Wildcats of the West: Chapter 3 by Ahna Brown

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Road Agents and Bitch Brawls

Beth Roberts and I knew how this would go down. We strode and smacked bodies together with our large breasts making the first impact. One hand in hair as we grabbed shirts with the other. We spun around and fell to the road with the sounds of fighting going on around us. Teeth were bared as we rolled back and forth in the dirt. Beth yanked my hair back hard and tore the shirt open some. I wove my fingers deep into her locks and pulled as her shirt buttons popped. Our swelling cleavage touching. My dungaree covers legs locked with the split skirt as we tussled.

“I saw in my dream you and my mother,” Beth spit down at me. “You took my revenge away, whore!”

“UGH!” I groaned, “I wonder why your mother chose to me and not you. Maybe you aren’t woman enough!”

I was rewarded for my retort with a fist to my mouth and I could taste blood. I tore Beth’s shirt all the way open with her big breasts bouncing while we fought. I shoved her away and we rose to our feet quickly. Beth removed the shirt and I unbuttoned mine the rest of the way, taking it off. We charged again but at the last second, I ducked and slammed my shoulder into her belly, taking us back down to the dirt in a heap.

Samantha Cartwright and Amy Roberts traded punches as they circled. Each blow that landed on faces or bodies, elicited groans and yelps of pain. Amy slammed her right fist into the blonde’ left breast, making Sam howl out but she kicked out with her right foot as it connected with the spot between Amy’s legs. The brown haired woman slumped to her knees and Samantha pounced. Amy regained her senses as they wrestled and tore at the other’s clothing. Amy wrenched the oversized shirt the blonde was wearing open, to reveal a set of large breasts that Sam was hiding. They were bigger than Amy’s pair. The blonde cursed as she rip open Amy’s shirt and slammed her breasts into the smaller pair.

Wes Roberts and Mathias Breecher waded in like a couple of bare-knuckled prize fighters. Each was methodical in their approach. They circled as fists flew with some blocked or evaded and some landing, rocking heads back or causing the other to fold over. Wes’s right fist clipped Mathias’s left cheek, causing the younger man to drop to one knee. The older man grabbed Breecher by the hair and lifted his knee into the other man’s face. As Mathias fell back, he kicked out with a booted foot that slammed into Wes Roberts’ abs hard, making the older man collapse to his knees next to the younger man. Mathias lunged and took them down to the dirt. They wrestled and threw punches as they rolled. Wes rolled got on top, pulling Mathias up by his hair and thudding his left fist into the jaw of the younger man. Blood flew from Breecher’s mouth. He threw a looping right that caught Wes by surprise as his nose exploded in blood. He fell off Mathias but kicked out with his left foot, slamming it into Breecher’s face. Mathias lay still.

Beth and I were a tornado of tumbling on the trail. Our dust covered tits banged together as we pulled out clumps of hair. Mouths opened as we bit down, splitting lips as blood flowed down over chins and down into the valleys of cleavage. Beth pulled back and spit blood into my face as we rolled over with her on top. Her hands found my throat as she began to choke me. I clawed at her arms, raking red furrows into the skin. She screamed out as I grasped her heavy breasts and crushed them in my grip. She howled as I rolled her over to her back, pushing down on her breasts with my weight. I twisted and turned the breasts as she cried openly. Her hands reached and grabbed my swinging tits and dug in tight with her nails. We both screamed out to the wind as our breasts took on horrible and unnatural shapes. She let go first and I let her pulled my hands off her wounded tits but I slammed my larger breasts down onto hers with a sickening smack. Then I felt my head being pulled back by the hair.

Amy and Sam twisted their chests to let the tits slap back and forth. The nails of their hands dug painfully into forearms. Amy wrenched her hands free and wrapped her arms around the blonde. Sam reciprocated and they fell over. They rolled with each taking the top until Samantha ended up on top and thrust her larger tits hard into Amy’s pair. Amy ducked her head and bit down on Sam’s left breast as the brunette rolled on top. Sam screamed in agony but pulled Amy’s left breast to her mouth and chomped down. The muffled screams could be heard as they bit each other. The free hands groped and twisted the free breast. The rolled side by side and continued to chew and claw.

Wes Roberts got to his feet to see his eldest daughter fight his former lover. He walk and grabbed me by the hair with his left arm coming across my throat. His body pressed into my back and I could feel all of him against me. He was erect in his jeans.

“Maybe I should take you one more time,” Wes hissed in my ear, “Make it rough.” His tongue licked my cheek. “Then I will let my daughters take you.”

I struggled with Beth regrabbing my breasts as her father pulled my hair and started to choke me from behind. I threw a left elbow back and it slammed into the erect cock and balls of my former lover. Wes coughed out as his arm slackened. Then he was gone. Mathias had come to and grabbed Wes Roberts by the shoulder spun him around and slammed a right fist into his face. There was a crunch as Wes’s nose broke and he stumbled, collapsing by his horse. Wes Roberts grabbed his revolver from the holster and aimed the six-shooter at Mathias.


The sound of a rifle filled the air as all of us stopped fighting. Wes Roberts fell back clutching his right shoulder. Marshal Ted “Lucky” Lewin rode up with a few men.

“God Dammit, Wes!” Lucky swore as he got down off his horse, rifle in hand. “Gabe, Russell, take Mr. Roberts to the doc to get that bullet out.” As the men lifted the wounded Wes up, he glared at Lucky.

“Damn you to hell, Ted!” Wes cursed out.

Another rider got down. “Mr. Roberts, my name is Jessie Harbor. I am the acting Mayor of Silvertown. You and your family are no longer welcome in my town. When I get word to the other mayors and sheriffs in the area, you will no longer be welcome in the Arizona Territory. Once you can ride, you and your daughters will leave. If you don’t, I have authorized Marshal Lewin to arrest you.”

“We are kin, Ted!” Wes Roberts protested.

“Kin by marriage, Wes,” Ted replied. “But my first job is to protect this town. So once you are patched up, you and the girls need to leave.”

“I won’t forget this!” Wes Roberts said loudly as he spit onto the ground. His head turned to me. “Mark my words, Ahna Stevens, one day, me or my daughters will finish this.” 

“If you come, I will be ready,” I said as I put my shirt on and tried to tie it together, “It won’t be fists but steel.”

As Marshal Lewin and the men escorted the Roberts family back into town. Mathias, Samantha and I rode up to my old homestead. There were shouts of excitement as the ranch hands came out with Nettie and Bessie standing on the front porch, smiling.     

“You three look like the trail was rough,” Nettie said as she came down off the porch to hug me.

“We ran into the Roberts family,” I said hugging her tightly. I introduced Mathias Breecher and Samantha Cartwright to the hands and women.

Nettie took me aside as our horses were unsaddled and taken for water and new shoes. “Ahna, if you want the ranch back, I am more than willing to give it to you.” 

I looked into Nettie’s eyes, “Thank you Nettie, but this isn’t my life anymore. This ranch is yours. These boys and Bessie are your family here.”

“You will always be part of my family, Ahna,” Nettie said. “So if not here, where are you going to go?”

“Not sure yet,” I said, “But I have a feeling I will know in time.”

“Oh that reminds me,” Nettie said, “I was going to post this to you to where ever you were living but a young woman dropped off this letter for you yesterday.” She reached into her apron and produced the letter.

I opened it.

Dear Mrs. Stevens,

You left me tied to a wagon for the wench, Diane to find me. She and I started civil; however, we did not end that way. She did tell me where you were from and I have come here looking for you. We did not properly finish what we started. I was raised in the city and know how to deal with women like yourself. I will be finding you soon.


“Who is she?” Nettie asked.

“She is the preacher’s wife from Dry Gulch,” I said in a rye tone. “I met her when I was looking for Diamond Diane.”

“That trollop!” Nettie said loudly, “I hope Diane comes back this way so I can do more than just some rough rubbing in the hay loft.”

“Let her come here,” I said with a smile. “Neither me nor anyone I am associated with is welcome in Dry Gulch. Red Blossom killed a Cherokee woman. The woman’s daughter got her revenge and killed Blossom in a fight”

“I am so sorry, my dear,” Nettie replied, pulling me in close. “Well, since you are my guest, you can stay as long as you want.”

I smiled and laughed. “Anna Gonzales will be here in a day or so. By then I hope have figured out where we will be off to. Can you do me a favor? Can you send word to Kristine Blanchard that I would like to speak with her here?”

“Of course,” Nettie smiled. “Oh, I bet you haven’t heard. The Screeching Cat is now under new ownership as Bella Reed and Sabrina Jackson vanished without a trace. One of Kristina’s girls, Paula is running it with Miss Blanchard owning both. Should cut down on the catfights.” Nettie and I both laughed.

Later that afternoon, a black buggy rode up and I smiled when Kristina Blanchard, Madam of the Soiled Dove and Screeching Cat stepped out.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!” Kristina said as we embraced.

“Compared to you, I am a schoolmarm!” I said

“Well I will have to find my ruler and exact some much needed discipline!” The madam said laughing. She caught me up on the goings on in Silvertown. She and Julia Vargas were working together to get the railroad station built and track laid. When we got to where she was discussing the Screeching Cat, her face turned sour.

“Kristina, I have to ask,” I pried, “Did you have anything to do with Bella and Sabrina disappearing?” 

“No, but I wish I had,” she spat on the ground. “They were spotted leaving late one night in a covered wagon with all the earnings from the Cat. Supposedly headed east. I do hope they keep going back east. I have no ill will towards those who fought in the war but she is scum through and through.”

“How is Eva?” I asked with Kristina’s eyes betraying her.

“Eva has traveled to Texas,” she said sounding a little sad. “There is a small town called Rattler’s Holler about a day or so outside of Big Spring. The money they offered her would have been hard for me to match. We left on good terms. I knew her time out here wasn’t permanent. She should have arrived but I haven’t heard word from her.”

“I am sorry to hear that, sweetie,” I said, putting my arm around my friend. I heard a shout and we both turned to see a large wagon ride up. Sitting up front were Anna Gonzales and a beautiful dirty blonde haired young woman. Kristina and I walked to wagon as Anna and the other woman got down.

“Good to have you back, Anna,” I said as we strode up. “Who is your friend?”

“This is Jennifer, Jennifer Dumont,” Anna said, introducing the woman to us.

“Please to meet you all,” Jennifer said.

Kristina cocked her head, “You look awful familiar, Jennifer. In fact, you have a lot of your mother’s look in you.”

“Her mother?” I asked with a puzzled look.

“My mother was Eleanor Dumont, also known as Madame Moustache, though I didn’t inherit the dark line on my lip,” Jennifer said. “How did you know my mother?”

“I was one of Eleanor’s girls before she retired,” Kristina said, “It was because of your mother that I fought to run my own saloon.”

“Mama also taught me how to play poker,” the young woman said.

“We have a place to go to now,” Anna chimed in.

“I bluffed on a pair of Tens,” Jennifer said as she handed over the deed to a 100-acre ranch and stead outside of Rattler’s Holler. She also produced the bill of sale notarized by the Redington town banker. “I was told it already has a barn and small cottage there.”

My eyes met Kristina’s and we traded a look.

“Looks like you have the answer you were looking for,” the madam said.

A little while later, Billy walked up to me. “Mrs. Simmons said to give you this, Ms. Ahna.”

“Thank you, Billy,” I replied.

I opened the note.


I heard tell you were back in these parts. You and I did not get to finish what we started. I know you want it as much as I do. One draw, one barely win. What will happen the next time we meet? Well I want that now. Same place as our first time. I will be there tonight. If that doesn’t coax you into it, maybe this will. As Maggie would lick my womanhood, I would tell her how I beat you and turned you into my bitch. Got your attention now?


Maggie was still a sore spot for me. The young woman I had taken in left to be with Lisa and then vanished. Maggie and I shared a lot time in bed. She was talented. I missed her in my life. I waited until the house was asleep and quietly walked out to the barn. I borrowed one of the horses and threw on a light saddle. I rode off to the fence line where Lisa Simmons and I first fought.

Lisa was waiting for me on her side of the fence. “I am so glad you showed up. Even if it had been you who sent the boys over to help me rebuild, I would still want this. I just wanted you to know that.”

“I understand, Lisa,” I said as I got down of the horse and began to strip. “You and I are like oil and water.” After a few moments I was stark naked. I turned to see a naked Lisa Simmons crawl under the fence.

We walked with purpose towards each other. We stopped as our breasts, hers larger than mine, compressed. The nipples had grown to hard points and pushed into the other’s set. Lisa surprised me by slowly rubbing her breasts over mine. I did the same. With each flick of the hard nubs, we each groaned out. I could feel the wetness start between my legs. The night was cool but not as cold as it had been but for two naked women like us, we found solace in the body heat each other was rendering.

“I need this, Ahna,” Lisa said. “I need to rid these thoughts in my head. MMMMM,” she moaned out. “I never felt more alive than when you and I tangled. I almost felt that way against Ashley but it wasn’t the same.”

I rubbed more of our breasts together, “MMMMMM,” I moaned out, “You and Ashley fought after we all did?”

Lisa groaned out as our bellies touched, “Yes, days later at my house. We fought naked. Not like a mother and daughter are supposed to do but needed to do.” Her arms wrapped around my body and I matched her. “Now fight me Ahna!”

We tightened grips around our naked bodies and began a slow stumbling dance in the tall grass. I put a foot behind hers and we fell to the grass. Hands reached for hair as our naked selves held tight to the other. We rolled slowly at first with each time one of us was on top we would pull hair and grind our bodies together. The lustfulness of it all had me wishing I could fight like this more often. Only Vanessa and Diane had really brought out the nasty side of this cat. Lisa rolled us over with her on top as I let go of her hair and grasped her breasts, kneading the flesh roughly. She groaned in pain and grabbed me back. We did a slow roll with our thighs locked together, squeezing breasts. I felt her thigh rub between my legs, so I rubbed back. The legs spread open more to allow them more room. I rolled on top and sat up. I did something Kristina had done to me once and grabbed Lisa’s left leg and put it on my right shoulder. I lowered my womanhood onto hers and started a hard grind. Each of us cried out in pleasure as we our flesh petals crushed and the little flesh swords pushed out to spear the other. Lisa’s hands dropped to my hips and she thrust up as I ground down. The clits met and pushed head on with Lisa and I groaning loudly. The flesh lips sucked together as I humped faster. Lisa and I grunted with the sounds getting louder and louder. She reached back up to my breasts and sat up, her mouth going to my right nipple as I ground into her. I pulled her head into my breast as we both started to convulse. She released my nipple as my mouth found hers as we screamed and kissed through our first orgasm. We were barely calming down when a figure stepped out from behind a tree, rifle in her arms.

“You two are abominations, fit for only the devil himself,” Leeann, the blonde preachers wife said.

“Well do you want to join in?” Lisa asked and was rewarded with a sneer of distain from the blonde.

“I would rather end you now, you whores,” Leeann spat then she froze as out of the darkness cold steel barrels pressed into her back.

“Pass me the rifle,” the woman’s voice said. Leeann did as she was told, with the woman tossing the rifle into the high grass and darkness. “Now strip naked.”

“I certainly will not!” Leeann protested.

The hammers of the double-barreled shotgun cocked, “You most certainly will or I will open you up so wide, those bitches will be able to see what you ate for breakfast.” The woman used the barrels to push Leeann forward.

Maggie Smith stood holding the shotgun on the blonde preacher’s wife. Leeann turned to stare daggers at the younger brunette, but began to take off her dress.

“Maggie!” Lisa cried out, “You came back to me!”

The brunette’s head turned to take in the naked form of Lisa Simmons, “No I did not. You lied to me. You told me I was the only one you thought about but really, it was Ahna or even Ashley. Oh, she and I met. Met and fought for hours. I learned she beat you and not the other way around that you told me. I guess you could say I am winner two fold. I got to fuck your daughter as well as you. Just like I did with Ahna and Katerina.”

“Bitch!” Lisa spat out. “Then lose that shotgun and get naked yourself, if you dare.”

Leeann finished undressing and she was beautiful. The dresses she wore played down how curvy her body was. Her breasts were large, close to my size, dense orbs that sat well on her chest. She undid her hair as the long blonde locks fell down. She and I locked eyes as I stood.

Maggie kept the shotgun on us all as she pulled off clothing. She kicked out of her boots and pulled the pantaloons down, uncocking the shotgun and throwing it far behind her. She rushed and tackled Lisa back to the grass as Leeann and I charged, slamming naked bodies together, pulling wildly at hair.

Leeann and I stayed on our feet as our hands sunk deep into each other’s hair. We twisted heads around as we stumbled. Our bodies slapped together as full breasts mashed and bellies ground. Leeann managed to pull my head back sharply and opened her mouth to sink her teeth onto my shoulder. I screamed out and stomped my right foot down over her left. She cried out and stumbled more. I pressed forward and we collapsed to the grass. Her bite was lost and we rolled wildly with legs locking together. The preacher’s wife rolled on top, grabbing my hair with her right hand and punching me hard in the mouth with her left. I tasted blood and tried to buck her off. Her thighs wrapped tightly to my sides as she hit me again. I reached and grabbed her full breasts and dug my nails in.

“AAAAH YOU HUSSY!” Leeann screamed out as her hands went to my wrists, trying to pull them off her tits.

I bucked again and she rolled off so we were side by side. Her hands reached in between us and latched onto my big breasts. We both cried out as our tits were assaulted viciously.

Maggie and Lisa had commenced to rough lustful tussle. They kept their bodies in full contact the entire time. The fulsome breasts mashed and ballooned out their sides as hips slapped together. While Maggie wasn’t a wild fighter, she could use her spectacular body to bring out the inner whore in any woman she fought. Lisa, who had just had her first orgasm against me, felt her body on fire as she fought her former lover. Each held onto hair as they wrestled for control. Lisa raised her head and bit down seductively on Maggie’s lower lip, eliciting a moan. The young brown haired woman was rolled to her back with the older blonde getting on top. Lisa dropped her larger breasts onto Maggie’s pair and started to grind them in. Maggie thrust her right thigh hard in between the ranch owner’s legs, making Lisa groan out in lust. The younger woman rolled Lisa to her back and slammed her womanhood in with reckless abandon. Cries of pleasure echoed from both women.

Leeann and I were still side by side brutalizing our breasts. It felt as if she was pulling them off my body and I could only assume she was feeling the same. We seemed to let go at the same time and grabbed hair again, pulling our swollen tits back together in a crushing slam. I rolled us over with me on top and yanked hard on her blonde locks. I could feel her nails dig into my scalp. She was good at pulling hair. I could see why she and Diane did not get along. Her knee shot up between my legs and I groaned, rolling us over as she pressed in from on top. I wrapped my fingers into the back of her blonde hair and pulled back sharply. Her nails left my hair as Leeann wildly raked at my face. I moved my face back and forth to not be blinded. I pulled her head by the hair and punched her in to the mouth causing her to roll off and away from me. I touched my face but did not see any blood. I slowly got to my knees, then feet and Leeann got to hers, we raised fists and came together. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Fist slammed into faces, buried into bellies and caused breasts to warble on our chests.

Lisa and Maggie continued to trade the top position as their womanhoods ground as big breasts slapped together. Each woman splashed the other with warm sticky juices as they tumbled back and forth. Their hips ground down or up depending on who was on top and who was on bottom. Blades of grass and bits of mud where splatted over backs and backsides. Maggie ground her body in from on top with Lisa thrusting up from the grass. Their hedonistic battle was getting rougher and rougher with as lust turned to anger. Lisa threw a slap that connected with Maggie’s cheek, sending the younger woman off to the side. She spit at her former lover as she started slapping at the big breasts of Lisa. The older woman brought her hands to Maggie’s big breasts and dug her nails in with the brunette screaming. Lisa cried out as Maggie grabbed back. The skin oozed between fingers as the sexfight turned into a rolling catfight.

Leeann punched me hard in the belly and I dropped to my knees. As she grabbed my hair to punch my face, I slammed a left fist deep into her stomach, with her groaning out and she joined me on our knees. She backhanded me across my mouth and blood flew. I returned a punch to her nose and it erupting in blood. We rocked back on our knees before coming forward. Our bodies crushed as hands went to faces to push and claw. A rolling Maggie and Lisa slammed into us with all four joining in a vicious catpile. Large breasts were punched and clawed as hair was yanked. Lisa swung a fist that slammed into Leeann’s left breast which had her howl and fall out of the pile as the busty ranch owned pouncing in her. That left Maggie and I with hands buried deep into hair, with our large breasts slamming together.

Leeann and Lisa wrestled back and forth on the grass with their breasts compressed as hands pulled hair. While Lisa tried to overwhelm the preacher’s wife with her huge breasts but the blonde was an expert when it came to pulling hair and Lisa was pulled over onto her back. The ranch owner screamed out as her hair was being pulled out. Her hands reached in between them and Lisa grabbed Leeann’s swinging breasts. The blonde screamed in pain as Lisa squeezed and pulled on the firm orbs.

“You are a whore!” I spat out as my large tits slapped into Maggie’s.

“UGH! Tramp! Lisa was a better lover!” Maggie shouted back as twisted her chest back and forth.

She lunged forward as we fell to the grass. We rolled violently as hands pulled heads around by the hair with tits crushing. I rolled us over with me on top and straddled Maggie’s upper left thigh. I slide forward as our hairy womanhoods came to a wet meeting.

“I am going to fuck the bitch out of you!” I swore down at the brunette.

Maggie thrust up, “I faked every orgasm, you cunt!”

I slammed down as she thrust up with the womanhoods slapping together painfully. This was not passionate lovemaking or even a rough fuck; this was hateful. She spit at me with my bloody saliva spat back at her. Her nails grasped my hard nipples, pulling and twisting them as I screamed out, losing my concentration and Maggie rolled us over.

“Now I got you, bitch!” She swore down at me.

“UGH! Weak hussy!” I screamed up at her as my hands grabbed the sides of her large breasts, pushing them together. We bucked as if we were riding wild horses as we growled and spit at each other. I twisted my hips as I thrust up with our clits spearing the others and I rolled us over again. I felt my hair being yanked sharply as I looked up to see as Leeann pulled me towards her. I was pulled forward so my legs straddled Maggie’s face as I felt her tongue and teeth on my womanhood. Leeann pulled my hair hard and then my head was wrenched to the side as Lisa joined us. We mashed breasts as the three of us pulled hair but both Lisa and Leeann tensed and moaned out with Maggie inserting her fingers into each other woman’s cunts.

The four of writhed in hateful lusty combat. I could not contain my orgasm as Lisa and Leeann joined me as I came. Our huge breasts bounced and slapped as the three of us screamed out. Maggie pushed up on my ass as I fell forward onto Leeann. The brown-haired woman wiped her face as she crawled to Lisa. The two embraced and began kissing roughly.

I laid on top of the preacher’s wife as we both breathed heavily. She groaned as we rolled sides. I looked at her with blood covering most of her face. I imagined I looked the same.

“Do you want to continue?” I asked between breaths.

“We ain’t done by a long shot,” Leeann said with hate in her eyes. “But I can’t go on right now.”

“Fine,” I said as I pushed away to my back, turning my head to face her. “When you want more, take the train to Big Spring, Texas and ride west to Rattler’s Holler. You can find me there.”

“I consider you and Diane as my enemies,” Leeann said with hate in her eyes. “She and I will have many more fights. And now that you and these hussies have introduced me to something new, Diane and I will be doing more skin on skin.”

I could not help but laugh, “I wish you the best of luck against her. She and I have done this a few times.”

I slowly got up and helped Leeann to her feet. She and dressed the best that we could as Maggie and Lisa continued to fuck in the grass. I watched Leeann retrieve her rifle and walk to her horse to mount it and ride off. I got onto my horse as Maggie and Lisa turned towards me.

“Don’t let the coyotes eat your carcasses,” I said with a tip of my head. “If you find yourselves near Rattler’s Holler in Texas, look me up and we can do this again.”

Lisa and Maggie did not answer me as much as they groaned and went back to the rough rolling. I rode back to the house and washed my face with water from the pump. I could feel the soreness creeping into my bones and muscles. I walked quietly down the hall to the room I was going to sleep in, but a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me into a master bedroom. Nettie held up a lantern to see the scratches and marks on my face.

“Fighting again and you did not invite me,” Nettie chided as her eyes narrowed.

I looked her over; the worn nightgown stretched with the swell of her curves. “I still have a little left,” I said as I removed my shirt and started to unbuckle my dungarees. 

Nettie blew out the lantern, plunging the room into darkness. I finished stripping naked as I stepped to where she was. My right foot felt the nightgown on the floor as she and I touched hands. The joined hands released grips and reached for hair as naked bodies came together.  I could smell both my musk and Nettie’s.

“I can smell you, Nettie,” I growled as I pressed my large breasts into her larger ones.

“Well,” Nettie hissed back, “Louise and I have a nightly ritual. Sometimes it is a fight and sometimes other things happen. Tonight was a fight, so we are at the same level.”

We both moaned as we stumbled to the bed and collapsed on it. We groaned with the impact as our bodies compressed. Good thing she was as sore as I was. This wasn’t a wild roll around but a slow methodical fight between two mature women. Her huge breasts pressed down onto mine when she got on top. I thrust my right thigh between her leg and to the already wet patch of fur. I heard Nettie groan and I rolled us to our sides, with each of us grabbing breasts. We roughly pulled and squeezed as our hips and thighs ground together. I rolled us over as my hands left her breast. I placed them on either side of Nettie’s shoulders and pressed my sore and swollen breasts into hers with a grind and a groan. Her hands grabbed my backside as we rolled again just clutching tightly to each other. We ended up staying on the bed for another hour like that until we both drifted off to sleep.   

A few days later we bid our farewells to Nettie, Louise and the hands as our small caravan headed east. Mathias and I rode horses while Anna and Jennifer rode on the large wagon that Anna purchased in Redington, while Samantha rode in a smaller wagon, we purchased from Nettie, trailing two packhorses. It would take us a week to get to the farmstead we now owned. I looked back the group and smiled. I did not know what lay ahead for us but knowing who was with me, we could handle most.

In Rattler’s Holler

The group rode into the small dusty town, 20 strong, with an greying man, missing his left arm at the elbow and a redheaded middle aged woman riding next to him. The group stopped at the town Marshal’s Office and dismounted.

“Emmitt White!” The older man said with a slight English accent, “You tenure as marshal has some to an end. Come out!”

A white haired man with a bushy white beard holding a scattergun walked out from the office. “Levi Mathews, you do not get to decide when I am done. Get back on your horses and ride yourselves out of this town.”

“Our town,” the older woman corrected in the same accent as her brother, flicking her red and grey hair back over her shoulder.

“Take your sister with you,” Marshal White said to Levi.

“Do not turn away from me!” The woman screamed as she thrust her left arm forward with a small derringer extended into her hand. She fired twice. Emmitt White looked down as his shirt as blood spread, then he collapsed.

“Now Deanna, my dear sister,” Levi said, “You are always full of surprises. Jeb, come here.”

A young man with a brown and reddish beard came forward.

“You are the new marshal,” Levi smiled. “Your dear mother, Sarah, would be so proud.”

“Thank you, Uncle Levi, Aunt Deanna,” Jeb Mathews said with a nod of his head.

“Now, my brother,” Deanna said as she smiled evilly, “Let us go to the brothel owners, Karen Dempsey and Bella Reed so we can lay down the new rules for the town with the weekly fights we will require of their girls.”

Levi licked his lips as his eyes lingered over his sister, “My dear Deanna, you know I have always loved cats with large breasts. It will remind our late sister, Sarah, and our late bountiful mother, Elizabeth. Oh how you three competed with your ample bosoms.”

Deanna’s grin widened as she rode closer to Levi, “Don’t be too loud, my brother. Jeb does not know that it was me who killed his mother in a naked catfight. Sarah wanted to take control from me. She knew Jeb would do it to you someday, just as in the future, my daughter, Persephone, will try with me.  Do you remember when you and I fought and ended father and mother, when your arm was taken?”

Levi thought back to almost 20 years prior. The Mathews family had a perverse tradition that the children of the family would fight their parents. This would be the changing of the hierarchy of the family. Deanna and Levi had faced off against their parents, Elizabeth and Jonah in naked combat. Deanna was the oldest daughter as Sarah watched on as the family paired off. Elizabeth lunged at her daughter with claws bared. The two women crashed together in a large family home. They went down to the hard wood floor as hands dug into hair. The large breasts slapped and compressed with legs wrapping.

Levi and his father, Jonah, watched for a little bit until their manhoods started to rise and get hard. The son and father walked towards each other and grasped hands in a test of strength. They slowly brought their bodies together as hard cocks pressed together. Each man grunted as the test of strength had them push back and forth. Levi spit into his father’s face and broke the test of strength to slam a right fist to Jonah’s face. The older man stumbled back as Levi tackled his father to the floor. They grasped hair as threw close in punches, bloodying their faces.

Deanna and her mother tumbled back and forth, as claws slashed welts in faces and down the sides of bodies. Each woman was well versed in womanly combat, having fought each other and other women for many years. Elizabeth mounted her daughter with Deanna grasping her mother’s large breasts. She raked furrows of red into the dense globes of flesh, making the older woman cry out in pain. Deanna clawed viciously at the hard nipples, scarring the areaolas. The blood dripped down onto her body. The mother slammed a fist down into her daughters face as Deanna’s nose started to pour out blood. The rolled over as mouths sought the other’s to bite and tear at lips. Elizabeth and Deanna pushed apart and gathered much needed breath as blood dripped to the floor. The looked over the warring Levi and Jonah, each crawling towards them.

The father and son worked their way to their knees. The hard manhoods pressed together as Elizabeth grabbed Jonah’s and Deanna grabbed Levi’s. The father and son grabbed hair and pulled their faces to bite at faces as mother and daughter pulled and stroked the cocks. Blood dripped off chins as the women rubbed with fast strokes. The father and son pulled mouths away as the building pressure between their legs mounted. Jonah was the first to erupt, the white fluid spouted from the hard member. Levi scrunched his face as he held out, pushing his father over and getting on top of him.

Elizabeth and Deanna lunged again as one had pulled violently on hair and the free hand grasping their throats. Fingers tightened as they tried to throttle the other. Deanna found herself being pushed to her back as her mother’s other hand grasped her throat. The daughter raked her nails over her mother’s face, blinding her. Elizabeth released the choke and brought her hands to her face, screaming in pain. Deanna pushed her roughly to her stomach and grabbed the grey and red hair of her mother. She slammed Elizabeth’s head over and over onto the floor until Deanna’s mother stopped moving. Deanna continued to sit on the small of Elizabeth’s back.

Levi and Jonah continued to grapple on the floor but when Jonah saw is wife’s dead body, he became enraged. He slammed a right fist to his son’s face as Levi was thrown to the side. The father rose to his feet to grab the pistol from the hanging gunbelt. He turned to fire as Levi had gotten up, finding the ax used for splitting wood and throwing it. As the axe embedded into Jonah’s chest, he fired. The bullet shattered Levi’s left elbow.    

Levi returned to the present. “I do so remember,” he said as he raised the stump of his left arm, “A small price to pay for a cockfight and then no holds barred fight with our father. And the thought of you and Persephone in naked combat does bring a smile to my face and a hitch in my step,” Levi said as his sister threw her head back in an evil laugh. The brother and sister, both in their 50’s, smiled to each other and rode toward the rival brothels.

To Be Continued in Chapter 4! Click Here to Read It!

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  1. Giannis says:

    Great !! Hot erotic scenes in/between lusty catfights as the plot goes on !

    You indirectly – or very briefly – talked about mother/daughter tussling : in a sexfight with catfight shades or the opposite or both.

    Now is time for the so long waiting Ahna vs her daughter’s “blending” that way !


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