Wildcats of the West: Chapter 4 by Ahna Brown

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The Raunchy Republic of Texas

Our trek to Rattler’s Holler had avoid the area around El Paso, because Anna Gonzales’s wanted posters still hung on El Paso walls. After passing Midland, Texas the day prior, we came to the town limits of Rattler’s Holler. The sign for the town was surrounded by rattlesnake skulls. The town seemed dusty and quiet. The buildings looked new compared to Silvertown. We stopped outside of the town marshal’s office and I got down off my horse. A young man with a neatly cropped red beard and silver star on his left breast stepped out.

“Afternoon, Ma’am,” he said as he surveyed our party. “Welcome to Rattler’s Holler. I am Jeb Mathews, town marshal. Can I be of assistance?”

“I understood Emmitt White was the marshal,” Mathias spoke up.

“He was killed fighting Comanche’s,” Jeb said as his eyes went from Breecher’s face to the holster on his left hip. “I was appointed after he was killed. So, how can I help you?”

I took out the deed and handed it to him, “Can you point me in the direction of this small ranch?”

“Ah, the Hollister Homestead,” Jeb said, “It has been abandoned for some time so the town council has taken it over. I am afraid there isn’t much I can do for you?”

I handed over the bill of sale from Reginald Hollister to Jennifer Dumont, “This is the legal bill of sale from Mr. Hollister to my friend here. The homestead does not belong to the town, but to us. If you cannot help me, point my in the direction of the Mayor or the head of the council.”

Jeb looked over the documents and handed them back to me, “Follow me,” he said, but as Mathias started to get down from his horse, Jeb Mathews put a hand up, “Just her.”

I nodded to Mathias to stay with the wagons as I followed the marshal towards a saloon. I looked around and there were at least 4 active saloons in the town.

“What do I call you?” Marshal Mathews asked.

“Ahna Stevens,” I answered. “Marshal, I notice a good number of saloons for such a small town.”

“Ha,” he laughed, “Rattler’s Holler is a stopping point for those wanting to avoid big cities and trains. There are a few large ranches, so the hands come into town here. Two of the saloons are actually brothels, The Emerald Palace and Bella’s Place. The last one is new. We are going to the Gem Hotel and Saloon.”

We entered through the batwing doors with the sounds of the piano playing in the corner of the barroom. The room was more high class than I have been in. The bar was a rich mahogany and gleamed with the Gaslamp lights above the bar. Ten round tables with four chairs at each table were places in different spots in the room. Only one table was occupied by an older gentleman with greying hair and a greying beard. He shifted the newspaper he was reading in his right hand because he was missing his left arm below the elbow. He looked from the paper at Marshal Mathews and myself.

“Ah Jeb,” he said with a bright smile, “Who is this lovely woman?”

“This is Ahna Stevens,” Jeb stated, “She has recently purchased the Hollister property from Reggie. The bill of sale was notarized by the Bank of Redington.”

“Ah yes,” the man said as he removed his reading glasses, “I am sorry my dear but the property has been seized by the town.”

“Sir,” I said, “May I ask your name and title?”

“I am Leviticus Mathews,” he said straightening, “I am the head of the Rattler’s Holler Chamber of Commerce.”

“Thank you for that,” I said with a steady look on my face, “If you will excuse me, my friends and I will be on our way to Big Springs to secure legal representation for this matter. Since Rattler’s Holler and the property that I legally own fall within their county limits.” The piano stopped playing. I could feel eyes on me from the corners of the room. There were a few more men in the saloon then just a minute prior, all armed with rifles. I kept my gaze on Levi Mathews.

Levi’s right hand played with some native beads as he looked at me. “Jeb, have all the squatters removed from the Hollister property since the…. Rightful owners have arrived,” he said to the marshal but did not take his eyes off me, even as Jeb Mathews left the saloon. “Ms. Stevens, please excuse my oversight in this matter. You and your friends will be guests of my hotel until the undesirables are removed from your property. Does that meet with your approval?”

I nodded, “Thank you Mr. Mathews. By any chance, are you and the marshal related?”

“He is my nephew,” Levi said as he motioned for me to sit, “Champagne, beer, or whiskey, my dear?”

“Whiskey is fine with me,” I answered as I sat opposite him.

“Trevor,” he said to the barkeep, “Two whiskeys, use my private stock. A drink is required to settle a proper business transaction. You asked about Jeb. His father died fighting the Comanche and his mother, my sister Sarah, she was…. Mauled by a cougar 10 years ago. My other sister, Deanna and I raised him. I never married, I could never decide on just one.” He smiled.

“This is an interesting town,” I observed, looking around, “For instance, this is the nicest saloon I have ever been in. Being so small, there is a lot of money poured into the town.”

“We want to make the residents here feel like they are provided for,” Levi said, “My family has been in these parts for about 50 years or so. Briton cattlemen as we also own 37,000 acres east of Big Spring. We give back but we also enjoy our fun. Cattlemen and the cowboys working for them need a break from the herd and Rattler’s Holler provides some of that. Hence the four saloons with two brothels. We also have a livery, feed store, general store, telegraph office; with a bank soon to be built.”

“No plans for a train?” I asked as I sipped my whiskey.

“No,” Levi said immediately. “Trains bring a prissy type of persons that will not fit in this town. We are rough and tumble. I, myself have a reputation. However, as reputations go, most are greatly exaggerated. Now, how did you come to our town?”

I did note that he said Our Town more than once. “Mr. Mathews, I have worked a ranch before far west of here, but needed a change of pace. My friends and I just want to settle and live a quiet life.”

“Please call me Levi,” He said with a smile.

“Call me Ahna,” I replied.

Footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs behind me. Levi looked up and his smile widened. I turned my head to take in an incredible sight. A ravishing beauty with light red hair, streaked with silver, walked down the stairs. The red and black sequined dress was off the shoulder, hugging her curves and displaying a considerable amount of cleavage. The hair hung in loose curls over her right shoulder. Levi stood and I followed suit. She sauntered over to the table as Levi used his right arm to pull a chair out for her.

“Ahna Stevens, let me introduce my sister, Deanna Mathews,” Levi said as Deanna and I shook hands.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Deanna said with the same soft British accent that her brother had.

“My pleasure as well,” I replied.

“So what brings such a lovely woman, such as yourself to our little town?” Deanna inquired, sitting as Levi pushed the chair in.

I sat back down. As Levi spoke first.

“Ms. Stevens has recently purchased the Hollister homestead,” Levi said as he and his sister traded a look. “I have assured Ahna that the squatters currently illegally staying on the property will be removed in the next few days. Until then, I have invited her and her compatriots to stay here.”

Deanna returned to looking at me with a wide smile, “You will be a welcome addition to our community.” She turned to her brother, “Have you mentioned tomorrow’s entertainment?”

“I was just getting to that, but please, Deanna, inform the beautiful Ms. Stevens,” Levi answered.

“There are two brothels here in Rattler’s Holler and recently the rivalry has built up, especially with the new whorehouse starting,” Deanna said as the barkeep walked over with a glass of champagne. “Since the ranch hands who frequent these places as well as my wonderful brother enjoy female rivalry, we have worked with the two madams to have a girl from each brothel compete against the other.”

My eyebrows raised, “Compete?

“How real women compete,” Deanna said, “Competing with their breasts, claws and sex.”

“Very interesting,” I said trying to keep my poker face. “And how are your feelings on these competitions, Deanna?”

“I have in the past and still do…. Compete in these ways,” Deanna replied, her green eyes staring into mine. “Sometimes the competitions got out of control but that is something that happens. I can assume you are not a novice with womanly combat.”

“You are correct,” I said coolly. I glanced at Levi; his face was beaming.

“I do hope that we discuss this more in the future, but until then, I would love to invite you to sit with us during the festivities tomorrow,” Deanna said as her eyes glanced down to the tight button up black shirt I was wearing.

My eyes lingered over the swelling cleavage Deanna was displaying, “I would be honored to be your guest tomorrow evening. I do need to attend to my belongings and friends. If you will excuse me.” I said as I rose.

“Trevor,” Levi called as he and his sister stood. “Please have some boys bring in items Ms. Stevens requires to our vacant rooms,” he turned to me, “It was wonderful to meet you and hope that you enjoy not only tomorrow but also becoming a member of our little town.”

I walked back to Mathias, Anna, Jennifer and Samantha.

“Breecher,” I said, “Can you ride to Big Spring and track down any information on Levi Mathews and this town? There is something about this town and the Mathews family that gives me pause.”

“Will do,” Mathias replied as he mounted his horse and rode off.

I turned to the three women in front of me. “We will all have rooms at the Gem and tomorrow there will be town entertainment.” I explained about the fights that were to occur and saw three pairs of eyes widen.

“Well this town is getting more and more interesting,” Jennifer commented.

“I agree,” Anna nodded.

Three young men came over and began to unload the trunks from the wagon. The horses and wagons would stay at the town livery. I walked down the street to the Emerald Saloon and through the bat wing doors. The saloon was relatively empty of patrons with some of the girls lounging and talking in hushed tones.

“AHNA!” Came a loud voice and I was pulled into a hug with a very busty Eva Savont. We separated and I looked her over. The black bustle made her huge breasts threaten to be released.

“Eva! My God you look even more beautiful,” I said, “Kristina mentioned you were in these parts. But she is hoping to get word from you.”

Eva hushed her voice, “I have sent four different telegrams to her, but I am being told the office in Silvertown is not working.”

I shook my head, “Can you tell me about this town?”

“There is something wrong here,” Eva said quietly, “We never get travelers. Only people we see are the ranch hands and members of the ruling family. I have been paid double what I was getting at the Dove, but I do half the work. Now starting tomorrow, girls from each place here must fight. The Mathews family was very persuasive with Madam Dempsey and the bitch.”

“The bitch?” I asked.

“Bella Reed,” Eva spat, “She runs Bella’s Place with that whore Sabrina Jackson. When that blonde crumpet and I saw each other, it took a lot of women to keep us apart.”

“So Bella is here,” I commented, “This is getting more and more interesting.”

“Who do we have here, Eva?” A woman’s voice asked from behind me.

I turned and stood as Eva spoke, “Madam Dempsey, let me introduce Ahna Stevens. She is a friend from Silvertown. Ahna, this is Karen Dempsey, the Madam of the Emerald.”

I held out my hand and took in this gorgeous woman. She was almost my height with long blonde hair piled onto her head. The bright blue eyes took me in. She wore a dark green off the shoulder dress that showed off ample curves. Her breasts pushed out the same as Deanna Mathews did. Bigger than mine for sure. I could not tell her age at all.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, “Please call me Ahna.”

“Call me Karen,” she said smiling, shaking my hand. “I am only formal with the girls here. Are you passing through?”

“Actually, I purchased a homestead outside of town,” I replied, “The Hollister property.”

Karen’s eyes went wide and she turned to face the beauty from Poland. “Eva, will you excuse me and Ahna? I require a few minutes of her time.”

Eva nodded and stepped away.

Karen Dempsey leaned in towards my face, “You need to take your things and get out of town as soon as possible.”

“Why?” I asked in a whisper.

“Rattler’s Holler is cursed,” Karen answered. “Reginald Hollister was smart and got out. The Mathews family rules this town with an iron fist. Their influence is not only here but most of Texas. They can do what they want without any repercussions. People go to the Hollister property and do not come back.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Two weeks ago, two of my girls, Franny and Belinda were taken by Deanna Mathews to there for a private show for her brother,” Karen said. “But I saw that he was in town for most of the time they were gone. The next day, Deanna and her daughter came into town without the girls. They also looked like they had been fighting. Scratches and tussled hair on both. They told me Franny and Belinda stole horses and rode off.” Karen looked hard at me, “I know they would not have done that. But when I confront Deanna, she and I almost fought.”

“Have you ridden out there?” I asked.

“No one was allowed near there,” Karen replied. “How did you convince them to give it to you?”

“I vaguely threatened them with lawyers,” I said. “Sometimes the rule of law is followed by those who believe they are above it. They said it would be a few days until I can move in.”

“I would deem it a personal favor if you could search for any signs of my girls,” the madam of the Emerald said. “And now, I am required to have one or more of my girls to fight for their pleasure. Tomorrow, my Asian lovely, Lillian, is going to fight one of Bella Reed’s wenches.” Her head nodded over my shoulder and I turned to see a very busty Asian woman. Her eyes were different from the Chinese women I had come across in Silvertown. “She is from Japan but has lived in California most of her life.”

Lillian was medium height with a slim waist, massive breasts, and flared hips. “She is beautiful. Is there anything you can do to stop the fights?”

“No,” Karen replied, “As I said, the Mathews family runs Rattler’s Holler.” She paused as her eyes went to the bat wing doors. “Oh no, Persephone Mathews,” Karen turned back to me and whispered, “Hit me.”

“What?” I whispered back.

“She will be suspicious of us talking, now hit me,” Karen said quietly as she pulled back. “Don’t you threaten me, whore!” She said loudly for the entire saloon to hear.

I did what she asked and slapped her across the face. Her eyes went wide and she reached across the table for my hair. I reached and grabbed hers as we rose to our feet. She pulled me to her and whispered in my ear.

“Thank you,” she said, “Going to go to the ground now.”

With that, she tripped us and we fell to the sawdust-covered floor. I felt her big breasts mash into mine as we started to roll. Hands grabbed us and pulled us apart.

“Get out of my saloon, you cow!” Karen shouted as she was pulled away from me.

“Oh I will find you again to finish this, bitch!” I screamed back as I was led out of the saloon. I straightened my hair and clothes as young woman, barely out of her teens approached me. Her hair and features were like that of her mother, Deanna Mathews. She wore a simple grey shirt and black split skirt. The shirt was pushing out at the front, buttons straining.

“You must be Ms. Stevens,” she said. She did not have the same British accent as her mother or uncle. “I am here to escort you to tea with my mother. Would you be free now?”

“I hope your mother will not be offended at my now dirty attire,” I said brushing the sawdust from my shirt and dungarees. “Tea sounds lovely.”

The young woman led me to a nice sized cottage. She opened the front door and I was greeted by Deanna Mathews.

“I am so glad you could join me,” Deanna said. She frowned at my disheveled appearance. “What happened to you, my dear?”

Before I could answer, Persephone chimed in, “She had a little scrap with Karen Dempsey.”

“Well well, the cat has claws,” Deanna smiled. “Please, Ahna, sit with me.” We sat and were served tea by Persephone. “Tell me about your life, Ahna. You have me curious as to such a strong woman came here to us.”

Since she would probably find out about me, I decided to be honest. I told her about meeting Bella Reed as a teenager, the loss of my family in Kansas, moving to Arizona, losing my husband, the troubles in Silvertown, the Earp Vendetta ride, and finally about being wanted before I was pardoned.

“You have lived many more lifetimes than the average woman,” Deanna said, “Your daughter, Katerina, does she share your life goals?”

“No,” I answered, “Kat is a bounty hunter in the New Mexico territory. She is happy, so that makes me happy.”

“I see,” the elder redhead said, “Now, my daughter will one day take over from me in our family business. However, she will have to earn that right. So far she hasn’t been quite woman enough to do it.” Persephone came back in. She and her mother stared at the other. Almost glaring. The moment was broken with Deanna turning back towards me, “If I might inquire, what are your plans for the homestead?”

“I have been a rancher with cattle before and one of my companions raised horses,” I replied. “I like the quiet life of the ranch.”

“But your life has been anything but quiet, wouldn’t you say,” Deanna playfully said.

I laughed, “I suppose you could say that. I am not a bounty hunter or a woman seeking adventure. I am hoping to avoid trouble.”

“Well so far you have not been successful,” she said pointing at the dirty clothes I was wearing. “I do hope you gave that pig a good showing though.”

“They went down to the floor,” Persephone said as she sat.

“So that was all?” Deanna asked disappointed.

“We were pulled apart rather quickly,” I said smiling.

“When she and I fight, it will not be short or playful at all,” Deanna said with a hard look in her face.

“Those are the ones worth fighting,” I said.

Deanna raised her eyebrows at me, “Well, the cat certainly has claws. I wonder how you and I would fair, or you and Persephone?” Deanna’s daughter beamed.

“I guess it would be true test if my daughter were here,” I answered.

“That bears a question, have you and Katerina fought each other before?” She asked with her eyes beaming.

Even though it was a personal question and in truth, we only pulled hair and slapped, however, Deanna Mathews was looking for a different answer. “Kat and I have had a few fights. Honestly, each one wilder then the last. Some got, well, not for sharing over tea.”

“Oh my dear Ahna,” Deanna said smiling, “We are all friends here. Friends share. Persephone and I have engaged in many wild fights and as you say, each one more wild than the previous one.”

Remembering what Lisa told me about Ashley, “Our last one had us both naked in my bedroom. Fighting tooth and nail. Mothers and daughters should not have fought like that, but both of us needed to.”

Both mother and daughter smiled with Deanna meeting my gaze. “They absolutely should, Ahna. Naked and using every bit of their bodies to overcome the other. It is how my daughter and I fight. Both others and each other.”

“Do you find many others to fight here?” I asked.

“Well occasionally we hire some of the saloon girls for some fun,” Deanna said.

“Remember the last two, Mother,” Persephone chimed in almost giddy.

The look Deanna gave her daughter was ice cold, “Yes, dear but remember when they stole horses and left?” But instead of cowing, the younger redhead just glared at her mother.

“I did not mean to bring up something painful to you both,” I said looking between the two women.

“You know, Ahna,” Deanna said as she moved the cups of tea off the small table, “I think we have had enough tea for today. Please have a wonderful day. I look forward to seeing you at the festivities tomorrow evening.”

I got up as Deanna walked me to the door but as it closed, I heard a muffled grunt and then a thump as the china cups crashed to the floor. I glanced in the window to see the two redheads rolling across the living room floor. I smiled as I walked back to the hotel.

The next day I was able to find a dress to wear. It was blue with lace on the shoulders leaving my arms bare. The front buttoned up, pushing my large breasts up. I was able to fit into a pair of Jennifer’s heeled, lace up black boots. The sun was setting as I stepped out from the Gem Hotel. Torches lit the street going down to a barren space between the two brothels. As I walked up, Levi Mathews noticed me and motioned me to the front. He gestured to a seat between himself and Deanna. She was dressed in black, which made her pale skin and breasts even more pronounced. I got my first glimpse of Bella Reed in a long time. Her face flushed with anger as she saw me sit in between to the two Mathews’ siblings. Karen Dempsey walked out with Lillian trailing behind her. The Asian beauty wore an already torn blouse and pantaloons. The top would not last long for sure. Bella turned behind her and waved. A stunning raven-haired woman came forward. She wore the same still clothes that Lillian wore. Her breasts were just as large and round as the Asians.

A man walked up, “Good evening folks. Tonight is the first and not the last of this kind of wholesome fun!” The crowd laughed. Most of the crowd were rough looking men with a few women scattered here and there. I spotted Samantha, Anna and Jennifer in the crowd. “Our two combatants, Lillian, the Emerald’s Ample Asian versus Lizy, Bella’s Lethal Lady. Both will use their assets to win. It has been decided that the breasts will fight first. Ladies, you may begin!”

“Enjoy the show, Ahna,” Levi whispered to me. His eyes flicked between my cleavage and his sisters.

Lizy and Lillian marched towards the center of the circle and grasped hands, intertwining fingers together. The pulled their bodies into a smack with hands and arms out their sides. Lizy shifted her barely covered breasts side to side against Lillian. The Asian woman pushed back as the blouses they wore showed more and more skin. The faster they moved the more the blouses came up until both sets of breast were free. Lillian reared back and sent her tits into a sickening thud with Lizy’s pair. SMACK! Both women groaned out as hands let go of hands to wrap arms around the other. The hard point of nipples impaled the other’s tits painfully. I could see beads of sweat form on their foreheads. The two began to stumble back and forth, as the crowd cheered. The blouses were hanging off their upper arms as they constricted their holds, ballooning the breasts out. Lizy tripped Lillian and the pair crashed to the dirt with a hoot from the crowd. Neither released the grips they had and the busty women started to roll back and forth, crushing breasts together.

“Gonna squeeze the breath out of you, slut!” Lizy wheezed out as she rolled on top.

“Your tits are weak, whore!” Lillian cried out as she rolled on top.

Each got a knee on the ground and then worked up to their knees, still with arms locked around the other. Lillian was able to get a little separation and slammed her bosoms forward. Lizy answered right back as they slammed chest together with each slap earing a raucous cheer from the crowd. I looked over a Deanna and she was inhaling sharply with every smack. The two busty women lined up nipples and pressed them in. They both screamed as the spears tried to invert the other’s set. Hands started drifting lower on the others back as they each grabbed the back of pantaloons and started to pull. The worn cotton garments started to tear. The tit fight was changing to something else.

“LET THEM WHORE IT OUT!” Levi shouted!

The two women looked first to Levi and then to each other. The pushed apart and pulled of the torn clothing. They rushed back together in a rough embrace with lips meeting and tongues invading mouths. The mass of tits pushed and mashed with their legs tangling around hips. The thighs scissor the others as they broke the kiss and leaned back on their out stretched arms. Their backsides rose up of the ground as the two ground their womanhoods together. Each moaned and cursed as they course of the fight was getting to both. The labia parted as tender skin touched and rubbed. Each was dripped juices to the dirt beneath them. Each thrust together with the slaps of flesh making the crowd almost riotous. These two were well versed in carnal arts and each was trying to show the other who was best. The clits grew and sought the others in the mixture of secreted juices.

“Feel that, bitch,” Lillian taunted. “My girl is grinding yours to nothing!”

“Fuck you, Asian cow!” Lizy countered. “My bitch is fucking yours!”

They two women began thrusting harder. It almost seemed like the two were using their womanhoods like fists, pounding the others with reckless abandon. Lizy grabbed Lillian’s left thigh as and began to grind fast against her. The busty Asian grasped onto the brunette’s thigh as their screams were getting louder as was the crowd’s screams.

“FFFUUUCKCKING WHOORRRRE!” Lizy screamed as she came at the same time as Lillian.

“CCCUUUNNNNTTTT FFFUUCCKKER!” Lillian howled out as her womanhood erupted against her rival.

The two kept humping as the orgasm subsided.

“Now we see what real cats can do!” Yelled a flushed Deanna Mathews. The shout made me jump.

Lillian and Lizy looked at each other and lunged.

The two busty wildcats went down to the dusty ground right away. Hands latched onto sweat soaked hair as the dust kicked up around them. First Lillian would be on top, then Lizy and so forth. Legs strained as the large breasts jostled for space. I glanced over to Deanna and her eyes were glazed over and locked on the two women fighting. Lillian got the top position and slapped her hands over the big breasts of her rival. Lizy screamed out as her big tits were squished in the Asian’s grip. Her hands shot immediately to the swinging breasts of Lillian, as the Asian woman’s cries joined Lizy’s. They tipped over to their sides as legs kicked out. Lizy pulled her face to Lillian’s ear and whispered something that I could not hear. The Asian woman nodded and they pushed apart. They faced each other on their backsides, slipped legs over, and under with the lower limbs wrapped around hips. They reached for hair as they pulled the other into a naked catball. I heard a groan from Levi to my right and from Deanna to my left. The crowd’s mood was getting rowdier as the ranch hands pushed in to view the fight.

The clawing and spitting ball of flesh rolled back and forth in the dirt. The sweat caused the dirt to stick to skin. They brought mouths together to bite at lips. I could see each woman use the legs wrapped around the others hip, pull in, causing the bodies to compress even tighter. It almost looked like the mashed breasts would burst from the strain. Lillian pulled the brunette’s hair back sharply, moving her right hand to slap Lizy hard. The catball was broken as Lillian slammed her body on top of Lizy in a full body pin. The Asian woman pushed up to slam her huge breasts onto Lizy’s pair. The slap of skin on skin caused the crowd to cheer every time she came down. The brunette balled up her fist and as Lillian pushed herself up again, Lizy punched her hard on the side of her left tit. The fist caused the big tits to slap together with Lillian rolling off to her belly. Lizy pounced on the Asian woman’s back. Her right hand grabbed Lillian’s hair and her left hand grabbed the wounded left breast. As she pulled back on the hair, Lizy’s hand pulled Lillian’s breast out savagely to the side. The Asian woman screamed in pain.

Karen Dempsey stepped forward, only to be restrained by one of the Mathew’s men, “Stop this! She is going to kill her!”

Deanna looked over at the blonde and smiled as Lillian screamed again. I could take no more and rushed from my chair before anyone could grab me. I grabbed Lizy by the hair and pulled her off. The brunette was thrown to her shapely ass and glared at me as I knelt next to Lillian. The crowd became quiet as Levi stood staring angrily at me.

“Why did you stop it?” Deanna hissed at me.

“Because,” I said pausing, “This girl proved she is wonderful fighter who got the crowd going. If she is killed or permanently hurt, she cannot fight again. Would you not rather have her use her busty body to fight again?”

Levi’s hard glare changed as a smile crept onto his face. Deanna stepped forward but her brother placed his right hand on her shoulder. “My dear sister, Ahna is correct. We want these weekly events to continue. Don’t you agree?”

Deanna nodded but looked hard at me, “You are a very interesting woman, Ahna Stevens.”

Lizy got to her feet and was about to lunge at my back but Bella and Sabrina grabbed her and whispered in her ear. The brunette glanced from Levi to Deanna Mathews and relaxed. Karen and Ewa lifted the wounded Lillian to her feet and helped her walk back into the Emerald Palace. Deanna strode back to her house with Levi trailing behind her. Samantha, Jennifer and Anna joined me as I walked back to the Gem.

“That could have gone a different way,” Anna observed. She moved her hand slightly to reveal her pistol she had hidden under her shirt.

“Good girl,” I said smiling. We all went to our rooms. I was about to lay down when a knock came to my door. I was dressed in just a worn white sleeping gown. I opened the door and was greeted by Marshal Jeb Mathews.

“Sorry to disturb you, Ms. Stevens,” Jeb said as looked me over. “My aunt has requested your presence at her home.”

“I understand,” I said, “Please let me change.”

“My aunt said come as you are,” he replied.

“Well, lead the way,” I said as I slipped on boots.

Jeb and I walked out of the hotel and down the wooden walkway to Deanna Mathews home. Jeb waved me forward and as I walked up to the door, it opened, revealing Deanna in a green sleeping gown, her hair loose around her shoulders.

“Thank you, Jeb,” Deanna said as she stepped to the right and waved me in. She pointed to the chairs and I sat in one with her sitting in the other. There was silence between us until she spoke, “I did not like what you did tonight.”

“I understand,” I said, “But if you want more girls to fight, having them battle to the death will lead down a path where outside parties could be offended. Imagine if one of the hands talks about it with the wrong person and now the Sheriff from Big Springs comes to town.”

“I did not get what I wanted tonight,” Deanna said coldly, “And because you caused it not to happen, you are here now.”

“I do not think a fight to the death between you and I will accomplish much,” I said, looking her in the eye.

“No but we will all see what happens,” Deanna said as she looked at me with the green eyes burning.

Deanna rose and locked the door. I looked around and noticed the china dishes were nowhere to be seen. In fact, all the breakable items were missing from the room.

Deanna grasped the bottom of her gown and lifted it over her head. “Unless you want to walk back naked, I suggest you do the same.”

I stood as I pulled the worn sleeping gown over my head. I shook my long hair out. I got my first look at a naked Deanna Mathews. I knew she was older than I was, but you could not tell by her body. The breasts were slightly larger than mine were but sat high on her chest. She was only an inch or two shorter than I was. The two of us looked the other up and down, from the flaming locks to heavy breasts, down flat tummies and finally to the patches of red hair between our legs.

We did not say a word as we lunged. Our bodies impacted as hands went to red hair, pulling hard. We stumbled around the small sitting room until we collapsed on the settee. Deanna pressed in on top of me with her nails gouging at my scalp. I yelped in pain and pushed with my feet and toppled us to the carpeted floor. My nails scratched at her scalp as I twisted her head. My breasts crushed as our legs locked together. She let go with her right hand and raked her nails over my back and down to the curve of my left hip. I screamed out as I felt her nails dig into the flesh of my backside. I let go of her hair with one hand and slapped her hard across the left side of her face. We rolled in the confined space between the chair and settee, neither of us able to really mount much of an attack. Our legs started kicking out with feet hitting shins. The chair was pushed over as Deanna and I worked up to our knees, one hand pulling hair and one hand punching or scratching at skin. Her fist slammed into my right breast and I howled in pain. She roughly grabbed the wounded orb and tried to crush it in her grasp. I punched her hard in the belly as she bent over, coughing. The back of her left hand caught me across the lips and nose; as I fell over, I kicked out with my left foot, slamming it into her belly, pushing her back.

We slowly got to our feet and I charged. I slammed into Deanna and tried to slam her back first into the wall. She turned at the last second and I hit the wall shoulder first. I almost slumped over but her hands pulled me up by the hair. I pulled her in close as I rolled us against the wall. The naked breasts pushed out at our sides. Fists thudded into bellies and the sides of our large tits. We rolled again with Deanna pressing me into a door. She reached for the handle as we fell into the room. The fall broke us up as she was the first to rise. I turned over and got to my knees and then feet. Deanna was position in the middle of a large bed. The bed looked big enough to hold 3-4 people.

“Get your ass over here, cunt!” Deanna Mathews swore at me.

I put one knee onto the bed and jumped. Deanna met me half way with our breasts smashing and flattening. We went down to the soft bed, wildly rolled back, and forth, as nails raked as our naked flesh. I rolled on top and reached in between us to grab her large breasts in my fingers. I constricted my hands as her flesh oozed through. She let out a scream that could have woken the dead. Instead of clawing at my hands or arms, she glared at me in hate and latched onto my breasts. Her fingers worked my tits into horrible shapes as I cried out in agony. Her fingers pulled my nipples out and she wrenched me to the side and off her. She rolled us over with her on top. I pulled her tits out into cone shapes and smacked them together. She bellowed but remained on top. I gripped the breast flesh and tried to fold the skin over in my grip. Tears streamed down her cheeks as I bucked up and rolled to the side. I pulled my hands off her breasts and we clenched side by side. Our breasts mashed together as legs snaked. Our face were buried in the other’s red hair as we tried to roll the other over. We were only able to rock in that position.

Suddenly we were not alone people came into the room to pry us apart. Persephone wrestled with her mother to get her off me as a dark haired woman collapsed on top of me. I looked up through teary eyes and could see the Native in her. I fought hard against her but I had been going at it with Deanna for a while as the Native woman wrestled on the bed. Her covered breasts crushed against my wounded ones. Her hands fell over my mouth and nose. I struggled but could not get her off as my world turned to black.

I woke up in the bed of my room in the Gem. Samantha was running a wet cloth over my face.

“What happened?” I weakly asked.

“A Comanche woman and Persephone Mathews brought you back here,” Sam answered. Her face hardened. “I do not like either of them. However, I wanted to make sure you were ok. Anna and Jennifer have been in to check on you. You were asleep for almost a full day.”

“Has Mathias returned?” I asked again.

“Not yet,” Samantha replied. “I am starting to worry. Big Springs is only a few hours ride from here. He should be back unless….” Her voice trailed off.

“He is probably fine,” I said but I was concerned as well. I tried to move and groaned.

“You stay in bed, Ahna,” Samantha said, “Don’t make me wrestle you down. I will bring you some food.”

She left and I was able to sit up. My body was sore. I looked down at fading scratches and handprints. I knew Deanna Mathews looked the same. Not sure if she wanted to continue what we started before we were interrupted. The Comanche woman was strong and was someone I would have to keep my eye on. Anna Gonzalez walked in.

“Mathias returned,” she said as she sat next to me on the bed. “He will be up shortly. Also, Levi Mathews said we are able to move onto the property. Once you can walk, we will take you in one of the wagons. I am having Jennifer and Mathias work with me to get the homestead ready. Breecher said he has a line on purchasing cattle and horses.”

There was a soft knock on the door as Mathias Breecher walked in. “I heard you were laid up. Glad to see you moving.”

“Tell me what you found out,” I said as Anna listened with me.

“The Mathews family emigrated from Great Britain to Texas in the 1830’s and fought alongside Sam Houston. As a reward for helping they settled here and helped build Big Spring as well as some of the surrounding townships. They have over 36,000 acres of land with cattle. They supply much of the beef for some of the bigger cities here. The attitudes towards the Mathews family changed slightly with Jonah and Elizabeth Mathews, Levi and Deanna’s parents. The family became more ruthless but still has many friends in political positions. The elder Mathews was killed by Indians as well as his wife. The youngest daughter, Sarah was killed in a mountain lion attack. She was said to be even more ruthless then her siblings. The US Marshals and Texas Rangers know not to get involved with the Mathews family. Levi runs the town but Deanna is the real enforcer. I do not believe that Emmitt White was killed by Indians, I think he was killed by either Deanna or Levi. It just can’t be proven.” He paused as I took it all in. “I got word from a friend from Dodge City who is willing to sell us a few hundred head of cattle as well as some horses to breed. Once we survey the land we have, we can send word to him. He will have them come down in cattle cars on the train to Big Spring.”

I nodded, “That sounds good. Go with Anna here and Jennifer to look at the property. Anything we need, purchase from the stores here. I do not want to give the impression we are not using the resources of the town. Do not be caught up in confrontations with the Mathews family or their sort. I did not intend on the fight and just need to pull the eyes off us. Now get going. I will be along in a few hours.”

It did take me a few hours to get well enough to walk out of the Gem and climb into the small wagon with Sam driving. The ride to our new homestead only took less than a half an hour. The fields did have some to graze on while the bard and home were still standing. Both structures needed work.

Over the next few weeks, the house and barn became livable and workable. The fences had been repaired and Mathias’s friend turned out to be Bat Masterson. The wily gunfighter and lawman sold us 200 head of steers and cows to grow our little ranch as we saw fit. I hired four young half Comanche, half-white men to work as hands. All four had been scouts for the Army fighting the Comanche and Mexican raiders. They hailed from an area east of Big Spring and not from Rattler’s Holler. The men worked well with Anna and Samantha.

I rode in the lead as I led the last of cattle through the gate. Jed Ten Bears, his brother, Micah, Mathias Breecher and Anna Gonzales rode on each side. Samantha and Iron Buffalo, who we called Bill, followed watching for strays. Jennifer and Rudy White Owl waited at the gate to close it once all the cattle were in. The gates closed as the cattle settled and started to graze.

“This is the last of them,” I said. “Jennifer, has anyone been around to see about the cook position I put in the paper.”

“Three so far,” Jennifer said as she brushed her dress. “I think the last one that come should be the one we hire though.”

“Why?” I asked.

“She is half Mexican and half Comanche,” Jennifer said, “Rosalina Youngblood. 40 years old or so. Was a mother but the baby passed. She has worked for the Rangers and Armys before. And her cooking is great.” She said with a smile.

“Ok,” I laughed, “Send word to her that she is hired.”

“I thought you would say that,” Jennifer said with a smile, “She is already preparing dinner.”

“Remind me never to play poker with you,” I said in a mock scowl. “You bluff is too good.”

Our group rode back the house. I had not heard much from the Mathews family or anyone in town. The next day was Friday and the weekly fights. I decided to head back into town to watch and see what was going on.

To Be Continued in Chapter 5! Click Here to Read It!

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