Teacher Tales 5: St. Cats Weekend Wildcats by Andrew Scott

It was a long Friday of lessons for the students and teachers. Both Tracy Holden and Amber Kruger had returned to their normal teaching assignments after being off for a few days with the flu. Santana Morales and Lauren Brown were back in class as well, but like Tracy and Amber, Santana and Lauren steered clear of each other and when they were in the same room, the temperature seemed to drop by a few degrees.

Sister Sarah was going over the literature homework for the weekend, A Tale of Two Cities. The students in her class had already been reading the book and were in the midst of a discussion of some of the characters. Rebecca Hopper, Becky, as her friends called her, had her hand raised. Becky was Korean but was adopted as a baby into a strict Catholic family. At the age of 16, she had a baby which she was forced to give up for adoption and was then enrolled at St Catherine’s. She was a beautiful 18 year old woman now. Her black hair was set in loose curls that went down to the middle of her back. She stood close to 5’7”; her breasts had grown large after the birth and she was able to keep the heavy bust. Her waist was slim and she had a nice curve to her hips and butt along with toned legs. She was liked by the teachers but she had a secret reputation as a bully among some of the girls. What most of the faculty didn’t know, with the exception of Sister Mary, was that Becky had more than her fair share of fights with other girls to move the position of top bitch at the school. Sister Sarah noticed Becky’s hand raised and called on her.

“Yes, Becky?” Sister Sarah asked.

“Ma’am,” Becky said politely, “The fight between Miss Polly and Madame Defarge, if seemed that had they not struggled for the gun, it would have been a different outcome. Maybe in a fight with no weapons, Miss Polly would have lost.”

“Interesting take on it Becky,” Sister Sarah said after thinking about it for a moment, “Charles Dickens placed Madame Defarge in the role of the antagonist. In some ways, a more entertaining tale would be if the bad guys, or in this case woman, wins. But let’s stick to what the author was going for in the tale.”

It went on like that, with Becky asking more questions about Madame Defarge and if she was really all that bad. Then the last bell of the day rang.

“Alright ladies,” Sister Sarah said of the sound of the 18 years getting up from their desks, “Please finish your book reports and have them turned in by Tuesday. I will be here for the weekend if you need any help.”

As the students walked past her desk, Sister Sarah noticed Lauren and Santana eyeing each other but they remained a few people apart. She looked back up and noticed Becky was standing by her desk also watching Lauren and Santana.

“Becky, is there something I can assist you with?” Sister Sarah said bringing both sets of eyes to each other.

“Well, not really, Sister,” Becky said, “I really enjoy your class because I like to read all kinds of different types of books. I think you may be interested in this one and I will loan it to you.” As she said that she pulled out a worn paperback from her backpack and placed it on Sister Sarah’s desk. “I think in the current climate at this school, you may find it enjoyable.” And then she departed herself.

Sister Sarah picked up the book, Ranch War by J.T. Edson. Hmmm she thought, I am not really into westerns as she thumbed through the book and found it was dog-eared to chapter 16, I Warned You What’d Happen. She started reading and discovered it was a catfight between Calamity, the protagonist, and Florence, the antagonist. She felt her body get warm as she read. What the hell was Becky trying to tell her? She found herself breathing harder as she read, feeling her face getting flushed. She heard a knock on her door and put the book down quickly as she looked up to see Sister Amelia, one of the new nuns at the school and the Physics teacher, in her doorway.

Sister Amelia was born in Spain to a poor family and had taken to life on the streets. But she was saved by a well to do family who put her through school where she excelled. But her adopted parents had died tragically and she fell out of sorts with her two adopted sisters who swindled her out of the family inheritance. She had decided to enter a convent then return to a hard life on the streets. She was in her early 30’s and still vibrant. Though she kept her beauty muted as a nun, Sister Sarah had seen her in the gym working out and even in a set of baggy sweats; she knew Sister Amelia had a voluptuous body.

“Sister Amelia,” Sister Sarah said with a smile, “What can I do for you?”

“Sister Sarah,” Sister Amelia went on in a Spanish accent, “I am here to turn over the passwords and codes for the cameras and computer for the weekend. You are listed as the next teacher to have it. I believe Sister Mary made the change this morning.”

“I understand,” Sister Sarah said, “Please let me take those. Are you planning on going away for the weekend?”

“I may go to the town for a bit and maybe to the cathedral for mass,” Sister Amelia said, setting down the small folder on Sarah’s desk, “But I should be back at night if you need any help. There is also a list of students who will be required to check in with you because of disciplinary reasons.”

Sister looked at the list of names as the other nun departed. Lauren Brown, Santana Morales, Miko Tovar and Rebecca Hopper were the names of the seniors in for the weekend. There were 10 Juniors and 5 Sophomores who would also have meet with Sister Sarah at different times to check in. Miko was born in Japan but was adopted by a couple in the Midwest. The couple shouldn’t have been allowed to adopt as it turned out because they were career drug users. Miko had been left at home for days at a time as a child and was taken in by the state at the age of 10. She was shuffled between foster families for years and grew up in a hard life and got in trouble often. She was accepted to St Cats last year and for all outside eyes, she excelled. But she had no love lost for Becky. Even though both were adopted, the angst between Korea and Japan played into it and it caused a big rift between the girls. The reason both were not allowed to leave for the weekend was an almost fight that occurred in Sister Amelia’s class.

After the last girl checked in for the night, Sister Sarah retired to her room and plugged in the codes into her computer. The cameras throughout the school became available to her. She was to monitor the hallways and dorm areas until 10PM which was in an hour. At 10PM, there was a strict rule that all girls would be in their respective discipline dorms for the juniors and sophomores, and the 2 person rooms for the seniors. Sister Mary had decreed that those on the lists would be housed together to keep better eyes on them. The 2 person senior rooms also had cameras in them to make sure nothing funny went on. Tonight Lauren was roomed with Miko and Santana with Becky.

At 10PM, Sister Sarah was preparing to shut down her computer when some movement caught her attention. A door opened on the screen and Lauren peaked her head out. Lauren walked to room across the hall and knocked. Sarah was debating on getting up to investigate but decided to see how it would play out. She switched the view to inside that room and Becky got up to answer. She then appeared in the other screen outside the room leaning against the door. Sister Sarah kept both up in a split screen and watched as Lauren went to the center of the small dorm room and was saying something to Santana who was sitting up in her bed. Lauren started to undress; she took off her shirt and unclasped her bra, letting both fall to the floor. She then slipped off the shorts and panties she was wearing. In bed, Santana removed her own shirt and was not wearing a bra. Her panties came off and she moved aside the blanket to open a space for Lauren on the bed. Lauren moved to the bed slowly and climbed on. Both girls were kneeling in front of each other.

Sister Sarah felt a dirty, voyeuristic feeling come over her, but she couldn’t look away. On the screen, in black and white, Lauren and Santana embraced, mouths moving to each other, tongues enter their mouths. Their breasts compressed and hips moved side to side in a grinding fashion. The kissed and rubbed each other for a few moments and then sat back facing each other and spread their legs out. Both girls had their arms behind them, holding them upright on the bed. They interwove their legs and pressed their pussies together. Their heads came back in ecstasy and they started grinding against each other. Sarah watched as their breasts bounced up and down with the increased intensity of their movements. Their hips were gliding up and down and side to side so fast in the trib it was like the video was on fast forward.

Sister Sarah glanced to the other side of the screen and Becky was no longer there. She quickly punched din the code of the other room and found the image of Becky and Miko standing nose to nose speaking to each other. Sarah looked to the other side and Santana and Lauren were now holding each other, breasts bouncing and smacking into the other pair as they embraced still fucking it out. She looked over to the other side of the split screen and Miko and Becky had one hand each in the other’s hair and hand hand squeezing the other’s breast through their shirts. She looked back to see Lauren and Santana bear hugging each other, there tits mushrooming out at their sides, still rocking in the bed. She knew things in the rooms would get out of hand soon, so Sarah shut off the computer and rose from her the desk in her room. She was dressed in a baggy set of sweats and opened the door to leave and head to the dorms. She almost ran into Sister Amelia who was sweaty, dressed in a robe coming from where Sister Mary’s room was. Sarah shook her head, knowing she wasn’t the only one set for “discussions” with Sister Mary.

“Sister Amelia,” Sarah said, “I need your help for a moment. There seems to be some girls out of bed and, well, they… ah… well they are engaging in the same activity as you just did.”

Sister Amelia looked shocked and then it dawned on her that Sister Sarah must have had the some meetings with Mary as she did.

“Let me throw on something other than this,” Amelia said as she rushed into her room. She emerged a moment later where similar sweats to Sarah. They headed down to the dorm area. Sister Sarah pointed at the two rooms Amelia went to the one with Lauren and Santana and Sister Sarah went to the other with Becky and Miko. As Sister Sarah entered the room and flipped on the light, Miko was pinned under Becky as they both pulled each other’s hair. Sarah grabbed Becky from behind and pulled her up. Becky fought back thinking it was another student but when she realized it was the Sister, she stopped. Sister Sarah instructed Becky to wait outside and got Miko back on her bed.

Amelia entered the other room and turned on the light and found Lauren and Santana in each other’s arms, dozing. She woke them up and told Lauren to return to the other room. Amelia was a little flushed as she watched the two 18 year olds dress and Lauren existed. Lauren went to the room as Sister Sarah walked out.

“Sister Sarah,” Sister Amelia said, “Why don’t you have a word in private with Ms. Hopper and I will have a chat with Sister Mary about this.”

“Very good, Sister Amelia,” Sister Sarah said and led Becky down the hall to a small room.

They entered and Sister Sarah instructed Becky to sit, which she did and Sarah took a chair opposite her.

“What happened tonight can’t happen again, Becky,” Sister Sarah said in a stern voice.

“Why not?” Becky asked incredulously, “It happens all the time here. Open your eyes sister.”

Sarah held up a hand, “First Becky, don’t take that tone with me,” Sarah said, “And explain what you mean by it happens all the time.”

Becky glared for a moment and then spoke, “Ever since I came here the girls have found ways to fight and reasons to fight. And it is not just the students. I know teachers have done it, Ms Holden and Ms Kruger have and you were there. And I know about your late night talks with Sister Mary.” Becky said with a sly smile.

“Explain yourself now,” Sister Sarah said, a twinge of anger in her voice.

“Vivian, the janitor, is a lesbian and likes us well built girls,” Becky said cupping her tits, “She told me last week as I went down on her. She told me about the spot where she watches you and some of the other nuns and teachers fight Sister Mary. So I snuck there and watched you and the head mistress last Monday. Why do you think I have been talking about the books?!?”

Sister Sarah felt embarrassed now, “Who have you told about this?” She demanded.

“No one,” Becky said and then added, “For now.”

Sarah understood her tone and what the meaning behind it was. “Miss Hopper,” she said in a quiet but tense voice, “If you think you can blackmail me or Sister Mary, you have another thing coming.”

“Oh Sister,” Becky said with an air of arrogance about her, “Do you think you could stop me?”

“Is that a threat?” Sarah asked.

“Maybe,” the teenager answered, “Wanna fight about it? I watched you and Sister Mary, it was hot!” Becky rubbed her hands down her chest to between her legs, “You can handle yourself Sister.”

Sister Sarah pondered what the young woman sitting in front of her was saying for a moment. “Becky,” Sarah said standing, “If a lesson needs to be taught, I need to make sure I am allowed to teach it.”

“What’s the big deal?!?” Becky said, “Sister Mary didn’t seem to have a problem last week when she and I fought.” Then Becky covered her mouth. It became obvious to Sister Sarah that Becky wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that little bit of information.

“I think it is time for you to return to your room, Becky,” Sister Sarah said opening the door, but as Becky rose from her chair, “On second thought Becky, why don’t you go to the little hiding place you have. You may get to see something you might enjoy.”

The two walked down the corridor towards Sister Mary’s chambers. Becky snuck inside the cleaning closet as Sister Sarah knocked on the door. It was answered by Sister Mary a moment later.

“Sister Sarah,” Sister Mary said, dressed in a think robe, her reading glasses perched on her head, her grey hair loose around her shoulders, “Sister Amelia already informed me of what happened. Is there something more you want to tell me?”

“A word in private, Sister Mary?” Sister Sarah asked. Sister Mary stepped aside and allowed the younger nun to enter the room. She closed and locked the door behind her.

“Well,” Mary asked, “What did you need to tell me?”

“While I understand your discussions with myself and other teachers here St Catherine’s,” Sister Sarah said, “I do not believe you or any of the facility should be fighting with the students.”

Sister Mary’s eyebrows went up. She also turned a bit pink in embarrassment. “Why would you think I have been involved with students except for in my duties as head mistress?”

“I know about you and Rebecca Hopper and I do not agree at all,” Sister Sarah said sternly.

“If I had goings on with a student it would be for discipline reasons,” Sister Mary said back to the younger nun, “We cannot let these little wretches walk around this school like they own it.”

“These little wretches, as you put them,” Sarah said in a retort, “Are here to learn, not become playthings for an old woman.”

“Old woman?” Sister Mary said, color rising in her face, “I am the head mistress here, not you Sister Sarah. I would understand my place if I were you.”

“I stand by my statement Sister Mary,” Sarah replied, her hands on her hips.

“So am I to understand you are quite firm in your stance?” Mary asked, removing the glasses from atop her head.

“Firmer than you, Sister Mary,” Sister Sarah said. Choke on that you old bitch, she thought.

“Then you and I have a problem,” Sister Mary said, “One that needs to be dealt with now.”

“Fine with me,” Sister Sarah said, “Lead the way.”

Sister Mary turned and undid her robe letting fall to the floor. As Sarah followed her into the bedroom chamber, she took off her sweats and dropped them into a pile. The two nuns stood a couple of feet apart, hands on their hips, naked, staring at one another. Quick as a bird, Mary unleashed a slap across Sarah’s face. Her head whipped to the right and she held her cheek. This was the first time in few “meetings” they have had that either woman attacked the face. Sarah swung a slap just as quick to the older woman’s face SLAP! Mary’s head whipped around and the die was cast. The two women lunged and buried hands in to thick hair.

In their two previous fights, they both held back some, not really trying to hurt the other as just working out some underlying issues. But this was different, Sarah felt her hair being pulled hard, harder than Mary had done in the past and she returned the favor to the older nun. They whirled around the spacious chambers, yanking and pulling hair. Mary removed her right hand from the red locks and balled it up to punch Sarah in the left side. OOOOFFFF UGH! Sarah almost lost her footing from the punch. She kicked out with her left foot catching Mary in the shin, causing her to hobble. On and on this went; hands punched and slapped and feet kicked out to injure the other. Mary shoved Sarah against the closed door to the chambers, pinning her there. Mary’s large bust mashed against the large breasts of Sarah, hard nipple scrapped and dug into flesh. Their bellies pressed and rubbed back and forth. A sheen of sweat started to form on foreheads and upper lips but soon worked its way to the grinding skin. This caused their breasts to slide back and forth as they grapple upright at the door.

“You will know you place,” Mary sneered through gritted teeth, slamming her breasts into Sarah’s.

“UGH!” Sarah exclaimed, “Know this bitch!” She cursed and re-gripped Mary’s grey hair from behind and yanked down, causing Mary’s head to snap back. It was enough to cause the two to switch places, with Sarah bearing down on Mary now, large tits slapping back and forth.

Sarah moved her right knee to push Mary’s legs a little further apart and then she slammed it up in between Mary’s legs. The older nun howled out in pain and slumped against the younger nun. She kept hold of Sarah’s hair as her knees gave out, dragging the younger woman down to the floor with her. Now on their knees, they traded slap for slap and punch for punch. Mary sent a right fist to uppercut Sarah’s left breast, causing the redhead to yowl in pain! Sarah reached for Mary’s left tit and dug her short nails in. The expanse of flesh oozed through Sarah’s fingers as Mary screamed out. Mary reached up and grabbed both of Sarah’s bouncing tits, her fingers squishing the breasts, kneading them like bread dough. Now Sarah’s screams echoed through the room. She brought her other hand to grab Mary’s free tit and the two nuns were on their knees, squeezing and pulling at their large tits. The busty ladies held nothing back and wanted to hurt the other into submission. Tits were pulled, squished, clawed, gouged, kneaded, and twisted with both women freeing crying from the pain. Sights were blurry from tears but Sarah shoved forward taking both women down to the cold floor. Sarah tried to mount Mary but was dragged off by a harsh twist of her breasts.

Now side by side, the hands on titfight included grasping nipples and twisting and pulling them taut. Mary kneed Sarah between the legs but Sarah caught the elder’s knee between her thighs to stop any major blow. Mary did likewise and locked her thighs around Sarah’s leg. Mary re-grabbed Sarah’s big tits and tried to fold them over, causing Sarah to let go of the old nun’s breasts and grab at her wrists. Mary used it to roll them with her on top. Her hands were pried from the redhead’s boobs and both sets of wounded breasts mashed tightly together. They hand wrestled but Mary remained on top. She bent her head down and sunk her teeth into Sarah’s shoulder causing the younger woman to scream out in pain. Sarah grabbed Mary’s disheveled grey hair and pulled back to pry the teeth from her. She was able to yank the older nun free but when she saw Mary’s mouth it was stained pink. Sarah saw red, literally and grabbed Mary’s face and nose and wrenched it to the right. The older woman howled in pain the pair rolled again to their sides. Sarah swatted Mary in the face and pushed away and they rolled free of each other.

The two nuns sat back a few feet apart gasping for breath. Mary, the more mature catfighter, saw this as an opportunity. She kicked out with her left foot, catching Sarah flush in the chest, knocking the redhead back and into the wall. Sarah’s head smacked against the stone surface and she was dazed. Mary leaped into her lap and started slapping the younger woman across the face. SLAP, WAP, THWAP!!!

“NOW LISTEN HERE YOU WRETCH!” Mary yelled in between slaps, “This is my school and my rules. Either you get with that or your time here will be short!”

“ENOUGH, PLEASE STOP!” Sarah exclaimed putting her hands up defensively.

Mary stopped and got off the younger nun. Sarah, beaten, crawled to the door. As Mary opened it, she kicked Sarah in her naked ass to propel her forward.

“Pick up your things and get out!” Sister Mary said, putting her robe back on. “When you want to come back for more prepare for more of a fight. And my rules stand, if you experience unruly students, you and the other teachers will deal with them in private.”

Sister Sarah got dressed and left. She was about half way to her room, Becky appeared.

“That was kinda hot Sister Sarah,” Becky said, “Sister Mary is a tough old bird. I didn’t do much better than you. No one has yet. I heard what she said, maybe I need to act up more in your class than.” She winked and left Sarah to walk slowly back to her room to clean herself up.

Sister Sarah didn’t go back to Sister Mary for the next few weeks. It was getting ready to be the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend. It was also Parent/Teacher conferences. Well, for those who should up for them. Sister Sarah was almost complete with the exception of one more parent. Lauren Brown’s mother, Angelique was supposed to come in and discuss we daughter’s grades and behavior. She was fifteen minutes late so far and Sister Sarah thought she might be a no-show. She was finishing cleaning up her desk when she heard a knock at the door. Lauren walked in with her head down leading a 40 year old brunette with a short pixie cut, dressed in a tight blue blouse and dark blue skirt that came to her knees. Her black nylons gave way to dark blue pumps that clicked on the floor as she walked in. Sister Sarah looked and Lauren and it looked like the teen had been crying.

“Can you tell me what the hell you have done to my daughter?” Angelique Brown hissed.

It was going to be a long night Sister Sarah thought.

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