The Office Feud by Luffy316

Fridays were always a bit busier than the rest of the weekdays around the office, especially for those left on the afternoon shift. The head of the department had already gone home, leaving the last ten or so employees to wrap up their work for the week.

Among them was Anna, one of the older and more experienced of the workers at 31 years old. She was tall at 5’7”, thin and blonde, and kind and helpful to give people all the more reason to like her. She dressed modestly in trousers and a long-sleeve blouse over her similarly modest 32b breasts.

Her younger roommate Michelle also worked near her desk, another blonde but a younger 25 year old with shorter hair and shorter build (only 5’2″). She had naturally tanned skin, and even more noticeably, 34ds that were the subject of much staring and hushed conversations around the office. Michelle didn’t seem to care much either way, acting naturally around the office and wearing comfortable but not overly revealing clothes. This, rather than flaunting them, made the men all the more curious to catch a peek when they could. She remained good friends with Anna, sharing more than a few nights laughing over their more amusing days at the office together.

The new girl around the office was Stephanie. She was comfortably in between the women physically, with long brown hair and 5’5″ tall and 34 in the chest. At 28 years old, she was looking to move up in the company quickly and make a strong impression. While the other girls got along well, she viewed the older and more experienced Anna as an obstacle, and was looking for a way to show her up. Anna didn’t care much for her to begin with, since she had personally trained Steph in her early days at the job. She’d never seemed a bit thankful, and Anna didn’t care for the way that the new girl was dressing so casually every day.

Things were volatile enough around the office with the impending weekend before them when someone started making sparks. As she was looking over the other workers, Anna came up behind Steph to point at her screen.

“You’re using the old spreadsheet,” Anna advised. “It cuts a good half an hour off if your time if you move to the new format.”

“Doesn’t help me now,” Steph snapped defensively. “I’m nearly finished with this page already.”

“I’m just trying to see you do your work right this time!” Anne insisted, hands resting on her slender hips.

Well you don’t have to come off as a knowitall and act like you know everything better than everyone else!”

At this point the eyes around the office turned towards the scene, the women’s voices being raised and most of the staff seeing this confrontation coming for weeks now.

“Well excuse me for offering my experience to try and cover up your failures for you!” huffed Anne as she started to look genuinely angry now.

“No need to brag about your being old, bitch!” Steph snapped back, ready to make a full blown scene out of this now by raising their volume and throwing profanity on top of the insults.

Anna grabbed her by the arm and yanked Steph to her feet. “I’m not going to take that talk from you, you slutty little brat!” she shouted at her.

“Don’t you touch me, you stuckup cunt!” Steph retorted, quickly followed by a sharp slap across Anna’s cheek. Her head whipped to one side, but lashed out with a swing of her own, blindly striking the side of Steph’s head. The women tangled in a frenzy of slapping, clawing, and tearing at eachothers‘ hair for a few wild seconds before backing up a pace or two, faces red with fury and freshly pumping blood.

“You are dead, you mouthy little shit,” Anna growled through tightly grit teeth.

“Bring it on so I can break you in half!” Steph yelled back defiantly, lunging for Anna suddenly with her fingers outstretches to grab hold of her midsection. Anna grabbed the arms and sidestepped her, Steph tripping over her legs and falling suddenly to her knees. Anna stayed up and grabbed a hold of her hair, shoving her head forward to smash it into the edge of the nearest desk.

Anna stayed up and grabbed a hold of her hair, shoving her head forward to smash it into the edge of the nearest desk. Steph let out a quick, pained scream as she pressed a hand to her forehead and the throbbing welt left there, Anna bracing her hands on her hips. “Stay down, bitch, if you want to be able to walk out of this office.”

“Shit-eating whore,” hissed Steph as she rubbed her head and pushed herself up on the desk. “When I’m done with you, I’ll let the entire office have their way with your broken body.”

“Bring it!” Anna snapped defiantly, some spittle spraying bitterly between them. “In fact, make it that the loser gets used by the entire office for all of next week!”

“Good! You’ll need that weekend to heal from the shit I’m about to do to you!”

Anyone who wasn’t paying attention already was by now, Many disregarded their workload to whistle and shout encouragement for the fight, most of the voices backing Anne to take the new girl down a peg. Michael watched as well, but frowned at the sight of the lovely women about to tear eachother apart, just hoping it was over soon before they did any serious damage.

Anna rushed in first as Steph held onto the desk for balance, but the younger woman grabbed the drawer next to her and yanked it out, extending it to smack its metal hinges into Anna’s knee. She cried out and bent over a bit to grip the injured knee, a superficial cut along it. It was still enough to interrupt her attack, Steph pouncing onto her and knocking her flat onto her back. She swung both fists rapidly down at her face, slugging her with noisy, meaty cracks back and forth

“UNH! UNGH!” Anna grunted from the rough beating before she could swing a fist of her own into Steph’s ribs. The younger worker gave a sharp cry, just before Anna swung again and punched her with an uppercut to the tits. Steph fell off of her and landed at an awkward angle on her side, sending her top and bra off-center as she rose with the shirt stretched, and most of her upper chest exposed.

“You ruined my top, you cunt!” she snarled, rubbing her forearm over her sore jaw from the hammering punches.

“GOOD! It was ugly already!” Anna shouted back, charging her and grabbing for her hair, but Steph catching her wrists first and grappling clumsily back and forth against another desk. They locked up to the shouts and cheers of the onlookers for a few seconds before Steph released her grip with one hand, grabbing for the scissors on the desktop. Anna gasped as she saw her open them up, trying to back away rather than press her attack. Steph slashed them at her, barely nicking her flesh but audibly ripping through the fabric instead of her skin. Anna gave an outraged gasp as her top tore straight down the middle, snapping her bra and shirt wide open around her cleavage.

“The look suits a whore like you!” Steph snapped at her, grinning wickedly and brandishing the scissors at her again. She lunged and Anna fell back on the carpet, grabbing Steph’s assaulting wrist to deflect the steel blade away from her face. It caught and ripped loose some of her blonde hair before Anna could reach up and rake her nails down Steph’s cheek, getting her to let out a strained and furious shriek as some lines of red went down the right side of her face.

Steph replied to the clawing by twisting her head to bite into Anna’s fingers, the older coworker joining in their duet of screams and grunts with her own sharp, primal howl. She shoved the hand with the scissors away from her, smashing the back of it into the nearby metal desk with a clang to punctuate the impact, followed by the clatter of the scissors being dropped. With them out of the way, Anna brought her focus towards swinging her fist in short, sharp punches into Steph’s ribs.

The younger fighter drooled over her opponent’s fingers as she let out a grunt for each blow, forcing air from her too quickly until she coughed and tried to rear back. Anna took the opportunity to grope blindly over the top of the desk, managing to grab hold of a framed picture, swinging it down over Steph’s head with a crash of the breaking glass.

“Get her, Anne!” one of the coworkers encouraged as Steph bent over on her knees clutching her head from the blow. Anna grabbed her by her stretched collar and shoved Steph back by it, crashing her into an office chair.

It sent both Steph and the chair tumbling over into eachother, scrambling to get back to her feet but only managing to take a knee when Anna appeared right in front of her, cracking a fist across her face. Steph fell back to the ground in a daze, grabbing at anything nearby and only managing to drag some papers and office supplies

Anna made her way after her, knocking the debris out of her way. As she reached down for Steph’s hair, the younger employee threw a kick up into Anna’s pussy.

“OHHH!” She howled out and cupped her crotch as Steph leaned back and smashed another kick higher up, this time smacking into one of her partly exposed tits and knocking it clean out of her top and into view. Anna cupped the B-cup tenderly along with her crotch, and with both hands busy and fumbling Steph was able to rise up and grab hold of her hair. She kept Anna bent double as she started to rapidly slam her elbow onto the back of her skull, getting her to scream and shudder unnaturally as the repeated blows came down on her neck and head. Left in a daze, Steph grit her teeth and wrapped Anne into a crude headlock as she eyed up the scattered supplies. Smiling at the box of thumbtacks nearby, she dragged Anna over to it by the head and kicked the box to knock them loose and scattered across the floor.

Steph went to work grabbing Anna’s shredded shirt, tearing it off completely to bare her breasts. “Happy landings, bitch,” she hissed before hip-tossing Anna onto the ground back-first, right in the middle of a small pool of the sharp tacks.

Anna screeched horribly as the sharp instruments scratched or stuck into her back, making her instantly roll aside and paw at her back. She swiped her hand to brush off the lesser ones, but at the height and speed she fell, some of them had really dug in there and stayed embedded in her skin. Numerous red welts, scratches and small but bleeding open cuts visible along her back. She layed on her arms and hips facing the floor, eyes watering in rage and pain as she sobbed and screamed from her fingers coming back sticky with fresh blood.
She started to try to rise up, still plucking the last few tacks from her back.

“You’re not done yet, bitch! Time for some more acupuncture!” Steph stood over her and stomped down onto her bloodied back. On top of hitting the fresh and stinging wounds, it drove Anna back down to the ground so that her ripe, round breasts slapped down into the remaining tacks, some still tipped with her blood. Her tits resembled some kind of inverted blowfish as several more pins stuck into them, Anna’s face twisted into utter agony as she cupped her chest, rolling away from the spiny torture pit that was part of the office floor. She remained on her side, panting and whimpering as she shakily plucked all the gouged in tacks from her chest and back, Steph laughing loudly down at her.

“Uglied you up even worse, you old hag! You look like some oldass acne victim after your latest skin treatment!” she mocked, indicating the specks of red all over her chest and back.

Steph grabbed Anna by the ankle, who kicked wildly back at her with her free leg. She landed a quick kick to Steph’s thigh, but she still held on and pulled back, dragging Anna with her over the rug. She screamed and clawed at the carpet, trying to stop herself with her nails as she accumulated rug burns over her skin. It was especially awful on her already cut and bloodied tits as they scraped over the rug.


“Oh, you haven’t seen psycho yet, whore!” Steph snarled back, finally dropping Anna’s leg so she could crawl weakly away from her, trying to get her entire body to stop throbbing. She looked back to see the red smudges over the carpet where her tack-ridden body was dragged over the rug, irritating her skin and wounds into a number of rough red rashes.

As Anna shakily moved along the floor, Steph had reached where she’d wanted to drag her to. She wiped some sweat from her face, digging into a desk drawer for something. At this point her shirt was so stretched it hung over her hand, Steph just deciding to yank it off over her head rather than let it hinder her search, shamelessly baring her lacey black bra to the crowd.

At last, Steph turned back around with a letter opener in hand, a slick, straight, silvery blade. She stomped after the slow-moving Anna, grabbing the chord from a loose phone nearby and wrapping it around Anna’s neck. She pulled up until Anna started to gag, a makeshift leash to hold her steady. She brandished the letter opener in her right hand, reaching around Steph’s body and swinging it firmly inward, gouging its tip roughly into the side of her tit.

Steph screamed and thrashed wildly, trying to yank herself free of the deadly grip and the agonizing impaling of her tit. Anna reached around to get a firm handhold on her other breast, squeezing and crushing it between her fingers to hold her stead and inflict even more pain. It still couldn’t match the stabbing agony in her tit, and her screams and sobs came out rough and choked with the phone chord around her neck.

“G-get off!” Anna gargled out, clawing quickly and clumsily at Steph’s hands, trying to get them off (or in the case of the letter opener, OUT) of her chest.

“Try and make me! Thought you were gonna show me my place, you useless old hag!” Steph shouted down at her over Anna’s pleas and screams. She gave the blade a quick twist before pulling it back out of Anna’s aching chest, slick with her blood, letting Anna go to land on her face and tits. She sobbed into the carpet as Steph reached the blade down to her hips, hooking it under her panties and yanking down, slicing neatly through Anna’s bottoms to leave her entirely nude beneath her.

Anna was in far too much pain to stop her now, only able to squirm and thrash a bit weakly. She was humiliated and hurting all over, easy pickings now that Steph had pounded her into the floor over and over. Steph easily dissected her clothes, tossing them aside like scraps as she raised her blade again, the staff in various amounts of excitement and awe at the violence before them.

There was some mixed gasps and groans of sympathy as Steph stabbed the knife down into Anna’s ass cheek as if carving a turkey (if a bit enthusiastically, perhaps). Anna screamed and howled, kicking her feet wildly underneath her.

“Careful now!” Steph cackled proudly. “You want your new flesh tattoo to come out nice and clear, don’t you?” She scraped the blade through her skin, deep enough to have to grab the scraps of Anna’s clothes and smear the blood away to see her handiwork. She slashed and gouged a few more lines until she laughed in triumph, twisting Anna around to face away from their coworkers, ass in the air with “SLUT” carved across it.

The small audience laughed at the humiliating mark that scarred her ass, Steph letting her drop into a mass of pain and shame. Steph reached up to remove her own bottoms, left in just her tight black thong when she kicked Anna onto her back. She settled her crotch on top of Anna’s face, only getting pathetic, muffled whimpers of protest out of her as her sweaty twat grinded against her face, clearly enjoying her victory as her face filled with smile and a lusty gleam in her eye.

“Mmm, damn, I didn’t mean to call you useless,” Steph grunted as she grinded against her face. “You make a good fucktoy, once you’re beaten even lumpier and uglier than usual. Ooh, that reminds me!”

Steph got up and grabbed the torn remains of Anna’s underwear, using a bra to tie up her hands and Anna’s own panties to bind her legs. She left her to wriggle pathetically weak in her bindings as Steph walked confidently to the locker room, returning a minute later with a black strapon, nearly as long as her arm and two inches thick. She handed it off to the nearest employee, Erica, with a smug grin on her face.

“Have your fun, boys and girls,” Steph said derisively as she shoved Anna towards them. Remembering Anna’s end of the bet, the co-workers took full advantage of the offer, moving on the dazed, bound and beaten woman’s with probing hands and other appendages. Only two really witheld from the action. Michael still looked upset with the entire scene, leaving things alone but just hoping it’d be over soon without any more pain and punishment than necessary. He’d let them honor their bet, but he wouldn’t have any part in helping make it happen.

Secondly, as Steph lorded over the molesting of Anna, Michelle blindsided her, intent on avenging her roommate as she tackled Steph around the middle and slammed her into the wall of a nearby cubicle. Some of the other employees’ eyes went up to watch the fight, but all kept their main focus on using their new live-in sexy toy. Anna couldn’t find the courage or strength to resist or object. She was instead penetrated on all sides, a dozen hands grabbing at her aching body while a man penetrated her mouth and tenderized twat. Worse of all, Erica made some use of the strapon that was handed out. While another worker used her pussy, Erica forced her way into Anna’s ass, which had her screaming around her mouthful of cock as it was not only her most painful experience with anal, but her first in her entire life, and being done against her will on the office floor.

Michelle still had Steph pressed against the wall, crushing her chest into it with her own curvy figure and bulging bosom. “You dirty, cheating bitch!” Michelle screamed at her, grabbing Steph’s hair and pulling back on it, only to shove her forward again so her face and tits slammed roughly into the wall. Steph was reeling, still worn out from the fight with Anna and with a fair amount of hits and scratches taken along the way. She was also fighting the fully clothed Michelle nearly nude, her scratched and bruised skin exposed to her.

Michelle sent a punch into Steph’s back, getting a shout of pain out of her before she managed to roll aside. The second punch came for the same spot, hitting the wall instead. Anna pulled her hand back, clutching it where her knuckles scraped over the fake wood of the cubicle instead of her opponent’s soft midsection.

“You wanna go too, whore? I’ll rip those fat tits off you and shove them down your cock-eating throat!” Steph raged as she swung a fist hooking into the side of Michelle’s tits. They slapped together with a dull smacking noise, Michelle put off-balance from the shift of her weighty chest inside her bra. She grabbed onto a nearby desk for balance, just allowing Steph to keep up her beating of her breasts. Both fists worked over both jugs, throwing her center of balance all over and having to scramble and grab the desk just to stay standing.

“That all you’ve got? All tits, no fists, eh?” hissed the naked Steph, Michelle left rubbing and adjusting her breasts long enough for Steph to grab her by her collar and pull down, ripping a few buttons loose while she drove her knee up into Michelle’s belly. She huffed and fell to her knees in front of the desk, holding her stomach and leaning forward so that her bulging bra and swelling tits splashed out of her popped open top.

Michelle groped at the desk’s drawers, appearing to try and boost herself back up as she coughed and sprayed spittle over her cleavage and top. Steph grabbed her by one of her bra straps, trying to yank her up to act as an easier punching bag, but Michelle also yanked open a drawer and pulled out a staple gun used for the various seasonal displays and bulletin board. Michelle found another use for it as she rammed it forward and pulled the trigger to give a loud CHUNK.

Steph fell to one knee to take the weight off her other leg, now with a staple jammed into her upper thigh. She screamed in a delayed agony, clutching her leg around the throbbing red patch of skin with the thick metal spikes rammed neatly into it. Michelle swung the staple gun sideways into the battered and weary Steph’s temple, effectively pistol-whipping her in the temple and knocking her to the carpet. Steph’s face twisted in pain as she held her head, Michelle stumbling to try and stand over her.

“I’m going to ruin that nasty body of yours, slut,” she growled, readying the staple gun again. “Let’s see how you like a new set of nipple piercings!”

Steph managed to grab hold of Michelle’s wrist as she tried to mash the stapler into her tit, twisting it aside to let her squeeze the staple firing harmlessly into the desk. Steph swung an elbow up to smack into Michelle’s chin, banging her head into the cubicle wall nearby and sending her tumbling to the floor. Steph moved in to straddle her, grabbing the slightly open front of her top to hold her steady for a fist that cracked into her nose.

Michelle’s head whipped briefly, but another pair of blows started to get blood spraying from her nose. Her top stretched and tore audibly as the threads gave way, falling back a bit until she landed back on the carpet. She ignored the blood on her lips and chest, reaching up to jam her nails into the still-embedded stable in Steph’s thigh.

Steph screeched in pain from the gouging nails, just to take Michelle’s hair with both hands and smash her head into the metal of the desk. Michelle flopped limply onto her back, wincing and gingerly holding her head as Steph yanked open another drawer. Rather than reach inside, she took Michelle by the shirt and yanked it off, Michelle too stunned to keep Steph from rendering her busty body nude from the waist up.

Steph used her grip on her arm and hair to heft her to her knees, Michelle dizzily moaning out “No, nooo…” in protest, even if she wasn’t clear what Steph was up to. Steph shoved her forward so that one of Michelle’s impressive tits were shoved into the drawer, just to kick it shut around it.

“AUGHHHHHH!!” Michelle let out a husky howl as her fleshy jug was mashed in the drawer, Steph opening and smashing it shut another half dozen times in rapid succession. Michelle was hardly done spasming in pain between each hit before the next came in, stuck in the horrible tit trap. At the last one, Steph sat back on her bare ass, shoving both feet into the drawer to crush it with her lean and strong legs. Michelle screamed and sobbed as her tit was a horrible mix of numbing agony, and she felt her fleshy breast stretching and distorting.

“I’m gonna crush the life out of those fatbags til you’re going to have to amputate them!” Steph hissed maliciously.

After a half minute of mind-numbing horror and pain, Steph pulled back her legs, leaving Michelle to drop back in tears and cradling her chest. The one breast had taken some scratches and smacks from the rolling around, but the right was horribly bruised and swollen, sagging lower than the other and stretched out of shape. Her nipples swelled as it looked like much of the fat and muscle in it had been relocated to the front from the awkward and sharp pressure, and her chest muscles burned from the punishment.

“Oh god… oh god, my girls,” she panted in shock, too hurt and horrified to go on. Steph had no real problem with grabbing her by the neck and shoving her head into the drawer this time, slamming it against her skull a few times and getting a sharp, shrill scream each time. Michelle was stuck whimpering in the drawer on all fours as Steph took the chance to grab and yank down her pants, leaving her naked as she was.

“Now you’re looking the part. Old cows don’t wear clothes, so why should you?! Now to milk those udders some more!” Steph grinned down at the bent over Michelle, clenching her fists and swinging a sharp uppercut into her left jug. It bounced and wobbled, getting a wicked giggle out of her before she swung in more harsh blows, alternating around until she actually got a rhythm enough to work them like a genuine pair of punching bags, getting choked gurgles from Michelle every now and then when she seemed to have the air to do so.

After a lot of fleshy smacking noises and her tits even more swollen and red, Steph stood back up, sweating but smiling proudly. “Hey, everyone!” she called to the others, who were still taking turns plowing Anna. She currently had two male employees swordfighting in her mouth while a woman with a strapon took her ass. “Anyone wants some fresh meat, then Michelle here just volunteered as the new company sex cumdumpster!” Steph emphasized her declaration as she took up the staple gun and let out a sharp snap as she stuck one of the iron barbs into Michelle’s ass cheek.

The small crowd pulled themselves off and out of Anna, leaving her gasping and shivering on the carpet. Steph stepped back to let them paw and pull at her, stepping back towards her original foe. “Feeling better now that everyone’s treating you like the whore you are?” Steph cooed at her mockingly, Anna unable to do much with cum leaking out of all her holes. As the woman with the strapon pulled out of her, Steph motioned for her to stop.

“Let me borrow that again.” The woman unlatched it and gave it back, letting Steph slip into it as the other employee went on to ram a few fingers into Michelle’s cunt. Steph untied Anna, though she didn’t have the power or the will to try and escape or resist.

“I was going to take a piece of you until we were so rudely interrupted,” she purred, spreading Anna’s legs wide in front of her on the floor. She stretched them painfully far apart before ramming the thick black head into her twat, twisting and pounding away with it to stretch her cunt to new lengths (and widths and depths). Anna could only scream and sob softly as she was grinded along the carpet by the pumping phallus, her tits wobbling on her chest as she shook her head weakly.

“Look at you! Pretending you don’t love this! Like this isn’t more what you WANT people to treat you as! You know you’re too ugly and weak for anyone to love, so you just want to be fucked stupid. You want to be nothing but a pair of walking tits, and I took tha from you, didn’t I!? I wrecked the only gift you’ve got, and now I’m the hottest bitch in the office! You’re lower than the janitors now… ha! Lower than the toilets, the way we’re going to use you now! So let me stretch that cunt out, nice and wide, so you can fit all sorts of nasty things in there for your new job as the office slut!” Steph rained her insults and boasting down on Anna, who shuddered weakly but couldn’t do much but cry and moan loudly as she was filled with rubber shaft.

Anna tried to open her mouth enough to refuse, but instead gasped hard enough to spit over her chest and face as she gushed from her pussy, cumming heavily to the hateful dirty talk and vicious ramming of her cunt. Steph laughed down at her as she’d clearly and completely won, ripping the strapon out of her pussy with a wet sucking noise, though much less than before given how loose and weak Anna’s cunt lips and muscles were now.

“I knew it, you sick little skank,” Steph smirked, giving her ass a smack on the ass where the SLUT wound still was swollen and red. “You love it. See you on Monday. Wear something trashy, why don’t you?” Steph got up, gathering her clothes and made for the exit.

Her part of the story ended there, but Anna clenched her fists and growled on the carpet. “You!”

Anna got up, running on fumes made of fury towards Michelle, just as the rest of the employees were moving to dispense fresh punishment and abuse on her. Anna still shoved a pair of men aside, who didn’t resist terribly given the situation. Anna was furious, at herself and Michelle, and with neither of those being especially viable targets, she let it loose on Michelle.

“What the fuck were you doing!? Why didn’t you have my back there?!” Anna shouted at her.

“I DID! And she fucked me up, thank you!” Michelle snapped back, trying to stagger back to her feet.

“You couldn’t have stepped in sooner!? So afraid to do anything that you had to let me lose before you’d step in!?”

“It’s not my fault you suck so bad you lost! Get off my back!” Michelle argued, but Anna still stepped towards her and spit on her, a sick wet splatter landing on the outraged Michelle’s face.

“This is ALL your fault, you stupid whore!!” Anna hissed in a rage. That did it, as Michelle rushed into her so their naked bodies slammed into each other. Michelle bent low for a tackle around her waist, her shoulder slamming into Anna’s belly and smashing them both to the ground. They were both wounded and exhausted, but their refreshed anger and brief rest during Steph’s strapon session have given them a moment’s rest.

As a result, they fought like real wildcats, clumsy and fierce. After pouncing and practically tripping over each other several times, Michelle wound up on top, wrapping a hand around Anna’s throat and swinging several slaps across her face with her free hand. Anna flailed her arms to try and interfere with the smacks, cutting one off long enough to bash a fist into Michelle’s mutilated breast (that is, the one especially worse off after being crushed in the drawer).

The sensitive orb bounced and Michelle froze and gagged painfully, as if the punch had hit her right in the heart rather than her tenderized tit. It let Anna reach over and grab a nearby desk chair, pulling at the legs to make it roll over and crash into Michelle, knocking her off. Anna crawled after her and grabbed some of her hair, Michelle shrieking and pulling back away from her as she cradled her breast. The hair ripped loose, Anna failing to grab another grip and instead raking her nails down Michelle’s leg. The leg decided to pay her back as Michelle wound up her long leg and smashed a kick into Anna’s face, knocking her back to the floor as Michelle clambered to her feet again.

“Watch those hands, you dumb, dirty dyke!” Michelle shouted at her, one hand gingerly rubbing her injured breast, and even that looked like it hurt her to do. “Or maybe you’re just jealous that I’m the one with the best rack in the office!”

“Like it matters now that they’re ruined for life!” Anna snarled.

Michelle furiously delivered a wide slap across Anna’s own aching tits, getting a pained scream out of her. Michelle smacked its twin with her other hand, Anna trying to cover up her tits as they throbbed in mind-numbing pain. Michelle took her by the hair and pulled her towards her, rearing back her own to smash a headbutt into her face. Both girls staggered back from the impact holding their heads, but Anna was the one to go down with fresh blood trickling from her nose.

Anna grabbed the wall behind her to boost herself up, but Michelle followed up by taking her by the back of the hair, swinging her head to bang into the ladies room door like a fleshy hammer.

“How’s it feel when I pay you back, you jealous boob-hitting bitch?!” Michelle hissed venomously, squeezing her handful of hair and grinding Anna’s face against the wooden door to crudely smear her blood on it. Michelle suddenly twisted and swung her elbow around, her joint smashing deep into Michelle’s bountiful bruised bust.

“AOOOOHHH!” Michelle howled wordlessly in pain as her giant sensitive tit was bashed in, releasing her hold instantly to cup her breast. Anna wasted no time in stepping back and opening the door, shoving Michelle towards it. She was trying to get her head inside, but Michelle’s arms got in the way of the doorframe and stopped herself. Anna grappled with her a bit, trying to shove her the rest of the way through but she still resisted as she gasped and sobbed in pain.

“No! No, stop! You fucking bitch! Let go!” Michelle wailed bitterly.

Seeing where she’d wound up though, Anna stopped her pushing and held Michelle steady. “You want to be stubborn old cow, huh? Fine! Then let’s do some milking!” Anna shoved the door shut sharply, and while Michelle’s head was out of the doorframe, her sagging tits thrust out enough to be right in the path of the door.

There was a sick, meaty slap as Michelle’s right tit was crushed, screeching madly and flailing like wild. She clawed at Anna’s arms and face and chest, but in spastic flailing rather than feline slashing. She wailed in gibberish like a banshee in her agony, her already injured boob mashed out of shape and its pain refreshed, even worsened. She finally pushed at the wall to try and free herself, but the pressure too hard on her tit.

“FUCK! FUCK, it’s going to pop! God damn you, cunt, stoooop!”

“NO way! Fuck you, you fat-titted shit! I’m gonna rip those off and let you choke on em! You dirty little traitor! You let me get RAPED, you whore! I fucking hate you to death!”

Anna raved madly as she opened and slammed the door again for a fresh bolt of pain through her, giving a split second view where Michelle could see her breast, swollen and an ugly purple-red as the blood vessels and muscles looked severely damaged.

Michelle’s legs were weak with the pain, leaning on the doorframe and weakly trying to pull the door itself back open. When it wouldn’t give, she reached backward, slapping and pawing at Anna until she got a handful of the end of her roommate’s hair. Michelle put all of her weight on it and yanked down, Anna screaming as she was ripped off of her opponent, even as a few of her hairs were torn out at the roots.

“Fucking bitch!” Anne shrieked wildly, swinging at Michelle’s hands and finally releasing her grip on the crushing door. Michelle eagerly pulled herself back out of it to face Anna, winding up and swinging her fist straight into Anna’s nipple. The smaller breast crushed back into her ribs, getting a pained, drooling gasp out of the fellow victim of Steph’s punishment.

While she sputtered for air, Michelle shoved her back into a nearby desk, leaving her arching her back and rubbing her freshly stinging breast. She didn’t think to cover her nudity at the moment, especially not her exposed bush as her legs spread to try and remain balanced. It was a perfect chance that Michelle couldn’t pass up, forming her hand into a vengeful claw and slamming it into Anna’s pussy, raking and twisting. Her polished nails carved lines of screaming pain into Anna’s flesh, ripping out other bush and stretching out her labia.

Anna’s abused cunt felt like it was on fire as she screamed like a woman possessed, gripping the desk like a massive stress ball that kept her from passing out from the pain.

“How do you like it, huh!? That sluthole like that kind of sick shit!? Did Steph turn you into her pain-whore like you always wanted?” Michelle shouted in her face, keeping her death grip on her twat.

Michelle added to it by swinging a sharp uppercut into her stomach, the soft and beaten belly yielding easily to her knuckles. Her insides twitched and muscles weakened, and the staff laughed as the impact made a squirt of one of her coworkers cum fall back out of her twat and onto the carpet.

“I’m going to smash your guts until you’re nothing but a cum-catcher, and your stomach so broken that all you can eat is jizz!!” Michelle threatened, yanking her hand back suddenly to rip out a handful of pubic hair and stretching her pussy lips.

“AUGGKKHHHHH!!!” Anna gave a howl like a wounded animal as her already expanded snatch sagged and drooped from the painful punishment it had endured through the day. She fell to the carpet holding her crotch, seering in pain as her eyes watered uncontrollably. Michelle stormed after her, kneeling down and wincing as the motion made her sagging tit jiggle painfully.

“You make me fucking sick, you fucking shiteating whore!” Michelle snarled as she grabbed her by the chin, forcing her lips open and shoving the handful of her own pubic hair into her mouth. Anna choked on them and struggled to spit them out with her dry mouth, with Michelle leaning down to grab hold of her wounded tits in her crushing claws.

“This’ for ruining my perfect tits, you filthy cunt!” she snapped before twisting Anna’s breast, forcing it to stretch to one side. It exposed the wound from Steph’s attack with the letter opener, slowly stopping its blood flow. At least, until Michelle leaned in and savagely locked her teeth in the stab wound, pulling and ripping at it aggressively.

“FUCK! OH FUCK SHE’S EATING ME! SOMEBODY STOP HER! YOU FUCKING PSYHO!!” Anna thrashed and screamed in horror around her choking on the hairs left in her mouth. The deep wound was stretched and twisted, irritated by Michelle’s teeth and saliva to make the wound swell a dangerous shade of red. Anna swung her fists like a frightened ape on Michelle’s wolfish biting head, as primal a struggle as any in the office could recall.

Anna managed to get her hand low enough to throw a weak punch into Michelle’s pussy, getting her to give a shrill gasp and release her mouthful of tit flesh. She was still quick to pay her back, lifting her lower body off the ground and Anna just to let herself drop back down knee first, crushing into Anna’s mound.

“OAHHHHHH!” Anna gave another loud groan as she cupped her crotch weakly, looking glassy-eyed and face frozen in agony. Her already gouged and battered crotch was crushed under the grinding knee bone, feeling like her vaginal walls were going to collapse in on themselves. All the while Michelle grinned down at her, a grim and sadistic face with fresh blood staining the smile’s lips and teeth.

“Try telling the hospital how you broke your cunt, you weak titless pig. I’m sure they’ll get off to your pain just as much as I did,” she snarled. The sobbing and spasming Anna looked utterly broken, suddenly raising her leg with agonizing slow effort before kicking into Michelle’s good tit, smashing a fresh bruise into it and knocking Michelle onto her ass. As she winced and recovered, Anna’s survival instincts kicked in. All her adrenaline made her rise up, screaming at the top of her lungs and charging at Michelle.

I’LL KILL YOU!” she howled, grabbing at a nearby desk to grab a phone receiver, ripping it out of the base to wield it as a crude plastic club. Michelle braced herself and kicked squarely into Anna’s knee, sending her toppling out of control to the ground next to her. Anna grabbed the nearest and nastiest-looking weapon she could, raising the staple gun and pressing it to Anna’s back. KCHUNK! KCHUNK! KCHUNK!

Anna screamed like an upset child as the fresh pain shot into her back, punching into her back muscles and making every movement agony. Michelle, caked in sweat and blood and bruises, grabbed the cubicle wall and pulled herself up. She staggered, but stayed up enough to throw a kick into Anna’s screaming mouth. Her teeth scraped her toes, but the way Anna flopped away weakly seemed reward enough for her.

Anna breathed deep, raspy breaths, her swollen tits heaving up and down on her chest. Michelle saw something even better close by, reaching out and grabbing the miniature potted plant from a desk. Anna looked blinded in agony, not reacting even as Michelle squatted down between her legs.

“Looks like there’s one more thing in the office you didn’t fuck,” Michelle menaced before she shoved the miniature live cactus up Anna’s cunt. Anne could only manage a dry choking noise as a hundred tiny needles gouged into her sore and stretched out vagina, shaking violently which only seemed to make it worse. The piercing pins and needles left dozens of irritated scrapes and cuts inside her delicate womanhood, ruining any hopes she might have to sex for weeks at least. Michelle gave it a sharp twist, scraping its needles around in her cunt like a hellish drill, finally forcing a sobbing scream out of Anna.

“No! No more! I- I- I can’t! My pussyyyyyy! Pleaaaase!” she pleaded pathetically, paralyzed in pain as her pussy was torn apart by the tiny torture device. By the time Michelle let it go, the barbs were gouged so intimately deep that it stayed embedded inside her.

“I’m not done ruining you yet, bitch,” Michelle huffed, sore and sweaty but still furious enough to drag herself on. She took Anna by the hair, her cactus-fucked foe cowering away a bit but unable to resist properly. Michelle shoved her to her knees, forcing her to face a desk and propping her upper body across it. The cactus remained wedged between her legs, but her battered face and tits layed splatted across the desktop. She sobbed and shivered, laying still trying to rest and get her agony under control.

That certainly didn’t last long when Michelle returned with the staple gun back in hand, slamming it on top of Anna’s nipple and pulling the trigger. With another metallic snap, it was squashed flat, pinning the hard tip of her tit to the desk under the tight iron clamp. Anna screamed herself hoarse, reaching a sickly and inhumanly high pitch when her other was snapped as well, this time with the spike punching right through the flesh of her nipple to impale it to the desk.

“NOOOOO! GOD NO! FUCK! STOP!” she pleaded, her voice getting hoarse from her constant screaming and begging. Michelle paid her no mind, taking the sides of her breast and squashing her tit down to spread it out, snapping another staple in place to pin her tit flesh down in various corners. At the sixth staple (three per boob), Anna seemed to choke on her scream and fell flat on her face on the desk, utterly motionless. Michelle sneered down at her, grabbing her hair to lift her head back up. Her blank, pale face gazed dimly ahead of her, mindless of whatever it saw. Michelle punched another staple into her swollen, bloody tit, only to get no reaction. She had passed out cold from the pain, stapled and stuck to the desk.

Michelle finally leaned back against the cube wall, breathing heavy and trying to ignore rather than treat her wounds right now. “Get this worthless cunt out of my sight,” she panted, stumbling off to the bathroom. The rest of the employees ignored Anna, leaving her stuck to the desk since none of them wanted to risk having sex with her with a cunt full of cactus needles.

Michelle stumbled towards the bathroom to clean herself up, only Michael approaching the unconscious Anna. He removed the cactus as gently as he could, (but couldn’t get all the barbs out of her; she’d have to carefully remove them sobbing in the shower that night), and he took the staple remover to tear the metal piercings out of her titflesh, dabbing at the fleshwounds with paper towels until their bleeding slowed. She was still out cold, making the work a bit easier for him to not have to worry about her screaming or squirming.

“Don’t bother with her, Mikey,” a voice said from behind him after a few minutes of work on Anna. He looked up to see Michelle standing there, still naked and bruised and bloodied, but she’d washed most of the sweat and blood off with the women’s room sink. She still looked like a busty amazon who’d been through Hell, and her one tit was still lopsidedly stretched and bruised. And she still looked wildly sexy to Michael.

She took his hand and pulled him against her, even if she winced when his chest touched her tenderized breast. “She’ll be fine. I’m the one who’s still awake, and I’m the one who’s horny as fuck from beating that bitch into her proper place.”

Michael was overwhelmed from the turn this day had taken, nodding and following her lead as she took his hand and led him to the empty back office.

She sat him down in the large cushy chair, kissing down his neck hard and passionately enough to almost qualify as bites, her little remaining lipstick and specks of Anna’s blood lingering wherever her lips touched. She unbuttoned his shirt and then his pants, weakly but firmly pulling them off and only bothering to get his slacks around his knees before she mounted him. She grinded against his uncontrollable hardon, her breasts bouncing hypnotically before him (even if they were at different heights, colors, and textures). Their deep, husky breathing filled the room at first, suddenly cut off by a pained gasp from Michelle.

“Slower!” she urged sharply, her body tensing up against him as he apparently hit an injured spot in her pussy. He eased up on the thrusting as she asked, her body slowly relaxing against him. He reached up to cup her breasts, holding them in his palms to ease their bouncing. Michelle gave another relieved sigh at this, the jiggling slowed by his balancing grip and causing less strain on her mammaries.

Her humping intensified, riding him with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was plenty loose from its extensive use earlier, with the coworkers and Steph using and abusing it already, but Michael still enjoyed how she rode him like she was in heat. Her loose right tit sagged until it threatened to overflow his fingers like the flesh was more liquid than solid, but she moaned and drooled as he softly teased her bruised nipple, left extremely sensitive after all the violent attention it had received. He adjusted his grip to firmly but gently rub at the torn muscles, massaging them and further easing her pain to let her focus on their wild lovemaking.

“That’s it, tiger,” she moaned, getting more into it as she rode him with increasing vigor. As her breathing seemed to reach a peak of rapid, high panting, she turned around to ride him in a reverse cowgirl, sitting on his lap and letting his cock stuff in and out of her as she gripped his hands, making them hold and rub over her swollen and wounded breasts as if praising her battle scars. She bounced and rode on him, her pleasently round ass bouncing in his lap and leaning back against him, grinding as hard as she could until the chair creaked beneath them.

She halted a moment and shivered, her nails digging suddenly into his hands. He felt a warmth rush over his cock, fearing he’d hurt her again when she slowly started grinding again. “That was just a little one. I’m not done yet,” she grunted as she kept sucking his cock into her stretched out cunt. “Keep fucking, big boy!”

The encouragement led Michael to grab hold of her hair, pounding himself deeper into her gaping womanhood. She arched her back at his increased aggression in their wild lovemaking, her mouth hanging open as she nodded and panted for air.

“Yes! Yes, just like that, daddy!” she urged. Micheal gave her an experimental swat on the ass, urging her to bounce and hump faster like a spurred on pony. She panted and writhed like she was suffocating, then let out a high, husky shout as he came inside her, her own snatch gushing just as heavily back in reply. She jerked spastically over his cock her loose snatch twitching as it tried to clench around him with its weak and stretched muscles, finally collapsing back into her arms.

“Oh god, that was just what I needed!” she gasped weakly, a rag doll in his arms. “How about you? How’s it feel to fuck a winner?”

Mike reached around and squeezed her sore breast to get her to shudder on his cock again. “Good for us both, I see.”

Anna, meanwhile, spent the night passed out on the carpet until the janitors found her, powerless and vulnerable and beaten. She finally limped her way home, never returning to the office. She didn’t have the strength or the courage to show her face there again, unable to face her tormentors or the coworkers who would judge her like a piece of meat that had been beaten into hamburger. Even when her wounds had healed and breasts repaired with some light surgery, she became a freelancer, working for the company from home rather than set foot near the women who had destroyed her body and her life. Steph’s power play had made her top bitch of the office, and no one quite got the nerve up to cross her path again.

The End

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