Wild West Wildcats Chapter 4 by Ahna Brown

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Additional Credit

I have been very privileged to have Diane121 co-author this chapter. Her stories, Western Wildcats, Western Wildcats: Guns, Knives and Claws and Western Wildcats: The Preacher’s Wife, have been an inspiration for me to write my own. Thank you again, Diane, for this wonderful ride you are accompanying me on!

The Stranger Rides to Town

As told by Diamond Diane

“So where will you be going Ms. Diamond?”

“Don’t rightly know yet, Brad,” Diamond Diane told the stable hand as she swung up into the saddle. “Seems the church folk around here got a little uppity when their Preachers wife took a beating, and let me tell you she deserved everything she got.”

“Yeah you whooped her good,” he chuckled.

She smiled down at him. Diamond Diane wore a tan Stetson over her long dark brown hair which was pulled back in a ponytail. Her black pants were tight tucked into black calf high riding boots. A light tan button front long sleeve tight blouse fitted over her buxom bosom. The sleeves rolled up with a few buttons left undone that opened up a deep dark cleavage. His gaze was upon her but she wished it was on the opening in her blouse. She knew he was looking at the almost disappeared coloring on the side of her face and eye where Leann, the Preachers wife, had laid a few well-placed fists during their epic catfight. Most men would have laughed it off and let their women folk fight it out. Even the Preacher held back. Held back from confronting Diane; but let loose with a sermon about turning the other cheek. The church goers began a protest about the type of people coming into their town because of the saloons and brothels. Not just Diamond’s establishment, but all of them. The other owners cast wary eyes on Diamond, so she decided to take a break for a bit till things cooled down.

“Hand me the lead boy,” Diamond said holding out her hand.

He reached up and gave her the lead rope attached to the pack horse behind her.

“You mind yourself now. I’ll be back soon,” Diamond said as she tied the rope.

“Yeah and you mind yourself too Diamond Diane,” he chuckled as she clicked her horse and started out of the livery stable. She smiled at his remark. When would Diamond Diane ever mind herself she thought to herself.

A day and a half out she was walking thru a light wooded area following a bubbling stream when she reigned in. She cocked her head and listened. Women screaming, yelling; but young women from the sounds of it. She pushed her horse forward tying the lead rope to the pummel of her saddle and placing a hand on the butt of her peace maker riding on her right hip. A grassy hill topped to a rise and when she reached the top, it looked down towards the stream. In a small dirt clearing, two girls were going at it, wailing away at each other. One a buxom redhead in tight pants and a very tight blouse showing she was deeply endowed. The other girl a blonde who looked more endowed then the red head in a white blouse and a gray split skirt. Both girls wore riding boots. She figured they must have been in their late teens. The two moved around each other in a fist fight. Well placed punches rocked each other’s heads back and staggered each girl momentarily. Off to the side two saddled horses grazed.


Diane could hear the fists making contact with the girls’ faces. The way they were staggering either the punches were doing real damage or they had been at this a while. The blonde waded in and grabbed two handfuls of dark red hair yanking. Happy not to be punched anymore, the redhead latched onto the long blonde hair pulling back just as hard. The girls moved each other around the small area this way and that, pulling and twisting heads back and forth. Their massive breasts meeting together roughly. Diane started to get a tingling. She loved fighting especially other women. Their bodies pressed into hers, breasts to breasts, womanhood to womanhood, all rubbing and grinding. Grabbing big tits and squeezing and thick hairy bushes. She shook her head. The girls took each other down in the dirt rolling over and over wrestling. Their feet kicked and dug into the dark earth for leverage. The redhead got the blonde down but the blonde got a hand under her chin and began pushing the redhead head back slowly till she unseated her. The two girls scrambled to their feet.

A well-timed fist sent the blonde reeling backwards into one of the horse. The well-trained animal just moved aside but not before the blonde pulled a huge hunting knife from the saddle bag. Diane slowly reached her gun withdrawing it and laying it on the pommel. She wasn’t about to interfere in business not hers, but fair was fair. An evil grin crossed the blonde’s face as she tossed the knife back and forth from hand to hand and stepped slowly towards the redhead. The other girl looked left and right and slowly backed up till she was at the edge of the stream. The blonde lunged and the redhead caught the knife wrist. Her other hand grabbed blonde hair pulling. The blonde likewise gathered in a full hand of long red hair. They twisted this way and that, struggling over the knife.

Water splashed as they moved out into the stream a bit. Diane was close enough to hear the grunting, groaning and moaning noises they were making straining against each other. The tingling feeling got stronger. She shifted in the saddle letting her crotch rub against the pommel. The redhead forced the blonde backwards out of the water and down on the wet dirt they rolled over and over fighting. The wet dirt soaked thru their clothes as they wrestled with each other. A well-placed knee sent the redhead off her and down at the water’s edge. The blonde scrambled up. pulled back her dirty wet long blonde hair and let out a yell as she raised the knife about the strike.

Diane fired a shot into the air. The grazing horses jumped but did not run as did the pack horse. Diane’s own horse remained still. The blonde jumped and swung around.

Seeing Diane with the gun leveled her direction she spat out, “Who the hell are you?”

“No one you know. Diamond Diane answered, “Now if you two fillies want to tear each other apart go to it, but let’s keep it fair, drop the blade.”

The blonde took a step towards Diane, who cocked the hammer of her peace maker.

“You really don’t want to do that. Now finish your fight but drop the blade,” Diane said dryly to the busty blonde.

Diane could see the girl having trouble with what to do. She threw the knife down and stomped to the grazing horses. She grabbed the reigns of one and was about to swing up, when she slapped the rump of the other horse who took off running. Then she mounted reigned about and stared at Diane.

“You have a habit of making enemies, stranger?” The blonde asked breathing hard.

“Fact is I do,” Diamond answered.

The girl heeled the horse and took off. Diamond holstered her gun and reigned the horse down the slight hill. The redhead got up muddy, bleeding and soaked. Diane swung down dropped the reins and took the canteen off the pummel. She opened it and drank then held it out to the girl. The girl drank and handed it back. Diane took the neckerchief from around her neck and tipped the canteen over it wetting it.

“What’s your name?” Diane asked the girl.

She stepped forward slowly and put the wet cloth on the side of the girl’s cheek and head. It came away bloody.

“You got a nice scrape there needs tending to and that eye is going to be the evening color of sunset by tomorrow. What’s your name?” Diamond asked again.

“Katerina,” the redhead answered, “Katerina Stevens, Ma’am.”

“Katerina, I’m Diane, “Diamond said, “Diamond Diane.”

“Are you famous?” Katerina asked.

“Ha no. Only dead people are famous and I’m very much alive,” Diane said with a chuckle.

Katerina took the woman in the clothes, the horse, the good smell of the woman and the beautiful body. That deep dark cleavage seemed to jump out at her.

“So where do you live Katerina?” Diane asked.

“Just a couple miles from here,” Katerina answered her.

“And your friend,” Diamond asked with a sly smile, “Who is she?”

“She is not my friend,” Katerina said with a sneer. “Her name is Ashley Simmons and we have been fighting each other since we were little girls. Her family owns the ranch next to ours.”

“I see,” Diane said as a rather nasty thought crossed her mind. “Shall I try to round up your horse? I assume that was the one she smacked and it took off.”

“No. He’ll go home if he’s not there already,” Katerina answered.

“Then can I give you a ride home, Diamond Diane said, making up her mind.

Katerina thought for a minute then said, “Ok.”

Diane swung up into the saddle and extended her hand down. Katerina took it and Diane hoisted her behind her.

“You can hold onto me Katerina,” Diane said smiling. “I don’t mind women’s hands on me.”

Katerina told Diamond which way to head and they started out.

At the Steven’s Ranch…

The house door banged open with such force it almost broke off the hinges. Nettie at the fireplace and Ahna at the table both jumped. Billy the hired ranch hand out of breath.

“Ms. Ahna…Ms. Ahna…Katerina’s horse came home……….without her,” Billy huffed out.

He almost cried. Nettie flung her hands to her huge breasts as she moved towards the ranch hand. “When Billy when did it get here?”

“Just now Miss Nettie,” he answered. “It’s been running hard but doesn’t seem for too long. It’s OK no hurting anywhere like something happened to it.”

They both looked at Ahna. She was frozen standing, hand on the back of the chair staring at Billy. “What did you say?” She asked as thoughts running thru her mind. The war, her husband, her son. “No No No not my daughter NOOOOOOO!” She cried out as Nettie went to her and grabbed her arms.

“She’s Ok Ms. Ahna! God tells me she is OK,” Nettie said holding Ahna by her shoulders.

“Billy saddle my horse and get the hands, ready,” Ahna said with steel in her voice.

“Already done Ms. Ahna,” Billy answered right away.

Nettie went back to Billy who looks on the verge of tears. “It’s Ok Billy boy. I’m sure she is just ok.”

“Let’s go,” Ahna said as she grabbed the gun belt off a peg on the wall A rig held a 6-inch barrel navy colt revolver and pushedout the door. The front is lined with the ranch hands. The loyal hands mounted and ready to search for their boss’s daughter. Billy and Ahna swing into saddles.

“I’m coming!” Nettie yelled from the porch, “I’ll bring the wagon.”

“No Nettie,” Ahna said, “No, you stay here in case she comes home. Craig, you stay too. If she comes home Craig, you ride and find us.”

Disappointment shows on both Nettie’s and Craig’s faces. This is their family. They both want to be up front helping, but they do what Ahna asked of them.

The group rode out hard. Ahna had no plan on where to look first or second. The only thoughts running through her mind was this about Simmons or Red Flower. She didn’t think Red Flower would hurt Katerina but wasn’t sure if their relationship would spark a feud among the Apaches. Riding hard they covered a good distance and up ahead on the road, they spied a rider with a passenger and a pack horse. Tears leaked from Ahna’s eyes as she saw Katerina wave. Billy also wiped his eyes. The groups converged and Ahna swung down before her horse has even stopped. Diane lowered Katerina and watched as mother daughter unite. Billy on the other hand kept his steely gaze on the brunette in the saddle and slowly took out his revolver. Diane noticed but decided there is no point in countering his draw.

“Billy what are you doing?” Matt, one of the ranch hands asked,looking back and forth from Diane to Billy.

“She’s heeled, Matt,” Billy answered as he slowly moved forward.

“Yeah, so what Billy! Katerina is fine. She’s here with Ahna,” Matt said loudly, “Now put the dam gun away and let’s see what the story is.”

Smothering her daughter with kisses, Ahna asked, “Are you ok?”

“Yes mamma, I’m fine,” Katerina answered holding to her mother, “Thanks to her. Ashley called me that name. Injun Fucker! I told her to take it back and we had a quarrel. She rode off and I went after her. We stopped by the little woods stream and fought woman to woman till Ashley pulled a knife on me. She would have cut me good if it wasn’t for Ms. Diane here.”

Ahna looked up in time to see Billy advancing on Diane with gun drawn, “Billy…Billy…,” she said, pulling herself away from her daughter.

They all started after him.

“What’s your name and where you from?” Billy asked as he advanced.

Diane looked around.

“What’s your name?” Billy asked a little louder. Billy turned back and looked at Matt to see the other hands already putting guns away.

In the meantime, Diane moved her horse two steps closer. When Billy turned back her peacemaker was against his nose.

“Billy…Ms. Diane please….” Katerina ran to him throwing her arms around him. “It’s Ok Billy she helped me.”

Billy looked from Diane to Katerina to Ahna. He slowly lowered his gun then holstered it and turned back to the other ranch hands. A few chuckled at his predicament but the others admired his devotion.

“I’m sorry Ms. Diane,” Ahna said by way of apology. “He is just overly protective of Katarina. I really want to thank you for what you did.”

“Wasn’t nothing just wanted to see a good catfight,” Diane said as she holstered her peacemaker. “Your daughter held herself real well.”

The two women held each other’s gaze, then their eyes went over every inch of the others bodies in seconds.

“Where you headed Ms. Diane?” Ahna asked, “If you don’t mind my asking.”

Diane adjusted her seat in the saddle, “Don’t know rightly, just moving about here and there.”

“Your welcome to come stay with us, Ahna said immediately. “The house is full and I wouldn’t think of putting you up with them,” she nodded back to the bunch of ranch hands, “But the barn is clean and comfy.”

Diamond looked from Katerina to Ahna and the ranch hands. “I could use a bath and something softer then the ground.”

“Good,” Ahna said, “Then you’re coming home with us. Boys ride back and tell Nettie we have a guest for supper.”

“Mom, you’re not mad at me for fighting with Ashley?” Katerina asked sheepishly.

“Honey, we have been fighting the Simmons since we moved next to one another,” she looked at Katerina’s face. “I will have words with Lisa about Ashley pulling a knife on you. What’s next gun fight at 10 steps?”

“You don’t mind if I tag along for that would you?” Diane asked,“I love a good catfight.”

Katerina and Ahna looked back at Diamond Diane.

The supper table was alive with conversation about who Diane was and where she was from. Maggie had an eye for the buxom brunette which tingled both Ahna and Katarina’s fancy. Nettie was a bit more reluctant to become too friendly. In the back of her mind she knew that name, Diamond Diane.

Late at night Ahna walked the brunette down to the barn. The two woman mostly checking each other out. “I’m sorry about the sleeping arrangements but the house is full and you certainly don’t want to sleep in the bunk house with all those snoring hands. At least the barn will be quiet.”

“It’s fine,” Diane answered grateful, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

The two women shook hands but as they clasped hands, it lastedlonger then a normal hand shake; the two stared into the other’s eyes. The hand shake ended and Ahna went back to the house with Diane to the barn. Just before bed Ahna noticed lanterns still lit down at the barn. Intrigued she strolled down still in tight pants, riding boots, and a white buttoned front blouse. As she got closer she heard cheers and yelling from the ranch hands.

“Yeah Billy give it to her!”

“Come on Billy you can do it!”

Leaning against the open door she saw the ranch hands in a loose circle in the middle of the barn. On the floor, Billy and Diane were wrestling. Billy was shirtless showing off his muscular body. Diane had her shirt on but it was opened all the way to her pants showing her massive breasts. The two were in a tight bear hug and were rolling each other back and forth. Diane’s breasts pressed tight into Billy’s muscled chest.

“Come on Billy get on top of her!”

“Yeah Billy take advantage of this who knows when you might get the chance again!” Bringing a raucous laughter from the ranch hands watching.

Billy got her down and pressed her wrists to the dirt floor. He paid no attention to the huge mounds wriggling just below him; nor did he pay any attention to her wide open legs and the tight crotch pushing against his. That was his mistake! Diane’s shapely legs wrapped around his waist and her ankles locked tight. Billy knew in an instant he was in trouble. Diane squeezed.

“Oh mother Jesus she got him now!” Bringing even more laughter and cheers. “Your done Billy! Just give up now!”

Diane squeezed harder making the big man wince and pry at her legs. Diane twisted him to the side flopping him over. She leaned on her elbow and watched as his face turned redder and redder.

“Dam tarnation she’s going to kill him!” Even more laughter rose from the cheering ranch hands.

Craig saw Ahna first and nudged the man next to him. Who nudged the next and finally Diane turned to see what they were looking at. She immediately released her legs. Billy collapsed and thinking he broke free was about to resume the wrestle when he saw Ahna.

“Sorry Ms. Stevens,” Craig stuttered, “We was just having fun.”

“Yeah,” Matt added, “No harm meant.”

“I’m sorry Ahna,” Diane added sitting up and pulling her shirt closed, “I kinda added to it also. We were just funning.”

Billy sitting up trying to breath and holding his ribs.

“You ok, Billy?” Ahna asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Billy answered with a groan as he got up.

Ahna walked to him and touched his cheek, “You don’t look OK.” She noticed a coloring starting around his eye.

He touched it. “She just got in a lucky punch that’s all. And I don’t hit women. But you don’t mind do you Ms. Ahna. I’ve seen you hit women. Why don’t you give her a try?”

Ahna walked into the barn starting to unbutton her shirt, “I think I might.”

Diane’s eyes gleamed and a smile crossed her lips as she stood up watching the big breasted redhead remove her shirt. She pulled off her shirt and tossed it to one of the ranch hands. Ahna pulled the ribbon out of her hair letting the flowing long red locks tumble down over her shoulders reaching the tops of her massive breasts. She knew there was going to be hair pulling eventually. The two women began slowly circling each other.

“Oh yeah!” Craig shouted. “Get her Ms. Stevens!”

“Yeah Ms. Stevens! Show her who owns this here ranch!”

The other ranch hands joined in.

Take her down Ms. Stevens!”

“Mess her up!”

“Come on show her who the boss is around here!”

Billy finally got to his feet holding his ribs, “Come on Diamond,fight!”

The two women came together. One hand on the back of each other’s neck the other hand grabbing forearms. Being of Italian heritage Diane had a coating of dark hair on her forearms. Ahna’s fingers pressed into it. It seemed like a stalemate as the two women moved very little. A small step this way or that remaining in the same locked position just adjusting the grips they had on each other. The ranch hands were getting anxious. They had two big breasted women in front of them and they wanted to see a fight.

Katerina dressed in her night shirt went to say good night to Maggie. She opened the bedroom door but Maggie was asleep. She closed the door and moved on to her mother’s bed room. Finding it empty she went into the kitchen. Nettie was cleaning up.

“Where’s mom?” Katerina asked Nettie.

“Why, I think she wondered down to the barn to see why the lanterns were still burning,” Nettie answered as she finished cleaning.

Katerina walked down to the barn as she got closer like her mom she heard the cheering. Curiously she peeked around the door. her eyes opened wide just as she saw her mom and Diane go to the floor. Both women were bare chested and their huge breasts mashed into each other. At first she was tempted to rush in and help her mom but figured with all the ranch hands around and cheering there didn’t seem to be any worry. She watched as her mom and Diane rolled over and over on the dirt floor wrestling. The ranch hands following right along with them.

“Get her Ms. Stevens!”

“Get on top of her! Hold her down!”

“Damn it! Get back on top of her!”

“Pin her down Ms. Stevens!

“Come on Ms. Diamond you can do it!”

Katerina looked up to see who the one voice was that was cheering for Diane. It was Billy. Ahna got a hand under Diane’s chin and pushed forcing the brunette’s head back slowly till she toppled the woman off her. Diane fell back and Ahna sprang on top of her. This time they held each other by the wrists. Again over and over they rolled each other struggling to stay on top. Katerina began feeling a tingling down between her legs.

The two women separated and got to their feet both breathing hard, covered with dirt and pieces of hay. Their hair was tangled and knotted with bits of straw sticking out of it. They did a brief circle before rushing each other and this time going right for one another’s hair. Getting good handfuls, they twisted and went down on the floor. The ranch hands cheered and whooped and yelled. They rolled once before Diane’s hand latched onto one of Ahna’s huge breasts, squeezing. Katerina watched as her mother grimaced with the brunette squeezing the massive mound of flesh. Then her mother grabbed Diane’s breast. Giving it right back to her. Diane groaned loudly which turned the ranch hands into a wild cheering group.

Katarina’s hand went to her own massive tit running over it. The lady bits between her legs itched. She imagined herself rolling wrestling on the floor with the older woman. She wondered if Diane would agree to fight her somewhere private if she asked her. Katerina turned and went back to the house. Nettie was not in the kitchen probably gone to bed. She went to Maggie’s room and let herself in closing the door silently. In the dark she made her way to the bed and climbed on top of the sleeping girl,straddling her waist and grabbing Maggie’s wrists, pinning them to the bed.

“Maggie wake up, I want to wrestle you,” Katerina said in a low voice.

“What….what…. what are you doing?” Maggie shook her sleepy head wondering why Katarina had her pinned down.

“Come on Maggie,” Katerina said with a need to her voice, “Let’s wrestle.”

“Right now?” Maggie asked still bewildered.

“Yes!” Katerina said louder, “Come on now, fight me.”

Maggie heaved under her but Katarina pressed down harder. She arched her back and toppled the girl off her rolling over on top of her. Katarina landed half off the bed and the two tumbled to the floor. Maggie rolled them over and Katarina rolled them again. They wrestle back towards the bed and Katerina grabbed a handful of Maggie’s hair.

“Ohhhhhh…….is that how you want to do this?” Maggie asked angrily.

She latched onto Katerina’s hair. They picked each other up and went back onto the bed. Maggie got her hand entwined with Katerina’s other hand fingers clenched. She was now getting that same tingling feeling that Katerina had. Katerina rolled her over climbing on top of her. Maggie heaved and dumped the girl off her and got back on top. Her nightshirt had ridden up to her hips from the wrestling and a thick patch of black hair shown between her legs.

The two girls strained and struggled wriggling together. Maggie watched as Katerina’s huge breasts moved under her nightshirt. Katerina saw the thick patch of hair between Maggie’s legs. Letting go of Maggie’s hair, she arched her back and pulled her nightshirt up revealing her own patch of red hair. Then her hips came down Maggie’s black patch met her own red patch. She got Maggie’s hair again, rolling them over. The two girl’s womanhoods rubbed together. Their breathing became more rapid together.

In the barn, Diane and Ahna are still wrestling. A hand of each other’s hair and a hand of each other huge breast. A couple of the ranch hands had to run outside to satisfy themselves not wanting to do it in front of the women.

“Let me know when you’ve had enough,” Diane huffed out.

“Same goes for you cow turd,” Ahna answered in a breathy response.

“Ohhhh!” The two women groaned together.


“Oh no you did not just hit me,” Ahna exclaimed.


“Why you bitch, you!” Diane cried out.

Suddenly the friendly wrestling is taking a more heated exchange. A sock to the face dumped Diane off the redhead. Ahna dove on the brunette only to get punched back, rolling her off. Diane got on her knees as she grabbed the redhead’s hair and hauled her to her knees.


Hands buried into the other’s long, dirty, tangled, and knotted hair. They pulled each other up on their feet, twirling round and round yanking and pulling each other’s hair.

“You piece of cow shit!” Ahna cursed!

“And your nothing but a lonely ranch hand,” Diane countered

Ahna slammed Diane against the wall hard.

“You take that back, you bitch!” Ahna said through gritted teeth.

“You try and make me, you cunt!” Diane cursed back.

Diane rolled Ahna over pining her against the wall by her long red hair. Both women were panting heavily. Sweat covered the bare parts of their luscious bodies. Ahna pulled Diane’s head back by her brown hair.

“Let me go you, bitch!” Diane seethed.

“I told you try and make me!” Ahna growled.

Their huge breasts are plastered into each other. Hard erect nipples stabbing one another. They panted and groaned,struggling and straining. Diane let go of the hair hold she had with one hand and smacked Ahna’s face. Ahna returned the slap harder. They grabbed hair with one hand and with the other they entwined fingers. The ranch hands looked back and forth to each other, unknowing what to do. What had started as a friendly wrestle had now turned into a vicious catfight. Ahna rolledDiane along the wall prying her fingers from her tangled red hair. She pinned Diane wrist against the wall leaning into her. The women grunt and groan as they struggle. Breasts rub back and forth. Ahna’s knee pressed in tight to Diane’s crotch. Diane pushed her knee right back into the redhead’s crotch, bringing a moan from Ahna’s lips.

“Let go of my hand and I’ll scratch your eyes out,” Ahna said cattily

“Mmmmm you say the dirtiest things,” Diane said with a small smile.

Then Ahna’s lips were on Diane’s. Diane forced her tongue into the redhead’s mouth kissing her back. She let go of Ahna’s hand and grabbed her hair by the back of her head, pulling the redhead harder into her mouth. Ahna did the same. They moan and groan while kissing; rubbing breasts and crotches together. Suddenly Ahna remembered they have and audience. She brokethe kiss and stepped back from the brunette.

“Just so remember who the boss is around here,” Ahna said, breathing hard

Diane wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, “I will, if you do.”

The ranch hands all sighed in relief not knowing if they should pry the two women apart or let them go. Each one of them had to satisfy himself at one point or another it was just far too sexy for them not to.

“Alright boys. Time for lights out,” Ahna said to the crowd of onlookers. “Work will come early.”

The hands file out of the barn heading to the bunk house. They have new respect for Ahna now and the Ms. Diane.

“Anytime you want a rematch I’m willing,” Ahna said to Diane as they stood facing each other.

Diane stepped up to the redhead, so their huge chests just touch, “I might like a romp in the hay if you don’t mind fighting in the loft.” Diane nodded up to the hay loft above them.

Ahna wanted so bad to reach out and grab the brunette by the hair, not knowing that Diane felt the same way.

“Let’s see what tomorrow brings,” Ahna said. At some point, I want to ride over to the Simmons and have words with Lisa Simmons about Ashley pulling a knife on Kat.”

“Mind if I tag along,” Diane asked, a smile spreading across her reddened face.

“I was hoping you would,” Ahna said, returning the smile.

Back in the house Maggie and Katerina were wet with sex. Both girls having multiple orgasms as they struggled and wrestled. Katerina was between Maggie’s legs with the brunette’s right leg over her shoulder. She pushed and rubbed her wet vagina against Maggie’s.

“Again Maggie one more time!” Katerina pleaded.

“Why didn’t you tell me you liked to wrestle?” Maggie asked in heated breath

“I didn’t know until tonight,” Katerina tensed, “Oh my God Maggie! Oh my God!!”

(Back to Ahna….)

The next morning, I drank double the amount of coffee I normally ingest. Nettie eyed all of us with motherly stare like we had been caught doing bad things. She kept her gaze on Diamond Diane more then on me, Katerina or Maggie. Both Maggie and Kat had bags under their eyes from what looked like a sleepless night.

“Diane,” I said over my third cup of coffee, “I was wondering if you would like to go into town with me. I have some items at my store that you might like and you can get a lay of the town.”

“Sounds like an adventure,” Diane answered with a wink. She looked back to Nettie and the two women just stared at the other.

I was dressed in a short sleeved white button up blouse and a brown split skirt for riding. Diane had on her worn tan blouse and grey split skirt. The clothing was visibly worn. I had Billy saddle up the horses and he brought them up to the house. He smiled as he handed Diane the reigns. We rode into town with me pointing out different places to Diamond Diane. It was hard not to take in the beauty of the Arizona countryside. As we got into town, people looked at the new woman riding in with me. Many nodded their greetings, which were answered back by Diane and me. I opened the store but kept the closed sign on the front door. I pulled a few parcels out and unwrapped the twine and paper.

“These are some dresses and blouses and dungarees that I ordered last month for Maggie,” I said handing them to Diane, “I will place another order for her because I think you could use them right now.”

“I am much obliged, Ahna,” Diane said, “I hope I don’t tear these in a wild tussle.” She laughed and so did I.

The door came open as the little bell at the top jingled back and forth. In walked in Red Blossom, Red Flowers sister. Her breasts barely contained in that bone vest. In her eyes, a rage burned. Diane stepped off to the left of the counter to give the Apache woman some room. The door closed as Betty Abbott, adorned in an off the shoulder grey dress and a draw string grey satchel on her wrist, stepped in and surprisingly, she locked the door, bringing the shade down.

“Red Blossom here has a small issue she brought to my attention,” Betty said stepping up to the Apache woman’s right shoulder. “Seems your daughter and her sister have been spending a little too much time together.”

I eyed Betty and then shifted my focus to the Apache, “Can she not speak for herself?” I asked, “Her sister is quite eloquent with her words.”

“I can speak,” Red Blossom answered in a low growl, “Your daughter has ruined my sister. When I find her, her scalp is mine!”

My hand reached for the shotgun under the counter but I heard a click and looked up to see Betty pointing a derringer in my direction.

“Christ, Red,” Betty swore, “We talked about this.”

Red Blossom reached to her waist and pulled a long bowie from a buck skin scabbard. Then there was another click as Diane came back into view her Colt leveled at the two women.

“Lose the knife, squaw,” she said coolly to Red Blossom and then looked at Betty, “I bet I can get off two shots before you can shoot Ahna there. Drop the steel and kick em over here.”

Betty and Red Blossom complied and Diane handed me the items and I placed them under the counter. I walked back around to the front. I had expected Diane to tell them to leave.

“So, squaw,” she said, holstering her Colt, “If you got issue with the young Katerina, why not deal with the mother?”

I shot Diane a look as Red Blossom bounded forward. She slammed into me and I was pushed back roughly against the counter. Her strong hands gripped my throat. I punched her hard in the mouth and she backed off. I charged and tackled the Apache woman around the waist and we crashed into shelves filled with blankets and cloth for sowing. Hands gripped into hair as she and I fired punch after punch to our faces and bodies. We were so close that then punches didn’t have much behind them. I grabbed her hair with both hands and we rolled to the floor. I heard a tearing and felt the blouse I was wearing rip down the front. I grabbed the bone vest with my left hand and pulled. It came away and we slammed back together, full bare breasts mashing as we rolled.

Betty tried to make a break for the door but Diane caught her by the hair and pulled her back.

“Now where are you off to,” Diane said, “OOOOFFFF!”

Betty turned around and fired a hard left fist into Diane’s belly, doubling her over. She grabbed Betty around the waist and pushed her to the locked door. The busty blonde pulled sharply on the worn blouse from the back and it ripped some. Diamond Diane opened her mouth and bit Betty in the side through her dress.

“YOU ANIMAL!” Betty shrieked as she slammed a fist onto Diane’s back.

Diane tripped her, taking both women to the floor of the store. Betty’s long blonde hair came undone and the brunette latched her fingers in deep. The blond answered back and yanked the ribbon holding the dark locks free and yanked back on the hair fiercely. Each groaned as they rolled back and forth in the front of the store.

Red Blossom and I were bleeding from cut lips and had struggled to knees and then to feet, hauling each other by the hair. She slammed me back into a new shelf and expensive China plates and cups crashed to the floor. I kicked out with my boot and caught her in the shin, backing her off. I charged and we slammed breast to breast and careened to the counter. I bent her back over the wood platform and grabbed two handfuls of her large breasts and kneaded the flesh like Nettie did with bread dough. The Apache woman screamed out but grabbed mine in return.

Betty and Diane rolled as they punched and pulled at clothing. Betty got a right fist to her left eye and fell back, her large breasts toppling from her dress. Diane pounced but was met by a lifted knee from the blonde. Betty grabbed Diane’s shirt, ripping it open and tried to punch the brunette in the face. Diamond let the fist sail by her face, missing by mere inches and tackled Betty back to the floor. They rolled over and over with oversized breasts crushing together, clawing and spitting at the other.

Red Blossom and I had our arms locked straight as our fingers mauled our large breasts. I had tears in my eyes which blinded my vision. She twisted us and we fell to the floor, breaking apart. I was on my back and the Apache leaped at me, I brought my right foot up and it caught her in the belly but the momentum had her go sailing over my head and into another shelf of mining supplies and she stopped moving.

Diane grabbed Betty by the hair with her left hand and sent a solid punch with her right that had the blonde seeing stars. Betty Abbott slumped and held her face moaning. Diane grabbed Betty by the back of her dress and made her crawl towards the now stirring Red Blossom. She hefted once and tossed the blonde onto the Apache.

I braced my hand on the counter as I got up. “Betty, take her and yourself out the back and don’t come back unless you want more of the same.”

Betty groaned in effort as she got Red Blossom to her feet and the pair stumbled to the back of the store and out the back. I locked the back door and then walked back out to gaze upon my ruined store. Diane gave me wide smile.

“Well, that was fun, now wasn’t it,” she said.

“Fun?” I asked, my voice rising as I walked to her. Our bare breasts pushing together as we went nose to nose. “My store is ruined. What the hell were you thinking?”

“She was going to come for you or Katerina sooner or later,” Diane said the corner of her mouth up, “I decided to make the choice for you both.”

“Your gas is grating on me, Diane,” I said as I bumped my breasts into hers.

“And I am tired of your mouth too, Ahna,” Diane said answering my bumping with breasts bumps of her own.

“Pigs ass!” I screamed as I dug my hands into already tangled dark hair.

“Cow turd!” She yelled back as she grabbed hold of my red locks and we went tumbling down to the floor.

We strained and struggled, “You just wanted to see me fight, bitch,” I cursed as Diane rolled on top.

“And you fight goooo AAAAHHH!” Diane cried out as my right hand found her left tit and I grabbed it like I was milking a cow.

Her hands found my breasts and for the next several minutes we rolled slowly over ruined items as we mauled and kneaded huge breasts. We kept rolling until we bumped into feet. She and I stopped grabbing and looked up. Two Chinese women were standing over us, watching with curious looks on their faces. Each had on simple grey smocks but the chests jutted out some. The slightly older looking woman cocked her head at us.

“You want us clean store?” She asked, “We make it right. No fix what broken, but clean. 10 dollars for it.”

I pushed away from Diane and got to my feet. I went behind the counter and handed her some money. “Here is twenty. Fix what you can. I will order more tomorrow.”

Diane stood and was eyeing both the Chinese women, “Do you think they also…”

“Not now, damnit!” I interrupted but couldn’t help but laugh a little. I tried my blouse to keep my large breasts in a walked outside. Diane followed and we got onto horses rode out of town. We stayed silent until we got onto my land. I turned my head and looked at the brunette and then her bouncing breasts. “You hit like a girl by the way.” I said with a smile.

She rode up so close our horses bumped together. “Do you want more, missy?”

“Follow me,” I heeled Goldie and we took off for some open land and an area I knew well. I stopped a few minutes of hard riding later to a depression in the earth, surrounded by tall grass. The depression was a 10-foot circle of thick mud. “My late husband had started digging for a well here and then he got sick. I never finished it. The mud is about an inch thick.”

“Sorry for your loss, Ahna,” Diane said sincerely. “But it isn’t getting you out of an ass whuppin!”

“Didn’t want it to,” I said as I got down off of Goldie and took off my shirt, boots and skirt, leaving me in white bloomers. Diane got down and got undressed as well.

We didn’t say another word and charged in the middle of the little mud pit. Hands again sought out tangled hair as we rolled in the inch-thick mud, letting it coat our skin and fill our bloomers. I felt her hands at the back of my undergarments and they started to tug down. I grabbed hers and we stripped each other bare before Diane tackled me back to the mud. Legs locked like two snaked fighting as muddy breasts clopped and ground together. There was something about this woman. Ever since she had come into our lives, I wanted nothing than to fight her. We churned over and over until we were caked in the mud. I shifted my hips to buck her and felt our womanhoods touch. Diane moaned and bucked back and we rolled both moaning as we did more grinding than fighting.

“Christ this is getting us now where,” I said, stopping the roll. “Plus I am plum tired and I would rather be a little rested before we tangle again.”

“Agreed,” Diane stated, “Say later after everyone is asleep, you visit me in the loft?”

“I am game!” I laughed. We led the horses to a stream and as they drank, we washed off the best we could.

Dinner was a fine meal that Nettie prepared. Maggie got into a heated exchange with Diane about a whore house and madam they both knew of near Abilene. Some sherry and dessert calmed everyone down. Katerina pulled me aside and told me Red Flower had been run out of Apache lands by her sister and that she was camped near the creek and woods on the far side of our land. I told her to go see her and bring her food and provisions from the kitchen and extra blankets.

I was dressed in my sleeping gown as I walked to the porch, preparing to walk to the barn. But two things caught my eye; first was Billy leaving the barn, straw in hair and shirtless. The second was Nettie in her sleeping gown, walking past Billy and into the barn. Nettie was not a slim woman, but in her middle years she was voluptuous. Not fat but had large heavy breasts and a rounded back side. I snuck to the door and peered and saw Nettie climb to the loft. I crept in, remaining quiet and listened.

“Back for more, Billy,” I heard Diane’s voice say, “Oh, Nettie, I wasn’t expecting you.”

I peeked out from the ladder and could see Diane was holding a blanket around her body.

“I know who you are, Diamond Diane,” Nettie said, “I was there in Washington D.C., when you and Carly Ashford tangled. I will not let you hurt this family, not Billy, not Katerina and certainly not Ahna.”

“I ain’t here to hurt no one,” Diane said, “Billy is a big boy, a rather big boy and he can take care of himself. And Ahna does need you to protect her, I have seen and felt it firsthand. But I don’t care for your tone.”

“Whether you care or not, hussy,” Nettie said taking a step closer, “Ain’t my concern. I think you and I have business.” I heard something and then saw the sleeping gown land on the floor of the barn next to me. I looked out and saw Diane drop her blanket.

“I suppose we do,” Diane said.

I heard the smack of two bodies meeting and both women grunted. I put my hand on the ladder and turned to see Maggie, also in her sleeping gown at the door to the barn. There was a thump from above in the loft and dust fell down. More grunting and slaps could now be heard. Maggie and I narrowed our eyes at each other and I started up the ladder with Maggie in tow. We got to the top and what a sight to see. Diane and Nettie had two hands pulling hard at hair as Nettie’s massive breasts mashed and rolled with Diane’s. Their legs were kicking out at the others. I heard Maggie suppress a moan and turned as she shed her gown. I did the same, leaving us both naked. Maggie took off and jumped onto Diane and Nettie. The two fighting women let out a shriek and added Maggie to the hair pulling and breast mashing pile. Then I jumped in!

The mass of catfighting women rolled in the loft, over blankets and hay. It wasn’t us ganging up on Diane or even pairing off, it was every woman for herself. We all pulled hair and slapped at skin. I blindly rolled out with a body and it was Diane. We latched a hand into hair as our other hands grabbed and squeezed our large breasts. I pressed my thigh between her legs and then patch of her southern hair was wet and matted. She moaned and ground her thigh back in between my legs. I looked over and Maggie and Nettie had holds on the other’s tits as they wildly rolled in the hay. I returned my concentration to Diane as we tumbled about. The brunette threw a fist that connected with my cheek and I saw stars and rolled to my back. Diamond got on top and was about to punch me again when Maggie wrapped her up from behind, hands squeezing the large breasts as Diane latched on hair over her head. I got up to pounce and was tackled by Nettie. She pinned me down to my back.

“You have been doing lots of fighting lately, Ms. Ahna,” she breathed out heavily, “So why don’t we tussle?” There was a look half way between anger and lust in her eyes and I saw Nettie in a new light.

I filled my hands with her massive breasts and squeezed. She howled and we rolled over.

Maggie and Diane were a whirl of motion. Hay was flying around them as they wrestled, pulling hair and mashing their large chest together. Maggie slapped her hips forward as her thick patch slammed into Diane’s dark fur. The moaned as the rolling slowed but the grinding got intense.




They cursed as they fought to get on top to be the one grinding down.

Nettie’s thick thighs locked with mine as we grabbed hair and let my big breasts and her huge breasts slap together. I slapped a hand over her large ass and gripped the skin and rolled us. We continued our roll.

Maggie and Diane kept their bodies grinding until they let loose with yells as their womanhoods erupted. Just as Nettie and I rolled into them. Nettie dove at Diane as Maggie grabbed my hair. The four of us kept our bodies so close, when we rolled we bumped into backsides and legs. Maggie’s was still spurting her juices as she and I locked legs. The loft reeked of sweat and womanly smells.

Diane’s fingers were deep into Nettie’s breasts, the skin over flowing as she gripped. Nettie grabbed the thick patch of fur between Diamond’s legs and pulled. Diane’s eyes went wide as she gripped Nettie’s black bush. The white woman and black women made it to their knees, one hands grabbing and squeezing breast as the other hand was down below, pulling thick, wet patches. Neither woman could take anymore and they fell away from the other.

Maggie and I were humping the other’s thighs as our hands pulled hair and large breasts slapped together. Maggie couldn’t take it and cried out as I felt her juices all over my thigh. We rolled apart.

All four of us lay on our backs trying to breath correctly again. Chests heaved and legs twitched.

“Jeezus cow shit,” Diane said as she propped herself on her elbows. Her hair was wild with tangles and straw in it. “You Silvertown women know how to have fun. I might move here.”

I heard Maggie groan, “Oh please do, Diamond.”

That caused me to look at Diane who met my gaze, “I think if you do, Diane, there will be more of this to come.”

“Come and come,” Nettie said, laughing. It started us all laughing in the loft.

To Be Continued in Chapter 5.

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