World War III by JB57

Tyler Taylor sat in her office and stretched out her long legs on her desk, pointing her bare toes as she arched her back. A button on the front of her white blouse popped as her incredibly taut, tight 36 EE tits strained against the thin material.

“Damn,” Tyler exclaimed. “Why can’t I find clothes that fit?”

The answer was obvious to anyone who saw her. Tyler was a 30 year old blonde bombshell, a ravishingly voluptuous beauty. Her long, muscled legs stretched on forever, topped by perfect feet. Her long legs curved up into wide, powerful hips. Her body slimmed down to a well-muscled torso and a tight waist, before exploding into the beautiful abundance on her chest. Her arms were strong and elegant.

Tyler’s desk phone buzzed. She picked it up immediately. “Agent Tyler,” the voice at the other end of the line said. “Please report to the briefing room, Floor 8.”

Tyler acknowledged the call. She swung her legs off her desk and pulled on three-inch stilettos. She straightened her mini-skirt, buttoned her blouse, and then walked quickly out her office. She navigated the busy hallway, avoiding the elevator to take the stairs up three levels to the eighth floor. She proceeded to the official briefing room on Floor 8. The room contained a long, oval council table, surrounded by chairs. At the far end of the room was a large flat screen. All of the chairs were pushed in, except for the one at the head of the table, facing the screen. Tyler sat in the chair and waited for only a moment before the screen flashed to life. On it was a picture of a long, thick, rounded piece of rock, like a rod. It was covered in ornate symbols and was topped by a small round orb, in the shape of an eye.

“This is the Wand of Xanos, Agent Tyler,” said a woman’s disembodied voice.

“Really?” Tyler replied. “It looks like a rock dildo!”

There was silence for a moment. Tyler suspected that the woman at the other end of the conversation was forcing back a smile. Then her voice returned, as controlled as before.

“Perhaps. What we know is that this artifact is powerful and has been lost for centuries. And now we think we know where it is. Your mission is to recover it for us.”

“How big is my team?” Tyler asked, immediately professional. She stared intently at the screen, doing her best to commit the image of the Wand to her memory, noting various defining characteristics of the artifact.

“This will be a single agent mission,” the voice replied. “We don’t want to draw any more attention to this than we have to. The Wand has been located underwater, in a particular area off Tahiti. You will go there as a tourist to do some diving. We don’t know exactly where the Wand is, but we have narrowed its location down to a very small area. You’re to scan for the Wand, find it and retrieve it. Once you find it, you’ll set up a meeting to transfer it to our custody.”

“A file with pictures, the history of the Wand, and all other information relevant to the mission has been left on your desk,” the voice continued. “Read it, memorize it, and then destroy the material. After you leave here, go directly to Testing Lab Four in the basement. Dr. Miller will brief you on the equipment you will need to use for this mission.”

Tyler acknowledged the order. She was already excited. A diving trip to Tahiti sounded like a wonderful idea! And she knew that the Agency’s decision to send her alone was a vote of confidence in her considerable ability.

The briefing over, she left the meeting room, got on a special elevator and keyed in her security code. The security box chimed and she pressed the button for the sub-basement. The elevator dropped at stomach-churning speed. Moments later, the door opened onto an antiseptic, bright white corridor that ended in a security door. Tyler approached that door, keyed in another security code, and stepped onto the steel landing of a set of stairs that descended into a giant room. The room was spread out before her like a factory floor, filled with massive machines, open spaces used as assembly sites, and white-coated technicians walking quickly from site to site. Trailers of various sizes dotted the floor, serving as offices and specialized labs used for testing. This was the agency’s technical department, the place where the newest high-tech gadgetry was built and tested.

Tyler descended the staircase to the shop floor and began making her way through the various test sites to Dr. Miller’s work trailer. She noted the many different projects. Here, two white-coated men were attaching a cannon of some kind to a sports car; there, in a large, transparent water tank, a woman in a swimsuit was testing some kind of speargun. All around Tyler, similar projects were underway. She enjoyed visiting the tech section, just to see what kind of brilliant ideas were being brought to life.

She made her way to one specific trailer and knocked on the door. “Come in!” a feminine voice called out. Tyler stepped into a large office space. The walls were lined with filing cabinets and computers. Against the far wall was a desk and behind that a door leading into the rest of the trailer. Behind the desk sat a beautiful blonde woman in a lab coat. This was Lydia, Dr. Miller’s assistant. Tyler hated this bitchy blonde beauty. But every time she encountered Lydia, her body reacted in the same way: her nipples tightened into spikes, her pussy grew hot and wet and tight. She had no doubt that she had the same effect on Lydia. She knew why she both hated and desired the blonde bitch: Lydia was the only woman in the whole agency, as far as Tyler knew, who could rival, maybe even equal or surpass, her in terms of her physical gifts. But their mutual desire and dislike was about more than just looks. It was primal and instinctive. At some deep level, she and this blonde bitch were natural rivals.

“Hello, Lydia,” Tyler purred, walking up to the desk while putting an exaggerated sway into her hips. “I’m here to see Dr. Miller.”

“Yes, Agent Tyler,” Lydia replied. The blonde lab assistant’s blouse was unbuttoned more than halfway down her cleavage, giving Tyler a view of spectacular tanned tits. “We’ve been expecting you. Please, go right in.” For a moment, the women’s eyes locked, Tyler’s blues to Lydia’s greens. Heat flowed between them. They smiled at each other grimly. Tyler swept by the desk and opened the door leading into Dr. Miller’s lab in the back. She licked her suddenly dry lips.

The back room was divided by a work table and filled with more computers and gadgets of various shapes and sizes. Dr. Miller was an older man who was assigned to be Tyler’s field tech expert.

“Agent Tyler!” he said. “Good to see you. Let me show you what you will be using on this assignment.”

He led Tyler to his work table. A thin, black console, no more than 1 foot wide and 3 feet long, sat on the bench. He pressed a button and it came to life, the black surface lighting up into a series of displays and a screen. “This is a mock-up of the tracking device you will be using. The original device and all of its associated equipment and sensors have been installed on the boat you will be using once you get to the mission site. We just need to give you basic training on how to use the device to locate the object of your search.”

Over the next few minutes, Miller coached Tyler in the use of the tracking equipment. He then showed her the hand-held scanner that she would use to find the exact location of the missing Wand under the water. The hand-held device looked like a large price scanner, but it had additional features. “This scanner also doubles as a laser drill,” Miller explained, pressing a button on the handle. He demonstrated how the laser drill worked on a block of cement on the bench. “As you can see,” he said, slowly reducing the cement to rubble, “this drill is very effective. We expect that the object you are looking for may be jammed in place by an overgrowth of coral. This will allow you to extract it.”

“Great,” Tyler said brightly. She was looking forward to this mission more and more. She always enjoyed the chance to try out new gadgets.

“Here is a new re-breather,” Miller said to Tyler. He handed her a small tube with a strap attached to it. “It goes into your mouth and it extracts oxygen from water. With this, you can stay underwater as long as you want – there’s no risk of your air running out. Well, the battery life is about 3 and a half hours, but you can even conserve that by putting it in conserve mode.” He showed her the button to do that. “No more bulky scuba tanks.”

After they finished reviewing the specialized equipment she would use on the mission, Miller took Tyler through the updated standardized agent field kit. He laid out on the bench a number of innocuous items that contained hidden weapons or which served multiple purposes.

“This pen,” he said, picking up a pen from the table, “doubles as a laser. It can be adjusted so it can be used as a weapon but also just to heat things up.” He picked up a tube of lip balm and popped off the cap. “When you twist the lip balm this way,” he said, demonstrating, “it goes from being an ordinary lip balm to being a tranquilizer. The drug enters through the skin. If someone uses this, they will be knocked unconscious in moments and be out for about two hours. They will probably use it on their lips, but it will work if it comes into contact with any part of the target’s skin.”

He moved on. “This compact mirror doubles as a video communicator. This brush handle can be twisted off.” He brandished the nasty looking knife that jutted from the end of the handle. “This lipstick, when twisted like this, becomes a one-minute bomb. The yield is small, but you should be at least 20 feet away when it goes off.”

After the briefing, Tyler thanked Miller and left his lab. She entered the outer office to find Lydia standing by a filing cabinet next to the outer door. The blonde assistant was wearing a short lab coat. Even so, her long, bare, tanned legs extended from under the coat, which was longer than her tiny mini-skirt. Lydia’s legs truly were gorgeous, Tyler grudgingly admitted; long, muscular, and beautifully displayed in the woman’s three-inch heels. Once again, with a shot of anger, Tyler had to acknowledge that this lab assistant was every bit her equal. As Tyler approached Lydia, the other woman closed the drawer and turned around, her back to the filing cabinet. She thrust out her powerful chest, her bra-less tits jutting, her nipples tenting the cloth of her blouse. Lydia’s cleavage swelled out of the neckline.

“Have a successful mission, Agent Tyler,” the blonde beauty cooed. She smiled sweetly, but the iron malice beneath the smile was clear.

Tyler turned so that she was chest to chest with Lydia as she slid by to the door. Her breasts were also unencumbered by a bra. Her nipples were pulsing with heat and seemed as hard as rock. Her pussy was growing hotter by the moment.

“Thanks, Lydia,” Tyler replied. “I’ll stop by when I get back and let you know how it went.” As she said this, Tyler shoved her pulsing tits into Lydia’s matching pair, accepting the other blonde’s challenge.

The women gasped in concert as their hot, thick nipples throbbed directly into each other, through their blouses. The hard nubs felt like they locked, nipple hole to nipple hole. Tyler and Lydia gasped in pleasure, then shoved hard, Tyler stepping into Lydia, Lydia bracing her back against the cabinet behind her to push back. The women were nose to nose, glaring into each other’s eyes, subtly rotating their shoulders and backs so that their nipples moved around and around each other, grinding into enemy areola. Tyler was amazed at how taut and firm Lydia’s tits were. The women’s cleavages swelled up out of their shirts and bare titflesh pushed against bare titflesh. Tyler moaned and fought back the almost overwhelming urge to reach up and rip open Lydia’s blouse so that they could feel each other tits completely, naked nipple to naked nipple. The urge to mash and grind and slap tit to tit almost overcame her. Each woman panted into the other’s beautiful face, sweet breath mixing, both vixens moaning with the delicious friction.

Tyler reached up and grabbed Lydia’s head, on either side of her face. Burying her hands in the other blonde’s hair, she pulled Lydia in for a tongue-twisting kiss. The women moaned in pleasure as their tongues caressed, as their spit slid and mixed, as lips sealed off. They kissed ferociously, their tongues scouring the insides of each other’s mouths, their tongues pushing and lapping at each other. Tyler’s pussy exploded with heat. Tyler leaned hard into Lydia and pushed with her feet, shoving Lydia into the filing cabinet, putting her full weight on their straining tits. The lab assistant groaned, struggling to push back, but now at a decided disadvantage. The women’s naked titflesh sizzled with erotic electricity as it mashed. Tyler knew she and Lydia would soon lose control.

“Oh, Lydia,” a voice called out. Dr. Miller was opening the door to his lab, still looking down at his notes. “Could you please find me the file on that explosive vacuum cleaner I was working on?”

The women started and Lydia tried hard to push Tyler away before Miller looked up and realized that something was amiss. But Tyler would not let her go so easily. Tyler twisted her shoulders and moved her whole body past Lydia, grinding hard with her chest as she did so. The action caught Lydia’s nips with her own and then pushed them hard to the side as Tyler moved. The blonde assistant gasped with the shock of pain and pleasure as Tyler moved by her.

“Some other time, bitch,” Tyler whispered at Lydia. Lydia’s hair was disheveled, her eyes wild. She shot Tyler a look of rage and lust.

“See you later, Dr. Miller,” Tyler called out sweetly. Miller looked up, surprised that Tyler was still there, and half-raised his hand to wave goodbye.

With an evil smile, Tyler stepped out of the lab and walked across the tech area to the stairs. The whole time, her nipples throbbed with desire and she tried to ignore the heat in her crotch and the uncomfortable wetness in her thong. Slowly, her heart stopped pounding and resumed a more normal pace.

Tyler returned to her office to read the file and prepare for the mission. The file was sitting on her desk, along with a ticket to Tahiti and her itinerary. She sat down and began digesting the information she needed for the mission. She would be leaving tomorrow, so she would sleep on the plane. Smiling with anticipation, still a little a breathless and aroused from her encounter with Lydia, she dived into her work.

In a castle in northern England, two naked brunettes rolled around on the padded floor of a dimly lit stone chamber. Both women were specimens of perfect physical beauty, possessing sculpted muscles and long, powerful limbs, combined with equally large, taut breasts. They gasped and moaned and cursed as they twined their writhing bodies and struggled desperately for domination. They mashed their massive tits together as each jockeyed to win and hold the top position. They humped and ground into each other’s nether regions, pussy pounding pussy, as each woman fought to ride her opponent to a submissive orgasm.

Finally, one of the brunettes managed to overpower her adversary, to take and hold the top position. She pinned the other woman to the ground and began grinding her cunt and clit deep into her opponent’s steaming twat, working her back at the same time so that she could mash her throbbing tits into her opponent’s matching glands. The other woman did her best to push up with her pelvis and meet her tormentor thrust for thrust, blow for blow. But she soon found the pleasure overwhelming. After a few minutes of cunt to cunt grinding, the woman on the bottom bucked up, her back arching in ecstasy, her hands gripping her opponent’s rippling ass, and shrieked in uncontrollable pleasure. Hot juices flowed down her thighs and away from her crotch. Moments later, the victor threw back her head and groaned tortuously as she ejaculated powerfully into the defeated cunt beneath her.

Gasping, their hearts pounding in concert through their tightly mashed tits, their magnificent bodies wet with sweat and sex, the two women lay in each other’s arms for several minutes, limbs twined, panting frantically. After a while, the victor raised her head and, smiling seductively, took her defeated opponent by the hair. The two women locked in a deep, lustful kiss, their tongues playing, as the victorious woman established her domination.

Suddenly, the chamber door opened and a well-dressed butler carrying a cellular phone on a silver tray entered the sex-steamed room.

“I’m sorry for interrupting, madam,” the butler said, “but you have an urgent call from Control.”

The dominant brunette reluctantly pulled herself off of her beautiful opponent. She grabbed a towel hanging on a bar near the door and wiped the sweat off her face. She looped the towel around her neck and took the phone, her naked body glistening with sweat in the light from the doorway, her heavy tits dripping with perspiration.

“Yes?,” she panted into the phone. For a few minutes, the dark-haired beauty listened to the voice on the other end. She listened without speaking, nodding occasionally as she absorbed the details of her next mission. When the call ended, she silently clicked off the phone and replaced it on the tray.

“Ready the jet, Alistair,” she said. “We’re going on a little excursion. To Tahiti.”

The butler nodded. “Yes, Mistress Natalie. I estimate it will take three hours to fuel the jet, ready the crew, and make the necessary arrangements for takeoff. Are there arrangements I need to make for when we get there?”

“Yes,” Natalie replied. “Have a small ship readied for recovery work. I’ll want a small crew, very disciplined and consisting of people who can be counted on to stay quiet. Control has sent me a computer file on the mission. Access it on my computer and get the particulars for the location.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the butler replied. He left quickly.

“Well, baby,” Natalie purred to the voluptuous, naked beauty panting on the floor. “I’ve got three hours to kill and I know exactly how I plan to spend them.” The woman on the floor returned Natalie’s grin and spread her lush thighs, reaching for her victorious rival. Natalie mounted her brunette conquest and, sliding her wet twat onto the other woman’s welcoming cunt, pushing her luscious rack onto the other woman’s matching tits, resumed their hot, hard fuck.

Tyler’s taxi pulled up to a small beach villa. The blonde agent double-checked the address with the information contained in the large manila envelope that was waiting for her when she landed.

“Great! This is the place,” she said to her driver. She was wearing a brief halter top and short shorts, barely enough to keep her incredible assets covered. Her driver unloaded her bag and gave Tyler a final appreciative glance before driving off.

Tyler pulled a set of keys out of the envelope and opened the villa door. She entered the small building and looked around appreciatively. The main room was a large, open space. A massive king-sized bed was pushed up against the far wall. Floor to ceiling windows provided a breathtaking view of the ocean beyond. She walked up to the windows, a smile of pleasure on her face. She opened the sliding door that led out onto a wooden deck and, from that, to a long dock. A speedboat was moored at the end of the dock.

“Not bad,” Tyler said to herself. “Not bad at all. I could get used to this.”

A small computer was humming in the corner, on a desk. Tyler sat at the console and pulled a datastick out of the envelope. She inserted it in the USB port. The information on the memory stick was crucial data regarding the coordinates of where she was to conduct her search. A letter on the stick also informed her that the keys to the speedboat were in the desk drawer. She opened it, found the keys, and shut the drawer again.

Tyler stood up and untied her halter, then slipped her shorts down her muscled thighs. She slipped off her thong. Moments later, a fully naked Tyler walked across the room, picked up her small suitcase, and carried it to the bed. She opened it. There was not much inside; she had packed very light. She put her standard issue bathroom bag on the night table, then pulled out three different string bikinis. She looked down at her bikini choices, her hands on her luscious hips, her juicy breasts on full display. The blonde looked at the different color bikinis – bright red, bright green and black – and briefly considered mixing and matching them before settling on the red string bikini. She squeezed herself into the meager two piece swimsuit, the bikini thong even smaller than the thong she had just discarded, and then returned to the computer and printed out the map with the latest coordinates. Donning a floppy hat and flip-flops from her bag, Tyler made her way down the dock to the speedboat. She got on the boat and did a quick inventory. Inside the security locker, accessible with another key on the boat key chain, she found the full scanner set from her agency. This set was not a mock-up; it was fully integrated into the boat and was receiving information from sensors and satellite feeds. Beside the scanner, she found the portable scanner and the re-breather. A diving mask was in the locker, along with flippers and other diving gear. “Good,” Tyler thought, “everything I need.”

With a roar of the powerful engine, the buxom blonde sped out onto the open sea. Tyler sank back in her chair and began working with the GPS system. The tiny triangles of her string bikini struggled to contain their massive treasures with every bounce of the craft against the ocean waves.

20 minutes later, Tyler killed the engine and weighed the anchor. She checked the scanner console. It indicated that the Wand was somewhere right below her, in about 40-50 feet of water. The ocean at this point was quite deep, but it appeared that the Wand was in a coral forest on the top of an undersea mountain. She pulled out the re-breather and the portable scanner, grabbed the diving mask and the flippers, and sat down to pull on the flippers. As she did so, she looked out on the sea and saw a small ship heading rapidly in her direction. Tyler frowned. She could not be sure what the approaching ship wanted; it might not even be coming to where she was. But her instincts told her that whoever was on the ship was after the same thing she was.

Tyler’s mind raced. “Looks like it’s going to be a competition after all,” she thought. “Once I’m in the water they’ll probably lose track of me…” She paused and looked down at her bright red bikini. “Or maybe not,” she frowned.

She thought for only a moment more before the obvious answer came to her.

Natalie stood in the bow of the large British speed boat, her enormous chest barely contained by her tiny black bikini. She shouted for a pair of binoculars. A moment later, Alistair handed her a high-powered pair. She trained it on the small speedboat in the distance. She could make out a long-haired blonde on the boat.

“There!,” she shouted to the pilot. “Head for that boat on the horizon! It looks like it’s right over where we need to be.”

Natalie brought the binoculars to her eyes again, turning up the magnification to its maximum setting, to study the woman on the boat ahead. What she saw made her tits tingle, her nipples harden, and her loins dampen just a bit.

Through the binoculars, Natalie watched the blonde slip out of her red string bikini. The brunette watched transfixed as the naked, buxom woman stretched, her voluptuous, powerful body glistening in the bright sunlight. Natalie studied the other woman’s thick brown nipples, her round, thick, perfect tits. She saw that the blonde’s luscious cunt was shaved bare. With the binoculars, Natalie could focus in on the blonde’s delicious body as though she was only a few feet away. The naked blonde gave her impressive tits a shake, pulled on her diving mask, positioned her re-breather in her mouth, and dived into the ocean, holding something in her hand.

Natalie handed the binoculars back to Alistair. She was lost in thought. Visions of the naked blonde under the sea danced in her mind. She imagined what it would be like to compare herself, flesh to flesh, with such a gorgeous creature. She imagined what it would be like to mash tits and grind cunts and rub clits with such a woman. She imagined the feeling of giving and receiving hot cum from such a beautiful bitch.

In her mind’s eye, she slowly studied the curves of the naked blonde – the heavy, perfect golden tits, the muscled belly, the sculpted legs, the womanly hips, the beautiful bare twat – then began to strip herself naked. Her crew exchanged excited looks, but they were too well-trained to say anything. In a moment, Natalie was nude. She handed her bikini to Alistair, who took it without comment. He had seen the blonde on the other boat and he understood how his mistress’s mind worked. Natalie licked her lips, placed her hands on her meaty hips, and thrust her mighty breasts out in an authoritative manner. A small trickle of moisture escaped her swollen, naked vulva and she smiled, her body growing hot and tense with anticipation of what was waiting for her beneath the waves.

A fantastically naked Tyler quickly cut through the warm tropical waters, the occasional bubble escaping from her re-breather. Her ears started to hum a little as she moved deeper into the water.

She began sweeping the ocean floor with her small scanner. A faint energy reading registered around 50 yards ahead of her and she began swimming toward it.

For what seemed like an eternity, she combed the ocean floor with the scanner, trying to zero in on the reading. Slowly, she narrowed the range of focus until, finally, she located a certain chunk of oddly shaped coral. The scanner chirped loudly in confirmation. This coral was covering the Wand.

Tyler carefully set the scanner to its laser function and began to gently blast the coral away from the powerful artifact it was concealing. She set the laser on a low setting but soon increased it to medium. With more power, the coral began falling away, revealing engraved symbols that Tyler recognized from her study of the pictures of the Wand. Soon, the Wand had taken on its recognizable and distinctive shape. After a few more minutes, Tyler was able to slowly, carefully, pry the newly-liberated Wand from its coral prison. “Just in time,” Tyler thought to herself, as she saw the scanner’s power reading. If she had not been able to get the Wand out in this trip, she would need to go back up to her boat and recharge the scanner, something that could take some time. Tyler had come to the conclusion that the boat she had seen had not been a rival team of treasure seekers, but the scare had made her a bit more anxious about getting her mission done.

Tyler looped the scanner around her wrist by its carrying cord and pulled the Wand free. She smiled in triumph. Suddenly, she sensed something. A familiar feeling rose up from within her. The buxom blonde’s nipples stood erect and her groin began to tingle powerfully. She had felt this sensation before, at various times in her life, most recently with Lydia, and it always meant the same thing.

Glancing around, Tyler detected the reason for her sudden arousal. Descending from the surface, a beautifully nude Natalie swam towards Tyler, stopping only a few yards away. Her own re-breather clenched in her teeth, her diving mask outlining her beautiful eyes, the gorgeous Englishwoman locked gazes with the naked blonde.

The rival women regarded one anther coldly, but with a powerful mutual understanding. They could not speak, but there was no doubt in either beauty’s mind as to what they were going to do to each other. Natalie and Tyler studied the naked beauty before her. It quickly became apparent to both women that neither had a noticeable size or weight advantage over the other. Their incredible bodies seemed equally beautiful and voluptuous. As their stare-down continued, both women felt their nipples harden into daggers. Their naked vulva became aroused and swollen as they begged to meet, juicy meat to juicy meat, in a vicious sexual battle.

Carefully, Tyler tied the rope attached to the handle of the scanner around the Wand of Xanos. She set the scanner to a beacon mode, so that it could be easily found. The device began to blink persistently. She let the scanner and the Wand drop onto the soft, sandy ocean floor, in a clearing, where they would be easy to spot.

Tyler and Natalie drew closer to each other on the bottom of the sea. They aggressively shook their massive tits at each other, a primitive challenge to signify their mutual animosity and rivalry. Hands extended, backs arched, mighty tits thrust out in challenge, they slowly circled as their breathing quickened. Tyler could see that Natalie had a re-breather like her own; potentially, they could be down here a long time, deciding which of them would take the Wand.

Tyler felt her body throbbing, the arousal growing deep inside of her. The idea of tangling up with this brunette bitch, flesh to flesh, sex to sex, filled her with an insatiable hunger. She felt her ultimate weapon begin to activate. She smiled as she felt the folds of her vulva parting as her burning, inch long clitoris came out for sexual battle!

The blonde made a sharp thrusting motion with her hips to call her rival’s attention to her clit’s sudden and intimidating appearance.

The buxom brunette stared down at the blonde’s succulent, bare twat for long moments. Tyler beamed with pride, certain that she had won the standoff with the brunette bitch.

Tyler’s victory was short lived, however. Slowly, Natalie locked eyes with Tyler again and smiled broadly. She arched her back and shook her massive tits a little, then looked down at her own crotch. Slowly, tantalizingly, a massive clit thrust out from between Natalies’s engorged pussy lips.

A brunette ying to a blonde yang, Natalie’s own inch long sex horn came out to play.

The stalemate reestablished, the naked rivals moved closer and closer to each other, circling and circling, their bodies tense and hot with desire. Slowly, they closed the gap between their incredible bodies, their blood boiling with lust. They reached for one another and interlocked fingers. A shiver of anticipation ran through the voluptuous beauties as their flesh touched, as their hands locked. A mixture of burning anger and lust filled their eyes as they continued to stare one another down. Tyler felt her clit throb with need and slowly, teasingly, she spread her legs, presenting her engorged cunt to her brunette rival, encouraging and demanding the contact that they both wanted. Natalie stared down at Tyler’s open, inviting twat, almost hypnotized with desire. Then she spread her own legs in reply, answering Tyler’s challenge.

Tyler and Natalie pulled each other closer, spreading their arms. Their massive tits mashed first, thick, juicy boobs sliding into each other, rock hard nipples crushing and mating, taut, round masses of flesh grinding and slipping against each other with tantalizing force. Hard nipples caught and rubbed and squashed tight. The women released each other’s hands and slipped their arms around each other’s bodies, pulling each other in tighter and harder. Both women ran their hands down the other’s waist and around their hips to grip their opponent’s round, hard ass. They arched their pelvises forward, presenting their engorged cunts to each other. The women pressed their faces together, faceplate to faceplate, glaring deeply into the other’s lust-filled eyes. Then, their desire too great to be contained, they thrust their powerful hips forward and drove their engorged nether regions together. Thick, juicy flesh slapped and merged. Cunt smashed to cunt, throbbing clit fused to throbbing clit. The women’s eyes grew wide with indescribable pleasure as their twats mated. They wrapped their powerful legs around each other. Their swollen cunts slotted together, gash locking to gash, labia melting into one, muscled cuntlips and deeper vaginal walls squeezing and sucking at each other, pussy fusing to pussy.

Hungrily, they pulled each other in even tighter and harder, their hips and asses rolling frantically, their rock-hard clits and engorged cunts grinding furiously. The women’s fevered animal grunts and moans emanated from their muffled mouths, filling the sea around them with the cries and moans of two beautiful bitches in heat. The struggling sexfighters intertwined their powerful, luscious limbs and writhed savagely, ecstatically, against each other, their incredible bodies striving to join completely, struggling to consume each other. The women rolled around and around in the blue, their bodies unconstrained by gravity, straining and bucking, slow and powerful, each woman fighting to overwhelm the other with her superior sex.

Tyler’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed and moaned around the rebreather in her mouth as a massive orgasm rocked her entire body. Every muscle tightened and strained with pleasure as the erotic electricity arced through her. Even as she moaned in exquisite pleasure, she could see from the expression contorting her rival’s beautiful face, she could feel from the way the brunette’s body twisted and flexed and strained against hers, that her opponent was also experiencing an incredibly intense orgasm. In the warm water she could not be sure, but Tyler almost imagined she could feel the other woman’s cum ejaculating into her, mixing with her own discharge.

One orgasm would not decide anything between these two over-heated bitches. Glaring at Natalie through her face plate, her body shaking with insatiable desire, Tyler knew she wanted more. She pulled off her diving mask and let it drop to the ocean floor. Natalie understood. She reached up and pulled off her own diving mask. The beautiful women glared at each other, nose to nose, foreheads pushed together, challenging each other even as their luscious bodies continued to jerk and spasm against each other. Natalie reached up and pulled her rebreather out of her mouth, letting the breathing device fall down to her neck. It was held in place by the loop around her neck. Tyler immediately reciprocated. The women glared at each other again, before sealing their mouths into one. Eager tongues probed and scoured the insides of the other’s mouth, before twisting together in a spit-slick knot. The women swallowed and exchanged air as well as spit and caressed tongue to tongue, their moans of insane desire reverberating in the ocean depths. They kissed and sucked at each other’s tongues for as long as they could before the need for air forced them to break the kiss and replace their rebreathers.

The women dropped to the ocean floor and rolled around in the sand, one on top then the other, pounding and thrusting at each other, cunts smashing and slapping together, tits mashing and rolling. Groaning with mutual lust, Natalie and Tyler finally settled into a scissor-lock on the top of the sea mount, pulling each other in and locking their cunts into a thick, juicy, meaty join, grasping each other’s thighs as they pumped at each other, their bodies rippling and undulating with ecstasy, their beautiful tits bouncing in slow motion as the Amazons exchanged thrust after thrust.

For long minutes, the gorgeous women fought, fucking and fucking, twat to twat, swollen, exquisite clit to clit, tits radiating heat. Natalie and Tyler pleasured each other in the warm ocean water, riding each other mercilessly, luscious bodies grinding and merging and straining against each other, beautiful muscles intertwined, gorgeous cunts locked in a meaty seal. Every few minutes, their bodies were wracked with one excruciating shared orgasm after another. Whenever they felt the orgasms coming, they pulled out their rebreathers and pulled each other in close, their massive tits mashing and enflamed nipples grating. They kissed frantically, viciously, through their mutual orgasms. Neither beautiful woman was ready to concede victory to her rival. The battle continued, each woman intent on sexually exhausting and conquering the other. The fight raged, wracking the combatants with pleasure.

A low hum slowly cut through the intoxicating sounds of the women’s mutual ecstasy. For a moment, their battle came to a halt as they glanced around for the source of the humming sound. Their eyes widened as the answer came into view.

A voluptuous, naked redhead was pulled along the ocean floor at a high speed by a small motorized propeller device. She gave a sexy little wave to the two entangled battlers on the ocean floor as she swooped into the clearing, scooped up the Wand and the attached scanner and sped away, her meaty buttocks flashing as she disappeared into the distance, soaring out into the deep water around the sea mount.

The blonde and brunette exchanged bewildered looks for a moment before hurriedly pulling apart, and kicking up toward the ocean’s surface. Their multiple shared orgasms had left both of the sexual warriors temporarily drained and they silently cursed as they struggled against the ocean currents.

Tyler broke the surface a moment or two before Natalie. Her spent muscles flexed as she slowly pulled her naked body from the sea’s embrace. She lay on the deck of her boat, her tits heaving, the sun beating down on her nudity. She could hear the brunette’s crew helping her onto her boat, just a short distance away.

“What’s your name, woman?” Tyler heard from across the water.

Tyler managed to lift her head and saw her naked brunette rival panting heavily on the bow of her boat, her massive breasts heaving up and down like the swells of the ocean itself.

“I’m Tyler,” she answered in between gasps.

The brunette managed to sit back on her haunches. “My name is Natalie. I’m English; I take it that you’re American?”

The blonde managed to sit up and match the Brit’s pose. The two women regarded each other from across the water.

“I’m very impressed with you, Tyler,” Natalie continued. “Not many women could hold their own against me, the way you did.”

Tyler smiled. “Thanks. I’m impressed by you, too. That was quite a workout.” She did not add that it was also the most intense sexual pleasure she had experienced in a long time.

Natalie smiled at Tyler. “Was the redhead one of yours?”

The blonde shook her head. “No, I thought she was one of yours!”

Natalie frowned. “Then it appears we have a problem. Clearly both our governments want that artifact, but it is now in the hands of someone else, some third party.” Tyler nodded.

The brunette continued. “May I suggest a truce? If we pool our resources, perhaps we can retrieve the object before it finds its way into the underworld or into the hands of some other state.”

Tyler thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement. “OK, it’s a deal. But what will we do when we find it? Obviously, we can’t both have it.”

The brunette smiled a lusty smile at the blonde and slowly arched her back, presenting her magnificent tits in all their dripping glory. “We’ll continue the discussion we started down below.”

Tyler returned the lusty smile and began fondling her nipples. “I was hoping you were going to say that!”

Smiling, Tyler pulled off her flippers, got to her feet and went over to the scanner console. As she worked the display, Natalie’s boat pulled near and crewmen lashed Tyler’s boat to their larger vessel. Natalie stepped down onto Tyler’s boat and walked over to see what her blonde rival was doing. She stood side by side with Tyler, their shoulders touching, and leaned down towards the control panel. Her heavy tits hung like ripe melons from her chest.

“The bitch who took the Wand also took my portable scanner,” Tyler explained. “It was giving off a radio signal and I can still track it, even if she turns it off. I should be able to locate it on this larger scanner…”

“And here we are!” Tyler said triumphantly. The video display clearly showed a blip moving at a slow, steady speed away from their location.

“How far is that from here?” Natalie asked, staring at the screen intently. She leaned in, her heavy left tit shoving warmly against Tyler’s matching right tit.

“About four K, approximately,” Tyler replied. She turned towards Natalie, pressing her titmeat hard into Natalie’s beautiful breast. The women’s eyes locked as their nipples crossed. Both women moved their shoulders, allowing their naked nipples to move against each other. Natalie bit her lower lip as the sensations rippled through her body. Tyler’s voice grew hoarse as her nipples hardened and her pussy grew moist. “Let’s take my boat to get there. Your boat can catch up.”

Natalie agreed. Reluctantly, the women pulled apart. Natalie had her crewmen pass over her rebreather and flippers. Moments later, with Tyler watching the scanner and Natalie steering the blonde’s boat, the speedboat raced across the ocean in the direction of the blip.

“That thieving cunt must be in some kind of submarine,” Tyler mused as she watched the blip get closer. “Whatever we’re tracking is underwater and she wouldn’t have stayed on that mini-propeller she was using for this length of time. It’s moving pretty slowly, too. If we get ahead of it, we should be able to dive down and come back to catch it.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Natalie replied.

A few minutes later, the boat passed by the underwater target. Natalie kept going for another 500 meters or so, then stopped.

The two women pulled on their flippers and attached their rebreathers. They had both lost their diving masks, but those were not necessary. Tyler found two wrist bracelet underwater compasses in the storage compartment.

“Ready?” the blonde asked the brunette.

“You know it, baby,” Natalie replied. “Let’s go teach that redheaded whore a lesson.”

The two naked women dived into the warm ocean. Once underwater, they oriented themselves and began swimming strongly in the direction of the approaching vessel.

After swimming for a few minutes, Natalie felt Tyler grab her muscled ass. She turned to give her new partner a bitchy look, but saw the blonde excitedly pointing down and to the right. Natalie looked. A large black submarine was slowly making its way along the ocean floor, passing over another deep sea mount before heading out into deeper water. If the women timed it right, they should be able to intercept the sub before it shot past them.

Now with excitement in their eyes, the buxom women sprinted downwards, moving to meet the fast-approaching sub. Moments later, Natalie and Tyler were clinging to the side of the vessel. It was about 60 feet long, with a glass bubble in the front. The women had approached the sub at an angle that obscured them from the view of anyone looking out the bubble, so they had not been able to see in, either. The brunette and blonde worked their way around the sub, finally finding an entry hatch on the bottom, as they expected. Fortunately, the hatch was not locked. Working together, Natalie and Tyler turned the lock wheel and pushed the hatch up, slowly, careful not to make any noise.

The women slowly poked their heads up into the small airlock, listening for sounds and any indication they had been heard. Their incredible bodies were pushed tight together, Natalie’s luscious body pressed hard against Tyler’s back. The blonde could barely keep from being distracted by the feel of Natalie’s heavy tits crushing against her back, the brunette’s lush cunt pressed against her smooth ass. Natalie could not resist; she rubbed her pussy on Tyler’s ass and began nibbling the blonde’s ear.

“No,” Tyler whispered, despite her own desire to turn around and fuck the brunette senseless. Natalie backed off, then whispered into Tyler’s ear. “You go up. I’ll give you a boost.”

Tyler nodded. Natalie went back under the water and placed her hands on the blonde’s perfect, taut bottom. A quick push, accompanied by Tyler’s pull, and the blonde was up in the sub, on her hands and knees. Quickly, she turned around and sat on the rim, dangling her legs into the open airlock, her thighs spread. Natalie looked up into Tyler’s beautiful bare cunt and could not resist. Without warning, she reached out and wrapped her arms around Tyler’s hips, pulling herself slightly out of the water, so that her majestic breasts crushed against the rim of the cold metal opening. She buried her face in Tyler’s juicy twat, licking the blonde’s labia, before driving her tongue deep into the other woman’s vagina, teasing Tyler’s swelling clit, sucking at the tender fuckmeat. Tyler stiffened, throwing back her head and biting her lip to keep from groaning in pleasure. Her hands locked on Natalie’s head, but she was unable to push the English woman away. Natalie immediately realized her mistake and stopped, but she could not suppress her mischievous grin. Natalie lifted herself out of the water on the other side of the airlock and smiled at her blonde partner, who glared daggers at her. Natalie spread her legs and ran her middle finger down her wet slit, then raised the finger to her lips and licked off the juice. The two beauties exchanged another hot, hungry look, their eyes promising much more to come. For now, however, they needed to focus on the task at hand.

The airlock was towards the back of the ship. Tyler noted that there were escape pods fixed into the back wall. The inside of the vessel was quite dark, though floor and ceiling level lights provided a dim illumination. Tyler and Natalie listened. They could hear deep, low moans coming from the bubble at the front of the sub. Carefully, the women pulled off their flippers, their wrist compasses and their rebreathers. They left all of the gear beside the airlock and quietly shut the hatch. Naked, barefooted, the brunette and blonde silently padded down the length of the narrow hallway of the sub to find the source of the cries. Both women knew that the sounds they were hearing were those of a woman in sexual ecstasy. They were eager to see what was causing such pleasure.

The naked warriors crept toward the noises until they could see two womanly figures at the front of the ship. By the glow of the navigation console and the soft light seeping in through the glass bubble, Natalie and Tyler watched two incredibly voluptuous, beautiful redheaded women lost in the act of fucking each other senseless. The women were sitting in the two fixed chairs in front of the control panel, facing each other. They were braced into the chairs and were joined together at their crotches, their beautiful bodies undulating powerfully as they fucked, their legs scissored and supported by the chairs on either side. The women’s eyes were closed, their heads were thrown back in ecstasy. One reached out to grab and squeeze the luscious tit of her lover; the other woman reciprocated.

Tyler and Natalie exchanged looks and smiled at each other. They were both getting hot, watching these two redheaded beauties enjoy each other’s incredible bodies. The women looked almost like twins, but Tyler could see their faces were slightly different. They were both beautiful and their luscious bodies easily rivaled her and Natalie’s gorgeous forms.

Both redheads were moaning loudly now as they sat facing one another, their vulvas locked. Both women massaged their huge breasts as they undulated back and forth, their hips moving in rhythm. Natalie was not sure, but she believed that they were working a two-headed dildo into each other, but the dildo was completely buried in their joined meat.

A bright, shiny object on the dashboard of the cockpit caught Natalie’s attention and she pointed it out to Tyler. The blonde nodded. The Wand was there, just as they had hoped. Tyler noticed that her scanner was sitting on the floor beside the console.

The two redheads began to whimper and buck wildly as they rode each other to a tremendous climax.

“Should we let them have their orgasms?” Tyler whispered to her partner. She licked her dry lips, her eyes fixed on the writhing forms before her.

Natalie considered for a moment. She began to shake her head when, suddenly, the two redheads screamed in concert. They thrashed wildly and juice surged from their conjoined twats. As the blonde and brunette watched, the other two women arched their backs, screaming at the top of their lungs, twisting in pleasure, their massive tits bouncing, their asses rising off the seats, tight with tension. The women screamed again and again, holding each other up as orgasms chained through them until, finally, they fell back onto their chairs, gasping for breath. Slowly, both redheads opened their eyes to smile at each other. They said words to each other and Tyler immediately recognized the Russian, though she did not speak it.

“Let’s break this up,” Natalie whispered to Tyler. The blonde nodded.

“Don’t get up on our account, girls,” Natalie said in a loud voice. The two redheads shot bolt upright, instantly alert. One hit a button on the panel and the cabin flooded with light. “We’re just here to reclaim that little artifact there on your dashboard.” Natalie pointed at the Wand. “Give it to us and we’ll be on our way.”

The two redheads sat up, pulling apart. A massive two-headed dildo was revealed, bridging their engorged cunts. The redheads spun their chairs around, maneuvering as they did so to dislodge the dildo that had been giving them so much pleasure. Each buxom redhead locked eyes with one of the two buxom women slowly advancing on them and they both stood. One of the redheads tossed their enormous double-headed dildo aside.

The four women advanced until they were an arm’s length apart. The four voluptuous vixens locked eyes, their luscious bodies juicing up and preparing for combat even as they studied each other. The scent of their aroused womanhood began to mix and fill the cabin.

Tyler broke the tense, erotic silence. “Looks like you two were celebrating a little prematurely.”

The two redheads glowered. One spoke with a heavy Russian accent. “Mother Russia will have the artifact”.

The other agreed. “Yes. You will not have it!”

Natalie and Tyler exchanged looks again, before returning their eyes to the redheads.

“We’ll just see about that,” Natalie whispered. She was having a difficult time talking. Her body was growing more aroused, more hot and tense, by the second. The sexual miasma in the air was irresistible. All four women were pouring pheromones into the enclosed space, their sexual musk filling the air with need and desire. They knew how they would resolve this disagreement and all of them were trembling with anticipation and growing animal lust.

Finally, they could take no more. All four women stepped into each other. 4 sets of 36EE breasts swelled and mashed against one another, filling the small submarine hallway. Blonde, brunette and redheads, their gazes feverish with lust, pressed into each other, gasping with pleasure as their glorious tits mated and crushed. Powerful legs and bare feet pushed hard into the steel deck, all four women struggling to bring their bodies as tightly together as they could. Each woman felt her tits growing, hardening with swollen, sex-heated tissue, pressing into the taut breast flesh of her opponent. Their four vulvas became enraged, boiling with heat, dripping with juice, threatening and longing to engulf their nearby counterparts. Their pussy lips parted, their ultimate sex weapons swelling up, stiff, hot swords of pleasure unsheathing, longing to cross and meet in erotic warfare.

World War Three finally began.

All four women reached out and slid their hands on their opponent’s smooth flesh and around their opponent’s waist and down their hips before seizing their rival’s powerful ass. The four women leaned back, offering their angry, swollen cunts to each other. Hot, wet pussy lips sizzled as they caressed slickly, then pressed tight. Labia melted together. With a hard mutual thrust, gripping the other’s ass tightly and pulling in their enemies’ bodies, the battling pairs of women slid their aching clits against each other. All four women screamed and gasped in unbearable ecstasy with the excruciating contact. They began stroking, jousting, clit on clit. Waves of exquisite pleasure flowed through their incredible bodies. Their asses rippling and flexing, the struggling sex warriors panted, growled, gasped with pleasure as they fucked vigorously. The women’s heavy tits worked against each other, throbbing with heat and sensation, nipples grinding ferociously, feeding the unbearable pleasure and tension in their pussies. Vaginal juices leaked down the women’s inner thighs, marking their incredible arousal. Natalie reached out and grabbed her redhead’s hair, pulling the bitch in and locking her in a sensuous, tongue-thrusting kiss. Tyler and her opponent were soon locked together lip to lip, tongue to tongue, as well. All four women groaned as one, their eager tongues sliding and caressing and shoving and twisting, moving in rhythm to their pulsing, stroking clits. The sub filled with the sound of the smacking, slurping sounds of sexfighters joined together in intimate combat.

The orgy battle raged on and on, 10 ecstatic minutes becoming 20 then 30. Eight huge breasts grew red from pressure and grinding and the battling women grunted and gasped with pleasure and exhaustion. Their bodies dripped with sweat. But none of the women showed any signs of sexual surrender.

During the course of the struggle, the redheads had managed to force the blonde and brunette up against the narrow, curved walls of the sub. At the same time, the redheads braced against each other, round ass to round ass, pumping hard into enemy cunt. Tyler and Natalie fought back, bracing their bodies against the sides of the ship, matching their rivals thrust for thrust, blow for blow, giving as good as they were getting. By this point in the battle, each woman had experienced several multiple orgasms and the sexual marathon was beginning to take its toll. Four sweaty, amazing bodies writhed against each other powerfully, each woman desperate to outfuck her opponent.

Pressed into the wall of the sub, her legs spread and her thighs resting on her redhead’s pumping hips, Natalie squeezed her enemy’s rippling ass and thrust back with all her power. Her clit felt like a balloon about to explode and her tits were bursting with pleasure, but she held on, determined to take her opponent with her over the edge. She broke a vicious kiss to rest cheek to cheek with the Russian woman. Natalie gasped with ecstasy. She looked at Tyler, locked together with her redhead, just inches away. Like Natalie, the blonde was spread against the wall, but her powerful body was writhing against her Russian opponent, matching the redheaded slut every inch of the way. Natalie called out to her partner. “T… Tyler… we’ve got to… out-last… these bitches…”

Tyler could only mumble a response as she fought a vicious tongue duel with her adversary. The blonde and redhead moaned into each other as they experienced another delicious, shared orgasm. Hot cum trickled down their inner thighs, mixing together and slicking their bodies and their naked cunts. Their powerful bodies shuddered in unison, sex-soaked muscles releasing terrible tension, just for a moment. The blonde grabbed her redhead’s hair and yanked their faces apart for a moment.

“You… know what?” Tyler gasped for air and then continued with a big smile. “I think all world wars should be fought this way!”

Her laughter was cut short as her redheaded rival’s lips sealed to her own again.

Natalie could not respond. Her body was shuddering in ecstasy as she and her rival shared another devastating orgasm. Both women moaned loudly and gasped for air as their mammoth tits continued to wrestle against each other, hard nipples spearing. Their cunts clamped on each other, convulsing with pleasure, and hot cum squeezed out from the meaty join to trickle down their thighs to the floor.

The sub echoed with moans and screams as all the women taxed their sexual energies to their limits, calling on all their sensual and physical power to keep matching each other thrust for thrust, orgasm for orgasm.

Slowly, the battling women began sliding down the rounded wall of the submarine hall, towards the floor. The struggling pairs of women ended up side by side on the deck. All four women’s thighs were slick and wet with vaginal secretions and hot, steaming cum. The sex fluids puddled on the deck. The four struggling Amazons fell into a tight scissors position, asses on the floor, legs spread and overlapping, vulvas sucked and sealed tight. The redheads thrust hard with their hips and pelvises, grinding deep and hard into their enemy’s luscious, swollen cunts. Natalie and Tyler replied with equal vigor, pumping back just as hard. The air of the submarine overflowed with the thick fog of heat emanating from the sex-crazed women. The delicious smell of fully aroused womanhood filled the small space. The erotic moans and gasps and screams of the four sex-crazed warriors radiated into the surrounding ocean. The four women’s luscious limbs tangled together as their bodies bucked and strained and arched against each other. Four sets of massive tits throbbed furiously as they strove against each other, hard nipples fencing aggressively. Four tongues struggled and twisted against each other in sensual bliss. Every few minutes, one pair of battling Amazons stiffened and screamed out in orgasmic ecstasy. Hot cum flowed between their vaginal canals and soaked their writhing bellies. The four women struggled on a floor slick with sex juices and hot sweat. Their bodies dripped with liquids.

For a long time, the sexual warfare raged on, no woman giving up, all four fucking each other with furious lust and desire, each determined to ride her opponent into exhausted sexual submission. For almost an hour, the two redheads and the blonde and brunette screwed each other ecstatically, all lost in the raw, ravenous pleasure of the other woman’s voluptuous flesh, all consumed by the overwhelming desire to merge with her opponent. Their screams and moans of sexual joy continued unabated.

Suddenly, the submarine shook violently, throwing the women around on the slippery, sex-stained floor. The four buxom sexfighters gasped for breath, panting with the fury of their incredible battles, and began to untangle as the sub took another hit.

Tyler panted out a question. “Hey wait… a sec… who’s… driving this tub?”

The redheads looked at each other with panicked expressions and began shouting at each other in Russian.

The sub shook violently for a third time and came to a rest on the ocean floor – now wrecked on a sharp outcropping of rocks. The vessel immediately began to depressurize as dozens of high pressure leaks began jetting water into the sub.

The four buxom women separated, their erotic conflict momentarily forgotten, and began to make their way to the back of the craft and the waiting escape pods. Their ears popped as the water level in the craft continued to rise rapidly. In moments, the water went from ankle deep to thigh deep and continued rising fast.

One of the naked redheads hit the door release to the first pod and scrambled inside. She pulled her partner in on top of her and then pressed another button to seal the pod shut. Through the transparent door, Natalie made out the women writhing on each other, shouting and arguing. Then the first redhead hit another button on an inner console. The pod moved into a recess in the back wall. A sheet of metal slid over the cavity. A second later, Natalie heard the whoosh of the pod being jettisoned from the sub, shooting for the surface. The sub shuddered a bit as the escape pod shot away.

Natalie reached the other escape pod and found the door release. By this time, the water in the sub was almost up to her neck. Suddenly, she realized that Tyler was not behind her, as she had assumed.

“TYLER! TYLER WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN’T SEE YOU!”Natalie shouted back into the rapidly filling sub.

As if in answer, a blonde head briefly broke to the top of the water and managed to utter a gasping cry for help.


Natalie took a deep breath and quickly dove under the water. She looked for one of the re-breathers, but could not see them; they must have been moved by the inrushing water. Not wasting any more time, Natalie had to swim almost the length of the sub to find Tyler. The blonde was limp and barely responsive. Natalie wrapped her arms around her partner’s naked torso and dragged her to the waiting escape pod. She pulled their naked bodies into the pod and hit the jettison button on the inner console. The second pod retreated into the cavity in the wall, the steel sheet slid down and, a moment later, the water-filled pod began sluggishly shooting for the surface. The pod’s automatic safety systems began pressurizing its interior, forcing out the water trapped inside, pumping in precious air. As the water evacuated from the inside and the pod slowly accelerated to the surface, Natalie sealed her lips to Tyler’s lips and filled the blonde’s lungs with air. A moment later, Tyler coughed and sputtered back life. She smiled weakly.

“Thanks, babe,” Tyler muttered.

The women lay on their sides, their massive, reddened tits mashed against one another, their thighs lodged tight against each other’s pussies. The brunette smiled into her new friend’s eyes.

“Thought I lost you back there, darling.”

Tyler smiled, then moved forward and passionately kissed the English woman. The women’s tongue intermingled, exploring the inside of each other’s mouths for some time. Their flaccid nipples tightened against each other.

Finally, Tyler broke the kiss. “Did we win?” she whispered.

“Win what? The orgy fight with the two redheads? No, I think we were all too evenly matched.” Natalie frowned. “I’d love to take on those two bitches again.”

The blonde smiled and rubbed noses with Natalie. “No, I’m absolutely positive that you and I won”.

The brunette smiled back but did not understand. “What makes you so sure?”

A big smile crossed Tyler’s face. She reached down between her legs and, rearranging herself to get more room, slowly extracted the Wand of Xanos from her hot, wet pussy.

Natalie’s eyes opened wide. “NO WAY!”

Tyler smiled. “I told my boss the thing looked like a rock dildo. I just decided to put it where it was meant to go.”

The women laughed together. Natalie pulled Tyler into another deep, erotic kiss. The women enjoyed several more minutes of tongue wrestling as they gently stroked one another. Their hands began to explore heavy tits and succulent twats, eager fingers probing into hot, wet crevasses and delivering gentle, teasing strokes to stirring clits. The women’s moans grew louder and more intense.

Natalie and Tyler’s pod bobbed to the surface. A few minutes later, the British woman’s boat pulled up beside them, towing Tyler’s boat alongside. The ship had used the tracking system on Tyler’s boat to follow the submarine. The crew pulled the capsule over to the side of the ship and looked in through the transparent dome. For a few minutes, the men enjoyed the spectacle of the two beautiful women exploring each other’s bounteous bodies.

Finally, Alistair shouted, “Mistress Natalie! We’ve captured the two redheads from the other pod. What would you have us do with them?”

The brunette broke her kiss with the blonde and answered back. “Lock them up below deck, Alistair. My American girlfriend and I need to discuss who gets to keep the Wand of Xanos”.

The boat crew looked at each other and shrugged as Tyler reached up and hit a switch on the wall. The pod’s transparent dome quickly darkened to a pitch black.

As the two women faded from view, they smiled hungrily into each other’s eyes. Tyler rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, opening her juicy pussy to her rival and lover. Natalie rolled on top, and crushed her massive tits, nipple to nipple, with Tyler, her eyes burning with lust. Her bare, thick cunt slid deliciously onto Tyler’s slick, waiting meat, the women’s engorged clits swelled out to touch and stroke and fuse. Tyler wrapped her arms around Natalie, pulling the other woman to her tightly, crushing the woman’s massive tits to her own, thrusting up to grind her burning cunt into Natalie’s twat, even as Natalie thrust down to seal their luscious bodies together.

“Let’s talk, baby,” Tyler murmured. The women’s mouths closed on each other, their tongues twisted and tangled.

It would be a long conversation.

World War Three, Part II

Tyler and Natalie panted ferociously into each other’s beautiful faces. Natalie was on top, her incredibly voluptuous body writhing and straining against Tyler’s equally magnificent form, her round ass pumping, her hips thrusting. Tyler’s pelvis moved with Natalie’s, keeping their wet cunts glued together, occasionally breaking the mutual pussy hold so that the women could pound their juicy fuckmeat together, before resuming their grinding fuck. The women stared deeply into each other’s eyes as their writhing, struggling, sweaty bodies strained desperately against each other. They whimpered with pleasure and their bodies trembled with erotic tension. Their massive tits were crushed tight between them, their rock-hard nipples welded together like steel spikes of pleasure, their thick titflesh rolling and mashing. Their moans and cries of sheer ecstasy grew louder and more frantic. Between their legs, their meaty, succulent twats fused into one, gash to gash, labia melted with labia. Their searing clits were rubbing furiously, sexhorns crossed and sawing at each other, inflicting unbearable pleasure on both women.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, fuck, yessss!,” Tyler cried out, as she felt the terrible orgasm burning in her core about to explode. She pulled harder on Natalie’s gorgeous, pumping ass, her fingers digging into her rival’s taut, sweaty buns.

“Oh, oh, oooohhhhhhhh, God!!” Natalie groaned as overwhelming sensations radiated from her crotch. “I’m cumming, oh fuck, Tyler, I’m cumming!!,” she cried.

The women locked their lips together, tongues twining wet and hot, as a devastating mutual orgasm ripped through their magnificent bodies. Tyler and Natalie screamed into each other’s mouths, howling with pleasure. Their bodies trembled with ecstasy as they locked and strained against each other, their twined muscles pulling in opposite directions, drawing each other in more tightly even as they held each other in a trembling stalemate. Sheer pleasure rolled through their incredible bodies and their pussies gushed with cum. The women ejaculated into each other and groaned with delight as their juices mixed and flowed within their locked vaginal canals, as the mixture gushed down their inner thighs, warming their bare crotches and smooth pussy flesh. They kissed frantically, trying to swallow each other’s tongues whole.

Gasping, moaning with delight, Tyler and Natalie collapsed in each other’s arms, their naked bodies sprawled out, Natalie’s weight bearing down on Tyler. Their throbbing clits pulsed into each other, their still-hard nipples stabbed into the other’s thick breastflesh. Their hearts pounded into each other through their mashed tits. Panting, Tyler brushed some of her sweat-damp blonde hair out of her eyes and smiled at Natalie.

“God, that was good, baby,” the blonde vixen smiled. “That was fucking good. Ready for another round? Or are you ready to give up and admit that I’m just a better ‘conversationalist’?”

“Mmmm,” Natalie smiled. She stretched like a cat, her body tightening and flexing the length of Tyler’s luscious body in the cramped space. “No way, my American friend,” the British woman replied, her dark hair wet with sweat, her skin glowing with her exertion. “I think I’m better.” She slipped her hand down Tyler’s tan, smooth abdomen and slid her palm over her rival’s naked, slick cunt. She rubbed Tyler’s gash, brushing the part of her middle finger nearest her palm over the blonde’s prominent clit. Tyler gasped. “I think that I can convince you to see things my way.”

Tyler smiled wider, her beautiful face lit with growing lust, and rolled over onto Natalie, intending to mount the brunette and resume their fuckfight. Natalie placed her hand on Tyler’s shoulder, however, stopping the roll. Instead, the women lay side by side, their heads propped up, their tits crushed, their hips and thighs pressed together, and contemplated each other.

“We’ve been in this pod more than an hour, and I don’t think we’re going to decide our little disagreement anytime soon,” Natalie continued. “Why don’t we go someplace where we can don’t have to worry about holding up everything else?”

Tyler smiled. “Sounds fine to me, baby,” the blonde replied. “Why don’t we go back to my place? We can store the Wand in my safe while we work out which of us gets to keep it. My cabin has a private dock and isn’t far from here.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Natalie replied. “Let’s get out of here and get back to land with the Wand.”

Natalie hit a button on a side console. The hatch to the escape pod opened. Hot, sex-steamed air sizzled free into the early tropical afternoon. Natalie climbed out first, immediately followed by Tyler, who held the Wand. Both women’s incredible, naked bodies glistened with sweat and sex.

Alistair walked up to meet Natalie. He presented her with her black bikini. He seemed oblivious to the nude perfection of the two voluptuous women standing before him. “Ma’am,” he reported. “We have secured the two Russian women below decks. We’re waiting for further orders.”

Natalie took the bikini. As she tied it back on, she spoke to her assistant. “We’re going to take my American friend’s boat, Alistair,” Natalie explained. “She and I are taking the Wand and going to her cabin to continue our… conversation about which of us gets to keep it.” She gave him a mischievous grin. Alistair, of course, knew all about her personal predilections. “As for our redheaded friends, take them to the port and drop them off there. We can’t hold them, but we don’t want them to be any more annoying than they already have been.” She paused. “Find them some spare bikinis in my bag. They can wear those.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Alistair replied. He set off to see to her orders. Natalie and Tyler stepped down from Natalie’s larger boat onto the deck of Tyler’s speedboat. Tyler put the Wand in the boat’s locker, then reached down and picked up the tiny red bikini she had discarded earlier. She tied it back on as Natalie’s boat motored away, towards the coastline.

“OK,” Tyler said, grinning at her British, brunette rival. “Let’s go and get this settled.” Natalie grinned back, her eyes already sparkling with growing desire. Both women could hardly wait to get at each other again. The question of which of them would be allowed to keep the Wand of Xanos could only be resolved by hours and hours of unrestrained, all-out fucking. It was the only civilized way to settle their dispute.

Tyler powered her motorboat back towards the shore. She went as fast as she could. Even after more than an hour of fucking Natalie, even after all the sexual warfare she had engaged in today, her appetite for the brunette had only become more ravenous. Tyler felt like someone had uncorked a bottle of pure sexual power and desire deep inside of her and it just kept pouring out, filling her with sensual need.

Natalie sat in the passenger seat. Both women’s 36EE tits bounced exuberantly as the boat rocketed over the tropical ocean. Natalie reached out and stroked Tyler’s bare thigh, then slid her hand up onto Tyler’s inner thigh. The blonde gasped as the edge of Natalie’s hand pushed into her throbbing gash, even through her thong. Tyler reached down and pulled Natalie’s hand away. “Don’t do that, unless you want us to crash,” the blonde warned, a catch in her throat. Her nipples had become steel-hard and threatened to pierce her bikini top.

“Just testing your concentration, darling,” Natalie smiled. She turned to look ahead, her body burning with anticipation. The shore was visible now and was getting closer and closer. Natalie was caught by surprise when, suddenly, Tyler reached out and slipped her finger inside of Natalie’s thong. The blonde’s probing finger went straight into the British woman’s wet pussy and Natalie gasped and pushed Tyler’s hand away, before she turned to grin at her blonde rival. “Oh, you little cunt,” the brunette gasped.

“There’ s nothing little about my cunt, baby,” Tyler purred, smiling triumphantly. Natalie smiled back.

For the next hour, the women played with each other, reaching out to stroke or tease or tantalize. They kept each other on a slow, hot boil, their bodies growing ever more desperate for unrestrained sex.

Finally, Tyler pulled up at the dock in front of her cabin. She leaped out onto the dock and secured the boat with a rope. As she did this, Natalie took the Wand out of the boat locker. Side by side, the two nearly naked beauties walked down the wooden dock, their bare asses jiggling, their womanly hips swaying, their massive tits bouncing gently as they moved, their black and red thong bikinis concealing almost nothing of their incredible bodies.

Tyler and Natalie entered the well-appointed cabin.

“Here, let me have that,” Tyler said, taking the Wand from Natalie. She crossed the cabin to the strong steel safe set into the room wall. She put the Wand into the safe, then inputted a code. Natalie drew near, to see the code number. Tyler smiled, but she made no effort to hide the combination. She punched in the numbers 786532, then instantly memorized the sequence. Natalie did the same. The women did not say anything, a natural precaution in the unlikely case that the room was bugged.

Tyler walked across the room to the small refrigerator in the kitchen area. She pulled two large bottles of water out of the fridge and then walked over to the bed and placed the bottles on the night table, next to her bathroom bag. She knew that she and Natalie would need to hydrate as the night went on. Tyler then walked back to her brunette challenger.

“Well, now, baby,” Tyler said, smiling lasciviously, standing directly in front of Natalie, her hands on her hips. “Shall we get started?”

“Absolutely,” Natalie purred. She wrapped her arms around Tyler’s back and pulled the blonde in tight. Tyler wrapped her arms around Natalie and squeezed back. Their rock hard nipples stabbed directly into each other through their bikini tops; their massive titflesh overflowed their tops and melted together. Their hard bellies slapped tight and their thick, luscious thighs rubbed hard. Tyler looped her right leg around Natalie’s left and rubbed their calves together. Slowly, teasingly, Tyler and Natalie extended their tongues and slid the thick, pink, deliciously sensitive probes against each other. Both women smiled and laughed, their eyes fever-bright with anticipation. Soon, they would be locked together, riding each other relentlessly. For now, they enjoyed the play of the anticipation. Slowly, slowly, they sealed into a deep, tongue-twisting, spit-sucking French kiss. Their tongues worked around and around inside their mouths. Their moans of pleasure grew more intense and they crushed each other ever harder. They writhed and wriggled slow and hard in each other’s arms, insistently rubbing their burning flesh together, teasing each other, slowly stoking their building lust into a ravenous fire.

Tyler and Natalie finally broke their kiss, but they kept their faces pushed together, nose to nose, panting into each other. They could feel their hearts pounding through their joined tits.

“We don’t leave here until one of us submits,” Natalie murmured. “We keep fucking until one of us can’t go on.”

“Mmmmm,” Tyler smiled. “You beautiful British bitch. I’m going to enjoy fucking your brains out. I just hope you last a really long time. I’m not in any rush.”

“I’m going to spread that cunt and suck you dry with my pussy, baby,”Natalie smiled back, her ravenous hunger reflected in her smile. “Let’s get naked and get started,” she panted.

The women released each other and stepped apart. Eyes locked, both beauties smiled at each other, their hearts pounding with anticipation, and reached around their backs to untie their bikini tops. The women’s tops dropped to the cabin floor, freeing their massive, perfect tits. Natalie and Tyler stared hungrily at the other’s meaty orbs. They reached for each other’s tits, seizing the other woman’s thick, succulent flesh. They caressed each other’s nipples, squeezing and teasing the deliciously sensitive flesh, until they threw back their heads and groaned with pleasure. Tyler and Natalie were each fascinated by the weight, the heft of the other woman’s tits, which were such a perfect match for her own. They kneaded and massaged each other’s breasts until both women were aching, burning with unbearable lust. Tyler felt her pussy throbbing. She was absolutely soaking wet. She pinched Natalie’s thick right nipple, causing the British beauty to gasp, then bite her lip in ecstasy. Natalie eagerly reciprocated.

“Oh god,” Tyler moaned, “Oh god, I’m going to fuck you so, so fucking hard…” She could barely keep her eyes open as they fluttered with the unbelievable pleasure emanating from her tits.

Natalie and Tyler lowered their heads to the other woman’s breast and began biting, sucking and licking with wild abandon. They stroked hot areola with eager tongues and gently chewed and nibbled at throbbing brown nipples with hard teeth. Tyler slid her hand down Natalie’s slick, smooth abdomen and into the brunette’s thong. Tyler’s finger worked expertly inside of Natalie’s juicy cunt. Natalie moaned uncontrollably and replied, thrusting her middle finger deep into Tyler’s tight, hot pussy. Both women whimpered in delight.

Groaning lustily, immersed in each other’s tits, finger-fucking enthusiastically, the two gorgeous women staggered towards the king size bed. They stumbled and fell in a heap on the bed. In a flash, their luscious bodies twined together, their long, powerful limbs locked and straining. Natalie succeeded in mounting Tyler, but the blonde did not fight hard. Instead, she spread her legs wide, inviting the British woman to violate her. At the same time, Tyler untied Natalie’s bikini thong and threw the scrap of cloth away. Natalie smiled, leaning forward so that her rack crushed down on Tyler’s tits, and reached down to pull Tyler’s thong away. Now that both women were completely nude, Natalie pushed her raging cunt down onto Tyler’s waiting fuckmeat, and began rotating her hips, sliding her slick cuntlips around and around Tyler’s matching genitals, spreading the fluids squeezing out from their enraged twats.

“Are you giving up already, baby?” Natalie cooed. “Are you admitting that I’m the better woman?”

Tyler smiled. “Not at all, bitch,” she murmured, licking at Natalie’s beautiful mouth. “This is about who fucks last, not who gets fucked first. If you want to do all the work, that’s fine by me.” She bit Natalie’s neck, forcing a groan of pleasure from her rival. Natalie twisted her hips, penetrating Tyler’s cunt a bit more. Tyler gasped, but continued. “I’m not stopping until I drain every drop of cum from that gorgeous cunt,” she said, throwing back the brunette’s words. Natalie smiled archly in reply, her eyes glowing with lust. She locked Tyler into a deep, probing French kiss. As the women kissed, their hips began moving, cunt sliding on cunt, warm, taut bellies rippling against each other until their navels sucked at each other. Engorged clits swelled up from the women’s twats, eagerly seeking their counterpart.

What followed was hours of sexual ecstasy. Natalie and Tyler enjoyed each other in every way they could imagine. They sucked and bit at each other’s tits, they pounded their wet cunts together until their incredible bodies exploded in pleasure, they fell into a 69 and sucked on each other’s clits like lollipops until they came endlessly in each other’s faces. They drove their pussies together from every position they could imagine: ass to ass, top to bottom, side to side, taking turns on top. Each woman was determined to ride her rival into sexual submission. Locked in a delicious scissor, the women fucked mercilessly time and time again, their pussies interlocked so tightly, squeezing and wrestling each other so vigorously, that the womens’ genitals seemed to catch fire and become one hot mass of succulent, meaty pleasure. Finally, their bodies dripping with sweat and sexual juices, their pussies slick and hot, their clits battered and sore, but still throbbing with heat and power, the women collapsed together into a tangled heap of luscious flesh.

“God, oh god, you’re a good fuck,” Tyler gasped, her body so spent she could barely move, but her deep sexual core still ringing like a gong. It was a strange feeling, to be so exhausted and still so aroused. The women were side by side, nose to nose, gasping and panting into each other’s gorgeous faces. Their tits were pressed tight, their limbs were carelessly tossed around each other.

“So are you, baby,”Natalie groaned. “So, so good…”

Pressing tight, kissing and licking at each other, the two exhausted women fell into a deep sleep.

Sometime later, an hour or two past midnight, Tyler returned to consciousness. Natalie was squeezing her right nipple. It was not a hard squeeze, it was just enough to send a throbbing pulse of pleasure rippling through her body. Tyler’s nipple tightened and swelled. Stretching languidly, the blonde opened her eyes and smiled at her brunette rival. “Ready for more, baby?” she purred. Tyler realized something was wrong. Natalie was not looking at her but was staring fixedly at something at the foot of the bed. Tyler followed her gaze.

By the dim light from the night table lamp, Tyler saw the two Russian redheads standing at the foot of the bed. The redheads were smiling smugly, their beautiful faces limned by the light, their bright green eyes shining in the glow. Their long red hair framed their heads. Both women were dressed in skintight black cat burglar suits, which seemed to be made of some kind of latex. The suits were unzipped halfway down their chests, revealing their bulging breasts and deep cleavages. The Russian women pointed wicked looking handguns at the two women on the bed.

The Russian whom Tyler had fought gestured with her gun. “Don’t get up, whores,” she said, a triumphant expression on her face. “Let’s keep this simple. Give us the Wand and we will let you live. Try to hide it from us or resist and we will kill you and then search this place.”

Natalie and Tyler shifted on the bed, moving apart and sitting up, side by side, facing their captors. “It’s in the safe,” Tyler said, her head gesturing towards the wall with the safe. Tyler’s bathroom bag with all of its lethal, camouflaged accessories, was sitting on the night table, but she could not get at it.

While the first redhead kept Natalie and Tyler at gunpoint, her partner moved to the wall and found the safe. The Russian woman could see immediately that getting into the steel box would be impossible with the tools that they had. The safe was also bolted into the wall, meaning that they could not take it with them. She returned to the bed, training her gun on Natalie.

“What is the combination to the safe?” she asked, her self-satisfied smile gone.

“Well,” Natalie said slowly, a smile spreading across her beautiful visage, “I think that we will keep that to ourselves. Kill us if you want, but you won’t get the Wand if we’re dead.”

The two Russians looked at each other sharply, exchanging a look of rage. Then the first spoke, pointing her gun at Tyler. “If you don’t tell us, we kill your girlfriend.”

Natalie’s smile turned grim. “You could do that. But we’re both prepared to die to protect our missions.”

The Russian women glared at them. Before they could make up their minds on how to respond to this situation, Natalie spoke again.

“I’ve got a counter-proposal for you,” the beautiful brunette said quickly. The redheads looked at her expectantly. “We finish off what we started below. The two of you against the two of us. Woman to woman. Cunt to cunt, clit to clit, tit to tit. We fuckfight until one team beats the other. If you win, Tyler and I accept our loss and give you the combination. If we win, we take the Wand and we leave. This is just between the four of us. No one else needs to know. What do you say?”

The two redheads looked at Tyler and Natalie, their eyes raking the naked bodies of the gorgeous women in front of them. They turned to each other, exchanging a look. What they were thinking was obvious. They had a mission to complete and they had already lost the Wand once. But they were also voraciously sexual women and the prospect of locking up with these Western bitches and finishing their unfinished business was unbelievably appealing. As one, the Russians nodded.

“We agree,” the first redhead said. “We fuck. If one woman beats her opponent, then she can help her teammate. Agreed?”

“OK,” Tyler said. “We can also switch opponents during the course of the fight. If we’re going to have an orgy fight, we should do it all the way.”

The Russians nodded again, in unison. Slowly, carefully, the redheads clicked the safeties of their guns into place and then stepped back to put their guns on the dresser behind them. They pulled off their soft-soled black shoes. In tandem, the women reached up and began to slowly unzip the front of their catsuits. The zippers slipped down their torsos, slowly opening, the pressure on their massive tits slowly relieving, their golden orbs swelling out of the loosening suits, their stiff, light brown nipples hard as pebbles. Their beautiful, tanned torsos came into view, long narrow navels and well-defined abdomens shadowed and gleaming in the dim light. The zippers went almost down to their crotches. The redheads slipped the suits off their shapely bare shoulders, their beautiful tits dropping and bouncing free. The redheads reached down and peeled the skintight material down their luscious thighs and calves, then slipped the garments over their bare feet. They threw the catsuits behind them.

Standing naked at the foot of the bed, the Russians smiled at their blonde and brunette rivals. Their eyes, their thickening nipples and moistening cunts, all betrayed their growing sexual arousal. Then they turned to each other and slowly, lustily, wrapped their arms around the other woman’s naked body and pulled each other in tight. Their hungry mouths found each other and the Russian women began to kiss passionately, their tongues playing, their heavy tits compressing and rubbing deliciously. Thick, powerful thighs thrust up into wet, bare pussies.

Natalie turned to Tyler and pulled her blonde lover and partner into a deep kiss. Groaning, the women on the bed broke apart only long enough to sit up, turn to each other and slide their legs over each other, and come together in a scissor. The blonde and brunette pushed their throbbing tits together, they slowly and carefully rubbed their naked pussies against each other, cuntlips caressing slickly. Tyler and Natalie kissed slow, hard and deeply, tongues licking, breath mixing, spit sliding between their hungry mouths. Their breasts ached as their nipples caressed. Their hungry pussies rubbed harder, thick lubrication squeezing out of their aching cunts to moisten their smooth, slick flesh.

Panting, Natalie and Tyler pulled apart from their kiss. “This is going to be hard,” Tyler whispered in Natalie’s ear. “We’ve been fucking all day. We’re going to be pretty tired and they were a match for both of us before.”

“Yes,” Natalie whispered back. “I know. But we don’t have any other choice. Besides,” she continued, with a sharp grin, “if these two redheaded bitches are anything like us – and I’d bet my last shilling that they are – they didn’t spend the last several hours just twiddling their thumbs.”

Tyler pressed her face nose to nose with Natalie. The women smiled at each other.

“They may not have as much of an advantage as you fear,” Natalie concluded.

Natalie and Tyler kissed hard and deep again, then separated and swung around on their asses, their legs spread, to face their enemies.

The redheads separated too. All four women were now ready for battle, their pussies primed, their breasts taut, their nipples hard and thick.

The redheads climbed onto the bed like cats, their heavy tits swinging, then spun around to rest on their powerful asses, their arms bracing their bodies, their succulent thighs spread, their wet, ravenous pussies ready to mash and mate with Natalie and Tyler’s matching twats. The women’s tanned tits rocked hypnotically.

“What are your names?” the first redhead suddenly asked.

“I’m Tyler,” Tyler replied immediately. “This is Natalie.”

“What are your names?” Natalie asked.

“I am Svetlana,” said the first redhead. “This is Sasha.”

“Sasha and Svetlana,” Tyler smiled. “Nice. Are you ready to be fucked into the ground, Sasha and Svetlana?” she asked.

“It is you who will be fucked, bitch,” Sasha snapped. “Svetlana and I, we are powerful women. Men and women beg for us in Russia. We would have broken you in the submarine earlier, if we had a little more time!”

“Not a chance, whore!” Tyler replied. “Natalie and I had you two bitches on the ropes. A few more minutes and we would have sucked your pussies inside out!”

“You are deluded, you yellow-haired cunt!” Svetlana growled. “You are lucky the sub crashed. We are far more than you and this British tramp can handle!”

“Now’s your chance to prove it, slut,” Natalie snapped. “We’re going to let our cunts do our talking for us.”

The two redheads nodded grimly and began to crab-walk their bodies up the bed. Natalie and Tyler moved down to meet them. All four women came together in the center of the bed. Sleek, powerful tanned legs slid over and under equally beautiful limbs. Tyler and Svetlana squared off; Natalie moved pussy to pussy with Sasha. All four women braced their bodies with their arms behind their bodies, their backs arched so that their equally massive tits jutted forward and their pelvises tilted towards each other. The women panted with excitement and desire, all four locking eyes, exchanging hot smiles of pure lust. The heat from their crotches poured out, baking the women’s inner thighs. Four juiced up twats trickled sexjuice and flexed with ravenous hunger. The women pushed closer, until they could feel the heat of their sexflesh warming each other, until their succulent labia were only a short thrust apart. Four thick, swollen, inch-long clits prepared for battle.

Signaling with their eyes, all four women closed the gap at the same time. With hard, wet slaps, the women’s cunts came together, thick meat clapping deliciously. As one, the four women threw back their heads and screamed with pleasure, a quartet of erotic ecstasy. Grunting, gasping with each hard thrust, the women pounded their wet cunts together in bliss, their hips and asses working as they beat their fuckmeat together like drums. Their massive tits bounced exuberantly. It was not long before they stopped pounding and started grinding, keeping their pussies locked, and shoving at each other with all the power of their asses. Their hips twisted with effort, their bellies rippled, their backs arched, as each of the four women tried to penetrate her enemy, grinding cunts until their hot, wet meat sealed together like mouths locked in a deep, sucking French kiss. Their throbbing clits grated on each other continuously, dueling fleshy swords, sending pulses of sheer pleasure arcing through the four struggling women like electricity.

For a long time, the four women cunt-wrestled, leaning away from each other as their hips bucked, as they pumped genital heat into each other. Their asses lifted off the bed to thrust and flex, as their bellies undulated and their tits rocked. The women’s screams and moans and grunts and gasps filled the room. The scent of overwhelming sexual power, of raw lust, filled the air. The night echoed with the thick, wet sound of four sets of fuckmeat sucking and thrusting at each other. The bed rocked and jerked, pulling away from the wall as the constant movement of the four naked bodies writhing and grinding on top of it threatened to break the solid frame. Before, when they had fought in the submarine, the four combatants had been hampered by the confined space. Now, they had all the space and all the time they needed to decide their erotic war.

“Fuck, fuck you….,” Tyler gasped, as her body rocked, as she struggled to hold Svetlana’s green gaze. Tyler found her eyelids exquisitely heavy as her body fought to contain the incredible pleasure.

“No, bitch, I will fuck you…,” Svetlana groaned at her, the redhead’s thickly accented words collapsing into a groan of ecstasy. The redhead threw back her head and cried out, bucking even harder with her hips as she increased the rate of her thrusts.

“Oh god,” Tyler thought, as her body vibrated with pleasure, as her muscles and her breasts swelled with tension and her skin burned with sensation, “Oh god, this is so good…” She did not want it to end. She moaned with pleasure as she felt a delicious orgasm building deep inside of her, fed by the heat pouring through her vaginal canal into her womb, radiating from her swollen clit to every part of her oversexed body. She seized Svetlana’s thigh to give herself a better grip from which to drive herself deeper, harder, into her opponent’s luscious cunt. Svetlana returned the grip and the two vixens worked their hips and asses with all their power, penetrating each other even more, spreading each other’s twats, clits grinding relentlessly.

“Bitch, oh you bitch…”Svetlana cursed.

“Cunt, cunt, fucking cunt…,” Tyler groaned in reply. She felt the orgasm in her core reach unbelievable levels. Desperately, she reached for the redhead, who was reaching for her in turn. The two women came together, mashing tits nipple to nipple, reaching around to grab and hold each other’s sweaty ass, pulling each other in as tightly as possible. Shrieking in pleasure, Tyler exploded. She ejaculated powerfully into her Russian enemy. She knew that she had orgasmed before the Russian, but moments later, she felt the Russian’s cum pumping into her and she rejoiced in the feel of their juices mixing, of their bellies rippling against each other as their bodies convulsed in ecstasy. Tyler and Svetlana locked mouths as their orgasms rocked their bodies. They exchanged spit and twined their tongues and held on to each other’s asses desperately, as wave after wave of pleasure shook them to their cores. Finally spent, the women collapsed to the bed, falling away from each other onto their backs, still pressed twat to twat. Thick strands of shared ejaculate linked their tumescent cunts. Their clits radiated insatiable heat.

Even as Tyler and Svetlana ravaged each other, Natalie took on Sasha in an all-out fuck. The brunette and the redhead were sunk deep into each other’s spread, fat cunts, their clits rubbing furiously on each other like ball bearings, sending waves of indescribable pleasure surging through their bodies. Natalie had started the fight fearing that her sexual power was too depleted to rise to the challenge of the redhead’s attack. She soon discovered that her body possessed a voracious hunger for the sex to sex confrontation with the Russian. Leaning away from each other, cunts wrestling viciously, Natalie reached out her hand to Sasha. The Russian grabbed Natalie’s forearm; Natalie returned the grip. The women reached for each other’s other arm. Gripping each other forearms, the two struggling women leaned far back, arching their backs as hard as they could, forcing their throbbing clits to bear the whole weight of their bucking, grinding bodies. They continued to buck and thrust, but their eyes were locked in feverish desire. They threw back their heads and cried out in rage and pleasure, wave after wave of erotic power washing over and through them, filling them to their cores. They kept straining, straining, driving their clits together with unbearable pressure, their rotating hips drilling their throbbing cunts into one, forcing incredible pleasure out of each other, struggling to crush the other’s sexhorn. Natalie and Svetlana squeezed hard with their cunt muscles, trying to devour each other. Their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

“Oh, oh, you fuck…,” Natalie moaned. She knew she could not last a moment longer, but somehow she managed to keep her swollen clit from exploding. Sasha continued rocking and bucking, but the Russian woman felt heat swelling in waves in her vaginal canal, filling her body with unbearable need. With a scream of joy, Sasha came hard, her ejaculate drowning Natalie’s swollen cunt, shooting into the British woman’s vaginal canal. Natalie felt the warm flow of her enemy’s cum and let herself go, shrieking with pleasure as her pussy convulsed powerfully and a long, hot shot of her creamy ejaculate mixed with Sasha’s juices, flowing back into the Russian’s straining twat.

Natalie and her redheaded rival bucked hard, their grips on each other’s arms firm, their hips thrusting in concert, as they each tried to pound every orgasm that they could out of the other. Their beautiful, straining bodies went rigid three times in quick succession before, finally, they let go of each other and fell back, flat on their backs, gasping in exhaustion.

Natalie panted furiously, her body wet with sweat, her genitals throbbing with heat and tension. She looked over to her side. Sasha’s leg partially obscured her view, but she could see Tyler’s heaving tits. The blonde had hit the mattress only moments before Natalie collapsed beside her.

“Tyler,” Natalie gasped, “how are you doing?”

“Fine, baby,” Tyler panted in reply. “This cunt is tough, but I’m wearing her down.”

Across from the two Western women, Sasha and Svetlana had a conference of their own, in Russian.

“These bitches are good,” Sasha grunted.

“Yes, but we can outfuck them,” Svetlana replied. “No matter how long it takes, I know that we can outlast them.”

Natalie and Tyler sat up, pulling their aching pussies away from those of their opponents. Sasha and Svetlana pulled themselves into sitting positions. The four women glared at each other from opposite ends of the bed, their eyes raking over their opponents swollen tits and wet pussies. All four women felt the sexual heat, the erotic power, build up in their cores again. Four sexually insatiable Alpha bitches prepared to resume their fuckwar.

“Let’s switch,” Natalie suggested, with a grin. “A little variety won’t hurt and I’m tired of whipping this bitch’s cunt.” She gestured at Sasha.

Sasha smirked. “You just don’t want to face me anymore. You know that my pussy is eating your’s alive.” She shrugged. “But I am happy to teach a lesson to your blonde friend. Svetlana is much more than you can handle.”

Svetlana crawled behind Sasha and Sasha moved over, so that her pussy was facing off against Tyler’s hot, wet meat.

The four women pushed up to each other, left legs over rights, as they scissored. They braced their magnificent bodies with their hands, leaned back, and slowly, powerfully, slotted their naked twats, their wet, hot fuckslits, together. Thick cuntlips crushed tight and melted into one, throbbing clits met head to head. The women began bucking and thrusting, grinding clits, mashing and merging twats. Their bellies rippled, their massive tits bounced furiously, they threw back their heads and screamed in erotic pleasure and sexual rage as all four struggled to fuck their enemy into submission. When they all had a strong, unbreakable grip on each other’s cunts, the women pulled into each other, crushing their chests, reaching around to grab and hold the other woman’s round, sweaty ass, as they fucked relentlessly.

Over the next several hours, the four women took each other in every way imaginable. Tyler lost track of which Russian she was fucking at any given time. All she knew was that her body was always slick with sweat and cum and hot with desire, rubbing and grinding flesh to flesh with one gorgeous, voluptuous redheaded vixen or the other. The women sucked on each other’s tits, they rubbed clits and locked and squeezed and wrestled with their cunts. They rolled around on the bed, lush limbs twining, as they sucked and ate each other’s pussies, before coming into each other’s faces. Their bodies dripped with sweat and sexual secretions, the room filled with their gasps and moans, screams and curses, as they matched every inch of flesh to that of the opposing team and struggled for sexual supremacy.

Whenever they could, the women helped their partners in the endless sexual marathon. One time, Tyler found herself the meat in a sex sandwich as one of the redheads took her on face to face and the other climbed on her back, violating her from behind. This only lasted moments, however, before Natalie pulled the Russian off Tyler’s back and matched the bitch cunt to cunt. Another time, Natalie was locked in a scissor fuck with Sasha when she saw that Svetlana had Tyler pinned to the bed and was pumping the blonde mercilessly. Natalie was close enough to slide two probing fingers up Svetlana’s delicious ass, breaking the redhead’s advantage.

The room’s air became thick with the scent of hot sex. A moist haze fogged the air as heat and sex and sweat poured off the four struggling women. Hours passed as the orgyfight raged on, neither team of voluptuous vixens capable of sexually overpowering the other. Their four perfect bodies arched in ecstasy, they screamed and shrieked as they exchanged fluids and pleasure, as their hot lust stoked and fuelled the desire in each other. On and on, Natalie and Tyler fucked and fucked Svetlana and Sasha and were fucked back in turn. The pleasure built and built until, finally, the sexual dams in all four women burst in concert. Sasha was riding Natalie when this happened, Tyler was mercilessly fucking Svetlana. The four women were struggling side by side, their bodies so close that Svetlana and Natalie’s heads were almost touching as each looked up at the woman pumping down into her. As their bodies exploded in unrelenting sexual pleasure and exhaustion, Natalie pulled Sasha’s face down to hers and locked the redhead in a passionate kiss; Svetlana did the same with Tyler. Grinding into each other, ejaculating uncontrollably, the four luscious women finally fell together in a tangled, exhausted, erotic heap. Convulsing with sexual tension, they passed out in each other’s arms.

Some time later, Tyler stirred. The morning sun was streaming into the cabin. She slowly became conscious. She was pressed cheek to cheek with Svetlana, who was under her; she was lip to lip with Sasha beside her. Natalie was under Sasha, cheek to cheek with her and lip to lip with Svetlana. To her delight, Tyler realized that four of the women’s tits were pressed tight, four meaty masses intersecting each other. One of Tyler’s legs seemed buried and twisted up with the bodies of the other women. Their hair was tangled together.

Slowly, Tyler came to full awareness. She knew she did not have much time to act. She was the only one awake, but this would not last long. Though she could tell from their deep breathing that the other three women were soundly asleep, she was sure that any movement on her part would wake another. Then, their unresolved fuckwar would start again. Part of her wanted that; the past day and a half had been a sexual feast for her and she had enjoyed herself immensely. Matching tits and twats with the three women who were now in the bed with her had been a singularly incredible experience. But she still had her job to do and, for the moment, she enjoyed a real advantage that she could not afford to waste.

Tyler planned carefully. She could tell that she was within an arms length of her bathroom bag on the night table. If she could reach it, she knew that the tranquilizing lip balm inside the bag could end this battle and leave her the winner. Carefully, carefully, she turned her head. The bag was there and her right arm was free and just capable of reaching the bag. Slowly, she extended her arm. Stretching, stretching, she managed to grab hold of its edge. She lifted it and moved it onto the bed. Carefully, she pulled open the zipper and reached inside the bag. Luck was with her. She quickly found the lip balm. Pulling it out with one hand, she managed to get the cap off and twist the tube. She was holding a powerful tranquilizer in her hand. Just then, she heard a moan. Under her, Svetlana stirred. Tyler could feel Sasha starting to move.

Tyler acted quickly. No longer concerned about waking her bedmates, she jerked up, freeing her left arm. She scraped the balm along Svetlana naked arm. The sudden movement had caused the other three women to come awake in rush. Before Sasha knew what was happening, Tyler had run the balm along the side of the redhead’s tit. Tyler watched, gratified, as looks of confusion crossed Sasha and Svetlana’s beautiful faces. Then, the redheads’ eyes rolled up into their heads and they passed out.

Natalie had come awake. She saw what was happening and instantly recognized her danger. She was under Sasha, however, and could not move fast enough to avoid Tyler’s tranquilizing lip balm. She rolled and pushed Sasha’s dead weight onto Tyler and tried to disentangle her lush body from the other three women. She needed distance to avoid whatever Tyler had done to the redheads. But Tyler was able to get a spot of the tranquilizer on Natalie’s arm as she kicked free.

Natalie crawled across the bed, but she felt the strength leaving her limbs. Gasping, but still conscious, she collapsed a short distance away. Her limbs heavy, she still managed to roll onto her back. Tyler was crawling towards her, a triumphant grin on her gorgeous face.

“You treacherous whore,” Natalie gasped. Tyler smiled as she stretched out her naked body beside Natalie’s prone form.

“Sorry, baby,” Tyler grinned. She caressed and squeezed Natalie’s left tit, then ran her hand down the brunette’s bare belly and cupped the British woman’s clean-shaven twat. “All’s fair in love and war. You and the twins here have been a lot of fun, but we could have been at each other for the next few days and there was no saying who would win. In the end, only one of us could get the Wand.”

“Fucker,” Natalie moaned. But she knew that Tyler was right. In the end, she would have done the same thing.

“Mmmm,” Tyler smiled. She leaned over and kissed Natalie, slowly, then harder, deeper, her tongue delving into the British woman’s mouth. Despite her tranquilized state, Natalie felt her nipples growing hard, she felt wetness and heat building in her cunt. Her tongue responded, pushing back at Tyler’s, her mouth sucked back the blonde’s spit. Tyler’s finger moved eagerly, insistently, inside of Natalie’s twat and she felt her clit swelling up like a balloon even as her cunt juiced up.

“How about one last fuck for the road?” Tyler moaned in Natalie’s ear. “You lie back and enjoy it, baby.”

“Dirty cunt,” Natalie grunted. But she could not prevent herself from spreading her legs as Tyler mounted her luscious body, and arching her pelvis to give the blonde full access to her burning twat. Tyler’s hard, thick tits crushed down onto Natalie’s matching boobs. The women sighed together in pleasure as their bodies aligned once more. Their hard bellies flattened against each other. They groaned in symphony as their slick, wet pussy lips slid on each other, as turgid cuntflesh kissed and swelled.

Natalie wrapped her thighs around Tyler’s hips, she sank her fingers into the blonde’s hard, round ass. Natalie and Tyler cried out in unison as their hungry cunts slid together, smooth, slick vaginal lips caressing, electricity rippling through their hungry bodies, their fat, juicy cuntlips squashing deliciously to each other. Their thick, throbbing clits crushed hard. Tyler penetrated her British rival and cried out in passion as she worked her clit against Natalie’s sexhorn, twining the two nerve-rich organs even as they grew harder and thicker and fused to each other.

“You bitch, you bitch, you bitch…,” Natalie moaned.

Natalie and Tyler rested nose to nose, forehead to forehead, hot breath mixing and washing over their beautiful, ecstatic faces, as they fucked slow and hard and powerfully. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as their bodies became one, every nerve in their luscious flesh burning with sensation as their tits ground together, as their bellies slapped, as their nova-hot twats melted into one mass of pleasure.

Natalie twined her legs through Tyler’s legs and the women strained against each other, muscle locked to muscle as they fought to become one flesh. Their bodies twisted and writhed and trembled with tension and sexual power as Tyler and Natalie fucked to the end. The women kissed deeply, passionately. They cried out with pleasure as their bodies worked their way up the pleasure curve.

Tyler felt the incredible tension build and build inside of her, until she felt the familiar point of no return. Her belly rippled against Natalie’s rock-hard abs and she felt an answering ripple. The women were moaning in chorus, their cries and shouts of ecstasy growing louder and more insistent together, their writhing, grinding bodies moving in rhythm. Both women felt as though their tits ballooned to three times their normal size, their felt their nipples stab and mate, they felt the unbelievable heat and sexual electricity pouring out of their twined clits. Their lush flesh slid on hot sweat, their inner thighs were wet with sex juice.

Tyler felt her entire lower body contract and release in a powerful orgasm. She pumped hot ejaculate into Natalie, who pumped back her own cum, as they women came together in an incredibly powerful simultaneous orgasm. Tyler and Natalie howled out in mutual ecstasy, then screamed again and again as multiple orgasms, each more intense than the last, radiated through their bodies. Natalie’s last sight, before she passed out, was Tyler’s beautiful face, contorted with pleasure, staring down at her with a look of astonished ecstasy.

Tyler and Natalie collapsed together. Tyler lay on top of her unconscious rival for several more minutes as she fought to regain her senses. Finally, she rolled off of Natalie. The brunette beauty was unconscious, a soft smile of sexual bliss on her gorgeous face. Tyler pulled herself to a kneeling position beside Natalie, then leaned over and chewed at each of Natalie’s round, thick tits, leaving a bit mark on each nipple. She moved herself lower on Natalie’s lush body and leaned into kiss the brunette’s twat. She licked the smooth flesh and smiled gratefully as Natalie shuddered in her sleep.

Finally, gathering her strength, Tyler pulled her naked body off of the bed. She paused for a moment to admire the three gorgeous bodies sprawled out on the mattress. Then, quickly, she grabbed her suitcase and opened it. She opened the safe, grabbed the Wand, and deposited it in the suitcase. She grabbed the bathroom bag and shoved it into the case. Other than those two items, she left everything else she had come with. She grabbed the two scraps of cloth from the floor that constituted a discarded bikini as she rushed out the door and down the dock. Nude, she jumped into her boat and started up the engine. In moments, she was motoring away from the cabin. She called her controllers on the boat radio and received instructions on where to meet to turn over her prize. When she had placed some distance between herself and the cabin and was sure that she was not being pursued, she stopped the boat for a moment to tie on her bikini. She realized, with a thrill, that she had picked up Natalie’s black bikini. She smiled. It was nice to have a memento of this mission. She restarted the boat and raced off to her meeting, glad to have successfully completed her assignment.

“Sorry, Natalie,” Tyler thought as she cut across the ocean, rocketing along the coast. “Better luck next time.” She enjoyed the thrill of desire that coursed through her body at that thought. She knew that this would not be the last time she would see her British rival nor, probably, even the two Russians. She licked her lips in anticipation of future encounters.

Epilogue: Two weeks Later:

Tyler made her way to Testing Lab Four. She had been told to report to Dr. Miller’s lab for another briefing on technical equipment. She had no upcoming assignments, so she assumed that this was a matter of routine training on some kind of standard equipment. She was looking forward to the visit. Ever since she had returned from Tahiti, she had been restless. Her imagination and her dreams of late had been tormented by memories of the bodies of the redheads and Natalie, by memories of the incredible sensations they had given to each other. She was looking forward to seeing Lydia and trying to come up with some way to get the blonde assistant to herself.

When she entered Dr. Miller’s trailer, however, Lydia was not at her desk. “Doctor?” Tyler called out, fighting disappointment.

“Back here,” sang out a woman’s voice, from the back laboratory. Tyler recognized Lydia’s voice. She smiled, even as her breasts and twat tightened.

Tyler entered the back lab. Lydia was there, wearing her familiar tiny lab coat, a low-necked blouse with her cleavage prominently displayed, and three inch heels supporting long, muscled legs. When Tyler entered the lab, Lydia pressed a button. The door sealed with a hiss.

“Where’s Dr. Miller, Lydia?” Tyler asked, looking around.

“Dr. Miller is on vacation. I’m in charge of the testing lab until he gets back.” Lydia smiled. “I thought I would call you down to test out some of our new discoveries.”

“Like what?” Tyler asked suspiciously. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was getting wet enough to leak.

Lydia smiled. She reached up and removed her glasses and placed them on the lab table. She loosened her hair. Her long, golden locks fell about her shoulders. She slipped her lab coat from her shoulders. Tyler could see the woman’s nipples were indenting her shirt. Lydia reached down into the lab table and pulled something from the drawer.

“Well, this,” Lydia said, brandishing a long, thick, rounded tube. “This is something we recovered recently from another archaeological dig. We can’t figure out what it is, but I have some theories I want to test. For example,” Lydia continued, even as she unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was not wearing any underwear. “ I think it might be a very interesting double dildo. But I need to try it out, to see if it works like that. Would you like to help me?”

As she said this, Lydia unbuttoned her blouse and let it hang open. She stood before Tyler, her hands on her hips, one hand holding the dildo, completely naked except for her heels and her open shirt. Her massive tits proudly filled the gap in the blouse, her pussy completely smooth, naked and wet.

Tyler let her eyes linger on Lydia’s physical beauty. She licked her lips, her heart pounded. For the first time, she noticed a set of mats spread out on the floor of the lab, over in the corner.

“How long will this…testing take?” Tyler asked hoarsely. She began to unbutton her blouse, she began to move toward Lydia. Her heart was pounding with excitement and desire.

“Only as long as it takes to make you submit,” Lydia said archly, a vicious grin on her beautiful face, a malicious glint in her eye. “I want you to leave here knowing exactly where you stand.”

“Mmmmm,” Tyler purred. “That sounds like it might take a while.” Tyler undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She slipped her thong down her thighs and calves and kicked them away.

The blonde beauties stood only a few feet apart, contemplating each other. Tyler was nude, except for her heels and her open blouse. Her breasts heaved with excitement, her nipples were engorged with lust, her pussy was puffed and thick with heat. Lydia was wearing her open blouse and her heels and nothing else. Tyler saw a drop of juice trickle down the woman’s inner thigh. Their eyes locked, both women reached up and slipped their blouses off their shoulders. They stood before each other naked, their eyes examining each other’s gorgeous, heavy tits with critical, ravenous eyes, their gazes lingering on every inch of the other woman’s lush flesh.

For a few long, intense minutes, Lydia and Tyler simply stared at each other, letting the hunger and passion build between them.

Lydia smiled. She backed up to the mats, then gracefully sat down. She pulled off her heels and then leaned back, her legs spread, her glistening cunt leaking and hot and swollen. She placed the dildo beside her on the mat.

“Are you ready to try this out, Agent Tyler?” the lab assistant murmured, her beautiful green eyes glowing with lust. She jerked her hips a bit, presenting her wet, hot cunt.

Tyler smiled. Her heart pounded, her lips were dry, her loins felt like they had been set on fire.

Tyler reached down and pulled off her heels. She sat on the mat, facing Lydia, and spread her luscious legs wide. “All night long, baby,” Tyler murmured.

The women smiled at each other. It would be a long night.

The End

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  1. Giannis says:

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    Of course i praise you for the many very hot erotic scenes. However, i also praise you for the awesome plot of your story.
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