Teacher Tales 3: Bitch to Bitch by Andrew Scott

Tracy had just finished her first period class and had a free period so she went to the teacher lounge. It was empty as grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down and then she noticed a woman leaning over the copier, trying to clear a paper jam. She had on a conservative maroon skirt and white blouse and what looked like dark red head cascading down her back.

“That thing is jammed once a week,” Tracy said trying to be friendly to the new teacher, “My name is Tracy by the way. I teach junior and senior computer science.”

“What did you say your name way again?” The redhead said not turning.

“Tracy, Tracy Holden,” Tracy answered standing up.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” the redhead said.

“Excuse me?!?” Tracy said, taken aback by the curse. Then the red head turned and Tracy gasped.

“Bitch to bitch!” Amber said, arms folded across her chest.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!?” Tracy said in a harsh voice.

“I am the new history teach here at St. Catherine’s,” Amber said with a wicked smile on her face. She moved slowly towards Tracy and Tracy matched her steps until they were inches apart.

“Well if you want History is going to repeat itself, whore,” Tracy said and stepped into Amber, their large covered breasts merging.

Amber pushed back, “Slut,” she said, “Unlike you, I have learned from history and the present and future are going to change around here.” She moaned as her tits compressed against Tracy’s large orbs.

There was a cough that broke the two from their impending throw down and the looked to see Sister Mary standing with her hands on her hips. Dressed in full habit, Sister Mary, in her fifties, still commanded attention where ever she went. It was rumored that Sister Mary had lived a rough life before taking her vows and had a hands on approach to discipline at St Catherine’s or St Cats for short.

St Cats was an old style all-girls school for 16-18 year old girls from rough neighborhoods and homes. The girls all dress in uniforms consisting of white blouses, pleated plaid skirts with white tennis shoes. (My fantasy so sue me!!!) The entire staff was women to include the janitors. Sister Mary was one of 6 Sisters who taught and administered to the school. Only during Mass was Father Marcus present at the school.

“I see that I do not need to look for two volunteers for watching over the detentions today,” Sister Mary said, “Ms. Holden, Ms. Kruger, I should want to remind you that this type of behavior is not going to happen during school hours. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes Sister,” Tracy said, blushing at the retort. But she also took the underlying meaning from Sister Mary’s words.

“Of course, Sister,” Amber said, also getting the jist of what the Sister was talking about.

Sister Mary stayed in the lounge until the two teachers departed. The Sister knew what was going to happen eventually with these two. But the Sister was not troubled by it. She had long encouraged women with disagreements to fix them between themselves. It was one of the reasons St Cats was so successful. After women had dealt with their issues in private, the school thrived. She herself had a rough time in her youth and had been in many catfights before taking her vows and even some after with other nuns and some teachers.

The day passed normally for all. Tracy and Amber arrived at the detention room which was across the tiled hall from the girl’s locker room and showers. The two teachers did not say a word to each other and took their places at opposite sides of the classroom. Only two students were there for detention, Santana Morales and Lauren Brown. Santana and Lauren had been caught smoking marijuana in the girl’s locker room because of the new ventilation system. But they had been busted by Sister Sarah, a younger nun who heard the whispers and found them. They at first blamed each other and had gotten angry and went after each other’s hair but were separated by the nun. They had been given 2 hours of detention for the next day. Somber, the two 18 year olds were marched into the room and told to sit and be quite and work on their homework. The room remained silent with Lauren or Santana glancing up occasionally to see Ms. Tracy and Ms. Amber look up and glare at each other. The silence was broken by Sister Mary who came in with Vivian Welch, the head of the cleaning crew.

“Ms. Holden, since you are the senior teacher here,” Sister Mary said, “Please make sure that Lauren and Santana go back to the dorms immediately after the detention is completed. Vivian has completed her cleaning of the area over here and I would like you and Ms. Kruger to make sure all is locked up.”

“Yes, Sister Mary,” Tracy said.

“Have a lovely evening ladies,” Sister Mary said and turned and walked out with Vivian in tow.

The clock read 5 PM and Tracy looked up and then to the two students and then directly at Amber.

“Lauren, Santana, can you two make it back to the dorms without getting into any trouble?” Tracy asked.

Santana answered for the both of them, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“You are both excused then,” Tracy said still looking at Amber who was glaring back at Tracy.

Santana and Lauren stood, Santana was taller by a few inches than Lauren, but both 18 year olds were built about the same with large breasts that strained the blouses of their uniforms, tapered waists that flared to hips and firm asses. They walked out of the classroom and shut the door behind them. Santana looked around at the empty hallway. She reached inside her blouse and bra and removed another joint and a small lighter. She smiled wickedly at Lauren.

“Dinner is not for another hour,” she said holding up the joint, “Wanna get baked before we go back?”

“Of course,” Lauren answered, “We just can’t get caught again. I am not losing my weekend privileges over this.”

They entered the girls locker room and went to stall directly under the new vent and lit up. When they were busted earlier, what Sister Sarah didn’t know is they were making out as they smoked. Now alone again, Santana and Lauren took long drags from the joint and pushed their mouths together for a smoky kiss, trading the smoke back and forth between them. Hands started to roam over blouses and under skirts.

Back in the classroom, Tracy walked to lock the door and close the shade to the window on the door. Amber got up from her seat and as Tracy turned back and started towards her, she answered in stride.

Amber was wearing the same white blouse and maroon skirt with white bra and thong underneath, with beige stockings attached to a white garter belt. She kept on her maroon heels which clicked clacked across the tile floor towards Tracy. Tracy was wearing a blue button up short sleeved blouse with black skit and blue bra and panties underneath. She had on black stockings attached to a blue garter belt underneath. Her black heels matched the sounds Amber’s were making. They stopped on opposite sides of the desk in front of a large old fashioned chalk black board; both women removed their earrings and necklaces. Tracy undid the bun of dirty blonde hair and let the locks come down to mid back. Amber’s red hair was already loose.

“I have been waiting 7 years for this bitch,” Amber said, gritting her teeth, “Not sure if Andrew ever told you but right before you guys broke up, I fucked him! Gave him a good play by play, of what you and I did. He told me you did the same for him, but he said mine was hotter!”

“YOU SLUT!” Tracy yelled out as she slapped Amber across her smiling face!

Amber’s head whipped around but came back to smile at Tracy. “Now we start it again,” Amber said in a low venomous voice, “Bitch to bitch!” Her hands shot forward going for Tracy’s hair!

Amber and Tracy grabbed double handfuls of each other’s hair and yanked and pulled back and forth. Grunts and curses were heard mixed with the clicking of each other’s heels in the floor. Tracy pushed Amber back into the chalk board, Amber’s blouse getting covered in white chalk. Amber grabbed an eraser from the little ledge of the board and smacked into Tracy’s face, chalk dust coved her face and hair. Tracy sputtered, coughing and Amber pushed back, forcing Tracy to the desk. Amber forced Tracy down, back on the desk and leaned in with her body. Tracy brought her left leg up, the stocking covered limb wrapped up over Amber’s left butt cheek. Amber tried to bang Tracy’s head into the desk but Tracy started raking her nails over Amber’s blouse, sounds of straining and tearing cloth broke Amber’s concentration. The white blouse was torn open exposing Amber’s white bra and creamy breasts pushing out of the top of the bra. Tracy pulled and it took Amber slightly off her feet and the two, now more on the desk, rolled slightly and to their sides. Amber reached in between them and grabbed Tracy’s blouse and tore it open, spraying buttons across the room.

Meanwhile in the girl’s locker room…. The joint was finished but the two girls were horny as hell! Lauren and Santana were embraced in the stall, large breasts pressed against the other, hands roaming down each other’s backs, mouth pressed in tight with their tongues sliding, twirling, invading each other’s mouths. Santana’s hands cupped Lauren’s butt cheeks and squeezed bringing a squeal of delight from Lauren’s lips. Lauren moved her hands to fumble with the buttons on Santana’s blouse, each time her hands came in contact with Santana’s breasts, the Latina moaned. Santana moved her hands up to Lauren’s chest and started undoing the buttons on Lauren’s blouse. The pair of blouses flapped open and white bra covered breasts pressed into the other matched pair.

Tracy and Amber rolled more to the right and the desk top was no more and the crashed to the floor. The jarring fall broke them apart and they scrambled to their feet only a few feet from each other. Amber was the first to make a move, she grabbed Tracy’s hair and swung her around until Tracy slammed against the wall next to the door to the hall way. Amber slammed her body against Tracy’s, an audible OOOOFFF came from Tracy’s lips as her breasts were slammed head on with Amber’s. Tracy grabbed the back of Amber’s skirt and pulled up, exposing the white garter and thong. Tracy smacks her hand against the right ass cheek of Amber, a shout of pain as Tracy digs her nails in. Tracy twists them against the door and Tracy’s hip hits the unlock mechanism. The door stays shut and neither knew it was unlocked. The twist reversed them so Tracy was now pressing her weight into Amber, the tops of their breasts rubbing as they grapple. Their blouses were hanging off their shoulders; Tracy grabbed a handful of Amber’s hair and banged her head against the wooden frame of the door. BANG! Amber placed her hands on the side of the frame and the door knob, but the knob twisted and the pair tumbled out into the hall. Amber smacked her head against the hard tile and was dazed. Tracy got to her feet and grabbed Amber by the hair and pulled her to her knees.

“I think you need to cool off bitch!” Tracy said as she shoved open the girls locker room and dragged Amber inside, towards the open bay showers.

Santana and Lauren froze as they heard the door to the locker room slam open. They held their breath as they heard grunts and struggling and the click of heels on the tile floor. They heard the showers turn on and Santana got up on the toilet and peered over the stall.

She looked down at Lauren, “Oh my god!” Santana whispered, “Ms. Tracy and Ms. Amber are fighting! It is a fucking catfight!” Lauren unlatched the stall door and opened it to peer out.

Tracy pushed Amber down to the tile floor of the shower room. There were 10 shower heads around the circler room in the middle of the locker room. She started turning them on, not worried about getting wet herself. She had made it to the fifth showerhead and was had turned it on when Amber, who had cleared her head and recovered, tackled Tracy down to the wet floor. They rolled into and out of the streams of water, soaking skin and clothing. Hands renewed pulling now wet hair; their soaked stocking covered legs locked together as they rolled, grappling for a dominant position. Tracy was able to roll on top and stop their momentum; her large bra covered breasts mashed painfully down on Amber’s large pair. The skirts on both ladies had worked their way up over their hips, showing off the panties, garter belts and wet stockings.

Lauren leaned out of the stall to watch the hot teachers fight it out in the shower. She felt very warm and flush and with one hand holding the side of the stall door frame, her left hand roamed over her covered boobs, down her tummy to her plaid skirt. She reached underneath to stroke her now wet panties. Santana was still perched on the toilet but wanted to get a better view. She came up behind Lauren and peered out over the shorter girls head.

“Can you get your tits off my back?!?” Lauren protested, moving her shoulder blades against Santana’s firm pair.

“Move so I can see,” Santana said replacing her boob on the back of Lauren.

Amber twisted her body and now she rolled on top and with that she picked up her chest and brought it down in a wet THUMP onto Tracy’s tits.

“BITCH!!!” Tracy hissed, grabbing Amber’s right shoulder and pushing.

“WHORE!!!” Amber seethed, slamming her breasts back down again, THUMP!

Wet hair whipped back and forth as the two screamed out in rage at each other. Tracy used both of her hands to push at Amber’s chin, forcing the redhead’s neck back painfully. Tracy used this to roll the pair to their sides. Amber reached in between them and latched onto Tracy’s bra covered breasts, squeezing them roughly. Tracy screamed out in pain and moved her hands from Amber’s chin to Amber’s wrists, digging her nails in and tried to wrench them from their solid grip.

Santana and Lauren both gasped in unison as they watched Ms. Amber grab Ms. Tracy’s boobs. Santana leaned more into Lauren’s back and Lauren lost her hold on the door frame and the two 18 year olds fell out of the stall and onto the tile floor. Lauren hit the floor breasts first and they were pancaked with Santana falling on her back.

“GET OFF ME YOUR STUPID COW!” Lauren cried out.

Santana pushed up to sit on her butt and Lauren also sat up, rubbing her boobs. Santana couldn’t help but giggle a little as she watched the look of annoyance on Lauren’s face. Lauren looked up with hate in her eyes and swung out with her right hand and connected it with the left side of Santana’s face SLAP!

“PUTA!” Santana cried out and slapped Lauren back across her face!

“BITCH!” Lauren yelled out! Then the two busty teens lunged at each other.

Sister Sarah knocked lightly on the door to the head mistress of the school.

“Come in,” Sister Mary answered, not looking up from the computer monitor. She had been replay footage of Tracy and Amber falling into the hallway and then Tracy grabbing Amber and dragging her into the girl’s locker room, which there were no cameras.

Sister Sarah closed the door behind her and stood silently until she was addressed.

“Yes Sister Sarah?” Sister Mary asked, finally looking up at her younger colleague.

“You asked me to check on Santana and Lauren,” Sister Sarah reported, “They have not returned to the dormitory.”

“I know,” Sister Mary stated.

“How did you know?” Sister Sarah asked.

“Because I watched them go into the girl’s locker room 30 minutes ago,” she said matter-a-factly.

“What do you mean?” Sister Sarah asked puzzled at the response.

“Come over here and have a look at this”, Sister Mary said standing and moving from her desk.

Sister Sarah sat down and Sister Mary replayed what she was watching. The younger woman gasped, crossed herself and brought both hands to her mouth. She could not believe what she was watching. Part of her was revolted but she felt a strange feeling she had not had in a few years.

“Don’t be a prude Sarah,” Sister Mary said, “I have known about things like this here at St. Catherine’s for years. We are an all-girls school. These things happen, between students mostly but sometimes between teachers and even between us.” She finished by pointing to her habit.

Sister Sarah glanced up at the elder nun standing over her with a look of confusion in her eyes.

“Someday I will tell you about a time between myself and Sister Louise,” Sister Mary said with a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her face. For the first time since she had known the older nun, Sarah noticed her, really noticed her. Even without makeup, Sister Mary had beauty and even with the full dress of a nun at St Cats, Sarah seemed to notice that Mary was a voluptuous woman, much like the way the younger nun was.

Amber and Tracy grabbed a hold of each other’s soaked bras and started pulling. Their legs were still locked together, heels having been kicked off long ago. The sounds of grunting and the straining for seems and fabric ripping mixed with the sounds of the splashing and water coming from the open showers. The bras seemed to give way at the same time and RRRRIIIIPPPP and they pair slid away from each other, the others bra in her grasp. Amber was the first to get to her feet and she throw Tracy’s torn bra and shrugged out of her torn blouse. She didn’t bother fixing her skirt as it was bunched up around her waist. Tracy was on her feet only a second or two after Amber and quickly discarded the bra and her own torn blouse. She glanced passed Amber and was shocked to see the two detention students, Santana and Lauren, grappling wildly in front of the stalls, both had their uniform blouses open and large bra covered tits bounced as they fought. Amber quickly turned her head to take in the busty teens fighting it out and turned back with a smile to Tracy. Tracy returned it and advanced toward Amber, who matched her steps and there was a CLOP of wet tits hitting wet tits as hands reached for hair.

Lauren and Santana fought back and forth, bras keeping in contact the entire time. Their legs kicked wildly at their legs. Hands pulled viciously at hair as they rolled back and forth on the cold tile floor. First Lauren was on top, than Santana, than Lauren again. Santana stopped the rolling by sticking her leg out like a kickstand with her on top. She scooted up Lauren’s waist and pressed her big tits into Lauren’s face!

“How do you like that puta?!?” She yelled out, only hearing a muffled noise from Lauren’s covered face. Then she screamed and pulled away so suddenly that she fell off Lauren and to the side. Santana was rubbing at the bite marks on her left breast, above her bra. “YOU CUNT!” She screamed!

“FUCKING SLUT!” Lauren said catching her breath, her face was flushed but she had rage in her eyes. She reached out for Santana’s tits with both hands, but Santana knocked the hands aside and the pair collided breast to breast on their knees. Hands pulled off the remains of shirt and fumbled with the back clasps of the bras. Both felt the bras slacken in their holding up the big tits and moved back to shrug out of the big bras and again slammed tit to tit on their knees. Hands grasped the other’s shoulders as they slapped their breasts back and forth in a rough titfight. The CLOP CLOP CLOP of skin slapping with skin added to the already chaotic sounds in the locker room. Lauren’s right foot found the stall frame and she pushed off taking both teens to the floor and into the shower area.

Tracy and Amber were back on the wet tile floor again, hands scratching at skin, pulling at skirts and grabbing breasts. Tracy was able to straddle Amber’s waist, her hands grabbing both of the redhead’s massive breasts. Amber didn’t try to pull the hands off, she just grabbed at the dangling pair above her, sinking her nails in. Both women closed their eyes and screamed as they brutalized each other’s tits. Tracy felt Amber’s hard nipples stabbing into the palms of her hands; as Amber grasped Tracy’s nipples and pulled. THEN BAM!!! Tracy was knocked off her perch and both ladies lost their holds on each other’s breasts as the rolling teens slammed into them. Lauren was now half laying on top of Amber as Santana pushed her. Tracy grabbed Lauren by the hair to move her but the teen reached back and latched onto Tracy’s hair and the pair rolled off the other two and started fighting. Amber sat up rubbing her breasts as water poured down on her, she looked at the new set of Tracy and Lauren rolling away and glanced over at Santana, who just shrugged and launched herself and the teacher. Santana’s firm, ripe breasts mashed into Amber’s as they quickly locked legs and grappled for control. Both Amber and Santana had thicker hair and the two found it easier to pull and yank. Amber rolled on top, but the Latina slapped her hand across the redhead’s ass. Amber squealed in pain! She raked her nails down the left side of the teen who yelled out in agony. Her fingers got caught in the bunched up uniform skirt. Trying to pull them from Santana’s waist, the fingers got caught in the wet fabric of the teen’s panties and as Amber pulled, the panties ripped on the left side. Santana was furious and started pulled ant the back of Amber’s panties and ripped them from their owner.

Tracy and Lauren had rolled to the far wall of the shower area and Tracy got to her feet, pulling the teen up by her wet hair. She kneed the blonde teen in her large breasts and Lauren howled and went to her knees. Lauren had never felt that kind of pain to her tits before, and seeing the teacher standing above her, she balled her right fist and slammed it in-between Tracy’s legs. Tracy yelled pain and dropped to her knees. Lauren’s fist was still at Tracy’s cunt and she pulled at the panties until she heard them tear and let go. Tracy was beside herself and reached down and pulled on the uniform skirt and white undies that Lauren had on. After a few moments, they were laying on the wet floor next to the fighting pair. Lauren pushed Tracy hard and the teacher fell back. Lauren grabbed the skirt around Tracy’s waist and pulled with all she had until the zipper broke and the skirt slide off Tracy’s legs. Now both were nude.

Amber punched Santana in her right breast and the blow forced the brunette to her back, holding her wounded tit. Amber turned around to scan the room and saw Lauren strip Tracy naked. Amber rolled back from Santana and got to her feet and made her way to the other pair. Lauren saw the movement and got up. Amber stopped long enough for her skirt to slap wetly against the tile floor and then she and Lauren launched themselves at each other. They careened about the shower area on their feet until Amber forced Lauren against the wall. Their breasts mushroomed out as Amber pushed up against the teen. Lauren brought her right leg up around Amber’s trim waist bringing their bodies into a tight embrace. Lauren was pulling back on Amber’s thick wet hair as the teacher ground into the student. Both women moaned in cat lust for each other.

Tracy had worked her way to her feet and was making her way to the writhing pair at the wall. Santana seeing she was the only one with any shred of clothing on, quickly ripped off her own skirt and rushed at Tracy. She tackled the teacher just as Tracy had her hands out for Amber’s hair. Tracy and Santana went down to the wet tile floor in a heap. Now Tracy turned her attention to the busty teen. They rolled away from the other two, long legs locking together as they rolled. They rolled to their sides and started kneeing each other between their legs. The wet THWAP sounded over and over again as they threw their heads back in a mutual scream. Tracy buried her hands into Santana’s oversized tits and squeezed. Santana, not to be out done, grabbed both of Tracy’s huge breasts and locked in her fingers.

Amber slamming her hips into Lauren’s as Lauren answered back in fast succession. Both sets of the women’s legs were getting tired and they slumped down to their knees, tits still in constant contact. Then finally they separated, falling to their backs, chests heaving.

Tracy and Santana could not hold on any more and they let go of each other and weakly pushed away.

Sister Mary and Sister Sarah had just walked into the girl’s locker room as the four combatants separated and were sucking in air. Sarah moved to go to them but Sister Mary grasped her arm firmly and put a finger to her lips.

“Let them finish it,” Sister Mary said sternly. Sister Sarah looked back to the shower area at the two sets of naked beauties, one of teachers and one of students. She had not felt the sets of feelings she was having in a long time. But before she took her vows, Sister Sarah had been in battles like this.

Tracy slowly got to her hands and knees and them to a standing position holding the wall as Amber had gotten herself up to her feet as well. The two teachers locked eyes and pushed away from the wall to get to the center of the shower area. Lauren and Santana noticed each other again and crawled towards the other.

Tracy and Amber slammed together in the middle of the shower area, spun around once and went down to the tile floor. They locked up body to body, tit to tit, tummy to tummy, hips slamming together, legs locking as the pulled each other’s wet hair. They maneuvered to a sitting position and relocked their legs around each other’s hips in a catball. Hands and arms were around the other’s back, gripping hair. Breasts were mashed against the other’s equally large set. They finally brought their pussies into play against each other and started grinding. The moans of pleasure were tempered with the pains of fingers pulling hair and scratching each other’s backs.

As Lauren and Santana neared each other they reached out and latched onto hair and pulled each other the rest of the way to a kneeing position. Large sets of tits slapped back and forth, reddened and bruised but still fighting it out. Heads whipped back and forth as they tried to take each other’s head off. Lauren released her right hand from thick wet hair and balled it up into a fist and slammed it home between Santana’s legs. The Latina screamed out but brought her own right fist down and sent it between Lauren’s legs in a wet THWAP!!! Lauren cried out but traded punch for punch with her former friend. The punches were slow and steady, not a feverous pace as one might think. They went blow for blow until they slumped against each other and slipped to the tile floor too tired to continue.

Amber was slapping her hips against Tracy faster than Tracy was against Amber; something about the earlier grind with Lauren had set Amber off. She needed to finally get revenge against the older teacher. Tracy slowly went to her back and Amber kept on the smashing of her hips and pussy into Tracy. She started raising her chest and sent it down in a sickly sounding CLOP of wet skin! Tracy could take no more and tried to push her off but Amber picked up the pace. That is when the waiting nuns stepped in.

Sister Mary went to first shut off the showers and then pried Amber off her rival. It didn’t take much strength as Amber was too tired to fight it off. She took big towels from a locked closet and helped the pair of teachers get settled. Sister Sarah had an easier time with the two teens. They were both exhausted and the nun got large towels and escorted them to the dorms without any of the other students seeing it.

Sister Mary instructed Tracy and Amber to take a couple of days off and were to report directly to her when they returned. She told them again, that they must never fight in public here at St Cats, which both Tracy and Amber took the real meaning behind it.

Sister Mary was back at her desk in her private study when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Sister Mary said, knowing who it was at the door.

Sister Sarah entered and closed the door but stayed next to it. She reported that Lauren and Santana were both sleeping in separate areas and would be missing the next few days of classes due to a flu bug. There was a long silence as Sister Mary looked at Sister Sarah, who returned the stare.

“Was that all Sister?” She said turning off her computer and removing reading glasses.

“No Sister Mary,” Sister Sarah said, “I would like to hear about you and Sister Louise.”

Sister Mary got up from her desk and removed her crucifix from around her neck and then removed her habit, hand combing out the silvery grey hair that came to the middle of her back.

“Tell you Sister Sarah?” Sister Mary said with a twinkle in her eyes, “Or show you?”

Sister Sarah locked the door to the study and removed her crucifix and habit, red locks fell down to her shoulders. She set them aside and turned her attention back the older nun. Sister Mary slipped the robe over her head and it revealed a plain white blouse and pantyhose. Sarah was correct about what she assumed of the nun; Sister Mary was full of still heathy curves. Her large breasts strained against the blouse and Mary unbuttoned it to reveal a plain what bra which she unclasped from the back and removed. Her breasts were still full with very little sag for a nun in her fifties. Sarah followed suit and removed her clothing as Sister Mary did with the exception of pantyhose. Sarah’s large bust sat just a little higher and was a little firmer than Mary’s.

“Have you done this before Sister Sarah?” Sister Mary said as she crossed the room in front of the other nun.

“In fact, I have,” Sister Sarah replied.

The two nuns came together in a crash of chests and grabbed the other’s hair. They went down to the study floor in a tight ball.

Vivian the janitor was making her final walk-thru after cleaning the girl’ locker room; she was about to knock on the door to Sister Mary’s chambers when she heard a thud and slap and a whimper and then a moan and grunt. She knew what was going on the minute she heard it. Vivian moved to an adjacent closet and then to a peephole in the wall to watch Sister Mary and Sister Sarah roll around topless, pulling hair and squeezing big breasts. But this was life at St Cats.

To Be Continued in Chapter 4! Click Here to Read It!

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