Tram Chim by Aussie Greg

Slap. Miss. Slap. Temporary relief. I had squashed a mosquito the size of a fly, but it was immediately replaced by another 50. It had all started when my wife Linh (gentle spirit in Vietnamese, which she wasn’t) and I visited her mother Truc (which means Bamboo in Vietnamese) in Vietnam. I wondered why she delayed taking us to the tiny primitive Mekong Delta village of Tran Chim in the Plain of Reeds about 30 km from the Cambodian border. When we got there, I saw why. Decrepit houses built on stilts sprang up from the murky rubbish filled water. You couldn’t tell where the riverbank ended, and the canal began. Flea bitten dogs lived in the bamboo houses along with the villagers and within 6 hours my wife had left me here with her mother to go to Camau for a week at the main city of the Delta flood lands. And worse, Truc’s was the worst house as she had been the house girl for the small USA special force base established there in 1967 and as a young pregnant wife had seen her husband executed by the Communists and herself spent 5 years in a camp and was still a “persona non gratis”.

It couldn’t get worse, but it did.

Crash. I was woken from my troubled sleep by the thatched roof caving in under the attack of the monsoonal rain. There was only one other room; my mother-in-law Truc’s bedroom, and I had to share the only dry bed with my 47-year-old 5 ft 6, 85-pound mother in law while my 31 year old wife Linh was in the comfort of a Camau hotel. God I’d even take a Vietnamese 2-star hotel.

Letting my thoughts run on how Linh would make it up to me I soon had a boner in my hand and as I moved it scraped against Truc. I stiffened but she must have been asleep as there was no response. Christ I can’t even jerk myself off I thought as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke to pleasure. A naked tiny 32A 22 31 bodied Vietnamese was licking my cock erect.

“I felt it big before. I haven’t fucked since the Communists raped me 30 years ago. I need it and you are a good man.”

Slowly Truc took inch after thick inch into her mouth. I felt my cock head bounce off the back of her mouth and turn to go down her throat before it hit resistance. I was at the entrance to my wife’s mother’s throat and, because of the size of my dick; she was going to have to really work to get it all into her throat. However, Truc kept her throat relaxed as she fed it more and more of my rock-hard prick, the outline of which showed as it went down her throat. Eventually her lips were pressed tight against my belly signifying that she had my entire length inside of her.

She gave me no reprise coming back up as fast as she could, while she whipped her tongue across the sensitive underside of my cock as she pulled off. As she neared the top, she immediately impaled her throat all the way back down onto my cock, licking and slurping noisily as she did so. With each swallow she made her bob her head faster until she was rapidly taking the entire length of my Western cock with each stroke, as if she had been deep throating guys forever, and obviously enjoying it.

Once she had me moaning, she played with my balls with one hand and her clit with the other. After five minutes, I managed to make her stop, stand up, straddle my belly, take my now wet cock in her hand, and place the head of my prick to her neglected love hole.

She screamed “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS”, then pressed down as hard and as fast as she could, taking me fully. I screamed with pleasure at what I was experiencing but she wanted more as she rapidly humped her hot, wet, tight mature cunt up and down on my hungry prick.

I didn’t do any of the work, I just sat there and let her fuck herself on my tool. I managed however to suck and play with her tits while she pumped herself on my dick, kissing her when I wasn’t sucking on her nipples. So savagely was she fucking that my cock was not just pumping her cuntal passage, but was also piercing her cervix, traveling up her uterus and slamming into the back wall of her womb with each downward thrust. It didn’t take long for her to begin panting and shortly thereafter moaning in pleasure.

She really pumped her cunt rapidly up and down over my shaft, opening herself up wide as she slammed her love tunnel down over my quivering erect organ and then gripping her cunt tightly around my shaft as she pulled herself back up its length, as if she didn’t want to let it out of her guts. And then it started.

Unh Unnngh Uuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnghhh”

Her 85-pound body shuddered and shook squealing out in pleasure, and then body shaking, two-minute orgasms every five minutes until she had six of them, staying right on the edge in between. With each orgasm, she would squeal with delight and bellow out how much she enjoyed the experience.

“Sooooooooo Goooooooooood Moooooooooooooooooore”

“I love it toooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch”

She only quit fucking herself on my cock after the sixth orgasm not because she was finished but because I gave up the unequal fight and allowed myself to fill her cunt. After allowing me to recover from this mind-blowing experience, she gave me a heartfelt, passionate kiss, then pulled herself off of my huge shaft with a loud, obscene “POP”, as my cock exited her cunt.

Four hours later feeling me hard against her back she reached between her legs, grabbed my cock, and aimed it between her arse cheeks as she slowly pressed back against it, my cock splitting her half-moons until the head of my prick was pressed up against her tiny anal eye. She took a deep breath and locked her hands behind my neck and crossed her ankles behind my calves and then pressed herself back as hard and as fast as she could, impaling herself fully on my cock, and drawing a scream of pain as my erect prick stretched her tight, unused hole out dramatically. As she impaled herself on my shaft I reached around and resumed caressing her nipples and playing with her wet cunt.

After the initial pain and shock, she quickly got into a rapid rhythm, sending her arse quickly down onto my shaft as she relaxed all of her anal muscles and then grasping my cock in a vice like grip as she pulled back up. Damn! I couldn’t believe how tight her tiny little arse hole was until she completely took my ready meat.

Her pain began to fade, slowly being replaced by a gnawing need to feel my pole fucking her. An unfamiliar knot was growing in her belly as she crept closer and closer to having another orgasm. Her moans of pain were now replaced with ones of pleasure and her breath was starting to become shorter as she continually pounded her anus off and onto my prick. Suddenly all hell broke loose as her orgasm swept over her. She screamed out in joy,


Her nipples got even fatter and longer. Her clit too was fully erect and tingling madly. Her anus was milking me like there was no tomorrow while she pounded it even faster and harder on my dick. I could feel her cum shooting from her still cunt and she was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. I managed to keep her in a high orgasmic state for two minutes as she multiple orgasmed and then continue fucking her for another two minutes before she had another major orgasm from getting arse fucked. Again, I couldn’t hold and for the second time that night filled my wife’s mother.

Over the next week she and I became inseparable, and slowly I discovered my wife had not been sending the cash I gave her for her mother Truc to Vietnam, nor had she told her mother or gone ahead with about the plans to go through the process of Truc becoming a sponsored immigrant and permanent resident of Australia. She had simply told me it was not possible. I made the decision as I was slowly fucking her one night.

“You can come to Melbourne. We can pay someone a bribe to imprison Linh in Cambodia, tell the Australian embassy in Saigon that Linh’s passport is lost. With me there to vouch for you they’ll issue it straight away and you’ll take her identity. She went rigid before fucking me in her intense way screaming.

“Yes Yes Yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss.”

The next night as we lay entwined Truc spoke.

“We can’t do it. You can’t trust the Cambodians to keep Linh imprisoned”.

My heart sunk like an anchor dropping to the ocean bed.

“No”, she said shaking her head sorrowfully. Taking a deep breath, she gulped, “we have to have the Cambodians kill the bitch, but you won’t allow that, so I have to stay here.”

“No”, I said, “we can’t do that. Too easy to get caught.”

Her face fell and I could see all the hope gone from her eyes.

“I want you to fuck Linh to death”.

If the last week had been incredible how can I describe how Truc fucked that night.

Two days later Linh returned and had hardly alighted from the thin sampan into Truc’s bamboo shack when she was accosted by Truc clad in one of Linh’s most expensive dresses that she had left behind. Truc’s arm shot forward, her finger shaking in front of Linh’s face.

“You listen to me. I got raped by 100 Communists and had to survive the camp and bring you up after having everything I owned taken by the Govt. because I was an ex-USA worker. Do you know that?” she angrily barked.

“I had to work in Cambodia illegally like a dog so you could go to a good school in Camau, so I could pay the 2 gold bars to get you on a boat to Malaysia. Two more bars for a family to say you were theirs because I was watched by the officials and couldn’t leave. And you pretended that I was turned down for sponsoring to Australia and you kept the money Greg gave you to send here to me.”

Linh went limp as she heard the words. Not because she was ashamed but because she had been found out. She clasped her hands together and tried to apologize to the incensed Truc. Tears began to roll down Linh’s cheeks as she stammered, ” I am soooo sorry Mum. I, I, uhmmmm…I am so sorr….!”

“SHUT UP! I haven’t finished.” yelled Truc as she stepped forward, her right hand extending. In her palm, she cradled Linh’s chin, her long fingers digging into Linh’s cheeks.

“Do you fucking understand little miss selfish? Deserted and let down by the daughter I gave everything to”.

But even as she got the words out, Linh’s hand struck, lashing open palmed across her mother’s face. Truc’s face was whipped to one side, and she hissed as she felt the sting of the slap. Her hand tried to rise, and cover her face, but, before she could fully cover it, Linh backhanded her across the other cheek. No longer were Linh’s crocodile tears flowing. Her face twisted in contempt as she pouted.

“You hear me apologise. I don’t think so. What about me. How do you think I felt? The poorest girl at the school in Camau. Daughter of a person blacklisted by the Communists. If you were a real mother you would have done more. I’m glad I didn’t sponsor you and kept the money from you. You can rot here.”

Linh shivered with rage at having been grabbed by her mother and even more at being found out as she continued her tirade, thrilled to be verbally debasing her mother. “I will never say sorry bitch”. It was the classic case of self-justification: covering up your wrongdoing by convincing yourself you are the victim.

“I will make you” shrieked Truc in anger and her hands grasped the gold braceleted wrist of her daughter. With one pull, she pulled Linh towards her and her other hand reached forward and knotted in Linh’s long black silky hair. She pulled, and Linh screamed as she stumbled forward, yelling in pain.

Truc spat at her, but missed her face as she yelled,” You are going to do a bit more hurting before I finish with you.”

But while she talked Linh’s clenched her hand into a fist, drew it back and then buried it into her mother’s stretched stomach. With a loud “OOOOOooooooooooommmf”, Truc collapsed to the floor, holding her belly and gasping for breath.

“Stay out of it, Greg”, Linh commanded, wrongly thinking I was about to go to her aid. “This is between me and my bitch of a mother”.

Linh looked back at the kneeling Truc, and kicked her in the side, sending her mother face first on the floor. Truc’s hands tried to slip under her body and raise herself up into a semi-crouching position but Linh laughed as she placed her foot on her mother’s back, pressing her down into the reed matted floor.

Truc looked over her shoulder, and saw the toned, taut leg pressing into her back. She continued her gaze up, past the parted thighs, up her shapely torso, to her daughter’s fiery eyes. Linh sank to a crouching position, her thong panty crotch wedged tight against her erect, pulsing clit. Her hand reached down, and entwined in Truc’s hair, and then pulled her head back and to one side before ramming it into the floor. She planted her knee across Truc’s back, keeping her flat on her belly and brought her face so that it was inches from her mothers, and growled at Linh,

“I’m going to beat and fuck you worse than the VC before Greg and I go back to Australia and leave you here to rot.”

Truc felt the scattered droplets of Linh’s saliva splatter on her cheeks as her daughter continued,

“You remember how you smacked me when I cried when I was small and wanted something, well its payback time.”

Linh’s fingers released Truc’s hair. She grabbed the back neckline of the dress, and began to stand, pulling her smaller mother up and back. Truc gasped for breath as the front neckline bit into her throat. Linh yanked with all of her strength, and Truc followed, thrust backwards against the bamboo wall. Her head hit the wall with a thud, and her ears rang as she stumbled forward.

“You don’t have the right to wear a dress made for a woman like me, hissed Linh as she stepped forward. Truc instinctively brought her arms up to cover her face again, expecting to be hit again. But instead, she felt Linh’s long fingers slid down her throat, and then she felt the front neckline of the dress being stretched outwards and away. Her hands grasped each of Linh’s forearms, but she was unable to stop her.


The expensive dress was shred wide open. Truc’s hands were open wide, trying to grab the forearms of Linh. But she couldn’t stop Linh and soon, the material of dress was torn open to her navel, exposing Linh’s bare, small tits, her ribs and the top of her flat stomach. Her heart raced in her chest as she attempted to force Linh’s powerful hands away. Linh was a gym junkie and very fit and strong. Truc looked up, and saw the gleam in Linh’s blazing eyes, and then felt another tug on the remnants of her dress. Now shredded fully open, the dress clung to her shoulders, her flesh even more exposed.

With a sudden movement Linh raked her mother’s tits. Four red weals were the result. Grabbing one small tit in her left hand she dug her talons on the other hand in deep and raked again. This time two of the scratches oozed blood.

Truc knew that somehow she had to fight, and her hands flew up and out into Linh’s breasts, digging into the firm mounds as she kicked Linh in the shin. Emitting a short surprised `yeooow’, Linh stumbled backwards into the side of the couch, collapsing backwards over it.

Linh jumped back up; her eyes fixed on the dishevelled Truc who cradled her mauled tits. Linh tingled as she felt the jolt of her hormones, thrilled that she was able to fight her mother. Slipping out of her pink singlet and skintight black designer pants Linh stood naked except for her black thong, proudly displaying her 5 ft 6 110 pound 34 24 33 body.

Truc began to dart to the left, where a pile of broken bamboo from the roof lay in a pile. For every two steps that her stumbling legs could go, Linh took one, and she was quickly gaining. Truc saw a baseball bat sized piece of bamboo, and desperately tried to reach for it. Just as her hand had begun to grasp to it, she felt her hair being jerked by the roots. The long black hair that she was so proud of; her only thing of value and femininity had been her undoing, as it being pulled back affected her blow and the bamboo glanced off Linh’s ribs rather than smashing her face.

As Linh pulled her hair and her head back Truc swung again but Linh ignored the pain of the blow and tugged at the tresses in her hands and was rewarded by her mother squealing in pain, dropping the bamboo and trying to prise Linh’s hands from her hair.

She was dragged backward into Linh. She felt her head slip back between Linh’s firm breasts, and then felt Linh’s forearm slip under her arms holding her in a full nelson and drive her knees up into her hamstrings. Revelling in the control, Linh switched her grip pushing her forearm tight under Truc’s chin, bringing her to her tip toes. Linh’s legs were spread shoulder width, and the entirety of Truc’s hips and bum were pressed between them. She hooked her ankles in front of Truc’s ankles trapping her fully against her body. By simply leaning back, she began to stretch her upwards and into her, and her thick, erect clit tingled through her thong as she felt Truc’s arse mashing into it. Truc groaned as she felt her throat and torso being stretched, and wormed in the grasp of the Linh, every movement sending little jolts of sexual delight through her daughter.

Truc tried to speak, but her words were muted as Linh’s forearm was pressed so tightly under her chin into her throat. Groaning almost silently, she felt her aggressor’s free arm slide below her underarm, her fingers searching for and finding her small mandarin sized tits.

With her arms at her sides, Truc was about to dig her elbows back into Linh’s belly. She tensed ignoring the pain from her tit, but before she could, Linh quickly switched to a full nelson and she felt her neck being arched painfully forward, her arms forced outwards and up, Linh’s warm palms pressing flat against the back of Truc’s neck. She yelped one loud yell as she was trapped, then groaned as Linh flexed backwards, taking all of Truc backwards, full pressure exerted on her neck. Her legs kicked uselessly into the air as she squirmed in a futile attempt to break the painful hold. Her head forced downwards; she saw her breasts heaving as she gasped for short breath after short breath.

“Aiiiiiiiieeehhhhhhh,” she screamed as she felt herself being pulled left and right, her neck and shoulders throbbing as Linh tossed her around like a rag doll.

Linh soared in sexual delight as she dominated her mother Truc,. Her clit and thick nipples pulsed with each and every groan she heard from Truc; her lust being fed by her ever-increasing pleas to stop.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” cried Truc as the pain in her neck and shoulders began to almost blind her.

Linh grunted manically as she hoisted Truc once again off of her feet, and then guided her so that Truc was facing the wall. Keeping the pressure of the painful full nelson on the older woman, she leaned into her, pinning her to the wall. Linh’s head rested on the shoulder of her captive. Linh spread her legs and felt a waft a warm air drift up her legs to her wet cunt. She immediately arched her hips forward into Truc’s side, just above her hip rubbing her erect clit against her mother. She shivered as rubbed again giving her clit real pleasure, and then she felt pain. Truc had thrust her head back into her distracted daughter’s face.

She stumbled back holding her face and Truc turned around, threw the remnants of the torn dress to the floor and waited naked except for her thong, just like her daughter. Truc took two long steps forward, placing herself in front of her mother and crooked a long finger at her, and through bloodied lips said,

“Come here. We haven’t finished things yet.”

Truc darted forward but was easily intercepted by Linh. Linh first clasped her by the shoulder, drawing her backwards, then quickly slapped her across the face a couple of times before seizing her by the hair placing a leg behind her mother and tripping her.

Thud. A dazed Truc hit the floor.. Linh launched herself down intent on driving her knee into her mother’s belly.


The sound came from Linh not Truc as Truc had managed to lift and straighten one leg as she lay on her back and the diving Linh could not avoid impaling her belly on her mother’s extended foot and dropped prone to the floor.

Truc mounted her winded daughter as she lay on her back in the classic schoolgirl pin; knees pressing down on Linh’s upper arms and her arse on her daughter’s belly. She reached down and her fingers gripped one of her daughter’s thick erect nipple. Staring into her eyes she slapped her face and twisted and pulled the nipple. Linh screamed and jerked like an electric shock went through her, but Truc remained astride her daughter pinning her to the reed mats with a knee on each shoulder and her arse on her belly.

A viscous blow crashed into Linh’s face. It was aimed at her nose which Truc hoped to smash but Linh managed to swivel her head and took it on her cheek bone. Several more blows landed on her swivelling face before Truc paused to admire the puffy, closing eye and bruised swollen cheek bone and then returned to her daughter’s nipples.

Again, and again, she abused her daughter’s nipples before reaching behind her and finding Linh’s thong with her fingers. A savage pull broke the thin strap and exposed her daughter’s shaved mound and thick lipped cunt. Her fingers sought and found the entrance and she brutally finger fucked her daughter. She withdrew her hand and showed her wide-eyed daughter her long fingernails.

“I’m going to shred your cunt”, she boasted and reached back behind her. Linh writhed and Truc turned and reached further back resting her other hand on Linh’s shoulder for balance. Linh strained and managed to fasten her teeth on to her mother’s forearm which had swivelled within reach. Truc’s scream echoed around the small dark room and she rolled off Linh pushing at her with her legs to disengage the bull pit like daughter attached to her wrist but not before Linh’s other hand had torn her thong off her mother..

Unsteadily they faced each other. Truc slapped at her daughter’s face but Linh grabbed her wrist before it landed and launched her own slap to her mother’s face. Her large diamond ring opened a cut on Truc’s cheekbone and forced Truc to grab her daughter’s wrist before she slapped again. Joined at the hands the naked mother and daughter struggled for ascendancy.

As they strained I compared the two. Truc was 5 inches shorter at 5 ft 1, 25 pounds lighter at 85 pounds and 16 years older at 47. Her body was thin and wiry with small 32A inch tits while Linh although slim was muscle toned and taut and her 34B breasts still stood proud and didn’t sag. Linh had a shaved cunt (a recent happening from the stay over in Bangkok on the way to Vietnam where she had entered in a micro bikini competition against some Japanese in a night club there. Her 2.5 inch by 1.5-inch piece of cloth joined by thin ties started at the exact top of her slit necessitating the shaving) with a thick lipped prominent camel toe, while her mother had fine silky hair above her slit which had long dark inner lips protruding. It’s all preference but I prefer the long inner lips but each to his own.

Gradually Linh’s youth, size and strength enabled her to force her mother’s arms up, then back so Truc was leaning backwards and bending at the knees. As her position of strength grew Linh’s nipples became harder and her juices started glistening her inner thighs as she continued to bend her mother back. Finally, greater strength got Linh the position she wanted. Her mother’s legs were open, and she was really bent back. Linh flexed her legs a little to get lower, lunged forward and drove her knee up between Truc’s legs from the front. Truc caught the knee directly into her pussy as it pulped it against the pubic bone and crushed her clit. Screaming, Truc dropped to her knees.

As Truc was starting to lean forward to drop to the ground, Linh dropped down behind her. She drove her knees directly into Truc’s calves, eliciting another scream. For a while I thought Truc’s legs were broken. Two vicious kicks to the kidneys followed and Truc lay motionless splayed out on the matting floor, not even groaning. Linh lifted up Truc’s head and let it fall back to the floor. She knelt beside her to whisper in her ear how she was going to tear her cunt to pieces when Truc made her final effort. She had been playing dead and wrapped her arms around her daughter.

They rolled back and forth across the floor, pulling hair and slapping faces. Caught by surprise Linh was definitely getting the worst of it as Truc scratched at her face. Linh bellowed out her pain and terror and tried to recoil. She managed to capture her mother’s wrist after only a couple of bloody scratches, but she was on the defensive. They struggled across the room with Truc continuing her attack on Linh’s scratched face. Twice Truc got her nails close enough to put more gouges on Linh until by luck or skill Truc managed to slip her hand out of Linh’s grip and went for her daughter’s eyes.

Linh howled with pain and wriggled free. She half crouched arms in front temporally blinded. Truc was pitiless. She chopped her daughter across the throat and as she gagged and gasped for breath, grabbed her daughter by her hair and belted her head into the small metal stove. Once, twice, three times until she was unconscious.

Linh came back to find Truc looping fishing net cord around Linh’s breasts and belly and shoulders and through her crotch and between her arse cheeks. Truc smirked as she played the ends of the frayed string across one of Linh’s bulging, swollen nipples. Shivers shot through Linh and she began to quiver and whimper softly as the coils of cord went around each breast, then were cinched tight, making her nipples bulge and grow purplish with engorged blood.

“These coils aren’t tight enough for you to really enjoy it,” Truc said, pulling the wet cord tighter around Linh’s swelling breasts, which turned mauve from engorged blood. Her nipples flared even more, throbbing sharply. Truc took another length of wet cord and looped it three times around one of Linh’s firm, naval orange sized breasts. She tied it, then ran the cord behind Linh’s neck and down around her other breast, so that both entrapped breasts were pulled slightly apart and up. Then Truc took more cord and looped it once more around both breasts, pulling them back together again, so that the tension of the cord pulling them apart and pulling them together was balanced, and Linh’s breasts were truly strangled and throttled in the tight coils, being pulled both ways. They bulged and gleamed. Her thick brown nipples protruded, flaring, and looking like they would burst.

Then Truc looped the smelly fishing cord around Linh’s wrists and knotted it behind her back. She pulled Linh’s trussed body down on the mattress on the floor, kissing Linh with slow, simmering, threatening, menacing passion. Linh’s breasts were throttled, encased in rope coils, her nipples bulging and deep purple. Before proceeding, Truc paused to tease them. She licked Linh’s nipples, pulling the cord even tighter, then releasing it, digging her fingers into the springy, strangled globes, teasing Linh’s taut, protruding nipples with her teeth.

“Oh . . . oh god!” Linh gasped, looking down at Truc’s teeth holding one ripe, swollen nipple.

She knew sooner or later those teeth would sink into the sensitive bud, but would it be now or not now? Truc released it, grinning at her.

Without speaking, Truc tied Linh’s wrist to her ankle. Then more rope was looped under Linh’s knees pulled them and her thighs apart. Truc tied the ends to the wall. Linh’s eyes were wide with terror as she watched Truc leave. This time she returned with two mouse traps.

“Oh god, not those!” Linh whimpered, hearing the words escape involuntarily from her mouth.

Again, Truc said nothing, but only smiled. She came to Linh, holding one mouse trap. Truc opened one rusty mouse trap spring and slowly lowered the well-used thing to one of Linh’s bulging, throbbing nipples. She put it around Linh’s large, bulbous left nipple. Slowly, she let it close.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Linh gasped in pain. Her eyes watered.

Linh’s nipples were so thick and puffy, the areolas so wide and protuberant, that the mouse traps squeezed the whole large bud and not only the middle stem.

“Anghhgggggggggggggggg! Noooooooooooooo!” Linh cried out as the pain continued. “Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

But before snapping the mouse trap on the other nipple, Truc held Linh’s breast in one.

hand, squeezing it fiercely and sucking Linh’s nipple so sharply that Linh almost squealed in pain. Tears came to her eyes, and then the pain got even worse as Truc quickly closed the second mouse trap on the same nipple she had just sucked.

“God you bitch Stooooooooppppppppppppp!” Linh swore at her.

“Oh, it’s going to get a lot worse than that,” Truc smiled, as she tied the two traps together and then tugged the string that ran between the two mouse traps, pulling on them, so that Linh’s nipples flamed with pain.

“Ohhnggg! Ownnchh!” Linh cried.

“Oh, have I got a treat for you,” Truc said.

She held it up for Linh to see. It consisted of about six glass fishing floats about the size of a marble connected by what looked like an insulated wire. After the last float the wire ran into a battery case.

Linh began to quiver again as Truc found her clit and played with it letting her juices flow and cover her hand. Her cunt oozed with fresh, warm juice. Her nipples still throbbed painfully in the mouse traps.

Truc was not content to get right to it but tormented Linh’s tits a little more first. Removing one mouse trap, she teased and sucked and lightly bit one of Linh’s nipples, meanwhile tugging the string with her hand to torture the other one. Then she refastened the mouse trap on the first one and gave the same treatment to the other one.

Linh’s breasts screamed with hot pain. Encased in cord, they were two shades of purple deeper than before, and her exploding nipples were nearly black. Truc rubbed her own naked, small hard globes against Linh’s, biting her lower lip with pleasure each time Linh’s nipples brushed against her own.

Then she began to work on Linh’s pussy.

“I know you’re close, girl,” she murmured to Linh. “I want a taste. I want your pussy, and I want to lick it.”

She did it cleverly, avoiding Linh’s clit entirely but slithering her tongue all the way into Linh’s pussy, licking Linh’s cuntlips until Linh was twisting and whimpering hysterically. The only thing she was grateful for was that Truc had apparently forgotten the cord so that this time it was neither cutting into her inflamed pussy nor tied to the string between her nipples where it could yank them each time she writhed.

But Truc’s tongue cleverly tormented her exposed, pulsing pussy until Linh was insane with need. Then she looked down her own heaving belly and watched as Truc slowly inserted each one of the connected glass marbles into her, Linh’s, pussy.

The glass floats felt odd going into her pussy, but Linh really didn’t feel anything weird until the last one disappeared inside her, and Truc turned on the switch. The battery pack evidently had two speeds, and Truc used the lower one. The floats began to vibrate inside Linh’s pussy.

Oh Jesus! she thought, feeling a phenomenal sexual excitement spread through her tied-up body. Truc began to lick her clit while the floats vibrated inside her pussy, and Linh began to whimper and squirm, feeling the crescendo of burning lust swell in her body, in her pussy. She knew she would come in seconds if Truc kept this up, but she had no way of anticipating what Truc did next.

With hardly a warning, Truc switched the battery pack to the high setting. All six floats leaped to life inside Linh’s pussy, buzzing insanely, and Linh’s body stiffened in shock as arrows of sexual sensation shot through her flesh. Then, gripping the end of the insulated wire, Truc yanked the string of glass balls out of Linh’s wet pussy and dragged them up across Linh’s clit at the same time, all in one fluid motion.

Linh came in a hot, explosive burst of shocking ecstasy, her body wrenched by a fearsome jolt of deeply intense pleasure. The orgasm was so deep and shattering that it almost made Linh faint. She was still reeling and shuddering from it when she realized that Truc had turned her onto her side. She had quickly greased the floats with fish oil and was pushing them up into Linh’s arsehole.

When they were all inside her, Truc lay face to face with her and used a machete to cut a bamboo pole into a fat huge double dildo which she into inserted into each of their pussies, and then began fucking the bound Linh while she turned on the battery pack again. This time the weird vibrations were deep in her arse, but it didn’t take long for her to start coming again as Truc fucked her and also flicked the battery pack switch to high. Linh’s writhing body nearly came apart.

She came in a long, continuous, white-hot spasm as Truc slowly withdrew the vibrating floats on a string from her asshole. It was another debilitating orgasm, wrenching and tearing her, leaving her helpless and quivering as Truc again rolled her onto her back. Through the fog of sensation Linh knew that Truc was only getting started. There was much more to come.

Now that Linh was primed by two violent orgasms, Truc took a young bamboo sapling and sliced one end into multiple 10-inch-long strands so it resembled whip. Linh only half-realized what was coming as she squinted and saw it about to descend on one of her nipples.

“Awwonggmmnffmmphhh!” she groaned hysterically, feeling her whole breast explode with pain.

Truc quickly snapped Linh’s other nipple the same way, then began alternating her blows, until both of Linh’s nipples were ablaze with pain. Next she went where Linh feared, and there was nothing Linh could to do stop her. She could only shut her eyes and try to bear it.


The tip of the bamboo whip cut straight into her exposed, vulnerable pussy. Linh mewled and shuddered. The pain was unbelievable, but even worse was to follow as Truc cruelly whipped her inflamed cunt, landing blow after sharp blow on her clit, on her pussy lips, on her inner thighs, on her clit again, accelerating, lashing Linh’s pussy savagely, until almost in spite of her pain Linh erupted again in a fierce, cataclysmic orgasm that this time did make her briefly pass out.

She revived to feel Truc eating her pussy passionately, and fingerfucking her arse at the same time, bringing her quickly to another climax. And then it was rape time as Truc grabbed the double dildo again and began to fuck Linh and herself with it, peaking in a feverish frenzy, jabbing the dildo deep into them both and exploding in her own fiery, joyful finish, as the bound Linh received her fucking.

Truc took the string between the mouse traps in one hand. She tugged it sharply.

“Awwoeiiighhhhhhhhhnngg!” Linh moaned; her face contorted with pain.

Truc pushed Linh onto her back on the thin mattress. Then she paused to tease Linh’s 

brown-lipped pussy, tickling the slick labia with her tongue until Linh was whimpering pitifully, her hips churning and gyrating as she tried to bring herself off. Truc teased her, even carefully tickling her swollen clit with the tip of her tongue, then reaching up with her hand and yanking the string that linked the nipple mouse traps.

“Unhh! Oh! Yesssssssssssssssssssss” Linh cried out, coming perilously close to a climax from the tonguing. “Ohhhnnn . . . ohhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” she screamed as the pain replaced pleasure.

Truc kissed her way up her daughter’s lighter skinned body to Linh’s throttled, bulging breasts. She licked the big, swollen now black coloured nipples, cruelly pinched by the mouse traps, and Linh quivered and moaned in response.

She held the bamboo whip up in front of Linh’s eyes, running one finger along the thin, flexible shaft, watching Linh’s body flex and shudder fearfully in anticipation. Still holding the whip, Truc leaned forward and removed one of the nipple mouse traps.

She squeezed Linh’s swollen freed breast in both hands, and extended her wet tongue running it all over Linh’s large, swollen black nipple.

Linh’s body clenched, and she whimpered softly. “Ohhnnn!”

Truc took the abused nipple into her mouth and sucked it gently, not too hard, not risking too much, but bathing it in warm spittle and making Linh tremble and ache in desperate need. When Truc released it, Linh’s nipple was stiffer than before, and wet and shiny. Then Truc leant back and brought the split ends of the whip up to Linh’s strangled breast, touching the wet nipple with it, watching Linh’s eyes widen, hearing her breath accelerate. Truc tapped Linh’s nipple three times lightly with the whip, just to threaten her.

“Nooooooooooooo”, Linh pleaded.

She raised the whip about three inches from Linh’s breast, then snapped the excited, protruding nipple sharply with the whip’s tip.

Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!” Linh wailed, wincing.

Truc snapped it again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhgg! Oh shit!” Linh whimpered, her eyes watering.

Truc dropped her mouth again to Linh’s beautiful big nipple, teasing it again with her tongue. She knew that the explosion was about to happen. There was no way Linh would survive more than a few strokes of the whip without fainting.

While sucking and licking the bulbous, shiny nipple, Truc let the tip of the whip descend to Linh’s swollen wet pussy lips, drawing the shaft up between the glistening vulva and letting the tips ride across Linh’s swollen, excited clitoris. Linh stiffened, and her beautiful silky flesh went into minor convulsions. She whimpered desperately.

“You know what’s coming, you know what’s coming, don’t you,” Truc chanted softly to her, still teasing her delectable wet nipple, sucking it, mouse trapping it teasingly with her teeth.

She drew the whip, now wet with Linh’s copious pussy juice, back up to the exposed nipple. Without warning, she snapped Linh’s nipple hard with it, yanking the string and sharply pulling the mouse trap on Linh’s other nipple at the same instant.

“Awwnmngngg!” Linh screamed, tears wetting her cheeks as her body again stiffened in pain.

Distracted by the pain in her nipples, Linh did not notice the whip descending again, and Truc knew the moment was at hand. She had gained a split second of surprise, and she lifted the whip, bending her mouth to Linh’s breast at the same moment, sucking her daughter’s big bulbous nipple in deep. Then she let the tip of the whip descend in three sharp blows onto Linh’s exposed clit, sinking her teeth into Linh’s nipple just as the first blow landed.

The third blow was actually superfluous since Linh had already fainted by the second one. Truc was exultant, her body convulsed in shattering spasms of ecstasy, clenching, coming, straining, arching, coming again. She quickly dropped the whip, released Linh’s tortured nipple, and slid down to push her mouth forcibly into Linh’s tortured pussy. As Linh came to she ate and sucked her into a final, fierce climax, jabbing her fingers deep up into Linh’s arse to bring her to a finish. It was one of the most violent and prolonged orgasms Linh had ever endured and she was spent.

Truc dragged Linh to the middle of the floor, spread her legs wide apart, bend over from the waist and with her hands out in front of her tied to a bamboo pole that the dried fish hung from. With her arse high in the air, her legs spread wide apart and her head lower than her waist, her cunt was completely visible and splayed open so wide so that you could see the glistening inner meat of her cunt, with her juices running out of it. This position also caused her arse cheeks to spread open of their own accord, displaying her tiny anal opening, which because Truc had got her into such a turned-on state, was spasming open and closed, like the mouth of a fish.

Although Truc could have just made me hard again by willing it so, Truc demanded Linh suck me into erection again. Linh gave a shake of her head so Truc took 5 slivers of bamboo, hardened them in the fire before sucked Linh’s nipples erect and forced them through her distended teats so they stood clear 2 inches each side of the nipple. After 2 the screaming Linh was willing but Truc still worked the needle like bamboo splinters trough her nipples. As Linh tried desperately to coax life into my cock she ate her daughter’s arse out in order to lubricate it even more.

Truc proceeded to coat the surface of a bamboo rod she had cut 20 inches long and 3 inch wide at one end and 1 inch wide at the other with fish oil, so that it was slimy wet. Truc let Linh see how big it was, then worked the 1-inch end into her cunt before stepping behind Linh. She reached back down between her legs, wrapped her tiny hand around the bamboo cock and guided it to Linh’s anus. When the end of the bamboo was nestled tightly up against her small opening, she looked at me and smiled. Truc leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her daughter’s sides, each hand grabbing a tit and squeezing it cruelly. Then Truc pressed forward getting just the head of the bamboo into her tight arse and with a savage cry buried it fully inside of Linh’s arse hole.

Linh stopped sucking me to squeal like a stuck pig, 


she screamed out in pain as Truc stretched her sphincter wide open.

“Oh GOD! Get it out! You’re killing meeeeeee!” she pleaded over and over.

As the initial excruciating pain subsided, Truc grabbed her tits tightly for leverage and shoved another six inches up her arse, making her cry out in pain again and also plead even more insistently that Truc take it out of her arse. Truc pulled back an inch, grabbed her tits as tight as she could and forced the rest of the bamboo horse-sized dick into her arse. The sound she made sounded more like a wounded animal than from a woman getting her arse busted.

The bamboo penis was enormous, and Truc was ramming it brutally in and out of her daughter’s anus, using exaggerated pelvic-thrust motions that seemed an obscene parody of the male thrust. Even from where I was could see that the huge instrument had split her along the perineum. Droplets of blood pattered slowly but steadily to the reed mat, where a puddle had been formed. Truc was hammering into her daughter like a demon has taken possession of her. The stink of anal sex filled the room as Linh’s bowels were pounded to jelly by the relentless strokes of her mother’s monster bamboo dong. Linh broke wind with each inward thrust; the continuous farts were a fitting chorus to the groans, squeals, pants, and slapping of skin on skin as the animalistic rutting went on and on. And then Truc started to cum and cum so strongly that her end of the dildo slipped out of her and stood erect and extended 8 inches from Linh’s bleeding arse.

Linh recovered and wrenched the bamboo dildo from her daughter’s arse and reinserted her end into herself as she moved in front of Linh, opened her mouth and inserted the weapon. Linh got no time to get used to the new intrusion in her gullet; as Truc was so horny and worked up that she immediately used a handful of her daughter’s hair as a lever, pounding her soiled bamboo cock against Linh’s tonsils with jack-hammer speed.

“Take me and fuck me Greg”, she screamed as she withdrew the bamboo dildo from Linh’s bloodied mouth and slid her end from her cunt and bent over at the waist ready for me. I entered the warmth of her welcoming cunt as she handdrove the bamboo into her daughter’s cunt and proceeded to work her over as I fucked her, thought the meaning of her name Bamboo was very apt, and made plans for the story to tell the Embassy about the lost passport.

The End

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