’t worried about the next day, she lived for the moment; that was until the inheritance promise that she honestly thought was driving her insane. It was enough money that she would not have to worry about anything like that for a long time. It consumed her thoughts always on the back of her mind like a thorn in her side. After only a week in college, she figured she would need help, and she knew just the way she could get it. She began to seduce some boys and girls to help her achieve her goals. They all gladly joined in for a few treats that Amber would give, this included pics, chats, and sometimes even a titfuck. This got her what she needed. It worked better than she could have imagined, and Amber had gotten an A in every class so far in 3 ½ years of school.  She told herself would cut down anyone who would get in her way, which is exactly what happened 2 months ago when that bitch attempted to ruin her life. A boy named Wayne had become her go to as he was the easiest boy who only wanted a good titfuck or sloppy blowjob to keep him in line. He did her work incredibly well in the last semester class after Amber promised full sex for the A. It seemed that just with him she would succeed in her goals with only 1 year to go and it seemed everything was in the bag. One day though Wayne who had never said anything about any other girl with Amber there commented on how a worker at the library had made conversation with him. Amber knew that he was in the middle of the hardest classes so far and would not risk the boy in the middle of the semester. She decided rather than give a chance she would stuff out this threat from the beginning.  

Amber had not expected that her conversation with Wayne that night and several confrontations would lead to the most exotic night of her life. The redhead she at first observed at the library had first looked like nothing to Amber, a pathetic girl just looking for a desperate lay and not anything Amber had to worry about. Bur Wayne never stopped talking about her and Amber decided on a new tactic. Fear, and attacking the woman’s work. It had the opposite effect and the woman who Amber learned was called Maggie turned out to be something much different than Amber had expected. The redhead continued to talk to Wayne ignoring the threat from Amber, and after, Maggie blew Wayne in which the boy told Amber it was equally sloppy as hers. This pissed off Amber more than anything that had happened thus far and for once the inheritance was not the thing she cared about the most. A dangerous fight against the other woman was set and she confronted the librarian at the school during the night and was shocked to find out that Maggie owned a body that was one of the best she had ever seen in person. Huge tits, a powerful bubble ass, and a match for Amber in nearly every way in what turned into a physical showdown. The fight led them to rip each other’s clothes off, continuing to go against each other in only their thongs. Then things got weird and sexual between the combatants who seemed unable to control their desires in the middle of the conflict.  They lost their underwear, and both started using attacks such as kissing, licking and sucking each other’s sexual organs putting them in a sexual frenzy. Amber realized she had unintentionally had a sexfight after searching on the internet for anyone or anything that described her encounter with the redhead. In the end Amber had won that night, forcing the other woman to cum before she did during desperate sweaty tribfuck between their dueling pussies. She forced the redhead into an inferior position and outfucked her opponent. In the agreement from the fight, the redhead did all her work for the rest of the semester ironically replacing Wayne for that class anyway. She hadn’t seen the redhead since the final moment as she came on Maggie’s tit, rubbing her cum over the defeated body in the darkness. She also took Maggie’s red thong as a trophy that had become one of her favorites to wear, a sense of power she felt knowing she wore her defeated opponent’s armor.

Maggie had gotten Amber an A in all her classes; during which she and the redhead messaged only through email sending the work papers back and forth. Once the class was done, Maggie and Amber ceased communication in every way.

This was a new semester however and everything seemed to be back on track for Amber’s life. She walked into her final class getting the normal stares from the boys, one even being bold enough to whistle which she ignored not even giving them a glance.  

She did like the attention, but it was more fun not to notice any of them and see who was bold enough to talk to her.  As she took a seat in the back taking out a small notepad. She always went to day 1 of every class to ensure she made the roll and find out which one of her ‘helpers’ would be used for this class. Being that this was the only class left and she was pretty sure it would be Wayne. The boy had avoided her for a few weeks, but Amber would not let him slide. She trapped him one night in the parking lot, and after ensuring Maggie had not reached out to him or touched him, she brought him back to her house. Giving him a dirty sloppy fuck, it was the only time she felt alive as she rode him to multiple almost painful orgasms for the boy. She felt like Maggie was in the room with her competing with her. At one-point Wayne even muttered Maggie’s name during Amber’s blowjob, which to Amber’s surprise only got her hornier. The final blow came as Wayne’s wet dick was trapped between Amber’s soaked orbs, she leaned down and sucked the head. He came with a final pop and Amber swallowed all of it until it went limb. She got up wiping the corners of her mouth, “Don’t forget this feeling Wayne, she would never be able to do something like that”. Wayne hadn’t strayed since.

It was a slightly large room with about 75 people, so Amber was able to be pretty unnoticeable once the crowd had filled which was fine with her. The professor had also just arrived and was at the front of the room writing his name on the board and sending papers around the class. The old professor turned towards everyone; smiling softly he cleared his throat and began to speak. “Welcome all to another semester and for some the last of their studies, I am glad you are all here.”

Amber zoned out at this preferring her own music to the noise from the professor. She now had the notes that were passed out for her or Wayne to read later. The talk dragged for a solid 20 minutes with Amber going in and out with the crowd, she was now looking around the classroom for some fresh meat to finally scratch the sexual drive burning inside her. A few hot guys and a couple babes, enough for Amber to think she could try a few of them and see what they could do.  The professor changed subjects and Amber noticed he was gesturing to someone who had just walked in and was in the front of the class, “…and finally I would like to introduce my TA for this class, Miss Reynolds. She will be the one grading your papers that will determine your final grade along with me. Hopefully, none of you are on her bad side!’ he finished in a joking manner. Everyone in the class laughed except for Amber. She felt like her whole body was dropped into ice and seemed paralyzed on the spot. Her thong and bra felt tight as memories of a dark room, and dirty sex filled her mind. There at the front of the class was none other than the librarian herself…

Maggie was now addressing the class in a sweet tone and charming smile. The mousy redhead seemed in her element talking in front of the class which surprised Amber. The blonde took in every detail presented to her, noting the librarian was wearing revealing clothes that brought little attention to her body. Most of the students had already stopped paying attention to the words, but not Amber; who had barely blinked and heard every word. She watched the redheads every movement and was forced to feel her own body react to the sight of her nightly desires appear unexpectedly in front of her. She felt herself get wet, wetting her thong and her nipples hardened like small spikes, her breathing increased to quick shallow breaths, her body knew exactly what could satisfy her and it was sending signals that it wanted it now.

The redhead was still talking about the class, saying how she was there to help them all. Amber saw thru the façade the librarian displayed for everyone else in the auditorium, she knew what Maggie was hiding under her baggy clothes; her large creamy breasts, her strong thighs and perfect ass, a body that could equal her own; though she would never admit that to anyone outside her own mind. This redhead was an equally sexual aggressive woman who did not back down against another; and was willing to go all the way when pushed. She felt her body heat up more and more thinking again to the night, her and the other woman locked together tit to tit in only tiny thongs, pining and licking each other’s faces and finally kissing deeply in an attempt to choke each other with only their tongues.

Even though she was still in shock her mind started to reboot taking in the situation more clearly and the consequences of Maggie being in charge of her grade, ‘Did she take this job just to get to me?’ she thought in a sudden moment of clarity and arousal. It was the only reason it could happen…did she know about her inheritance? ‘No that was impossible’, she told herself. No one did, she had never told a soul. The redhead must have just come looking to get back at her or even force another fight. Amber for the second time in her college life felt nervous, not for the fight but knowing the redhead had trapped her in a web.

‘..and I’m sure we will all get along! As our wonderful professor said I am here to help you all pass this class.’ Her green eyes scanned the room and met the brown orbs of Amber after a few seconds of searching. The woman locked eyes for an extra second longer and the world seemed to melt away except for them, a new dynamic in their relationship had just been set. Amber felt shocks in her loins and the small wet spot started to become a puddle, she was happy she wore a thick bra as her nipples would clearly be showing to everyone without its coverage. She knew the librarian was bold, her mind reeling yet again to the night when Maggie had taken her stripped thong off following Amber’s decision, agreeing to settle things nude in the dark, but she never thought the redhead would come after her this way. Amber wondered if Maggie was having the same body reaction as her, because if she was, she showed no sign. Maggie broke the eye contact snapping them out of the sexual trance, she finished her speech to slight applause from the crowd. The professor allowed them to leave early being the first day, but many students lingered to introduce themselves to the teacher and the cute mousy TA, but Amber left immediately still struggling to process what was happening and try to get her body under control. Her whole life was now in the hands of a woman who hated her, who had fought her, and who’s thong she had taken in victory. Maggie had her, she thought as she left campus, she couldn’t see any way out of…unless of course she confronted the redhead again. Something which she had a feeling was exactly what Maggie wanted.  

1 week prior

Maggie Reynolds was having an ok week. Just okay again; as she awoke from a restless sleep after a night of nearly no passion and below average sex which had become the norm for her lately. She looked at the blonde woman still fast asleep next to her. Maggie thought about sneaking out but she wouldn’t want to do that to another person, and waited for the other woman to wake up before finally taking her leave. Like the other few women Maggie had slept with the last couple weeks, the blonde begged for Maggie to stay over longer or at least ravish her once more but the redhead wasn’t in the mood to fake anymore orgasms. This had been the most sex she had ever had in a period of time and was easily the worse period as well.  

It had been two months since Maggie had been sexually satisfied, but she didn’t like to think about that horrible night. A night of passion and dark aggression against the dirtiest slut she had ever come across. A fight with another woman that turned into something much more. Directly after the fight she had avoided Amber and any place the blonde might appear; not knowing even to herself exactly why. Well that was a bit of a lie, she knew the real reason why; fear.

She had duelled the blonde in a catfight that ultimately turned into a sexual showdown between them, both using spanking, kissing, and fucking to outdo her opponent and exhaust her down; Maggie had found the word sexfight, and now used it when thinking about what her and the bitch Amber had done.  

She hated that she had allowed herself to be dragged down into the gutter with the blonde and she felt a deep shame each time her mind went to that night, both the fight itself and more so her body cumming against the blonde in defeat. She had been mounted by the tit, her opponent rubbing her victorious pussy on her, spreading the cum on her upper body. The loss that ached more than any of the bruises or scratches that had been on her body. She always told herself that her hand slipping was the only reason the punk chick had out fucked her, but as time went on self-doubt grew, and she became more and more nervous to ever see Amber again. ‘Maybe she was stronger than me. Maybe her body was better, and I was more attached to her than she was to me’, was a common mental battle she was in that spiralled her down into the state she found herself in.

 She was torn between wanting to forget everything about that night and what had happened letting it rest. But she also had the secret that even she would not admit to herself most days…and that was she wanted to fuck the blonde again in every single way she could and most of all win. She wanted to win, to destroy the blonde’s body with her own and give the blonde the same torturing feelings she had dealt with. Her eyes had been opened to new sexual feelings and so far, she hadn’t been able to recreate it.

She did not know what to do with every night becoming an internal struggle. Finally, after a night of tears she decided not to go after the blonde and just live with her shame. Without an opportunity the blonde had left no chance for Maggie to force a rematch and with only 1 semester left there was nearly no time. The shredded book, Wayne, and her own personal desires all lost, she wasn’t sure she could stay at the school. What Maggie had not realized an opportunity was sitting in her inbox, one that she could not pass up.   

Maggie got home from work forcing herself not to start masturbating immediately as she had been doing a lot, her own memories the best fuel to get her started. Before she started playing with herself she logged into her work account just to make sure she was not forgetting anything regarding the new semester that was almost upon her. There at the top of the inbox was an email from one of her favourite old professors.

‘Dear Maggie, I hope this finds you in good health. I am looking for a TA this semester and think you would be the best out there. Please see the attached list of students and schedule. The pay is also quite nice, and we could also discuss some openings for future jobs. I hope to hear back from you soon’.

Normally Maggie wouldn’t respond to a random request such as this, but she had a soft spot for the old man and decided to look at the attachments and then say no.  It was all very standard stuff and the professor had not been kidding when he said the pay would be nice, but not enough for her to sacrifice time away from her job or life. She almost closed it when something caught her eye right before she clicked away. In the list of students the professor sent was the name Amber Fielder and Maggie froze in her seat taking in a sharp intake of breath. Only last night she had cried deciding she would give up and not go after Amber again. Now a chance appeared before her, better than anything she could have hoped for.

Maggie’s mind raced through the pros and cons of this scenario forgetting about the night before. She knew the rest of her time working at this school, the memory of Amber would always be there, a consistent reminder of her most shameful moment in her life. Did she want to go after Amber? It was not in her nature to look for conflict and she told herself over and over the last month how uncivilised it was what her and Amber had done to each other.

But something deep drove Maggie forward and pushed the doubt in her mind. The sex alone was something she craved, and the idea of pinning Amber down by the tits, making the blonde scream in pleasure was something she needed. She had to do something or give it all up, quit and leave the school forever. She remembered the anger she felt left alone in the dark, her wet pussy dripping on the carpet and the sticky cum covering her tit after Amber had finished on top of her body. The stains from their cum had not come out and, when she had to use the backroom of the library she could see them. It went from one of her favourite rooms to her most hated, she despised going in there now and seeing those stains. She had been left alone and had to spend the last two months in fear. It was all the blonde’s fault; the bitch had come after because of…. her grades. Like a lightbulb Maggie fully connected the dots that she could destroy Amber in a different way if the blonde refused to fight.

She took a deep breath clearing her mind slightly and decided at that moment even against her better judgement it was worth getting back at Amber. The bitch had threatened her and even destroyed one of Maggie’s most prized possessions. Amber had won the battle, but Maggie knew she could win the war.  She would fail the blonde in the class, because Maggie knew something was up with Amber and her grades, as there had to be a reason the blonde had gone after her so intensely when she had only chatted to Wayne. Maggie was going to find out one way or another, and she quickly filled out the form and emailed the professor. Within an hour Maggie was the official TA of the class and the one in charge of Amber’s final grade.  


The first week of the semester flew by and Amber had not gone back to class sending Wayne instead, something she knew Maggie would definitely notice, but hoped would give the redhead pause. She got her first assignment emailed to her and had Wayne write it up the best he could putting in his top work on the essay. She emailed it in before the weekend and waited for the response, her worry growing that there was little chance it would come back well.

Her deepest fears were met when it was sent back with a huge red F and had been marked up on paper with incredible detail looking for any small issue. Amber felt the blood rush out of her face staring at that paper and seeing the clear handwriting of the librarian. Wayne had little explanation trying to justify and saying he could send an email to the professor, but Amber knew exactly what was happening. She logged onto her student account for the first time in months and went to the class calendar to review the TA hours. Maggie had an opening the next morning and Amber decided she was going to go have a little catch up with her redheaded friend.


Maggie had noticed the filling of her last open appointment with Amber’s name before class and couldn’t help but rub her own nipples through the button up blouse just at the thought of being face to face once again.  The time seemed to approach fast, so far everything had gone to plan, with her failing Amber’s first paper. Predictably within an hour some time was scheduled for the blonde with the TA of class on the calendar, she knew Amber would be pissed. She was wearing her overly large glasses and a cute button up white blouse, and tight black suit pants. Her curly red hair was down to her shoulders and she had even applied some light makeup. The boy in time before Amber finally left and as soon as the door closed there was a knock. Maggie had just returned in time as Amber let herself into the confined office space not waiting for any acknowledgement or permission to enter.

 The blonde appeared through the doorway looking like a dangerous goddess, scanning the room with her dark brown eyes taking in the surroundings. Maggie was sitting from behind her desk making no motion to rise and Amber got right on the other side facing her. The temperature of the office seemed to rise 10 degrees in a second and for the first time in over 2 months the girls were face to face again. Their eyes roamed each other’s faces taking in every detail looking for flaws and fear. Amber was wearing tight black jeans and a matching tank top that made her look devastatingly hot clashing against her silky skin. A new spiked choker was back on around her neck and her nose piercing shone with a small diamond. She had the same bitchy face that she had worn the first time they met. The scowl sent daggers in the direction of the redhead, who returned them with enthusiasm.

Maggie had undone two extra buttons from the top of her blouse right after the last student had left the office, making sure her cleavage looked deep, inviting, and for Amber, intimidating. She felt like a warrior showing off her weapons to another, making sure her rival knew what she was dealing with. Her green bra could be seen on the outline of the white top. Amber meanwhile had come prepared, choosing a very low-cut v neck tank top that easily matched Maggie’s display with her own massive bosom especially as she leaned forward on the desk. Making it look almost like a cave that everyone wanted to explore.

They didn’t speak a word, but their eyes did. They focused on the cleavage that was displayed aggressively at each other, like two bulls showing their horns in a display of threat attempting to scare each other off. If there hadn’t been anything to say, they may have started titfighting right then, but a phone ring from the desk interrupted their stare off and they both jumped at the sudden sound. Maggie ignored it and it ended shortly as they resumed their glare.

Another 10 seconds passed before Maggie finally broke the silence and said “Well hello Miss Fielder, please take a seat. What can I help you with?” She said with a sweet tone and putting on a fake smile. Amber was not about to take this fake persona for a second.

“Cut the bull shit. Your little show doesn’t fool me.” Amber growled not sitting down as her nails raked lightly on the desk. Maggie’s fake smile seemed to disappear as quickly as it had come and she scowled.

“What are you talking about?” Maggie asked, gripping her pen tightly, trying not to tell the blonde off right away.

Amber gave a twisted grin, “You are a fucking psychopath aren’t’ you?” Maggie glared at the comment but didn’t say anything. “What the fuck are you doing as the TA of this class?” The blonde continued.

Maggie shrugged, “An opportunity presented itself, and I took it.”

“An opportunity for what?” Amber asked thru gritted teeth.

Maggie didn’t answer right away giving Amber an almost pity stare before smiling, “My career.”

“Bullshit. FUCKING BULLSHIT! You are doing this to try to fucking get even with me!” Amber nearly yelled. Maggie realized that a pitch higher and people outside would hear them.

“Amber.” Maggie said using her rival’s first name in an attempt to diffuse the situation slightly and lower the sound, but this only pissed the blonde off more; as if they could call each other anything rather than bitch, slut and whore. “I’m not going to pass you when I know it’s someone else doing your work, but I am fair and if you do your assignments I will mark them fairly no questions asked.”

Even if Maggie was being sincere, she knew Amber wouldn’t believe her as there was no trust between these two women, only sex and violence.

“No Maggie. You are going to give my A or things will happen.” Amber said dangerously openly threatening the redhead again like the last time, déjà vu for Maggie hit like a wave.  

That was a final straw for the librarian, she had known there was a high probability that Amber would escalate things to a sexfight again, and now it was happening. Maggie did not like to get threatened, in fact it was what had driven her to fight the last time and clearly was going to do so again, it was the same bullshit as the last time when Amber came into the library. “Do not threaten me Amber.”

“Or what Maggie?” Amber was seeing red now and was getting angrier. “OR WHAT YOU BITCH?!”

Maggie slammed her desk and stood up fast, she made her way around the desk where Amber stood her ground ready to tear into her. Maggie didn’t stop until she was face to face with Amber, chest to chest, their shirts and bras the only thing protecting their modesty from each other. Their skin had goose bumps from aircon that contrasted to the heat and steam from the body in front of them. Maggie couldn’t believe how fast she had herself in front of Amber again with their tits near popping out.

It just seemed almost natural to them as if they couldn’t control it. Flashes of their kissing and fucking were hard to keep out of her mind as they glared at each other without a word said.

“Do not fucking threaten me again you fucking whore”. Maggie said in a near whisper almost hoping Amber would start their fight. Her clothes felt tighter than they had just minutes ago, and she wished they were already off.

Amber spoke back just as quiet, “Are you doing this TA just to fuck with me? You look like the psycho coming after me this time.”  Maggie tried to hide her annoyance on the logic Amber applied there but would never admit anything.

“You can’t prove anything, and I can do whatever I want”. Maggie replied, what little fear she had was long gone, turned into anger being face to face with the blonde.

“I will threaten you all I want, so don’t fucking mess with me or I will make do on every word I say” Amber replied, “We agreed you would stay out of my way that last time we…” Amber’s smile grew, “talked.”

“Fuck you.” Maggie said before she could stop herself but after replaying it in her head she knew she meant it.

“You tried but couldn’t.” Amber said, a cutting jab to Maggie who felt it deep down. The redhead couldn’t stop escalating this now as the real issues began to bubble up between them, “Don’t fucking come back here or I will fail you from this class right now.” She threated. Amber didn’t retort this attack, so Maggie continued pressing what advantage she had, “You’re a stupid bitch, I know this A means more to you than anything or you wouldn’t come here looking to demand this or gotten in my face in the first place.”

Amber couldn’t let a flicker of fear pass her face that Maggie had put 2 and 2 together something the librarian noticed.

“What’s the matter bitch? Did I figure it out?” Maggie said as the tension was building between them; their bodies seemed to react to just being next to each other in the confined room showing clear signs of arousal. Their pupils had fully dilated and a red flush had appeared on both their cheeks as they continued to stay face to face pushing into each other.

To anyone looking it was clear they wanted to have sex with each other even as their minds hated each other with a passion. Amber thought about giving it all up and jumping on Maggie right then bringing their bodies into the much-needed contact. All of her dreams and desires are satisfied right now. They would lose their shirts and bras quickly and settle which tits really were better first as a warmup.  She was sure her girls could crush their rivals and break the redhead completely, and from there have her way with her.

It would have been efficient for them to settle it here and now, but the time was already almost out as class approached. Seconds flew past, but neither took a chance to start a fight with so many people nearby just a few rooms away; they could hear the students passing by just outside the door unaware of the sexy confrontation that was happening just feet away. They would be found and separated before they could do what they dreamed and promised themselves what would happen. Amber finally broke the silence knowing there were only minutes left. 

“Don’t forget what happened last time you messed with me.” Amber said smiling evilly motioning down to their massive tits separated by 4 pieces of cloth, “Occasionally, I wear your ugly red thong just to remember the feeling of being on top of you”.

That comment almost broke Maggie and now she was ready to risk it all by stripping Amber nude and have a brutal fight right here until one of them lay defeated on the floor, cum dripping from her twat. She wanted her thong back, but more so she wanted to rip it off of Amber’s defeated body during a fight and take the blondes in turn. She needed to win it back and only then would she be able to wear it and feel as sexy as she used to. “I am going to rip it off your body if you ever come at me again”. Maggie hissed.  

Amber was tired of the defiance Maggie was giving her; clearly not respecting what had happened last time between their bodies. She pushed in and both girls felt their silky bras rub and the top of their breasts bulged from their clothes, their soft skin now touching slightly sending shockwaves to their nipples.

Maggie sucked in sharply ready to lose her top and wrestle Amber, nude on the filthy floor until they were forced apart, only connected by strings of spit and cum with one woman beating the other within an inch of her sexual endurance.

Every thought of moving on with her life and accepting her defeat long vanished, and she pushed the wallflower persona down once again. “Fuck you bitch”. She said with venom, “Get the fuck away from me or I will fuck you over in every way”. Maggie made a move to step to the side of Amber done with this conversation on that note. The blonde did not move an inch and put a hand up stopping Maggie on the shoulder. Maggie froze at the touch, her hands clenched into fists, her face turning to the blonde, but Amber made no other movement than to turn her own head, so their lips were again inches away; daring each other to kiss.

“I’m going to fuck you if you ever get in my way of this A.” She said in a deadly tone that was both dangerous and still somehow sexy to Maggie’s ears coming from the blonde’s glossy pink lips. Maggie felt a shiver go up her spine but she refused to be intimated or show any fear. It didn’t matter what happened in the darkness of the library two months ago, this was now. Against her better judgement and before she could stop herself she responded.

“Not if I fuck you first.” Her own voice surprised her with its evil tone, but she knew she meant it if she and Amber had to fight again the dirty way they had before, skin on skin and with their sexual skills until one of them submitted.  Amber had her own shiver of desire and fear but showed no sign to Maggie except to narrow her eyes. They glared for a few more seconds before Amber lowered her hand letting the redhead past both hoping they got their point across. Maggie made her way out of the room before making a turn, leaving the blonde behind for now.

Maggie and Amber both left that office hours angry, confused, and horny from their discussion. Amber could barely contain screaming into her pillow that night as she tossed and turned. She hated that Maggie was still the hottest body she had ever seen outside a mirror and her own desire for the librarian was consuming. She honestly wasn’t sure if her body would go against her will and go demand sex from the redhead, but she held strong. She would wait to see the TAs next move.

 Her anger was even more so that Maggie stood up to her again and did not seem to be willing to concede to her superior sex as she should have. She had wondered almost every night since the fight if Maggie would come after her, or even come beg her for sex as so many people did in her life, but it never happened, and now she knew why. The redhead was going to try to destroy her from another way, and it looked like she wasn’t going to back down from threats alone. Amber would not let that happen when she was so close to the 4.0 and the inheritance she desperately wanted. Amber’s goal was in sight and all she had to do was force the redhead to give her an A in any way possible.

It didn’t take long for a second conversation to be set up between the two women.  Wayne turned in one more assignment and Maggie gave it another F marking it up with even more red than the first. Amber had already assumed her conversation with Maggie didn’t solve her issue and she knew now the only way was to fight the redhead once more and settle it for good between them. When she came to this realization, she couldn’t help but get excited to fuck the redhead again and revive her passion, but this time she was going to make sure the bitch knew who was top for good. She logged in once again and requested a Friday night meeting with Maggie starting at 10 PM which was far out student hours, but she wasn’t worried about being declined. She wrote an email message just to ensure there were no surprises between them. ‘Slut, I guess you just didn’t understand our last meeting. Friday night lets settle this between us once and for all.’

Amber only had to wait a few minutes for the replay. An accepted message appeared along with the short sentence. ‘Looking forward to it whore’.

Maggie sat at her desk in the giant classroom grading papers as she did the last couple of Fridays except this time she wasn’t really grading them at all. Her mind was focused only on one thing, and that was Amber. She was waiting for the blonde to arrive, so they could settle their dispute with a sexfight. After receiving the email from Amber she would meet her rival for the 2nd time that week, but this time they would have all the time they needed. Her courage had brought her to this moment, and she couldn’t help but be satisfied with how it had worked out, knowing that Amber was coming to her; and knowing a dirty fight was the only way they could settle it. She hadn’t masturbated in 3 days since the email, foolish she knew, but she just couldn’t get herself off with her mind knowing what was coming. Her body wanted Amber and wouldn’t be pleased until it was with the blonde. She could only hope Amber had the same issue and that both their bodies were sexed up. 

The clock on the wall ticked as Maggie was lost in thought. She did not think she would go down to the sexual gutter again, let alone with Amber; but fate seemed to force them together. She knew she had to see this to the end; pinning Amber with her tits, and making the blonde cum over and over again, or…well, she didn’t want to think about Amber mounting her. She knew what the blonde could do to her, and she told herself that win or lose this would be her last time dealing with the blonde.

She now took another deep breath, her large chest rising and falling in time, trying to control her sexual surge that was already spreading to her erogenous zones in anticipation. The thong she had chosen feeling tight and her bra almost felt uncomfortable as her tits seemed to swell. She thought about stripping nude and when Amber came in, jumping on her in surprise, but no she told herself; she didn’t want to give the blonde any advantage in sex.

Now she had to do what she had set out to take this TA job, meet Amber’s sexual aggression with her own womanhood and tame the beast in a duel. She had to tap into her own slut that she was 2 months ago when they duelled with tongues, fingers, and muscles. She knew her body would do what it had to do, and her mind would let her shyness and timidness into the back of her mind for the next few hours when she saw the blonde. She had applied a light amount of makeup and had done a full beauty treatment to get her skin clear, fully smooth down to her lower lips. She wondered if Amber would be the same, almost hoping she would be. She struggled to remove the image of a smooth oiled up Amber from her head.

‘Fuck’ She thought, she was already wet, and her little string white thong wouldn’t hide that well if…no, when they lost their clothes during the fight. ‘Calm down body’, letting the tension relax from her shoulders even while gripping the papers tightly in her hands. The clock seemed to tick even more slowly, every minute felt like an hour with the promise of sex approaching. The entire massive building was empty yet for her, no matter how loud they screamed nobody would hear. Her tiny office simply had a desk and nothing more this morning, but that afternoon she had brought in a big, soft rug and placed it in front of said desk. Across the hall was a science lab and next to that a professor lounge, both with their doors open.

With 5 minutes to go to 10 she was drawn out of her thoughts by a slam on the door that signalled to her that Amber had arrived a bit early and the time was upon them to consummate their hatred and desire. She stood still wearing her short black teacher skirt and light blue button up blouse. She took another deep breath and moved towards the door heels clicking loudly.  

She opened the door in one fast motion and was unsurprised as Amber let herself in without invitation again getting face to face with Maggie. They almost accidentally kissed with Amber getting that close but stopped just in time, so the red and pink mouths didn’t mesh quite yet. Like a jump into cold water, Maggie’s body reacted to the sexual presence of Amber wanting to immediate have sex and rip her body to shreads at the exact same time.

Amber had spent the whole trip coming to the school telling herself how ugly Maggie was, how much she wouldn’t have to worry about being turned on. Now as she stood in front of the redhead, Amber’s body knew her own mind was lying. Maggie’s cute face pissed Amber off, and as her eye’s scanned down her stomach did a flip seeing Maggie’s goddess body.

Amber looked stunning, clearly, she had done her own beauty treatment, her straight, silky long blonde hair down her mid-back, the pink streaks looked bright, a thin white t-shirt that showed no cleavage, but was seen through enough that black bra she had chosen was clear. Maggie noticed that Amber had removed all of her jewellery as she had done as well, not even having the nose ring in.   She was also in a skirt, but this was a schoolgirl skirt, black and red plaid. It was shorter than Maggie’s and seemed much more flowy, as if a breeze would gust in and reveal her ass like Marilyn Monroe. Amber was in 2-inch heel boots that were a whole inch taller than Maggie’s 1-inch flights that raised their calves and asses up displaying the toned muscle. They stood staring for a few seconds as it dawned again how alone they were, how nothing would stop them once they started.  

“Hello Amber, here for another chat?” Maggie asked sweetly, she had undone 3 buttons this time from her light blue blouse leaving only 2 still done at the bottom; her own white bra was showing with a whole lot of cleavage. Her red lipstick shined in the light, while her red short curly hair was down on her shoulders undone from the early bun. Her green eyes seemed to have a fire burning in them.

“No Maggie, I am here for something else this time as I don’t think you understood our last conversation.” Amber said using her hand to close the door behind her sealing them in. Their outfits screamed sexy schoolgirl confronting a hot teacher as the woman knowingly choose their outfits to allure the other, trying to capture every advantage and make the other hornier. Amber had applied her own pink lipstick matching her hair highlights as Maggie took in every detail she could. The blonde’s lush body seemed to barely be contained by the outfit, her brown eyes filled with hunger. Their claws painted the same colour as their lips, everything picked preciously for the night.

“Well I guess if you’re not here to talk it out there is really only one thing for us to do.” Maggie finished with a slight twisted smile on her face. Her body and mind focused on the task of humiliating and humbling the blonde to the point of which she would never come back to face her.

“You are right, and I am not waiting any longer,” Amber finished with her own crooked smile, and with screams of anger they attacked each other unable to contain themselves. They were finally alone, and the pent-up aggression was the first thing they needed to unleash on each other and the tiny teaching office was the perfect place. They launched at each other with open claws and screams aiming for their eyes and cheeks. Their initial attack missed each other’s faces and scratched the soft skin of their enemy’s chest right in front of the door.



 They cried as they began to fight in the middle of the office. They shrieked as they scratched each other’s arms, the two young women looking to settle their dispute with their strength and body. They began moving like uncoordinated boxers they moved trying to dodge and attack each strike while landing a hit herself.

 Hisses escaped their lips as they moved around the room back and forth with hard slaps and scratches that hit each other’s arms and shoulders. The occasional hit on the face and clothed tits drew louder cries of pain. Higher pitched screams came out their mouths as the clawing and slapping went on and on.  Their short skirts would move up revealing covered asses that flexed as they moved, and their chests jumped up and down while they dodged the painful attacks. They screamed in anger and frustration unable to gain an upper hand, their physical abilities a match thus far.

“You are fucking weak”, Amber gasped as they continued to claw.

Amber scratched Maggie’s cheek and Maggie returned the blow seconds later, eliciting cries of pain as the marks began to add up on their smooth skin. To stop each other from running or backing off, they used their left and to grip their opponent’s hair hard and their right free hand to slap each other across the face as best they could. They both got two good slaps that rang out and sent small tears to their eyes.  Maggie’s second strong slap on Amber’s right cheek caused her to cry in pain and release the red hair. She stumbled back unable to stop the next punch that found its way into the fat on her covered left tit.

“DAMN IT” She cried as she fell back onto the desk leaning onto it slightly. Maggie advanced on her and forced Amber into a defensive pose putting a leg up and kicking at Maggie with dangerous heels. The redhead continued to swing strong slaps dodging the legs as best she could but became too confident. The dangerous swings gave Amber a chance to grab first Maggie’s right arm and then her left keeping her locked. With a howl of anger, she kneed Maggie in the right side of her stomach. Maggie stumbled back gasping at the impact, holding her side in pain.  Amber sat up but didn’t reengage quickly enough as Maggie had already recovered now with more anger in her green eyes. The librarian launched herself at Amber who fell back onto her desk with Maggie half on top of her. Papers went flying as Amber forced Maggie off to the side and they locked together hand to hand rolling while leaning on the desk. Amber rolled back on top with her hands now in Maggie’s curly red hair, while Maggie matched the pose and they pulled each other in tight even as their tits kept their faces apart. Amber hissed and spit on Maggie’s face mostly landing on the pink lips. The redhead growled in disgust and arousal. She licked it up best she could and pulled Amber’s face close to hers by the blonde pink hair as they stopped rolling. Amber thought she was trying to kiss her and opened her mouth slightly, but only got a mouthful of spit as Maggie returned the substance with a forceful spit of her own. Amber let it drip out of her mouth as they slowly tussled more Maggie getting on top again, her skirt was fully pulled up showing her erotic white thong that clashed perfectly against Amber’s mini black one in this duel of sexuality.

Already the sex was starting to rear its head in their fight with their aggressiveness and a different type of fight was evolving. There was no denying that each top girl was lightly humping the bottom one as they exchanged the top position, each trying to push her tiny string cloth into the others even as they slapped and scratched any revealed skin they could reach.

They cursed each other with as much foul language as they could muster “CUNT” “WHORE” and many other words. Maggie rolled back on top with her own skirt again pulled up, her tiny white thong unable to hide the wet spot that had already appeared giving Amber a hard hump who let out a small moan at the feeling. 2 months of unsatisfying sex was too much for both women, and they found themselves unable to hide their desires.

Amber had lifted her legs as her back was on desk and wrapped her muscular calves around Maggie’s thin waist pulling their covered cunts closer. Maggie’s hands went to her blonde hair to pull hard while Amber targeted Maggie’s blue blouse reaching to the top of Maggie’s tits and pulling the two sides apart. The few little buttons that were still done up had no chance and they popped easily open.

“Don’t break my shirt!” Maggie yelled but reached for Amber’s at the same time. Maggie’s blouse had little chance of lasting as every button was pulled apart by Amber. The redhead was wearing an exotic white bra with a flower pattern that made her already firm tits look even stronger. Even with the success of removing the redhead’s top; Amber’s own shirt didn’t last as Maggie pulled it off the blonde and over her head, Amber’s tits seemed to titty drop with a thud as they fell back down in their silk black and red cage. As Maggie held the shirt with both hands Amber was easily able to push her off and Maggie stumbled back on her heels nearly losing her balance. Amber sat up but didn’t jump on Maggie deciding on a different tactic. She leaned over and began to remove her shoes. Maggie watched closely and followed suit, their heels only going to get in the way of their fight. Both pairs were tossed into the corner a few seconds later, but as Maggie looked back and Amber, the blonde was not done. She was staring at Maggie, hands behind her back and clearly unclipping her bra. Her look changed into a challenging stare, daring Maggie to do the same.

When Maggie gave her an almost confused look Amber simply shrugged, “I’m not going to sacrifice another bra for you to destroy slut. Let’s take them off and do this topless.” The blonde said still holding onto her front cups almost waiting to see if Maggie would do the same.

“Happy to comply whore, I will keep your bra along with your thong when I fuck you up”, Maggie said reaching slowly behind her and beginning to remove the last bit of her upper cloth. At the same time, they allowed their tops to fall, finally revealing the massive tits they had used to taunt each other. Both pairs of tits dropped like hammers with a slight bounce now in full sight. They were drool worthy, two pairs that belonged on the top now against each other. Amber hated that Maggie’s body stood up to her in terms of looks, seeing the tits of the librarian only fuelled her rage more so.  

Maggie started to reach for her skirt, but Amber didn’t follow suit.  

“Why don’t we lose our thongs also then if we are going to strip for each other bitch?” Maggie asked, trying to understand the logic Amber was saying.

“Not this time.” Amber laughed, sounding almost crazy with lust and anger, her eye’s followed Maggie’s chest. “You said you planned on ripping my thong off if I got in your face, well I’m here bitch and it’s still on.”

“For now, cunt,” Maggie growled. “Fine, let’s settle this with our tits first”, She continued as she watched Amber.  

They were now nearly nude again in front of each other only in their skirts and thongs, Instead of responding Amber shook her breasts at Maggie in a direct challenge to her own girls. The way they moved was incredible and Maggie suddenly felt a wave of nervousness watching them jiggle with so much power, but like an animal lost in rage, Maggie shook hers back and even hissed like a cat her animal instincts overruling all else. Her own girls moved just like Ambers, it seemed they demanded they be slammed together as they had to find out which pair was thicker and stronger.

“I’m tired of you showing those saggy bags off like you’re special, how about we settle who’s got the best chest?” Amber growled.

“If you think you can handle my girls let’s do it on the desk and see who can use hers the best.” Maggie motioned and moved toward the wooden object and Amber nodded, keen to get back into Maggie’s face but also have a chance to settle the big question between them.

They climbed onto opposite sides of the desk, a few papers still laid around as they moved towards each other, eyes locked to the sharp nipples moving closer to their own.

“I’m going to push you off this desk with only my girls.” Maggie said holding her own orbs in her hands’ showing their size. She squeezed them together as if she was titfucking a dick, something Amber had imagined Maggie doing with her getting to watch.

“You won’t move me an inch” Amber hissed, forcing the image of Maggie and herself sharing a man back and forth, seeing who could get more cum on her tits. They got closer and closer to touching their bare nipples together again.  2 months of trying to remember the feeling, and now they were seconds away from the pleasure and pain they sought.

“Once you fall I’m going to milk you like the cow you are until there is nothing left of your tits.” The blonde said sadistically as she rubbed her own massive cannonballs, showing how they could drop with no sag.

“You can dream bitch, you will be the one milked by my fingers….and mouth.” She added after a second of pause. Amber sneered, “I will use my mouth too bitch until you scream.” As they got closer and closer they could feel the heat coming from their rival’s body. Their fingers reached for each other over their head and enclosed like lovers , putting their arms lightly away. Maggie looked down at Ambers jugs, the brown nipples sharp and pointing directly at her own, she didn’t need to look down to know her pinks were equally hard.

Their hands went down to their hips still holding each other tight and Maggie enclosed the final distance bringing their tits together in a hot slap of womanly flesh.

“Yes!” Amber cried, “Oh Fuck,” Maggie said back enjoying the few first seconds of having her nude girls touch Ambers again, rolling up and down each other, nipples lost in the mass of fat. The pleasure was more than either girl remembered and for a few seconds they seemed to just relish in the feeling, but the almost playful rolling did not last long; their eyes met as they began to push in with greater force attempting to flatten their opponent forever and settle the score.

“You will be an A cup when we are done.” Maggie huffed, as their nipples had found each other and locked like horns. Their bodies now going at it harder and harder, the fight still alive.

“You will never show off your pathetic tits again when I’m done with you”, was the retort from Amber as they gave and took each inch with desperation and sweat. As they breathed their chests expanded into each other fighting with every movement, their foreheads pushed together.  

 Their hands still held each other tight, but there was no force being put to that part of their body as the battle was fully focused on cannonballs that meshed on their chests. The minutes ticked on and sweat had begun to make their breasts slippery sliding easily on each other. One tit of a woman slipping into between the other’s back and forth as they would separate to slap their girls back together with force. Grunts of exertion escaped their lips, the smell of each other’s light perfume intoxicating, almost kissing several times as they adjusted their heads, but not ready to open that battlefield.  

They mushroomed into each other trapped between their arms, their back muscles flex showing their strength as they rested their heads on each other’s shoulders giving small bites to the soft neck of her enemy. It was mutually understood without words this was between their tits only and they focused on toppling the other with only their own meaty chests.  After another 3 minutes, the girls finally started moving inch by inch as Maggie pushed Amber back using her strong ass, back muscles and of course tits. Their legs were sweaty now too and on the smooth wood, it became harder for them to gain traction.

“Fuck you cow”, Amber hissed as she regained some of the ground with an almost tit uppercut into Maggie who grunted, but the blonde made a critical error not seeing a final piece of paper that was still on the desk. The paper had no friction and as her knee landed on it, it slid easily taking Amber’s knee nearly off the desk. “Shit!” she cried suddenly in trouble. Maggie felt the shift and lunged forward with her tits slamming their meaty chests together with a slap from her higher position. The impact was enough and with the weight of Maggie’s breasts on her own Amber fell back.

The blonde tumbled off the desk with a scream, her right knee running out of space, her sweaty tits finally separating from Maggie’s as she landed with a hard thud onto the soft rugged floor.  She landed on her back, her breasts jiggling on the impact still looking firm and full even after failing their goal of crushing Maggie’s. Her skirt had flipped up around her hips displaying her black thong with red trimmings around matching the smooth black bra that had already been lost. The darkness of the material hid the blatant cum spot on the front so that Maggie was still unaware.

The punk girl attempted to sit up to get back tit to tit already missing Maggie’s chest on her own, but Maggie leaped off the desk and landed on top of her, knees trapping her arms, and hovering slightly above the blonde. With a dark smirk, the redhead reached down and pulled her business skirt up revealing her own lace white string thong with the front triangle showing a clear cum spot not hidden at all.

“Get the fuck off me!” Amber growled her eye’s going wide while trying to buckle and squirm to dislodge Maggie off but to no avail in her very disadvantageous position.

 “This is what you get for thinking your weak little tits could stand up to mine!” The redhead growled from the dominant top position.

Maggie’s red fingers gripped the blonde mane and pulled her head forward right into her cunt. Maggie moaned during her power display as she aggressively humped Amber’s face and ground her small cloth up and down rubbing herself on Amber as much as she could. Amber screamed loudly before her mouth was covered by the white thong. She tried to swing her legs up and around Maggie’s torso, but couldn’t reach. The rubbing continued on the wet cloth, so much that it rubbed into the blonde’s lips, giving Amber a small taste of her rival’s nether regions. Her nose loved the smell and her mouth wanted more of the taste even as she hated the humiliation that was being gifted from the librarian to her. The pin lasted almost half a minute with Maggie enjoying every second relishing in the control she had of her enemy.

Amber was trying to get Maggie to go to a different strategy. She got her legs on the desk and pushed off like a leg press giving another force to send a surge of energy knocking Maggie off in a buck like motion. “Fuck!” Maggie cried as she landed forward while Amber breathed a full breath of air and turned off her back quickly. Knowing she couldn’t let herself get into that position again, she lunged like a cat at Maggie. The librarian had turned just in time to catch the punk girl head to head as their bodies clashed and a savage catball began on the office floor. Scratching, clawing, and even biting each other’s shoulders in an attempt to hurt the other girl. Their hands filled with the breasts of each other, now clawing the sharp nipples of the rival nude pair.

Amber leaned up and got a hard slap right to Maggie’s face which rang out and stunned the librarian who looked dazed for a second her head falling back.  With Amber on top, she knew exactly what she wanted to do to Maggie, not willing to give her enemy a moment’s rest. She spun her body quickly and gripped the toned calves of redhead relishing on how smooth they were. She gripped the full-toned legs pulling them up to her shoulders. She didn’t have to pull up her skirt as it was already wedged up high enough for her ass to be in full view as she rested on her knees. She took a deep breath as Maggie recovered and began to struggle hard knowing what was coming. “GET OFF!” Maggie cried but she didn’t twist fast enough.

“You like face sitting slut? Enjoy bitch.” Amber lowered her muscular firm ass and the small black string onto the cute mousy face of her rival in a hot, skirt, and thong reverse schoolgirl pin. Amber couldn’t suppress her own moan of desire as her little black string covered asshole and pussy went up and down Maggie’s freckles as she ground hard into the other woman’s face.

Maggie yelled out in desperation being covered by the ass she had fought so hard against, amazed at how firm and soft Amber’s butt felt even as she drowned in the muscle. She used her hands to at first claw Amber’s thighs to little avail, she then moved them to reach up and grip Amber’s blonde pink hair hard and pulled hard, causing a hiss of annoyance from Amber, but it did not deter her from the face sit and ass grinding. Maggie had to turn her face which gave small pleasure spikes to Amber, whose nicely soaked thong got wetter and wetter. Maggie felt Amber’s cum gloss her face and lips and even Amber’s ass hole covered by the smallest string rub her into her nose.

She gripped Amber’s long blonde hair again and pulled hard curving Amber’s back and neck, so the punk girl had to look up at the ceiling. It had little effect again except a groan from Amber, but as Maggie released the hair pull this time, Amber’s head went forward in a slingshot motion toward Maggie’s legs. Maggie’s calves locked around Amber’s neck and attempted to swing Amber forward more. The blonde’s free hands caught herself on the desk keeping her on top of Maggie, but she was not able keep her reverse schoolgirl pin going completely as her ass left Maggie’s face and the redhead breathed in heavily. Amber still had the advantage being on top but Maggie’s strong thighs held, and they seemed to be at a stalemate with Maggie trying to get Amber off while the punk girl tried to resume her face and sit their muscles burning with effort.

Sweat again began to drip off their bodies again as every movement burned their muscles in this contest of wills. Amber gave up trying to dislodge Maggie’s legs with her arms, knowing only her own powerful python legs would be able to duel with Maggie’s and the blonde picked a new target. Maggie’s business skirt offered no protection and Amber could see the tiny white thong with Maggie’s legs still straight up around her neck. She reached down and gripped the front of the thong that had rubbed her mouth just minutes prior planning to remove it from her opponents’ body. It was sticky, and Amber felt the warmth that was emanating from the flesh hidden behind the cloth. In Maggie’s position, the slight pull was enough, and the white flower thong began to slide off her ass and up her legs.

Maggie’s eyes went wide feeling the air on her free pussy. With a shock she realized that Amber was taking her thong off with her skirt still on. She was in no position to stop getting stripped with her legs having to hold Amber’s neck off her from getting pinned again by her rival’s booty. Her green eyes glared at perfect ass and thong only a few inches away from her face still hovering above. It was a dangerous risk she knew and if it failed she would be sat on by Amber again but this time nude. She had to risk it though as she refused to allow Amber to get thong off without stripping Amber of hers, her own pride on the line.   Her hands went up to Amber’s hips and gripped the black strings and began to peel it down as best she could in the position she was in off the ass of Amber. A long string of cum connected the front of the black thong from Amber’s own soaking twat and it frustratingly made Maggie wetter knowing that Amber was so wet during their catfight. Amber wiggled her hips to stop Maggie, but also knew she would not be able to deter it from going down her legs.

As both pieces of cloth made it as far down their legs as possible, their knees had less movability, something Maggie quickly realized she could use. She saw her chance with Amber’s thong half off and swung her legs to the left with a sudden jerk. The blonde had tried to widen her stance as she had before but was unable to adjust her legs with her thong holding her knees together, and with a yell, she fell off Maggie rolled to the side, her thong still half down her body.

On her side, Amber tried to grip her own thong up but Maggie hadn’t let go, and a tug of war began with Maggie on her knees pulling at Ambers thong and Amber on her ass holding on to the black cloth.


“YOU GRIPPED MINE FIRST SLUTTY CHEATER” Maggie screamed back as the tug of war continued.

After a few seconds, Amber concluded trying to keep it on was futile. As the redhead gave a huge pull, the blonde strained her legs along her thong to slip off easily.

“Ahh!” the redhead fell back on her own meaty buns her own thong still half off, Amber’s wet black thong in hand. She had no time to celebrate as Amber had quickly gotten up and was seeing red seeing her rival hold her soaked thong. She leaped forward and in a sudden reverse, the woman found themselves in opposite positions from 5 seconds prior with Amber trying to rip off Maggie’s white flower thong. Maggie was unwilling to risk losing the one she had just earned and only used one hand to fend off Amber. She found herself losing and allowed Amber to pull it off her, but unlike Maggie, she did not fall back getting the cloth. Amber wanted more, screaming as she leapt forward, both girls still with the wet pieces of string in hand as they met tit to tit and began to roll with only their skirts protecting their modesty. Their naked smooth cunts open under their final pieces of clothing.

“Fucking whore!” “Give me my thong back!” “NO, you let go!” It was too hard to tell who yelled which line as they competed for the strings now again chest to chest that meshed perfectly together. The hissed and huffed as they wrestled, a new sound appeared in the room as Maggie started spitting on Amber’s face and tits. “DON’T FUCKING SPIT ON ME!” Amber yelled even as she gladly returned the favor spitting directly into Maggie’s face which landed in Maggie’s open mouth several times.  

After a few hot sweaty rolls, the girls came to a wall with Maggie on top. She spit but instead of with force it was a long strand that oozed out of her mouth. Amber opened her lips and stuck out her tongue allowing it to land lay there. The girl’s eyes stared at the string now connecting their mouths, a surge of pleasure from the sight alone caused them to quiver. They stopped rolling, not wanting to break the line as each girl moved closer, shortening it more and more until almost without meaning to their lips touched, breaking the spit line and sloppily mushing it together between the red and pink gloss. The girls almost came at the kiss with the shocks rocking their body starting at the lips, desperately wanting more of what it tasted. Their eyes widened at the reaction and they pushed each other away breaking the short lip lock as they rolled apart gasping for breath.

They finally separated from each other, rolling apart now needing to catch their breath and try to calm their bodies. They didn’t remain relaxed for long as they stood up not wanting to be caught on her back and defenceless if the other woman approached. They found themselves again on opposite sides of the office. Their breathing was very heavy after the long exertion, the only sound in the small office besides the clicking of the clock. It had already been 30 minutes of them ‘talking’ out their issues, and they hadn’t settled anything yet. Their pink and red lips tingle from the kiss seconds early both yearning to getting back in contact.

Both girls fixed their hair and wiped their faces of the thick spit which had covered and dripped down their cheeks. They also started to readjust their skirts; the last remaining clothing each girl had on, Maggie pulling her business skirt back down to her upper mid-thigh while Amber fixed her school girl skirt as best she could by flattening it down. They continued to glance at each other as they did so, especially now that both girls knew there was now nothing under those skirts and access to the warm cunts of their most despised rival would be much easier. The cum stained underwear in each other hands made it all the clearer that sex would be the main weapon going forward as they escalated their encounter into the phase.  

They had succeeded in getting their rivals thong off as they had promised and now wanted to press the advantage. They tightly gripped the tiny wet strings of cloth in their hands and began to circle each other slowly moving around the desk they had just fought on. Their huge sweaty tits slightly reddened from the bashing and rubbing but showed no other sign of damage ready to be re-engaged together. They started taunting each other about the chosen underwear and the clear desire the other was showing.

“You just couldn’t wait to get my thong off, could you?” Maggie laughed at the blonde. “Just how bad do you want my body?” She felt alive and sexy holding Amber’s thong in her hand, and now all she had to do was keep it. She used to associate these feelings of desire and need as being a slut ignoring them best she could, but now she felt empowered fighting against Amber and honestly didn’t care how she felt or looked.

“You took mine off just as quickly. I wonder why?” Amber said, rolling her eyes. She was tired of them beating around the bush of their attractiveness to each other; they had already fucked once and had kissed tonight. Amber was planning on doing it again and again until the redhead gave up. “We both know it is going to end.” Amber growled at Maggie, “The better woman between us will win. Just like last time.”

“The better woman? How do you define that slut? Shouldn’t us trying to rip each other to shreds and school girls pinning each other be enough?” Maggie said with thick sarcasm in her voice. She didn’t want to say aloud that the battle of their sexes was just as much about this as their grades, but Amber didn’t seem to care, she was going to hate fuck Maggie and most likely would be hate fucked in return.

“No, it is not.” Amber said deadpanned now ready to say anything to get them back at each other’s bodies. “I’m going to break your sex and we will see if you are still smirking at the end of our little sexfight.”

Maggie’s eye’s widened at the word sexfight. “You looked up that too”, she said in a whisper to herself, Maggie suddenly had a bit of insight that Amber had been thinking about their encounter more than she let on. She wasn’t sure if Amber heard her, but she pushed it from her mind saying it didn’t matter if they both had obsessed over their last encounter.

“Yes, I suppose you are right for once” Maggie said grinning even slightly wider. They continued to circle each other around the desk, a little extra sway in their hips. “A sexfight is the only way we will really be able to settle this, but this time however we go till the end.”

Amber raised an eyebrow at Maggie also using the word and at this as the redhead gave her a sinister grin like a wild nymph, a look the blonde had not seen on the redhead before. Amber felt even more attracted to Maggie at this moment as if she could feel what the redhead planned to do to her. She could only hope her own look was giving the librarian the same feeling.

 “We go till one of us quits, one of us surrenders to the others physical…or sexual endurance.” Maggie felt hot saying her most secret desire to her most despised rival. The rival who could bring all those desires to reality and seemed more than willing. Maggie was not going to stop, not tonight, she would out power and out slut Amber in the game of sex.

“Sexual endurance” Amber said, her own dark smile on her face now widening more so. Her body heated up at the words fully realizing she was going to be sexually satisfied tonight, especially after she forced the redhead down and used her body like a sex toy. “That sounds perfect to me, I wasn’t sure if a baby girl like you would be daring enough to do this again after what happened to you last time.” Amber purred as she licked her lips. Maggie gave a small shrug not trying to show how much it really did bother her. Having anger from her defeat could only lead her into making a stupid decision and that was not something she could afford to do against the blonde. “Last time was last time. We were supposed to fight with tooth and nails, and we decided to fuck it out on the spot. This time we both know how we are going to settle this. No one orgasm and done, I am going to make you scream my name and only stop once you beg.” The librarian said sexually. They still circled each other, following after the ass they both wanted to slap and chew.

“You will be the one begging for more when I am done with you.” Amber said back but then her eyes widened as if remembering something very important, “Also, more importantly when I win, you will give me my A in this class no questions asked, and never again show your face in front of me. This bullshit psycho behaviour stops you freak.” Amber continued with a haughty authority.

Maggie didn’t respond nearly wincing at the work psycho and freak, she hated those insults and the blonde knew how to dish them out. She would have to leave the school, hurting her career and losing her favourite place. Finally, she found her voice, “Fine, I agree but when I win you will be getting the F you deserve. You will also never step in this school again, so I never have to see you for the rest of my life. This is the last time we will ever deal with each other, you fucking psycho.” Amber knew what Maggie would say but hearing her threaten the F sent a shiver of fear in the blonde. Her goal for the inheritance faced the biggest challenge so far. The words hung in the air as it dawned on them that the loser may never get a rematch between them, everything was on the line and the future of both girls laid out in front of them.

The clocked ticked signalling the passage of time both girls were oblivious to. Maggie also remembered something that was important to her. “I am keeping your thong as my trophy too bitch.”

Amber gave a sharp laugh, holding up the white thong she still held, “I think it’s pretty obvious that the winner of tonight is leaving with two.” She motioned towards the black sting in Maggie’s hand as well. “I just can’t wait to add another to my loser collection.” Amber said as she held up the flower white cloth to her crotch as if seeing how it would look in a mirror. “I wear your red one to the gym a lot,” Amber smiled as Maggie’s glare seemed to intensify the image clear in her mind. “I like how it feels down my ass. It took a while to get your nasty smell out of it, but now I feel like it truly is mine.”

Maggie let out an animal -like growl, “Next time I pin you, I’m going to shove my ass in your face”, she hissed, the tension reaching a breaking point.

“No way slut, it will be my ass making you scream” Amber growled back. Their hips swayed more and more wanting to show off their ass. They stopped moving, standing on opposite sides of the long desk. Maggie threw the black thong into the corner and Amber did the same landing the white one right on top of it. The twin prizes awaiting their new owner once she outfucked the other queen.  

“Ok Amber, I think we both understand what’s happening here. How about you join me up on this desk again and we can talk a bit more with our tits. I will show you again who’s the most woman between our chests.” Amber didn’t reply but crawled up to the desk on her knees and Maggie quickly duplicated to match her. The women found themselves in a similar setup to almost ten minutes ago moving together to fight tits, but now both missing a key piece of clothing under the skirts. They didn’t hesitate like last time and crushed their mummeries together as the twin balls began to roll with a hard slap. Their sharp nipples raked and flicked against each other giving a mix of pain and pleasure. Maggie reached for Amber’s hands to interlace fingers, but the blonde had other ideas.  

They had only been titfighting for less than 5 seconds when Amber’s hand dove under Maggie’s skirt and entered the redhead’s-soaked pussy.  She started pumping quickly before Maggie could do anything but gasp at the sensation, her mind went blank as Amber’s nimble fingers danced in her.  

“FUCK YOU! This is about our tits!” Maggie screamed reaching down to grasp Amber’s hand and hold it back slightly from getting back into her. Their arm muscles flexed as Amber was paused in her sexual attack for a brief second.  

“NO, FUCK YOU! This is about everything!” Amber yelled back while slamming her tits into Maggie’s pair as they crushed together even harder than before. Maggie took the hint and let go of Amber’s hand giving the blonde full access to her cunt. She was rewarded with Amber’s hands re-entering her, but as the punk girl focused on her attack Maggie slid her own long fingers up the blonde’s skirt and into her smooth pussy.  The twin groans of desire signalled they were already reaching a peak.

The titfight was still raging but their focus had turned to their masturbation contest that was underway on the top of Maggie’s desk. The girls were ready to go at it to the sexual end and this was the beginning of them bringing their wants and needs into each other. Two fingers in and two on the lips they played with each other under their skirts; the sounds of sloppy pumping the loudest sound in the office followed closely from their grunts that escaped their lips. Amber was going fast and quick with short attacks focusing on the outer areas while Maggie maneuvered her hands slower and deeper, their styles of sex clashing like their breasts unable to break the other easily.

Their sexual engines were in full throttle and the aroma of womanhood filled their nostrils as they continued to duel on top of the desk.

“Holy fuck, you really want me huh? Look how wet you are” Amber couldn’t help but smile playing with Maggie’s twat. Their first fight seemed to recreate itself, but this time they could see each other in full detail and it only made them hornier. Every scowl or flinch was an extra sensitive stop that drove them to push further. Her thumb now even flicking the small clit that had appeared from Maggie’s hood.

“Look who’s talking you little bitch, your thong was soaked, and now you are literally dripping into my hand.” Maggie purred back, continuing to rub Amber’s lower lips sliding easily against the smooth flesh. She felt her clit start to show and quickly searched for Amber’s which was appearing as well.

Their free hands had dug into each other’s hair while their dominant hand was in-between their rivals’ legs.  The giant boobs clashed into each other still pushing lightly wanting to be the better pair.  

Their womanly bodies in war as they found their g-spots rubbing the rougher spots inside the slit with a come-hither motion. Their faces had turned away from each other, but as if by fate they turned so their eyes locked. At that point neither girl had used their mouths or tongues except to taunt and talk dirty words into each other’s ears. Now looking at each other the memory of the kiss was another fire they needed to ignite Amber gave a small tiny lick right on the side of Maggie’s red lips sending a pulse to her pink nipples, and Maggie wetly returned one to Amber’s cheek and across the pink lips trying to split them with no success. They backed off for a second to glare darkly into their enemies’ eyes before rushing each other’s mouths with a passionate sigh finally kissing deeply.

The tongues rushed in and knotted between their now duelling mouths increasing all their pleasure 10-fold in their other erogenous zones. They stopped pushing tits and even their hands seemed to hold and relax inside each other as they kissed, moaning deeply into each other’s mouths and shaking them to their core. From the outside they looked like two passionate lovers reuniting after a long time away, but on the inside of their cheeks they were trying to choke each other with their strong tongues and drown with spit. They seemed to hum and moan with each passing second while their pink and red gloss seemed to mix on each other. As their hands began to move again they separated their lips with gasps of air and spit dripping down onto their tits slightly wetting the balls of fat that rolled against each other using the new lube.

“You’re a terrible kisser” Maggie huffed, already missing Amber’s tongue inside her mouth.

“Your tongue is pathetically weak.” Amber moaned as they began to masturbate each other even faster nearing a small ledge, both girls close to a small orgasm after 2 months of thinking nothing of this moment and each other.

“Weak huh? How about this.” Maggie put as much spit as she could on her tongue and gave a hard-soaked lick up Amber’s chin, across her mouth and near her brown eyes.

Amber groaned at the feeling of the pink muscle on her face, her body wanting more and more of what Maggie was giving her. “Yeah, soft compared to this” as she wet her own tongue and licked Maggie back leaving a trail of spit back but going all the way to the redhead’s ear nipping it slightly and wetly putting her tongue in. “Fuck”, Maggie breathed pulling her head back to stop the bite but Amber continued to push their spit covered faces together spreading the lube they had left like two lionesses rubbing their heads together in greeting. Once a nice wet gloss was spread they went back to sucking each other’s tongues like cock back and forth between them.

The free hand of Maggie’s released the blonde mane and lightly moved down the toned back, looking to grope the muscle below. She rubbed down the covered skirt and reached the edge pulling it up slightly. Amber’s hand was already making its way down to Maggie’s behind ensuring she matched her rival. She wasted no time and gave a slight grope followed by a spank on Amber’s bubble butt remembering how much the blonde loved having her ass tortured.

Amber’s eyes went wide, and her legs gave a small shake as an orgasm rolled into her body, the spank timing with a hard rub on her g-spot.

“Shit” Amber huffed trying to keep her body steady. It had happened so quickly, an almost waking up orgasm after a week of not being able to cum.  Her own hand had found Maggie’s muscle and after a hard slap feeling the redhead also moaned and began to shake.

Amber brought her hand up and gripped Maggie’s hair and forced her head forward.

“Look at me bitch”, She whispered wanting eye contact to see Maggie cum.

“Fuck you slut”. But Maggie did stare, her green eyes looking deep into Amber’s brown searching each other for answers and weakness as they shared the pleasure.

They both bit their lips as they came; the waves began to spread down their limbs. Their eyes continued to stare right at each other, not blinking, unable to look away at the person who gave them so much pleasure and hatred. Their fingers continued to pump looking to draw it out as long as they could. Cum dripped down into their hands and onto the desk where it pooled in a small pond of cum. Maggie was close to yelling out, the pleasure just too much, but would not give Amber the satisfaction. Instead forcing their mouths back together to stop herself in a lust filled kiss that Amber angrily returned. The waves didn’t last long and as they subsisted, and the girls came off their high as fast as they had started. They broke their kiss with spit connecting them and removed their cum covered fingers with two small pops.  

They rested against each other for a few seconds relishing in the small afterglow. Maggie knew these moments were the chances she had to capitalize on.

“Get on your back bitch!” She cried while lunging forward tackling Amber on her back, but the blonde was ready wrestling the redhead for a few seconds before she rolled to the side forcing Maggie off. “Puff” Maggie hit the floor standing as quickly as she could, but Amber had rolled off the desk on the other side.  All the first orgasm did was rev them for more and Maggie was ready to start up right away.

“Hope you aren’t too tired after that blondie.” Maggie said as she began to back up away from the desk and into the more open space of the rug. Looking to lure the blonde into a more power-based wrestling where the pinned woman wouldn’t have the desk to use as leverage.

“Sorry slut but I have never been exhausted from sex and you don’t have the body to be the first.” The punk girl said taking the bait and following Maggie around the desk and into the open arena.

“We both know that’s a lie” The redhead gloated earning a glare from the blonde. Amber had nearly reached Maggie when the redhead put her hand up. “Let’s do this nude.” Maggie said, already zipping her skirt down and letting it scoot down her ass and legs, not waiting to see if Amber would copy her. She wanted to control the flow of the fight, and her skirt could only be a nuisance going forward.  Amber nodded and licked her lips at Maggie, “Fine, nude.” She twirled around so that her back faced Maggie whose skirt was already down by her knees. Amber’ long silky hair went down to her mid back, the pink streaks seemed to glow in the light. She took the small zipper on top of her schoolgirl shirt in back and pulled it slowly down. Maggie watched transfixed on the little strip show the blonde had started on a whim. The zip down finished, and Amber began to wiggle out of the skirt even bending at the waist with straight legs once it was down to her strong thighs. Her pink fingernails followed the skirt all the way down until she was fully bent over giving Maggie the best view of her open pussy, ass, and legs so far. The look the blonde gave her was one of need and desire and Maggie silently gulped. The full view of the goddess demon she would have to conquer was quite a sight to behold.

Amber slowly turned back and began to slowly move towards Maggie, tits jiggling, ass swaying, ready for conflict. Amber had a confident smile as she approached Maggie who stood her ground. Her own legs toned, her stomach firm, and her body more than ready to mate with her rival.

“You may have a good body, but mine is better. You may be a decent fuck, but I’m better. I’m prettier and hotter than you ever will be and you will be screaming my name.” Amber’s sadistic smile gave her a hot crazy look as she got within 5 feet of Maggie.

The word prettier was the one that hurt Maggie the most. She had dealt with bimbos like Amber her whole life, who acted like they were queen of the world and that Maggie was inferior.  Amber just happened to be the worst with the looks and body to back up her talk. Her freckles and glasses may not have been the stereotypical bombshell, but she knew she was pretty, and she was going to show Amber just how much.

“No, you are not.” Was all Maggie said as she launched herself forward with a scream of fury. Amber screamed too as they clashed womanly bodies to womanly in the centre of the rug. They immediately gripped each other into a bear hug pushing each other’s tits head to head while squeezing each other tightly around their backs. They groaned as their boobs compressed tighter than ever, mushrooming like balloons. Neither was able to get the other to break her grip and Amber began pulling them to the ground, first to their knees where they began to grapple like wild animals.


They tackled and rolled around stark naked incredibly turned on just being in contact with the other. Maggie was on her back first and as she concentrated on rolling Amber she felt her own lips be split by the blonde’s strong tongue which met Maggie’s and they coiled like snakes.

They continued to wrestle nude on the floor even as they kissed erotically, but they were too turned on from the titfighting had turned them on and neither was looking to have a contest of strength now, more a contest of sex. They rolled around into different positions, their mouths sucking every bit of their opponents’ skin and tits when possible. Hard humping each other was just as common and the slap of hips and pussy on skin rang. They suddenly found themselves with Maggie on top of Amber, who was face down and hissing like a cat with the librarian’s lush body pushing her down. Maggie’s arm was around Amber’s neck in a light choke hold but she wasn’t putting nearly any pressure, focusing on other parts of Amber’s body.

She put her hand down between Amber’s legs and began to masturbate the blonde again from behind with fury. Amber gave a slight growl annoyed on how easily Maggie’s fingers slipped into her as the light sweat made them slip around. The heat in the room was rising fast, the aircon long off and the heat from the girls glowing. She tried to roll but wasn’t very successfully only getting to her side still with Maggie fingering her twat.

“Get out of me!” Amber wailed while humping Maggie’s hand. She thrashed wildly getting out of the hold from Maggie and jumping on her. Her lips found their target locking onto one of Maggie’s sharp nipples where she began to suck like a bottle taking in as much meat as she could.

“Damn it!” Maggie cried, grabbing the blonde’s silky hair hard to unlatch her from her sensitive nipples. She loved having her girls sucked, and Amber’s mouth was like a vacuum on the perfect setting. It dawned on her how quickly Amber could blow boys with this suction as she felt as if she would leak milk from her tits. She pulled harder and with a loud pop Amber released the pink nipple. She pulled Amber up to her face locking lips in a smack. Maggie twined her legs with Amber and began to roll them to take the top position but was met halfway by hard resistance in her hips. With their legs entangled it was only by the power of bums would they be able to roll each other.

They pushed each other in an attempt to force the other on her back. It was clear that all the strength was coming from their glutes and the stronger of the asses would pin the other. Their ass muscles flexed with power for a whole minute of this intense struggle, a fresh layer of sweat and feminine aroma rose. Grunts and moans filled the room as their pussies were so close to finally getting back in contact during this ass duel. Slowly Amber’s powerful glutes she spent so much time lifting began to prevail pushing Maggie’s own trained behind down into the floor. The redhead moaned in frustration as each inch was given feeling her proud ass pushed back by other woman meat. It took another whole minute for Maggie’s ass to be fully pushed into the rug with Amber retaking the top position. They caught their breath staring at each other dangerously pushing down the impending orgasm that was building in their cores.

“I guess we know who has the best behind” Amber gloated on top and gave her own ass a shake. The motion jiggled her and Maggie’s compressed tits, while their smooth stomachs touched as well sliding easily across each other with no friction.

“Fuck you, your behind is tiny compared to mine” Maggie growled back trying to roll and get their asses back at each other desperate for another push against Amber’s buns. Amber pushed back, and their pussies came within in an inch of mating.

“You aren’t going anywhere.” Amber hissed using her top position to push Maggie’s ass back down while tightening the leg lock. Maggie gave up trying to roll them and sent her hands onto Amber’s flexing booty.   

“You have such a pathetic ass”, Maggie growled even as she rubbed and groped the large muscle, running her cum covered fingers over the hill of meat. Amber did her best to not lessen the pin and tried to kiss Maggie to distract the redhead.  Maggie ignored the kissing spitting on Amber’s lips instead and followed that up with a hard slap to ass that broke the concentration of the blonde. Amber moaned in frustration as she found herself unable to return the attacks of Maggie which were having brutal effects, Maggie continued to tenderize and abuse Amber’s proud muscle.

“Fuck!” She cried after a second spanking from Maggie as she pushed her hips hard trying to hump even while pinning the redhead.

“You like when I play with your ass don’t you bitch?” Maggie said as she ran a finger up and down Amber’s crack while still groping the meat. Amber whimpered not wanting to give the redhead any more satisfaction of her almost saying yes.

She released Maggie’s ass with her own and rolled hard pinning Maggie’s hands under her and now having an open attack on the redheads behind.

“My booty is bigger and stronger than yours.” Amber huffed back, her fingers full of the meat of Maggie amazed at the firmness of her rival’s bubble butt. Maggie could only moan as her own ass was groped and spanked just as hard as she had done. Her second moan was swallowed by Amber as the blonde kissed her hard. The redhead’s hands finally slipped out from the blonde but instead of defending her ass, they went to the blonde’s tits filling her hands with Amber’s breasts. She pushed them up high and curved her neck, so she could suck them, latching on with her pink’s lips. They came to a standstill with Amber using her fingers to spread Maggie’s ass and run fingers all around while Maggie sucked and licked Amber’s nipples aggressively. This lasted for a couple of seconds, but mid-spank Amber realized she was getting more turned on than she expected, having Maggie treat her breasts in a way that they never had been. She yelled in sexual frustration reluctantly releasing Maggie’s bum who looked up from sucking Amber’s nipples in time for the attack. The blonde began to scratch and slap forcing the redhead to break her lip lock to defend and strike back.

They wrestled on the ground limbs flying everywhere in their sexual rage. Maggie at first tried to turn her body on Amber to finger fuck her again, but only got halfway as they rolled and tussled on the floor. Maggie sensed that Amber was trying to get them into a trib position to go at it pussy to pussy, but she fought against it not ready to push herself back into that position. That was indeed Amber’s plan wanting to fully reengage with Maggie right there on the rug in the most intimate of ways. Their twats occasionally brushed up against each other sending the hardest bolts yet and it became more and more difficult for Maggie to avoid wet confrontation wanting it as much as Amber. After a good minute they ended up laying in opposite directions, Amber unsuccessfully able to get Maggie and herself into the position she wanted but now scooting forward in an attempt to twine their lower limbs. Their legs had lashed out trying to kick each other away, but as they pulled each other’s waists closer the pythons could not gain enough momentum.

They wrapped their muscular legs around each other’s throats in a nude leg lock on the soft rug. Seemingly looking to choke out the other with their calves at first. They squeezed hard displaying the threat, but the hold didn’t allow one to dominate the other as they had to keep air coming into the lungs and again wanted more sex. After 10 seconds they released each other to large gasps of breath, but still had their hands around each other’s waist holding each other nice and close.

They rolled a few times in this position hissing like cats only stopping with Amber finding herself on top of Maggie; she widened her legs to hold herself in place. She found her face directly in front of Maggie’s pink open pussy for the first time as the redhead also spread her legs. It was slightly open and clearly wet, almost begging Amber to stick her tongue inside and eat the woman out.  In the moment of rest, she blew a small amount of cold air onto the warm pussy and felt Maggie give a small shake of pleasure, even humping the air slightly at the feeling. They both stopped struggling as their position dawned on them finding themselves in a near perfect 69, their smooth stomachs rested on each other no longer moving at all while their tits rested.

 Amber felt a finger of Maggie’s run down the full length of her wet slit slowly and she quickly returned the favour, relishing in the wetness of the librarian, this was something they had not done to each other but had plenty of experience. A true test of who could please a woman better. Maggie wet her fingers with spit and used two to rub up and down the vulva, not entering but just teasing every inch of Amber’s flesh while the blonde gave Maggie’s inner thighs a light scratch and hard rub loosening the tension in them as they fore played each other’s bodies.  They continued to torture each other, adjusting their legs and rubbing each way, but did not enter or bring their mouths into action waiting to see who would start this cunnilingus duel. Finally, after a gruelling 3 minutes of foreplay Maggie couldn’t wait any longer and brought her head up and gave a small lock right on the hood of Amber’s clit which caused the blonde to moan like a whore in need; a harder lick was returned by the punk girl immediately to for Maggie to moan herself. Their hands suddenly gripped the toned muscle of each other’s asses pulling each other down and up simultaneously as a duel of oral began, directly on each other’s dripping twats for the first time. Amber ran her tongue up in a long hard stroke leaving a trail of spit and wetting the folds with a new substance other than Maggie’s own cum, almost making it shine from the spit. A small bit of cum was already dripping out and Amber savoured the taste as a shiver of pleasure went through Maggie as the blonde began to work magic on her. Maggie returned by kissing delicately on the vulva along with a hard rub of Amber’s strong ass.

The librarian quickly raised her head and body giving Amber a small kiss right on the hood of her clit, before swirling her tongue around it teasingly. They began to move quicker, with long strokes and inserting their pink muscles inside each other’s wet holes cleaning out the cum that built up over and over. The girls shivered at the ministrations and the sound of slurping and wetness filled the air as they feasted, each determined to make the other squirm in pleasure and be distracted from her task to get the advantage. Their hands initially had been mainly holding each other’s asses with light rubs, but soon their fingers got into the action and began to dig one in followed by two deep into each other while their tongues worked on their clits directly. This continued on and on as a new layer of sweat broke out on their bodies making their thighs slick while they gripped tighter ensuring there would be no separation. They began to moan as the battle raged rolling a few times exchanging top position and allowing both to fully use all of their skills. They were matching each other motion for motion showing their limitless inhibitions that one girl could do anything the other would do just as much or more, lightly flicking clits with tongues now, with the eat off continued building each other up towards a brutal sexual experience. Maggie and Amber both had long strings of cum and spit dripping from their mouths when they would come up to breath before diving back in, not willing to give any quarter to each other’s quivering lower body.

Amber groaned pulling her mouth away from the completely spit covered cunt but kept her fingers inside Maggie as she gave a small shake of her ass, feeling the librarian’s fingers her g-spot and she wanted her off it as best she could. Her attempts were rewarded with a hard slap to her ass by Maggie which only increased Amber’s pleasure and caused her to whimper slightly.  They had now been 69ing for almost 10 minutes and Amber wasn’t sure how much more she could handle with Maggie finding her sensitive spots over and over almost as if reading Amber’s body better than anyone ever had. She decided a new tactic, bringing her other free hand, giving one last spank to Maggie’s ass before bringing it to her own mouth and sucking on them with a quick pop.

Amber took her spit covered finger and put it right on the lower back of Maggie at the top of her glutes. The redhead didn’t react much, continuing her finger pump of Amber and expert oral skills, but gave a small rub to the blonde’s ass that made Amber hiss in pleasure. She acted on her plan running her wet finger down the crack of Maggie, sliding between the muscles and over Maggie’s puckered asshole. She twirled around to the tight hole quickly getting the attention of Maggie who stopped sucking for a second, her body reacting to the new sensation. Maggie realized what was happening a second too late, Amber’s plan was too far in motion and the three-prong attack started with no hesitation.

Maggie groaned a deep gutter moan, louder than any before from the simultaneous attack of two fingers in her cunt, 1 in her asshole and a tongue on her clit. She found herself humping Amber’s face in an almost twerking like fashion nearly unable to control her body and wanting the pleasure that Amber was giving her almost equally to her desire to out fuck the other woman.

“Oh my GOD!” Maggie screamed; Never before having someone do this to her body as Amber didn’t release from Maggie’s bucking keeping the pleasure punishing for the redhead. ‘FUCK’ She thought as her ass was fingered, she hated how good it felt and Amber’s timings of sucking her clit and pumping her pussy matching the pumping of her ass as her body felt like it had been set on fire. The blonde was amazing at this and for a long second thought about just letting the blonde eat her out to completion.

‘No! Fuck that!’, Her mind screamed as she stuck her own cum covered finger into Amber’s ass and matched her assaulting Amber on three fronts but had ground to make up even after only a few seconds. The blonde had tried to prepare her body knowing Maggie would go for her ass but found herself humping Maggie’s face in a near equal fashion seconds later from the pleasure. “Holy fuck! Amber cried diving back into Maggie, trying to avoid the wonderful pleasure. After that neither girl could talk or taunt, unwilling to take their mouths of their enemy’s clit even for a second. Maggie was still trying to keep up as her pre-orgasm levels rose to high, the pleasure was just too much.

Maggie began to cum slowly, her asshole clenching on Amber’s finger and her clit fully appearing from its hood and into Amber’s lips. The blonde couldn’t help but grin as she worked to draw out the long orgasm, wanting to exhaust the redhead long enough to force her into a submissive state but Maggie was still fighting in the pre-orgasmic state.

“FUCKING BITCH”, Maggie cried unable to hold in her curse while continuing her task as best she could, tongue and fingers dancing in and out of Amber, going in and out of Amber’s ass and pussy, while also trying to ignore the pleasure even as she overwhelmed it.

She could feel her own cum begin to drip out her folds and sucked into Amber’s waiting mouth as her muscles began to spasm; Amber knew she had the redhead in the spot she wanted. “Yes baby, cum for me. You want me to keep going, don’t you?” Amber taunted trying to ignore her own body signs.

If Maggie didn’t get Amber off right now, she would be exhausted and easily mounted by the other woman, potentially getting finished off getting ravished again and again. With no time left, Maggie made one final move. She used one hand to pull Amber as close as possible and brought her head up as far as she could and tongued Amber’s asshole, while her other rubbed Amber’s clit hard between her fingers, trying to do both at same time in a new attack of pleasure a unique sensation that was very rare to the blonde, but immensely enjoyed. It had the exact affect that she had hoped for as Amber’s smile faded and she moaned mixed with a growl. Her ass stopped twerking and Maggie who was already screaming with pleasure could only hope she had gotten Amber off. Amber’s body had not prepared for her own ass to have a tongue in it and it reacted without her control starting to cum with the new experience.

“Dammit!” The punk girl cried, her muscles tensing with Maggie’s as they started going off on each other’s arms; Amber’s screams following Maggie’s 3 seconds later. Maggie removed her tongue from the tightened asshole and stuck it back into Amber’s cunt wanting everything the blonde gave out.

 They could feel each’s stomachs flex right onto each other signalling their orgasms were on them simultaneously but who could make her opponents last longer was now the question still trying to fight in the midst of orgasmic feelings. They both pushed their cunts down onto each other’s faces trying to drown the other in their wet folds both increasing their own pleasure at the same time. Their minds struggling to comprehend they were still fighting only wanting sex. Some cum dripped into their open mouths as they still sucked each other’s clits, their fingers still pumping, until the need for the taste of cum was too strong and they plunged their tongues deep into each other sucking and swallowing. The girls swallowed as much cum as they could, tasting like nectar in their mouths. Their asses had tightened, now still each with a finger in them that sent them extra shocks drawing out their desires and exhausting their bodies. They went off for a few more seconds, until they finally removed their tongues and fingers for the first time in 20 minutes from their spit covered lower bodies. If the first orgasm had been a warmup, this one was a brutal lift, each woman slightly shaking as Amber rolled off Maggie, neither able to take control of the fight.

Finally, they stopped, and Amber rolled off the nude Maggie where they lay side to side in opposite directions lost in the aftermaths of pleasure. Their mouths and noses filled with their rivals cum, they rested heavily absorbing what they had just done to each other on the sweat absorbed rug. A second mutual orgasm was better than getting forced off alone, but Maggie was worried, she had lost that round in terms of the war having to pull Amber with her, that was something she didn’t think she would have to do. She had to be more decisive and force her way back into getting Amber there first or risk surrendering to the blonde’s sex.

In secret the sex was already lasting longer than they had ever had with any other partner. Maggie because she was more vanilla prior to meeting Amber and Amber because none of her countless partners could last that long with her. Amber and Maggie both secretly were nervous, knowing the other wasn’t done, but unsure how their bodies would react to this next level, another round in this dirty fuck war.

Maggie heard Amber whisper to herself “what the fuck….” As the blonde was lost in her mind of what the redhead was willing to do to get her off. Amber had slept with models both men and women, but this nerd was something else, she found herself wanting more, to own the redhead.

They lost track of time resting, neither moving or willing to make the first move and re-engage their bodies. Their breathing moved their tits up and down, the valley created by their jugs growing and shrinking in time.

“Do you quit?” Maggie asked, breaking the silence while still looking at the ceiling and starting to stretch her sore muscles. She took in the feeling of her legs and arms, very sore with clear stickiness on her inner thighs. Maggie was almost shaking in the post-orgasmic bliss.

“Never,” Amber replied, her own body having a wave of exhaustion after being eaten by the librarian. “I will fuck you into a coma, you will give me my A, and once that is done, I will never have to deal with you again, my life will be back on track. Without some quiet fucking bitch trying to ruin it!” She almost howled at herself as much as Maggie who’s anger also started to bubble.

“No, I will be the one fucking you till you cry. Then I will fail your lazy ass, you will be kicked out of this school and I WILL NEVER HAVE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” Maggie yelled back unable to hold her anger in. Amber angry voiced yelled back, “You are the one who fucking came back after me AFTER I BEAT YOU. You pretend to be a little quiet girl who lives life under the radar and everyone thinks you are sweet, but I know you just a whore and when we are done, everyone will know.”

Maggie scowled. “I am not a whore.” She said with not a lot to back it up considering what she and Amber had done to each other. “I only sucked that boys dick because you came into my library and threatened me like a fucking freak. Who does that?”

They still had not looked at each other speaking only to the ceiling even as the name calling stung bit by bit driving them back into a confrontation.

“Fuck you. You did everything to get in my way, a desperate whore looking for a lay. Why didn’t you back down!?” Amber nearly screamed, in her mind, this all started with the redhead.

“Why did you come after me!?” Maggie said back. It was clear both women blamed the other for their predicament. They sat up looking at each other’s tits they had ignored during the 69 and felt the urge to sink their teeth into the rubbery nipples and attempt to flatten them with their own girls.

“I can feel you wanting to give up.” The punk girl said, starting to get up. She flipped her blonde hair back and took a deep breath.

“You are projecting morons.” The librarian replied as she sat up as well turning their heads to look at each other again almost, sucking in sharply at the sight of the woman in front of them.

They went nose to nose now on their knees with their breasts moulding into each other and bulging out to the side, it looked and felt natural to them being in contact with each other. Their nipples hardened again digging into the flesh, scraping the sensitive skin.

Amber brought their lips to touch but did not kiss Maggie only letting the sweat on their godly bodies mix together as they pulled each other in tight, letting their stomachs blend. “We don’t separate until you quit.” She whispered with her brown eyes seemingly looking into Maggie’s soul as their lips moved against each other. The librarian didn’t respond right away, letting their bodies communicate through their hard nipples, increased breathing and flushed cheeks.

Finally, the redhead leaned in with her own lips, “Till you quit,” she said as she pushed in hard into each other not letting Amber respond, their heads moving back and forth in a deep wet tongue filled kiss. The sexfight was reaching its peak.  They got to their feet while kissing to see how much strength the other had left, hoping that if the other was weak enough she could be thrown onto the desk and pinned helplessly under herself to be dominated and forced into submission.

 This proved more difficult than expected, a renewed vigour spreading to their limbs from the rest. The girls made out like crazy tasting themselves on the lips and tongue that moved against theirs in a hate-filled kiss. They savoured the smell and taste on their mixing juices in their mouths, like a cleaning crew searching for every drip in the caverns of their mouths. The spit re-wetted some of the dried cum and it oozed down their chins leaving white stains in the path. They squeezed their breasts, where their nipples poked and flicked each other desperate to make due on the threat of flattening.

 Their sex drive seemed to return to full power and was building to something neither girl had experience in their young lives. Another powerful orgasm that neither was ready for, yet they pushed each other towards it every second. They pushed each other back and forth around the room until Amber’s back hit a wall, their hands twinned on each other’s glutes giving deep massages and hard spanks that brought harsh gasps that got lost in the mouth of their rivals. Their ass cheeks were nice and red, both women putting in work to bring the other to her knees from spanks alone. They spun each other around moving down the wall going down a few feet, the woman with her behind to the room was given the spanking of her life on her toned ass that sent incredible spikes of pleasure.

Maggie loved the feeling of rarely finding someone in bed who would give her the pain and spanking she secretly wanted. Amber gave it just right and Maggie gave it back just as much as they would break their kissing to curse at each other after a really good spank before relocking their mouths. They exchanged 3 or 4 with large red slap spots showing on their strongest muscle. With another spin, they had come to the end of the wall and they went through the door leaving the office and moving towards another open door right across the hall lost in passion. If only some other student had been around to see the sight as the rivals made out in the long hallway.

Amber felt it first, her feet left the carpet and touched the coldness of the tile of the room they had entered. In their delirious state of lust and kissing they had rolled directly into a science lab, a place she had never been before, but knew any lab offered a dangerous place for them to finish each other off. The room had many large desks for experiments that had plenty of glass all around that added a level of danger as they roughly wrestled attempting to topple each other not caring at all if they broke or smashed anything, lost in the sexfight between the TA and her student.

Amber spun once more and broke the wet kiss, licking Maggie from her chin to her eye even as they wrestled each other. She thrust forward pushing Maggie back into the end of the room, directly towards the glass chemical water shower even as Maggie licked back aggressively, though her strength was waning. The librarian tried to hold her ground and their sore red tits slammed each other again digging their nipples into the fat for what felt like the millionth time.

“I HATE YOUR FUCKING TITS!” Amber screamed followed by licking Maggie’s face with a very wet spit covered tongue. While her strong thighs burned against Maggie’s matching frame desperately pushing her sexual opponent back.

“FUCK YOU!” Maggie yelled back trying to lick back but felt herself lose some footing as her tits became more and redder as they mushroomed each other in their titfight.  Their legs flexed, and the librarian couldn’t do much but cuss and kiss her enemy.

Maggie groaned feeling herself getting backed into inch by inch until she hit the cold smooth tile inside of the chemical shower which was only a 2-meter-wide glass container in the back of the room that had a small warning sign on it. Her hands missed the door to hold herself out and quickly had fully entered the tightly confined space as Amber forced Maggie in. Maggie struggled again releasing Amber’s back and desperately reached around her, and gripped the knob of the shower, and with zero hesitation she gripped it and pulled with a twist. A rumble came followed by a torrent of cold water pouring like rain from the pipes. The shower had a vertical shower head to simulate a down power used to wash for chemical spills but now only poured on the girls, cleaning their bodies for a fresh fight.

Amber screamed at the cold water hitting her back, unable to keep her focus of pining the redhead. She pushed away from Maggie to the side avoiding the water as best she could. Separating themselves for the first time since their make-out session. They stood away from, eyes locked in the tiny arena that was quickly becoming wetter around their feet.

They stated at the blurred watery image of the woman in front of them, droplets started to hit them beginning to give them a wet more so than any amount of sweat. This looked as though they were about to begin an exotic photo shoot together. Maggie’s curly red hair matted down to her shoulders, while Amber’s smooth blonde locks became sleeker down to her lower back.

The water began to warm to a hot but comfortable temperature and Maggie knew this had been the sign on the front. The science professors complained that the chemical showers should always be cold, but not here. She also had no ability to turn it off, it was set for 3-minute runs when turned on. As if reading Maggie’s mind, Amber, who was closer to the glass door and sliding it shut, locking them together in the small wet square with a small thud.

“You are not going anywhere”. Amber said over the water, her brown eye’s narrowed into dangerous slits targeting the only thing in the world she wanted at that time. She ran her hands up from her hips to her tits giving them a light squeeze, displaying how firm they were even after all the abuse.

“Wasn’t planning on it”. Maggie replied, bringing her own left tit to her mouth and giving a small suck on her own nipple showing her size. Amber watched thinking she wouldn’t mind giving Maggie’s bags another suck before the night was up. They reached their hands out and interlaced their fingers in the flow pushing slightly palm to palm, but their muscles were not in any position for another contest of strength as they had been doing nearly the last few hours. This didn’t last long as Amber desperately wanted to bring their chests back in contact stepped forward. SLAP. The wet tits met hard as Maggie moved forward as well and they held now under the water, getting soaked as they struggled; like two water nymphs in an eternal struggle to bring the enemy down to her knees and worship her rival under a waterfall.  

They were palm to palm and chest to chest in the middle of the shower, hot water poured like buckets on them directly overhead. They struggled to keep their eyes open in the torrents of water and relied on their tender tits to fight to push each other in an attempt to pin on the glass around them. Their abused but still hard nipples scraped each other with the water bringing out the scratches and bites from before.

Maggie leaned into the water and pushed her lips towards Amber’s face. Their lips missed at first sucking each other’s cheeks but quickly found each other, and they quickly slid their tongues into the warm mouth sealing it harshly in a sucking motion. This didn’t distract their tit fight going on in the water and Maggie was gaining the upper hand. Her boobs seemed to push in a little more and Amber panicked at the feeling of her girls even giving an inch in the titanic struggle. Amber turned her body separating their meat flesh, but also allowing Maggie to get behind the blonde. Her hands went into an almost full nelson pushing Amber forward.

Maggie slammed Amber into the glass of the steamy shower inside the lab room, the condensation showing the clear body imprint of a goddess pinned by another. The blonde’s massive chest flattened slightly as she felt Maggie’s own pair wetly slap and flatten onto her back, holding her in place. Both girls’ hair was matted down after standing in the water so long, droplets rolled down each crevasse of their bodies. A slight pause occurred with them catching their breath as best they could with the hot steam around them draining their energy.

Maggie leaned forward connecting her entire front to Amber’s well-toned back.  and licked Amber’s ear causing a slight groan from her enemy and ensuring she had the blonde’s attention.

“This is it. This is where I’m going to end you.” She hissed into the ear quickly inserting her tongue back in and licking the lobe. Amber moaned at the intrusion of her ear and the words that Maggie spoke. Amber began whilst wiggling her hips into the glass and Maggie’s front luscious body, but Maggie kept up the pressure to hold Amber in place and was now nipping on her ear and neck with small quick love bites.

“Try it slut. It’s about time we go woman to woman in the place that matters most, then we will see who ends who. I know you have been avoiding it”, Amber said as she bumped Maggie back by the hips giving her enough space to turn around letting their huge orbs to meet again and reignite their titfight, now standing a few inches from the wall. The water turned off automatically bringing an air of silence.

“Fuck you whore. Let’s settle it that way, cunt to cunt” Maggie growled. They gripped each other’s hair, but this time only pulled down to first their knees, and then their asses intending to get to each other’s pussy fast and finally reconnect in the way they wanted most. The fight was entering its final phase, one woman would not recover from the next orgasm, they could feel it as they rested on their glutes.

“You remember what happened last time?” Amber taunted as they spread their legs revealing the open, engorged cunts appearing, looking as perfect as they did when they ate each other just 30 minutes prior. Maggie didn’t say anything and just stared at Amber with renewed anger trying to mentally prepare for a cunt fuck as the blonde continued. “Your pussy and clit surrendered to mine, the body you hide so well was forced into a battle, and it couldn’t win against a superior one”.

“Shut the fuck up you slut. Let’s fuck this out right here with our cunts and see who comes out on top once and for all.” Maggie was ready, no more running it was now or never to have her eat Amber’s or be eaten.

“Hmm yum” Amber hummed taking a full look at Maggie’s drenched body still delaying the contact, “Once you quit, maybe I will fuck you for the next few hours, use your body as a sex toy in every classroom. Or even better; I will drag you to your precious library and fuck you on your desk, so you can never go in there again without thinking of what happened here”. They licked their lips at each other.

“Keep dreaming whore. I’m going to make you feel amazing as I break you.”  Maggie said nearly humping the air at Amber.

“I knew we would end up trying to settle this. Once again see who cums in who in the way that matters most between two women.” Amber said as she smiled remembering the feeling of Maggie’s sexual endurance being overwhelmed last time ready for an even better feeling this time after all they had done to each other.

“I felt how close you are to being done just with my tongue.” Maggie taunted, “You won’t last another round against me and once I am done fucking you, I’m not going to give you any of the satisfaction of my body again. You will remember me as the best sex that you could not tame.” She growled at the blonde.

“You fucking liar, I almost had you with my mouth, I could have finished you there on the floor of that office, but I am so happy that it will be my cunt eating your cunt to end you in this shower” Amber returned shaking her body at Maggie in anticipation of what they were about to do to each other.

Maggie hissed aloud at the thought and Amber gave her a sexy smile. “Come on you fucking nerd. It’s time for us to settle this once and for all, your sex versus my sex for the last time to see whose life will be ruined forever.”

That was it, everything was on the line. Their eyes almost seemed to glow with a fire that only could be extinguished by conquering her foe. Nothing else was said as they simply scooted their powerful asses forward until they were an inch away.

They touched their folds lightly and gasped as the sensation backed away as it was almost too much for them to handle genital on genital. It had only been two months but it felt like the first time again.  They struggled to maintain composure as the shocks ran through their body, their sexes demanded to get back into contact and the woman obliged.

They perfectly aligned their bodies pushing harder thru the sensations this time. The hot water hot cleaned the dried cum and spit that had covered their nether regions over the last two hours but already it was reappearing. Maggie and Amber could feel every millimetre of flesh connected to hers, melded and slowly beginning to grind.

Maggie knew from the beginning this had to end pussy to pussy, Ambers or her cunt had to be forced again to cum against her will. They now moved with a fire, asses shaking as they fucked, lifting up occasionally to give each other’s muscles a small spank.

“FUCK!” They cried in unison as they tribbed each other in the pool of water. The build-up of their intense make out pushed them further down the path of sex. Biting their lips as they thrust against each other looking to draw out their rival’s clit.

Amber gained an inch, then Maggie gained two as they synced completely in tune to the other each fucking with all their strength. Soon there cum could be seen dripping out of their locked twats and they fucked with more vigour than ever screaming and moaning in the space. It went on and on, their desperate trib fuck, not knowing how long they had been going at it as the impending orgasm grew like a tidal wave in their cunts to unbearable measures. Up and down, side to side they rubbed their soaked pussies, once in a while pulling each other close to kiss, fondle tits, or whisper words of hate and lust at each other.  When they released they would spit on each other’s faces in disgust that blended with their already wet skin, then diving in to suck each other’s tongues unable to stop themselves.

Amber wasn’t sure if it had been an hour or a minute they had been having sex, but she didn’t care. All that mattered was forcing more pleasure to Maggie than the redhead could give her, she had dreamed about having Maggie cum against her for the last two months and this was her chance. She couldn’t believe she had her future on the line in this sex fight, but the prize and Maggie’s body were too tempting to listen to reason.

Maggie was having trouble thinking, the only thing on her mind was winning and sex. She didn’t want to leave the school, she didn’t want to live with this loss forever, and all she had to do was out fuck Amber. ‘Why her…’ she thought, looking at Amber again with her green eyes. The brown orbs locked to hers and she could feel the lust, hate, and fear that drove the blonde against her, their different lifestyles crashing together in a competition to find who was best between them. A woman who loved and showed her sexuality and the other who hid and kept it to herself forced together by circumstance. Amber pulled Maggie towards her again and they went face to face still tribbing hard. The blonde began to rub her face into the redhead’s freckles, spreading the spit they had a layer on each other’s faces. The redhead rubbed back hard and like two lionesses they gave each other a sheen of new wetness more turned on than ever.

“I hate you, I hate you.” The blonde kept repeating.

“No, I hate you.” The redhead responded only able to replay in a near identical fashion.

Amber didn’t know what was happening to her. ‘Why did Maggie’s body have to be so perfect. Why did it have to be her,’ as they had a spit filled kiss thrusting harder with their tits. How did this woman have a body like her? Her clit had now appeared and with a shock, it touched Maggie’s causing a loud scream from both of them. The trib became more focused as they knew the true target was in sight.

Over 5 more minutes of delicious cunt fucking continued, clits fully out and pushed against each other sending bolts of lightning to their core. Maggie knew the edge was here, and she was teetering on it, again Amber’s ravenous cunt was destroying her resolve she thought even as she battled to the end. Amber and her own clit felt like they had fused into one not allowing a second of relief as they pushed in like a mini titfight lost in the fleshy cunts. They tribbed in perfect sync moving up and down, sometimes pausing on their clits in an attempt to flick them in a delicate sword fight and bend the others back. Another minute passed as they pushed each other away, unable to continue to kiss in fear of their own pleasure. “No…” Maggie whimpered, unable to stop herself. “Not again…” her mind started to go blank, her job and her life had been put on the line against Amber and now it seemed to be over, losing another fight to her rival, she loved the blonde’s body and it was ruining her. Amber would take her, again and again, milking her proud tits till she was flat and rubbing her clit till it was raw. “Nooo!” Maggie moaned, but at the moment of the end, a new sensation was felt.  

She felt Amber stop moving, no longer using her body in any motion. Amber’s ass no longer thrusted pleasure against her and Maggie forced her eyes open to see what was happening. Amber’s brown eyes were wide, her whole frame was frozen, and she was biting her lip hard concentrating on something in front of her that was not there.

“Oh my god.” She said quietly but Maggie heard it. Amber didn’t know what to do, she had never felt this way, no longer in control of what happened next with her body, there was nothing left she could do to push the pleasure down or stop the tingling in her flesh. Maggie forced herself to keep going in the trib, pushing a few light strokes feeling a surge of energy and control seeing her blonde nemeses in her frozen state.

A desperate look came to Amber’s beautiful face and Maggie could feel the blondes last attempt to struggle to stop what she was feeling.  She began to move away from Maggie separating their cunts for a second, but the redhead would not give her any quarter and moved to keep their sloppy pussies and open clits touching, the strings of cum not given a chance to be broken.  

Amber was only able to scoot away a few feet in the shower, “FUCK YOU!” she cried as her back hit the cold wall stopping her retreat and allowing Maggie to push hard into her, meshing their labia and their clits digging into each other in a perfect clash. Maggie got right into Amber’s face, lightly letting their tits and nipples touch again, while her cunt moulded with Ambers perfectly in line as if they had been built to come together. She began licking the blonde like an animal before sinking her teeth lightly into Amber’s neck giving her a love bite.

Amber’s breath sped up and became irregular, trapped on the wall and now having her tits, neck and cunt pressed assaulted by her amazing opponent. Everything she hated and loved being done to her without being able to return her own attacks any further. She pushed Maggie’s torso and head away, but only so she could stare at the redhead’s body, the body that had haunted her dreams and was breaking her.

Maggie panted hard her own massive pleasure screaming to get out and allow herself to give in. ‘NO. NOT YET!” She internally screamed forcing the hardest orgasm down again in the most extraordinary display of sexual control.   Seeing her greatest rival on the edge gave her the last desperate push to hold it in as best she could. She pushed those thoughts aside and with all the remaining strength in her glutes, gave a powerful final thrust.

Amber had been staring at Maggie’s tits, watching them roll up and down the gorgeous chest wishing she could suck them as the redhead fucked her on the wall. She could taste Maggie’s cum and spit in her mouth and her own spit dripping from her face onto her lips, just another sensation she had to deal with.  She was in absolute love with Maggie’s body and she couldn’t stop what was coming as she saw Maggie go in for the blow.

The final thrust hit and if by fate Amber’s clit and Maggie’s clit pushed each other in with Ambers giving just a millimetre more ground and she lost all sense of what was happening. A second of silence before the blonde felt the end and she began to howl; the dam completely opening like a torrent.

Amber screamed like a banshee in the night, higher pitched than ever before, even if the water had been on it couldn’t have drowned out the wail from the blonde’s throat. “FUCK ME! NO! STOP! YES! MORE!”  Her toes curled in the pools of water and her muscles spasmed everywhere up and down her body as her clit sent the electricity to every zone of her flesh. Her mind never went to her inheritance, it couldn’t even think about that. All Amber wanted was more, and less all at once, she screamed out the only words she could. “stop…stop… PLEASE…MORE…I…I….I GIVE UP!!! Maggie PLEASE MOREE!!!” Amber knew it was the end, she couldn’t go on, and she hated the words but couldn’t stop them from escaping her lips as her mind went blank.

Maggie screamed in victory, still holding on to her orgasm by a thread and even now trying to stop the pleasure she felt from Amber going off against her while trying to make sure to not relieve herself.  Amber would not recover from this one, Maggie promised herself. The verbal surrender was good, but Maggie wanted to send Amber to a place she had not been in her sexual life and ensure she wouldn’t get up. She used her hands to pull Amber’s upper body off the wall and towards her again, crushing their tits together and tying their bodies both into a fleshy knot. Another wave was hitting Amber as her wonderful tits touched Maggie’s pair and a deep scream was starting to erupt from her mouth but this time it was swallowed as the redhead pushed her pink lips into Amber’s red kissing her deeply. Amber kissed back by instinct unable to stop herself from now just riding along where Maggie took her. She even allowed herself to get slightly turned and allow Maggie to give a good slap to her ass ensuring the redhead touched every erogenous zone on her body. Her mind had given in and she was no longer controlling anything; she simply moved in the direction of more pleasure from Maggie’s body trying to get her ass more open to being slapped and rubbed. Even with every piece of their bodies touching and her own senses going into overdrive, Maggie felt the unique sensation of Amber’s final cunt spasms and the blondes cum drip out of her and into Maggie’s welcoming cunt.

The feeling was heavenly as Maggie knew at that moment that Amber had cum inside her, and her true sexual defeat was avenged. She held on for a few more seconds as Amber began to finish her pleasure. She rubbed Amber’s ass slightly even as the blonde began to go slack in Maggie’s arms, unable to continue the sexfight any further.

She released Amber a few seconds later and the blonde slumped back onto the glass wall. Her blonde hair covered her face and her legs went slack and straight onto the tile, sallow breathes escaped her lips. Maggie remembered the exact feeling the blonde had given her just two months ago and now understood the power and emotion that came with defeating your enemy with your sex.

Maggie couldn’t move for a few seconds just to ensure she didn’t cum as she had never been so close not doing so and even separating from Amber caused her a close call. Amber was breathing shallowly but made no other movements or any indication she was about to re-engage Maggie. Maggie stood up and immediately fell back down to one knee, her legs having nearly nothing left. ‘No’, she thought, she had to claim her prize. She pushed herself up again and this time stood steady almost dry except for her ass and legs. Her body never looked better than it did now standing above Amber. One piece of her wanted to leave a nude Amber in the shower alone with regret, but Maggie was still horny and angry, she also felt like she deserved more and wanted to finish as Amber had done to her previously.

She reached down and gripped Amber’s hair pulling lightly.  This did not get much of a reaction from the blonde at first. The second pull and Amber moved in the direction of Maggie trying to relieve the pain but only groaning lightly. She crawled like a pet in the direction Maggie led her, shame growing every step along with the slight fear. ‘I..can’t’ was Amber’s only thought exhaustion and pure satisfaction overwhelming her desire to fight.  She had lost an intense sexual duel with a woman she considered her true rival and the consequences were unknown to her now. Her whole life’s plan was now in ruin and she hadn’t even considered what would happen to her now alone with Maggie. She wasn’t able to keep track of where she was led until she was pulled to her feet and pushed onto something very soft, landing on her back. Her muscles relaxed instantly as they rested on the pillows, and she naturally found herself stretching her body in sexual bliss wanting to lay with someone. Maggie had led her into the professor’s lounge which had a large soft couch. It was 1 Am but Maggie still locked the door ensuring she would not be interrupted.

Maggie stared for a few seconds at the slightly wet Amber on the couch. A man’s dream, in reality, relaxing in her natural state, waiting to drift off into the peaceful sleep after a hard fuck. Maggie shook the thoughts in her ahead away best she could. The ‘loser’ had conquered the ‘popular’ was her thought, but she had to make sure Amber knew it.

She crawled onto the couch and slowly onto Amber. The few wet spots sending driblets of water down onto the woman underneath her. They watched as one small drop rolled down Maggie’s massive hanging right tit and if by chance slipped off the nipple right onto Amber’s waiting left, continuing down the massive mount into the valley of Amber’s breasts.

Amber thought Maggie was going to mount her tit do what had been done in the library, but the redhead did not stop crawling then and moved her pussy to Amber’s chin where she pinned her. She stopped and a quiet settled over the battlefield. They stared at each other for almost a minute, taking in this new development of their relationship.

“You lose”, Maggie said, trying to keep the desperation out of her voice, a single bit of fear that Amber would continue to be defiant. Amber’s face turned a cute shade of pink and not surprisingly she did not say anything.  Her chocolate eyes still looked dazed but broke away from Maggie’s green eyes. Maggie took the silence as another form of submission and brought her cunt within an inch of Amber’s red lips.

“Eat me and clean your cum from my cunt”. She said with as much authority as she could in the exhausted state she found herself in. She lowered her body down onto Amber and was rewarded with the other women’s strong tongue entering her easily. This was not like the 69 contest they had earlier in the day, where they duelled in a long battle, this was a submissive woman pleasing the winner and Amber acted as such. Maggie was riding Amber’s face and found herself back in the throes of passion instantly. Amber internally groaned as the taste was slightly different than earlier, and she quickly realized it was her own cum deeply mixed into Maggie’s’, another sign of her defeat. Another wave of shame passed through her and she began to use her incredible oral skills, sucking Maggie’s clit directly, wanting to end this punishment as quickly as she could. The redhead didn’t last long having been only seconds away from orgasming in the shower and about 20 seconds into the blonde’s tongue entering her, she was cumming. Her hands went to Amber’s hair and pulled her harder into her cum dripping pussy. Amber obliged using her hands to rub Maggie’s firm ass, removing the tension from the big glutes and not letting Maggie have a second of relief as the librarian moaned from a deep place in her core. Her stomach flexed as she released her cum and stressed onto the beautiful Amber allowing herself to ride her victory orgasm.

It might not have been as strong as Amber’s, but Maggie’s orgasm was pretty damn close, and Maggie felt faint coming off the high of victory and pleasure. She used her hands to rub her own nipples unable to stop herself, along with a slap to her ass from Amber was enough to draw it out for another few extra seconds of immense pleasure.

Finally, it ended and an exhausted Maggie, now barely able to function, moved her hips off of Amber’s shoulders and back down to her waist in a simple mount where they could look at each other. Amber had some clear cum on her face, but she had swallowed most of what had been released and used her tongue to clean her pink sore lips.

Their eyes didn’t leave each other, there was so much to say but neither was sure how to start. Maggie had won, and that meant she would fail Amber and get her kicked out of school and Amber knew her inheritance was now history, the horrible thought seemed to drain Amber further.

Brown and green, freckled and clear skin, and a deep change in their relationship they continued to look at each other unsure how to continue. A popular girl and a nerd trying to understand how to continue now that the fight was fully over

Amber felt sexually broken, this was a new sensation of complete satisfaction that she hated and loved at the same time. Maggie felt emotional coming down from a high she had never experienced, another minute of silence passed.

Maggie finally got up separating their bodies and sending a sensation that neither girl liked. She left the room for a second returning with all the clothes they had lost hours before. The librarian began to dress, staring at Amber as she put on her new black thong that fit perfectly on her hips while placing her white one in her bag. She also took Amber’s bra and put it on, the blonde didn’t protest. She put on the rest of her skirt and the remains of her blouse as Amber watched silently.

“You have 1 week to drop out,” Maggie said to the quiet blonde. She felt anxious to leave and she had no idea why she knew the cameras had been disconnected and she would just say she wasn’t there if anyone asked about the mess or water in the lab. She had everything taken care of…so why did she feel this way? The redhead began to move away from the desk not looking back at the blonde. She headed for the exit, her heels clicking lightly. As she reached the door and had just started to turn the handle a voice came out.

“Maggie…please.”  The voice hit her ears right before she opened the door.

Maggie stopped against her best judgement, she wanted to leave Amber like she had left her, alone and questioning her skills as a woman. But the tone of Amber made her stop, it didn’t sound like the same woman she knew had fought against and the change made Maggie’s mind race.

The fight was over, and Maggie’s hatred seemed too disparate with her horniess, she didn’t know what to do to feel an urge of regret. Her head was much clearer now and was thinking of every option that lay in front of her. Against her better judgement she wanted to know more about Amber, she wanted to understand why this had all occurred. She and the blonde had done stuff to each other that she wasn’t sure she would ever do again.  But she also won and thought about how cruel the blonde was to her, would she have shown mercy?

Back and forth she argued with herself until she reached a conclusion. She knew what she wanted, and she hated herself for doing it.  She went to the table in the lounge and took a pen and paper that lay there. She wrote her phone number on it and a small note, before turning and walking to the blonde who had finally sat up eyeing the table. Amber seemed to tense almost fearing a slap, but Maggie didn’t attack and only stared at the still nude woman.

“I left my number,” Maggie said motioning to the table. Amber’s eyes didn’t leave her, only having a slight questioning look. “Maybe you and I can…I don’t know…try to understand. And if not…this is the last time we will ever see each other.” Amber continued to be silent, her eyes widening only slightly at the last words of the sentence, her mind racing trying to understand why or what Maggie was saying. Why was the redhead doing this?

“Either way, I won and out fucked you, so our conditions stand. You can drop out or fail this class, unless…”, but she trailed off again looking at Amber’s eyes. The redhead didn’t finish only looking up and down Amber again, taking in everyone’s detail, trying to burn it into her memory if the blonde refused the small offer of pity.

“Goodbye, Amber.” Was Maggie’s last words as she leaned down and so lightly pressed her lips into the red pair. Amber’s eyes fluttered down, and she thought for a second Maggie was going to lay with her something she wanted more than anything in that second. It was so soft and lasted less than a blink as Maggie separated them pushing Amber lightly back down and turned to the door hearing a whimper from the blonde. Even after the emotional moment, she couldn’t help but sway her hips and ass as she finally left the room and Amber behind. Only at the end of the hall did she smile, and once in her car, she screamed in happiness. She had outfucked the hottest woman she had ever seen and avenged the worst night of her life, but weirdly as she arrived home she found herself already checking her phone maybe secretly hoping the blonde had already texted her.

Amber lay there for another 10 minutes after the librarian left. She felt light, angry, confused and satisfied a mixing of weird emotions. She had lost the sexfight and her future was in shambles. Small tears began to come to her eyes as she fully grasped the situation, a bit of despair and self-doubt in her mind. She felt dirty after losing the sexfight and just wondered if this was how Maggie felt after their first fight. She cried for a few minutes unable to control herself until she forced her way up knowing she needed to leave. She wasn’t going to read the note, unable to withstand the redhead pitying her, but in the end, she couldn’t stop herself and made her way to the table.

‘Amber. I’m not sure why I’m doing this but…below is my number. If you would like to get coffee and talk it out with me I would be willing to listen. If I don’t hear from you, I will go ahead with our agreement. You’re choice. Maggie ‘

Amber read the note several times. ‘Why would she do this…’ Amber asked herself as she slowly got dressed trying to avoid looking back at the table. Her body showed signs of the fight; sore, scratched, and sticky. She almost left without the number, her pride the only thing she had left unwilling to deal with her defeat, but she went back. She was so confused with what Maggie was doing. People did things for Amber because of always wanting something in return, and as far as Amber knew she had nothing to bargain with. She had lost, her body had cum into the redhead.

Going to the table again with small tears in her eyes. Taking the note and adding Maggie’s number in her phone. Maybe it was all a game to the redhead and Amber would only be embarrassed further, but she had to grasp at anything. She texted Maggie the next morning asking for coffee unsure of what would happen during their meeting.


Amber Fielder looked annoyed sitting in her living room with the male roomies. The boys were all dressed up for the biggest rave of the year happening that night. Amber was not matching with them wearing only dark purple yoga pants and a tight workout bra that showed how big her tits were.

“You sure you don’t want to come?” One asked. “What could be more important? That stupid new part of the library opening celebration? Who the hell would choose that over the rave!”.

“I’m not coming and shut up,” Amber said with enough venom to silence the others. A knock came at the door. Some of the guys started to get up but were beaten by Amber who rushed to the door opening it.

“Hey.” The blonde said letting the redhead in. “Hey.” Was the replay as she walked into the room. The boys stared with wide eyes as the librarian, who was easily recognizable by her face, but not her body. She too was in bright blue tight yoga pants and a sports bra that matched Ambers and the men troubled to close their gaping mouths seeing how similar her body was to their blonde roommate.

“Hey everyone.” She said sweetly as the guys mumbled back hey and hi. The blonde looked more annoyed than ever.

“Come on let’s go up to my room,” Amber said leading the way, but the redhead didn’t follow.

“No not yet, we are going to talk and study first,” Maggie said standing firm and looking at the dining room table which had Amber’s laptop open. The guys had never seen Amber stand up to or even told no before and the blonde turned giving her guest a dark glare.

“I’m missing out on the biggest rave of the year because of you”. She said with the same venom as before.

“So, what? I’m missing the opening of the new library section because of you!” The other said with equal anger. It was true for both girls.

“Why don’t you fucking go to that then?” Amber growled, the girls seemed oblivious that other people were in the room.

“Then I will fucking leave!” Maggie yelled getting into an almost crouched stance.  

“Fine, fucking go then!” Amber yelled back as the guy seemed to almost cower at the growing confrontation in front of them between the two hottest bodies they had seen outside a computer.  

They glared at each other daring the other to make due on their threat, but Maggie didn’t turn to leave, and Amber made the motion to force her out, clearly calling each other’s bluffs. Amber reached out with her hand and Maggie took it intertwining their fingers.

“1-hour upstairs and once the losers are out of the house we can talk,” Amber said, slightly more level-headed and trying to be more reasonable.

“Fine,” Maggie replied, giving the blonde and actually nice smile that the blonde seemed to return. That being said they still dug their nails into the back of the other’s hands. Their eyes seemed to be roaming the other’s body openly, the men even more confused about what was happening in front of them.  With that, they seemed to rush up the stairs moving incredibly close together and the slamming of Amber’s door meant they were not to be disturbed. As the boys’ left 5 minutes later, they heard twin screams of anger and passion from upstairs, their minds not able to imagine what Maggie and Amber were doing to each other on the flimsy mattress just a few meters away.

The End

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