Teacher Tales 8: St Cats Spring Semester Fun by Andrew Scott

St Cats Spring Semester Fun

New Semester…..

Kat, Miko, Becky, Lauren, Santana and the other seniors walked into the Russian Studies class and sat in their assigned seat. A few moments later, a busty brunette with tits that looked even bigger than Kat’s walked in. 

“My name is Mia Karring,”Mia said writing her name on the board, “You may call me Miss Karring or Miss K. I understand we have a foreign exchange student here?”

Kat raised her hand. 

“Good,” Mia said in accented English. “Pay very close attention to my class, you will learn something.” She was looking at Kat the entire time. Kat glared back since she hated every Russian she ever came across. 

For Kathleen, the class droned on and on. Being from the Ukraine, everything she knew about Russia was bad, so as Miss K talked about the great things Russia brought to the world, Kat just heard, “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.” Kat raised her hand to dispute points Miss K was talking about, but the teacher ignored her. Kat sighed loud enough that heads turned. As class finished and the girls got up and left to go to the new PE class, Miss Karring stopped Kat at the door. 

“I will not have you disrupt my class this semester,” Mia Karring said. The two stood almost the same height and were built very much the same. 

“And each time you tell lies from your great country,” Kat answered back, “I will dispute them.” Kat folded her arms underneath her chest, making her breasts pop out more. 

“Then I have no choice,” Mia said writing on a small pad of paper, “You have detention with me today at 4PM.”

Kat wanted to argue, she was mad but she took the piece of paper and hurried to the girls locker room. The bell sounded as she entered and she quickly got dressed. The PE uniform was a simple t-shirt and shorts combo, but the shirts were always too tight and the shorts were very short. (My fantasy, sue me!) 

In the gym, the senior girls were all seated around a large padded mat. 

“My name is Ms. Tucker,” Hope Tucker said walking on the mat, “This semester we are going to be doing things differently here. With Sister Mary’s permission, I am going to be instructing you in combat sports; like boxing and wrestling.”

“I think we already get that here,” Miko said under her breathe which caused the other girls to giggle. 

“Miko is it?” Hope asked, “Thank you for being my first volunteer. Who will join her up here?” Hands shot up but Hope caught movement out of the corner of her eye and looked to see Kathleen walking fast to join her classmates. “Kathleen, since you are late, you are the other volunteer.” Kat’s shirt was so tight and her breasts so large, it made the shirt look like a midriff revealing outfit. Hope went to the big gym bag and pulled out two pairs of oversized boxing gloves, like the ones foxy boxers’ use and two sets of head gear and two mouth pieces. “Put these on girls.”

Miko and Kat put on the gear; the gloves were lighter than each of them thought. Ms. Tucker explained to the class that boxing was about using strength, speed and stamina to win a fight. She pointed to Miko and Kat and said for them to start. At first Miko and Kat just traded soft punches to the other’s gloves but as they circled, the punches got harder. Kat winced in pain as a particularly hard shot hit her left glove. Miko smiled a little but then Kat slugged her hard in the side. Miko grunted and backed away. 

“Good Kat,” Hope commented, “See girls, the body shot can cause your opponent to back up, giving you the opportunity to think different strategies.”

Miko was pissed so she waded in and it surprised everyone including Kat. She and Kat started swinging wildly, and Miko connected with an upper cut to Kat’s left breast. Even with the soft padded glove, Kat was hurt. She howled in pain and staggered back. Miko advanced but Kat swung a glancing blow at Miko’s right breast. She too cried out in pain. They clenched in the center of the mat and Hope was about to break them up, but a hand grasped her arm. 

“I would like to see where this goes,” Sister Mary said holding Hope in place. 

The two girls staggered around the mat weakly hitting the other in the back and sides. Feet got tangled up and the pair fell to the mat. Miko and Kat rolled back and forth hitting each other and then both seemed to pull off gloves and Kat grabbed her roommate by the hair and Miko grabbed both of Kat’s breasts. The seniors were all yelling support for one or the other. Legs tangled together as the pair were catfighting on the mat. Hope wrenched herself free of Sister Mary’s grasp and grabbed Miko, who had mounted Kat, around the waist and pulled her kicking and screaming off the exchange student. Miko started to fight with Ms. Tucker but stopped when she saw Sister Mary. 

“Good job girls,” Sister Mary said and turned to walk out of the gym. 

Miko pulled away from Hope roughly and whirled to face the teacher. Hope didn’t back down and the pair stared each other down. Lauren and Becky helped Kat to her feet. 

“Class is done for today,” Hope Tucker said still staring at Miko, “If anyone has any questions, I will be available after school today. Understand that Miss Tovar?”

“Yeah I get it,” Miko said, turning and filing out with the rest of her class. 

The first day back from went as the girls went to different classes. The last class of the day was Tracy Holden’s computer class. She had written the instructions on the board for the class to practice coding. Tracy was lost in thought as the bell rang; she was day dreaming about Amber, Karri and Dawn. Her catfight with Dawn was a wild night that started outdoors, continued in a stand up shower and finished on a big bed. She didn’t hear the question from Kathleen, the Ukrainian exchange student, her mind was on catfights. 

“Miss Holden, what should I do if I have issue with another teacher here?” Kat asked innocently.

“Get her into a catfight with you,” Tracy said not even comprehending the question, “Wait, what was the question?” She asked sitting up straight. 

“Oh thank you Miss Holden,” Kat said beaming, “Thank you so much.” With that the busty blonde turned and walked out. Tracy shook her head trying to recall what Kat asked. 

Kat almost knocked over Sister Sarah who was walking into Tracy’s classroom. 

“I am so sorry Sister,” Kat said apologetically, “I have to get to my detention now.” 

“No problem Kathleen,” Sister Sarah said puzzled, because Kat had a smile on her face. Sister Sarah turned and walked into the classroom. “What did you say to her?”

“I honestly have no clue,” Tracy said bewildered. “What did you find out?”

“So I contacted a friend who works at the diocese,” Sister Sarah said sitting down, “So far Holy Mary’s is just 18 year old at risk youth. 47 Students, Sister Louise is the head mistress, she has Sister Amelia and Amber Krueger working there.”

“Fucking Amber Krueger,” Tracy muttered, “I would love to have another round with her. Anything else?”

“Yes,” Sister Sarah went on, “I still don’t trust Sister Mary as far as I can throw her. I think there maybe need for a change in leadership. I don’t know if she is loyal to the school and students or her own kinky devises. I just need to figure out how to find out.”

“So the direct approach or be subtle?” Tracy asked. 

“When have you ever been subtle?” Sarah asked with a sly smile, “I suggest we find out where her loyalties lie. I can’t believe I am saying that. This is like a soap opera.”

“Don’t I know it,” Tracy said with a snort, “Now, what the hell did I say to the exchange student???”

Meanwhile down the hall….

Kathleen walked confidently to Miss Karring’s classroom and arrived with a few seconds to spare. She sat down and looked smugly at the busty brunette sitting at her desk looking at her watch. 

“Glad to see you could make it on time and not disrupt this detention,” Mia said with a smile. 

“I wouldn’t dream of it, Miss K,” Kat said still smiling at the teacher, “Besides, just like with most things, Ukraine does it so much better than Russia.” Tossing the inviable gauntlet down. 

“And what, pray tell are these things you speak of?” Mia Karring asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Why of course our independence from the imperialistic state of Russia, better politicians, better athletes, better schools, better…fighters,” Kat said smiling.

“And what sort of fighting are you, a Ukrainian, better than me, a Russian at?” Mia asked. 

“Well, catfighting of course,” Kat said with bit of arrogance to her, “I have had fights with many Russian girls and they give up so quickly.”

“Is that so?” Mia asked with hardness to her tone.

“It is,” Kat said, “Care to find out.”

“As a matter of fact I do, cyka,” Mia said standing from her desk and walking to the door, shutting it and turning the lock. She started to remove her earrings and necklace and watch. She was dressed in a very tight black dress with red highlights, underneath she had on a black bra and panty set along with black garter and black silk stockings. 

Kat got up from the desk she was seated in, still in her school uniform of tight white blouse, short plaid skirt with white bra and panties and knee high socks. She wasn’t wearing any jewelry. She kicked off her tennis shoes as she saw Mia remove her black heels. Mia only had maybe an inch on her, but what was most interesting is their bust size was almost identical, very massive. 

“It is time I taught you a lesson you will never forget,” Mia said as she and Kat started towards each other. 

Their pace quickened and the pair met huge breasts to huge breasts, like two rams fighting on a mountainside. They both grunted at the impact of their chests, backing off and ramming them together again… and again. They slowly circled as the slammed their meaty tits together, each grunting with sharp cries of pain at each impact. Arms were still at their side as the teacher and student fought with their breasts. The impacts were muted by the clothing, but the grunts between teacher and student were quite audible. Over and over the two women slammed their big busts together, each time they impacted, they were pushed back further and then came together again. Mia came at Kat but at the last second twisted her chest for a slightly sideways smash of tits on tits. The move staggered Kat back but she recovered and when she came back at her teacher, she twisted her chest and slammed into Mia, making the teacher stagger back a few feet. 

“AAAAHHHH BITCH!” Mia cried out at started to massage her breasts over her dress. 

Kat was rubbing the pain her chest and glared at Mia, “Russian slut!” 

Mia came at Kat again but this time her arms were up and Kat raised hers to meet Mia in the center of the classroom. They wrapped their arms around each other but their tits were so big, that they couldn’t lock hands behind their opponent. They did, however, find long hair to latch onto; Mia pulling blonde hair and Kat yanking hard on brown hair. Heads were pulled back hard and both women shuffled around the classroom, yanking hair breast to breast. Mia twisted to her right and sent them into the chalkboard in the front of the room. Kat’s back hit first and Mia pressed up against her. The teen wrapped her right leg around the outside of Mia’s left and tried to pull them over but legs tangled and the two went down to the tile floor breaking apart. They came to their knees quickly and as Kat came at Mia, the teacher sent an open right hand that smacked against Kat’s left cheek. SLAP! Kat balled up a right fist and slugged Mia in her left breast. OOOOFFFFF! Mia’s fingers held onto Kat’s white blouse as the teacher pulled and buttons flew in all directions and the white bra, straining under the pressure of the huge breasts contained was visible. Kat pulled hard on the top of Mia’s dress, her nails scratching the top of Mia’s left breast and she tore it down to reveal Mia’s sexy black bra. On their knees, the pair continued to rip at clothing and slam bra covered breasts together. Mia and Kat grabbed onto the shoulder straps of each other’s bras and tried to pull the other down to the floor. The bras, under considerable strain, could not take the abuse and straps snapped free and the pair fell back onto their butts. 

Kat was the first to get up and she looked down at her torn clothing. She removed the torn blouse and reached behind her back to unlatch the bra. Mia’s eyes went wide as the teen shook forth her massive breasts; almost the exact size and shape of Mia’s huge bust. Kat’s socks were still up to her knees and she still had on her white panties and short plaid skirt. Mia rose and pushed her dress down over her hips and let to fall to the floor. She unhooked her own bra, which joined her dress in a pile. She made a gesture to Kat about the skirt since Mia was in her black panties and garter with stockings. Kat unzipped the skirt from behind and as it hit the floor she kicked it away. Kat was mesmerized with the size of Mia’s tits. So big, so like hers.  Their chests heaved as they gathered in breathe and started to close the few feet that separated them, picking up speed and then SMACK!!!! Flesh meeting flesh and the two groaned as they wrapped hands in the others hair and fell back to the tile floor. Over and over they rolled bumping into desks and then rolling away. Hands still pulled hair but alternated slapping and scratching at each other’s backs. Rolling to their sides, Mia decided to take it a step further and reached up between them and grabbed two handfuls of Kat’s breasts; fingers constricting, letting the flesh ooze through her fingers. 

“AAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!” Screamed Kat as her breasts were viciously squeezed by Mia.

Kat reached up and didn’t even try to pull Mia’s strong hands from her tits, she latched onto her teacher’s breasts and started kneading the flesh like it was bread dough.

“AAAAHHHHHH NNNNOOOOOO!!!” Mia cried out, her screams mixing with Kat’s. 

The two grabbed, squeezed, groped, clawed and twisted each other’s tits as tears streamed down their faces. Neither wanted to give in but the pain was intense and showed on their grimacing faces. Teeth gritted the two glared at each other through teary eyes. Legs tangled together and they looked like boa constrictors from the waist down with hands groping and squeezing massive breasts. Mia grasped both Kat’s nipples and pulled, stretching the teen’s tits into a large cone shape. Kat howled in pain, her fingers lost grip on Mia’s massive tits but latched onto her teacher’s nipples and pulled. Now Mia’s screams of anguish joined Kat’s as they pulled their tits taunt and shook them by the nipples. The two shook each other’s breasts before letting go at almost the same time. They untangled legs and rolled away sobbing from the pain. Mia was the first to her hands and knees and crawled toward the teen. Kat was starting to rise as Mia grabbed the back of her white panties and pulled her toward the Russian brunette. Kat instinctively kicked back with her left foot which caught Mia in the stomach and pushed her back onto her ass, but Kat’s panties tore in the process. Kat leaped at Mia, tackling the teacher and going after the black panties she had on. It didn’t take long for the two of them to be wearing only socks or stockings. They rolled back and forth on the floor, hands pulling hair again and slapping skin. Breasts were clawed at and pussies smacked with knees. There was a pounding at the door and finally it burst open as Sister Sarah rushed in with an older nun, Sister Mary in tow. The two nuns separated the two warring women who continued cursing and spitting at each other. 

“I say we let them finish it,” Sister Mary said her grey streaked red hair visible from her head covering. 

“Ok,” Sister Sarah relented, “But we make sure they don’t kill each other.” And with that, each sister let the Kat and Mia go. 

Kat and Mia slammed breast to breast on their knees and jockeyed for control. Sister Heidi and Sister Sarah back up and let them fight. Mia reached down and grabbed the fuzzy blonde pubic hair of her younger rival and pulled. Kat screamed in agony! Kat pulled Mia’s right breast to her mouth and bit down. Mia howled out in pain! Kat grabbed the dark patch of hair between Mia’s legs as Mia bit down on Kat’s right breast. They pulled and bit down, chewing on titflesh and tearing out little clumps of pubic hair, screaming through their bites. Each woman stopped biting and pushed away from the other. They were sobbing, clutching their breasts and rubbing sore mounds. 

“That’s enough,” Sister Sarah said. “I know you two will fight again, but that is enough for today.” 

Mary took care of Mia, getting her up and dressed and Sarah got Kat dressed and escorted her back to her room. 

As Sister Heidi was walking back to her room, where she entered her room and closed the door. Mary logged onto the schools computer and typed in the password for the restricted files which only the teachers had access to. She downloaded the CCTV footage of Lauren and Santana in bed onto a thumbdrive and pulled in from the schools laptop. She booted up her personal laptop and proceeded to write the email and attach the footage to it. The mothers, Miranda Morales and Angelique Brown would receive the video file along with their contact info from an anonymous email. Sister Mary hit send.

About this time in Green River and East LA, emails were received by Angie Brown and Miranda Morales. Both mothers knew their respective daughters had both fought and fucked at the school, but to see it in the video made each of them very angry. Then they noticed the phone numbers and names of the other girl’s mother. 


“Hello?” Angelique Brown answered but she already knew who it was. 

“Hey bitch,” Miranda Morales said into the phone, “So is the type of shit you teach your daughter?”

“Hey fuck you whore!” Angie answered back, “Looks like your dyke daughter is all into it even more than mine was. Must be what she learned from her slut mommy!”

“Listen puta!” Miranda countered, “My cunt of a daughter looks like she working you little bitches pussy something fierce! Guess your little bitch needs to learn some shit!”

“Go fuck yourself Bitch!” Angie shot back, “My daughter is outfucking your little twat in the video! I guess she is like her mommy, all talk no fucking show!”

“You know what cunt!” Miranda screamed into the phone, “Why don’t I fucking show you what a fight is all about???”

“Oh you want to fight whore!!!” Angie screamed back, “Fine, when I get back from a little trip to the school, you and I can meet up and fight!”

“Better than that slut!” Miranda said, “Why don’t I just meet you there. I have to visit my other bitch daughter at her school. Even better yet, we should have our little mistakes there to watch how real fucking women fight?!?”

“Oh you are so fucking on bitch!” Angie said with a smile on her face, “I will be at the Travel Inn on Friday thru Sunday. Just ask for my name. I can’t fucking wait!”

“Your fucking funeral puta!” Miranda said and hung up the phone. Then she started packing. 

Hope was finishing her lesson plan for the next week; she would be showing the girls take down techniques in wrestling. She twisted a little in her chair as her bra was becoming a little itchy. She reached under the back of her tight t-shirt and unhooked her bra and then brought her arm in the sleeve, wiggled a little and the bra was pulled out the other side. She got back to writing her plan when she heard footsteps and knock at the door to her office next to the gym. There in the doorway stood Miko, dressed in her PT clothes. 

“Miss Tovar, is there something I can do for you?” Hope asked looking up from her computer. 

“Yes there is Miss Tucker,” Miko said with a smile. “You said come by if we have any questions, so my question is what do you think you can teach me about fighting?”

“Miko,” Hope said softly, “There are many forms of fighting. Today was boxing, we will continue that for a week or so, and then move to wrestling. But women and girls can be a little fiercer in a fight, like a catfight.” Hope saw Miko’s eyebrows shoot up at the word “catfight”, “Is that what you want me to teach, catfights?”

“There isn’t much on that subject you need to teach me,” Miko said with a confident smile, “I might show you a few things I have learned here.” 

“Care to find out?” Hope asked standing.

Miko nodded as she backed away from the door. Hope got up and grabbed her bra but Miko held up her hand. “It would be easier if I took mine off,” Miko said with a smile. She did the same moves Hope did earlier and her bra slide out of her right sleeve. 

The two walked to the mats in the center of the gym. “So, is this wrestling or strictly a catfight?” Miko asked. 

“Let’s start with wrestling and see what you got and where we go from there,” Hope said as she started to circle the teen. 

Both were similar in build, about 5’4” 115lbs or so, large firm breasts, tapered waists and sculpted backsides. Miko’s hair was black and straight and came down to the middle of her back. Hope’s was black, but very curly and came down to the middle of her back. The pair came together in a clinch, arms wrapping around necks as they put each other in mutual head locks. Bent over at the waist, they bumped hips and legs as they stumbled about the mat. Hope twisted her hips and surged and hip tossed Miko to the mat with Hope on top. Miko struggled on her back to free herself from the teacher; arms still locked around their necks as they wrestled on the mat.  Miko bridged with her hips and sent the pair rolling over with her on top of her teacher. Miko mashed her large breasts into Hope’s; groans came from both their mouths. Hope struggled and tried a bridge of her own but the teen held her in place, so she moved her hands to Miko’s chin and pushed as she swung her legs up and locked them around Miko’s neck. Hope didn’t squeeze her legs together; she wanted to see what Miko would do next. She didn’t have to wait long. Miko kicked her legs up and pushed on the legs around her neck as she tried to break free. Sweat was forming on her forehead. Enough wrestling, Miko thought and she sunk her teeth into Hope’s right leg. 

“AAAAAHHHHH!” Hope screamed, breaking the leg hold and rolling back, rubbing the spot on her right leg with teeth marks on it. “So that is how it is going to be?” She breathed out. 

Miko got to her knees, brushing the hair out of her face, “Yeah it is!” 

The two women came together on their knees, hands reaching and grabbing at hair. Necks were stretched back painfully as t-shirt covered chests slammed together. They each cursed as they swayed back and forth on knees. Hope pulled sharply to the left but Miko didn’t go down, just surged forward. Both seemed to be feeling the other out, looking for weaknesses. Hope lifted her left knee and sent it slamming into Miko’s right side and the younger student crumpled to the mat with the teacher on top. Hope straddled the young beauty but Miko started bucking hard to dislodge her. Legs locked and the two started rolling a few feet to the right and then back to the left. Hands started to come into play as they slapped and punched and clawed as they pulled hair, rolling back and forth. Miko reached in between them and grabbed Hope’s right breast over her shirt. The teacher howled in pain. 

“AAAAHHHH FUCK!” Hope screamed. She grasped the back of Miko’s t-shirt and pulled, the collar choking the teen and the two rolled to the left. 

Miko’s shirt was riding up in the front and her firm belly started rubbing against Hope’s shirt. Furiously the two brunettes rolled back and forth. Hope’s t-shirt started riding up and the bare bellies of the two ground together. So evenly matched, the gym teacher and student continued to pull hair and slap and grab at each other. Hope got on top and got a little separation between their chests and slammed hers down onto Miko’s.

“OOOOOFFFFFF” Miko exclaimed as breath was pushed out of her. 

Their t-shirts had work themselves up until the mounds of breasts started to appear. It didn’t stop them as they ground their chests together, each feeling the undersides of each other’s tits until finally shirts worked up above their breasts. Hard nipples scrapped against the other’s as they moaned in discomfort. The pair had rolled off the mat and closer to the locker room. Hope balled up a fist and slugged Miko in the belly, causing the younger girl to ball up in the fetal position. 

Slowly getting to her feet and grabbing the student by the hair, Hope started pulling her towards the locker room. 

“I think you need to cool off bitch!” Hope said as she dragged Miko into the locker room, past the changing area and into the shower bay. Dumping her on the tile, Hope went to turn on the showers positioned in a circle around the walls of the shower. 

“AAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Miko screamed as she had gotten to her feet and charged the teacher; slamming her shoulder into the small of Hope’s back propelling both forward with Hope slamming tits first into the wall!

Water poured down on them both as Miko got to her feet over the downed teacher and started to pull off Hope’s shorts and t-shirt, leaving the teacher stark naked under the cascading water. Miko pulled her shirt over her head, her big tits bouncing. Hope had shaken out the cobwebs and turned to see the now topless teen and sent a right fist up between Miko’s legs!

“AAAAAIIIEEEE!!!” Miko cried out and sank to her knees in front of Hope. Hope pushed her over onto her back and pulled off Miko’s shorts, leaving both women wet and naked. Then Hope pounced.

It was an echoing slap of wet skin on wet skin as Hope landed tit to tit and belly to belly on Miko. Miko’s hands instinctively latched onto the teacher’s firm ass as she bridged, sending the two of them rolling on the wet tile. Legs locked as wet bodies writhed and rolled. Big tits fighting for space would mushroom out at the sides. Nails raked over ass cheeks and backs. Hope arched her back and cried out as Miko’s nails ran furrows from her mid back to shoulder blades. Miko stifled a groan as Hope’s hips slapped angrily into her own causing wet pussies to slap together. But this wasn’t going to be a sexfight, not this time! They finally broke apart after what seemed like an eternity locked together. 

“Had enough?” Hope wheezed out.

“No way whore!” Miko answered back, her legs out in front of her. 

Hope moved her legs out in front and the two crab-walked toward the other. One leg going over the other hip and one legs going under the other’s leg; hands reached again for hair as large tits smacked against the other in a tight catball. Hands yanked back painfully causing chins to touch as they tipped over and rolled in a ball of anger and violence. Hope’s thick hair was easier to hold onto than Miko’s silkier hair. Hope reached in between them and grabbed both of Miko’s breasts and squeezed causing the teen to scream out. She retaliated and grabbed Hope’s tits and rolled back and forth in the catball, squeezing, kneading, gouging and twisting tits bringing tears to both of their eyes. 

As if on que, they each released breasts and bear hugged the other, tits pressing almost flat, trying to squeeze the breath out of the other. Hope opened her mouth and bit down on Miko’s chin; at the same time tightening her bear hug. The teen moaned out and her own hold slackened. Hope was able to stop the rolling with her on top. Their legs untangled and Hope pressed down on Miko in a full body pin. 

“Give….up….and …I ….let…you…go…” Hope breathed out after she released the bite. 

“I….give….please…” Miko squeaked back as her arms broke their hold and tried to push the teacher off of her. 

Hope broke the hug and rolled off. The two lay there for a few moments trying to gather breathe. 

“Damn Miko,” Hope said as she got to a sitting position, “You can fight!” 

“So can you,” Miko said sitting up as well and rubbing her breasts. 

“If you want to get better, we can spar from time to time,” Hope said as a smile crept on her lips, “Just have to be quiet about it and just not in the next week or so.” 

“I would like that,” Miko said as Hope stood and offered the teen a hand. 

Miko dressed in fresh pair of shorts and t-shirt and walked back to her room. As she entered the room, Kat, her roommate who she tussled with earlier in gym class, quickly covered her breasts. Kat had been looking at the small scratch marks on her tits caused by the Russian Studies teacher Mia. 

“What happened to you?” Miko asked, locking the door to the room.

“I got into a catfight with Miss Karring,” Kat said almost matter of factly. 

“Really???” Miko asked as her eyebrows shot up. 

“Yes,” Kat said baring her huge tits for her roommate, showing her the scratches. “But it was broken up by Sister Mary and Sister Sarah. I wanted to finish it. But it will wait for next time.”

“I got into my own catfight with a teacher,” Miko said as she pulled her t-shirt over her head, showing Kat her breasts complete with scratch marks and a hand print. “Ms Tucker and I went at it on the mats and then shower.”

“The mats you say,” Kat said in a hushed voice, “Where you and I fought?” Kat could feel her nipples start to grow hard, Miko could see it. 

“Yes,” Miko said, taking a step forward, “Where you and I didn’t get to finish either.” As she said this, Kat slipped off her panties to show Miko her fuzzy patch of blonde pubic hair. 

“I take it you want to finish it right now?” Kat asked as Miko pealed down her shorts revealing her shaved sex. “Bring those puny tits over here then.” 

“Fuck you cunt!” Miko said and walked forward until their tits smacked roughly together. 

Hands shot for hair and the two teens squealed and went down to Kat’s bed next to them. Neither girl had a full tank to fight with, but they roll back and forth naked, hands grabbing ass cheeks as thighs pressed into pussies. They ground their breasts together as then humped legs. Going on and on for as long as they could until they passed out in each other’s arms. Sleeping fitfully, only to awaken and continue to grind and fuck fight into the wee hours of the night.

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