Wild West Wildcats Chapter 2 by Ahna Brown

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When Doves Fight

I spent the next week after my naked brawl with Lisa Simmons resting at home. I did receive visitors during the day and Maggie in my bed at night. Marshal Lewin stopped by to let me know that Bessie Monroe had purchased a homestead on the western outskirts of town. So far it was just Bessie and her lover, the beautiful black woman, Louise Hobbs, living there but they had visits from the Apache sisters, Red Blossom and Red Flower as well as the Mexican Bandita, Kim. Bessie had been in town gathering some supplies for home living but no issues so far. Everyone in town had also learned about the naked catfight between me and Lisa; with the townsfolk 50/50 on who was the winner. I laughed at that.

The day before I was planning to go back to town, Kristina Blanchard visited with the lovely Ewa Savont. Kristina was in an off the shoulder blue dress and dark boots while Ewa was in a red dress with such a plunging neck line that I didn’t know where her cleavage ended. I tried to concentrate as to what Kristina was telling me.

“I can’t believe that hussy!” Kristina fumed.

“I’m sorry, what?” I stammered.

“Focus on me and not her tits, please,” Kristina said dryly. “That Bella Reed, I swear she is just doing this to steal business. There is a sign on her place that reads “American Talent, no need for foreign whores”. She has this busty blonde debutant from the south singing and dance there now. She arrived a couple of days ago. It is an almost exact mimic of Ewa’s show.”

Nettie brought in some tea but as Kristina was fuming, she put a brown bottle of whiskey on the tray with a wink.

“It is competition, is all,” I said back, “You have better girls and of course, Ewa here.” I got a smile from the busty brunette. “Any word on Katerina?” I asked somberly.

Kristina shifted uncomfortably in her chair in my parlor.

“Out with it,” I said, looking at the madam.

“She is exclusively with women,” Kristina met my gaze. “No men.”

“What. Women?” I asked very slowly through gritted teeth.

She shifted again like she sat on a rattlesnake, “Bessie Monroe and the two Natives, all together…. A few times.” Her eyes dropped unable to keep looking at me.

“I think that is called a lesbian orgy, very pricey,” Ewa piped in and I shot her a look and she also looked away.

“They found out she was your kid and well, you did sock Bessie good,” Kristina added.

I closed my eyes and tried to wash the images from my mind. “God dammit, Katerina.”

The next day, Maggie, Seth and I rode into town and opened up the store. On the way, there were more than a few people who saw me and immediately talked quietly to themselves. I shook my head. The sign Kristina Blanchard told me about was written in bright red paint. The day went on slowly and I left Maggie and Seth to lock up and head back home while I walked over the to the Soiled Dove for a whiskey. As I walked to the batwing doors, one of Kristina’s girls, Trixie, stumbled in, bleeding from her mouth and nose and missing a good chuck of hair; she collapsed on the sawdust covered floor next to the bar.

“What in tarnation!!!” Kristina yelled as she rushed over to the young blonde. “She has been beaten to hell!”

Trixie stirred back to consciousness.

“What the hell happened?” Kristina asked as she kneeled next to the girl. Some of the other doves brought water and some cloths.

“I am so sorry, Ms. K,” Trixie mumbled, “I was doing what you told me to do with the advertisement for the paper. I was walking back and got dragged into the alley behind the Screeching Cat. There were four of them and I tried to fight back and got a few licks in, but got me down and started stomping and kicking me. I know I saw their madam watching. I am sure she was.”

With sawdust covering the lower part of a green gown, Kristina stood and walked to the back of the bar and pulled the double barreled shotgun out and marched out the Dove and down the street. I quickly moved after her. I hurried to catch up and saw Marshal Lucky Lewin in our path.

He held a hand up and we both stopped. “I heard what happenedand you ain’t doing this, Kristina.”

All she did was level her gaze at him. Lucky shook his head.

“Give me the steel so there isn’t any gun play,” Lucky sighed as he held out is hand and the shotgun was placed in it as he stepped aside.

Kristina and I walked into the Screeching Cat. “Bella Reed!” She bellowed, “Get your ass out here and atone for your actions!”

The beautiful Bella Reed appeared on the top step of the stair leading up to the balcony overlooking the bar. “My oh my, out of the frying pan and into the fire. You gals are ballsy.”

Kristina looked up at her, “Get down here or so help me I am coming up!”

Bella walked down slowly, accentuating her hips and making sure her large bosom danced in the frilly red dress. “You have some nerve to come into my place and threaten me.”

“Oh I haven’t started threatening you, love,” Kristina said with a toothy grin, “It is high time you and I deal with our issues. Your trash jumped one of my girls. A one on one fight is fine. Hell, knowing my girls, two on one is good. But your little bitches beat her down.”

“Well, Miss Blanchard,” Bella cooed as she stopped a mere foot from Kristina, “When you get close to fire, you get burned. She got too close. My girls may have gotten a little carried away, sure but I will pay you for it.” She glanced around, “Who has two bits?” The was a laugh from the saloon girls who were starting to circle around us.

Customers started to back away. I glanced around and counted at least 10 saloon girls getting closer to us. “K, this isn’t the place or time.” I said in a low voice.

That broke Kristina from her stare down and she looked around and then back at Bella. “Are you afraid to face me one on one? Do you need your girls as back up? Maybe you should call this place the Scare-Dee Cat.”

Bella’s face turned as red as her dress. Kristina Blanchard was a mistress at using words to provoke a response. “Name the place and time.” Bella said through gritted teeth. She was stuck and she knew it.

“Waller’s creek, high noon tomorrow,” Kristina said, “Bring a second. Pistols or fists?”

“I can handle you with fists,” Bella answered as she narrowed her eyes, “I don’t need the marshal coming after me for killing you with a gun.”

Kristina turned on her heels and marched out as I followed. I caught up with her as she was walking fast back to the Dove. “Do you want me as your second?” I asked as I matched her steps.

“Yes,” Kristina said, “But only if you feel up to it.”

“I am fine,” I replied, “If her second, whoever it is, tries anything funny, I can handle it.”

“Good,” Kristina turned to me and stopped as we reached the Dove, “I need to get myself ready. Just please be there at noon tomorrow.”

I hugged her tightly, knowing what it would be to prepare, “I will be.”

I walked back to the store and it was eerily quiet. Seth and Maggie stood frozen behind the counter. Two Apache women wearing bone vests that barely covered their big breasts and short buck skin skirts stood off to one side as a tall red head was looking at some china dishes.

I cleared my throat and Bessie Monroe turned to face me. Her flaming red hair was loose around her shoulders. The red and green checkered long sleeve shirt was tight over her chest. On her jean covered hips as a cross draw rig with a couple of ivory handled pistols. “You have a wonderful store, Mrs. Stevens,” Bessie said by way of greeting, “Since moving into my new place, I have been looking to add to the collection of items I have acquired over the years.”

I took the meaning of that statement, knowing full well she had robbed no less than 20 stage coaches over the last year. “Please look around all you want; if I don’t have it in stock it can be ordered and sent by telegram to have it sent here. As long as the stage coach bringing isn’t robbed for any reason. Welcome to our little town. You will find we are a little protective with the people and businesses here.”

The corner of Bessie’s mouth turned up in a smirk. “I do hope if I order anything it will arrive unmolested.” She brought her right hand to her face and tapped her cheek with her index finger, “You know speaking that, you look really familiar, like I met a younger version of you recently. Met her over and over again.”

I knew the blood rushed to my cheeks but I forced myself to remain calm, “Funny thing about that. When me and mine are wronged, a reckoning will soon be coming. I hope you understand my meaning, Miss Monroe.”

Bessie walked to me and stopped with our breasts inches apart. “I do. And I do hope when that day comes, you are ready as well.” She stared me down for a moment and then walked past me with Red Blossom and Red Flower in tow.

I relaxed only after the I heard the door close. I breathed out and noticed my hands were shaking slightly. Both Maggie and Seth looked relieved. Seth sheepishly went into the back room.

“I don’t think they were here to purchase anything,” Maggie observed with a shaky voice.

“No, they were not,” I said back to her. “Don’t you fret, they won’t be doing nothing in town. But I don’t want you going anywhere without one of the fellas heeled for a fight.”

“Yes, Ahna,” she answered.

I didn’t sleep the best and didn’t have Maggie visit my room. I wanted to have a good amount of energy if I needed it. I galloped up to Waller’s Creek before the sun was overhead. Kristina was looping the reigns of her horse to an oak tree. She wore a white cotton long sleeve shirt and jeans with black riding boots almost to her knee. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I dismounted and put Goldie next to her horse. I had on a red cotton long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. My dark brown dungarees covered my lower half with my worn brown riding boots on. My hair was also in a ponytail with my brown Stetson covering my head. I heard a buggy coming up the dirt road and looked to see Bella Reed and my daughter Katerina with her.

“Well, damn,” Kristine observed, “This just got a lot more interesting. You alright with this.”

I gritted my teeth and pulled the brim of my brown Stetson down a little more, “I will be alright.”

The two women got out. Katrina was in a blue long sleeve shirt that fit her a little too tight and a pair of jeans that were equally snug. Bella didn’t look like she came for a fight. She had on a worn grey off the shoulder dress. Both Kristina and I stared at her.

She looked down at her appearance, “Oh, this. Well since it is a fight between two female purveyors of flesh and with our shared line of work, we don’t need to settle this with fists but with the goods we use every day.” She started slipping out of that dress and revealed she was stark naked underneath. Her bosom was full and sat high on her chest. She was definitely bigger up top than Kristina. Her tummy was flat and hips swelled outward at the sides. There was a thick patch of blonde hair covering her mound.

I looked back over at Kristina who already started to strip down. The shirt came off and her large breasts with crowning nipples saw the sun. She was more fit than Bella who was slightly more voluptuous. The boots and jeans found their way to the pile of clothing.

“Your body can’t match mine, whore,” Kristina challenged. “I have done this many times and you are going to be a pile of blonde quivering flesh when I am done!”

“Oh kitty cat,” Bella purred as she and Kristina matched towards the other, “I am going to take you and then your saloon when I am through with you.”

Their bodies came together in a slap! Each moaned as their breasts compressed and arms reached around waists and latched onto firm backsides. Their mouths came together and they kissed with tongues invading the tight space to wrestle with tongues. They stumbled around the dirt clearing next to the creek, each moaning out as bodies pressed and rubbed together. Bella was the first to break the kiss and she spit in Kristina’s face and tripped her. The light haired brunette fell to her shapely ass and Bella pounced. They locked up and rolled in the dirt. Sweat from the end of summer heat and body to body battle had them both sweating and the dirt clung to the rolling bodies. Hands slid up from firm backsides to cup and knead large breasts.

The coos and moans from lips were getting louder as the sexfight got fiercer. Hips slapped together as each woman tried to pry the other’s thighs open. Bella was able to roll on top and stay there. Her rump flexed as she pushed her womanhood towards her rivals. Kristina groaned as her thigh slowly opened more to the busty blonde. Bella’s right hand shot out and pressed down on Kristina’s throat as she pumped her sex in. They fleshy flowers parted open, slick with arousal from the constant womanly contact. The small flesh swords unsheathed and sought the others. Kristina twisted her hips from below and her clit stabbed into the flesh folds of Bella. The blonde threw her head back in a loud groan of pleasure.

The brunette’s hands grabbed hold of the large dangling breasts and kneaded them roughly. Fingers pinched and pulled on Bella’s long pink nipples. Bella knew she was facing a true mistress of carnal pleasures. Her speed in the grinding trib increased as both women moaned and cried out. I saw Bella tense first and her cries of passion gave away what had occurred. Kristina’s own cries and writhing body told me she came only a split second after the blonde. Bella fell back as her legs twitched as my friend tried to catch her breath. Kristina was quicker to rise and pounced in the prone blonde, her face aimed for the quivering crotch and matted blonde pubic hair.

“Oh you dirty whore!” Bella howled out. She roughly grabbed Kristina’s legs and pulled them towards her face as she dove tongue first in between the brunette’s thighs.

I heard Kristina moan out in muffled cry from between Bella’s thighs. Hands gripped their firm ass cheeks again and they gripped and kneaded them as they slowly rolled in the dirt. Tongues licked and sucked on fleshly lips, stabbing into the folds to tease and slap as the engorged clits. Each cried out into the other’s pussy as they ate like it was there last meal. Bodies tensed as faces became showered with the other’s juices. Dirt covered their naked forms from the slow rolling. Over and over I heard screams as bodies went rigid as the came over the other’s face. Legs finally slackened and they rolled apart and to their backs.

“Cow…bitch…,” Bella groaned as she slowly got to her knees.

“Pigs…ass…,” Kristina moaned as she matched her rival and lunged.

The force of the impact took them back to the ground in a slow wrestle for control. More groans came from lips as the two madams strained against the other. Dirt streaked skin rubbed and ground as they tried to force the other over to her back. Kristina powered the blonde over and grabbed Bella’s left leg, lifting it to her shoulder. Her wet kitty slapped into Bella’s and she rotated her hips to grind it in. The blonde madam weakly pawed at Kristina’s breasts but her grips had very little strength left. Her head moved and she locked eyes with Katerina. Kristina Blanchard started smacking her wet womanhood over and over into Bella’s and the blonde southern madam couldn’t take it anymore. Her head flew back and she screamed out in orgasm. Then I heard a click. I looked up to see Katerina pointing a small derringer at Kristina.

“What the hell are you doing, girl?” I said, stepping forward but then she pointed it at me and I stopped, my heart starting to break.

“Get off her,” Katerina commanded. The brunette looked in rage at my daughter but pealed herself off Bella.

Bella crawled over to my daughter and she was helped to her feet. “You whores are going to get what is coming to you,” Bella sneered through heavy breathing. Her eyes met mine, “You, with your bitch of a mother who cost me four years in a yankeeprison and you have a mongrel for a maid. I whipped ones like her every single day as a girl!”

I looked in shock and rage and moved forward again. Katerina brought the little pistol up higher and I stopped again.

“Shoot them,” Bella commanded.

“That wasn’t what you said,” my daughter said in a quiet voice, “Only to scare them.”

“DO IT!” Bella roared, “Do it now! Or I swear I will have every low born cowboy filling your holes at night!”

The pistol lowered as my daughter spun Bella around. Her left fist connected with the blonde madam’s jaw, spinning her around like a top and then in a heap on the dirt ground. My daughter took aim with the derringer at Bella’s prone form but Kristina grasped her wrist.

“You don’t want that on your conscience, Kat,” Kristina said, “You had me a little worried for a moment. But you did good girl.”

There were tears in her eyes as I wrapped my daughter in a fierce embrace.

“I am so sorry, mama,” she started to say.

“Hush now,” I said softly kissing her head, “It’s all over.”

We got Kristina dressed as best we could. I took Goldie and Katerina took Kristina’s horse with the madam holding onto my daughter as we rode back into town. We passed the Screeching Cat; the tawny blonde I had slugged in the belly walked out.

“What are you doing, Kat?” She asked.

“You best go to Waller’s Creek and collect your madam, Lily,” Katerina said.

“What did you do, bitch?” Lily said loudly.

“She got what was coming to her,” Kat answered, “If you want to meet me about it, you know where to find me.”

We rode to the Soiled Dove and brought Kristina in to rest and recuperate. I walked arm and arm with Katerina to the store and when we walked in, Maggie saw us and smiled. The happiness was short lived as the bell to the door dinged and in walked Bessie Monroe, one of the Apache sisters and Louise Hobbs.

“Well lookie what we have here,” Bessie said in a sing song voice, “A family reunion.”

Katerina and I walked around the counter to stand beside Maggie and Seth. “Order something or purchase something, Bessie. Or get out.” I said in low voice.

She opened her mouth again but the bell over the door dinged as it opened. She turned and the color in her face drained as she eyed the three grungy looking cowboys.

“I thought that was your paint I saw tied up outside, Bessie girl,” said the tall man in the lead, his handle bar moustache prevalent on his face. “I haven’t heard from you, you don’t write. I was getting the feeling you were avoiding me.”

“Curly Bill, Ike, Johnny,” Bessie said in a shaky voice, “I have been busy is all. I haven’t been avoiding you.”

“We had an arrangement, Bessie,” Curly Bill Brocius said as he leaned in close to the redhead and moved his hand to her hair, lifting in and taking in a deep inhale. “But if you aren’t able to, I know we can work out other arrangements.”

I placed my 10 gauge Coach gun, a double barreled shotgun, from under the counter and placed it on the top. “You boys aren’t welcome here. You leave them ladies alone and get out of my store.”

The burly cowboy standing to Curly Bill’s right stepped forward, “Do you know who we are, woman?” He kept walking.

I lifted the shotgun to my shoulder and aimed it at him. “I know who you are Ike Clanton, and if you take another step, my wallpaper with have a new shade of color on it.” I clicked both hammers back. He stopped.

“Now that would be a very foolish thing to do, Mrs. Stevens,” Curly Bill said, “We are in town collecting the taxes for Sheriff Behan.”

“You can speak to the mayor,” I said, still aiming the shotgun at Ike’s head, “He has what I owe. Now, last warning, get out.”

Curly Bill smiled a toothy grin at me, “Have a lovely day, ladies,” he said, tipping his hat. He turned to Bessie Monroe, “I’ll be seeing you, Bessie girl.” Then walked out with Johnny Ringo and Ike Clanton in tow.

When the door closed, I finally brought the rifle down. I looked to the side door and Seth walked out with two pistols drawn. He winked at me.

“You don’t know what you’ve done,” Bessie said shaking. Then she walked out. Louise and the Apache walking out after her.

“Cowboys working for the sheriff of Cochise County, not good at all,” I said aloud. “I know the US Marshal for Pima County, Virgil Earp, and maybe I need pay him a visit.”

We closed up and rode home. When we arrived, Nettie came out with a large wooden spoon waving it at Katerina, “Young missy,” she chided, “If you ever do something like that again, I will tan your hide myself!”

“Sorry, Miss Nettie,” Kat said looking down.

“Now get your little ass down from there and give me a hug,” Nettie said beaming at me.

The meal was great and everyone seated at the dinner tabledidn’t bring up the last week and Katerina being gone. We finished the great meal and the table was cleaned off by the boys tonight. Katerina, Maggie and I retired to the parlor.

I heard heavy stomping up the front porch and Billy came in huffing. “Riders coming, Ms. Ahna!”

I walked to the gun cabinet in the parlor and tossed Billy the scatter gun. I handed a rifle to Katerina and she started loading it. I grabbed my gun belt and put it around my waist. I walked out to the porch and saw two riders with lanterns raised.


The riders halted and a female voice called back, “WE JUST CAME TO TALK!”

“Be ready boys,” I said to my ranch hands, “COME ON UP!” I shouted back and the riders trotted up.

Louise Hobbs and the Apache girl who was in the store earlier came into view. “We need to talk,” Louise stated.

“Nettie,” I called back to the house, “Put on a pot, we have visitors.” I turned back to Louise and the busty Apache woman. “Come on in but leave your steel. I know you, but what is her name?” I nodded my head towards the other rider.

“This is Red Flower,” Louise said.

Louise and Red Flower followed Katrina and me into the house and to the parlor. Maggie came in with cups and saucers for the tea Nettie was brewing. Nettie walked in a short time later and she gasped and almost dropped the pot of tea, luckily Maggie grabbed it as Nettie clutched her chest.

“Oh my stars!” Nettie exclaimed as she looked wide eyed at Louise Hobbs, “Louise, is that you?”

“Auntie Nettie?” Louise cried out and rose to hug the woman.

“Auntie?” I asked with my mouth gapping.

“Oh girl,” Nettie started crying a little, “I thought I lost you.” Her head turned to me as she released the fierce hug. “Louise was nothing more than a little girl when her and her momma came up north with me. Her momma got sick and I tried watching after this one. Harriet had a lot of rules and this one didn’t like rules and one day she was gone.”

“It’s all true,” Louise said, “I left and went to Chicago and then out west. I got older and hooked up with Bessie when we were young.” She turned back to me and we locked eyes, “Bessie is in trouble. Real trouble. We are in debt with the Cowboys.”

“They were supposed to get a cut of your stage coach robberies, weren’t they?” I asked.

Louise sat back down, facing me. “Yes, they were supposed to get 40% of the take. Then the dust up in Tombstone and Bessie got greedy and thought they wouldn’t remember about our deal.”

I nodded, my eyes going from Louise to Red Flower. “I heard something the other day,” I said, remembering Bella’s words, “Get close to the fire and you will get burned.”

“I know,” Louise said immediately, “But I love her and I can’t have anything bad happen to her!” There was real pain in her eyes. “She doesn’t know I am here and when she finds out, she and I are probably going to fight. But me and Red Flower don’t want to be dealing with those Cowboys anymore.”

Red Flower nodded.

“What do Bessie and the rest want?” I asked.

“We have only known the outlaw life,” Louise went on, “We started as pick pockets and moved to robbing people in alleys. It is what we know. Bessie only got the pardon because her aunt is the mayors wife, Betty Abbot.”

I shook my head. Betty Abbot was a gorgeous blonde woman with a figure that could stop a stampede of cattle. The taxes for the brothels, gambling, liquor and businesses had been raised recently and she had a few new dresses from Europe delivered. I started thinking of her in a new light.

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

Louise sighed, “I,” she paused and then spoke again, “We need any protection from the Cowboys you can give. I saw you in Tombstone a few months ago talking with the Earp’s. The reason Curly Bill made the deal with Bessie was because Virgil Earp was giving him problems.”

I sipped my tea and thought about it. “What are you willing to do?”

“Anything,” she answered immediately.

“Then if you are asked,” I said, “You will tell Virgil everything about the deal with the Cowboys. I will do what I can to watch out for you and yours.”

Louise looked apprehensive, “Alright, as long as Bessie is alright. Kim and Red Blossom don’t want to stop and are trying to get Bessie back robbing.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. “There is a coach leaving Silvertown tomorrow at noon, make sure there are armed riders with it and it won’t be accosted.”

I nodded and I spit into my hand and reached out to Louise, who spit in her hand and we shook.

“You best get back to Bessie,” I said as we stood. Red Flower walked to me.

“I like your daughter,” she said.

My eyes went wide, “What did you say?”

“When we were with her, I was gentle because I like her,” Red Flower said, looking me directly in my eyes, “My sister and Bessie were rough but I like her. Katerina is kind and very beautiful.”

I didn’t know what to say. Because of what happened in Dodge City, I had a deep hatred for all Natives. But my daughter had shown she could make the right decision when she really needed to do so. I looked back to Katerina and she smiled and nodded. “Well, if she is happy then I suppose it is fine.”

Louise Hobbs and Red Flower left and I went to my room and packed some saddle bags. I walked out to the parlor and told Billy to saddle up Goldie and a horse for himself.

“If I head out now,” I said, “I will get to Tombstone at sunrise. A quick talk with Marshal Earp and I will be back. Katerina, you go ride at first light and get this to Marshal Lewin.” Handing her the piece of paper Louise Hobbs gave me. “Make sure there are extra riders to guard the coach.” She nodded.

Maggie came up to me, “Please be careful.”

I hugged her tight, “I will be.”

Katerina, Nettie and Maggie stood on the porch as Billy and I rode out towards Tombstone. As the sun rose a few hours later, I stopped with Billy in front a small cottage on the western side of Tombstone, Arizona. I noticed a blonde haired woman lurking a few houses away and thought I recognized her. I turned to Billy.

“Go and get breakfast,” I said as I wiped my brow, “I will be by to fetch you later. Not too much whiskey.” I winked at him.

The burly man smiled, “You know I don’t drink nuthin, Ms. Ahna,” Billy answered in a deep baritone voice.

Billy trotted off as I walked to the front door and knocked. The door opened.

“Well, Mrs. Ahna Stevens,” the man who answered the door said to me, “Come on in and join us for some coffee.”

“Thank you, Wyatt,” I smiled, it is good to see you again.

After the conversation with Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp, Billy and I rode back towards home. The sun was starting to set as we came to cross roads, one way heading to the ranch and one to town. There was rider coming from my ranch galloping fast towards us. As she got closer, I recognized Lethal Lucie. She brought the horse to a hard stop in front of us.

“So good I caught you here,” Lucie said breathing hard, “There is a problem with Kristina at the Dove, you need to come quick!”

“What is wrong with her?” I asked but Lucie dug her heels into the horse’s sides and they took off. Billy looked at me confused. “Go home, Billy. I will take care of this.” I spun Goldie towards town and took off after Lucie.

I practically ran into the Soiled Dove and saw Lucie at the top of the stairs going to Kristina’s room. I took the stairs two at a time as I ran up. I went through the door and stopped in my tracks. There before me was Kristina, the lovely Ewa, and Lucie. Two large claw foot tubs were steaming with hot water. Oh, and Kristina and Ewa were both naked and Lucie was undressing.

“What is going on?” I asked, still a little out of breath.

Kristina and Ewa walked to me, they gorgeous naked forms swaying seductively and began to undress me.

“This is my thank you for backing me up,” Kristina cooed into my ear as she kissed my neck.

“This is a lesbian orgy, very pricy,” Ewa added with a smile as she tugged my dirty jeans down my thighs.

“Don’t worry, “Kristina said as she cupped my large breasts. “I got it covered.” Lucie came up behind me and I felt her womanhood brush against my backside.

We spent the next few minutes bathing each other, paying close attention to every crook and crevice in each of our bodies. We got out and dried and Ewa brought out an ornate looking bottle.

“This is a special oil from Europe,” Ewa said, “It will make this a lot of fun.”

Four naked, oiled bodies collapsed to Kristina’s bed and we spent the next few hours in every position I had ever been in and some there weren’t words for. As Lucie was grinding into Ewa and me grinding into Kristina, Lucie and I kissed deeply. We caressed and kneaded large breasts, opened legs for fingers, tongues and our womanhood’s to touch in wild bucking action. Positions and partners were swapped many times that night. We cried out in multiple orgasms as we satisfied each other in every way possible. We fell asleep all together on the bed, bodies nuzzling and pressing together. Of course, when fingers touched or lips pressed to skin, it started all over again.

To Be Continued in Chapter 3.

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