Wildcats of the West: Chapter 10 by Ahna Brown

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Family Revenge and Retribution

After a few days, Diane Farragut was well enough to move from the Doc’s office back to my ranch. Over the following few weeks, she improved greatly and was back to her old self before long.

It was late in the evening with most on the ranch turned in as I walked with a lantern to the barn. I could smell the fresh hay as I opened the door and stepped inside. I looked up and saw a dim light from the loft. I set my lantern on a peg and climbed the ladder to the loft. Sitting on a bale of hay was Diamond Diane, her dressing gown loose around her body.

“Just don’t punch me in the gut, ok?” Diane stated as she stood and removed her dressing gown to show me her naked body.

“I won’t as long as you don’t try to tear me up too much,” I replied. I pulled my dressing gown over my head.

Diane licked her lips as she saw my big breasts bounce. She backed up to an area of the loft that was covered with blankets. She had been busy to set up this area. Diane raised her arms with hands open as I stepped forward to meet her. We grabbed a forearm with our other arm around the backs of our necks. Bodies stumbled around on the blankets as we each grunted, big breasts swaying as we were bent over at the waist. It didn’t take long for both of us to swipe at the other’s dangling breasts. Diane latched onto mine and started to milk them like a cow.

“If you had any milk left in these, you fat cow,” she grunted, “I would milk you dry!”

“OWWWW you fucking bitch!” I cried out as my hands pulled on her hard nipples.

We tugged at our large tits until we both let go, rubbing the soreness away. I glared at Diane as she rushed at me. I met her lunge and we slammed together and went down to the blankets. Our bare legs locked together as breast crushed, pushing flesh out at our sides. I wove my fingers into her hair as she pulled sharply on mine. We hissed and grunted as we rolled pulling hair which was a staple of our fights. Diane rolled on top as her nails nicked against my scalp. I twisted my hips and it sent our furry patches into a meeting. We both groaned as this was another part of most of our fights. I rolled us over and we started grinding. I pulled her hair hard and mashed my lips onto hers. We bit at tongues and licked over our mouths in lustful passion. I reached in between us and roughly grabbed her left breast. Diane howled and grabbed at both of mine. We kneaded the large breasts, feeling the hard nipples in the palms of our hands. We rolled over into a pile of straw only to roll back out with the bits in our tangled hair. She was on top and smacked her hips into mine. I put my right leg over her hip to open myself up more to her. She obliged by grinding out wet womanhoods together in a rough trib. We groaned out as weeks of tension built us in both of us. I pinched her nipples bringing a squeal from her lips. I knew Diane would try to push herself being this was the first time in over a month she was able to tangle with someone. Our flesh peddles opened like flowers in the sunlight, drinking in the other’s wetness.

“I need this,” Diamond Diane roughly whispered.

I ground hard and faster as our breathing changed to rapid, short intakes of breath. I felt her stiffen and let go as I did the same. Our liquor splashed and coated our southern hair patches as we humped like rutting animals. Red and brown pubic hair tangled and snapped off making each of us shiver. Diane was not finished after one orgasm and we went back to more fighting. Hands went back to my long red hair and wove her fingers in tightly. She started to yank my head from left to right and it started us rolling as I reached around to grasp the back of her flowing brown locks. We tussled back and forth across the blankets with our sweaty bodies sliding against each other. I rolled on top and was met with a right fist to my mouth and I rolled off.

“God damnit, Diane!” I exclaimed as I stood rubbing my jaw. “Don’t make me go there!”

“What’s the matter, Ahna?” Diane sneered. “Can’t take it?”

“You asked for it,” I said as I raised my fists.

We slowly circled and jabbed at the other’s face and tits. Some missed and some slammed home. My nose dribbled blood and I cut Diane’s lip. She clenched me and slugged me hard in the side over and over. I returned one punch and she howled, backing off.

“Bitch!” She wheezed, holding her side.

“You asked for it, Diane,” I said holding my hands up, “Don’t blame me.”

Her eyes blazed at me, “You could never best me, cow turd!” She raised her fists again.

“I am done, Diane,” I said as I backed up. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Get back here you coward!” She screamed at me as I climbed down the ladder.

“Get yourself right or leave, Diane,” I said looking up from the barn floor. “You are my guest here.”

“I hate you, Ahna Stevens,” Diane yelled like a madwoman. “You have an enemy for life!”

I walked out shaking my head back up to the house. I went to my room and lay down trying to sleep. I awoke to learn that Diamond Diane had left without Little Feather. I knew if we ever crossed paths again, it would get bloody. I sat quietly, cup of coffee in my hands as I picked at my breakfast. Red Flower walked in and sat down next to me.

“The Comanche woman, Wild Fox, is wanting to confront the Matthews clan,” Flower stated. “It is not revenge she seeks but justice.”

“I am waiting for Deanna and Levi to make their move,” I said as I sipped. “I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later.”

My daughter, Kat, walked it and kissed Red Flower. She turned to me, “Are you expecting anyone?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“You have a wagon and two riders on horseback coming onto the property,” Kat said as she instinctively pulled her Colt out and spun the cylinder. “They look to be all women.”

I got up but purposefully left my gun belt on the peg by the door. I was dressed in a black button up shirt and brown dungarees tucked into worn brown boots. I threw on a buffalo skin jacket as the cold of the season has also dumped a few inches of snow on the ground. Both my breath and steam from the coffee cup were visible as I leaned against the post on the porch. The wagon and riders stopped.

“Good morning,” said the woman with the reigns in her hands. “I am calling on Ahna Stevens.”

“I am Ahna,” I said as I took a sip.

“I am Ella Campbell,” Ella said as she got down from the wagon and walked toward me, hand out.

I stepped down and took her hand. “Please let me say how sorry I am about your family.”

“Thank you, Ahna,” Ella replied. “My father talked a bit about you before he died.”

“Really?” I asked, remembering that his lawyer mentioned the two had not spoken in some time.

“I, well we,” she said gesturing towards the other women, “have decided that Rattlers Holler would be a good move and a fresh start. I and my friend, Heidi Fields, run a home for wayward girls. We aim to teach them how to be ladies and make a name for themselves in the world.” I looked to the wagon and older brunette nodded her head at me.

“We have extra timber here,” I said, “I would be glad to donate it to help you all rebuild on the property. I can have it delivered to you. There are no shortage of your father’s friends in town who would gladly help you.”

Ella beamed, “Thank you so much. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. But my girls can do more than just look pretty. Maddie and her sister, Whitney, are the ones on horseback, and in the wagon with Heidi is Jewel.” Maddie and Whitney were blondes who looked to be in their mid-twenties. Both were beautiful. Jewel had black hair and deep blue eyes. She was slimmer than Heidi, who I could tell was fuller figured. “Two more, Joanie Perkins and Aunt Lou will be arriving in a day or so. They had to close up shop in Amarillo.”

“If you need anything at all,” I said as I shook her hand again. “Please do not hesitate to call on me.”

“Thank you again, please have a wonderful day,” Ella Campbell said. She and the women rode off towards town.

I watched the women depart and turned to Red Flower and Kat. “We need to keep a close eye on them. Ella and her father had not spoken for years. She was lying.”

“Well they are not the only surprise today, mama,” Kat said handing me a telegram.  “Kristina Blanchard will be here by tomorrow midday. Her train is scheduled to arrive in Big Springs tomorrow morning.”

I smiled as I had not seen Kristina in a couple of years.

In Rattlers Holler, Ella Campbell rode in alone on horseback, stopping at the Gem Saloon, dismounted and hitched her black horse. She was dressed for the cold in layers of thick clothing. She walked into the Gem and was stopped by Will Conley.

“I am here to call on Leviticus Matthews,” Ella said.

Will turned to Levi who looked up from his paper. “Come in, my dear,” he said as she stood and pulled out a chair for Ella with his good hand. “What do I owe this meeting of such a lovely woman?”

Ella curtsied and sat down. “My name is Ella Campbell, Henry Campbell’s daughter.”

Levi kept his poker face on, “You have my deepest sympathies and condolences, my dear.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Ella said, “I understand you have a sister, Deanna?”

“You are well informed,” Levi said and movement caught his eye, “And speak of the devil, here she is.”

Ella and Levi stood as the gorgeous redhead sauntered over to the table and sat down. “My goodness this weather is cold. I am chilled to the bone. Trevor, a hot toddy please.” She turned to Ella, “Levi, who is this desert rose we have here?”

“This my dear sister, is Ella Campbell,” Levi said, “Daughter of the late Hank Campbell.”

Deanna’s eyes met Ella’s, “I was sorry for your loss, dear. And I trust that my telegram reached you.”

“It did,” Ella said as she clasped her gloved hands and placed them on the table in front of her. “Other’s did as well. I think we can dispel with false pretenses. You had no love for my father, in fact, both of you conspired with the late Major Joshua Brogue to have him, my mother, my nephew and their hands murdered. But you, Deanna, wish to hire me to do a job. The price of it just doubled.”

“I do not know where you got your information….” Levi started to say.

“Do not lie to me,” Ella said in a flat tone. “If you do again, the price of my work doubles again.”

Deanna put her hand on Levi’s right wrist. “Ella, you are making this a very expensive endeavor for us. What assurances do we have that you will fulfill the job?”

Ella’s eyes shifted from Levi to his sister, “Deanna, if you reached out to me, you already know what my girls and I are capable of. Doubt me again and the price doubles. Now, if you rebuild the farmstead that was burned to the ground because of your plans, I will be willing to revert to the original price for my work. I understand that Ahna Steven’s friends run a pair of whore houses. After the deed is done, I will own them. Levi, you and your sister have a reputation of cheating people out of what they own. If you try that with me, I will take over this town and bury you both beneath it.”

Deanna’s eyes burned, “How dare you threaten us! Will! Removed this girl!”

Will Conley didn’t move, neither did the three other men in room. Each stepped out with hands raised as pretty young girls pressed revolvers to their backs. 

“My girls can get to anyone at any time they want,” Ella said as she removed the glove from her right hand and spit in it, holding it out to Levi. “This should suffice until the contract is drawn up.”

Levi slowly raised his right arm and shook Ella’s hand.

“It has been a pleasure,” Ella said as she stood and nodded as Jewel, Maddie, Whitney, and Heidi walked out the batwing doors with her. She paused at the doors, “Oh, please tell your daughter, Persephone that I will be working with you two and not her.”

Deanna turned to her brother, “When this is all said and done, I will kill that woman. But now, I need to have a chat with my daughter.”

Ella Campbell rode back to her new property and was greeted by two more women. Both the curvaceous redhead, Joanie Starks and busty black Aunt Lou Brown looked like they had been in a bar brawl.

“What in tarnation happened to you two?” Heidi asked as she got down off her horse, walking to the pair of women.

“Begging yur forgiveness, Ms. Heidi,” Aunt Lou started, “This is from Ashley Simmons. She got away.”

“We didn’t think she was that tough,” Joanie added.

“Damnit!” Heidi swore as she turned to Ella. “We should have just put a bullet in her.”

“Can’t worry about her now,” Ella said as she walked towards the tents set up. “If she comes around, we will deal with her.”

On the Steven’s Ranch, I rode Clem to the eastern side of my property line. The sun was setting to the west. I noticed something on the hill about a half mile past my property. As it got closer, I could see it was a saddled horse with someone slumped over in the saddle. It got closer and it was a woman. Matted blonde hair stained pink from blood. I hopped over the fence and got the reigns of the horse to bring it closer. The woman stirred and moaned out. I turned her head to face me. “Oh my god, Ashley?”

“I don’t like it, mama,” Kat said as Rosalina washed blood from the unconscious woman’s face. “She would never have come near here if she knew this was your place. She hates us. Me in particular.”

“She is hurt, Kat,” I said mulling over what my daughter said. “When and if she wakes, we can find out more.”

“Ask,” came Ashley’s voice in whisper.

“Rest now,” Rosalina said. “We will all talk more later.”

The next morning, Ashley Simmons, dressed in a white dressing gown, was adorned with bandages covering deep scratches on her arms. More covered her chest and belly. Rosa helped her sit on the sofa in the parlor.

“Why are you here, Ashely?” Kat asked with a little steel in her voice.

“I didn’t know this was your place,” Ashley answered quietly. “I remember getting on the horse and then I woke up here.”

“What happened that you were hurt and got on the horse?” I asked with a softer voice.

“I got in with a bad bunch,” Ashley stated. “It is a long story.”

“We ain’t going no where at the present,” I said as I leaned back in the chair.  

After Judy McKenna had her boys set fire to her mother’s ranch. Ashley waited for Judy to return to the log cabin. Once the two saw the other, they commenced to a wild catfight. The two naked brawlers destroyed the cabin’s insides and Ashley choked Judy to death. She took some of Judy’s clothing and dressed, stealing the dead woman’s horse. She rode east and ended up in Amarillo, Texas. She was making money fighting other women in front of a male crowd when she met Heidi Fields and in turn Ella Campbell. Ashley lived with the group of women for over a month and had participated in death of a madam and her top girl. A rival madam had hired Ella and her girls to make an example out of the two women. Ashley didn’t like the work and talked about leaving. That is when she was jumped by Joanie and Aunt Lou.

“I gave the best I got and was able to get away,” Ashley said. She turned her head towards Kat. “I am so sorry for how I treated you, Katerina. I was a bully and a bitch to you and your family.”

Kat’s eyes went wide as she couldn’t get the words out. “Oh Ash, we were both a pair of bitches. Do you want me to get word to your mother?”

“God no!” Ashley exclaimed, startling both Kat and myself. “The last time she and were together, it was….. unfortunate.”

“She told me,” I said with a slight grin.

Ashley blushed. “Well, I did fight her until she passed out.”

Kat leaned closer, “Naked?”

Ashley nodded and then burst out laughing and then she held her sides and groaned in pain.

“Ella Campbell and her girls are here,” I said getting serious. “What are you going to do about it?”

“End every single one of them,” Ashley said.

In town, Persephone Morgan woke and stretched in her big bed. She walked down the hall to her daughter’s room but her baby, Miriam, was not in the crib. She heard cooing from the kitchen and walked quickly to the room to find her mother, Deanna Matthews, dressed herself in just a sleeping gown, feeding oatmeal to the baby. There was a knock at the door, which opened and a middle aged Mexican woman pushing a wooden stroller walked in.

“Ah, Mrs. Lopez,” Deanna said as she wiped the babies mouth. “Please take the baby for a very long walk. My daughter and I have much to discuss.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Mrs. Lopez said as she picked up the happy baby and placed her in the stroller, turning and heading out the door.

“What do you want, mother?” Persephone asked through gritted teeth. 

“I wonder if you will ever learn that when you scheme against me or your uncle,” Deanna said as she stood from the kitchen table. “You will always fail.”

“I am in no mood for a lecture from the likes of you,” the young redhead stated as she turned to head back to her bedroom. “See your way out.” As Persephone entered the bedroom, she was shoved forward from behind, catching herself on the edge of the bed.

“You tried to hire Ella Campbell for yourself?” Deanna said as she shut the door to the bedroom and locked them inside. “You told her what your uncle and I did to her family?” She pulled the bottom of her nightgown over her head, letting it fall to the floor. “Did you think there would not be a reckoning?”

Persephone sneered at her mother’s naked body as she pulled her own nightgown off. “You old cunt! You don’t deserve the air you breathe in every day.”

Mother and daughter charged and slammed together as nails slashed at bare skin. The two sets of large breasts compacted and compressed as the redheads toppled onto the unmade bed. Deanna and Persephone clutched the other with claws as they rolled back and forth. The mother rolled on top of her busty daughter but was rewarded with an open palm to the face by the younger woman. As Deanna tumbled off, Persephone pursued to slam on top of her. The two had fought so many times that each knew the other so well, almost better than lovers. Deanna caught her daughter’s hands as Persephone’s claws were aimed for her face of the older woman. Muscles strained as the younger woman leaned in.

“I am going to make you ugly, cunt!” Persephone growled from on top.

Her mother thrust up with her hips as furry patches slapped. The younger woman’s face changed. Deanna used the confusion to roll her daughter off. The two rolled to opposite sides of the bed.

“Wait!” Deanna said holding her hand up. “You and I have too many plans to do for us to kill or maim each other.”

“What do you propose then?” Persephone asked breathing hard.

“Woman to woman,” Deanna challenged. Her daughter nodded and got onto the bed, sitting on her ass with legs spread. Deanna matched her. The locked legs around hips, bringing red furry patches together. The massive tits compressed.

“Fuck you!” Persephone growled as she slapped her mother across the face.

The two women tightened grips as bodies smashed. Hands dug into the backs of hair. Hard nipples twisted and speared into dense flesh. Feet gripped rounded ass cheeks, pulling the mother and daughter in closer. Their woman hoods ground together, eliciting groans of pleasure for each. The thick labia spread open wide allowing pussies to suck together. Faces met and sweat soaked skin slid, making Deanna and Persephone go cheek to cheek. Womanly juices leaked from the locked cunts, soaking the bedsheets below them.

Each woman was filled in a haze of anger and lust for battle. “You can never beat me,” Deanna taunted. “You will die trying. Just like Sarah and Elizabeth.” She moaned in her daughter’s ear.

At first, Persephone was shocked, but she groaned and probed to gain knowledge, “So you did it, grandmother and you, like this? And Aunt Sarah? MMMMMMM Fuck like this?” Persephone knew that if her mother was winning, the gloating might help her learn more. She let Deanna push her down to her back.

“Fought….mmmmm fucked…. For years. Ahhhh…. My mother and I battled with our bodies, tits and cunts…. Sarah sometimes joined in. But I was the oldest, mother and I finished it. UGGGHHHH, your uncle and I fought our parents! MMMMM! Your grandmother and I tore into each other as your grandfather and uncle had a brutal cockfight. He lost his arm but killed your grandfather as I killed your grandmother,” Deanna moaned as she used her body weight grind down on her daughter.

“AAAAHHHH and Aunt Sarah?” Persephone moaned.

“She and I learned something. We had the same lover, the same man, your father and Jeb’s father,” Deanna groaned out. “She wanted, mmmmmm, what I had. She and I faced off in front of him. Fought for his cock. She and I made him erupt over us. We were savage.” Deanna began to grind hard her, thrusting her cunt against her daughters. “We were covered in blood, sweat and man seed. Our breasts were clawed and bruised. She and I fought like devils. But I got her down and began to choke her as your father took me from behind. Her last words, mmmmm, were “No, Levi”, Deanna moaned.

Persephone’s eyes went wide not only from the mutual orgasm that she and her mother were sharing but also learning that her uncle, Levi, was her father. And he was Jeb’s father. And her mother killed his mother. She let herself go in the orgasm. Letting her mother appear to win as she let her body surrender.

Deanna hovered over her daughter. “When you come to challenge me, only one of us will be left alive.” She spit down, got off her daughter and dressed. The bedroom door was unlocked and Deanna left the cottage. Persephone had not risen from the bed. She knew she had to speak with Jeb. She smiled a cruel smile.

The next morning, a stage coach stopped in front of my home. The beautiful, elegant and vivacious Kristina Blanchard, exited the coach and smiled warmly at me. She looked at the snow and frowned.

“This white stuff is for the birds,” she laughed. “You can keep this cold weather.”

She and I embraced as Rudy White Owl took her belongings into the house.

“It is so good to see you again!” I said, holding her tightly. “You have not aged!”

“Oh hush up,” Kristina said and then leaned her lips to my right ear, “Age hasn’t stopped my stamina when it comes to the bed.”

I let out a soft moan. “We will have plenty of time for that. Let me show you around and we are having a dinner with everyone this evening. To welcome you the proper way.”

Later that day, Katerina, Red Flower, Jennifer and Anna joined us for the dinner welcoming Kristina to the ranch. Rosalina out did herself with an amazing meal. Towards the end, as the bottle of whiskey was passed around the conversation got lively.

“You know Jennifer,” Kristina said after taking a swig, “You are younger than your mother was when she ran her first cathouse. It takes someone very special to handle the girls, patrons, liquor, and still make a profit. I mean you have had advantages.”

Jennifer eyed the madam, “What advantages have I had?”

“Ahna here practically gave the place,” Kristina answered, “And then you beat an aging whore and get the other. You could set any price and make a killing. But then again, any one could. Eva alone probably makes 30% of your profit.”

“Envy green isn’t a good color on you, Kristina,” Jennifer chuckled, “Eva has been free to move on if she wanted, but remained working for me. Now why hasn’t she traveled back to you?”

Kristina narrowed her eyes at the younger woman.

“Alright, now,” I said sensing the dropping temperature in the room. “Keep the claws sheathed ladies.”

“Sorry, Ahna,” Kristina said apologetically. “Must be the whiskey talking.”

Anna Gonzales stood, “Please excuse me. Abbie Gold wanted to discuss some work she and Holly want to do on the Emerald.” She turned and kissed Jennifer, “I will see you back in the room.” Anna departed in the cool of the night.

Jennifer placed her hand on Kristina’s, “Please let me apologize for my words, Kristina. My mother held you is such high regard that I feel I shamed myself.”

“Oh hush dear,” Kristina said, “It was just the liquor talking. Now I would love to see your place and maybe test one of your girls if possible. Do you think you can put me up in a room for the night?”

Jennifer looked at me and I just shrugged. “Oh Madame Blanchard, we can accommodate you at Kat’s Ranch. I hope you don’t mind a chilly buggy ride back to town.”

“Maybe a little more whiskey to warm the blood before we go then,” Kristina laughed.

I watched from the porch as the two madams rode off into the night in the small horse drawn buggy.

The cold of the night had it slow at Kat’s Ranch. Many of the girls were huddled by the stone fireplace. Abbie Gold arrived without anyone really noticing her as she walked up the staircase and made her way to Anna’s and Jennifer’s room. She knocked and Anna Gonzalez opened the door. Abbie walked in a removed her coat, leaving her dressed like Anna, in a long sleeved shirt and pants.

“So Abbie,” Anna said as she pulled out a chair for the slim woman to sit in, “What changes do you want to make to the Emerald Palace?”

“You know,” Abbie said still standing, “I wrote up a list here, why don’t I give it to you.” She pulled out the folded piece of paper and handed it over. Anna unfolded it and sucked in breath. She was holding a wanted poster, her wanted poster from El Paso.

“So Anna Vargas,” Abbie said, “I knew it was you the moment I laid eyes on you. I had once dreamed of being a bounty hunter and when I saw this years ago, I kept it. Not exactly sure why. The funny thing is they are no longer searching for you. The word is you died in Arizona.”

“Anna Vargas is dead, Abbie,” Anna said as she stood, “The girl that killed her abusive father and mother is no more.”

“So I guess you and I have similar backgrounds,” Abbie Gold said, “My mama was a right old English cunt who beat me every day blaming me for my father leaving her. When I got old enough to stand up for myself, she didn’t beat me anymore. She and another church marm came to collect me once but Holly joined in. The entire cat house watched the four of our naked bodies fight. But no one saw my mama after that. Holly and I saw to it.”

“So what are you going to do, Abbie?” Anna asked.

“I wonder if I can still get the $500 for you, dead or alive,” Abbie replied as she pulled the bull whip from behind her back.

“You won’t get a chance to collect,” Anna said as her right hand moved behind her back to the small 38 caliber pistol she kept there.

“I wonder, can you get a shot off before I use the whip?” Abbie asked. “Or should we just drop the weapons and see what happens?”

“Either way, you ain’t collecting,” Anna said back.

The bullwhip dropped to the floor as Anna removed the pistol and tossed it behind the bed. The two slim woman, Abbie’s light brown hair cascading past her shoulders and Anna’s black hair just coming her shoulders charged. Abbie ducked her head and speared Anna down to the wood floor. The tussled and rolled wildly, swinging punches whenever they could. Hands sought out hair and faces to grab on to and push and pull. The pair of women were not quiet about what they were doing, bringing Sabrina Jackson, Eva Savant, Lillian and Lizzie up to the door to the room.

“Everything ok, Anna?” Eva asked loudly.

“Dealing, ugh, with it!” Anna voice came from the room. The four could hear curses, groans and ripping from behind the door.

Eva and Sabrina locked eyes and behind them, Lillian and Lizzie did as well. Hand in hand the four busty whores went in the next empty room.

Abbie rolled Anna over and was met with a right fist to her mouth, rolling her off. She grabbed the latina’s long sleeved shirt and pulled, buttons popped off down the front. Anna cursed as she felt the cold on her bare breasts. In retaliation, she tore open Abbie’s shirt as the two got to knees and clenched with perky breasts compressing, hard nipples squaring off, making each moan out. Hair was gripped from the back as Anna pulled back sharply, getting the slim woman she was fighting to her back. Abbie threw short jabs into the latina’s sides and back as it sent them rolling again.

Next door, in the next room over, Sabrina pressed her brunette rival against the wall as Lillian and Lizzie stripped naked and locked in a busty clench on the worn bed. Eva ground back into the blonde making Sabrina groan.

“I have been waiting for this for years,” Sabrina growled.

“I have been right here, slut,” Eva spat into her rivals face. The two grabbed handfuls of hair and rolled across the wall.

On the bed, the busty Asian Lillian and the equally big breasted brunette Lizzie slapped naked hips forward as their tits compressed and mushroomed out at their sides. Tongues started to lap the others lips and mouth as violent lust over took them. The fell sideways to the bed and legs wrapped and tightened. Locked thighs started to rub the furry patches of womanhood making both Lillian and Lizzie moan out in a tongue wrestling kiss.

The tight ball of Anna and Abbie slammed hard into the wall and pushed apart. The torn shirts were tossed aside as they got to feet. While neither woman was as well-endowed up top as Holly or Eva, they did have rounded breasts that sat high, each sporting dark, thick nipples. Fists raised as they circled in the bedroom. Both women could scrap and they proved it with well thought out punches and dodges. Each landed fists to sides, faces and pert breasts. Both were sweating from exertion, blood dripped from open cuts near eyes as well as lips and noses. Abbie swung a looping right fist that Anna ducked and she pushed forward, slamming her shoulder into the woman’s tight abdomen. This propelled them into the wall, with Abbie hitting hard. The two women slumped down to the floor as Anna mounted the other woman’s hips, pulling her head up by the hair.

“If you ever again think about collecting that bounty,” Anna gasped. “This is gonna happen again.” She swung her right fist down and punched Abbie in the jaw. The eyes rolled into the back of her head as Anna leaned against the wall.

In the room next to her, Eva and Sabrina ripped down the slutty lingerie they wore to entice the men folk. Their heavy breasts slapped together as Sabrina pushed out so she and Eva were in middle of the room. Hands fell to their hips as nails dug in and each pulled the covered womanhoods together over and over. Thighs and hips made a loud slapping sound as each woman growled. Fingers gripped the worn clothing covering their most holy of holies, pulling hips back to rip the rest of their clothing off. Once bare, they launched at each other again, bodies making a loud thud and they fell to the floor. Over and over they rolled, trying to bring as much of their naked flesh into contact as they could.

Lizzie parted her thighs as she massaged her thick lips and growing clit as Lillian matched her move. The two busty brunettes inched closed until their womanhoods mashed together. Each moaned out as they reached up to grab hair and pull the rest of their bodies together. Mouths opened as tongues wrestled, drool dripped down onto the huge swell of naked cleavage. Lillian felt the slickness and turned her chest with Lizzie matching her moves, the big tits slide back and forth, nipples crossing and scrapping across the heavy mounds.

The ball of flesh on the floor tumbled around as legs moved, bodies were pinned and they finally ended up with their bodies inverted, facing the other’s pussy.

“I am going to eat your cunt like you never have had before,” Sabrina growled into the wet flesh in front of her.

“Bitch, I am going to make you erupt!” Eva screamed into the moist cunt of her rival. They each plunged tongues into the other. Each moaned as pussies were assaulted.

Sabrina’s body rolled onto of Eva’s and the brunette pushed tongue deep into the blonde’s twat with her right index finger slamming into the dark star. Sabrina moaned out loudly and seductively bit and pulled Eva’s thick labia out. That made the busty Polish beauty bite back and push her finger in deeper into the blonde’s ass. Sabrina tensed and she came as she screamed into Eva’s slit, causing the brunette to cum onto the blonde’s face. They humped the other’s face for over a minute of writhing before rolling apart.

Eva got to her knees, her eyes boring into Sabrina with lust, “I want more!”

Sabrina blazed a smile, “So do I, cunt. Come over here!”

They knee walked to each other, slapping bodies together as the other’s cum was spat into the others face. Mouths sought the other as they collapsed to the floor.

Lizzie and Lillian traded orgasms, soaking the mattress of the bed below them. They looked at the rolling Eva and Sabrina, then back at each other.

“Shall we?” Lillian asked with a wicked smile.

“Yes, we should,” Lizzie answered breathlessly. The two busty brunettes got off the bed and pounced into the rolling Eva and Sabrina. For the next three hours, the four woman fucked and used their bodies in the nastiest of ways.

On the road back to town from Ahna Steven’s Ranch, Jennifer and Kristina sat in silence. Then Jennifer pulled the reigns and stopped the horse.

“I think we have gone far enough, don’t you?” Jenn asked as she turned towards the older madam.

“Oh we have, bitch!” Kristina growled as her hands reached for the pile of dirty blonde hair.

The buggy rocked as the two women grabbed hair, pushing and pulling bodies back and forth. The two women took turns pushing the other down to try and get on top in the cramped space. The heavy over coats they wore were pulled down over shoulders as each tried to shrug out of hers. As arms came out of the sleeves of the heavy coats, hands went back into hair. The bottoms of the dresses each wore started to ride up. Jenn pushed hard with the momentum taking them off the bench and down to the small foot area of the buggy, with heads dangling over the edge.

“This is getting us nowhere,” Kristina huffed.

“Fine,” Jennifer growled, “Let go of my hair and we can get out of the buggy.”

Hands left hair as the pair struggled to get up, each purposefully pressing on breasts to push up from the other. Once they got out of the buggy, they rushed back together, feet stomping in the snow. Hands pulled the hair into tangled knots as Jenn tried to force Kristina against a tree. The wily older madam reached in between them to tear down the younger woman’s dress, exposing the large breasts to the cold night air.

“Oh you hussy!” Jennifer swore, grabbing the top of Kristina’s dress and pulling down to let the older madams tits bounce forth.

“Bitch!” Kristina cursed as she used her foot to push off the tree, sending them into a pile of white snow.

They each squealed as their bare skin touched the cold of the snow. Over and over the pair rolled as skin was turning red, the melted snow causing their bodies to become soaked and hair matted to their faces. Jenn grabbed two handfuls of Kristina’s large breasts with the madam reaching in to latch onto the other’s tits. They went side by side, hands greedily kneading and twisting breasts.

“OWWW you Whore!” Jennifer cursed out as Kristina gave her right tit a nasty squeeze with her nails.

“AHHH Fuck!” Kristina squealed as her left nipple was twisted. The two pushed away from the other. They sat on their backsides, still facing the other as they shivered. “You know, your mother and I fought like this.”

Jennifer looked up, meeting Kristina’s eyes, “How did she do?”

“It wasn’t a whore fight,” Kristina said, “It was a good old catfight and she beat the tar out of me. That was the last time I was disrespectful to her. You should learn from that.”

“Oh Kristina,” Jennifer purred, “I haven’t started to be disrespectful to you yet. Bring that old cat over here so I can introduce it to my kitty!” She spread her legs wide and hiked the front of her dress up.

“Hisssss!” came the expelling of air from Kristina’s lips as the front of her dress came up. She moved to meet her young rival.

They locked legs over and under the others legs, bringing their skilled womanhoods into rough contact. Legs tightened over backsides as hair found tangled hair to pull. Naked breasts crushed seeking body heat. Their mouths opened but did not kiss, they locked jaws open with teeth holding the other in place. Hips humped as breasts pumped and slide of the others. They tipped and rolled in the tight catball in the snow. Each yelped in pain as more of their bodies touched the snow. The furry cat and kitten fought with their clits unsheathing and facing off like two swords fencing. Each parry and thrust was met with the same as the rods of flesh slide down the other and ground together. Each madam tried to hold out the impending orgasm but each woman was too good at what she was doing. The bites faltered as chins touched, their faces to sky screaming as they came in unison. They bayed like wolves to the moon as each traded another orgasm in the humping grind. The two woman rested, still clutching the other for body heat.

“Let’s get you back to Kat’s Ranch so one of my girls can bathe you and take care of you,” Jennifer whispered into the older woman’s ear.

Kristina licked her tongue at Jenn’s ear, “Absolutely, Madam Dumont.”

They helped the other get up and dressed back up, leaning in close to each other as the buggy ride back had both shivering against the cold. Once they got into Kat’s Ranch, the disheveled appearance of both women caused many eyes to go wide.

“Now for my best girl,” Jenn scanned the room, “Where is Eva?” The redheaded Constance pointed up towards the rooms. “Well she seems busy, How about Trixie?”

Kristina snorted with laughter, “Every cathouse has…”

“A Trixie!” The two madams said together. The busty blonde sauntered over to the madams and kissed Kristina deeply on the mouth.

“Girls get some hot water for a bath for my guest Madam Blanchard,” Jenn said. “Now I will leave you in Trixie’s capable hands, tongue and lips. I am going to find my love.” Jennifer mad her way up the staircase as melted water dripped from the frozen dress. She entered the room she and Anna shared and gasped. “Who did that to you?”

Anna looked up from the tub she was in, her left eye blackened with a bruise, holding her nose shut to stop the bleeding. She pointed to the left with the unconscious Abbie Gold tied up with her bullwhip.

“Well this is going to be an interesting story time,” Jennifer said as she stripped her cold clothing off and climbed into the tub with her lover.

Jeb Matthews was in the town marshal’s office late as the door opened, bringing a gust of cold wind in before closing. Standing before him was his cousin, Persephone.

“It is late, Persephone,” Jeb said, resigned to the fact that he was never going to get what he was promised by her, “What do you want?”

“Now, Jeb,” Persephone cooed, “Is that any way to talk to someone who is going to pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams?” The long black coat dropped to reveal her naked body. She slowly walked around the desk he was sitting at, knelt in front of him, and worked his gun belt and belt loose, before removing a growing cock from his pants. “MMMMM Now this looks good enough to eat.” She licked the tip as Jeb groaned out. She encompassed the dick with her huge tits and massaged the meat. She moved slightly back and deep throated Jeb’s big cock as she bobbed her head up and down. The marshal could hardly contain himself and in a matter of moments had shot his load deep into her throat. “You taste so manly,” Persephone purred as she licked her lips.

“Why now?” Jeb asked breathing hard.

“Because, you and I are destined to run this town,” she said as she grabbed his hand, led him to one of the empty cells. She pulled him in, pushed him onto the cot and removed his pants. Persephone straddled his waist and impaled herself on his once again stiff dick. “Now listen closely as I have a story to tell you.” To her surprise and titillation, Jeb did not stop thrusting into her as she told him they were half brother and sister. And he came hard when she revealed it was his Aunt Deanna who had killed his mother Sarah in a naked catfight to the death.

“So I challenge him,” Jeb said, as his hands kneaded Persephone’s heavy tits. “To fight me. You and my aunt, watch us?”

“Yes. You and our father,” Persephone bounced up in rhythm with Jeb, “Cock to cock. But this isn’t sex, you will be killing each other. Though we will have to tie your left arm behind your back. But that leaves you one fist to punch, to pull his hair, to grab his cock and balls. I want you to kill him. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I can,” Jeb grunted as his dick grew even harder inside Persephone. “And I want to watch you and my dear Aunt Deanna fight naked to the death after. I want you to tear her fucking tits off, to bite and eat her clit in front of her face. Everything she did to my mother, I want done to her!” He yelled out as both he and his half-sister came at the same time.

She lay her head on his sweaty chest. “We will start this tomorrow night at dinner. My home. 7 o’clock sharp. MMMMMM!” She felt Jeb get hard again. She secretly cursed herself for not fucking him long ago.

The next day the telegram rider came up the laneway towards the house. I stepped out and tipped the young man as he handed off the telegram to me.


I am writing to let you know that Nettie and Louise were accosted on their way to town. Both will be fine with the exception of bruises and scratches. Diane Farragut with the Roberts family seem to be the culprits. Marshal Lewin sent out a search party for them, but it seems they have evaded the law. I have placed both Nettie and Louise on the train to Big Springs and they will be there in a day. Do not worry about the ranch here. The boys as well as Vanessa and Esmerelda are tending to it while Nettie and Louise are away.

With love,

Julia Vargas

I crumpled the note in my hand. I waited until Kat and Red Flower woke to tell them.

“Please let Little Feather know what is going on,” I said to Flower. “Maybe she knows a way of seeing if she can set Diane right before this gets bloody. But if any of the Roberts family shows up here, they die. I do not care if it is Wes or either of his daughters. I will reintroduce them to their wife and mother, Clara, in the spirit world.”

Both Kat and Red Flower nodded in agreement and set out of the little homestead where Little Feather and Wild Fox were staying. Ashley Simmons took it all in.

“What can I do to help?” Ashley asked. “I am better and it is damn dreadful not doing anything to help.”

“Can you help in the barn?” I asked. “I don’t want you riding quite yet. But need help with the cows and chickens.”

Ashley beamed, “I can do that. I sort of miss my chores on a farm. But never tell my mother.” She and I both laughed.

In town, Holly Dee was fuming. She was called to Kat’s Ranch earlier and had to collect Abbie Gold. Her friend was bruised and beaten from her brawl with Anna Gonzales.

Holly washed her friend with a warm wet cloth, “The plan was ill advised. I am sorry I sent you over there. I think we need some new friends in this town.”

Abbie nodded her head but her jaw was still sore and she didn’t speak. After cleaning Abbie up, Holly walked out of the Emerald Palace. She had only made it down the part way down the street when she heard a whisper from the alley. Her head turned as her eyes met a ravishing redheaded woman. The woman gestured with head nod and Holly walked into the alley.

“I take it you are Holly Dee of the Emerald Palace,” the woman said, “My name is Deanna Matthews.”

Holly’s eyes lit up in recognition. “I have heard the name many times, but now I have a beautiful face to match it with.”

“Thank you, Holly,” Deanna said softly. “I hear all and know all in this town. I understand a friend of yours was accosted by Anna, Jennifer’s lesbian mexi-whore. I take that you are not happy.”

“You are correct,” Holly stated, “And I take it, you can help me in my situation?”

“I can,” Deanna replied, “I have things in place that are about to start. When they do, I suggest you make your move. Take the other brothel by force. Once Jennifer Dumont and Anna Gonzales are dead, I think I can assist you more in securing your ownership of the brothels.”

“What is this going to cost me?” Holly asked.

Deanna smiled, “Once things calm down in town and the dust settles, my brother and I will call on you for some…… entertainment.”

“You have me curious,” Holly said as she leaned in closer.

“My brother, Levi, and I have a love of female rivalry,” Deanna said as she positioned her breasts against Holly’s. “And at times, I enjoy participating as well. In some instances, the girls will not return.”

Holly smiled as she rubbed her cover breasts against Deanna’s pair, “I think I can arrange that. There are many who would still have some loyalty to Jennifer, so they will not be missed.”

“Do you ever participate in these types of entertainment?” Deanna asked as the pressure between their breasts grew.

“I was raised in a whore house,” Holly said. “I can get as nasty as any woman.”

“This is the start to a wonderful relationship,” Deanna said as she and Holly shared a deep kiss.

Later in the evening, Levi Matthews escorted his sister Deanna to Persephone Morgan’s home. A new addition to the home was a dining room with a wood stove to warm the room. Persephone had reached out to bury the hatchet so the Matthew’s clan could move forward with their plans. Levi and Deanna were escorted into the new dining room and were soon joined by Persephone and Jeb Matthews.

“This is a lovely addition, my dear,” Levi said to Persephone. “But I think you may have added too much wood to the stove. It is stifling in here.”

“Oh Uncle Levi,” Persephone said as she smiled, “There is a reason for that.”

“What are you playing at?” Deanna asked sensing something was wrong.

Jeb removed the revolver from his holster, letting it dangle at his side. “Tonight is a changing of the guard.”

Levi’s eye brows raised. “I do not understand, Jeb.”

“I think you do, father,” Jeb said. “I challenge you. Like you did with your father. Man to man.”

“Jeb, this is a mistake!” Deanna said sharply.

The young man pointed his revolver at her. “You treacherous bitch! You killed my mother. You beat her and then he fucked you over her dying body. No, Aunt Deanna, you get to watch as your lover, your brother dies tonight. Then I get to watch as your daughter and you fight to the death.”

“Boy,” Levi said angrily, “You are not ready.”

Jeb pointed his gun at his father, “I am ready. I will even have my left arm tied so I can’t use it. I will give you a fighting chance.”

“Fine, Jeb,” Levi said resigned, “Then prepare yourself.” He used his good right arm to start to undress. Deanna helped him as she stared daggers at her daughter.

Persephone helped Jeb undress and secured his left arm behind his back.

The table was pushed to the wall, leaving a large open space as Persephone added more wood to the fire. She had her half-brother help her unbutton the back of her dress. She let the fancy garment fall to the bare wood floor and kicked it to the side. She stood with hands on hips, facing her mother. Deanna had Levi help with the back clasps of her dress and soon the four were all naked.

“My brother will kill my father tonight,” Persephone cooed at her mother. She grabbed Jeb’s cock and began to stroke it to life.

Deanna grasped Levi’s dick and worked it into a hard rigid shaft. The two women led the men forward by cocks until the dicks were only an inch apart. Each person was sweating form the heat of room. The men stepped into the other as cocks were forced together pointing at the ceiling. They spread their legs wide as Deanna and Persephone knelt on either side of the men. Deanna hands went around the base of the two shafts as her daughter gripped the two dicks from the top. They glared at the other as hands worked up and down. This had each man moaning out. Levi’s right arm went around Jeb’s left shoulder with his hand gripping the back of the younger man’s hair. Jeb matched the move. Fingers tightened. Each grunted as their cocks rubbed and hair was pulled. The women released the shafts as the men started to stumble around the room. Both Deanna and Persephone backed away as the younger woman knelt next to her discarded dress. The men started to slap hips forward as hard cock slammed into hard cock. Jeb let go of Levi’s grey hair and slugged his father in the side. The older man grunted and backed away. They started to swing with right fists, bloodying lips and noses. Levi surged forward and tackled the younger man to the wood floor. Right hands again gripped hair as mouths bit down on faces, thick cock frotting in the sweat as they rolled.

Both Deanna and her daughter could not hold their passions back watching the violent display in front of them. Their eyes went from the fighting men to each other as hands squeezed heavy breasts and massaged hard clits.

Blood flowed freely from cuts on lips, dripping to the floor and adding to the puddle of sweat. Jeb stopped the roll on top of Levi. He lifted his hips up and slammed his cock and balls into a wet slap with the older man. He pushed himself up to straddle his father, gripping Levi’s throat with his right hand.

“You are done, old man” Jeb said breathing hard.

Deanna looked on in horror as her nephew appeared to win. Persephone rose and sauntered over to the men, smiling wickedly at her mother. She leaned her large bare chest into Jeb’s back.

“I love you, Jeb,” Persephone said as a smile came over her brother’s face. Then she moved her right hand and the knife in it to his open throat, slicing it from ear to ear.

A mask of confusion washed over Jeb and Levi with the older man getting splashed with the blood spurting from the cut throat. She pushed the dead man off her father and moved to straddle Levi’s hips.

“What have you done?” Deanna gasped.

As Persephone lowered herself on Levi’s still hard cock, “I removed the incompetence from the equation, mother.”

Deanna rose with claws bared but her brother held up his right hand. He groaned as the younger woman bounced up and down on his dick. He tensed and grunted as he erupted inside Persephone.

“Come for me again, mother,” Persephone cooed, “And I will kill you. Get out. I need more time with my father.”

Deanna looked in sadness from her daughter to her brother. Levi nodded as his eyes met hers. Deanna rose and took her dress, walking out of the dining room.

The next day in Big Springs, I waited as the train pulled to a stop in the station. I waved as Nettie and Louise exited the train. I paid two porters to load their belongings on the stagecoach I procured for picking them up. I embraced the two women tightly and received looks from the white people in station. We got into the compartment of the stagecoach and left on the road to my ranch.

I looked from Nettie to Louise, “So tell me what happened.”

“There is not much to tell,” Nettie said. “When I took Louise to town with me, four riders met us on the road. They wore masks at first. But as they came closer, we saw it was one man and three women. Diane, Beth and Amy pulled their masks down. Wes Roberts held us at gunpoint so we wouldn’t fight back as Diane and the young girls used their fists. Diane gave me a message for you though.”

“What is it?” I asked as touched Nettie’s face.

“She said, tell her that I am going to come for everything she loves,” Nettie said as a tear fell down her dark skinned cheek.

“Let her come and try,” I said as I wiped the tear away.

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