Teacher Tales 7: St. Cats Christmas Break Catfights by Andrew Scott

Sister Sarah exited Mass and started the long walk back to the school. The Christmas break was here and she decided to spend the holidays at the school instead of heading home. But this was her home, not the town she grew up in. Sister Amelia had decided to travel back to Spain to see family in hopes of repairing relationships with her adopted siblings. All of the students were away from the school for the next 2 weeks and the place was almost like a ghost town. Since the wild time during Thanksgiving, Sister Sarah had barely seen Sister Mary and the two had not spoken. As Sarah walked on the path from the church to the school, she noticed a van parked in front with the back doors open and a few people dressed warmly brining in suitcases and boxes. She walked closer and noticed one was Vivian, the caretaker for the school, and the other was a brunette with long curly hair about her height unloading the last bag from the van.

“Can I help at all?” Sister Sarah asked.

“Thank you very much,” was the reply from the brunette. Sarah noticed a hint of a southern accent in her voice.

Sarah picked up the box and followed the brunette into the school.

“I am Hope by the way,” Hope said as they walked down the hallway to the teacher rooms, “Hope Tucker, the new physical education teacher.”

“Please call me Sarah,” the redhead replied, “I teach literature here at St. Catherine’s.”

“I taught down in Alabama for the last few months,” Hope went on as they walked, “But this school has a great reputation as a leader in girls’ schools. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be here. I met with Sister Mary a few months ago for an interview and we seem to come to a consensus about the way students are taught here.”

Sister Sarah knew exactly what Hope was saying. “I have also had discussions with the head mistress about not only dealing with students but with other teachers as well.”

“Interesting Sister Sarah,” Hope said, flashing a big smile on her face as they came to the open door, “I think you and I should sit down and talk about some of the things Sister Mary has told us.”

Sarah looked and Hope was now across the hall from her room. She put the box down and motioned with her hand to the door to her room. “That is me,” Sarah said, “Whenever you get settled, stop by and I can give you the lay of the land.”

“It will be my pleasure Sarah,” Hope said as she moved the box inside her room and closed the door.

Green River USA……

Lauren had been home only two days and already wished she was back at the school. Things had changed so much since Thanksgiving. At first she didn’t know if she would be welcomed home because it was just her and her mother. But Angie had insisted and the two did not talk about the events of Thanksgiving. In fact they barely spoke at all. They attended a Christmas party as Angie’s aunt’s house and both seemed to have a good time seeing cousins and other relatives. But the car ride back to the house was frosty. Lauren did what she always did on Christmas Eve; put out cookies for Santa with a glass of milk and got ready for bed.

It was well after midnight when Lauren woke up because of noise coming from the living room. She got out of bed, wearing only a long black t-shirt and black panties. She opened the door to her room and peered out; she didn’t see anyone on the hallway. She looked down the hall to her mother’s room and the door was open. Was Santa really here? She thought. Lauren tip toed down the hall to the living room and saw the lights on the tree were glowing and blankets and soft rugs were on the living room floor where there was normally a coffee table. She walked further into the living room when she noticed her mother. Angie was standing in the room enough that the lights of the tree illuminated her. Lauren gasped not from being startled by her mother’s presence, but with what she was wearing. Angie was naked except for a ribbon tied around her breasts into a neat bow between the large mounds of flesh and a little stick up bow in-between her legs at her shaved pussy.

“I know how much you like fighting those whores at St. Cats, so this Christmas I am going to give you what you want”, Angie said spreading her arms wide, “I am your gift and the slut fight we are about to have!”

“I was wondering when we were going to fight mom,” Lauren said as she shed her t-shirt and slipped off her panties, “Nothing would be better for my Christmas than to kick your ass again!”

Angie undid the bow, letting the ribbon fall to the floor and pulled off the bow on her love box, “Come get your gift you little bitch!”

Mother and daughter slammed together in the middle of the living room, the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed in the empty house. They wrapped their arms around each other in a violent embrace. Hands grasped at hair, Lauren’s a long blonde and Angie’s short brown. Breasts mashed and hard nipples pierced and scraped skin. Their tummies ground as they twirled around in a sickening circle. The scene was so chaotic that they went down onto the blanket covered floor, wrestling for position. Angie was the first to get on top and she banged Lauren’s head into the blankets. Lauren yelled out and raked her nails down Angie’s back, causing the woman to arch her back in pain, her breasts melded tightly with her daughter’s large pair.

Lauren wrapped her legs around Angie’s waist, locked her ankles and started to squeeze. Angie felt the pressure at her sides, like her insides were being crushed. She let go of Lauren’s hair and clawed at her daughter’s thighs to try and pry them apart. Angie raked nasty red welts into the legs and Lauren screamed out in pain and her legs loosened. Angie shot forward, her big tit smacking into Lauren’s, hands reaching for hair again. Lauren twisted her body and the pair rolled with Lauren now on top, straddling her mother’s waist. She reached for Angie’s big breasts, grabbing one in each hand and squeezing. Angie bellowed out in pain and grabbed at Lauren’s wrists to try and pry them off. But Lauren’s hand did not budge, in fact they squeezed harder. Angie looked at the glee on her daughter’s face, Lauren was smiling at her.

Angie noticed the bouncing jugs above her and she grabbed. Her hands kneaded the flesh and the oozed between her greedy fingers. Now both mother and daughter were screaming as they tortured each other’s tits. Neither could take the abuse they were dishing out to each other and they let go almost at the same time but didn’t push away, they slammed their wounded tits together in a rough bear hug. Lauren and Angie locked legs and rolled slightly to the right and then back to the left. Lauren rolled on top and the sweat from the warm room, constant body to body contact was making them slippery, so much so that their breasts slide roughly in-between the mounds and valleys of the other. Angie bucked up with her hips and they pair rolled again. Angie got on top and started moving her body up to slap her tits down on her daughter. Lauren let go the hug and grabbed Angie’s wet short hair, pulling her head back. Angie grimaced and groaned. Angie could not believe how much of an equal her daughter was now. Before Thanksgiving, Angie could push her around and Lauren did nothing, but since the last holiday, Lauren was fighting like she had been doing it for years.

The mother and daughter continued to fight for control on the pile of heavy blankets in front of the Christmas tree. Lauren was able to bridge her hips and the pair rolled to their sides, still locked ankle to tits in a violent clash. Lauren again reached in-between them and latched onto Angie’s large breasts. Angie grabbed Lauren’s and the two squeezed with all their strength. Both women tilted their heads back and screamed out in pain. Boobs were crushed by hands as fingers gripped and re-gripped, pulled, pinched, clawed, kneaded, and gouged the now sweat slippery tits. Legs had thighs trapped, but the movements of the women to try and overpower the other caused their bodies to slip and slide against each other.

They continued to assault their tits until neither could take any more abuse and the pushed way from each other and separated. Both lay their breathing heavily, chests moving up and down rapidly as they sucked in breaths. Lauren sat up using her hands to brace herself and her mother slowly propped up with her hands. Lauren slapped Angie across the left side of Angie’s face; Angie balled up a fist and punched her daughter in the left tit. The fist conformed to the reddened flesh and it rippled with the impact. Lauren howled and clutched her wounded tit. Angie moved as quickly as she could and scrambled on top of her daughter. She mounted the teenager’s waist and punched and slapped the young woman in her already wounded tits. Lauren tried to slap back but the onslaught from her mom was too much.

“PLEASE!” Lauren cried out, “No more!

Angie grabbed Lauren by the hair and pulled her head up.

“I rule this house Lauren,” Angelique said into her daughter’s face, “If you want to come and try to be anything but an obedient daughter, then come and try.”

She slid off Lauren and slowly got to her feet. She pushed the sole of her right foot on to the chest of her prone daughter.

“Merry Fucking Christmas!” Angie said as she stumbled back to her bedroom…….

Christmas Eve LA….

Santana hated being home. She hated her life in LA, in the hood, living with her sister she despised and a mother who she loathed. This was the first time she had been back since the start of the school year. Her mother, Miranda and sister, Marisol, barely spoke to her. Miranda was the leader of a good sized gang in her city. She ran it ruthlessly. She would fight regularly; brutal streetfights and sometimes private ones so she could exact revenge or beat a woman down and fuck her for the hell of it. Both sisters had witnessed their mother bring home a woman from time to time and have an all-out catbrawl where both were naked and bloody and Miranda on top, grinding her pussy into the other woman’s face or cunt to show dominance.

Santana had gone out earlier in the day with a group of friends and then Marisol showed up with her group of friends and it started a riot at the mall. Santana wasn’t living the gang life that Marisol and her mother Miranda had been. She had applied on her own to get into St Cats and now as she was being driven back to her house by a police officer with Marisol next to her, she wished she would have stayed at school.

Miranda didn’t speak to the girls as they came in the front door, just flipped off the cops as they drove off. Miranda threw a letter at Marisol.

“Your fucking letter came,” Miranda said as Marisol noticed it was already opened, “You got into that stupid fucking school?”

“What school?” Santana asked, eyes wild. She didn’t want Marisol at St Cats.

“Holy Mary’s School for Women,” Marisol said with a smile, “So I will only be 10 miles away from you, puta! Now I can kick your ass when I want!”

“The fuck you will bitch!” Santana said getting to her feet and squaring up with Marisol. Like their mother, the two girls were tall and busty with long black hair. Marisol stepped forward and she and Santana pressed breast to breast, noses almost touching.

“SHUT THE FUCK YOU BOTH OF YOU BITCHES!” Miranda yelled out as she came in between them, “If you two cunts want to fight, follow me.” She turned on her heels and walked back to her bedroom. Marisol followed with Santana in tow.

After the three got into the room, Miranda closed and locked the door. She walked back the her bed and climbed on and leaned back against the headboard and lit up the bowl of a pipe and inhaled the weed deeply. She held it there for a few seconds and blew it out.

“Strip!” She ordered her two daughters. Miranda had been brought up fighting, first her sister, then other girls and after she joined a gang it was all the time. She taught her daughters how to fight and would pit them against each other for her own amusement. Marisol complied right away and start to pull off her tight t-shirt and slipped off her jeans.

“Are you scared slut?” Marisol taunted her sister.

“Not of either of you!” Santana said as she too started removing clothes. Now both girls were clad in bra and panties, black for Marisol and red for Santana.

“All of it!” Their mother said as she took another hit.

The two sisters unhooked bras and shook out large, firm breasts. The pealed panties down their legs and revealed both had shaven womanhood’s.

“Good,” Miranda said as she put the pipe down and rummaged through a drawer of the night stand. She removed a strap-on with a big pink rubber cock attached. “You two whores are going to fight and the loser is getting fucked with this! Now fight!!!!”

Marisol closed the distance and swung a right fist at Santana’s head; Santana couldn’t bring her hands up to block in time so she moved her head forward and the fist clipped the back of her head. Their naked bodies slammed together and each grabbed a handful of hair and started swinging hard with their fists. Fists hit faces, tits and bellies as the twirled is quick circle around the bedroom. Miranda watched and reached inside her white tank top and started to fondle her breasts. Santana threw a left fist and it impaled her sister’s right breast, the impact causing the breasts to warble.

“AAAAAHHHHH FUCK!” Marisol cried out and punched Santana hard in her firm belly.

“CHRIST!!!” Santana exclaimed.

The two sisters were still on their feet but their arms weren’t swinging wildly, they closed in and clinched and fists slammed into the back and sides. Big tits mashed together and slide across the other as they moved back and forth. Marisol slammed her right foot down and it connected with Santana’s right foot and she howled in pain and the two went down to the carpet, Marisol on top. Hands greedily grabbed at each other’s tits, flesh oozing from their fingers as the pair cried out in pain. Santana brought her left knee up and slammed it into her sister’s side and the pair rolled over. They didn’t have much room to fight, just 2 or 3 feet between the bed and wall. Marisol bucked up with her hips and their pair rolled back. The punching now stopped and the two raked bare skin with their nails and pinched breasts and nipples. Hair was being pulled out in clumps and littered the floor. Miranda scooted forward and kneeled on the bed watching her daughters fight it out tooth and nail. She was still massaging her tits with her right hand and now her left had unbuttoned the front of her black pants and she shoved her left hand down to play with her clit.

Santana was able to lock her legs around Marisol’s waist and she started to squeeze. Her sister cried out in pain as the pressure to her sides increased. Santana grabbed on handful of Marisol’s hair and then she balled up a fist and slammed into her sister’s left cheek. Marisol groaned out and almost went limp and Santana rolled her over and got on top, trapping Marisol’s arms as she squeezed big tits. Then her hair was pulled back roughly and the large pink cock slammed into her face, stunning her. Santana lay back moaning, covering her face. Marisol slowly got on top and started rain down punch after punch to Santana’s tits until all she could do was cover up and surrender.

This is what Miranda wanted, to see Santana beaten. As she was growing up, Santana was always a good fighter and had almost beaten Miranda in a fight they had once before Santana left for school.

Miranda grabbed Marisol and pulled her off. She then grabbed Santana by the hair and hauled her onto the bed. Marisol attached the strap on to herself and as Miranda held Santana face down, Marisol thrust into her from behind. Santana bit down on the bedspread, she had rough sex before and it didn’t hurt as much as was humiliating to her. She had played with strap-onsbigger than this one at school.

Miranda leaned down to her daughter’s face. “How does that tight pussy feel now whore?” She whispered in Santana’s ear. “I know you fuck girls. I saw the history on your computer.” She spit in Santana’s face. “You can stop Marisol, I am bored with this bitch!”

“But I want to get off too?” Marisol complained.

“Shut the fuck up before I beat your ass, puta!” Miranda growled at her other daughter. Marisol pulled out of Santana and Miranda took her by the hair and made her crawl into her bedroom. “Feliz Navidad Bitch!” Miranda said as she slammed the door. All Santana could do was cry and wish she was back at home. But in the back of her mind, she had to get her mother back for this.

Christmas Day Dinner at St Cats…..

After morning Mass, Sister Sarah and Hope walked back to the school. Some of the other nuns and teachers were fixing up a dinner for the staff there. It was a skeleton crew at the school and Hope and Sister Sarah sat down at a table with their food. Hope looked up to see Sister Mary come and take a lay of the land and get some food and sit down by herself a few tables away from them. Sarah’s back was to Sister Mary and she didn’t turn until Hope spoke to her.

“I wonder who the other nun is talking with Sister Mary,” Hoperemarked. Sarah turned around to see the back of another nun talking quietly with Sister Mary, but as she stood to her full height, Sarah recognized who it was.

“That is Sister Louise,” Sister Sarah said softly, “She was a teacher here before I got here and she and Sister Mary never got along. Rumor was they decided to fight it out to see who would stay or who would go and met in the gymnasium on the mats to fight it out. The fight was mostly back and forth with each covered in bruises and scratches with Sister Mary winning. I had also heard she and Sister Louise would fight regularly to get out their frustrations. Mary has definitely kept up that tradition here.”

As Sarah and Hope spoke softly, they saw Sister Louise walk away from the table and then Sister Mary got up to follow. They exited the dining hall, walking towards the gymnasium.

Sister Sarah and Hope traded a look.

“Want to see what is going on?” Sister Sarah asked her dark haired tablemate.

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Hope said standing, “This could be an interesting Christmas.”

The two teachers followed at a distance behind Sister Mary. Mary didn’t look behind her; she seemed to have one goal on her mind. Sister Louise led the way to the small empty gymnasium. The middle of the gym was already set up with blue mats. It seemed to Mary as she entered that Louise had done some planning. The two nuns faced off staring at each other from across a ten foot span of mats. Sister Louise and Sister Mary took off their shoes and head wear, shaking out long hair. It was a sharp contrast between Sister Mary’s steel grey colored hair and Sister Louise’s black hair lined with silver streaks. Both were still dressed in white blouses and black skirts. Both had white bras and nude colored pantyhose on underneath. Sister Sarah led Hope to a small room that opened to the gym floor but kept them out of sight. The two older nuns raised their fists and started to circle.

“I hear you got bested by a young cat, Mary”, Sister Louise taunted.

“I beat you more than you beat me Louise”, Sister Mary countered, “Don’t forget the last time we were in this gym.”

“Oh I remember both of us only able to crawl away,” Sister Louise said, “And this time, I will be the one walking away from your beaten body!” With that she lunged at her rival.

The two mature nuns waded in with wild swinging fists, which caused Sister Sarah to inhale sharply as she watched. She had only known Sister Mary to be more methodical with her attacks and this looked to be an all-out brawl. Lefts and rights swung wildly as the two mature women danced around the mats. There wasn’t the tactical precision as in boxing but a wild melee that had both nuns hitting shoulders and heads and bodies. Sister Mary landed a nasty left hook to Sister Louise’s right breast and the nun howled in pain and backed off. Mary charged but was pushed back when she took a right jab to her mouth. Mary touched her mouth with the back of her hand and saw blood there.

“I guess first blood goes to me,” Sister Louise said in a mocking tone, “Don’t worry you old bitch, there is going to be more of it soon!”

“WHORE!” Sister Mary screamed out as she rushed the other nun.

The slammed together in the middle of the mats and locked each other up in head locks. Bent over at the waist, they alternated punching each other in the tummies and breasts. Each nun groaned as fists found their home smacking breast or bellies. Louise’s knee buckled as Mary slammed home a punch to the other nun’s right tit. Louise grabbed onto Mary’s white blouse as she tumbled to the mats, tearing it open. Mary fell right on top of Louise and the clothes ripping catfight commenced.

Hope and Sarah were watching, holding their breath at times when a punch would land and each was getting more and more hot and bothered. Hope, who was wearing a simple long sleeved blue dress, found herself squeezing her breasts unconsciously. Sister Sarah was constantly wiping her sweaty palms on her long black skirt. She turned her head slightly to see Hope, squeezing her own breasts, eyes closed, breathing heavier.

Mary went right after Louise’s blouse and soon both women’s bras were on full display. Both of the nun’s skirts were working their way up thighs allowing for more leg movement as the grappled on the mat. Louise bucked up with her hips and rolled the pair over. She grabbed two handfuls of silver hair and pulled Mary’s head roughly from side to side.

“OOOOWWWW BBBIIITTTCCCHHH!!!” Sister Mary screamed as her head was wrenched.

Mary reached up and latched her hands onto the front of Louise’s bra, to the two mounds of flesh covered by a white bra and squeezed. Louise’s hands shot to her chest and she grabbed at Mary’s wrists, digging her nails in. She was able to pry Mary’s hands off but not before her white bra was pulled out and two large breasts came down exposed under the bra. Louise bucked hard with her hips and Mary rolled off to the side. As she rose, she was tackled back to the mats by Louise. Louise had one goal in mind, to rid Mary of her bra. She grabbed onto the white garment and pulled back, leaning back with her body weight. The bra held up for a little bit but the back clasps were stretched and broke and Louise flew off Mary with a white bra in her hands. Mary got up to her feet and started up unzip the back of her skirt to get more leg movement. Louise got up, tossed down Mary’s bra, unclasped her own, letting it fall to the mats and unzipped her skirt, kicking it aside. Now the two mature nuns circled wearing only panty hose, large tits wobbled with their movement. They lunged and went for hair as two sets of large breasts slapped together.

In the room, both Sister Sarah and Hope were watching with eagerness as they watched the two nuns strip down and then go back at it.

“So how hard did Sister Mary fight you?” Hope asked, watching the action on the mats.

“Very hard,” Sister Sarah relied also not looking at Hope but paying attention to the two naughty nuns on the mats. “The last time we fought, I made her quit first.”

Hope snapped her head around to look at Sarah. “Really?” She mused, “I wonder what would happen if you and I went at it.”

Now it was Sister Sarah’s turn to look at the new gym teacher. “Want to find out?” She asked as she removed her head covering and took the pins out to let her red hair fall past her shoulders.

“Fuck yes I do!” Hope said as she got up and moved the chairs back and kicked off her shoes.

Sister Sarah stepped back and unzipped the long skirt and let it fall to the floor and started to unbutton her blouse. Soon she was clad in only white bra and matching panties. Hope matched her and pulled her dress over her head to reveal a blue bra and thong underwear. No other words were spoken; they slammed together in the middle of the small office hands going for each other’s hair. Hope was able to push Sarah back until her butt met the desk and she went down on it back first with Hope crawling on top.

Papers and a phone were thrown to the floor as the two women fought on the desk. Sarah unleashed a slap to Hope’s side which caused her to wince and then she rolled with Sarah who got on top. Hope let go of red hair and her hands went to Sarah’s back and to the bra clasps there. Sarah felt fingers unhook her bra and she reached for Hope’s blue bra, which had a front clasp. Within seconds, both teachers were topless and Sarah slammed her big boob down onto Hope’s large pair. SMACK! Both women groaned at the impact. Hope bucked with her hips as her hand grasped Sarah’s waist and the two of them tumbled back to the floor. Getting to their knees, they slammed again, tit to tit as hands slapped at their backs and sides and asses. As Hope got in a loud slap at Sarah’s firm ass, she latched onto the white panties and started to drag them down over Sarah’s hips. Sarah, in retaliation, grasped the blue thong and yanked up hard.

“AAAAAAHHHHH SHIT!!!” Hope exclaimed as her thong was wedged up into her ass cheeks.

Both the panties and thong couldn’t take the abuse and tore, leaving them dangling from one leg on each woman. Sarah bowled over Hope and the two started rolling back and forth on the floor of the small office.

Sister Mary and Sister Louise let go of hair and gripped each other’s biceps, they each pulled back and then slammed their large busts together. Drops of sweat were forming on foreheads and lips, running down into eyes and chins, dripping onto the warring breasts. Again and again, they slammed their oversized tits together. Each of them grunting and cursing from eachimpact.













Sweat started flying of the nun’s bodies as they bashed breasts together; their nails leaving gouges in each other’s biceps. With almost a mutual agreement, the slammed together again and wrapped their arms around each other and started to squeeze. The rested cheek to cheek, lips pursed by each other’s ears.

“You will never take this position from me bitch”, Sister Mary whispered in Sister Louise’s ear as she tightened her grip.

“I don’t need this whore!” Sister Louise countered, “I am the new head mistress at Holy Mary’s School for Women. Now only 10 miles away from you and your whores.”

“What?!?” Mary exclaimed, “How could the diocese allow this?!?”

“Oh Mother Superior hates you, slut!” Louise said menacingly, “She was more than happy to see Holy Mary succeed where St Cats has failed.”

“FUCK YOU!” Mary screamed as she brought her head back and smacked down against Louise’s mouth and nose.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Screamed Louise as blood started to run from her lips and nostrils. Her knees buckles and the two went back down to the mats. Mary began to claw at Louise’s pantyhose to try and get at her crotch.

Hope was able to secure a top position on Sister Sarah. Sarah reached up and grasped both of Hope’s dangling breasts and started to squeeze. Hope grimaced and grabbed Sarah’s breasts and the two constricted their fingers as flesh oozed out. They were both startled by the shrill cry of a woman. Hope got up and went to look out the window of the small office and saw Sister Mary with her hands imbedded in Sister Louise’s pussy. Sarah was right behind Hope and was trying to get on her blouse and skirt. Hope threw her dress on, neither woman bothered with bras and their panties were torn anyway. They rushed out and pulled the battling nuns apart. Mary tried to fight off Hope, but the strong younger woman was able to wrestle her away.

“THIS WHORE IS NOW IN CHARGE OF HOLY MARY’S!” Mary screamed out loud, her eyes looking at Sister Sarah.

“Yes I am,” Louise said as she rubbed her hurt pussy, “And Amber Kruger has agreed to be the new history teacher at Holy Mary’s and Sister Amelia will be coming over to teach Spanish. Their transfers were approved by Mother Superior last night.”

“You treacherous BITCH!” Mary wailed, “Get out of my school!!!”

Sister Sarah helped get Sister Louise dressed and escorted her out to the parking lot.

“I could have Mother Superior arrange a transfer if you wanted Sister Sarah,” Sister Louise said as she turned towards the younger nun.

“Go fuck yourself Sister!” Was Sarah’s reply, “Next time you or one of your lackeys or students come here, it will be bad for them.”

Sister Louise glared at Sister Sarah but said nothing as she turned and walked her car. She really wanted Sarah to come over to the new school ever since she learned that Sarah had bested Mary in a fight. But she had Amber and Amelia now and with Sister Constance, fresh new girl from the convent, she was anxious to get pay back against Mary and her school.

Back to Green River…..

It was the night before Lauren was to return back to school. The ride service had confirmed she would be picked up very early for the ride to the airport. Ever since Christmas Eve and the catfight with her mother, Angelique, they haven’t talked or stayed long in the same room as each other. Lauren didn’t want to make up but she wanted to clear the air before she left. Angie was wiping down the kitchen counter when Lauren came into the kitchen.

“Look, Mom,” Lauren started, “I want to clear things up from Christmas Eve.”

“I don’t, Lauren”, Angie said with a blank look on her face, “The only reason I haven’t thrown you out on your fat ass, is the shit I would catch from your grandmother. You can stay at that fucking school if you want. I don’t want your whoring slutty self to ever come back! I should have beaten you more on Christmas,it was fun to kick your ass.” She bumped shoulders with her daughter as she walked back to her bedroom. Once inside she started the shower and started getting undressed.

Lauren just stood there stunned. Part of her wanted to cry but a bigger part of her wanted to kick her mom’s ass.

“She didn’t kick my ass,” Lauren said to herself and turned on her heels and walked back to her mother’s room. She entered the room quietly and could hear the shower running. She also heard moans from the shower and knew her mother was rubbing herself, “Well,” Lauren thought, “Better give the bitch something to remember me by.” And she started to strip naked.

Angie’s right hand was caressing her large breasts and her left hand was rubbing her engorged clit, thinking about not only fighting Lauren but also Sister Mary. Suddenly the door to the standup shower was wrenched open and before her stood Lauren, anger in her eyes. Lauren lunged and the two naked women slammed together as hot water poured down on them. Hands pulled hair as their massive breasts slapped back and forth, tummies rubbing, feet stumbling in the small enclosed space. The wet hair caused Lauren’s fingers to slide through her mother’s short hair, unable to get a good grip. Angie on the other hand, was able to lock her fingers in tightly and yanked back hard, bringing a cry of pain from Lauren’s lips.

Angie started to slip but spread her legs out for better traction and Lauren sent her right knee in between Angie’s legs. Angie groaned out and fell a little forward and the pair stumbled out of the shower and bathroom floor. Lauren’s feet hit the bath mat so she didn’t stumble and fall, but she hooked an arm around her mother’s midsection and pulled back and the two of them fell out of the bathroom and onto the bedroom floor. Lauren quickly got on top and started raining down slap after slap to Angie’s breasts. Angie tried to cover up but quickly realized that it was futile. She grabbed her daughter’s big breasts and twisted, bringing a scream from Lauren. Angie kneed Lauren in the ass and the wet daughter was sent flying over her wet mother. Both got to their feet and immediately clashed and spun and went right down to the bed. Back and forth the two rolled, wet skin rubbing, breasts in almost constant contacted, hands pulling hair or slapping. Angie was able to get on top and started to slam her big tits down onto Lauren’s rack. Lauren bucked up with her chest and met Angie’s pair head on every time her mother brought hers down.

The sounds of wet flesh slapping together filled the bedroom along with moans and groans from each woman. As Angie brought her tits down another time onto Lauren’s, her daughter wrapped her arms around the back of her mother. Their legs interlocked and they rolled to a sitting position, locked in a classic catball. Hands in hair, teeth snapping at faces, tits, tummies and now even pussies were mashed together as the mother and daughter used their bodies to fight for supremacy. They slowly rolled back and forth, tipping over but remaining locked together, biting at faces as bodies fought. Neither woman was able to stay on top for very long. Angie latched her teeth onto Lauren’s chin. Lauren screamed out and bucked involuntarily with her hips, sliding her wet pussy against her mother’s.

Angie moaned and lost the bite and Lauren realized she needed to use some of what she learned at St Cats here. Lauren started slapping her pussy against her mother’s and Angie almost lost it and orgasmed right there. Lauren slapped her hard across the face and rode her mother down to the bed. Her mother’s clit was already aroused from the finger play before the fight and this only made for more. Lauren tribbed her mother down to the bed as all Angie could do was try and push her off. When the orgasm hit Angie, it was harder than any she had in the last few years. Lauren made sure she kept up the speed and pressure of the trib as her mom came. The energy was gone from Angie. Lauren rolled off and went to her mother’s lingerie drawer and pulled out some silk stockings and started to try her mother up.

“What the fuck are you doing?!?” Angie asked, too late, as she was hog tied in bed.

“Have fun getting out of this bitch!” Lauren said, “And you never kicked my ass, in fact, I am the one walking out and you are going to be tied up until you figure it out. FUCK YOU MOTHER!” Lauren gathered up her clothes but stopped to stuff her dirty panties in her mother’s mouth. She left the room to her mother’s muffled screams.

LA…. Night before going back to school….

Marisol had left the day before, Miranda barely acknowledged it. She had completely ignored her daughters for the Christmas break. But every night they would hear Miranda and her current man fucking like animals and the night before last she brought home a busty Latina and the two of them fucked then got into a fist fight that turned into a catfight which then turned into more fucking. Santana had not had a good night’s sleep since she was at school. The driver service confirmed she would get picked up at 3am for the drive to LAX and then flight to school. Her bags were packed and she was sitting in her room when she heard her mother come home around 1am. She didn’t hear any other voices so she knew Miranda was alone. She heard the door to her mom’s room close and waited until there was more silence for the next 15 minutes. Santana, dressed in a white wife beater top and pink panties, walked to her night stand and pulled out a long, thick black dildo. She had fucked herself a few times since she bought it a few days ago, and made sure not to clean it. She was going to beat her mother with it. There was a full moon tonight but the house was quiet as was the neighborhood. She crept down the hall and slowly turned the door knob to her mother’s room, it opened with a small creak but Santana didn’t see any movement from the lump under the covers of the bed. She closed the door and her eyes adjusted to the moon light coming into the room, which is when her mother sat up.

“You thought you would surprise me?” Miranda said as the covers dropped revealing her naked body, toned and trim and busty, “Niñita, so stupid! And what the fuck are you going to do with that??? You coming in here to fuck mommy?”

Santana was shaking with anger; her hand clenched tightly around the big black dildo, squeezing it so hard her hand started to hurt. “I am going to fuck you up Puta!” Santana said in a raspy whisper.

Miranda ran her hands over her large breasts, tweaking the nipples hard, down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy as she massaged her moistening labia. “Good,” she said, “I haven’t had a good fight in a couple days. Lose the clothes cunt and let’s see what you got!” She knee walked back, giving Santana room on the bed.

Santana quickly pulled off her tank top and slide her panties down. She put the dildo, crusted with her own juices on the floor and got onto her knees on the bed. Her hands clenching and unclenching, she lashed out with a right fist but her mother caught the fist in her left hand.

“Oh Santana,” Miranda said, “I am so disappointed, I thought this was going to be a long drawn out fight. Since those are the fights you have at school.” Still holding the fist, she sent her right hand to her daughter’s throat. Latching on, Miranda began to squeeze. “I am gonna fucking hurt you little bitch!”

Santana started to panic, she hadn’t ever fought her mother like this and she needed to figure out a way out of this predicament. Trying to pull her mom’s hand off her throats wasn’t working so she balled up her left fist and slammed it into Miranda’s right tit. If it was in slow motion, you would be able to see the ripple at impact of the fist hitting the large breast. Miranda howled in pain and her hold on her daughter slackened. Santana lunged and took both of them down to the bed. The naked mother and daughter hit the mattress and locked their bodies together tight as hands went for long black hair. Miranda and Santana had only had a fist fight before but were fully clothed and both ended up with bloody noses and split lips. This was more primal, more animalistic; Miranda rolled the pair over and got on top of her daughter. Santana thrashed and bucked and as soon as Miranda was on top she was thrown off and the two of them went down to the carpeted floor.

They quickly got to their knees and slammed together in a violent embrace with arms wrapping around the other’s back and gripping long hair. Heads were snapped back painfully as chests compressed and big tits slide in and out of valleys of cleavage. Miranda throws her right leg over Santana’s left hip and Santana throws her right leg over her mom’s left hip, the other legs tangle and the two are locked in a tight catball.

Miranda pressed her hips into her daughters. “Oh fuck you slut!!!!” She screams, “You are all wet! You getting turned on fighting your mommy?!?”

“I am turned on knowing I will kick your ass tonight!” Santana countered.

The two rocked back and forth on their firm asses; tits slapping back and forth and now they started grinding pussies too. Normally mothers and daughters would not be doing this, but these two women hated each other and nothing was off limits. Santana reached in between them and grabbed two handfuls of Miranda’s breasts and squeezed.

“AAAHHH SSSHHHHIIITTTT!!!” Miranda yelled out.

She reached in and grasped both of Santana’s tits by the nipples and started to twist.


Hands kneaded, twisted, scratched, groped and clawed at their bountiful boobs. Miranda opened her mouth and bit down on Santana’s chin. Slowly, Santana started to fall backwards with her mom on top. Miranda held the bite as the two continued to assault each other’s tits. Santana tried to twist her head away and when she did, she saw the big black dildo within arm’s reach. She released her mother’s breasts and grabbed the large rubber cock and slammed it, shaft like a small baseball bat into her mother’s face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” Miranda exclaimed as she broke off the bite and the breast grabbing.

Santana hit her again and Miranda’s nose exploded with blood. She hit her again in the face and her mother’s head flew back and slammed against the floor, out cold. Slowly, the younger woman got to her feet and found a couple of pairs of handcuffs and secured her mom. Santana went to the bathroom and fixed herself up the best she could, putting concealer on the teeth marks on her chin. She dressed and it was almost time for the driver to get to the house. She walked back into her mom’s room and secured a ball gag over her mother’s mouth and shoved the dildo into her mother’s cunt. Miranda started to come to and writhed in her bonds. She had a look of hate as Santana got up quietly and walked out leaving her there.

Santana waited for her boarding time and got on the plane, walking down the aisle to her seat when she noticed who was in the window seat, it was Lauren Brown! The two locked eyes and poured hate into their glares. Santana stowed her backpack and sat down. The sat in silence until the plane took off.

“I hope you had a fun fucking Christmas,” Lauren said quietly, “Because you and I have unfished business at school.”

Santana had the blanket she brought with her and draped it over herself and Lauren. “Let’s start now, whore.”

Lauren felt Santana’s hands over her body under the blanket, groping first her right breast and then left and then moving south to unbutton Lauren’s shorts and slip her hand in underneath panties. Lauren did the same and the two stared at each other and started to slip fingers into their wet pussies. One, then two and then three. Their fingers teased each other’s clits. Both started to breath hard. Lauren’s fingers started Santana’s clit feverously. Santana let out a small moan and quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed. She pinched Lauren’s nub and Lauren let out a squeal.

“Keep it down slut,” Santana hissed.

“Fuck you,” Lauren said back.

Their other hands grabbed firm breasts and started squeezing. Only audible to them was the squishy sound of fingers in wet pussies. This turned them on even more and each felt the orgasm start to overcome them. Lauren bit her lip as she moaned out softly and Santana gritted her teeth as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over them. After a few moments, each removed their fingers from the other and Santana was the first to lick her fingers clean of Lauren’s juices, Lauren did the same as they glared at each other.

“What happened to your face?” Lauren asked, noticing the bite marks.

“Fucking mother bit me in our fight, but I left her handcuffed,” Santana said

Lauren laughed a little.

“What is so fucking funny?” Santana asked curtly.

Lauren pulled her shirt down to show Santana the nail marks on her left tit. “This is from my mom,” Lauren said, “I left her tied up with nylons before I left.”

Santana snorted. “I bet my mom could totally kick your mom’s ass.”

“Whatever bitch,” Lauren shot back, “My mom would claw the shit out of your mom.”

Back at St Cats…..

Miko Tovar walked into her room, bags trailing behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw her new roommate. Kathleen Numarov stood and held out her hand to Miko.

“Hi there,” she said in an eastern European accent, “I am Kathleen, but call me Kat, please. You are Miko, no? My roommate?”

Miko looked her up and down. Kathleen stood maybe 5’4” and what she weighed was mostly in her chest. Her breasts were massive. At least 3 cups sizes bigger than any girl at the school.

“Yeah, Kat, nice to meet you,” Miko said shaking her hand.

“Have you seen the new schedule?” Kat asked handing her a sheet of paper. “I do not think I will like the Russian studies class, I am from Ukraine.”

“PhyED Combat skills???” Miko asked, “What the fuck are they going to teach us?”

“I met new teacher, Miss Tucker,” Kat said taking the paper back, “She said we will learn boxing, wrestling and other forms. I do like this. But they don’t have catfight on here.” Kat laughed, blushing a little.

“Oh Kat,” Miko said, “You will get your share of catfights hereat St Cats.”

As she turned to close the door, Miko saw Becky Hopper and the two Asian advisories locked eyes. Becky made a bee line for Miko who did the same. They came together tit to tit and nose to nose.

“Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about us whore!” Becky taunted.

“Oh I haven’t, slut,” Miko said back, “You want to go now?”

“Not here where we can get broken up,” Becky said, “One hour. Bathroom, 4th stall, cunt to cunt, bitch.”

“I’ll be there, whore!” Miko said.

90 minutes later….

Kat got up after drinking too much water and went into the bathroom. She went into stall number 1 and sat down to do her business. That is when she heard hushed voices. She quietly got out of the stall and looked under doors and noticed two right feet, she shook her head because they were facing the same way. Ever so cautiously she opened stall three and stood on the toilet and peered of the top to see her roommate Miko pussy fighting Becky Hopper. Their shorts and panties were hanging up on the door hook. Shirts were up over breasts and they had an arm hooked around each other grabbing asses and one hand roughly kneading breasts. Their pussies were grinding and they had sweat dripping on their faces.







Miko started moving her hips back and slamming them into Becky who tried to do the same but each time Miko’s pussy slapped hers, she cried out and was pushed back more on the toilet seat. Miko rode her down until Becky cried out her surrender. Miko slapped her hard across the face.

“Now lick it whore!” Miko commanded.

Becky got on her knees and Miko grabbed her long hair and pushed Becky’s face in between her legs.

“MMMMM That’s it!” Miko said, her head back in ecstasy, “Eat me bitch!”

Kat got down from the toilet quietly and tip toed out of the bathroom. She went back the room and got under the covers. She started to rub her own big breasts and then started fingering herself until she had to bite down on the pillow to keep from screaming out her orgasm. Miko quietly entered the room a few moments later and slipped into bed.

New Semester…..

Kat, Miko, Becky, Lauren, Santana and the other seniors walked into the Russian Studies class and sat in their assigned seat. A few moments later, a busty brunette with tits that looked even bigger than Kat’s walked in.

“My name is Mia Karring,”Mia said writing her name on the board, “You may call me Miss Karring or Miss K. I understand we have a foreign exchange student here?”

Kat raised her hand.

“Good,” Mia said in accented English. “Pay very close attention to my class, you will learn something.” She was looking at Kat the entire time. Kat glared back since she hated every Russian she ever came across.

To Be Continued in Chapter 8! Click Here to Go There!

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