Who’s the Bully Now? Part II – By Mr. Cage

It was hot as hell. Jeff was out of town on vacation and I was still banned from the pool. At least after the beating and ass fucking I had given my big sister, Cathy steered clear of me. She didn’t punch me when no one was looking. She didn’t call me faggot and remind me of how I had licked her pussy or begged as she fucked me with a coke bottle. And as long as she left me alone I didn’t bug her. I figured our sibling war was over. I was only going to bigger and stronger as we got older. She might be three years older, but her days of humiliating me were over.

So I put my feet over the edge of the bed. It was too fucking hot to lie there anymore. I considered whacking off, but fuck it was hot. Pulling on my dirty cutoffs, standing up, zipping them carefully over my bare cock and then sitting down to consider what to do for the day, I herd her yelling from the kitchen.

Cathy called, “Hey, Billie you here?”

I would have thought about hiding in the past, but now I yelled back asking what she wanted.

She came down the hall, stopped in the open door and said, “I need some back up.”

“You want me to back you up?”

“Yeah, that nigger Desiree and me are going to fight behind the old gas station with rings and belts. Neither of us wants a crowd, but we don’t trust the other to come alone. So she’s going to bring her brother Derrick and I’m going to bring you. You just got to keep him from cheating and pull her off if she starts killing me. And, after I win you fuck her hard. I want you to breed that monkey whore!”

“And if she wins?” I asked.

“She’s a fat-titted nigger. She ain’t beating me.”

“But, if she’s winning?” I asked again.

Cathy was sticking some of Mom’s big gaudy rings on her fingers. I noticed a thick leather belt with a nasty buckle looped around her waist. Normally she wore her cutoffs with the top button undone so her belly would stick out. Her summer cut blonde hair was slicked down against her head and back of the neck. She had oiled her face, legs, body and arms. Even her bikini top stuck her tits. She was oiled underneath it. She was ready for a fight.

She thought for a moment and answered, “Jump in and we run for home. I ain’t letting black cock in me.”

We left the apartment and walked through the backyard to the woods. A path led down the hill to the retaining wall in back of the closed gas station. A fence had been put up around the front to keep equipment thieves out, but it extended only the retaining wall. We waited in the woods ready hop down. Desiree and Derrick would probably be coming from the front climbing through a hole in the fence.

“So what’s the fight about?”

Cathy snorted. “I kicked her ass in a bathroom fight near the end of school. Pushed her face into the toilet and then made her kiss my foot in front of everybody. We’ve had at least one fight a year since first grade. Last year we had three and I whipped her black ass twice and Jill jumped in the other time and it turned into a big mess. Everybody was up for suspension, but the school doesn’t want any black white stuff so they hushed it up.”

“So she challenged you?”

“Yeah, saw each other yesterday down by the strip center. We’d have fought there but they got security at the grocery store so she called me this morning.”

Cathy had four big, heavy rings with settings on her right hand and two rings on her left. She had some kind of finger sleeve on her left middle finger with a raised design covering the entire front of her finger when she made a fist. She pulled off her belt and let it dangle by the tongue, the big metal belt buckle dangling in the leaves. It had rained recently and the dirt below was wet and dark like had been dumped there for years.

My sister is relatively tall and athletic with conical tits and big pink nipples. She’s a bitch and fucks like the white trash whore she is. She gets into bitch fights over boys all the time by batting her blue eyes at anything white she hasn’t fucked. If Mom hadn’t put her on the pill at eleven I’m sure she’d have popped out a little bastard.

After about five minutes Desiree and Derrick came around the side of the station. Desiree was about two inches shorter and ten pounds heavier, a lot of it in her tits and ass. She was sweating through a dirty t-shirt and like Cathy she was wearing cutoffs with her big ass hanging out. She had on tennis shoes and was holding a black leather belt with a double ring buckle on it. Her fingers had big headed rings on all eight fingers. Her short nappy hair was swept back and oiled down as was her face and skin. Derrick wore cutoffs and nothing else. He was shorter and skinner than me, but I knew he could fight.

“So you showed up bitch,” my sister said as she jumped off retaining wall with me following a hop behind.

“I showed up cracker. I’m going to whip your honky ass bloody and then Derrick’s going to fuck every hole you got you fucking racist slut.”

“Keep talking nigger. Just like school. You dumb monkeys never fucking learn shit.”

“Cunt, just like we said, right?” Desiree grabbed the neck of her t-shirt and pulled it out from her dark black sweaty chest.

“Yeah let your udders flop bitch!” Cathy undid the back of her bikini top and stripped it off showing her pink nipples and fear conical breasts much to the appreciation of Derrick and to my surprise.

Desiree pulled off her top. She had big round drooping boobs with nipples like thumbs. The nipples were coal black and set in big aureole that were bumpy and thick, sticking out from the fat black tit flesh. Sweat rolled down her belly from between her tits.

Desiree said to both us guys, “No rules and you little fuckers just watch. There is no giving. We fight until one of us is bloody and stripped naked. Then Derrick fucks that KKK cocksucker until she bleeds from all her holes.”

“Fuck you fat ass nigger!”

“I’ll shut your mouth you dirty white whore!”

They kicked off their shoes and began circling each other dragging belt buckles on the ground. I’d been in a belt fight in third grade. The belts seldom get used more than once unless someone wraps it around a fist. As soon as the fight starts you lose your belts.

Cathy suddenly snapped her belt from the ground putting a wave in the leather strap that kicked the buckle off the ground throwing black dirt. The buckle snapped hitting the underside of Desiree’s left tit. Damn, I wondered how long Cathy had practiced that move. Desiree squealed and jumped backwards swinging her own belt in a more frequent side arm whip motion. The buckle missed Cathy’s belly by five inches at least. Cathy leapt forward as the belt passed by and slammed her ringed fist into Desiree’s mouth.

Desiree’s belt went flying and she staggered backwards stunned by the sudden beating. I didn’t see her mouth bleed, but it already looked swollen. She had big fleshly lips and they had just been crushed between her teeth and the metal on Cathy’s right fist. As the right hand swung again, the belt swung in an arch behind it. Her fist crashed into Desiree’s raised left arm sending the flesh to jiggling all the way down to her big left tit. The belt whipped around behind Desiree’s sweaty back missing anything vital. Cathy still held on to it.

Desiree’s right fist smashed my sister between her tits and made her step back. Cathy’s left slammed into the outside of the black girl’s big right tit and dragged across it. Desiree squealed. I’d bet that finger sleeve had hurt like hell dragging over the fat black nipple. I couldn’t see any scratches with all the motion of the tit and Desiree’s reply. Her right hand grabbed Cathy’s short blonde hair and jerked. Cathy’s head twisted, but the oil in her hair and her own fist to Desiree’s left cheek freed her.

Desiree staggered back blinking. Cathy’s loaded fist had really smashed her cheek and must have blurred her vision. Cathy whipped her belt up and over sending the strap stinging down Desiree’s back, the buckle snapping in the cleft of her lower back. Desiree moaned and arched her back and twisted around.

Cathy shouted, “Fucking slave needs a whipping. Pick cotton you dirty cunt!”

She whipped the black girl again. Derrick took a step forward and stopped. I really didn’t want to fight him.

Desiree moaned, cursed, turned back around and lowered her head. Cathy whipped again putting a full welt on the black girl’s sweaty back, but Desiree was charging forward like a defensive pass rusher. Cathy was caught with her right arm extended. Desiree’s big shoulders and hard head took my sister right under her sweaty tits. Derrick cheered and I almost laughed.

Cathy’s dirty feet flew up and to either side of Desiree like a cartoon rag doll. Cathy slammed hard on her back plowing through the oily dirt, spitting as air rushed out of her when Desiree’s body came down hard on her. I’ll give my nasty sister some credit. She didn’t stop fighting.

Instead, before Desiree could climb on top, my sister’s nearly black feet closed behind the black girl’s big ass. Cathy’s wiry thighs captured Desiree’s hips so firmly she actually rolled the loose cutoffs an inch down exposing even more of the black ass crack. Cathy’s left hand grabbed the back of Desiree’s hair keeping her face on Cathy’s belly just below her tit. Then her right fist started hammering the back of Desiree’s neck. I noted that now Cathy’s belt had flown just out of reach. Like I said, belt fights don’t last too long.

Derrick was yelling, “Fuck her up, Desi girl!”

Cathy grunted and writhed on her back, now dirty from the back of her hair to under her cutoffs. Desiree’s toes were dug into the oily dirt trying to plow her bigger body on top the downed white girl. Cathy’s pounding forced Desiree to cover the back of her head with her left forearm. Cathy grabbed the wrist and trapped the arm at a bad angle. Cathy’s feet unlocked and she tried to roll her enemy over. Using the arm hold and her opposite foot she succeeded rolling over exposing her filthy back. Dirt was caked under her cutoff’s lose waist band.

Cathy tried to rise up and start pounding. As she did Desiree’s free fist hit her in the chin. Cathy leaned back for a second. Suddenly Desiree’s free hand grabbed Cathy’s left breast and pulled her forward as Desiree bucked her hip. Cathy was thrown forward splashing her tits into Desiree’s face. Desiree looked in worse shape than before.

Suddenly Cathy screamed. She pushed up letting her hold go and hammered at Desiree’s exposed forehead. I gasped. Desiree had her teeth locked into Cathy’s left tit. Cathy pounded the forehead, busting it open before Desiree’s teeth let go. The black girl fell back on the ground. Cathy wanted no more of the ground fight and stood up dodging a hard kick that knocked her left thigh around. Cathy retaliated with a dirty foot to Desiree’s heaving belly.

Cathy raised her foot again, but Desiree captured the ankle and turned on her ass. She kicked up hard at my sister’s cutoff covered cunt. The heel hit the curve of Cathy’s mound. Cathy fell hard, held firm by Desiree’s grip on her right foot. Desiree dragged on the ankle pulling Cathy closer in the dirt as the black girl set up. Desiree had targeted Cathy’s cunt for a fisting, but instead took a dirty white foot to the face.

Desiree rolled backwards, flopped over and pushed up. Cathy was up too and she had her belt back in her hands. She started whipping madly catching Desiree bent over. Man that strap really went to work. The caked on dirt flew off Desiree’s back as lash after lash hit her. She staggered trying to get away, but Cathy kept on her screaming about whipping her black ass raw.

Desiree finally turned into the belt taking a buckle across her already bloody forehead. She grabbed for the belt and missed. Cathy snorted and kicked the black girl hard in her cutoffs. Desiree bent back over with a grunt, again grabbing for Cathy’s foot. She missed again. Cathy grabbed a double handful of dirt-caked nappy hair and put her knee straight up into Desiree’s face. The first one hurt the girl and she stood there for a second and third. The fourth one knocked her back on her ass leaving double handfuls of kinky hair in my sister’s fists.

Cathy brought her belt down on Desiree’s tits. The black girl squealed for help. Derrick charged forward. I charged after him. He slammed into Cathy’s back and sent her falling over his sister. Cathy’s belt went flying. He ended up sitting on her back, his left hand pulling back her head and his right hand hitting her in the side of the face.

I thought about watching. Cathy deserved a beating I figured, but fuck blood is blood. I didn’t want to fight Derrick fair and square. I picked up his sister’s belt. Coming up from behind as Desiree was on her hands and knees trying to get up, I kicked her hard in her big ass and pushed her face into the dirt. With her moans behind me I wrapped her belt around her brother’s throat.

He shouted something before I pulled it tight as I could and jerked backwards. Of course he let go of my sister and grabbed for the belt. I pulled him completely off her choking the shit out of him. He was barefoot in cutoffs and I had on my tennis shoes. He was kicking wildly and clawing as his throat so I put a foot on the back of his head and fell down on my ass. I pulled on the belt toward me and pushed away with my foot, putting a nasty throttling on him. Like I said, I didn’t want to fight him. I had seen him whip white and black kids in fist fights. Honestly, I didn’t want to get hit and maybe beat.

Cathy got up. Her right cheek was swollen badly and she was bleeding from the eyebrow. She ignored Desiree who was getting up, rushed forward and stomped on the bulge in Derrick’s cutoffs. His legs shot up and he went into the fetal ball even without any air in his lungs. Cathy moved around and then kick stomped his face, not just once but repeatedly.

Desiree screamed and charged across the dirt. Cathy turned into her and the two of them slugged it out about three feet away from where Derrick was clawing his neck bloody trying to get some air. I finally let loose of the belt and he rolled onto his side coughing. I un-wrapped the belt from his neck, put my knee between his shoulders and pushed him face down. He was still out of it. I twisted his arms behind his back and then hooked the belt around his trapped biceps, pulling it tight until the belt buckle was biting into his arms. Then I used the rest of the belt to tie his arms from the biceps to the elbows tight behind his back.

Desiree and Cathy were staggering, kicking up dirt. Each had a left hand full of hair and was slugging away wildly with their right. I got a look at a very bloody, swollen black face as they twisted around. Then I saw Cathy was bleeding from the nose, the eyebrow and her lips, yet she seemed to be winning for now. Suddenly Desiree seemed to go weak. She was holding onto Cathy gasping. Cathy continued to pound her on the temple and ear as the black girl tried to duck her head. After five punches to the temple Desiree fell on her knees trying to cover her face.

My sister knew how to finish a fight. She slammed her dirty right knee into Desiree’s face again and again until the black girl’s weight threatened to drag my sister down by the left hand twisted in the dirt-caked black tangle that had been Desiree’s hair. Cathy let the black girl fall and jumped on top. Sitting on Desiree’s heaving belly, Cathy’s left hand dug into to Desiree’s throat, holding her hair against the dirt. Cathy leaned over grabbing and squeezing one breast and then the other with her right hand, making the nipple swell up at the top of the balloon. Then as each nipple pointed up at the sun, my vengeful bitch of a sister bit the nipple around its bumpy base. Desire was so far out of it she only whimpered.

I yelled, “What the fuck, don’t kill the bitch!”

Cathy looked up at me. Her bloody face was smeared with her blood and Desiree’s. The oily dirt and sweat colored her reddened and swollen flesh like camouflage. She looked down at the bloody teeth marks around Desiree’s big nipples, grunted and then stood up. She kicked Desiree in the face, tits and belly. Then she stomped the girl’s mound until she rolled onto her belly and whimpered.

Cathy reached down and grabbed Desiree’s cutoffs. Popping the zipper was easy, but dragging them off her thighs took my sister almost five minutes. Desiree yelled for help twice and her brother bucked under me, but he was going no where quick.

“Nothing, personal bro. You should have stayed out of it. It was between the bitches.”

“Fuck you cracker,” he growled. I had made a new friend.

Stripped naked, Desiree still tried to roll away and either start fighting or escape. Cathy stomped on the girl’s back again and again driving her face down in the dirt. She knelt on Desiree’s back, grabbing double handfuls of hair and rubbing Desiree’s busted up face in the dirt. All the time she taunted her and asked if she was ready to quit.

Finally, Desiree cursed, “You win cunt!”

“Watch what you say when you talk to your betters, nigger!” my sister snapped as she used Desiree’s hair to smash her face down in the dirt.

She held it there until Desiree’s feet started kicking frantically and her hands clawed at the dirt. Cathy finally let her breath by pulling her dirt-caked face out of the oily grime.

“What was that bitch?”

Desiree sobbed, “You win.”

Cathy stood up and motioned for me to come over and fuck her victim. I pointed to Derrick who was struggling helplessly under me. Cathy came over and drove her knee down on his lower back and pulled back on the trapped arms putting his shoulders in agony. He cursed and threatened, but she just taunted him. Then she dragged his face around so he could see me enjoying Cathy’s gift of his sister’s big ass. I might not have done it, but I kind of knew I’d be fighting Derrick before the summer was over. So fuck him and fuck his sister’s ass. I enjoyed the bitch and left a double load in her.

Of course after consideration, maybe I shouldn’t have. Cathy got another call two weeks later. Her bruises were yellow and her cuts still had scabs. Mom had noticed of course, but she’d given up on Cathy a long time before that. So I was planning to go back to the pool with Jeff when Cathy came into my room with the news of her latest diplomatic conference. Fucking Cathy and her bullying had made me a new enemy. The next week it was clear that the next fight behind the gas station was going to be two on two. I hate fair fights.

The End.

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