The Negotiation by JB57

The Negotiation by JB57 Story

Part I

Veronica gunned the motor of the powerful jeep she was driving and enjoyed the leap of acceleration. She had been riding on this desert highway for more than four hours. But she should soon be coming up to the turnoff that would lead her to the rendezvous point. She had left early that morning to make her afternoon appointment. When she met her business associate, the sun would be at its highest in the hottest part of the day. But that was fine. With any luck, their transaction would proceed without a hitch and she would be back on the road, heading back to the city, within a couple of hours. That was usually as long as it took for her to negotiate a significant discount on the merchandise that he was selling.

She consulted her GPS, then abruptly turned off of the highway and drove directly into the scrub and dry, hard sand of the desert. There were no roads to lead her to where the meeting would take place. But all she needed were the coordinates from her GPS. It was safer this way.

Veronica drove for another hour, heading deep into the barren scrubland. The heat of the day continued to build. Finally, she arrived at the rendezvous point. No other vehicle was there, but Veronica was not worried. She was a little early, and it was not unusual for her to arrive first to these meetings. She got out of her truck and stretched her stiffened muscles.

Veronica was dressed in a strangely provocative and blatantly sexual manner. She was wearing a long, black leather coat. But under the coat, she was clothed – barely – in a sheer, mesh, see-through black top. The mesh top ended just below her navel, leaving the lower part of her tanned brown belly exposed. A pair of amazingly beautiful and massive tits were clearly visible stretching the sheer black cloth, their perfect brown areola accented by the thin mesh, their thick nipples two fleshy spikes pushing at the cloth. Veronica wore a pair of black hot pants, adorned with see-through plastic windows on either side of her crotch and in the back, over her ass. Her thighs were criss-crossed with a few strings of black elastic cloth, which held to her legs like stockings, but left her legs mostly bare. Her knee high boots sported six-inch heels and open toes and heels. Her face was gorgeous, an elfin beauty of lush lips and large, dark eyes, framed by long black hair. She was adorned with hoop earrings and a black necklace. She was a vision of incredibly voluptuous, wanton beauty.

Veronica removed her coat; it was far too hot to keep it on, now that she was out of the air-conditioned comfort of the jeep. She threw it onto the passenger seat of the jeep’s front seat. As a precaution, she reached across the driver’s seat to the gun belt resting on the floor in front of the passenger seat. The belt held two handguns. She strapped the belt low on her hips. She leaned against her truck, crossed her arms under her bulging tits, and waited. She hoped her associate would not be too much longer.

No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than she saw a cloud of dust in the distance. The cloud grew larger and nearer very rapidly and was heading straight for her. Soon, she could make out the black van that she had become accustomed to meeting over the past six months.

The van pulled to a stop, parking parallel to Veronica’s jeep, coming to a rest only five or six feet away. Veronica knew from experience that this was so the cargo could be easily transferred between the two vehicles. The side panels of the van were covered in a Kevlar-like oilcloth material. This was designed to stymie any listening devices that might be directed at the vehicle. It had the added effect of insulating the vehicle, reducing the heat inside the body of the van. The windows of the van were tinted a solid black, so Veronica could not see inside. Still, she thrust her tits out, put her hands on her muscular hips and strode out to stand directly in front of the van, in a challenging, seductive pose, her right hip cocked forward, her beautiful body on proud and sensual display.

The driver’s door to the large vehicle swung open and a shapely, long bronzed leg reached down to the ground. The leg was clad in a six-inch spike heel boot. The rest of the leg was adorned with a string stocking very similar to Veronica’s stockings. The woman who stepped out of the van was a blonde, with mid-length hair down to her shoulders. Her body was incredible and on full erotic display. Besides the high-heeled boots and the string stockings, she was wearing tight, short black hot pants. Her torso was completely bare. Her tits were partially covered, though fully revealed, by a sheer blue mesh halter. The halter provided absolutely no support for the blonde’s massive tits, but none was needed. The woman’s naked torso glistened in the hot sun.

The blonde was armed, and the moment she was clear of the door, her gun pointed straight at Veronica. Veronica’s survival instincts had kicked in the moment she had seen the other woman’s leg; her own two guns were up and pointing at her rival in the same instant. She also thrust out her tits, in an unconscious challenge to the massive breasts facing her own.

The situation could have ended badly right at that moment, but both women had enough restraint to keep from firing. Instead, they examined each other over the barrel of their guns, each woman taking in the other’s magnificent body, from head to toe. Their eyes roamed over each other, weighing and judging, each woman comparing the other woman’s body to her own. Each woman’s gaze lingered on the other woman’s fantastic tits. Neither woman often had the experience of confronting another bitch with a rack to match her own, but Veronica had to admit that this blonde beauty had tits that seemed to rival her beautiful pair in every way. She found herself torn between extreme sexual jealousy, enormous excitement, and a building apprehension.

She knew who this woman was, or at least she thought she did. She finally broke the tense silence that had descended between herself and the other armed woman.

“Are you Jennifer?” Veronica asked, her voice clipped and hard.

The blonde beauty smiled.

“Yes. Yes I am. And you are Veronica.”

The silence descended again for a moment.

“I was wondering why it was that Matt was always getting such a bad deal every time he came out here to provide you with the goods,” Jennifer said. “You know, not really, really bad, but bad enough to add up over time. I kept telling him what my absolute bottom line was and that was what he kept getting with you. He said that you were just a really good negotiator. Then I saw a picture of you and I realized exactly how the two of you were ‘negotiating’.”

Veronica gave the other woman a sour smile. “Well, a girl’s got to use what she has. I’m sure that you’ve found yourself in the same position from time to time. From that outfit, I’m sure of it.”

Jennifer returned the sour smile. “I was really stupid with Matt. I wondered why he wanted to meet you alone. That’s always a bad idea in this business. But I let him get away with a lot more than I should have because he’s a good fuck. “ Her face darkened. “I let the two of you make a fool of me. That’s not going to happen again. I’ve dealt with Matt and now I’m going to get back everything that you’ve stolen from me.”

“I haven’t stolen anything from you,” Veronica replied, her guns never wavering. “I struck a bargain with the guy I was dealing with, a guy who had your permission to negotiate with your clients. I’ve been a good customer to you and I’m reliable. I may have gotten a slightly better deal than most, but that’s not bad faith and it’s not cheating. I’m just really good at what I do and I am a really good negotiator.” She smiled. “And a really good fuck.”

Jennifer’s eyes narrowed dangerously and Veronica prepared to open fire. It would be a terrible waste to kill this woman and she would be faced with a big problem to clean up afterwards – not to mention the hassles involved in finding a new supplier – but all of that was better than being dead. Then, the blonde slowly lowered her gun. Veronica was a bit puzzled, but relieved. Still, this move could be a trap, so she remained wary.

“So,” Jennifer said. “You think that you’re a good negotiator, hm? How would you like to negotiate with me?”

Veronica felt a rush of heat in her loins. Her pussy tightened and moistened all at once. The tension that had filled her body since this dangerous confrontation began flowed from her shoulders down into her breasts. Her nipples hardened so quickly it almost hurt.

“I would love to negotiate with you, Jennifer,” Veronica replied, her voice a throaty purr. “I’m a good customer and I like your merchandise. I want to continue our relationship. What kind of a deal do you have in mind?”

“Ever since I saw your picture, I’ve been wondering about those tits of yours,” the blonde said, gesturing with her chin at Veronica’s amazing rack. “They’re pretty impressive.”

“I think so, too,” Veronica responded smoothly. She thrust out her tits for further inspection; Jennifer replied in kind, her massive boobs topped by thick, hard nipples. Clearly, the blonde woman was experiencing the same sexual responses that Veronica was.

“Do you think that they are a match for mine?” Jennifer murmured, her eyes glowing with heat. She shook her chest, making her massive boobs wobble dangerously from side to side.

“Why don’t we find out,” Veronica smiled. “But before we do, maybe we should be clear on the terms. If I beat you in a titfight, you give me a ten percent discount on the merchandise,” Veronica said. It was time to prove that she was at good at bargaining as she claimed.

“Let’s make this simple,” Jennifer responded.”If I win, I add ten percent to the cost. I deserve to make up some of what Matt lost for me. If you win, you get ten percent off.”

“Alright,” Veronica replied smoothly. She decided to just give the blonde what she wanted so that they could get started. She could not wait to crush her firm, massive tits into the Jennifer’s incredible set of tits and find out which of them were bigger and stronger. This woman was challenging her womanhood, and she found herself seized with the alpha bitch desire to put this whore in her place. The question of who was the better negotiator would be decided by their tits.

Jennifer smirked. “We’re agreed then. Now, bring those floppy bags over here and let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Oh, I have more than enough to handle those sacks you call tits, Jennifer,” Veronica smiled. Both women carefully holstered their guns and then unhitched their gun belts. Jennifer threw her gun belt onto the front seat of her van and slammed the door shut. Veronica opened the passenger side door and threw her gun belt onto the seat. Then, hands on their hips, the two beautiful women approached each other, each woman’s hot gaze drinking in every inch of the voluptuous Amazon approaching her.

They paused when their tits were only inches apart, their hard nipples pointing and challenging each other. The women were the same height and build and were wearing shoes with the same 6-inch stiletto heels. Their nipples and tits aligned perfectly.

Veronica reached down and slowly pulled the skin-tight black mesh shirt up her muscled torso and up her straining tits. She rolled the shirt all the way over her magnificent chest, till it formed a thin string of tight material just below her neck. She felt Jennifer’s eyes drinking in her incredible tits. Veronica stared down at her tits proudly, then rocked her torso, jiggling them back and forth. She shoved out her boobs in challenge and waited for Jennifer to respond.

Jennifer looked down at Veronica’s massive rack. She swallowed deeply. The tension in her loins was overwhelming, the sense of intense sexual arousal that had been lurking in the back of her gut ever since she had seen Veronica’s picture moved solidly into her breasts and crotch. Jennifer had been outraged when she had realized what was going on with Matt. But, even more than that, she had been intrigued. It was not often she encountered a woman as beautiful and voluptuous as Veronica, a woman who owed something to Jennifer, a woman whose body seemed to match and maybe even surpass Jennifer’s body in every way. Jennifer had only engaged in sexfights three other times in her life. But she had reveled in the experience of matching her body and her sex to that of another gorgeous woman and grinding it out. To be presented with the opportunity to lock tits with a woman like Veronica, to conquer this voluptuous vixen who had been cheating her and fucking around with her man – this was not a chance that Jennifer could afford to let go by. She was angry about how Veronica had played with Matt, but that was Matt’s fault for being a man and an idiot. Jennifer realized that she could be accused of being on the verge of doing just what Matt had done. But she decided this was different. If she won, she would be making up some of what she had lost. More importantly, it was her merchandise. She had the right to throw it away in a bad bargain if she wanted to, not one of her employees.

She pushed these thoughts out of her head and concentrated on the task at hand. She was going to mash Veronica’s tits into pancakes with her own dense, powerful mammary glands. She was absolutely determined to win this titfight, and win it decisively. She was going to make this bitch pay for humiliating her. She was going to make it absolutely clear to both of them which of them was the alpha bitch here. Slowly, Jennifer pulled her blue mesh half-shirt up over her massive tits, the mesh catching on her engorged nipples. The shirt barely extended just far enough to cover the upper part of her breast, but the underside was completely exposed, so there was very little distance for it to travel before Jennifer’s incredible tits were naked, the massive glands pulsing with heat, their nipples and areola rigid with desire. Sweat had begun to coat both women’s bodies as they stood in the hot sun, as they faced each other with increasing excitement. A glowing sheen of perspiration now glazed both sets of tits. Tiny rivulets of sweat trickled down their breasts, adding even more to their erotic appeal. Their tits rose and fell in rhythm as the women grew more excited with every passing moment.

Veronica and Jennifer stepped closer, lining up their throbbing nips. They locked eyes and smiled at each other. Both women read the truth in the other’s eyes; they wanted each other, they wanted to match their bodies and prove to each other which of them was the sexier, more powerful women. They wanted to conquer each other completely, starting with their tits.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, Jennifer,” Veronica whispered, her eyes burning with erotic heat. Jennifer gave her a final, sexy grin. Then the two beauties closed the distance, pressing their massive tits directly into each other.

Jennifer groaned and smiled, then gasped, biting her lip with pleasure as incredible erotic electricity leaped through her body. Finally, she was joined nipple to nipple with the woman she had been fantasizing about for the past month, ever since she had discovered Matt’s betrayal, the woman she had been longing to destroy. She pushed harder, feeling her throbbing nips pulse into Veronica’s equally prominent nipples. Veronica smiled and gasped, sharing in the intense erotic feelings that pulsed through her body as her tits mated with Jennifer’s mounds. But she did not delay in launching her attack; she was absolutely determined to win this titfight, and establish her dominance over this bitch.

Hands on their hips, chests thrust forward, the women pushed hard. Their swollen nipples crushed into each other, sliding apart on the slippery sweat, then stabbing into the other woman’s rigid areola. Veronica and Jennifer pushed even harder and their swollen areola eclipsed each other and mashed tight, their throbbing nipples slowly, painfully, crushed and twisted together. Their incredibly dense tits squashed each other. The women panted with effort as they threw the power of their voluptuous bodies into mashing tits, struggling to flatten the other women’s beautiful breasts. But their dense, throbbing titflesh resisted powerfully, flattening out to a point and then giving no further, no matter how hard the women shoved at each other. Their massive glands formed one solid line where they squashed each other, their deep cleavages lined up and formed a single, deep crevasse between their straining bodies. Their massive tits ballooned out to the sides of their bodies, until they locked and quivered in stalemate.

Veronica and Jennifer rested their faces together, nose to nose and forehead to forehead. They moaned and panted, sweat from their foreheads mixing. They looked into each other’s eyes, pain from their struggling nipples and pleasure from their throbbing, engorged tits etched in their faces. They looked down, studying the thick cleavage that their locked tits formed, watching their trembling titflesh as their massive breasts struggled to squash each other back. Would one of them give? Would there come a moment when one of the women would feel her dense tits suddenly surrender and give way, mashed down and broken by the stronger tits of the other beauty?

After several minutes of pushing as hard as they could, however, the stalemate endured. The women’s tits were getting sweatier, their panting was coming harder, the pulsing heat in their tits and loins grew with every moment. Changing tactics, Veronica began to rotate her tits around and around, seeking to grind her nipples into Jennifer’s tits, to work Jennifer’ meat over with her own, to wear down the blonde’s thick, lush flesh with her own luscious boobs. Instantly, Jennifer began rotating her tits in reply, moving in the opposite direction. The women threw back their heads and hissed with pain and pleasure as their powerful nipples attacked each other’s flesh, as they drilled into each other, inflicting both agony and ecstasy. The friction built unbearably, sending distracting, infuriating pulses of pleasure through their struggling tits. The rotating, grinding battle wore on, but both women soon realized this was not working either. They were hurting each other, they were driving each other crazy with building lust, but their powerful tits still seemed too evenly matched to decide the conflict in this way. If anything, their tits were swelling and hardening with arousal, growing even stronger. With a groan, Veronica put her hands on Jennifer’s shoulders and pushed the blonde away. Jennifer did not object, and she did not make the mistake of thinking that Veronica was backing off.

Immediately, the two women approached each other again. They placed their hands on the other’s shoulders and they lined up their nipples. Rather than pressing their powerful tits together again, however, they began to fence with their nipples, flicking the stiff cylindrical swords against each other, trying to bend each other back or shove each other in. The slick sweat on their nips prevented them from holding together for long, but the pounding electricity of the constant nip to nip stimulation helped each woman’s nipples grow harder and even more sensitive. They locked their fleshy sword together and struggled to bend each other back. Their nipples kept giving at the same time, springing apart so that their massive tits quivered with released tension.

It did not take long for their frustration and rage to build and their nipple-flicking fencing began to turn to full-on tit to tit bashing. They began driving their tits together hard, thrusting right and left tits together, grinding hard at each other, before swinging their torsos, slamming the other tits together, and grinding again. They breath came in gasping grunts as their titfight devolved into titboxing, the women throwing their massive mammaries at each other, struggling to inflict enough damage on the other to allow a grinding attack that could decide the battle. Their mammoth tits smashed together, sweat flying with each impact, groans of pain from both women growing ever louder. This went on for several minutes until they could not stand it any longer. With a final, tit-swinging impact, Veronica and Jennifer cried out and then pushed each other away.

Gasping, panting furiously, the two enraged women glared at each other from a few feet apart. They examined the other’s tits with a critical eye. Their breasts were slightly reddened, but otherwise showed no ill effects. Their nipples remained as hard as rocks, jutting like swords, their areola were enflamed with lust. Their throbbing, pulsing tits felt harder and more engorged with blood and arousal than ever.

With a scream, hands on their hips, Veronica and Jennifer hurled themselves at each other again, tits first. Their massive mounds smashed together with a thick, meaty clap; sweat sprayed as their tits absorbed the powerful impact. The women shrieked in pain and pleasure. Jennifer grabbed Veronica’s biceps; Veronica immediately returned the grip. The women’s tits were now squashed tight, trapped within the boxes formed by their forearms. The women’s nipples disappeared within their tits, stabbing into the sensitive flesh, twisting around each other as the women’s powerful orbs surged against each other. Grunting, groaning with pleasure and rage, Jennifer and Veronica began thrusting their tits together hard, rhythmically. Their racks were trapped together and could only escape by crushing and mastering the other incredible pair. The women lowered their knees slightly, then thrust together, grinding and shoving with their tits, before pulling back and doing it again. At the same time, the rhythmic thrusting fed the women’s growing sexual lust. The constant pressure massaged their massive globes into one mass of pulsing, aching erotic flesh. Their magnificent tits slurped and slapped against each other, sliding and caressing in the slickness of their shared sweat, tangling and gliding like mating snakes. Their gasps and groans grew increasingly sexual as the battle raged on, as their dense titflesh merged. Veronica and Jennifer pressed their foreheads together and closed their eyes as the intense pleasure built. Their hot breath mixed and their cries harmonized as the titfight threatened to turn into a titfuck.

Lost in the pleasure of the moment, Veronica’s foot, already precariously balanced on her six-inch stilettos, suddenly slipped as the sandy ground on which she was bracing herself gave way. Jennifer’s tit thrust caught the dark-haired beauty off-balance and Veronica staggered back, her body pushed by Jennifer’s body, tit to tit, until she hit the side of the blonde woman’s van. Veronica found her back pushed tight against one of the van’s cloth panels, a fortunate situation, since the rest of the black van was boiling hot in the afternoon sun. Veronica gasped. She was suddenly in a difficult position. Jennifer was leaning into her, the blonde woman’s full weight on their crushing tits. Veronica had no leverage with which to push back; her chest could only endure the building pressure. Jennifer smiled. She shifted her tits on top of Veronica’s majestic boobs, lining up their nipples, then pushing hard. The women groaned in unison, pulses of intense pleasure radiating out of their massive chests.

“I’ve got your tits pinned back, slut,” Jennifer murmured with a smile. She pushed hard again, sending another pulse through Veronica’s body. “Are you ready to concede?”

“Never,” Veronica shot back. “You may have my tits pinned, but that’s still a long way from finishing me off. And my tits can take this all day if they have to.” Veronica hoped that her bravado was not obvious. She had not been in this position before against this kind of an opponent. She really did not know what her limits were right now.

“Yeah, right,” Jennifer smirked. She began rotating her tits into Veronica’s matching glands, forcing another groan of pleasure from her foe. Jennifer’s tits pulsed and throbbed with delicious, raw sensations and she threw back her head and released a moan of pleasure of her own.

The women’s tits continued to pulse and slide against each other as they fought, their breath came in harder and harder pants as the erotic tension in their massive, throbbing tits built and built. It soon became apparent that even if Jennifer did have the dominant position in this battle of the boobs, the women’s tits were too slippery with sweat for either of them to really bear down and put intense pressure on the other. Their tits continued to slip and slide, feeding the delicious friction stimulating their breasts, but doing little to decide the issue of which woman’s tits were stronger. Still, they continued to thrust and grind, flicking and twisting their nipples together, rejoicing in the feeling of their dense tits massaging and kneading each other, feeling the incredible tension build between their tits and within their groins.

Veronica’s erotic moaning grew louder and louder, harmonizing with Jennifer’s passionate groans. Veronica knew that she was not far off from a nipple orgasm. She did not really want to stop, but she did not want to be forced into an orgasm by the beautiful bitch she was battling. She suddenly wrapped her arms around Jennifer’s naked back and pulled the other woman in tight, crushing their throbbing, meaty tits even harder. Jennifer quickly returned the grip and, for the first time, the women locked into a full bear hug. They continued to writhe and grind, crushing their throbbing, enflamed tits harder than ever, feeling their taut titflesh throbbing and resisting the tight compression. Gasping and crying out, Veronica and Jennifer built towards an intense orgasmic release, but Veronica could feel that she would go off first. Jennifer was slowly, deliciously, titfucking her into an erotic explosion.

Squeezing Jennifer with all her strength, bracing herself against the van the best she could, Veronica bucked her whole body, slapping her naked midriff to Jennifer’s taut belly, thrusting her crotch into the blonde’s matching groin. Groaning with pleasure, the women writhed ecstatically in each other’s arms, undulating their bodies against each other, cheek to cheek as they gasped and cursed each other.

Jennifer suddenly slammed Veronica up against the van’s side, taking away what little leverage the dark-haired beauty had gained. Jennifer leaned into Veronica, trying, once again, to put her full weight onto their mashed, lush tits, trying to pin Veronica to the side of the van by her tits. Veronica groaned in an agony of sexual bliss and erotic pain. Jennifer moaned back, enjoying the incredible throbbing heat pulsing through her crushed, straining mammaries. Their tits continued to slide in the sweat, but there was no doubt that Jennifer was in the dominant position.

“I’ve got you, Veronica,” Jennifer grunted at her enemy. “You’re not getting out of this. Give up and concede.”

“Pussy to pussy,” Veronica gasped at her foe. “I want to go pussy to pussy with you.”

Jennifer’s eyes glowed with heat, her cunt boiled at Veronica’s words. She had to restrain herself from screaming out her acceptance . “Will you concede the titfight?” she asked hoarsely.

Veronica hesitated. Then, reluctantly, she nodded. “You’ve won this round,” she said. “But we’ve still got a long way to go. I want to renegotiate.”

Slowly, Jennifer eased off of Veronica’s chest. The women pulled apart. Their massive tits wobbled deliciously, their magnificent racks seemingly none the worse for wear from the intense battle they had engaged. Both women’s tits, were reddened and a bit abraded, but they were also engorged with blood and arousal. They looked hard and taut and firm, and they jiggled with tension. Their nipples and areola were rock hard. Jennifer looked down at Veronica’s tits appreciatively. Veronica returned the gaze.

Jennifer reached down and undid her belt buckle, then slowly pulled her black hotpants down her hips and down her long, powerful legs. She stepped out of the tight, meager garment after it fell at her feet. She was left wearing only her black thong.

Veronica pushed herself off of the van, then slipped her black short shorts off of her body. She was also left wearing a tiny black thong.

The women examined each other’s twat intently. For both, their tight, tiny thongs fit snugly over their pussies, outlining their cunt lips, leaving prominent camel toes. Jennifer reached up and slipped her mesh top off over her head and threw it aside. Veronica did the same to her black mesh top. Then, the dark-haired beauty turned so that her back faced Jennifer and showed the blonde woman her beautiful ass. Veronica’s thong disappeared into the crevasse between the woman’s powerful ass cheeks right at the top of her ass and only reappeared to cup her prominent twat. Her buttocks were entirely bare and flexing with muscle and smooth flesh. Jennifer smiled and then turned herself around. Her thong was equally brief, her ass equally bare and gorgeous. For the first time, Veronica saw her enemy from the back and saw a flowered tramp stamp in the small of her lower back and a single blossom tattooed on the blonde’s ass. Still, the markings did nothing to detract from Jennifer’s beauty or Veronica’s desire to meet and match this woman in every way possible.

Looking back to watch each over their shoulders, Jennifer and Veronica could not resist pressing their beautiful bare asses together. They both moaned as the smooth flesh flexed and rubbed.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jennifer smiled. She placed her hands on Veronica’s jeep and, bracing herself, thrust back hard, rubbing her ass cheeks around and between Veronica’s equally powerful buttocks. Veronica placed her hands on the side of the van and pushed back, rotating her hips, delighting in the sensation of her own ass cheeks slipping into Jennifer’s ass crack, the thick pad of her muscular buttocks pushing and flexing against Jennifer’s equally strong ass cheeks. The women spread their legs, the backs of their thighs pressing tight, the backs of their calves rubbing, even the exposed heels of their feet finding their counterparts on the other woman. Veronica and Jennifer were both smiling savagely, lost in the delight of bringing their perfect bodies together, of challenging every part of the other woman. They bent low, digging their fingers into the sandy earth, bending so low that their hanging tits brushed the desert floor, and thrust their asses in the air. They pushed their thong-covered cunts together. The women hissed as one as they felt their pussies press and pulse at each other through the thin layers of the sopping wet material. They pushed and pressed, sharing the heat, tantalizing and teasing each other with the incredibly erotic contact, both knowing that this excruciatingly delicious touching was only a dim shade of what they would feel and what they would do when their naked cunts finally came together in ecstatic combat.

They pushed hard, pumping their asses a little, letting their cunts suck at each other through their thongs. Veronica felt her cunt gushing with juices as her arousal grew to incredible levels; she felt the wet from Jennifer’s pussy trickling down her open thighs.

“Enough,” Jennifer finally gasped, pulling her thong-covered cunt away from Veronica’s pussy. She stood up and turned to face Veronica, who also pulled herself to her full height. The women’s hearts were pounding with excitement. “Let’s do this. I want to feel you naked cunt to naked cunt. But first, we work out the deal.”

“How about this,” Veronica said. “ We fuckfight. Best out of five. Whoever wins gets the ten percent.”

“I won the titfight,” Jennifer pointed out. “That should give me credit. If you win the fuckfight, you only get five percent off. I get the full ten. ”

Veronica considered for a moment, then she nodded. Her body was boiling with lust and need. She did not want to delay the cunt to cunt contact any longer. “Alright, I agree.”

Jennifer smirked. “I don’t think you’re going to be leaving here with much of a deal, Veronica.”

Veronica smiled, but she did not reply. She began to slowly, seductively, pull the elastic band of her thong, stretching it away from her body, before finally slipping the tiny scrap of cloth down over the string pantyhose, down her thigh-high boots, to her feet. She stepped out of the thong and kicked it aside.

Jennifer watched the striptease lustfully. Her first act was to pull her blue mesh top, which had been rolled up into a tight string just above her breasts, over her head. She threw the top aside. As she reached for her thong, Veronica stripped away her black mesh top and tossed it beside her thong. Jennifer slid her wet thong down her thighs and over her boots, then stood before Veronica.

The women examined each other carefully. Their majestic tits heaved with their growing excitement. They were now completely nude, except for their six-inch stiletto-heeled boots and their string stockings, which went three-quarters up their thighs. The women’s magnificent bodies glistened in the high, hot sun, their bodies shining with the sweat of their earlier battle. Their pussies were shaved clean, except for tufts of pubic hair at the top of both women’s fuck slits. Their pussy lips sparkled with moisture, their arousal evident. Their inner thighs were soaked with sweat and cunt juice.

Jennifer and Veronica walked up to each other, their bodies trembling with erotic desire. They walked up until their nipples were only inches apart, and then stopped. They gazed intently at each other, challenging each other, taunting one another with their beautiful bodies. Then, almost as if understanding a mutual signal, they closed the distance between their bodies. Their mammoth tits crushed tight, mashing together with a burst of pure pleasure. Their nipples squashed and mated. Both women wrapped their powerful arms around each other and squeezed hard, pulling their voluptuous flesh together. Hard bellies slapped tight and both women thrust forward with their hips. Their pubic hair caught and tangled; they angled their pussies so that their naked cunts could meet and caress.

At the same time, Jennifer and Veronica pulled each other into a luscious, passionate kiss. Hot tongues tangled and struggled, lips closed around each other, moans of pure lust mingled and grew more frantic within their sealed mouths. The women’s hands moved over their enemy’s luscious body. Veronica seized Jennifer’s naked ass and pulled the other woman in; Jennifer returned the grip, sinking her fingers into Veronica’s round ass cheeks. For a few minutes the women kissed and sucked at each other, they writhed and rubbed their naked flesh together, enjoying the incredible pleasure of mashing their tits into one, of letting their oversensitive flesh rub and slide and burn with contact with the other woman. They worked themselves up into a frenzy of desire, swinging their hips to slap their pussies together from time to time, but mostly holding off on the cunt to cunt contact until they were both ready.

They finally broke the kiss. Panting into each other’s faces, licking and nibbling at each other, they groaned with the raw lust and need that was sizzling in every inch of their incredible bodies.

“Let’s negotiate, Veronica,” Jennifer purred, pressing her forehead to Veronica’s. “Let your cunt negotiate with my cunt.”

“Yes,” Veronica moaned, “You’re going to find that I can drive a really hard bargain, bitch.”

The women did not want to separate, but they reluctantly pulled their sweaty bodies apart and quickly fell to the desert floor, facing each other in the space between their vehicles. Their round, powerful asses hit the ground and Veronica and Jennifer spread their legs as one, bracing themselves with their powerful arms. The women stared, eyes glazed with hunger, into the other woman’s raw, pink cunt. Their pussy lips were thick and moist, juice trickled from their gaping fuckholes. Panting, moaning with need, both women reached down between their legs and used two fingers to spread their thick, juicy cunt lips, revealing and freeing their swollen pink clits.

Jennifer began pushing herself towards Veronica. She was no longer able to resist her desire. She needed to mate with the beautiful dark-haired woman. Veronica pushed up to meet Jennifer, her legs spread wide, her cunt leaving a trail of pussy juice on the hard sand as she moved. The women scissored their legs, right over left. The women were still wearing their six-inch heeled boots, so they could not wrap their legs around each other’s hips to hold each other in place. But they dug the heels into the ground, to give them leverage with which to fuck each other as hard as they could.

Jennifer and Veronica lined up their thick, juicy cunts. They braced their arms behind their bodies. Their heavy tits jiggled deliciously as they leaned back, readying themselves. Finally, signaling each other with their eyes, they rammed their hot cunts directly at each other. Juicy twats slapped together with a wet splat; slick pussy lips spread and smeared and melted into one. Raw, incredible pleasure bloomed within their angry, hungry twats and pulsated through both women in a wave of pure ecstasy.

Jennifer threw back her head and shrieked. “Fuck, OH FUCKING GOD!! YES, YES!!”

This incredible sensation, this raw, sensual contact with Veronica’s burning cunt was what she had wanted from the beginning, from the moment she had seen Veronica’s picture and begun fantasizing about meeting the woman.

Veronica screamed out her own exquisite pleasure. “YES, YES, oh FUCK, YESSSS!!”

Gathering themselves, forcing their bodies back under their control, the two raging women locked eyes, leaned further back and, their bodies supported with their powerful arms, began slapping and grinding their enraged cunts together. They kept their eyes locked as they fucked each other powerfully. Their wet cunts slammed together again and again, pussy juice spraying with each delicious impact. The women grunted and moaned and screamed with rage and lust as they rammed together over and over and over again. Finally, they smashed their cunts together and kept them locked and began rotating their hips and asses, trying to drill into each other, trying to spread and violate each other and suck and seal into one sex-saturated body. Their breath came in hot pants, their hearts pounded with exertion and excitement. Their beautiful tits bounced furiously with every delicious thrust, flying up and spraying sweat. Their flat, muscled bellies rippled with effort as the women drilled their cunts into each other. The sun blazed down upon them, the growing heat of the day adding to their already overheated bodies. Sweat flew and trickled down their grinding, writhing, struggling bodies.

“Yes, yes, you fucker, you cunt, you whore…,” Jennifer growled and groaned, her eyes burning with hatred and raw, unquenchable lust. “Fuck me, you bitch, fuck me, fuck me hard…”

“Dirty whore, filthy fucking cunt,” Veronica moaned, her dark eyes locked to Jennifer’s grey orbs. “I’ll ride your cunt off, I’m going to fuck every inch of your body, you slut…”

Veronica felt her thick, throbbing clit slip up into Jennifer’s fuck trough. The blonde woman felt it too and moaned in delight. A moment later, Veronica felt the hard lick of Jennifer’s clit inside of her labia. Moments later, the women’s clits met and flicked against each other. They screamed in concert as a bolt of excruciating pleasure burned through their struggling bodies. They shoved their clits together and, in moments, the women’s clits were crushed tight, fused into one fleshy mass of pleasure, rubbing and grinding and pulsing against each other in constant contact, each woman struggling to overwhelm and master the other with the raw ecstasy pouring out of their struggling, grinding clits. Veronica closed her powerful fuck lips around their battling clits, squeezing them hard, sending a pulse of unbearable pleasure racing through both Amazonian women. Jennifer shrieked, then squeezed back with all of her strength. The women’s gaping cunts flattened against each other as they pushed and thrust, their pussy lips locked in a sucking seal, and their clits grinding and throbbing against each other, creating an agony of sexual bliss in both gorgeous women.

Jennifer pushed herself further up on her arms and Veronica pushed up to meet her. The women wrapped their arms around each other and pulled each other in tight, crushing their mammoth tits together, their nipples meeting and melting together electrically. They groaned and sobbed with the intensity of the growing pleasure. They pushed their faces together and panted furiously into each other, both women struggling to keep their bodies from detonating in ecstasy. Jennifer was crying, tears running down her cheeks as her body trembled with pre-orgasmic pleasure. Veronica was not far behind her, her body quivering with sexual energy, her self-control slipping further and further away with every thrust of Jennifer’s powerful ass.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,…” the women grunted in unison as they thrust at each other, as their bodies rammed together in brutal passion.

The grinding, thrusting battle continued for 15, 20, 30 minutes, the women’s clits stroking and pushing, slipping and sliding, their tits swollen and burning with sex. Both women were on the verge of an orgasmic explosion. Jennifer was not sure how much more she could take. She had to end the battle as quickly as she could. She pulled back from Veronica’s torso, leaning back again on her arms, and began thrusting hard, frantically, her engorged clit pounding Veronica’s throbbing cunt. She felt the orgasm burning in her core; she had to force Veronica over the edge before she exploded. Veronica pumped back with all of her strength, meeting Jennifer thrust for thrust. Their tits bounced exuberantly, their bellies rippled with effort, their sweat-slicked bodies shuddered in the blazing sun. The women groaned and grunted and then screamed with effort and rage and lust.

Jennifer went stiff in a sudden orgasmic release. She shoved her cunt with all her strength into Veronica’s twat, then shuddered and convulsed as a terrible orgasm ripped through her incredible body.

“Ooooohhh….FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCCCCKKKKK!!,” she shrieked.

The two women watched, their beautiful faces masks of blissful sexual agony, as a gusher of hot cunt juice surged out from around the tight seal of their interlocked pussy lips, soaking the intersection of their voluptuous bodies, soaking their lower abdomens and trickling down between their rubbing inner thighs. Veronica smiled in triumph, throwing back her head to moan in ecstasy as she felt the hot cum burn up into her vaginal canal. She loved the feeling. Jennifer’s eyes were glazed with pleasure, but she continued to thrust with her pussy, even as her body trembled in orgasm.

“Nnnnnnnhhh….Oh God, OH FUUUCCKKK!!,” Veronica suddenly exploded. Again, the women watched as pussy juice boiled up from between the join of their magnificent bodies, this time gushing out from Veronica’s convulsing pussy. Jennifer groaned with pleasure as she felt the flow of hot juices push up into her vagina and fill her insides with heat, mixing with her own juices. The delicious sensation was enough to cause her cunt to contract yet again and, a moment later, she was pumping the mixed cum back into Veronica’s luscious body.

Panting, heaving, screaming with lust and hate, the women continued riding each other hard, even as their bodies went multi-orgasmic with the ferocity of their mutual fucking. Jennifer fell onto her back and writhed furiously, pushing against the side of Veronica’s jeep for leverage, grinding herself into Veronica with all of her strength, desperately trying to squeeze every orgasm that she could out of her magnificent body. Veronica fell onto her back too and, pushing against the running board of the van, undulated her body powerfully, striving to drive her cunt and clit as deep and hard into Jennifer’s bucking body as she could. Jennifer ground back, and their soft, yielding cunts sank deeper and more firmly into each other as they fucked to the end, uniting their beautiful bodies in erotic ecstasy.

Jennifer and Veronica lay on the sandy ground, their bodies slicked with sweat, their tits wobbling and jerking in time to their exhausted pants, their bodies sealed and fused together between their legs. They squeezed each other’s cunts as hard as they could, their wrestling pussies locked together in an unbreakable mutual grip. The hot sun baked down on their splayed, heaving flesh.

After some time, Jennifer pushed herself up on her elbows and looked between her massive, engorged tits and down her luscious body at Veronica. Veronica pushed herself up on her elbows to stare between her tits and down her body to lock eyes with Jennifer.

“First blood to me,” Veronica gasped. Clearly, she had won the first round of this pussyfight.

Jennifer glared at her. The fucking that Veronica had just administered to her had been incredible, every bit as delicious as her wildest fantasies. But her enjoyment of the incredible sex was tempered by the shame of her defeat. Jennifer felt her desire, her need, to break this dark-haired beauty with her womanhood and avenge herself.

“That’s just round one, Veronica,” Jennifer growled. “We have a long way to go before this is settled.”

Digging their sharp heels into the sandy earth, the two women pushed apart with a mutual groan. Their bodies sucked away from each other and cunt juice splashed the ground in copious quantities. They both sat with their naked backs on the other woman’s vehicle, panting, evaluating the other woman’s body, preparing for the next round in the fuckfight. The heat baked down upon them.

“It’s too hot out here,” Jennifer finally said. She enjoyed the heat and the sweat, but she was afraid the sun would sap her stamina.

Veronica nodded. “Let’s use the backseat of my jeep,” she suggested. “It’s pretty comfortable and big enough. Matt and I used it a few times. I can turn on the AC.”

Jennifer nodded. Veronica reached down and began removing her six-inch spike heel boots. Jennifer realized that the boots would damage the inside of the car and be an impediment to movement in the enclosed space. She slipped off her own six-inch heels. Now, both women were completely nude, except for their thigh-high string stockings.

Veronica pulled herself off of the ground and stood up, her magnificent body gleaming and dripping with sweat, her massive tits rocking enticingly. Jennifer’s hungry eyes fixed on the other woman’s rack, on the naked, swollen pussy that had already so challenged and excited her own. She felt the burn of sexual desire rising again in her loins.

Veronica walked around to the driver’s side of the jeep, opened the door, and was hit by a blast of heat from inside the vehicle. She turned the key, which she had left in the ignition. The truck roared to life. She set the air conditioner at a comfortable temperature, then reached in and pulled out a large bottle of water. She shut the door to give the jeep time to cool off, and then drank the water lustily, quenching the dryness in her throat. She looked across the hood of her car to see that Jennifer had taken a large bottle of water from out of her van. The blonde had already drank from the bottle and was now pouring some of the precious liquid on her breasts and belly, cooling her burning body. Jennifer returned the bottle to her van, slammed the door shut, and then turned and walked toward the jeep. She opened the backseat door on her side of the vehicle and climbed in. Veronica poured some of her water over her tits. Then, screwing the bottle lid shut, she opened the backdoor on the driver’s side of the jeep and climbed in, throwing her water bottle into the front seat as she did so.

The women closed the doors on the jeep and then sat on opposite ends of the box seat, contemplating each other. The heat in the jeep was still considerable. Water beaded on their flawless skin. Their perfect bodies glistened with sweat and cunt juice, their nipples were swollen with increasing lust. The pungent, intoxicating smell of aroused pussy began to build in the car.

Jennifer and Veronica slid their slick bodies along the seat until they met in the middle. The size of their massive tits seemed even more exaggerated within the closed space of the backseat. Their eyes locked, their lips parted as they panted with desire, hot juices trickled from their pussies and wet their thighs, then continued down their bodies to slick the leather seat. Their knees touched and they pushed their torsos forward, smiling with pleasure as their throbbing nipples caressed and pushed at each other, smiling even more as their massive tits mated, dense flesh crushing and throbbing with heat. Jennifer and Veronica placed their foreheads and their noses together. Their hungry tongues slid against each other, lapping and licking, touching lips. Their furious pants of desire grew hotter and faster as their eager hands began exploring, running over the other woman’s shoulders and back, sliding along smooth, round asses, caressing solid, voluptuous thighs. Veronica slipped her left hand down Jennifer’s taut belly, ran her fingers through the tuft of pubic hair crowning the blonde’s cunt, then slid two fingers into Jennifer’s fuckslit, caressing the other woman’s swelling clit. Jennifer groaned with impossible pleasure, then shoved three fingers from her right hand into Veronica’s fuckhole, working her fingers into the tight, hot space between her rival’s legs. The women began to masturbate each other in earnest. At the same time, they turned their heads, slid their noses past each other, and shoved their mouths into a deep, tongue licking kiss. They did not attack each other’s mouths just yet, instead letting their tongues lap at each other in the same rhythm as their probing fingers stroked and teased the other woman’s burning sexhorn. They took turns sucking on the other’s woman’s eager tongue.

The women worked against each other slowly, each combatant intent on carefully, inexorably stimulating her enemy to the point of sexual surrender, to show the other woman her power and control. Each woman raised her free hand to the back of her opponent’s head and pulled the other woman’s face and mouth more deeply into her own. The kissfight began to intensify, slowly licking and stroking tongues quickly becoming insistent, pushing and thrusting against each other, tying up in knots. Groans of lust and effort became muffled within their struggling mouths. The women’s fingers worked harder in the other woman’s cunt. Veronica and Jennifer began pushing against each other, moving their bodies to try to gain a dominant position from which to force the other woman down. Jennifer pulled hard and savagely at Veronica’s long hair. Veronica pulled back just as hard but, at the same moment, Jennifer lifted her right hand from Veronica’s boiling cunt and placed it solidly on the brunette’s throbbing left tit. Jennifer sank her fingers into the taut, yielding flesh and squeezed hard.

“Mmmmmph!!,” Veronica groaned, her tongue tangled with Jennifer’s probing tongue. The attack gave the blonde just enough of an advantage that she was able to push Veronica back. Jennifer forced her body a little higher onto Veronica’s, and she was able to push with her powerful legs. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Veronica’s back and sank her fingers into the dark beauty’s hair, redoubling her savage pulling. Veronica returned the grip, pulling just as savagely. But Jennifer had managed to push her body up and slowly, painfully, she muscled Veronica down onto her back. Veronica finally let herself fall. The women’s bodies were slick and becoming slicker, and already sliding on the smooth leather. Jennifer mounted Veronica, lining up their tits and crushing their flat bellies together, wedging Veronica down into the seat. Their powerful bodies thrashed and strained for a moment, their massive tits tried to crush each other flat like pancakes, neither set of tits succeeding in dominating the other, though Jennifer now had the advantage of gravity. Their nipples twisted together, challenging each other deep within the women’s merged titflesh.

Veronica spread her legs and wrapped her powerful thighs around Jennifer’s womanly waist. She seized Jennifer’s powerful, beautiful ass cheeks, sinking her claws into the firm flesh. The women broke their savage kiss and stared at each other, nose to nose, glaring through half open eyes. They aligned their nude bodies against each other, preparing for the delicious fucking to come. Jennifer pushed down and felt her thick, juicy cunt squashing down onto Veronica’s open pink fuckslit. The blonde ground her soft cunt down into Veronica’s welcoming twat, gasping with pleasure as she worked her ass. Veronica moaned wildly, then arched her back, allowing Jennifer even better access to her cunt. Face to face, panting lustfully, Jennifer and Veronica began moving their hips. Veronica felt Jennifer’s beautiful ass clenching beneath her hands as the blonde thrust down into her. Their cunts kissed and caressed. Both beautiful women threw back their heads and moaned joyfully. They slid their wet, sex-slick pussy lips back and forth, up and down, erotic electricity leaping through their bodies from the delicious contact.

“Mmmm, Fuck, yeah!!,” Veronica gasped, her whole body quivering with pleasure, her flesh melting and thrusting with Jennifer’s gorgeous body.

Jennifer closed her eyes and smiled with animal desire as she slowly, carefully pumped her ass and worked her hips, driving her soft, pulsing cunt hard and deep into Veronica’s matching twat, basking in the incredible pleasure of her twat locking and merging into the wet heat of Veronica’s hungry pussy. Veronica arched her back, angling up to meet Jennifer’s downward thrusts. Their twats kissed and sucked and flattened each other, soft, juicy lips caressing and melting, fuckholes pulsing and sucking gently. Then, they pulled apart, only to thrust together again, driving deep, trying to eat each other pussy to pussy.

Even as their lower bodies stimulated each other to the peak of sexual pleasure, the women writhed in each other’s arms, rubbing their magnificent tits around and around each other, massaging their tits into one mass of throbbing, aching flesh. Their nipples scraped and stabbed into each other’s dense titflesh, sometimes grinding directly into each other. Ridged areola rubbed and grated.

The women’s erotic moaning grew louder and louder as they fucked, as they rode each other up the pleasure curve, inflicting as much sexual joy on each other as they could, as they struggled to see who was the alpha bitch. Their legs locked and unlocked, thrashing and rubbing against each other as the women pressed and mated every inch of their burning skin to each other.

Their hard, pulsing clits reached out of their sopping wet cunts and slid into the other woman’s fucktrough. Veronica and Jennifer’s moaning grew even louder and more intense as their clits licked and stabbed each other. Wave after wave of unbearable erotic bliss rolled through both women. For long, delicious minutes, their clits fought each other, up and down, side to side, exquisitely sensitive head to head, struggling to crush and conquer the other, struggling to force the other woman into a submissive orgasm. Incredible pleasure and delicious tension radiated through both women as their fantastic clits fought to break the other woman’s sex with raw sensations.

After nearly 20 minutes of unbearably pleasurable clit to clit fucking, the women could not take any more. Their bodies were full to the brim with erotic energy, their muscles were trembling with tension and lust. Their desperate groans became full-throated shouts of joy as they came at the same time, releasing their pleasure into each other, injecting and sharing steaming hot cum into each other’s vaginal canal. They bucked and heaved, slamming, slapping their soaking wet cunts together again and again in absolute ecstasy. Cunt juice splattered the seats. Veronica twined her long legs through Jennifer’s legs and the women strained together, muscles locked, as they trembled in orgasmic bliss. Long, delicious orgasms rippled through their oversexed bodies and they rode each other to the end.

For long minutes, Veronica and Jennifer lay wrapped together, cheek to cheek, panting hard, enjoying the warmth and sensual weight of each other’s bodies, awash in the afterglow of their delicious sexual battle.

With a groan, Veronica wrapped her arms around Jennifer’s gorgeous body and rolled the blonde over onto her back, taking the top position for the next stage of the battle. Veronica wriggled her hips and Jennifer spread her legs eagerly.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you dry, you blonde whore,” Veronica gasped at her foe. “I’m going to suck every drop of cum out of your little twat with my cunt.”

“Give it to me, cuntfucker,” Jennifer replied.

Veronica began grinding and humping her cunt directly down into Jennifer’s welcoming, eager twat. She rode the other woman as hard as she could, driving herself deep into Jennifer’s luscious cunt. Their throbbing pussies lubricated freely, recovering quickly from the previous shared orgasms. They felt like they were fighting in cunt juice as the battle raged on, as their sopping wet pussies slapped and sucked and melted into one raging inferno of passion and erotic sensation. Their bodies filled with electricity, every inch of their flesh becoming one gigantic erogenous zone.

For more than 15 minutes, Veronica bucked and thrust and ground her cunt into Jennifer, riding the other woman mercilessly. Jennifer humped up to meet her thrusts, to match her erotic fury, her legs twined around Veronica’s hips, her hands fixed to the brunette’s pumping, clenching ass. By now, the inside of the jeep was a comfortable temperature, but the women’s bodies beaded with sweat, growing slicker and shinier as the battle raged on. The air of the jeep was suffused with the scent of raging sex and aroused womanhood. Veronica had her body slightly raised so she could thrust into Jennifer harder, her back arched as her ass pumped, her hands under Jennifer’s shoulders, palms down, pushing into the seat. Her massive tits swung from her chest, her breasts flicking and battering at Jennifer’s equally massive mammaries. Sweat began to trickle from Veronica’s nipples. Jennifer reached up and pulled Veronica’s face down to her, locking the other woman in a deep, hungry kiss, crushing their throbbing tits into one. They kissed passionately. Their tits and bellies flattened against each other and, once again, the woman continued to writhe and grind every part of their bodies together, seeking to unite into one steaming mass of pleasure.

Their hard clits came together and, for several excruciatingly pleasurable minutes, dueled deliciously between the women’s trembling legs. Veronica and Jennifer drove each other insane with pure lust and, locked together, muscles and tongues twined, arms squeezing tight and asses pumping in a savage rhythm, the women finally rode each other to another orgasmic explosion. Sealed together, their fantastic bodies shuddered and trembled in pure ecstasy as the orgasms chained through them, building up to nova heat in their cores. Their mouths were sealed tight, locked in a vicious, lustful kiss and they swallowed each others’ screams of pleasure as their bucking, straining bodies fought to the end.

For some time, Veronica and Jennifer lay together, floating on a cloud of sexual bliss, awash in the afterglow. Neither woman wanted to move. Veronica basked in the sense of Jennifer’s voluptuous body under her own, their meaty tits squashed hard, their bellies so tight against each other that their navels were sucked together, their hungry cunts still gripping each other powerfully. It was a sensual paradise.

Jennifer felt the same way. She lay back, her eyes closed, her breathing slowly returning to normal, and enjoyed the heat of Veronica’s body pressed and intertwined with her own, the sense that their flesh had become one, the weight of Veronica’s tits, the sharp stab of her nipples. Jennifer particularly enjoyed the pulse of the other woman’s delicious clit, still locked against her own sex. Hot cum trickled from their kissing cunts.

Jennifer finally stirred. She pulled herself out from under Veronica, who moved with her. Their bodies separated with a sucking pop and a gush of cunt juice as their pussies pulled apart. The entire leather bench seat was slick with the women’s sweat and sexual emissions. Jennifer rearranged her naked body so that she was facing Veronica, her ass lodged in the space between the two front seats. Veronica braced her back against the backseat. Veronica spread her legs wide, placing a foot on each of the front seat headrests. She flexed her pink, engorged pussy, letting Jennifer know that her cunt was ready and hungry for more. Jennifer scissored her foe, stretching her right leg over Veronica’s left, securing her left leg under the brunette’s right. Their hot, wet cunts, only a single hard thrust apart, radiated heat into each other and quivered with lust. Both women reached down between their legs and spread their pussy lips, encouraging their engorged clits to emerge, prepared for more combat.

“Are you ready for round four, bitch?” Jennifer growled. Jennifer was well aware that, so far, Veronica had won one round and they had tied the other two. She had to win this next round.

“Anytime you are, cuntsucker,” Veronica replied, her eyes glowing with lust. Jennifer smiled, then rammed forward, driving her sopping, open twat into Veronica’s eager pussy. The women screamed together in absolute bliss as they mated yet again, as their most intimate and powerful sexual weapons sank into each other, rejoined in erotic warfare.

Jennifer and Veronica fucked mercilessly, their electric clits sliding and twisting together, suffusing their bodies with unbearable pleasure. They wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tight, squashing their bouncing, jolting tits hard, into one voluptuous mass. Their massive tits bulged out to their sides, under the enormous pressure. They pushed their faces together and watched each other intently, rejoicing in the expressions of sexual agony and pleasure that they inflicted on each other, both women enjoying the incredible intimacy of their mutual hate and rivalry. The jeep rocked with the fury of their bucking, humping bodies. The truck creaked in time with the rhythm of their ferocious fucking.

After more than 20 minutes of clit to clit fucking, their bodies trembling with erotic power, their insides raging with heat and incredible lust, Veronica and Jennifer came at the same time once more, their cunts gushing cum, their exultant shouts of orgasmic delight merging and harmonizing. Their cries finally peaked and, together, they rode out another devastating wave of orgasms, clinging desperately to each other as their bodies quaked with pleasure, as hot cunt juice flowed from their pussies in a gusher of sexual release.

“God, oh god, that was incredible,” Veronica moaned, her body vibrating with the intensity of the pleasure that Jennifer had forced on her.

“Mmmmn, yes, fuck, yes,” Jennifer groaned in agreement. The blonde woman was almost beside herself with raw pleasure.

“One more round to go, bitch,” Veronica smiled. “Think you’re up for it, or do you just want to give me my discount now?”

“I told you before, you whore, no one cheats me and gets away with it,” Jennifer snarled angrily. “I’ve played around with you until now, but this time I’ve going to fuck your twat inside-out.”

“Maybe,” Veronica growled as she readied her body for the final round of intense negotiation. “But, so far, I’m ahead and I can keep going all day like this.”

Jennifer’s eyes blazed with hate. Her determination to fuck this whore over flared back to life with a frightening intensity.

“We need more room,” Jennifer said. “Let’s go to my van. There is space there and we should be cool.”

Veronica knew from her experiences with Matt that this was true. She and her former business associate had often had their sexual encounters in his van. It was fitting, she thought,that the final round of her battle with Jennifer be played out in that familiar arena.

Veronica nodded her agreement. Jennifer slipped her naked body around Veronica and, opening the passenger side backdoor to the jeep, climbed out into the hot afternoon sun. Veronica reached into the front seat and turned off the jeep’s ignition. She grabbed her bottle of water from the driver’s seat, then slid on the sex-slick leather backseat out the open door.

Jennifer had opened the van’s side door. She was sitting on the edge of the van’s doorway and, as Veronica watched, the beautiful blonde pulled off her string stockings. They were the last scrap of clothing either woman had on and Jennifer had been finding them abrasive as her body rubbed and struggled with Veronica’s body. Veronica crossed the short distance to the van, and sat beside Jennifer, so close that their naked hips and the sides of their asses were touching. Veronica removed her own stockings. Both women were now completely nude.

Veronica stretched out her left leg, which was right next to Jennifer’s right leg; immediately, Jennifer extended her leg, in challenge. Their legs were equally long and beautiful. Jennifer pressed her thigh and calf against Veronica’s; Veronica pushed back. The women turned their faces to each other and, lowering their legs, turned their torsos so that they could kiss. Their heavy tits, Veronica’s left to Jennifer’s right, crushed tight and pulsed against each other. Their tongues licked lips gently, then slowly teased and tangled. Jennifer placed her left hand on Veronica’s thigh and began rubbing up and down the smooth limb. Veronica reached up and gently cupped and kneaded Jennifer left breast, after a while squeezing the nipple intensely. Jennifer groaned and replied by shoving her middle finger up into Veronica’s pussy, finding and stroking the brunette’s hard clit. The women shuddered together, then slowly pulled apart.

“You’re a really good fuck,” Veronica murmured to her enemy.

“Mm, so are you, Veronica,” Jennifer replied. “A really, really good fuck.”

“I’m going to fuck you until you can’t take any more, then I’m going to ride you all day,” Veronica whispered to Jennifer, smiling.

Jennifer smiled back. “That’s what I’m going to do to you, whore,” she replied. “I’m going to take everything that you owe me out of your cunt. You won’t be able to walk for a week when I’m done with you.”

“Let’s decide this,” Veronica snarled. Her body was inflamed with heat and she could feel her cunt releasing a thick dollop of lubrication as her mind reminded her body of the intense pleasure that she and Jennifer had inflicted on each other so far. “Last round of negotiations. Let’s fuck each other’s brains out and see who’s the harder woman.”

Jennifer smiled. “Baby, let’s fuck,” she agreed.

Part II

Jennifer and Veronica stood up and climbed into the van, aching for their final cunt to cunt, tit to tit confrontation. Their bodies were thrumming with lust. Their sexual battle had fed their desire and their erotic power. Both women felt energized, their breasts throbbing with heat, their cunts wet and hot, their clits pulsing with electricity.

Jennifer pulled the door of the van shut. When she turned around, she found Veronica sitting on the floor of the van. The floor was fitted with a thick rubber mat, to protect the merchandise that Jennifer sold. A few large boxes sat in the back of the van, containing the goods that the women were negotiating over; otherwise, the interior was empty.

In the light streaming in from the van’s skylight and windshield, Jennifer watched Veronica ease herself back and slowly, tauntingly, spread her wet, succulent thighs. Veronica’s cunt was dripping with juices, which soon formed a small puddle on the rubber floor under her ass. The brunette’s nipples were inflamed and jutting like spears, her massive tits swollen with heat.

Jennifer felt arousal building in her gut, flowing into her throat, suffusing her entire body. Her pulsing clit sent a shock of sexual tension arching through her body and she barely managed to suppress a gasp of pleasure. She could not believe how horny she was. She was literally aching to throw herself onto Veronica and fuck the whore dry.

Jennifer knelt before Veronica and prepared to lower herself to the floor so that she could scissor with her rival and lock up with the bitch twat to twat. Jennifer’s heart was pounding in anticipation of the ecstasy to come in this final round of the cuntfight. But Veronica pulled herself into a kneeling position too, so that she and Jennifer were face to face. Veronica placed her hands on Jennifer’s shoulders and pulled the blonde beauty in to her. The women groaned in concert as their meaty tits mashed, hard nipples stabbing into their enemy’s dense titflesh and ridged areola. The women’s tongues lapped at each other, then their hungry mouths closed around each other. Jennifer and Veronica wrapped their arms around the other’s back and squeezed tight, compressing their struggling, throbbing tits. As they fought, their bodies became ever more aroused. Their thick nipples stabbed ever harder into their enemy’s dense tits, their breasts grew taut with tension. The women groaned together as their excitement grew, swallowing each other’s moans of delight and lust. Their hands roved over each other’s bodies, squeezing and caressing, stroking and probing, scratching and kneading, searching for ways to bring ever more pleasure to the other.

Their flat, sweat-slicked bellies clapped together. Veronica and Jennifer writhed, rubbing their torsos together, enjoying the feel of sweat-damp flesh gliding and pushing. The women sank more and more deeply into their kissfight, their tongues probing and sliding, spit flowing between their inosculated mouths. Their mouths were clamped together hungrily as Jennifer and Veronica struggled to devour each other.

Veronica reached up and grasped Jennifer’s thick blonde hair and slowly, painfully pulled the other woman’s head back, forcing Jennifer to break the kiss. Jennifer groaned and reached up to grab Veronica’s long black locks. She yanked hard and pulled Veronica’s head up. Both women’s faces were directed toward the van’s ceiling, their beautiful visages wearing expressions of pain and sexual agony. As they pulled each other back, their backs arched forward, crushing their massive mounds together even harder. Their meaty tits quivered with tension, their thick nipples stabbed deep into the taut titflesh. Jennifer and Veronica moaned in unison, their bodies burning with greater lust.

With a groan, Veronica pulled even harder on Jennifer’s hair, slowly bending the blonde’s voluptuous body back. As Jennifer’s body curved back, Veronica leaned forward to push her enemy harder into the bend. The women’s tits pulled free of each other. Veronica found herself face- to -tits with Jennifer’s incredible golden orbs. Without hesitation, she licked at Jennifer’s engorged left nipple, running her tongue over the hard areolae. Jennifer jerked at the sudden, electrical contact. Veronica wrapped her lips around Jennifer’s nipple and sucked hard. Jennifer cried out at the incredible pleasure. Veronica’s hunger exploded and she began to suck and eat as much of Jennifer’s massive tit as she could, taking as much of Jennifer’s tit into her mouth as she could, biting gently at the thick, dense flesh.

“Fuck, Fuck,” Jennifer screamed. With a grunt of effort she pulled on Veronica’s head, forcing the brunette beauty to release her mouth hold on Jennifer’s tit, and reversed their positions, bending Veronica almost all the way over. Jennifer found her face buried in Veronica’s equally massive tits. Jennifer licked at Veronica’s nipple and sucked and bit at Veronica’s dense, hot titflesh, sucking and gnawing at the delicious flesh with a ravenous hunger, leaving behind a coating of spit and the gentle indentations of her teeth. Now, it was Veronica’s turn to scream out in pleasure and need.

With a cry, Veronica threw her body to the side, taking her blonde rival with her. Veronica and Jennifer fell to the mat, Jennifer’s mouth releasing Veronica’s throbbing mammary as she fell. They struggled briefly, then split apart and rolled to the opposite ends of the van. The women glared at each other, panting with exertion and lust, their equally large tits heaving and jiggling. Both of the golden orbs that each woman had attacked glistened with sweat and spit.

Jennifer brought herself under control. She smiled ferociously, then gestured with her hand.

“Come here, baby,” Jennifer murmured. “Let’s suck each other for a while. Let’s see whose tits taste better.”

Veronica smiled, her eyes glowing with a pure animal lust. The women crawled towards each other on their knees, moving to meet each other in the center of the van. Their hot pussies dripped continuously, dotting their progress with spots of cunt juice. Veronica’s pussy felt like it was on fire, aching and burning at the same time. She was sure that Jennifer had to feel the same way. But she could not pass up a chance to suck on Jennifer’s fantastic tits and she was yearning to feel Jennifer sucking on her nipples and eating at her tit.

The women came together, on their knees but otherwise upright. They pressed their bodies hard, crushing together their beautiful forms from their tits down their hot bellies, until their lower abdomens curved away from each other. Their thick, muscular thighs crushed tight. Jennifer and Veronica pressed their faces together, forehead to forehead, nose to nose. Jennifer ran her tongue along Veronica’s luscious lips; Veronica’s tongue darted out to play and caress Jennifer’s thick pink probe. They took turns sucking the other’s tongue, even as their throbbing nipples hardened and pushed and pulsed against each other. Jennifer pushed Veronica’s shoulders back, and Veronica slowly pulled herself back from her enemy. When they were far enough apart, far enough that their massive tits were only touching nip to nip, Veronica lowered her head to Jennifer’s beautiful right orb. She ran her tongue slowly around the nipple, then she took the thick brown cylinder into her mouth and began to suck and chew gently at the tender, sensitive skin. She wrapped her lips around Jennifer’s nipple and sucked with all her strength, even as her tongue caressed the top of the thick brown shaft. Then Veronica opened her mouth and took as much of Jennifer’s titmeat into her mouth as she could, her tongue playing along the succulent flesh, tasting Jennifer’s sweat and sex, covering the massive orb in spit.

Jennifer sobbed. The electricity running out of her tit filled her body and fed the throbbing, aching heat in her pulsing clit. She felt like surrendering right there, she felt like just allowing Veronica to suck her tits dry and fuck her cunt until the pleasure exploded. But, instead, she shifted her body and lowered her head to Veronica’s luscious right tit. She played with the nipple with her tongue, she chewed at it enthusiastically with her teeth, then she tried to devour as much of Veronica’s beautiful, delicious tit as she could. Veronica’s muffled screams of pleasure assured Jennifer that she was inflicting just as much excruciating pleasure on her enemy as she was receiving herself.

Each woman filled her free hand with the other woman’s free tit and began to knead and squeeze the dense flesh. But they both concentrated most of their attention on sucking and eating and licking at their enemy’s other fantastic boob. The titsucking contest went on and on, both beauties losing track of time as they worshipped each other’s magnificent breasts.

Veronica felt as though her right tit was ten times its normal size, as though her overstimulated nipple was about to explode. Her tit felt huge and hard; it throbbed with heat and electricity. She knew that she was not far from a nipple orgasm. She could tell that her own efforts on Jennifer’s lovely tit were having a similar effect. It was time to shift. Veronica took her free hand off of Jennifer’s left tit and used it to pull the blonde’s head back. Jennifer looked at her with eyes glazed with pleasure and lust, but the blonde understood. The women kissed, licking at each other as their heads shifted position. Then, they switched sides, turning their hungry maws to the other woman’s left tit.

They sucked and ate and covered each other’s meaty racks with spit and teethmarks as they devoured each other. Veronica began to feel as though she might begin to give milk, so completely was Jennifer sucking at her teat. Jennifer began to have the same delicious sensation.

The women sucked and feasted on each other until their boobs felt enormous and incredibly hot; their nipples felt enflamed and incredibly hard yet also unbelievably sensitive. Veronica felt the tit-orgasm coming on again, building in her breast and flowing directly into her clit. She released Jennifer’s right tit and slid her hand down the blonde’s sweaty belly, going for her cunt. Jennifer immediately realized what Veronica was doing and duplicated the move. The women reached the other woman’s twat at the same time; Veronica and Jennifer plunged two, three fingers up into the other’s cunt and began masturbating each other slow and hard, even as they continued sucking and eating the other woman’s tit. The van filled with the squelching sounds of eager fingers working sopping wet fuckholes, the moans and groans of two incredibly hot and horny women driven to the limits of their endurance, their cries muffled in the thick titflesh of the other woman, as they continued to maul each other’s rack.

This could not go on for long; both women were on the verge of a terrible orgasm. Finally, moaning with pleasure, the women pulled their faces from the other woman’s tit and released the other’s cunt. Veronica pulled her wet hand to her face and gave it to Jennifer; Jennifer returned the favor and the two women licked their own juices from the other’s fingers, then caressed each other tongue to tongue. They stared at each other, both dazed with the intense sensations emanating from their overstimulated titflesh. Neither woman knew what would happen when they put their aching, burning, throbbing tits together, but they had to find out.

Grasping each other’s forearms, Jennifer and Veronica lined up their massive tits, nipple to nipple. Slowly, they brought their enflamed nipples together. It was like a small bomb of heat and tension went off in their cores. Intense sensation radiated out from the fleshy contact and Jennifer and Veronica screamed together, their cries of joy harmonizing. Their aroused cunts contracted and released and both women suddenly gushed a stream of hot juices down onto the rubber mat, splattering their trembling thighs and redoubling the scent of animal lust permeating the van. Struggling, gasping, Veronica and Jennifer brought themselves under control and glared at each other through half-closed eyes.

“I’m going to nipple-fuck you until you come like a whore, Veronica,” Jennifer whispered.

“I’m going to grind those ugly brown things right off your tits, Jennifer,” Veronica whispered back.

The women began to nipple-fence, flicking their nipples against each other, pushing them into each other head to head. Veronica felt her milk-holes suck to their counterparts on Jennifer’s breasts; the women groaned in concert as they violated each other in this most intimate way.

The nipple fencing was excruciatingly good and Veronica knew she could not hold out much longer before she came in a hot, hard gush. She braced herself, then shoved her swollen, aching tits full-on into Jennifer’s rack. Jennifer and Veronica screamed again as their tits mated, a sensation far more intense than their earlier titfight. They had sucked and stimulated each other’s breasts to the point that they were pulsing, taut balls of pure erotic sensation. Now, they began mashing and grinding those massive orbs into and around each other, rubbing and sliding, sliding and slopping, meaty tits burning with so much heat and electricity that Veronica and Jennifer both began to feel delirious from the incredible pleasure, they both began to feel as though their titmeat was melting and fusing into one.

The women screamed and sobbed as the titfight raged on, but even through the haze of disorienting pleasure, even as she struggled to retain some idea of who she was, rather than simply giving into the sexual frenzy, Veronica could tell that she would lose the fight. She did not know how she knew; her tits were every bit as big and hard and aroused as Jennifer’s massive mammaries. She could tell that the incredible pleasure she was inflicting on Jennifer was every bit as great as what Jennifer was doing to her. Their hot, wet cunts continued to contract and gush in the same way. Their cries of erotic bliss were equally fervent. Yet, at some level, Veronica could tell that Jennifer had just a little more control, a little more ability to outlast the pleasure they were beating into each other.

The women wrapped their arms around the other’s naked backs and squeezed each other hard. As their tits mashed, the women choked out shrieks of overwhelming pleasure, then began grinding into each other, working their whole bodies to force their meaty orbs together harder and harder. Veronica squeezed Jennifer with equal strength, she attacked Jennifer’s tits with all the force and power of her own, but the clear, strategic part of her mind was looking for some way to shift the battlefield. The orgasmic pleasure continued to build and build.

Their bodies felt like they were melting into one, tit to tit. The grinding, rubbing, driving force of their tit to tit fuck was pushing both women to the brink of an incredible orgasm. They kept mashing their swollen tits into one, locked together in blind passion and lust. Veronica knew she could not last much longer, though Jennifer’s cries of ecstasy probably meant the blonde could not hold out long either. Veronica acted. She released Jennifer’s back and then slid her hands up between their locked, grinding bodies. She forced her hands between their mashed tits and managed to fill her palms with Jen’s titflesh; she could feel the other woman’s stiff nipples stabbing into her palms. Veronica squeezed those sensitive nipples as hard as she could.

“FUCK!!,” Jennifer screeched, unprepared for the sudden attack. She loosened her grip on Veronica’s back just enough; with a cry, Veronica pushed hard with her hands. Jennifer fell over onto her back, banging her head on the edge of the van as she fell. Her legs were spread wide as she lay on the floor in a daze.

Veronica acted instantly. She fell forward on her stomach, grasped Jennifer’s thighs, then took her left hand and forced her massive left tit onto Jen’s splayed fuck gash. Veronica lined up her rock-hard, engorged nipple with Jennifer’s marble-hard, marble-thick clit and began driving her meaty orb against the blonde’s crotch. Veronica’s nipple massaged the thick clit even as her titflesh flowed into Jennifer’s open twat, wetting her boob.

“Oh no, Oh God, NOO!!,” Jennifer howled as Veronica titfucked her clit. The blonde bitch writhed on the rubber mat, the sensations burning through her body more than she could stand. Veronica kept up the nipple-fucking only for a minute. Then, she fell onto her stomach, her massive tits cushioning her from the floor, and buried her face between Jennifer’s legs. Eagerly, ravenous with sexual hunger, Veronica began eating and sucking Jennifer’s clit with the same passion and diligence with which she had sucked Jennifer’s tit.

“Oh, FUCK, FUCK!!,” Jennifer howled, writhing even harder. Her body was betraying her. She rubbed and ground her ass into the hard mat, she undulated in unbearable pleasure as Veronica ate her clit in the most exquisite way. Her body bucked with passion, and she could not escape Veronica’s all-consuming mouth. Jennifer buried her fingers in Veronica’s hair, but she simply pushed the brunette’s face more deeply into her cunt. She felt Veronica’s fingers entering her twat, exploring her erogenous zones, and she knew, even hoped, that it would not be long before the black-haired bitch was shoving her whole fist up Jennifer’s cunt.

With an incredible act of will, Jennifer leaned up and pulled Veronica’s face away from her pussy. The women glared at each other, Jennifer gasping with passion and almost unbridled pleasure, desperate to regain some control of the sexual struggle, Veronica’s neck straining as she struggled to go back to eating Jennifer’s cunt.

Veronica smiled suddenly and, without explanation, turned herself over onto her back. Her body extended down from Jennifer’s crotch, her heavy tits fell to her sides, wobbling with the movement. For a moment, Jennifer did not understand what Veronica had done. Then Veronica spread her legs, her knees bent, her feet to the floor. Jennifer understood the invitation and accepted immediately. Snarling with lust, she released Veronica’s hair and threw herself down the length of Veronica’s magnificent body. Jennifer felt Veronica’s arms looping up over her hips, the brunette’s hands spreading on her ass, even as she plunged her face and questing tongue down into Veronica’s open, eager twat. The women kept their thighs spread as they began voraciously devouring each other’s clits in a perfect 69.

Jennifer felt her tits crush onto Veronica’s wet, flat belly, her hard nipples stabbing into the other beauty’s slick flesh. She felt Veronica’s massive tits crushing into her belly, and felt the underside of her rack squashing into the underside of Veronica’s matching orbs. Jennifer reached down and filled her hand with Veronica’s right tit, and began squeezing and kneading the delectable meat even as she devoured the brunette’s soaking wet cunt with her mouth. Veronica reached down and grasped Jennifer’s right tit and returned the favor. Both women wrapped their lips and teeth around the other woman’s enflamed, rock hard clit, and sucked with all their strength. Sensations 20 times as intense as what they had inflicted on each other from their nipple sucking roared through the women’s writhing, bucking bodies. They shrieked in unison, howling out in absolute ecstasy as they devoured each other. Jennifer and Veronica shoved eager fingers up into each other’s aching twats and finger-fucked desperately. It was not long before both women had shoved questing fists up into each other’s vaginal canals, even as they continued to suck ravenously on the other’s clit. The van filled with the animal sounds of two bitches in sexual heat, ravaging each other with all their strength. Moans, gasps, screams and cries of ecstasy complemented the sound of wet flesh slapping and writhing and the wet sounds of tight cunts sucking at eager fists.

Jennifer and Veronica were sobbing with the intensity of the incredible sensations wracking their beautiful bodies. They had declared an absolute sexual war on each other and neither wanted to stop. They wrapped their thick thighs around each other’s heads and rolled over onto their sides, still locked together in a voracious 69. Erotic electricity rippled through the women, forming a complete circuit, building up incredible sexual tension in their cores which now struggled to be released.

Their bodies trembling with tension, their flesh burning with unbearable sexual pleasure, their faces buried between each other’s legs and their mouths locked around the other’s engorged womanhood, the two struggling Amazons ate each other to the end. Jennifer felt the exquisite pleasure build and build, filling her voluptuous form with an intense heat that emanated from her tortured clit. Veronica was wracked with exactly the same unbearable sensations. For the brunette beauty, the end came just moments before Jennifer exploded. With a shriek of raw animal ecstasy, Veronica came in at a torrential gush of hot cum, as her pussy convulsed with an incredible spasm of power. Her juices splattered Jennifer’s beautiful face, even as the blonde struggled to swallow as much of the sexual release as she could. A moment later, Jennifer felt her own body tip over the orgasmic edge. With a howl of animal sexual agony, Jennifer’s cunt exploded, releasing an equally intense gush of juices into Veronica’s eager face. Veronica sucked back as much of the hot fluids as she could. The women held each other tight, sobbing and gasping as orgasm after orgasm rippled through their shuddering bodies. When the exchange of sensual pleasure finally ended, Veronica and Jennifer were soaked, from head to toe, in cunt juices. Their faces and hair, their magnificent tits and torsos, their thighs, were wet with cum.

Moaning and gasping, the two magnificent women finally released each other and rolled onto their backs, side by side. They lay there for a time, panting, tits heaving as they regained their breath and energy. The inside of the van was getting hotter in the midday sun. But the women were already soaked in sweat and their mixed sexual juices. Their bodies glistened with moisture, their hair was plastered to their foreheads by the wet.

After a while, Veronica reached down and cupped Jennifer’s vaginal mound, sliding her middle finger over Jennifer’s tight slit. Jennifer immediately reciprocated the hold.

“You realize that did not count, right?” Veronica said, her voice hoarse. “This is meant to be a cuntfight, not a 69 or a suck-off.”

Jennifer considered protesting, but she did not. For one thing, the same thought had occurred to her even as she and Veronica had been ravaging each other. For another, she did not want this incredible sexual encounter to end. Despite the erotic ordeal that her body had so far endured, she felt stronger and more aroused than ever. It was as if each ecstatic battle was feeding the energy in her sexual core, giving her ever more desire the longer she spent locked in combat with her unbelievable foe. Jennifer had the uncomfortable impression, however, that exactly the same dynamic was at work with Veronica. By now, the blonde beauty had expected her brunette rival to be near to sexual exhaustion. Instead, Veronica seemed as eager to match bodies with Jennifer as she had at the beginning. It was evident to Jennifer that the woman she was fighting was a sexual powerhouse. Exhausting her erotic stamina might prove to be very, very difficult. But Jennifer was willing and anxious to try.

“That’s fine, whore,” Jennifer replied easily. Her voice was hoarse too, and she sat up, her massive boobs jiggling enticingly, drops of sweat falling from her nipples onto her taut, slick belly, trickling down to her navel. “I think we both needed that little side stop,” she went on. “Helps to release some of the tension. It means that we’ll both last at little longer when we go clit to clit. Not that I think that is going to help you.”

Jennifer reached for her water bottle and took a deep, long drink. She had more water in the van, so she splashed some of the water down her breasts and torso to help cool off a bit. Veronica sat up and reached for her own water bottle, drinking deeply. Her bottle was almost empty when she was done. Wordlessly, Jennifer passed her bottle to Veronica who took another deep swig and then splashed some of the water over her own fantastic body, to relieve some of the heat.

“Are you ready for round five?”Jennifer asked when Veronica was done.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” the black-haired beauty replied. She put the bottle aside and slid herself to the other side of the van, bracing her back against the metal wall. Even after this last orgasmic battle with Jennifer, Veronica had found that the sexual power and tension and desire in her body was no less than before. If anything, she felt even hungrier and hornier after every sexual struggle with this magnificent blonde bitch. She wanted to meet Jennifer cunt to cunt and tit to tit with an even greater desire than she had before. Her need to match every inch of her body to every inch of Jennifer’s equally beautiful body filled her with an unquenchable lust.

Veronica spread her legs wide, exposing her thick, wet, dripping gash to her enemy. She leaned back on her powerful arms, her heavy tits jiggling deliciously in anticipation, her nipples hard and aching with heat. She smiled, her eyes lit with a ravenous hunger.

Jennifer returned the smile, the light in her eyes mirroring the desire in her enemy. She arranged her body to face Veronica’s, spreading her legs and opening her hungry twat to confront its counterpart on the other woman’s beautiful form. Jennifer looked down her body, between her massive, quivering tits, to her wet pink cunt. She braced her body with her left arm and reached down with her right hand to use two fingers to spread her thick, juicy cuntlips. Her engorged, throbbing clit popped out, harder and more sensitive than it had been at any time before. She smiled as she saw how large and strong her sexnub had grown. She looked up at Veronica, and grinned with anticipation.

Veronica reached down and spread her own cuntlips. Her thick, hard clit emerged. It was long and topped with a marble-sized head. It was every bit as impressive as the sexhorn between Jennifer’s legs.

“Mmmmm,” Jennifer purred as she began to slide on the wet, slick rubber mat towards Veronica’s waiting body. “This is going to be so, so fucking good.”

“Oh yes, baby,”Veronica replied, as she slid down to meet Jennifer in the center of the van.”We are going to fuck so, so hard…I’m going to ride your little clit like a horse.”

“This is the last round, bitch,”Jennifer replied.”If you win, you get your 5% discount. If I win, then the cuntfight is a tie. We can go to a tie-breaker, or we can come up with another way to settle this.”

“Don’t worry, slut,” Veronica growled.”We won’t need a tie-breaker.”

The women had now reached each other and arranged their bodies around each other for the final conflict. Jennifer slipped her right leg over Veronica’s left, and her left under Veronica’s right. They scissored each other and pulled as close as they could until their pussies were only an inch apart. Both women could feel the heat radiating out from each other’s hungry twats, warming their inner thighs. Their thick, heavy tits wobbled delectably on their chests, their breast tissue swollen and throbbing with arousal. Their bodies were more aroused, more sexually sensitive than they had been at any other time. The women could sense that what was going to happen between them now would be a sexual confrontation of epic proportions.

For several minutes, Veronica and Jennifer simply sat together, their eyes locked in intimacy, their desire and passion for each other’s voluptuous flesh growing feverishly. Their bodies taunted each other. They began to pant in anticipation of the ecstatic erotic struggle to come. Their wet tits rose and fell in unison, their aching pussies flexed with the hunger to lock together and consume each other, their thick clits dripped with cunt juices and grew even harder. The women paused, eager to begin fucking each other into submission, desperate to join their incredible bodies in absolute ecstasy, anxious to prove that one was superior to the other. At the same time, they savored the anticipation, the sensual calm before the erotic storm they were about to unleash on each other. They both understood that the pleasure they could inflict on each other might become truly unbearable. But, finally, they could delay no longer. The need for them to join their bodies and become one mass of writhing, sensual flesh overwhelmed them.

Gently, carefully, Jennifer closed the gap between the women’s aching twats. Their naked cunts slid against each other deliciously, slick cuntlips sliding and slipping together, sending exquisite erotic electricity thrumming through their beautiful bodies. Veronica and Jennifer moaned in unison, but they did not thrust together, despite their overwhelming desire to enter and violate each other in the most intimate ways. A heavy gush of lubrication jetted from both women’s mingling cunts, mixing and combining on their kissing cuntlips, providing a slick juice for them to smear around the sensual intersection of their burning bodies. For a moment, Jennifer and Veronica pressed their pussies together and moved their hips just enough to spread the mixed lubricant around and around their sensitive, aching flesh. The shock of lust that roared through both women with this erotic contact was enough to shatter their restraint. Their soft cuntlips slid against each other electrically, their open gashes kissed hungrily and the need to fuck each other senseless exploded in their cores.

Eyes locked, breath coming in hot, heaving pants of excitement, Jennifer and Veronica thrust their aching, ravenous pussies together with all the power of their hips and asses. Soft, thick cuntlips slapped tight, juicy flesh sucking and merging as soft, sensitive labia melted into one. The women’s fuckslits were spread wide and their powerful thrusting hips helped pry their tight slits even further apart, exposing the openings to their vaginal canals, forming a deep suction between their wet, open holes, sealing them together into one writhing, bucking body. Their cuntlips flattened wetly against each other, spreading and sealing, forming an unbreakable bond as their powerful pussy muscles contracted, each cunt seeking to suck in and devour the other. The women’s swollen clits smashed and fused, their engorged heads crushing tight and seeming to melt into one as they held each other in a quivering stalemate within the ring of sexual muscles formed by the women’s struggling twats. Pussy juice gushed uncontrollably as the women thrust and rammed and drove their quims as hard and deep into each other as they could. Viscous sexual lubricants flowed between the women’s struggling cunts. They exchanged hot liquids which mixed together in their vaginas and jetted down into their wombs, joining the women in absolute intimacy as they violated each other in the most primal ways that they could.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCKING GOD!!!,” Jennifer shrieked at the top of her lungs. Her head was thrown back, her face wore a rictus of unbearable sexual ecstasy. Her hips and ass jerked powerfully, rhythmically as she drove herself at Veronica’s luscious body. Her tits bounced exuberantly, the massive golden orbs spraying sweat as they slapped against her chest.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUUUCCCKKKK!!!,” Veronica screamed, her powerful body matching Jennifer thrust for thrust. Her tits rocked in time with Jennifer’s jolting mammaries, her hips worked furiously as she struggled to grind the other woman into sexual submission. Her abdomen rippled with effort as she rammed her body against Jennifer’s in a frenzy of lust.

Jennifer and Veronica leaned back, their bodies supported by their powerful arms, and thrust at each other with all of their power. They lifted their quivering asses off the floor, holding each other up as they struggled to devour each other with the hungry maws between their legs. They rotated their hips in opposite direction, drilling their cunts into each other, struggling to grind as deep into each other as they could. The women screamed in rage and frustration and sheer sexual joy as they cuntfucked like rutting animals. Their asses fell back to the ground and then rose once more as they thrust as deep and hard as they could. They did this several more times, before they shifted their bodies slightly to the side. Each woman grasped the other’s thigh. Holding tight, they resumed their bucking, thrusting, grinding rhythmic fuck.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” they grunted together, their grunts of effort and pleasure soon growing to screams and snarls of rage and frustration and excruciating pleasure.

Unbelievable sensations of pleasure and sensual ecstasy rippled through their struggling forms. Every thrust seemed to bring greater pleasure than the thrust before. Their engorged clits, larger and more sensitive than they had ever been before for either woman, rubbed and frictioned against each other with unbearable intensity. The heads of their clits were locked together, the most exquisitely sensitive parts of their oversexed bodies in direct and continual contact. Veronica and Jennifer both felt as though they were rubbing together the rawest nerves in their bodies, but instead of experiencing pain they were being wracked with excruciating pleasure. Neither woman wanted it to end, but both understood that there would come a point when their bodies would need a sensual release, when one of them would be forced to surrender to the sex of the other.

Gasping, groaning with pleasure, Veronica and Jennifer reached for each other. They seized each other’s hands and pulled their bodies together. Their arms wrapped around naked backs, their dense, heavy tits mashed tight, rock-hard nipples stabbing directly into each other and forcing each other back into thick titflesh, even as their areola eclipsed each other and began rubbing together in a wet friction. The women sobbed and groaned in unison as incredible sensations rolled out of their mating breasts to feed the already overwhelming energies coursing through their struggling bodies. Veronica and Jennifer wrapped their legs around each other’s hips and folded their sweat-slicked bodies around each other, pressing every bit of flesh as tightly together as they could. They each grabbed the round globes of the other’s clenching ass. The women strained to become one beautiful, sensual, writhing voluptuous form. Their cunts remained locked together, sucking and grinding and wrestling. Within that sexual arena, the women’s swollen clits continued their ceaseless battle. Locked together, wrapped into one straining body, Jennifer and Veronica stopped moving, except for the subtle and continual play of their hips. Their gently rocking hips were all that they needed to keep grinding together the heads of their throbbing, overstimulated clits.

As they slowly, inexorably fucked each other up the pleasure curve to unbelievable new heights, Jennifer and Veronica rested their faces together. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, tongues reaching out to lap at each other, taking turns to suck at each other’s tongues, the women watched each other intensely through half open eyelids, each desperate to see the moment when the other would be unable to continue and would be forced to give in to orgasmic ecstasy.

Veronica realized that she was becoming delirious. She could no longer feel where her body ended and Jennifer’s began. Every nerve in her body, every inch of her delectable flesh was burning and flowing with sexual heat and erotic tension. Her mind was consumed with the overwhelming desire to mate completely with Jennifer, to devour the blonde woman’s body with her own, to rub and grind herself into Jennifer until they exploded in white-hot heat and were finally satisfied. Looking into Jennifer’s eyes, Veronica could see that the same feelings and sensations were consuming her incredible rival. She knew all they could continue to do was inflict unbearable pleasure on each other, on every part and with every part of their voluptuous bodies, until one of them could not stand it anymore.

The women kissed deeply, their slick tongues sliding over each other, wrapping together, exchanging spit, exploring the insides of each other’s mouths. Their breasts burned with tension and electricity. Their torsos writhed and wriggled against each other, deep navels sucking from time to time. Jennifer and Veronica rested their heads on each other’s shoulders, cheek to cheek. They nibbled and licked at each other’s earlobes, they whispered obscenities into each other’s ears. But, for the most part, the incredible erotic sensations wracking their warring bodies reduced them to whimpers, moans, and gasps of sheer pleasure.

On and on they cuntfucked each other, riding each other mercilessly, forcing greater and greater ecstasy on their beautiful forms. Sweat poured from their intertwined bodies. Sexual juices flowed from their locked twats, soaking their thighs and legs, forming a slick puddle in which their struggling bodies writhed slowly. The heat in the van grew, feeding the furnace of sensuality that spurred the women on in their relentless competition.

Their clits ground together continuously, neither woman willing to retreat. For 30, 40, 50 minutes, Jennifer and Veronica clitfucked each other mercilessly, both women growing delirious as their bodies trembled with pre-orgasmic tension and their nerves threatened to overload and shut down as the raw erotic pleasure of their mutual fucking reached unbearable levels. Their groans and cries and screams of rage and sexual bliss grew in volume as the mutual fucking raged on.

The end came suddenly. One moment the women were grinding clit to clit, staring deeply into each other’s eyes and licking tongue to tongue. Their tits were fused into one quivering, taut mass of erotic sensation, their sweat-slicked bodies were rubbing and sliding, feeding more erotic signals into their bodies in the battle to overwhelm each other. Then Jennifer did something inadvertently. Working her hips to continue the clit to clit grind with Veronica, she somehow managed to twist her clit so that its head disengaged from the head of Veronica’s clit and, on the next thrust, twisted and knotted around Veronica’s throbbing sexhorn like a snake. At the top of the knot, the clitheads intersected and fused tight once again. At that moment, every thick, exquisitely sensitive centimeter of the women’s overstimulated clits were fused together into one explosion of orgasmic intensity. The raw pleasure in their bodies doubled and tripled in one fantastic explosion of ecstasy.

Jennifer and Veronica’s eyes grew wide as the excruciating pleasure exploded from their fused, locked clits and spread to every nerve in their intertwined, voluptuous bodies. Absolute, ultimate ecstasy rolled through both women in a tidal wave of erotic electricity. Veronica knew that it was impossible for her to hold out an instant more. The pleasure was simply unimaginable in its delicious intensity. Yet, somehow, she held back the bursting dam within her sexual core for just a few moments longer.

In those moments, Veronica felt Jennifer’s powerful cunt contract with incredible force and inject a gush of thick, hot cum directly from Jennifer’s cunt up into Veronica’s waiting and eager body. Veronica felt the intense heat of the cum boiling up into her womb. In the same moment, all the tension in Jennifer’s orgasmic body exploded and the blonde beauty shrieked in absolute sexual bliss as the most powerful orgasm of her life roared through every cell in her perfect form.

Veronica rejoiced, only for a moment, in her unexpected victory. Then the delicious sensuality of Jennifer’s cum invading her body, the overwhelming pleasure from their fused clits forced her to explode in orgasm every bit as intense and overwhelming as the one taking Jennifer. In the moments before she lost all control, Veronica was able to pull on Jennifer’s trembling ass, tipping their locked bodies just enough so that, as they were both consumed by orgasms, Jennifer slowly fell onto her back, with Veronica riding her down and taking the dominant position.

The women’s bodies briefly thrashed as their legs spread, then twined and locked together once more. Powerful muscles strained against each other and held both beautiful women almost immobile as their strength trapped them in a trembling stalemate. Jennifer and Veronica wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed as tight as they could, struggling to make their bodies into one. Their massive tits mashed tight, their thick hard nipples twisted around each other and fused into delicious points of sexual pleasure, their rough areola grated delightfully. Their torsos wriggled and rubbed, pressed so tight that an observer would not be able to tell where one woman’s flesh ended and the other began. Slow and hard, their hips and asses rose and fell together, joined at their cunts, as they pumped steaming hot cum back and forth into each other, as they rode each other’s incredible body through a series of excruciatingly intense orgasms. The women did not kiss, but pressed cheek to cheek, their faces masks of agony, their voices screaming, gasping, and moaning with animal lust as they fucked and fought to the very end. They sank their fingers into each other’s pumping asses, leaving claw marks, as they pulled each other in as deeply as they could.

It seemed to Veronica that the orgasms would never end, and in her delirium, she was not sure that she wanted them to. Finally, however, the last exchange of pussy juice passed between the mating women, the final spasm of unbearable erotic pleasure rippled through their straining bodies, and their orgasmic conflict came to an end.

For some time, Veronica and Jennifer simply lay together, wrapped in each other’s bodies, sharing heat and sweat, their clits twined and pulsing as one, their cunts sucked and locked, trickles of juice joining them. Their heavy breasts were flat against each other, pulsing with sensation. They lay cheek to cheek, sharing hot breath. Finally, Veronica began to stir. Slowly, she untangled her limbs from Jennifer’s body, and carefully disengaged her throbbing cunt.

“That was good,” Veronica murmured to her fantastic rival. “That was so, so fucking good.”

“Fuck you,” Jennifer groaned angrily. She could not deny the incredible pleasure that she and Veronica had just administered to each other, but she was deeply angry at herself for losing the final round of the cuntfight. She knew how close it had been, how close she had come to tying the fight, or maybe even winning and forcing a tie-breaker. But she had lost, and now she had to accept the consequences of her defeat.

“Don’t be a sore loser, bitch,” said Veronica. “You are a really good negotiator, whore, but I’m just a little bit better.” She smiled viciously.

“Fuck you, cunt,” Jennifer snapped. “We’ll see how good your negotiating skills are the next time we meet to bargain. For now, let’s finish this up.”

Veronica smiled again, then unfolded her voluptuous, sweat soaked body from beside Jennifer and sat up. She opened the door of the van and slid out into the heat of the mid-afternoon sun. Veronica raised her arms to the sky and stretched her nude body luxuriously, reveling in the thrill of her victory. Her body was still awash in sexual power and sensitivity. She felt absolutely alive, her senses stretched to their utmost by the intense pleasure that Jennifer had beaten into her. She turned around and saw Jennifer also stretching out her perfect, voluptuous body to the sky. Veronica watched appreciatively as the other woman’s delectable tits jiggled. Both women wore the scars of their battle. Both were slightly sore in the crotch and their flawless skins were marked with scratches and teeth marks and mild bruises. The women’s perfect, bountiful bodies glistened in the blazing sun, but the heat of the day soon began to dry them off.

Jennifer closed the side door of the van and walked to the back of the van to open the back doors. Veronica crossed to her Jeep and opened the hatchback. Quickly and efficiently, the two naked women transported the boxes from Jennifer’s van to Veronica’s Jeep. When this was done, Veronica opened the front passenger door of her Jeep and reached into the glove compartment. She pulled out a long, thick leather wallet and walked to where Jennifer was waiting beside her van.

“So,” the Veronica said,”that’s $10,000 I owe you, minus 5%.” She counted out $9500 and handed the cash to Jennifer. Jennifer took the money and quickly deposited it in the compartment between the two front seats of her van. As Jennifer leaned into the van and reached across the driver’s seat, Veronica watched Jennifer’s ass, naked pussy, and long, voluptuous legs with undisguised lust. Veronica felt the sexual heat building quickly in her loins and breasts. She licked her lips as she felt her nipples hardening with desire.

Jennifer turned around and faced Veronica. The two nude women contemplated each other. Hands on their hips, tits thrust forward, they let their eyes rove over the other woman’s perfect, voluptuous body.

Jennifer felt the intense stirring in her sex and the tightening of her nipples and breasts. She felt her cunt lubricate thickly. She was absolutely amazed that her body could be reacting in this way to the other woman after all that they had done to each other over the past three hours. But then, she thought to herself, she had always been a sexually insatiable woman and the sex that she had just had with this woman was exponentially better than anything she had had before. Perhaps it was not so surprising that her lust was stirring again. Even more, as she glared into Veronica’s dark eyes, Jennifer could see that the other woman was not satisfied either.

Jennifer was torn. She had places to be that night and she could only make her appointments if she left right now. She knew that other opportunities to “negotiate” with Veronica would arise. Veronica was a regular customer and would need another order of merchandise in another 3 to 4 months. At that time, Jennifer knew that she could arrange for a longer and more intensive round of “negotiations”.

But as she stood naked under the desert sun, her bare feet sinking into the sand, she realized that every nerve in her body was still singing with sexual power and sensitivity. Everything felt more intense. And the idea of simply leaving right now, when she could spend hours and hours locked in sexual warfare with Veronica, fucking each other senseless, riding each other mercilessly, grinding clits and tits until they exploded again and again and again…

An intense pulse of pure, unadulterated lust rolled through Jennifer’s body and she knew that she had to act.

“How would you like to build up some credit for your next purchase?” Jennifer asked Veronica. Jennifer’s eyes glinted with raw heat.

Veronica stared back, her own expression one of barely controlled animal desire. “What do you have in mind?” she asked archly.

“How about this,” Jennifer replied. “You get into the van with me and we fuck and fuck and fuck. We don’t stop until one of us can’t go on. I want to see how long you can last. If you tire me out, then our next negotiating session will begin with a 10% discount for you right off the top. If I tire you out, then we begin with 10% more on top of the usual price.”

Veronica smiled, and did nothing to try to hide the incredible heat and lust that were already building in all of her erogenous zones. Her heart was beating faster in anticipation of the long, delicious, excruciatingly pleasurable hours that lay ahead for both women.

“You realize,” Veronica said, “that could take a very, very, very long time? Right now, I think I can keep fucking you all day and all night.”

Jennifer stepped forward until the tips of her nipples were pressed tight to the tips of Veronica’s matching nips. Erotic electricity flowed through them like water, warming their skin, sending shockwaves of intense sexual power through all their nerves.

“I’d be very disappointed if it doesn’t take that long,” she replied, her voice hoarse.

The women kissed deeply, thick pink tongues lapping at each other sensuously. Their arms wrapped around their naked backs and they crushed their meaty tits together hard, sending a spike of sexual energy coursing down into their wet cunts. Their hands moved restlessly over the bronzed flesh of the other woman.

They at last broke the kiss and pulled apart just far enough to look into each other’s eyes. They saw their mutual rivalry and desire to master one another. But they also saw the intense need to enjoy each other’s bodies.

Jennifer pulled away and opened the door to the van. The cooler air wafted out, still heavily scented with the smell of raw sex. She crawled into the van to the far wall, then turned around and gave Veronica an animal grin. She spread her legs. Her thick pink cunt flexed hungrily, and a thick trickle of cunt juice squeezed out of her gash and dripped down toward the crevasse of her ass.

Veronica climbed into the van and pulled the door closed. She smiled, animal rage and lust brimming over in her eyes. She sat down on her round, meaty ass and faced Jennifer. She spread her succulent thighs, exposing her naked slit, which was already saturated with sexual juices.

The women pushed close, scissoring their legs, drawing up until their pussies were almost touching. They stared intently into each other’s eyes, enjoying the anticipation, knowing that they were about to embark on a shared journey of unbearable ecstasy.

“As long as it takes, bitch,”Jennifer murmured at her rival.

“As long as it takes, cuntsucker,” Veronica replied, a savage smile playing on her lips.

The women drew back and then thrust forward with all their strength, slapping and then drilling and grinding their ravenous cunts together, screaming and moaning and gasping with impossible lust, each determined to fuck and fuck and fuck until only one could walk away from the struggle. It was going to be a glorious day.


For the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening, Jennifer’s van rocked and shook on its shocks. The few desert creatures that wandered by were bewildered by the sounds of animal lust, rage, and unbridled sexual passion and joy that could be heard raging within the locked confines of the van.

All through the day and into the night the grunts, moans, and screams of pleasure coming from the van would build until the two women inside would raise their voices (usually in concert) in exultant shouts of orgasmic ecstasy. Then things would be quiet for a few minutes until the van would start rocking and the moans and groans and screams of pleasure would start again. Occasionally, the van would remain still but the ecstatic sounds from inside the vehicle would continue as Jennifer and Veronica struggled to pleasure and dominate each other in different ways.

It was late in the night, when the moon was high in the sky, that the van finally became still and the sounds of sexual warfare and unleashed passions finally faded.

A few hours later, Veronica woke. It took her a moment to remember where she was and what she had been doing. But everything came back in a flash and a smile of raw animal desire crossed her face again. She could not believe the amount of pleasure she and Jennifer had taken from each other over the past day. Nothing in her life had ever been as deliciously erotic and enjoyable as the past several hours of fucking Jennifer.

Now, as she regained consciousness, Veronica realized that she was partly draped over Jennifer’s voluptuous body. The last thing she remembered was that neither she nor Jennifer had yet succeeded in fucking the other to exhaustion. But they had succeeded in fucking each other into unconsciousness, and Veronica was the first to recover.

Her body was aching. Her pussy was terribly sore from the constant friction, grinding, and wrestling with Jennifer’s delicious cunt. Her breasts were aching, also from friction and grinding and wrestling with their counterparts on Jennifer. Both women’s bodies were covered with teeth marks, especially their breasts and around their inner thighs.

The moon was high enough in the sky to illuminate the inside of the van through the skylight. Veronica could clearly see every inch of Jennifer’s fantastic body spread out before her. The blonde beauty was still deeply asleep. Veronica felt the stirring in her loins.

Carefully, she maneuvered herself over Jennifer’s prone body. She laced her fingers through Jennifer’s fingers and gently pulled the other woman’s arms out to her sides. Jennifer stirred, but remained quiet. Jennifer’s legs were already slightly spread. Veronica used her thighs to spread Jennifer a little bit more. Then, carefully, but with growing lust, Veronica lowered her perfect body onto Jennifer’s equally perfect form. She moaned with delight as she felt her dense, meaty tits mash down on to Jennifer’s tits; her flat belly nestled onto Jennifer’s rippling abdomen. Veronica slid her sex-slimed twat into place on Jennifer’s equally slick fuckgash. With a groan of pure lust, Veronica pushed her soft, yielding cunt down onto Jennifer’s matching twat; she mashed in and ground her pussy around and around, penetrating and spreading, flattening her pussy onto Jennifer’s yielding cunt.

As she began to move, using her hips and ass to thrust down into her blonde rival, Veronica felt Jennifer moving beneath her. In moments, Jennifer came back to full consciousness. She twined her legs through Veronica’s legs, she twisted and wriggled her torso against Veronica’s hard belly, she worked her shoulders to rub and grind her massive tits into Veronica’s crushing rack. As the women pumped their asses harder and harder, sliding their angry wet cunts against each other with greater and greater force, they both felt their hard clits swelling out of their locked and struggling pussies.

Groaning with pleasure, Veronica and Jennifer worked their hips to bring their engorged and growing sexhorns into full contact. Jennifer freed her hands from Veronica’s grip and reached down to seize the brunette’s pumping, gyrating ass. Veronica slid her hands down Jennifer’s body and returned the grip, sinking her claws into the thick pad of Jennifer’s butt.

The women clitfucked hard and deliciously, driving each other crazy with lust, grinding every part of their bodies together as forcefully as they could. Their clits fought up and down, side to side, sawing at each other, finally twisting and fusing together in a knot of ecstasy. After some time, Jennifer and Veronica exploded again in yet another multi-orgasmic climax. They rode each other to the end, sucking and biting each other, exchanging copious amounts of bodily fluids, until they passed out again in each other’s arms.

A short time later, Veronica woke once more. Slowly, carefully she disengaged her body from Jennifer’s. She opened the van door and slid into the cool desert night. She closed the door gently, leaving Jennifer asleep. As she stood naked on the sand she could see in the distance that the sunrise would not be long in coming. She stretched her voluptuous, perfect body to the stars, and noted the many aches and pains that she now bore. She decided these were a welcome price to pay for what she had just experienced and shared with Jennifer. Part of her wanted to stay and continue fucking Jennifer until one of them really could not go on and would have to surrender to the other. But Veronica was not sure that she would be the one to win. Moreover, she did not wish to spoil what she had discovered over the past several hours. There was no reason that she and Veronica could not continue to meet and negotiate in this way for as long as they continued doing business. Maybe even after that.

Veronica’s clothing was scattered in the sand around the two vehicles. She did not bother picking up any of it. She walked around to the driver’s side door of her Jeep, opened it, and pulled out the leather coat she had been wearing when she first arrived. She pulled on the coat, tied it around her waist, and then climbed into the Jeep. She was barefoot, but she decided that would not be much of a problem. She started the vehicle and then slowly pulled away from the rendezvous point. She picked up speed, but was careful not to go too fast in the dark. She consulted her GPS and plotted a course for the highway and home.

She was looking forward to the next time she had to “negotiate” with Jennifer. She was pretty sure she would be able to drive an even harder and better bargain than this time.

The End

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