Ashley’s College Bash: Part 3 by Luffy316

The Fundraiser

Ashley had spent a lot of time with her new friends, Samantha and Diane and Kimmy starting to actually have the free time to live their college life proper. Their “help” with the charity car wash and popularity from beating up the bitchiest girls in school had opened up a lot of doors for them, and sororities all but warring over recruiting them. The girls themselves weren’t too concerned with it yet, having fun between classes. Kimmy’s scholarship with the creation of her serum was apparently still a hit in the science professors, and reaching the hands of actual doctors over the next few months. Kimmy was also keeping the girls in the loop, fixing them up with a milder dosage.

It wasn’t quite as extreme as the first dose she gave them. It still made them some of the strongest people on campus (Ash still had fun asking the wrestling team to arm wrestle at the cafe), but not as over the top powerful. In exchange, Kimmy explained that there was no more chance of the “burnout” Ashley had risked last time. This version of the serum had a more natural components that, while making it less intense an effect, the body burned through it much slower and would last an entire year at a time.

Lately, the girls of Lambda Pi Delta felt right at home to Ashley and her friends. They were a fairly popular group of girls, and Ash had never had issue with them as a clique. Just the ones that flaunted that social power like Megan and her bad company. She wasn’t one to judge, and the Lambda Pi girls were fair and kind. They made a point of getting all cliques and sorts into their fold; geeks, goths, hipsters, cheerleaders, the church girls, the lesbians, the party girls, and any race you’d care to mention, with a big emphasis on diversity, unity and all around goodness without being too preachy about it.

A few weeks after the biggest event in her life, Ashley was approached by their house leader to join up, finding their whole encounter on campus to be the perfect example they wanted to set for their sorority. At the very least a good gold star on her resume, the girls signed up and were quickly put to “work” at their campus fundraiser. The girls sold shirts and snacks, and set up a few saucier attractions like a kissing booth and a dunk tank, drawing in the students with the inescapable attraction to girls on display in bikinis.

While Diana volunteered to do the tank for the fun of it, the others were told all they had to do was run the snack stand. The draw of actual baked/cooked food was a sure fire way to draw in resident students, but then redoubled by the presence of the campus heroes. They were all answering questions and shaking hands, and even hugging the sweeter and more deeply moved students. Even Kimmy got some questions from the smarter students asking about how her formula and inventing process worked.

It was all easy and fun, and Ashley felt on top of the world. What was more, the profits were an even split between the Lambda house funds, with the other advertised as going towards a charity scholarship to help out underprivileged students. Helping the little guy was a real motivator for Ashley, since she had been lucky enough to find a way to help herself.

Megan and her girls had quite the opposite in their lives. They had stayed in touch, but remained as quiet and off the social radar as possible, unable to face the shame they’d gone through at the locally famous fight, let alone the car wash. They got through the semester without much more trouble caused by them, or befalling them.

Megan went home the weekend after the fundraiser. There was going to be a dance on the campus, students and some of the cooler staff known to attend, and she wanted to at least get something to wear from her clothes at her house. She drove back to the borderline towering mansion that was her home, taking a bit of solace in her wealth before sighing, knowing this meant speaking with her embarrassment of a mother, Debra.

Debbie had lived her charmed life by riding on her looks and her luck more than anything. She could easily be labeled a bimbo if she weren’t so successful. She was almost uncomfortably attractive, and her bra size exceeded her IQ, but her bank account went even higher still. Even as Megan found her in her own home, she wore a low-cut dress around her regally pale figure. It did a fine job covering her legs and part of her arms, as if specifically made to force the eyes to focus on her perfectly sculpted double-D’s.

“Meg! It’s been so long!” she gushed theatrically, getting up to hug her daughter. Even in this simple act she leaned forward and squeezed a bit too tight, making her breasts balloon up enough that if anyone around the house were to be watching (say, the maids), they could see the edges of her purple-pink nipples threatening to pop out of her dress. Megan was certainly on her way to inheriting that bulging chest, but it was still uncomfortable for her, and she hoped to at least not flaunt them as blatantly as her boozy, money-marrying mother.

“Debra,” Megan muttered back begrudgingly, managing to listlessly hug back.

“Still not using ‘mom’, I see,” Debbie said with a wry smile as she pulled back. “I can understand other people mistaking us for sisters, but that just seems silly. How’s college been?”

“Busy,” she grumbled back. “I’m just back here for some clothes.”

“Oh, some sort of party going on?!” Deb all but squealed in delight. “I’ll have to see if I can make an appearance!”

Meg rolled her eyes. “It’s a campus thing. Just students and faculty.”

“Oh, all the more reason! I’ve been looking into how to become more involved in my only daughter’s life, and I thought, ‘what better way than waving some of the Debbie Newall wealth around and get a position on the board at your college?”

THIS got Megan’s attention. “What was that?”

“I just donated a few grand or so their way and I’m on the board of directors. So if you need any little favors or grades changed, you let your dear mommy know. For such a thin woman, I’m still quite capable of throwing my weight around.”

Megan thought about what she’d gone through, and then how lousy it felt reaching out to her mom for help. One outdid the other, and she sat down with her mom for a drink and a long story.

“Ah yes,” Debbie said as she refilled their glasses, some ten minutes later. “I’ve had more than my share of rivals in my life. In sports, at the beach, with men. But a wedding band is hard to see when those fingers are busy… well, never mind.” She giggled knowingly and took another drink of wine and Megan groaned.

“So what would you do?”

“Have they done anything lately?”

“What, Ash and her friends? They’ve done a lot.”

“Good. Anything involving money? Giving or taking?”

“Yea…” Megan said a bit warily, unsure where the conversation was going.

“Perfect!” Debbie smiled, raising her glass dramatically. “We’ve got lots to work with. Where there’s money, people grow suspicious and greedy! Work around those prying eyes, and you have plenty of room for sabotage.”

Megan looked at her, a bit surprised but a smile creeping across her face. “Mom, are you seriously going to help me ruin Ashy?”

Debbie looked offended a moment, the blush of all her drinking crossing her pale cheeks. “Please, Megan! A Newall doesn’t ruin people! We PAY people for that!”

Rachel was a pretty little half-Asian girl, and the head RA of the Lambda house, short and sweet by nature and friendly to just about everyone. She was another contender for the most popular girl at the college when Megan had joined, pretty but never too self-absorbed. Her cute little face frowned though as she entered Ashley’s room, knocking on the inside of the open door where her little team of “freedom fighters” sat chatting.

“Hey, girls. You haven’t seen a purple shoebox around, about this big?” Rachel motioned proportions with her hands, the others shaking their heads. She bit her lip as they did. “Didn’t think so… god, where did I put it?”

“I guess those were some really nice shoes,” Diane ventures, sitting up from laying on the bed with a significant jiggle to her stopping.

“It’s just that it’s where I was keeping the fundraiser money. I was going to announce the totals at the dance tomorrow, but I must have misplaced it.

But I always kept it in my closet in the same spot…”

The girls looked at each other warily, Samantha speaking their thoughts first. “Maybe someone took it?”

“Oh, no way!” Rachel insisted, waving her hands. “Not a Lambda. You’re all such nice girls, I can’t imagine that.” Ashley sighed quietly. Rachel was way too trusting, her niceness going overboard in her inability to accuse anyone of anything. She’d been basically the only one on campus who thought that Ash beating up Megan and her girls was “maybe a bit much, don’t you think?”

“Well, when did you last see it?” Kimmy offered.

“Just this morning. I had the RA meeting, then Sara came by to say she needed to borrow a sweater for the dance, but she left in a hurry once I got it out of my drawer. I don’t think she was there long enough to even think about that!”

“Wait, who’s Sara?” Ashley asked.

“Sara. Sara Dumont. She joined at the start of the semester, used to hang out with that girl you beat up when you had that cute little boxing show.”
Diane had a comment ready about her naivety, but the implications were too dire.

“You know, you look stressed,” Ashley spoke up, getting up and puttin a helpful hand on Rachel’s shoulder. “How about you head back and take a breather? We’ll take over the search.”

Rachel smiled widely at the offer. “You will? Well, thank you! I knew you were good girls all along.” She went back to her room as the others watched her go.

“Good girls all along?’ She’s so sweet it makes me feel like I’m talking to my grandma,” Diana sighed.

“She’s trusting, too,” Kimmy added with some concern. “You guys buy that bit about Sara borrowing clothes?”

“Not if she’s associating with Megan,” Ashley said firmly. “Especially if she’s the type sneaky enough to follow her but not show up for any of our fights with her posse.” She ran a hand through her long blond hair, having the strange sensation she got sometimes when she saw just how thin her arms were despite the power she could throw around sometimes. “I say we owe it to Rachel to ask the rest of the dorm, just to be official about it. At least us three; Kimmy, can you find out anything on Sara and where we can find her?”

Kimmy was already at work on her smartphone. “On it. I figured out the code for the campus website’s passwords, so I should have access to her schedule. We can cut her off tomorrow morning.”

“Are you saying we do this the old fashioned way?” Diana asked, folding her thick arms under her thicker chest.

“Just that this smells fishy as hell, and I don’t want us having joined a sorority right before it was accused of stealing and lying to the campus and a charity. We’ll get it back if we have to turn the whole grounds upside down.”

“Or just a few certain snobby bitches out for revenge,” Samantha added with a grim grin.

“I’ll catch up!” Sara called after her friends, packing up her books and papers into her backpack. She’s spent so much time talking and gossiping that she found herself the last person in the classroom. She was average in height, but had something of a fit build to her, some muscle apparent in her arms and trim figure. Shoulder length sandy-blond hair hung just over her long-sleeve t-shirt. She was feeling pretty good about herself, cheating right through that test and of course, her grand scheme for Megan going smoothly. All she had to do was wait for the big payoff.

She had just picked up her bag when Ashley appeared in the doorway. “Hey there, sister!” she called.

Sara jumped a bit, but sighed and relaxed. A bit. “Oh, right. ‘Lambda Pi, twice as high.’ What’s up?”

“Well, people were asking questions around the house,” Ashley said, smiling and walking in. “Rachel’s missing her shoebox.”

“Oh? What shoebox?” Sara played dumb, eying up the door, but Ashley still in her way, and probably faster than her anyway.

“The fundraiser money. People would be pretty mad if it didn’t show up all of a sudden, so she’s pretty upset.”

“Yea, that’s awful!” Sara frowned with a nod. “And Rachel’s kinda forgetful, so it could be anywhere.”

Ashley nodded as well, hands in her pockets. Even in her new social prestige, she was big on jeans and a tee. She found out the change of clothes wasn’t part of the status change, like on tv. “Really awful. But we were asking around the dorm and nobody had seen it. But you weren’t there to ask. Even though you were in her room that day, you didn’t see it?”

Sara could see the writing on the wall. In fact, she shuffled closer to the dry erase board and the teacher’s desk. “I couldn’t have! I was just waiting for her to get that gross sweater she likes, since I couldn’t look TOO good for the dance and all, so I just went AHHH!”

Sara suddenly threw her backpack at Ashley, letting it pop open and spill its various pens, snacks hair clips, and other mess onto Ashley. She caught it, but yelped as it spilled over her, Sara hurrying to kick the wheeled chair into the ground between them and run for the hall. She sprinted around the corner by the time Ash brushed the junk off her and hurdled the chair with ease, Sara going full speed down the hall… and right into Samantha, bouncing off the solidly built blond girl. Sara landed on her ass and scrambled up to her feet, Sam smiling at her and calling out. “This way, Ash!” Diana had been positioned at the hall in the other direction, expecting the rat to try and flee them. Their boosted endurance and muscles made them like living roadblocks.

Sara caught her breath a moment, but as soon as Ashley turned the corner, she threw a punch at her face. Ash was still quick enough to catch her fist as it came at her, twisting it around. Sara screamed, bending her back to try and make it less agonizingly out of place.

Sara caught her breath a moment, but as soon as Ashley turned the corner, she threw a punch at her face. Ash was still quick enough to catch her fist as it came at her, twisting it around. Sara screamed, bending her back to try and make it less agonizingly out of place. She slapped and clawed at Ashley’s arm, but she kept her arm flexed to keep Sara from getting any decent grip on her.

“Time to start talking, you little sneak,” Ashley demanded, Sara shaking her head.

“No! No, fuck you bitches!” she hissed defiantly, wincing from the stinging hold as she tried kicking at Ashley’s legs. Ash shoved her by the arm to knock her into a wall, knocking her silly a moment and bouncing back off of it. Ash grabbed onto her shirt and swung a fist into her tight belly, giving a big grunt on the impact and her knees almost giving out if Ashley wasn’t holding onto her.

“I don’t know if you know about us, but we can do this all day,” Ashley warned.

“Kinda took our vitamins,” Diana insisted with a smirk and folding her arms. “So might wanna start talking.”

Sara gurgled a bit dizzily before giving Ashley the finger, finding it easier than talking right now. Diana frowned down at her. “Fine. I’ll squeeze the words out of you if I have to. Or sit on her until she apologizes. That was fun for when those bully bitches called me fatass. What do you think, Ash?”

“Funny you mention them,” Ashley said, grabbing Sara by the collar. She squirmed but didn’t bother hitting Ashley to rile her up more. “They got me with some nasty tricks in my old days. Let’s see how well they like their own medicine…”

She swapped a few words with Diana quietly, who nodded. They both grabbed an arm and dragged Sara to the nearest window, shoving it open and sitting her on the windowsill. “Hey, what’re you doing!?” It was a first floor window, but still an unpleasant fall that had Megan’s spy squirming.
“Bungee jumping,” Ashley said coldly, trying to come off scarier than she was as she shoved Sara forward. She fell about 6 inches, not even far enough to scream. This was because Diana had a grip on her panty’s waistband, and as soon as she reached that point her red underwear went taut, wedgying up her tight ass.

NOW Sara could scream. She shrieked as both gravity and Diana’s strong grip yanked the underwear up her ass crack, kicking and screaming below them.

“Wouldn’t squirm too much,” Ashley laughed. “Could be a nasty fall if you do it wrong.”

“And wouldn’t scream either,” Diana said, nodding at the empty row of grass behind the building. “People will come looking and see you like this. And you care sooo much about your reputation, don’t you?”


“Why is it I feel dirty whenever you use that word?” Diana snapped, with Ashley yanking on her hair.

“Tell us what Megan’s doing!” Ash insisted sharply. “We don’t do this for no reason like you bitches do, so tell us and we let you go.”

“I’m…. ugh!” she grunted, shuddering as the pain of the underwear gouging up her ass and pussy, and shame of the idea of being seen like this. “I’m not turning her in for nothing!” she shouted back, voice cracking.

Diana gave a sharper pull on her panties, getting a shrill scream out of Sara. “You had no problem turning on the sisters in a hurry. “One more no out of you and Kimmy gets on the loudspeaker and tells everyone how they can watch one of the biggest cunts on campus eat her own panties in the back alley!”

“Ok! Ok!” Sara shrieked, thrashing wildly. “I took the money! I passed it off to Megan!”

“Knew it!” Sam growled behind the others, having caught up a bit ago. “What for?”

“She said it was her way back to the top!” Sara blurted. “Now lemee gooooo!” she cried, grabbing at the wall behind her for balance and to ease the pressure up her cunt.

“She’s just trying to get popular again,” Diana scoffed distastefully. She was a generally nice person, but being overweight and famed as a bit of a punk didn’t mean everyone was a fan of hers, but she’d long learned not to care about what people thought as of you as much as what you did.

“I wouldn’t think we should try to stop her from that,” Kimmy said with a shrug. “Even if she started bullying again, you could just stop her again. But her idea involves stealing thousands of dollars from our friends, and that money’s supposed to be at the dance tonight.”

“Good point,” Sam agreed, smacking Sara’s ass sharp and loud. “Where’s the money now?”

“I don’t know! I gave to to Stephanie!” Sara admitted. “She said she’d get it where it had to go!”

“Ugh, we’re stuck playing murder mystery,” Ashley sighed, rubbing her forehead. “If it comes down to our word, that’s kind of a huge risk, and I’m sure Megan’s got something to hide behind if we accuse her.”

Kimmy tapped her phone around a bit more. “Steph is getting lunch at the campus cafe. We can still catch her.”

“Sweet. Gimee that.” Diana motioned to the others, Sam reaching up with her height to take the flag pole down from overhead. They rigged it up to prop inside the window, and Diana hooked Sara’s panties over it instead of her arms.

“Hey! What’re you doing!?”

“We let you go, like we said,” Diana said with a grin, the panties so far up Sara’s ass that she seemed to be mooning the window with a thong on.

“You can get yourself down. Or rip them and walk home with your ass hanging out. Or if not, I’m sure somebody will find you like that. And they might help… maybe.”

They rushed off to the shrill kicking and cursing sounding behind them of the battered Sara trying to get herself free.

“Should we worry about Sara sending out an alert or something on her phone?” Kimmy asked as they left the building.

Ashley shrugged. “And what? Say she sold everyone out? I think she’s going to hope this blows over and weasel out of it.”

The girls made tracks to the cafe on campus, a slightly pricier and nicer branch off of the cafeteria. It was relatively smaller, making the search for Stephanie that much easier. The big girl laughed obnoxiously loud from her table, eating lunch with two more apparent accomplices. Natasha and Gabby sat opposite eachother, gossiping and laughing loudly amongst themselves.

They didn’t notice the foursome of girls make their way towards them until Diane shouted “You three!”

They jumped in their seats, getting to their feet facing the avenging Delta girls.

“What are you doing here!?” Steph demanded in shock before she tried to regain her composure. “The cafe’s closing in 10 minutes, so you better get in there quick.”

“We’re not here to eat,” Samantha said back. “We’re here to serve up an asskicking if you girls don’t cooperate.”

“Yea! Where’s the fundraiser money?” Kimmy demanded, a few of the other students in the cafe looking curiously over at all the shouting.

“I… I don’t know what you geeks are talking about,” Steph said firmly, folding her arms so she had something to do with her fidgeting hands. “And these girls don’t either. “So fuck off and let us eat!”

Gabby giggled at the comeback while Natasha stuck her tongue out at the interrupting good girls.

“We already found out from your snitch,” Kimmy insisted, but Diana shrugged and stepped forward.

“You heard them. They want it the old-fashioned way.” She lashed out and grabbed Stephanie by the hair, getting a quick shriek out of her before she smashed her face forward into her burger. She grinded her face there for a few seconds before pulling her up again, screaming in disgust and shock as some pickles and ketchup stuck to her face.

“Oh relax, I’ll buy you a new one,” Diane scoffed, just for Tasha and Gabby to pounce on her.

They dragged Diane back onto the ground, swinging wild slaps and poorly-made fists down at her. Diane threw up her arms with a shout, blocking or absorbing all the hits she could before her friends came to back her up. Ashley grabbed Natasha by the back of her shirt, yanking her off of Diane and tossing her back into a nearby table. She grunted and grabbed onto it for balance, the throw stretching her top out to lower her cleavage line in her top even more, exposing the edges of her lacey bra.

Samantha managed to grab Gabby in a bearhug from behind, her grip a bit loose due to the big booty against her lap, but the blond’s arms holding strong and dragging her back. “Bitch, let go!” Gabby ranted, swinging her arms and legs around wildly. They thumped against Sam’s legs and arms harmlessly enough, though throwing her off balance to stagger backward holding her assailant.

Stephanie wiped the condiments from her face, trying to bolt from the scene to hide out somewhere else. She was grabbed around the ankle by the recovering Diane, making her slip and fall. The tiles below crushed her tits into her chest, knocking the wind out of her as Diane crawled after her.
“Hell you think you’re going?!” Diane snapped, dragging her back towards the chaotic catfight. Steph shrieked and kicked blindly backward, one of her sneakers managing to connect with Diane’s nose. She shouted and lost her grip as she clutched her nose, Steph awkwardly scrambling back to her feet.

Steph made a mad dash a few yards before grabbing Kimmy, bearhugging her from behind so her fat chest pressed into her back. “That’s it! You back off and leave us alone, or the nerd comes with me!” she ordered.

The other girls hesitated only a second, but Kimmy growled. “What is it with you jerks and trying to kidnap me!?” she fumed, snapping an elbow back into Steph’s lower ribs.

Steph huffed and held her soft belly, doubling up and letting Kim slip out easily from her grip, kicking her in the ass to shove her back towards the now standing Diane.

“Thanks for the pass, egghead,” Diane smiled at Kimmy before grabbing Steph by the hair. “No more damsel in distress for you, huh?”

Natasha kept trying to evade Ashley, kicking chairs into her way to slow her down. Ash easily slipped around or over them, finally tagging Natasha with a sharp slap across the face. It stunned her to cut off her escape, then shoved her into the wall behind her. Her back smacked into it, flattening Tasha against it where she could rain a number of punches beating into her tits. Tasha leaned back into the wall, howling out in pain as the fists rapidly flattened her impressive jugs into her body, only to wobble back into shape and take another hit shortly after, her tits left at Ash’s mercy.

Gabby and Samantha continued their own struggle nearby, Sam keeping her grip on the bearhug to leave Gabby powerless to resist her. When she saw her chance, Sam twisted and shoved Gabriella’s head into one of the cafe’s tables, rattling her brains like it was a barroom brawl.

With her dazed, Samantha could shift her grip to a full nelson she picked up from her brother, lifting Gabby’s arms up over her head and further halting any of her struggles. It also exposed her chest to attacks, and lifted her shirt up a bit forcefully to expose her belly. Sam used the new angle to lean forward sharply, slamming Gabby’s chest into the nearby condiment counter.

“Oww, my tits! Watch it!” Gabby whined.

“Don’t tempt me! I always wanted to slap those tiny things around,” Sam gloated, reaching her arms over Gabby’s to pin hers while squeezing on her tits. Gabby screamed and writhed, her big ass grinding against Sam’s hips.

“Need a hand with that one?” Ashley came over to Sam, leading Natasha by a handful of hair. The bully girl was bent over, holding her big sore tits and mouth hanging open as she winced in agony.

“Oh yes, please!” Sam shoved Gabby towards her, letting her stumble out of control to her comrade. Ashley grabbed the girls in a double headlock, leaving the girls facing behind her, chests dangling and jiggling beneath them, while their asses thrust up into the air in front of her. Samantha smiling at the offer of the girls’ proudest and biggest assets and cracked her knuckles menacingly.

Diane lifted up Steph by her collar, hoisting her off the ground by it with her enhanced serum strength. “Feel like talkin yet? Or we gotta fatten those lips to loosen them?” Diane threatened.

“No! I mean, I don’t know! What are you talking about!?” she babbled back. Diane shot a hard fist into her soft gut, sinking into the bare flesh where the shirt was stretched away. Steph gave a sickly grunt from the blow, just before Diane threw her back down, smashing ass and back onto a table.

“Something tells me we can keep this up longer than you can,” Diane grinned, grabbing Steph by a handful of her chubby tits this time to lift her up with, getting more noisy screams out of her (and some cheers and hoots from the onlookers).

Sam grabbed a spare lunch tray, having Ashley face her so that the trapped girls’ asses were raised to her. Sam yanked their jeans down, exposing their panties before she wound up with the tray and whacked it across them both. The girls screamed in shock, Sam nodding to her right a bit. “Move Tasha forward a little. Her boney ass doesn’t get a full hit with Gabby’s dumptruck in the way.” Ash shifted as she asked, this time the tray giving out an even louder SMACK as it spanked the shrieking girls. Sam went at them like batting practice as they cried and begged wildly, talking over eachother.

“Ahhh! No! Stop it! My ass! I was going to use it at the dance tonight! Stoooop! Not my tits, next! Noooo! Steph, just tell them what happened already!”

Samantha had pulled down their panties, handing the makeshift paddle off to Kimmy to hold, when she looked expectantly at Stephanie. She was squirming in midair, still held up by Diane’s powerful death grip on her tits. They were looking swollen and red, puffing up in her grasp and slipping out of her top from the pressure.

Ash shoved Gabby and Tasha into Sam, who grabbed them securely by the hair, leaving their asses hanging out. She walked over to Steph, readying a punch when Steph finally shrieked out.

“Okay! Okay, stop!” Ashley raised a fist back, but let it stay readied and let her talk. “We gave it to the others.”

“What others?” growled Ashley as best she could manage at sounding intimidating. The serum didn’t do anything to help out her voice.

“Bunny! And Amber and Liz. They were going to hide the money until this all went down.”

“Until what went down?” Samantha asked, dragging Gabby back over by a leg.

Stephanie hesitated, but Diane shook the talk out of her with a shake of her torn up top. “She was going to take the credit! Her mom joined the school board, and was going to have us hide the money away where you couldn’t find it and then use it herself to donate what you guys had stolen!”

“So she was setting us up for her work, and boosting herself back up in the process,” Diane grunted. “And while using her mom as a cover.”

“Actually it was her mom’s idea,” Gabby chimed in. “She said she didn’t want to pay the donation out of pocket, so she didn’t let us spend the money right away. Which sucks, cuz NOW I could sure use a new pair of pants.”

“Here! This should fit!” Samantha lifted her up, dropping her ass-first into the nearby garbage can. Her big backside plugged up the lid, leaving her yelped and thrashing to get out, but neatly stuck inside. Tasha snickered, but just before Ash grabbed her in a wedgie, lifting her up by it. As she squealed, she shoved her into another trash can by her sister’s, leaving her head stuck in but her tits catching on the edge to keep her similarly stuck like a slutty Winnie the Pooh.

“So I can go, right? I’m cooperating,” Steph offered hopefully with a soft giggle. The four girls glared at her and she cowered instantly.

“You’re a backstabber and a thief and a heartless, opportunistic bitch,” Ashley said sharply. “The trash can’s too good for you.” She dragged her with her into the girls’ bathroom, the crowd following as close as they could to witness her screams and gurgling as her head was stuffed into the toilet and the lid shut around her head, leaving her to spit and gurgle headfirst in the toilet.

“So three of them,” Sam grumbled, sitting back and picking at some of Gabby’s leftover fries.

“Sounds like it. And the dance is in a few hours,” Kimmy frowned. With a miserable whine from Gabby, she rolled her eyes and reached out, handing the little basket of fries back to her which she seemed content to gobble up, even with her bare ass stuck in a garbage can. Girl’s gotta eat to keep a booty like that.

“Assuming we can even find them, we’d have to really haul ass if we’re going to save this at all. And that’s assuming they don’t kick out Rachel or take the money in Megan’s name or something before then,” Diane added.

“Assuming Rachel doesn’t do something too nice and tell them before the dance,” sighed Kimmy. “How we going to find em all so fast?

The electric hand-dryer went off as Ashley came back, brushing her hands together. “We’re splitting up,” she said confidently. “I’ll go get Bunny, since she’ll probably be hiding the best. Diane, you take Kim and go for Liz. She’s egomaniac enough that she’ll have left a trail online. Sam, I think you know where Amber would be.”

The girls hesitated a moment, so Ashley clapped her hands. “Come on, Lambdas!” she urged, grinning as the rest of them smiled, nodded, and split up to the various exits of the cafe.

Samantha went where Ashley had directed in her veiled statement, and sure enough, there she was. Amber was at the gym, working a heavy bag as she continued to religiously maintain her curvy but solid body. She had a thin layer of sweat over her thick body, indicating she’d suitably warmed up before Sam had even arrived. The gym was mostly empty, most kids getting ready for the upcoming dance, but a few of the most dedicated of the jocks were still around, keeping up their weight routines even in the face of the social event of the semester.

“Hey, Amber!” Sam called to her. Amber didn’t jump at the shout, but she stopped instantly in her punching practice. “We gotta talk.”

Amber snorted a bit and went back to working her bag. “You can talk. I don’t have a lot to say to you.”

“Fine with me,” Sam shrugged as she advanced on her, cracking her knuckles. “I wasn’t planning on using a lot of words anyway.”

Amber turned to face her warily, bringing up her gloved hands defensively. “Hey, don’t go starting trouble, chunky.”

“Like you’re one to talk!” Sam scoffed back at her, moving in fearlessly towards her. “Spill where you’re keeping the sorority money or else!”

Amber’s eyes darted in such a way that didn’t indicate anywhere particular, but told Sam that she’d probably hit a real sensitive subject for her.

“What!? No! You’re full of shit! I didn’t take anything!” Amber insisted.

Amber wasn’t one to run, no matter how she was sweating under the pressure of the onlooking gym-goers. She kept her gloves up as Sam rolled her shoulders, making her own impressive breasts bounce. “Look, I don’t think you’d trust that much money to be laying around. I could always tear this place apart and look for it, but I think it’d be much easier to tear YOU apart instead. And more fun for the boys to watch,” she added with a smirk. Amber held her ground, and when Sam took hold of the top of her tanktop, Amber shifted and swung a gloved fist up into Samantha’s cheek.
Her head whipped to one side from the solid hit, turning back with a grim frown aimed directly at Amber.

“Ok. Now it’s a match.” Sam swung her own meaty limb into Amber’s stomach, making her almost double over before she reached the arm holding onto her top and leaned over it. Sam swung the buff blond by her shirt, tossing her towards the nearby boxing ring so that she rolled under the ropes.

Amber rolled to a stop near the middle of the ring, stumbling back to one knee to catch her breath. It was also then that she noticed Sam had torn her top right off of her, leaving Amber’s bulging breasts only held back by her overworked sports bra. She fumbled to cover herself a moment, only to find her boxing gloves better for punching than adjusting her clothes. Sam followed in after her, throwing Amber’s tanktop aside. “Still need me to squeeze these secrets out of you?” she threatened, circling Amber slowly.

“Hell with that,” Amber defied, blushing but taking her gloves aways from her chest. She yanked off her gloves, raising her bare knuckles instead. “You’re in MY ring now, piggy.”

Sam leered back at her fearlessly, taking hold of her own shirt and pulling it up over her head, revealing her own purple bra to the gym. Anyone who wasn’t staring already was doing so now. “You can’t scare me anymore,” she growled back, holding out her arms in a grappling stance.

Amber threw a desperate punch for Samantha’s face, but the fellow blond bobbed to one side and grabbed her arm, pulling to send Amber stumbling past her instead. She shoved with both hands into Amber’s back, sending her into the ropes. Amber caught onto the ropes to steady herself, but Sam rushed in before she could turn back around, slamming bodily into her back.

“UHNN!” Amber grunted loudly as she was crushed into the ropes, wincing as her oversized tits were mashed into the ropes. The tough elastic dug deep into her breasts, sandwiched between the springy ropes and both her and Sam’s weight, crushing a choked scream out of the blond boxer.
“What’s the matter? YOUR ring turning on you?” Sam hissed in her ear as the crowd started clapping and cheering for the fight to carry on. Amber swung her elbow back at Sam, but the heavier girl caught her by the arm and spun her around, whipping both fists back and forth around Amber’s face. Her head whipped back and forth, feet struggling to stay standing under Sam’s already nasty beating powered by her enhancing serum.
Amber threw some desperate jabs at Sam, bouncing around her tits but not doing much beyond making her wince and jiggle. “Oh wanna get tits into it?” Sam growled and threw a quick backhand across Amber’s chest in return, leaving the bright red slap mark across the bare skin of her cleavage. Amber grabbed for the ropes to balance herself, throwing a kick at Sam to try and fend her off. Sam grasped at the incoming bare foot giving it a sharp jerk. Amber shrieked and grabbed onto the ropes, suspended in midair by the hold on her ankle, hopping on one leg trying to get free. When Amber wouldn’t let go after a few seconds of tug of war, Sam swung a foot up to kick into Amber’s crotch.

Amber gave an even higher shriek, the crowd laughing at the humiliating move and shrill noise coming from the curvy boxing girl. Her hands naturally tried to grab at her pussy, making her let go of the ropes and falling flat on her back at Samantha’s next tug. Amber winced as she went down, Sam wrapping her leg around Amber’s and grabbed hold of her ankle to tangle it up and keep her from getting back up.

“Get offa me! I don’t need any of your shitty wrestling moves!” Amber objected, trying to drag herself along the mats to escape under the ropes.
“Fine, then I’ll use the GOOD ones!” She twisted on Amber’s leg, putting too much pressure on her knee to keep her down and distracted with the pain. She flopped and thrashed helplessly, allowing Sam to reach down with a free hand and grab her by the back of her sports bra.

“No! No, please don’t!” Amber shouted frantically, but Sam had a death grip on her bra and her leg, pulling up sharply on the bra. Her big round tits popped out eagerly, bouncing out onto the mat as Amber shrieked and writhed in outrage, but was kept trapped tightly by the hold.

Sam pulled again on the top, raising it higher until the big bra pressed up against her throat. “Starting to act a bit too big for you bra straps there, weren’t you, bitch?” Sam grinned back at her, the small crowd laughing at her taunts as Amber struggled to escape the chokehold that was her own bra. She choked and sputtered, splashing spit over her lips and chin as Sam yanked on it, letting the elastic bounce against her neck.

“If you’re ready to talk about a few secrets, I can see about getting you out of that pesky thing,” Sam warned, Amber shaking her head anyway.

Sam smirked back at her and sat back down, bending Amber’s leg back with her as she sat her heavy body down on top of Amber’s hips. The boxing blond grunted, still stuck in place by Sam’s double grip on her. She wrapped her leg around Amber’s to keep it locked in place, freeing up a hand to reach down and yank down Amber’s panties next. Amber’s struggling noises reached a higher and louder pitch, but it just served to exhaust her quicker with her increased protesting.

The hold made it so that the underwear could only reach around her knees, but more than enough to expose her ass to the room right between Sam’s seated legs.

Sam smacked against her ass, loud and hard, getting a muffled gasp out of Amber beneath her. Sam smiled and let the jiggling stop before smacking the other cheek with the same treatment. She alternated her spanking back and forth between her cheeks, finally breaking her hold on the bra to bring both hands to bear in a rapid spanking that treated Amber’s ass cheeks like a set of bongo drums.

“Feel like talking!?” Sam called back at her over her opponent’s humiliated gasps and squeals. “Or do I get to practice by back massage here some more?”

“NOOOO! NO! STOP!” Amber howled, kicking her feet helplessly under her powerful opponent. She swung her arm wildly back at Sam, unable to reach beyond harmless slaps against her body. Sam raised her hand all the way up before hammering her palm down, rippling her entire ass and lower body with the impact. “YAAAAAA! OK! STOP! I GIVE! I’LL TALK!”

Sam gave another smack to her bright red ass for good measure. “Spill it, skank,” she snapped.

“It’s in my gym bag,” Amber confessed quickly, tears in her eyes from the stinging slaps. “Just don’t spank me anymore!”

Sam slid from the ring, leaving Amber to tenderly rub her sore ass. “Oh relax, you big baby. I’m sure you’ve had worse dont to your ass anyway,” Sam snorted, the crowd laughing as she yanked open her gym bag. Sure enough, there was a rubber band around a manilla folder, and a number of loose bills hidden inside.

“Well can’t say you cooperated, but we’ll see if we can get the rest of the money from the rest,” Sam conceded.

Amber writhed, half-naked no the mats as she grumbled “You won’t find the rest.” She yelped as suddenly the contents of her gym bag were dumped over her head, including her sweaty change of clothes.

“I don’t have to,” Sam said discarding the bag but keeping the folder full of cash. “The others probably already got that.”

Kim fiddled with her cell phone a bit more to run Liz’s password through again. “Yea, they’re still there. Hanging out by the exit now.” Her and Diane dashed for the Huntsman Building, with Liz and Allegra leaving their history class. Allegra’s status updates wouldn’t stop mentioning the “hottie” that sat in front of her, making it easy to hunt them down.

Sure enough, Liz and Allegra were a few dozen paces from the front door when they arrived. They were talking amongst themselves, still essentially “blacklisted” from their last humiliating scandal with Ashley and her company. They naturally started at the sight of the solid figure of Diane walking straight towards them.

“Hey! Wha-what are you girls doing here?” Liz asked, visibly nervous. It might have passed for simply being a post-traumatic response, but Diane didn’t seem to buy that idea for a minute.

“Working on the case of the missing money,” Kimmy said casually as she flicked through the cel phone, sending a quick alert to the others that they’d found their share of the targets. “So where’d you hide it?”

Allegra froze up, heart racing under the staring eyes of her previous tormenters. Liz seemed to think this was doomed for more trouble and made a break for it.

Diane stepped out and got into Liz’s way, the slimmer modeling girl bouncing right off Diane’s big breasts and landing in the grass nearby. Allega stared a moment before she tried to run, but Kimmy was already on top of her, grabbing her hair from behind and pulling back to keep her in place. “Oh no you don’t!”

Diane moved to grab Liz, the young model scrambling pathetically in the dirt and grass to try and get back up. As she did, Liz grabbed a handful of dirt and hurled it into Diane’s face. She shut her eyes and shouted in surprise, wiping it from her face and hair while Liz took the oppurtunity to rise up and tackle into her, driving her shoulder into Diane’s stomach. Diane staggered befores he was able to grab onto her for balance, crushing a knee into one of Liz’s breasts. Liz howled out and clutched her chest as she fell to her knees, her breathing cut short and boob throbbing behind her bra. Diane grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled up on it, leaving the still bent over Liz blinded when the shirt got her arms and head stuck inside.

“No! Stop it, you fat bitch! Get off!” Liz shouted at her, kicking and swinging her fists at her attacker as her bare belly tingled from the open air.

“Shut up til you feel like spilling your guts, thieving bitch!” Diane hissed back. “Maybe I just need to get you more in the mood.” She twisted the top to keep Liz steady and swung her tightly clenched fist into her soft, flat belly, rearranging the thrashing thief’s insides with her hammering blows.

Allegra and Kimmy seemed to have a bit more of a struggle, neither quite as experienced at fighting as Diane or the mixed history of bullying and getting her ass kicked as Liz. Allegra twisted around and clawed at Kimmy, but she kept her grip on her hair and practically rode her by maintaining her fingers’ tangled hold on her.

Kimmy gave her a shove as Allegra tried to pull away, sending her stumbling out of control towards Diane.

“Got another one for you!” Kimmy called out, Diane responding by turning sharply and swinging Liz into her own friend, the two collapsing in a tangled, dirty mess into the grass. While they shoved and clambered to get out from under eachother, Kimmy got a running start and hopped to drop her butt onto the struggling girls, dropping them back down with Kimmy sitting on top. Liz and Allegra gave a collective gag as the random students snickered at Kimmy sitting on top of them, arms folded impatiently.

“I can stay up here all night if I have to,” she threatened, only for the thrashing girls to prove her wrong and topple her off.

The girls started to scramble up, and as Diane came towards them, Allegra grabbed hold of her bookbag and swung it like an improvised mace. Diane gave a grunt and doubled up as it took the wind out of her, but she grabbed the bag and pulled to force Allegra to stumble in her direction. Diane dropped her end of the bag to catch her instead, squeezing Allegra into a bearhug that lifted her completely off her feet. Allegra screamed as her back cracked audibly to the nearby girls, not any real damage beyond a minor chiropractor visit, but enough to scare Allegra enough into a shrill scream. It was enough for Liz to panic and try to run for it, scrambling on all fours before Kimmy stuck her foot out, letting her trip and land face first in the dirt. The gathering students from the screams and struggles laughed at the sight, especially with Liz’s tight ass stuck up in the air.

Diane grunted as she tightened her grip on Allegra, the slim model wailing and flailing as she pleaded for release from the thick fighting girl’s arms.

“Stop! Let go! You’re gonna break my BACK! STAWWWWP! PLEAAAASE!”

“You can cry like a baby all you want, but you know what we wanna hear! You got her, Kim?” Diana checked in on Kimmy before she squeezed again on her victim, knowing her cowardly yowls would drown out her question.

“Think I got it! Just needed a little quick thinking.” Kimmy reached under the stunned Liz’s skirt and yank down, getting little more than a meek squeal from her as her panties slid down around her ankles. “Wow, those came off easy. You were pretty prepared for something like this, huh?”

The crowd laughed again as Liz tried to lift her head from the dirt and still cover her blushing face, kicking at Kimmy who just backed away. It tangled her legs up worse with her half-removed underwear, ankles nearly bound together and twisted into a few random knots. Her squirming also left her bare ass flashing the crowd, and even her pink slit spread for them in a few attempts to escape.

“Get these things off me, you little freak!”

“I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve said that about your underwear,” Kimmy laughed, the rest of the students around joining in as Liz gave a frustrated growl.

“Let go already! I don’t deserve any of this!” she objected, moving about as effectively as a fish left on land. Kimmy didn’t have to do much but grin and walk after her slowly, with Liz trying to crawl away on her elbows with little progress (but plenty of random grass and dirt falling down her cleavage.

Diane had been crushing and shaking Allegra limply the entire time, the skinny model’s lack of endurance showing as she sweat in Diane’s loveless embrace. “Oh, god, put me down,” she moaned, beating on Diane’s arms with featherweight smacks and punches.

“You feel like telling where the money is yet?” Diane hissed at her, spraying some spittle onto her cheeks. Allegra winced fearfully, but shook her head stubbornly. “Good! Long as I’ve got good enough reason to do this!”

With a grunt, Diane lifted Allegra higher off the ground in her hug, then swung her back down to spike her crotch across the top metal bar of the nearby bike rack. Allegra screamed and thrashed, but as Diane let her go she was forced to lock her legs around the lower bars for balance rather than risk falling off and cracking her head on the ground. The growing group of students laughed at the sight, Allegra looking shocked and stunned with the pain of the crotch plant, and yet her legs hugging to it as if she enjoyed it.

“Say, Kimmy!” Diane called over to her smaller friend. “You know anyone else who needs a bike ride?”

Kimmy grabbed Liz by her tangled ankles, dragging her back across the grass towards Diane. “I think I found a volunteer!” she chimed, slowly lugging the taller model after her like some some proud huntress. Liz thrashed and made futile grabs at the dirt, just kicking up more grass and dirt to smear over her skin and clothes.

“No! Nononoooo anything but that, please!” Liz pleaded shrilly, battered and humiliated from the exposure of her ass and pussy as she was dragged by her feet, to mention nothing of their rather singlehanded beatdown. Kimmy seemed to consider her offer a moment, then knelt down to smack her bare ass sharply.

“Don’t go anywhere for a moment.” She trotted over to where Diane watch both squirming and suffering girls, whispering in her ear. Diane smiled wide and nodded, going over to grab hold of Allegra from her continued perch on the bike rack. She gave a few sharp yanks with both of her strong hands, tearing a line down her pants and top so she could easily yank them off, leaving her in nothing but her panties, recoiling from her fearfully. Allegra still didn’t dare to get off the rack with her body so shaky and weak.

Diane went after Liz next, grabbing hold of her top and bra and yanking them both up sharply. Liz shrieked as the wires and tighter threads scratched and pulled at her face and skin.

“AHH! No! Not that either! WAIT! Stop stop stooooop!!” Liz wailed.

“God damn, for such a loudmouth whiner, you sure don’t feel like talking about what we want,” Diane grunted as she went over to grab Allegra in a fireman carry, her smaller breasts squashed painfully against the big tough girl’s back. “Well if you two skanks aren’t talking our language, best find a way to shut you up!”

She hefted up Allegra while Kimmy held up Liz’s skirt, with Diana dropping the bad girls on top of eachother. With their cruel accuracy, they landed with Allegra’s face planted right into Liz’s crotch. This left Liz in the same position below her reversed, forcing the girls into a 69 pose in front of the laughing, whistling students. Worst of all, the ones with the camera phones. They struggled and shouted protests, but Diane planted a foot on Allegra’s back to keep them both forced to stay largely still, and their voices muffled by eachothers’ muff.

“Get off me, stupid!”

“AHH! Stop yelling! It tingles!”

“OH! I can’t with you squashing me! And you’re just making it worse with your wiggling!”

“Maybe if you’d get your big nose out of my panties!”

Diane gave a quick stomp on Allegra’s back that rocked them both and caused a moment of silence between the two.

“Let me share some wisdom on you dumb bitches: you don’t start trouble with someone you can’t take in a fight. Now last chance before I get Kimmy to get you two naked for your playtime, and things get so dirty you couldn’t clean up your reputation with a bucket of bleach.”

“Okay! It’s in the dorm! In our closet! Now let us go!”

“Not yet. Let’s take a walk.” Diane grabbed both girls tightly by the arms and dragged them off with them towards their dorm. Of course she left them topless, letting passerby oggle and giggle to their hearts’ content. They finally got into the bad girls’ dorm, where Kimmy hopped on top of Allegra’s back, getting a miserable grunt out of her as she used her as a footstool. She reached up for the top shelf, grabbing an empty candy tin and finding what certainly looked like enough to be their share of the money inside.

“Should’ve suspected their boney asses wouldn’t actually have anything edible in here,” Diana snorted, catching the tin as Kimmy tossed it down to her and opening up. She did a quick count of the money on her head. “The girls should have the rest by now. We’ve got to get to the party. Here.”

Ashley had a bit of a longer trek, but managed to arrive at the dorms in good time. A bit of asking around had found that Kasey and Bunny had roomed together when their cruel cheating and ultimate defeat had crashed their social life, left with nothing but their small clique that was the losing party. Ashley still thought they deserved all of it, not having that many friends of her own in highschool, and that was without the backstabbing and nastiness they had. She reached their dorm only to find they’d already left for the dance in full dress.

Even without the full serum she was used to, she was able to run them down in the main hallway outside the gym where the dance was being held. Kasey (the snooty theater girl who’d been one of the first victims of Amber’s payback) and Bunny (Megan’s right-hand bitch) were in plain sight, talking amongst themselves and greeting passerby in their bright purple dresses. When one of the passerby turned out to be Ashley, breathing heavily but still not winded or sweating, their expressions dropped for cheerful to dread.

“Oh, uh… hey, Ashley,” Kasey smiled uneasily as she waved back. “Good to see you could make it. “Too bad about-“

“About the carwash money?” Ash cut off with a serious frown. The girls visibly froze up, and Ashley noticed Bunny clutching her purse a bit tigher over one arm.

“I was going to say that you couldn’t get a dress to come in,” Kasey muttered, looking over Ashley’s plain shorts and t-shirt.

“Well the kind of dance I’m interested in doesn’t do well with dresses,” Ashley smirked back, stepping up to them. “Now I’ve laid my cards on the table, and I’m on a time limit. You two aren’t smart enough to have come up with this on your own, so you tell me where the money is, we both walk away without anything happening.

Bunny looked like she considered it, by her own cowardly logic, but heads were starting to turn. She was a toadie, which meant at least a bit of twisted loyalty to Megan, and people seeing her sell her out would seem just as bad.

“Your money’s up your ass!” Bunny snapped. “Why would we know what happened to your dirty whore money?”

It got a handful of laughs from the onlookers, though some of them were certainly just telling what would come, given Ashley and the girls’ history. “I would say you’re being difficult,” Ashley sighed. “But at least you just made this a lot easier on my conscience.” Ash lashed out, quick as a snake as she yanked on Bunny’s purse. While weaker, Bunny still had a paranoid grip on it, starting to pull back. “Hey! Give that back!” she whined, Kasey reading the scene and trying to tackle Ashley around the middle. After all her hands were busy pulling the purse’s tug of war, so she couldn’t be that dangerous.

Of course, Ashley stepped aside, letting Kasey not only miss her, but throwing her knee up into Kasey’s stomach. Kasey gave a big grunt and clutched her belly, bending over double between them. Bunny took advantage by pulling sharply on the purse, stepping so that Ashley tripped over her stunned cohort. She was disappointed to see Ashley take it surprisingly well, bouncing off the ground with a grunt of her own before twisting and pulling down on the purse even harder. Bunny instantly lost her footing, falling forward and Ashley twisting the strap of the purse around to bind her arms behind her back.

“You want it so bad, you can have it,” Ash growled. “I’ll just take back what’s OW!” Kasey yanked on her hair from behind, dragging her a few feet away from the purse, now stuck behind Bunny’s back. Ashley grabbed Kasey by the leg and pulled, tripping her to the ground with them. A loud tear went out as Kasey screamed, the hem of her dress catching on a loose nail of the bulletin board and ripping clean up the side.

“AHHHH! My dress! You bitch!” Kasey howled miserably, but got a quick elbow to the jaw got her to wince and retreat, scooting on her ass pathetically across the floor.

Ashley got back up, going to where Bunny struggled (and failed) to escape the quick but tight tangle of the purse. She grabbed her by the hair and shoved her into the nearby wall, crushing her boobs against her ribs in the process. “Told you I’m on a time limit,” Ashley sighed heavily, popping open the purse and digging through. Inside she found… nothing. She did a double check and still nothing. “See? We’re innocent,” Bunny groaned, wriggling in her position squished between Ash and a wall. “Now let us go already, you psycho bitch.”

“Not buying it,” Ashley frowned, yanking down on the back of Bunny’s dress. She shrieked as she was stripped to her bra and panties in front of everyone, the dress pooled up at her ankles. She tried to make a break for it, only to trip over her own mess of clothes and land on her chest with a grunt. Ashley rolled her over and gave her a quick search, but turned up nothing. Of course. Bunny wouldn’t have the kind of body that could hide something in. Kasey, however, was quite a bit curvier…

Kasey was starting to get to her feet and stumble for the door. Ashley sneered and grabbed Bunny by the ankle, dashing after the escaping thief while the half-naked Bunny dragged behind her screaming and clawing at the ground.

“NO! STOP IT! LET GO, YOU NUT JOB! SOMEBODY STOP HER!” Bunny had no one to back her up, and even with the load of Bunny bounced behind her on the floor, Ashley easily overtook her. She stomped a foot down on the loose scrap of Kasey’s dress, tearing further until the fleeing coed’s bottom half of her dress was a long strand or two of tacky purple fabric, revealing her jiggling ass as she ran and tripped over, landing ass in the air as she was suddenly yanked to a stop by the tearing dress. Ashley kicked her in the ass, rolling her over onto her back where she looked up at her dizzily. Ashley threw the already stripped Bunny down next to her, Kasey looking at her wide-eyed and realizing what was coming for her.

“Please! Wait!” Kasey blurted. “It wasn’t our idea! You were right! We’ll play nice! VERY nice, if that’s what you’re into…” The crowd snickered over this offer, but Ashley grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed in her powerful little hands, getting a loud, long scream out of the drama queen.
“I gave you your chance,” she smirked down at her old tormenter, lifting Kasey off the ground by her boobs. The muscles of her chest stretched as they clearly weren’t meant to support so much weight, leaving Kasey kicking and screaming suspended in the air. Ashley shook her by them like a rag doll, back and forth in her powerful grip until one final, sharp twist. Kasey screamed as she was nearly spun sideways by the swing. Out of her cleavage fell a fastened wad of bills. It was even in the pink rubber bands that Rachel liked to keep her papers in.

“Not how I expected to get a jackpot,” Ashley shrugged. “Then again I’m not surprised you had experiencing in money being stuffed down your top.” More chuckles from the peanut gallery as Ashley finally let Kasey go, landing her on top of Bunny as both girls released soft grunts.

“Nowww can we go?” Kasey groaned as Bunny struggled to shove her off of her. Ashley looked around, seeing the dance hadn’t properly started yet, and no sign of Rachel just yet.

“One last thing,” Ashley decided, grabbing the purse and releasing Bunny’s hands. She was relieved a moment, but Ashley did some quick handiwork with it before removing the strap, sinking the dull metal hook of each end into the ass of either girl’s panties like a makeshift bungee chord.

“There, now beat it, you thieving jerks!” Ashley dragged them to their feet and shoved them off, both girls instantly stumbling and bumping into eachother within their first few steps. Left in just thei bra and panties, they found that the panties were tied together like Siamese twins, and stepping too far apart or out of sync immediately yanked them back into a fumbling mess. Kasey tried to turn and reach Bunny’s to unhook it, but it just pushed the strap against Bunny’s stomach until she gagged, and Kasey still couldn’t reach it. The crowd laughed at them as the girls were forced to try and work together like a sexy three-legged race, bound by the hips.

“Wow, I’m all for a practical joke, but that seems like a bit much…” mused a voice behind Ashley. She turned around quickly to see her RA, dressed for the dance but looking downtrodden all the same.
“Rachel! Wait up!”

Inside the emptied gymnasium, the dance was just starting to take its full effect. The faculty and chaperones were there, and students just starting to file in. A small stage was up front, a mic for various announcements planned and the DJ.

Debbie was with her daughter Megan, talking up a small crowd of teachers.

“I was just talking to the dean just a moment ago. We hit it off very well, but me and men tend to!” she chuckled. “But he sounded so proud of those girls and their charity work, I was inspired! I offered to personally match every cent they raised for that… whatever it was they raised it for.”

“Don’t say,” Joyce sighed with a dubious frown. Joyce was slim and lean, only a bit over 5 feet tall and just shy of a 100 pounds. While Ashley was originally just a skinny geek, Joyce was, despite all appearances, one of the school’s gym teachers, coach of the track team, and an avid exercise fanatic. She wasn’t much heavier than Ash, but anything more than a simple glance showed she was all muscle, if the compact weight of a track runner or a lightweight boxer.

She also had a long history with Debbie. Debbie was one who always tried to be the best at everything, even if her looks and bustline were all she had going for her. While she got a lot of looks from the boys, Joyce always wound up on top in the end. Debbie looked the best in a bikini, but always lost horribly when she challenged Joyce to a swimming race. She flirted with the most boys, but Joyce got the best of them with her genuine charm and good personality while Deb was a quick fling at best. Debbie had the wealth, but when the top items went on sale at the mall, Joyce’s athletics and speed always got them before they sold out. And when Debbie got fed up and called her out on it in their senior year, Joyce had pounded her into the mat in a boxing match. Even now Joyce hid her smile by drinking her punch, remembering beating those oversized boobs around the ring.

Ashley ran up to the group shortly after, bursting out of the cluster of other students. Kimmy, Diane, Rachel and Sam moved in the background towards the stage. “Joyce!” she called, taking her by the arm.

The coach turned to her with a smile. She’d always let students call her Joyce outside of class, and the more pleasent ones use it during training and teaching hours too. She felt it made her more approachable. “Oh hey, Ash. Finally got time to try out for the track team?”

Ashley’s eyes darted over Megan and Debbie, who both acted natural in smiling back at her. They could see Rachel and the rest of Ashley’s friends talking to the dean on stage, presumeably delivering the bad news.

“Not just yet. Kinda got my hands full with something right now, “Ashley replied. “In fact, can I talk to you in private right now?”

“Oh what’s the hurry?!” Debbie gushed, smiling wider at Ashley’s apparent embarassment. “I’m an old friend of Joyce’s, and a supporter of the school, and now even a member of the faculty! You can trust me with any problems that may have come up!”

Ashley hesitated spilling what had happened, but a bit of feedback came from the microphone on stage to interrupt them.

“Debbie and Megan Dubbler?” the dean asked with a stern look in her eyes, aimed right at them. “You’ve been stealing from these girls?!”

The mother and daughter’s smiles dropped suddenly, Ashley knowing she had them now. Debbie put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder and stepped forward, resting a hand in feigned shock on her bared cleavage that distracted so many of the college boys around her. “Us!? I would think that with all the money I’ve made and donated over the years, stealing from schoolgirls would be FAR beneath me or mine! How could we ever-“

Kimmy held up her cel phone and tapped the screen to start the recording she’d made of Gabby, Natasha, and Stephanie spilling the plan to them. Both of the guilty girls froze at the implications, as well as seeing that the dean was holding the shoebox, still with its money inside.

“Is what she’s saying true?” Joyce knew Debbie for a long time, and she knew that she would cheat and scheme her way through anything if she had the chance. She stepped up to the Dubbler girls, arms folded. Debbie visibly backpedaled, her eyes darting to meet Megan’s beside her.

“Wild accusations all, I assure you!” Debbie laughed cheerily with a forced smile. “But for a crime, there must be a criminal, and you should be hard pressed to CATCH US!” She yanked on Megan’s arm and ran for one of the entrances, both of them shoving a way through.

Joyce frowned after them and rolled her eyes towards Ashley. “If you’re still too busy, we can count this as your tryout,” she said before sprinting off after Debbie. Ash just laughed and took off at a slightly different angle for Megan. With both of the Dubblers in heels, it wasn’t terribly difficult to catch up to them in the crowd. The newcomers to the dance quickly backed off to give the confronting duos space, Ashley catching Megan by the back of her dress. Joyce managed to completely outrun Debbie and step into her way, making her bounce her massive chest off of Joyce’s smaller and more solid body.

“I don’t know about you, Debs, but this is starting to feel more like a highschool reunion than a college party,” Joyce smirked, rolling her sleeves up a bit and putting up her fists as she stood between Debbie and any useable exit.

“You can’t strike a faculty member! And I always thought we were friends!” Debbie tried desperately, hoping for a quicker way out than through her.

“I AM a faculty member, and a senior one to you. And like I needed half an excuse for you anyway,” Joyce teased before Debbie saw she wasn’t making any progress and swung her balled up fist for Joyce’s jaw.

Joyce had never shared in the secret of Kimmy’s formula, or even tried it herself. It didn’t make her any less capable as a fighter, easily sidestepping the big, choreographed swing from Debbie. Before she could even try another, Joyce leaned in and shot two fast hooks up into her chest, smacking Debbie’s double D’s with a double tit-buster that left her entire upper body jiggling. Debbie’s mouth hung open as she stepped back, one hand hugging her proud chest.

“You little barbarian, you!” she shouted in protest.

“Just want some confirmation; she swung first, right?” Joyce jovially asked the surrounding students. With a general mixture of agreement, she nodded back. “Just checking.”

With that, she gave a feint for Deb’s left tit, making her shove her hands in the way of that before Joyce threw her actual power into Debbie’s cheek. The gold digging milf stumbled to one side, at which point her sense of balance seemed to realize she was wearing heels and toppled over on the dance floor. The crowd snickered as she focused on adjusting her bra and top of her dress, flashing her thighs and panties to those at the best angle.

Megan turned to face Ashley and took several wild punches and kicks at her. She had been able to outclass her briefly when she was on the serum, but now Ashley could easily block and stop anything she threw at her. Megan managed to get a grip on Ashley’s hair, but she only got a quick grunt of pain from Ash before she grabbed her by the wrist, squeezing at her until Megan screamed louder and released her. Ashley wasn’t so kind as she yanked on the still gripped arm, whipping Megan around her in a quick circle before releasing her. Megan dizzily stumbled a pace or two before her shoes betrayed her as well, falling flat on her chest and face in the middle of the crowd’s opening.

“Give it up. Make this easy,” Ashley warned firmly, leering at her. “That’s what you’ve always done, isn’t it? Taking the cowardly way out of things? Or is that just the overly complicated way?”

Megan growled and tackled into her knees, knocking Ashley onto her ass. “You ruin EVERYthing!” she snarled at her, Ashley quick to pull one leg free from her grip. Her shoe came off in the process, but she let it go as she shoved her bared foot into Megan’s face, her toes pushing into her to drive her back. It grinded Megan back a few inches, but Ashley eventually resorting to the old catfight standby.

She rolled to one side and lashed her leg around Megan’s head, squeezing both of her enhanced thighs around the bully queen’s neck. Megan gasped and pulled at her legs to escape the scissor, claws scraping at her skin desperately.

The crowd had begun cheering for the “pre-game show” as Ashley looked over, realizing the similar scenario that Joyce had found herself in. The girls watched a bit anxiously from the stage, but Ashley gave them a dismissive wave. No need for them to dirty themselves any further.

Megan finally managed to slip loose when Ashley’s legs gave the slightest space, her hair a sweaty mess and trying to kick at Ash’s face. It smacked against her jaw, but Ash kicked back twice as hard, flooring Megan before she climbed onto her stomach. She straddled the spoiled bitch before throwing wild slaps down at her, knocking Megan’s head from left to right in her frenzied attack that treated her cheeks like pingpong balls.

Loud whacks rang out through the dance as Ashley smacked Megan silly. Megan finally shrieked and tried frantically crawling out from under her. Ashley grabbed at her arm, but Megan jerked away, making Ash rip a shoulder strap off of her dress and exposing some of her bra. Megan still managed to crawl out from under her, even with her clothes no longer in tact and exhausted from the effort.

Meanwhile, Debbie lunged and grabbed Joyce around the middle, trying to yank her into a bearhug so that her size would be at her advantage. Joyce drove her knee up into Debbie, honestly aiming for her stomach but Debra’s breasts getting in the way. Her knee came up a bit short as a result, smacking into her jug and bashing it up into her ribs.

“OUF! UFF! OOOOFF!” Debbie grunted as the brought the knees up in hard slams into her tits, grabbing hold of the back of her dress to keep her bent over and trapped in the position she so fought to get into.

“Told you bending over like that all the time would get you into trouble,” Joyce warned mockingly, getting laughs from the surrounding students. “Then again, must be hard when you’re so damn topheavy.” Debbie grabbed at her arms and body wildly, but she batted them away with quick smacks. Joyce gave a sweep of her foot to knock one of Debbie’s legs out from under her. In her awkward stance, the rest of her followed, physics dicating her landing flat on her tits right before she landed flat on her face.

Debbie groaned and started pushing herself back up, groggy from the fall, when the doors pushed open with a racket. The rest of Megan’s crew burst in, wearing some shirts and shorts rather than the full garb they’d been planning on, since most of them were stripped down to underwear or worse in their struggles.

“Meg! Miss D! They found out- oh.” Liz started and then stopped when she saw the rest of their targeted girls there, and Megan and Debbie laid out on the floor.

“Help me, you idiots!” Debbie barked, too busy trying to get up to realize her ballooning boobs were all but falling out of her dress after all their bouncing around.

Both parties of the fight quickly moved into action, though one half of them were already beaten and sore while the others were fresher and full of super serum. Amber and Stephanie quickly pushed a way through the crowd towards Debbie and Megan, followed by Liz, Sara, Natasha, Gabriella, Natasha, Allegra, Kasey, and Bunny.

Joyce and Ashley got up to brace themselves, with Kimmy, Samantha, and Diane rushing to back them up, since even with their support it was overall two against one.

Of course, this didn’t worry them too much. Megan removed and threw one of her heels at Ashley, who deftly dodged it and stomped down on the dress between her legs, pinning the fabric to the ground. “Not so fast,” she insisted, just before Gabby pulled on her hair. Ash gave a yelp before she was tackled by Allegra, sending her tumbling off of Megan and to the ground in a heap with the tangling girls. Joyce grabbed Gabby by the shirt and one arm, yanking the bootied beauty off of her.

“Break it up, you! Try and fight a little fair, at least!” Joyce scolded before sidestepping a shove coming from Sara. She let the newest underling stumble past her, trying to turn quickly enough to avoid a counter attack when Joyce gave her a kick in the ass to send her flying all the way over.

Debbie finally managed to get to her feet, trying to make a break for the door when Ashley’s friends burst into the open space. Diane bull rushed her, thrusting her chest out to slam into Debbie’s and making the milf fall over backward. Kim rushed past her to get into Amber’s way, keeping her from adding a fourth into the dogpile with Ashley.

“Not in your dreams, tiny,” Amber chuckled, moving at her with the intention of bowling through her like she wasn’t even there.

“Actually, I thought I made a pretty good distraction,” Kimmy corrected, right before Diane picked up and flung a shrieking Debbie into the charging boxer, bringing two of the bigger opponents down in one go.

Samantha went past her to grab Natasha by the shoulder, spinning her to face her. Tasha instantly went a bit pale and shook her head. “No no no not again!” she yelped, but Sam grinned proudly as she swung a huge slap across her hooters, sending them jiggling and leaving Natasha gaping from the jiggling impact. Kasey rushed in to start swinging fists and slaps at the back of Sam’s head, but the big blond girl turned sharply and swung an elbow backward. It smashed into Kasey’s tit, getting a heavy grunt out of her as Sam swung her fist back forward again to smack into Tasha’s stomach.

Kimmy made herself useful by pouncing at Steph, grabbing and yanking down her shorts. The big girl yelled in surprise and tried to yank them back up, too focused on them to stop Kim’s little fist from sinking straight into her soft belly. The big girl held her gut trying to ease the pain, Liz rushing to try and back her up against the easiest target. She stumbled as Joyce grabbed the back of her skirt.

“Found some of your friends. Thought you’d want to join them,” she quipped before yanking hard on her, flinging Liz towards Gabby and Sara.

“You’ll pay for that you skinny hag,” threatened Gabby, trying to slap Joyce across the face, but she caught her wrist and stopped it short. She tried with her other hand for the same result. Sara and Liz came on either side of her to try and outmaneuver her while her hands were busy, but Joyce shoved her arms outward to use Gabby’s hands to smack them both in the face. With them stunned and Gabby trying to break free, Joyce spun and threw a mean hook across Sara’s face, putting the hench-bitch down to the floor and motionless.

The other two tried getting their wits back and stared at their downed comrade. “Eyes up here, ladies,” Joyce scolded, just before grabbing Liz by the collar and pulling her towards her, meeting her with a headbutt. Gabriella didn’t like the way things were headed at all, with two of her three down, so she turned to run for it. Joyce grabbed for her shirt, missing by a bit but gripping the hem of Gabby’s pants. She gave a scared little shriek. “Oh no! PLEASE not that!”

Unsure what she meant, being more in the dark about her and Ashley’s experiences, she pulled back to draw her back towards her. Gabby gave a high pitched squeal as suddenly Joyce realized how deep her fingers had gone, pulling on Gabby’s large purple thong that was now vanishing deeper into her ass in a wedgie.

“How do I get the feeling with a butt like that, I’d be struggling with this if it weren’t for weight training?” Joyce had to chuckle before addressing the crowd. “Hey, which punch do you kids like better, the red or the blue!?”
Going by a shouted back poll, she shrugged and moved towards one of the tables. “Blue it is then!” She gave another big lift with both hands, grunting as she hefted Gabby off the ground by her ass with the wedgie and then dropped her back down, splashing her tits first in the punch bowl. The table crashed to the ground under her, soaking her in the juice and dying her groaning, squirming body a dark, wet blue.

Meanwhile, Ashley shoved Allegra off her, spotting Bunny trying to help Megan back up. “Come on, let’s get her,” she insisted, trying to get her unofficial boss back up and fighting. As she was bent down, Ash stormed up and grabbed Megan by the hair, pushing her head forward to crack her skull into Bunny’s. Both girls gave a sharp grunt and fell backward, Kimmy hopping over Liz’s clambering body.

“Hey, get back here you little shit!” Liz hissed, but couldn’t get up before she crashed into the chasing Steph, letting them topple back over. “Agggh! Get off me, fatass!” Liz shouted, thrashing under her and only making it more difficult for Steph to get up. Before she could properly try, Kimmy ran back towards them and jumped up, landing on her knees on Steph’s back, squashing them both under her petite but high speed weight. Kimmy managed to stay on top as they both gagged under her, balancing precariously.

Sam grabbed both Kasey and Tasha in a headlock under each arm, twisting and dragging them them after her. The girls squirmed and grunted and pushed at her sides, but were stuck with their faces stuffed into the blonde’s breasts. She grabbed the back of Kasey’s hair, shoving her down to the ground as she dropped to one knee. As she did, she pulled Natasha down with her, slamming her tit on top of her knee as she fell.

“AWWWWW!” She howled and hugged her already battered and huge breasts. Sam took advantage by pulling up on Natasha’s shirt, wrapping her head and arms in the cloth as it exposed her tits to the laughing and cheering crowd.

“Ah, what the heck. It’s a party. I’ll treat myself,” Sam smiled, letting go of Kasey long enough to swing a double uppercut into her boobs, making Natasha’s rack jiggle wildly as she fell breathless onto her back. Sam reached back down to grab Kasey and sling her over her shoulder, frantically swinging her little fists to beat on Samantha’s back.

“Let go of me, you big dumb ape!” she shouted.

“Hey, Kim! Got room for one more on there?” Sam called over to the balancing Kimmy.

“If you can find a seat, go for it!” she called back. Sam grinned and kept Kasey over her shoulder as she stomped over to the pile of girls, tossing Kasey on top of them as Kimmy slid aside, Sam squashing them under the heavier Kasey before she jumped on herself, performing a mockingly exaggerated elbow drop onto the pile that got a huge, agonized groan from all three of the victims.

Diane came at Amber, who got back to her feet quickly and brought her fists up. “Back off, bitch. You’re messing with the best boxer in the club.”
Diane walked towards her all the same, fists clenched at her side. Amber swung a cross into her cheek, Diane barely flinching. “And you’re messing with someone who doesn’t give a fuck,” she jeered back cockily, swinging a low blow into Amber’s abs, jackhammering it with repeated blows to pummel her belly.

“You stop that now, you stupid little punk! You heartless little bitch!” Debbie objected as she rose back up, trying and failing to fix her dress. Whenever she pulled too hard on one, the other’s breast would pop out from her top. Diane let Amber fall to her knees holding her stomach, coughing and moaning as she finally fell into a near fetal position on the ground. Diane marched after her, cracking her knuckles.

“You’d think those would be reasons NOT to insult me,” Diane grinned wickedly. “Especially since the only two things you’ve got going for you are useless in a fight.” As if proving her point, Diane’s hand flashed out, slapping across the currently exposed breast. Diane gasped and tried to block it, resulting in the dress finally giving up the difficult task of containing both of her breasts and falling down to expose them both. Diane twisted and sent her other hand to bury a fist into the big soft lump of flesh, twisting her knuckle to grind the nipple like a vicious titty twister punch.

After a blood-curdling scream, Debbie lashed out to try and dig her claws into Diane’s own impressive set. She caught her by the wrists, twisting them around and holding Debbie with her arms behind her back, big breasts out for the world to see. “Hey, everybody! Little Debbie’s giving out free samples!” she shouted boastfully, walking along the edge of the crowd.

“WHAT!? NO! STOP! STOP IT!” Debbie’s shouted protests didn’t stop Diane from parading her across the edge of the battlefield, letting the onlookers cop a feel, slapping and pinching and squeezing at some of the biggest tits on campus.


“You got it!” Diane swung her upward before slamming her down on her ass, shivering as her tailbone thumped on the floor. Diane wasted no time as Debbie sat bolt upright, raising her leg and slamming a knee into her head, dropping the wealthy topless woman to the ground hard.

Ashley stood over the last of them, the dazed, confused, and furious Bunny and Megan as they got back up to their knees. “I don’t want to have to go another three rounds with you, Meg. Fun as that was, I’m tired of your shit.”

“Go to hell, Ashey!” she hissed back.

“Don’t worry, then. I’ll get this one.” Joyce spoke up behind her, stepping past her and throwing a whipping punch that sent Megan flying head over heels backward. Ashley grinned at her briefly before snatching Bunny by the hair, pulling her into her to wrap her arm around her neck and squeeze. Bunny gagged and thrashed a bit before finally coughing and going loose in her arms, knocked out cold.

The crowd applauded the whole scene and the floor full of dazed or unconscious girls. Joyce stepped over Debbie, facing the rest of the girls. “So what do we do with them now? Before the Dean tears them a new one, anyway.”

“Well usually we strip them down and leave them in a pile or something,” Ashley offered.

“Well clearly it’s not working,” Joyce said, folding her arms. “You’ll need something a little bigger than that, since they keep bouncing back from everything else.”

Kimmy raised a hand. “Oh! If we can wake them up….”

Debbie and the girls were revived and soon were standing in a row on the stage. They were still sloppily dressed, and lined up before the microphone, where the girls waited with a few pairs of scissors. Megan went first, setting an example for her nasty plan.

Like the rest, she had her hands tied behind her back with streamers or some other spare bit of decoration. At least half the school was in attendance, and even more showed up after a ton of excited texts and photos went out to those still in their dorms. “I’m Megan,” she announced, as Kimmy held up her notebook with her script written across it.

“I tried to cheat the Lambda Pi Delta out of their money, after Ashley kicked my ass a second time…” As she read, the others went to work with their scissors. They stuck them under her clothes and started cutting away, the snipping and slicing audible over the mic behind her voice as she was rendered naked in front of the entire class in a few seconds.

“I deserve this because I’m a cheating slut,” Megan went on, then gasped loudly as Samantha gave her a swing of a wooden paddle across the ass. Rachel had said it was used in hazing years back when that was still allowed in the sorority, but the Dean gave them permission to bring it out for this occasion. After all, she was avoiding expelling the girls at Ashley and Joyce’s request. They were blacklisted on campus as horrible bitches, but they didn’t feel it was worth ruining their lives over.

“And I officially apologize for AHH! For being such a c- AHH! A cunt!” Megan wailed, blushing beat red and teary eyed from shame and pain. The crowd laughed, clapped and whistled for the show, forced through a thorough confession while the girls whipped her ass red. And she was just the first. Every girl would go through the same stripping, paddling, and embarrassing the groggy and beaten girls, making them pay for all their dirty tricks and cheap shots over the last few months.

By the time the dozen girls were spanked and punished and marched off for their walk of shame through the crowd, the local student garageband showed up, and they couldn’t have asked for a better opening act.

The End

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