Wildcats of the West: Chapter 5 by Ahna Brown

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There Will be Mud

I immediately loved Rosalina Youngblood. Not only could she cook but also, she kept the boys and girls in line with just a stare. The large wooden table was covered in tortillas, tamales, roasted chicken, maize, and fruits. The spice of the tamales had a few of us drinking water rather quickly. Anna Gonzales was in heaven as she remembered happier times while eating the food.

“Do you ride into town today?” Rosalina asked as she sat next to me.

“I plan to,” I answered, “Is there something I can bring back?”

“The general store would not let me in to purchase supplies,” she said, “I am not sure if you noticed but I am not white. The boys will not be allowed in Rattler’s Holler as well.”

“Let me have a word with the proprietor of the store and I will set it right,” I said as I placed a hand on her hers. She had a hard beauty to her. A woman of medium height with the mix of Native and Mexican in her. Her long straight, black hair was tiedin two braids. She bore a long scar down the right side of her face. She wore clothing that muted any visible curves she might have. “I believe the Mathews family employees a Native woman, so let me speak with them.”

“I have missed being around rough and tumble people,” she said, “My last employer had me cook in a hotel in El Paso. I did not see many people. This is more like the Army or Rangers but a small group. It suits me.”

Jed Ten Bears walked over to us. “There will be a storm in the next day. It will be a bad one. I would like to get the cattle closer to the homestead, so if they spook, they will not run off too far.”

“How do you know it is going to rain?” I asked.

“I always know,” Jed answered with a smile. Then he pulled up his pants leg to show were a chuck of flesh had been taken out. “This was a wound from a Comanche rifle. The bone was broken but was set right. I feel the change in the air before others.”

“Take the boys out to round them up,” I said, “Thank you Jed for letting me know.”

He nodded and walked to the other hands; they all followed Jed towards the stables.

I waved Samantha over, “Sam, dress in something nice. You and I are going to head into town with Mathias today.” Samantha looked over at Mathias. I knew she was fancy towards him. Since it had been a few weeks since I attended the first fight night, I wore the same blue dress with lace shoulders. Samantha walked out to the wagon wearing a grey and black lace dress. Her large breasts pushed out and I could see Mathias stare a long time at them. The ride to Rattler’s Holler took less than thirty minutes. Many of the Mathews men were carrying buckets of water, setting them next to the area where the fight I saw was. I hitched the wagon near the general store.

I looked to Mathias and Samantha, “Go get a drink or two. Steer clear of any confrontations with the Mathews crew.”

Mathias hitched the horse and held his hand out to help Sam off the wagon. The two walked arm in arm towards the saloons. I walked over the still open general store. The bell over the door chimed as I entered.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am,” a portly man with a balding head said, “We will be closing soon, but feel free to look around until then.”

“Good afternoon, Sir,” I said as strode to the register. “My name is Ahna Stevens.” His eyes lit up in recognition.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Ms. Stevens,” he said smiling, “My name is Harold Burns. How may I assist you?”

“I am glad you asked, Harold,” I said, leaning over, showing more cleavage. “I would be much obliged if my cook would be allowed in your store to purchase food and supplies for my ranch.”

“I am confused,” Harold said with a bewildered look on his face. “I do not discriminate against anyone spending money in my store.”

“My cook came into the store yesterday but was turned away,” I said.

His head bowed a little, “Please accept my sincerest apologies, Ms. Stevens. My wife and daughter were running the store yesterday. They must have been confused.” He turned and opened the door to the back room. “Doris, Alice, can you come out here?”

Two women came out dressed in plain grey dresses buttoned up to the neck. The dresses did not hide their womanly curves. Doris, obviously the wife, had brown hair that was piled on her head with pencils holding the hair in place. The daughter, Alice, was a younger version of her mother; she was in her late teens or early twenties. Both had pretty faces.

“Ladies, this is Ms. Ahna Stevens,” Harold said in a stern voice. “She runs a ranch and her cook was turned away yesterday. This will not happen again.”

“But she was an injun!” Alice said loudly.

“Mind your tongue, young lady,” Harold chided. “All are welcome here.”

“Some are dirtier than others,” Doris added as she looked me up and down. “However, if that is your wish, dear husband, we will serve the likes of her. We will just have to spend more time cleaning after the heathen leaves.”

I have an issue with those who treat people like this woman. I experienced it with both Nettie and Red Flower. I narrowed my eyes at Doris. “I appreciate that we are able to come to an agreement. Mrs. Burns, if you ever want to discuss this further, please let me know.” The challenge was thrown down.

“You will be the first to know if I do,” Doris answered through gritted teeth. “Have a nice day.”

I walked out of the general store and made my way down to the Gem Hotel and Saloon. I entered through the bat wing doors and was stopped by a rough man with a rifle.

“Will, please do not accost all of my guests,” Levi Mathews said from the table he was seated at.

“Sorry, Mr. Mathews. My apologies, Ma’am,” Will said as he stepped aside.

I walked over to the table as Levi waved his right hand at the barkeep, “Two whiskeys, Trevor.” He stood and pulled a chair out for me as I sat. “So what do I owe this visit, Ahna?” He asked as he sat back into his seat.

“Thank you, Levi,” I said. “I do hope there is not any hard feelings between me and yourself. I am sure you heard of the altercation I had with your sister. I hope she does not bare me any ill will.”

Levi smiled, “I heard in great detail of your encounter. I do wish I could have witnessed it. My sister does not have any bad thoughts when it comes to your lovely self. You actually impressed her. I also understand your ranch is coming along well. Cattle, horses and some young men working for you. Well done.”

“The ranch life does make me happy,” I said as I took the shot of whiskey. “I would deem it as a personal favor to me if my hands could be welcome at the saloons and businesses in town. That they are not accosted for their heritage.”

Levi thought about it for a little bit as his right hand played with the Native beads, than he smiled, “My men will not bother your hands. I will inform the Marshal that your boys will be allowedin town. Now, I cannot speak for other ranchers and their boys. However, Jeb will be able to keep the peace. Now, that favor you will owe me, I think I shall be calling on you soon.” He smiled again at me. “Are you here to watch the festivities this evening?”

“I am,” I said smiling back at him, “I am sorry that I have not witnessed them in the last few weeks but the ranch took precedence. Who is on the docket tonight?”

“Oh tonight is a treat,” Levi Mathews smiled, “My niece, Persephone and a local girl, Alice Burns, recently had a dispute over a young man. They have both agreed to settle it tonight. Alice’s mother, Doris, wanted them fully clothed and my sister wanted to drench the ground for a good muddy time. Even with the request from Mrs. Burns, Persephone is ready to tear off clothing.”

“This should be an interesting evening,” I said, “Levi, if you will excuse me, I will see you later tonight.” He stood as I walked out.

I walked across the dusty street to the Emerald Palace. As I entered, Eva was singing and dancing on the large stage. She winked at me. I leaned against the bar, waving the barkeep over for a whiskey.

“Your presence has been missed,” said a sultry voice behind me.

I turned to see Madam Karen Dempsey, in all her cleavage baring glory. “This is my only dress, so let’s not go to the ground,” I said with a smile as I glanced around, “How is Lillian fairing?”

“She is healed and back working,” Karen said as she pointed.

I followed the finger to see the Asian beauty circling tables filled with ranch hands. My gaze fell on Samantha and Mathias, seated at a small table watching Eva sing and dance.

“How have your girls faired in the past few weeks?” I asked still watching the crowd and the gorgeous Eva dance.

“One win and one loss,” Karen said. “Bella Reed and I ended up with hands in each other’s hair until we were pulled apart. Levi and his sister said she and I would have it out next week. Tonight’s is one between a local girl and Deanna’s daughter.”

“I heard about that,” I said as I told Karen about the issue in the general store and my meeting with Levi.

“Speaking of Bella Reed,” Karen whispered into my ear, “Is it true you have history with her?”

“It is,” I answered, “I first met her during the war. She and I were both teenagers. My mother and Bella fought. Both got topless but the soldiers broke it up and Bella was arrested. Then I met her again in Silvertown. She fought a good friend of mine, twice. She also had my daughter, Katerina, working for her for a time. I still owe her for that.”

“I would like to be there when it comes due,” Karen said quietly.

“Same goes for me when you and Deanna fight,” I said turning and smiling.

“She and I did meet in private last week,” Karen smiled. “Ours lasted longer than you and her.”

“I see,” I said back as we stared at the each other. “I guess you and I should see what happens if we meet.”

“Nothing nice,” Karen replied our mutual glares were broken upby a shout.

“Get off of him, hussy!” Samantha shouted as she rose. I could see Lillian sitting on Mathias’s lap.

“Are you going to make me, little girl?” Lillian said as she stood.

The two angry women grabbed handfuls of hair and began to stumble around. Mathias tried to grab Sam around the waist but caught an elbow to the jaw and stumbled back. Lillian bent Sam over a table as the men sitting there moved away quickly. Karen and I moved through the crowd to stand near Sam and Lillian. The two rolled off the table and onto the floor. Sam started pulling on the Asian’s dress as Lillian grabbed the blonde’s left breast. Karen and I stepped in at that moment. I pulled Samantha, kicking and spitting, off Lillian as Karen prevented her girl from coming at the young blonde.

“Calm down Samantha,” I said in the girl’s ear. She relaxed and stopped struggling.

“Sorry, Ahna,” Sam said breathlessly. “But she was asking for it!”

“I think you should take you little hellcat out,” Karen said sternly. She and I traded angry looks as I escorted Sam out of the saloon.

Mathias joined us working his jaw. “I was trying to push her off, Sam. Brothel women don’t get my fancy.”

As we were further away from the Emerald I turned Samantha around, “Are you going to behave tonight?”

“Yes, Ahna, I will,” she said in defeated tone.

“Chin up, Sam,” I said smiling, “You did just fine.”

The time came for the evening fight. The Mathews crew dumped out the buckets of water in a small circle as the dirt became thick and muddy. Doris Burns led her daughter, Alice to the area. Alice was dressed in the same high collar, long sleeved grey dress. She removed her boots and stood at the edge of the makeshift mud pit. Deanna led Persephone to the pit. The redhead wore a faded grey split skirt and long sleeved button up black shirt. A few of the buttons were already undone. She smiled wickedly at Alice.

The man who did the announcing the first night stepped forward, “Welcome ladies and gents to another spectacular evening of good clean fun!” The crowd laughed and cheered. “Tonight we have two young lovelies who are seek the attention of the same young man. What better way to settle it than in the mud. Alright girls, time to get dirty!”

Persephone rushed at Alice, grabbing the long brown hair and dragging her into ankle high mud. The two girls slipped and slid around as Alice grabbed two fistfuls of red locks. It did not take long for the two to go splashing down into the mud. The wet dirt sprayed over a few onlookers who were close to the pit. The clothing and hair became coated in thick mud as Persephone and Alice rolled around. The redhead mounted Alice and grasped the high collar of the dress. She smiled at the crowd as she pulled it open with a rippppppp!

Doris rushed over to Levi Mathews, “This is not what was agreed upon!”

“Hush your mouth, Doris!” Deanna said walking to the opposite side of her brother. “Or you will be face down and naked in the mud!”

At first, Alice tried to cover up as her firm breasts were exposed but then she grabbed Persephone’s worn blouse and ripped it open. For the next few moments, the two teenagers tore at clothing. They pushed away with Alice in muddy pantaloons and Persephone naked and covered in mud. They slid together on their knees with hands reaching for muddy hair. They tipped over as legs locked and the pair rolled. The mud caused hands to slip through hair as hands began to slap muddy skin. The redhead started pulling at the mud logged pantaloons as Alice grabbed Persephone’s large breasts. Both girls were screaming curses at the other as the undergarments were ripped down and the redhead’s tits were pulled and twisted. Alice used her legs to push against Persephone’s hips and they slid apart. The brown haired girl raised her fists as she knee walked towards her rival. The young women started to punch back and forth. Shots fell on faces, muddy breasts and tummies. I could clearly see blood oozing from lips and noses, mixing with the dark mud. Persephone slammed a right fist across Alice’s jaw. The brown haired teenager slumped back on her heels, dazed. The redhead slammed her body into Alice and took them back to the mud. She rolled Alice over to her stomach and started to push the teenagers face into the mud.

“Please stop this! Don’t let her kill my baby!” Doris pleaded. Her husband, Harold Burns rushed forward and whispered in Levi’s ear.

The elder Mathews smiled and nodded, “Deanna, get your daughter off of the Burns girl.” He turned back to Harold. “Do not fret Harold. You may have just sold the store to me, but you and your family can still work there as my employees.”

Deanna Mathews walked into the mud pit and grasped Persephone’s shoulder but the young woman shrugged her off, continuing to push Alice’s face into the mud. Deanna then grabbed two handfuls of red hair and yanked her daughter off. The younger Mathews woman glared in hate at her mother.

“Disobey me and reap it!” Deanna growled. She pressed her knee down onto her daughter’s neck. “Do you want more?”

“No,” rasped Persephone as she stopped struggling.

Doris and Harold lifted their unconscious daughter up and carried her back to their home. I started walking through the crowd when a hand touched my arm.

“A moment if you please, Ms. Stevens,” a woman’s voice said.

I turned to come face to face with Lizy, the young woman who fought on behalf of Bella Reed during the first fight a few weeks ago.

“How may I help you?” I asked a little guarded.

“Will you be on your ranch in the coming days?” She asked.

“I plan to be, why do you ask?” I inquired.

“Because you stopped me from fighting the cunt from the Emerald,” Lizy said, leveling her gaze. “If you are not yellow, we will fight and no one will stop me.”

I looked her up and down, mulling over the challenge. “Alright, Lizy. Noon, two days from now. Come out alone and we will ride to a secluded spot.”

She nodded and turned away. I shook my head, so much for the quiet life.

Jed was correct about the rain. It was the biggest storm I had seen since living in Kansas. We only had seven steers spook and run off. Anna and Bill rounded up three while Micah, Rudy and I bringing the other four back to the fenced in area. We kept an eye out for flooding on the property as the rain remained steady. The next day, all the hands along with Anna, Mathias and I, rode out to check fences for damage from the high winds. Late in the morning, Anna rode up to me as I was helping Bill fix a stretch of fence.

“There is a rider coming onto the property,” Anna said, “It is one of the women from the brothels.”

I looked up to the blue sky with the sun almost over head. “She and I have an appointment. Tell everyone to steer clear of the north pasture for a few hours. This woman and I have to talk about a few things.”

Anna just smiled as she got off her horse to help Bill with the fence.

I mounted Clementine and rode to meet Lizy. She was seated on a small mare as I came closer to her. Lizy was dressed in a worn long sleeve button up, red blouse that was pushing in the front from her large breasts. The grey split skirt looked like it had also seen better days. I had on my trusty worn dungaree pants with my boots tucked in. The black button up shirt was stained with a little mud.

“So here we are, Lizy,” I said as slowly got off Clem and removed my Stetson and gun belt, place both on the horn of my saddle. The ground was soggy and my booted feet sunk into the mud a couple of inches. “How would you like to do this?”

The busty brunette looked around, “This is fine. I am not afraid of mud and muck.” She slipped off her horse and walked into an open area. “There is no one to pull me off you.”

“Nor anyone to pull me off you,” I countered, as I walked to her.

We slowly started to circle with the circling getting us closer. She lunged first and slammed into me as stumbled, each securing hand holds in the other’s hair. Her breasts were massive compared to mine and I could feel them crush against me as our bodies fought. I yanked back on Lizy’s hair and she yelped as we stumbled. Her booted right foot kicked out, catching me above my boot and I fell back, dragging her with me. The mud splashed up as fell into it.

“I bet you feel at home, pig!” Lizy taunted.

“No more than you, fat titted cow!” I growled back.

She tried to straddle my hips but the heels of my boots caught solid ground and I bucked up, sending Lizy off to the side with her face and chest going into the gooey mud. I laughed at the sight as she glared at me. The busty brunette grabbed a handful of mud and slapped it into my face, grinding it in. I turned my head away and spit out mud as she tackled me from behind. Now the front of my clothing was as mud covered as the back. Lizy was on my back as she tried to push my face into the mud, but I bridged and she slid off to the side. As I turned to lunge at her, she grabbed my long sleeve shirt and pulled, dragging me over her as we roll. The buttons popped as more of my cleavage was revealed. I curse and grabbed her worn shirt and pulled. The buttons were already straining and the shirt came fully open quickly. Being topless did not affect Lizy in the least. She ripped open the remaining buttons of my shirt and our bare breasts slapped together. We rolled in our battleground as shirts fell always. My dungarees felt weighted from the mud in them. Lizy was having a hard time with her split skirt. We pushed away and sat facing the other.

“I can’t fight in this,” Lizy said as she began to pull of the split skirt and her boots. I followed suit as soon we were naked in the mud.

We got to knees as we continued to slip and inched forward. We slammed together in a rough embrace with her larger breast overwhelming mine. We each grabbed muddy hair from the back with our head pulled so faces looked up to the sky. I tipped us over as we continued roll back and forth with legs snaking together and tightening grips. Mud squished through our combined bodies as our breasts slid over the others with hard nipples scrapping and digging into the mass of flesh. I felt her legs start to move around my hips, so I did the same. We ended up on our backsides in a catball and tipped back over in the mud in wild rolling ball. I bit down on Lizy’s lower lip as her teeth came down over my upper lip. We remained jaw locked, as our bodies were one big muddy ball. If someone saw us, you could not tell which was which. My fingers slipped through her hair and I raked them down her back as she arched mashing her breasts against mine. I felt my breast yielding to her larger pair, something I had never felt before. She rolled us over as my struggling grew weaker. The legs remained locked as she ground the mud covered globes against me. I bucked my hips as dirty womanhoods slapped together.

“You don’t want to whore it out with me,” Lizy taunted.

“Fuck!” I cursed out as it was getting harder to breathe. “Enough! You win!”

My legs slackened around hers as she continued to grind her breasts into mine.

“Don’t ever stop me from a fight again,” Lizy said as her mud stained face loomed above mine.

“Fine, just get off!” I grunted as she rolled and I could breathe fully again. I looked down at me and then at her. “There is a stream not far where we can wash off.”

She nodded and followed me as we led the horses to the stream. We washed off our bodies and clothing. The air was warm so the wet clothing would not affect us.

Lizy looked me over again. “You gave me a hell of a fight. It was fair and not what Ms. Bella said at all.”

“Your madam and I have a confrontation coming soon,” I said as I watched the busty brunette dress.

“I hope I get to see that,” Lizy said smiling. “I also hope we can fight again. Just not in mud.” She heeled the horse and headed off back to town.

I rode back wet to the house as Rosalina walked out to the porch.

“Did Clem buck you off in the stream?” She asked with a smile.

“No, I had a disagreement with a woman from town,” I answered rubbing my breasts and wincing.

“She must have been some woman,” Rosalina chuckled. “Come on in, I will fix you a hot bath.”

A little while later, Rosalina poured hot water in as leaned back in the claw foot tub. She smiled as she walked out. I had barely been in the tub when there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” I called.

“Anna and Jennifer,” came Anna’s voice.

I sighed, “Come in.”

“Sorry to bother you,” Jennifer said as Anna closed the door. “I have something I want to do but would like your permission.”

“Now you have me intrigued,” I said, “What is it?”

“I would like to work the saloons and brothels playing poker,” Jennifer said with a sly smile. “My mother taught me well.”

She had won the property we were living on. “Are you that good?” I asked.

“One night back in Redington, Doc Holiday and I played for over 8 hours,” she answered with a satisfied grin.

“Who won?” I inquired.

“It was a draw after he passed out,” Jennifer said laughing a little, “I was not going to rob him blind. Big Nose Kate would have tanned my hide. She and my mother were good friends.”

I thought about it for a little while, “My only concern is the sort you would be playing against. I have no doubt you can handle yourself however, these are rough men.”

“I plan to make sure she is safe,” Anna chimed in. “Neither man nor woman scare me. Jennifer will be safe.” Jennifer looked longingly at Anna and the two grasped hands.

“Then you have my permission,” I said and then there was another knock on the door. “Who is it?” I asked a little annoyed.

“It is Mathias,” came the voice from the door.

I submerged more of my body into the tub with the soap bubbles covering my breasts. “Come in.” I called out.

Mathias entered but averted his eyes, “I don’t mean to disturb you.”

“You already did, out with it,” I said.

He cleared his throat, “With your blessing, I wish to court Samantha.”

I sat up as my breasts cleared the water. Anna and Jennifer sucked in breath. I sank back into the tub. “Why are you asking me?”

“Because when her father was killed and you asked her to come with us, you assumed the patriarchal role,” he answered.

“So does that mean you are not going to head to California?” I asked as I started to smile.

“No,” Mathias replied, “I wish to make my life here and with Samantha.”

“Then you have it, Mathias,” I said, beaming, “I would normally rise to shake your hand but I am not going to do that now.”

“I understand. And thank you,” Mathias Breecher said. “I will take my leave now.” He walked out quickly, no doubt to let Sam know.

Anna and Jennifer were staring longingly into the other’s eyes.

“Do you two want me to find a preacher for you?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Heavens no!” Jennifer answered, “We plan to live in sin.” She grabbed Anna’s face for a deep kiss.

“Enough of that,” I laughed, “Or I might invite you into the tub with me.”

The two women looked at the other and then at me, they slowly rose and moved towards the tub. Then there was another knock at the door.

“Oh in tarnation, who the hell is it?” I yelled.

“Sorry Ms. Ahna. It is Micah,” the young man said sheepishly. “There are riders coming up the laneway.”

“Keep them outside until I come out,” I said as I started to get up. I towel off and dressed in some fresh clothing that Rosalina had laid out for me. I walked out to the porch and surveyed the ten men on horseback. My hands and Mathias were in a loose circle with rifles or shotguns pointed down.

An older man nudged his horse forward, “My name is Daniel Prescott. I am hoping you and I can talk privately.”

“Come on in and I will put some tea on,” I said as Mr. Prescott got off his horse and walked up the stairs to the house.

We sat in the small parlor as Rosaline brought in tea.

“What would you like to speak about?” I asked, sipping tea.

“I am your neighbor to the north of your property,” Daniel said, “I have almost 1,000 acres. I would like you to buy it from me.”

I almost spit out my tea, “Why me?”

“Because I do not want to sell it to Leviticus Mathews,” he said with a frown. “That man has hounded me for two years to sell my land. He has had his men accost my family on numerous occasions. I want to move south and away from his ilk.”

“How much are you asking?” I inquired.

“This is where it gets interesting,” Daniel Prescott said, “I have oil on my land.”

“Oil, really?” I asked as my eyes went wide.

“Yes, Black Gold, Texas Tea,” he answered with a smile. “I will have the oil derrick built; I will pay for the overseer and men to operate it. I will give you the 1,000 acres and ten percent of all profits. I am desperate, Mrs. Stevens. Please accept my offer.”

I rose, walking to a cabinet and brought out a bottle of whiskey. “Every deal should be settled with a drink,” I said. He rose to his feet, accrepted the shot as we both downed them together. He coughed a little and smiled. We shook hands and I escorted him out.

“I will have the papers by in the morning,” he said as he got back onto his horse. “I have already informed the bank and my lawyer in Big Springs to write them up.”

I smiled as he knew I would accept.

Later that night I discussed what was going to happen with everyone.

“Wealth can change people,” Rosalina said as she looked at me.

“I understand, which is why I plan to only use what we absolutely need for the ranch,” I said, “Half will go to Katerina, my daughter and the other half will be divided evenly among you all. The money will be yours to do with as you please”

Jed Ten Bears spoke first, “Ahna, I do not care how much money you give me; I want to remain here and work this land. It has given me the peace I needed.” Micah Ten Bears, Rudy White Owl and Bill Iron Buffalo all nodded in agreement.

“You need more clothes,” Rosalina said smiling. “Only one dress and I want to burn those dungarees.”

We all laughed as the new part of all our lives was about to commence.

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