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Wildcats of the West: Chapter 9 by Ahna Brown

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Willamina did not sleep well. The visions of what she witnessed plagued her. The final image in her mind of the naked and blood covered, Deanna Mathews throttling her beaten sister, Sarah, had Willa awake with a start. Red Flower was sitting next to her. 

“Your dreams?” Flower asked quietly.

“Yes,” Willa answered. She felt comfortable sharing with thewoman she had only met the night prior. “I never sleep well.”

“I hope you will find what you need at the stone circle,” Red Flower said as she stood. Willa got up and walked with her to waiting horses. Little Feather was seated on a borrowed Appaloosa. She nodded to Willamina. The three native women rode off for the Stevens ranch. 

Willa was mesmerized by the preparation both Flower and Feather did before entering the circle. Each had combed out hair to place in long braids. The applied war paint to faces. The weapons they carried, bows and arrows, knives and tomahawks, were placed carefully just outside the circle. Red Flower started a small fire, pointed for Willa to sit, and instructed her to keep the fire going. Little Feather and Flower entered the circle from opposite sides and sat facing the other, crossed legged. They started to place feathers, both eagle and hawk feathers in front of the other. Each place hands on knees as they stared into the other’s face. Willa felt the calmest in her life. 

“Comanche,” Red Flower called, “Take the sage and light it.” Willa did as instructed. “Enter the circle with the sage, walk around us and let the smoke and medicine enter us.”

Willa stepped into the circle and walked to the two-seated women. She brought the burning sage near letting each wave her hands to bring the smoke into faces. 

“Sit, Comanche,” Little Feather said as she point to a place to the sides of her and Red Flower. “The great warrior Red Flower and I have come here because of war and violent actions.”

“The circle of violence started when my sister killed Little Feather’s mother,” Red Flower stated.

“The circle continued as I killed Red Flower’s sister,” Little Feather added.

A voice came from outside the circle, “Vengeance can only lead to destruction of life,” Rosalina said as she entered the circle and sat opposite Willa. “You, child, have a spirit swirling with hate and violence. You are here because as the circle has helped Red Flower and Little Feather, so can it help you.”

“How?” Willamina asked in a shaky voice. 

“You need to know who you are, Wild Fox,” Rosalina answered.

“What did you call me?” Willa asked confused.

“Your name,” Red Flower stated, “It is your true name.”

“Your father was Standing Fox,” Rosa said, “Your mother was called Bright Eagle. I knew them both.”

Little Feather turned her head to Willa, “If you want to discover the truth and learn the ways of your people, choose now. If you wish to remain Willamina, you must not leave the circle.”

Willamina Mathews remained seated, “I will remain.”

“You must now take your spirit back, Comanche,” Red Flower said. She turned to face Rosalina and nodded. 

“What happened to my mother and father?” Willa asked Rosalina.

Rosa looked at the young woman with sad eyes, “Standing Fox and Bright Eagle survived the destruction of our village. When I left them, they had you safe. When I returned, I found your father with a bullet in his back and your mother barely alive. Her body wore the scars of combat. She left this world before she could tell me who took you. In her hands, she clutched red hair.”

“No….NO!” Willa screamed out, “It must not be!” She stood but Red Flower and Little Feather stood, grabbing her to keep her from walking out of the circle. 

“Your spirit is scarred and you must cleanse it,” Little Feather said. 

Willa was sobbing now, “How?”

“Do you wish to see?” Red Flower asked. 

The young woman nodded as tears streamed down her face. 

“Sit with me,” Rosa said, “They will show you.”

Willa sat with her eyes going wide as both Little Feather and Red Flower began to remove what they were wearing. The buckskin top and bone breastplate were taken off, revealing each woman’s large breasts. The short buckskin skirts were untied and dropped to the dirt. The native women paused only for a moment until they rushed and slammed together with arms going around the other’s back. They tried to throw the other to the ground as they wrestled and moved about the circle. This was strength on strength with arms moving to get better grips. As they fell to the dirt, a small cloud of dust came up as their bodies wrestled for control. Willa noticed they did not fight like women she had seen fight. They did not grab hair to pull. This was naked wrestling, not a catfight. The large orbs ground and fought for space between their bodies. Legs locked and tightened as grunts came from mouths. Little Feather and Red Flower fought for the top position, neither able to stay there very long. 

“I have never fought like this,” Willa said aloud. “I fight like other women, not like our kind.”

“The spirit should be freed,” Rosalina said, “If you wish to fight, I will fight you. I have fought like a Comanche and with also with other women.”

“Will it help me?” Willa asked. 

“It did with me,” Rosa confessed. 

“Then yes,” Willamina stated, nodding her head. 

Rosa stood and helped Willa to her feet. The older woman started to remove her dress as Willa followed suit. It did not take long for the two women to be standing, facing the other naked. Rosalina was not a proportioned up top as the young woman was but her breasts were round and full. Willa’s breasts were large, close in size to both Little Feather and Red Flower. 

“I will not scar you,” Rosa said. She turned her body to scars on her backside and back. “I have been scarred in combat before. Here is for cleansing. Not combat.”

As Flower and Feather wrestled in the dirt, Willa and Rosa came together, grabbing hair in their hands. They soon joined the other native women on the dirt as they rolled wildly about. The two pairs would bounce off the other, always staying in the circle. Little Feather and Red Flower slowed and rested side by side, as they watched the other two go at it. 

Rosalina and Willamina pulled hair and grabbed breasts to squeeze. This is how Willa was taught to fight by Deanna. The redhead would have her and Persephone fight like that, as she trained them both. She squeezed Rosa’s left breast hard, hearing the older woman yelp in pain. The half Comanche half Mexican woman answered back with a hard pull and twist of Will’s left tit. Something flooded into Willa as she rolled with the older woman. Flashes of images at first but soon she was not in the present moment. 

From a vantage point close to the ground, she could see a Comanche man and woman standing among a smoldering village. There was a young baby in the woman’s hands. The two looked to see something in the distance. Willa looked to see three riders approach. One man with reddish hair and beard as well as two redheaded women. Standing Fox turned to look for a weapon when the man on horseback shot him in the back. Standing Fox fell as Bright Eagle screamed. The two women riders dismounted and moved towards the native woman. 

“Put the baby down, squaw,” Deanna Mathews said, “We have no intention of harming your child.”

“We do plan to harm you though,” Sarah Mathews smiled. 

Bright Eagle placed her baby on a blanket and faced the two women. She let out a war cry and charged. From her vantage point, Willa looked from the catfighting women to Levi Mathews dismounting and walking to the baby. He picked the young child up in his right arm. 

“I think I will keep you child,” he said to the crying baby. “My other daughter I cannot acknowledge. But you will be a good cousin to Persephone.”

Willa turned to look at the three women roll and claw in the dirt. Long claw marks oozed blood over Bright Eagles face and chest. Deanna got behind the native woman and held her arms as Sarah destroyed the Comanche’s breasts. The woman’s arms fell slack as Deanna wrapped her arms around Bright Eagle’s neck and squeezed. Both Mathews sisters were satisfied the woman would die soon. Sarah looked over to where Willa was watching. 

“Look Deanna,” Sarah said pointing, “We have a spectator.” 

“The little wild fox?” Deanna laughed. “I hope the creature got a good show.”

The scene faded to Willa shaking as Rosalina, Red Flower, and Little Feather held her tight. The four women rocked back and forth. 

“You have seen what you were meant to see,” Flower said quietly.

“The circle shows the truth,” Feather added.

“You will come with us,” Rosalina said, “You have much to learn.”

“I do not want to go back to them,” Willamina sobbed, “Not until I meet them as Wild Fox.”

“Today your journey starts,” Flower said.

“We will help you in this journey,” Feather said, “I am not Comanche but you will have sanctuary with the Cherokee always.”

“Little Feather and I have set up camp near here,” Flower said, “You will go there with us to learn. Rosalina will also be there at times to help you. When you are ready, you will meet those who took you. And your mother’s spirit will finally rest.”

The four women dressed and went to the camp. 

Over the next few weeks, everyone recuperated and healed, adding new scars to bodies. General Wainwright and his men did as he promised. The wayward soldiers until the late Joshua Brogue’s commend were all hanged. Life in Rattler’s Holler was quiet as we all moved on with life. Once Diane was able to be moved, I took her back to the ranch to recover more. Micah stayed at Kat’s Ranch as more threats came from Karen Dempsey. The young man provided security for the girls working there. Anna’s limp improved as she was able to ride again. We bid our farewells to Texas Ranger Danny Fog and his men. Danny promised not to be a stranger. Lieutenant Howard Trapper departed with General Wainwright. Samantha thanked him for his work and was assured by the general that Howard would be commended and awarded the rank of Captain. 

Katerina rolled her left shoulder before taking the fishing rod and casting a line into the stream.

“How is it?” I asked as I slowly reeled my cast in.

“Sore but works fine,” Kat said, “How is your new scar?” 

I touched the raised skin of my left shoulder, the gift from Betty Abbott. “Another mark to show where I have been in this life.”

“So, tell me what is on your mind?” My daughter asked, “I know you did not ask me out here for just fishing.”

“The Mathews family are more corrupt than Mayor Abbott and if my guess is correct, more brutal than the cowboys,” I said as I looked at Kat. 

“That is some family,” Katerina said, “I take it you got a plan.”

“Something Deanna said to me when we met for tea on the day I arrived here,” I said, “Her eyes lit up when I told her a little white lie.” 

“Which was?” Kat asked, taking a drink from her canteen. 

“That you and I had a long naked catfight,” I said as Katerina spit out the water. 

“And she was excited by that?” My daughter asked in a raised voice. 

“Very!” I answered. “She and her daughter have, if what she said was true, in many naked catfights. In addition, before I made an enemy out of Karen Dempsey, the madam from the Emerald Palace, she confided that two of her girls were last seen on this property with Deanna and Persephone. ”

“So the plot thickens?” Kat asked with one eyebrow raised.“Have you searched?”

“Not as much as I should have,” I admitted. “When we first arrived, Anna Gonzales marked areas on the property that looked freshly dug. But with all that has transpired, the searching was left by the road. I have Jed and Bill checking out two of the four that Anna found; will you check out the other two with me?”

“Of course I would, Momma,” Katerina answered. “We sure as shit ain’t catching fish!” 

At Kat’s Ranch, a lovely young looking blonde smiled at Micah and sauntered in. She wore her blonde hair in two pigtails on the sides of her head. The dress she was wearing was low cut to show off her firm breasts. She looked around and found who she was looking for. As she started walking a hand grasped her at the elbow.

“Jane,” Lillian said, “What are you doing here?”

Jane Walker looked the Asian up and down, “I have a message for Jennifer Dumont from Madam Karen. Now kindly take your hand off me.” Jane wrenched her arm free. There was a time when Lillian and Jane were friends. Lillian had been at the Emerald Palace when a young street rat was caught trying to lift a wallet. Karen took a softer approach to the young woman, for when she was cleaned up, she had a young and innocent face. Her body was womanly but not as busty. This made her popular with those who wanted a young looking woman. Jane had helped clean Lillian up after the catfight with Lizy. At that time, Jane had confided in the Asian beauty something she was reluctant to share with anyone. She had survived a deadly attack by Comanche. Her family was killed on the trail and Jane hid under the dead bodies until the Comanche had left. She walked for two days until she came to Rattler’s Holler. She lived in alley’s and scrounged for food. It was only when she was caught in the Emerald Palace that she was treated like a human again. 

Lillian nodded as led Jane to the back table where Jennifer and Anna sat.

“You are one of Karen’s girls, right?” Jennifer asked as the two women approached. 

“I am,” Jane said confidently, “My mistress has given me this message for you.”

“Well,” Jennifer said leaning back, “Out with it then.”

“Madam Karen challenges you to a whore fight,” Jane said with a smile on her face, “The winner will have control of both brothels with the loser leaving town forever. You may bring a second, but it cannot be her,” Jane pointed at Anna, “Also it will not be Lillian or Eva. You will meet Madam Karen tonight at 10pm outside of town limits at where Fox Creek forks. Do you accept?”

“So Karen wants to fight like a whore against me, huh?” Jennifer mused. 

“Madam Karen,” Jane corrected. 

“Sweetie,” Anna said, “You aren’t in the Palace, if Jennifer wants to call Karen a bitch, she can.”

Jane narrowed her eyes at Anna.

“Well,” Jennifer said as she place her hand over Anna’s, “Tell that fat titted bitch that I accept. Who is her second?”

“I am,” Jane smiled. 

Jennifer looked the blonde up and down. “Constance! Come over here!” 

A beautiful young redhead with freckles and deep cleavage walked to the table, “Yes Ma’am?” She asked with the hint of the Irish in her.

“You are off until I need you tonight,” Jennifer said, as she saw the two were close to the same height, but the redhead had larger breasts. 

“Yes, Ma’am,” Constance O’Rourke nodded. 

“So let your madam know that I have my second,” Jennifer said, “You can see your way out.” Jane smiled and turned, walking out. 

“What is a whore fight?” Anna asked. “Also, I don’t like you going there without me.”

“A whore fight my lover,” Jennifer said as she got closer to Anna, “is a naked fight between two whores. Most of the time it is them matching their bodies together. The seconds will make sure we don’t get too catty. I will be fine.” Jenn leaned and kissed Anna. 

It was a little before ten when Jennifer and Constance rode in the horse drawn buggy to the fork in Fox Creek. The moon was up and full as the noticed Karen’s buggy already there. As they rode closer, Jennifer could see Karen Dempsey and Jane Walker. She and Constance got out of the buggy and walked to meet the pair of women. 

“When I get control of your little saloon,” Karen hissed, “Eva and Lillian will have their comeuppance.”

“Oh stop mooing, you saggy cow!” Jennifer sneered. “Your old body will not win anything tonight.” Jennifer lifted the worn dress over her head to show the women in attendance she was naked. Her round breasts sat high and firm on her chest. The patch of light brown hair between her thighs was trimmed with scissors earlier. 

“Little girl,” Karen said, “You are a poor excuse of a woman. Your mother would be ashamed.” Karen pulled her dress over her head. The massive breasts bounced heavily on her chest. Her blonde patch was full between her legs. “Come her to meet the woman who is going to make you squirt and squeal!”

Jennifer looked around, “Well where is she?” Laughing, she strode forward as she met Karen in the small clearing next to the creek. 

The two naked madams came together, naked bodies slapped as hands grabbed the other in a tight embrace. Mouths immediately sought the others as lips mashed with tongues slithering to coil with its counterpart. Though Karen had much bigger breasts, Jennifer’s firmer tits were pushing the older madam’s pair back. The bellies started to slap together as feet shuffled in the grass. Jennifer’s heel hit a tree root and the pair tumbled to the ground. Legs snaked together as the madams tussled back and forth. Jennifer latched onto the blonde locks and pulled back, breaking the kiss as she spat in Karen’s face. Saliva flew from the older woman’s mouth, splashing on Jenn’s face. The younger woman rolled on top as Karen’s hands slapped down over her ass. The fingers kneaded the firm backside as thighs worked in to push against the furry patches of womanhood. Jennifer bit seductively on Karen’s neck, her tongue making the older madam moan out. Experience began to work in Karen’s favor as her right thigh pushed into the wet womanhood as her fingers drifted in between the firm ass cheeks to brush against puckered flesh. Jennifer cried out in pleasure as she lost her bite. 

Jane let out a cry of elation as her madam took control. 

“Get that whore!” Constance yelled.

“Shut up, Irish pig!” Jane taunted. 

“Watch your mouth, slut!” Constance growled as she narrowed her eyes. 

Karen rolled to the top as she grabbed both of Jennifer’s wrist and held them down above the younger woman’s head. The large tits brushed back and forth, as the older woman pressed her thigh in more. The skin slick with juices.

“I am going to make you explode, little bitch!” Karen hissed down at her rival. 

Jennifer gritted her teeth as she wiggled her left arm free, wrapping it around Karen’s back as they rolled over. 

“Bring that sopping slit over here,” Jennifer taunted as her firm thighs started to pry open the older woman’s pair. 

The two woman groaned in bliss as the furry patched met and rubbed fiercely. Jennifer flexed her hips and backside as she ground down. Their puffy labia meeting, spreading open as the two professional lovers cried out with each thrust and stroke. 

“YES!” Constance cried out! “Knock the dust off that dried up cunt!”

Jane was enraged. “You Irish shit pig!” She rushed at the redhead, who met her with claws bared. 

Jennifer pulled Karen in tight as she bit down on the blonde’s lower lip. Her hips moved in rhythm with the older woman who again moved her fingers in between the firm backside to press on the puckered skin. The two naked madams began to buck on the grass as the womanhoods erupted at nearly the same time. Jennifer continued to slam her pussy into Karen’s as they came. The older woman slapped Jenn across the face, rolling her off. The younger woman smiled wickedly, moving her fingers to touch her sex. The wetness on her fingers went to her own mouth to lick them clean.  

“Oh Karen,” Jennifer purred, “You taste….old!”

“You fucking cunt!” Karen growled. She sat on her backside and spread her legs. “Meet me, cunt to cunt, if you dare!”

Jennifer spread her own thighs open and inched forward. Their legs intertwined as the hungry womanhoods met to once again battle. 

Jane and Constance were a whirl of motion on the ground. Hair was pulled as young bodies slammed into the others. The blonde tore open the redhead’s top, exposing the large breasts. The Irish woman screamed as her hands found the low-slung top of Jane’s dress and she yanked down. The blonde’s firm tits slapped into the larger pair as they rolled over. The pair rolled side by sides as the bottoms of skirts were pulled up. Each young woman felt their naked flesh come together. And like their madams, the two wanted to lock up to see who was the better woman. Constance pulled wildly at the worn skirt of her new rival as Jane yanked on the redhead’s clothing. The pushed away as they both got naked, knee walked together with breast slapping and hands grabbing fistfuls of hair. Though Constance was a few years older and more experience with both sex and fighting, Jane fought like a woman possessed. 

The backsides were lifted off the grass as the madams thrust forward in a smack of wet skin and curly hair. With each impact, the pair grunted. They brought the womanhoods together again, dropping their asses to the grass and grinding the pussies together. The hard sex horns pushed into between the other’s moist lips as arms grasped the others leg for leverage. Each experienced another small earthquake between their legs. Jennifer fell back as Karen laughed. The older blonde crawled over the younger woman, turned so her backside was at Jenn’s face. She inched back until her wet pussy was hovering above the younger woman’s mouth. 

“I am going to suffocate you, whore!” Karen said with a maniacal laugh. 

But like a spider, Jenn had lured Karen into her web. The young woman brought her own legs to wrap around Karen’s head as her mouth slammed into the blonde’s dripping womanhood. The older madam screamed as she was pulled down with Jenn expertly devouring the cunt in front of her. Karen locked her thighs over Jennifer’s head and they started a slow, methodical roll as womanly juices pushed out over the lips and tongue to drip down faces. Karen was good but Jennifer was better and younger. The older woman came again with Jennifer not stopping but increasing the use of her tongue and then lips to lock the older woman’s clit in her mouth to suck. Karen went rigid and tried to buck and escape. Jennifer added her fingers, sliding two easily in as her tongue slapped and fenced the sex rod. Karen’s pussy sprayed Jennifer’s face again as she screamed out. Jenn rolled on top as she would not let up. 

Jane and Constance wickedly pulled on the other’s tits as thighs pressed against naked flesh. The Irish woman had much more for Jane to grab and claw at. The blonde rolled them over as she twisted the pale orbs left and right. Constance let go of Jane’s tits, grabbing the younger woman’s wrists, trying to pry them off. The blonde spit down into the redhead’s face and moved to sit on the girls waist. She bounced up once, causing Constance to cough out. Jane rolled off and the redhead turned over and tried to crawl away. Jane slowly rose and walked to Constance, pulled her hair as she swatted the pale backside over repeatedly. The Irish woman started to cry. 

“Irish cunt!” Jane growled. “You will lick me until I fucking erupt!” She pulled Constance by the hair and pressed the face into her wet womanhood. 

The Irish woman hesitated at first, earning an ass slap as Jane leaned over. Then she began to expertly tongue the blonde’s sex. Jane moaned out as her legs spread more, her finger deep into red locks, pulling the other woman into her. For Jane the rougher the sex the harder she came. She pulled Constance off her pussy by the hair and started to slam the woman’s face against her. 

“YES! YES! YES!” Jane cried out each time she brought the redheads face into her twat. Her legs got shaky as she pulled the face in again, the explosion of womanly juices splashed the older saloon girl’s face. Jane pushed her back and looked to see her madam losing. She weakly walked towards the warring madams. 

By Karen’s fifth orgasm she passed out. Jennifer ground her backside and womanhood into the beaten woman’s face. She heard movement behind her and tried to turn but hands grabbed sweaty, matted hair. Jennifer reached back to slap and latch her own hands onto pert breasts. Nails dug in as she heard a scream. Her fingers grasped the nipples as she fell off Karen’s face, dragging the blonde Jane with her. Jennifer did not let Jane press the advantage, balling up her fist and slamming it into the young woman’s belly. Jane coughed out as her head was pulled up by the hair. 

“I love the spunk, Jane,” Jennifer breathed out. “You are going to be fun have work for me. Now I beat your madam, The Emerald Palace is mine. Tell all the girls there, who is the new boss. That is, tell them when you wake up.” Jennifer’s right fist crashed into the left side of Jane’s face, knocking her unconscious. 

Jennifer caught her breath as she could hear the sound of a horse riding hard to them. Anna did not wait for the horse to stop as she leapt off, winching as both legs came down. She limped over to her lover.

“Damn it, Jennifer,” Anna said as she helped the madam to her feet. “I told you there would be treachery.”

“Nothing I could not handle, sweet Anna,” Jennifer laughed. “I think I will need to you give me a bath tonight. Well after we get Constance put right.” The two woman helped the beaten redhead into the buggy and rode back to Kat’s Ranch. It did not take Anna very long to stop scrubbing her lover and jump into the claw foot tub with her. 

The next day, the word of the fight between the madams spread through town. Karen Dempsey had departed in the middle of the night with the profits and earnings of all her girls. The last anyone saw she was riding west towards El Paso. The former madam stopped her buggy, a few hours later, next to a stream for the horse to drink. Her body was sore but she could manage another day of riding to El Paso. Karen stretched as she heard a horse and wagon ride close by. The older blonde clutched the derringer tightly in her hand as she saw the covered wagon stop. Two women were seated in up front. The driver had black hair that hung down under her Stetson. She was medium height dressed in long sleeve maroon shirt, worn brown pants that were baggy on her frame. However, the blonde woman next to her was something to behold. The curvaceous figure could not be contained in the tight fitting green dress. The swell of her large breasts made even Karen think she would be out matched. 

“Howdy, Ma’am,” said the blonde from the seat next to the driver, “I hate to bother you, but can you tell me if we are on the road to Rattler’s Holler?”

Karen looked hard at the two women, “You are about 5 hours ride from there.”

“Oh thank you, Ma’am,” the blonde said with a smile. “My name is Holly, but I go by Holly Dee, this little crumpet next to me is Abby Gold.”

Karen knew both names, “I know of you. You worked at the Cat House in El Paso.”

“Oh my,” Holly said grinning wider, “I suspect you are in the same line of work?”

“I am,” Karen said as she lifted her chin. “I used to run the Emerald Palace in Rattler’s Holler.”

“So you are the famous Karen Dempsey,” Holly said as she stepped down from the wagon, “It is an honor to meet you.”

Karen was a little dumbstruck, “Well I do not know about famous, but I have made a name for myself.”

As Holly rounded the side of the wagon, she asked, “Why are you packed for leaving? Don’t you still run the Palace?”

“I have decided to retire,” Karen lied as she glanced to the metal lockbox next to her things. “I did not like the people in the town.”

“You mean forced retirement,” Abby Gold said as she stepped down, a bullwhip in her right hand. “The telegram went out late last night.”

“Tsk, Tsk, Karen,” Holly said as she got closer, “We heard you left with all the girls money. Say that ain’t so.”

Karen pulled the derringer on Holly, “Stop right there. I only took what I was owed!” 


Karen screamed as she dropped the two shot pistol, clutching her hand. Abby coiled the whip back up. Holly grabbed the older woman by the hair, pushing her against the side of the buggy. The younger blonde pinned Karen, the large breasts swelling as they pushed in tightly. 

“Naughty, naughty,” Holly cooed. “You are going to give us that lockbox there.”

“Ugh, and if I don’t?” Karen asked defiantly.

“Since I do not want to get my new dress ruined,” Holly said as she licked Karen’s cheek, “I will let Abby here show you her skills with the bullwhip. That is going to be a very painful lesson. Be a good old bird and just hand in over.”

Karen relented and passed Holly the lockbox. 

“Now if you bring your old cunt back to Rattler’s Holler,” Abby said, “I will take it as you mean harm to my mistress here,” pointing to Holly, “then when they find your body, it will not be passion marks that adorn it. Do you understand?” Karen nodded. 

Holly stepped back, “Now since you are broke and need a way to make a living, there is an opening at the Cat House. Just know that new girls get the dregs.” 

Karen fumed as the two women climbed into their wagon and rode off, revenge on her mind.

At my ranch, I wiped my sweaty brow with the back of my hand as I rested, leaning against the shovel. This was turning into another dry hole. Jed and Bill did not find anything the previous day. Katerina was half way across the property, digging around the last hole on Anna’s map. I heard the unmistakable sound of a gunshot. I dropped the shovel and mounted Clementine, riding off towards where Kat was. As I rode up, I could see Jed, Bill and Rudy riding fast towards me. Katerina was leaning against her shovel, staring into the hole she dug. I halted and jumped down, running towards her.

“I have seen a lot of things in my life,” Katerina said, still staring into the hole, “But this might haunt me.” 

I looked down into the hole. I could see bones sticking up through the dirt. A lot of bones. 

“There are more than just two here, Momma,” Kat said quietly. “This is a grave for many more.” 

I looked down as the boys rode up. “I want to know how many are down there,” I said to Jed. I stepped down into the pit to remove a long bone. “I am going to take this to Samantha in town. I am fairly sure these are human but she will be able to tell me more.” 

“I am going with you,” Katerina said. There was something smoldering behind her eyes. Like a deep anger was welling up. 

We mounted up and rode into Rattler’s Holler. Both of our sets of clothes were dirt stained. 

In town, Town Marshal Jeb Mathews knocked on the front door of his cousin, Persephone Morgan’s house. The young redhead answered but did not let Jeb enter.

“What do you, Jeb?” Persephone asked annoyed. 

“I have tried to call on you many times over the past few weeks,” Jeb said, “We had a deal, Persephone.”

“Is that what you want?” The redhead asked angrily, “Do you want me to hike up my skirt right here so you can take me? No, dear cousin, you fucked it all up.”

“You wanted him dead,” Jeb said, “So he is dead.”

“Except the town doctor suspects you did it,” Persephone growled. “And she most likely told her US Marshal husband. You are such a dumb man!”

Jeb grabbed his cousin’s arm but Persephone pressed a knife against his belly. 

“If you ever touch me again,” the redhead hissed, “I will unman you.” She pushed him back and slammed the door.  

Jeb Mathews walked off in a huff, making his way towards the Gem. 

I saw the marshal walking and turned to Katerina, “Take this and see what Samantha can tell you,” I said, handing over the burlap sack with the bone in it. “I need to stoke the fire.” My daughter nodded as I rode to the Gem. 

I walked in the bat wing doors, I noticed Levi at his normal table but I walked straight to Jeb. 

“Marshal,” I said as I stopped in front of him. 

“Did you fall in a well?” Jeb asked with a smile. 

“Can you please send word to the Sheriff in Big Springs?” I asked loud enough that I could see Levi turn out of the corner of my left eye.

“Why do I need to call on the sheriff?” Jeb asked. 

“Because I found a mass grave on my property,” I said as Jeb’s eyes widened. 

“How do you know it wasn’t animal bones?” Jeb inquired. 

“Well I have Doc Breecher looking at one now to let me know,” I answered. “I will be going there next. Please have the sheriff call on me at my ranch. Thank you.” I turned as I met eyes with Levi, “I believe those squatters were up to no good.” I did not wait for a reply as I walked out.

“Go get you aunt,” Levi said in a low growl, “Now!” Jeb rushed out the bat wing doors.

I walked into the docs office as Sam was examining the bone. 

“This is a human femur,” Sam said as both Katerina and I looked puzzled. “A thigh bone.” 

“Ah, ok,” Kat said. 

Sam grabbed a medical journal and started to flip through the pages. “The person was not very tall, either a small man or normal sized woman.” 

I thought back to my first conversation with Karen Dempsey; her girls Franny and Belinda went with Deanna and Persephone to the ranch and never came back. Deanna said the two had stolen horses and left. 

“I cannot tell you who this was, but I am certain it was a human,” Samantha said. 

I shook my head. “I need a drink.”

Deanna Mathews walked into the Gem, “What, dear brother, is all the fuss over?” She sat at the table with Levi. 

“There a few items I would like to discuss with you, Deanna,” Levi said, “First have you seen or heard from my daughter, Willamina?”

“I have not,” Deanna stated, “But the whore that tells me things from time to time at Kat’s Ranch said she left the morning after the shootout with two Indians.”

“I have never known her to be gone this long,” Levi grumbled. 

“You did say items,” Deanna pressed, “What else?”

“Did you leave anything on Ahna Steven’s property?” Levi asked looking hard at his sister. “And do not lie to me.”

“It is not possible,” Deanna stated.

“Very fucking possible,” Levi growled. “You did a poor job, Deanna. Your perversion might be the end of us.”

“My perversion?” Deanna loudly asked, her eyes wide. “You loved every time I would tell you what occurred.”

“That may be,” Levi stared at his sister, “But you left bodies to be found. I can see where the carelessness you daughter has comes from.”

“How dare you talk to me like that?” Deanna raged. 

Levi threw his glass of whiskey across the room, “I will talk to you any damn way I please! Get out of my sight.”

Deanna tried to reach across the table for his right hand, but her brother pulled away. The hard flat eyes bored into her. Deanna held back tears as she rose and left the saloon. As soon as she was out of the Gem, she marched towards her nephew, grasping him by the ear and leading him into an alleyway. 

“Ouch! Damn Aunt Deanna!” Jeb cried out.

“Who the fuck did you tell besides your Uncle?” Deanna growled. 

“No one!” Jeb replied, “I haven’t sent the telegram to the sheriff yet.”

“Wait two days. Tell Stevens the sheriff is off running down bandits or something,” Deanna commanded. She stormed back down to the street to her daughter’s house. 

Persephone answered on the tenth knock. “What do you want?” The younger woman quietly growled.

“I know you hate me,” Deanna said softly, “But for now, I propose a truce. Ahna Stevens found where we buried all the women.”

Fear washed over Persephone’s face. “Come in.” She let her mother in and closed the door. “What do we do?” 

“I think this town needs a cleansing,” Deanna said. “As in you and I make a plan to kill Ahna Stevens, Samantha Breecher and anyone else that gets in our way. I know of an outfit that can assist us. One telegram and I can have a few women here who do rough work.”

“I want Breecher to myself,” the younger woman hissed. “I want my bare hands and bare body on her.”

“Oh you are my daughter,” Deanna cackled. “And Ahna Stevens and I will finally meet, just her and I, no one else.”

The mother and daughter laughed and began to plan.  

Katerina rode back home as I walked towards Kat’s Ranch. As I approached, Jennifer and Anna walked out. 

“You are all dirty,” Jennifer said as she raised an eyebrow. 

“Look story, need whiskey,” I grumbled. 

“Good! Join us at the Emerald Palace,” Jennifer said as she strode past me. I walked to catchup as we entered. 

“There are a lot of long faces in here,” I observed. 

“That cow, Karen Dempsey left with all their money,” Anna said, “They are mad!” 

I placed a $10 gold piece on the bar and had the young woman pass me a bottle and a glass. “So who is going to run this place?”

“That is question,” Jennifer said. “Sabrina is happy running the girls at the Ranch and both Eva and Lillian do not to be in charge of nasty cats, as they both told me.”

“What about the girl Jane?” Anna asked. 

“A hellcat but too young,” Jennifer said as she bit the end of a cigar off, struck a match and lit it. Jane Walked caught Jennifer’s eye and the madam waved the young woman over. 

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jane said with her head bowed. 

“First, no Ma’am shit,” Jennifer said, “Call me Miss Jenn or Miss Dumont. Now, who is the one girl everyone here looks up to?” 

“That is easy,” Jane beamed, “Trixie.”

Jenn shook her head, “Every cathouse has a Trixie. Point her out, Jane.”

The buxom brunette was smoking a rolled cigarette as she poured a drunk patron a shot. The young woman leaned over more to show the man her large breasts as her hand went into the coat pocket. 

“Oh she is good!” Jennifer said, “Not going to allow it, but she is good. Anna?”

The Latina put two fingers to her mouth and whistled loudly, everything stopped. 

“Thank you, my love,” Jennifer smiled seductively at Anna Gonzales. “Trixie, come here please.”

Trixie was upset and walked over quickly and with a lot of attitude. “Can’t you see I am working?”

“Sweets,” Jennifer purred, “If I catch you lifting wallets, I will break your fingers. Do you understand me?”

The busty brunette’s eyes went wide, “Sorry, Ma’am.”

“It is Miss Jenn or Miss Dumont,” Jane interjected. 

“Sorry Miss Jenn,” Trixie said sheepishly, “It won’t happen again.”

“Good,” Jennifer said, “I can’t have the manager of the girls be a pickpocket.”

“A what?” Trixie asked.

“Sweet Trixie,” Jenn said, her voice like honey, “I would like you to run the girls here, since I cannot be in two places at one time.”

“Oh, thank you!” Trixie exclaimed, “I can do….” 


The sound of metal slamming onto the wooden bar had everyone jump. My right hand held the glass as my left quickly drew my pistol out. 

“I would like to apply for that job,” came a southern drawl, “More if can work out an agreement.”

Anna spun with her hand loose at her side. She watched a busty blonde in an emerald green dress and a tough looking slim woman walk standing by the bar.

“And who might you be?” Anna asked. 

“My name is Holly Dee, formerly of the Cat House in El Paso,” Holly said, “This is Abby Gold. And this,” putting her hand on the lockbox, “is the earnings that were stolen from the Emerald Palace.”

“Thank you Holly for returning the girl’s earnings to them,” Jennifer said as she looked the blonde up and down. 

“I understand what it takes to make sure the girls are not only earning but that they are safe as well,” Holly stated, “Abby and I did this in El Paso. However, if you are still unconvinced, maybe Trixie and I can settle the issue ourselves?”

The brunette looked in awe at the blonde’s curves. Her mind was thinking of how she could match this woman sexually. In the end, Trixie shook her head. “Miss Jennifer, I am happy to be earning.”

“Alright Trixie,” Jennifer said and turned to face Holly, “My way or the trail way. The house takes ten percent of what the girls makes. Any issues are brought to me or Anna Gonzales here.” Pointing to her lover. 

Abby Gold looked at Anna again. “Have we met before? You look awful familiar.”  

Anna stared back, knowing her wanted posters were still littered around El Paso. “I think I would have remembered you.”

Holly turned back to Jennifer. “On those terms, I accept. I hope that once I gain a little money, you might sell to me. I have always wanted to run my own place.”

“Earn and treat your girls right,” Jennifer said, “Then we will talk about it.”

In Amarillo, Texas, Ella Campbell sat with her feet propped up reading over three telegrams. The first was from her father’s lawyer, informing her that her mother, father and nephew were dead and that the property south of Rattler’s Holler was now hers. The second was from Deanna Mathews, offering her and the women she had working for her to ride to Rattler’s Holler to deal with issues there. The third was from Persephone Morgan, who identified herself as Deanna’s daughter.

To: Ella Campbell

My name is Persephone Morgan, formerly Mathews. My mother should have contacted you. I want you to know it was my mother and uncle who conspired to kill your father and take his property. I will pay you double what my mother is offering you, if you help me rid the town of not only the women I hate but also my uncle and my mother. 

Persephone Morgan

The twenty nine year old woman placed the telegrams on the table. She undid the bun of brown hair on the top of her head, letting it fall past the middle of her back. “Heidi, can you come in here?”

A woman of medium height, greying brown hair and a curvy body that stretched her tight cotton dress walked into the room. “Yes, Ella?”

Ella Campbell passed the telegrams across the table. “Read these and tell me what you think.”

The older woman took the pieces of paper and read them intently. Her eyebrow raised after reading the last telegram. “I know of the Mathews crew but have never dealt with them. This daughter is one that I want to meet. She has grand intentions. New property and money. Something we need. We can see who we back when we get there.”

“I agree,” Ella responded, “I just wanted to hear it from you first. Who is ready to ride?”

“Jewel, Maddie, Whitney and Sofia are able to come,” Heidi said right away. “Aunt Lou and Joanie have to take care of our other issue.”

Ella clenched her teeth. “I know you brought Ashley in, but she is not going to work well with us and knows too much about what we have done. I am sorry.”

Heidi nodded, “No need to apologize. She needs to be made an example of though. Lou and Joanie know to make it brutal, so know other woman who joins our outfit does the same thing.”

“Heidi,” Ella said with a smile, “I do not ever get on your bad side. I have already felt when you get cross.” She instinctively touched the swell of her breasts. 

“I only meant to show you how we deal with issues,” Heidi smiled. “I should hope you enjoyed the after parts.” 

Ella blushed, “You do know how to make me scream. Have the girls pack a wagon and get ready for a partial move. We will use the cover of you and I taking care of the wayward women.”

Heidi nodded and walked out. Ella took the first telegram. “Who is this Ahna Stevens I am supposed to call on?”

Late at night in Rattler’s Holler, Deanna Mathews heard the front door open as she lay in bed. There was only one person who had a key to the door. She was naked under the sheets as she watched the glow of a lit lantern near her door. Her brother Levi entered. He stayed silent as he set the lantern on the top of the dresser. He used is one hand to undress himself and when he was naked, Deanna lifted a corner of the sheets and Levi crawling into bed with her. 

“I am sorry I was so cross with you,” Levi said softly as Deanna kissed his neck and naked chest. “I know you will rectify the situation as you do best.”

“I will dear brother,” Deanna said as her hands stroked the hardening shaft between his legs. “After it is done and if she survives, I want you to watch me and our daughter, Persephone fight naked in front of you.”

Levi groaned as Deanna took the stiff member and slide it easily into her. 

“If she doesn’t beat me,” Deanna moaned, “We will always have our granddaughter to raise.” 

To Be Continued in Chapter 10! Coming Soon!

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