Teacher Tales 6: Thanksgiving Throw Down

Teacher Tales: Chapter 6 Thanksgiving Throwdown Story

Angelique Brown crossed the room to the desk where Sister Sarah was standing with Lauren in tow.

“Calm down please Ms. Brown,” Sister Sarah said with her right hand raised, palm out, “Please explain what you mean, Lauren is getting above average grades in my class.”

Lauren’s eyes were red and Sister Sarah saw a redden mark on Lauren’s left cheek. Sarah’s lips pursed but she held her tongue and allowed Angelique Brown to proceed.

“My daughter is a lesbian slut now!” Ms. Brown exclaimed, “I was a student here years ago and I know what is going on. I will not stand for you and the rest of these bitches teaching to do this to my daughter!” She placed both of her hands on the desk opposite Sister Sarah; as she leaned forward Sarah could see the outlines of Angelique’s large breasts.

The door to the classroom was open and Tracy Holden was walking past and heard the raised voices. She peeked her head in and caught Sister Sarah’s eye.

“Ms. Holden, please go get the head mistress and have her come here,” Sister Sarah said over Ms. Brown’s shoulder.

Tracy hurried down the hallway.

“I don’t care who you fucking bring here,” Ms. Brown snarled, “This is going to be fixed or so help me someone is going to pay!”

“Mom, please,” Lauren started to say softly.

“You shut your mouth!” Angelique said whipping around to face her daughter, “I will deal with you soon!”

“Ms. Brown,” Sister Sarah said in a voice calmer than she felt, “Do not threaten that child here at this school. If you continue, I will have you thrown off the property.”

Angelique Brown turned back slowly, straightening herself, “You and what army!”

Just then Tracy Holden walked in with Sister Mary and Amber Kruger behind her. Angelique heard the footsteps and turned to face the new women. Amber Kruger had been pushing a cart with some dishes for the teacher’s potluck; turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and three pies, pumpkin, apple and cherry.

Sister Mary and Angelique Brown stared at each other.

“YOU!” Angelique said pointing at Sister Mary, “I should have known you would still be here. This is all your fault, you perverted cunt!”

Sister Mary just smiled at the woman. “Why Angie, so nice to see you again. It has been about 20 years since you passed through this school. I can see that your discipline issues haven’t changed. You still have a filthy mouth on you.”

“I hoped one day I would see you again, Sister Mary,” Angie said, her hands forming fists at her sides.

“Sister Mary,” Sister Sarah asked, “Do you want me to call the authorities to remove Ms. Brown from the school?”

“Oh no Sister Sarah,” Sister Mary said, “Like I have tried to explain to you, we can deal with these issues here. If Ms. Brown agrees, she and I can have a conversation about it right now. Lauren, go back to your room please. Someone will be around in a while to check on you.”

Lauren looked from Sister Mary to her mother and her mother nodded and Lauren left. Today Sister Mary had on her normal habit but was not dressed in a full robe but a white blouse and long black skirt with dark pantyhose underneath. She removed the habit and undid the bun of grey hair, letting it fall to her shoulders. As she was doing this, Angie removed her earrings and necklace and rings from her hands. Her long finger nails were painted a deep shade of blue to match her blue blouse and dark blue skirt.

Sister Mary turned her head to speak to all the women there, “No one interferes,” she said removing her rosary from around her neck, “This is between Angie and me.” Tracy, Amber and Sister Sarah all nodded in agreement.

As she turned back to Angie, the pixie haired brunette slapped Sister Mary across her left cheek, raking nails down as she did. Mary grabbed her cheek and could feel the scratch marks; she rushed at the other woman. Angie had her hands aimed for hair as Sister Mark slammed into her. Heels clicked on the tile floor as Angie wrapped her hands with grey hair and Sister Mary latched onto the short hair from the younger woman. Upper bodies were twisted left and right as the two women grunted and let out shouts of pain. Angie was pushed against one of the student desks and it slid back until it hit the one behind and stayed put. Mary tried to force Angie down but the pixie haired brunette kicked out with her right foot, catching Mary in the shin. Mary let out a pained sound and slapped Angie hard across the face and the two separated. Angie had lost her right shoe and kicked off the other; Sister Mary slipped off her own shoes and kicked them to the side. Now the stocking footed women slowly circled each other, each swiping and missing with hands until they came together in a tight clinch; hands grabbing hair and blouses. The pirouetted in a slow circle, heads yanked back and buttons starting to pop open on blouses. Mary being slightly taller twisted left then right quickly trying to get Angie unbalanced. Angie did her best to stay on her feet but her feet slipped with no traction and she went down to the tile, pulling the older nun with her. Sister Mary’s blouse was ripped open and her white bra covered breasts were in view. She grabbed the brunette’s blue blouse and buttons pinged off of walls as she tore it open to show Angie’s blue lace bra. Mary moved to get on top but Angie was quick to lock her legs around Mary’s right leg and she yanked hard to the right on Mary’s hair and the two started rolling back and forth on the floor of the classroom.

Amber, Tracy and Sister Sarah were back against the wall by the chalkboard watching the women fight. Sister Sarah heard a moan from the hallway and glanced to see Becky Hopper peaking her head in to watch. Sarah’s eyes went wide and she rushed for the door inadvertently knocking into Tracy who bumped into Amber, whose butt hit the cart of food, spilling gravy on her skirt. Tracy laughed as Amber looked down exasperated at her ruined red skirt. Amber looked up with malice in her eyes and grabbed a handful of mashed potatoes and slapped them into Tracy’s face.

“BITCH!” Tracy screamed out!

“WHORE!” Amber answered back! And she grabbed two handfuls of Tracy’s hair as Tracy was reaching for hers.

Sister Sarah pushed Becky out of the doorway and closed the door, not knowing she caused a second fight to start.

“Oh come on Sister,” Becky exclaimed, “It was just getting good!”

“You need to go back to your room Miss Hopper,” Sister Sarah said pointing down the hall, “Now!”

Becky crossed her arms under her large breasts, pushing them up. “And if I say no?”

“Then I will take you there,” Sister Sarah said, grabbing Becky’s left upper arm.

Becky wrenched her arms free, “Don’t fucking touch me!” She yelled out and instinctively unleashed a slap that landed on Sister Sarah’s left cheek.

“Why you!” Sarah screamed and grabbed Becky by the hair and pushed her back against the wall on the opposite side of the hallway. Becky grabbed Sister Sarah’s habit and yanked it off and latched onto red hair.

Angie’s skirt had worked its way up her thighs until her blue thong was visible. She straddled Sister Mary’s waist and was hand wrestling with her. She heard the crash of something behind her but she didn’t pay any real attention to it. She pulled her hands free and grabbed the nuns bugling white bra, sinking her nails in. Mary screamed out in pain and tried to pull the hands away but Angie held on for dear life.

“I have you now, you old ass pervert!” Angie cried out as she rode the bucking nun like she was on a bronco.

“Get off you cow!” Sister Mary said as she grabbed onto the blue bra and the E cup tits underneath.

Both nun and former student threw their heads back in cries of anguish as they squeezed each other’s breasts. They grabbed onto the fabric of the bras and started pulling, each wanting to get at more skin. Big bras were stretched enough for the boobs to tumble out. Mary hauled off and punched Angie in her left tit, knocking the brunette off of her and to the side. The pair rolled away from each other and quickly shed their torn blouse and bras, leaving them topless with skirts pulled up over their hips, blue thong and stockings for Angie and white panties and panty hose for Sister Mary. They lunged at each other on their knees, the slap of the tits meeting echoing in the room.

Amber and Tracy were pushed against the cart and the wall, one hand pulling hair the other slapping stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey into each other’s faces and chests. Hair was dripping of wet food and their blouses were smeared with the remnants of Thanksgiving. Tracy stepped forward but her heel slipped on the food on the floor and she went down pulling on Amber’s blouse, bringing the younger woman down with her. The blouse was torn open and Amber grasped Tracy’s blouse and ripped it the rest of the way open and the pair started fighting in the food on the floor.

Sister Sarah and Becky each had a handful of hair and with their other hands; they slapped and punched at faces and bodies. Becky grabbed the Sister’s robes and pulled her to the side and into the wall. Sarah hit hard on her right shoulder and she grabbed the students white blouse and pulled, ripping the garment open. Becky and the nun pushed away from each other and Sarah quickly discarded her robe, leaving her in a white blouse and panty hose. Becky licked her lips and pulled her blouse off slowly, motioning to Sarah to do the same, which the nun complied with. Becky watched the nun and rubbed her hands over her large bra covered breasts. Sarah kicked off her shoes and so did Becky.

“Come bitch, let’s dance!” Becky said and she rushed forward as Sarah did. The pair slammed together, latching onto hair and spinning around and going down to the hallway floor.

Sister Mary and Angie grabbed the clothing that remained on and were pulling and tearing at zippers. Mary’s skirt broke in the back and Angie torn a few holes in the pantyhose to claw at the nun’s ass. Mary yelled out and pulled feverously at Angie’s blue skit until the clasp broke and the skirt came up Angie’s waist. Mary grasped the back of the blue thong and pulled up sharply bringing a cry of pain from Angie’s lips. Sister Mary slapped her right hand down hard on Angie’s well sculpted ass cheeks; red hand prints starting to form on the skin. Angie started shredding the pantyhose Sister Mary had on, raking nails at exposed flesh. Their bare breasts slapped together as the clawed and scratched and pulled at each other. Angie’s thong could take no more and it tore, coming away in Mary’s hands. Angie balled up her right fist and slammed it into Sister Mary’s abs. A whoosh of air left the nun’s lungs and she fell back. Angie grabbed the torn waist band of the skirt and pantyhose and started pulling them off the nun; she made sure to also snag the white panties as well. Angie tossed the torn clothing to the side and laid back to pull her ruined skirt from around her abs. Now she was only wearing the thigh high stockings. She launched herself at the naked older woman, their bodies slapping together.

Tracy and Amber had forgone the food fight and settled in for another catfight! Tracy rolled on top, trying to strip Amber as fast as she could. Amber fought back with gusto and tore into Tracy’s food cover clothes as well. Blouses were chucked aside and skirts were yanked up above asses. They rolled out of the food area and Tracy grabbed two handfuls of Amber’s red bra and squeezed bringing a scream of pain from the red head’s lips. Amber swiped her nails across Tracy’s tummy and the blonde yelped in pain. Amber grabbed the bottom of Tracy’s black bra and yanked it up over Tracy’s boobs and grabbed the large tits and dug her claws in. Tracy screamed out like a banshee! She grabbed Amber’s wrists and tried to yank them free. Amber’s bra had been pulled down so her boobies were in view. Tracy let go of her rival’s wrist and latched onto the red head’s nipples, twisting and pulling them!

Meanwhile outside the hallway, Becky and Sister Sarah were rolling from one side of the hall to the other, pulling out strands of black and red hair. Their chests, still covered with their bras, mashed together uncomfortably. Sarah kicked out her left leg and the rolling stopped with her on top of the teen. She had her hands deep in black hair and she tried to slam Becky’s head in to the floor. But as she pulled up, Becky opened her mouth and filled it with the nun’s left tit. Even though it was protected by the bra, Sarah screamed out in pain! She slapped at Becky’s head until the teen relinquished her bite and reaching up, Becky pulled Sarah off and to the side. Now side by side they kicked out with their legs, hands pulled hair and tried to pry off the bras. Sarah was surprised by the strength and the fight this girl had in her. Becky and Sarah wrapped their arms around each other, tugging at the clasps of their bras. Now unclasped, they pushed away from each other and rolled to their knees face one another. Sister Sarah tossed her bra to the side, her big breasts bobbing with her movement. Becky tossed her bra into Sarah’s face and lunged, catching the teacher off guard as they went back down to the tile floor, Becky on top.

As Angie landed on her, Sister Mary wrapped her arms around the brunette and squeezed tight! Their breast pancaked together, nipples driving into the other’s flesh. They tangled legs, licking them thigh to ankle. With Mary holding her tight, Angie couldn’t raise herself up to attack much; she grabbed the grey hair of the head mistress on either side of her head and tried to slam the back of the nun’s head into the tile floor. THUD! Mary groaned in pain, stars erupting in her eyesight. Angie tried to do it a second time and Mary slammed her forehead into Angie’s mouth and nose. Blood started leaking from the noise and cut lip of the pixie haired mother. Angie rolled off moaning; Sister Mary, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs rolled on top, grabbing Angie’s wrists and slamming her large breasts down into Angie’s!




Tracy and Amber separated and stood as quickly as they could. Both glanced over at Sister Mary slamming her tits down onto Angie. Amber was the first to start to strip off food covered clothing. Blouse and bra and she slip her skirt down over her hips to show off the red thong and red garter and stockings. Tracy followed suit, taking off her ruined blouse and bra, the black skirt joined the clothing on the floor. She slid off her black panties and kicked them to the side, now naked with the exception of black garter belt and stockings. Amber took the hint and deposited her own thong on her pile of clothes.

“Andrew said I was a better fuck than you ever were,” Amber sneered at Tracy.

“Bring that slut body over here then bitch!” Tracy answered back, the old rivalry for Andrew’s cock ignited. She and Amber rushed and slammed into each other going down to the floor in a violent embrace.

Becky was now mounted on the teacher and had both her hands eagerly squeezing the red head’s pale breasts. Sarah had not even tried to pull them off but latched her own talons into the bouncing pair above her. Both women cried out as they savaged each other’s tits. The sound of footsteps running towards them caused Sarah to open her teary eyes and look. Lauren and Miko, the gravure model look alike were running toward them. Miko reached and grabbed two handfuls of Becky’s hair and yanked her off of Sister Sarah. Becky whirled around and wrapped her arms around Miko’s waist and the pair went down to the hallway floor in a crash. Lauren didn’t pause by Sister Sarah, who was slowly getting to her feet. Lauren yanked open the door and rushed towards Sister Mary and her mother. She reached them and grabbed two handfuls of grey hair and pulled back, taking the nun off of her mother. Mary reached back blindly and latched onto the white uniform blouse and pulled, ripping open the blouse, buttons flying everywhere. Lauren, using all her strength, threw Sister Mary to the side and ran the few steps to her mom, who was getting to her hands and knees and then her feet.

“Mom,” Lauren said, “Are you ok?”

“What the fuck are you doing???” Angie angrily snarled as she got to her feet, “Are you fucking stupid?”

Frustrated, Lauren yelled back at her mother, “Stop saying that!”

“Or you’ll do what, dummy?!?” Angie said whipping her bloody nose and lip, “You are fucking worthless!”

Lauren snapped! She slapped her mother across the face. Angie’s head whipped to the side and when it came back, a look of utter shock was on it. Then she slapped Lauren right back, causing the teen’s head to whip to the side. Lauren let out a yell and grabbed her mother’s short hair as Angie grabbed Lauren’s longer locks. The two yanked each other’s heads back and forth. For Lauren it was years of frustration and anger she held for her abusive mom. The shoved away from each other.

“You fucking little bitch!” Angie sneered at her daughter.

“You are the bitch!” Lauren yelled back.

“You want to fight me now, little whore, and fight me like you do your whore friends?!?” Angie said as her hands clenched and unclenched.

“Oh I can fight just like you, like a fucking whore,” Lauren said as she did something that surprised her mother, she started removing her torn blouse and unclasping her bra, letting her big breasts bounce free. She reached behind her back and unzipped the back of the pleated skirt and pulled it and her white panties down. She kicked off her shoes, leaving only the knee high socks on. Angie still had her thigh high stockings on. “You want to fight like whores than I will gladly get down in your gutter with you mommy!” The mother and daughter slammed together, their big tits clopping as they reached for hair again.

Sister Mary had gotten to her feet and was watching Lauren strip and go at it with her mother. She glanced over her shoulder to see Tracy and Amber rolling back and forth, hair being yanked out of heads. It put a small smile on her face.

“Are you enjoying yourself Sister Mary?” A voice from behind her called.

Mary slowly turned to see Sister Sarah stand their topless, hands on her hips.

“As a matter of fact I am Sister Sarah,” Mary said, “I hope you don’t try and ruin my good mood.”

“Oh we wouldn’t want that now would we,” Sarah said back, looking the older nun over, seeing the scratches over her naked body. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pantyhose and pulled them and her white panties down and kicked out of them.

The two naked nuns eyed each other and slowly moved forward to each other. Their breasts compressed bringing winces of pain into both. They turned their chests side to side, letting the large tits roughly grind back and forth. Their tummies pressed together and each could smell arousal in the air.

“I think you are turned on by all this Sister Sarah,” Mary chided.

“I know you are you old wrench,” Sarah answered back.

“I think you still need to learn respect for your elders Sister,” Mary shot back, breasts moving faster side to side against the other.

“You aren’t going to be the one to teach me anything Mary!” Sarah said as she reached up and grasped two handfuls of sweaty grey hair. Sister Mary answered back and latched onto Sarah’s red locks.

Out in the hall, Becky and Miko tumbled back and forth, wrestling for position. Miko’s blouse was torn open and her bra was starting to works its way down, exposing her small brown nipples. Miko was able to roll on top and Becky grabbed the white bra and helped free Miko’s big tits. Miko slapped Becky hard in the face and rolled off. She took of her blouse and bra and was now dressed the same as her rival, pleated skirts, white panties and knee high socks. As Becky got to her feet, Miko rushed at her, slamming the girl back into the wall. Miko pressed up against Becky, hands on her face, holding her in place. Becky’s left leg went up over Miko’s right hip and the girl of Korean heritage started grinding her hips against the girl with Japanese heritage. Their panties met as skirts worked their way up hips. Both were wet.

“FUCKING DYKE!” Miko cried out of revulsion but she pressed her own panty clad pussy against Becky!

“LYING CUNT!” Becky yelled back, “You want to fuck fight as much as I do!”

Miko pushed away and moved back a few feet. Becky slowly slid her white panties off, kicking them to the side. Miko did the same. The pair kept their skirts on but they were pushed up enough to see each other’s pussies. Becky pointed to the floor and she and Miko slowly sat facing each other. They crab walked toward each other as the teens slowly moved one leg over and one leg under the other. As their hairless cunts came into contract they both gasped and threw their heads back in a moan! Hands reached up for hair and they pressed their big breasts together tightly as they began to grind hips and trib.

Amber found herself on top of Tracy and she reached for both of Tracy’s tits and grabbed on. Tracy grasped Amber’s and both women screamed in unison as they crushed down, flesh oozing through their fingers. Amber locked her arms fully extended and twisted her hands left and right. Tracy cried out in pain as her breasts felt like they were being slowly torn off her body. She grabbed each of Amber’s long, hard nipples, pulling them toward her, extending Amber’s tits into cone shapes as the redhead squealed. Then Tracy slapped them together. Amber bellowed in pain and released her rival’s tits and fell off holding her own breasts. Tracy slowly tried to get on top; she threw her left leg over Amber’s waist and straddled the younger teacher.

“Now I am going to end this fight, like I did so many years ago!” Tracy snarled down at Amber.

“FUCK YOU!” Amber screamed as she threw her right knee up directly in between Tracy’s legs. The force of it pushed Tracy forward and her dangling tits were right in Amber’s face. Amber latched on with her pearly whites, chomping down on the big right boob of her rival. Tracy howled and pulled Amber’s hair to get her off but Amber held the bite like a pit-bull. Tracy rolled off and Amber, still gnawing on the tit rolled on top and she sent another knee in between Tracy’s legs. Tracy let out a horse cry of anguish and fell limp. Amber held the bite for a little while longer and then released it rolling off and onto her back.

Lauren and her mother held nothing back as they attacked each other with ferocity! Still on their feet but a tangle of arms as hands slapped at skin, raked backs and ass cheeks with long nails leaving hideous red scratches on their bodies. Both sets of firm, large breasts smacked violently together. Lauren was the real aggressor forcing her mother to stumble back but Angie raked her nails down the small of Lauren’s back to her firm butt. Lauren let out a cry of pain and her right hand grabbed her mom’s butt cheek and gouged her nails. Angie yelled out and her back hit the wall and her daughter slammed into her. Lauren reached up with her left hand, grabbing Angie’s short brown hair and mashed her large boobs into her mother’s bouncing pair. Both let out an OOOFFF! Angie raked her nails up her daughter’s back, causing the teen to arch backward, latching onto Lauren’s long hair and yanking to the side. They swapped position with Angie slamming her tits into her teenage daughter! But each time Angie reared back, Lauren pushed out with her breasts and the two sets began to war!





At the last mashing of the big tits, Angie backed away and held her wounded breasts as Lauren massaged the pain in hers. They glared at each and launched again, tits slamming together as arms went around each other and they fell to the floor in a heap, wrestling and fighting for control.

The two nuns are at an impasse. Like two sumo wrestlers, they pushed at each other with their full breasts. Each still had her hands in the other’s hair, but it wasn’t crazy yanking around. This was a test of strength and neither one was making any headway. Sarah was the first to break the hold and she slapped the older nun across the face. Mary’s grey hair whipped around and she stumble; Sarah took the advantage and tackled the head mistress to the floor. Both women were perspiring a lot and their skin was slick with sweat. Their big tits mashed and rebounded off the others as legs locked tight and the pair tumbled and trashed about on the tile floor. Each kept one hand in the other’s hair and grabbed big tits with the free hands. They pulled and kneaded each other’s tits; bringing tears streaming down their faces. Mary got on top, than Sarah, than Mary again, neither staying on top but for a moment. Mary balled up a fist and slammed it into Sarah’s left tit; the breast was smashed against Sarah’s breastbone causing the redhead to howl in pain. Sarah gripped Mary’s big left tit in her right hand and brought it to her mouth; sinking her teeth into the sweaty flesh, causing the older nun to scream out in pain. Sarah held fast as Mary slapped her hands against the side of Sarah’s face. Then Mary grasped Sarah’s huge left breast and bit down with her own teeth. Sarah screamed in her bite but it made her chew and gnaw more. Hands left the tops of their heads and went south. Each woman buried their hands in their full bushes; tugging out clumps of pubic hair as they scream-bit each other’s tits.

In the hallway Miko and Becky were grinding their young womanhood’s together in fast succession. The floor underneath their butts was slick with their own juices. They let go of their hair and pushed their arms behind them to hold them up against the onslaught of the other’s pussy. Both 18 year olds were grunting and moaning and making high pitched squeals as the fucked each other.

“FUCKING BITCH CUM FOR ME!” Cried out Becky.








Their shouted at each other! Their big tits were bouncing up and down on their chests. Becky reached up with her left hand and started to roughly knead the other girl’s right tit. Miko moaned out in arousal and reached for Becky’s breast to pinch and pull at the large mound. Their clits met head in and slid past the other causing both girls to cry out!


Each could feel their own bodies beginning to convulse. .They let go of tits and put their hands back, lifting asses off of the floor as they came together!



For a solid few minutes they continued to writhe as their shared orgasms subsided. Miko rubbed the girl cum from her pussy and slapped it against Becky’s tits. Becky reached down to her own pussy and rubbed the remnants of the orgasm against Miko’s face and chest. Keeping their legs curled around each other, the two teens grabbed each other roughly into an embrace, breasts mashed uncomfortably together and start scratching each other’s backs in a wild catball.

Angie found herself underneath her daughter and she reached up to the 18 year olds firm breasts, grabbing one in each hand and digging her nails in. Lauren threw her head back in a howl of pain and tried to pry her mother’s hands from her young tits. Tears were streaming down her face as she tried in vain to break free.

“Stupid fucking cow!” Angie taunted, “I should rip these worthless things off!”

Lauren again became furious with anger to her mother’s taunts. She slapped both of her hands down on her mother’s big boobs and squeezed like she never had before. Both women screamed out in pain as the ravaged their breasts. Angie twisted and brought Lauren down on her side. Now side to side the pair pulled, kneaded, squeezed and scratched big tits. Angie sent her right knee in between her daughter’s legs and the stocking covered knee slammed into Lauren’s pussy. Lauren cried out but didn’t relinquish her hold; she rammed her own knee into her mom’s cunt, causing the 40 year old to scream out. They tried to knee each other again but ended up pushing away from each other. They slowly got to their hands and knees and turned toward the other. Lauren reached out as did Angie and the two grabbed double handfuls of hair and they brought their tits together in a slap of flesh on flesh. Lauren let go of her mom’s hair with her right hand, balled up a fist and punched her mother hard in the side. Angie let out a groan and started to fold to the side; Lauren rode her down. Years of the constant verbal and physical abuse caused her to continue punching her mother in the stomach, the tits and finally the face. Angie’s nose and lip erupted with blood as she tried to cover up. Lauren straddled her waist and pulled her mother up by the hair and slapped her over and over again in the face. Angie was crying openly as she was being humiliated by the 18 year old. She finally sobbed out her surrender and cover up the best she could. Lauren got off her mother’s waist and sat there sucking in air. She looked up to see the nuns going at it and Amber Brown slowly rose from where she had fought Tracy. Lauren remember the body to body grinding in the shower that she and Ms. Kruger had done and Lauren slowly got up, catching Amber’s eye and the teacher and student started marching slowly towards each other.

Sister Mary and Sister Sarah were on their knees, legs spread apart, faces buried in breasts as eager hands torn at their pussies. Mary started clawing at Sarah’s labia, grabbing the flesh and pulling. Sarah screamed out in her bite and stuck her fingers inside the older nun and clawed at her vaginal wall. Mary howled out and broke off her bite. Sarah’s fingers found the head mistress’s clit and she scratched at it. Mary fell back and Sarah breaking off her own bite from Mary’s breasts climbed on top. She grabbed both of Mary’s hands and pulled them up, pinning them to the tile floor. She rose up her chest and slammed it down on the nun underneath her. The tit smashed flat! She raised her body up again and came down. An audible OOOOFFF came from Sister Mary’s lips.




Over and over Sister Sarah slammed her large bust against Mary’s. Mary’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she became limp. On the last slap of tit to tit, Sarah laid there on top of the older nun, the breasts mushrooming out at the sides.

Miko had Becky pinned down and was biting at the other girl’s nose and mouth. Their big breasts mashed together, their slick pussies continued to press and grind; Miko slammed her forehead into Becky’s mouth, stunning both girls but caused Becky’s bottom lip to split. Becky slackened a little and Miko took the opportunity to pin Becky’s arms under Miko’s legs as she mounted the girls chest and started bouncing her ass on Becky’s tits.

“STOP!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!” Becky cried out in surrender. Miko continued to sit there for a minute and slapped Becky’s face a few times.

“I RULE THIS SCHOOL NOW WHORE!” Miko exclaimed and rolled off her defeated rival.

Neither Amber nor Lauren had much left in the tank but each found that catlust they saw in each other in the shower and embraced roughly and collapsed to the floor. Their bodies were pressed tit to tit, tummy to tummy, as their hips rocked against the other. They stopped rolling after a few minutes, just side by side, breathing heavily, tongues lashing out at the other. Both the student and teacher were moaning.

Slowly Sister Sarah started to rise and get the Amber and Lauren pried apart. They each got up and grabbed scraps of clothing to cover what they could and started checking on the other women in the classroom. Sister Mary and Tracy were coming to as Lauren threw the remains of her mother’s cloths at her.

“You need to leave mother,” Lauren stated.

“This isn’t over,” Angelique replied, holding her bloody nose glaring at her daughter.

“Good,” Lauren said with a new found toughness in her voice, “Because if you ever treat me like you used to, we are going to be rolling around and pulling more hair.”

Sarah went and got Tracy up and walked her to door to the classroom and opened it to see Miko getting dressed in a torn uniform and Becky leaning up against a wall trying to stop her bleeding lip. Sarah could smell the womanly odor and saw the wetness on the floor. Amber helped Sister Mary up and got her back to her room.

None of the women showed up for the Thanksgiving dinner the next day. Each was tending to sore muscles, scratch marks, bruised and beaten bodies. The halls of St Cats were quite for the entire weekend but the rumor mill was on full burn as the students talked about a wild fights they heard about. Catfights, titfights, sexfights, OH MY!

Late Sunday evening there was a knock on Sister Sarah’s door. She was mostly recovered except for some still visible scratches on her breasts, back and butt. She answered the door to find Sister Amelia.

“Is it true?” Sister Amelia asked, “Did you beat Sister Mary?”

“I think we all took a beating,” Sister Sarah said, ushering the other nun inside her room, closing the door. “But I got up and she didn’t.”

“You do know she is going to want to settle it,” Sister Amelia stated, “And other women will hear and seek you out.”

“Is that why you are here?” Sister Sarah said with her arms crossed.

“Not today,” Sister Amelia said with a smirk, “If we ever fight, I want you at your best!”

“Soon Sister, soon,” Sister Sarah replied.

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