Wildcats of the West: Chapter 2 by Ahna Brown

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A Diamond in the Buff

The small train depot had a telegraph office. I went in with my Stetson low over my brow with a letter to be sent.

“No questions asked,” I said as I handed him a $10 gold piece. He bit it and nodded.


I would like to stave off a war between the Apaches and the Cherokee. If she died in single combat, I need to know. If you and Little Feather did this to her, then I will not rest until you are six feet in the ground. I await your reply.


“I will be back tomorrow to see if there is a reply,” I said as the operator nodded.

I mounted Clem and went back to the small campsite Mathias and Anna set up. The cold weather had helped keep the body of Red Blossom preserved. We ate beans in silence that night and hunkered down for sleep. I did not sleep much that night. All my thoughts were of picturing Red Blossom’s last moments and wishing I had been there. I could not nor would not rest until I got the answers I wanted.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee. I sat and drank, warming myself by the small fire. I looked at my pocket watch and got back onto my horse to head to the depot. The operator noticed me and motioned me forward. I handed him another $10 and he presented me with a telegram.


She died in one on one combat with Little Feather. I did not interfere. The Cherokee are ready if the Apache come. As am I. I did not know there was a reward for you or I might have let you swing and taken the bounty. I found Leeann on my property. She was not happy you left her there for me to find. The disagreement she and I had lasted for a long time. Since you are taking the squaw back to her people, I know where to look for you. I plan to collect your bounty. Be seeing you soon.


I crumpled the letter in anger. I sent word to Katerina and Red Flower of what happened. I cautioned them from seeking any vengeance for this. I hopped onto Clementine and kicked my heels in to send us off in a fast gallop. As soon as I got to the campsite, I found Mathias and Anna ready for travel.

“Diamond Diane will be coming for me,” I said as we began the trek to Apache land.

“Diane Farragut, of Dry Gulch?” Mathias asked.

“The same,” I answered, “You know her?”

“When I was younger, I witnessed Diane and a woman called Sultry Sue go at it in the streets of Dry Gulch, he said with a half smile. “They weren’t wearing much.”

“Sounds like her,” I said matching his half smile. “I don’t know how good she is with a gun, but I know she is good with her fists.”

“Well,” Anna piped in, “That is why we are here. Ain’t no one gonna collect on that bounty.”

I smiled warmly at the young woman, Anna Gonzales, formally Vargas, had proven her worth many times.

It took two days until we reached the Apache land. I saw two riders on a cliff overlooking us and I raised my hand. As we rode slowly through the pass, more and more Apache warriors could be seen. I came to a group of tepees and stopped. An old man walked forward, accompanied by a young girl. He spoke to her in his native tongue.

“Chief Red Hawk asks why you are trespassing on Apache land,” the girl said in English.

“Please tell the chief we mean no disrespect to him or the apache people,” I said. “I bring the body of Red Blossom, sister to Red Flower.”

The girl turned and talked to the chief. His eyes went to the paint and the covered form draped over it. He talked to the girl/

“Chief Red Hawk wishes to know if you are the one who has slain an Apache,” the girl said. The circle of men walked a little closer.

“No, Red Blossom was a friend,” I said and then I paused trying to gather my words. “She was killed in combat with another. A Cherokee woman named Little Feather. Red Blossom had killed Little Feather’s mother in combat. The fight was fair.”

The girl turned to talk with the chief. He nodded and said something the braves around us. They seemed to relax. A few men went to the paint and led it forward away from us. Red Hawk spoke to the girl again.

She turned to us. “Red Blossom was a free spirit who lived by the blade. It is fitting for her to die as a warrior. The Apache will not make war with the Cherokee. You will leave this land.” The chief waved his hand and turned to walk back following the body of Red Blossom. Mathias, Anna and I moved our horses and went back the way we came. We stayed off the known trails, making our way back to Redington longer.

It was before dawn as I awoke before my two companions. I quietly saddled Clem and rode off to clear my head. I rode hard as the sun came up. The cold and the wind made my eyes water. I had a bandanna over my nose and mouth. My black duster flew out as I rode. My clothing was dirty and worn. I had not bathed in days. My brown shirt was buttoned to my neck. My black dungarees were stained with dirt from the trail. I slowed Clem as I came upon a small stream near an outcropping of oak trees. I let Clem drink and removed my duster, taking my bandanna and dipping it into the water to wash my brow.

I heard a crunch of twigs as I whirled with my right hand pulling my Colt Lightning from the cross draw holster. There sitting on her horse with a Colt Single Action Army pistol pointing at me was Diamond Diane Farragut. The heavy brown coat covered her green button up shirt and grey split skirt and boots. .

“Well I thought that was you,” Diane said as we pointed the pistols at each other. “You can’t hide that red hair. Why don’t you drop the steel and come quietly?”

“No, Diane,” I answered back as I drew the other Lightning with my left. “How about I let you ride away instead of me killing you.”

“I got a better idea,” Diane said, “Since you sucker punched me in the cave, I owe you a beating.” She de-cocked the pistol and place it in her holster, unbuckling it and dropping it to the ground.

“I don’t think you will, Diane,” I said as I holstered the pistol in my left hand and grabbed the reigns of her horse. I kept my pistol trained on her as I looked to the reigns in my hand and she pounced.

I lost the hold of my pistol as we tumbled to the ground. I tried to draw the other pistol but a strong hand clamped down. Her right hand pulled my left, holding the Colt out to the side as her body pressed down on mine. Her other hand pulled my Stetson off and grabbed a handful of my red hair, pulling. I yelped in pain and balled up my right fist and punched Diane in her side. She coughed and groaned and I rolled us over. I reached behind my back and pulled the bone handled bowie knife from its scabbard and tried to bring it down but Diane’s left hand grabbed my right wrist. Teeth were gritted as we struggled for both knife and pistol on the grass by the stream.

Diamond bucked and we started to roll. We went over once but then I bucked and we continued as we went down a slight slope and SPLASH! The shock of the cold water in January made us both scream out. It made me lose my knife and the pistol. We broke apart and I reached into the water to try to feel for a weapon. Diane’s right fist slammed into my mouth, sending me falling back into the water, as I tasted blood. She came forward and I kicked her in the belly. She folded and I got up and swung a left hand that bloodied her nose. I came at her but she slammed a left fist into my right tit.

A shock of pain went through my body as Diane tackled me back into the cold water. Her heavy coat fell off her body as we turned over under the water. I placed my booted feet against her belly and pushed. She came out of the water and fell to the bank of the stream I rose coughing the water from my lungs and stalked after the rising woman. Her head looked at her gun rig laying a few feet away and she rushed for it. I went after her. As she grabbed the pistol and pulled it clear of the holster, I kicked her wrist, sending the pistol sailing through the air. She slammed a left fist into my cheek that spun me around. I backhanded her face and we both stumbled back. Blood was freely flowing from her nose as well as my lips and a cut to my cheek. Our eyes locked and we rushed together.

The momentum had us go down to the ground in front of the trees. I felt her hands in my hair and I answered back. Short nails scraped against scalps as we twisted our head from side to side. The rolling had us butting up against a tree and then rolling away. Booted feet kicked at shins and that caused yelps of pain from each of our lips. Diane rolled on top and I let go of her hair with my right hand and pushed against her face. Her neck bent back and she groaned in pain. I clawed my nails into her cheek and was reward in seeing spots of blood. She cried out and spit into my face. Her hands left my hair and grabbed the front of my shirt. The buttons popped off as she yanked it open. Her nails dug painfully into my large breasts and I howled in pain. I reached with both hands to her shirt and pulled it open to reveal her breasts. I grabbed and answered every rake, pull, squeeze and twist that she did to mine. I bucked with my hips and it dislodged her from her perch. We rolled away from each other and slowly got to hands and knees.

“Pigs….ass…,” Diane breathed out as she crawled to me.

“Come…get…some….whore,” I returned as I went at her.

Our breasts banged painfully together as once again we grabbed hair. She balled up a fist and slammed it into my belly. I coughed and bent over slightly, however I was near her shoulder so I opened my mouth and bit down. The scream she bellowed hurt my ears. She punched me again in the same spot and I coughed, the bite lost. She pulled my hair back and balled up her fist but I was faster and slammed my right hand into the underside of her left breast. The orb wobbled and her eyes bugged out. We both fell away and laid on our backs.

I slowly turned over onto my stomach and crawled towards her. I grabbed the leg of her split skirt and started to pull, trying to drag her towards me. I could hear her moan and then fabric tear. She kicked out and it caught me on my right shoulder. I fell back groaning in pain. It felt like I lay there for an eternity. I brought my head up as she did hers.

“Like…before…bitch…” Diane cursed as her hands fumbled trying to take her boots and split skirt off.

My hands were clumsy as I tried to pull off my boots. I rolled over, unbuckled my worn dungarees, and tugged them down. I used the tree nearest to me to help me stand. Diane swayed as she got to her feet. We were naked as the day we were born. I stumbled from the tree towards her, fists raised. I swung a weak punch that impacted on her shoulder. She threw a punch to my ribs but it didn’t have much to it. We clinched and fell to our knees. Our breasts pressed tightly as we slapped at the other’s back. I reached down and grasped the thick patch of fur between her legs. She hoarsely screamed out. I felt my own southern hair being pulled. We each tried to clamp our legs shut. I felt her short nails grasp my fleshy lips and she pulled. Now I screamed out. I leaned away from her but she didn’t let go. My right hand came up and clipped her across the jaw and she fell over. I sat back on my knees and could barely move. I crawled to Diane and she sent a punch to my belly again and coughed, spitting up blood. She slowly rose and came at me. Our bodies came together in a weak slap as arms wrapped around our backs. We tipped over side by side and tried our best to squeeze.

“Cow….turd…”I weakly growled.

“Fat….bitch…” She swore back.

My hands moved up to her hair as hers did to mine. We locked eyes, pulled our heads back and brought them together. THUNK! Then blackness.

Martha Jane Canary got off her horse and looked around at the hoof prints and marks in the grass and dirt. She knew a fight had taken place as she traced the start and walked through what she pictured the fight would have been like. It had been a few weeks since Calamity Jane arrived in the Arizona Territory with her two Sioux scouts, Red Bird and Little Dove. However, since that time, both scouts had left without saying a word. She was on her own until she happened upon another rider on the trail. She and Diamond Diane had decided to work together, split the reward for Ahna Stevens and let Calamity take the credit. Neither woman fully trusted the other. They split up to cover more ground. As Jane looked over the ground in front of her, she could see wagon wheel tracks. She would have to keep a lookout for any homesteads in the area.

I awoke groggy and hurting all over. It hurt to move, breathe and think. I knew I was in a small room, naked and covered in a blanket. I looked around and saw a glass of water next to a bottle of whiskey. I sat up, groaning with the effort. I drank the water which helped my parched lips. I took the bottle, poured the whiskey into the glass, and drank it quickly. The door opened and an older man followed by a young yellow haired woman walked in.

“Good, you are awake,” the old man said. “My name is Rufus Cartwright and this is my daughter, Samantha. You are at my home. I was a field surgeon during the war so patching you and the other woman up did not take long. How do you feel?”

“I will live,” I answered. “How is the other woman?” I was still wondering if Diane and I were going to pick up where we left off.

“She is in about the same state you are,” Rufus replied, “You belongings are stored for now. As a doctor, I cannot have the two of you setting off on each other.”

Samantha smiled, “I do not think either of you would last long in the states you are both in.”

I laughed, which hurt, “Sir, I do not plan to disrupt your home any more than I already have. I cannot speak for Diane.”

Samantha stepped forward with some dresses, “These were my mother’s. I think they should fit you.”

“I am much obliged,” I said as they left me alone to dress.

A little while later, I walked out into the parlor of the house to find Diane sitting and drinking tea with Samantha.

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in,” Diane said with a smile. Her dark hair was pulled back in a tie. The bruises and scratches were visible on her face. Sam stood to get in between us but Diane waved her hand. “I am not going to engage in any fighting while I am your guest, dear. Why don’t you sit a spell, Ahna?”

I took a chair opposite her and sat. Sam poured me a cup of tea and I drank. I turned to the young woman, “Samantha, if you do not mind me prying, I noticed just you and your father here on the ranch, is your mother away?”

“That is a nice way of putting it,” the blonde haired woman stated. “My mother was raised in a large city out east and after I was born and we settled here, she could not take the ranch life. One morning she up and left. That was 10 years ago. Haven’theard hide nor hair of her since. Pa hired women to school me proper in my studies and the art of being a lady.”

“I am sorry for your troubles,” Diane said. “Ranch life can be hard but it seems your Pa and you have done well.”

“Thank you,” Sam said, blushing.

I turned back to Diane, “Diamond, I ain’t cross with you. You have been fair with me for the most part. Kat and the US Marshal’s have petitioned the governor for a pardon. They believe it will be successful since he already pardoned Betty Abbott for her crimes.”

Diane’s eyes grew dark at the mention of Betty’s name. “That woman and I need to meet again. Ahna, you know the law. If you come in with me and are issued the pardon, then no harm done.”

I contemplated the offer. “Alright, Diane. I will go willing. We can leave at first light tomorrow, if that suits you.”

“It does,” Diane said, “Until then we will abide ourselves like proper ladies. I will try and remember my lessons in etiquette.” All three of us laughed at that.

That night at dinner, Rufus talked about his time as a field surgeon for the Union. It turned out that my mother, Marta, and I had been in the same camp at the same time by coincidence. As Diane and I helped Sam clear the dishes, we all smelled the unmistakable scent of a fire. Rufus ran to the window and cursed. His barn was on fire. He rushed out of the house and into the burning structure. The flames had not engulfed the barn quite yet but the smoke billowed from the opening to the barn. Diane, Samantha and I rushed out and grabbed buckets to fill with water. Horses bounded out from the open door and then we heard the crack of a repeating rifle go off. Even though we were unarmed, the three of us rushed to the barn. Rufus lay in the center of the burning structure, blood seeping from his chest. Samantha went to him. We all heard the lever cock on the rifle. Two Native women moved from an empty horse stall with rifles aimed at us. The clothing was Sioux and I knew who they were immediately. Little Dove looked exactly like she did in the spirit dream I had and Red Bird’s buckskin top had the painting of red swallow on it.

“You shot my Pa!” Sam screamed as she stood.

“It is me you want,” I said with my hands raised, “Let them take the man away.”

Little Dove nodded and I turned to Diane and Samantha, “Get him out of here and tend to him.” Diane hesitated but I shook my head. She and Sam each grabbed one of Rufus’s arms and pulled him from the burning barn.

Diane and Samantha managed to drag Rufus into the space between the house and the barn. Diane heard the sound of a galloping horse. She turned to see Calamity Jane riding up.

“What in the blazes is going on?” Jane said as she quickly got off her horse.

“He has been shot and the two squaws are in the barn with Ahna Stevens,” Diane said as she pointed to the burning structure.

“So you are working with them now?” Calamity asked with her voice rising.

“No, you dumb quiff,” Diane said standing. “They set the fire and lured us in.”

Sam was trying to stop the bleeding as her father coughed up blood. “Stay with me, Pa!”

“Samantha,” he said weakly, “I could not be more proud of the woman you have become.” Then his eyes closed and he head fell back.

Jane marched towards the barn with her pistol in her left hand and the bullwhip in her right. She got to the door, cracked the whip as Little Dove cried out, and dropped her rifle. When Red Bird turned, Calamity aimed with her left and shot the rifle from her grip. I turned sharply as Jane cracked the whip again, this time it wrapped around my neck and I was yanked to the barn floor.

“Damnit!” Diane cried out, “She was set to come quietly!” Diamond grabbed Jane’s shoulder but the bounty hunter threw a backhand that caught Diane across the cheek and spun her around. Diamond touched her face and reached for Calamity Jane, pulling the dark Stetson off her head and pulling the long dirty blonde hair of the younger woman.

I felt the whip slacken around my neck. I got to my feet quickly looking around. Little Dove was closer to me and was bent over with hands grabbing the rifle on the ground. I rushed and tackled the Native woman into a pile of straw. Red Bird got her rifle up and aimed but was slammed by a rushing Samantha, the rifle flying from her hands.

Jane’s left hand with the pistol came around but Diane grabbed the wrist, twisting it, causing the pistol to drop of the bounty hunters grasp. Diane kicked the discarded pistol and yanked the stumbling Jane back. Jane’s right foot came back, stepping on Diamond’s as the two women crashed to the dirt. Calamity turned and grabbed Diane’s dark hair, answering the rough hair pulling. They twisted and wrestled in the dirt, with it churning up around them. Fists swung out, impacting on lips and noses with blood dripping from faces with the dirt sticking to the blood as they rolled. Diane got on top but Jane grabbed the tight dress she was wearing and pulled, yanking Diamond from the top spot and tearing the dress.

“Oh you Pig’s ass!” Diane swore as she latched her hands on the collars of Jane’s tight shirt, yanking and ripping it open.

“Cow turd!” Jane cussed as her bare breasts met the equal pair of Diane’s with hands pulling hair again.

Inside the barn and the pile of hay, Little Dove and I fought for our lives. This was not a native wrestling match and not a fistfight. This was a brutal catfight, just as I had witnessed in my dream. I tore the buckskin top away as she ripped my dress down to my waist. She tackled me back the barn floor as the fire burned around us. Her large breasts clopped with mine as her hands went to my face. I twisted my head and bit down on her left hand, eliciting a yelp of pain from her lips. I grabbed her long black hair and pulled sharply to the side, rolling us over. Our bodies were slick with sweat as the large breasts slid over the others. Her hands gripped my throat and started to tighten around my neck. I groaned and moved my hands from her hair to the sides of our mashed breasts. I grabbed the outsides of her tits and dug my nails in. She screamed out as her hands left my throat and grabbed at my wrists.

Samantha and Red Bird were a whirl of clawing and pulling. The blonde hair woman shoved the Native woman away. Red Bird grabbed a pitchfork and thrust it at Sam. The blondedodged but the prong sliced a long scratch on her belly with the dress tearing. Samantha grabbed the wooden handle of the pitchfork and pushed Red Bird back. Her back it a post and it cracked. The native woman pulled a knife from her back and Sam backed up but tripped and fell to her rump. Red Bird smiled as she advanced. As she prepared to lunge, Samantha kicked out with both feet. Red Bird flew back into the cracked post, breaking it, sending her through it with burning planks of wood coming down and covering her screaming body. Samantha turned over to see the two struggling women in the burning barn.

The topless bounty hunters, one dark haired and older, one a dirty blonde and in her 20’s, rolled and wrestled back and forth. Jane fought her way on top of the dark haired woman. Diane struggled and groaned but placed her right hand on Calamity’s chin and pushed up. Neither woman saw the three figures emerge from the barn. Jane reached in between then and roughly grabbed Diane’s breasts.

“OW COW SHIT!” Diane screamed as her short nails clawed at the wrists and arms pinning her down.

“Give up you old hag!” Calamity Jane yelled down at Diamond Diane.

Diane reached and grabbed the dangling tits and squeezed as Jane screamed out. The older woman got her feet planted on the younger woman’s hips and pushed off, sending the bounty hunter off her. The barn crashed down and both women froze.

“AHNA!” Diane cried out!

“I am right here, Diane,” I said coughing from the smoke. Samantha was on her knees coughing as well. On the ground unconscious was Little Dove.

I heard the click of a revolver and turned to see a topless Calamity Jane pointing her pistol at me.

“Hands to the sky Stevens,” she said in a rough voice.

“Damnit, Jane,” Diane said getting to her feet. “She is already going to come in quietly.”

“Diamond, I trust you about as far as I can throw my horse,” Jane said in retort.

The sound of galloping hooves was heard as Mathias Breecher and Anna Gonzales rode up with rifles pointed at Jane.

“Drop the steel, Jane,” Mathias said, “Danny Fog speaks highly of you and I would hate to have to put you down.”

“How do you know Danny?” Jane asked as her six-shooter was lowered.

“The rangers and marshals sometimes have to work together,” Breecher said with a smile. “It is a dirty job but sometimes you just have to do it.”

“Besides,” Anna said as she reached into her saddlebag, pulling out a telegram, “Ahna Stevens has been pardoned by the governor of the Arizona Territory.”

“Well shit,” Calamity Jane swore.

Samantha stood. “Miss Jane, you can have a pair of horses from the stable. My Pa got them out of the barn before he was killed. It ain’t much.”

“Are you sure?” Jane asked, “Isn’t this your livelihood?”

“My Pa is dead, the barn is gone,” Samantha Cartwright responded, “There is nothing for me here. I don’t know what I am going to do.”

“You can come with me if you want,” I said as I put an arm around the young woman.

“Thank you, Mrs. Stevens,” Sam said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Calamity Jane and Diamond Diane each received two Andalusians, one stallion and one mare each. The Spanish warhorses would fetch a good price.

I walked to Diane as she cinched her saddle in. “Let us make sure the next time we meet, it is under friendlier circumstances.”

Diane chuckled, “Ahna, anytime we get together, we both know where it will lead. We can just keep it to what God gave us. Where are you headed to next?”

I smiled, “I am taking Little Dove back to Silvertown. She killed Wes Robert’s wife, Clara. I am hoping it will be a peace offering to that family.”

“Good luck with that,” Diamond said, “Keep a lookout for the Preacher’s wife, Luann. She seems to want more of a piece of you.”

“It was sort of fun to pull hair,” I said, “And when she finds me, I won’t stop with just the hair pulling either.” I winked.

“Good,” Diane said, “She has a lovely body and I got enjoy some of that in our last fight. I do hope your trail leads you back to Dry Gulch. Just stay clear of the Cherokee land. Little Feather will take trespassing as a hostile act. I will talk with her but it won’t help.”

I nodded, “Safe Travels, Diane.”

She tipped her Stetson and moved off with the two trail horses.

We spent the next few days helping Samantha bury her father and sell off most of her horses. She sold the land to a rancher who’s ranch bordered hers. I instructed Anna to ride back, with an extra horse, to Redington to load a large wagon with our goods and meet us back in Silvertown.

“I might not be alone when I come back,” Anna said with a smile.

“You are full of surprises,” Mathias said.

As Anna rode off west, Samantha came out of her old house dressed for the trail. She wore her father’s Cavalry hat, a blue button up shirt with brown work pants. The boots were well broken in. She had the gun belt with her father’s single action army pistol in a cross draw holster. The cavalry jacket looked big on her. She gave the ranch one last look as she mounted her Andalusian stallion, Salvador. Little Dove was sitting on her paint. We found the horse with Red Bird’s hitched to a tree. Each of us had a packhorse as we took the road east to Silvertown.

We were a day out of getting to my old ranch when three riders blocked the trail. As we slowly rode closer, Wes Roberts and his daughters, Beth and Amy, sat on horses.

“You have a lot of nerve coming back to Silvertown,” Beth Roberts said as she spit on the ground.

“As you probably know, I have been pardoned,” I said as I halted the horse. “I have a gift for you.” I pulled the reigns of the paint carrying Little Dove trotted forward.

“What is Little Dove doing here?” Wes asked.

“Little Dove and Red Bird killed Clara,” I said, “They poisoned her.”

The Roberts family traded looks back and forth.

“Is this true, Little Dove?” Wes asked with fire in his eyes.

The proud Sioux woman held her head high and smiled. With lightning speed, Wes Roberts drew his revolver and shot Little Dove between her eyes. Blood and brain matter flew as the horse holding the now dead native woman bucked and she fell off. That had all of us drawing pistols and aiming at each other.

I looked each of the family members in the eye. “We are done here.”

“We most certainly are not,” Wes countered.

“There is no bounty to collect, Wes,” I said, pistols still aimed at him and his oldest daughter, Beth. “Quit while you are still able to.”

“You are a whore, Ahna Stevens,” he spat out.

“You better watch how you speak to her,” Mathias said as he and his horse tread closer.

“Or what youngster?” Wes Roberts laughed.

“Or I will teach you the manners you obviously never learned, old man,” countered a smiling Mathias Breecher.

I smiled which seemed to anger the Roberts’ family even more.

“Three of you, three of us,” Amy Roberts said. “Last time you got lucky bitch.”

“I think someone needs to shut that mouth of yours,” came Samantha’s voice from over my right shoulder as she strode up.

“You gonna be the one to do it, hussy?” Beth chimed in.

“Get down off your horse, put your rig up, and come get the beating you deserve,” Mathias said as he holstered his pistol.

Guns were put away as we all dismounted. Coats were removedas we placed the gun belts over the saddle horns. I was wearing a black button up shirt and black dungarees tucked into my brown riding boots. I removed my brown Stetson and hug the tie over the gunbelt. Sam took off the cavalry coat and was still dressed as she was when we left. Both Amy and Beth had dark colored shirts with grey split skirts on. Wes took off the buffalo skin jacket; I could see the muscular physique under his tight shirt. Mathias took off his buckskin coat and placed it on the saddle of his horse.

The two men strode forward as they pulled up sleeves. I walked toward Beth Roberts as Samantha marched to Amy.

There in the middle of the road from Tucson to Silvertown, we clashed.

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