Wildcats of the West: Chapter 12 by Ahna Brown

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Behold, a Pale Breast

In the small town of Rattler’s Holler, Texas, Persephone Morgan fumed. She had lost her naked catfight with Dr. Samantha Breecher, and the women who were there to help the Matthews family take more of the town, failed. For that, she blamed her mother, Deanna Matthews. Her father, Levi, who she had taken after killing her half-brother, was shutting her out. There was a knock at her door. This guest was expected. Her plan to destroy her mother and father was almost set in motion. She answered the door.

“Thank you very much for coming so quickly,” Persephone said as she let the balding gentleman into her home, “We can get right down to business then. I need to write a new Will and Testament. I also have some items that need to be secured and only shown to the public if I die.”

At the Stevens’ Ranch, all had returned to normal. Billy, my old ranch hand, arrived to take Nettie and Louise back with him to Arizona. I had not seen the young man in several years. He was the first man I hired at my old ranch. What I saw as he rode up to the house was a handsome, mature young man. Nettie had told me that Louise had been teaching him to read. He had confidence that now filled his large frame. He was always bigger than the other boys but now he looked as if he could carry a full grown steer.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” I said as I walked down to hug Billy.

“Thank you Ms. Ahna,” he said in a deep baritone. “You haven’t aged a day since I saw you last.”

I swatted his arm playfully, “And now you are a charmer. Are the ladies flocking in droves to you?”

Billy blushed, “I haven’t found the right one yet. When I do, I would like you to be there.”

I took his arm, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Billy.”

My ranch hands came out to greet him like he was part of the family, which he was. Billy was easily a full head above my boys.

On the road from Big Springs to Rattler’s Holler, the stage coach bumped and jostled the two women sitting across from the other. Kristina Blanchard was returning to Rattler’s Holler after hearing about the troubles there. Across from her, sat a young woman with short red hair. The cotton dress she wore seemed on the older, more worn side compared to the elegant one Kristina wore.

“Well we will be in here for a while, let me introduce myself,” as Kristina reach an open hand across. “My name is Kristina Blanchard.”

“Lovely to meet you,” the young woman said, taking her hand. “My name is Emily Brown. Are you on your way to Rattler’s Holler, or going further?”

“I am going to Rattler’s Holler,” Kristina smiled as she sat back, “I have some friends there who need some help with some businesses they run. Are you stopping there or heading onto El Paso?”

“My husband, Benjamin, has been assigned as the new town marshal, by Sheriff Wilkins,” Emily said. “We just moved to Big Springs from Abilene, Kansas and did not even get settled yet.”

“Did you grow up in Abilene?” The Madam asked as she sat forward again, listening intently.

“No, the Wyoming territory,” Emily stated.

“That can be a hard life in the frontier,” Kristina said.

“My Pa was a lawman there and moved us to Abilene when I was a girl,” Emily said as she looked out the couch window. “He was killed in 1870. Bill Cody, a family friend took over for him.”

Kristina smiled wide, “You are Tom Smith’s little girl? I knew your father in Abilene. He arrested me once. He was very fair with me, especially for my occupation.”

Emily looked a little confused, “Why did my father arrest you?”

“I got into an argument with a woman who was not happy that her husband was visiting me,” Kristina answered with wry smile. “She and I got a little physical. Tom was called to break it up. He made sure I only had to pay a small fine.”

Emily snorted with laughter, “So a catfight between a saloon girl and significant other? I bet my Pa was laughing the entire time.”

The two women laughed together in the stage coach. Kristina put a hand on Emily’s, “I hope you do not have reservations about sharing a stage coach with a madam.”

“Oh heavens no,” Emily replied right away, “Life is different for everyone. We all have choices to make. I cannot hold others choices against them just because it would not be my choice.”

“You are wise beyond your young years,” Kristina said. “Emily, if you ever want to stop in for a drink, swing by The Emerald Palace. I will be helping out there until some friends recover from unfortunate injuries.”

“Would those unfortunate injuries be from the mass catfight between the two brothels?” Emily beamed, “Ben did tell me that was one reason that the sheriff assigned him to Rattler’s Holler.”

It was Kristina’s turn to laugh, “Yes, sometimes we do get feisty.” The two women continued to talk until the coach arrived in Rattler’s Holler.

A handsome young man, well over 6 feet tall, broad shouldered with a handlebar moustache opened the door to the coach, first taking Kristina’s hand to help her out before wrapping Emily Brown in a fierce embrace and kiss.

Marshal Benjamin Brown put his young wife down. “The cottage is ready, my love.”

“Thank you, Ben,” Emily said kissing her husband again. “Oh, where are my manners. Ben, this is Kristina Blanchard. Madam Kristina, this is my husband Ben.”

“A pleasure, Ma’am,” Ben said as he kissed the back of Kristina’s hand.

“Such manners, Marshal Brown,” Kristina said, “As I have told your wife, you both are more than welcome at The Emerald Palace. It is more than just a brothel. We will have nightly shows and good cooking.”

Ben looked a little puzzled at his wife. Emily smiled at the look, “Kristina, when we get settled, Ben and I will say hello to you at your establishment.”

Kristina smiled as the happy couple walked down the street. She first made her way to Kat’s Ranch to call on Jennifer Dumont. She saw the boarded up place were the front window had been. Men were bringing in new tables and chairs through the bat wing doors. Jennifer was seated at the bar, a glass of whiskey in front of her.

As Jennifer stood from the bar stool, she winced. Kristina rushed over, “Will you stop being stubborn and rest up?”

“I am fine,” Jenn said as she sat back down.

“Pig’s ass you are,” Kristina chided. “You were shot, Anna was shot. You two need to rest and recover. That is why I am here.”

“I know and thank you, Kristina,” Jenn sighed. “I would like you to run both if you can for a little while. Paying more attention to the Palace.”

“I can be here as long as you need,” Kristina smiled as she poured herself a drink. “I sold both places in Arizona. So now I can travel and be a wandering madam.”

Jennifer laughed and then cringed, holding her side. “Do you want The Emerald Palace? It is yours, all you have to say is yes.”

“Only if Eva can do shows at the palace and Sabrina Jackson becomes the head girl for both establishments,” Kristina stated with her best poker face.  

Jennifer matched her gaze, “I will concede to those demands, on three conditions.”

“What would that be?” Kristina asked.

“You join me for dinner every night, play me in poker once a week and …..,” a smiling Jennifer answered.

“And the last one?” Kristina asked.

“When I am healed up, you and I go at it again, whore to whore,” Jenn smiled wickedly.

Kristina threw her head back in ruckus laughter. “Then on those stipulations, I accept.” Each madam spit in their right hands and shook.

Over the next week, a warm spell hit the area with the previously accumulated snow melting. I invited my friends to a cook out at the ranch. Anna and Jennifer were driven via buggy by Kristina Blanchard, Harold, Doris and Alice Burns came, my daughter, Kat and her lover Red Flower came with Wild Fox. Dr. Samantha Breecher and her husband US Marshal Matthias Breecher brought Rufus as well as the new town Marshal, Benjamin Brown and his wife Emily. Texas Ranger Danny Fog came since he and the Comanche woman, Wild Fox, were getting closer. Nettie, Louise and now Billy mingled with everyone like they had known the others for years. Micah and Jed Ten Bears cooked the freshly slaughtered steer. Rosalina Youngblood made some of her famously spicy food. Bill Iron Buffalo went right to Rufus Breecher, taking the toddler to see the horses. I swear the only time Bill smiled was around that child. Rudy White Owl was showing the Burns family around the corral and barn and I noticed the looks being traded back and forth between Rudy and young Alice. We ate and laughed, which was so needed these days. I was sitting in one of the two wooden rocking chairs on my porch as Doris Burns pulled the other rocking chair close to me.

“Can we talk, Ahna?” Doris asked quietly.

“Absolutely,” I replied. “What is on your mind?”

“First, thank you so much for inviting my family here,” Doris smiled, but it quickly changed to a frown. I could tell she was having a hard time with her words.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me,” I said as I leaned closer.

She sighed, “I told Harold about what occurred between Holly Dee and I.” She paused.

“Was he upset?” I asked.

“Oh, good lord, no!” Doris exclaimed and then quieted down. “It was the best relations we have had in years. In fact, he and I have not been able to keep our hands off each other. And every time I think about what she and I did, I have been having strange feelings.”

I put my hand on her arm, “Doris, I get those same feelings. First time when I really felt it was fighting another young girl over my late husband. And my mother and hers got into it as well. My Robert loved hearing about it. When I pulled the saloon girl off him, he wasn’t as happy but that was a trying time in our marriage. Now it is almost second nature for me and another woman tangled together.”

Doris leaned in, “Does your offer stand?”

I smiled a wicked smile, “Why don’t you come up with a reason to stay behind and you and I can find the hay loft? I can take you back tonight or tomorrow morning.”

“Well, I do love to help clean up,” Doris laughed. She looked over at her daughter, Alice and Rudy White Owl talking. “I do like that young man, he has such good manners. I do hope he asks permission of Harold to court Alice.”

I looked in shock at Doris, “That is quite a turnabout from when we first met.”

“Oh, don’t look at me like that,” Doris said waving her hand at me. “I am allowed to grow as a woman, I mean I had a half-naked catfight with a prostitute.” We both broke out in fits of laughter.

We cleaned as my friends returned to their homes. After the last of the dishes was washed, Doris Burns and I walked with a lantern to the barn. We went up to the loft and I placed the lantern on a peg. Doris was visibly nervous.

“I did not bring a change of clothing, Ahna,” Doris said quietly, huskily.

“Well I guess that means one thing,” I said as I removed my worn shirt and split skirt, standing in front of her in my bloomers.

Her eyes roamed over my topless body quickly and she looked away. Slowly, she started to unbutton the top of her dress. Her eyes met mine as her fingers fumbled with the buttons. I smiled at her as her dress fell away. Doris had breasts that rivaled mine in size. They were full with very little sag. The biggest contrast were our areolas and nipples. I had large areolas with thick nipples in a light brown color while Doris had slightly smaller areolas but jutting nipples in a shade of pink.

“You are a beautiful woman, Doris,” I said reassuring her. “What we do here will stay between us.” I layered the loft floor with several blankets. Once that was complete, I knelt in the middle of the blankets. Doris joined me a moment later. “I will go as hard or soft as you want.”

“I am ready,” Doris said in a whisper.

Our large breasts came softly together as we gasped. We started to push more of our bodies in tighter, the large mounds pushed with hard nipples stabbing into areolas. She reached up for my hair as I grasped on to her brown locks. Fingers tightened in hair as we each started to pull. Heads began to move left and right, back and forth as groans escaped our lips. Doris came forward more as our bellies touched. Noses brushed as we locked eyes. I wanted her to take control and she did. Hands left my hair as her arms wrapped around me, tipping us and sending us to the blankets. I moved my arms around her and we locked our bloomer clad legs wrapped together and we began to roll. Hands started to slap at our bare backs, each moaning at the impacts. I felt her hand slide and reach in to grip my right breast as she rolled on top. I moved my hand to grab her left. Doris gritted her teeth as her fingers kneaded my large tit. I groaned and yelped as I returned the squeezing. The rolling got faster and the squeezing harder as we tumbled into a pile of straw. Doris pushed me off and scrambled to her feet as I did. She tackled me back into the straw and we started really going at it.

“Oh you hussy!” Doris snarled we tumbled back and forth in the straw.

“Cow turd!” I growled back as we I tried to roll on top.

I felt her fingers tugging at my bloomers. I smiled a wide grin as I pulled on hers. She was completely lost up in the fight and as we pulled out garments over hips and rear ends. Doris pulled away as pulled off her sagging under garments and threw them to the side. Her chest of heaving with heavy breathing, her skin was reddened, hair tangled with straw sticking out, and a wicked grin on her face. I smiled back as we lunged again. Our big tits smacked hard as we fell again to the blankets. Heads were pulled back and forth letting our large breasts to batter the other pair. The sweat over our skin was letting the tits slide faster. I felt her southern hair on my thigh, she was wet, which I did expect. We tussled in our little area in the loft, keeping naked bodies in constant contact the entire time. Sweat was dripping off our bodies, sometimes flying off if we slapped skin. Doris rolled us over and slammed her big tits down onto mine. I twisted our bodies to roll us over with me doing the same to her. She reached in between us to latch her fingers onto my breasts as I howled out. I was pulled to the side and grabbed her big tits right back. We pulled our bodies closer with our legs as hands pulled and kneading the dense flesh.

Doris gritted her teeth through the pain, “I do not….think…I am…. Going home…..tonight.”

“We can….do this….all night!” I growled back at her.

Hands left breasts and buried back in hair as we rolled wildly in the loft. We fought in the loft, I chased her down the ladder to the barn floor where we slammed together again and went down to the dirt. We got covered in dirt as our thighs spread open more as we started humping against each other. Our thick bushes were matted down by the wetness coming from each of us. Doris went cheek to cheek with me as she ground her womanhood into mine. I tried to hold out but this fight, full of rough need and lust made me cry out in pleasure as I came with the busty brunette splashing her own juices over me a second later. We lay there long enough for our breathing to get under control. Both of us had wide smiles as we got to feet and peaked out of the barn door. Neither of us saw anyone around and walked naked to the trough filled with water. I knew the water was clean because it was a night chore of the hands to fill the water the night before the horses. I bent over the trough and splashed water on my face and neck. Then I found myself fall into the water as Doris had pushed me. I turned over as she was coming in as well. We locked up again on our knees in the water as wet bodies slapped together. Our tits slammed and pushed out at our sides with each of us having one hand in the others hair and one hand on an ass cheek. We pulled and pushed in the water before breaking out into laughter. We got out of the water and tip toe’d naked into the house. As we came to my room, I grabbed Doris’s hand and dragged her in. We slapped bodies together, grabbing hair and stumbling and falling onto the bed. Doris and I didn’t stop our lusty catfight until the wee hours of the morning, falling asleep locking in a full body embrace.

The next day in Rattler’s Holler, Persephone Morgan, dressed in a green and black off the shoulder dress walked down the street to her mother’s home. She knocked and waited for her mother, Deanna Matthews to answer. The door came open with the two redheads staring at the other.

“Tonight, mother,” Persephone stated, “Tonight, in the same place where I killed my brother, I will fight you to the death. Only one of us can remain.”

“Tonight it is then,” Deanna answered. “Your unc…. Father will be there to witness. Come prepared.” Then she closed the door in her daughter’s face. The young redhead turned and walked back to her home.

Town Marshal Ben Brown walked in through the bat wing door of the Gem Saloon to meet with Levi Matthews.

“Welcome Marshal Brown,” Levi said as he gestured to a chair. “I am glad you and I could sit down.”

Ben took his seat across from the head of the town. “Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Matthews. I understand you objected to my posting here.”

“Yes,” Levi said as he sipped his coffee, “I had hoped to appoint a local man to take the position, but the sheriff had other plans I see. You do seem a little young for this line of work.”

“Well, Sir,” Ben said, “I worked as peace officer in Abilene, Kansas. I understand cattle towns and dealing with ranch hands and cowboys. I am also grateful to have a sworn deputy US Marshal living in town as well.”

“Ah, yes,” Levi muttered, “Marshal Breecher. Young man, I was hoping that you and I could come to an arrangement when it comes to those employed by me.”

“Mr. Matthews,” Ben said, knowing the true intent of the meeting, “As long as your men obey the law, they will have no problem with me. I plan to deputize a few men in the town to assist me. I do not understand why your nephew did not.”

“Maybe it was because he was from this town and people knew him,” Levi sighed as he was resigned to the fact he would not persuade the new town marshal. Already thinking of a way to get rid of him. “Thank you very much for meeting with me. I hope you and your lovely wife enjoy our town.” The two men shook hands and Ben Brown departed. He passed Deanna Matthews who quickly made her way into the Gem.

“It will happen tonight,” Deanna said with her brother knowing her meaning. “I want you there to witness. Whatever happens, my love, do not interfere. It will be which one of us is more ruthless.”

Levi looked gravely at his sister. “Deanna, more and more, we are losing control of this town. I fear our skeletons will be revealed. I have put things in motion to assure that a member of the Matthews family will always have the seat of power in this town. I have listed a list of successors, you being the first and Persephone being the second. Miriam is too young to inherit our empire, but one out East is of age and from all reports from our relatives in Washington, she is ready.”

Deanna smiled, “No matter what happens tonight, she will be a welcome asset to us.”

Out east of the Stevens’ Ranch, Wild Fox notched an arrow on the bow string and pulled back. She loosed the arrow which sailed true into the middle of the circular target. Something bothered her. She smelled the air and looked around. She rushed to an area of thick bushes and hid. A few moments later, a horse carrying Little Feather rode up to the small cottage Wild Fox was staying. Feather slid off the horse and walked to the cottage, placing a bone handled tomahawk next to the door.  

Wild Fox stepped out from the bushes, “Feather, what are you doing?”

The Apache woman turned quickly. “Young one, you are quiet as a fox. I am here to warn you and Red Flower. I am afraid that my allegiance with one will bring me into conflict with you. All of the time spent cleansing my spirit will be lost now. Because I must make war with you.”

“No,” Wild Fox responded, “You are a warrior but also a teacher. Loyalty can only go so far. If it comes in conflict with your spirit, then you must push loyalty away to save your spirit.”

“It is not that easy,” Little Feather said, but she couldn’t meet Wild Fox’s eyes. “I owe her a life debt. It is sacred.”

“But not if it turns you into those you taught me to stand up against,” Wild Fox replied as she came closer and put her hand on Feather’s shoulder. “You are my friend and I will help you.”

Little Feather shook her head, “When did you become the wise one?”

“I had a good teacher,” Fox smiled. “Come, let us ride and find Red Flower. Together we can stop this.” Little Feather nodded as the two native women got onto horses and rode toward the ranch.

On the road from Rattler’s Holler to my ranch, I slapped the reigns to get a little speed going in the wagon. I dropped off a very tired Doris Burns in town and was now headed back to my ranch. “Come on old Frank,” I said to the horse, “Let’s get back home.” Then gunfire rang out and I instinctively slapped the reigns harder but Frank collapsed. My ears were ringing as I reached for my pistols but saw two people with rifles pointed at me from either side of the wagon.

“Lose the guns, cunt,” I heard Wes Roberts say.

I dropped the pistols and lifted my hands over my head. “Fuck you, Wes.”

He smiled as I was pulled down from the wagon by Aunt Lou Perkins. He walked forward and punched me in the belly. I dropped to my knees coughing. “I got you now.”

“You are a real big man now, aren’t you!” I groaned out. His hand grabbed my hair and he pulled me up.

“Don’t you hit her again,” Diamond Diane said, “I get to decide what happens to her.”

“Why the fuck do you get to decide?” Came the shrill southern voice of Bella Reed.

“Fuck you, Diane,” Wes said as he whirled on Diamond. “We agreed she had to die. We agreed to hang her over the road to her ranch. I have me, Bella and my girls, we have more guns than you. And your Apache bitch isn’t here to back you up.” Bella, Beth Roberts and Amy Roberts stood next to Wes

“Fuck me? No, you pig fucker!” Diane screamed. Her hand was close to the Colt on her hip. Her eyes darted from Bella to Beth to Amy and then to Wes. She knew she could get at least two, maybe more if she took out Wes Roberts first. Then a double barreled shotgun was pressed into her back.

“Sorry, bitch!” Aunt Lou said as she pulled the single action Colt from Diane’s holster, “I am with them.”

Wes Roberts smiled a wide grin as he turned to his youngest daughter. “Amy, I need you to ride into town and delay the town marshal the best you can. If you have to knock him out, do it.” Amy gave her father a disappointed look. “Oh don’t you fret now, I will make sure there is a piece of her you can have when you get back.” She smiled and kissed her pa on the cheek before getting on one of the horses and galloping off to town.

“Let’s make them fight each other,” Bella said with a sneer at both myself and Diane.

“My dear,” Wes said as he watched Bella and his oldest daughter, Beth, passionately kiss, “You have the best ideas.” With pistols and shotguns raised at us, Diane and I walked deeper into a thicket of trees.

On the Stevens Ranch, Jed Ten Bears looked over to Rudy Night Owl as they both heard the distinct sound of gunfire. They started walking towards the house as Bill Iron Buffalo joined them.

“It was not far off from the property,” Bill said, confirming the same thing both Jed and Rudy sensed. As they got closer to the house, Red Flower walked out from the front door and faced in the direction of the sound of gunfire.

“We heard it too,” Jed said to her.

Kat walked out, cocking the lever on her rifle. “Boys, take Flower and scout east along the road to Big Springs. I will take Billy and head on the road towards town. Double back when you get to the eastern edge of the property. I know the gunfire was in the direction towards town but those doing it cannot be dumb enough to be on foot in the area. Either they rode back to town or onto Big Springs. Mount up.”

Kat saddled her horse as Billy did his, determination set on the young man’s face. Red Flower and the boys rode off east from the house. Both Katerina and Billy checked pistols and rifles as Wild Fox rode up with Little Feather.

“You have some nerve showing back up here, Feather,” Kat growled, hand on her Colt Lightning.

“She does not come to fight but to save Diane,” Wild Fox said.

Katerina relaxed in her saddle. “Fine. Then ride with us. We are checking the road west of the ranch.” The party set off towards town.

In Rattler’s Holler, Amy Roberts rode in looking at the signs of buildings before she spotted the town marshal’s office. She stopped in front, dismounted and looped the lead over the hitching post. She paused to get her breathing to a quick pace and pinched her thigh hard to get a tear to come from her eye before entering. She burst in crying.

“Oh marshal, please help me,” Amy Roberts said in her best hysterical voice.

Ben Brown looked up as the door opened and stood as he saw the crying young woman. He quickly walked around the desk to her, took her arm and led her to a chair. “Ma’am, what is wrong? What can I help you with?”

Amy sat in the chair with the large muscular man with a handlebar moustache in front of her. He didn’t see her free hand with the Colt Single Action Army in it. Her face changed into a smile, “Please marshal, no sudden movements. Hands up, please.”

Marshal Ben Brown cursed himself for falling for this ruse. “Young lady, you are going to be in a lot of trouble.”

“No I am not, marshal,” Amy said as she took his holstered Peacemaker with her left hand, putting it into her bag. “As long as you don’t make a fuss, I won’t have to shoot you. Now if you would, please walk to the cell. I need to lock you inside.”

He turned and walk to the cell, shutting the door. “Miss, I am going to find you when I get out.”

“No you won’t marshal,” Amy smiled as she gestured with the pistol she was holding, “Now move back, I need to lock the door.” As Amy turned the key to lock the small cell, the front door to the marshal’s office opened with Emily Brown walking in, carrying a basket of food for her husband. Her eyes went wide. Ben rushed to the cell door and smacked the right hand holding the Amy Robert’s gun.

Emily had made a big lunch so she could spend time with her husband in his new position. As she entered the office, she saw Ben in one of the cells as a young brunette woman dress in dusty oversized man’s red button up shirt and faded grey split skirt. Emily was wearing an older yellow cotton dress, tight over her chest and hips. She saw the pistol get knocked from the young woman’s hands, threw the basket of food at her and charged.

It all happened in a flash to Amy Roberts. First the redheaded woman with short hair entered, then a pistol was knocked from her grip and a basket of food thrown at her. Emily slammed into Amy as the bounced off the cell door and careened out of control into the office area. Each woman sought hair to grasp to pull heads around painfully. The women slammed into walls and knocked over chairs as they fought. Amy bounced off the wall and pushed Emily back onto the wood desk. As their bodies compressed, the redhead could feel the swell of breasts from the brunette. Emily pulled Amy on top of her on the desk as legs kicked out. Her right hand moved from hair and pushed up on the brown haired girl’s face. Amy grimaced in pain and they rolled off the desk to the floor of the office.

Ben lost sight of the women as they rolled off the desk. He knew they were still fighting as he heard grunts and groans. He finally caught view of his wife as she popped her head and body up, with Amy’s hands squeezing the covered breasts.

“AAAAHHHHH YOU WHORE!” Emily screamed as Amy Robert’s fingers tightened.

“FUCKING MEDDLING BITCH!” Amy cursed back as Emily pulled the oversized shirt and ripped it open. “Oh you bitch!” Amy grabbed the front of the redhead’s dress and pulled down.

Two sets of large breasts came free from their confines as the pair re-grabbed hair and mashed the tits together. The topless women rolled wildly on the floor as head were being wrenched back and forth. The two women worked their way to knees and feet as they stumbled. Amy Roberts slugged Emily in the belly as the redhead folder over. The brunette pushed the marshal’s wife back and tried to grab for her bag. Emily recovered enough to grab the swath of brown hair from the back and whip the young woman around and towards the cells. Amy slammed back first into the second of the two small prisoner cells in the office. Ben first expected his wife to slam and lock the door, but his eyes went wide as Emily stalked into the cell after the brunette. Amy rose and the pair slammed bodies together with hands grabbing at the loose and torn clothing. The remains of the dress and split skirt soon lay on the floor of the cell as now only bloomer clad busty women fought tooth and nail. They fell onto the small cot in the cell and legs wrapped together with each only able to roll the other a short ways. Amy used her foot to push off the wall, sending them crashing to the floor. They broke up as they fell but immediately locked up on their knees. The brunette grasped Emily’s large right breast and lifted it to her mouth. She opened her jaw as wide as it would go before sinking her teeth in and began to chew. The redhead screamed out and thrashed but Amy held on. Emily grabbed the large dense right breast of her new rival and pulled it up to chomp down. Each woman screamed in the chewing bite. Hands slapped at bare backs or scratched lines of red into skin. Emily upped the ante by shoving her left hand down into the front of Amy’s worn bloomers, pulling on the dark wet patch of hair. The brunette screamed louder but sunk her own hand deep in red short and curlies. Not only did the two pull out tufts of southern hair but also scratched and pulled at their thick labia. Tears streamed out of eyes as they teetered on their knees. Emily used her boot clad feet to push against the leg of the cot, propelling them forward with Amy slamming the back of her head against the wall of the cell. The bite and pussy scratching stopped as the brunette was dazed. Emily grabbed two handfuls of already tangled hair and slammed the head again into the wall. Amy stopped moving.

“Honey are you alright?” Ben asked as his wife stood on shaky legs.

“I think so,” Emily said as she backed out of the cell, closing the door and when she found the keys, she locked Amy Roberts in the cell. “That bitch made me throw your lunch. I spent all morning on that!”

Ben laughed as his wife let him out of the cell. She dressed the best she could and threw the torn shirt and split skirt into the cell with Amy.

“You did really good darling,” Ben said as he hugged his wife, unable to hide the erection in his pants.

“Why Benjamin Brown, you dirty devil!” Emily exclaimed as she felt his manhood swelling. “You keep this catfight on your mind when you get home tonight.” She said with a wink.

In a grove of thick trees, west of the Stevens Ranch, Diamond Diane and I were led by the group away from the road. Wes and his posse of perverted women pushed us forward, further away from any eyes traveling on the road. Both Diane and I stared daggers at each other. Though I may not live through this, getting my claws into Diane would be a good way to go out.

“That’s far enough,” Bella Reed said as we all stopped in a clearing surrounded by trees.

“Now strip naked, cunts,” Wes spit out as he hoisted a bottle of whiskey for a long pull, passing it to Bella and then to his daughter, Beth.

Both Diane and I started to undress. I decided to only concentrate on Diamond because she was hell bent on hurting me. If I was distracted by Wes and his ilk, Diane would have an easy go of me. From all looks, Diamond had healed up completely. As she got naked, she looked different. There was something more primal about her. Her breasts looked slightly bigger than I remembered, her skin, more taut over her body. She had a look of hate in her eyes for me. I returned the look to her.

When we finished stripping, Wes smiled, “Alright you fucking bitches, kill each other!”

Diane and I rushed together, when we got in range, we started swinging with our fists. Our big breasts warbled on our chests as arms went wild. Fists slammed home into faces, shoulders and bodies. Blood appeared almost immediately from noses and lips. Diane caught me with a left fist to the side of the head, it spun me around, staggering me. I touched the side of my head and saw blood from a cut near my right eye. I smiled bloody teeth at Diamond Diane and charged. At the last moment, I ducked my head and rammed my shoulder into her naked belly. I heard an ooofff come from her lips. I grabbed her under her shapely ass and picked her up, twisting and dropping both of us to the grass. I tried to get on top but Diane kicked me off. I rolled to my knees and met her charge. Our tits pancaked as they smashed flat. We dug into the others hair and pulled like we were trying to take our heads off. I spit blood into Diane’s face and it was answered back immediately. We tripped and fell to the grass, locking legs and rolling this way and that. I felt strands of hair popping out of my scalp. I gritted my teeth and pulled hard on her dark locks. The heat of the midday and naked skin on skin made both of us sweat. The salty wetness stinging cuts on faces. I rolled on top and moved my head to bite her face but Diamond pushed her hand on my chin, my head getting awkwardly moved back. I felt her nails dig into my face and I screamed out a curse, raking my nails over Diane’s face in retaliation. We pushed apart and rolled several feet away. Each of us got to hands and knees, facing the other.

“I am going to make you pay, whore!” Diane sneered through heavy breathing.

“You are a sick bitch who needs to be put down!” I yelled back at her.

We started moving forward towards each other on hands and knees. I glanced over and Wes had his pants down around his ankles, his big cock hard with Bella and his daughter Beth hand wrestling over the dick.

Both Diane and I screamed as we lunged. Bodies impacted as we went back down to the grass. She was on top and moved her hands to my larger breasts. Her nails gouging the skin. I howled and reach to fill my hands with her big tits. The two sets were tortured; breasts took on horrendous shapes as we pinched, pulled, clawed, twisted and kneaded the dense flesh. Blood started to ooze from where nails broke skin. I latched onto her long nipples and twisted as I pulled to the right. She screamed out hoarsely as she was pulled over to her side. I heard a slap and glanced back over my shoulder to see Beth and Bella, both topless on their knees in front of Wes, pulling hair, fighting over his dick. Then the world plunged into chaos!

All around us was the sound of horse hooves, screaming and gun shots. I was yanked away from Diane as I turned to see Wes pulling up his pants as my old ranch hand, Billy, leapt from his horse to tackle him to the grass. My daughter, Katerina jumped off her horse to pounce on the fighting Beth and Bella. Ashley Simmons was right behind her and pulled Bella Reed from the pile, leaving Kat and Beth to tear into the other. Wild Fox was the one who pulled me away from Diane. Little Feather was helping Diane up to her feet.

“Remember your promise! Your mother’s promise!” Diane screamed. I could see conflict in Little Feather’s eyes.

“I am sorry, Wild Fox,” Feather said as she moved her hand to the knife at her side.

I suddenly heard the sound of a horse galloping fast and then a war cry as Red Flower sprang from her paint, tackling Little Feather to the grass. That left Wild Fox, Diamond Diane and myself looking at each other. Aunt Lou Perkins looked around at the fights going on and slowly started to move towards a discarded shotgun. Wild Fox’s tomahawk imbedded in inch from her feet, making the black woman stop. As the native woman squared up with her, Aunt Lou smiled as she was at least 30 lbs heavier that Wild Fox.

“Come get it, little girl,” Aunt Lou said as she walked towards Wild Fox. The two slammed together.

“I guess it is just you and me again, Diane,” I said as I moved away from the trees, backing up with Diane following.

“I am going to end you, cunt!” Diane growled. Both of us had blood dripping off chins from our noses and lips, had claw marks that broke skin on our large breasts, our hair was a mass of wild tangles and sweat poured off our naked bodies. We came together in a splat!

Billy picked Wes up by his neck and slammed him against a tree. Wes fired fist after fist into Billy’s face but the young man took each one, smiling more and more. Wes was tossed to the ground as Billy mounted him, slamming his oversized fists into the older man’s face. Wes frantically reached around for something to stop the bog man from killing him. He found the torn dress of his daughter, Beth, and the two shot derringer in the pocket. He pulled the small pistol up and pressed it against the left side of Billy’s broad chest and fired. The young man’s eyes went wide as he fell to the side. Wes scrambled to his feet and staggered away from the ongoing fights.

Katerina quickly found herself topless as Beth wrenched open the young woman’s shirt. The two fought like feral cats as they yanked on hair and scratched skin while rolling back and forth. Beth rolled on top and started to slam Kat’s head against the ground. The tall redhead reached up and latched onto the big bouncing tits. Beth screamed out and clutched at Kat’s wrists. The two rolled over and the brunette grabbed back at the other woman’s breasts. Beth’s bloomer clad legs locked with the tall redhead’s as they rolled torturing breasts.

Bella’s eyes were wide at the size of Ashley’s breasts. The busty blonde had pulled her tits out as southern bell was already topless. Bella turned to run but Ashely grabbed her hair and yanked her back, grabbing the former madam in a bearhug. The southern blonde was thrashing wildly as they slammed into a tree trunk and fell to the grass. Ashley got on top and dropped her massive chest down on Bella. The older woman screamed out in pain. The younger woman dropped her tits down again, flattening Bella’s set. Ashley slid up more unit her breasts covered the pretty face of the madam. Ash held the head hard against her chest until the woman stopped moving and went limp.

The two native women tumbled wildly in the dirt and grass. Knives came free from sheaths as hands were grabbed to keep the blades from cutting into skin. Little Feather’s tight buckskin top and Red Flower’s bone breast plate pressed in tightly as bare legs tightened like vines. When one would roll on top of the other, knives started to press downward until the one on the bottom rolled the other over. This continued for minutes between the two native warriors. Feather flicked the blade, slicing through one of the straps holding the bone breasts plate up. Flower used the point of her knife to cut through the knot tied to keep the buckskin top up. Each gritted teeth as the strained in the other’s grip. Finally tossing both knives away and commencing to use their hands and claws in a more womanly way of combat. Free hands latched onto braids as they continued to grapple on the ground. The other hands grabbed at the tops, ripping them from their chests. Their large breasts were mirrors of the other and the tan flesh slapped and ground together.

Diane and I hit the dirt as soon as we slammed bodies. Over and over we rolled causing a small dust storm. Our sweaty bodies were covered in dirt. Hands pulled out strands of hair as we pushed and pulled, spit and grappled in the dirt. Our tits were mashed flat, mushrooming out at our sides. Legs tightened as thighs pushed against our matted and wet womanhoods. We rolled over and then there was nothing to roll onto as the edge plummeted to a river 15 feet down. The melted snow had raised the height of the river and the current was strong. When our tangled bodies hit the water we broke apart, struggling to make it back to the river bank. Diane got their first and was pulling herself up knees. She must have heard my splashing behind her because she turned as I rammed into her, taking us to the river bank. We both groaned out as our bodies slapped together. Hands pulled on wet hair, our breasts painfully compressed as mouths opened to bite at the other’s mouth.

Beth rolled away from Katerina, finding a discarded knife. She grabbed it and whirled to face the redhead.

“You don’t want to do that, Roberts,” Kat said as she slowly circled.

“Fuck you and your mother!” Beth Roberts screamed as she ran forward, knife raised high, poised to strike downward.

Katerina dodged to the right with her hands grasping Beth’s wrist, she continued the momentum of the blade, plunging it into Beth Robert’s belly. The brunette looked in shock at the redhead.

“Say hello to your mother for me, bitch!” Katerina Stevens said to the dying woman.

“YOU FUCKING WHORE!” Wes Roberts screamed at Katerina as he raised the derringer. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP! Wes staggered back and looked down at his chest and the three arrows sticking out.

Jed Ten Bears, Rudy White Owl and Bill Iron Buffalo rode up with Rudy jumping down off his horse, taking a tomahawk from his belt and throwing it at the still standing Wes Roberts. The small axe embedded in the man’s skull. Wes Roberts fell to the ground dead.

While Little Feather and Red Flower fought closer to the edge where Diane and I fell off, Wild Fox and Aunt Lou were tangled like two snakes in mortal combat on the ground. Aunt Lou’s dress was torn down and her massive dark colored tits were mashed with Fox’s large tan pair. Hands alternated from pulling hair to clawing at bare skin on sides and back. Lou was frustrated because the small Comanche woman was holding her own despite the size difference. The black woman rolled on top and slid her tits up towards Wild Fox’s face and dropped them down. Aunt Lou’s smile quickly faded as she screamed up and sat up, the native woman’s teeth attached to her left breast. Wild Fox didn’t let go no matter how hard the black woman hit her. The smaller woman rode Aunt Lou down to her back, chewing on the mass of flesh with her mouth while her left hand mauled the black right breast. Tears streamed out of the bigger woman’s eyes as her chest was being destroyed. She cried out her surrender and Wild Fox moved to sit on her chest to hold her down as Ashley Simmons went to get rope to tie up Aunt Louisa Perkins.

Little Feather flipped Red Flower off her, sending the Apache woman a few feet away. As she stood, Flower’s buckskin skirt fell away. Feather smiled wickedly and removed her own as she charged. The impact took both women off the ledge and down to the river below. The two broke apart and swam to the shore. Feather stood in the waist high water and rushed to the bank, jumping onto me and Diane. I felt her hands in the back of my hair as her wet naked body came down on my back. I let go of Diamond and rolled to the side as I threw an elbow that slammed into Little Feather’s side. I heard a groan as her hold slackened, so I twisted and came down tit to tit and tummy to tummy with the native woman.

Diane started to rise as Red Flower jumped on her. Hands went to wet hair as large breasts slapped and ground together. Diane tipped them over and they rolled on the sandy bank. Each had one hand pulling hard on wet hair and the other was scratching and twisting a large breast.

The four of us rolled back together into a big ball of clawing and grabbing. Red and I attacked Feather and Diane as we were getting scratching and pulled back. The ball of flesh rolled into the river and under the water. Tits and pussies were grabbed and squeezed hard. It seemed like we pushed apart at the same time. I was pulled back towards the bank by Red Flower. On the bank we were met by my daughter, Katerina and Wild Fox. On the other side of the river, Little Feather helped Diamond Diane stand.

“This is far from over, bitch!” Diane yelled at me across the river.

“Anytime, cunt! Anytime!” I yelled back. But I was relieved to not be fighting as fatigue and weariness took over. I watched as Diane and Little Feather disappeared. “I think she will only come for me now.”

“And Little Feather and I will meet again,” Red Flower added.

“Mama, come quick!” Katerina called out, “It’s Billy!”

Red Flower and I rushed back up to see my old ranch hand still on his back with everyone gathered around. Tears came to my eyes as I rushed and dropped to my knees. The left side of his chest was a crimson mess. Suddenly, Billy’s eyes came open.

“That hurts something fierce,” he said as he tried to sit up.

I pulled open the shirt and could see part of the bullet sticking out from his pectoral muscle. The muscle was so dense that it stopped the small caliber bullet. “Don’t you give me a scare like that again!” I said as I hugged Billy.

In town, Alice Burns finished working at the general store with her mother and father. Both her parents wanted to stay behind at the store to lock up. Alice knew what that meant and she hoped she would see Rudy in town. The sun had set with only the oil lamps lighting the street. She watched as a Mexican woman walked out of Persephone Morgan’s house pushing a stroller with Miriam in it. This surprised her because of the time of day it was. Alice got more and more curious as she heard voices coming from an open window at the back of the house. She looked around and could not see anyone. She snuck behind the home and stayed in the shadows. As she peeked in, Alice almost gasped in shock at what she saw. There in open back room of the Morgan house was Persephone, her mother Deanna and Uncle Levi all naked.

Levi stepped up between the two women, his large cock erect, “Both of you will fight until one of you is dead.” Both women nodded their heads in agreement. Levi stepped back, stroking his engorged dick.

“I am going to finally kill you, old bitch,” Persephone sneered at her mother as she circled.

“You will be another in a long line of women who have tried and died, cunt,” Deanna shot back as she crouched slightly with her hands formed into claws. As if a bell was rung, the two women rushed forward.

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