Wild West Wildcats Chapter 10 by Ahna Brown

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Behold a Pale Rider

At the Stevens Ranch, Nettie and I worked in the kitchen to prepare the dinner for our invited guests.

“Ms. Ahna,” Nettie said beaming, “I have not seen you like this before. I swear girl, you are nervous.”

“I am a little, Nettie,” I said blushing, “I really like Wes and his daughters. I just want this to be perfect.”

“Oh it will be, darling,” Nettie laughed, “It will be.”

We prepared roasted chicken with corn. Billy and the hands moved the long dinner table to the shaded area next to the house. This table could seat our family and Wes’s with lots of room left over. The bright mid-afternoon meal was wonderful. Wes and his daughters joined myself, Nettie, Katerina, Red Flower, Billy, Craig, Seth, Matt, Horace and Anna Gonzalez (Anna having changed her name and cut her hair to hide her known features). There was laughter and small talk, debates and ribbing. I sat and looked back and thought this is how all family meals should be. I caught Wes’s eye and he smiled. I believe he was thinking the same.

The sun was still up as riders approached. It was Marshal Lewin and a few deputies. “I hate to break up the festivities but Wes, we need you. There is word that the Cowboys are going to be making a run at Silvertown, to get all who are Earp allies. Ahna, will you be alright with your boys?”

I stood, “We will be fine here. Wes, if the girls want to stay, they are more than welcome.”

“Thank you,” he said as we kissed. He got on his horse and left out with the Marshal.

We cleaned up the leftover food from the table. I had Billy ride out with Katerina and Red Flower to their home on the outskirts of my property. Craig and Anna picked mounts to ride and check the property line. I sat in the rocking chair on the porch with my Winchester across my lap.

I must have dozed off because I heard the distinct sound of a rifle firing three times. I grabbed my pistol rig, donned it and quickly got on Goldie. We left towards the sound in a hard gallop. The sun was setting to the west and I kept it out of my eyes with my brown Stetson. Goldie whinnied in pain and collapsed in full gallop as I was thrown forward and tumbled to the ground. I heard the shot a split second later. I hurt all over as I tried to rise but the ground kicked up at my feet and I dove for the high grass. I crawled to my horse but she did not move. I checked her and the bullet wound looked to be near where her heart would be. She was gone. I could not cry for her now. I pulled the Winchester from the saddle and took position behind my dead horse. I poked my head up to look near an outcroppingof trees to the east. I saw a glint and was sprayed with blood and flesh as the bullet impacted Goldie’s body. I cocked the rifle and breathed in and out slowly. I turned and sighted in on the spot and fired. I traded shots with the person in the trees until the sunset. The moon would not be out tonight. The sky was darkening and I knew this was my best bet at getting whoever this was.

I ran as low as I could into the tall grass. I circled behind the outcropping with hopes they would still be there. I heard a noise to my right and whirled to fire, but Anna grabbed the rifle.

“It is just me and Craig, Ms. Stevens,” she said in a whisper.

“Where are your horses?” I whispered back.

“Tethered to a tree by the stream, Ma’am,” Craig said softly. He was clutching his right arm. “They winged me.”

“Are you good to ride?” I asked. He nodded, “Then take your horse the long way around the property. Get back to the house and bring as many gun hands as you can muster back this way.” He nodded and crawled back towards the stream.

“How good are you with a rifle?” I asked Anna. She took the rifle, checked the breech and I could see her smile in the darkness. We started crawling for the outcropping. As we got closer, we could hear whispering voices.

“I swear to you, Bessie,” a woman’s voice whispered, “The last time when she shot and you fired back, I saw blood explode. That must have been her head.” Then the voice giggled.

“We have to be sure, Ester,” Bessie whispered back, “Or Curly Bill will kill me.”

Anna and I got behind them. I squeezed her shoulder and stood. She came up next to me. I drew both of my pistols.

“If you two move an inch, I will kill you where you lay,” I said.

The two prone forms froze.

“Lose the steel,” I commanded. “All of it.” The two tossed their rifle, a Sharps used for long distance, their pistols and Ester’s bowie knife. Bessie had been the one firing. “You killed my horse.”

“Meant to kill you,” Bessie answered.

“Get those hands high!” I shouted. I walked over to the discarded weapons and picked up Bessie’s pistol. I walked back to her and placed it in her holster.

“Ahna, what are you doing?” Anna asked, perplexed.

“If she want to kill me, I might as well give her a fair shot,” I said walking backwards, my pistols going back into my holsters.

Bessie and I eyed each other as we moved away and started to circle, closer than I really wanted.

“I am going to end you, bitch,” Bessie sneered at me then she drew.

I drew faster, my right hand moving quickly across my hip to my left, pulling the silver pistol from the holster, my left hands slapping down over the hammer and BAM!

The pistol sailed out of Bessie’s hand with a cry of pain.

“Death by my gun is too quick for the likes of you, Bessie Monroe!” I yelled as I holstered my pistol, quickly took off my gun belt and charged her. I tackled the busty woman back to the tall grass.

Dirt and grass kicked up as Bessie and I tumbled about swinging fists. I remembered what Lucie told me about her naked fight with Bessie but I did not want to give this bitch any pleasure. I hit her hard in the mouth and it was answered back. I could taste blood in my mouth and I spit into her face. I grabbed her by the shirt and swung again but missed with her shirt tearing open. She pulled on mine as I felt the night air on my now bare breasts. My fists hit her big chest and I felt her hands grab and grope. I howled out as her nails gripped my tits and she squeezed. We rolled over in that ball of hate as my fingers clamped down on her breasts.

Next to us, Anna kept her rifle on Ester but stole glances at the fight in front of her. Ester struck! She knocked the rifle loose and it went off into the ground as she launched herself at Anna. The two women traded punches on their feet before the slammed together and collapsed to the ground. Ester was a mad woman as she tried to claw at Anna’s eyes. The Latina ranch hand bridged up and wrapped her strong thighs around Ester’s waist. She started to groan in pain as her sides were constricted, slapping her hands against the ground in frustration. Her hand fell over a rock, which she picked up and slammed in against Anna’s head. The leg scissors was lost and Anna fell away moaning. Ester Clanton got to her feet and found the discarded rifle; she cocked the lever once and aimed it at Anna.


The shot rang out as Bessie and I froze. Ester looked down at Anna and then fell to the ground. Up rode seven riders, Beth Roberts in the lead with a rifle held high, the barrel still smoking. I looked back to Bessie and slammed my left fist into her jaw. She went limp.

“We heard the first shot and rode this way,” Beth explained. She looked down from her horse at the unconscious Bessie Monroe. “Do you want me to plug her as well? She did try to kill you.”

“No,” I said rising and attempting to button my shirt. “We have to let the law decide.” That is when I saw the sky light up from the direction of my home. “Oh no, Nettie!”

At the farmhouse as Craig had led the ranch hands, as well as Amy and Beth Roberts, out of horseback, Nettie stood with a shotgun on the porch. She smelled the fire before she saw the flames in the bunkhouse. She set the shotgun down and rushed into the burning living quarters to make sure no one was inside. After seeing it was empty, she stumbled, coughing from the entrance. That is when she noticed the woman.

“Louise? Is that you, child?” Nettie asked as her eyes adjusted.

“I am sorry Auntie,” Louise said as she put a hand on the butt of her pistol.

“Oh child,” Nettie said, “You don’t want to do this. There are things that can’t be undone.”

“I have to!” Louise shouted. “I have to do it!”

“If you have to kill me, then be a real woman about it,” Nettie said, “Let the menfolk use their guns and knives. Come on child; don’t tell me you are scared of an old woman like me?”

Louise hesitated before making her decision. She unbuckled the gun belt from her waist and tossed it a few feet away with Nettie and her niece, separated by over 30 years of age, rushingtogether.

The two black women slammed together in a ball of fury, immediately hitting the dirt and rolling as hands pulled hair. The young woman Nettie had tried to care for when she was a childwas now hell bent on killing her. They rolled to stop with Louise on top; the young woman’s hands went to her Auntie’s throat, squeezing. Nettie struggled, as she was unable to breathe. Her short nails raked over the younger woman’s arms but Louise would not let go. Nettie reached and grabbed the collar of the young woman’s button up shirt and tore it open. Two large, dark colored breasts came forth, with Nettie grabbing one in each hand, squeezing them.

“AAAAHHHH!” Louise screamed as her tits were assaulted, she let go of Nettie’s throat and tried to pry the hands off, but when that did not work, she tore down Nettie’s dress to release the black maid’s massive tits for her fingers to gouge in deep.

“AAAAHHHH NOOO!” Nettie screamed out.

The two women rolled to their sides, still torturing the other’s breasts. The fire in the bunkhouse not only lit the area like it was daytime, but the heat was making each woman drip with sweat. Hands were unable to hold onto breasts and the pair of woman wrapped arms around the other, crushing the dark orbs together roughly. They rolled into the barn and broke apart. They slowly got to hands and knees, fists clenched, neither saying a word. They came together swinging fists. Bodies and faces were struck, bringing spouts of blood from noses and lips. Nettie’s dress was sagging past her hips as she swung again, hitting Louise in the left cheek. The younger woman went down to the barn floor and started crawling away. Nettie grabbed her split skirt and tried to pull the young woman back. The skirt tore as Nettie fell back to her backside. As she got to her feet, Louise, having risen naked, rushed her. As they slammed together again, Nettie’s dress was lost and the naked woman fell into a pile of hay. They rolled out pulling hair as sweaty naked skin rubbed together. The dirt from the barn floor covered their backs. Back out the barn door, they tumbled and wrestled for control. They fought their way to their knees with Nettie punching Louise hard in the belly and followed up with an uppercut to the jaw, sending the young woman sprawling on the dirt. Nettie looked behind her as our horses rode up.

I pulled out my pistol as Louise grabbed her discard gun belt. Nettie saw this and stood in between us.

“No, Ms. Ahna!” Nettie yelled, “I know her, she won’t do it!”

“Damnit Nettie, get out of the way!” I screamed. Nettie just turned to face Louise.

“Child, this isn’t you,” Nettie said in a soft voice to the naked black woman pointing a pistol at her. “Look around girl, see your Bessie lost. You don’t need to kill, I know you.”

The pistol was shaking in Louise’s grip. Bessie was just staring at her. “KILL HER!” Bessie screamed. “Kill that black bitch!” Amy tugged the tied wrists of the red head making her yelp in pain.

Louise just stared at Bessie and the hate in her eyes. The pistol dropped as she fell to her knees, crying. Nettie went to her and embraced Louise.

“You yellow coward!” Bessie cried out. “I will kill that mongrel bitch and make you watch!”

Louise pulled away from Nettie and wiped her bloody nose, “Let her free. She will see how yellow I am!”

I looked back the other riders, “Boys, go and try and put out the fire in the bunkhouse. Anna, Amy, Beth, please take this redheaded bitch into the barn. Nettie, take Louise in there as well.” I got off the horse and walked with the group of women to the barn. I could see the disappointment on the ranch hands eyes. “Sorry boys,” I said as moved to close the door. “This is going to be just us girls.”

I closed and latched the barn door from the inside. I turned to the gathered women, “Bessie, when you get untied, you strip or we will do it for you and it will hurt,” I commanded. I was beyond angry at this point. Bessie’s bonds were cut and she started to strip, her eyes not leaving those of her former lover, Louise.

Nettie came to me, “Ahna, please don’t do this. Don’t let them kill each other. Louise changed, Ahna.”

I angrily turned to the naked Nettie and pointed at Louise and Bessie, “Bessie tried to kill me. She killed Goldie. Louise tried to kill you. No, Nettie, this is going to happen. If you don’t like it, leave.”

As soon as Bessie was naked, she and Louise rushed and slammed together. The young women grabbed double handfuls of hair and went immediately to the barn floor. The screamed unintelligible curses and cries of pain as bodies slapped together and hair was tugged out of scalps. Creamy breasts crushed against dark colored ones as their naked bodies rolled across the floor. Louise swung a fist into Bessie’s side as the redhead groaned and coughed. She grabbed two handfuls of large black breasts and twisted making Louise cry out loudly. Dirt covered their naked sweaty bodies. I glanced around and all were watching this intently. Amy and Beth both had hungry looks in their eyes. Anna face was calm but I could tell she wanted both to kill the other. Nettie was worried. Bessie rolled on top and clamped both hands over Louise’s throat. She tightened and the black woman struggled to break free. She was fading fast and Nettie could take no more.

Nettie rushed and grabbed Bessie by her sweaty red hair and pulled her back, “Get off of her!”

I rushed and grabbed the naked Nettie around the waist to pull her off. Nettie threw an elbow that impacted into my right side and I backed off. She threw Bessie to the side and turned to me with anger in her eyes. I took off my torn shirt and removed my split skirt. Then Nettie and I lunged.

Amy moved to try to break us up but Beth grabbed her arm, “Let them deal with it.”

Amy pulled her arm free and squared up with her sister, “Don’t touch me!”

“What are you going to do about it?” Beth asked as she pushed her shirt-covered breasts into her sister’s pair. They reached for dark hair at the same time.

Bessie saw the multiple fights going on and tried to crawl away but a boot kicked her in the ass, sending her flat to the ground.

“Oh no, Bessie girl,” Anna cooed, “You ain’t getting away from this. Get up!” The red head stood and circled the smaller Latina with fists raised.

Nettie and I tumbled in the dirt and hay as hands wickedly pulled at hair. Our big breasts slapped and mashed together. This was not a semi play fight she and I had in the loft, this was two angry women getting their pent up frustrations out. I got on top and grabbed her huge breasts in my hands. She howled and sent a right fist that bloodied my nose and I fell off. She rose to pounce and I punched her in the mouth. We spit blood at each other, the droplets landing on faces and our large breasts. We slammed together on our knees, our chests crushed as breasts pushed out our sides. We tipped over and began a slow roll as hands found the backs of our hair. Our hands shot from hair to our large breasts as fingers started to crush the flesh. We used every bit of our bodies to hurt the other. Legs tightened as sweat slicked thighs ground into our womanhood’s. Nettie’s thigh jammed painfully in between my legs and I mashed my thigh back into hers. We both groaned out as thighs rubbed feverously against our humping forms.

Amy and Beth had each a handful of hair as the other hand tore open their shirts. The two sisters had brawled many times before, each having learned the art of fighting from their late mother, Clara. Once breasts were bared, the two sisters took a large mound and latched mouths over them. They chewed like Beth and I had done to each other. The sunk to their knees but kept chewing the large tits as if they were jerky. With mouths on tits, it left their hands to pull at split skirts and rake nails over inner thighs.

Bessie still had some fight left in her as she and Anna slugged it out. The redhead pulled open the Latina’s shirt, throwing a right and left combo to the perky breasts. Anna screamed out and latched her hands over Bessie’s large breasts with Bessie doing the same to her. The pair tumbled into a pile of hay as they slowly rolled back and forth.

Louise struggled to her knees and her eyes locked on Nettie and me tearing into each other. Her big breasts bounces as she crawled to us and tried pulling me off. However, Nettie and I were locked up tightly and neither of us wanted to stop fighting. The young black woman grabbed my hair and Nettie’s hair trying to pry us apart. I had not noticed the barn door open slightly and close just as quick before a blur of a body leapt through the air and tackled the three of us back to the dirt floor. An arm came across my throat as a tanned arm constricted.

“Now I end you for making my sister turn against her people,” Red Blossom said into my ear. I felt the bone breastplate on my naked back. Then there were more shouts as her hold on my neck slackened. I pulled away to see Red Blossom rise as Red Flower and Katerina entered the barn. The two Apache sisters removed their bone breastplates and short buckskin skirts and charged. I turned back and tackled Louise to the ground as Nettie shouted and jumped onto my back. Kat made her way over to pull the black maid off of me, but Nettie whirled and started fighting with my daughter. It had quickly turned into a free for all in the barn.

Amy and Beth tore the split skirts off and were pulling out clumps of pubic hair as the gnawed on their large breasts, each screaming into the bites. They tipped over and started a slow roll across the barn floor, bumping into other paired off women as they went. Neither could take the abuse they were dishing out as mouths and hands pulled away.

“You fucking bitch!” Beth cried out rubbing her wounded breast.

“Tramp!” Amy called back as she and Beth lunged on their knees, naked bodies slamming together as they tumbled in the dirt.

Anna kicked free of Bessie and quickly removed her boots and dungarees. Now naked like the redhead, they clashed again with legs wrapping around hips as teeth latched onto jaws. The teetering ball of naked flesh rolled in the hay and out to the barn floor as the sweaty women had dirt clinging to their skin.

The two native sisters fought hand to hand and body to body. Large and firm naked breasts slammed together as arms locked around the other’s back. Blossom was able to power her sister back against the barn door. The younger sister stomped her foot down causing the other to stumbled and they tumbled to the dirt floor. The wild rolling had it so you could not tell which sister was which. Red Flower rolled on top, her breasts crushing down as hands now reached for hair. The older sister bucked with her hip and they rolled again with Blossom taking the top spot. Heads were violently pulled back in this war of attrition.

Louise still had a lot of fight left in her as she and I grappled in the hay. Our naked bodies were covered in sweat, dirt and pieces of straw. Her right leg curled over my backside as she bucked up. Our large breasts jostled for space. The hair holds pulled mightily as we slowly rolled back and forth. When Louise rolled on top of me, she pulled our chests apart and slammed hers down with a sickening CLOP to my breasts. I groaned out as she did it again. I let go of her dark hair and grabbed the chocolate covered breasts, digging my short nails in as she screamed out. Her hands first went to my writs but then slapped down over my big tits as we lay side by side, crushing breasts.

Kat’s top was torn open as she and Nettie tussled. The bare meaty tits clopped and slapped as hair was pulled out. This was something Kat could have never imagined as she looked at Nettie like another mother figure to her. Now the black maidwas on top of her with large dark breasts crushing down on her own.

“Get off me, Nettie!” Kat screamed up at the black woman.

“Then you better get naked and fight, girl!” Nettie growled as she rolled off.

Kat quickly removed her torn shirt, pulled off her boots and yanked the jeans down as quickly as she could. Once the clothing it the floor, she and Nettie lunged on their knees. Bodies slapping together as they fell and rolled wildly.

Amy and Beth were a whirl of madness on the dirt floor. The big tits mashed together as they pulled on hair and tried to mount the other. Arms went straight and their eyes once again fell on their breasts. Each had a breast that did not have teeth marks on it. Hands left hair as mouths opened to bite down on the unmarked tit. Chewing and gnawing, the two sisters started a slow roll again.

The ball that was Bessie and Anna tumbled again into the hay mound. Bessie found herself under the Latina and bucked up with her hips. This caused their flowers to meet and each moaned out.

“Is that how you want this, puta?” Anna cursed as she drove her hips down making each groan out again.

“Whore!” Bessie cried out as she and Anna started thrusting their wet pedals together. Hands went again to their breasts as the course of their fight turned to brawl to see who would make the other explode first.

Red Flower and Red Blossom rolled slowly and silently over the ground. Their teeth gritted as bodies ground and wrestled. Each had been taught to never show fear in a fight. Their legs locked in vice like grips over the others. Red Flower reached in between their bodies and roughly grabbed her older sister’s breasts, violently crushing them with her strong fingers. Blossom grunted in pain and reached to grasp her younger sister’s mounds to torture. The stared into the other’s eyes with hate and malice, then Blossom struck with a head butt that bloodied her sister’s lips. Flower returned the head butt and made her older sister’s nose spurt blood. They went cheek to cheek as blood smeared over their faces and dripped to their waring bodies.

I gripped and re-gripped the dark breasts as the sweat was making it hard to hold onto. Louise was doing the same to mine. Her eyes were shut in pain and when she opened themsomething in my eyes must have scared her. Her hands released my breasts.

“Finish me,” she weakly said. “I don’t want to live like this anymore.”

Something in me broke and I let go of her. We lay there for only a few moments before she started to sob. “If I must hang for all I have done then I am fine with that. Please take care of Nettie.”

“You ain’t gonna hang, Louise,” I said breathlessly. “I will do all I can to keep the law off of you but you need to be the one to make amends with Nettie.”

“I promise I will,” Louise said as we both looked over to see Kat and Nettie’s naked bodies grinding. “I think we should break them up.”

Louise and I crawled over to my daughter and Nettie, prying them apart having to wrestle them away from the other. As I pinned Kat and Louise pinned Nettie, we finally got them to stop fighting.

Anna Vargas and Bessie Monroe slammed their furry patches in rapid smacks with Anna rolling the redhead to her back to ride her out. Bessie screamed out as her womanhood exploded into Anna’s, making the smaller Latina scream out her own orgasm. Bessie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she passed out.

Red Blossom and Red Flower rolled wildly on the dirt floor, wrestling with all they had learned over the years. Blossom thrust the palm of her hand to Flower’s chin, forcing her sister over with the older one mounting the younger. However, Flower was able to extract her legs from Blossom’s and wrapped the older sister in scissors around her waist. Blossom pushed up with her legs trying to force her weight onto her sister and it allowed Flower to throw her right elbow, clipping her older sister in the jaw. As Flower rolled on top she pressed her forearms down over her sister’s throat until Blossom stopped moving. She rolled off and I could see Red Blossom was still alive as her chest was rising and falling with breath.

I turned my attention to the other fighting sisters. Amy and Beth continued to roll wildly across the barn floor. I walked over and picked up a bucket of water; walking back to the pair and dumped it over them. They sputtered and broke apart glaring at me.

“That’s enough!” I said loudly, “Everyone get dressed and tie up Bessie and Red Blossom.”

“What about her?” Beth said as she pointed at Louise, “She is part of that gang too.”

“Not anymore,” I stated, “And no one will be saying anything different.” Nettie looked at me with relief in her eyes.

Red Flower walked forward, “My sister will not cause us any more problems. Twice I have spared her life and she owes me a life debt.”

Red Blossom was kneeling, naked on the floor. “My sister is correct. My life is now hers to do with, as she feels is right. My objections to her life and who she is with are washed away like a flooded stream.”

Red Flower knelt in front of her sister, “Sister, you will serve your debt helping Ahna Stevens with all she needs of you. You hold our traditions better then all I know, and you know the price of betrayal.”

Blossom nodded and her head lifted to look at me, “Ms. Stevens, my life and service are yours.”

“Untie Red Blossom and help her dress,” I said to Flower and Katerina.

We got everyone dressed as best we could and walked out of the barn. The ranch hands succeeded in putting out the fire but the bunkhouse would have to be rebuilt. Marshal Lewin, Wes and the other deputies rode up.

“Lucky, I got one for the rope,” I said as I shoved a secured Bessie Monroe forward. I caught Wes’s eye as he saw the disheveled look on all the women, especially his daughters Amy and Beth. The riders got down from their horses. Wes went to his daughters as Lucky came over to talk with me.

Lucky looked over at Red Blossom and Louise Hobbs. “Ahna, what about those two? I know they have ridden with the Cowboys and have caused you problems. And I know about your ranch hand.” His gaze fell on Anna Vargas

“They won’t be a problem anymore, Lucky,” I said. Lucky handed me a telegram.

“Morgan Earp is dead,” he stated, “He was shot in the back playing billiards. Wyatt was unharmed. Virgil is still convalescing. After I get Miss Monroe to the jail, I am going to ride to Tombstone. Sheriff Behan has asked for help from the surrounding towns to ensure peace is preserved.”

I was livid, “Behan is in league with the Cowboys! All he is doing is protect them from what they have coming!”

“You will stay here in Silvertown,” Lucky said sternly, “You will not ride out seeking revenge for anything, do you hear me? I can’t protect you if you go off halfcocked.”

“I don’t need your protection, Lucky,” I angrily said back at him, “I never have.” I turned and walked back to the house. Wes caught up with me.

“Ahna, what are you doing?” He asked. “Louise Hobbs and Red Blossom should be swinging with Bessie Monroe. Why are you protecting them?”

I fixed Wes with a steely look, “Wes, Blossom and Louise will not be swinging and have changed their ways. That is the last I am going to say on it. Now if you will excuse me, I need to change and head to Tombstone.”

I turned but Wes grabbed my arm, “Ahna, you need to stay out of this. I heard what Lucky told you. You need to be protected.”

I wrenched free and whirled on him; both Amy and Beth stepped closer, “Wes, take your daughters and go home. If you believe I am the kind of woman that needs to be protected then you are not the man for me.” I turned and walked into the house, closing the door.

I went to my room and dressed in comfortable riding gear. There was a knock on my door and my daughter Katerina entered.

“What do you want us to do?” She asked.

“Stay here with Flower and Anna,” I said, “Make sure the ranch is protected. I am taking Billy and Blossom with me to Tombstone.”

“You are taking her that quickly?” She asked surprised.

“Yes, what she agreed to is very sacred to their people,” I said as I buttoned up a new black shirt. “She will be more help to find out where some of the Cowboys are laying low at.”

I buckled my rig with my two pistols in cross draw fashion. I slipped the bone-handled bowie knife in the scabbard behind my back. I threw on a bandoleer of rifle cartridges. She and I walked out of my room to the parlor where everyone was gathered.

“Blossom, make yourself ready for riding in this weather,” I said as she nodded. “Billy, you too. Everyone else, prepare to protect this property. Kat, get word to the girls in town and see if they need help or want to come here. Now get moving.”

I pulled Nettie and Louise aside, “Make sure everyone does their jobs, Nettie. We lose no one and I will be back, I promise.” We hugged and I looked at Louise, “You make sure your Auntie is safe.”

Billy, Red Blossom and I mounted fresh horses and rode off towards Tombstone. We arrived in time to see Wyatt and a few riders guarding a cover wagon and a coach that held Virgil and his wife. I rode up to Wyatt.

“We are with you, Wyatt,” I said as galloped alongside the coach. He nodded solemnly.

We escorted the coach to Tucson, AZ, so Virgil and Allie could take the train to California. It was there that Frank Stillwell and some of the Cowboys laid in wait to ambush us. I had sent Red Blossom back towards Tombstone to find where Indian Charlie and Pete Spence were hold up and sent Billy back to the ranch. Over the next few months, Red Blossom and I accompanied the Earp Vendetta Ride; with our names being added to the list of arrest warrants from Tucson and from Tombstone. I received a telegram from Marshal Lewin from Silvertown.

“Ahna, Do not, I repeat do not come back to Silvertown. The atmosphere is against Wyatt and what he has been doing. There are warrants for you and Red Blossom for the murders of Frank Stillwell, Indian Charlie, William Brocius, and Johnny Ringo. Betty Abbott and a new towns member, Judy McKenna were found tired up. They both had the looks of being in a wild fight. Evidence of their plots to kill you and Julia Vargas were foundwith them. Please stay away because I do not want to have to arrest you.


I immediately sent a telegram to Julia Vargas, asking her to purchase the mercantile store from me. I also asked that her lawyer assist me with setting up the sale of my ranch to Nettie and Louise. I knew my daughter, Katerina, did not want the ranch life. I wanted her happy with Red Flower. I received a telegram from Julia Vargas and she offered me more than what I was seeking for the store and the promise to tell me of how she and Vanessa dealt with Judy and Betty. I could almost picture the four of them naked and rolling around. I sent Red Blossom to make contact with Red Flower and Katerina as I made my way to the ranch for a goodbye to the hands, Nettie and Louise.

“Do you have to go so soon, Ahna?” Nettie asked tearfully.

I held her close, “I need to. The law is still looking for me. I know you will take good care of the ranch. No one will accost you with the boys here. You and Louise will be able to have a good life here.”

“I cannot thank you enough,” Nettie said hugging me close, “Not just for me but for Louise as well. It is late, why don’t you stay the night and head out at first light.”

“I will rest my head at Kat’s cabin,” I said, “I am not going to ruin what you have here by getting taken in by Marshal Lewin or any bounty hunters.”

“Speaking of bounty hunters, Lucie said she is not taking yours or Red Blossom’s bounty,” Nettie said with a smile.

I had breathed a sigh of relief because the idea of going up against Lucie was not one I wanted to do.

“I will keep in touch, Nettie,” I said as I grabbed my rifle, “If you need me, I will not be far off.”

“I love you, Ahna,” Nettie said, hugging me again.

I hugged back, “I love you too.”

I left and rode to the cabin on the outskirts of my former property. As I rode up to the small cabin, a lone rider sat on a horse waiting for me. Amy Roberts sat on the horse and shivered in the cold of the night.

My right hand went to the butt of my pistol as I stopped close to her. I eyed the young woman and she did not looked heeled.

“Amy,” I said coolly, “Are you waiting for me?”

“I am, Mrs. Stevens,” Amy said, “I am here to bring you in.”

“Is that so?” I asked as I raised an eyebrow, “Is this something your father wanted you to do?”

“No,” she said, “Daddy and Beth do not know I am here. But your bounty is up to $500 now.” The wind blew cold and she shivered again.

“Why don’t you come in and I will make a fire and we can talk,” I said as I dismounted my horse. She nodded and followed me inside. It did not take long for the fireplace to heat up and we were able to get warm.

I hung up my pistol rig with my bowie knife in the scabbard. I set my rifle against the wall and removed the bandoleer of rifle shells from my chest. “Amy, I think your trip out here is not going to end like you want it to. I am not going to be going to see the Marshal today, or any day for that matter.”

“I thought you might say that,” she said as she stood. “I say we fight, if I lose, I leave but if I win, you go in with me.”

“If that is what you want,” I said as I rose and quickly rushed her, tackling the young women to the floor of the cabin.

Amy and I went down to the wood floor, struggling as we grabbed shirts and hair. Fists thudded against our sides as we rolled wildly about the cabin. The bottom of her dress becameentangled in my boots and I heard it start to tear.

“PIGS ASS!” Amy cursed at me.

She rolled on top and with her hands in my hair, banged my head against the hard wood floor. I saw stars but punched her hard in her left side. We rolled away and got to our knees before coming together again. Hands grabbed hair and faces as we pushed and pulled to try to get the other off balance. Our bodies were wedged tightly and I felt her full breasts press into my larger pair. I pushed my right hand against her chin making her head and neck strain back. Her left hand covered my nose and mouth in an effort to try to smother me. I turned my head back and forth to try to breathe again. I balled up my right fist and smacked her in the lips, mashing them to her teeth, blood starting to drip from her split lip. She groaned out and I got to my feet, pulling her up by the top of her dress. I turned sharply and threw her against the wall next to the fireplace. The top tore and her large breasts spilled forth. The slam stunned her but she turned towards the fireplace and grabbed the wrought iron fire poker.

“I don’t think my daddy and the Marshal will care if I stick you with a few holes first,” Amy sneered.

I smiled at her, “I knew you weren’t woman enough.”

She screamed as she came at me. I got the small kitchen table in between us. She swung back and forth with the poker but I dodged. She swung the iron poker down and it stuck into the wood table. I saw my chance and lunged across the table at Amy. We went back down to the floor with Amy grabbing my shirt and tearing it open. Our tits banged together roughly, as we rolled again. We careened close enough to the fireplace that my arm hair was singed. I pushed the young woman away from me. I got up and leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. My shirt was hanging on by one arm and my skirt was torn, showing off my white knickers. The heat from the fire was making sweat drip off me. Amy looked worse for wear. Her dress was down past her shapely hips and I could see bare flesh. Her brown hair was wild and knotted in tangles. Sweat dripped off her large breasts as her chest heaved in and out. She pulled the dress the rest of the way down and kicked out if it. I took the hint and pulled my torn clothes off me as a now naked Amy and I started to circle. I charged first and we went down on the small bed that my daughter, Katerina and her lover Red Flower shared. The bed creaked loudly as we struggled. Our naked skin sliding over the other because of the sweat. Legs tangled as Amy and I grabbed our tits and squeezed. We howled as our big breasts we pulled and stretched into nasty shapes. Legs tangled as our slick tummies rubbed together.

This young woman, barely out of her teens was giving me a very tough catfight. We rolled off the bed and slammed onto the wood floor, breaking apart only to rise to our knees and clash again. Amy grabbed my left breast from the bottom and pushed up. I knew what was coming but couldn’t pull her hair up fast enough as she opened her mouth and fit as much of my large tit in and chomped down.

“AAAHHH!” I screamed out as she started chewing on my tit.

My hands combed through her hair and I tried to pull her mouth off but it only caused the breast to stretch. I looked down through teary eyes and saw her bouncing left tit. I roughly grabbed it and brought it to my mouth, fit as much of it in my mouth and bit down. I heard and felt her scream. I answered every one of her chews and bites with ones of my own. We fell over to our sides, chewing on left breasts as our free hands mauled our right ones. Our legs locked again and I felt her rub her young womanhood against my thigh. She was turned on by all this. I ground my thigh into her flower and it slid easily with the juices dripping out of her. We rolled with me getting on top and I let go of her right tit to brace myself up off the floor. My thighs parted hers and I slapped my furry patch down onto hers. The wet matted hair tangled together as our flowers, thick and fleshy opened. My hips slapped up and down, tangled pubic hairs snapping off. I smacked the pussies together again and began to grind. She stiffened and her mouth came off my breast. I let go with my mouth and slammed our large tits together. Sweat flew off to the sides as the meaty breasts collided. We both moaned but I reared up and did it again. SMACK! Her hips thrusts against mine were increasing in speed and I knew she was close. Her body went rigid and then bucked wildly as she spurted her juices over my wet mound. I laid on top of her for a few minutes and rolled off. I slowly got to my feet with the help of the small table.

“WE….Aren’t… Done…yet..,” I heard her say breathlessly.

I turned as she charged and slammed into me. The momentum had us tumble out the door to the cottage, over the porch and onto the dirt. There was a flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder. Rain started to come down on us as we slowly rose to shaky legs. I punched her hard in cheek and she spun, going down to one knee. I moved but she backhanded me in the mouth as I stumbled backwards. We swayed back and forth as Amy and I traded punches to faces, tummies and breasts. Blood was freely flowing down our faces from noses and lips. We clenched together, our arms too sore to punch. The rain caused the dirt to turn muddy mess and our feet slipped as we went down. Neither of us could muster a hard punch as we clutched and rolled slowly. Amy rolled on top, mud dripping from her matted hair onto my face.

“You….are…..done….bitch…,” Amy croaked out.

I willed my right arm to move and slapped her across the face. There wasn’t much to the slap but she dropped her body onto mine just the same. We rolled again with me getting on top of her. I grabbed her hands to hold them down above her head. I brought my muddy tits down on hers. Each time we both cried out, but as I kept doing it, her cries became louder than mine.

“Please….” She hoarsely whispered, “Please….no…..more…”

I slammed my heavy breasts down one more time and remained on top of her, trying to breathe right again. The rain was coming in a down pour and the mud was washed mostly away from my body. I got up and stumbled to the cottage, going inside to grab what remained of her dress. She was sitting up as I came back out.

“Dress and go home, Amy,” I said sternly. “If you, your daddy, or your sister come lookin for me, I will consider it a threat and I won’t hesitate to send you all to the next life. Do you get me, girl?”

“Yes, Ms. Ahna,” Amy said weakly as she painfully put the dress on. I helped her on her horse and slapped the hind end to send her off.


After dunking my head in the rain barrel, I went inside to dry off and put on a fresh set of riding clothes. I chose a black button-up shirt with brown dungarees. I slipped my black boots on. I secured the cross draw rig with my two pistols around my waist and checked that my bone-handled bowie knife was secure behind my back. I threw on my black duster, putting the bandoleer of rifle cartridges over my body. I hefted the Winchester, checking the breech to see that a round was chambered. I blew out the lanterns around the cottage and walked out as the rain was coming down lighter than before. I slipped the rifle in the holder on my saddle and got on my quarter horse, Clementine. She wasn’t Goldie, but no horse would ever compare to her.

“Alright, Clem Girl,” I said as I brought my face to her right ear, “Let’s go find Red Blossom.”

I rode for the rest of the night until I reached the edge of Apache land. Just as she had told me, Red Blossom waited. She saw the bruises on my face but did not say anything.

“Amy Roberts came to collect the bounty on my head,” I said as Blossom kicked dirt into the small fire she had been sitting at.

“Since you are here,” the busty Apache woman said as she mounted her paint, “She did not collect. Is she still alive?”

“She is,” I replied, “But she got a warning that anyone coming to collect will not be.”

The sun breaking through the clouds brought beautiful rays shining down.

“The sky smiles on us,” Red Blossom said, “Where do we ride to?”

“Dry Gulch,” I answered. “Diamond Diane and I didn’t part as friends but we ain’t mortal enemies either.”

“No Apaches there,” Blossom said, looking at me. She wore heavy animal hides to protect her from the cold morning. “Other tribes will be hostile towards me and will not understand why I ride with a white woman.”

“I think you and I have both proved that we can handle most anything that comes our way,” I smiled as she nodded at me. We kicked out heels into our mounts and galloped off with the rising sun at our backs.

The End

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  1. Giannis says:

    The final chapter was much more into non-erotic fights but I like it. The whole novel was a very well written western story with a very interesting plot, some hot erotic scenes, and an excellent description of Wild West those times.

    I thank you for this story. I guess that i am not the only one. You are a great writer !

    Now move into time please and go on with your Science Fiction Novel which is also very good till now !!

  2. Diane121 says:

    I started doing a Diamond Diane addition and I belive you read what I had written. It goes well with your story here. I should work on it some more and we could put them together.
    Once you get into Dry Gulch I believe the Preachers wife and you are going to meet.


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