A Day in the Life by Sidekick

7:43 am:  Mike, the guy on the garbage collection truck hangs on as the truck makes its way up the suburban street.  He notices with great appreciation, a beautiful woman making her way back up a couple of stairs to her front door after putting out the garbage can on the corner of the driveway.  She’s dressed in a sheer robe which parts nicely to reveal a long, sexy leg as she steps up to the front door. Mike smiles as he imagines this gal and her lovely neighbor wrapped up, naked, punching and pulling hair all morning as their family is at work and school.

9:50 am:  Richard, the Vice President of Finance, smiles slightly as he watches his secretary through his open office door.  She is bent over the printer, changing paper. Her short skirt rides up tantalizingly just an inch below her panties.  His cock stiffens as he imagines her closing the door late in the evening when everyone is gone while she and that new secretary of Mark James get in each other’s faces and curse before pulling each other into the floor in a nasty catfight.  

10:45 am:  Martha skips over the still wet grass in her to her neighbor’s front door. Not bothering to knock, she opens it and feels the familiar excitement as her neighbor comes out of the kitchen to face her.  They walk up to each other with hard nipples pushing against their tight tee shirts. Then they grab each other’s hair and pull each other around in a stumbling embrace. With their kids in school and their husbands at work, they take a couple of hours every week day to catfight until they cum all over each other.  

12:05 pm:  Lolita, the waitress at the local diner wipes the sweat from her forehead as she turns back to the kitchen after serving her latest customers.  She notices Maria, that bitch who was hired last week, striding across the dining room in her skirt that is much shorter than company policy allows.  Oh how she wishes the two of them would close the diner alone so they could come together with their fists raised to punch each other until they’ve had enough.  

2:35 pm:  Billy jumps off the bus and starts the short walk to his house after a maddeningly boring day as an 8th grader at the local Middle School.  Mrs. Johnson is bent over, working on her flower bed with her ass on display in her very short shorts. He hurries along as his cock stiffens when he thinks about her and his mom wrestling back and forth on the floor of his living room all day while he’s at school.  He imagines them pulling hair and scratching each other every day when they are alone.

5:45 pm:  Stephanie sighs as she wishes her days as a high school senior would come to an end more quickly.  She stiffens as her mother brings the last dish to the table for dinner. The two of them argue constantly these days.  As they sit with the family, she glares and wonders how good it would feel to really fight with her sometime when they were alone in the house.  She would like nothing better than to punch, scratch and bruise her so maybe she would shut her fucking mouth.

8:23 pm:  Daniel comes up the stairs and pulls off his shirt as he walks into the bedroom.  His lovely wife of four years is already on the bed, naked and stroking her wet clit.  As Dan sheds his pants, the two kiss and feel each other’s bodies as they whisper their shared fantasy.  For the last few weeks they have been discussing inviting Dan’s secretary home where the two women would engage in a naked, violent catfight for hours into the evening.  

12:27 am:  Elizabeth stifles a scream as she feels her sister’s nails scratch her pussy.  She jerks her hair and squeezes her tit in retaliation. She and Julie have always fought since they were little girls.  But in the last few months, they have been quietly jumping into one bed in their shared bedroom after their parents are asleep.  With arms and legs locked together, they fight by punching, scratching and pulling hair until they are too tired to continue.

2:58 am:  The seedy bar closed an hour ago. But Joann was still downtown, in the alley in the back.  She was rolling and thrashing around the dirty asphalt with a cunt who’s name she didn’t know.  They were both scratched, bruised and bloody and their clothes were ruined. But Joann loved to cruise the bars and find a good fight like this at least once a month.  It made her feel so alive.

5:50 am:  Mark strokes his cock faster and faster as he lays in his bed under the covers.  He shut off the alarm five minutes ago and began his day by remembering the movie he downloaded from the internet last evening.  The two young women fought just the way he likes it, with lots of punching and scratching resulting in bruises and a little blood.  After he cums he wonders if there really are women in the world who like to fight like that. Oh wouldn’t that be a dream come true?  After his breathing slows and he rests for about 10 minutes, he begins to stroke his thickening cock again.

The End

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7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life by Sidekick

  1. Yuki says:

    I like the 12:27 one the most. Can you do something with it?

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      I am not sure what you mean. I don’t think I’ve posted a story named that. Are you saying we need to post that story?

      1. Drew Powell says:

        No, the 12:27 is meant within the story. My faint guess is that that question here is related to expansion or to write another story like that, even though it’s Sidekick’s story.

    2. Cody Smith says:

      Well, since it’s Sidekick’s story, pretty sure it would be up to him on wether he wants to expand on that portion of the story.

  2. sidekick says:

    Hi Yuki,

    I’m afraid I just saw your comment. Glad the action at 12:27 am interested you. Sisters have always been a fantasy that gets me really going.

  3. Moury says:

    I really like that story as well. I would be so grateful if you can expand that story

  4. pjaz12345 says:

    2:35 pm
    a kid finding his mom fighting , better two kids find their moms fighting . That would be a great story.
    Hope you write something on that theme


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