The Silent Partner by JB57

Roberta Velendez was a gorgeous woman. She knew this, of course. She had been praised for, and benefited from, her beauty all of her life. Her dark hair and dark eyes complemented her olive complexion. She was tall, with dark, curly, shoulder-length hair. Her spectacular body had been her greatest gift. As soon as she had turned 18, she had entered the world of nude modeling; in no time at all, she had become a centerfold in the leading men’s magazine; shortly after, she was named centerfold of the year. Even now, she was usually ranked as having one of the top ten most beautiful bodies featured in the magazine throughout its illustrious history. Often, she was near or at the top of that list. Her body was remarkable; wide, muscular hips, long, strong legs, a beautifully muscled torso with a deep slit of a navel. Her spectacular tits were incredibly thick and round, high and taut, with perfect brown areola and prominent nipples. In a nude modeling world of women with incredible tits, Roberta’s rack possessed some intangible quality that made it especially appealing. When she started out her modeling career, she was a 40DD; now, she was even bigger. But the greater weight and thickness that age and maturity had conferred on her breasts did not detract from them in any way; her breasts sat as high on her chest as they ever did. If anything, they were even more spectacular now than when she had begun modeling.

Unlike many of the young women who doffed their clothing for the magazine, Roberta had no great desire to parlay her new fame into an acting career. She had no illusions about her acting ability. She did appear in a few “sexploitation” films in her early 20s, but she kept her focus on her modeling. Now, at the ripe old age of 30, she was semi-retired. She had built up a very substantial nest egg that should keep her financially secure for the rest of her life, but she still took on regular nude modeling jobs. She was well-paid for these pictorials and she had retreated to a life of quiet celebrity within the community that followed her work, where her carefully controlled appearances only added to her popularity.

Roberta maintained her incredible body through vigorous exercise and careful diet. Though she was 30, she easily had the body of a woman 10 years younger. She went every day to a women-only health club a short distance from her apartment. When she had first joined a gym as a younger woman, she had delighted in the endless attention and lustful glances from the men. She had even enjoyed the angry, jealous gazes of the women. She had pushed the limits of decorum by exercising in barely-there, skin-tight gym shorts and belly-baring, cleavage-displaying tank tops. But that situation had become old very fast. She realized she was not getting the kind of workout that she wanted because of the need to endlessly fend off advances from horny, awestruck men. She got tired of the bitchy comments and looks in the women’s locker room. She switched over to the women-only gym and things improved enormously. She was able to get the workouts that allowed her to maintain her amazing physique. Even the other women were more accommodating, now that competition for men was no longer in the equation.

One August night, Roberta made her way to the club. She preferred exercising late at night; she often closed the gym down. The lateness meant she did not have to compete for equipment. She also enjoyed saunas after her workouts and she generally had the sauna and the shower room to herself. Overall, it was a great way for her to wind up her day. She was a night owl, so staying up late after a stimulating exercise session was not difficult. Sometimes, she would hit the night clubs afterwards, dancing and, occasionally, taking a man home with her for an even more vigorous workout. She was a single woman and she liked it that way.

This particular night, Roberta had an especially good workout. Her muscles were pleasantly tired and her voluptuous body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat as she stripped down and prepared for her steam bath. When she reached the sauna, she was surprised to find it was already in service. She entered cautiously; what she saw stopped her in her tracks.

An incredibly voluptuous, beautiful woman was sitting on the tile bench. She was naked; she had removed her towel, was sitting on it, and was enjoying the heat and steam completely nude. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back, almost in passion. Her body was unbelievable. Roberta’s eyes were drawn immediately, almost by gravity, to the woman’s spectacular tits. They were high and thick, tipped by swollen nipples and perfect, round areola. Sweat dripped from the hard, brown nipples. The woman’s entire body gleamed with sweat. Her legs were spread open, her smooth, hairless pussy wide and inviting. The woman looked as though she was exposing her cunt in an effort to reduce the heat concentrated in the succulent flesh. Her feet were on tiptoe, emphasizing the woman’s beautiful arches. Her arms were spread along the top of the bench.

For a single, intense moment, Roberta took in the incredible tableau laid out before her. The woman facing her was physically perfect, her body radiated sensuality and erotic power. Roberta had seen many, many gorgeous, naked women in her day, but something about this woman touched her at a primal level. She realized, with a start, that the woman’s tits were every bit as beautiful as her own; maybe even better. She recoiled a bit, almost like an alpha dog suddenly challenged on its own territory. Her nipples hardened into spikes, just in the moments between opening the sauna door and seeing the other woman revealed in her glory.

The woman’s eyes snapped open and widened in surprise when she saw Roberta. This was not a nude sauna; patrons were required to wear their towels closed. The woman instantly gathered up the towel she was sitting on and pulled it shut, tying the knot at her breasts. The towel did little to conceal her abundant cleavage and massive tits. She murmured something that Roberta missed, probably some sort of apology.

Roberta smiled and nodded at the woman; the woman nodded back. They did not speak. Roberta sat down on the side bench, giving her a good view of the other woman in profile. She closed her eyes and pretended to rest; in fact, she studied the other patron through the slits of her eyelids.

Roberta’s deeper scrutiny confirmed her initial impression. This woman, whoever she was, had an incredible body. Her tits were huge, easily DDs, maybe even EEs. Whatever their size, they rivaled Roberta’s massive rack. The woman’s legs were spectacular, smooth and muscular; her arms were equally toned and strong, her shoulders shapely and powerful. The woman’s skin was dark olive, much like Roberta’s own skin tone. Her hair was dark and shoulder-length, like Roberta’s, but her eyes were green, a startling contrast that Roberta had noticed earlier.

Roberta surreptitiously watched the other brunette for a few more minutes, before the mysterious woman gathered herself up and left the sauna, nodding to Roberta as she departed. Roberta stayed in the sauna for just a few more minutes. To her surprise and amazement, she realized that she felt threatened by the other woman. She was not jealous; at least, she did not think she was. But she rarely encountered women in ordinary life whose bodies were just as perfect and voluptuous as her own. Roberta realized that she could not tell if her body was better than that of the other woman. This uncertainty was feeding anxiety. She was not used to feeling this way. She left and made her way to the shower room, stripping off her towel as she walked.

The shower room consisted of a larger, public area where women could wash. A number of private stalls lined the far side of the room. Roberta had assumed the other woman would be in a private stall. To her surprise, the beautiful brunette was using the public shower area. One glance at the woman’s naked body, glistening under the stream of hot water, convinced Roberta that she could not pass up the opportunity to observe the woman more closely, this time without any towels getting in the way. Maybe Roberta’s earlier glance at the woman’s nakedness had been misleading; maybe the brunette wasn’t as perfect as she needed to be to make her a true rival to Roberta’s body.

Roberta took a shower across from the other woman. She turned on the water and soaked herself down. When she had the chance, she turned around and surreptitiously examined the other nude woman. The woman was turned away from her, facing the wall. Roberta examined the brunette’s incredible ass, round and firm, her wide, luscious hips, her long, toned legs. Roberta felt even more threatened; this woman was every bit her rival. But part of her also tingled with anticipation. The woman turned around and Roberta had a moment to admire the woman’s beautifully muscled, smooth, flat belly and her clean-shaven pussy. Roberta turned to face the wall, trying to hide her spying. As she soaped herself down and reached for the shampoo, she had the distinct feeling that the woman was examining her as intently as Roberta had examined her rival. Roberta applied shampoo to her hair and, as she washed it down, turned her back to the shower, facing out into the bathing area. Her eyes were closed as she ran her hands through her hair, but she opened her eyes to slits in the hopes of catching her brunette rival staring at her. She was not disappointed. The other woman was looking at her intensely, her gaze fixed on Roberta’s massive tits, then sliding down her voluptuous body, seemingly trying to memorize every inch. Roberta was secretly pleased. If she found this woman intriguing, it was good to know that the other woman saw her in the same light.

The woman turned back to her shower and turned it off. She wiped herself down, wrapping her dark hair in the towel. Naked and unashamed, she ignored Roberta as she left the shower room, her flip flops slapping on the tiled floor. Roberta finished rinsing herself down. She left the shower room and went to her locker. The other woman’s locker was in some other part of the room, some distance away from Roberta’s. Roberta could hear the sounds of the brunette opening and closing her locker door, readying herself to leave. A minute later, as she dressed, Roberta heard the sound of heels clicking on the concrete floor. Roberta hurried up, wanting to see if she could catch the other woman’s name as she left. However, the woman merely nodded and smiled to the attendants as she walked out. Roberta was not far behind her. The woman’s car was parked in the first row outside the entrance. Like Roberta, the lateness of their workouts gave them the prime parking spaces when they arrived. Roberta noted that the woman was driving a BMW roadster; clearly, she was well-off. Roberta drove a Mercedes sports car, so they had similar tastes. The woman did not look at Roberta as she deposited her gym bag in the trunk of her roadster, climbed behind the wheel and drove off. But Roberta had the sense that the woman was deliberately trying to avoid eye contact.

Later that night, Roberta tossed and turned in bed. She could not stop thinking about the mystery woman at the club. Why had she not seen the woman working out before meeting her in the sauna? Did the woman only go to the club to use the sauna? That was very possible. Roberta was sure that the woman was not a model; she kept up with the women in the field and she definitely would have recognized her. That probably meant the woman was some kind of well-paid professional, or maybe a trophy wife. Whoever she was, she was gorgeous and her body was incredible. Roberta could not get the woman out of her mind.

Roberta fell asleep that night to the image of the woman’s bountiful tits, glistening with sweat, nipples hard and thick, drops of perspiration dripping off the brown, swollen nubs. The heat between her thighs demanded Roberta’s attention. After several minutes of gently stroking her pulsing clit, drawing out her pleasure, letting it build and build, Roberta’s back arched in pleasure. Her throbbing cunt squirted hard and she gasped in delight. She squeezed her engorged breast and nipples hard. Smiling dreamily, she drifted off to sleep.

For the rest of the week, the other woman did not return to the club’s sauna. Roberta was surprised at how disappointed she was. Some part of her really, really wanted to see the other woman, to let her eyes move over the woman’s curves and bulges, maybe just to provide more masturbatory material for her late at night. Perhaps the woman was a new member of the club and still working out times that were most convenient for her. For all Roberta knew, the woman was coming to the sauna earlier in the day. Maybe her encounter with Roberta had embarrassed her and she decided to set a new schedule. Roberta found her nighttime fantasies about the other woman growing more intense with every day that she did not see the brunette.

Monday evening of the next week, after a vigorous late-night workout, Roberta entered the sauna to find the mystery woman sitting in the steam, enjoying the heat. Roberta’s heart jumped with excitement. She was not surprised to feel her pussy clench.

The women nodded at each other, but no words passed between them. Roberta sat opposite the gorgeous brunette. Her eyes were closed, but she opened them occasionally to glance at the other woman. She never caught the other woman glancing at her, but she could sense that it was happening. Strangely, she could feel a tension growing between them, a peculiar sense of rivalry, even though they had not exchanged a single word. Roberta began to feel the other woman’s silence as a challenge in itself. Why wouldn’t the woman speak? Roberta resolved she would not say anything until the other woman broke the silence first.

As Roberta sat in the heat, the sense of sexual tension began to build in the small, cedar room. Roberta realized that her body was growing more and more sexually aroused; her nipples were tenting her towel, her pussy was growing wet and hot. She shifted uncomfortably, trying to get the feeling under control. She did not know if the other woman was feeling the same thing, though she noticed that the woman shifted her thighs a few times. Roberta wondered if one of them or both of them were giving off some kind of pheromone. She feared her pussy was giving off an alluring odor. She could not explain what was happening, but she knew she would need to leave the room soon if it did not stop. She realized, with embarrassment, that she could not be in the same room as this voluptuous beauty.

The dark-haired woman opened her eyes. Her gaze locked with Roberta’s gaze; something powerful and intensely erotic passed between them and it gave Roberta’s body a jolt of sexual electricity. Roberta barely stifled a gasp as her tits swelled, her nipples expanded, her pussy lubricated, suddenly slick with juices. She could see the other woman’s eyes widen. For a moment, neither woman moved; they were paralyzed as intense sexual energy passed between them. It was not something as simple as mutual desire; whatever they were sharing was more primal, much more powerful. For a moment, they continued to stare at each other. Then, as if in a trance, the other woman rose slowly to her feet and slipped out of her flip flops.

The brunette reached up and untied her towel at her cleavage. She pulled the towel open; her massive tits surged out, bouncing deliciously as they fell free of the binding. Their nipples were sharp and hard; the tits looked engorged, their gentle bouncing revealing how taut and thick they were. Roberta’s eyes drank in the other woman’s huge tits hungrily, before sliding down the woman’s muscled abdomen to her thick-lipped, clean shaven pussy. The brunette held her towel open a moment longer, continuing to expose her nudity. Then, she slowly lowered the towel and tied it in a tight knot at her sexy, muscular hip. Her beautiful torso was naked; one bare leg jutted out from the makeshift sarong. She stood before Roberta, her hands on her bountiful hips. She thrust her chest forward in a clear challenge, her massive tits jiggling.

Roberta watched all this, her eyes wide, her mind reeling, but her body burning, aching, overflowing with an explosion of raw sexual power, more intense than anything she had felt before. In an instant, she was extraordinarily aroused, but she was also more threatened in her womanhood than she had ever felt. This beautiful, dark-haired bitch was challenging her body, challenging her as a woman. She had to respond.

In a sexual trance herself, Roberta got to her feet. Her dark eyes locked to the brunette’s olive green gaze, she slowly untied her towel, freeing her massive, pulsing tits. She felt the meaty globes spring out , bouncing heavily, holding firm and high on her chest. Her nipples felt like they were on fire and were so hard that they almost hurt. She lowered the towel and tied it at her waist in a tight knot, hanging it on her sexy hips. She stepped forward, never letting her eyes leave those of the other woman, but conscious that their luscious bodies were only one step away from coming together, naked flesh to flesh.

The other woman’s eyes broke the stare and slipped down to Roberta’s magnificent tits. Her eyes glowing with animal lust, the woman slowly reached for Roberta’s boobs. Roberta watched the hands approaching her mammary glands, almost as if she were in a dream. Then they were on her tits, weighing the meaty glands, squeezing them, stroking them. The other woman moaned deep in her throat, as though her deepest wish had been fulfilled. Roberta gasped, then groaned uncontrollably as her thick, juicy tits began to throb with sensations. Everywhere the brunette’s fingers touched, Roberta’s tits felt like they were on fire. Roberta threw back her head and moaned, a sound of pure lust. She reached out and grasped the brunette’s fantastic tits. She squeezed the heavy meat, she hefted the perfect brown globes, sinking her fingers into the dense flesh. The other woman’s eyes fluttered and she moaned deeply, before running her thumbs up and down and around Roberta’s stiff nipples, sending spikes of pure ecstasy through Roberta’s aching tits. Roberta cried out, almost sobbed in pleasure, then eagerly returned the favor. The other woman let out another animal moan and bit her lip, struggling to keep from crying out. For almost five minutes, the two women squeezed each other’s nipples, both enjoying the incredible pleasure that flowed through their bodies as their rival manipulated those delicate knobs.

Roberta released the other woman’s tits and reached out to grasp the other beauty by her toned biceps. The act pressed Roberta’s massive tits together, pushing the thick, dense meat outward, thrusting her pulsing nipples forward like spears. The other woman instantly reciprocated, her action having the same effect on her enormous rack. The women held each other, their massive chests heaving, their engorged nipples coming so, so close to touching, with each excited breath.

Roberta looked down at the incredible tits confronting her own. Now that she saw the brunette’s rack in direct comparison to her boobs, she still could not tell whose tits were bigger or more beautiful. They looked like near mirror images of each other, equally round and thick and huge, with large, brown, pebbled areola. The women’s nipples were enormous, pointing at each other like spears, each shaft almost an inch long, throbbing and twitching with arousal. “Oh God,” Roberta thought to herself, as she looked at the other woman’s sweaty, dripping boobs. “Oh God, please make this feel as good as it looks.”

The other woman was staring at Roberta’s massive tits, her eyes glazed, in an almost dream-like state. She looked up, her green eyes locking with Roberta’s dark eyes. Signaling with their eyes, the women pushed their swollen nipples forward at the same moment, closing the gap between them. Their nipples touched head to head; instantly, their nipple holes locked to each other. A sensation of pure erotic pleasure instantly burned through their nipples, filled their areola with heat, and spiked through their thickening tits down their torsos and directly into their aching clits. Roberta felt her clit swell like an overinflated balloon as it exploded with raw electricity. The women’s eyes widened with the overwhelming sensation, then both let out short, sharp shrieks of pleasure and surprise. Roberta had hoped that touching nipples with this beautiful brunette bitch would be a powerful erotic contact; she had not expected the sheer ecstasy that now caused her enormous tits to swell with power, that caused her powerful, naked pussy to spasm. Roberta felt her vagina clench, all the way up into her core, then release with a gusher of cunt juice. She moaned in uncontrollable passion as she splattered her inner thighs, her bare feet. At the exact same moment, the other woman did exactly the same thing. Moaning in sexual ecstasy, the dark-haired, green-eyed beauty’s pussy squirted like a fire hose, splattering her legs, splattering Roberta’s feet too. The women’s towel sarongs acted as a barrier to contain some of the pussy gush.

The women’s nipples burned like hot coals. It took all of Roberta’s will to not pull away, to stay engaged with the overwhelming sensation filling her tits, radiating out into her lush body. The women’s massive tits were quivering with tension; both women gritted their teeth and, holding tight to the other’s biceps, pushed into each other. Their rock-hard nipples pushed hard, shoving each other back, before slipping apart on the sweat coating their flesh. Their nipples stabbed into the other’s areola. Immediately, acting on some shared sense, Roberta and her rival hooked their nipples, side to side, and began to slowly push to the side with their tits, trying to bend the other woman’s nipples over. Their thick, brown rods held, trembling as they supported and resisted the weight of the women’s thick boobs, the force of their twisting torsos, before bending beneath the pressure. The women’s tits slid by each other, wet meat caressing and pushing meat; their nipples snapped back into position, still harder than rocks. Their tits jiggled with the released tension, dense titflesh rippling in waves. The women gasped in shared pain and pleasure as they bent each other back, then immediately hooked their nipples once more and started again.

For several minutes, Roberta and the brunette fought with their nipples like fleshy swords, each woman trying to bend and break the other, trying to prove whose tits and nipples were stronger, harder, thicker. Roberta hoped to feel her opponent’s nipples softening, giving up before her stronger nubs. Instead, both women felt their nips grow thicker, harder, requiring more pressure and effort to bend them. The sweat mixed and dripped from their quivering tits, their trembling nips. Soon, the fleshy nubs were far too slick to hold each other, but still the women rubbed and jousted with their thick brown cylinders, the shocks of erotic pleasure they received from each contact making their pussies tight and wet. Soon, they were both rotating their slick nipples around and around each other, inside the other’s woman’s roughly pebbled areola, giving each other enormous pleasure. Roberta and her sexual rival grunted and panted, moaned and gasped, with each erotic attack. They glared at each other, their gorgeous eyes blazing with shared hate. But neither spoke to the other; somehow, they had both come to the conclusion that to speak first was to lose some important psychological advantage in this conflict.

The nipple duel was coming to an end. Both women realized that the other’s nips were not going to surrender to their own and the sweat on their tits and nips was making it impossible to lock their body parts together in a decisive contest. Grunting with anger and lust, Roberta tightened her grip on the brunette’s biceps and thrust forward, driving her rock-hard nipples deep into her enemy’s thick titmeat, stabbing into the voluptuous flesh. She rejoiced inside as her meaty mounds crushed tight to the other woman’s brown orbs. The brunette snarled, released Roberta’s biceps, and wrapped her arms around Roberta’s muscular back. Roberta instantly followed suit. Nose to nose, the women tightened their grips, squashing each other’s massive, meaty tits in a vicious mutual bearhug. The sudden shock of pleasure was exquisite. Roberta’s senses were almost overwhelmed by the delicious feeling of titmeat mashing and flowing into titmeat. The thick pads of their massive breasts compressed tightly, each giant boob struggling to crush its counterpart, all four thick mounds holding each other in check. The women threw back their heads and moaned in pleasure and effort, squeezing and squeezing, each woman trying to flatten the other and prove her superiority. Their flat, solidly muscled bellies slapped tight, sweaty flesh to flesh. Roberta felt her abdominal muscles rippling against her opponent’s abs. She thrilled as she felt her navel suck with the brunette’s navel. Their bodies were perfectly aligned, a perfect match. Their engorged nipples grew even thicker and harder as they stabbed deeper into the other woman’s titflesh. Pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, sharing hot breath, Roberta and her enemy glared at each other hatefully. They loosened their grips on each other slightly, just enough that they could begin to use their backs and hips to rub and grind into each other tit to tit, belly to belly. Their bodies undulated and surged against each other, their enflamed nipples scraped and jousted within their mashed titflesh. The women ground their bodies together mercilessly, each trying to break the other, all the while staring into each other’s eyes, breathing each other’s breath.

Roberta felt her rival’s thick, muscled thigh press up into her shaved cunt, the muscle pushing the towel hanging from her hips firmly into her mound. Roberta’s powerful thigh was pressed just as tightly into the other woman’s pussy. Their bare feet slid on the sauna floor, occasionally stepping on each other. Roberta opened her hands on the woman’s bare back and felt the muscle rippling under the skin. She traced the delicious curve of the brunette’s back down to the woman’s ass. For a moment, she considered undoing the tight knot at the woman’s hip, to release her towel.

As the intensity of their body to body struggle increased, as their naked flesh rubbed and slid and slapped harder and harder, Roberta and her rival panted into the other’s gorgeous face. The other woman’s tongue slid out and ran along Roberta’s lips; Roberta’s tongue immediately replied. Their tongues touched, pushed and licked, slick with spit, each contact sending profound shockwaves coursing through the women’s loins. The women turned their heads, slid their noses past each other, and thrust their tongues deep into the other’s mouth. Their tongues twisted and wrestled, their mouths sealed tight. Pure ecstasy filled Roberta’s body as almost every part of her luscious body merged and meshed with every part of the other woman’s voluptuous perfection. The women moaned deep in their throats as they gave themselves over to the intense pleasure coursing their muscles. Spit filled their mouths, forming a wet arena for their tongues to fight within. Drool overflowed, dripping down to their massive shared cleavage, to their quivering, struggling tits. Roberta and her rival sucked the saliva back and forth, before they swallowed the shared spit, further sealing the intimacy of their sexual struggle.

For long minutes, the two beautiful women stood in the hot, steaming sauna, their arms wrapped around each other, their naked torsos crushed tight, their mouths locked, the only sound their animal moans of satisfaction. Their bodies writhed, rubbing and rubbing, slick flesh sliding and burning. Massive, bulging, throbbing tits rolled against each other, hot and wet, burning nipples stabbing and scraping, grinding into sensitive areola. Sweat rolled down their flat, rippling bellies. Their hands moved over the other’s back, feeling rippling muscle, pressing, scratching. They shared long, pulsating moans as they sucked spit back and forth, their mouths sealed in an unbreakable join. Roberta was lost in the overwhelmingly erotic sensations. Her flesh felt on fire, her tits were aching with pleasure. Her mouth was filled with spit and tongue, she felt like she was melting into this unbelievable rival. The heat between her legs was unbearable and she found herself needing, aching for the next level in this contest of sexual supremacy. Her clit felt like it was going to explode. She began to rub her pussy against her rival’s thigh harder, through the intruding towel. The brunette did the same, working her ass and hips in small movements, pressing her naked cunt into Roberta’s towel-draped thigh.

Suddenly, the lights in the sauna flickered off and on; a moment later, a woman’s voice boomed over the intercom.

“The facility closes in ten minutes. Please leave as soon as possible.”

The sudden intrusion of reality into their erotic fantasy shocked both women back to their senses. The brunette’s eyes flashed open; so did Roberta’s. For a moment, the two women looked deep into each other, both seeing the shock there. They broke their kiss, long strands of spit linking their red lips as they pulled apart. Spit dribbled onto their mashed tits. The brunette grabbed Roberta by the shoulders and, grunting, pushed her away. Roberta staggered back, catching herself on the sauna wall. The other woman fell back to her bench, her bare back to the wall, her entire body recoiling from Roberta and what they had been doing to each other.

Panting, their tits heaving, the beautiful women glared at each other from across the steamy room. Looks of rage, shame, profound mortification and pure lust flashed across their faces. They were both still incredibly horny; their tits remained engorged, their nipples swollen and thick. The towels had slid on both women’s hips; the knots had loosened. Another few minutes and the towels would have fallen off their hips, leaving them completely naked.

Without even bothering to slip her feet back into her flip flops, the brunette raced for the sauna door, threw it open, and dashed out. Roberta’s last glimpse of her rival was of the woman whipping the towel off her hips, her naked ass flashing, as she raced for her locker.

Roberta remained in the sauna for a few more seconds, gathering herself, trying to make sense of what had just happened. For a moment, she did not know what to do. But then the intense heat and pressure in her pussy, concentrated in her throbbing clit, decided the matter for her. She and this woman had opened the door on something that promised excruciating pleasure. The pleasure they had shared just in those few minutes of tit to tit grinding had been exquisite. They had to see this through to the end. Roberta knew that she had to find some way to get between the legs of her incredible new rival.

Roberta slipped on her flip flops, grabbed the other woman’s footwear, and hurried out of the sauna. She raced to her locker, whipping off her towel as she ran, and quickly pulled on a sweatshirt (with nothing else beneath) and a pair of skintight yoga pants (she did not bother slipping on her thong). As she dressed, she heard the sound of the other woman’s boot heels clicking down the corridor, leaving the locker room. Roberta threw the two pairs of flip flops into her locker, threw her thong into her gym bag along with her workout clothes, and hurried after the retreating brunette.

Roberta made it to the parking lot just as the other woman’s BMW started up and pulled away. Roberta jumped into the driver’s seat of her Mercedes and peeled off after the BMW. She did not turn on her car lights; she did not want the brunette to know she was being followed. Roberta managed to keep the BMW in view. Ten minutes later, the car pulled into an exclusive neighborhood. Roberta followed as the BMW eased up the driveway of a large, expensive, two story home. The garage door opened, the car pulled in, and the door closed. Roberta stopped across the street and watched. Lights briefly flashed on then off on the main floor of the house. A light went on in what was probably the upstairs master bedroom. Shortly after, the light went off and the house became still.

Roberta knew what the other woman was doing at that exact moment. It was what Roberta planned to do as soon as she got home. Roberta was certain that, if she rang the doorbell and her rival answered, she could easily spend the night riding the other woman’s luscious body. A large part of her wanted to do just that. But another part of her decided that this was an encounter that needed special attention. Her body burning with sexual need, Roberta drove home. As soon as she got into her apartment, she stripped off her clothing. Naked, she threw herself on her bed, pulled the biggest dildo she could find out of her night table, and went to work on her aching pussy.

Roberta hoped the other woman would soon return to the gym and present them with another opportunity to go at each other. After a week of waiting for the other woman to make a move, a week of feeling her sexual need and frustration grow ever more frantic, Roberta decided to take action.

Years before, in her wilder, centerfold days, Roberta had briefly dated a man with connections to the criminal underworld. He knew professional thieves and the techniques that they used to enter secure homes. Roberta called him. After a couple of nights of fucking his brains out, she had the information and the contacts she needed to pursue her strategy against the brunette.

On a Wednesday morning, drove out to her rival’s neighborhood and parked down the street, away from the woman’s home. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat to hide her face from any local security cameras, Roberta scouted the area around the house. Roberta set up a wireless camera and an electronic scanning device across from the woman’s home, secured and hidden in a tree. That night, she retrieved the scanner. The scanner gave her the frequency of the woman’s garage door opener. The camera allowed her to watch the woman’s comings and goings and to figure out who else was in the house. The first time she saw her rival on the video feed, Roberta was not surprised to feel her pussy tense and her nipples swell. The woman was dressed very fashionably; whatever her profession, it paid very well and required some expensive clothing. Roberta concluded that the woman was some kind of businesswoman; her clothing was not revealing, beyond a little bit of cleavage, which was enticing enough. Roberta also soon concluded that the woman lived alone in her large house. She only saw a maid, coming and going. Good, she thought; that made things much easier for when she made her move.

A few days after starting her surveillance, Roberta was ready to act. She waited until the woman left for work, then drove into the neighborhood in her Mercedes. She parked a few blocks away from her rival’s home. Wearing a black leather jacket, slacks, a baseball cap pulled low over her face and sunglasses, she made her way to her target’s house. She used a special transmitter to generate a signal that duplicated the woman’s garage door frequency. She opened the door, just enough for her to slip inside, then closed it. She opened up the security box inside the garage and carefully inserted a tracking chip. When extracted, it would give her the code needed to deactivate the internal security system. She used putty to take an impression of the lock to the interior garage door that led into the house. Roberta knew that she was crossing many lines in doing all of this, but her obsession with her sexual rival was growing day by day. She needed to follow what her pussy was telling her to do.

For the next three weeks, Roberta kept an eye on her rival from afar. Every night, as she worked out, she hoped that the other woman would appear, but she never did. From her spying, Roberta had come to the conclusion that the other woman did work out regularly, probably at a gym near her place of work. Twice, the woman had parked her car in her garage and taken a gym bag out of the trunk before closing the garage door. That led Roberta to conclude that the woman had used the sauna at her gym because of its proximity. That could easily mean the brunette would never appear at Roberta’s club again.

While she waited, Roberta’s libido, already very healthy, went into overdrive. She began to go out to clubs more often and began bringing women home – women who reminded her of her dark-haired nemesis. She fucked more pussy in the month that followed than she ever had before, but she found that the overheated lesbian activity only served to make her hotter and more horny for her rival’s body. As good as her bedmates were, none quite measured up to what she had experienced with her enemy. The element of sexual competition that came so naturally in her confrontation with her rival added an element of danger and pleasure that could not be duplicated with willing partners.

After four weeks of waiting and hoping the other woman would return, Roberta finally lost patience. She decided she would implement her plan the next week. However, that Friday night, her sexual rival made her own move.

Roberta was working out at the gym, getting ready for a 90 minute set. She was dressed in a tight sports bra, one that struggled to restrain her massive tits, and skintight yoga pants. Her muscled midriff was bare. She was the only person in the gym at that time of night. She had just started lifting weights when, to her astonishment, the brunette appeared in the doorway of the exercise room. The woman was dressed almost identically to Roberta; the only difference was that her bra was red while Roberta’s was black.

Roberta locked eyes with the bitch from across the room. Instantly, she felt her tits swell, her nipples harden into spikes. Her pussy lubricated hard. She could tell the same things were happening to her rival. The woman bit her lip and seemed to shudder as she glared at Roberta. For a moment, the women held each other’s gaze. Then the brunette moved towards a treadmill. She set up the time and began to jog, her massive tits bouncing enticingly, even in her sports bra.

Roberta tried to return to her weightlifting, but she felt the presence of her opponent too intensely. Her body was primed for sex; it was aching to fuck. After more than a month of waiting, dreaming for the chance to go at the other woman again, Roberta was far too horny to concentrate on her workout. It became apparent that the same was true for her enemy. The woman stopped the treadmill less than two minutes into the run. Roberta looked up to see the woman staring at her. Their eyes locked; Roberta felt another thrill of lust roll through her. The woman turned and walked out of the exercise room, heading back to the locker room. She obviously wanted Roberta to follow. Roberta delayed for a few more minutes, then eagerly pursued her prey.

Stopping at her locker, Roberta stripped out of her exercise clothes. She grabbed her towel; she hesitated for a moment over her flip flops, then left them behind. She would be discarding them soon anyway. She approached the door to the sauna and saw the woman’s towel lying on the floor outside the door. Roberta smiled. A shudder of sexual heat ran through her incredible body. She left her towel on top of her rival’s towel, and opened the door. She entered the sauna.

Through the steam, Roberta saw her sexual rival, the woman she had dreamed of fucking for more than a month. The woman was completely nude. She was sitting on the sauna bench, facing the door. Roberta could see that her rival’s eyes were glowing, almost feverish with lust. She knew that her eyes were the same.

Roberta stood inside the door, her naked body gleaming with a light sheen of sweat, the steam dotting her olive skin, her hands on her hips. Her massive tits jiggled with each hot breath. The other woman let her eyes roam over Roberta’s nude perfection. The silence between the women persisted, but the air grew thick with sexual tension. Slowly, the dark-haired woman on the bench spread her muscular legs wide. Involuntarily, Roberta moaned quietly as she stared into her rival’s beautiful, thick-lipped cunt. The lush fuckhole was already wet and it seemed to radiate heat. It flexed like a blinking eye, squeezing out a trickle of cunt juice. The woman reached down and pushed on the thick lips, separating them, teasing her swollen clit out of its hood. The throbbing nerve twitched with tension. Roberta moaned again; she slipped her hand down her toned stomach and ran a finger up her smooth, wet slit in anticipation.

The woman stood up; Roberta thought she might approach, as she had before. But the woman immediately sat on her ass on the tiled floor. She spread her legs again and, bracing her body with her arms, air humped her pussy at Roberta, sending a clear message of what she wanted. Her tits rolled deliciously on her chest.

Without hesitation, her heart pounding with excitement, her body boiling with sexual need, her massive tits quivering, Roberta sat on the floor of the sauna. Bracing her voluptuous body with her hands behind her, she spread her legs and offered her opponent a view of her dripping, throbbing, naked cunt. She took her right hand spread her cunt lips, freeing her clit. The engorged sex nub pulsed and twitched, the erotic power vibrating inside of it almost too much to contain. Roberta pushed her bare feet into the woman’s bare feet; they pushed the balls of their feet together, toe to toe, but did not move any closer. For several long minutes, Roberta and her rival simply sat on the sauna floor, their feet pressed tight, the heat washing over their nude bodies, the sweat dripping from their olive skin, their eyes locked. Their huge, perfect tits heaved with excitement, their pants grew louder and harder as the tension built. The stimulating aroma of hot pussy began to fill the small space.

Roberta moved first. She spread her legs even wider and began to push herself down towards the other woman. Immediately, her rival did the same. Slipping their right legs over their lefts, lining up their succulent fuckmeat, Roberta and the brunette closed the distance between their dripping cunts, finally ready to meet and mate and devour each other, twat to twat.

The women braced their bodies with their hands on the slick tiles, shifted their hips to allow their cunts to slot better, and shoved hard with their asses. Their cunts slammed together, wet meat slapping to wet meat. The women screamed in unison, cries of pure joy, as their hungry pussies fused. A powerful suction formed immediately between their wet, hot meat. Each hard thrust drove them deeper into the other’s genitals, their labia mixing and merging, the lubrication pouring from their locked cunts like a waterfall. Roberta threw back her head and moaned with passion and pleasure. Her body burned, every inch of flesh on fire, as she finally fulfilled her dream of fucking her rival, pussy to pussy. It was everything she had hoped. The brunette’s pussy, locked and sunk into her cunt, felt better on her body than anything she could remember in her life. The pleasure flowed through her muscles in rippling waves, tension building deep inside of her with every delicious thrust.

The women rammed their aching clits together, head to head. The explosion of ecstasy was so great that Roberta and her rival almost passed out on the spot. Their choking screams faded into gasps and sobbing moans. Tears streamed down their gorgeous faces as they fucked each other’s brains out, their bodies reveling in the exquisite pleasure. They continued grinding, moving their hips, letting clit ride on clit, throwing back their heads to moan and cry out as the sensations grew too much to bear. They clamped their pussies on each other and squeezed and sucked, their cunts wrestling, their pussies closing on their grinding clits, trembling with effort, feeding the excruciating pleasure building in their cores.

Grunting with each thrust, the women fucked powerfully, lost in the erotic sensations filling them. Roberta reached out and grabbed one of her enemy’s sweat-slick thighs, using it for leverage to push harder. The woman immediately reciprocated her move. For several minutes, the women worked their hips and asses furiously as they tried to overpower the other with sexual pleasure. Their massive tits jiggled and bounced, spraying sweat with every jerk. The woman reached out and grasped one of Roberta’s boobs, mauling and kneading the taut flesh, sending a flash of sexual ecstasy through the centerfold’s lush body. Roberta sobbed and returned the grip, eagerly sinking her fingers into her rival’s bouncing tit, squeezing mercilessly, feeling the hard nipple push into the palm of her hand.

A pool of sweat formed under the women’s asses; their hands had a hard time bracing them on the floor. Roberta pushed herself up; her gaze was fixed on her enemy’s bouncing tits and she wanted to squash her rack into those massive orbs and go at the bitch nipple to nipple. The other woman understood immediately. Spreading their legs even wider, pushing towards each other, Roberta and her rival came together tit to tit. They moaned in shared joy as their massive tits mashed, as their rock hard nipples dug into dense titflesh, then soon began to scrape and rub directly into each other. Both women slipped their arms around the other’s hips, grabbed the other woman’s sweaty ass, and began to buck and grind, tit to tit, belly to belly. Their hot clits wrapped together, sending a continuous stream of ecstasy coursing through their struggling bodies.

The women sobbed and moaned. They pressed together forehead to forehead, nose to nose, barely able to keep their eyes open as their bodies shuddered and quaked with the incredible sensations running riot in their voluptuous flesh. Vaguely, through the haze of pleasure, Roberta realized she had never been fucked so completely and deliciously in her entire life. Something about this woman’s body made it the perfect fit for her own, brought out erotic sensations that she had never felt before. The women touched tongues. They sank their mouths together, locking into a deep, overpowering kiss, spit flowing between them, their tongues twisted and straining within their mouths. Soon, spit began to dribble down to their mashed tits, into their shared cleavage. Their nipples burned like small stars, stabbing into each other, areola scraping on areola.

Roberta felt the heat building between her legs, the raw ecstasy that was building to an explosive end. Her muscles trembled, her entire body burned and ached with electric tension. She felt herself joined to the other woman’s flesh, their bodies flowing together. She knew the other woman felt the same; she could feel the erotic tremors rolling through her rival’s incredible body. They were fucking each other to an unbelievable climax.

Roberta’s fingers were digging into the other woman’s hot, sweaty ass. To improve her grip, she thrust her index fingers into the woman’s asshole. Her rival bucked and moaned even harder, then eagerly returned the violation. Roberta quivered with even more pleasure. She loved this. She wanted this fucking to go on and on forever. But she could feel the end coming. Neither of them could hold back the tide of pleasure building within their throbbing clits and their vaginal cores much longer.

The woman suddenly reached up and grabbed Roberta’s thick, short hair, and pulled hard. At the same time, she pushed with her upper body, ramming her massive tits with even greater force into Roberta’s tits, pushing belly to belly until the suction between their navels seemed to form a vacuum. Roberta was not expecting the aggressive move; her body overbalanced. She moved one hand from her rival’s ass and tried to brace her body on the floor behind her, but she could not gain any leverage on the sweat-slicked tile. Slowly, agonizingly, the woman pushed Roberta over onto her back; Roberta’s legs thrashed as she found herself under her enemy. The women’s clits continued their grinding battle, both women’s asses rippling and flexing as they pounded the other’s cunt, muscle against muscle. But the brunette had assumed a superior position. With a spray of spit, the woman broke the kiss. She raised herself up, separating their engorged tits. Before Roberta could react, the woman grabbed Roberta’s left leg and placed it on her shoulder. Roberta found herself spread wide and vulnerable under her enemy. The woman reached down and filled her hands with Roberta’s massive tits. She squeezed hard and pushed down with her weight, pinning Roberta in place. At the same time, she moved her hips and her ass, ramming herself deeply and powerfully into Roberta’s cunt. The women were scissor-locked; their succulent cunts fit together like hungry mouths. Lips closed on lips, a delicious suction formed. The woman’s clit dived deep into Roberta’s juicy labia, sliding up to grind with Roberta’s clit. Roberta screamed; the woman moaned like an animal. She threw back her head, her eyes shut tight, a rapturous expression of pure ecstasy and animal hunger on her beautiful face as she drove herself clit deep into Roberta’s hot, wet, tight cunt. She was lost in the pure pleasure of what she was doing. Roberta moved with the woman, keeping their cunts and clits glued together. She reached up and filled her hands with her attacker’s bouncing tits; she sank her fingers into the thick meat and squeezed mercilessly.

Moaning, crying out, the two women mauled each other’s magnificent tits as they fucked to the end. Roberta did her best to hold off the tremendous orgasm building deep, deep in her core, but it was futile. A surge of exquisite ecstasy filled her vagina, focused in her clit, then exploded like a nova, filling her body, causing all of her muscles to spasm and release. Her fingers sank even deeper into her rival’s tits as she choked and gasped, her body so overflowing with molten pleasure that she could not even scream. She bucked her hips as she pumped shot after shot of hot cum into her attacker’s dominant pussy, soaking the intersection of their grinding bodies. Roberta’s beautiful face contorted in a rictus of sexual agony as she came harder than she ever had in her life, harder than she ever thought possible.

The woman on top continued to squeeze Roberta’s tits viciously. After Roberta’s third orgasm, the woman could not resist any longer; the sensation of Roberta’s cunt convulsing against her’s, the flow of hot cum into her vagina, was too much sensual stimulation. She came with excruciating force, screaming out in joy. Thick, steaming cum flowed from her pussy down into Roberta’s cunt. She jerked her hips, pumping more and more cum into Roberta, onto their wet, hot bodies. For almost three minutes, Roberta and her enemy exchanged and shared orgasm after orgasm, riding each other, draining each other, doing their best to devour each other’s cunts. Finally, with a pulsating moan, the woman on top pushed Roberta’s leg off her shoulder. She collapsed onto Roberta, mashing her jiggling tits down onto Roberta’s massive rack, thrusting her tongue deep into Roberta’s mouth, to swallow her final cries of ecstasy.

For some time, the beautiful women lay still on the floor of the sauna, their voluptuous bodies sprawled and twined together. The steaming heat continued to build around them. The brunette lay between Roberta’s spread legs. The only sound in the sauna room was the panting and gasping of the spent women. Roberta felt the other woman’s weight on her body, tit to tit and belly to belly. She felt the heat of the woman’s genitals wet and hot against her own. Their faces were pressed cheek to cheek, dripping with sweat. Roberta had been fucked senseless. The pleasure had been so intense that her mind felt like it was floating on a cloud of post-orgasmic bliss, separated from her ravaged, luscious body.

The other woman slowly stirred. She finally raised her head. Roberta turned her head to look at her rival. Nose to nose, lip to lip, the women stared into each other, their shared animosity even greater than it had been before they fucked each other to the verge of unconsciousness.

“My cunt and my tits are better than your’s, you whore,” the woman whispered to Roberta. “Your body is no match for my body.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” Roberta whispered back. She could barely talk. All of the energy had been fucked out of her.

The woman pushed herself up just enough to relieve some of the pressure between their tits, then dropped back onto Roberta. Roberta moaned as their tits crushed once more, as their bellies slapped. She was too spent to fight back.

“Don’t forget,” the other woman murmured. “Your pathetic body is no match for mine.”

The woman summoned all her strength and sat back on her haunches, kneeling between Roberta’s spread legs. She looked down at Roberta’s delicious body, her eyes glazed with sexual euphoria. She used a bench to push herself to her feet. Her tits jiggled as she staggered to the sauna door. She looked back at Roberta’s prone body one more time, before opening the door and stepping out. A moment later, Roberta heard the sauna shut down; the interior light went out. Roberta did not know if the woman had turned off the sauna to prevent her from sweating to death or to prevent her from being found by the staff, but it felt like a final act of humiliation.

It was several minutes before Roberta could summon the energy to move. She rolled onto her side, out of the pool of sweat and cum in which she had been lying. Slowly, she got to her feet. The sauna may have been off, but the hot air was still sapping her strength. She pushed open the door and stepped into the cool air. She found that her towel was missing. The filthy tramp who had humbled her had taken it. She grabbed another one off the pile provided by the gym. She stopped at the drinking fountain and thirstily replenished her body’s liquids.

At her locker, she considered her next move. She could go home, lick her wounds, live to fight another day. Or she could refuse to accept what her rival had just done to her. With a bit of water in her and out of the heat of the sauna, Roberta felt her energy coming back. Even more, she felt her insatiable sexual appetite returning. She decided. That magnificent bitch may have fucked her brains out, but this was only round one. Round two was about to get started.

Roberta pulled on her thong, some yoga pants, a sweat suit jacket and nothing else. She tied on her runners and headed out to her car. Just as she left the locker room, the lights blinked and the announcement that closing was imminent came over the intercom. Roberta got into her car and checked the little bag she had left in the center console. Inside, she had her scanner, linked to the transmitter, to get her into the bitch’s garage; she had the chip reader she would need to get the security code. She had other burglar tools to deal with locks and other obstacles. She nodded to herself. “Time for a rematch, you fucking cunt,” she whispered to herself.

Roberta parked her car across the street from her rival’s house and watched. The house looked quiet and dark, with only a security light over the outer garage door. She looked carefully at where the master suite was located. She did not see any lights. That was not surprising; the woman may have gone straight to bed on getting home. Roberta knew that she certainly would have done so, and would be servicing herself with a giant dildo at that very moment, were their positions reversed. Roberta pulled out some binoculars and examined the master suite window more carefully. She could not be sure, but there could be a very slight glow coming from behind the curtain indicating, perhaps, some kind of nightlight.

Roberta got out of the car, her little burglar bag slung over her shoulder. She pulled on a wide-brimmed fedora to hide her face. When she was sure the coast was clear, she walked up the house’s driveway to the garage. She hit the transmitter button. The door began to lift. In the relative silence of the quiet street, it sounded ridiculously loud, even though she knew it really was not. It took about 2 seconds for the door to rise half a meter. She stopped it and then slipped under the raised edge. The automatic light had come on in the garage. She closed the garage door. She squeezed past the woman’s BMW and approached the security box beside the entrance to the house. She opened it and quickly extracted the scanning chip she had inserted earlier. She placed it in her chip reader and soon had the security code for the house. The security system was active. She tapped in the 5 digit code; the light on the box went from green to red. Roberta smiled and felt a bit of tension leave her body, to be immediately replaced by a different, far more enjoyable tension. So far, everything had gone according to her plan. Soon, she was sure, she would be exactly where she wanted to be. She pulled out the duplicate key she had made to the garage door that opened into the house. Roberta slipped the key into the lock and turned; it opened easily.

Roberta entered the house silently. She immediately shed her runners, so she could walk in bare feet, and doffed her hat. Streetlights shone through the windows into the hall and the main living area, providing some illumination. She saw that the woman had kicked off her jogging shoes just inside the door. Roberta walked silently through the dark house. She came across something lying in a heap in the hall. She pulled out a penlight to see what it was. She smiled as she saw the woman’s jogging jacket. The next item of clothing she found was the woman’s halter top. Roberta checked the bra cup size; it was 40EE. Roberta suspected it would fit her perfectly. A pair of yoga pants was thrown carelessly at the foot of the stairs. Roberta carefully tiptoed up the wooden stairs, listening for any sounds or signs that she was detected. At the top of the stairs, she found the final item of clothing: the woman’s discarded thong.

Roberta smiled as she picked up the thong. It was wet. She put it to her nose and inhaled deeply, enjoying the powerful scent of her rival’s musk, the delicious odor of hot cunt. Roberta dropped the cloth to the floor and continued down the hall. She clicked off her light.

A few meters down the hallway, the double doors to the master bedroom were immediately to her left. There was a nightlight on in the hall, but it did not prevent Roberta from seeing that a dull glow was coming out from under the bedroom door. There was probably another nightlight on in that room. She paused outside the door, listening. She smiled as she heard moans, gasps, groans, and the occasional curse coming from inside.

Roberta continued down the hall. She used the penlight to check each of the other bedrooms on the top floor. She was fairly certain that the woman lived alone, but it was always best to be careful. The other bedrooms were furnished, but had the feel of guestrooms, not rooms that were regularly occupied. Roberta nodded in satisfaction. One of the rooms was being used as some kind of craft room. There was no risk of her being disturbed. She was about to try the master bedroom door when it occurred to her that people might be in the basement. It was highly unlikely, given the woman’s strip as she raced through the house, but Roberta needed to be sure before she could proceed with her plan. She decided to check the entire house. She realized she was being overly cautious, but she also felt a tantalizing thrill in putting off her confrontation with her rival.

Silently, walking on tiptoe, Roberta returned to the main floor. She carefully checked every room, before proceeding to the basement. There were more bedrooms down there. Roberta wondered how many guests this woman had, or if the woman simply had more house than she could possibly need or use – but all were unoccupied with no signs of regular habitation. There were also an entertainment room with an enormous TV and a well-equipped home gym. Again, Roberta wondered what this woman did for a living. She knew it would be easy for her to find out, but there was an erotic appeal in keeping her conflict with the other woman anonymous and she did not want to lose that, at least not yet.

The exercise of checking the house had greatly increased the tension in Roberta’s body. She was already preternaturally horny; her pussy was dripping, soaking her thong and threatening to leak onto the front of her yoga pants. Her rock hard nipples were growing ever more stimulated as they rubbed into the soft wool of her sweat suit. She had the suit jacket unzipped down to her navel to help relieve the pressure, her big tits almost spilling out of the opening, but it was not really helping. The fact that she was an intruder in someone else’s house was playing on her nerves. Her need for sexual revenge, her need to carry her erotic war with the cunt upstairs to the next level, drove her on.

Satisfied that the house was unoccupied except for her rival, Roberta returned to the main floor. She paused to double-check that she had relocked the garage door entrance, then continued up the stairs to the hall outside the master bedroom. The sounds from inside the room had become louder and more frantic. Clearly, the woman inside was nearing a delicious orgasm. Roberta decided she might like to watch that. Carefully, she reached out to turn the knob. To her chagrin, she discovered the door was locked.

For a moment, Roberta felt a flare of irritation and a dread that her plan would not work. She pushed it down. She had tools with her and she was sure that the lock could not be that sophisticated. If it was something like a deadbolt, then her plan was likely stymied. But if it was a typical snap button lock, it could be opened with a sharp, thin object. She fished a steel pick out of her bag, inserted it into the center hole in the doorknob to the master suite and pushed it in firmly. As she worked, she kept her ears focused on the sounds of pleasure coming from inside the room. After a few seconds, she heard the lock snap free; she froze. It had been a fairly loud sound, but there was no interruption in the gasps and moans coming from behind the door. Roberta’s erotic rival was far too engaged in her own pleasure to be distracted.

Carefully, Roberta replaced her pick, zipped her bag closed, then pushed the door open. She entered soundlessly. She closed the door and locked it gently. Her eyes were already adjusted to the dim light. What she saw made her smile lasciviously. Her breasts and nipples began to burn even hotter, her cunt clenched with arousal. The trickle between her legs became an uncomfortable flow.

The other woman was lying on her king-sized bed, completely naked, the sheets thrown back. The woman’s magnificent body was dimly illuminated by the glow from a nightlight positioned just outside the ensuite door, across the large room. The woman was writhing on the bed, her gasps and moans of pleasure growing louder. Her hips jerked, her big tits jiggled and wobbled frantically. Her right hand was between her legs, stroking and caressing her naked twat, teasing and stimulating her swollen clit. Her left hand was on her chest, squeezing and kneading her own tits. As Roberta watched, the woman pushed the nipple of her massive left breast up to her mouth and began to bite and suck, feeding on her own tit. Roberta shuddered with desire.

The woman slowed down. Breathing deeply, still stroking herself but at a slower rate, she released her tit and allowed her pleasure to subside. She paused for maybe two minutes, her breathing slowly calming. Then, when she had let her body retreat from the point of orgasm, she started again. Soon, her gasps and moans were rising in volume and she was biting and suckling her tit again, when she was not squeezing her own nipples.

Roberta delighted in what she was seeing. Soon, she would join the bitch on the bed. Soon, she would mount the whore. She would press her naked, burning cunt deep into the whore’s twat, she would lock clits and mash her tits with those of her enemy, and then she would fuck and fuck and fuck the bitch until she broke the woman’s body with her own. She would grind the whore’s tits flat, she would fuck her cunt until it was red and sore. Roberta licked her lips in anticipation.

Slowly, Roberta placed her bag on the ground. Carefully, she finished unzipping her sweat suit top and slipped it off her shoulders. She dropped it silently to the floor. Her engorged tits stiffened even more, now that they were exposed in the cooler air of the bedroom. Roberta hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her yoga pants and pulled the skintight garment down her thighs and her calves and stepped out of it. She slipped her wet thong down her muscled legs. She kicked the thong and pants away with her bare feet and stood, completely nude.

She breathed deeply, calming herself, readying herself for the fuckfight to come. She reached down and stroked her swollen pussy. It had felt a bit raw and ravaged before, but now it felt taut, wet and hungry. She spread her cuntlips and felt her engorged clit rear up, vibrating with tension and need. She ran her palm over her swollen nipples and felt them get even harder. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Soundlessly, Roberta crossed the room. She stood at the foot of the bed, looking down on her nemesis, as the woman masturbated, her ass and hips jerking, her tits jiggling hard. Roberta considered how she would make her presence known. She felt her body getting tighter, wetter, as she watched her enemy stroke her burning clit, massage her massive tits, lick and suck at her own tit. Roberta knew she had to act soon; even though she was standing silently at the foot of the bed, she knew the woman would soon sense her presence. The moment she got on the bed, the woman would know she was there. Roberta’s breathing was growing heavier and more excited and, soon, she would be unable to maintain her silence. She wanted the advantage of surprise.

The writhing woman on the bed moaned deeply as her fingers worked between her legs. She squeezed her nipple and arched her back. “Oh God, you cunt,” the woman whispered, under her breath. “Yes,” she gasped, “feel my clit, you whore,” she murmured, her imagination clearly locked in an erotic battle. “Break, you bitch, break…”

Roberta knew exactly who the woman was imagining destroying with her body. Roberta’s eyes flashed and she smiled savagely. It was time to make her presence felt.

The other woman had her right hand buried between her legs, working her clit and fingering her pussy at the same time. Her other hand was kneading her huge tits, occasionally pausing to squeeze and caress her swollen nipples. Roberta decided her best strategy to control her nemesis was to go hand to hand.

The woman’s legs were spread, bent slightly at the knee. Her juicy pussy was fully exposed. The intoxicating odor of hot cunt wafted up from the bed. Taking a deep breath, Roberta finally moved. She kneeled on the bed, directly between the woman’s spread legs. Before the woman could sense and react to the new weight, Roberta grabbed each of the woman’s hands in her own. The brunette’s eyes flashed open as she screamed in surprise. Her eyes widened even more when she saw who was attacking her. Roberta interlaced their fingers and squeezed the woman’s hands tight, palm to palm; the woman squeezed back. Taking full advantage of the situation, Roberta pushed herself up and over the woman’s body, so that her tits swung down like meaty orbs, almost touching the other woman’s tits. Roberta shoved the woman’s hands out to either side of her body, even as she brought her weight down on the bitch. Both women gasped in a shock of pure pleasure as their massive tits, both sets fully aroused, mashed. Thick, taut meat crushed hard, rock hard nipples stabbed deep into dense titflesh. Roberta closed her eyes in ecstasy as her flesh covered and slid deliciously on the luscious body beneath her. Her belly slapped tight to that of her rival. She used her outer thighs to force her opponent’s thighs further apart.

“You fucking cunt,” the brunette gasped. Even though she hated the intruder in her bedroom, she loved the feel of Roberta’s lush body on her own. “Get out of my house!” The woman wriggled and bucked beneath Roberta, trying to throw her off. Roberta pushed the woman’s hands harder into the bed. She thrust down with her hips and slammed her succulent pussy into her enemy’s fuckmeat. Both women gasped and let out low, hot moans as their genitals caressed wetly, sex-slick fuck lips sliding on slick fuck lips. The frictionless kiss sent a thrill of pure pleasure arching through the women’s lush bodies.

“Oh fuck, yesssss,” Roberta groaned, as the delicious sensations rippled up from her cunt, filling her flesh with heat and tension. The woman under her let out a low, intense moan, as she threw her head back. Roberta rolled her hips, grinding herself down into her enemy’s twat. The women’s genitals fused with a hot, wet hiss as the thick meat spread and vaginal lips opened under the pressure, cunt sucking at cunt.

“You’re mine, you little fuck,” Roberta gasped at the dark-haired beauty under her. “You want to match clits and tits? Then we’re going to fuck until your cunt gives out, until your tits are flat as pancakes. My body is better than yours and I’m going to prove it, no matter how long it takes!”

“You dirty cunt,” the brunette shot back. “I fucked your brains out in that sauna and I’m going to do the same to you now. You want to fuck? Then let’s fuck, little girl!”

The brunette spread her legs even wider, tilting her hips and giving Roberta even better access to her juiced up twat. Roberta rammed herself harder into the whore under her. Her body shuddered as the intense sexual pleasure poured through her; she felt her enemy trembling too. For both women, their shared sexual lust and obsession was finally being fulfilled. There was no more holding back. They were locked together on a bed, in private, with no possibility of interruption and hours and hours in which to fuck each other raw. Both sexed up vixens were determined to settle their unspoken rivalry, body to body and tit to tit.

Roberta closed her eyes and reveled in the delicious sensations and exquisite pleasure as she fucked and fucked the woman under her. Her powerful ass pumped hard, her muscular hips jerked with each driving thrust. Her clit was lodged deep in the folds of her rival’s wet labia, stroking and stabbing against the other woman’s engorged clit. Their bellies were hot and wet, sliding together erotically. Their tits burned like fire, nipples stabbed and wrestled, sizzling like coals as they fought. Roberta loved it; her rival moved with her, keeping their bodies glued together, flesh on flesh, sharing Roberta’s desire to just keep fucking and fucking and fucking.

Roberta released the woman’s hands and grabbed her hair on either side of her face. The woman gripped Roberta’s thick, dark hair and pulled hard. But she soon slid her hands down Roberta’s sweaty, curving back and sank her fingers and her nails into the thick, rippling meat of Roberta’s perfect, powerful ass. The women pressed nose to nose, sharing hot breath as they gasped and panted in each other’s gorgeous face, Roberta’s dark hair falling down to form a veil around their heads. Eyes burned into eyes, the women stared into each other’s souls, seeing the shared hate and pure, unbearable lust that made them want to consume the other. The other woman twined her legs through Roberta’s calves, locking their bodies as muscle strained against muscle. Their bellies undulated against each other. Snarling, the women drove their mouths together. Hot spit sloshed back and forth as their tongues wrestled. Their moans and cries of pleasure grew louder and deeper as they fucked. Roberta slipped her hands under her rival’s ass. Gripping each other by their flexing, thrusting buttocks, the women fucked mercilessly, clit riding on clit, tits rolling and throbbing, nipples stabbing and fencing.

They broke their kiss, gasping for breath as their fuck intensified. Cheek to cheek, moaning and crying out in shared ecstasy, Roberta and her rival rode each other to a devastating climax, both struggling to hold out just a little longer than the other, hoping to ride the other woman into a submissive orgasm. For more than 20 minutes, the women fucked, their bodies trembling with pre-orgasmic tension, their cries of pleasure turning to whimpers of desperation as they tried to keep from cumming, their writhing bodies growing slick with sweat. In the end, the woman under Roberta shrieked in erotic ecstasy as a powerful orgasm roared out of her core. Her cunt contracted hard, squeezing Roberta’s pussy, and her vagina gushed with cum, spraying their lower bellies, injecting hot ejaculate into Roberta’s hungry pussy.

“Aaaahhhhh!! Oh fuck!!,” the woman screamed. “Oh God, cumming! Cumming so hard!!”

“Yes,”Roberta hissed, pressing her cheek harder to her rival’s cheek, turning her head to lick the woman’s face, to press her lips into the bucking woman’s ear. “Cum for me, you little fuck – show me who’s got the better cunt now!”

“Fuck you, whore,” Roberta’s rival gasped. Her pussy convulsed again, more hot cum flowed into Roberta’s twat. Roberta could not resist any more. The sensation of the woman’s pussy convulsing on her’s, the heat of the liquid ejaculate flowing into her pussy, the woman’s clit grinding electrically on her own, was too delicious. Rearing up, screaming in pleasure and relief, she let her cunt go. The woman gripped Roberta’s ass hard, pulling her down, as Roberta shot stream after stream of steaming cum into her enemy, coating their lower bodies with her ejaculate. The women groaned and strained, muscle against muscle, as they came again and again. They bit at each other, then locked into a savage kiss as they rode each other to the end.

For some time, Roberta lay sprawled on top of her rival, floating on a cloud of erotic bliss. Her hot body covered the brunette’s hot body, voluptuous flesh fused to flesh. Neither woman wanted to separate; both enjoyed the pressure of tit on tit, belly to belly, long legs twined, muscles pulling against muscles.

Finally, Roberta rolled off of the woman beneath her. She collapsed on her back. The women’s dark hair mixed on the pillow. Thick strands of gooey cum linked their hot, naked twats. Their bodies were drenched in sweat and cum. For long minutes, the nude women lay side by side, their bodies pressed shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip, their breath coming in hot pants. Their beautiful, equally heavy tits lolled on their chests, pushing up against each other where their bodies met. Some more time passed. Roberta slid her hand down her rival’s flat, muscled belly, over her navel, and down to her hot, wet pussy. Roberta cupped the succulent fuckmeat and slid a finger up and down the woman’s sex-slimed slit. The woman slid her hand down Roberta’s belly and gripped her cunt hard, sliding two fingers into her twat. Roberta and the woman gasped in unison, then turned their heads to glare at each other.

“You dirty whore,” the woman rasped. “You’ve broken into my house. I could call the police and have you charged with trespassing. I’m a lawyer; I know people who can put you away for a long time.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Roberta panted back. “You want this as much as I do. You spread your legs for me and begged me to fuck you. You won’t be able to explain that to the cops.”

“Oh God!” The woman sat up abruptly, pushing herself into a sitting position. She glared down at Roberta. “You fucking lying cunt! You broke into my house and raped me!”

“You lying whore!” Roberta snapped back, sitting up beside the woman. “You loved every minute of it! You came like a fire hose, you filthy skank! You screamed like a slut!”

“Fucking slut,” the woman snapped, her voice flat. She turned so that she was facing Roberta on her knees.

“Dirty cunt,” Roberta shot back, also getting to her knees to face the other woman.

For a moment, the two women glared at each other in the half-light, their eyes shining with heat and passion. Their tits heaved, causing both women’s eyes to fall to the other’s jiggling chest. Their eyes locked again.

“Alright, fucker,” the woman snapped. “You want to fuck this out? Let’s do it. Let’s settle this, woman to woman. Let’s see what your little girl tits are made of.” She reached out to fondle and gently stroke Roberta’s right tit, tracing the thick meat up to the hard nipple.

“I’ve got more and better meat than you have,” Roberta shot back. She reached out to caress the other woman’s tit. “We’re the same size, but my girls are thick and firm; yours are flabby bags.”

“Fuck you, slut,” the brunette replied. “I’m bigger than you and firmer than you.”

“Yeah?” Roberta snapped. “Then prove it, bitch. Let’s see what you’ve really got.”

The other woman squeezed Roberta’s massive tit harder, lifting and weighing her rival’s incredible boob. The woman’s eyes shone with lust as she manipulated the thick gland.

“My tits are more beautiful than these ugly sacks on your chest,” the woman breathed, her hungry eyes betraying her true feelings.

“My tits have been in the best men’s magazines for more than 10 years, cunt,” Roberta growled. “They are the best tits you’ll ever see.” She gently kneaded her enemy’s juicy rack as she spoke, her desire building.

“Then they’ve been getting second best,” the brunette murmured, squeezing one of Roberta’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

“Fuck you, whore,” Roberta hissed. “Let’s see what your tits can really take.”

With that, she leaned forward, tilting her head towards the woman’s right tit. The woman immediately understood what Roberta planned to do; she shuddered in anticipation. Using her left hand to squeeze and lift the heavy tit, Roberta gently licked the nipple head; the brunette gasped. Roberta licked around the areola; with her right hand, she squeezed the woman’s left breast. Her rival gasped louder and buried her right hand in Roberta’s thick black hair, but she did not pull just yet. She placed her left hand on Roberta’s shoulder, but did not push her away. Roberta continued to lick the thick nipple, teasing and taunting with her tongue. She took the nipple in her teeth and bit it gently, then began to suck hard, taking more and more titmeat into her mouth until she was chewing and sucking at as much of her opponent’s oversized tit as she could. The woman’s moans of pleasure grew louder and more insistent. With her other hand, Roberta tweaked and crushed the nipple of the woman’s other breast, before sinking her fingers into the taut meat and squeezing.

The brunette suddenly yanked back on Roberta’s hair, pulling her painfully, but Roberta continued to suck and gnaw at her enemy’s boob. The woman used her left hand to push Roberta’s right hand away from her left breast. Gasping, she pushed Roberta’s body back far enough to give her the space to lower her head to Roberta’s succulent right tit. Roberta moaned deep into her enemy’s boob as the brunette wrapped her lips and teeth around the centerfold’s luscious titmeat and began sucking, licking and eating with ravenous hunger. The women’s shared moans spiraled higher and higher.

On their knees, leaning into each other, Roberta and her enemy devoured each other’s tit, sucking and eating until their nipples were harder than ever and exquisitely sensitive. The cones of their breasts grew slick with spit and reddened from teethmarks. When they were ready, both women pulled on the other’s hair; they released their spit-covered tits and, for a moment, licked and nipped at each other’s faces, cursing each other, sharing obscenities, before locking into a deep, spitty kiss, then shifting their heads to go at the other woman’s remaining tit.

For another 20 minutes, they sucked at the other tit until both women were gasping with pleasure and arousal. Their tits throbbed with heat, feeding the tension between their legs and pulsing in their clits. Finally, they were ready. The women pulled their mouths from the other’s breast, leaving nipples dripping with spit, little strands of saliva pulling from their red lips. Glaring at each other, eyes flashing with hate and incredible desire, the women pressed their over-sized tits directly into each other, unbearably sensitive nipple to nipple, spit-slicked head to head.

“Oh god, you fuck,” Roberta sobbed. It felt like her nipples were melting into her rival’s nips, heat and electricity flowed through their incredible bodies as the fleshy swords met and fused.

“Cunt, oh fuck, you cunt,”the brunette cried out, tears of pleasure and pain streaming down her gorgeous face.

Nose to nose, gathering their strength, the women pressed their massive tits together as hard as they could. They wrapped their powerful arms around each other’s backs and squeezed tight. They cried out in unison as the four meaty masses compressed, taut titflesh quivering under the pressure, but giving only so far before holding firm and thick, forming four thick, meaty pads. The women rubbed their tits back and forth, up and down, nipples savagely scoring and digging into dense, yielding flesh, as they struggled to break each other’s boobs. The women understood that much of their rivalry was focused in the competition between their breasts, in the question of which set of tits was stronger, tighter, thicker, bigger and more beautiful. Both women prided their tits above, perhaps, everything else; they had to settle which of them had the better pair.

On and on, the women ground at each other, using their backs and hips to drive tit to tit, their bodies writhing and undulating, flesh on flesh. They were desperately hoping to feel the other woman’s nipples softening, to feel the other rack spreading out and giving up. This did not happen. Instead, their burning, throbbing tits grew tighter and swelled bigger as they grew more aroused and more stimulated. Their nipples became, if possible, even firmer and thicker, stabbing into the swollen, blood-engorged titflesh even more deliciously. They occasionally arched their backs, slapping their flat, muscled bellies tight, abdominal muscles rippling against each other, deep navels sucking and releasing with gentle pops. Cheek to cheek, occasionally sharing deep, tongue-twisted kisses, Roberta and her nemesis titfucked for more than an hour, trying to destroy each other tit to tit and finding, instead, they were feeding the erotic need growing in their cores.

Roberta moaned, grunted and gasped as she and the other woman swayed back and forth on their knees, rubbing bellies, writhing in each other’s arms. Their pussies leaked enough juices to the bed that they were both moving in small puddles on the sheet. Their bodies dripped with sweat, slicking their tits, making them slide and rub against each other even more erotically, as if they were covered in oil. Roberta was sure they were not far away from incredible nipple orgasms; her tits were so hot and throbbing so powerfully, a drumbeat echoed in her pulsing clit. She did not think she could hold out much longer. Roberta felt her enemy’s hand slip around from her back, trace her hip, then slide down her flat, muscled belly to slide her fingers on Roberta’s wet, dripping cunt. Roberta instantly returned the caress.

Eye to eye, panting in each other’s faces, their bulging tits pressed tight and pulsing with infuriating heat, the women began to finger-fuck each other. First, they traced each other’s slick cunts, running their fingers up the tight slits, teasing and stroking. The women clenched their teeth and shut their eyes tight as the incredible sensations tortured them. They moaned in agony. Then, as one, Roberta and her nemesis plunged their two middle fingers into their opponent’s dripping twat, pumping, stroking, caressing aching clits, exploring the sensitive inner recesses of the other woman. Their fingers not inside the other woman’s twat rubbed their slick cuntlips, feeding the intense heat in their twats. They stifled their moans and cries with deep, angry kisses. Saliva dripped from their locked mouths to the shared cleavage of their mashed tits. The sound of eager fingers moving in wet cunts filled the bedroom. The women’s hands were soon soaked with the other woman’s vaginal juices as they masturbated each other viciously.

The fingerfucking went on, both women stroking, stroking. Their swollen, throbbing clits threatened to explode, already on the verge of orgasmic release after an hour of titfucking. Both women grabbed the other woman’s hair and held on; they leaned into each other, keeping up the pressure on their crushed tits. Roberta felt the end coming; she could not hold back the orgasm churning in her core much longer and her enemy was proving to be an expert at touching and caressing her cunt in just the right places. Roberta whimpered, still locked in a deep kiss, and managed to suck on the brunette’s tongue. The woman groaned desperately. Her body trembled with pre-orgasmic tension. The brunette slipped her hand down Roberta’s back and slapped her ass hard, spanking her, beating her taut meat like a drum.

Roberta had not expected the spanking. The shock of pain and pleasure pushed her over the edge; she only had an instant in which to strike her enemy’s rippling ass hard, the cracks of her counter-attack punctuating the gasps and groans of their sexual combat.

The women broke their kiss in a spray of spit. Throwing back their heads, they screamed out in unison as powerful mutual orgasms rippled through their bodies.

“Oh god, fuck, fuck….,” Roberta gasped. She continued rubbing, masturbating the other woman, even as her own body convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy. She was sure she felt her nipples ejaculating into their crushed titmeat.

“You cunt, filthy fucking cunt…” the other woman moaned, her hand moving vigorously inside of Roberta’s twat, torturing Roberta’s clit with unbearable pleasure.

The women came all over their opponent’s hand. Their hot cum splattered the bed. Crying out, sobbing and screaming, the women masturbated each other until neither one could take it anymore. Their bodies quivering, their twats dripping with discharged ejaculate, Roberta and the brunette fell to their sides on the bed, finally releasing each other. Shoulders touching, hair mixed on the pillow, the sexual rivals lay side by side. Panting, tits heaving, the women gathered their strength. They were both too spent to move but neither beautiful brunette was ready to surrender. The battle would go on.

For some time, the only sound in the room was the labored breathing of the two women. Their massive tits rose and fell in unison. Roberta’s right and the brunette’s left tits pressed against each other side to side, quivering with tension as their meat struggled to fill the same space. Both women enjoyed the silent sexual competition, even as they gathered their strength for the next round.

Roberta was almost delirious. Starting from the fight in the sauna, she had already cum three times this night, each time multiple orgasms, each time more powerful than anything she had ever experienced before, and each orgasm more intense than the previous one. Whatever obsessions she was sharing with the beautiful bitch lying beside her, pressed hip to hip, thigh to thigh and tit to tit, it fueled her erotic appetites and desires in a way that nothing else ever had. She had fucked many people in her life, both men and women. While she knew she was bisexual, before this experience she would have said she was more into men. But this erotic battle with a woman whose body rivaled hers in every way was giving her more exquisite sexual pleasure than she had thought possible. Despite having had the most devastatingly powerful orgasms in her life, despite feeling physically exhausted, she could feel the growing tension in her pussy, the hunger in her core, and she knew that her body was reloading, getting ready for more, demanding that she continue rubbing tits and cunts with the other woman until one of them was completely destroyed. Somehow, just being close to this woman was feeding her libido, powering her already incredible sex drive to nearly insatiable levels. She was thrilled by the realization that she would soon be ready to take on the bitch again.

“You’re not leaving here until we settle this,” the woman rasped at Roberta, her voice raw. “We don’t stop fucking until one of us submits and I guarantee it will be you. My tits, my body, are more than you can handle, fucker.”

“I’m not leaving here until I fuck you raw, you slutty bitch,” Roberta snarled in reply. “I’m going to make you eat my cunt. I’m going to make you admit my tits are better than yours before we’re done here.”

The woman got onto her side and glared at Roberta. “You little slut. Do you think I got where I am by giving up and doing things the easy way? With my body and my looks I easily could have become a porn slut, like you. But I wanted more and I did it the hard way. I got my education and now I’m a successful lawyer. I never had to spread my legs to get ahead, not like a cunt like you.”

“You don’t know anything about me,” Roberta snarled. The woman’s barbs sank a bit too close to home. It was certainly true that Roberta had cashed in on her looks, her body, her incredible tits. Her entire career was about how she looked; that was one of the reasons she felt so threatened by her enemy. “I worked my way up the ladder,” she insisted.

“You fucked your way up the ladder, whore,” the other woman sneered.

“Maybe,” Roberta snapped. “But it doesn’t matter. I’m going to fuck you into a coma.”

“Just because I don’t spread my legs professionally doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fuck,” the other woman shot back. “And I’m going to show you exactly what I can do.”

Saying this, the woman leaned back on the bed, away from Roberta. She braced her voluptuous body with her hands and spread her long, muscled legs wide. Her action revealed her clean-shaven, thick-lipped twat, wet and still dripping with cum, ready for battle. Her massive tits jiggled in anticipation.

Roberta gazed into the delicious cunt before her and was overwhelmed with desire. She licked her lips as she got to her knees, then sat back, braced her body, and spread her legs. The other woman’s eyes glowed with feverish lust as she stared into Roberta’s cunt. Roberta flexed her vagina, displaying her vaginal control. The other woman smiled viciously, then humped her pussy at Roberta, jerking her hips. The brunette centerfold did not need any more encouragement. With a groan, she slid herself down the bed, sliding her legs over and under her rival’s powerful, bare legs, lining up their juicy twats for the fuckfight to come. With a grunt, Roberta thrust her pussy hard into the brunette’s cunt. The women’s smooth, naked twats mated with a meaty slap and a wet hiss as slit locked to slit.

“Uuuuuhhhh!! Aaaaaahhhh!!” the brunette bitch moaned, as she threw back her head and used her hips and ass to drive her pussy into Roberta’s cunt.

Roberta gasped and moaned uncontrollably. The sensations as their cunts mated were unbelievably good, better than anything. “Uuuummmmmm!! Oh God, fucking God, yessssss…..”

Joined slit to slit, powering into each other, the women spread and sealed their succulent cunts in a meaty join. Their vaginas sucked and pulled at each other, locked twat to twat. Their hips jerked, their asses flexed, the women pushed hard, violating and working deeper into each other’s labia with each delicious thrust.

“Oh god, you fucking whore!” Roberta cried out, throwing back her head to moan in pleasure. It felt so good, so incredibly good….

“Slut! Fucking slut!” the other woman replied, her beautiful face contorted with sexual agony. The heat between their locked cunts burned like a furnace. Pussy juice poured from their vaginas like a faucet, soaking the slick intersection of their bodies, trickling down into their ass cracks and on to the bed.

The women’s swollen clits pressed head to head. They screamed in ecstatic agony, shrieking at the top of their lungs, then began rubbing and rubbing their sexhorns directly into each other. The women’s eyes locked over their bouncing tits as they moved their hips in tight circles, attacking each other clit to clit, both gorgeous women desperate to see the other woman give up and back off. Neither woman did and, soon, their eyes were streaming with tears and their cries and gasps had become moans and growls of excruciating pleasure. Roberta and her rival rubbed, ground, rammed their clits together relentlessly, using the most sensitive and unbearably pleasurable parts of their incredible bodies as their ultimate erotic weapons. Each woman tried to overwhelm the other and prove that she could give and take more pleasure than her opponent.

The ecstasy radiated out in pulsing waves of electricity, filling their bodies until every muscle quivered with tension. As the fuckfight grew more and more intense, Roberta and the brunette spread their legs wider and pushed their upper bodies closer, their massive tits bouncing and shaking until they crushed together. The women moaned as their titmeat met. Their rock-hard nipples speared each other and grated, sending shockwaves through their trembling bodies. The brunette slipped her hands around Roberta’s waist, then down to seize her magnificent ass. Roberta grabbed the other woman’s hips.

“Oh god, oh god, you cunt, you fucking cunt…” Roberta whispered at the beautiful brunette, as they pushed nose to nose, as their nipples and tits squashed, as their throbbing clits twisted into an exquisite knot of ecstasy. Tears streamed down the women’s beautiful faces as their bodies struggled to overpower each other.

“You cuntsucking whore…,” the brunette whispered back. “I’ll break you, I swear to God, I’ll fuck you until your cunt is as dry as a bone…”

“I’m going to fuck every drop out of your twat, you dirty skank,” Roberta promised. The women touched tongues, they licked at each other, spit dribbling down to their mashed tits, before they locked into a deep, ravenous kiss. Grabbing asses, jerking hips, flexing their powerful buttocks, their bulging tits mashed tight, the women fucked powerfully, frantically, each determined to force the other into submission. They swallowed the other’s screams and moans of pleasure until they broke their kiss, both women throwing back their heads in a spray of spit, to shriek in desperation.

Roberta pushed herself away from her enemy, reluctantly disengaging her tits from their counterparts, so she could thrust more deeply into her foe. The other woman duplicated the move. Leaning away from each other again, both women seized the other’s muscled thigh for leverage. Their hips slightly turned so their hungry cunts could slot more firmly, Roberta and her rival fucked mercilessly, their clits fused, their cunts sucking and squeezing, wrestling for supremacy. Their asses and hips moved powerfully, rhythmically, matching thrust for thrust. Their massive tits jerked and jiggled, so thick and hard that they bounced like balls on the women’s chests. Sobs and snarls of lust and hate spilled out of the battling warriors; they clenched their teeth hard and kept thrusting, grinding, struggling to force the other woman over the edge first.

Roberta felt like her pussy was a dam, filled beyond its ability to hold back a flood; she felt her body was like a bomb, ready to go off in an explosion that would devastate her with ecstasy. The tension inside of her was unbearable, greater than anything she had ever felt, so overwhelming that she wanted only to explode. But she kept on fucking, kept on matching her hated rival thrust for thrust, determined to prove that her body was stronger, that her cunt was superior, that the bitch she was fucking was not her better or even her equal.

Soon, however, Roberta realized that she was at the end of her endurance. Despite her greatest efforts at self-control, she could feel that her body was reaching the absolute limits of what it could take. She could feel her opponent quivering and trembling with pre-orgasmic tension. She knew the other woman was only a few clit to clit strokes away from exploding in orgasmic bliss. She increased the force of her thrusts, she jerked her hips harder, trying to push her enemy off the cliff before she went.

“Cum, you fucker, cum!” Roberta sobbed, her eyes streaming with tears, her head thrown back in ecstasy. “Cum, you dirty cunt!”

“You cum, you little shit, you fucking skank!” the woman gasped, pushing back with her hips and ass, driving herself into Roberta until the two women felt their genitals fuse, their struggling clits become one flaming nerve, filling their bodies with fire.

“Oh God, oh FUCK!!” Roberta shrieked. “NNNnnooooaaaarrrrgggh!!”

She could not hold back a moment longer. She came with unbelievable force. She unleashed a gusher of hot cum, injecting her molten ejaculate into the woman’s twat. Cum leaked out around the seal formed by their interlocked pussies, soaking the skin where their luscious bodies joined.

“Yes, you fuck, YESSSSS!!” the brunette woman screamed in triumph.

Four, five seconds later, Roberta’s opponent came with equal force. She threw back her head and screamed at the ceiling, her eyes tightly shut as her pussy contracted and squeezed hard at Roberta’s twat. “Cumming! Oh fuck, you whore, cumming so hard!!”

Neither woman stopped. Roberta felt the shame of cumming first but, even as her body shuddered in orgasmic ecstasy, she kept moving her hips and ass, grinding and thrusting at her opponent’s clit, trying to force more orgasms out of the woman. Roberta may have cum first, but she was determined to drain the whore, to force her enemy into sexual submission. Roberta’s rival returned the attack, torturing Roberta’s clit with every thrust.

Soaked in sweat, their lower bodies dripping with cum, the women moaned and screamed, gasped and shrieked, their incredible bodies convulsing as they fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other. They thrust at each other as long as they could, cunt wrestling with cunt, clit grinding with clit, until they fell flat on their backs. The fuck warriors arched their spines as they drove into each other relentlessly, fucking and fucking and fucking, trying to fuck the other into exhaustion. Their massive tits bounced and jerked, sweat and nipple cum spraying off the bouncing orbs. Their bodies gleamed with sweat and cum, especially their lower torsos, where their vaginas sucked and squeezed each other, trying to devour their counterpart on the other woman. Their powerful abdominal muscles rippled as they worked, as their cunts wrestled, as their vaginas pumped hot cum into the other’s pussy.

Finally, the thrashing, bucking, writhing and moaning faded to an exhausted stillness. The only sounds in the room were the desperate pants and groans of Roberta and her nemesis. The warm scent of pussy and woman sweat and cum saturated the hot air. The women had fucked each other to a standstill. Neither had anything left to give. Fused at their cunts, their bodies hot, wet and trapped in the fork of the other’s legs, they lay flat on the king-sized bed, drifting in and out of consciousness, their tits rising and falling, jiggling gently, their breath coming in hot gasps. Their beautiful faces shone with sweat, their damp, dark hair spread like halos on the bed sheet.

Roberta’s body was totally drained, absolutely exhausted by raw sexual pleasure. Her enemy had fucked her out of her mind. Her only consolation was her knowledge that she had done the same to the other woman. She could barely move. Her body was vibrating in the aftermath of the incredible sexual ravaging she had endured. She felt like molten lead was running through her veins, filling her with a searing heat, but sapping her strength at the same time. Her breasts tingled and throbbed; they felt three times their normal weight and firmness, like meaty cannonballs on her chest, weighing her down. She felt like her pussy was melted to the other woman’s cunt, the heat coming up from their locked crotches filling her lower body like a furnace. She felt like she could lie like this forever, just enjoying the delicious sensations of heat and flesh.

Summoning all her willpower, Roberta slowly raised her head. She looked down her body at the other woman. Her rival’s thigh was thrown across Roberta’s belly; the woman’s other leg was under Roberta’s body, scissoring her torso. Roberta’s legs were placed in the same way on the other woman, in reverse. Grunting with effort, Roberta twisted her hips and pulled her body back at the same time, using the footboard of the bed for stability. Her pussy slowly sucked free of the woman’s delicious cunt; a gush of cum released as the women’s bodies peeled apart. Long, thick strands of gooey cum linked their red, hot genitals. Not for the first time, Roberta was glad that her pussy was completely clean-shaven. Besides giving her sexual interactions a delicious slickness, it made separating from the deep cunt-kiss much easier than if she had to rip away pubic hair. The other woman groaned as Roberta pulled away and raised her hips and ass, allowing Roberta to free her leg from under the woman’s body. Gasping, Roberta rolled onto her stomach, facing down the bed, lying beside her hated enemy. For a few minutes she remained that way, unmoving, panting hoarsely, her cheek flat to the wet bed sheet. She was aware that she was vulnerable to attack; the other woman could easily reach down and shove a hot finger up Roberta’s exposed ass or cunt. She could hear the other woman breathing, but the woman made no move to attack.

Slowly, Roberta pushed back, pushing her magnificent ass in the air as she folded her knees up under her, until she was lying on the bed in what was almost a downward-facing-dog position. Her heavy tits pushed into the bed. She got to her hands and knees and began crawling backward a short distance. Slowly, she moved up the bed. Still, her enemy did not move, but Roberta could see her brunette nemesis was following Roberta with her eyes. Roberta was now directly beside the other woman, her ass lined up with the woman’s head. With a final effort, she lifted her leg over the woman’s face and shifted her body, so that her knees were on either side of the woman’s head and she was looking down on her enemy naked twat. Roberta lowered her aching pussy down to the woman’s beautiful face. The woman gasped with excitement as she slid her hands up and over Roberta’s hips. At the same time, she spread her legs wide, in invitation. Eagerly, crying out with lust, Roberta lowered her face into her enemy’s succulent, steaming cunt; simultaneously, she lowered her dripping twat onto the woman’s beautiful face. The women buried their faces in the other woman’s juicy, delicious pussy, and began to eat.

Roberta and her rival moaned with undisguised lust as they rubbed their faces around and around the other woman’s fuckmeat, happily covering their noses, cheeks and mouths with the other woman’s cunt juice and tantalizing scent. Roberta slipped her hands under the brunette’s buttocks and squeezed the thick meat enthusiastically, loving the way the firm flesh felt in her eager hands. She slid her tongue up the woman’s dripping slit, tracing the hot groove. She used her fingers to spread the woman’s pussy lips. She plunged her tongue into the brunette’s soft, sweet labia, caressing the complex folds, teasing the vaginal cleft, before wrapping her tongue and lips around the woman’s engorged clit and sucking, pulling with her lips, nibbling with her teeth, doing all she could to inflict mind-numbing ecstasy on her enemy. She felt the woman’s entire voluptuous body quivering under her body.

As Roberta ravaged her rival, the other woman devoured Roberta. She sank her fingers into Roberta’s round, perfect ass and kneaded the firm flesh. She ran her tongue up and down Roberta’s delicious slit, before tracing the groove even higher, sliding her tongue into Roberta’s anus, teasing and probing the puckered flesh until Roberta groaned in sensual agony and eagerly returned the violation. The woman pulled Roberta’s buttocks apart and went deeper into her rival’s tart asshole, before spreading Roberta’s cuntlips and entering her vagina. She sucked and licked at the dark-haired beauty’s clit, finally wrapping her lips and tongue around the hard, throbbing nub and sucking on it like a nipple, biting gently.

The women’s moans and screams of pleasure, muffled in the other’s twat, grew in volume and intensity, forming an opera of sensual joy. The woman momentarily released Roberta’s ass to slide her hands down Roberta’s back and grab and pull her rival’s hair viciously. She caressed Roberta’s body, even as she redoubled her sucking and nibbling on Roberta’s aching clit. Roberta felt the underside of her tits mashed hard against her rival’s underboob. She could feel the woman’s nipples stabbing into her abdomen, even as her own nipples pulsed into the woman’s belly. Roberta released the woman’s clit long enough to push back, sliding her body down the other woman’s torso, crushing and mashing their thick titmeat, dragging their nipples across each other’s stomachs, before sliding back up to resume her clit-sucking. The woman under her responded by wrapping her smooth, sweaty thighs around Roberta’s head and locking her in place. Groaning, Roberta rolled their bodies onto their sides and wrapped her thighs around her rival’s head. Now eating each other from a position of equality, the gorgeous women unleashed their full hunger on each other, their moans and screams growing to a fever pitch as the 69 fuckfight entered a new stage of pure, unbridled lust.

The women trembled in an agony of absolute sexual ecstasy as they attacked each other with every tactic they could imagination, always taking cues from the other woman, matching each other in every way that they could. They fingered each other’s cunts and assholes, licking and sucking, torturing each other’s clits. They bit at the soft, sensitive inner flesh of the other’s thighs. They fisted each other for a time, filling their enemy’s cunt and twisting their fist until they were both sobbing with pleasure. The brunette came first, suddenly crying out, pressing her face into Roberta’s wet twat, and squeezing shot after shot of hot cum out onto Roberta’s face. Roberta eagerly sucked up and drank the delicious ejaculate. After her rival’s powerful orgasms abated, she attacked Roberta with renewed vigor, momentarily relieved of the intense pressure in her sexual core. Soon, it was Roberta’s turn to moan in agony as she came with excruciating force into her rival’s beautiful face.

The 69 fight went on for more than an hour, the women screaming, moaning and sobbing as they sucked, licked, fingered and probed each other to the heights of ecstasy, as they tortured their most sensitive sexual weapons until the sensations were unendurable. They came into each other’s gorgeous faces over and over again, until they had nothing left to give. Finally, Roberta and the woman released each other. They rolled onto their backs, side by side, their bodies pointed in opposite directions, slick with sweat and cum, their breasts red from abrasion, their faces and hair damp with cum.

Roberta felt totally exhausted but also exhilarated. She had never fucked or been fucked so completely in her entire life. Her body was floating on a cushion of sensual bliss. She slid her hand down her rival’s torso and cupped the woman’s tit nearest to her. Roberta gently squeezed the massive gland, marveling at how thick and firm it felt, at how the hard nipple jabbed into her palm, at how little of the enormous tit her hand could actually cover. An instant later, she felt the other woman’s hand slide up her belly, finally resting on her tit. Roberta smiled as she other woman tweaked her nipple and massaged her meat before resting her palm on the crest of Roberta’s massive breast.

For some time, Roberta and her nemesis lay side by side, their perfect, naked bodies virtual mirror images of each other. They felt their chests rise and fall with their hands resting on the other’s tit. They panted but, slowly, their breathing returned to normal. Roberta struggled not to fall asleep, despite her tiredness. She did not want to wake up under her enemy, her legs spread, her cunt under assault.

The other woman released Roberta’s tit and pushed herself to a sitting position. Roberta immediately did the same. The women sat side by side, glaring at each other silently. The woman leaned towards Roberta, reaching across Roberta’s body, offering her mouth; Roberta instantly accepted the offer. Their shoulders locking against each other, their opposite tits pressing tight, the women placed their arms across the other woman’s torso and hip to brace themselves on the bed, and slipped into a deep, passionate kiss. They shared tongues and spit, sucking saliva back and forth. Their tongues tangled and pushed, drool slipped out of their mouths to trickle onto their crushed tits. For long minutes, they kissed, neither wanting to break the delicious contact, both feeling the heat build inside their aching pussies.

Finally, they pushed apart, their lips still linked by strands of spit. Nose to nose, eye to eye, Roberta and her enemy stared into each other. Both understood, in some unspoken way, exactly how they had to decide their incredible rivalry. The woman licked Roberta’s lips; Roberta returned the caress. Their tongues exchanged licks and pushes for a moment. Before they could start kissing again, the woman pushed away. She twisted around and picked up a glass off her night table. It was filled with water. Carefully, she drank the entire glass, as Roberta watched. The woman then turned back to the table, picked up a pitcher of water resting there, filled the glass and handed it to Roberta. Roberta drank her fill, feeling her body somewhat replenished from its dehydration. She handed the glass to the woman, who put it back on the night table.

Roberta and her enemy stared at each other, the dim light of the room doing nothing to hide the building lust in their shining eyes. The other woman moved first, sitting back, turning her torso so that she sat facing Roberta. Roberta moved her body on the bed, assuming a sitting position, her legs spread, facing her foe. The women slipped their bare, wet legs over and under each other, they aimed their naked, juiced-up twats directly at each other, slit aligned to slit. Their swollen nipples pointed to their counterparts, sexual weapons ready to be brought to bear. Roberta and the woman pushed up to each other. Their slick, thick-lipped cunts met; the women shuddered as their genitals mated, fuckmeat burning and sizzling as it melted into fuckmeat. Their engorged clits met head to head; the women screamed in concert, throwing back their heads to moan in pleasure. Then, glaring at each other, they pushed harder, sealing their bodies together. Roberta and the woman slipped their arms around the other’s hips and filled their hands with their enemy’s perfect, firm ass. They gripped the quivering meat. Their nipples sizzled as they mated, nipple hole sucking to hole, both sets of nipples pushing the other back until their dense titflesh met and crushed, firm flesh throbbing with heat, resisting and squashing, sending pulses of raw pleasure arcing through the women’s perfect bodies.

Roberta and the woman gasped and cried out as they pulled each other in, their legs spread wide so that their bodies could meet and mate as tightly as humanly possible. Holding onto each other’s sweaty ass, Roberta and her rival began to rock their hips slightly, minutely, rubbing their clits around and around on each other. Their massive tits, perhaps the ultimate cause of their fuckwar, rolled and pulsed against each other, titmeat rippling and surging around the center of their sealed nipples and areola. Their bodies shook with the incredible sensations, the pure pleasure they were beating into each other. Roberta moaned deep in her throat as she locked her lips, her mouth, to that of her enemy. Their tongues lashed out, hot spit flowed back and forth between their sealed mouths, dribbling out to fall into their mashed cleavages.

Slow and hard, never separating, Roberta and the brunette fucked and fucked, riding each other relentlessly. Their clits ground endlessly, their tits wrestled constantly, their flat, hard bellies rippled against each other. Every inch of each women’s flesh worked and struggled against every inch of her enemy. It was absolute sexual bliss, an absolute hell of sexual agony as the two women joined in their ultimate battle, a final effort to decide whose body was really better, whose tits were really stronger, whose womanhood was truly superior. Roberta felt like she had died and gone to heaven. She and her enemy became one body, the heat between their gently writhing bodies feeding the sweat, the waves of delicious sexual pleasure feeding the implacable tension building in their cores, filling their muscles, building and building to an exquisite, ecstatic release.

Roberta came first. Her pulsing clit flared to nova heat, filling every cell in her body with pleasure. Her pussy clenched then released, a flow of hot, slick cum jetting from her body into the other woman. Their clits twitched and throbbed against each other. Moments later, even as the pleasure suffused her body, Roberta felt the other woman’s cunt release a delicious fountain of cum into her cunt, she felt the woman’s body quake as the pleasure reached its climax. The women screamed into each other’s mouths, their eyes streamed with tears, but they kept fucking and fucking, working their hips and asses, trying to fuck each other into oblivion.

Pulling hair, slapping and scratching asses, holding on with all they had, Roberta and her rival fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other, neither giving up, both riding a wave of ecstasy so intense that they could barely stay conscious. Roberta’s rival suddenly convulsed, an incredible wave of shudders running through every muscle in her body. With a scream, she broke the kiss and released Roberta’s ass as she fell back onto the bed, her lush body writhing. Roberta followed the woman down. She mashed her jiggling tits hard onto the woman’s shaking tits and rubbed her bulging rack around and around on her rival’s chest. Their pussies separated for the first time in a while, but they remained linked by thick, gelatinous strands of cum. Roberta continued grinding her clit hard into that of her enemy, fucking and fucking, grinding herself to her own unbearable climax. Roberta and her rival stared deep into each other’s half-hooded eyes, watching each other, watching the pleasure they were sharing as they fucked each other to the finish.

Roberta watched as the woman’s eyes rolled into her head, as her beautiful face became slack with unconsciousness. She had passed out, the sheer intensity of the sensual pleasure wracking her body finally too much to take. Roberta came an instant later. She gushed uncontrollably onto the other woman’s cunt, all over their lower torsos. She sprayed the bed with her scent and cum. Part of her felt like she was marking her territory. Her body exploded, the erotic electricity wracking her muscles, draining her, filling her at the same time, overloading what her senses could take. Roberta collapsed on her unconscious enemy, her teeth clenched, as she tried to keep from passing out.

It was some time before Roberta could move. Slowly, reluctantly, she pulled her swollen clit off of her enemy’s clit, which remained fully aroused. She rolled off her defeated enemy. She was too tired, too exhausted, to feel any sense of victory. Her body was still humming with sexual pleasure. She turned her head to study the beautiful bitch beside her. The woman was completely unconscious, her gorgeous face slack, but her entire body radiating a sense of sexual satisfaction. Roberta turned her head to look at the night stand clock. It read almost 5:00 AM. She needed to move.

Gathering all her will, Roberta rolled off of the bed. Her entire body was sore. Her breasts were aching and tender, her pussy felt like it had gone through a meat grinder, her clit throbbed painfully, sending pulses of heat through her body. She staggered to the en suite bathroom and washed up, using a towel to sponge herself down, to wash her face and remove some of the sweat and cum that encrusted her lush flesh. She saw a lipstick on the woman’s bathroom vanity and smiled evilly. Taking the red stick back to the bedroom, she crawled up on the bed. She used the lipstick to write “I AM A WEAK CUNT”on her rival’s beautiful belly, filling the sweaty space between the woman’s breasts and pussy. She wanted her enemy to have no doubt about which of them had won this sexual confrontation.

Walking unsteadily, Roberta gathered up her yoga pants, thong and sweat suit top. She slung her burglar bag over her bare shoulder. Barefoot, naked, she opened the bedroom door and staggered down the upstairs hallway. When she got to the top of the stairs, she found her rival’s discarded thong. It gave her an idea. Putting her clothing and bag down, she picked up the thong and slipped it up her legs until it fit snugly over her dripping cunt. An erotic thrill coursed through her. Despite the painful pressure on her pussy, it felt wonderful to wear something already coated in the scent and cunt juice of her defeated enemy. Roberta picked up her things and continued down the stairs. There, at the landing, she found the other woman’s halter. Smiling, she slipped it on. Just as she suspected, the EE cups fit her perfectly. She shuddered as she felt her nipples slip into the indentations made by her rival’s nips. Again, the pressure on her breasts and nipples was painful, but worth it for the sense of erotic triumph.

In the kitchen, just outside the garage door, Roberta slipped on her yoga pants and her sweat suit top. She shoved her own thong into the pocket of the jacket. She pulled on her shoes and picked up her fedora. For a moment, she considered leaving the way she had entered, but that was no longer necessary. She walked through the house to the front door. The alarm was still off. Smiling, she keyed in the code and watched the alarm switch from red to green. She opened the front door, fixed her hat on her head, and stepped out into the early morning light. She closed the door firmly behind her.

Roberta crossed the street to her car. There was a jaunty spring to her step, a triumphant swing to her womanly hips. She had outfucked the most beautiful, sexually powerful woman she had ever met. She had proven her voluptuous body was superior to that of the most incredible woman she had ever encountered. She had experienced the most pleasurable, mind-blowingly ecstatic sex in her life. Deep down, she knew that she could have lost the battle to her rival, but she had not. She intended to enjoy her sense of womanly superiority. Smiling in triumph, she climbed into her car and drove home. She had no doubt she would spend the rest of the day in bed, recovering from the battle.


Roberta wore her enemy’s thong for the rest of the weekend. On Monday, she took her rival’s thong, tied it crotch to crotch with her own thong, put the fragrant scraps of cloth, now covered in her own scent, in a plastic Ziploc bag, sealed it tight, stuffed it in a manila envelope, and mailed it to her rival’s home address. She made sure that her own home address was on the envelope. She wondered what her enemy would think when she opened the package. She wondered how it would smell; two cum drenched pieces of cloth, twisted together, their scent mixing. She knew her own scent would be overwhelming, but that was part of the insult, part of the challenge. The thongs were also an invitation. She knew the other woman would understand. She just wondered how long it would take the woman to respond.

For the next six weeks, nothing happened. Roberta felt her frustration growing. She had defeated the other woman. She knew that defeat had to be eating at her rival. Roberta and the other woman had also given each other mind-shattering pleasure. They had fucked each other to the point where they had both passed out from sheer, raw ecstasy. She wanted, needed, that pleasure again, but she could only get it if her enemy took the bait. She could not believe the woman could resist but, maybe, her humiliation was so great that she would rather just avoid Roberta. Roberta did not want to accept that conclusion, but the more time passed without hearing a response to her challenge, the more angry she became. She found herself masturbating herself to sleep every night, when she was not bedding other woman who reminded her of her enemy, but nothing really helped relieve her sexual tension. She knew that only one person, one thing, could do that.

For a time, Roberta spied on her rival using the spy cameras she had left across from the woman’s house. She saw that the woman was still coming and going as she normally did. One day, about a week after their battle, Roberta saw a security truck outside the woman’s house. She smiled grimly. Her rival was upgrading her security. A few days later, Roberta’s camera went dead.

Now, more than a month since their encounter, Roberta wondered what to do. She considered just going up to the woman’s house and knocking on the door. But doing that would be to admit that she could not stay away; it might undermine her victory. She sensed that, in this bizarre power struggle between herself and the brunette, the other woman had to come to her.

On Friday night of the sixth week, Roberta returned home late at night. It was almost 2 AM when she pulled her Mercedes into her garage. She had been out clubbing. She had recently started visiting some lesbian bars where she found the women particularly hot, but this night she had come home alone. No one she had seen quite met what she needed.

She opened the door that led from her garage into her house and, immediately, she sensed that something was wrong. There was a sense of something out of place. It took her a moment to realize that there was a slight scent in the air, one she recognized as a familiar perfume. Her heart leaped into her throat and began to pound with excitement. She quietly slipped off her high heel shoes. Barefoot, she padded into the kitchen.

Roberta smiled as she saw a pair of unknown runners carelessly discarded in her kitchen. At the kitchen door was an abandoned hoodie. She followed the trail into the hall, which was illuminated by the table lamp she always left on when she was out. A balled up pair of leggings was just outside the kitchen entrance. Halfway down the hall towards her bedroom, a black bikini bra was lying in the hall. She picked it up. The cup size was EE. Roberta smiled even wider as she dropped the bra to the floor; her pussy clenched and soaked her thong. She removed her jewelry and left it on the hall table, beside the lamp. She resumed her journey down the hall. A dim light was shining from under her bedroom door. Usually, she kept the lights off. Just outside her bedroom door, she found a discarded thong. She picked it up and examined it. It was the same one she had mailed to her foe. Roberta held it to her nose, and deeply inhaled the intoxicating sexual odor. Her body lit on fire, every nerve burned with need.

Carefully, quietly, Roberta pushed the spaghetti straps of her party dress off her bare, smooth shoulders. She was braless, of course. Her massive tits bounced free, her nipples sharp and thick, and throbbing with electricity. She pushed the dress down her body and let it fall at her feet. She reached down and slid her thong off her hips, down her muscular thighs, down her calves. She picked up the other thong and tied it to her thong, knotting the two crotches together. She inhaled the delicious new odor, her scent combined with that of her rival. Her body shuddered with sexual heat.

Roberta licked her lips and readied herself. She counted to ten to steady her nerves. She put her hand on the doorknob, turned it, and entered her bedroom. Her naked body gleamed in the dim light from the night stand table, turned low. Her heavy tits jiggled as she stepped into the room. She clutched the intertwined thongs tightly.

The brunette woman, Roberta’s incredible rival, was in her bed. She was lying flat on her back; she had the sheet pulled up to her chin, but it did little to hide the bulge of her incredible tits. She was wide awake. The moment the door opened, the woman threw the sheet back, exposing her voluptuous body. She rolled onto her side, her womanly hip curving up; she supported her head with her hand. She glared at Roberta silently.

For a few moments, the two nude, voluptuous women silently examined each other’s incredible bodies, their eyes sweeping hungrily over every inch of naked flesh. The woman on the bed pushed herself into a sitting position. Slowly, carefully, she spread her thighs wide. Roberta gasped despite herself, the sudden spike of lust in her loins so powerful that she lost her breath for a moment. The trickle of juice running down her inner thighs became a flow. The woman on the bed smiled smugly, delighted at Roberta’s reaction.

Roberta struggled to bring herself under control. She stepped fully into the room, closed the door and locked it. Roberta threw the intertwined thongs to the other woman, who caught the bound cloth. She stared at it for a moment, not sure what it was. Then she smiled as realization dawned on her. The woman held the cloth to her face and inhaled deeply, just as Roberta had done. Then she tossed the cloth aside, to the floor.

Again, the nude women examined each other, letting their eyes devour each other, both women delighting as their bodies grew hotter and hotter, as their burning flesh grew firmer and thicker as their mutual arousal flared into a fever. Roberta slowly crossed the room. She stood at the foot of the bed, staring down into the other woman’s naked pussy. The woman squeezed her vagina, which was already wet and dripping. She spread her pussy lips with her fingers, freeing her engorged clit. The throbbing nub twitched with tension. Both women were panting, their breath coming in hot gasps.

Roberta could not wait a moment longer. Moaning with need, she climbed onto the bed and threw herself onto her rival. Both women cried out as their naked bodies slapped together, as their heavy tits mashed and mated. Roberta pushed her rival into the bed, mounting her, slamming her tits into her enemy’s massive rack and bearing her down. Roberta screamed as she drove her wet, hot cunt deep into her rival’s twat, their thick-lipped pussies slapping wetly, slick lips spreading and sucking. The flare of intense heat as their genitals mated and fused was unbearably delicious.

“Oh fuck, yessss,” Roberta sobbed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…,” the other woman chanted. She wrapped her powerful thighs around Roberta’s hips, locking her rival in place. She wrapped her arms around Roberta’s back and she arched her back, driving her tits against Roberta’s tits, slapping their bellies together, wanting nothing more than to be locked and grinding with Roberta’s body.

Panting, reveling in the feeling of their bodies flowing into one, the women pressed nose to nose, lip to lip, looking deep into the other’s eyes. There, they both saw their shared need, their overwhelming hunger. They smiled. Silently, Roberta and her brunette rival knew that they would not stop until they had consumed each other, until they had taken all they could take from each other. Their mouths locked, their tongues thrashed and twisted, spit flowed between their mouths, and they began.

The End

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