The Missing Spark by HankMcCoy02


Emma tapped her foot impatiently as the elevator whirred its way towards the lobby. While Emma was enjoying her holiday in New York, the long elevator rides that were a part of everyday life in this city, were a little bothersome. As she waited for the lift to reach its destination, she absent-mindedly checked her appearance in the mirror opposite her. She ran her hands through her fiery red hair, smoothing out her copper locks, which cascaded down to her shoulders. Emma was the quintessential English rose. A beautiful, young mother of one, she was married to her loving husband Steve, a well paid advertising executive, whose work frequently took him around the world, and ensconced his wife and son in more than comfortable living conditions, in one of London’s more up-market, well-to-do areas. Her porcelain white skin, stood in stark contrast to the rather striking color of her hair. She plucked the wrinkles out of her tight-fitting t-shirt, before ensuring that her jeans looked satisfactory. Emma wasn’t mad about them, but Steve insisted that they looked perfect (although in truth, he just relished the way his wife’s toned buttocks looked in them). Emma looked the very picture of what Nigella Lawson would probably dub, a domestic Goddess. Due to Steve’s high-flying career, Emma spent most of her days looking after their young son but also took great pride in maintaining her figure. Her toned, sexy body drew many admiring glances, since she and Steve had arrived in the Big Apple.  Her large 34 d breasts garnering no small amount of the attention. 

She wondered how little Darren was, back home with Steve’s parents. She had wanted to take him along, but Steve insisted he would be fine back in England for the week. Steve had been eager to take advantage of the week in a foreign country, and wished to spend as much of it between the sheets with his beautiful, young wife as humanly possible. Emma had reluctantly consented, realizing that a romantic break away, could be just what the doctor ordered. While their relationship was by no means in trouble, both Steve and Emma had settled down to a life of daily routine, sporadically interspersed with the odd romantic gesture. Their attraction for and love towards each other remained strong, they needed something to rekindle the spark in their relationship.

Just as Emma mulled over these thoughts, the elevator doors slid open with an audible Bing sound, confirming that Emma had reached the lobby. She stepped out of the elevator and into the foyer, her long legs covering the ground in purposeful strides as the young Englishwomen headed for the dining area, eager to get breakfast out of the way and get out into the early morning sunshine and do some sightseeing. As Emma entered the dining area, she leaned forward on her tip toes, trying to get the most out of her five foot foot six frame, as she surveyed the room for her husband. After a brief moment, she located Steve, sitting at a booth nearest the window, chatting with a handsome Black man, similar to his own age. 

Emma sat down and smiled demurely, acknowledging the stranger, then pecking Steve on the cheek and playfully running her hands through his hair. Steve made the introductions, ‘Good morning honey, sleep well?’ ‘This is Tyrone, we were just chatting while we waited for his missus and yourself to come down for a bit of grub.’ Tyrone reached across the table and grasping Emma’s hand strongly, gave it a good shake, ‘Morning, Mam.’ He said in a laconic Georgian drawl. Tyrone was of athletic build and quite an impressive figure, standing at six foot, an inch or two taller than Paul even. His hair was completely shorn and he sported an immaculately trimmed goatee. ‘You look stunning, first time in New York?’ he inquired. ‘Yes. Loving it so far….’ Emma responded shyly. ‘How about you, Tyrone? Are you a regular visitor or are you a first timer as well?’ Steve inquired. ‘Naw, man. My wife is a local. I know New York like the back of my hand…..’ Tyrone answered vacantly, struggling to keep his eyes off of Emma’s ample bosom and rather pretty features. 

‘Ah, this must be her….’ Steve answered as he glimpsed a feminine figure sashaying between the various tables, making her way to the booth. Tyrone winced as he realized that he had probably been caught ogling someone other than his wife. Emma, turned her head to look at the approaching woman. She was greeted with the sight of Tyrone’s beautiful young wife, a dusky, Latina stunner with jet black hair, beautiful brown lips and a curvy sensuous figure. ‘Good morning baby, who are your friends?’ ‘Hey babe, this is Steve and Emma from the U.K., just thought I’d come over and be friendly while I waited for you……. Tyrone spluttered.  ‘I’ll bet you did……..My name is Maria by the way, pleasure to meet you…..’ the raven-haired woman said as she shook hands with Steve and leaned over to hug Emma. Steve looked admiringly at the attractive Mexican-American, as she bent over the coffee table. He caught a good look at her mocha-colored boobs, two generous globes that looked to be as big as Emma’s pair. Her tight, low-cut top struggled to contain the bountiful orbs and her tight little butt was truly impressive, even encased in mere tracksuit pants. Maria’s face bore little make-up, and her hair was done up in a tight pony-tail, revealing her sultry visage to all and sundry, her ears were adorned with smallish hula-hoop ear rings. 

Steve reckoned she was probably the sexiest creature he had ever met, since his wife at least. Both women were eye-catching and incredibly desirable, yet visually, they were in contrast to each other. Their hair colors, skin tone, eye color all seemed to clash. Maria was perhaps a little shorter at five foot four, but both women possessed similar dimensions and body shape, if nothing else. Maria sat down, and the couples ordered before engaging in small talk, and getting to know each other.

Getting Acquainted

The two young couples made idle conversation, discussing plans for the week, reasons for being in New York, and just filling each other in on the minutia of each other’s lives. As the conversation progressed, Steve and Emma discovered that Tyrone was in construction, and Maria worked as a receptionist. They lived in New York and were only staying at the hotel because Maria rang a local radio station and won a competition that granted the young American couple an all-expenses paid, two week-long stay, at one of the more pricey hotels within one of the most spectacular cities on the planet. Despite barriers of class, culture and nationality, Steve and Tyrone struck up an almost instant rapport with each other. Tyrone was quite the host, quick with a joke, and well able to break the ice. It wasn’t long before both men were laughing and joking. 

Relations between their partners weren’t quite as easy going. They were decidedly more……frosty. Both women sat across the table from one another, their loving husbands at their side, and made stunted efforts at matching their partner’s animated conversation. Emma appraised Maria with a critical eye. She was an undeniably beautiful, young woman. Her body was tight, accentuated by the grey figure hugging track pants which clung to her pert little ass. Her bronzed skin and 34 d breasts rounded off what was already a pretty alluring woman. Her body showed little evidence that she was a young mother to a bubbly toddler. Truth be told……that was part of the problem. Emma’s efforts to warm to her new companion were severely hampered by Steve’s wandering eye. Out of the corner of her own eye, she could see Steve steal admiring glances at the exotic woman’s face, his eyes lingering just a little too long on her glossy black hair, pulled tight into a pony-tail. The valley between Maria’s tanned tits seemed to be getting quite the appraisal from Steve. The clod probably thought he was being subtle. Despite herself, Emma could feel a well of resentment towards the pretty, young, American build up in the pit of her stomach, so much so, that she was barely present in their conversation, instead wrapped up in her petty thoughts.

For her part, Maria was doing her best to engage in the type of banter her husband and his new English sidekick were engaged in. However, it wasn’t proving to be easy. While Tyrone always was a charmer, able to find common ground with almost anyone, Maria lacked her man’s way with people. Growing up in one of New York’s tougher neighborhoods had been the catalyst for Maria developing a somewhat spikey nature. She was closer to the popular stereotype of the fiery, passionate Latina, than she cared to admit. Something Tyrone often playfully teased her about, much to her chagrin. She knew she wasn’t a people person……yet this was a little different. Conversation with the haughty young Englishwoman was bordering on being a chore. Of course, her talkative inclinations weren’t aided by her husband’s insistence on indulging his roving eye. His lustful gaze would travel up Emma’s long, slender legs, pausing to admire the curve of her ass. Occasionally, he would smile approvingly as he stole glimpses of Emma’s luscious, copper hair, pretty face or her tight t-shirt, struggling to contain its bounty of 34 d breasts. Perhaps Maria wouldn’t feel quite so insecure if she and Tyrone weren’t struggling to rekindle the spark in their once, passionate relationship.

Both women were snapped from their thoughts, summoned back to reality as Steve and Tyrone finished their conversation, ending it with a firm, friendly handshake and wishing each other good luck. Maria and Emma stood up in unison, mimicking their husband’s handshake, albeit delivering it with much less affection and enthusiasm. ‘We’ll see you around Tyrone, maybe meet up for drinks at some point during the week?’ Steve inquired as he stood up from the table. ‘Yeah man, we’re in room 334, on floor 16. Feel free to knock whenever…..’ ‘Ha……imagine that……’ Steve responded, ‘We’re next door in 333. I guess we’ll be seeing plenty of each other over the coming week.’ ‘Yeah, that’s cool man…..’ Tyrone replied cheerily.  Both Emma and Maria winced and cursed their luck as the couples parted ways……

An Interesting Development

Later that night, Tyrone scrubbed his teeth, while Maria stood beside him, peering into the bathroom mirror, combing her shoulder length, jet black hair. Spitting and then rinsing, Tyrone made idle chat with his wife as they prepared for bed. ‘That British couple look like they could be fun. We should arrange a night out with them……’ Maria’s brown eyes hardened a little as she retorted, ‘Why? So you can stare at that red-haired bitch? Didn’t get a good enough view of her ass this morning?’

Maria’s terse response belied the frustration she felt because of the cooling passions between her and Tyrone. This little break was meant to be a chance for them to rekindle their ardor for one another. Instead, events this morning had put a dampener on their attempts to enjoy the break. Sensing the hurt in his wife’s voice, Tyrone sought to soothe her wounded ego. ‘Shiiiiiit sweetie……. You know I’m crazy about you…… You’re the only woman for me……’ Maria remained unconvinced. ‘I hope so Ty. For your sake and hers……if I catch her trying anything, and I mean anything….I’ll kick her pasty-white ass up and down the halls of this hotel!’

Tyrone couldn’t help smirking as he looked over his wife’s shoulder, at her reflection in the mirror. Clad only in an oversized t-shirt which doubled as her nightshirt, Maria looked the picture of impotent fury. Wearing only a pair of white boxers himself, Tyrone stepped closer to his wife’s back. The image in the mirror revealed some interesting aspects of Maria’s mood. Her face was flushed, and her chest rose up and down in short angry breaths. Most intriguing of all, Tyrone could make out the outline of his wife’s nipples through her loose-fitting, makeshift nightie. Talking about the pretty young Englishwoman and what she would like to do to her, seemed to have a stimulating effect on the mother of his young child. 
Tyrone decided to probe a little further……… ‘No need for that girl, you know I only have eyes for you…… besides, Emma looks like she could be pretty fit, you know……Girl looks like she could handle herself……..Might not be the best idea hun……’Tyrone’s voice trailed off. Maria’s cute little nostrils flared in indignant fury. ‘I can’t believe you think that snooty, little witch could push me around?’ Tyrone stepped into his wife, pushing his package against her pert little ass, his loins stirring to life. His muscular arms reached around his wife’s waist and fondled her tits through her night-shirt. Her nipples were hard and noticeably protruding. Maria was as horny as hell, and Tyrone wasn’t about to let his wife’s arousal go to waste. 

He reached under her t-shirt, his hand moving past her ass, reaching between her legs and grasping her vulva, gently at first. Maria moaned her approval, ‘Fuuucckkkk……..’ Without changing positions, Tyrone began to plunge his index and pointer fingers in and out of Maria’s hot, little pussy at a slow and steady pace. Maria was sopping wet and eager to reciprocate, her hands greedily reaching back behind her and into Tyrone’s boxers, wrestling his eight and half inch cock free and pulling at it roughly. Tyrone’s dark love rod throbbed with excitement. He urgently, spun his wife around. Maria raised her arms high above her head, allowing Tyrone to relieve her of her t-shirt.

Tyrone and Maria pushed their bodies close together and exchanged deep, sensuous kisses, just as Maria pulled down her husband’s boxers and allowed them to fall to the floor. While his wife played with his cock, Tyrone squeezed and caressed her breasts, pinching and teasing her dark, brown nipples. Suddenly, Maria broke off contact and huskily whispered just one word; ‘Bed….Now!’ Maria grasped her man’s cock and marched him to the bed, beckoning him to sit at the end. She admired his gorgeous, stiff, chocolate-colored dick, pointing straight up at the ceiling, just for her. She clambered onto Tyrone’s lap, pulling his shaven head towards her breasts before impaling her moist pussy on his rock-hard penis with a sigh; ‘Let’s see if I can’t make you forget all about that ginger puta……’ As she said this, a rustling sound could be heard coming from the room next door………

Fifteen minutes earlier, Room 333, on the other side of the wall……..

Emma sat up in bed, reading a book, the only sound in the room being that off the high-powered shower in the bathroom. Steve liked to feel fresh before retiring, so as always, he had a quick scrub before bed. ‘Perhaps that’s part of our problem……..’ Emma mused to herself. Both spouses had allowed themselves to become creatures of habit, far too early in their marriage. Lust, passion and sexual needs had taken a back seat to domestic and familial concerns. Without realizing how, both Emma and Steve had allowed themselves to slip into the respective roles of ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’, and out of the roles of lustful lovers. 

This puzzled Emma, so much so, that she closed her book and placed it on the bedside table. It was not as if she didn’t find Steve attractive. He had maintained his athletic build since college, his chestnut, brown hair, green eyes and winning smile all adding up to an attractive package. Not to mention his actual eight inch package, more than enough to satisfy any woman. Steve constantly reminded her how much he loved her and was the very model of a considerate hubby. No the missing ingredient wasn’t attraction….it was excitement. 

This trip to America was meant to add that missing ingredient back into her love life. However, that hope had been thwarted somewhat by breakfast this morning. Her husband slobbering over some common slut had enraged her, and soured her mood for the day. Just as her thoughts dwelt on the upsetting incident this morning, the bathroom door opened and Steve emerged into the bedroom, steam billowing out of the doorway behind him. 

He looked at his sexy wife and noticed her deep, blue eyes were no longer trained on the trashy novel she had purchased at the airport. Her winter-blonde hair was combed and she had put on her shear, see-through nightdress. Steve could see a hint of his wife’s cherry red nipples, standing out against the background of her soft, snow white skin. ‘The book no good, huh?’ Steve inquired as he laid out clothes for the coming day. ‘It’s okay, I guess…..’ Emma shrugged. ‘What do you want to do tomorrow?’ Steve scratched his chin, ‘I don’t know, a little sight-seeing, take in a Broadway musical, maybe go shopping if you like……’ Emma smiled, ‘That sounds nice….’ her voice trailing off. Steve piped up, ‘I was thinking……. Maybe we could go for a few drinks with that American couple we met this morning. They seem like fun….’ Emma’s mood darkened and her brow became noticeably furrowed. ‘Why? So you can stare at Jenny from the block and her big fucking tits…..’ she spat bitterly. ‘C’mon sweetie, you know I was just being polite…..’ Steve pleaded. ‘Whatever Steve….. Just know that if I catch you with that Yankee slut, I’ll kick her ass…..’ Emma announced with menace.

Steve was a little taken aback by this outburst from his normally demure wife. He looked in her direction, hoping to determine just how vexed she had become, and how much crawling he would have to do to make amends, and put things right again. Instead, he noticed something else, entirely unexpected. Her nipples had become prominent little nubs of arousal. Steve thought they looked stiff as fuck, as they poked their way through her frilly, black nightdress. It seemed that just talking about Maria, the sexy Latina and what she would like to do to her, made Emma more than a little horny. Steve decided that he would have a little fun with this situation, and possibly, get himself the best sex he has had in ages…….

Steve walked over to Emma’s side of the bed and stooped down, kissing his wife while massaging her right breast, teasing her nipple between his fingers. Emma, was a little surprised by this sudden outburst of passion from Steve, but soon responded, eager to have her wounded ego soothed. She returned his kiss with plenty of vigor. Steve did not climb into bed, but instead pulled back the covers and allowed his hand to drop, and snake its way under Emma’s nightdress, caressing, probing and playing with his wife’s pussy. Emma was already wet, her pussy obviously slick and her pulse raised at the mere mention of the raven-haired beauty next door and the thoughts of what she would like to do to her. Emma undid her husband’s white, cotton bath towel, letting it fall to the floor, taking his rigid dick firmly in her hand, she pumped it while tickling Steve’s bright red cock head with her tongue. Steve felt a surge in his nut sack, and let out a tortured moan, ‘Ah……Fuuuccckkkkk!’ Emma smiled, her confidence buoyed by her husband’s enthusiasm. The sexy redhead decided to seize the initiative, abruptly stopping her blowjob and rising from the bed. Steve was a little puzzled until he realized what Emma wanted, allowing himself to be motioned towards the edge of the bed, where he sat down and looked up at his sexy wife. Emma climbed up on Steve’s lap, her red, curly pubes tickling his thighs as she slid close to his erect dick. Steve took his wife’s left nipple in his mouth, sucking it and flicking it with his tongue. Her perky nipples stuck out like pencil erasers, and she delighted in the sensation of having them played with. Not wanting to delay the moment any longer, Emma dropped her moist cxnt down the length of Steve’s eight inch erection, releasing a throaty moan as she did so and lustily telling her husband, ‘I know how to make you forget all about that little Yank tart……’ The words had barely left her mouth when both she and Steve became aware of a noise emanating from the room next door………

Meanwhile, in Room 334……

Maria bounced energetically on Tyrone’s cock, grinding her pussy hard against his fuck stick, trying to force as much of his glorious prick inside her as possible. Her long, straight black hair bounced as Tyrone thrust in time with Maria, eliciting grunts and groans with each movement; ‘uh……..uh…….uh……….OOOOOHHHHH Papi! Fuck me! Fuck me harder Ty!’ Tyrone was enjoying the best sex he had had in years. His wife was fucking like a woman possessed and he what is more, he knew exactly why…..and that was getting him so hot. It seems there was something in the air tonight because Tyrone could clearly hear the sounds of grunts and groans coming from next door. He imagined that little redhead minx fucking her man like a demon. From the noises she was making, Steve must have been doing a good job of it too. Between his wife and the insatiable Englishwoman next door, Tyrone was working overtime on maintaining his ‘composure’. Maria could tell Emma’s moans were contributing to the quality of the fuck she was receiving. She resented Emma all the more, for what she saw as an intrusion into her boudoir, into her domain. She decided to release her pent up frustrations out on her husband. ‘C’mon Ty! Give it to me….. Fuck me like you mean it…… I’m not some snooty little English Princess……. Make me feel like a woman…… Oh that’s it baby….. You like that baby?………Yeah?……..You think that red-haired bitch could make you feel this good?’ Maria’s spiteful dirty talk inflamed Tyrone’s passions even further as Maria gave his big, black dick a thorough workout……..

In Room 333…….

Emma was sliding her pussy up and down Steve’s rod, her wet cunt lips milking his cock with intensity. She pushed her tits hard against Steve’s chest, and Steve could feel her hot breath on his face with each anguished gasp of pleasure. Emma’s face was a combination of passion, determination and anger. She was really enjoying the best sex she and her husband had had in years, when she could hear that little slut next door moan and groan. The knowledge that Maria and her theatrics were part of the reason why Steve was so turned on, irked her. Not only that, but she could clearly hear that bitch insult and demean her as she fucked her husband. All of these factors contributed to the normally shy Englishwoman abandoning her usual shyness, and deciding to upstage that little harlot next door. She wrapped her legs around Steve’s back, pulling their bodies closer together, and pulled his head towards her nipples as she audibly let her tanned tormentor know exactly what she thought of her; ‘Yes……Yes…..Yes…..Oh Yeah Steve! That’s the spot!…… Fuck me with your horse cock……C’mon honey…….. Oh shit………You like the way that feels baby? You want to come inside me?………. I’m more woman than that slut next door aren’t I? That little bitch can’t work your cock like I can, can she?……. 

Both women had heard each other’s insults, and were irritated no end. Their emotional reactions to each tawdry jibe were amplified by the fact that the man they loved was inside them, as some harlot was questioning their womanhood. Their minds were a haze of resentment and pure lust as they enjoyed the best fuck they had shared with their spouses in years. As each woman bounced up and down on their partner’s dick, they abandoned all pretense of talking dirty to their hubbies and simply addressed each other through the wall, timing their insults with each thrust received from their respective men.





Both Steve and Tyrone could only look on in awe, as their wives indulged in this catty exchange. The passion of their fucking, combined with the intensity of their jibes, translated into an impossibly horny scenario. Both men were on the brink of cumming, unable to last the pace that the girls had set…….when Steve cried out, ‘Oh shit!’ He came hard inside his wife, some of his sperm dribbling from beneath Emma’s pussy lips and back on top of him. Thirty seconds later, Tyrone suffered a similar fate as he voided his scrotum and bellowed his pleasure, ‘Oh Fuck Maria!’ Tyrone came hard, and coated the inner walls of Maria’s vagina. With both their men spent, Maria and Emma collapsed on their respective husbands, forcing them back on to their beds. There they rested, recuperating from what had just happened, each woman wearing a thin sheen of sweat, lying on top of their respective men, separated by just a narrow, hotel room wall…..

The Next Step

The aftermath of that night was not quite what Steve or Tyrone envisioned. Rather than reignite their respective love lives permanently, it proved to be a freak occurrence. In the heat of the moment, both women had said things that they would never dare utter in civilian life. Maria was a respectable young, working mum. As enjoyable as the sex was between her and Tyrone, she felt a little embarrassed at her behavior that night. She never dreamed that she would have loud, angry sex, while not giving a shit if the couple next door heard. Not only that, but she had said some incredibly hurtful and mean-spirited things to an absolute stranger. Such behavior was out of character for Maria, even taking into account her tendency to fly off the handle and speak her mind.

It was definitely far removed from her normal, hum drum, domestic life. For the next week and a half, much to Tyrone’s dismay, she wouldn’t have sex again, for fear of embarrassing herself. For Tyrone, this was unbearable. They had made a breakthrough in their bedroom problems only to come to a dead stop. He consoled himself over the following week and a half with the notion that Maria might be inclined to role play and talk dirty about what happened, once they leave the hotel and get back to normality. The thought did little to assuage the severe case of blue balls that he was feeling presently.

Life in Room 333 followed a similar pattern, much to Steve’s chagrin. His normally placid wife had morphed into a sex Goddess for one night, and one night only. For Steve, the events of that night must be incorporated into their love life. It was a no brainer. However, Emma was reluctant to follow through. She had had boisterous sex, without a care in the world that absolute strangers, in the room next door, could hear her. Furthermore, she had used language that would make a sailor blush to taunt and degrade some strange woman that she barely knew. 

Much as she wanted to make Steve happy, she couldn’t bring herself to repeat the performance. Not now at least, with the American couple next door. What if they heard her and Steve again? What if they registered a complaint this time? Emma was a stay-at-home mum, married to a wealthy professional, and coming from a respectable family. Her behavior that night was out of character and she would not allow herself to repeat it. Steve consoled himself over the next week and a half with the idea that he could talk Emma around into talking dirty about that night. Unfortunately for Steve, the current sex embargo meant he spent the following days walking around with a tent pole in his pants. For a week and a half, both couples had done their best to avoid bumping into each other, at the behest of the respective wives, out of pure embarrassment and mortification. However, the status quo wouldn’t last forever……..   

A Chance Encounter

Steve tapped his foot impatiently, as he looked at his watch, waiting for the elevator. ‘Should’ve just taken the fucking stairs……’ he thought to himself. Emma smiled in amusement as her husband sulked about the minor inconvenience. Although, he did look well in his suit. Both Steve and Emma had dressed up for a night on the town. Whereas Steve had opted for smart casual, Emma had opted for more vampish attire. 

Emma’s shoulder length hair fell about her pale shoulders, teased into curls for the night, her face bore a conservative amount of make-up, just a small amount of eye shadow and blush. Her most striking feature was her pink lipstick, which gave her pretty features a seductive and sensual look. As beautiful as the young Englishwoman’s face was, it struggled to compete for attention with her heavenly body. Emma’s snow-white skin was poured into a sexy little mini-dress with a halter neck at the back and a plunging neckline at the front.

It was quite a revealing ensemble which stretched only as far as her thighs and was possibly the most impractical item of clothing that she owned. Regardless she only wore it to dinner tonight due to Steve’s pleading. Since he had caught a glimpse of it in their wardrobe back home in London, Steve had been trying to cajole and coax Emma into donning it in public. He would tell her that he had a gorgeous, sexy wife and he wanted to show her off to the world. Tonight she finally relented, and Steve was glad she did. The creamy skin of her legs, thighs, bare back, and exposed cleavage made her quite the attraction for all male passers-by in the hotel lobby. 

Her decision was partly influenced by her decision to swear off sex since that night. She felt embarrassed and ashamed of the way she had acted that night. She did not wish to make love again in the hotel room for fear of provoking that bitch next door, and having her make a scene, possibly getting them all escorted out of the hotel.  Just then Emma was snapped away from her train of thought, as the elevator made a rather loud bing sound, signaling its arrival. The doors slide open and Emma was confronted with the last person she wanted to see. 

Tyrone looked up, just as the doors slid open and was met with the truly enticing sight of Emma in her sultry outfit. He couldn’t stop the shit-eating grin from spreading across his face. His wife fiddled with her mobile phone beside him, before putting it back into her handbag and peering up at her husband’s face. Puzzled by his broad smile, she looked to the front of the elevator and saw the source of Tyrone’s amusement. ‘Shit…..Not Her….’ 

The young, American mother of one was still mortified by her own carry on the last night she and Ty made love. This slut had lured her into acting out of character and debasing herself. Ever since, she had refused the sexual advances of Ty, for fear of a repeat incident. She hoped this elevator ride would be mercifully brief and uneventful.

Steve couldn’t help eyeing up the exotic Latina, beauty in front of him. Tonight, it seemed, Emma wasn’t the only woman in New York turning heads. Steve looked at Maria from head to toe, his eyes drinking in every inch of her. She was perched atop stiletto heels, and as Steve’s field of vision traveled north he could see she her toned legs and backside were encased in a figure hugging, black leather mini-skirt which extended down as far as her sun-kissed thighs and no further. Her upper body was equally as awe-inspiring, her ample cleavage displayed in a tight-fitting, pale blue blouse. She had left the top three buttons undone, and Steve could see not only a good portion of her breasts but also the fringes of a black, lace push-up bra.

As that elevator climbed into the New York skyline, the silence was deafening. Neither woman felt comfortable attempting to instigate a civil conversation. The awkwardness of the whole scenario was exacerbated by the fact that both men were quite clearly checking out each other’s wives. Tyrone was the first to break the uncomfortable silence……. 

‘So….. How have you guys been?’ Steve gratefully accepted the olive branch and responded in a cordial manner, ‘Not too bad mate. How about you two?’ Tyrone was glad to see Steve and he were still on good terms. ‘You know man, New York is New York…..If you’re bored in this city, there is always somewhere to go.’ Emma made eye contact briefly with Maria, brown eyes meeting blue. Resentment still simmered just under the surface, between both these women. Neither Maria nor Emma broke their stare, continuing to stare deep into each other’s eyes, almost as if transfixed by the mere sight of each other. Maria could feel the temptation building deep within herself to tell Emma exactly what she thought of her. Her demeanor wasn’t helped by the fact that the auburn English woman kept looking at her insolently. 

‘You know, anytime you want to apologize for your behavior….. that’s fine by me.’ Maria uttered, just loud enough to be audible. Steve and Tyrones’ conversation came to an abrupt stop, both men eager to see how Emma would respond. ‘Apologize? I don’t think so……. I’m not the one who made an exhibition of herself……’ Maria fumed at the audacity of the remark. Her chest rose and fell in short angry breaths.

She ran her hands through her jet black, shoulder length hair, taking a minute to compose herself. ‘An exhibition? Have you looked in the mirror and seen that ‘dress’ you’re almost wearing? Did you wake up this morning, intending to flash every ‘john’ in Times Square?’ The words had barely left her mouth, when Maria felt the stinging lash of an open handed slap, on her right cheek. Her pretty face lurched to the left with the impact, and her glossy hair flitted in a multitude of directions. Involuntarily, she could feel her eyes well up with the pain, as she raised her hand to her jaw.

Adrenaline surged through her body, over-ruling common sense, as she pushed Emma hard against the elevator wall with a two handed shove, hissing one word as she did so, ‘Bitch.’ At this point both men intervened, restraining their respective wives, much to their annoyance, in a vain attempt to defuse the situation. It was obvious to both Steve and Tyrone that once again, their wives were very excited at the prospect of ‘putting manners on each other’.

Four sets of erect nipples could be seen straining against the pale blue fabric of a revealing blouse and low-cut halter neck. Maria and Emma struggled frightfully as their husbands kept them apart. ‘You foul-mouthed cunt! You’re lucky we aren’t alone…..’ Emma bristled. ‘Oh Bitch, please…..anytime you want to go….anytime……’ Both Steve and Tyrone tried to hide the quickly emerging boners expanding in their boxers.

The prospect of these normally respectable wives, the mothers of their children, fighting like alley cats, made them horny beyond belief. Judging by the pencil eraser like nipples being sported by both these sexy ladies, it clearly provoked a sexual stirring in them. Maria and Emma could feel their husbands’ erections pressing against their backsides, their obvious desire for their women emboldening the would be combatants.

‘Alright……Ladies, it’s obvious there is tension here, but we ain’t gonna let you brawl like bums in public………Maybe…….Naw …….Forget it, bad idea.’ Tyrone’s unfinished interjection, ceased the struggle temporarily. Steve was interested in what the American had to say. ‘Go on Tyrone…..’ Tyrone finished his thoughts, ‘I dunno man, it’s obvious the ladies have a little bad blood between them…..Maybe if we head back to the privacy of our room, and let the girls scrap for a while, under strict rules of course, release those pent-up frustrations, everyone might feel a little less bitter…..Of course, if it got out of hand, Steve and I could break it up…’ Steve smiled broadly and replied, ‘Call me crazy but that seems to make a little sense. ‘Are you game, bitch?’ Maria spat at Emma. ‘Lead the way, cxnt.’ came Emma’s terse response.


Both couples strode with purpose down the hotel’s hallway, stopping at Room 334. Tyrone fumbled in his pocket for the key card, before excitedly sliding it through the scanner, and beckoning his three companions inside, with barely suppressed glee. Steve couldn’t help smirking at Tyrone’s eagerness to get things underway, and ease ‘pent-up frustrations’ as he put it.

Maria walked to the center of the room, before turning on her heel and fixing Emma with a steely glare, her hands on her hips, and her chest thrust out, in a confident manner. Emma followed her erstwhile enemy, stopping just a few inches short of the bronzed beauty, matching her pose and bitchy demeanor. 

Yet, here they stayed……the repressive role of respectable housewives causing each woman to stop short of giving in to primal desires. Despite the harsh words and brief physical exchange, both Emma and Maria seemed reluctant to give into their spiteful feelings, and brawl like enraged alley cats. The mores of society suggested that women conduct themselves in a more refined manner than this, and deep down, both Maria and Emma knew this. Yet, right now, the mere possibility of physical confrontation made the young American and British housewives feel like a surge of electricity was passing through them. They stood at the precipice, so to speak, unsure of how to proceed……..

Tyrone, and not for the first time tonight, took decisive action, nudging Steve with his elbow and winking, as if to say, follow my lead. Tyrone stepped behind his wife, placing his hands on her hips, and gently nuzzling her neck. Opposite them, Steve reciprocated the gesture, his arms encasing his wife from behind, as he playfully nibbled her ear…….

Maria could feel Tyrone’s erect penis rub against the tight, leather fabric of her mini-skirt. He groaned as he pressed his dick against Maria’s pert little ass, grinding the length of his dick up and down her ass crack. At first, Maria was a little surprised by Tyrone’s amorous attentions, but she soon surrendered to the pleasure of the sensation. Tyrone’s large hands reached up from behind her armpits, and firmly grasped his wife’s breasts over her blouse, sensually pinching and teasing them . He whispered in her ear, ‘Oh baby…..You make me so hard…… You’re the sexiest woman I have ever met……..’

Not to be outdone, Steve was dutifully lavishing Emma with lustful attentiveness. He held the auburn beauty by the hips, and pulled her backwards slightly. This allowed him to slowly press his dick against Emma’s posterior. She sighed with pleasure. As she did, Steve’s arms released Emma’s hips and snaked their way towards her bountiful breasts, roughly kneading them over her flimsy halter-neck top, causing her nipples to rapidly protrude. Steve breathed into Emma’s ear; ‘Fuck baby…….You make me so fucking horny……….’

The lustful efforts of their husbands, and their compliments, filled both women with pride, and inflamed their passions. Their own rising libidos blurring the line between what is taboo, and what is acceptable. Suddenly, the prospect of confrontation didn’t seem quite so far-fetched. The emotions and surge of sexual energy, that last engulfed these women the night they had taunted each other while their men fucked them, had returned with a vengeance. Both Steve and Tyrone allowed their hands to drop below their wives’ waists, search beneath the fabric of their clothes, and delve under the waistbands of each woman’s underwear. 

‘Ooooooh fuck…….That’s the spot Ty……..That feels soooo good……’ Tyrone smiled as Maria made her approval of his efforts known. His index and middle finger plunging in and out of Maria’s moist, little pussy. Maria relished the feeling, as Tyrone’s throbbing erection pressed against her backside. 

Tyrone ceased peppering his wife’s neck with kisses just long enough to utter; ‘C’mon Babe…..Tell Emma what you think of her…. Tell her some of the things you were telling me when we fucked last……..’ Caught up in the passion of the moment, Maria gave voice to thoughts and carnal desires that she would never reveal under normal circumstances; ‘That’s it Ty…….. work my pussy……..aaahhhhh……… ooohhh…….The moment I saw that limey bitch I knew I wanted to put her in her place…….oh Fuck, Ty…….Red-Haired bitch wouldn’t know what to do with a man……..oooohhh baby…… I want to swing her around the room by her tits while you watch…..You want to watch me fuck her up, babe?’

The Latina stunner’s bold words caused Steve’s cock to twitch with excitement, the coarseness of her challenge at odds with her everyday persona as a suburban housewife, Steve imagined. Emma could feel Steve’s ‘excitement’ press against her ass crack, as his hand gently teased her clit, stroking her already wet pussy to ever higher states of arousal. Steve pressed his lips to his wife’s ear and whispered; ‘Anything you’d like to share, Honey?’ With Maria’s vulgar threats still ringing in her ears, Emma let her own feelings be known; ‘ohhh Steve…… I love the way your cock feels against my ass……ahhh……… yeah……… You want to see the Yank slut bested by a better woman?……….You want to see me make the arrogant little whore cry?……..Fuck sweetie………Just say the word….’ 

Both men knew that the time was right, Emma and Maria weren’t just willing to scuffle, they wanted it more than anything. There horniness and feminine pride promised an intriguing and sexually charged encounter. Both Steve and Tyrone, continued to fondle their wives, maintaining their arousal at fever pitch, in anticipation of battle. 

For the first time tonight, Steve decided to take the initiative and dictate the terms of engagement. He spoke in stern terms, ‘Alright Ladies, we came here to determine who the better woman is, right? Well then, we expect you to fight like ladies and not thugs. No biting, no eye gouging, no head-butting or any other crazy shit.’

Tyrone decided to help Steve with the laying down of the law. ‘That’s right, you’re respectable women, not back-alley crack-hos. I want to see you fight like it. Hairpulling, titty-squeezes, open-handed slaps are allowed all over the body, closed fists permitted below the neck alone. Anything else?’ 

Steve made one final suggestion, ‘The winner must force the other woman to give. Once the loser submits, the fight is over. Until then, the women fight for as long as it takes, without interference from the men. Agreed?’ Both women nodded their assent through the lusty haze they were experiencing.      

Down to Business

Both men slowly withdrew their hands from their wives’ person, and retreated to opposite ends of the room, in anticipation of an immediate flurry of aggression. Instead both women stared balefully at each other, their breasts rising up and down with each angry breath, blue eyes meeting brown, each woman waiting for the slightest act of aggression.

Emma broke the deadlock, ‘You ready for the longest night of your life, bitch?’ Maria sneered in contempt, ‘Not even on your best fucking day cunt…’ The sentence hung unfinished in the air as each women reached for the hair of the other, and embraced in feminine combat.

Emma grimaced as she felt Maria’s slender fingers reach into her auburn hair, and pull hard. The burning feeling in her scalp was matched only by the strain on her neck as she felt a pain not endured since her last school yard scuffle. She felt her neck crane at an uncomfortable angle as Maria pulled her hair back further and further, reducing her field of vision to the ceiling above her head.

Despite her discomfort, Emma couldn’t deny just how right this felt. Steve had teased her sexually before the clash, yet her desire had not abated with the fight. If anything, the clash further stiffened her nipples through her skimpy halter neck dress. Of course, Emma had hardly been inactive herself during this initial skirmish….

Maria winced as that English witch wrapped her talons in her glossy, black hair. Thus far, the bitch matched her pull for pull, forcing Maria’s head to arc backwards and upwards. It was just the opening seconds of their confrontation, and already Maria was hurting. Paradoxically, she realized that she didn’t mind, Ty’s exploration of her body made her horny as hell, but separated from her husband’s wandering hands, her cunt was still as moist as before, her heart-rate still elevated….. It would be a long night, and Maria relished the challenge.

Hands buried deep in each other’s hair, neither woman willing to yield an inch, both Emma and Maria pressed forward in an effort to drive the other onto her back, on the soft red carpet below them. Their mutual advance caused both womens’ bodies to press against each other, causing both women to feel unfamiliar sensations. 

Emma grunted softly as Maria’s talons tested the strength of her copper mane, her forward momentum making it difficult to maintain balance, and impossible to alleviate the pain in her scalp. The British beauty felt yet another unfamiliar sensation, the feel of another woman’s breasts against her own.

Emma could tell from the touch that Maria was a buxom woman, her tits every bit as full and voluptuous as her own. The faint scratch of erect nipples told Emma that Maria enjoyed the struggle as much as she did.

Maria could feel Emma’s orbs press against her own, as her copper-haired tormentor did her level-best to separate hair from root. The sexy American could feel a begrudging respect building for her tenacious opponent. Just then, Maria realized something. 

That minx was rubbing her tits from side to side, raking her nipples against Maria’s, as they engaged in their hair duel. Sly bitch! Maria released her grip with her left hand, and lashed out with an unmerciful slap, the force of which crashed against Emma’s right cheek, causing both women to lose their terrier-like grip on each other and stumble backwards.

Emma involuntarily raised her hand to her cheek, a reflex reaction to the strike just meted out on Maria’s behalf. Maria smirked. ‘Oooohhh…..What’s wrong sweetie, did you not like your medicine?’ she cooed in mock concern. Emma rose to the challenge. ‘Actually honey, I think I’d like seconds…..if you’re up to it?’ 

Both women circled each other warily, mere minutes of conflict had elapsed between them, but each woman was learning to respect the fighting prowess of the other. Steve and Tyrone remained quiet, not wanting to intrude on this erotic spectacle, as two sexy housewives threw caution to the wind, and succumbed to basic desires. Each man felt intense admiration and attraction towards their respective warrior women.

Maria broke the momentary silence, ‘Bitch, I’m going to strip that sleazy dress from your body and toss your lily-white ass out into the hallway…..’ Emma bristled at the insult, and quickly replied, ‘You are more than welcome to try….if you are woman enough?’

With that, Emma surged forward and lashed out with her right palm, connecting sweetly with Maria’s cheek, sending her pretty face teetering to the left, and causing her to emit a yelp of pain. Maria’s response to the blow caused Emma to break out in a smile of smug satisfaction. 

‘Revenge is a bitch, and so am I…….’ she declared, but before she could continue, Maria unleashed an open-handed haymaker of her own, which due to the force of the blow, was somewhat telegraphed. Emma ducked under it, and side-stepped to the right. 

Both women were up on the balls of their feet, bouncing from side to side, somewhat akin to professional boxers. What started as a spirited challenge was escalating to a full-on bitchfight. Both these ladies wanted to mix it up. They approached each other, cautiously at first. When Emma would advance and attempt to double her rival over with a punch to the stomach, Maria would concede ground in anticipation of the blow, and vice versa. This game of cat and mouse lasted up to ten minutes.

Yet each exchange emboldened the female warriors. Each time a stinging slap cracked against a feminine cheek, reverberating around the room with the unmistakable sound of skin on skin, or a fist crashed against a curvy torso, or a smooth leg received the lash of a powerful kick, the fighters grew in confidence. Both women, despite their lack of fighting experience, and relatively cosseted, hum drum, domestic existence, where giving as good as they got. 

Their attacks were becoming more daring. Risks were being taken, as each woman began to acquire more and more faith in their ability to catfight. Maria lashed her left shin against Emma’s right leg. Her reward was a howl of pain and frustration. That, and a powerful right handed fist, which crashed against the corresponding breast of the other woman with a dull thud. Emma threw a combination of both right and left-handed slaps, only to see them crash against Maria’s forearms and shoulders as she successfully blocked them. Maria sought relief by sending a powerful fist crashing against the belly of her antagonist.

However, this energetic form of combat came at a price. The strikes delivered and missed, the energy spent on defense and evasion, the emotional toll of testing yourself against a rival, all took their toll. Emma and Maria’s movements slowed gradually, becoming more labored. Beads  of sweat had formed on their foreheads, sweat patches could be seen at various points on Maria’s figure hugging, low-cut blouse, Emma’s trashy, halter-neck dress was tore in places, stained in sweat in others.

The energy expended in fighting had left both women gassed, and uncomfortably warm. The problem was compounded by their alluring outfits. Each outfit perfect for turning heads, for enjoying a night out on the town, but proving to be an annoying handicap when engaging in a hard-fought catfight. This temporary annoyance was put aside, as Emma and Maria stumbled towards each other, eager to settle this, to claim superiority over the other, to prove her womanhood.

Emma flailed at Maria with a tired slap, missing the target as she awkwardly lurched forward. Unfortunately, Maria was too weary to capitalize on the lapse, able only to entrap her opponent in a bear hug. Emma saw the danger in the situation and reciprocated the action, squeezing the bronzed beauty with as much strength as she could muster, at that particular point in time. 

There, they stood deadlocked, in the center of the room, their chins resting on each other’s shoulders, caramel-colored boobs squished uncomfortably against snow-white tits. Though neither woman would allow their pride to admit it, they were grateful for the respite offered by the close-up clinch. Maria could feel Emma’s breath on her cheek as she re-adjusted her grip on the Englishwoman’s torso, and squeezed. Pressed tightly against her rival, Maria could feel the flimsiness of the fabric in Emma’s dress. She knew what she wanted to do next, and she wanted to torment Emma with the prospect. Maria grunted in her opponent’s ear; ‘You’re sweating a little, honey……Here, let me help you out of that dress. With that, Maria released the bear hug, and tore at the saucy halter-neck dress sported by Emma…….

The change in tactics, initiated by Maria, forced Emma’s hand. She opted to fight fire with fire, releasing the bear hug in favor of tearing at Maria’s blouse. Immaculately manicured and painted nails tore at garments of clothing, releasing bare breasts from the confines of their clothing. Emma’s dress being less durable, was soon torn away from her body and discarded by Maria. 

However, Emma was quick to gain ground, and was not long in parting Maria from her blouse and black, lacy push-up bra. Maria’s leather skirt departed soon after. Both combatants stumbled backwards, exhausted from the intensity of the exchange. 

Maria eyed her pale-skinned assailant with barely-concealed resentment. She expected the prim and proper Englishwoman to put up a bit of a fight, but never in her wildest dreams, did she expect to have her clothes torn from her body, and to be on the receiving end of so many bumps and bruises. Yet, she took satisfaction from Emma’s current appearance. 

The pretty redhead stood before her, shorn off her racy attire, her hair disheveled and wild, a healthy coat of sweat on her body, her pink nipples jutted out from her cream-colored breasts, Emma’s modesty preserved solely by a pair of sleazy, red, lacey knickers. As she weighed up her options, and decided on a plan of attack, she noticed the formation of a wet patch on Emma’s panties, her ginger cunt fur looked slick under the shear material of her underwear. The bitch was hot and horny, eager to lock up, claim victory, and then fuck her man in celebration. Maria was determined, as she thought; ‘Not on my patch, bitch….’

Emma caught her breath, glad of the temporary respite from the abuse meted out by her tanned tormentor. Not that Emma had failed to get her own licks in. Maria’s stood before her, naked save for a pair of shear, lacy, knickers. A somewhat sleazy choice, that bore a strong resemblance to Emma’s own pair, except for the color of course. Although difficult to make out, due to the dark texture of the material, Maria’s panties bore the unmistakable damp patch at her pubic region, which could only mean one thing: intense arousal. 

This bitch wanted to lock up, humiliate Emma, and then savor her triumph, by giving her man’s dick a thorough workout. Maria’s coffee colored skin was sweaty, her hair tossed and unruly, and her nipples pointed like bullets at Emma, two little brown nubs  of arousal, darker in texture than the rest of Maria’s bronzed body. They hinted at Maria’s baser, womanly desires, the need to prove herself in front of her man, to see off a rival, to assert her womanhood and superiority over Emma. ‘I don’t think so cunt…..’ Emma muttered under her breath, in quiet resolution.

Emma glanced backwards towards her husband, and spoke with authority, ‘Strip Steve…..I don’t expect Maria to detain me much longer, and I expect to be ‘rewarded’ for my efforts….’ Steve smiled at his normally shy wife and her new found assertiveness. Maria scowled at the show of bravado, irritated by Emma’s dismissive demeanor. ‘Ty….. take your cock out……I want something to play with when I’m done here….’ Maria retorted bitterly. ‘Yes Mam…’ Tyrone answered cheerfully, stripping to his bare ass. Both husbands were delighted with this development, as it allowed them to release their erections from the discomfort of their trousers. Each husband was transfixed by the two women in the center of the hotel room, two exotic temptresses determined to best each other. The allure of both these amazons was too much for Steve and Tyrone, they idly played with their cocks as they watched the conflict play out in the lush New York suite.

Emma and Maria approached each other tentatively, neither woman looked capable of mounting an offensive flurry like before. The course of the catfight had changed, and both Emma and Maria knew this. From here on, the fight would be conducted in more intimate terms. Fists, kicks and strikes would have to give way to grappling skills, wrestling techniques and close-up fighting.

Tired, sweaty, and aroused, both combatants would have to fight like women from this point forward; body to body, struggling for supremacy, attacking their rival’s most sexual body parts. In short, these catfighters would fight in a manner that only women could…..

Skin on Skin

Emma and Maria closed in on each other, moving in ever decreasing circles, their backs hunched like jungle cats ready to pounce. Their 34d breasts swayed as they moved, hair clinging stubbornly to the sides of each woman’s sweaty face and back as they approached. Maria’s right hand shot out, quick as a rattlesnake, and clamped around Emma’s left wrist, her lacquered nails digging into the Englishwoman’s wrist, stinging like a bitch. ‘Gotcha now, puta…..’ she hissed.

Emma winced in pain. ‘Well played bitch….’ She thought to herself. At first she attempted to wrench her arm free from Maria’s grasp, but to no avail. Instead, Emma aped her rival’s tactics, clamping her right hand around Maria’s left wrist. Both women found themselves deadlocked, each trying to bring their open hand towards their rival’s face and body, eager to bring their nails into play, but frustrated by the tenacious grip of their opponents other hand. 

They pushed their foreheads together, as each woman forced the attacking hand of the other, down to the sides. Their perspiring bodies looked delicious in the soft lighting of the hotel room, their contrasting skin tones a delight to witness as brown tits squished against white. Firm backsides, encased in frilly red and black panties respectively, jiggled gorgeously as each woman shuffled against each other, in their modified test of might. They looked like lithe sumo wrestlers, desperately trying to impose their will on their opponent.

Both women were perspiring heavily by this point, making it hard to maintain a grip. Emma was the first to benefit from this fact. Her left wrist slipped from Maria’s grasp, and Emma saw a golden opportunity to seize the advantage. Quick as a flash, she swung her just liberated left arm over Maria’s shoulder, wrapping it around her neck, and pulling the pretty Latina’s head down level with her rib cage, in a vicious headlock. In panic, Maria allowed her grasp on Emma’s other wrist to be relinquished. 

Maria immediately sensed the gravity of the situation. Emma could end their little spat, if the situation was not remedied. Her thoughts were disturbed, by the feeling of a strong pull, on the turf of her hair. That vicious cunt had not just attempted to squeeze the life out of her with a headlock, but she was also using her free hand to pull Maria’s jet black hair. Maria needed to retaliate, and fast. Her hands groped upwards, as she grasped at Emma’s voluptuous breasts. Even in her vulnerable position, she could hear her efforts causing Emma to grunt and curse in frustration. However, anytime her attack would gain any sort of momentum, Emma would squeeze her neck with renewed vigor, stifling Maria’s aggression straight away. Just as she struggled for oxygen, just as she thought all was lost, a plan dawned on Maria. She would change the direction of her attack. Releasing Emma’s tits, she dropped her hands to Emma’s knees and pushed forward, all in one deft motion. 

The move startled Emma, as she was forced to release the headlock, in order to use her hands to break her fall. Emma tumbled forward onto the soft, red carpet, face down, with her hands splayed out in front of her. Maria collapsed on top of her, her soft tit flesh mushrooming against Emma’s back, just below her shoulder blades, with the meaty slap of sweaty skin slapping sweaty skin. 

Emma could feel the moist fabric of Maria’s knickers against her left ass cheek, as Maria splayed her legs and used her weight to keep Emma pinned to the ground. Emma moaned in agitation, as Maria moved her mound from Emma’s ass, to the small of her back, and used her weight to keep the Englishwoman immobile. Emma tried to escape her situation by pushing up with her hands, as if attempting a push-up.

This act was cut short by Maria, as she used her free hands to reach over Emma’s head, grab her wrists, and pin them to the ground. As vexing as this scenario was for the plucky, young English Mum, she was not in pain. Just trapped and forced to suffer the indignity of that whore’s cunny juice on the small of her back…….

Maria gulped air in dramatically, grateful to have found a release from Emma’s vicious grasp. As she recuperated, she enjoyed the feeling of being in a controlling position (not to mention the hedonistic pleasure of rubbing her puckered little pussy against her rival’s rear and back), a few moans escaping her lips, as that little English cunt squirmed and wriggled like an eel beneath her, in a futile bid to escape. ‘Right bitch…. Let’s up the ante…..’ Maria thought. She released Emma’s wrists, moved her hands beneath her chin, cupped them together, and pulled upwards and backwards with considerable venom, executing a vicious camel clutch, one that the Iron Sheik would be proud of. She had her rival right where she wanted her. 

Emma’s eyes widened in panic, as she felt an immense strain, on her back and neck. She could feel her eyes well with tears, as pain surged through her upper body. That vindictive hussy had placed her in an impossible scenario, with no obvious escape. Surely, it would only be a matter of time. Just as the thoughts passed through Emma’s mind, she felt one of Maria’s hands release its grip on her chin……only to latch onto her left boob. Maria’s brown fingers pinched Emma’s nipples with a vengeance, as the American Mum of one leaned forward, and whispered in Emma’s ear; ‘Give slut….but not too soon…..I’m enjoying mauling your udders……’

Maria smirked as she issued the sadistic ultimatum, deriving immense satisfaction from her role as torturer. ‘C’mon bitch…’re done and you know it……Give.’ the tanned beauty taunted. ‘Not yet whore…..Not yet…..’ Emma uttered in defiance. Maria howled in rage, as Emma’s right hand reached up under her chin, and nails were buried in Maria’s one remaining hand executing the painful submission hold.

The Mexican-American beauty now felt tears well in her eyes, as she was forced to relinquish her domineering hold. The redhead slumped forward, her forehead stopping inches from the carpet below. Realizing she was not out of the woods, Emma moved fast, trying to retake the initiative as Maria’s mind was clouded in a fog of pain. Emma’s body was slick with sweat, much like Maria’s. This acted as a natural lubricant, allowing Emma to pivot her body 180 degrees, even between Maria’s legs, so that she was now facing the ceiling, looking up at her foe and sexual rival. Like a shot, Emma’s left hand reached up and grabbed a clump of hair, on Maria’s left temple, and pulled with all her might. Emma’s herculean effort was rewarded with Maria falling to the left, onto the carpet.

Maria regained her composure, her hands shot towards Emma’s tousled hair. Both women lay on their sides, their talons fastened securely to red and black clumps of hair, staring hard into each other’s eyes. Their legs snaked together as each woman sought to kick at the other, or ensnare their rival in a painful hold. Alas, their efforts were for naught, as neither was in position to assert dominance. 

After forty-five minutes of desperate struggling, both women were covered in sweat, their hair damp with the strain of their exertions. Neither capable of vanquishing the other. Both women attempted to knee each other in the cunt, purely out of frustration, only to have the other clamp her thighs around her leg. This left both women in the unusual position of having the other’s thigh pressed against their engorged, panty-clad, vulva. Both fighters were a complicated cocktail of emotions such as pride, lust, resentment, and hatred at this point.

Emma managed to roll over on top of her rival and glared down at her with a venomous intensity. Maria returned the glare with equal intensity, as she peered up at her. ‘Bitch!’ Maria hissed as she struggled under Emma. The Englishwoman was saturated with sweat, dripping down on Maria, and her bulbous tits pressed uncomfortably against Maria’s chest. Not only that, but the whore had the temerity to grind her thigh against Maria’s crotch, tormenting the sun-kissed Goddess, making her pussy ache for the sweet penetration of Tyrone’s big, black cock. 

Maria managed to heave Emma off her, and roll the sexy redhead onto her back. Emma bit her own lower lip in frustration, and fixed her gaze on the brown eyes of her opponent. Maria’s coffee-colored tits were wet and slippery as they slithered against Emma’s. Her pert, little ass jiggled as she strove to maintain her throne, atop the English beauty. Emma moaned despite herself, Maria’s insistence on teasing her cunt with her thigh, was driving her wild. She struggled to keep her mind on the task at hand, forcing herself not to think of Steve’s gorgeous cock and how good it feels to be fucked by it. 

This struggle continued for a further ten minutes, as the women engaged in a horny, catballing catfight. Asses were slapped, nipples pulled, tits mauled, hair pulled and more, as the sweaty gladiators continued their epic to and fro wrestling match. The musky smell of the other woman’s sex filled Emma and Maria’s nostrils, as they dueled like bitches in heat. Eventually, they rolled apart, exhausted, having fought like lionesses for over an hour. Both women, on the flat of their back, looking up at the ceiling, utterly spent. Both husbands had watched in awe, watching the woman they loved, their loyal housewife, evolve into a tigress. They were overcome with lust, as they nodded at each other, signaling their assent that the contest had ended a draw, as clearly, neither woman could continue.

The Missing Spark

Both couples were horny as hell, the primal conflict that had gone before, a potent aphrodisiac. Whatever problems that existed before in their respective marriages; to Steve, Tyrone, Maria and Emma, they seemed a distant memory. It was obvious that cat fighting could be a kinky outlet for all concerned, the explosive element both women had hoped to restore in their love lives. Maria and Emma lay side by side, drenched in sweat, their lovely skin exhibiting the tell-tale welts and scratches of an evening spent cat fighting. Steve and Tyrone moved to their wives feet, and looked down at their warrior princesses, their knickers, thoroughly soaked in cunny fluid, the only item of clothing that remained.

Naked as the day he was born, Steve kneeled on the carpet between his wife’s legs, his cock head red and agitated, eager to be plunged between Emma’s nether regions. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her sleazy, red panties and pulled. The crotch of her knickers clung stubbornly to her honeypot. Evidently, the fight had made Emma wetter than October, making foreplay redundant. As Steve freed Emma from her knickers, he raised them to his nose, and inhaled deeply, drinking in the musky odor of his wife. 

He looked down at her and said; ‘You are the sexiest woman I have ever met and you fought like a lioness tonight. As you struggled on the floor, I could think of nothing else other than sliding my cock into your succulent pussy. I believe you’re the better woman and the better cat fighter…..’  

As he finished speaking, Tyrone knelt between his wife’s legs, and reached for the waistband of her shear panties. Like Emma’s pair, Maria’s knickers parted from her slick, sticky pussy lips with great reluctance. Maria was soaked, her nipples like pencil erasers. As Tyrone liberated his Hispanic sexpot from her panties, he too raised them to his nose and sniffed deeply, savoring the sweet smell of his wife’s cunt. As he exhaled, he looked into his wife’s brown eyes and said in earnest; ‘Baby……I’m proud of you. You took everything Emma could dish out and more. You fought like a wildcat, and I have never wanted to fuck you more than I do, right now. Shit, I felt that my dick could bust concrete watching you test yourself against Emma. You are the sexiest woman in New York babe, you know that?’

Without further ado, both men looked at each other, before plunging inside their wives. All sense of decorum and etiquette forgotten, as it somehow seemed insignificant in light of the hedonistic display that had just occurred. Both sets of spouses fucked on the floor, less than a foot from each other.

 Their lovemaking was energetic, frantic even, as Steve and Tyrone thrust in and out, with a vigor not seen since the early stages of their respective marriages. For their part, the women remained as catty as ever, trying to upstage the other, attempting to demonstrate their superior skills as a lover.

Emma would cup Steve’s ass as he pounded her pussy, shouting with glee ‘Fuck my pussy…… Fuck my pussy…….. Fuck my pussy!’ Not willing to allow herself to be outdone, Maria pushed her tits against Ty’s broad chest, bellowing; ‘Oh Ty…….. Work my cunt…….. Work my cunt……..Work my cunny…..Oi Papi!’ Both women enjoyed multiple orgasms during the course of their mammoth fuck session.  

Just then both men began to groan, their faces contorted in ecstasy, eager to savor the sweet release of ejaculation for the first time, in a week and a half. Their wives, scratched their husbands’ backs, kissed their men deeply, and practically begged them to cum. 

Almost simultaneously, both Steve and Tyrone began to grunt. They groaned deeply as they voided their nut-sacks, enjoying the most intense fuck of their young lives. Both men came hard and long, to such an extent, that their cum leaked from between the pussy lips of their respective wives. Exhausted, each husband lay restless on top of his wife for a moment, leaving his cock inside her, savoring the moment. With Tyrone’s cum dribbling out of her pussy, Maria turned her pretty head sideways and looked straight into Emma’s bright, blue eyes. ‘This isn’t over, bitch….’ She whispered huskily. 

‘Count on it, cunt…..’ was Emma’s terse reply.

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