The Property Line by Sidekick

Laura Linville stood in front of her sliding glass patio door surveying the wide, green. lush lawn in back of her house. The sun was mercifully going down. She had just come in from a bit of gardening and she languished by one of the air vents letting the coolness of the AC slide over her. It was hot. It was damn hot! But there was no use complaining about the heat in Atlanta in August. Besides, it wasn’t the heat so much as the humidity she thought, chuckling to herself. Laura could feel her shorts soaked in sweat and clinging to her shapely ass.

The rear lawn could have been featured in “Better Homes and Gardens”. It was green, well kept and well stocked with just the right amount of flowers and ornamental plants of various kinds. Laura gulped down another drink of water and then looked with strange satisfaction at the ugly bare patch at the side of the yard by the property line. The lawn was torn up there as if someone had been digging for utility work. It was really quite an eyesore but Laura let a little smile cross her face as she looked at the circular area of damage. Then feeling the sweat running down the back of her neck, she gulped in one more drink of cold water before turning for a much-needed shower. She left a trail of soaked clothing through the house as she stripped on her way to the master bedroom. There were certain advantages to living alone. She stopped just a few seconds to admire herself in the full-length mirror before turning on the shower. Her jet black hair was tied up in back to allow as much breeze as possible to caress her neck. And she remained quite proud of the figure she saw reflected there. Most women were extremely critical of every little physical fault. Some she knew were almost afraid to look at themselves naked in a mirror. Laura was not one of those. In another life she might have been a model; not that she was the slightest bit interested in such a lifestyle. Anyway, she was much too old for that now. At the ripe old age of 36, she was climbing the corporate ladder very successfully and loving the life of an urban, independent, wealthy woman. After the shower, she flopped on her queen-sized bed and cat napped in the cool and comfortable air.

Rising after about 45 minutes, she put on a pair of white cotton bikini panties and a comfortable bra. It was simply too hot to wear any more. Laura flopped into the large chair at her desk in front of her computer and clicked open the brief she was writing for the Senior VP, due in just a couple of days. She became engrossed in the report, typing away until well into the evening. Finally she put it aside and ventured into the kitchen in search of a little snack. She always took her large meal earlier in the day, preferring just a snack in the evening. A light salad she had left in the refrigerator the day before was just the ticket and she carried it out onto the back deck and sat in the lounge chair facing the back of her property.

Even though it was now dark, the heat and humidity had not seemed to lessen in the slightest. And tonight there was not a hint of air moving in the North West Atlanta suburb. Laura had just been in the shower 2 hours ago and already she felt like she needed another one. She should stay inside in the AC and be cool. But there was something compelling and inviting about a hot summer night. She had always been strangely attracted to the dark stillness. Since childhood she had never been afraid of the dark. It was mysterious and fascinating to her. She loved to be out with the darkness and the heat blanketing her, hiding her as if she were a part of the natural surroundings. Besides, it was Friday night and she had other plans for the evening.

She did not keep any outside lights on, preferring to wander into her back yard in just her underwear to smell the mixed odors of flowers, grass and pine which were in close proximity to the house. The only house close by was some 50 yards away. There was no horde of prying neighbors to worry about. No one could see her and she felt the relatively cool grass under her feet as she strolled toward the side of the yard. Presently she felt the grass disappear as her feet stepped across the bare dirt of the bad patch in the yard. It must have been some 20 feet in diameter. She walked toward the center, stepping easily over the ruts and indentations scaring the area. As she had done many times before, she sat down on the ground and and
listened and enjoyed the solitude of the moment.

After about 10 minutes she heard the slamming of a screen door coming from the neighbor’s house. Rising, she peered through the darkness at the figure approaching and felt the goose bumps on her skin in spite of the insufferable heat. In just a few moments she was joined by another woman walking cautiously into the bare ground which straddled their property lines. The two could barely see each other in the dark, but Laura knew that the woman was about her height and age with blonde hair. She was also dressed in only her underwear and Laura felt the butterflies rise in her stomach as they approached each other slowly on the dirt. As they came closer they began to slide in a circle. They could see each other’s familiar faces now. Laura could not suppress a little smile as they stopped with their noses only inches apart.

As the two women stared at each other, Laura could feel a drop of sweat running down her back. She had left her hair down after her shower earlier. The crickets were loudly singing all around them. By some hidden agreement or signal the two raised their arms and roughly grabbed two fists full of each other’s hair. They began pulling gently but with increasing pressure. In just a moment both their heads were pulled back painfully and they began to stagger around each other on the dirt. Their bodies smacked together and pulled apart over and over as they tried to jerk each other’s hair out. In just a few minutes they were both sweating profusely and beginning to breath hard. They bent over at the waist and kicked at each other as they pulled and jerked hair. They staggered around in a violent dance and thrashed wildly before falling to the ground with a thump. Instantly they locked their legs around one another and began rolling over and over. The dirt was clinging to their sweat soaked bodies. They began to slug each others bodies with one fist while still jerking hair. Laura could feel her sweaty underwear clinging to her as she fought.

In a few more minutes both women began to have a hard time keeping hold of their hair because it was soaked in sweat. Laura felt a fist slam into her left breast and she let out a groan as the pain shot through her. The women let go of their hair and rolled away momentarily before scrambling to their knees and launching themselves at each other.

Two dirty bodies smacked together and they pummeled each others breasts and sides and faces with their fists for about 30 seconds. Then exhausted, they slumped down on their heels to rest their arms and watch each other warily. Their chests were heaving as they sucked in some needed air. When Laura saw her opponent rise back onto her knees she also scooted forward and the women grabbed each other tightly and wrestled each other to the ground again. The rolled over, stopped on their sides and reached out to get a choke hold on each other’s throat. Then for the next few moments they choked each other and squeezed with their legs. They slowly turned over with Laura on the bottom. Laura took one hand and moved it to the woman’s face trying to scratch her eyes. She batted her hand away and they began to wildly slap and punch at each other before locking up on their sides in a choking hold once again.

Then the clinking of something mechanical could be heard in the distance and the powerful spray of water began to spray from sprinkler heads buried all over the yard. The sprinklers were on a timer and set to start in the relative cool of the evening this time of year. The spitting sounds of the turning mechanisms began to work as they moved in circles. The two sweaty fighting women were very quickly drenched in water as they continued to choke each other. Laura welcomed the coolness of the water which poured over her. She smacked her knee hard between the legs of the other woman and heard and felt the water splat as hard knee contacted soft pussy flesh. The woman cried out in pain and they two began to wrestle wildly. They slipped and slid as they tried to control each other and covered themselves in mud.

Laura loved the sticky feel of the mud as their bodies struggled. They could scarcely hold each other anymore. And after several futile minutes of wrestling they rolled away from each other and tried to catch their breath. All Laura could see was a human female form covered in mud from head to toe. But in just a minute that form struggled to slip and slide to its feet. Laura also got up and they two began to advance on each other once again. They both put up their fists and held a challenging pose for a few seconds. Then they cautiously began to throw well aimed and careful punches at each other. They were having trouble keeping their balance if they punched to hard. But they stayed close and worked each others stomachs, breasts and sides. Occasionally one would go for the head, usually missing.

Laura loved this close, slow fist fighting. Every few seconds the spray from one of the sprinklers would gush over them and move on in a circle. It was thrilling to hear the sound of each punch and feel her fist cut into the soft flesh of the other women. But Laura also felt a strange excitement as her opponent’s fists hit her as well. The two women slugged at each other’s bodies. They they began to hunt for each other’s heads. They tried to hold onto hair as they punched each other in the face. The women enjoyed the violent, lusty confrontation as they had done regularly almost since they had known each other.

After several minutes of viscous punching, they inevitably slipped and fell with a “splat”. Both women rolled over on their backs and lay resting for several minutes. Then slowly crawling to their knees and then their feet, they followed each other to the side of Laura’s house. They each took turns hosing the mud off each other. Then the women slowly climbed the stairs to the deck and plopped into a chair
to rest. Speaking the first words between them then this evening, Laura said, “Fuck Cindy, it’s hot as hell out here tonight”! They each rubbed sore and bruised muscles. Laura looked at the clock on the kitchen wall through the sliding glass door and saw it was almost 11:30pm.

She and Cindy had spent every Friday night like this for the last six weeks. The two had argued about planting some bushes along their shared property line right after Cindy had moved in the last week of June. Laura had never met anyone who had the effect Cindy did on her. They disliked each other instantly. And they were just like oil and water — they just didn’t mix. It was like hearing a fingernail scratching across a black board when Cindy was around. They didn’t agree on anything. But there was more. There was something perversely attractive about her. It made her jealous. It made her crazy. They had a little shoving and hair pulling match on the first afternoon they met. Laura was still seething the following morning. And after marching next door, they two women had a violent catfight, almost destroying Cindy’s living room. As fate would have it, the two were
also a physical match. They had to finally stop fighting when they were just too tired to continue. Cindy called on the phone later that evening and the two women argued and cursed each other for some 20 minutes. Finally agreeing they wanted another catfight, Cindy insisted it would have to be outside. And thus, they met that night on the property line. And they had made it a weekly contest that each
secretly wanted to continue.

Cindy screwed up her face and pulled her wet and muddy panties out of the crack of her ass. Laura slipped of her bra and wished for a cool breeze to find her sore breasts. Then, looking at each other with disdain, they both sighed and stripped off their remaining clothing. It did little good in cooling them off. They just sat, rested and sweated for the next several minutes.

“I’m going to plant those bushes tomorrow”, said Cindy. “The hell you are”, answered Laura. “Just try it, bitch! I’ll show you where you can put those bushes”. “Yeah well just watch me”, Cindy said as she rose gingerly to her feet. She noticed a puddle of sweat was left on her seat. She gathered her panties and bra and turned to see Laura rising from her chair. The women stared at each other. Laura begrudgingly admired Cindy’s shapely form. But she cursed the day this infuriating woman moved in next to her. She felt envy, lust, hate and excitement all at the same time. She realized her fists were clenched tightly and she was breathing harder. A big drop of sweat rolled down her neck and between her breasts.

Cindy felt the silent challenge as well. She also admired the black haired beauty standing naked in front of her. But she hated that they were neighbors. All they had done together since she moved in was fight. The hot Georgia air just sat on them as they stared each other down. Cindy noticed Laura’s nipples were hard and sticking way out.

“Fuck, that bitch wants more”, she thought and almost smiled. Laura took a step toward her and Cindy dropped her underwear. The two women launched themselves at each other and buried their hands in each other’s hair.

Their bodies leaned against each other as they pulled their heads back painfully. They felt their hard nipples pressing into each other and they stumbled around the deck trying to pull their heads off. They complemented each other as they struggled. “Bitch!”, “Cunt!”, “Slut!”, “Dyke!”. Laura felt the butterflies return to her stomach and the goosebumps return to her skin. She genuinely enjoyed fighting with Cindy.

They two began to throw knees into each other as they pulled hair. Their bodies slipped and squished together as they struggled drenched in sweat once again. Reaching a position of relative stability, they each took one hand and began slugging each other with rapid fire succession. After several minutes they were both winded and their arms seemed to be on fire. They couldn’t punch anymore and resumed their viscous hair pulling. Then, falling over the table and onto the
deck, they tangled their legs and reached out to choke each other. Over and over they banged their heads on the hard deck. Starting to see stars, Laura slammed her knee between Cindy’s legs and felt a very satisfying “squish” as it landed. She heard Cindy yell and damn if it didn’t feel good! But then she felt the pain of two sets of finger nails digging into her soft tit flesh.

“Aggggghhhhhh!”, she cried out and turned to scratch Cindy’s tits in revenge. The two laid on their sides in a perverse kind of stalemate. They had locked their nails painfully into their tits and their leg locks would ensure neither was getting away from the other.

For long minutes they lay there with their noses just inches apart. They defiantly stared each other down and cursed and spit and sweated profusely.

As the pace of the fight slowed, both felt waves of exhaustion coming over them. Slowly now they tried to punch each other while remaining locked together. They rolled over, bumped into the table and fell away from each other simply too tired to continue. It was about 12:30 am and they had been fighting off and on for about two hours. It took about ten minutes for Cindy to recover sufficiently to rise very slowly and gather up her underwear once again. She looked back as she was descending the stairs to the lawn to see Laura still lying naked on the deck floor, propped up on her elbows. “I’ll see you next Friday night, cunt!”. “Yes you will”, answered Laura. She painfully got to her feet and looked out over the night as Cindy disappeared into the darkness of her own yard. Once again she looked fondly on the ugly muddy spot by the property line, where the two of them would satisfy their primitive urges on another warm night.

The End

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