Teacher Tales 4: Sister Sarah by Andrew Scott

Sister Sarah walked back to her room on shaky legs. She was back in her robe and habit now but for the previous hour she was only in pantyhose, locked in a back and forth catfight with Sister Mary, the headmistress of St Catherine’ or St Cats as many knew it was called there. Images flashed through her mind of the busty women of the cloth rolling back and forth across the study floor, slapping skin, pulling hair, grabbing breasts in a battle that had her surrender to Sister Mary. She had to steady herself against the wall to a long corridor when one image flashed of Sister Mary straddling her waist, pantyhose making swish, swish noises as she struggled against the older nun; Mary’s hands were squeezing both of Sarah’s big breasts. Sister Sarah inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, shaking her head and continuing her walk to her room. The hallways were quite at this time of night. The students had a strict curfew on school nights.

Sarah entered her small quarters, removed her habit and robe, hanging them up. She touched her neck and realized she had forgotten her crucifix in Sister Mary’s study. She peeled off the sweaty pantyhose and placed them into her dirty laundry basket and walked into the small bathroom. She was one of 6 other nuns who taught at St Cats, so she was afforded her own shower. It took a while for the old pipes to send in the hot water, so she looked at her body in the mirror. There were red marks from slaps and a few scratches that adorned her pale skin. Two handprints could be seen on her large breasts. She checked her scalp but didn’t see any missing hair and thank goodness no marks on her face. As she entered the shower she thought back to before she took her vows….

Sarah looked at herself in the mirror of the girl’s bathroom, her red bikini looked amazing. It was her first day of work as a bikini bartender at Hard Shots Saloon. All the girls who worked there donned bikinis and sometimes just body paint. It was a hangout of lots of bikers who like to ogle the bartenders as they drank. The red number accentuated her flaming red hair and pale skin and the bikini was skimpy enough to show off her generous curves. As she walked out to learn the ropes, one of the owners finished pouring something in an inflatable kiddie pool. Sarah turned to Celina, who was supposed to train her and asked what it was for.

“Every Saturday we have jello wrestling,” the busty brunette said as she adjusted the right cup of her bikini, “The guys come out in droves to see us go at it!”

“You mean the bartenders fight?” Sarah asked a little more excited. At 22, she had done her fair share of partying and experimenting with the same sex and liked it and the thought of rolling around in jello with another bartender gave her a warm feeling inside.

“You bet!” Celina said as she should Sarah the ins and outs of working the register and pouring drinks the right way.

Sarah didn’t wrestle in the pool; her job was bartending this day. Other girls who weren’t scheduled to be there behind the bar were there to fight it out. But Sarah was happy; she was making a lot of tips and figured out the quick flirt or lean of the bar to get the customers a look at her cleavage and the money rolled in. She was chatting it up with a sandy haired biker when Tammy, a busty blonde in a jello covered blue bikini, who just got done in a pool came over to give the biker a hug and kiss. Sarah took the hint when Tammy glared at her and went to checking on other customers. She heard a slap and turned to see Tammy screaming at man, shoving him in the shoulders as he laughed it off. The owner came out to talk with the biker who nodded and grabbed Tammy around the waist and drag her out as she screamed obscenities at everyone around her.

“Be careful of Tammy,” Celina said, “She has a bad temper and will throw down with anyone, man or woman. Best if you try to avoid her. I made sure not to put you with her in any shift this week.”

“Thanks Celina,” Sarah said, “I don’t want to cause any trouble on my first day here.”

“You are doing great hon!” Celina complimented her.

It was closing time and Sarah and Celina had worked to clean up when Celina’s cell phone rang. She took the call and swore as she hung up.

“Sarah,” She said, “I hate to put you in a bind but my baby sitter is having a problem that I need to take care of now. Here are my keys to the bar, just lock the door behind me when I leave and finish stocking the bar. I will be back in a few minutes to cover closing out the till.”

Only a few minutes, so what was the harm, Sarah thought. “No problem Celina!” Sarah said, “I got it.”

Sarah locked the door after Celina left and started getting ice from the back to refill the beer cooler behind. She was coming out from her third trip from the back when froze in place, dropping the bucket of ice. Standing inside the bar area was Tammy, still dressed in the blue bikini, taking a long pull from a bottle of beer.

“New girl,” Tammy slurred, “You think you can try and take my man and nothing would happen?!?”

“How did you get in here,” Sarah asked suddenly feeling a little scared.

“You dumb bitch,” the drunk blonde replied, “We all have keys. I just waited until Celina left. Save me the trouble of having to follow you home.”

“I think you need to leave now Tammy,” Sarah said trying to put a little force into her voice.

“And I think you need to go fuck yourself,” Tammy retorted, “I told you that you needed to taught a lesson.”

Sarah walked a few steps to where the cordless phone was supposed to be sitting in its cradle, but it wasn’t there.

“Looking for this, bitch!” Tammy said, waving the phone around in her right hand. Then she stuck the phone in the slushy ice mixture of the beer cooler. “Not gonna work now!”

Sarah silently cursed herself for leaving her phone in the car. “Look, I don’t want any trouble Tammy. I wasn’t trying to take you man!”

“Why the fuck not!!!!” Tammy yelled, “Is he not good enough for ya?”

“I am going to go,” Sarah said as she started to walk past Tammy. Tammy grabbed her arm roughly but Sarah pulled it away. “Don’t touch me!” She said and didn’t turn around until she heard the bottle break. Sarah whipped her head around to see Tammy had smashed the bottle and now held it like a weapon in front of her.

“Nobody walks away from me!!!” Tammy yelled and lunged.

Sarah back peddled as quickly as she could in heels as Tammy slashed at her wildly with the bottle. Sarah’s butt hit the center of the pool table and she was stuck. Tammy swung the bottle again but do to her drunkenness she missed and her hand hit one of the wooded stools, causing her to drop the bottle and it shattered. Sarah saw her chance and tried to run but her long hair was grabbed by the blonde and she was yanked back almost off her feet. Tammy was pulling with one hand and swinging wild fist with the other. Sarah turned and decided to fight to get free. Tammy’s left fight slammed against Sarah’s shoulder and then again at her back.

Sarah grabbed a handful of Tammy’s long hair and brought her in close so the punches wouldn’t hurt as much. She punched Tammy in the side and kicked out with a heeled foot at Tammy’s shins. The two pulled hair and punched like drunken hockey players, some shots landing, but most missed their targets. Arms were starting to tired on Tammy so she grabbed two handfuls of red hair and pushed forward causing Sarah to bend backwards over the pool table. Sarah punched her again in the side and sent a glancing right hook to Tammy’s left breast, knocking it from her bikini.

Tammy howled but was able to get Sarah more on the table and tried to climb on her. Sarah wrestled with her and the two busty women started grappling on the pool table; pulling hair, scratching arms and sides, slapping and punching at exposed skin, legs kicking out. They rolled back and forth only a few times but always staying on. Sarah got her heel caught in one of the pockets of the pool table but she pushed hard against it and the pair rolled off to a CRASH on the floor.

The fall knocked the wind out of Sarah who was slow to rise. Tammy’s bikini top was dangling around her neck, her large tits bounced as she grabbed Sarah by the back of the hair. She tore off Sarah’s red top and wrapped it around Sarah’s neck, pushing her face first into the pool of watery jello.

“I AM GONNA DROWN YOU WHORE!!!” Tammy screamed as she sat on Sarah’s back and pushed her head down roughly. Tammy kicked off her heels into the pool.

Sarah was flailing around franticly. The bikini top wasn’t tight on her neck but Tammy was using her body weight to keep Sarah’s nose and mouth under. Her hands were slipping and sliding wildly in the pool when she touched something hard. It was Tammy’s heel! Sarah grabbed it by the sharp heel and stabbed into Tammy’s foot. Tammy screamed out and fell butt first into the kiddie pool. Sarah got up sputtering, coughing out jello.

Sarah threw the heel aside and lunged at Tammy who was rising to meet her. The busty topless bartenders slammed together in the middle of pool of jello! Tammy immediately latched her hands around Sarah’s neck and started to squeeze. Sarah started punching Tammy’s dangling tits like they were speed bags. Their knees slid around in the gooey substance; neither able to get the other down to her back. Sarah was starting to see stars and knew she was going to pass out soon and maybe dead in the next few moments. Her nails locked onto Tammy’s right tit just above her nipple and dug in.

Tammy screamed and the hold she had on Sarah’s throat weakened for a second allowing Sarah to suck in a breathe, then Tammy started squeezing again. Sarah’s nails broke skin and she tried to dig them in more, breaking one of her nails. Sarah balled up a fist and drove into Tammy’s throat. Tammy fell back clutching her throat gagging. Sarah slumped back against the side of the pool and heaved in breaths. She rolled out and scrambled on hands and knees on the floor to the exit. As she got there she remembered the keys and pulled herself up and turned just as Tammy swung a pool cue at her head. Sarah was able to get her left arm up and the pool cue crashed down in a sick thud on her arm. She screamed out in pain as the pool cue snapped across her forearm.

Tammy standing over her with one broken end of the cue stepped back to try and stab down but her back foot slipped and she tumbled to the floor. She got up again and turned to Sarah. Sarah had gotten up and knew something was wrong with her left arm but as she saw Tammy rise, she balled up her right fist and swung it as hard as she could, smacking it against Tammy’s jaw. Sarah felt rush of exhilaration as her fist connected with a CRUNCH and the lights went out in Tammy’s eye and she fell to the floor. There was a pounding on the door and she got the keys to open it. Celina came in with two police officers.

Celina had come to the bar about 10 minutes prior and witnessed Tammy assault Sarah and she called 911. The police were there to see Tammy try and stab Sarah, so the case was settled for them. Sarah had a broken left arm and a broken right hand, no more bartending for a while. As she sat in the ambulance, all she could do was think of what kind of future would she have if she had to fight off every woman who thought she looked at her the wrong way or accused Sarah of trying to “take” her man. She was crying to herself in the Emergency Room when an elderly nun came just to sit with her. Not to judge or ask her anything or try to talk with her about God, just sit with her. It was in that moment that she thought this would be a better life than she had.

A month passed and Celina stopped by her apartment, boxes lined the small place.

“So a convent huh?” Celina asked, “You sure about this?”

“As sure as I don’t want to end up like Tammy,” Sarah answered. She had a sad smile on her face for her friend.

“Well, here is a going away present,” Celina said reaching into her pocket.

“I am not supposed to bring anything with me, Celina,” Sarah said holding up her hands.

Celina pulled out a long rosary with a crucifix on it. “It was my grandmothers,” Celina said, “But I think you need it more than I do.”

….. Sarah came back to the moment as the water from the shower poured over her. She turned it off and got out and dried herself off. She felt more alive than she had in years. Something clicked in her tonight watching the teachers and the students fight, and then with her own fight. She put on a long comfortable robe that tied in the front and opened the door to her room. There was silence in the hallway. She moved very quietly to the area of the dorms where Sister Mary had her private room and study. Sister Sarah knocked softly on the door. Sister Mary answered after a few moments. She too was dressed in a comfortable robe.

“Is there something I can do for you Sister?” Sister Mary asked, her eyes focused on the redheaded woman in front of her.

“I left my rosary here,” Sister Sarah said, “I would like to get it back. It is very important to me.”

Sister Mary ushered her in and closed the door. She left Sarah standing in the sitting room. She returned a moment later with the rosary, handing it to Sister Sarah. Sarah looked at it for a moment and placed in the pocket of her robe. Then she returned her gaze to Sister Mary.

“Was there anything else, child?” Sister Mary asked with that same twinkle in her eyes.

“Can I hope for more discussions like the one we had earlier?” Sister Sarah asked her own eyes sparkling.

“Sister Sarah,” Sister Mary said, “You can be certain. Was there something you would like to discuss now? It may not be as spirited as our last talk but I assure you I can be persuasive. “ Sister Mary undid the cloth belt around her waist, the one holding the robe in place. It slipped off her shoulders and onto the floor of the sitting room. She was now naked in front of other nun. Sister Sarah untied her robe, letting it fall to the floor. In their fight a few hours ago, they still had on pantyhose, now they were completely naked. The nuns eyed each other up and down both noticing the furry patches between their legs, reddish for Sarah and a dark mass for Mary.

“Come with me,” Sister Mary said, “My private chambers are more comfortable.” With that she turned and walked into an adjoining room, Sister Sarah followed. It was lightly furnished with a large full size bed at one end, which Sister Mary climbed on and turned on her knees facing Sarah.

Sarah joined her on the bed and moved until their breasts touched. Both winced a little at the shock of the hard nipples touching. Sister Mary moved her hands to Sister Sarah’s hair and Sister Sarah latched her own hands in Sister Mary’s.

“Now I think we can have a semi spirited debate,” Sister Sarah said. They pulled hard and came into a violent embrace and tumbled back to the bed.

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