Teacher Tales 2: Halloween Hellcats by Andrew Scott

I decided to host a Halloween party at my place. Adult costumes and beverages were going to be a-plenty! Tracy helped me plan and organize it. We sent the invite list out and were planning on having a full house. I dressed up like a doctor complete with syringes filled with colorful drinks. Tracy decided on the sexy school teacher. I swear sometimes she didn’t even try. I had my scrubs on and she came out of the bedroom in a tight white blouse unbuttoned to show off some major cleavage, a tight black skirt that came to her mid-thigh, black stockings and black 3 inch heels which made her tower over me. Her dirty blonde hair was done up on her head with a tight bun and a couple of pencils sticking and a set of horn rimmed glasses on the edge of her nose. She carried a ruler with BAD BOYS on one side and BAD GIRLS on the other.

The party was going great! Lots of girls in slutty costumes, which I loved and was surprised that Tracy was not uber jealous. Maybe she was mellowing. She would give a play spanking to guys and gals dressed as super heroes, hooters girls, clergy, and nurses. At one point Tracy had a sexy Cleopatra bent over and was playfully spanking her with the ruler, but the heads of a lot of party goers were turned to the doorway. In walks in a sassy redhead with a school girl outfit on; white blouse tied around her tight tummy, pink bra pushing up a large set of breasts, plaid skirt that ended just below her buttocks with a pink thong visible as she walked, white knee high socks, and a set of three inch pink heels. Her red hair was done up in pigtails and she was hot! She was also only 18 and I knew her family. I pushed my way through the little crowd and got to her.

“Amber,” I said quite enough as not to be heard, “What are you doing here? This is not a party for underage girls, even ones dressed like this. If you cousin knew you were here, he would want to kick my ass!”

“Oh Andrew,” she cooed, “Relax, Craig is out of town and my parents are at an all-night event. I needed some adult time. Besides, don’t I fit in here?” With that said she did a sexy slow pirouette.

I gulped, all of a sudden getting a little dry mouth and of course, with my luck, that is the exact time that Tracy decided to come over a big smile on her face.

“Oh a school girl and me with my teaching outfit… what a sec, I know you,” Tracy said, the smile fading, “Amber isn’t it? I know you are not 21 yet so you need to leave.”

Amber just smiled at my girlfriend, “Oh don’t be buzzkill, Tracy. What are you supposed to be, a uptight teacher with a ruler up her ass?!?”

“What the fuck did you just say little girl?!?” Tracy said stepping forward to try and do some intimidation. Two sets up cleavage were just inches apart.

“I think ya heard me teach,” Amber said stepping forward, their twin sets of boobs touching, “I didn’t hear Andrew tell me to leave yet.”

I was standing there in a state of shock, obviously I was in heaven from the thoughts going through my head but blood flow was working its way down to my junk and I just stood there with my mouth slightly open.

“ANDREW!” Tracy said so loudly that everyone who was not watching now was watching these two.

“Um…err… ah Amber,” I stammered out, “I am sorry but you are not old enough to be here. I know you are an adult but we have alcohol here and I am not getting arrested tonight.”

Amber narrowed her eyes at Tracy and then turned her head to me and winked, “Too bad Doctor,” she said playfully, “I was hoping you would give me an exam later. But you stick with the ice queen here!” She turned around but I think the gauntlet had just been thrown down.

“YOU LITTLE SLUT!” Tracy exclaimed and grabbed one of Amber’s pigtails.

“BTICH!” Amber yelled as her head was pulled back. She unleashed a right hand at Tracy’s face and it hit home, spinning Tracy’s head to the side with a SMACK!

I grabbed Tracy and another guy grabbed Amber and we separated them. They were swinging hands and kicking feet at each other, but only hit air. Amber was escorted out and I tried to calm down Tracy. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I grabbed it and found a text message.

AMBER: Give your phone to your girlfriend.

Tracy was reading over my shoulder and snatched the phone from me. Then she was angrily texting Amber for a few minutes. She grabbed her phone and typed something in which I couldn’t see and deleted the texting between her and Amber from my phone.

“I have to go,” Tracy said and grabbed her car keys.

“Are you fucking serious right now?!?” I asked throwing my hands up. “I know what you are going to do…. Can I at least come to watch?”

Tracy smacked me with the ruler, not too hard but hard enough to get my attention. “You have a party to run,” she said, “Besides, I will have a fun little tale to tell when I get back. You do remember the last bedroom conversation we had about Karri?”

After her catfight with Karri, Tracy had regaled me with a play by play of the fight, or at least her version and it added to our love making. Whenever she did that we fucked like animals. I sighed dejected and grabbed a cold beer and chugged it as my girlfriend left the party.

Tracy followed the directions to a large house just out of town and on the lake. As she drove into the horse shoe driveway, she saw Amber getting out of her car and sauntering into the house via the front door. She left the door open and Tracy parked, got out, adjusted her tits in her blouse and walked into the house. She closed the door behind her and saw Amber standing next to a set of stairs going downstairs. Amber jerked her head at Tracy, beckoning her to follow. Amber walked downstairs to a basement that was done up a 1970’s style adult playroom. A bar of rich wood was next to the stairs and the basement walls were lined with leather sofas and loveseats. The carpeting was old style shag carpeting but extremely soft. The middle of the room was bare of any tables, so from one side of the couch lined room to the other was open. Tracy walked down the stairs and paused at the last step, looking at the 18 year old now in the center of the room.

“Welcome to my party, ya frigid bitch!” Amber said, spreading her arms wide.

Amber was only an inch shorter than Tracy at 5’8” but she was built about the same. Big breasts, tapered waist with shapely hips and a tight butt. Tracy stepped down the last step and turned to face Amber.

“I am going to teach you some respect little girl,” Tracy said with venom in her voice, “If you think you can prance around my man looking like a whore, you have got another thing coming.”

Amber threw back her head and laughed. “Whatever trashy!” Amber giggled, “I bet you Andrew would love to be on the couch watching us go at it and tonight the school girl is gonna tear apart the teacher!”

Tracy and Amber quickened their steps and lunged, hands going for hair. They slammed together in the middle of the room. Tracy grabbed both pigtails and used them to yank Amber’s head side to side. Amber tried to bury her hands in Tracy’s hair but the hair was pulled back into that bun, so Amber grabbed onto the bun and pulled Tracy’s head back. The pencils holding it together came out and Tracy’s blonde hair started coming undone. Their large covered breasts banged into the other pair as they careened around the room yanking and pulling on each other’s hair. Their high heeled shoes did not help with balance and when Tracy’s left leg hit one of the leather couches; she went backwards onto it, pulling Amber with her. Amber straddled the older woman as Tracy lost her hold on Amber’s hair. Amber slammed Tracy’s face into her bust and Tracy tried to bite at the large breasts in front of her. Amber yelled out as Tracy’s snapping teeth came really close to sinking in. Tracy’s hands were grabbing at anything she could hold onto which was the back of Amber’s school girl blouse and skirt. Tracy’s nails raked furrows in Amber’s pale ass cheeks drawing a scream of pain from the younger woman. Amber Slapped Tracy hard in the mouth, mashing lips against teeth and Tracy could taste blood. Amber tried to push Tracy to her back but the teacher grasped the school girl’s thong and pulled up, wedging the fabric painfully into her ass. Amber arched in pain and Tracy pushed off and the two went down to the soft shag carpet.

Both women kept their heels on as they wrestled for control on the carpet. Amber’s knotted shirt had come untied and boob enhancing pink bra was in full view. Angered that she was the first getting undressed, she grabbed the front of Tracy’s tight white blouse and tore it open, buttons flying every which way. Now Tracy’s white lace bra was in view and it looked like the two had shopped at the same store, just got different colors. One of Amber’s pigtails was undone and Tracy latched onto the hair and gave a yank to the right, sending them into a roll. The sounds of grunts and curses were mixed with new sounds of stockings and knee high socks rubbing together as legs tangled. Tracy ended up on top and tried to slam Amber’s head into the soft carpet but Amber grasped Tracy’s hair and pulled back. Amber’s right leg slide up over Tracy’s hip and she dug the heel of her shoes down the back of Tracy’s stocking covered left leg, the heel causing the silk to run and fray. As Tracy yowled in pain, she reached back and raked her nails along the outside of Amber’s right thigh, nasty red furrows matching the ones on Amber’s butt cheeks. Now it was Amber’s turn to scream out in pain. Tracy turned her head back to face Amber again and she was met with a slap from Amber’s right hand. SMACK!!! The blow knocked Tracy to the side and Amber rolled with her and then on top. She tried to straddled the older woman but Tracy fought hard to keep her from that. Tracy grabbed the front of Amber’s pink bra and pulled it toward her. The yank caused the front clasp to break and Amber’s huge breasts popped into view.

“YOU BITCH!!!” Amber cried out and she hand wrestled with Tracy as the older woman was trying to go for her tits. She noticed that Tracy had on the same style of bra and she grabbed the front and leaned back, popping the clasp as she fell back over Tracy’s legs.

Amber rolled to her knees as Tracy got to hers; their blouses open, bras broken, breasts hanging in view and reach. The screamed at the same time and lunged on their knees. Hands flew into hair as they tried to wrestle each other back to the carpet. The big bare tits smacked together. Amber’s other pigtail is undone and her red hair is whipping around the same as Tracy’s blonde hair. Tracy surged forward taking them back to the carpet. Her skirt has worked its way around her waist, exposing the garter straps holding her stockings in place. Amber tried to rake her heel down Tracy’s leg again but her heel got caught in one of the garter straps and tore it loose.

“SLUT!” Tracy cried out!

“WHORE!” Amber answered back!

Legs locked again and the pair rolled a few feet to the left away from one of the couches and then back to the right, hitting the couch again to rebound to another roll. Hands were slapping, pulling hair and clothing, nails raked on exposed skin bring shrieks of pain from both of their lips. Amber pushed Tracy away and used the couch to get back to her knees. Her shirt was only holding on by threads of cloth, her bra hung loosely, her school girl skirt was bunched up around her waist, thong still wedged in her butt cheeks and her knee high socks were sagging at her ankles. Tracy got to her knees and then feet on the opposite side of the room. Her hair was a wild mess, her shirt torn in multiple places, stockings sporting runs and holes, her white panties sagging. She removed her shirt and bra, tossing them aside. She reached behind her to straighten her skirt but found the zipper was broken. She slipped it off leaving her with her panties and grater and stockings and heels on. Amber watched and mimicked her shedding her blouse and bra but instead of taking off her skirt, she pealed down her pink thong. Spinning it on one finger.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tracy asked from across the room.

“What do you mean?” Amber asked with a small smile on her lips, “Isn’t this what you wanted? To get this hot body and roll around with me?” She ran her hands down her body, squeezing her breasts, tweaking her nipples and then running them between her legs.

“Oh,” Tracy said, pealing down her own white panties, leaving the garter belt in place, “You want a slut fight with me, whore?!?”

“Yeah, whore,” Amber answered, “Bitch to bitch!” She moved forward and Tracy moved to the center of the room to meet her.

Both still in their heels, they collided in the center of the carpet with a THUD! Tracy dug her right hand in Amber’s hair and her left grabbed Amber’s right tit, squeezing it hard. Amber yelped in pain and her own hands grabbed onto Tracy’s now bare ass and she dug her nails in, raking the skin as Tracy had done to her. Tracy screamed out as red lines were scratched into her skin. Her own nails dug into Amber’s right tit, flesh oozing out. Heels clicked as they collided and the two began a sickening dance of carnage around the room. Amber raked her nails down Tracy’s back causing the older woman to arch in pain. Amber twisted her torso and smacked her left tit directly into Tracy’s with a SMACK of skin on skin!

Tracy twisted back and then let go of Amber’s tit and grabbed her forearms. Amber did the same and the two started bucking their chests together. The titfight was intense! Each time their breasts met head on, they grunted or moaned in pain. The twisted side to side as dense flesh met its rival. They both paused for just a second to line up each other’s breasts with her own then….


Over and over they slammed their big tits together, moans and grunts and curses getting louder. Their arms were dropping more to their sides but they still kept ramming their boobs together. Each could take no more slamming and they hugged to each other. Hard nipples were buried in flesh, digging in causing more pain to wounded breasts. Amber and Tracy had their heads on each other’s shoulders as tears streamed down faces. Amber moved her hips forward and smacked them into Tracy’s! SMACK!

“DIRTY SLUT!” Tracy moaned out slamming her hips forward into Amber’s.

“FUCKING WHORE!” Amber answered.

Legs were getting weak and they moved down still holding each other to their knees. Amber slammed her hips forward again and then bit Tracy’s left shoulder and took the teacher down to the carpet with Amber on top. Amber straddled Tracy’s waist and grabbed two handfuls of boobs and squeezed. Tracy screamed out in pain as Amber worked her fingers and nails to get good holds of them and try to crush them. Tracy started scratching Amber’s arms but Amber held on so Tracy reached up and grasped Ambers dangling pair and squeezed. Amber yowled in horror as her own boobs were ravaged. Amber gripped the mounds from the bottom and tried to push them towards Tracy’s face. Tracy bellowed in agony. But she didn’t give up! She gripped Amber’s nipples and pulled them out, causing the breasts to make a cone shape and then smacked them together! SLAP!!! Amber cried out in utter disbelief as the most pain she had ever felt was now coursing through her body.

Amber released Tracy’s breasts and pulled Tracy’s hands from her own and then brought her body down on Tracy with a thud! Both girls moaned loudly as their tits smacked together and mushroomed out at the sides. Tracy wiggled her hands free and grabbed onto Amber’s hair and pulled to the right, rolling them to their sides. She worked one leg over Amber’s hip and again they locked legs. Tracy rolled them the rest of the way so she was on top but Amber fought and wrestled with her. The two ended up sitting on their butts, legs wrapped around each other’s hips, breasts slapping together with movement, hands yanking and pulling on hair in a tight catball. Tracy moved her hips forward into Amber’s bringing their pussies together. Amber answered in kind and with tits pressed tightly, arms now wrapped around each other, they started grinding their hot slits together. The stink of arousal filled their nostrils and it only invigorated them more. Puffy labia’s mashed and clits were unsheathed and met for the first time. It was as if an electric current was sent through each of their bodies.

They released each other’s upper bodies and hands went behind them for support. They were wiggling hips, fighting it out cunt to cunt. Moans and groans of both pain and ecstasy filled the sound on the room. They ground their pussies together in fast motions. Started moving them back an inch or so and slapping them together. Each time bringing cries from their lips. Their clits met head on and slid past the other, fencing with the other. Amber started to feel the beginnings of an orgasm but she didn’t want to be the one to cum first, but try as she may, the older woman was relentless. Tracy could sense it in the look of surprise on Amber’s face and she knew she had her. Amber started moving her hips faster, faster!!!

“OH NO!!!!! FFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK CUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!” Amber cried out as her hips writhed with the most intense orgasm of her eighteen years.

“CUM FOR ME LITTLE GIRL!!!!” Tracy sneered as she kept slapping her pussy into Amber’s!

The orgasm lasted for almost a minute and when it subsided, Amber collapsed to her back. Crying and moaning, hands covering her face. Tracy pulled their legs free of each other, sticky goo clinging to their pussies and thighs. She moved over Amber, first straddling her waist and then grabbing her hands and pulling them down to trap them as Tracy moved up, sitting on her chest. She grabbed Amber by the hair and looked down at her.

“You are going to lick my pussy until I cum, you little bitch!” Tracy said menacingly, “If you try and bite me, I will beat you within an inch of your life!”

With that moved up grinding her pussy into Amber’s crying face. Amber let out a muffled cry!


“I SAID LICK WHORE!” Tracy yelled down.

Amber started tonguing Tracy’s sweaty love box. Tracy held Amber by the hair and pulled her face deeper into her. She was moaning and her right hand grabbed her own right breast and squeezed as Amber tongue fucked her. Tracy felt the start of it and gyrated faster into Amber… FASTER…FASTER!!!


Tracy cried out as she came in Amber’s face!!! Her orgasm lasted a while and she stayed on top of her young rival until she was complete and then she released the hair and rolled off. Tracy laid there on her back for a long time sucking in breathes. Amber was curled up in a ball sobbing. Tracy got up and found what was left of her clothing and tried to make an ensemble out of it.

“If I ever see you near Andrew again,” Tracy said, standing over Amber, “I will kick your ass again!”

Tracy left the 18 year old still sobbing on the shag carpeting.


Tracy had just finished her first period class and had a free period so she went to the teacher lounge. It was empty as grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down and then she noticed a woman leaning over the copier, trying to clear a paper jam. She had on a conservative maroon skirt and white blouse and what looked like dark red head cascading down her back.

“That thing is jammed once a week,” Tracy said trying to be friendly to the new teacher, “My name is Tracy by the way. I teach junior and senior computer science.”

“What did you say your name way again?” The redhead said not turning.

“Tracy, Tracy Holden,” Tracy answered standing up.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” the redhead said.

“Excuse me?!?” Tracy said, taken aback by the curse. Then the red head turned and Tracy gasped.

“Bitch to bitch!” Amber said, arms folded across her chest.

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