Wildcats of the West: Introduction and Chapter 1 by Ahna Brown

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Bounties and Bitches


January 1883

Red Blossom and I traveled to Dry Gulch and Diamond Diane Farragut. This proved to be a mistake as it now had both Red Blossom and myself at odds with the Cherokee tribe in the area. Blossom had killed Tawny, a Cherokee friend of Diane’s, in combat. Now Little Feather, Tawny’s daughter, would be coming for us as well. I had made a mistake in going to Dry Gulch. Diane had wanted to see me and Blossom hanged. If the Cherokee catch up with us, hanging would be a better option then what they would do to us. Diane and I traded fists as Tawny and Red Blossom fought with Tawny being killed. Moreover, I had a run in with the local preacher’s wife. The buxom blondeand I pulled hair and rolled in the dirt. I knew staying anywhere near Dry Gulch was a mistake. Red Blossom set off to get help from the Apaches. So I set off for a small town called Redington.

The young girl walked into the alley behind the telegraph office in Redington, a small town in Pima County, Arizona Territory. I handed her a $10 gold piece as she handed me a stack of telegrams. They were all addressed to Ahna Red. My wanted poster along with Red Blossom’s were at many local establishments throughout Pima and Cochise counties. I read the telegrams; Katerina and Red Flower had arrived in Silver City in the New Mexico Territory. They would remain in the New Mexico Territory to work as bounty hunters. Kat said she had written the governor of the Arizona Territory to plead my case. Sheriff Behan was on the outs due to some illicit funds found in his possession. Kat was hoping to use this to get me a pardon.

Julia Vargas and Vanessa Carrington had requested to meet to pass the money from the sale of the mercantile store. I was in need of money and this would secure both Red Blossom and me for the near future. I instructed the young girl to go back to the office with an additional $10 gold piece for the telegraph operator to send a message to Julia Vargas. I would stay near Redington until we could all meet.

I was not surprised to see a telegram from Wes Roberts. He told me that what I did to Amy was unforgivable and he, as well as his daughters, would hunt me down and bring me to justice. I crumpled the telegram in my hand.

Marshal Lucky Lewin wanted me to know he was working with Deputy Bill Breckenridge from Tombstone to get Red Blossom and my names removed from the bounty list.

I waited until the young girl came back to tell me she sent the message. I handed her another gold piece and got back onto Clementine to ride back to the hill woods where Red Blossom had set up camp.

Chapter 1

I awoke as to the sound of horses and sat up to see three figures dressed for the cold. I stood, with the thick buffalo hide still draped over my shoulders. As they neared, I smiled at Julia Vargas, Vanessa Carrington and Julia’s daughter, Esmeralda.

“Welcome to my humble home,” I said as they all got off horses.

I embraced Julia with a long hug. I shook Vanessa’s hand with the mutual grips tightening. I knew there was a good chance she still wanted to see who would win in a fight between us.

Julia smiled as she saw this and pulled a heavy satchel from the saddlebags of her horse. “This is for you. As instructed, I gave half to Nettie. Your old homestead is booming. They have taken on more cattle and are doing well. I bring this letter from Anna Gonzalez.” She handed me the letter which I opened.


I hope this finds you well and in as good of spirits as can be expected. I have made a decision about the course of my life. I informed Nettie that I will be departing. I will be a day or so behind Ms. Vargas. If you want to turn me away, I understand. But I believe I can be of help to you and Red Blossom, since I am not being sought by authorities. I will see you soon.


I folded the letter. While I did not want anyone of my friends in danger, having Anna, who had shown her loyalty and fighting prowess.

“Thank you for all of this, Julia,” I said as I put the letter into my back pocket.

“You are most welcome,” Julia said, “It is good to see your face. Unfortunately, I have bad news as well. First, the governor of the territory has pardoned Betty Abbot. Her husband is still in custody and will be standing trial for stealing funds. Betty appears to have abandoned him. She is very dangerous. I know firsthand. When she and Judy McKenna tried to ambush Esmeralda and myself, it was almost a fight to the death.”

“Where were you, Vanessa?” I asked as my gaze fell on the busty brunette.

“I unfortunately found myself being shot at by McKenna’s lover, Norm Condon,” Vanessa answered. “When I finally killed him, I rushed into the hotel and secured an unconscious Judy McKenna as Esmeralda had bested her. By the time I got upstairs, Julia had finished her fight with Betty.”

I looked back and forth from Julia to her daughter, “Well done.”

“It was not my first naked catfight with a woman,” Julia smiled and then looked to her daughter. “Esmeralda is not a novice as well. However, Betty still holds both you and I as responsible for her demise.”

“You said first,” I said, “What is the other bad news?”

Vanessa chimed in, “You have a very experienced bounty hunter tracking you. Martha Jane Canary is on your trail.”

“Damnit,” I swore, “So Calamity Jane is coming for me.”

“She can hunt as well as she can fight,” Vanessa said, “She is also not alone. Calamity is traveling with two Sioux trackers, Red Bird and Little Dove. They arrived in Tucson a week ago.”

I shook my head. “At the very least, it is going to make life interesting. I wish you had more good news to wash this taste out of my mouth.”

Vanessa smiled, “Well, we couldn’t have you freezing to death out here. There is a rundown farmstead north of Redington. The barn has seen better days but the cottage is standing.”

“I purchased it before we set off to meet you,” Julia said.

“Julia and Esmeralda are staying at the small hotel in town,” Vanessa said. “I will go with you to help clean up the cottage and get things right.”

I knew what she meant. It had been a while since another woman and I tangled. “I would appreciate any help you can give me.”

A few hours later, I walked into the cottage with an arm full of logs for the fireplace. Vanessa used some dry tinder to get the fire going. The cottage was not the lap of luxury but it was much better than quartering outside in the cold of January. I took off my duster and placed it over one of two wooden chairs. I stretched, partially because my body needed it and partially so Vanessa could see the swell of my breasts.

I turned to face Vanessa as she began to unbutton her shirt. “I do believe this is long overdue,” she said, unbuckling her jeans and pulling them down. “As we agreed before, don’t hold back?”

“Let’s not kill each other,” I said as my button up shirt was place on top of the duster. I put my two gun rig on the wobbly table and pulled my boots and pants off.

Vanessa and I stood naked in from of each other, both smiling wickedly. We charged, slamming together and falling to the wooden floor. We tumbled across the floor, knocking the chair and table over. I pulled sharply on her brown hair and was rewarded with a sharp cry of pain. I felt my neck get snapped back as she yanked hard on my red locks. She rolled on top of me and ground her large bosom into mine.

“If you are going to take on Calamity Jane,” Vanessa said breathing hard, “You need to be tougher than this.”

I grunted as my knee shot between her legs. It wasn’t a full shot to her womanhood but it made her eyes bulge and we rolled over. Her hands filled with my larger breasts and she squeezed. I yelped in pain and grabbed hers as we went to our sides. The fleshy mounds of tits were groped, kneaded, twisted and pulled. Our legs snaked together with thighs pressing into the furry patches between our legs. I felt her hand leave my right tit and then SLAP! My head whipped so hard that it smacked into the wooden floor. Vanessa used this to roll me onto my back as she straddled my hips. I bucked and tried to dislodge her but she held fast as if she was riding a spooked horse. I slugged her in her left breast, my knuckles pancaking the flesh. I unseated her and pounced. Hands again sought hair as we tumbled about the small cottage. Fists punched side and breasts as we squealed and moaned in pain. She again got on top; pulling my hair up with one hand as her other mauled my breast. I grasped both of her long nipples and pulled on them as she cried out. We rolled over and came close enough to the fireplace that it heated our bodies to start sweating. We clutched tightly together as our legs moved to pry open hips. I ground my red fur into her dark patch as we both groaned in pleasure. Her mouth moved to mine and we kissed passionately. We continued to hump each other as our folds melded bringing our stiffened clits into rough contact. We moaned in each other’s mouth as we gyrated faster. She rolled on top and ground down as I did up. Tongues lapped around lips, licking sweat away. Faster we fucked on the floor of the old cottage. We both tensed at the same time and screamed together as a torrent of womanly juices saturated the other’s womanhood. We writhed for a few more minutes until we lay together caressing our bodies. Then the wind and cold swept into the cottage. There at the door was Anna Gonzalez.

“That would have been the main attraction at the Soiled Dove,” she said with a smile.

“How long were you watching?” I asked as Vanessa pealed herself off me.

“Long enough to heat up in this weather,” Anna said beaming.

“Now,” Vanessa said sitting, “If you fight like that, you could wupp good old Martha Jane.”

We got cleaned up and dressed as Anna fixed some softky. She handed each of us a bowl before taking one herself.

“Any news from the trail?” I asked.

“Beth Roberts followed me for a day or so before I lost sight of her,” Anna said between mouthfuls. “But I do bring happy news for us and for Ms. Vargas.”

“Oh?” Vanessa said.

“Bessie Monroe took the short drop,” Anna said with satisfied smile, “She went out sobbing and praying to God.” Our eyes met and I nodded at the young woman. “Judy McKenna was released on a bond but was found dead in her cabin. The place was destroyed from what was told. Her naked body bore the wounds of a vicious catfight.”

“Who did it?” I asked.

“There have been a few rumors going around,” Anna said. “One is Betty Abbot did it, but I heard she was already on her way to Tombstone before Judy was released.”

“What is the other rumor?” I questioned as I took a spoonful of softky.

“That Ashley Simmons did it,” Anna answered.

“Why on God’s green earth would Ashley do that?” I asked as my eyes went wide.

“Because, Judy McKenna had sent men to accost Lisa Simmons and burn down part of the ranch,” Anna replied.

“Lisa and Maggie?” I asked in soft voice.

“Both are alive,” Anna said meeting my gaze. “Maggie left and no one has seen hide nor hair of her in months.”

As much as I hated Lisa Simmons, I did not wish for her death.

“Nettie, Louise and the boys have helped rebuild what was destroyed,” Anna said with a smile. “Lisa was much obliged for the help.”

I chuckled.

“Has anyone seen Ashley since?” I probed.

“No. She seems to have departed Silvertown,” Anna said, “Deputy Roberts paid the ranch a visit to inquire if anyone had seen her. He said the marshal wanted to talk with her.”

I pondered it for a bit. “Anna, I want you to stick around.” Anna beamed as I continued, “You are not wanted so sending telegrams and scouting towns will help.”

Vanessa dressed, “I am heading into town, if I see Calamity, then I will send word.”

I shook her hand and she departed, leaving Anna and I alone in the cottage. “After all that, I am bone tired. You should probably get some sleep too. I really hope you do not snore.” One side of Anna’s pretty face turned up in a smile.

I dreamed about Robert first. In my dream, it was the last time I saw him before he passed. His weakened body lay on in our bed as I used a cold cloth to wipe his fevered brow.

“Don’t you fret over me, Ahnalize,” he said, coughing. “I will be seeing our Hans soon. I will tell him what a wonderful mother you are and how much Katerina has grown. You need to be happy. If you carry on as you did in Dodge City, I will haunt you something fierce. You have lots of love to give and you need to make yourself happy.” Robert spoke those last words to me and then he was gone.

The dream shifted to the field and the warm, naked embrace between Wes Roberts and me. Our bodies coiled together after the passionate love we shared. I could almost smell him, and then the dream shifted again. I was still in the field but it was night now. I was sitting in front of a fire, covered in a large buffalo hide blanket. A woman sat across the fire from me, also draped in a buffalo hide blanket. At first, I thought it was one of Wes’s daughters, Beth or Amy. However, as I studied the woman’s face, it was older, wiser. I could see more of the Native in her features. Her eyes stared at me.

“Do you know who I am?” She asked.

“You are Clara, Wes’s late wife,” I answered.

“Yes, Ahna,” Clara replied, “You made me very happy because Wes found love again. But you have tried to throw that away.That does not make me happy.”

“I do not want to hurt him,” I said as I stared into the flames. “I know I have. I know I have also hurt your daughters.”

Clara scowled at me, “What you and my daughters did was just like I had done with them and their Aunt Milly. It is what I taught them to do.” Her gaze leveled at mine. “I have come to your dreams from the spirit world because of what you need to do.”

“This is just a dream,” I said back to Clara.

“No, Ahna,” she replied. “I am here because the one ended my life through treachery is near you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“A Sioux woman named Little Dove wanted Wes for herself,” Clara said as the dream shifted to a sunny day near small house and barn. I saw Wes kiss Clara on the porch of the house and walk to the barn. The bulge in his jeans very visible. Hidden near an outcropping of trees was a beautiful Sioux woman. She whistled as Wes turned and dropped the buckskin top to show him her large breasts. Then she walked back into the woods. The dream shifted again as now Clara and the Sioux woman stood facing the other across a small bubbling stream.

“Little Dove, you will stay away from my family,” Clara said as her hands formed fists at her side.

“Lonely Warrior, you are a half breed who does not deserve a man like that,” Little dove said back with an evil smile on her face. “I will take him from you.”

Clara’s eyes narrowed and she began to remove her clothing. First, her shirt came off, revealing large breasts capped with brown nipples. She took off her boots and pulled the worn jeans down. She stood back up and watched as Little Dove untied the buckskin top and dropped it to show her rival the equally large breasts. Both women looked the other up and down. Between each of their legs were furry patches shown in the sunlight.

“I know how you fight as a half breed,” Little Dove snarled. “We will fight with our bodies, our teeth and our claws.” She started walking into the knee high water.

Clara rushed and the two Native women came together in a whirl of spitting and clawing. Large breasts bounced and slapped together as hands found long silky dark hair to pull. Short nails dug and scratched at the scalps as strands of hair began to fall from heads. Clara cried out as her head was yankedback hard.

“Half breed whore!” Little Dove cursed, “Tonight he will impale me. I will have his babies!”

“NEVER!” Clara yelled in anger and pushed forward, the momentum caused the two to fall into the stream with both going under.

The water churned as naked bodies fought desperately under the surface. Legs came together like two vines wrapping. Their large breasts crushed as backs hit the small rocks at the bottom of the stream. Turning over repeatedly, heads breaking the surface only to suck in breath before turning under again. They rolled out onto an embankment. Clara reached and filled her hands with Little Dove’s large breasts, her short nails digging in. The Native woman screamed but grabbed Clara right back. The howled together as their tits took on nasty shapes. The short nails started to break skin as Little Dove opened her mouth and bit down on Clara’s bottom lip. Each could instantly taste blood. The half-Native, half-white woman started to rake her claws over the dense breasts of the Native woman. Little Dove let go of her bite and spit the blood into Clara’s eyes. They rolled away from the other. Clara dunked her face into the stream to wash the blood out so she could see. She locked eyes with Little Dove and pounced. They slammed together and rolled into the grassy woods. A large pine tree stopped their rolling as they were side by side. The pine needles stuck to the wet skin as they each grabbed their large breasts and twisted them. Legs once again coiled together like two snakes fighting. The overabundance of flesh oozed through fingers with each crying from the torture. Blood pooled in Clara’s mouth and she spit it into Little Dove’s face. The Native woman screamed and pushed away. She frantically rubbed at her eyes as Clara rose to stalk her. There was crunch as she stepped on a twig making Little Dove kick out, catching the wife in between her legs. Clara dropped to her knees and fell over with her head near Little Dove’s feet. The Native woman got her eyes clear and turned slightly to see the writhing woman on the forest floor next to her.

“I will make it so he cannot enter you again!” Little Dove screamed and dove in between Clara’s thighs.

Little Dove bit down on the mass of curls between Clara’s legs and was rewarded by a howl that could have woken the spirits. She chewed on the skin, pulling her head back and stretching it as the woman under her screamed. Clara looked through tear-filled eyes and saw the womanhood on display before her. She craned her neck to bite down. Little Dove screamed as she bit and chewed. The two women started a slow, painful roll as they gnawed on each other’s womanhoods. The native woman stopped biting and clawed at Clara’s backside to try to escape. They once again rolled apart with hands going between thighs to rub the pain away. The two women crawled towards each other and lunged with nails digging red furrows into the others face. Now on their knees, the large tits clapped and mashed tightly. Little Dove grasped Clara’s throat and started to squeeze. The wife tried to pry the strong hands from around her neck but the Native woman held fast. She brought her right hand to grope and knead the large left tit of her rival and with her left; she started to tear out clumps of the bushy hair covering Little Dove’s sex.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Little Dove screamed as she let go of the choke to try to pull away from Clara.

Clara released her and Little Dove tried to crawl away, but her rival pounced like a cougar onto her back. Clara’s breasts pancaked against shoulder blades as she forced the native woman face first into the forest ground. She picked up Little Dove’s head by the hair and slammed into the earth.

“You….will…never…look…at…him!” Clara breathed out. She slammed her head once again into the ground and Little Dove went limp.

The dream shifted to a fully recovered Clara sitting on her porch, drinking tea. She set the cup down and walked to the barn. From around the house, Little Dove and another Sioux woman crept and dropped a fine powder into the teacup. They left as quickly as they came. Then the dream shifted to around the fire again.

“Little Dove and Red Bird killed me,” Clara said as she stood. “Red Bird’s father is the tribe’s medicine man. Now they are here.” Clara beckoned me to rise; I did and for the first time I realized I was naked under the buffalo skin blanket. “You will do all you can to turn my daughter away. This is not her fight as much as she would want it to be. For her, revenge will lead her down a dark path that she will never escape.”

“I have given fair warning to your daughter and family,” I said as I gazed at Clara. “But they are hell bent on coming for me. I will protect myself and those with me. It would give me no pleasure to send any more of your family to the spirit world.”

Something it Clara’s eyes changed. The buffalo hide dropped from her naked body. She leapt over the fire at me. My own blanket fell as our naked bodies collided taking us to the grass. Hands desperately pulled at long hair as we tumbled in the tall grass. I could not tell this was a dream as every tug at my hair hurt. But it also brought Clara into a plain of existence where I could hurt her. From the fights I had with Beth and Amy, I could see where they got their fighting knowledge from. Clara and I wasted no time in attacking our large breasts. The mounds were pulled and twisted as each of us screamed out in pain. The grass flattened around as we tumbled in a vicious catfight. Legs wrapped tightly from our feet to our hips. We lay side by side as our nails raked deep furrows into the other’s dense breasts. Clara removed a hand and punched me hard on the mouth. I tasted blood as our holds were lost and we rolled apart. We quickly got to feet and waded in with wild punches. The fists hit faces and breasts as blood flowed freely down chins, dripping onto our breasts. We clenched tightly with the blood stained breasts mashing together in a slippery tussle. She tripped us, sending us back to the grass. The impact jarred us apart and we rose to knees to continue the brutal fight. Arms wrapped around backs as Clara and I spit blood onto faces.

“I can keep you here in the spirit world to fight me forever,” Clara said through gritted teeth.

“You have no power over me,” I hissed back.

We tumbled back to the grass and rolled to the fire. She punched me in the stomach as I backhanded her to the face. Her hands came to my throat and began to squeeze. I coughed and try to wrestle the hands away but she tightened. As I felt darkness start to overtake me, hands from the fire grasped her to pull her off me. I could make out the face and body of Red Blossom. Clara cursed and turned to reach for her. The two forms became more translucent as they fell into the fire and disappeared.

I awoke to Anna shaking me. I sat upright as Anna held me in a tight embrace.

“Are you alright?” She asked. “You were screaming and thrashing about something fierce.”

I could still taste the coppery tinge of blood in my mouth. I looked down at myself but I bore none of the marks Clara left on me. I knew it had to be a dream because Blossom was not part of the spirit world.

I got my breathing under control, “I am alright. It was just a bad dream.” I could see dawn peeking through the windows as Anna got up to get another fire going. We made coffee and ate the rest of the softky.

“I need you to go into town,” I said as I sipped the hot liquid. “See if you can purchase a small wagon and get some food and supplies. Be extra careful because Beth Roberts will probably be near. If the telegram I received from her father is any indication, he and Amy will not be far behind.”

“Well, Ahna,” the young Latina said with a smile, “You sure don’t do things by halves. The Roberts family, Calamity Jane, and some vengeful Cherokees all gunning for you. I will also go to the gunsmith and stock up on your 38 Long Colt, cartages for the Winchester, 44 for my Colt Frontier, and probably a shotgun or two.”

“Coach Gun and an 8 Gauge if they have it,” I said as I handed her money. “This should cover anything and then some. Please be careful.”

Anna tipped her Stetson and walked to mount her horse. The ride to Redington only took a short time. Anna first visited the livery and purchased a small but sturdy wagon. She unsaddled her horse and hitched the wagon to Otis, her Appaloosa. The cloudy day remained cold as the snow from the previous few days still sat on the ground. Anna’s brown buffalo skin coat kept her warm. Her stop at the general store had bags of flour and corn meal along with beans, coffee and salted meat loaded into the back of the wagon. She went next to the gunsmith. She purchased the ammunition that Ahna and she needed. She also bought a 10 Gauge Stage Gun and a long barreled 8 Gauge with good amount of shells to go with each. With the wagon loaded, she slapped the reigns and Otis started trotting down the main thoroughfare. She noticed a woman walking with purpose towards the center of town. The blue cotton dress did not hide the woman’s ample curves. Anna watched as the woman marched into saloon. She pulled the reigns to stop Otis as shouts could be heard from inside the saloon. Two rough looking men dragged out the woman in the blue dress through the batwing doors.

“Chrissie,” one of the men said, “You stay out of the saloon now. You ain’t gonna cause no ruckus today.”

“Then you get that fat titted whore out here to atone for her actions!” Chrissie yelled. By now, all eyes in the town were fixed on the woman. “Get your fat ass out here, Lauren! You have a reckoning coming!”

Another woman, slim but with dark hair and glasses, walked up to Chrissie and placed an arm around her in an attempt to pull her away.

“No Nanne,” Chrissie said, “She slept with Will and has this coming.”

Out from the batwing doors, a group of three saloon girls strutted out. One as voluptuous as Chrissie, one a dark blonde with a plunging neckline and cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth, and a slim dark haired beauty.

“Listen to the schoolmarm, cow,” said the woman smoking the cigarette, “Your husband made his choice and it is Lauren here. Now toddle off before you get a whuupn’.”

“Yeah, what Jennifer said,” sneered the brunette, “A whuupn’ you and the skinny schoolmarm ain’t gonna forget!”

Nanne turned her head to the brunette, “Sarah, if you had paid attention in school, you would know it is will not ever forget, however, you spent a majority of your time on your knees instead of in your studies.”

Sarah walked down the step but her right arm was grabbed by Jennifer. Lauren stepped forward facing the blonde Chrissie.

She cupped her large breasts in the revealing top, “William wanted these, not those droopy udders you have, bitch! Your mouth is gonna get ya a beat down.”

“Bring it, whore!” Chrissie spat.

“Alright! That is enough out of the lot of you!” Came a booming voice. The town marshal walked forward. “You three go back into the saloon. Nanne, take Chrissie here back to the schoolhouse to calm down. I will not have you cats going at it in my streets.” The crowd started to disperse as Chrissie and Nanne walked past the wagon and towards a red school building. Jennifer smiled at the marshal and pulled both Sarah and Lauren back into the saloon. Anna was close enough to hear Jennifer speak to the two other saloon girls.

“We will wait for dark,” Jennifer said quietly. “The schoolmarm will take the fat cow back to her homestead and we will get them there.”

Anna hurried back to the small abandoned farm, finding Ahna and her horse Clementine gone. She unloaded the supplies as well as the ammunition and shotguns. She unhitched Otis from the wagon and re-saddled him. She took off back towards town but remained in the woods overlooking the schoolhouse. Later as the sun was getting low. A small wagon carrying Nanne and Chrissie left the schoolhouse and took the road west. Anna followed them but stayed just inside the tree line. It was not long before they came to a farm, the Ford Ranch as the sign read. Anna stayed in the trees as the wagon went towards the modest house. A few minutes later, shouting could be heard from the house and then a man on horseback rode off quickly.

Anna pulled out some jerky and chewed on it until she saw a small buggy ride up towards the house. She waited until the buggy was half way up the drive when she followed. The porch and grounds in front of the house and barn were well lit by lanterns. Anna was able to stay in the shadows as she approached.

“So you three come here looking for a fight?” Chrissie said from the porch. “It figures that Lauren cannot fight her own battles.”

“Oh honey,” Jennifer said, “Whoever said anything about being fair.” She pulled out a nickel plated derringer and pointed it at Chrissie and Nanne. “Now why not you two bitches fight each other. I think we need a show.” Both Sarah and Lauren laughed.

Anna rode up with her Colt out as she cocked it and aimed the pistol in Jennifer’s direction. “Now that is not very sporting of you,” Anna said as Jennifer spun around quickly. “Toss it into the bushes right there if you please.” Jennifer did as instructed but she glared at the mounted ride with the pistol.

“What do I call you?” Jennifer hissed. She stepped out from the buggy and onto the ground. The emerald green dress she wore was off the shoulder. Her cleavage was on display but not as large as Lauren’s. Her wavy hair hung in loose curls.

“You can start by calling my Anna, though I do believe you will have more names for me by the time the night is through,” Anna replied with a smile. The Latina looked the paler woman up and down. Jennifer was beautiful and Anna was a little entranced by her.

Lauren growled, “Alright cow, I am right here. We can do this just like when we were girls.” The red and black dress that Lauren wore was pushing at the seams from the strain of the curves.

Chrissie marched down the stairs and right up to Lauren. The pair of women grasped the other’s hands in a test of strength. Chrissie was still in the simple blue cotton dress with her wavy light blonde hair down past her shoulders. Lauren’s straight dark blonde hair swung around her shoulders as she and the rancher’s wife tried to push the other back and forth. At first their arms were out in front as they, each pushed with one foot behind the other for advantage. Chrissie was forcing Lauren back but the saloon girl moved her arms, bringing them large breasts into a muted thud. Each groaned from the impact. The pushed bodies, cheek to cheek with their cleavage pushing out of the confined dresses.

“PIGS ASS!” Chrissie screamed at her rival.

“COW TURD!” Lauren cursed back.

The movement was slow as they tried to out muscle the other. Each woman was finding it difficult to prevail. Lauren pulled back slightly and bucked her massive breasts into Chrissie’s pair. The thud was followed by a mutual grunt. Lauren pulled back again but this time Chrissie met her head on in a louder thud. The handholds were broken as they backed a few feet away from the other woman.

“Get her Lauren,” Sarah yelled out in encouragement, “Kick that cow’s ass!” That earned her a glared from Nanne, who was watching from the porch.

Chrissie raised her fists with Lauren following suit. They slowly circled and then lunged with swinging arms. The rancher’s wife ducked a wild right fist and slammed her left hand into the saloon girl’s soft tummy. Lauren folded up but came up with an upper cut that clipped Chrissie’s chin, causing her to stumble back. They came together again and swung wildly with fists thudding off bouncing covered tits, soft bellies and hitting lips and noses, causing them to bleed. Each woman was panting heavily as they clenched together.

“Whore!” Chrissie breathed out.

“Bitch!” Lauren countered as her hands grabbed the back of Chrissie’s hair, pulling it sharply.

The light haired blonde screamed as her head was snapped back but she managed to latch onto Laurens darker blond hair and pull. They stumbled around the ground between the house and barn. Chrissie’s right leg caught behind Lauren’s left and the two went down to the dirt. They did not break up but started rolling back and forth, as they pulled hair and dresses. The sounds of tearing fabric could be heard as massive breasts surged forth. Lauren screamed as Chrissie’s fingers found their home into the mass of flesh.

Sarah saw this and ran towards the busty battlers but was caughtfrom behind by Nanne. Sarah turned and backhanded the slim woman who fell back.

“Alright than schoolmarm,” Sarah said as moved slowly towards the now rising woman. “I have been waiting to hurt you since you kicked me out of school.”

“Well, Sarah,” Nanne said as they circled, “Come get taught another lesson!”

They rushed and came together, pulling hair and awkwardly stumbling around the ground in front of the porch.

Anna got down off Otis, took off her rig, and pulled off thebuffalo skin jacket. Jennifer pulled the ties in her wavy hair, letting the locks flow down over her shoulders. They didn’t say a word as they rushed together.

Chrissie and Lauren had stripped the tops of their dresses down;the large breasts slapping as they fought on their knees. They had been enemies since they were girls and had fought many times, each one dirtier then the last. They toppled over to the dirt and began a wild roll with hands leaving hand and pulling at the bottom of dresses. Lauren rolled on top but a right fist thudded into the side of her left breast. She howled and Chrissie rolled them over. Her plump backside was exposed as her blue dress tore at the seams. She yelled in frustration and grabbed Lauren’s dress to tug. The kicked away from each other and rose, stripping out of the dresses with sagging white pantaloons and boots on. They charged at the other and fell again to the dirt.

While Sarah had much more experience in catfights against saloon girls, Nanne was giving her a hard fight. The wrestled up the stairs of the porch and rolled along the wooden slats. Sarah grabbed Nanne’s high collared blouse, pulling her up to swing a fist, but the schoolmarm surprised her by latching onto Sarah’s small but pert breasts.

“OOOOWWW YOU BITCH!” Sarah screamed as she grabbed each side of Nanne’s blouse and ripped it open, exposing the schoolteacher’s small breasts as hands went back into hair as they fought to their knees and then feet. Sarah unleased a left fist that caused the air to leave Nanne’s lungs. As the saloon girl advanced, the schoolteacher kicked out and pushed Sarah back to the railing of the porch. Nanne charged and tackled the former student through the railing and into the water filled horse troth.

Anna and Jennifer did not swing fists. Each felt a draw to the other as bodies slammed together with hands reaching for hair to pull. The stumbling dance had heads turned left and right as dark hair and golden locks were pushed and pulled. Anna stomped her booted right foot down onto Jennifer’s left making the saloon girl scream in pain, hopping on her right foot and started to fall over. Anna yelped as she was dragged down to the dirt close to the barn. The tussle on the ground had both grabbing hair as well as clothing. The left lace should strap of Jennifer’s green dress was torn away as Anna had her black button shirt ripped open. Anna felt the cold air on her bare breasts and glared at the smiling Jennifer. Both hands went to the plunging neckline of the saloon girl’s dress and tore down.

“Oh you hussy!” Jennifer yelled as she grabbed the firm tan breasts of the Latina.

“OOOW! Puta!” Anna cursed as she grabbed the larger set in front of her.

The pair rolled into the barn with Jennifer on top. She grabbed two fists full of hair and slammed Anna’s head into the ground. The former outlaw got her boots planted in the saloon girl’s belly and pushed, sending her tumbling backwards into a pile of straw. Anna got to her feet and pulled off the torn shirt. Jennifer rose, eyes burning into the topless woman in front of her. She charged ducking a swinging fist as her shoulder slammed into Anna’s belly, taking the two women into another pile of straw.

The two big women continued to roll in the dirt in front of the house. Chrissie and Lauren traded the top spot. Each time one would roll on top, she would smash her large breasts into the others. As Chrissie rolled on top, Lauren grabbed her face with her nails and pushed. The blonde rancher’s wife turned her head and bit the right hand of the tawny haired saloon girl. Lauren screamed out a punched Chrissie hard in her mouth. The busty women rolled apart. They rested on their backs, breathing hard. They turned heads and locked eyes. Getting to hands and knees, they crawled towards the other and clashed. Hands tore away the sagging pantaloons, leaving both women naked. Legs wrapped around hips as hands reached behind backs to latch on the back of hair. The catball had them crushing their voluptuous bodies and beginning a slow roll over the ground.

Nanne and Sarah sputtered to the surface of the troth. Wet hair matted to their heads as the schoolmarm lunged at the saloon girl. The troth was not built for two women fighting in it and broke, spilling water and the fighting women into now muddy earth.

“Eat mud, bitch!” Sarah shouted as she pushed Nanne’s head into the mud.

The schoolteacher struggled, reaching blindly, finding a pert breast and squeezing. Sarah screamed out and released Nanne’shair. She pulled her face out of the mud and wiped her eyes and nose clear. Turning to the saloon girl, Nanne pounced. The two-wrestled wildly in the mud as skirts and dresses became too heavy with mud. The weight pulled the garments down until both were only clothed in muddy pantaloons.

Inside the barn, Anna and Jennifer rolled out with straw sticking out from tangled hair. The salon girl swung a wild slap whichAnna ducked. She grabbed onto the bottom of Jennifer’s dress, swung her around and sent her sprawling to the barn floor. Anna looked down at her hands as she held what was left of her dress;Jennifer’s naked body on display. Something in Anna caused her to moan. Jennifer rose and looked the former outlaw up and down, raising her right eyebrow. Anna kicked off her boots and quickly pulled off her worn pants. The naked women walked together, arms locking around backs, bringing breasts crushing and bellies grinding. Anna spit in Jennifer’s face with it being answered back. Then they locked in a rough kiss. Tongues wrestled as they dropped to knees, roughly rubbing bodies together. Each starting to slap hips forward.

A mass of flesh rolled into the mud caused by the fighting Nanne and Sarah. Hands left hair as as clumps of mud were slapped into faces. Their rolling forms bumped up against the rolling Sarah and Nanne; bouncing off to roll away. Lauren pulled Chrissie up by muddy hair but the rancher’s wife slugged her hard in the soft belly. Lauren returned to punch with each rocking back on knees. They slammed together again mashing breasts as heads crunched. They each fell to their backs moaning.

Small pert breasts rubbed with hard nipples scraping lines in the mud covering them. Sarah and Nanne pulled hair at their hair, fingers slipping through the muddy locks. The topless women got to knees and hugged tightly together, cheeks pressed hard as hands reached into the backs of pantaloons, clawing at their backsides. Sarah turned her face and bit down on Nanne’s chin. The schoolteacher screamed and pulled on the muddy pantaloons making them tear and fall off Sarah’s backside. She slapped the muddy skin, bringing yelps of pain from the saloon girl’s mouth. The bite faltered as Nanne took Sarah back down to the mud. She slid up the saloon girls muddy body, trapping her arms and started to slap mud over Sarah’s face.

“MMMMRRPHHH! Stop! Pleasee!” Sarah cried out through the mud.

Nanne slid off the younger woman and crawled to where her friend lay.

The barn fight had turned from a catfight to an all-out fuck war. They naked women fell down to the barn floor and worked thighs to try to part the other’s legs. Tongues licked and tussled as saliva dripped over cheeks. Stiff nipples painfully ground into the full breasts, aching from the constant pressure. Jennifer rolled Anna to her back.

She broke the kiss and looked down in lust, “Let me show you the talents I have,” came a voice so seductive and thick, it could have been molasses in January.

The thighs parted as the petals of flesh came to touch, softly at first, making each throw heads back and groan. The slight movement of hips would cause the wet mounds to slide, parting them more. Anna reached up and grasped the larger breasts of Jennifer; cupping and kneading them with fingers tugging on long nipples. Jennifer cooed and gyrated her hips more causing Anna to moan and grind up. Hard nubs poke through the flesh folds and sought the others like moths to a lantern. When the first touch occurred, each woman yeller out in lust. Anna used the sudden electric meeting to roll them over with her hips between the saloon girl’s creamy thighs. Jennifer grasped the former outlaw’s pert breasts and groped the flesh, bringing her head up to latch her mouth around a hard nipple. Anna groaned out and started to thrust her hips harder. Jennifer grunted and moaned with each collision of womanhoods. The mutual attraction, rolling fight and now body on body had each on the highest clouds of ecstasy. Jennifer brought her mouth off the nipple and pulled Anna down to her. They breasts crushed as they fucked cheek to cheek.

Jennifer’s tongue pulled an earlobe in to nibble and suck. “Cum with me you randy bitch,” she whispered.

Anna’s thrusts got harder and faster as Jennifer tightened her legs around the Latina’s hips. Their mouths sought the other as they began to buck and writhe out of control. The muffled scream could still be heard outside the barn as Jennifer and Anna erupted at the same time. The writhing started them rolling as their womanhoods excreted their liquor. They came to a rest after a few minutes of rolling. Now on their sides, soft kisses were planted on lips.

“Please do not let this be the only time we meet,” Jennifer whispered.

“Not on your life,” Anna returned. “I am staying at the abandoned farm north of town.”

Their sweat soaked bodies could now feel the cold of January. “I will take my friends and go. You had better not be a stranger.” Jennifer said with a smile.

Each dressed the best she could and walked out of the barn. Nanne was helping Chrissie up the stairs to the porch. She turned and nodded at Anna. Jennifer helped the muddy saloon girls into the buggy and headed down the road back to Redington. Anna donned the buffalo skin coat and mounted Otisand rode back to the farm.

The next morning, I let Anna sleep in. She had filled me in on the brawl and new friendship she had made the night before. I walked out in the chilly morning air and began to chop wood. I heard the whinny of the horse before I heard hoof beats. I set the ax down and pulled my Winchester up. I moved to the side of the house and peered around. A man on horseback was riding up to the house.

I stepped out and cocked the lever of the rifle, “That is close enough, mister.” I brought the rifle up to my shoulder, aiming at the chest of the man.

His hands raised as his horse stopped, “Mrs. Stevens, I am not coming for a fight.”

“Then state your business,” I said.

His face came up. He was maybe in his thirties with a handsome face and closely trimmed dark beard. I could see the pistol on his left hip and a smaller one in a chest rig. “Ma’am, may I removed a letter from my jacket pocket?”

Behind me, the click, click of the 8 Gauge could be heard as Anna backed me up. “Please do. If you are stupid enough to try and draw, you might get one shot off before she or I put you down.”

He smiled making his blues eyes twinkle. He slowly pulled a letter from his breast pocket. “This is a letter from your daughter, Katerina. She has asked for help from the US Marshal for these parts. So here I am.”

I lowered my Winchester as I walked forward and took the letter. I looked it over and it was in my daughter’s hand writing. I turned my head and nodded to Anna, who lowered the shotgun. “Would you care for some coffee?” I asked looking up. He smiled at me and nodded. “I did not get your name.”

“Breecher, Mathias Breecher,” he said tipping his Stetson.

Mathias Breecher was 34 year old and was until recently a deputy US Marshal in the Arizona and New Mexico territories. A handsome and rugged man, he had been in his share of gunfights. He sat on a chair as he sipped the hot coffee.

“It was your daughter who made the best case for you, Mrs. Stevens,” Mathias said. “She was very persistent. Upon learning that the governor’s kin, Bettie Abbott had been pardoned. The US Marshal decided to put a little pressure on him. Through Wyatt went about it the wrong way, he will always have friends in the Marshal’s.”

“So Mr. Breecher,” I said, “Where do you head to when you are done here?”

“Heading west Ma’am,” Mathias answered, “I have family in California and intend to make that my home.”

There was a sudden WHAMP of something hitting the door to the cottage. All three of us drew pistols. I heard a Native War Cry but it seemed far off. I looked through the window and saw nothing. I motioned for Mathias and Anna to step back and I opened to the door. Embedded in the wood was Red Blossom’s tomahawk. The blade was stained with dried blood. Nothing happened. I peeked my head out and could not see nor hear movement. All three of us darted from the cottage to the covered shed.

“I see a rider on a horse on the hill,” Anna said pointing, “But it has not moved.”

“Is it Blossom?” I asked.

“I can’t tell,” Anna replied.

I clicked loudly as if to call a horse. The horse on the hill started walking down towards the farm. As it got closer, I screamed! Red Blossom’s corpse was sitting upright on her paint. Her hands bound in front of her held her severed head. The bone breastplate was gone as a hole was in the middle of her chest, where her heart should have been. One threat that Little Feather had leveled at Blossom was that her heart would be cut and fed to the dogs. Her body was covered in wounds, so I know she did not die without a fight.

“If it is all the same to you,” Mathias Breecher said, “I am going to stick around.”

Anger replaced any grief I had. But Red Blossom would need to be laid to rest on Apache land.

“Anna,” I said, “Ready the horses. We need to take Blossom home.”

She nodded at me as I turned to Mathias.

“Ma’am,” he said, “I would like to go with you. I am a fair shot and pretty good in a fight.”

“Please call me Ahna,” I said, “You have earned that much. I would be obliged if you come with us.”

I looked to the sky, silently asking her to take Red Blossom safely to the spirit world as I would take her body to Apache land. The three of us set off east.

To Be Continued in Chapter 2! Click Here to Read It!

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