A Long Weekend at the Spa by JB57

Pat rolled over and looked at her night table clock. It was almost 3 AM, but she could not sleep. Quietly, she slipped out of bed, careful not to wake her husband, Robert. She pulled a thin, soft, short robe over her naked body, tying it tight at the waist until the clinging material stretched across her large, rounded tits and wide hips. She picked up her phone from the night table, then padded out of the room barefoot, and down the hall. She descended the staircase and made her way across the living room and into the kitchen. She decided to get a cup of warm milk. That should help her sleep.

She heated the milk in the microwave. While she waited, she checked her phone messages. As she had suspected, there were three new voice messages from Marsha. Pat opened them one by one and listened to each. Her tits grew heavier, her nipples sharper, her labia moistened and pressure and heat built in her loins, as her body responded to the husky voice seductively purring at the other end of the line.

Marsha’s messages were obscene, a litany of the things she planned to do to Pat the next time they met, a chorus of curses and vulgar names as she challenged Pat to longer and dirtier and ever more intense sexual warfare.

It had been almost four months since Pat’s last encounter with Marsha. The women had met late on a Friday night at the downtown Hilton, while Robert was away. They had fucked and fought and mauled each other for the whole night, each woman determined to fuck her enemy into absolute submission, both women enjoying the intense sexual combat, the delicious clit to clit fucking, far too much to stop. Pat lost track of time, her world revolving around nothing but eating Marsha’s cunt, sucking the other woman’s clit, grinding pussies and rubbing tits and clits until their bodies exploded in exquisite pleasure again and again. The night had been absolutely exhilarating, easily the most deliciously erotic experience of her life. After hours of relentless fucking, Pat had passed out from sheer sexual exhaustion and mind-blowing pleasure. When she awoke, it was morning, she was naked, soaked in sweat and cum (her’s and Marsha’s), and alone. There was a note on the dresser. It read “Thanks for the ride, bitch. You’re a decent fuck, but you could use a lot of improvement. I’ll call you the next time I want an old whore’s cunt to eat.”

Clearly, Marsha believed she had won the night’s encounter. Pat was sure that she had fucked Marsha just as hard as she had been fucked. But the fact remained that Marsha had roused herself in the morning and left Pat behind in the sex-soaked bed, ridden into unconsciousness. Pat crumpled up the note in a flash of anger and humiliation. But she paused before throwing it away. After a moment, she smoothed out the note, folded it neatly, and stuck it in her purse.

For the next few days, Pat found it a bit painful to walk. Her pussy was sore and her clit ached. Her tits were tender and covered in teeth marks and hickeys. So were her inner thighs. She learned from Robert that he had seen Marsha at the office and she had seemed equally stiff and uncomfortable. She had been wearing far less revealing clothing than she usually did. A bit of discomfort was a small price to pay for the ecstasy the women had inflicted on each other.

Pat sighed as she drank her warm milk and tried to fight back the intense sexual arousal coursing through her body. She did not know what to do. So far, Robert had approved of her liaisons with Marsha. He wanted her to enjoy herself and he knew how much pleasure she got from rubbing clits and grinding tits with the other woman. Even so, Pat was sure that her husband did not fully understand the heights of ecstasy to which she and Marsha rode each other. True, he had been there for their first battle, but the encounter at the Hilton had taken things to a whole new level. Part of her wanted to continue to pursue these new feelings and desires. But the larger, more rational part of her saw the dangers inherent in continuing to satisfy her appetites with Marsha. If violent, hateful lesbian sex with Marsha was so much better than what Pat enjoyed with her own husband, she would soon be a very unsatisfied wife. Pat feared it might already to too late to stop what she and Marsha had started.

When Marsha started texting her, Pat deleted the messages immediately. Eventually Marsha switched to voice mail. For some reason, Pat found those harder to delete without listening to them. She considered just blocking the other woman, but part of her wanted to keep the contact going. Pat had not told Robert of the extent of Marsha’s harassment. The fact that she was not being entirely forthcoming with her husband bothered her. There was no question that the pressure was starting to get to her. Later today, Pat was leaving for a visit to a luxury spa a couple of hours away from the city. She and Robert had discussed it and they had agreed that she needed the rest and relaxation. She planned to leave her phone off and spend the whole weekend getting massages, pedicures, manicures, steam baths, mud baths, and every other kind of treatment the spa offerd. Right now, all she wanted to do was sleep.

She finished her milk, rinsed out the glass and put it in the dishwasher, then made her way back upstairs. When she got to the top of the stairs, her phone suddenly vibrated, indicating she had received a new voice message. She checked; it was from Marsha. She listened to it, her nipples tightening as her rival’s voice purred more insults and sexual challenges into her ear. There was something oddly thrilling knowing that Marsha was awake at that very moment, thinking about her, thinking about getting between her legs, thinking about sucking on Pat’s nipples until they were sore.

Pat hesitated, listening to the message. Her heart started to pound in her throat as a sudden, powerful impulse seized her. She turned around and padded back down the stairs, to the main floor, then crossed the living room to the stairs leading into the basement, and descended. She went into the study she shared with Robert and closed the door. She locked it, then crossed the room and sat in the leather chair behind the walnut desk. The only light was from the phone. She sat in the dark for a moment. Then, her finger trembling slightly, she pressed the button to dial the last number that called her phone.

Marsha answered the phone after the second ring.

“Pat! What a nice surprise. It’s so wonderful to hear from you. And so early in the morning, too.”

“Cut the bullshit, Marsha,” Pat snapped. “You called me and left another one of your obscene voice messages just two minutes ago. You’re not even trying to hide your harassment anymore, are you?”

“What harassment, baby?” Marsha responded, a smirk in her voice. “I’m just telling you what you want to hear.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Pat replied.

“That’s exactly what I want to do, you little cunt,” Marsha replied. “I know that you want to do it. I know that you want to fuck my body just as much as I want to fuck yours. You just have to name the time and place.”

“Stay away from me,” Pat growled. “I’m not warning you again. If you keep this up, I’ll go to the police and I’ll get a restraining order against you.”

Marsha chuckled. “I don’t think that you and Robert want to explain our little fuckfest to the police, Pat. That would be a bit embarrassing, don’t you think?” Pat said nothing.

“Where are you now, baby?” Marsha cooed. “Are you alone?” She paused, waiting for Pat to respond. When she heard nothing, Marsha continued, her voice a low, sexy purr. “I bet you’re alone right now, somewhere private, in the dark. Do you know where I am? I’m in my bed. I’m completely naked. Right now, I’m sliding my hand down my nice, smooth belly. My other hand is playing with my tit, squeezing my nipple. You won’t believe how hard it is. Now, I’m cupping my pussy and running my finger up and down my slit. It’s nice and hot and wet. I had a full Brazilian wax just yesterday. Have you ever had a Brazilian, baby? It’s amazing how smooth and slick it feels down there.”

Pat’s mind filled with the images Marsha was describing. She found her own hand sliding down between her legs, gripping her juicy, hot pussy. She could feel herself grower wetter. Her nipples were throbbing. She was so fucking horny, so fucking, fucking hot…

“Fuck you, whore!” Pat cried suddenly, regaining control. She hit the button, disconnecting the call.

Gasping, her body burning, her clit hard, Pat sat in the dark, trying to regain her bearings. The phone vibrated again. She hesitated, her raw sexual need fighting with her common sense. The phone vibrated again, then again, then again. After a moment, it stopped, then vibrated slightly differently, indicating it had a new message.

This time, the message coming in was a photo. Pat hesitated again. Then, in a rush, she clicked on the app.

The image that filled her screen was unmistakable. It was Marsha’s clean-shaven, succulent pussy, illuminated by the light of a phone. Marsha’s fingers were embedded in the smooth, naked slit. Her engorged clit protruded, red and thick, from her cunt. Her cunt lips looked wet and hot, juiced with arousal. Pat could imagine the other woman’s gasps and whimpers as she masturbated.

Transfixed by the image on her phone’s screen, Pat sat back in the desk chair. She leaned back and placed her bare feet on the desk, spreading her legs wide. She positioned the phone so that she could see the erotic image on the screen even as she pointed her phone’s camera at her own dripping, burning twat. Slowly, carefully, she began to masturbate, her fingers tracing her wet slit, then spreading her pussy lips, then slowly pushing deep and hard into the red folds of her dripping labia. She finger fucked herself, all the while her eyes fixed on the image of Marsha’s juicy twat. Pat’s cunt grew redder, her clit harder and more swollen, twitching as she stroked herself higher and higher up the pleasure curve.

Pat’s body vibrated with sexual tension. She gasped, she panted with need, as her pussy burned and burned, as her clit pulsed. Her toes curled, the muscles of her feet tensed, as the pleasure grew inside her cunt like an erotic bomb. She felt herself getting closer to a delicious climax.

She snapped a picture of her hungry, dripping cunt.

A moment later, Pat barely suppressed a scream of completion and ecstasy. Her red twat clenched then convulsed. A gush of cum splattered Pat’s phone, obscuring the erotic image. Pat cried out as she felt her vagina tighten powerfully, all the way up to her womb, then release a hard squirt that jetted onto her hand and her phone.

Gasping, almost sobbing with the intensity of the release, Pat leaned back in the chair and let her naked legs slide off the desk and onto the floor. She pressed her bare feet into the cool wood. She sent the image to Marsha. A moment later, she turned off her phone. She did not want to exchange more angry, vicious words with her rival or more arousing sexual images. She did not want to hear the other woman gloat about how she had pushed Pat into this remote sexual confrontation. Pat knew she had broken down. She had given the other woman exactly what she wanted. But Pat could not deny the sense of sexual relief flowing through her body. Whatever else she had just done, her body was telling her that she needed it.

Sitting in the dark, her phone off, her hand wet with her own discharge, Pat slowly recovered her bearings. Her heart slowed down, her swollen clit softened and retreated into its hood. After a few minutes, Pat got out of the chair, went to the bathroom off the study, and washed up. She dried off her phone, then used some paper towels to wipe herself down, cleaning off the cum splattered down her thighs, and her wet pussy. She took some paper towels and sopped the cum off of the desk and the chair. She tied her robe closed and slowly padded up the stairs to the living room, then up the other flight of stairs to her bedroom.

Pat stripped off her robe and climbed back under the sheets. She snuggled up to Robert, who stirred in his sleep, and slowly drifted off. She felt a bit dirty. She felt she had failed an important test of wills with her enemy. She pushed all of this out of her mind, easier to do as her body relaxed into its feeling of delicious sexual satisfaction. Soon, she would be at the spa, far from her problems with Marsha.

Part II

Later that morning, Pat helped Robert get ready for the day. She was still wearing only her robe. She had slept very well after returning to bed, her mind and body at ease for the first time in months. She made her husband breakfast, then saw him off at the door.

“You have a great time at the spa, honey,” Robert said to his wife as he kissed her goodbye. He hugged her tight, enjoying the feel of her lush, naked body under the thin robe. He slipped his hand under the short hem and squeezed his wife’s taut, round ass.

Pat gave her husband a peck on the cheek and pressed her bulging tits into his chest.

“Thanks, dear, I will,” she replied. “The car is coming for me at 10. I’ll text you when it picks me up. After that, don’t expect to hear much from me until I get back on Monday. I’m planning to turn off the phone and just block out the world.”

“If I need to contact you, I’ll get in touch with the front desk You just concentrate on getting pampered and catching up on your sleep.”

Once Robert left, Pat went upstairs, stripping the robe as she walked. Nude, she bustled about her bedroom, packing her bag. She was not planning to take much. She intended to spend most of her time at the spa in a robe, a bikini, or naked in one of the steam rooms or mud baths. She had a couple of cocktail dresses for evening events, but she doubted she would be attending. She showered and changed into a skirt, blouse and a light jacket. She put on a pair of strappy pumps.

The spa was an excellent luxury facility. It was the off season, so it should not be crowded. Pat did not bother booking any appointments in advance. Same day bookings should not be a problem. She wanted to give herself the maximum freedom to decide what she would or would not do on any day. Today was Thursday; she planned to stay at the spa through to the Monday noon checkout.

The car came for her at 10 AM sharp. She checked her phone one final time during the journey to the spa. She saw that Marsha was continuing to send her provocative voice mails. She hesitated, deleted them without listening, then turned off her phone and put it in her purse. She promised herself it would not go on again until the drive back in a few days. She settled back in her comfortable seat for the two hour trip ahead.

The staff at the front desk greeted her warmly when she arrived. Her room was a deluxe suite, a luxurious space with a king-sized bed, a lovely gas-powered fireplace, a marble-appointed ensuite bathroom, and a spectacular view of the spa’s grounds. The facility was built on a cliff over the sea. From the balcony, she could see the ocean. Pat smiled. She felt herself starting to relax. She looked at a brochure that detailed the spa’s services, then called the front desk to book a set of appointments. She was going to get a pedicure and manicure, and a skin treatment. She saw that the spa offered a full Brazilian wax. She hesitated, thought about what Marsha had said, then booked the appointment. Her plans would take most of the afternoon. Depending on how she felt, she might attend a cocktail event that night, and meet some of the other guests. She was happy to see that the spa seemed to be very quiet, just as she had expected.

Pat had a quick nap, then went off to start the pampering. The full Brazilian was a relatively new thing for her. She usually shaved her pubes into a sculpted strip, but she found that she enjoyed the feeling of being completely smooth and hairless below. By the end of the afternoon, Pat felt like a new person. She enjoyed dinner at the dining club and had an enjoyable conversation with some of the other clients. She had an after supper swim in the spa’s Olympic-sized pool. As she pulled herself out of the pool after her swim, she noticed some of the other guests, both men and women, admiring her luscious body in its string bikini. She smiled inside. It was always nice to be appreciated and Pat knew her body was incredible, with her perfect tits, her firm, toned belly, her wide hips and smoothly-muscled legs.

Pat decided to call it an early night. At 9 PM, she made her way back to her room and treated herself to a long, hot tub bath. By 10 PM, she was ready for bed. Her body was more relaxed and loose than it had been in ages. Tomorrow, she decided she would get a massage. She placed a pitcher of water and a glass on the night table. Nude, she climbed under the bed clothes and settled in the center of the king-sized bed, warm and snug under the crisp sheets and the soft duvet. She wiggled her toes and stretched luxuriously. She rolled onto her side and drifted off to sleep.

A little after 10:30, the doorbell to her suite rang. Pat started, coming immediately awake. She quickly turned on the night lamp over the bed, using a switch built into the headboard, slid out from under the expensive sheets, and pulled on her robe as she headed for the door.

“Yes, who is it?” she called out.

“Sorry for disturbing you, ma’am,” said a muffled voice. “We’ve had reports of gas leaks from some of the fireplaces on this floor. We need to do a quick check.”

Pat frowned. That sounded serious. Pat undid the bolt and safety hook and opened the door.

Before she could say anything, before she even had the chance to open the door wide, it was shoved from the other side. Pat cried out in dismay as she stumbled back.

Marsha entered the room. The dark-haired woman was wearing a ridiculously short robe that barely reached the tops of her thighs and three-inch heels. Her bulging cleavage filled the low-hanging “v” of the robe’s collar. Otherwise, her legs were bare and it was certain the voluptuous woman was naked under the tiny robe. Marsha smiled viciously. Without a word, she quickly closed the door behind her, turned the lock, and then flipped the safety hook back into place. As Pat watched, trying to absorb what was happening, Marsha pushed the button on the wall inside the door indicating “do not disturb.”

“You whore!” Pat exploded, finally getting over her surprise. “What are you doing here? How dare you force yourself into my room?!” Pat’s rage was tempered by a powerful surge of lust. She could not deny the intense heat building in her loins. Her heavy tits felt engorged.

“Oh, grow up, little girl,” Marsha purred, her raspy voice even more irritating and seductive in person. “I’m a guest here at the spa. I decided to take some vacation time and turn this into a long weekend. Isn’t it nice that we’re here at the same time?” She smirked, but her eyes were lit with an inner fire as she raked her gaze over Pat’s lush body.

“You fucker,” Pat snarled. “How did you know I was going to be here this weekend?”

Marsha smiled wider. “I overheard Robert telling one of our co-workers you were taking a spa weekend. It took a little bit of detective work to pin down which spa you were coming to, but once I did, it was easy to find you.”

Marsha’s eyes flashed. “You’ve been avoiding me, little whore. You haven’t been returning my messages.” She smiled. “Except for last night, of course. That was a lot of fun. Your cunt still looks nice and juicy.”

Pat felt the sting of embarrassment and humiliation. She had not expected her moment of weakness to come back to haunt her so soon. “I don’t want to see you or have anything to do with you, you stupid slut!” Pat snapped back. “Any idiot could have figured that out by now.”

“We’re not done with each other, cunt,” Marsha growled. “I’m not leaving this room until you spread your legs for me. We’re going to fuck each other raw.” Marsha could not hide the hunger in her voice.

Pat felt a deep thrill of pure, raw lust coursing through her body. She knew what was going to happen, she knew there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Soon, in mere moments, she and Marsha would be locked together, nude body to nude body, tit to tit, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, giving and taking from each other all the lust, all the pleasure, all the hate, that their luscious bodies could give. She knew that she wanted this, more than she wanted anything. There was no need to pretend anymore, no need to resist the inevitable. She was going to fuck Marsha; she was going to fuck Marsha until the bitch screamed her surrender, until the whore begged her for more and more and more, until she drained every drop out of Marsha’s dripping twat and left the other woman wet and broken, fucked into a coma, pussy-pounded into submission.

Pat exploded. “I’m sick of you, you dirty whore! Alright, let’s do this! Let’s fuck this out! I’m going to leave you a dirty smear on the floor!” Pat angrily untied the sash to her robe, exposing her voluptuous body, and pulled the short garment off her shoulders. The robe fell to the floor, leaving her completely naked. She threw back her shoulders defiantly, thrusting out her tits, forcing her massive DDs to jiggle aggressively.

Marsha bit her trembling lip. She reached down and pulled off her spike heels and threw them beside the door. She untied the sash to her robe. Her equally large, firm tits quivered on her chest as she pushed the robe off, leaving her body naked and ready. Her tits felt swollen, her clit was on fire, her pussy was hot and wet, her heart was pounding in her throat.

Marsha smiled as she slid her hands down her smooth, taut belly and framed her dripping vulva. It was completely bare, newly hairless and smooth. “Do you like the way my pussy looks?” she asked archly. “I see you got the full Brazilian, too. It will be nice to feel our pussies suck together and have nothing between them. I’ve heard the skin to skin sensation is just incredible! All the juices come out and make it nice and slick! And the bare skin helps a lot with the suction.” The beautiful brunette smiled lasciviously, but her trembling lips revealed the depth of her desire.

Pat said nothing in reply, but a thrill of intense electricity ran through her nether regions. Her pussy clenched and, for a moment, she feared that she was going to squirt.

The naked women slowly advanced on each other in the semi-dark room. They panted with excitement and anger. Marsha and Pat reached for each other’s hands. Their fingers intermeshed, they pressed palm to palm, naked flesh to naked flesh. For a moment, their muscled arms quivered in a test of strength, both women holding each other off just a moment longer, teasing each other with anticipation. Then they pushed their arms upward, raising their massive tits with them, and pushed in closer. They aimed their rock hard nipples for each other and, slowly, pushed the thick brown nubs head to head. The women gasped in shared joy as their tits mated. They pushed harder and felt the thick, firm titflesh yield then hold, quivering in stalemate, as meaty tits mashed to meaty tits. The struggling women rubbed tits side to side, up and down, pushing the other’s thick mounds around and around on their chests. Marsha broke their hand grip and wrapped her arms around Pat’s upper back; Pat slipped her arms around Marsha’s curving waist. Grunting, the women pulled each other in, tightening their mutual grips. Their DD tits mashed hard, firm flesh straining against flesh, throbbing with heat as the dense meat struggled. Their swollen nipples speared each other, searing as they fused, as they twisted. The women’s areola crushed and grated. The sensations were unbearable. Marsha and Pat moaned in shared pleasure as their nipples pulsed, filling their struggling tits with electricity.

Pat and Marsha pressed their foreheads together, they pushed nose to nose. The panting women shared hot breath, their lips and tongues almost touching, body to body. They glared into each other’s eyes. Their tits rolled hard, their powerful bare legs surged against each other as they fought for balance and leverage. Bare bellies slapped, sliding smoothly and deliciously, naked flesh caressing. Pat slid her hands down Marsha’s muscular hips and seized her enemy’s round ass. She squeezed the thick meat, then slapped it viciously, eliciting a groan of pain and arousal from her foe. Marsha immediately returned the attack, spanking Pat’s rippling bare ass as hard as she could. Both women cried out in pain and pleasure.

“You fucking whore,” Pat gasped. “I’m going to settle this with you once and for all…”

“Fuck you, slut,” Marsha shot back. “I’m going to ride you until I’m completely satisfied… you’re not going to be able to walk for the next week…”

Pat snarled, but she could not resist the urge to kiss Marsha any longer. The other brunette was equally enraged and aroused. With a shared snarl of rage and desire, the angry, lustful women brought their mouths together. Eager tongues lashed and twined in spitty knots. Their hot breath flowed between their bodies in desperate pants. They pushed hard with their faces, driving their locked mouths deeply together, sucking spit back and forth. Their mouths quickly overflowed with their mixed saliva. It dribbled down their chins, onto their struggling, mashed tits. Both women gripped the other’s ass tightly as they pulled their naked bodies together, trying to overwhelm the other. They staggered back and forth, their powerful muscles straining. Their skin started to dot with sweat as their efforts grew.

“Mmmmmm,” Pat moaned, her voluptuous body vibrating with erotic tension. She pushed her hips forward, thrusting out with her pelvis, trying to bring her pussy to bear on Marsha’s dripping twat. The women’s taut bellies clapped as Marsha thrust back. Their muscular abdomens rippled against each other, navels lining up and sucking. The women could feel the heat radiating from their hungry, sopping wet cunts. Pat was losing herself in the delicious sensations of flesh on flesh, sweat mixing with sweat, straining, bulging tits throbbing on tits. Her erogenous zones were on fire, her desire for sensual ecstasy was overpowering her anger and filling her with the need to mate with her enemy, to take the incredible pleasure being offered to her. Pat stopped resisting, knowing the only way to win this contest was to outfuck her rival, to give and take more pleasure than Marsha could bear. There was no more time or need for thought. All that mattered was fucking and fucking and fucking, until one of them could not take any more. She was willing to let her body do all her talking and thinking for her.

The nude women staggered further into the room, until they were swaying back and forth in front of the fireplace, no space between their powerful bodies, their bare feet shifting on the rug as they tried to keep their balance, their thighs pushing and sliding against each other. Their mouths and tongues worked, locked in an unbreakable seal, as they sucked spit back and forth, as they strained to overwhelm the other with sexual power. They swallowed the other woman’s moans and cries as their lust grew brighter and hotter. Their hands roamed freely over naked flesh, gripping and slapping, caressing and scratching. Marsha had hoped to force Pat onto her back on the rug and mount her, as she had done in their first meeting, but Pat resisted. As much as she was lost to the sensual pleasures of the flesh, enough of her mind remained that she refused to give in so easily. Marsha finally wrapped her arms around Pat’s shoulders and used her body weight to pull Pat down. The women dropped to their knees on the rug. Pressed tight, thigh to thigh, belly to belly, tit to tit, they continued kissing savagely, gripping and squeezing the other’s ass. Pat traced the crevasse between Marsha’s ass cheeks, grasping and separating the powerful, flexing muscles, before shoving two fingers up her rival’s tight anus. Marsha groaned in delight, her cry muffled by Pat’s tongue, and violated Pat in the same way in reply. The women writhed in each other’s arms, grinding tits, slapping bellies, feeling their desire grow beyond control. They kissed savagely, their muffled moans and cries grew louder and fiercer as they fought.

The women broke the kiss, panting and gasping with rage and lust. Spit dribbled from their mouths to their mashed cleavage.

“You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you, Pat?” Marsha whispered. She tightened her sphincter, closing her asshole on Pat’s invading digits.

“I’m willing to be every bit as dirty as you, fucker,” Pat hissed in reply, tightening her ass around Marsha’s fingers. She rammed her face back into Marsha’s, resuming their kissfight.

Pat slid her free hand up the curve of Marsha’s supple spine and buried her fingers in the woman’s thick black hair. Marsha pulled one finger out of Pat’s tight ass and quickly lifted her hand to Pat’s head. Both women took a good grip on the other’s hair and yanked hard, pulling their beautiful faces apart in a spray of spit. Long strands of saliva linked their wet mouths. Pat’s and Marsha’s tongues licked up the remnants. Panting, Pat pushed herself away from Marsha, breaking their bodies’ contact for the first time since the fight started. She fell back onto her taut ass and pushed her body further away, sliding on the faux fur rug on the wooden floor in front of the fireplace. She spread her legs, presenting her wet cunt to her enemy. She braced her body with one arm behind her back and used her other hand to gently stroke her burning pussy lips. Pat pressed on either plump lip and spread her vulva open, helping her swollen clit to pop free of its hood. She gasped then moaned as she gently caressed the pulsing red nub with her fingernail, sending a shudder through her body.

Pat’s half-hooded eyes locked with Marsha’s burning glare. The other woman licked her dry lips and she gazed down into Pat’s dripping twat. Even by the dim light coming from over the bed, Pat’s cunt gleamed wet and tight. For a moment, Marsha hesitated, not sure if she wanted to throw herself on Pat, force the woman to the ground and mount her, or if she wanted to meet Pat on equal terms. She soon decided. Marsha sat back on the rug, spread her legs, and teased her engorged clit out of its hood. She stroked her burning cunt, then inserted two fingers into her twat and pumped herself. Marsha gasped, her arousal at a fever pitch.

“Now, you little fuck, now…,” Marsha panted.

“Come and get it, fucker,” Pat moaned. Her mind was a burning frenzy and she could barely speak, her lust was so overpowering.

The women slid towards each other, legs wide spread, arms bracing their naked bodies. They shifted right legs over lefts, aimed their ravenous, naked cunts at each other, and came together with a mutual, powerful thrust of their wide hips and rippling asses. Their cunts slapped loudly and wetly, fuckmeat splatting to fuckmeat. Their vulva lips burned like acid as their women’s genitals met, the heat searing through their aching bodies.

“Unnnnh,” Pat grunted, her eyes closed, her head thrown back, as she rammed her cunt with all her strength into Marsha’s matching twat.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Marsha cried out, her ass flexing, her hips thrusting, rolling in small circles, as she drilled herself into Pat, determined to destroy her rival’s pussy with her own. “Oh god, fuck, yessssss!”

The women’s tits bounced exuberantly, the sound of wet, hot cunt sucking and slapping filled the room, accompanied by the animal grunts that matched the rhythm of both women’s thrusting hips. The women shifted their hips so they could slide more easily into the fork of the other’s legs. Their juiced-up twats ground together even deeper. The smooth, naked flesh of their hairless vulvas caressed, slick flesh on slick flesh, feeding the heat. Their muscled slits spread under the pressure, forcing each other wider, allowing the women to enter each other, to fuse, genital sealing to genital. Sex-slimed labia locked tight, the fleshy petals melting together. Their pussies fit together perfectly, the sexual gears of their bodies meshing and slotting, forming one delicious, hot, wet fuck machine. The struggling women threw back their heads and cried out in pure erotic ecstasy, their luscious bodies moving in a delicious fuck rhythm, pumping genital heat into each other.

Marsha turned her head away and closed her eyes, so she did not have to watch the unbearably arousing sight of Pat’s DDs bouncing on her chest. Pat closed her eyes and worked her hips and ass, grinding and grinding her slick, hot cunt deep into Marsha’s burning fuckmeat. Pat’s body trembled with the incredible sensual electricity flowing through every muscle. Marsha matched her thrust for thrust, pushing back, penetrating and sucking at Pat’s cunt even as Pat sucked her in.

“God, oh god, you fucking whore, I hate you so much, I hate you so fucking much…” Pat chanted, her head thrown back, her eyes shut tight, her cries of agonizing sexual pleasure growing ever more urgent.

“Fucking dirty slut, you cunt-eating clit tease,” Marsha moaned. “I’m going to fuck your brains out, I’m going to fuck every inch of you, I’m going to break your goddamned body…”

The women redoubled their attacks, their hips and asses thrusting even more frantically as each tried to grind the other woman down, to force the other to a submissive orgasm before she was overwhelmed with the pleasure of what they were doing to each other. Pat and Marsha gasped and panted, their moans of animal ecstasy rising to a fever pitch as they cried out with every thrust.

“God, oh God, you cunt!” Marsha sobbed as she felt her body reach the point of no return. Her toes started to curl, the incredible tension in every one of her muscles reached a peak.

“Yes, yes, you whore, you fucking slut!” Pat screamed. Her body could not take any more. She knew she was going to detonate like a fuck bomb.

Marsha came first. Her powerful pussy clenched hard on Pat’s cunt, squeezing, trembling as it contracted, then it released a powerful jet of warm, gooey woman cum. Marsha threw back her head and moaned. “AAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.”

The sensation of the other woman’s cunt sucking at hers, the heat of Marsha’s delicious cum flowing up into her vagina, bathing her clit in warmth, squirting up from between the locked slits of their inosculated cunts – all of this was too much. Pat gasped then cried out in animal need as she felt her pussy convulse, then release. Pat’s cream mixed with Marsha’s cum and she injected the steaming broth into her enemy. Cum and other liquids flowed from their struggling pussies, soaking their lower torsos, flowing down into their ass cracks, creating a huge wet spot on the rug where they struggled. The women threw back their heads, moaning, and gasping uncontrollably. They braced their powerful bodies with their arms and rammed and ground their clits together as hard as they could, fucking and fucking, draining each other’s bodies of cum, forcing every ounce of pleasure out of the other. The pleasure flowed in waves from their clits to every inch of burning flesh on their bodies. Pat and Marsha felt light-headed as the erotic sensations grew too much to bear. The women slowly fell flat on their backs, their cries of bliss turning to whimpers of joy, their voluptuous bodies writhing like snakes on the wet carpet as they fucked mercilessly, their shoulders pressed into the rug, their asses thrust high, their hips jerking, as they rode each other to the end.

Part III

For long minutes, Pat and Marsha lay on the rug, their bodies dripping with sweat, their thick, meaty tits heaving with their pants, their lower torsos streaked with ejaculate. They were trapped in the forks of each other’s legs, their genitals locked, their labia fused, their pussy lips glued together with cum, their thick clits pulsing like drums, their legs twined around the other woman’s torso. The exhausted fuck warriors lay flat on the rug, slipping in and out of consciousness, riding the incredible high of pure sexual ecstasy wracking their beautiful bodies.

Pat gathered her strength and twisted her body away, slowly breaking the seal between their interlocked cunts. The women’s twats pulled apart with a thick pop; dollops of cum splattered on the rug, soaking it even more.

Pat disentangled herself from Marsha’s legs; the other woman did not resist as Pat separated from her, though she groaned gently in protest. Slowly, on her hands and knees, Pat crawled toward the bed, her hot, red pussy dripping the whole way, leaving a trail of cum on the rug and the floor. Every muscle in her body felt wrung out. She felt weak, but only in the sense that an amazing release of tension, an incredible sense of relaxation, suffused her womanly body with torpor. She pulled herself up beside the bed, pulled the crisp sheets back, and slid under them. She felt bad about the clean sheets getting so stained with the sweat and cum dripping from her body, but she enjoyed the coolness closing on her hot form. She moved to the center of the bed and lay flat on her back, her arms at her side, her legs slightly spread but straight. She reached up and clicked off the bed lamp. The room plunged into darkness, the only light leaking in from the gently glowing ground lamps outside. Pat felt her hard nipples poking into the sheet, she felt her clit throbbing and aching between her legs. Despite the incredible fucking she and Marsha had administered to each other, her body was still burning with sexual heat. Sighing deeply, Pat slipped into an exhausted sleep.

Her sleep did not last long, A few minutes later, she was awoken from her slumber by the sounds of movement. By the ambient light drifting in from outside, she saw the outline of Marsha’s lush body, standing unsteadily beside the bed. Marsha pulled back the sheet and duvet and crawled into the bed. Pat’s mind came fully alert, but she did not move. Instead, she waited, burning with anticipation of what was coming. Her nipples pulsed as they tightened into rock. Her clit throbbed even harder. Her juicy cunt lubricated powerfully. She felt Marsha moving under the covers, approaching her in the dark.

Marsha’s wet, hot body slid onto Pat’s slick, nude form. Both women groaned in indescribable lust as their four meaty tits squashed together, taut flesh pushing and rolling. Their sharp nipples stabbed deep into yielding titflesh. Marsha’s bare belly slapped onto Pat’s belly. Pat arched her back, pushing her abdomen even more firmly into that of the woman mounting her, the firm flesh molding, their hot navels sucking as their naked flesh flowed into one. Pat opened her thighs, spreading herself, tilting her pelvis up to give Marsha better access to her sopping wet, hungry cunt. Marsha pushed down with her hips and shoved her succulent fuckmeat onto Pat’s burning twat, slit aligned to slit. The women moaned in shared ecstasy as their ravenous cunts slid on each other, pussy lips moving up and down slickly, slowly spreading and sucking as they opened under the pressure. Marsha moved her chest on top of Pat’s, sending delicious sensations rippling through the four meaty pads of their breasts, until their nipples were burning and stabbing directly into each other. She slipped her arms under Pat’s shoulders and grabbed Pat’s head by her hair, pulling Pat’s face around so they were nose to nose. Pat slid her hands down and around Marsha’s narrow waist and curving hips, spreading her palms on the other woman’s round, thick ass, gripping the powerful buttocks. Marsha and Pat exchanged hungry licks, before Marsha pulled back Pat’s head, forcing her mouth open, and spat directly down her enemy’s throat.

Before Pat could respond, Marsha locked her in a tongue-filled kiss, their mouths thrusting deep into each other. Pat used one hand to push Martha’s head deeper; her other hand slid up and down the other woman’s ass crack, teasing her anus. The struggling women moved harder and harder against each other, their muscles straining, their desire to fuck driving them crazy with lust. Every inch of flesh on both women burned with the desire to mate. The women’s hips moved in rhythm, their powerful asses rippled as they thrust and ground together, cunts slapping wetly in ecstasy.

Pat and Marsha broke their kiss as their need for breath grew unbearable. Pat turned her head, her cheek on the pillow. Marsha pressed her cheek down on Pat’s. Drool from Marsha’s mouth dribbled down to Pat’s mouth, as the women panted and moaned like animals, locked in their battle for sexual domination. Neither wanted to stop, both were consumed with lust and excitement. Their swollen clits slid into the other’s hot, soft labia, before meeting head to head. A shockwave of pure ecstasy and raw electricity roared through their bucking bodies, forcing the women to scream in concert. Their moans and cries of joy spiraled higher and higher as they fucked and fucked, their lush flesh trembling with barely contained tension. On and on it went, until both women were sobbing with need, their voluptuous bodies quivering with sexual power.

“Cum, you fucking whore, cum…,” Marsha pleaded, turning her head and gasping directly into Pat’s ear. She used her tongue to scour the inside of the ear and lick Pat’s face.

“You cum for me, you dirty fuck,” Pat gasped, struggling to hold back the incredible orgasm building in her core. Her clit felt like an overfilled balloon, tight and hot and ready to explode. Still, she braced her body with her ankles, pushing into the mattress, and met Marsha thrust for thrust, her ass pumping, her hips jerking, keeping her clit in constant, excruciating contact with its swollen counterpart.

“I’m going to make you cream, you dirty slut…,” Marsha groaned, working her hips harder, increasing the intensity of the clit to clit rubbing and jousting.

“Oh god, omigodddddd,” Pat sobbed, her body shuddering with tension, her self-control slipping away. She could feel that, as close to the edge as she was, Marsha was not far behind. Pat felt the pleasure, the sexual power, overcome her will, overwhelm her resistance. She felt the impending explosion of ecstasy coming. She knew it could not be stopped.

Marsha felt it too. She tried to lift her hips, to disengage their clits so that Pat would face the humiliation of being outfucked, of being forced to cum by herself. Pat felt Marsha’s clit withdraw from her own. Instantly, she pulled Marsha’s body back down, her fingers digging into her enemy’s perfect ass, forcing their clits together hard, tip to tip.

“Oh fuck, fucking god!” Marsha moaned. Her body shuddered in unbearable pleasure and she knew she had passed the point of no return. Her throbbing clit seared to Pat’s clit, forming one burning rod of pleasure, filling both women’s sexual cores.

“You’re cumming with me, whore,” Pat gasped, her breath coming in excited, desperate gasps.

Marsha thrust down into Pat as hard as she could, cunt sinking into cunt. The women’s clits crushed tight, two thick, exquisitely sensitive nerves rubbing and grinding furiously, fusing into one constant explosion of unbearable erotic sensation. Pat clawed at Marsha’s pumping ass, keeping the other woman’s cunt glued to her own, forcing as much pleasure on Marsha as Marsha was forcing on her. The women locked in a vicious kiss. Fucking and fucking and fucking, pumping each other furiously, riding each other viciously, Pat and Marsha pulled each other over the edge in a shattering, screaming, moaning, gasping mutual orgasm.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh,” Marsha cried, screaming out in erotic joy.

“Unnnnngggghhhhh,” Pat groaned, her body wracked by convulsions as a devastating orgasm peeled out of her tortured cunt, followed by another. Through her haze of ecstasy, she realized that Marsha was having a multi-orgasmic climax as well. Hot cum spurted between the writhing women’s locked pussies, mixing and squeezing up into their vaginal canals, bathing their throbbing clits in creamy warmth. The mixed ejaculate soaked the intersection of their bodies and coated their inner thighs and upper bellies. It flowed down Pat’s ass crack to form a large wet spot on the bed.

The bucking, straining women clung to each other, their muscles locked and trembling, their bodies grinding slow and hard, as they sexually finished each other. Erotic pleasure flowed through their veins like molten fire, filling every muscle with heat and tension, then releasing, over and over. Soaked with sweat, drenched in cum, Pat and Marsha finally collapsed, their arms wrapped around the other, Marsha sprawled on Pat like a blanket, their nude bodies tangled.

The women floated on a cloud of sexual euphoria for some time, both on the verge of passing out from the intense erotic experience they had given each other. Pat barely knew where she was; all she knew was that her cunt was vibrating with pleasure, her tits were aching with heat, and she loved the wet, hot weight of Marsha’s body spread on top of her.

Marsha’s mind was detached from her body and she was nearly unconscious. She shifted on top of Pat and felt her rock-hard nipples burn as they twisted with Pat’s nipples, and her throbbing clit flick hard on Pat’s delicious clit, sending a spasm of electricity through both women. They moaned in shared pleasure and tightened their grips on the other, neither wanting to separate, both wanting to stay mated, clit to clit, tit to tit and belly to belly, forever. The women were pressed cheek to cheek, panting and sweaty.

Pat’s entire body was buzzing with electricity. Despite the jolting, kicking orgasms that she and Marsha had just shared, despite the stunning orgasms they had fucked out of each other in front of the fireplace, despite the fact they had both passed out from the sheer intensity of their pleasure, their fight was just beginning. Pat knew that this was an all-out fuckwar and she resolved to see this battle through to the end. She would not be humiliated by Marsha.

After almost 30 minutes, Marsha stirred, groaned, disentangled their limbs and rolled herself off of Pat’s naked body. The women gasped as they separated. They lay side by side, their heaving tits moved in concert, their naked thighs and jutting hips pressed tight on one side of their bodies.

Pat gathered herself. She knew that if she did not act soon, Marsha would launch a new attack in this delicious fuckwar. Pat suddenly threw back the duvet, exposing both women’s nakedness. Before Marsha could react, Pat rolled onto her enemy, delighting as their flesh came together. The women cried out in joy as their naked bodies slapped wetly, flesh molding to flesh once more.

“Fuck, yes,” Marsha breathed. She spread her legs, offering her cunt to Pat, more than eager and willing to start fucking again. Pat could not resist what Marsha was offering. Groaning with need, she pressed her aching, dripping cunt down hard onto Marsha’s juicy twat. Both women moaned lustfully as their burning genitals caressed, slick gashes sliding with electrifying smoothness. Their tight slits teased and tempted the other as thick pussy lips kissed. Their swollen clits lightly flicked, sending a shockwave of intense pleasure arcing through the women. They moaned in shared joy.

However, before Marsha could lock her in place by intertwining their powerful legs, Pat moved her body down, sliding her tits off of Marsha’s tits and burying her face into the woman’s massive rack. Pat opened her mouth wide and took as much of Marsha’s swollen left tit into her mouth as she could. She bit and sucked gently at the sensitive flesh at first, before biting harder, worrying the meat with her teeth. Her right hand kneaded and squeezed Marsha’s left tit, stroking and rubbing the aching nipple. Marsha cried out in pleasure and arched her back, pushing her tits more strongly into Pat’s face; she gripped Pat by the back of her head and pushed her down into her breast. Pat slipped her arms around Marsha’s waist, then reached her right hand up the woman’s back and grabbed Marsha’s hair. She pulled strongly, yanking Marsha’s head back and causing the woman to arch her back even more. Pat shifted her attention to Marsha’s left tit and repeated the process, mauling the woman’s breast with her lips and teeth as she kneaded the free breast with her eager hand. For a long time, Pat feasted on Marsha’s tits, enjoying the feel and taste of the swelling flesh, the rock-hard nipples, in her mouth. She covered the tanned orbs in spit and the imprints of gentle bites. She slipped lower on Marsha’s body. Her tongue traced Marsha’s taut belly, licking up the salty sweat. She tongued Marsha’s navel, tasting both sweat and some of the mixed cum that had flowed into the sexy orifice, then continued lower, licking and sucking all the way. Her hands stroked at Marsha’s sensitive inner thighs and moved smoothly up the woman’s naked belly to Marsha’s bulging tits, kneading, squeezing and stroking the enflamed glands. She licked up the sweat and cum coating Marsha’s thighs, exploring the hot flesh and sexy crevasses of the woman’s body, even as her hands sank into Marsha’s tits. Finally, Pat ran her tongue up Marsha’s cum-coated slit, sucking up the gooey residue, lapping at the deep groove like a cat. Marsha gasped and writhed, moaning in pleasure. Pat used her fingers to pry Marsha’s cunt lips wider apart and worked her tongue deep into the woman’s juicy, tasty labia. Pat loved what she was doing. She loved how Marsha tasted, she loved the vicious intimacy of the way she was sexually assaulting her enemy, giving pleasure that caused her rival to gasp, moan and writhe. Marsha bucked her hips gently and placed her hands on Pat’s head, trying to pull her tormenter even deeper into her aching cunt. Pat kept licking Marsha’s slit, cleaning out the delicious fuckhole. Pat finally went in for the kill, licking and sucking gently on Marsha’s swollen, twitching clit.

“Oh God, fucking God!!!” Marsha cried, her hips bucking hard, her body trembling uncontrollably. Pat sucked harder and harder on the exquisitely sensitive, swollen nub. She ran her teeth gently over the skin of the exposed nerve, smiling inside as Marsha shrieked out in joy. She could feel Marsha struggling desperately to hold back her pleasure, struggling to keep from exploding. Pat redoubled her attack, shoving two fingers up Marsha’s tight, hot asshole.

“Oh God, you cunt, you dirty slutty cunt…,” Marsha cried, tears running down her face as her body shook with orgasmic tension. “Oh, oh, ohhhhhh….FUCK!!

Marsha screamed as her pussy exploded in a hot jet of cum. Pat’s mouth was covering her opponent’s fuckhole, so most of the creamy ejaculate shot into her mouth, filling it up quickly. Marsha did not swallow. Instead, she held as much of the ejaculate as she could. When her mouth was full, she pulled back. Some of the cum jetted onto her face and into her hair. More splattered on her chest as she pulled back. Marsha’s convulsions, her writhing body, slowly stilled as her remaining cum trickled from her spent cunt onto the bed.

Pat did not waste time. Her body was burning with arousal. The act of eating Marsha to the point of orgasm had filled her with the need to fuck. She threw herself onto Marsha’s gasping, writhing body. Pat moaned inside, shivering with pleasure as her firm tits crushed Marsha’s titmeat, as their wet bellies slapped and wriggled against each other. She pushed her burning pussy onto Marsha’s wet, hot cunt and rolled her hips around, rubbing her naked genitals on the other woman’s smooth, sex-slimed twat. Pat slipped her arms under her enemy’s shoulders and grabbed Marsha’s sweaty hair on both sides. She yanked hard and painfully on the woman’s dark hair, causing Marsha to cry out. Pat shoved her mouth deep into Marsha’s mouth, and emptied the cum, spitting it into Marsha’s mouth, filling the other woman’s orifice with the saliva-mixed ejaculate.

The women moaned as their tongues slopped the gooey drool back and forth, as they sucked spit and cum between their hungry, angry mouths. They thrilled to the feeling of violating each other, of sharing intense hatred and intimacy at once. Marsha sucked back most of the cum and swallowed it. Pat continued to kiss Marsha passionately, running her tongue around and around inside the woman’s mouth, wrestling spitty tongue to tongue with Marsha. She finally broke the kiss. Marsha turned her head, gasping, struggling to recover her breath. Pat pushed cheek to cheek, pinning Marsha’s head to the pillow, and began rolling her hips, thrusting with her ass, pounding and grinding her swollen, aching cunt deep into Marsha’s delicious fuckmeat. Marsha grabbed Pat’s rippling ass and fucked back against her, keeping their cunts sealed tight. The women’s bodies moved in an undulating, jerking wave as they fucked and fucked, penetrating each other, reaming each other’s soft, thick-lipped slits. Their swollen clits wrapped together. Pat and Marsha screamed in unison as pure ecstasy roared through their jerking, straining bodies. In the end, Pat reared back, her beautiful face contorted in a rictus of sexual agony, and came hard, so incredibly hard. She drowned Marsha’s quim in her hot ejaculate, she pumped her cum deep into her enemy. Moments later, Marsha shrieked in joy as she came just as hard, sharing cum with Pat. The women’s mixed cum streamed down Marsha’s ass crack and soaked the bed. Bucking and writhing, clits knotted together in unbearable pleasure, the women fucked and fucked, shouting out in erotic joy, until they collapsed, bodies tangled, clits throbbing with tortuous heat.

“You whore,” Pat gasped, her sweaty cheek plastered to Marsha’s. “You dirty fucking whore…”

“Cunt, fucking cunt,” Marsha replied, panting. “Filty fucking cunt…”

That was all the women could manage. Marsha’s last act was to reach to the side, grasp the duvet that Pat had thrown off, and pull it over their hot, sweaty bodies, trapping them together in their erotic prison. Sobbing with pleasure, the women passed out in each other’s arms.

Part IV

Hours later, Pat stirred. She was soaked in sweat, her naked body slick and hot, still tit to tit and belly to belly with Marsha. She shifted on top of her fuck rival, glancing at the clock on the night stand. It read 3:00 AM. She smiled to herself. There was still time to continue her fuckfight with this whore. Under her, Marsha began to move. The women’s legs shifted. Smooth, wet thighs slid against each other, then Marsha placed her hands on Pat’s shoulders and pushed the other woman away, freeing her body. Pat threw off the duvet, exposing their nude bodies once more. The women glared at each other with bleary eyes, but both knew what they needed to do.

“Fuck you, cunt,” Marsha grunted as she threw off the dullness of sleep. She felt her body getting hot and ready, ready to take on Pat in more sexual combat.

“Eat me, you slut,” Pat whispered back.

“Mmm, I think I will,” Marsha replied. She pushed herself up, got to her knees briefly, then reversed her position and stretched out beside Pat, her face aligned with Pat’s hot cunt. Pat shuddered with anticipation. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, and gestured at Marsha.

“Come and suck me, baby,” Pat murmured. “And I’ll eat you. Let’s see who lasts.”

“Gladly, you clit-tease,” Marsha snarled. She rolled her body on top of Pat, burying her face between Pat’s thighs, looping her arms under Pat’s hips and grasping the woman’s powerful ass. Pat spread her hands on Marsha’s equally perfect ass and raised her head to her enemy’s juicy, fragrant cunt. Before she started eating, Pat took a moment to inhale deeply, to enjoy the delicious scent of hot womanhood and dried cum and sweet sweat wafting off of Marsha’s dripping twat. She ran her tongue up Marsha’s cum-slick slit and moaned lustfully as the delicious taste played on her tongue. As she turned her full attention to sucking and eating Marsha, to making the other woman cum and cum and lose control, Pat reflected on how much she loved this, how much she loved fucking and fighting with Marsha, how much she loved violating the other woman and being violated in turn, how much she enjoyed the struggle for domination and sexual supremacy. She knew, in that moment, that she could not live without it. An instant after this realization, she felt Marsha’s tongue probing her asshole, then the woman’s mouth settled over her anus and sucked hard. Pat cried out in pleasure and eagerly, joyously, returned the attack, spreading Marsha’s ass cheeks and shoving her tongue into the puckered, tart-tasting hole.

Over the next two hours, Pat and Marsha devoured each other in every way they could. They covered the other woman’s inner thighs with spit as they licked and lapped at the smooth, salty, cum-slick flesh. Strong tongues and deep sucking cleaned out cum-laden slits and assholes. They used their fingers to spread anuses and pussies, they used their tongues to explore and tease every orifice, they drove their fingers deep into the other woman’s pleasure holes. Pat fisted Marsha first, but soon both women were fist deep in the other’s tight, hot twat, followed soon by fingers and fists deep into assholes. They body-rolled constantly, taking turns on top, often lying on their sides so they could eat each other from positions of equality. More than anything, they sucked on each other’s clits, licking and lapping, nibbling and stroking, doing all they could to drive the other woman insane with pleasure. After the first half hour, both women were almost delirious with ecstasy, their bodies convulsing as they came hard into the other’s beautiful face. They drank back the cum, savouring the taste of each temporary victory over the other. Soon, their faces and hair were streaked with womanly ejaculate, but both fuckfighters wanted more.

On and on they battled, fighting and fucking, devouring each other whole. The longer they fought, the more they came, the more dehydrated they became. Finally, the fuckfighting women had to stop. Sprawled on the bed, Pat on top, they buried their faces deep in the other woman’s cunt and rubbed them round and round. They gently licked and tortured their opponent’s swollen, throbbing clit. Their bodies writhed slowly, exhausted but so sexually aroused that they could not stop moving. They floated on a cloud of bliss, feasting on each other with ravenous hunger but almost too spent to go on.

Moaning, Pat rolled off of Marsha. The two lay side by side, two beautiful women, their gorgeous bodies almost mirror images, filthy with cum and sweat, their faces and hair wet with ejaculate, eating each other to a standstill. Neither woman had looked or felt more sensual in their lives.

After a few minutes, Pat groaned and sat up. She crawled to the side of the bed and grabbed the pitcher of water she had left there. She did not bother with the glass. She drank straight from the pitcher, emptying almost of half of it before she felt sated. She passed it to Marsha, who sat up, took the vessel in both hands and eagerly drained it. Marsha handed the empty pitcher back to Pat, who replaced it on the night stand.

Pat pushed the duvet off to the foot of the bed and sat back, bracing her body with her arms and spreading her legs. Marsha smiled as she mirrored Pat’s position. It was time to decide their battle and the only way to really do it was to scissor-fuck. It was now past 5 AM. Pat and Marsha were both incredibly tired. But as they stared into the other woman’s dripping, indescribably beautiful cunt, both women felt their sexual energies recharging, their enormous sexual appetites replenishing. Their clits began to pulse and swell back to life.

“No separating,” Marsha grunted. “We lock up clit to clit and fuck this out until one of us can’t go on.”

“Fine by me, whore,” Pat replied. “We fuck until you drop.”

Marsha smiled viciously. ‘You wish, you little cunt.”

Pat loved the idea that she and Marsha would just keep fucking until one of them was drained and humiliated. Even the fear that she felt that she might be the one ridden into submission only added to the intoxicating anticipation.

The women drove their aching cunts together, slit to slit. They moaned in shared joy and lust as they mated, their genitals fusing. Their throbbing clits met head to head, the sexual weapons crushing, nerves exploding with raw pleasure.

“God, oh fucking God!” Pat gasped, her body shuddering as the erotic electricity surged through her muscles.

“FUCK!! Mmmmmnn, fucccckkkkk…” Marsha moaned, her muscles quivering with sudden tension, her body as tight as a bow as pleasure suffused every cell.

The women leaned back, their arms supporting their jerking bodies, their tits bouncing with every powerful thrust, as they worked their cunts deeper and deeper into each other, their clits grinding furiously, jousting and rubbing, flicking and stabbing until they twisted into a pulsing knot. Pat and Marsha screamed, tears streaming down their faces as the intense erotic sensations in their body grew more and more unbearable. Their powerful cunts fused, labia becoming molten flesh as they merged, their vaginas sucking at each other like vacuums. The women grunted and gasped, moaned and screamed, as they fucked furiously, each determined to bring the other to orgasm first. Their voluptuous bodies dripped with sweat. The women shifted their hips and slid deeper into the fork of their opponent’s legs, allowing them to penetrate the other woman and lock their cunts even more deeply. Grunting, gasping with each powerful thrust, the women grabbed the other’s muscled thigh for leverage and redoubled their grinding, bucking, battle.

“Unnnnngggh!” Marsha groaned.

“Arrrgggghhh!” Pat cried.

The two women felt the end coming as they fucked each other to the edge of orgasm, each trying to push the other off first. Pat released Marsha’s thigh and reached out and grabbed Marsha by her thick black hair and pulled the woman towards her. The women’s incredible, aroused tits mashed hard, causing them to cry out with pleasure at the delicious contact. Their nipples stabbed into dense titflesh. Marsha and Pat wrapped their arms around each other’s backs, grabbing and slapping at the other’s ass, pulling each other in. They rolled their tits as they pushed their gorgeous, angry faces nose to nose, forehead to forehead.

“Cum, you dirty fuck, cum!” Pat gasped, her red lips touching Marsha’s, spit flying between their mouths.

“Filthy cunt, you cum first!” Marsha groaned, her beautiful face distorted by sexual agony.

The women’s mouths locked and they kissed savagely, tongues lashing, spit sucking between their joined orifices, each Amazon struggling to hold on just a moment longer than the other. Their clits warred, thrusting and grinding, sending shockwaves of devastating ecstasy roaring through their writhing bodies.

Pat spread her hands on Marsha’s rippling ass. She kissed even harder, her tongue wrestling furiously with Martha’s thick pink probe. When she had focused much of Martha’s attention on their battling tongues, she slid both her index fingers deep into Martha’s asshole. Martha’s eyes shot wide, her tight anus closed on the invaders, but the shock of pleasure was too much. She broke the kiss as she threw back her head to howl in erotic joy.

“You fucking bitch!” Martha shrieked as her pussy clenched tight, wrestling with Pat’s straining cunt, then released a hot, hard shot of cum. Pat moaned in delight as she felt the warm liquid bathe her clit and force its way into her body. She loved the sensation of violation, she loved the feel of the hot cum flowing over her labia and into her vaginal canal, down her inner thighs, squirting onto her belly. Moments later, Pat let herself go, releasing her cum, injecting it into Marsha’s receptive cunt.

The women clung to each other, neither wanting to fall on her back, moaning and gasping, cheek to cheek, biting and clawing and slapping and exchanging angry, hateful kisses, as their shuddering bodies released one orgasm after another. They shared hot cum, their bellies rippling skin to skin as they pumped body to body, asses flexing, riding each other to the end.

Panting, heads on the other’s shoulder, Pat and Marsha rested, their bodies slick with sweat and cum, their hearts pounding into each other through the thick meat of their tits. The women pulled back then pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, glaring at each other through half-open eyes. Their clits throbbed in unison, their pussies poured heat and juices.

“More, you bitch,” Pat whispered.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless, you slut,” Marsha gasped.

Spreading their legs wide, lining up their fuck slits, Pat and Marsha readied themselves for the next round in their fuckfight. Both women grabbed the other by her perfect ass, sinking their fingers into the taut flesh. Their meaty tits mashed, nipples searing into nipples, areola melting into areola. Their rock-hard bellies slapped tight. They bucked and thrust, cunt sliding and spreading on cunt, nova-hot clits grinding and thrusting, clit to clit. The women pressed their faces together, nose to nose, forehead resting on forehead. Their lips touched, but they did not kiss. Instead, they gasped and moaned as their bodies undulated rhythmically, fucking and fucking. Their eyes locked, Pat and Marsha looking deep into each other, sharing their mutual hate, their desire to overwhelm the other woman through pure fucking. They whispered obscenities and threats at each other, but most of their breath was spent moaning, gasping, and screaming out in ecstasy as their pleasure built and built. Every 15 to 20 minutes, they cried out in shared orgasmic bliss, their bodies exploding in delicious waves of erotic power. Sometimes one woman would go off before the other, but they soon synced up, experiencing simultaneous orgasms, their bodies jerking and pumping cum back and forth. As the battling fuckfighters felt each orgasm coming on, their locked their mouths in passionate kisses that soon pushed them over the edge.

As the battle raged, both women lost track of why they were fighting. All either wanted was the endless pleasure they were getting from between the other woman’s legs, from the other women’s bulging tits and firm, tight belly. The delicious grinding and pumping went on and on, the women trapped together in a blissful world of shared ecstasy. Cum flowed like water, their clits beat like drums, their tits throbbed with heat and pleasure. Their luscious bodies moved in rhythm, soaked with sweat and pussy juices.

Lost in the pleasure, Pat did not resist when Marsha surged forward, pushing her onto her back, mounting her. Pat kept her hands fixed to Marsha’s pumping ass, keeping their cunts and clits sealed together, pulling the other woman down on her. Their writhing, grinding bodies undulated sinuously, flesh moving and flowing into flesh. They panted, face to face, whimpering as they rode each other to their most powerful orgasm yet. They grabbed each other’s asses, grinding and rubbing their bodies furiously. At the last moment, the women sank into a deep, desperate, passionate kiss, their tongues lashing as their bodies reached the peak of carnal pleasure.

Marsha broke their kiss, throwing back her head to cry out in an agony of sexual bliss.

“Unnnnngggggghhhhh!” she cried as she pumped copious amounts of cum into Pat’s open, hungry twat. Marsha shuddered uncontrollably as her body convulsed, caught in the spasms of excruciatingly intense orgasms.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh,” Pat moaned as her pussy contracted powerfully, sucking in Marsha’s hot, gooey cum, taking it into her body. She writhed uncontrollably, rubbing her slick flesh into Marsha as hard as she could, loving the sensation of her rival’s juices pulled down into the core of her body. Moments later, Pat bucked and screamed as her body shuddered in orgasm. Her cunt pumped back the mixed cum, her leg muscles locked with Marsha’s, she sank her claws deep into Marsha’s rippling ass. Pat felt Marsha clawing and gripping at her ass in reply. The women locked mouths again, tongues lashing and spit flowing as they fucked out their shared orgasms to the end.

The women lay on the bed, their bodies melted into one, Marsha sprawled on top of Pat. They had fucked each other senseless. Neither woman could move. They were too exhausted and sore to continue. They floated in and out of consciousness, neither wanting to separate. Their clits throbbed together, they rested belly flat to belly, legs twined. Their hearts pounded in unison, pulsing through their heavy, mated tits. Their hands remained on the other woman’s perfect ass. They pressed cheek to sweaty cheek, mouths open and panting, so close to kissing but not ready to do so. The hot, sticky juices between their legs gradually cooled.

Marsha summoned her last vestiges of will power. She raised her head and licked Pat on the cheek, then pushed her tongue into Pat’s open mouth. Pat turned her head, startled by the attack. Marsha gripped either side of Pat’s head, held it in place, and rammed her mouth and tongue as deep into Pat’s mouth as she could. At the same time, she let a great glob of saliva flow from her mouth into Pat’s throat. The women’s tongues wrestled in the spit-filled arena, Pat almost overwhelmed by the sudden kiss attack. The women’s muffled moans and cries grew more intense as the kiss duel intensified. Pat had been caught by surprise and now struggled not to choke on the saliva filling her mouth. She swallowed back all that she could and fought back with her tongue, but Marsha broke the savage kiss. She licked Pat’s face, covering her nose and cheeks with a thin film of saliva, before licking Pat’s lips. Pat licked back and the women fought tongue to tongue. Pat grabbed Marsha’s hair and pulled brutally; Marsha pulled back and, for a moment, the women engaged in a vicious hair-pulling contest. Marsha suddenly spat in Pat’s face and, enraged, Pat succeeded in pushing the other woman away from her.

Marsha rolled off of Pat and collapsed on her back next to her rival. The women’s tits heaved as they tried to regain their breath. Pat felt bone-tired. She was afraid that, in another moment, Marsha would roll back on top of her, mount her, and fuck her brains out. She was not sure she could resist any longer. However, after another few minutes of lying side by side, Marsha suddenly rolled away, to the foot of the bed. She rolled slowly, almost too tired to move. She rolled off the edge of the bed, landing on her hands and knees on the floor.

Marsha gathered her energy. After a minute or two, she crawled across the floor to one of the robes the women had discarded when their battle started the previous evening. Marsha grabbed the nearest robe – Pat was sure it was her’s – and pushed herself to her feet. She swayed unsteadily for a moment, then slowly pulled on the robe and tied it loosely at her waist. Her tits were practically spilling out of the collar and the short garment did nothing to hide her wet, cum-streaked legs. Marsha walked awkwardly towards the door of the suite. She used the wall to support herself as she reached down to pick up her high-heel shoes.

Just before she left, Marsha turned back to glare at Pat, through bleary eyes. “I’ll be here at 9 tonight,” she said hoarsely. “Leave the door open and be on that bed with your legs spread. We’re going to go at it again, until we both know who’s the better fuck.”

“I’ll be waiting for you, you cunt,” Pat shot back, her voice just as hoarse.

Marsha left the room, closing the door firmly behind her. Pat turned her head to look at the bedside clock. It was just after 7 AM. She tried to move, but she was too tired. She fell into an exhausted sleep. Deep in her mind, she was already looking forward to the evening.

Part V
Vignettes from a Fuckwar — Second Night:

Pat stayed in bed until 10 AM. She finally rolled out of the cum-stained, sweat-damp sheets. She knew she would need to ask the spa to completely change her bedding. She soaked her sore, battered body in a hot bath for the next hour before she felt ready to face the day. She used some of the spa’s provided lotions and oils to soothe and ease the pain and abrasion in her pussy and her beautiful breasts. The oils did their job; she felt rejuvenated after she used them and they did great work in covering up and fading the handprints, scratches and teethmarks that riddled the most sensitive, erotic parts of her body.

Pat pulled on a sun dress and made her way to lunch. She ate heartily and, after lunch, took a relaxed swim in the pool. She was careful to drink lots of water, to fuel her body and prepare herself for Marsha’s visit that night. Pat felt like she was going to war and she was not going to lose. She kept her eye out for Marsha but, despite the relatively small number of guests at the spa, she never saw her rival. Wherever Marsha was spending her day, it did not overlap with Pat.

As the day dragged on, Pat found herself getting more and more anxious, more and more horny. She had supper but was distracted, something her dinner companions soon realized. She apologized and left with an excuse. By 7 PM she was in her room. She showered but did not bother dressing. Wearing only a short robe, she brushed out her hair. She had almost 90 minutes to wait before Marsha came, before they could resume their erotic warfare. She tried watching TV, she tried reading a book she had picked up at the spa library, but Pat was too anxious and far too aroused to do anything while she waited. She took one of the spa’s postcards, tore it up, and jammed a piece of it in the lock of her door, blocking the box and preventing the latch from catching. To anyone passing by, the door looked closed and locked. A simple push would reveal this was not the case.

Pat stripped off her robe. She examined her naked body in the full length mirror by the dresser. She liked what she saw. She cupped her beautiful, naked tits and pointed her hard nipples at her image. Smiling to herself, she raised the left nipple and lowered her mouth and ran her tongue along the rough areola. She nipped at the thick, brown bud and smiled as the shock of pleasure resonated through her body, making her pussy tighten and get even wetter. Pat smiled at the familiar tension building in her stomach, filling her spectacular boobs, and resting in her gently aching clit. Her hand slipped down her naked, taut belly and traced her wet slit. She watched her reflection, almost in an erotic trance. She shook her head. She decided not to masturbate. It would take off the edge, but she wanted to meet Marsha with all of the sexual energy she had built up over the day at the ready.

It was only 8 PM, but Pat decided to go to bed and wait. She was too anxious to do anything else. She climbed under the crisp, clean sheets and stretched out flat on her back. She felt the heat building between her legs. She felt a trickle running down her ass crack to the bed and she feared she might be too wet already. Her nipples were stiff and hot, pulsing into the sheets. She panted, despite her efforts to control her breathing. She used the panel on the headboard to turn off the room light. The only light left, other than the gentle glow from the grounds beyond the window, was a dim nightlamp illuminating the floor under the night table. After a half hour in bed, despite her incredible arousal and building anticipation, Pat drifted off to sleep.

Pat came awake abruptly as the door to her room quietly closed and latched. She was fully aware instantaneously. By the dim light, she saw Marsha’s shadowy form pause in the doorway to remove her heels. Then, the woman made her way across the room, towards the bed. As she closed on the bed, she untied and slipped off her robe, letting it fall to the wooden floor. Marsha stood at the foot of the bed, her eyes glinting in the half light, looking down at Pat. Pat glared back, then used her arm to sweep the duvet and all of the bedclothes aside, revealing her spectacular nude body. Slowly, Pat spread her legs, exposing her dripping, naked cunt. Marsha smiled viciously, her eyes fixing on the beautiful meat before her. Her entire body shuddered with desire, in anticipation of the exquisite pleasure she would soon be taking from between Pat’s muscled thighs.

Marsha crawled onto the bed. Pat watched the woman getting closer, her massive tits swinging like twin cannonballs. Pat could not wait to feel those masses of firm meat rolling and grinding on her own, nipples pulsing into nipples. She spread her legs wider in welcome and reached out to grasp Marsha’s hips. Marsha placed her hands on Pat’s shoulders, pushing her down into the bed as she mounted her rival’s quivering body. Pat ran her hands around Marsha’s waist and gripped the woman’s ass tightly, pulling her down. Marsha’s firm, thick tits crushed onto Pat’s matching pair and their sharp nipples stabbed dense titflesh, searching for each other. The women panted, their bodies shaking with desire as they pressed nose to nose, staring into each other through half-closed eyes, sharing hot breath. Pat arched her back and slapped her tight abdomen to Marsha’s belly, their flat stomachs beating like drums for a moment. Marsha pushed down with her hips, even as Pat thrust up, tilting her pelvis. Their fuckmeat slapped together wetly.

“Unnnnnnngggggghhhhhh,” Marsha moaned, the soul-deep moan of a woman whose greatest desire had finally come true. She moved her hips, sliding her slick cunt lips on Pat’s wet meat, lips clinging and caressing, her slit opening and penetrating, melting into Pat’s juicy gash. The pleasure was unbelievable and she almost orgasmed on the spot.

“Yes, yes, fuck, yesssssss,” Pat hissed as the incredible sensations fed the raging fire of her body. Her need to fuck this whore, to be fucked, was never greater. She felt insane with desire, with the need to mate with her enemy, to share flesh and heat and delicious juices until they consumed each other.

The women’s bodies jerked and they screamed out in unison as their engorged clits met and stroked head to head. Pat closed her legs, twining them through Marsha’s powerful limbs, locking the other woman in place. Nose to nose, mouth to mouth, panting and gasping, the women’s voluptuous bodies undulated in rhythm as they fucked and fucked, keeping their swollen clits in constant contact. Pat’s fingers dug deep into Marsha’s pumping ass; Marsha pulled Pat’s hair, then slipped her hands under Pat’s bucking body to grab and hold Pat’s ass in return.

Pat reached over, grabbed the bedclothes and duvet, and pulled them over the women’s writhing bodies. She wanted to be trapped under the sheets with Marsha, soaked in sweat and cum, isolated in their own prison of erotic hate and desire.

“All night, you fuck,” Marsha gasped at Pat, licking Pat’s lips.

“Yes, you cunt,” Pat moaned back. “No stopping…”

Marsha groaned her assent and the women locked their mouths together, their tongues lapping furiously, as they sealed their agreement.

Almost an hour later, soaked in sweat and shaking in rapture, Pat and Marsha threw back their heads, pulled the other’s hair savagely, and screamed in mutual ecstasy as their bodies melted together in one of the most intense multi-orgasmic releases of their lives. Sobbing, gasping, they strained their muscles against each other and rode out the excruciating pleasure, fighting to stay conscious against the incredible sensations. When they could finally think again, Marsha rolled off of Pat’s naked body. Soaked in sweat and cum, the two panting women looked at each other in astonishment. Their bodies trembled in anticipation of a night of unbelievable erotic pleasure. As she rolled on top of her enemy, Pat’s last thought was that she would not mind dying if this was how she could go.

Vignette 2: The Third Night:

Pat moved carefully through the quiet halls of the spa. She was wearing what had become the unofficial uniform of her fuckwar with Marsha: a ludicrously short robe, high heels, and nothing else. It was almost 8 PM. She had decided to turn the tables on Marsha. The black-haired cunt had attacked Pat in her room for two nights in a row; now, it was Pat’s turn to surprise Marsha in her room.

Pat woke that morning exhausted and sore from the previous night’s fuck marathon, but sexually satiated and rejuvenated in a way she had never felt before. She and Marsha had given each other mind-shattering pleasure. They had fucked and fucked and fucked so long and hard and mercilessly that they had finally collapsed on each other, too physically and sexually exhausted to continue. When Marsha staggered out of Pat’s room at 8 AM, the whore-bitch could barely move. Pat was not any better. She had to crawl to the bathroom and get the water running in the tub. She used oils and lotions to soothe her raw, battered pussy and her aching, mauled tits. Her nipples were sore from the friction of constantly struggling with Marsha’s nips and from the delicious sucking of Marsha’s hungry mouth.

Despite all of this, Pat knew that her fuckwar with Marsha had to continue. No matter how painful both women found the morning after their sexual battles, their bodies were always ready to fuck whenever they met in person. Just being in each other’s presence was enough to get the hormones flowing in their bodies and the sexual energy blasting through their muscles, readying them for all-out erotic warfare. In that state, they could literally fuck each other raw and keep going.

Pat approached Marsha’s door with some trepidation. Before she had staggered away that morning, Marsha indicated she planned to return to Pat’s room at 9 PM that night. Pat decided she was not going to just wait for Marsha to show up. Instead, she would take the war to her rival.

Pat knocked on the door firmly.

“Who is it?” a familiar voice called out. From the sound of it, Pat thought Marsha was probably on her bed.

“Complimentary champagne, ma’am,” Pat replied, disguising her voice quite well by lowering it. “Another guest has asked it to be delivered to your room.” Pat knew that Marsha would assume the champagne was from Pat and meant to fuel their fuckfest that night.

“OK, here I come,” Marsha called out. Pat imagined the other woman pulling on her robe and tying it shut. A moment later, the door unlocked and opened.

“Who is…?” Marsha began. She paused, shocked, when she saw Pat. Just as Pat envisioned, Marsha was standing in the door in her bare feet, her tiny robe, and her hand on the sash, indicating she had just tied it close. Her breasts were almost falling out of the front of the robe. Her hair was a bit mussed. Clearly, moments before, she had been naked on her bed. Pat suspected she knew what the woman had been doing.

“Surprise, bitch!” Pat hissed. Without hesitation, she reached out, slipped her hands inside Marsha’s robe, and filled them with her rival’s massive jugs. She squeezed the meaty glands, enjoying the sensation of her fingers sinking into the taut, firm flesh. Marsha cried out. Pat pushed the other woman hard, shoving her into the room. Marsha stumbled back, almost falling, her robe in disarray and her boobs spilling out. Pat followed her enemy into the suite, slamming the door shut and locking it with the bolt and the safety catch.

“You fucking whore!” Marsha snarled, as she regained her balance. Pat reached down and removed her heels, bringing herself down to Marsha’s height. She was seized with the desire to hurt the bitch, to give the other woman real pain along with the intense pleasure they had already shared. She threw herself at her enemy, lashing out and slapping Marsha viciously, right across her beautiful, arrogant, smug face. Marsha staggered back, her robe flying open, but she did not cry out. Instead, as Pat advanced, Marsha set her feet on the wooden floor and struck back. Pat yelped as her face stung with the power of the slap.

Growling at each other, their gorgeous faces glowing with mutual hatred and barely contained sexual excitement, Pat and Marsha advanced on each other. They planted their bare feet and began slapping each other savagely. Neither woman tried to block the other’s blows. Instead, they took turns, each one absorbing the other woman’s open-handed slap, then returning it with equal force and hate. Their heads flew from side to side, their hair grew wild. The women’s faces turned red with the blows, but the pain flushed their bodies with a nakedly sexual heat. The women felt their tits swell with arousal, their bare cunts grew even wetter and tighter. The grunts and groans they released as they fought were indistinguishable from their erotic combat.

Finally, bodies on fire, the women threw themselves into each other’s arms. They moaned as their heavy, enflamed tits crushed tight, barely separated by the thin cloth of their robes, which still covered part of their chests. Pat and Marsha seized full handgrips on each other’s hair and began pulling, yanking each other’s head back painfully, so that their faces were pointing at the ceiling. Their bodies arched forward, crushing tits and bellies even harder. Their powerful bare legs fought and tangled, seeking to trip the other.

The women staggered around the room, grunting and groaning as they pulled hair viciously. They fell to the floor in front of the fireplace and immediately twined their naked legs and began to roll back and forth on the rug. It was not long before both women’s robes loosened and opened and not long after the women’s exposed tits and torsos were rubbing together as the combatants rolled, each trying to take and hold the dominant position.

“You fucking, fucking cunt,” Pat breathed down on Marsha, her hands buried deep in the woman’s black hair, trying to do her best to tear it out at the roots. The women’s naked nipples pulsed into each other, their sweaty bellies pressed tight.

“Dirty fucking slut,” Marsha shot back as she used her hips and ass to roll herself back into the top position.

“Whore!” Pat grunted, rolling back on top.

“Fucker!” Marsha spat as she regained the top position. She used her thighs to push Pat’s thighs apart and then thrust down, pussy-punching Pat. The women’s bare cunts slapped together, eliciting a gasping groan from both. Pat bucked back, slamming their hot, wet cunts together again. Nose to nose, glaring at each other, panting hard, tit to tit, hands in hair, Pat and Marsha began to work their hips and flex their asses, driving their angry cunts into each other. Their pants and snarls of hate soon turned to gasps and moans of pleasure as their pussies pumped, thick clits stabbing and stroking, sending spasms of erotic ecstasy rippling through their bodies. Still tightly gripping the other’s hair, Pat and Marsha pulled their faces together, locking into a savage, hateful kiss. Their massive tits rolled and ground, thick flesh melting with thick flesh. Their bodies moved in a hard fuck rhythm, thrusting and undulating, muscles straining and slick flesh grinding until, screaming with joy, the women came hard into each other, hot cum spurting out from their interlocked pussy lips, trickling down Pat’s ass crack to the rug below.

For a few minutes, the panting women lay sprawled on the carpet, their hot, sweaty bodies reveling in their shared heat, in the delicious feel of naked flesh pressed tight and hot to naked flesh, nipples and clits pulsing like drums. Finally, Marsha pushed herself up and off of Pat. She got to her feet, her clean-shaven cunt dripping, and shrugged off her rumpled robe, dropping it on the floor. Nude, Marsha walked across the room to her bed. She pulled back the duvet and bed sheets, throwing them to the foot of the bed, revealing the king-sized sexual arena for the women’s fuckfight. Marsha pulled a bottle out of the night table drawer, then crawled onto the bed. When she got to the center, she sat on her ass, braced her back against the headboard, and spread her legs wide. She squirted a dollop of the liquid in the bottle onto her wet cunt, another onto her sweat-glistening tits, and put the bottle aside. She used both of her hands to slowly, sensuously, rub the formula into her succulent flesh.

Pat got up and peeled off her robe, dropping it to the floor on top of Marsha’s robe. She crossed the room and crawled onto the bed, until she was sitting directly across from Marsha. She spread her legs, presenting her wet, hot, red twat to her enemy in challenge. Marsha passed Pat the lubricant. Pat took the bottle and squirted liquid onto her tits and her pussy. The women’s fuckwar had caused them to rub their erogenous zones rough and raw over two full nights of relentless fucking. When they fought, their copious cunt juices acted as natural lubricants to relieve the friction of their pussy to pussy battles, but they were still left sore the next day. Pat understood that this artificial lube was meant to provide them with more relief, but it also burned deliciously as it coated her sensitive cunt lips and engorged nipples and areola. The women smiled at each other viciously. Pat put aside the bottle. The two women slid up to each other, meeting in the center of the bed. Left legs slipped over rights. Slowly, teasingly, the panting vixens pushed their naked cunts right up to each other, lining up their dripping slits, their engorged clits twitching with tension at the top of their fuck gashes, their labia red and hot and dripping with juices. The heat poured off of their cunts like furnaces. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, Pat and Marsha pushed their cunt lips together, trembling as their pussies mashed, as their juicy lips crushed, squeezing out liquids, spreading and opening under the mutual pressure, sucking and meshing, flesh pressing and locking to flesh, powerful suction forming as their beautiful quims locked and kissed. Their swollen clits pressed and crushed, head to head. Their cunts exploded with electricity, erotic power and pleasure flowing through the women’s shuddering bodies.

“God, oh fucking god…,” Pat cried as the pleasure built to an excruciating peak.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, yessss…,” Marsha moaned, her body shaking, her tits quivering as she mated with Pat once more.

For a minute or more, the women sat motionless, enjoying the heat and the suction, their cunts kissing, juices flowing. Then they began to grind, moving their hips and asses, rubbing and drilling their cunts deeper and deeper together, working their quims into each other, spreading and penetrating, their genitals fusing. They shifted their hips and slid even more deeply together, fucking even harder. As they pumped their asses and thrust with their hips, the constant friction fed the lubricant, heating it up, creating a building furnace between and within the women’s locked, grinding genitals. Pat and Marsha cried out in pleasure as their bodies flowed into one flesh, as the molten electricity fused their cunts in an unbreakable, meaty lock. The women reached for each other. Their heavy tits crushed and they began working their backs, rubbing tits around and around. The heat expanded, flowing up from their sucking, thrusting cunts, through their bellies to their mashed, bulging tits, building and building as the pleasure grew unbearable. Their nipples and areola burned where the lubricant warmed, the friction feeding the delicious heat.

“Oh God, you fucking, fucking whore,” Pat gasped at Marsha, pushing her nose, her face into that of her rival.

“Filthy slut, fucking dirty cunt…,” Marsha moaned back. The women licked each other’s faces, pushing and shoving with their tongues, before they sank into a deep, hungry kiss. They slopped spit back and forth, their tongues tangling and stroking. The heat enveloped their grinding bodies, their voluptuous flesh fused, and they lost themselves in ecstasy.

Vignette 3: The Fourth Night:

Slowly, painfully, Pat came back to consciousness. She was sprawled on top of Marsha, their bodies tangled, limbs twined, flesh slick with sweat and cum and copious amounts of lubricant. Pat glanced at the clock. It said 6:10 AM. Pat knew she would need to leave soon. This was Monday morning, the morning of her departure, but she felt like she could barely move. The night before, she had arrived at Marsha’s room at 7 PM and they had gone to work on each other, attacking each other with ravenous hunger, both determined to fuck the other into submission on their final night. Now, nearly 12 hours later, her body was sore and stiff. Her pussy was burning and her tits were aching. As she shifted slightly on top of Marsha, however, she felt a familiar heat build in her loins. She raised her head and looked down at Marsha’s face. The woman was unconscious, giving all the signs of physical and sexual exhaustion. Pat knew this could be her last chance to conquer her enemy.

Pat felt her loins stirring, her clit growing hard. Her pussy was already planted firmly on top of Marsha’s cunt. Slowly, she began to move her hips, undulate her body, rubbing herself on her rival. Her nipples hardened, digging into Marsha’s flaccid nipples. She felt her clit start to pulse as it slid into her rival’s sex trough and moved on top of the other woman’s sexhorn. As her body grew hotter, Pat felt her energy coming back.

Beneath her, Marsha moaned. The other woman’s eyes fluttered open and her grip tightened around Pat’s waist. Marsha’s body began to respond, to move in rhythm against Pat’s. The women pressed nose to nose and panted face to face.

“You fuck,” Marsha whispered hoarsely.

“Fucking cunt,” Pat whispered back.

Pat pressed the head of her engorged clit directly onto the head of Marsha’s swollen clit. The women shuddered in mutual ecstasy. They glared eye to eye as they carefully crushed the nubs together, but they moved very little, just allowing the pressure, the intense pleasure to build and build. Soon, their bodies were trembling and they were gasping, but both sensed that this battle would not be bucking, grinding fuck to the end but, rather, a still, forceful meeting of clit to clit. Their throbbing, burning nerves grew hotter and hotter, the electricity they generated saturated the women’s trembling bodies. Pat’s eyes teared up as the sensations grew unbearable. Under her, Marsha moaned in agony.

The women pressed lips together, then tongues, then locked in deep, vicious kiss. Moments later, their clits exploded, sending waves of heat and ecstasy radiating through their powerful bodies. The battling women stifled their screams of pleasure in the other’s mouth. Their bodies locked, muscles straining, as wave after wave rippled through them.

Pat felt Marsha’s body go limp, she felt the woman’s tongue stop licking back inside her mouth. Pat clenched her teeth and moaned in exquisite agony as a final orgasm spasmed through her body, almost pushing her over the edge of unconsciousness. She held on, finally riding out the unbearable wave. Panting, she looked down on Marsha. The black-haired woman was unconscious, unable to take the intense pleasure. Smiling in triumph, but exhausted beyond endurance, Pat collapsed on her rival, too spent to move.

Part VI:

Pat returned to her room, carrying her high heels in her hand, padding barefoot through the empty corridors of the spa. Her robe was wrapped loosely around her lush body, her tits rolling freely. She was happy she did not meet anyone. She was sure that what she had been doing for the past twelve hours would be obvious to anyone who saw her.

In her room she quickly stripped off the robe and got under a hot shower. While she showered, she also filled the ensuite’s separate tub. Soon, feeling clean and a bit less exhausted, she lowered her tired, battered body into the hot water of the tub to soak and take an inventory. Her pussy ached. Her cunt lips burned from friction and her sensitive clit pulsed painfully. Her tits were sore and her nipples felt tender. There were clear teethmarks and other red spots on her tits, thighs and around her bare pussy, where the other woman had bitten and chewed on her. She could feel scratchmarks on her back and her ass felt raw from where Marsha had spanked her relentlessly. Her asshole ached, a victim of the many times Marsha had shoved fingers into the tight orifice and even fisted her. She was sure the other woman’s handprints were all over her ass. Pat’s consolation was that she knew she had given as good as she got. She had left Marsha a sweaty, cum-covered piece of fuckmeat in her own bed. As far as Pat was concerned, she had won this fuckwar.

Pat soaked for an hour, using oils and balms provided by the spa to ease the ache in her body and the marks on her flesh. At a little after 9, she climbed out of the tub, dried herself off, and then climbed into bed, nude. She slept for another couple of hours, giving her battered body more much-needed rest. Finally, a little after 11, she woke up feeling a bit more rested. She examined her naked body in the mirror and was delighted to see that most of the visible signs of her sexual battle had faded. Even her pussy and tits felt considerably less tender, though they still felt a bit sore. “Those oils are incredible,” she thought to herself as she began to pack up her things. The spa checkout time was noon. Pat had arranged for a car to take her back to the city.

She dressed in a short black skirt and a white blouse, both loose-fitting to avoid any pressure on her tender body parts. She did not bother with a bra or a thong. Her DDs shifted easily under her shirt. She pulled on some high heel sandals and slung her overnight bag over one shoulder and her purse over the other.

“It was wonderful to have you stay with us,” the gorgeous blonde receptionist told Pat as she checked out.

“Yes, I had a wonderful time, too,” Pat responded. “Very enjoyable. I’ll tell my friends about it and I look forward to coming back.”

The receptionist smiled. “That’s good to know. We’re looking forward to having you back.”

Pat settled her bill. “The complimentary limousine to take you back to the city is right in front,” the receptionist told her. “Enjoy your trip.”

Pat thanked the young woman and walked out of the lobby to the main entrance. She was surprised to see that the car waiting for her was a stretch limousine, much larger and more opulent than the car that had brought her to the spa. A young chauffeur was waiting for her by the car. He tipped his cap as she approached and opened the limo door. Pat gave him her overnight bag and a dazzling smile and slipped inside the large compartment.

The moment she entered the limousine, she was confronted by long, bare, beautiful legs, one crossed over the other. The feet were shod in three-inch sandal pumps. Pat’s gaze swept up the tan leg, up the voluptuous body, to Marsha’s smug, self-satisfied grin. The beautiful bitch was wearing a black blouse that was unbuttoned almost down to her navel. Her DD tits hung in the opening of the shirt, spectacular and clearly bra-free.

A spike of pure sexual desire arced through Pat’s body, starting in her suddenly swollen clit, flowing into her tits, hardening her nipples. Her aching, battered body suddenly seemed to have a second wind. She did not even bother to protest. She knew, instantly, how she would spend the next two hours going back to the city. Pat did not even bother to act surprised. She sat down on the bench seat facing Marsha and gave the other woman a vicious smile.

“Hello, Marsha. I see you’re going to accompany me back to the city.”

“Yes, Pat. I told our hosts that we were such old friends, we would love the chance to do more catching up on the road. They were happy to help me arrange this little surprise.”

“If you ladies need anything, just push the buzzer,” the chauffeur said. He indicated a red button on the inner wall. “Otherwise, I’ll leave the privacy screen up, as requested.”

“Thanks, Michael,” Marsha smiled at the young man. “Remember, you’ll be dropping me off first. Please give me a ten minute warning before we arrive at my place.”

“No problem, ma’am,” the chauffeur replied. He turned to Pat. “Would you like a ten minute warning too, ma’am?”

“No, don’t bother,” Pat replied.

The man nodded. “There are lots of amenities here for you in the car. There’s a bar, a TV with full internet access, wifi, a stereo system, even a karaoke system. Don’t worry about making too much noise, the compartment is completely soundproof.”

The two beautiful women smiled at him in acknowledgement. “Thanks,” Pat said. “I expect we’ll spend most of our time talking and catching up. But we’ll let you know if there is anything we need.”

“Great! Enjoy the ride back, ladies. It should take closer to two and half to three hours because of the heavy traffic.” The door closed with a heavy but smooth thunk.

The women sat across from each other on the bench seats, separated by about a meter. Both placed their purses on the seat next to them. Pat crossed her spectacular legs to match Marsha’s pose. They spread their arms along the top of the bench seats and glared at each other, letting their eyes wander over the other woman’s body, delving deep into the exposed cleavage, the jiggling tits, the endless, naked legs.

As the car started to move, Marsha uncrossed her legs. She leaned forward, undid the remaining buttons on her blouse, and slipped off her black shirt, throwing it carelessly to the side of the bench. Her massive tits bounced deliciously. Pat felt her cunt clench hard. Marsha pulled off her high heel shoes, then reached back and unhooked her skirt. The garment slipped off her hips; she threw it to the other side of the bench. Marsha was completely nude. She smiled contemptuously at Pat. Marsha reached into her bag and pulled out a full bottle of sexual lubricant. She slipped to the floor of the limo and spread her legs wide. Her naked pussy was already dripping. She flexed her cunt, releasing a small squirt that splattered on the limo floor. The intoxicating scent of hot, hungry pussy wafted up to Pat’s nose, almost causing her to gasp. Pat stared down into Marsha’s naked cunt and felt herself going crazy with lust.

“Come down here and get it, Pat,” Marsha whispered, her voice a sexy growl. “One final fuck for the road.” She smiled. “One final fuck on the road. Let’s see what you’ve got left between those legs.”

Pat uncrossed her legs. She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off, exposing her naked torso, her jiggling tits. Her nipples felt so hard they were almost painful. She slipped off her high heels, then leaned back on the seat, raised her hips, and slipped the skirt down her naked legs. She glared down at Marsha, who watched her with glowing eyes. Marsha licked her lips in anticipation as Pat stripped nude.

Pat slid down to the floor of the limousine. She spread her legs to match Marsha. She pushed the soles of her bare feet into Marsha’s bare feet. The women flexed their toes and arches against each other, both shuddering at the deliciously erotic contact. Their clean-shaven cunts were perfectly aligned, both dripping, giving off the intoxicating odor of aroused womanhood.

“You’re a dirty fucking slut, Marsha,” Pat said. “I’m going to fuck every inch of your disgusting body for every mile of this car ride.”

“You’re a cunt-eating bitch, Pat,” Marsha replied. “I’m going to make you cream and then I’m going to make you suck my pussy like the whore you are.”

The women glared at each other, but there was no more time to waste. Both panted for the final lockup, both needed to bring their voluptuous bodies together. Marsha took the bottle of oil and squirted a generous dollop onto her slick, naked cunt. She squirted more onto her bulging breasts, until the oil dripped off the tips of her engorged nipples. She put down the bottle, within easy reach, and looked at Pat, her beautiful face sporting a savage grin.

“Come and spread this around, baby,” Marsha whispered.

Trembling with need, Pat slid forward, closing the final distance between their luscious bodies. The women leaned back, bracing their backs on the limo bench seats, and pushed their naked cunts forward. The slick grooves of their twats aligned; they slid into each other with a wet whisper, slick oil lubricating the contact. Both women threw back their heads and moaned in sheer bliss, rejoicing as their ravenous, burning cunts kissed and sucked once again. They jerked their hips and penetrated each other, locking together, labia exploding with heat as the lush pink flesh merged and melted. Swollen clits pressed head to head. Marsha and Pat gasped and moaned as the unbearable pleasure grew. They thrust harder and harder, their asses flexing, their hips bucking, their clits grinding, their swollen cunts pounding and fusing, one burning mass of fuckmeat made even hotter by the frictionless oil. The women slipped their arms around the other’s waist, their hands tightly gripped the other’s flexing ass. Their massive, oil-soaked tits squashed, nipples stabbing and areola burning, titmeat striving to crush titmeat.

“Yes, yes, oh God, fucking God, yesssss,” Marsha moaned, her eyes shut tight, her head thrown back, as she reveled in the exquisite sensations. She rejoiced in the unbearable pleasure radiating through her body with every thrust.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, YESSSSSssssss,” Pat cried out, her body undulating in rhythm with Marsha’s, the pleasure building like a bomb in her core, her tits and her cunt feeling like they were melting into the other woman, forming an unbreakable seal, overflowing with heat and raw sexual electricity.

Pat and Marsha locked their mouths, their tongues lashing and licking, spit flowing freely between them. They crushed their bodies together as tight as they could, tits mashed, pussies sucked slit to slit, labia flowing into labia, burning into one mass of pleasure. A powerful suction formed between their steaming twats. Their asses rippled, their hips jerked. More than 20 minutes later, the fuckfighting women went stiff in each other’s arms, their bodies shaking with multi-orgasmic release as they came again and again, jetting cum into each other, squeezing cum onto their taut stomachs, leaking cunt juice down to the floor of the limo. Sobbing, the women fell back, still joined at their twats, their tits heaving, their shoulders and backs resting on the bench seats behind them.

Pat gathered herself. “You fucking, fucking slut,” she moaned hoarsely at Marsha.

“Dirty cunt,” Marsha grunted back. “Are you ready for round two?”

“Any time you are, fucker,” Pat shot back.

Moaning, the women began moving against each other again, genitals locked, clits grinding constantly. They reached for each other, pressed their aching tits together, and locked their hungry, angry mouths, tongues tying into knots.

Over the next hour, Marsha and Pat fucked as hard and brutally as they could, riding each other to higher and higher heights of ecstasy. The women shrieked at the top of their lungs as they came again and again, their exhausted bodies locked in a final effort to conquer the other. They changed positions, stretching out on the car floor in the space between the seats. Trapped between the fork of each other’s legs, their succulent cunts fused as tight as possible, Pat and Marsha grabbed each other by the forearms and pulled as hard as they could, pulling their bodies into each other, trying to make the cunt lock as deep and tight as it could be. They arched their backs, driving into each other with all their strength. Their hips and asses bucked and humped. Their powerful bodies strained, they gripped each other hand to hand, fingers interlaced, and ground their pussies into one mass of steaming fuckmeat. They finally came, their bodies convulsing as they pumped wave after wave of cum into each other. They sprayed the inside of the limo with the discharge. Pat and Marsha collapsed to the floor of the car, their lush, wet bodies writhing slowly, soaked in sweat and streaked with cum. Their bellies undulated, they continued to grind their naked twats. The women sobbed, overwhelmed by the intense erotic sensations, by their frustration at their inability to destroy the other woman, and by sheer exhaustion.

After a minute, Marsha separated from Pat, pulling her cunt out of the meaty lock with a sucking sound. She got to her knees. Pat wanted to keep grinding twat to twat with her foe, but she got to her knees too, eager not to be caught at a disadvantage. The women got partly to their feet and threw themselves at each other. They came together, heavy tit to tit, arms wrapping around slim waists as they struggled to wrangle the other down. Pulling hair, slapping round asses, they brought their mouths together. Kissing deeply, viciously, Martha and Pat fell onto the back bench seat. Their wet bodies slipped on the leather, but they remained on it. Marsha tried to pin Pat into the seat but Pat easily rolled their slick bodies, taking the top position. The slapping, cursing, scratching women tangled their bodies together. Both knew what they wanted. Soon, they were stretched out on the seat, their faces buried between the other’s legs, eating and licking furiously at their enemy’s engorged cunt, devouring each other’s sex like starved animals, sucking and lapping and using their tongues to probe and push at swollen, juicy cunt lips and puckered, tight assholes. They used their fingers to spread the other woman’s wet, hot orifices. They moaned in indescribable pleasure as they consumed each other, feasting on the other woman’s meat, sucking on the other woman’s clit like a lollipop. They pulled screaming, gasping orgasm after orgasm out of each other, until their hair and faces were streaked with cum and their mouths were filled with erotic discharge.

At some point, the women’s locked bodies rolled off of the bench and onto the floor of the limo. Trapped in the small space, their powerful thighs wrapped around the other’s head, the women lay on their sides and ate each other mercilessly. Bucking and heaving, moaning and screaming, Pat and Marsha kept at it until they finally exhausted each other. They rolled apart, their nude bodies filthy with sweat and cum. Pressed side to side, naked bodies heaving and panting, they lay quietly for a few minutes, struggling to regain their bearings.

The intercom clicked on. “Sorry it’s taken so long ladies, but we’re almost at our first stop. Ten minute warning.” The intercom clicked off again.

After a few moments, Marsha sat up, then crawled onto the seat with her large purse. She reached into the bag and extracted a tube of wipes. Sitting back on the sex-slick seat, she began wiping herself down. Pat got up and sat on the opposite, equally slick seat. Wordlessly, Marsha handed her the tube. The women sat across from each other, naked, and quickly used the moist towelettes to wipe away as much of the sweat and cum coating their bodies as they could. Marsha paused for a moment to reach out and work a control panel on the side of the wall. A ventilation system began whirring, cleaning out the air inside the cabin, hopefully removing enough of the scent of hot sex to conceal what Pat and Marsha had been doing to each other for the past two and a half hours.

When she was as clean as she could get, Marsha wadded up the towels, threw them in her purse, and pulled out a brush. She pulled a built-in mirror down from the ceiling and began brushing out her tangled hair. Pat did the same. Both women were moving a bit more urgently. They were both still naked and the seats of the car needed cleaning.

Nude, wordlessly, Pat and Marsha took more towelettes and wiped down the slick bench seats. Pat was skeptical about how well this effort at concealment would work, but she knew it had to be done. When they were finished, the women pulled on their clothing, shimmying into their skirts and pulling on their high-heel sandals. Their blouses went on last. Both women left the blouses mostly unbuttoned in the front, so that their massive tits almost fell out.

Finally finished, the sexual rivals glared at each other from opposite seats, their lush legs crossed, their bodies still flushed from their intense sexual combat. Marsha glanced out the limo’s window and saw they were on her street, pulling up to her house.

Marsha suddenly got out of her seat and threw herself onto Pat, straddling the other woman on the bench seat. Marsha pressed her body into Pat and pulled her rival’s head back. As Pat gasped in surprise, Marsha locked her into a deep, deep, tongue-filled passionate kiss. Getting over her surprise, Pat kissed back just as hard, pushing aside her fear that the chauffeur would catch them. She refused to be intimidated or outdone by Marsha. The women pressed the back of the other’s head into the kiss, locking their mouths together even tighter and deeper. The car rolled to a stop.

Marsha broke the kiss. They were both panting, their eyes flashing. Their naked nipples had connected through their shirts and were pulsing with heat. Marsha wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and got off of Pat.

A moment later, the chauffeur, Michael, appeared in the cabin window and opened the limo door.

“Here you are, ma’am,” he said to Marsha. “I apologize for the ride,” he said to both women. “That took a bit longer than I anticipated.”

“Not to worry,” Marsha smiled. She grabbed her purse from the opposite bench seat and slid up to the door. “Pat and I were very busy catching up. We hardly noticed the time.” Marsha turned back to Pat. “It was lovely seeing you this weekend, dear,” she said. “I’ll be in touch. Maybe we can meet next week at the Savoy?”

“We’ll see,” Pat managed. She resented how well Marsha was playing this entire game.

Marsha waved goodbye and stepped out of the limo. She exchanged a few more words with Michael as she followed him to the back of the car to retrieve her bag. Marsha sashayed up the stairs of her townhouse, but not before she paused to smile and wave at Pat. Pat knew she could not see her through the tinted glass, but the woman knew Pat was watching. Soon, the limo was underway once more.

Pat sat back and watched the city go by. Her entire body was buzzing. After four hard nights of pure, ecstatic sex, she felt sexually satisfied in a way she had not for months. But she knew she would be going through sexual withdrawal that night. There was no way Robert would be able to match Marsha’s insatiable sex drive or give his wife the intense pleasure that her rival could. Pat knew she had entered a very dangerous moment in her marriage. Despite this, she could not get Marsha out of her mind. She hated the woman. She hated Marsha passionately. Yet, this very hatred made her lust for the bitch even more intense. She had to sexually conquer Marsha and nothing -absolutely nothing – could stand in her way.

Part VII:

Two Fridays later, at around 8 in the evening, Pat received a text from Marsha. She had been expecting it. The text did not say much. It just gave her the room number at the Savoy where Marsha was staying. Pat ignored the message. She received another text around midnight. She was in bed at the time, groaning and moaning under Robert as he pumped her hard. It was only later, when he had rolled off of her and sunk into the deep sleep of the sexually spent man, that Pat got up and retrieved her phone from the night table. Naked, not bothering to put on a robe, she took her phone down to the kitchen, and read the new text. It did not say much, other than repeating the room number and adding a saucy winking emoji. Despite having just been fucked by her husband, Pat felt a shock of electricity in her loins. She left her phone on the kitchen island so it would not disturb her anymore during the night, and returned to bed.

Pat lay in the dark, naked beside her satisfied husband, and wondered what to do. She could now admit to herself that she had gone to the spa to deal with anxiety created by her sexual confusion over Marsha’s pursuit. Fucking the other woman for four nights straight had been enough to quell the sexual fire burning inside of her. She felt more relaxed than she had in ages and her sex life with Robert improved enormously. But the anxiety was slowly creeping back in. She knew now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she was a bisexual woman who enjoyed -no, who needed – the sexual satisfaction she could only get from between the legs of another domineering bitch. She knew that she could never be sexually fulfilled if she did not have the excitement, the pleasure, of matching another woman cunt to cunt and tit to tit and fuck-fighting the whore into submission. There was no affection, just the raw hunger to fight and fuck, to match another woman body to body and prove herself the better bitch.

Pat considered telling Robert about her feelings. Her husband had encouraged her sexual appetites throughout their marriage. But she knew that he would need to play a part. At the least, he would want to watch her fuck another woman, and Pat knew that having an audience, especially her husband, would change the experience too much for her to enjoy it. She did not want to cheat on Robert, but she also knew that she could not deny herself the pleasure of Marsha’s body, the pleasure of raw, unrestrained sexual combat, without becoming miserable.

Two weeks after the first message, on another Friday night, Pat received a similar message from Marsha. Once again, the other woman was at the Savoy Hotel, waiting for her. Pat ignored the text again, but she spent the night tossing and turning, the heat between her legs and in her tits too much of a distraction to let her sleep. She got up around 3 AM, retrieved a massive dildo she kept in her night table, and went to the basement bathroom. She pumped herself with the dildo but it was only by using her fingers on her clit and imagining she was being finger-fucked by Marsha that she was able to get off.

Another two weeks later, almost six weeks after their stay at the spa, Pat waited for Marsha’s message. It did not come. She went to bed that night and fucked Robert hard, until he collapsed in exhaustion. Even then, Pat was not satisfied. She spent more than hour in the basement bathroom that night, ramming the dildo into every bodily orifice, reaming herself savagely, doing all she could to take the sexual edge off. She considered sending a text of her own to Marsha, to keep the rivalry alive. Part of her knew that Marsha was playing games. She was sure the other woman was every bit as sexually addicted to Pat’s body as Pat was to her’s. But the fear that Marsha was leaving her behind, maybe that she had found another woman to satisfy her appetites, gnawed at Pat’s resolve. The idea that she might be losing her access to unbearable pleasure tormented her.

A month after the last message from Marsha, Pat received another text at 8 PM on a Friday night. The relief that washed through her was intense, though it was accompanied by a sense of aggravation at the evidence of how deeply the women had their claws into each other. The text was basically the same. “I’m at the Savoy, Room 1632. There is a key waiting for you.”

Robert had left on Thursday night to spend the weekend away on business. He would not be back until Sunday night. Pat lay in bed, naked. Her hands traced the curves of her body, squeezing her heavy, firm breasts then sliding down her smooth, taut abdomen to caress her clean-shaven, tight slit. She shuddered with need but she did not masturbate. Instead, she let the tension and pressure build.

At 1:30 AM, Pat could not take it anymore. She rolled out of bed. She applied basic makeup to her face and did her hair, then slipped into a short, tight dress and nothing else. The dress hugged her curves and its thin fabric could not conceal her hard nipples. The collar dipped low, exposing considerable cleavage. She packed an overnight bag. After a moment of hesitation, she threw her favorite two-headed dildo into the bag. She might as well be prepared.

Pat pulled on a pair of three-inch, strappy pumps. She slung her bag over her shoulder and called a cab. She draped a raincoat over her body and tied it tight. The cab arrived after a few minutes. About 40 minutes later, it dropped her in front of the Savoy.

Pat claimed the key at the front desk and took the elevator up to the 16th floor. She was getting more and more nervous, more and more aroused, with every passing moment. Her heart was pounding in her throat with excitement. She forced herself to breathe deeply, trying to calm herself.

The elevator dinged and let her out onto the carpeted hallway. She walked down the hall, the carpet muffling her high heels. She stopped outside of room 1632 and took a deep breath. Something that she had wanted, lusted for, for the past two months was just on the other side of the door. She was just moments away from pure sexual ecstasy. Her pussy lubricated hard and her nipples grew even stiffer under the thin cloth. Her tits felt swollen. Carefully, she used the key card to open the door. The lock flashed green. She turned the handle, then pushed gently. The door opened easily, no chain or security hook impeding its progress. Pat slipped into the room as quietly and swiftly as she could and shut the door.

Inside the room, it was dark, though she could see a slight glow coming from a dim nightlight somewhere along the far wall. She stopped, frozen in place, and let her senses adjust. She hoped that Marsha was asleep. From the darkness, she could hear the deep breathing of a woman. As her eyes adapted to the light, she could make out a figure under the sheets on the bed. The woman on the bed was turned on her side; her hip curved up under the sheets, inviting a caress. Pat could tell that the woman asleep in the bed was Marsha. After so much time fucking and fighting, she had developed an instinctive feel for the other woman’s body, for what she sounded like, for how she lay in bed.

Carefully, Pat placed her bag on the floor inside the door. She turned around and moved the security hook into place, securing the door. Silently, she slipped off her three inch heels, letting her bare feet settle on the cool tile of the floor. Breathing deeply, but as quietly as she could, Pat reached down, grasped her skirt at the waist, and pulled it up over her head. She dropped it on the floor.

Pat’s naked body shivered in the cool air of the room, but not from cold. She waited, unmoving, in the room’s entryway, feeling the heat in her body, torturing herself with the anticipation of what was coming. After a few minutes, confident that Marsha remained asleep, she moved slowly and carefully, padding into the room. The foot of the bed was pointed towards the room door. Moving on the balls of her feet, she crept around the bed until she was on the side of the bed that Marsha was facing. She glanced at the clock on the night table. It read 2:50 AM.

The sheets were loose. Pat pulled them up and slipped under, as softly as she could, listening for signs of change in Marsha’s deep, regular breaths. There was a slight hitch in the woman’s breathing, and she suddenly rolled from her side to flat on her back. Pat froze, but Marsha did not move any further. Pat smiled. Marsha had just made mounting her naked body much easier.

Marsha was lying almost in the center of the king-sized bed. Pat slowly, slowly moved herself closer and closer, feeling the heat of Marsha’s body under the bedclothes, feeling her own lust growing to unbearable levels. Pat moved closer, until she could reach out and touch Marsha’s nipples, if she wanted to do so. She considered it, the thought of teasing the bitch’s nipples, slowly bringing her enemy back to awareness. But Pat’s body was overflowing with need, her blood was boiling with raging lust. What she had needed for the past two months was right in front of her and she could not wait any longer.

Moaning deep in her throat, Pat threw herself onto Marsha’s naked body. Pat cried out in joy as her naked flesh slid onto Marsha’s nude lushness, as her heavy, throbbing tits crushed hard on the other woman’s bulging breasts, as their taut abs slapped tight. Pat slipped her arms under Marsha’s back, grabbed the other woman’s hair, and pulled hard. She crushed her nude body to Marsha’s naked body, wriggling and grinding her naked skin onto that of the woman beneath her, rejoicing in the feel of hot, smooth flesh sliding on her own. She savored the sensation of her thick, meaty tits squashing Marsha’s meat, of her hard nipples digging into Marsha’s yielding titflesh.

Marsha came awake with a cry, her arms immediately slapping at Pat’s body, trying to push Pat away. Pat forced her mouth onto her rival’s open mouth, driving her tongue deep into the woman’s hot, wet cavern, stifling Marsha’s cries. She twirled her tongue inside her rival’s mouth, pushing and licking at Marsha’s thrashing pink probe. Pat moaned in bliss, her senses overwhelmed by the delicious stimulation of flesh on flesh, tongue on tongue. Pat smiled inside as she felt Marsha realize what was happening. Marsha’s cries become deep moans of pleasure. Her tongue began lapping and pushing at Pat’s tongue as she returned the kiss passionately. Her hands stopped trying to push Pat away and, instead, began to stroke and caress her naked flesh, before slipping down to grip Pat’s ass tightly. Marsha writhed, rubbing tits and bellies with Pat. The women’s long legs thrashed, tangling and straining, muscles locking and trembling. After two minutes, Pat broke the kiss, gasping for breath.

“Pat, you cunt!” Marsha gasped, her hands slapping Pat’s rippling ass, before her arms wrapped eagerly around Pat’s naked back.

“Marsha, you fucker,” Pat moaned. She stifled Marsha’s reply by plunging her tongue deep into her rival’s open mouth, following it with her full mouth, locking Marsha into a deep, sucking kiss. The women moaned deep in their throats, they writhed slow and hard in each other’s arms, their naked bodies undulating, pressed together as tight as they could be, moving in rhythm. The women enjoyed the delicious sensations, wanting to prolong the exquisite pleasure for as long as they could. Marsha spread her legs and tilted her pelvis, presenting her wet cunt to Pat in offering and challenge. Pat spread her own legs and pushed down, delighting as she felt Marsha’s fingers digging into her ass, pulling her down and in. The women cried out into the other’s mouth as their wet, tight pussies caressed, lips licking at lips, hot labia melting like butter. Pat slipped her swollen, pulsing clit between Marsha’s cunt lips and slid up the woman’s wet, hot fuck trough until her clit met Marsha’s waiting clit. The women screamed in unison within their locked mouths as the shock of pure erotic ecstasy, what they had both wanted for so long, radiated through their shuddering bodies.

Pat broke the kiss and shoved her cheek hard to Marsha’s cheek, pinning the woman’s head to the pillow. The women worked their hips in microscopic circles, keeping their clits glued together, moving them around and around each other, rubbing them, pressing them head to head, making sure they never separated. The fuckfighting women’s moans of exquisite agony spiraled higher and higher. Their bodies moved in hot rhythm, Pat pulled Marsha’s hair, Marsha sank her fingers into Pat’s ass and pulled. On and on it went, well past the point of no return. Finally, their clits melted into one searing finger of pure erotic heat and pleasure. The women kissed deeply, screaming into each other, their bodies bucking slow and hard as they pumped cum into each other, as they soaked their lower bodies and the bed. When it was over, Pat collapsed on top of Marsha, her body floating on a wave of pure bliss, her mind overwhelmed with the intense pleasure. She felt her hard nipples pulsing into Marsha’s nips, she felt Marsha’s navel sucking at her own, she felt the other woman’s warm, wet skin wrapped around her’s like a coat. She could not think, she could only enjoy the pure ecstasy.

“You dirty little fuck,” Marsha whispered in Pat’s ear.

“Clit-sucking whore,” Pat whispered back.

“You made me wait two months for this, you slutty bitch,” Marsha whispered. “I’m going to ride your cunt until you make it up to me. I’m going to wring every drop of cum out of your filthy little pussy.”

“Fuck you, slut,” Pat grunted.

“That’s exactly what you are going to do, bitch,” Marsha growled. She wrapped her arms around Pat’s sweaty body and rolled her onto her back. Marsha mounted Pat eagerly. Pat did not resist. Instead, she slipped her arms around Marsha’s waist, grasped her rival’s powerful, perfect ass tightly, and spread her legs in welcome.

As they started fucking again, tongue to tongue, tit to tit and clit to clit, Pat knew she could not live without this pleasure. Her mind recoiled in despair, but it could not forestall the needs of her body. Moaning in shared hate and lust, the women locked together and resumed their war.

The End

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