The Hangover by Hype

Pooja woke up feeling a little giddy as the sun rays were falling upon her through the window. She sat on the bed holding her head as she had a headache. Her body also begin to ache as if she just ran a 500mt race. She slowly got up and stood infront of the mirror and was shocked. Her dress has been completely torn off, breasts popping out. She had clawmarks all over her body and her hair was a complete mess.

‘what the hell happened last night? Did I get into a catfight? But with whom? For what? How the hell did I come home and slept in such a state?’

A barrage of questions flooded her mind as she entered the bathroom to wash her face. But no matter how much harder she tried she couldn’t remember anything. All she remembered was that she went to her usual hangout place which is a club for a drink as it was a weekend.

Pooja used to work as a software consultant for a big company. It’s been 5 years since she had moved to States. At the age of 27 she was pretty hot, and she never shied away from showing it. But she was genuinely a nice person and a workoholic which made her a pretty popular person at her work place.

Pooja begin to think as she had her breakfast. She realised it’s really useless trying to remember about what happened last night.

‘maybe it’s better If I begin to backtrack and visit the places where I have been last night? It could help me gain my memory back’ she thinks to herself.

She remembers getting in the car to get to the club to have a few drinks. As she was completely exhausted with the work and wanted to spend sometime with herself.

She reaches the club and enters the club and sits where she normally sits. ‘ I remember drinking too many vodka shots’ she thought to herself embarrassed. Suddenly she remembers a flash of a blonde woman sitting infront of her last night.

Pooja clearly remembered the expression on her face. She was scowling at her. Pooja remembers scowling back as both of them were sitting opposite each other a few metres apart. Apparently like pooja the other woman was also wearing a small top and a small skirt. Her tits oozing out of her top and she too was pretty drunk

Pooja also remembered both of them mouthing each other BITCH, SLUT, WHORE, CUNT that only they could hear.

That’s it.

After that her mind once again went blank and no matter how much she remember she couldn’t remember anything.

She went into the washroom to wash her face again as she was genuinely taken back by what she remembered.

‘who was that blonde woman? Did I get into a bitchfight with her? Maybe I should ask the barkeep about her?’

She went to the barkeep who was about to leave. He stopped looking at Pooja as she was a regular customer to their club.

“Hey Miss Pooja!”

“Hi Jacob. About to leave?” Asked pooja.” Yes just completed my shift. What’s up?” asked Jacob.

“Nothing. I just wanted to know about the woman who was sitting there yesterday. Do you know anything about her?”

“You mean that blonde woman Mia?” Jacob has a little smile on his face.

‘so her name is Mia’. Pooja thought.

“Why are you smiling?” She asked feeling surprised.

“Well she asked the same question yesterday pointing towards you” answered Jacob.

“She did? What else did she ask?”

“Only that. She said she moved recently to New York from Ohio and she was supposed to meet her friends in the club but they couldn’t make it as they had some other work” said Jacob.

“Did she say anything else?”

“No then she left as she got a call”

Pooja once again sat at the same table and tried to remember. She began to remember little by little.
Pooja was sitting feeling a little tipsy after a few drinks when she saw a blonde woman staring at her. Apparently she too had a few drinks.pooja stared back legs crossed. Both of them could she each other’s tits oozing out of their tops.

Pooja saw the woman mouth the word BITCH for her to understand.

SLUT pooja replied




After a while pooja left to the restroom and she came out the woman was no where to be seen.
Then she had a few more drinks before she got a call and she remember going to the back.
Remembering all this pooja felt hot and quickly got up and reached the backdoor which led to a dark alley.

Pooja slowly begin to remember everything.

Pooja reached the alley as she took the call. Suddenly she heard someone talking loud from the far end of the alley. She slowly reached and saw Mia talking loudly on the phone.

“You idiot! You said you will pick me up! What do you mean work? I don’t even know this place that good.

Fuck you!!!” She turned back and saw pooja looking at her. Both of them completely drunk.

“What are you looking at Bitch?” Mia asked with hands on her hips.

“Looks like you have been ghosted by your friends slut?” Mia smirked with hands on her hips.

“At least I have friends whore. Unlike you” Mia hissed as she approached pooja.

“You are nothing but a jealousy SLUT. I can see why they ghosted you” pooja hissed as she approached. Both of them bashed their tits into each other. They can smell alcohol as they pushed nose to nose.

“You don’t want to do this, skank” Mia warned pushing her nose into Pooja’s.

“You started this whore” pooja pushed back.

“I will claw your tits off”

“I will rip your blonde hair off”

“You want a bitchfight slut” mia asked hands in Pooja’s hair.

“Let’s bitchfight whore” pooja hissed, hands in Mia’s hair.
Both of them yanked each other’s hair mercilessly as they slapped each other back and forth.

“You think you are so hot SLUT? You ain’t nothing. I am better woman than” sneered pooja clawing Mia’s tits hard.

“Aaahhhhhhh BITCH you are nothing but a trashy cuntttttt” Mia Claws back

Both of them stagger around screaming into each other’s faces.

They both fall to the floor rolling around completely entwined like two mating snakes. Both of them completely dirty as they roll around the alley.

Pooja feels thrilled and excited as they both claw each other wherever they want like two alley cats. Mia rips off Pooja’s tops and claw and pinch our nipples hard.

“Ohhhhhh you cuntttttttttt. You want to get dirty?” Pooja screams and spits into Mia’s face as she rips off her top.

Both of their naked breasts bash into each other as they spit back and forth.

Tears forming in their eyes as they claw and slap each other wherever they want.

“I Fucking hate you bitchhhh” pooja sneers and claws Mia’s ass cheeks hard.

“I loathe your existence slutttttttttt” Mia Claws back as they rip off each other’s skirts.
Can’t bearing any pain they kick away from each other and begin to circle each other on all fours.

“You ready to give up whore?” Mia hisses and slaps Pooja

“Never to a slut like you” pooja and slaps back.

They both circle each other clawing and slapping each other. They both lunge at each other like two cougars and get into a nasty catball.

Chunks of blonde and brunette hair fall around as they slap and claw each other in a catball. Both of their pussy hair entwined as they begin to cry into each other’s faces.

“I will finish you today slut” Pooja screams and bites Mia’s neck.

“I will kill you today Whore” Mia screams and bites Pooja’s cheek.

Both of them look at each other crying and as if on a cue lock mouth to mouth completing the catball.

They both grind hard against each other as they begin to reach climax. Sobbing into each other’s mouths they cum at the same time.

Falling side by side they both breathe hard sobbing. Both of them stare at each other as they getup.

“Wow bitch that was one wild bitchfight we had” Mia smirks at Pooja.

“Yes whore I enjoyed every second of it” pooja smirks back.

They both come forward and push their tits into each other.

“Name is pooja by the way. I hate you bitchhhh” pooja hisses.

“I am Mia, SLUT. I hate you more” Mia hisses back.

Both of them let their tongues out and touch tip to tip and start a tongue fight. They both grind hard against each other as their tongues fight like two swords.

They both cum for the second time hugging each other.

“This isn’t over bitch. I want to do this again” Mia sneers into Pooja’s face.

“Me too whore. Let’s meet at this club next week and continue from where we left off” pooja sneers back.

Picking up their torn clothes they both reach their cars. Before they leave they both sloppily kiss each other and call each other names before they drive off.

Pooja remembers everything as she reaches the alley.she see chunks of blonde and brunette hair, Torn tops and skirts all over the place. She gets wet as her adventure from yesterday’s night flash infront of her eyes.

Pooja couldn’t believe herself that she got into a nasty bitchfight with another woman in some dirty alley. But she enjoyed each and every minute of it and she wants to do it again. She remembers Mia’s final words.

“Yes BITCH this isn’t over” she murmurs to herself as she reaches to her car sighing that she have to wait another week.

The End

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  1. raygart says:

    I’m a fan of yours. I’m so happy to see you uploaded another story. Please make the sequel of this story. Thank you so much


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