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The French Cousin by FightWriter

The French Cousin or Tales of Wet T by FightWriter

Rival‘s Note:

So this story was posted on The Sexfight Forum as unfinished, under two different names: The French Cousin and Tales of Wet T.

It, as you will see if you read on, is SUPER hot. And yet still, due to its unfinished nature, lacks an ending, a finishing touch or two, and a refined through line.

Despite those shortcomings, the kind that would be left if any of our writers posted an unfinished piece, the story has stuck with many readers in the female fight community. So much so that two writers, both myself and AnubisX have taken a shot at recreating the magic of the tale — though in our own voice.Those stories can be found below.

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Note: This story, as posted, is unaltered from its original version.

It was a beautiful summer morning in southern Florida as Trish, a breath-taking 29-year-old blonde, and her fun-loving brunette best friend Deb rang the doorbell of a luxurious home in suburban Miami.The door opened to reveal Yolanda, a ravishing buxom black girl also in her late 20s.“Hi T.”

“Hi YJ.”

The two girls hugged on the doorstep.

“I hope you don’t mind that I brought Deb.”

“Oh no, sure, that’s fine. Hi Deb.”

“Hi Yolanda.”

The two of them embraced as well, but without the warmth that the first pair had exchanged.The three girls had all known each other throughout high school. Trish and Yolanda had started out as best friends, but then had a falling out and drifted apart for a while. During that time Deb and T formed a tight bond, and the two had remained close ever since. T felt that YJ still resented Deb a bit, and wasn’t too pleased to see the bosomy brunette there. But fuck her, T thought. She makes a big deal about insisting that I come out with her to meet her cousin at the airport, so I’m doing her a favor, and I’ll bring who I want. T was not the kind of girl who ever let anyone push her around, and one look at her was all it took to convince most people of that. It wasn’t that she appeared overly tough or mean. People more often commented on her being a Courtney Thorne-Smith (of Melrose Place and Ally McBeal fame) lookalike – but in a bigger package. For whereas the TV star had often been compared to a Barbie doll, T truly was a living manifestation of the toy’s physical dimensions. In fact, she probably outdid the doll’s exaggerated proportions by a fair bit. The girl known simply as “T” was, in a word — imposing. T first noticed her breasts starting to grow when she was about twelve years old, and whether it was genetics, extra growth hormones in meat and dairy products, or the Florida sunshine, for some reason those little bumps on her chest started to take off like rockets. It quickly became obvious to everyone that something special was going on here. Her other friends started to develop shortly after she did, and soon began making comparisons, but while some of them did manage to achieve quite significant chests of their own, none of them ever really had a chance of catching T. By the time she was fifteen her bust was so prominent that it put most grown women to shame, and Trish made no attempt to hide it. Partly this was due to family circumstances, hers not being particularly well-off at that time, so she was often forced to wear her older sister’s hand-me-downs. Sheryl had also been quite big up top in her early years as well, but even her things were still restrictive when pitted against T’s ever-swelling young endowments, and they provided little modesty for her two-years-younger sibling. Trish didn’t mind that in the least, though. She was proud of her new boobies, eager and willing to trumpet them to the world as they grew in size each and every day, and she quickly developed a fondness for any type of clothing that would put them on visible display. Various tube tops, halter tops, and bikinis dominated her wardrobe. But her most favorite item of all was, unquestionably — tight white T-shirts.For some reason the young blonde treasured these articles of attire above all else, and her near-fetish for them was a contributing factor toward her nickname of “T”.

The fact that it was a short form for Trish also reinforced its use. But what really solidified it as the identification she would become permanently linked to, was an event that occurred on a hot summer’s day, with a bunch of bored girls just looking for something to do. This event would spawn an encounter that would indeed, literally and radically, alter the course of this maturing young tit-queen’s life.

“Showdown in the Sand”Never ever known to be a shy girl, Trish loved to take her huge firm pair into town and show them off wherever she could – the mall, the beach, walking down the street. Her accompanying girlfriends were sometimes a little put out and jealous of T’s flaunting, but generally they put up with it because they knew that deep down, underneath all that breast flesh, she really was a good-hearted girl. And ferociously loyal, always quick to defend her cohorts from any signs of aggression. The intimidating sight of T and her killer rack coming in the direction of an opponent was enough to make most other girls quickly back off.Most, but not all.It was summer vacation, and even in southern Florida…there was nothing to do.

It was the middle of the week, and all the streets and beaches were quiet, so Trish and her friends decided to go on a road trip. At least, as much of a road trip as you can when you’re fifteen and lacking a driver’s license. The whole gang of them poured onto a city bus and headed off toward a remote beach, far outside their regular territory, which was located near a swanky upper-class neighborhood. They had heard a lot of stories about all kinds of wild things going on there, and so were brimming with anticipation and a sense of adventure, hoping to discover a new world full of exciting and wondrous things. (Also, cute guys with expensive cars would be nice too.) Unfortunately, once they arrived, they quickly found their destination to be, on the whole, disappointing. It had a bit more of a scenic setting, was quieter, and less crowded, but, predictably, pretty similar to the one they had just left. Which, in Florida of course, isn’t really such a bad thing. A beach is still a beach. So the gaggle of disheartened girls contented themselves to slowly amble along its length, exploring, their feet sinking softly into the perfect, fine-grained sand, as they aimlessly searched for something, anything, to take an interest in, to be stimulated by. They were looking for some action.And as it turned out, the action would find them.After stopping at a food stand, the girls continued to wander idly along, sipping on drinks and licking up ice cream cones. Yolanda and Deb walked on either side of Trish, while the four other girls with them trailed slightly behind. They had caught the attention of all the young males in the area, causing a background buzz of conversation amongst the various groups of boys that they passed, and the loudest buzz certainly seemed to center on the lead group. T was the biggest topic of interest, of course, but Yolanda and Deb were no slouches either. The trio were at times derisively labeled in their high school as “The Three Titsketeers”, but the group easily brushed aside petty jealousies like that, secure in the knowledge that they did indeed outshine the rest in terms of frontal development. They were quickly getting used to this sort of attention from men, and were learning how to play it with smiles and meaningful looks cast toward their fans. Unfortunately, though, at this point in time, even with all the money and rights and privileges they enjoyed as future heirs to various corporate thrones, these barely-pubescent young studs, gaping and drooling, didn’t quite yet have the necessary combination of courage and social skills that would have enabled them to approach such an intimidating squad of beauties. So the local lads kept their distance.But it was a different story with the local females.As Trish and her friends reached an empty secluded area at the end of the beach, they looked around dispiritedly, feeling frustrated, and resigned to the fact that they had exhausted all possibilities for this area. They were just about to reluctantly start to head back, to look for a bus stop, when a harsh voice called out to them.“Hey!”They turned to see a similar sized group of girls approaching them, and cornering them.“What do you sluts think you’re doing here?”The author of these comments, who appeared to be the ringleader, was a fiery redhead with an angry-looking sneer on her face. She continued to move menacingly toward them, casting a roving glance that paused briefly on Yolanda and Deb, but as T emerged from the back of the group to take center stage, purposefully striding forward to allow this brash redhead a fully unimpeded view of her intimidating physique, both girls suddenly stopped in their tracks. Their jaws dropped, and their eyes froze on each other – or, more specifically, on each other’s shirts, zooming in on what they contained. Both were stunned, trying hard to comprehend. For this regal young redhead, just like the blonde goddess she was facing, had a chest that was of truly mammoth proportions. Viewed from all sides and angles, it was equally as impressive in every way as T’s.All T could do was simply stand there and gawk in wonder at the redhead, as the enormous size of this other girl slowly worked its way into her disbelieving brain…
Since achieving her current stature, it had been a rare thing for T to encounter anyone who was as big, or even bigger, than her in the breast department. She never liked it when she did, feeling uncomfortable with the weird mixture of fascination, hostility, deep curiosity, and, ultimately, burning jealousy that she would experience. But the few she had seen had all been much older women (or at least so they appeared, to her young eyes) and pretty much all of them she dismissed as having gotten their size from surgical enhancement. Which left her, at times, wondering, am I the only one like this? Even though she was in general quite happy with her amazing development, at certain low moments T’s mind would sometimes fall prey to questions like, am I a freak? Some kind of a strange mutant strain, a weird aberration of nature? Perhaps an experiment gone wildly wrong, never to be attempted again? Although a tad melodramatic, her teenage fears and insecurities about fitting in with her peers were certainly real, and had begun to surface more and more the bigger she got. She would look at herself and wonder – is there anyone else like me?And now she knew. She was not alone.But suddenly, she wasn’t too sure…if she was happy about that, or not.And as the shock began to wear off, the two massive-breasted girls started glaring daggers across at each other.In nature, there is a reason why some species are solitary.For the first time in her life, each girl was face to face with another girl, of the same age, who seemed capable of matching up to her own till-now-unmatchable natural endowments. Never before had either of them ever come across anyone like this — someone who threatened to equal, or even outdo her, in the area of her greatest strength and pride.And that was exactly what they both saw in front of them now.A threat.
T was very aware of the volume and scale of her own growing glands, having spent many hours examining them, admiring and critiquing them in any mirror that she could find. And as she stared at the redhead’s pair, her impression at first glance had been that perhaps her own set was maybe a little fuller and a little firmer. But as she kept studying them, she wondered if maybe that had just been a bit of wishful thinking, something to tell herself as a way of keeping her nerve up, in order to avoid considering the possibility that… The redhead might actually have her beat.She might, in reality, be even bigger than T.A sharp twinge of something like fear, but more likely shock, spasmed through T’s body, and her legs suddenly felt like jelly.But she quickly regained herself, as her eyes remained glued to the other girl’s chest, because she realized, as they both did, there was just no way of knowing. Even with the advantage of an objective outside view, any observer would have been hard-pressed to come up with the answer. It was, quite simply, too close to call. All that either girl could think about, looking across at the other, was that, in her eyes, the awesome, looming, heavy boobs of her newfound rival……just seemed to be absolutely HUGE! And so the question hung in the air, filling the minds of both girls, and the minds of the other girls around them, who were the only other occupants on this isolated beach. The tension among the two girls’ supporters was escalating rapidly, as they were all beginning to tingle and shiver uncontrollably with anticipation. Each group had seen their leader take on other girls in the past, but they’d never seen them face a challenger anything like this. They weren’t really quite sure what they were about to witness, but whatever happened…it was going to be a confrontation of truly epic proportions.Because the question wasn’t going away. It was still hanging there, unanswered, in all their minds. But most importantly, in the minds of the two young women now staring each other down. And they all knew what it was. It was the only question in the world, in their own little universe, that mattered right now. That mattered at all. Who was bigger?

The pangs of fear and uncertainty that had coursed through T just moments ago still remained, but they were mixed now with other, more familiar sensations. The building anger. The flaming jealousy, and outrage. The objective, almost clinical, interest in an amazing, unencountered phenomenon. And overriding all else…the burning curiosity. The agonizingly intense need…to know. Who?

But something else was stirring as well, deep within. Something unexpected, awakening and emerging from some primal lair, from an unexplored cavern buried deep inside her, and now for the first time…rising to the surface. A strange, unexplained, almost sexual kind of……excitement.

As the two girls were finally able to tear their eyes away from each other’s chests, they began to size each other up in more detail. They both seemed to be about the same height, about 5’7” or 5’8”, and in the range of 125 to 130 pounds. Their bodies were generally slim and shapely, long and lean. Which just made the appearance of their chests all that more striking, and seemingly unreal. It was as if they were both performing some kind of a magician’s trick, or creating an optical illusion. Their fine features were framed by long thick hair, falling well below their shoulders on both girls, the redhead’s being a little wavier and T’s a little straighter.But the comparisons didn’t end there, as the redhead noted silently with a derisive snort as she eyed T’s wardrobe up and down. For not only were the two girls’ physical attributes a virtual mirror of each other, they were also dressed almost identically!Trish was wearing what was at the moment her favorite white T-shirt, almost brand-new and ultra-tight, which she had just recently bought with her meager birthday money. It was a memory fresh in her mind – the near ecstatic pleasure she had felt in actually being able to go into a clothing store, pick out exactly what she wanted, and pay for it herself, instead of having to take whatever her mother forced on her from the bargain rack, if they even bought anything at all. And here was this (most likely rich) bitch standing across from her wearing what seemed to be the exact same shirt, with the same deep V-neck cut down the front. Trish’s eyes were drawn hypnotically to the impossibly deep and expansive valley of bare-skinned cleavage squeezed between the redhead’s giant orbs, but when she finally looked up she noticed that the other girl was also checking out T’s own mind-boggling V-neck display. T quickly cupped her breasts and pressed them together, exaggerating her fleshy chasm to an even more insane degree, and gazed across at her rival with a wicked smile.“Get a good look?”The redhead’s lip curled up in a snarl at T for catching her looking, then she sneered across at the blonde defiantly.“I bet you think you fill out that T-shirt pretty good, don’t you?”“Better than you.”“I don’t think so.”As she glared across, the redhead parked her fists defiantly on her hips, then subtly took in a deep breath and puffed out her chest toward Trish.T was quickly developing an extreme dislike for this girl, her chest, and her entire attitude, and as noted earlier, she was not the kind of girl to back down from anyone. She quickly filled her own lungs and responded in kind, mimicing the girl’s stance and expanding her chest as far as she could in the redhead’s direction. Only a few feet apart at the moment, the two matching racks were coming ever more perilously closer together. T reached down to the waist of her short short cutoff jeans and tucked the fabric of her shirt even deeper inside, straining the material across her bustline seemingly almost to the point of disintegration as it hugged even tighter to her breasts. The redhead sneered disdainfully at what she considered T’s pathetic and juvenile display, and then condescendingly matched it, stretching the white cotton down deeper into her own tiny matching cutoffs (although with a more expensive designer label on them). Trish sneered right back at her, directing a healthy portion of disgusted boredom toward her unoriginal foe as well.The redhead flared a little at the implied insult of T’s look, both girls so finely attuned to the slightest nuance of each other’s face that it was almost as if they were telepathically connected. She responded by shifting her shoulders, alternately pressing one breast forward, and then the other, before raising her arms and clasping her hands over her head, and finishing with a full arching of her back as she draws her hands down together to rest behind her head. The tips of her breasts aim
challengingly at T’s, extended about as far as they can go.T favors the other girl with a slight pitying smirk, duplicates the stretching and arching motions to an even more exaggerated degree, then, drawing her hands forward and bending from the waist, she slowly lowers herself until her legs are spread wide and her arms are out in front of her, with her palms laying flat on the sand. She smiles challengingly up at her foe as she lightly swings her full, heavy breasts, creating marked impressions in the sand.The redhead gives her an arrogant “puh-lease” look as she easily and skillfully pulls herself down even and level with T, both girls equally limber, and starts making her own indentations in the sand, as she looks up and stares hatefully into T’s eyes. After a moment both girls can’t resist watching the swaying motion of each other’s juggs as they continue playing in the fine silica. Not only are the magnificent and perfectly formed breasts mesmerizing, each girl is also searching for any sign of weakness in the other, any excessive droop or lack of firmness, anything to reinforce her long-held but now-shaken belief in her own bosom’s superiority.Slowly Trish starts to bend even further forward, her palms inching forward as she tries to lower her chest deeper into the sand to create even more impressive furrows than her rival. The redhead sees this and starts to inch forward as well. The strain in their bodies is becoming noticeable now, as their legs and arms start to shake a little, but both are determined to outdo the other.As their hands creep painfully forward, they suddenly start to appear on a collision course. The fingertips and short varnished nails keep closing the gap, as each girl gasps and strains with her efforts. They have both noticed their imminent digital proximity, and suddenly this seems to have now become their main priority. Stretching themselves impossibly past any normal limit, their fingers do connect and, unbelievably, begin to intertwine. Further and further they go, until finally all four hands are locked together. Each girl now, with a look of crazed intensity on her face, attempts to dig her nails as deeply and as forcefully as she can into the tops of her enemy’s hands. Their eyes meet for a moment, blazing with white-hot hatred for each other, and then they close them tightly shut as they pour everything they have, and focus all concentration, on creating as much pain as they can in the other girl.But their bodies can only stand this position for so long and now start to rebel, their legs screaming for relief. Neither girl is yet willing to give up her death grip on the other, though, and after holding out as long as their trembling lower extremities will allow, the two start to rise up. But their eyes remain closed, and their fingers remain locked. By exerting equal pressure against each other, they somehow manage to use each other’s arms as levers to bridge themselves up out of the sand, up to a bent-at-the-waist position, and then finally upright.As they almost reach their fully erect height, they finally both open their eyes again. They glare into each other with their fused arms out at their sides, looking like they’ll never let go. They reposition and brace their legs as the arms go even higher, up over their heads, and their wrists bend and fold slightly back and forth as they test their strength against each other, and find that to be, like everything else so far, frustratingly equal. They watch their hands and wrists carry on their stalemated struggle, then glare back at each other again. Both are breathing hard and suffering under the hot sun, sweat starting to mat their hair as it beads on their faces and drips down their neck, and lower. As the two bow their heads and shake them to disperse the perspiration, both find themselves looking down at their twin pairs of huge, rolling mounds of chestflesh, each set soaking up the stray droplets, as well as the rivers of brine flowing from their breastbones on down, gathering in spreading pools along both the swelling flesh and surrounding white cotton. As they stare down at their near drowning udders, the whole reason for their conflict here refocuses in their minds.They look up at each other, but it only takes a brief moment for their eyes to confirm what the next step will be.Slowly they start to close the space between them, only inches now. Above, their wrists relax, but only slightly, and meet. Then the undersides of their forearms connect, and start to slide together, until eventually they are completely joined, from elbow to tip.Staring down, both girls concentrate on one thing. And even underneath the layer of cotton, and the lace of the bras that both girls wear, the outlines of which have now come into view through scattered shirt patches soaked transparent by battle sweat, they can each see the tiny bulges on the tips of their adversary’s chests, and on their own. Even more than that, they can sense the urgent presence of the hungry, jutting nibs of enemy warrior flesh hidden and confined within, swollen and hard, rubbing and chafing, bursting with the desire to be free. And to be at war. They can sense it, because they can feel their own. Clamoring for the exactly the same thing.The two girls align their breasts, slowly and carefully, aiming nib against nib with painstaking precision. Then, they take the plunge.As the two impossibly round, impossibly large, and unbelievably firm twin pairs of heavy, rubbery flesh come slamming together, nipples compressing into nipples, waves of fat and muscle driving savagely and harshly into each other with megatons of stored hostility, the two girls’ heads snap back, their eyes practically rolling back into their heads with the shock and joy that the long-awaited contact brings. By crashing their tits into each other with all the force they can muster, they have reached a nirvana they never knew existed. The sensation of their enormous breasts compacting against their equally gigantic foe’s is unlike anything they have experienced before. Their entire bodies have become electric, twitching and pulsing. It’s as if they have finally found their destiny, the thing they were put on the Earth for, that they were meant to do. The one thing they can do better than anyone else. And both are determined now to prove it.They gaze down at their two chests in awe and wonder, each pressing and straining against their opposite, trying to push and force the other one back, but both are equally stubborn, and strong.They look up at each other, and they know only one thing for certain. They have to do it again.Without a moment’s pause the redhead and the blonde both rear back and send their huge overflowing love sacs crashing into each other once more. The impact is equally amazing, and the twinge of pain that makes itself felt this time only adds to the savage excitement of it.They are truly in battle.They test their enemy armies against each other in breast to breast ground warfare again, each trying desperately to overwhelm the other. But to no avail. They then return to their aerial attacks, magnificent huge round breasts flying through the air directly at each other, meeting and mushrooming equally together, each trying to force the other one back, then doing it all over again.As they keep hammering into each other, instead of getting tired they begin to pick up speed, the mutual flesh impacts coming faster and faster, the grunts and groans rising in intensity, the dull thuds of repeated contacts forming a kind of muted drumbeat. The labored breathing starts to take on the sound of two train locomotives, chugging faster and faster toward each other.But finally aerobic limits are reached, no matter what frenzy adrenaline has driven them to, and their tit smashes slow to the point where they now stay pressed together for long periods after, each leaning against the other to try to gain some rest and find some energy for the next assault.Finally they lean back from each other, hands still locked together above them as they have been through this entire skirmish, and stare at each other. The more they stare the more their mutual loathing grows, until finally they come hurtling back together for one final attempt at total annihilation.Their giant chests SPLAT together one last time, unyielding, unforgiving. As they bounce off each other and look to see that the other has still not been mortally wounded, both girls angrily break free of each other’s hand grip, pushing each other away in the process, as they take a few steps back to try to shake and rub the stiffness from their fingers. Then they both gently cradle and massage their wounded weapons, trying to hopefully get them back to some semblance of normal feeling again. As they do they glare across at the other, hoping to see signs of damage and discomfort greater that her own.The other girls are dazed by what they’ve just seen, and look on like automatons, either waiting for the battle to begin again, in some form, or to receive new orders, instructions on what they should do next.Neither are the two combatants sure just how to proceed from here either. Both are still full of the bloodlust, but know that they need time to rest before joining the fray again.The redhead turns her attention, for a diversion, back to Trish’s co-intruders.“So I asked you before, what the hell are you fucking white-trash whores doing out here? Before any of the others can even think to try to respond, T snaps back at the redhead like a flash of sardonic lightning. “We’re going for a walk, fuckface. What the hell does it look like?”The redhead stops and just stares at T, as if she’s been slapped in the face. If there had been any thoughts in her head of maybe just letting them go and licking her wounds, they had vanished entirely now. Nobody ever talked back to her like that. Especially someone like T.“You fucking bitch, do you even have any idea where you are? Or did your father-slash-brother just dump you off here on his way to The Jerry Springer Show?”This breaks the tension a bit within the group of girls backing up the redhead, but the laughter that breaks out amongst them has an almost hysterical edge to it, and the quip gets a lot more mileage than it deserves. Their extended mirth only serves to triple T’s anger, and she takes a threatening step toward the redhead and screams.“We’re on public beach here, you fucking spoiled airhead rich bitch, and we can do whatever we want!”In the past this kind of superheated display by T would be enough to get most other girls to back off. Once T’s molten-lava-like temper really showed itself, that was usually it.But this was no ordinary bear.The redhead quickly matched T’s step, and the rage that poured forth from her was an even more heightened reflection of Trish’s own. There was no backing down in this girl at all. And the continued presence of this similar-sized blonde trespasser staring her in the face had obviously gotten her highly, highly agitated.“Not when you come onto my beach you can’t!”“And who made you queen of the fucking beach?!”“I did!”They are screaming into each other’s reddened faces now, their huge tits quaking with anger, now only a few inches apart again. The tension level in both surrounding groups has returned to defcon 3. This is what they came here looking for, and now they were getting it.Action.The redhead finishes her tantrum with a flourish. “And I don’t like any cheap bitches coming around here trying to show off their puny little tits on my beach!”“Puny?!”This was the ultimate insult for T, to have the two things that she values above all else in this world, her incredible pair of majestic super-boobs, be slandered and disparaged…and by this vulgar, stuck-up, red-haired…BITCH! The evil villainess-cunt would have to be made to pay. With barely a rational thought in her head, forgetting entirely the agony she had been in only moments ago, T surged forward acting only on instinct and rage now. She cupped her huge heavy tits in her hand as she shrieked at the redhead,“Do you still think they’re PUNY!?!”T practically leaves her feet as she hurls herself at the redhead, swinging her breasts wildly, sending them slamming thickly back and forth against the sides of the other girl’s unprepared tits. Wailing like a banshee, the redhead retreats and cups her hands over her breasts, covering up.Trish stares after her, a little dumbfounded, as do all the others. Is that it? Is it going to be that easy? Is she folding like a cheap tent?But then the fire returns to the redhead’s eyes, burning like two dark coals that have just been bellowsed up to white-hot intensity.She cups her own breasts, and runs straight into T, swinging just as wildly, her huge watermelon sized tits smacking into Trish’s overinflated beachballs.And thus the breast-boxing began.

“You think your tits are so tough! Next to mine they’re NOTHING!”The arrogant, spoiled redhead, incensed and shocked by her own apparent near-surrender just moments ago when she had retreated and covered up in pain, screams her challenge in an almost hysterical tone as she charges at her tormentor, then cups her enormous heavy breasts and swings them wildly at T’s equally humungous boobs. The red-haired girl’s face bursts into wicked delight as her gigantic set connects so solidly with T’s that the mega-chested blonde is forced to retreat from the impact, grimacing at the tremendous weight of her opponent’s tits. But it is quickly Trish’s turn to smile as she instantly launches a return volley, smashing her own thirty-pound tits so forcefully against her rival’s pair that the recoil sends the other girl reeling back several steps. The redhead’s supporters really start to urge her on now, recognizing that their feisty friend has gotten herself into what could possibly become the fight of her life.“Come on, Jenny, get her!”
“You can do it, J!”T’s friends call out their own encouragement as the two tit-boxers draw close again, their eyes fixed warily on the enormous fleshy weapons that each girl cradles in her hands. The immense cleavages of both girls, deep enough to swallow the breast of any normal woman, now swell up even more as the two rivals push their tits together as tightly as they can, each battler trying to intimidate the other with her tremendous size. As the cleavage contest continues, the plunging V-necks of their identical white T-shirts are barely able to keep the dueling bustlines from bursting through completely. But both girls are so evenly-matched that neither can gain any psychological advantage, so they quickly tire of their posturing.Jenny cups her mighty hooters once again, challenging T with a cold stare, and Trish responds by hefting her own super-juggs. They step forward and then suddenly start slapping their breasts together, each trying to totally annihilate the other. Both expect to score a quick knockout, supremely confident in the strength of their huge firm boobs, but as they continue to violently smash against each other over a span of several long minutes, their confidence starts to falter a bit. Why isn’t this other bitch giving up? The anger each girl feels for the other grows and grows with each punishing blow that she is forced to take from the tits of the other. Neither girl has ever had her big beauties treated in such a harsh way before, and the pain she feels at each collision fires her resentment toward the other tit-battler, for both putting her through this unpleasant experience and for unnecessarily prolonging it. Although this is the first time either of them has ever fought anyone like this, both feel that it’s gone on a lot longer than they had expected it to. Frustration shows on their faces as both also suspect that the reason it’s taking them so long to subdue their opponent is because of the restrictions placed on them by their bras and T-shirts, which keep them from inflicting as much damage as they would like to on their enemy’s boobs. Finally they both back off for a minute to catch their breath. T rests her hands on her knees, panting, as sweat pours off her under the hot summer sun. She lifts up the hem of her T-shirt, which has long ago pulled free from her cutoff jeans, and wipes her face with it. Then she gazes down at her cherished shirt. Soaked through and transparent with sweat, her jutting white bra plainly visible, the weary garment had been sorely tested by recent events, and more stress was surely yet to come. T had only worn her treasured birthday shirt a few times so far, trying to pamper it, and now it was on the verge of being completely ruined.Which just made her hate this Jenny even more. As Trish glares across at her red-haired enemy, also bent over like T, she comes to a decision, knowing there’s only one thing to be done. T straightens up, and so does J. T’s eyes dart around quickly, double-checking the deserted nature of their remote surroundings, and then she suddenly starts to strip off her T-shirt.Jenny stares at her, taken aback. The other girls, surprised as well, also take a prudent look around to check for other spectators. But by being at the very far end of the beach, in something like a little cove – butted up against and partly hidden by a small hill – the girls are completely alone, and undisturbed.T has now completely removed her shirt, and stands in just her bra and cutoffs. The redhead glares at her.“What the fuck are you doing?”T smiles, enjoying Jenny’s discomfort. “I’m not going to ruin my favorite shirt just to beat a loser like you.”“You’re the loser,” J shoots back angrily. “If that’s your favorite shirt, then you’ve got an even more pathetic wardrobe than I thought.”T just stares at her, silently waiting, the gauntlet thrown.Finally, sneering, Jenny slowly removes her own shirt, and she obviously feels the unveiling of her body to be a major event. Once her shirt is off, she shakes her bra-clad tits tauntingly at T.“Is this what you wanted to see, you fucking dyke?”T sneers right back at her, with a little grin added.“You’ll have to do more than that to turn me on, slut. I see better ones in my mirror every day.”“Yeah, you only think so,” J snorts. The redhead takes her shirt and ties it around her slim midriff. T follows suit, knotting her own shirt around her tiny waist as well.As the two rivals face off, they regard each other’s identical white bras – one of the few models big enough to hold girls of their size – with disdain, and disgust. The sense of revulsion they both feel for each other is more palpable now than ever, with the air of competition between them risen to a much more serious level now that both of their twin treasures are out on display, open to even greater comparison and critique. T and Jenny each cup their immense boobs once more, and without hesitation throw themselves into round two. Free of their clinging T-shirts, the two girls are now able to swing their breasts with even more force than before. They fire their massive torpedoes at each other in a continuous barrage, exploding against their enemy’s tits over and over again like bone-shaking depth charges, sending each warrior alternately staggering back on her heels. The heavy collisions push their tortured bras to the limit, and as each girl sees the other’s enormous fleshy cargo constantly threatening to break free from its containers, each girl sees a way that she can not only beat the other, but also humiliate her as well.So as each battler keeps trying to pound her opponent into submission, she also starts trying to dislodge her rival’s boobs from the confines of her bra.Each girl now targets her breasts more and more so that they come crashing down on top of the other girl’s. Trish and Jenny keep raising their huge heavy boobs high in the air to try to slam them down on the giant upper slopes of the other’s massive mountain range. They then roughly drag them down, shifting their hands to the tops of their breasts to apply more pressure, and as they finally slide off the other girl’s boobs they check to see if a nipple, or even more, has come exposed. They follow this with furious tit-uppercuts that cause tremors in the visible flesh of both, their quaking breasts heaving upwards and almost out of their cups. The two of them get into a rhythm where both right breasts attack the other’s left one repeatedly, and then they shift to left breasts assaulting right ones. And soon they are rewarded, as occasional nipples do flash into view for a second or two, before they disappear back under cover as the owners readjust their gear. Then T gets in a particularly potent and lucky blow that causes one of Jenny’s magnificent full round puppies to come bursting out of its holster. Trish manages to get a clean shot at the flailing jugg with her still-covered tit before Jenny retreats a step and angrily stuffs it back in, her eyes burning at T. Not to be outdone she comes roaring back, and soon J accomplishes the same result on T with a furious left-breast uppercut that slams savagely into the blonde’s right one, sending T’s swelling boob up into the air like a huge helium balloon. Then as it comes down Jenny swings her right boob across for a punishing direct hit on the side of Trish’s. T is now forced to retreat a step as she carefully returns her assaulted breast back to its safe haven.Both girls stop to take another breather. They gently massage their chastised chests, not sure how much more of this they can take, and yet at the same time both aware that this fight is probably still far from over. As they attempt to comfort their tender breasts, heaving inside layers of buffering fabric, they try in vain to readjust the battered bras to resemble the form they had at the start of the match. It was becoming painfully obvious to the two titfighters that their support garments were not going to be up to the tasks ahead of them.The two girls regard each other with hateful stares. Both have a strong sense of what is coming next, but neither is too eager to get there.Finally Jenny takes the initiative this time, and pushes their conflict to the next level. She sneers viciously at her blonde foe.“I bet you’re afraid I’m gonna pop yours out again, aren’t you?T gives her a nasty look.“You’re the one who better be afraid.”J stares directly at T’s chest.“I bet If you took that bra off, those fat tits of yours would fall straight down to your knees.”T regards her increasingly-hated rival with a snarl.“You’d probably be able to tie yours in a knot behind your back.”Jenny glares, then smiles at T with a tight, challenging grin. They keep watching each other, waiting for the next move. And J delivers, as the redhead slowly reaches behind her back, feels for her bra clasp, and starts to unhook it. T’s eyebrows raise, as the realization sinks in that they are really going to do this. She doesn’t even bother looking around to check for any new intruders that may have stumbled across them. It doesn’t matter. Not anymore. There’ll be no stopping the two of them now.Like T, the other girls can’t take their eyes off what is developing in front of them. As Jenny releases the clasp, her bra cups pull forward slightly and loosen a little, but remain attached, sticky with sweat. Her hands come around to pull down the shoulder straps, and then finally she peels the cups away. The amazing set of breasts that spill forward into sight have almost no sag in them at all, settling comfortably out in front of her chest, pointing straight ahead.T involuntarily lets out a little gasp, struck by a momentary wave of uncertainty and fear, similar to the one that had gripped her earlier when she had first seen the size of J’s T-shirt-covered boobs. Her response is spurred partly by the redhead’s incredible firmness, and by the gigantic dark areolae crowning her huge pale tits. But most of all, it is the size of Jenny’s nipples.T already knew they would be big from the impression they had made on her during their earlier breast-butting, but feeling them through a bra, and then seeing them fully exposed in the great wide open, were two different things entirely.Jenny smiles broadly as she watches Trish’s eyes, and after tossing her bra back to one of her friends, she purposefully plays off T’s reaction by lewdly rubbing her hands all over the broad expanse of her huge breasts, and then ends up by tweaking and caressing her stunning nipples. She stares boldly across at T as she keeps playing with them.“Like what you see?”T has been struck mute, but not quite for the reason J thinks.As Trish watches the red-haired vixen continue to twist and tickle her bulging nips, the blonde is unable to break her eyes away from them. Long, thick, and swollen to rock-hard firmness, T has never seen two more ominous-looking probes in her life.Except for her own.And a little shiver suddenly goes right through her.Sometimes, late at night, after coming home from a party or a date where she had allowed some fumbling young swain limited access to her giant treasures, T would stand in front of her bedroom mirror and gaze at her aroused nipples, amazed at the size they would grow to. She would rub and tease them to their full magnificence, and then fantasize about what she would like to have done to them some day. And, once in a while, on certain nights…she would wonder what it would feel like to press her thick, monstrous nubbins into the nibs of another girl. Especially a girl with ones as big as hers. What would it feel like, she thought. Would it hurt, or would it…be… Pressing her fingers against them, she would then drift off into some of her most…interesting…dreams.And now it looked like one of her dreams would be coming true.But not in a way she had ever anticipated in her fantasies.Still, it was going to happen. She was sure of it. And the inevitability of this long-imagined confrontation sent a sudden thrill through the busty blonde. Instead of being intimidated, as Jenny thought, T was now feeling…rejuvenated. Trish reaches swiftly behind her back, but the renewed excitement now surging through her makes her try to go too fast, and she fumbles with the bra hooks. The redhead quickly seizes on this slight delay as a sign of reluctance and sticks out her chest, shaking her firm, proud, liberated boobs challengingly toward the blonde.“What’s the matter, your weak little boobies afraid to come out and face my big bruisers without protection?”T’s face starts to flush with anger at the taunt, and with frustration at not being able to complete such a simple task. Then suddenly she feels the arrival of helping hands and the clasp is quickly unlatched.T turns to see her best friend Deb there, and the perky brunette flashes her a grin.“Go get her, champ.”Trish smiles, grateful, and then as she turns back to face the redhead T rips off her bra with a quick flourish and tosses it casually behind her to Deb. T’s back, cut deep with red ridges where her straining bra straps had dug themselves in, immediately says thanks. The blonde cups and rubs her massive set, perking up her giant nipples to full attention, then sticks out her tits and shakes them at her red-haired adversary. The giant orbs sway a little, but no more or less than J’s.Jenny’s heart drops like an elevator in freefall once she sees T’s breasts unleashed. She had been positive that her own boobs would prove to be firmer than Trish’s once they were free and clear of their bras, and had been counting on the edge that would give her, but she saw now that any hope she had for an advantage over the blonde has disappeared completely. T snarls at her in response to the earlier taunt.“Your bruisers are the ones going to end up black and blue after they tangle with my twin killers.”And they did indeed look lethal to Jenny’s eyes. Perfectly full and round, like a pair of oversized suntan-colored bowling balls, T’s huge juggs had come to rest at just about the exact same position on her chest as Jenny’s had on her own. T’s areolas appeared to be as big as J’s, and a little darker, but their most impressive feature was without a doubt the pair of incredibly wicked-looking spikes of flesh that rose prominently from their surface, fully excited and sticking straight out. Trish smiled back at Jenny with the same wicked leer that the redhead had given her moments ago, as T now played with her own impressive points.“What do you think of these?”And staring at T’s grossly distended nipples, stiff as iron and ready for action, Jenny’s confidence in the superiority of her own eager, hungry nibs was indeed shaken a bit. But even though the redhead was discouraged that her strategy of going bare had basically been for naught, she was far from demoralized. Seeing how closely matched the two sets of breasts really were just made her that much more determined to beat down this super-bosomy blonde intruder, and beat her badly, so that she would never ever even dare to think about coming back to Jenny’s beach. J still had supreme faith in her big strong udders, and the thought of losing to anyone, even this massive-chested bitch, was just simply not an option she was willing to consider.Both girls tried to push all doubts from their minds as they each cradled their overflowing naked breasts in their hands and started toward each other. Nobody was going to back down now.
It was time for round three, but the gloves were now off, so to speak, and they were going to go at it bareknuckle/bare-nipple. Now that it was just pride and joys against pride and joys, with no clothing barriers between them, the mood had turned deadly serious. The stakes had become dangerously high for the two incredibly competitive young women. Total breast supremacy was now on the line, and neither girl had any intentions of losing to her hated new rival.Without hesitation they both wade in and immediately start teeing off on each other, using their giant tits to attack the other’s immense pair with a new ferocity that made their earlier attacks seem like just playfighting.The sight of the two topless girls swinging their immense naked breasts at each other is a truly awesome one to behold, and the other girls circled around them are completely mesmerized by this vicious tit-brawl. But equally engrossing are the sounds that come from the spectacular battle – the THWACKS and PLOPS and SPLATS that resonate from the contact of skin against skin, as the enormous sweaty juggs are finally able to slap against each other in their natural state, unimpeded and unprotected. Grunts, groans, and intensely labored breathing also accompany the frenzied collisions, as the two enraged young girls attack each other with a frightening passion, each bent on destroying the other’s most prized possessions with her own, striving desperately to defeat and hopefully humiliate the other’s huge proud endowments.For many incredible minutes they send a hail of blistering blows against each other’s colossal boobs with their own, attacking from all possible angles in every way they can, back and forth, up and down, and even with looping roundhouse shots. But even though they are now able to inflict maximum damage on each other in their topless state, as the fight goes on they start to notice that, without the extra support of their bras to carry the load, the increased burden of holding, lifting and swinging their ultra-heavyweight breasts is wearing them both down. Their mammoth tits are also harder to manage without the convenient grippable handles that the containers of the bra cups provided, and the voluminous flesh of their unleashed breasts rolls around uncontrolled in their hands, constantly overwhelming their inadequate palms and spilling out from side to side. In addition to that, the rivers of sweat dripping from both spectacular pairs was making them extremely slippery, sometimes sliding completely out of their grasp. All these factors, combined with the two rounds of tit-boxing they’d already fought, was making their arms start to feel as if they were on fire, the muscles burning and tightening up.

As a result, their assaults on each other’s racks start to slow, until the slapping degenerates into something more like a grinding motion, as they force their tits against the other’s and then drag them across the opposing boobs, maintaining full heavy contact as they try to push in and distort the other girl’s tits as much as they can. And now, for the first time, their nipples really start to come into play, digging into each other’s tender breastflesh like little daggers, poking so harshly that they almost seem as if they are about to puncture and draw blood. Then finally they cross swords, as both sets of nibs simultaneously connect, tangling and scratching against each other, and for both of them it is…beyond electric. All the nerve endings in T’s breasts seem to come alive as both her nipples challenge Jenny’s. The sensation is rough, and painful, but at the same time…extremely sensual. T feels her probes matching against J’s length to length as they drag across each other, each trying to bend the other’s down as much as they can, and then as they both slide off and separate, their tips flick against each other as they part. This brief contact is so delicious that for a time they just brush the front of their breasts together so that only their nipples are dueling. As they scrape and slash back and forth across each other, their nipples swell to an even greater size than either girl had ever seen hers attain before. Finally, when their nipples seem to have reached their absolute maximum limit, T looks up at J. Their gazes lock for a few seconds. Then they look down at their breasts, and slowly line them up so that both sets of nipples are facing head on. Another quick glance up, to see if either one is going to back away. Then, looking down at their breasts again, they slowly start to push their nipples into each other.If before the sensation was electric, T now feels like her breasts are being struck by lightning. She closes her eyes and drinks in the waves of pain and pleasure that suddenly course through every nerve in her body. This is far beyond anything she has ever felt before. The two sets of hard nipples keep compressing against each other, with neither giving any signs of letting up. The two girls are trembling and shaking at the intensity of the contact, and they try to maintain it for as long as they can, but finally they have to break off and end it before they risk passing out. Their nipples move out of alignment, sliding off each other to jab into the enemy areolas just the side of their opponents. The two girls rest them there for a few seconds, recovering their equilibrium, then start to resume their grinding.As they continue on, T’s mind stays with the memory of the twin nipple conflict. She could tell, by the tempo of Jenny’s breathing, and the tone of the moans she let out while they were pressed together, that the red-haired girl had been as turned on by it as T was. After they broke from the duel, both had glanced up into each other’s eyes, and then had to look away.They carry on with their slow, close infighting, each trying to regain and conserve some of their strength, but T is still distracted by thoughts of battling nipples, and it makes her careless. As she drags her right boob heavily across J’s left one, their nipples intersect and tangle. She is still savoring the sensation as her right breast finishes its ascent over the peak of Jenny’s left one and plops down into the canyon between J’s breasts. But then she stops dragging for a moment, letting her stray boob just linger there idly in the middle of J’s pair.The redhead quickly sees her opportunity and seizes on it. She grabs the sides of her breasts and presses them both together, trapping Trish’s wayward tit snugly between her own. Then she starts squeezing them inward, applying steady pressure as her firm juggs try to crush T’s breast between them in a vice-like grip. T moans as Jenny’s big boobs try to overwhelm her cornered breast. They keep pressing in all around her, surrounding and squashing her flesh with theirs. An excited look seizes Jenny’s face as she sees the pain that she’s causing to her foe register on Trish’s features, and she applies even more pressure, as if trying to cave in the sides of T’s breast and make it implode. She keeps squeezing for all she’s worth, thrilled by the effect she is having on her blonde nemesis.
T knows this is bad, and has to get out of it as quickly as she can. She tries to pull away, but Jenny moves with her, keeping T trapped. She tries shaking herself loose, but J hangs on gamely, like some kind of obsessed predator. Finally T retaliates by forcing her right hand in between her right breast and Jenny’s left one. Then she places her left hand on the outside of her unhindered left breast and presses in so that her breasts have also gained a captive, trapping Jenny’s right tit trapped between them. T applies her own pressure, and now it is the redhead’s turn to moan. Both women keep up their squeezing and pressing, each trying to overpower the other with the strength of her boobs. T finds the pain excruciating, but at the same time, oddly exciting, serving as another measure of who has the biggest, best, firmest set, another test in their ongoing personal competition. Finally both can stand it no longer and have to break apart, pulling their bruised tits away from each other. As Jenny rubs and massages hers, she glares defiantly at T.“So, are you ready to give up yet?” T forces out a harsh laugh.“Why would I give up? I’m the one who’s winning.”Jenny’s blood starts to boil again at this remark.‘You must be delusional. Your fat fucking tits don’t stand a chance against mine. Mine are the biggest and best ones around.”“You’re the one who’s delusional. My tits are definitely bigger than yours.”Jenny pauses, then looks at T challengingly. “Why don’t we just settle this then?”T stares back at her, equally confident.

“Okay. Let’s do it.”They walk up to each other and stop, then stand facing, their mirror-image tits almost touching. Jenny sneers at T.“My big babies are going to swamp your little weaklings.”T puffs out her chest.“My champs are going to swallow up your tiny tits and spit them out.”J thrusts out her breasts in response.They slowly move toward each other, with their arms at their sides, until their nipples touch. T feels chills run through her again as they hold the contact for a moment. Then the nubs slide off each other and disappear from sight, as Trish and Jenny’s elephantine breasts start to press together. They look into each other’s eyes, and T can see that Jenny is getting as excited about this approaching size contest as she is. The redhead gazes down, and her eyes become glued to the sight of her enormous boobs forcing themselves into T’s, while T’s equally massive set force themselves back into hers. T’s eyes also fix on the fleshy competition between their boobs, as they slowly compress into each other. Both girls’ breasts, although incredibly firm with the ripeness of youth, soon have nowhere physically to go, and start to spill out at the sides, pancaking against each other but still matching up inch for inch. The two girls lift up their arms and intertwine them around each other’s neck and shoulders, each right arm overlapping the opponent’s left. This closes the last bit of space between them, and their cleavages shrink to almost nothing as their breasts keep flattening together. Jenny then turns her head to calmly whisper into T’s ear. “Give up now. You know I’m going to win.”There was an air of supreme confidence in the red-haired girl’s voice that almost shook T for a moment, but she quickly responded in the same way, feeling it in her bones that there was no way she could lose when it came to a contest like this.“There’s no way you can match up to me. Just face it.”Jenny responds with a bit more of an edge.“You know mine are going to be bigger. Quit now and you’ll save yourself the humiliation.”T smiles.“If you were smart you’d be the one quitting now.”“You stupid bitch…” Jenny snaps back at her.“You’re the dumb slut…” T replies.Both respond to the taunts by pulling each other tighter together, and forcing their boobs to balloon out even more. T can feel her firm sacks of warm flesh spreading out evenly against Jenny’s as they keep increasing the pressure, bringing more and more bustline inches into contact, until finally they have plastered every last bit of their total breast space up against the other’s. Their tits are now fully pancaked together, total volume against total volume, head to head and stretched to their limits. They have reached the final showdown, and now they would find out…the answer to the burning question. And in this ultimate comparison, a slight edge finally does appear. Although almost impossible to gauge by the human eye, both girls slowly begin to realize as they shift and strain against each other that one set of breasts was just barely managing to overlap the other. It was a victory won by only the slightest, smallest margin imaginable, the larger pair being a mere fraction wider around the edges. But it was enough. And they both knew it.The winning girl leans her head in close to the loser’s ear and whispers with quiet, malicious triumph.“I guess now we know…who…is…bigger.” The dominant girl emphasizes her point by thrusting her breasts forward on the last word, punctuating her victory.It takes a second for this awful truth to sink into her brain, but when it does…Jenny goes berserk. “YOU BITCH!!!!”The entire being of this titanically-busted redhead is shaken to the core by the realization she has actually been beaten in the one area she had never thought she would ever even be challenged in. The fury that boils up in her is unlike any she has ever known before, and with no idea how to channel this rage, she just snaps.As Jenny’s teeth clamp down on T’s shoulder, the shocked blonde lets out a scream. The vicious redhead then lowers her arms further down Trish’s back to apply a crushing tit-to-tit bearhug on the unprepared T.T responds the only way she can think of – by biting into Jenny’s shoulder as well. Jenny lets out a scream of her own, and T takes advantage of the moment to fix an identical bearhug of her own on J.The two amazingly buxom girls are just barely able to get their hands locked together behind each other’s backs, the massive breastflesh between them creating an almost impossible distance for them to span. Yet, spurred by their fierce determination, they both find a way to achieve the necessary grip, and each one starts trying to really and actually squeeze the life out of the other.But with their arms overlapping neither one can get a clear advantage, and their firm flesh struggles to a stalemate. By this time Jenny’s anger has cooled enough to allow some rational thought, and finding no satisfaction in this course of action she suddenly releases her bearhug in order to rake her nails down T’s back. Trish lets out another little shriek, and quickly does the very same to J.

At this point Jenny suddenly pulls away from T, separating their breasts from each other, and then she makes a grab for T’s unguarded hooters, latching onto them and sinking her claws deep into the spongy flesh. T is stunned by this new assault, and lets out a howl as the red-headed wildcat grabs two handfuls of T and violently twists. T is reeling from the shocking amount of pain she feels, but draws on an inner fury of her own that lets her block out the agony in order to clamp her own nails on Jenny’s wide-open udders as well. T then gives it back to her tenfold, squeezing J’s tender boobs as if she were wringing out a washcloth. Both girls are now screaming, moaning and wailing as they abuse each other’s chests in the most violent way they can. They alternately push and pull on each other’s boobs, stretching them apart, and then slamming them together painfully, using the other’s own breasts to inflict punishment on themselves.Then they go for the nipples, and now the pain goes beyond excruciating, as each girl mercilessly pinches and twists and tugs on the other’s hard nibs, trying to rip them right off the other girl’s chest.Neither can keep this up for very long, and finally it is Jenny who has to let go and try to rip Trish’s hands from her chest. Once J has pried T off of her, both girls back away, sobbing and whimpering, instinctively covering up their nipples with protective palms.Jenny’s face matches the color of her hair as she stares across at the blonde, tears streaking her face, and pure hate radiates from the red-haired spitfire. T, already knowing that she’s won where it counts, just watches J in wary anticipation, ready for anything. Then, abruptly, Jenny turns and starts to walk away.T watches her go, hardly believing that it’s actually over. She wipes at her tears, then turns away as well. Even though still in a state of extreme discomfort, her soreness is already starting to fade as it’s replaced by an incredible high that begins to take her over. She rides it like a wave, finally having a chance to let her hard-fought victory sink in, as she starts back toward her friends with a big grin broadening across her face. Then Deb suddenly calls out urgently to her.“T!!! Look out!”T turns around again just in time to see Jenny’s final few steps, the end of a headlong rush straight toward her. But rather than tackling her, as the redhead’s original intention may have been, she seems to change her mind at the last minute once she sees the blonde’s hated boobs open themselves up as a target, and instead Jenny throws herself, tits first, straight into T’s chest.With no time to prepare or protect herself, T’s giant rack takes the full impact of Jenny’s dirigible-sized breasts scoring a bullseye on hers, and it sends her stumbling backwards. If her ring of friends hadn’t been there she surely would have gone down, but instead the other girls catch her and lift her back up.“My tits are still better than yours!” Jenny screams at her. She is practically frothing at the mouth, and stomps her feet in the sand like a raging bull. Trish’s friends look at Jenny, then back at T, not sure what the outcome of this will be. Are they leaving now, or…is the fight still on?T glares across at the redhead. The blonde’s fire has been lit now, and turned up to high, with a can of gasoline about to be poured on it. Her anger reaches a level equal to or even greater than Jenny’s, and all she can think about now is smashing into that sneaky bitch’s tits as hard as she possibly can. They have both come to a point where neither girl will be satisfied with anything less than total destruction of the other.They keep staring at each other, and then both give a little nod. They start backing up, and their hushed onlookers retreat into a wider circle to accommodate the two battlers. When they each feel they have enough of a distance for a proper takeoff, they stop and set themselves. With their eyes still fixed on each other, they wait, and wait, and wait…And then they start to run straight at each other at full speed.

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