Ashley’s College Bash: Part 2.5 by Luffy316

After all their scheming and humiliation and years of bullying the girls were getting their comeuppance. They had laid their perfect trap for Ashley, but some unexpected help from some previously unknown allies blew everything away. Things went crazy, then they just went bad for the bad girls altogether. Despite all their hopes to cheat back at the nerds they’d harassed, it was time to pay up on their end of the bet.

The girls showed up about the same time, earlier than the carwash was scheduled as insisted by the winners. Samantha, Diana, Kimmy, and Ashley had gotten there early, generous enough winners to get the other volunteers together with them to ready the soap, hoses, towels and all. All Megan had to was show up with her girls, all wearing their robes over their embarrassing outfits.

“Come on, girls!” Diana called with a clap of her hands as she turned to smile at them. “The cars are just lining up for ya!”

The clique of mean girls all wore expressions that said they’d wished to complain once more, but there were far too many witnesses, and the girls enforcing it were far too strong to object any more. Amber dropped her robe first, her thick but fit body entirely nude in front of her newly formed tormentors. The rest followed suit, a bit more reluctantly since they had never worked as hard as Amber to maintain her figure.

The girls were all entirely nude, just as they’d challenged Ashley when they first started the plan.

“I wasn’t part of this plan, I swear!” insisted Stephanie, hugging her robe around herself.

“Not buying it,” Diana said, advancing on her and cracking her knuckles.

“Just give it up, dumbass!” snapped Bunny, tugging on Stephanie’s robe.

“If we’re stuck doing this, you’re in as deep as we are!” Her chubby form revealed, she briefly tried to cover herself up before finding her thick body wasn’t going to allow that simple a solution.

Ashley and her company giggled as Diana stopped her advance to get back to her lawn chair, the good girls sitting by to watch the show. Kimmy trotted over to proudly take down the simple roadblocks in front of the small parking lot, met with cheers and excited honking. Never underestimate the draw of nudity to college boys, not to mention the fellow girls out to experience the revenge firsthand.

It was a simple setup, being a good-natured fundraiser assembled entirely by the student body. A simple line was set up by some orange cones where the losers would wash and dry the cars as they stopped at the stations. Waiting at each end of the line, a few more volunteers directed the cars from the front and collected the five dollars and whatever else they wanted to donate at the end. It wasn’t that Ashley and her friends couldn’t have handled that job as well, but there were more than enough people looking for an up close peek at the foxy losers. They all also felt that Ash had done more than her share of the work for the event, so insisted that they just enjoy the moment and make sure that “the help” held up their end of the bargain.

The first set of cars pulled up and the cowed cows broke into small groups to get to work. Gabriella and Natasha went up to the first car, the windows rolled up to keep the interior dry. The hoots and laughs from those inside were muffled beyond recognition, but their intentions and tone were clear. Shining a spotlight at their humiliation and arrogance in starting this whole thing in the first place. The customers’ eyes naturally went to Gabby’s butt cheeks that jiggled with every step, and the similarly huge and bouncy chest of Tasha.

It took them until they actually reached the car to realize something. The buckets of soap and water were there, but… “Where are the sponges?” Gabby asked meekly.

“Couldn’t afford them on charity budgets,” Kimmy smiled at her former kidnappers. “You’ll have to use your own… assets.”

Natasha blushed and Gabby bit her lip, sharing awkward glances at the implications of the inevitable. Finally conceding, they lifted the buckets to toss the soapy water over their car, Natasha leaning over the front of the car to grind her prized jugs over the hood and the windshield. The laughing and catcalling from inside the car grew slightly louder as she winced, the cold water adding to her humiliation by making her nipples thrust out hard into the glass panel. The weight of her body and her hanging huge tits pinched her nipples between them and the windshield, her shame and discomfort visible to the least observant of the bystanders.

A wet, smooth squeaking came as Gabby squatted down, rubbing her big round ass over the side of the car. She felt like a trashy slut in a rap video, forced to twerk her rump over the cold and dirty vehicle as the stains and smudges were pulled off the car, any filth sticking to her skin instead of it. She shivered and jolted every now and then as the water ran down her back, streaming down the openings to her ass and snatch.

“Come on, girls! Got to keep those body-sponges wet!” Kimmy chimed suddenly behind them, dumping a fresh bucket of cold water over Natasha’s head. She screamed as the icy liquid covered her in suds, her long hair sticking to her skin and bust. Gabby was able to brace herself “I noticed you girls hadn’t showered in a long time, so you’re welcome!” Kimmy laughed at them as the shivered but were forced to keep up their work for it, only to find that she jumped extra high when the water hit her from knowing it was coming.

They still crouched on all fours, asses up and pussies spread open as Natasha practically gave the hubcaps a titjob to polish them, squeezing her rack together, and Gabby felt herself moaning and whimpering in defeated and embarrassed arousal as her ass and crotch grinded over bumper.

“Come on, look at all that detail work. Get in there deep, girls,” Diana commanded with a wicked grin. Liz and Allegra put their modeling bodies to use grinding and rubbing over the war. None seemed to mind as their nude breasts and hands left as much streaks as they cleaned, since really everyone was here for the charity part of it (and boobies). Allegra bent over farther, the attendees giggling as the move stuck her ass out and gave them a tasteless and embarrassing flash of her pink snatch. She blushed bright red to feel her wet body cooled by the passing breeze, even on this warm spring day, and her vagina being one of her parts cooled by it.

Diana tugged at her hair like a dog’s collar, making the semi-professional model bend over further into the crevice of the car. “Come on! That’s where all the dirt gets in, dufus. Clean it out!” Her pretty face shoved into the space between the door and the windows, her face soured before she resigned to opening her mouth. She slid her skinny pink tongue out, wincing as her tongue cleaned loose dirt and soap from the rubber lining, gagging and spitting out what she found onto the pavement.

“Ooh, caught a bug, huh?” Diana smirked down at her. “You’ll get those. Keep at it, you’ll find em all. How’s it going, Liz!?”

Liz had climbed onto the trunk of the car to reach the higher parts, left straddling the raised “spoiler” mounted on the back.

“Come on, Liz! These people are paying good money for a good scrubbing. Work the fin too, skank!”

Elizabeth was at first about to speak back in outrage at the insult, but quickly cowed and hung her head. “I don’t have any water to put thereyyyYOWW!” She had to grab onto the car quickly to avoid falling off as Diana raised the hose and accurately sprayed it between her legs, the strong, cold stream blasting her lower lips open as it concentrated on her. When her face overcame its look of absolute shock, she forced herself to spread her knees, sliding her delicate womanhood down onto the spoiler, grinding back and forth over it as her wet pussy lips slid to hug around it.

“There we go! Who says girls don’t get a little wet over a nice car?” Diana giggled to her comrades.

Samantha watched her batch of girls as Stephanie, Amber, and Kasey all worked together on cleaning up a particularly dirty pickup truck. It seemed to have driven through the mud recently, giving the girls lots to clean up, and lots to dirty themselves with. Similarly left with nothing but their flesh and some buckets to clean the car off, they were soon gathering it on their skin like a couple of pigs. The way the truck’s driver grinned at them as she played with her hair had to make them wonder if she had dirtied the car specifically to watch them have to remove the extreme mess.

Stephanie felt a particular bit of shame as Sam had pushed her up against the car, a thin layer of mud like icing over most of her front. She was ashamed to find that with her thicker body than most of the girls, her soft stomach and broad chest and hips made her almost ideal as a human sponge, able to wipe down most of the car in one sweep of her slick, soapy, chubby body while her voluptuous ass jiggled for everyone watching.

Kasey was feeling all the more like a pig herself by the moment. She had been stuck with the bed of the truck, the large open back that was specked with mud and dust and bits of branches. Kasey had been ordered to climb in, just for an especially large bucket to get dumped on her courtesy of Samantha. It left the bed with about an inch of water soaking in it, and her expected to splash and roll around in the filthy water to make sure it reached everywhere. Passerby commented on how she looked like either a pig in rolling in her own filth or an exhibitionist taking a bath. Kasey was normally one to love the attention, but never like this, constantly trying to cover herself (and failing) as she slid around in the messy truck water.

Kasey felt a fresh splash of water hit her back as Amber worked on the top, the buff and busty girl sliding around up there to take care of the roof and the windows. She would latch her strong thighs onto the top to hang down, using her thick breasts to grind over the windows. She wasn’t used to losing, especially so blatantly and with such severe consequences, mentally beating herself up as much as any of those in the crowded line.

As Amber leaned over the windshield, Samantha gave a motion at the driver, who winked back at her and hit a swith inside the cab. From the front of the truck, Amber screamed as the windshield wipers turned on, the wipers latching onto her nipples as they passed and stretching them out as they dragged her tits across the glass. She screamed and bit back tears as her plump orbs were pinched and pulled and squished on the window, to the uproarious laughter of Sam and her friends, and really anyone nearby who wasn’t also publically nude.

“That should do it, girls! Now everyone in the tub!” Samantha waved to the back of the truck witha laugh, the other two girls reluctantly piling in and splashing into the mess that was the pooled grime of the bed and everything above it. They were freshly caked in the muddy mix, groaning and whining as they slipped and fell over eachother rapidly.

“Come on, you’ve got lots more cars to do! Give eachother a nice rubdown!” The girls cringed at Sam’s idea, but already leaning on eachother for balance, Amber forced herself to start rubbing over Kasey’s flesh and folds. Kasey hated how good the heat of her strong hands felt after all that cold water, shivering as she miserably reached for Stephanie’s body.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, pig,” she insisted to Steph as she wiped some more of the bits of dirt and bark from her.

“Like I’d want your stupid ass hanging around me anyway,” Steph grumbled back as she helped wipe down Amber.

Suddenly Samantha opened the door to the bed, the girls shrieking as the water flushed out from under them and poured them out of the crudely cleaned truck onto the towels and mats below. “Alright! Next customer!” Sam called merrily.

Megan’s face burned bright red the whole time. Once she was on top of the social food chain, now being used and laughed at, lower than a dog. At least dogs were normally well liked. Now she was hated, shamed, mocked and ignored, nothing but a walking piece of kinky sex appeal and humiliation, only really known for digging her own social grave by setting up the bet in the first place.

She and Bunny worked on scrubbing down a hotrod. Megan kept slowing her efforts early on, expecint her toadie to do most of the work, just to get a sudden blast with the hose and a warning glare from Ashley. She was outraged and indigant, but not irrational enough to try her challenge again. After a few shockingly cold squirts to her head and ass, she was quickly starting to work every bit as hard as Bunny.

“Feeling good, huh, Megan?” Ashley called to her when she was good and wet and sweaty. “Doing actual good and honest work for a change? Putting effort into something that doesn’t make anyone suffer or hurt or humiliated? I mean, someone who doesn’t deserve it, anyway.”

Megan’s face was as much outrage as misery and shame as she balanced her feet on the front bumper, grinding her butt over the hood of the car with suds clinging to her cheeks and the fleshy, smooth squeaking of her rump over the polished metal.

Bunny has finished licking, kissing, and smearing her flesh over the passenger side door, and had started to rub down the antenae between her palms when Ashley threw out more advice. “Hey, that thing looks delicate! Don’t go using your hands on that! Even your mouth might scratch that kind of thing!” Bunny looked at the bit of chrome a moment before the dread washed over her face.

“What?! No no noooo, I can’t!” Bunny insisted frantically.

“Nonsense! Cute thing like you, I’m sure you’ve got all kinds of moves to you,” Ashley insisted, getting as if to rise out of her chair to help/force her when Bunny scrambled up onto the hood, wrapping her legs around the radio antenae as the cameraphones flashed around her, catching shots of her grinding up and down the phallic extention like a tiny stripper pole.

“Megan! She’s doing a decent job and all, but why don’t you help a friend out with that? You always loved the attention, didn’t you?”

Megan grit her teeth, blushing hard enough that the upper plain of her breasts turned red. She shuffled forward, trying to draw out the inevitable, but it only served to draw more eyes onto her and make the moment have all the more dramatic buildup. The two heads of the gang of nasty girls mounted the antenae, their thin and curvy bodies pressing together to another blare of horns and hoots that rang in their ears. How had it all gone so south so soon! Just a month ago they had Ashley on the run and hiding from them. Now she was queen of the campus and strong enough to throw either of them like a shotput.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The crowd of excited teens chanted at the girls rubbing together, polishing the antenae with their bodies. They cringed and tried to ignore the suggestion until Ashley shouted over them.

“You heard the boys and girls! Best give em what the want before I start getting peeved!”

Bunny and Megan tried to avoid eye contact, which was hard to do as they brought their lips together. Their eyes shut angrily as they forced themselves to kiss eachother, making out clumsily. This proved all the more entertaining to the crowd than if they had proven good kissers, laughing at their awkward shame as Megan forced her eyes so shut that a few tears were squeezed out of them, hoping they mixed in with the soapy water that covered them both… and was freshly dumped over them both by Diana and Samantha from behind their closed eyes. The icy-cold water made them both scream into eachothers’ mouths, slipping on the slick car and falling off onto the mats and dirty water.

“That’s more like it girls!” Ashley crowed, walking up with her hands on her slim hips. “And don’t let it say I’m not the bigger woman. Here, got you a rag to use.” She tossed a sloppy rag the other staff had been using between washing their hands, already a bit sticky when it slapped Megan in her face and got a revolted cry.

“You get it for five minutes before you’re back to human squeequees. Use it wisely.”

Ash turned back with a huge grin to her friends as they took their seats again, Diana letting Kimmy have a turn taking pot-shots at the girls with the hose.

“I just hope that foundation doesn’t mind how we got all this money we donate,” Samantha sighed contently.

“Nah. We’ll just write up a blog or something about all the shit they put us through. And how they’re turning over a new leaf, selling their bodies for charity to prove they aren’t the bitches they used to be.”

“Not cuz they want to,” Diana added.

“Nah. Because they have no other choice,” Kimmy agreed as another squirt of the hose hit hard enough to make Gabby’s ass jiggle.

“Right. Best pay close attention to all their shit then. And make sure that camera runs the whole time,” Ash said, nodding at the camera mounted on the nearby roof of the shed.

“For charity,” Kimmy said with a wink.

“Yea. For that.”

The End

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