The Practical Joke by Karl Butters

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There’s a Glenn at every job. He’s the one who talks too loud, brags too much, always has a better story than the one you just told, and thinks he’s the smartest guy in whatever room he happens to be in. He also prides himself as a master practical joker, though few in the office would agree with his self-assessment. A summary of his practical joke highlights would include the time he brought a water gun and squirted me in the crotch region. It was right before I had a big meeting with a client. Then there was the time he poured ex-lax in my coffee cup. I was on the toilet for hours. In addition, I have to mention the time he removed some, structurally key, screws from my chair. It collapsed under my weight, causing me to fracture my arm. I took it all in stride, though, because I knew Glenn’s time would come.

After careful planning, today was going to be the day Glenn fell prey to a brilliant practical joke. His time had finally come.

“Hey, guys,” I called to Lewis and Tucker, my two closest friends in the office, “Come here if you want to see the funniest thing ever. This is going to be so funny.” I was giggling like a school girl.

“What so funny?” Lewis queried.

“Just watch my computer screen. This is going to be soooo funny.”

“Whatever, I’ve got work to do.” Tucker started to walk off.

“Go ahead and walk off and you are going to miss Glenn being pranked soooo good.” Glenn had pulled a few jokes on Lewis and Tucker also, so I knew that would get their attention.

“Okay, what’s the deal.” Tucker’s interest was piqued. “All I see is a picture of your living room.”

“That’s a live picture of my living room. My neighbor’s house was broken into last month, so a couple of days ago, I had HD security cameras installed throughout my house. Now I can keep an eye on the place when I’m at work or wherever.”

“Impressive, so what’s the prank?”

“It’s brilliant. Glenn went to eat lunch with his wife, like he does every Tuesday, so I asked him to stop by my house and pick up my brief case, which I conveniently forgot this morning. The front door is going to unlocked. When Glenn walks in, my wife is going to greet him in her sexiest lingerie. Remember when I invited the office over for the pool party? Glenn couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Remember?”

“She wore the red bikini.” Tucker nodded.

“Yeah, she was smoking.” Lewis added, lust in his eyes.

“I’m talking about Glenn, you jerks. He kept staring at her ass the whole time.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Tucker.

“I don’t get it,” said Lewis, “you’re sending him over there so he can see your wife in her lingerie. Why don’t you ever prank me?”

“Yeah,” Tucker agreed, “I don’t think you understand the concept of a practical joke.”

“You haven’t heard the whole plan yet. When he sees her, she is going to flirt with him and seduce him. According to the plan, Glenn will end up naked in my living room. Before anything sexual can happen, though, we’re going to call him on the phone and bust him. We’ll tell him that the whole office can see him on the surveillance camera and ask him what he’s doing, tell him he’s got a small wiener, that kind of stuff.”

“Brilliant,” said Tucker.

“And if nothing else happens, we get to see Staci in her underwear.” Added Lewis high fiving Tucker.

Some might ask how I convinced my wife to agree to this plan. It was easy. Staci’s a bored housewife, with a wicked sense of humor, and loves to act sexy. Also, it was her idea.

“Are you sure that Staci is fine with us watching?” Tucker asked.

“Oh yeah, no problem. She knew we needed an audience to make prank work. Besides, the office saw her wearing skimpier attire at the pool party.”

“That’s true but….”

“Quiet! He just walked in.”

“Anybody home? Staci, it’s Glenn, from your husband’s office.” Glenn said. “I guess no one’s home.” He walked over to the table, where I had left the briefcase.

“Hello, stud, what brings you here?” Staci asked with a seductive smile. I recognized the outfit as one I had given her last Valentine’s day. It was a black number that accentuated her black hair and dark eyes. The size 36C lacy bra encased her beautifully formed breasts. Thanks to the HD camera, I could make out her rigid nipples, pushing against her bra. Glenn, open mouth, stared at her magnificent tits for several moments, then his eyes moved down Staci’s bare stomach to her lacy G-string. Few women can pull off a G-string like Staci. Her round, shapely ass was a product of genetics and hours of aerobics and Staci was proud to show it off. With a hint of drool, dripping from his mouth, Glenn’s eyes moved down Staci’s shapely, tanned thighs and the silky, dark stockings she wore over her toned legs. The stiletto heels she wore really emphasized her calf muscles.

“I, uh, I uh….. briefcase.” He stuttered.

“You’re a briefcase?” Staci purred teasingly.

Glenn was struggling to focus on why he was there. “I came for your husband’s briefcase.”

“And you found me instead.”

“Lucky me.” Glenn whimpered. It was obvious he was trying to gather up any mojo he possessed, in order to properly deal with this situation.

“I’m glad you came. Ever since the pool party, I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind.”

“Is that a fact.”

“It is. It most definitely is a fact. I can still picture you in that stylish speedo, the water glistening on your muscled torso. You made quite an impression.”

“You made an impression me as well.”

“Glenn, you have to go back to work soon. Are you going to do something or are you going to just stand there gaping?”

“I’m not gaping. Smirking . . . maybe. Grinning . . . possibly. But gaping . . . definitely not gaping. And if I am gaping, I deserve to be gaping, even though I’m not.”

“Listen Glenn, we can do this standing. Or we can do it lying down. We just have to do it soon.”

“Yes, ma’am.” That was all it took. Glenn started ripping off his clothes like they were on fire.

“That’s our cue.” I said as I reached over and picked up the phone.

“What is going on here!” A voice said from my living room. Staci’s sexy mouth dropped and Glenn, turning around, looked like a deer in headlights. At first, we couldn’t see who was talking and then Glenn’s wife, Kara, stepped into the room.

“What is Kara doing there?” I asked.

“They had lunch together, remember?” replied Tucker.

“Yeah, but I assumed her would have taken separate vehicles.”

“Glenn’s car is in the shop. Kara had to drive him to work today.”

“That would have been helpful info 10 minutes ago.”

“I didn’t know what you were planning 10 minutes ago.”

“Hush, guys,” Lewis interrupted, “You’re missing this.”

“You bitch, you slut, you stupid cunt.” Kara was clearly mad.

“Listen, Kara, this is all a misunderstanding,” said Staci.

“Yeah, a misunderstanding, that’s what this is,” said Glenn.

“Shut up, Glenn,” Kara hissed, “I’ll deal with you later.” Glenn slunk toward the couch.

“Listen to me Kara, it was all joke,” Staci said, “Just let me explain.”

“No explanation needed. I was standing in the doorway and heard everything.”

“But you don’t understand, it was just a joke.”

“So, trying to have an affair with my husband is just a joke to you.”

By this point, Kara had moved within a few feet of her. Staci, clearly, did not want a physical confrontation with Kara, but it wasn’t because she was afraid of the angry redhead. With her looks and flirty disposition, my wife had been in a few fights in her time. They all had happened before we had married, but I had seen one of her fights. In it, she showed she could defend herself. Plus, at 5’8 and 135 lbs., Staci had a size advantage. In normal footwear, she stood several inches over Kara, but in her stilettos, she towered over the redhead. Though her body had softened a little over the years, Staci’s skimpy lingerie still showed off plenty of muscle tone. Kara, on the other hand, weighed a lean 115 lbs. Her body was nice, but appeared to lack the strength displayed in Staci’s shapely curves. Kara had one advantage. While Staci wasn’t dressed for fighting, Kara wore more appropriate attire. She had on a white tank top, cut off jean shorts and tennis shoes.

“If only you’d listen,” Staci said.

“I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.” Kara slapped Staci across her beautiful face. Staci put her hand to her cheek as she stumbled back a few steps.

“Okay, maybe I deserved that but…” Kara slapped her again, with the other hand.

Tucker turned to me. “We’ve got to do something.”

“Hold on a moment.” I said, not knowing what to do. My house was a good 20 minutes away, so by the time I got there, Kara and Glenn would be long gone. Besides, ever since I had seen Staci in a fight, I had been fantasizing about seeing her in another.

Kara went to slap Staci again, but my wife, deftly, grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back.

“See.” I said, suddenly sounding confident. “No problem. Staci has it under control.”

“Kara, don’t make me hurt you.”

“Let me loose.”

“I’ll let you loose, if you promise to calm down and let me explain.” Kara struggled some more and cursed some more, but she couldn’t break loose from Staci. Watching Staci dominate Kara like this was a major turn on. I was recording this and knew it would be a major part of mine and Staci’s sex life for the next few weeks. Finally, Kara gave up struggling.

“Okay, I’m calm.” Kara didn’t really look calm, but Staci released her anyways. Big mistake. She lunged at my wife, grabbing her long, dark hair. Tottering on her heels, Staci was easily driven into the wall, her head whipped from side to side. She grabbed Kara’s hands and tried to pull them from her raven locks. After much effort and the loss of several strands of hair, Staci broke Kara’s grip and pushed her backward, bending the redhead over the arm of the couch. The camera gave us a great view. As she bent over Kara, Staci’s ass was tilted upwards towards the camera. It wiggled erotically, as she struggled to keep Kara restrained.

“Your wife is a bad ass.” Lewis said. I’m not sure if he was talking about her fighting skills or literally her ass.

Staci was in control, as Kara struggled, futilely, to buck her off. I was more concerned with Glenn, than I was Kara. But he was neither rooting for his wife or threatening to intervene. Instead he appeared to be mesmerized by the events.

Kara was able to raise a foot up between her and my wife and push my wife off. Staci stumbled backwards, unsteadily on her heels. Before my wife could get her balance, Kara was able to land several punches. Staci appeared hurt, but was able to raise her hands in defense, minimizing the effect of any more blows. Again, Staci appeared to be in trouble, but once again was able to muscle her way out of danger. She grabbed Kara’s shoulders and pushed her down to the floor. Kara may have been quicker than Staci anyways, but with her damned high heels on, my wife appeared to be moving in slow motion. Before Staci could capitalize on her advantage, Kara dived at Staci’s legs, tackling my raven haired beauty to the floor. My wife fell hard, hitting her head and appeared stunned. Before my wife could throw her off, Kara had slid up onto Staci’s stomach. Raising up onto her knees, Kara began pummeling my wife’s face. Staci was definitely in trouble now.

I was conflicted inside, as I watch my wife get beaten. While I never wanted to see my wife suffering, it was strangely erotic seeing her legs flail about feebly as she tried to defend herself. I’ve never before seen a woman make her appear so vulnerable. Should I be enjoying this?

Finally, Staci was able to push Kara off. When Kara lunged back toward Staci, my wife made good use of stilettos, kicking Kara in the face. For the first time in the fight, Kara was actually hurt. She wiped her lip and felt blood. This gave Staci time to recover and get back on her feet. Her sexy legs, still looked a little wobbly.

“You bitch,” Kara said, as she rose to her feet, “Your stupid heels cut my lip.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you, Kara, but you gave me no choice. You need to leave now, before you get hurt worse.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I’m not leaving until this is settled.”

Kara leapt toward Staci, her momentum drove my wife into the wall. This time they both started throwing punches, but at close range neither were able to do much damage. Staci’s fighting skills were rusty, but was able to demonstrate some proficiency, as she drove a knee into Kara’s stomach. With Kara doubled over, Staci grabbed the back of her tank top and pulled it over the redhead’s face, both blinding her and restraining her arms. My wife was able to land a few more knees, before Kara was able to rip away. In the process of pulling away, Kara left her top in Staci’s hands. Her white bra had become dislodged and was wrapped around her neck. Instead of taking time to readjust it, she simply slipped it off and tossed it aside. Her breasts, though smaller than Staci’s, were still cute and perky and appeared to be about a size 32B.

“Nice rack,” said a feminine voice. I turned around and saw Bailee, a cute blonde from accounting. I started to try and come up with a good explanation for what we’re watching, but couldn’t think of anything rational. Besides, she seemed to be enjoying the action and wasn’t waiting for an explanation.

Again, Kara lunged for my wife, but this time Staci was ready and caught her with a jab. Kara was tiring and hurt from the knee shots and wasn’t moving as quickly. She tried to trade punches with Staci but, with my wife’s superior reach and strength, Kara got the worse of the exchanges. Staci was able to land several solid punches and the redhead was reeling.

With Staci in control, Kara tried a different tactic. Instead of charging Staci, she decided to keep her distance and let Staci come to her. Every time my wife got close enough to strike, Kara would duck or dodge her punch and move away.

“One more good punch and this fight is over.” Tucker said.

“Yep,” added Lewis, “I think Staci has this one in the bag.”

“It’s a shame,” said Bailee, “I was hoping for a better fight. Kara is a total wimp.”

After several minutes of chasing Kara, Staci still hadn’t landed a good punch and was getting winded in the process. Her heavy breasts were heaving within the constraints of her bra. But Staci was a patient fighter and knew it was a matter of time before she would knock her foe out.

Kara knew this also, and knew she couldn’t run forever. Staci threw a hard right; which Kara was able to dip under. Throwing her shoulder into Staci, Kara was able to pin her against the wall. She wrapped her arms around my wife’s waist and tried to throw her to the ground. Staci was too strong though and was able to resist, while also trying push Kara off her. Kara desperately hung on, trying to maintain what little advantage she had attained. If Staci could break Kara’s hold, she would be in range of a knockout punch. My wife’s flawless body glistened with perspiration from the struggle and Kara began losing her hold around Staci’s slippery waist. Desperately, Kara reached out and grabbed Staci’s bra, pulling it down in the struggle. First Staci’s left, then her right boob popped out. They jiggled up and down for a moment as they fell free of the bra.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” said Bailee. She was enjoying this way too much.

Staci’s hands instinctively shot up to cover her exposed breasts. This left her wide-open and Kara took advantage by landing several uppercuts to Staci’s tummy. Staci grunted loudly, as the wind left her body. Before Kara could do any more harm, Staci grabbed her in a bear hug and held her tight while she tried to catch her breath. With the height difference, the bear hug turned into a breast smother. Kara struggled to breathe, as her faced was sandwiched between my wife’s plump breasts. The redhead grabbed hold of the back of Staci’ panties and pulled on them. I’m not sure if it was out of an intentional strategy or wild desperation, but Kara caused Staci obvious discomfort as the thin material wedged itself along Staci’s pussy. My wife squirmed, as her G-string sliced into her soft flesh. I had to marvel at the video quality, when Bailee pointed out Staci’s obvious camel toe.

In a good news, bad news scenario, Staci’s G-string ripped in half. While alleviating the distressed caused to her inner thigh region, this left Staci totally exposed. I wanted to cover up the computer screen, as my wife’s secret places were displayed to everyone watching. This included Glenn, whose eyes were bugging out of his head as he strained to check out my wife’s uncovered body.

With Kara unable to hold on by her panties, Staci was able to push her away. Instead of trying to finish Kara off, or at least trying to punish her for destroying her sexy underwear, Staci tried to flee the room. Being stripped naked seemed to take the fight out of her. She knew she was being filmed and wanted to go hide.

Kara wasn’t going to let her go, though. She quickly overtook my wife and they began grappling in the middle of the room. Unsteady on her heels, once again Staci fell to the floor. Kara followed her to the ground and quickly mounted her. Staci kicked her feet frantically as she tried to throw Kara off. My wife had been able to throw her off easily before, but this time Kara landed several really hard punches. I waited for Staci to toss her, but Kara maintained her position of dominance, pummeling my wife’s pretty face. If I had not been so concerned for my wife, I may have noticed how sexy her shapely legs looked, as they flailed about desperately. Kara continued to land blow after blow and my wife seemed helpless to stop her. It seemed only seconds ago, Staci was on the verge of winning. I still thought Staci was going to win. At any moment she would flip Kara off and finish the fight.

“Stop, stop!” Staci screamed, “You win! I’m sorry, please stop.” Staci started sobbing loudly, as Kara continued her onslaught. “Please, I will do anything, just stop! You’re hurting me! Please! Please!”

Finally, Kara stopped the abuse and rolled off Staci. After catching her breath, she rose to her feet. Seemingly enjoying the moment, she stood over my beaten wife. I was stunned as I watched my wife lay there in defeat. Her hands covered her battered face, her normally exquisite body was spattered with cuts and bruises and her stockings were in tatters.

“You thought you were woman enough to steal my man. You’re pathetic.” Kara taunted. She reached down and grabbed Staci by her long, flowing mane and yanked her to her knees. Staci’s once gorgeous face was bloodied. Her mascara streaked her face and tears flowed freely. Kara took her chin and turned her face toward Glenn. “She’s not so hot now, is she?” Glenn just gulped and nodded.

“Please, just let me go.” Staci whimpered pathetically.

“What fun would that be.” Kara had a sadistic look on her face. “Just a minute ago, you said you’d do anything if I stopped. I thought I would take you up on that offer.”

“Glenn, please make her stop. Please.”

“Glenn’s not going to help you. No one’s going to help you. You’re all alone, bitch.” Staci begun crying again. I’d hoped Glenn would do the right thing and help my poor wife, but she just sat there. Wearing only his boxers, Glenn was sporting a major boner and appeared to be enjoying the moment.

“Let’s clean you up a bit,” said Kara, “You look disgusting.” Kara picked up Staci’s ragged G-string and wiped her face off. Then she stuffed the blood and tear soaked panty in Staci’s mouth. “Maybe that will shut your blubbering.” After completely removing Staci’s bra, she grabbed a handful of my wife’s glistening, voluptuous breast. “Your face is a mess, but I have to say you do have a nice body.” I could hear Staci whimpering despite her gag, as Kara roughly handled her swollen tits.

With one hand, she continued to fondle Staci’s left breast, with the other hand she removed the G-string from my wife’s mouth. She took Staci’s chin and lifted her stooped head up, so she could smirk triumphantly in her face. “In a strange, pitiful way, you look so sweet and adorable this way. You should always look so good.” She then kissed Staci on the mouth crushing her puffy lips painfully.

“Ooh, you bitch,” Staci said, “Stop that.”

Kara laughed. “You know, you will be okay… once I teach you some manners.” Then she grabbed Staci by the hair and forced my battered wife up on her feet again. Her long, shapely legs trembled in distress, as Kara marched to the couch. Kara sat down and then plopped my wife’s bruised body over her. Staci’s solidly rounded, bottom cheeks thrust boldly in the air. Kara gave Staci a stinging slap across the behind.

Tearfully, Staci screamed out, “Ooww! Don’t do that! Let me go!”

Kara laughed and spanked her several more times. “You need to get it through your head, that you don’t tell me what to do.” She spanked her a couple more times. “I will do whatever I want to you, whenever I want to do it. Do you understand?” Staci didn’t respond so Kara spanked her a couple more times. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Staci whimpered, “I understand.”

“Good.” She patted Staci’s well-built behind, running her hand over her trembling buttocks. The fleshy mounds shivered nervously at her touch. Kara trailed her middle finger along the tight crevice that divided the soft, curving flesh. Staci winced visibly.

I was hoping the worse was over for my wife. She was defeated, humiliated, and totally submissive. Surely, Kara and Glenn would now leave. Unfortunately, the worst was still to come.

What happened next shocked me. Kara shoved her hand between Staci’s taut thighs, forcibly separating them. Boldly, she thrust deeper, until she reached the apex of Staci’s legs. Staci tried to squeeze her legs together, but she didn’t have the strength to deny Kara’s frightening invasion. Kara touched and fingered Staci’s pussy, and then she thrust her index and middle fingers deep inside. Staci shrieked in vain protest, at Kara’s blatant, shocking violation of her body. Her arms thrashed furiously, as she tried to protect the entrance of her femininity.

“Glenn, get her arms.” Kara ordered. Glenn grabbed her arms and pinned them to his thighs. Staci was helpless to stop Kara as she thrust her thumb deep into Staci’s tightly clenched little anus. This drove Staci nearly insane. She struggled and shook fiercely, but Glenn’s grip was too secure to be broken. “You like this don’t you, you little pervert?”

“No… I don’t. Please stop.” Staci responded miserably.

“Oh, I bet you love this.” Kara continued to work her fingers deep inside Staci’s body. “But why should you have all the fun. After all, I’m the winner. You’re just a slutty loser.” She removed her fingers and wiped them condescendingly on the small of Staci’s back. She stood up, sending my wife flopping onto the floor. “Now I’m going to show you what a real woman looks like.” Unzipping her shorts, she dropped them to the floor.

“Yyyeeesss.” Lewis said. The 4 of us were glued to the computer monitor. Kara had no idea that she had an audience, as she sexily slid her panties down her thighs. I had never paid a lot of attention to Kara before. She had an average face, to go with her average personality. When she was fully clothed, there was nothing about her body that stood out. Seeing her naked though, she was awfully impressive. In contrast to my wife’s tanned, shapely body, Kara’s pale body was tight and lean. Her pink tipped breasts, though not large, were firm and well formed. She had solid abs, that made Staci’s midsection appear soft in comparison. Though she wouldn’t be confused for a body builder, her arms and legs had the toned look of someone who knew their way around the gym. Thanks to the crystal clear HD cameras, we could see her incredible, taut body in all of its delicious details. From her lightly freckled shoulders, to the faint wisps of downy curls between her soft thighs, to her toe nails painted a bright pink.

“Now, bitch, it’s my time to have fun,” she said sitting down, “Not that I didn’t have fun kicking your skanky ass.”

My wife looked up with her sad, doey eyes, obviously confused.

“You really are a stupid bitch, aren’t you?” Kara said then grabbed Staci’s hair. She roughly pulled Staci’s head up and towards her, until the raven haired beauty was kneeling before her, face in the juncture of Kara’s thighs. “Get to eating, bitch.”

“No, I can’t.” Staci pleaded. “Please, just let me go.”

WHAAACK! Kara gave Staci a hard slap sending her crashing backwards onto the floor. Then she pulled Staci back up by the hair.

“Are you ready to eat now?”

“I… I can’t.” Staci was crying again.

Kara reared her hand back to slap Staci again, but my wife quickly shielded her face with her hands. The vicious redhead simply shrugged and grabbed Staci’s tits. Staci screamed out as Kara pinched and twisted her swollen breasts.

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, right.” Kara laughed, as she continued to torture Staci’s sweetly curved mounds of flesh.

“We’ve got to stop this.” Said Tucker.

“What do you suggest we do?” I asked. “We’re too far away to get there in time.

“I don’t know,” said Tucker, “We could call the police.”

“Sure, call the police,” said Bailee, as Staci continued to wail and beg, “Of course, you will have to tell them about the video and, of course, they’ll want to see it; for evidence you know. Beside the fact you will have a lot more strangers checking out your wife’s naked body, they will also see that your wife was trying to entice Glenn to have an affair. All Kara was doing was defending her marriage. They would not be very sympathetic towards your wife.” She had a point.

“It was just a practical joke.” I mumbled quietly, as my wife continued to be tortured.

Finally, Staci couldn’t take any more. “Okay, okay,” she cried, “Just please stop.” She closed her eyes and timidly stuck out her tongue. Kara, impatiently, shoved Staci’s face in her crotch. My wife began licking the edges of Kara’s pussy lips, before gently sliding her tongue inside her conqueror.

“That’s it,” said Kara, obviously aroused, “keep working it. Deeper though, I want you deeper.” She stressed her point by twisting handfuls of Staci’s hair. Staci pressed her face tighter against Kara’s womanhood, struggling to slide her tongue further within the redhead. Though moving reluctantly at first, Staci became more aggressive as she vigorously worked her tongue in the tight depths of Kara’s pussy. “Yes… that’s it… yes… yes…” Kara slumped back on the couch, as she moaned passionately. Slowly, the moaning increased in volume and intensity as the redhead’s body tightened in an orgasm. Staci had a look of relief, hoping Kara would now leave. Kara had other plans.

“Glenn… I need a break. She’s all yours.”

“Really?” Glenn asked, sensing a trap. “I mean you’re the only one I – “

“Shut up, Glenn. I know you want her and it’s ok. As long as I give you permission, it’s fine.”

With that, Glenn whipped his boxers off. With the gentleness of an ape in heat, he grabbed my wife’s head and pulled her to him. Staci knew she had no choice, so she reluctantly parted her swollen lips, allowing Glenn to insert his hot flesh inside her mouth. This was the worst part for me. It was one thing for Kara to have her way with Staci. Deep down, that was even a little sexy. But watching Glenn humiliate Staci was pure torture. Also, I didn’t want to judge Staci for how she was handling an unpleasant situation, but she seemed to be a little to spirited in her handling of Glenn’s engorged member. Fortunately, Glenn was already so aroused, he climaxed quickly, exploding in her mouth and all over her face. Staci gagged and choked, as Glenn’s despicable seed slid down her throat.

The three rested for moment, Glenn and Kara recovering from their intense pleasurable orgasms, while Staci collapsed in a pile on the floor, a beaten and crushed woman. After catching her breath, Kara stood up, overlooking Staci.

“You really are a train wreck. I have to admit, when I first walked in, you were looking damn sexy. But now, you’re just a pretty little mess. In fact, you look utterly pitiful.” Kara said, giving Staci a look of derision. “Glenn, grab her. I can’t stand looking at her. She needs to get cleaned up and looking half way respectable again… before we can have some more fun.”

Glenn picked up Staci, grunting as he threw her over his shoulder. “She weighs a lot more than she looks,” he said, as he rubbed his hand up and down Staci’s smooth thighs.

“Most of her weight’s in her fat ass.” Kara said as she slapped Staci’s bottom, setting off ripples in both cheeks. My wife could only respond with a muffled moan.

They took her into the bathroom. We couldn’t see inside, but could hear the shower being turned on. “You’ve got 5 minutes to get yourself cleaned up.” I heard Kara tell her. The evil duo came out of the bathroom and went to couch where they sat and embraced. They spent the next 5 minutes gloating about what they had done and making out. It was obvious the two were both still quite excited and aroused. After several minutes, they went back to the bathroom to retrieve my vanquished spouse.

“Time’s up bitch,” Kara said, entering the bathroom, “Time to have some more fun.” When they exited, they had Staci on all fours, walking like a dog. Kara had a handful of Staci’s long, black hair, pulling her forward. Glenn followed from behind, with a towel in his hand. Every few steps, he would smack my wife’s ass. I saw red when I realized, he appeared to be aiming for the slit between her thighs. He laughed every time he hit dead center in my wife’s delicate softness, inducing a pitiful squeal from her.

Kara and Staci were two contrasting visions of sexiness. The redhead walked with supreme confidence, knowing she was in complete control. She had an erotic air emanating from her as she slinked across the room, followed by her two love slaves. Staci was beaten, humiliated and humbled, but still looked sexy. Her sensual body was exposed and vulnerable, and she was forced to comply with Kara’s every whim.

Kara glided onto the couch, laying on her back. Staci was forced over the armrest, with her face in between Kara’s creamy thighs. She knew what she had to do and began licking and caressing the outer pussy lips with her tongue, before inserting it into the warmth of Kara’s moist womanhood.

As Kara settled back to enjoy my wife’s tongue, Glenn came up from behind and grabbed her hips. Using his thumbs, he spread wide Staci’s butt cheeks, and rammed his cock in to her anus.

“No!” Staci squealed, semi-defiantly. Her resistance ended quickly, as Kara crammed Staci’s face back between her legs, muffling any further protests.

Staci is very open, sexually, but she has always drawn a line at anal sex. I’ve always wanted to have anal sex, even pleaded and tried to bargain with her, but she wouldn’t budge on the issue. Now I was watching Glenn grind his engorged member into Staci’s virgin ass. He wasn’t being gentle either, as he slammed his thrusting hips into my wife’s well-rounded bottom repeatedly. Kara kept her hands on the back of Staci’s head, pressing my wife’s mouth into the flesh between Kara’s legs. Glenn climaxed first, shooting his load into Staci’s defenseless anus. It took Kara a little longer to be satisfied, but finally, she climaxed as well. She lay back, allowing Staci to crumple to the floor.

After a few minutes of quiet breathing, Kara looked over at Glenn.

“Do you have anything left, stud?”

“Oh yeah.”

He slid on top of Kara and the two made love on my couch. I knew I would have to get rid of that piece of furniture. After they finished, they put their clothes on and left. They ignored Staci, who still lay on the floor, her face glistening with Kara’s pussy juices, while cum dripped down her butt cheeks and thighs. As soon as they left, Staci crawled to the door and locked it. She rested against the door for several minutes, before getting up and walking to the bathroom and turning on the shower.

The four of us didn’t say much as I turned off the monitor. They went back to work in awkward silence. When they did not think I was paying attention, they would share giddy looks and smiles. Glenn called in sick, said he got food poisoning from lunch. That was probably for the best, because I might have killed him. I definitely needed time to cool down.

I left work as soon as I could. Staci met me at the door and jumped into my arms. She apologized for what had happened and, of course, I told her it wasn’t her fault. She kept me the close the rest of the day, like she was afraid Kara and Glenn would return.

Eventually, things got back to normal. Somewhat. I expected Staci to need years of counseling and to never want to have sex again. But, in actuality, her sex drive seemed to increase. She even enjoyed talking about getting revenge on Kara and all the wicked things she had planned for the redhead. I have a few things planned for Glenn also. But there is nothing kinky about what I have planned for him.

The End

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