Ashley’s Carnival by Luffy316

The college campus ran what was technically called their Summerfest, but at that time of year, the students all just knew it as “the fair.” Ashley and her girlfriends had been excited to go with a lot of excess budget saved up from their bakery. It was all a short walk off-campus, with a full blown carnival’s affects rented out. Rides, snack stands, games and shows were all over the grounds. It was the few days before the event when Ashley started to get the emails.

“We’d like to cooperate with you and your bakery for a charitable little event. With the fair already going on and always looking for acts, we thought we could provide a sort of wrestling show for the fans. We can set up a ring and seats, and ask a donation for the local charities in the community for the closer seats. Of course, it will be in the open air, so everyone can see. I attached a lineup I think you’ll be able to agree to:
Rnd 1: Samantha vs Gabby in a boxing match.
Rnd 2: Ashley vs Amber in wrestling
Rnd 3: Kimmy vs Megan.
Let me know if it sounds like fun! Do hope to see you all there!
Lots of love, Megan”

Megan and her friends were at it again. The email was thinly veiled as a polite invitation, even if it was clearly a challenge to her old enemies. Ash called Samantha and Kimmy together to talk it over.

“Charity event?” Samantha asked skeptically as she pulled the email up on her phone. She lounged back in Ashley’s bed while Kim and their unofficial leader sat on the chairs of the dorm room.

“They want to sell tickets to go towards the fair and local causes. You know: like the car wash,” Ashley pointed out for emphasis.

Samantha nodded at the cue. “Yea, so payback. They’re not doing it for the charity, they just want a crowd for it.”

Kimmy leaned back over her chair from her laptop. “Yea, but why? We beat their butts last time. Even I got a piece of them.”

“You got a piece of ALL of them, Kimmy,” Ashley laughed, getting their smaller friend to blush. “You got enough pieces of them to make a whole other bully out of them.”

Samantha nodded but moved on. “They must have some kind of trick in mind to fix the fights. Like how they did with that boxing match with Amber. Otherwise they wouldn’t go this big and this public.”

Kimmy jerked a thumb at the laptop’s screen. “Well, they did put Amber up against Ashley. She wasn’t even in the businesses last time, but they obviously wanted to put their best against our best. They’re definitely putting through into this.”

“I noticed,” Ashley frowned. “And they’re only putting in one-on-one matches. Doesn’t sound like their style.”

“So the rest of them must be pulling tricks,” Samantha pointed out. She paused for a moment as they all thought about it, then looked at the other girls. “We’re not really thinking about walking right into this setup, are we?”

“I mean… yea,” Ashley said with a slowly growing grin.

“Oh good!” Samantha sighed. “I was too.”

The girls all laughed as Kimmy pulled up a simple spreadsheet. “I can make sure our doses on the formula are all up to date. My last batch I took has even longer lasting effects than yours, so we can update your dosage.”

“Sounds good,” Ashley confirmed. “I guess just make sure you’re all rested up. The fair’s gonna be more fun than ever this year.”

The day of the fair was all it had promised to be. Music and games and food everywhere, but the girls from the bakery weren’t ready to enjoy them just yet. They dressed in some simple gym clothes, because no matter how the email had pitched it, this would be a very real brawl. They wore sports bras under comfortable tank tops and snug shorts, coordinating to all wear matching sets of purple tops and and pink shorts. They had a small tent to get changed and wait for the show to start, just a few hundred yards from the full fledged wrestling/boxing ring that Megan had provided for the match. It was surrounded by lined up folding chairs, and people were already piling in as they stuffed cash into the donations box.

Some pop music came on as the first girls were cued by a few of the volunteers. Samantha came out, the bustiest of the three girls clad in her boxing outfit complete with a pair of light purple gloves. She pumped her fists over her head, the locals cheering on the famous coed, as well as the bit of jiggle that came from her chest as she played to the crowd.

Gabriella came out, the girl getting a slightly lesser response. Her bad attitude was becoming more and more known, but it didn’t change the fact that she had a toned and killer ass. She was with her sister Natasha, who carried a towel and bucket with her as if to act as a coach, but Samantha couldn’t help seeing through the ruse of her being there to help her sister in some underhanded way. Gabby was clad in a low-cut tank top that sank deep into her cleavage, and a pair of shorts that hung on tightly to her body and rode low enough for her thong to peek out over its edge.

“So they finally sent in the clowns,” Samantha grinned.

“Oh, ha ha,” Natasha sneered back. Any pretense of their friendly sporting event was gone from both sides before they’d even entered the ring. The two had already laced up their gloves back in their tents, Samantha thumping hers together readily. The whole thing wasn’t formal enough to bother with rounds or even a referee, just so long as the gloves stayed on. Even then, who was going to stop them?

The bell was rung by one of the volunteers who was willing to do some light setup work in exchange for a front row seat. Samantha came out with her dukes up while Gabriella came out with a bounce in her step, although it was one that seemed to be solely to show off her perky ass some more. Samantha wait her out, which didn’t take long before Gabby threw a quick cross at the bigger girl’s head.

Samantha was more than ready, stopping the punch short and throwing a sharp jab into Gabby’s chest. The grunted and staggered back, but Samantha was mostly proud of not having to hit her in the gut. She imagined that Gabriella would have just taken some weird kind of satisfaction from the excuse to bend over and show off her ass again.

Gabriella put up her fists as well, but Samantha had little trouble getting around her. She had learned to fight and wrestle from her brother, so between that and the serum, she was outmaneuvering Gabby at every turn. Gabriella finally managed to back away and adjust her top as she stared Sam down. She thought it was a weird thing to focus on, not thinking that it was a signal to her sister. When Samantha moved in to try to finish off Gabby, Natasha took one of her water bottles, loosened the cap and rolled it out under Samantha’s feet.

The big blonde yelped as it cracked underfoot, sending her stumbling to one knee. Gabriella quickly pressed the attack, the crowd booing at she swung like wild to bash her gloves against Samantha’s head. She winced, but stayed in her kneeling position in the puddle of water as she raised her gloves to soak up the punches in place of her face.

Gabby pressed her attack relentlessly, which Samantha knew would be the smart move if the bully weren’t so outclassed. As soon as she found an opening, Sam sent two jab rocketing into Gabriella’s stomach. Gabby gave a comically huge gasp and bent over, the thong poking out over her booty shorts as her ass thrust out behind her. Samantha sood back up while she slugged her in the chin with an uppercut. Gabriella flew off her feet in a clumsy mess, the crowd starting to count her out. Samantha stepped back to give her space to breathe, but smirked at the sorry state she was in. Sam had broken a sweat, but Gabriella was struggling just to stand back up after those few hard hits.

Gabriella had to hold onto the ropes just to get to her knees and getting the crowd to stop the count at eight. Samantha waited for her to get back up before resuming her breating, but Gabby surprised her by charging while she was still on her knees. She tackled Sam around the waist, trying to drag her down but doing nothing more than pulling down her boxing shorts a bit. A few catcalls went up for the flash of Samantha’s panties, but she drove a knee up into Gabby’s chest to stop her attempt at a dirty comeback.

Sam fell back on her knees and clutched her aching chest. She took a clumsy swing at Sam, but she shoved Gabby’s glove away and grabbed the bully by the back of her top. Sam pulled the top forward to bend Gabby back over, sticking her ass out once again. She couldn’t help herself as she started to smack her gloved hand against Gabby’s ass. Gabriella shrieked and flailed her arms uselessly as the crowd laughed at her, Sam casually using the distraction to pull her own shorts back up.

Considering that bit of payback, Samantha pulled down on Gabriella’s shorts to show off her thong even more than she had been planning. “Nooo! No no stop!” Gabby pleaded, essentially reduced to her underwear in front of the crowd of fellow students. “You have no idea how fun this is!” Sam laughed. “But I imagine half the boys at this school do, you little skank.” Samantha paddled her ass bright red until Gabby finally pulled hard enough to flop right out of her top, leaving her in just her underwear and the shorts hanging past her knees. She tried to scramble for the ropes, but Samantha caught her by the hair and pulled her back upright. Sam pummeled her silly before leaning her over the ropes. Gabriella was clearly out of it as her arms draped over the top rope, her boobs and rack on display for the student body.

Sam turned to kneeing her in the stomach again, but Natasha intervened once again as she grabbed Sam by the foot to stop her next knee. She pulled on it, intent on dragging Samantha out of the ring for some interference, but the bigger girl didn’t budge. Sam kicked back at her, tagging Tasha in the tits and sending her stumbling over backward and tripping over her chair in a heap on the grass. Sam brought her leg right back up into Gabby’s tits, sending her flying back into the ring. She staggered to stay upright, just for Samantha to move in after her and clobber her with a hard right cross. Gabriella spun all the way way like a drunken ballerina before she flopped to the mats out cold. The crowd merrily counted her out for ten as out as she didn’t even twitch, Samantha waving to the crowd and blowing kisses to the fans with her gloves.

Once the sisters were dragged back out of the ring, Ashley and Amber were the next fight. They were lined up to be wrestling rather than boxing, just to give the fans some variety, though neither was especially trained in anything too fancy. Ashley came out in shorts and a sleeveless tee, waving casually to the fans. She got a huge round of cheers and applause, practically a celebrity on campus after all she’d gone through with this band of bullies.

Amber glared back at her, the thick and busty blonde wearing red shorts with a black top that looked tight and small enough to pass for a stylized sports bra. She had been out of Ashley’s hair for some time now. Ash had thought she’d scared her off at last, but by the look on her face, Amber had either forgotten about her last beatings or had some confidence in how hard she had been hitting the gym lately.

Then again, it could be that Amber had Bunny and Kasey in her corner. Ashley had seen Samantha’s fight, and knew she would have to keep an eye on them as best she could without losing track of her opponent.

“No more lucky shots,” Amber said with a scowl at Ashley.

“You still think this is all luck?” Ashley chuckled back. “Well, let’s see if you can be the lucky one this time around.”

The bell rang again and the girls circled in towards each other. Amber grabbed for Ashley first, the bigger girl trying to power her to the mats. Ashley planted her feet and stayed up by her leg strength alone against the better-trained fighter. When it seemed to sink into Amber’s thick head that she wasn’t budging, Ashley swept her leg under Amber’s and tripped her right to the mats. The crowd cheered the first takedown, but Amber rolled to her knees before Ashley could try to pin her. Ashley was in no real hurry anyway, letting her get up again.

“Too slow,” Ashley noted with a smile. “Maybe if you lost a little more up here you could keep up.” Ashley reached out and slapped Amber across her big proud breasts, making the already embarrassed boxer blush.

“I’m done messing with you,” Amber growled, grabbing for Ashley’s hair for a quick, cheap handle to bring her down. Ashley caught her arm easily and ducked forward, standing back up with Amber slung over her shoulder as the crowd went wild. Ashley gave a quick twirl as Amber screamed helplessly before she was dumped back onto the mats. The thicker blonde rolled towards the ropes to regroup, but as Ashley followed her to toy with her some more, Kasey grabbed onto her ankle from beneath the ropes. Ash froze in her tracks as she pulled against Kasey’s hand, her leg proving stronger than the rest of the bully’s body and thumping her breast against the ring apron.

Ashley wasn’t expecting Bunny to catch her by the other leg, pulling sharply enough to trip her to the mats. Amber threw herself on top of her, just as Ashley managed to shoot her foot out and kick Bunny in the head. Amber grabbed Ashley by the leg and tried to trap her in a pin, but Ashley caught Amber by one arm and one leg, hurling her back off. Amber bounced off the mats as she landed on her breasts, groaning and holding on her her chest. Ashley got up again and grabbed Amber by the ankles, dragging her across the ring into the far corner. Amber let out some pained shrieks as her breasts were dragged across the mats, but the landing had knocked the wind out of her too much to fight back.

Ashley lifted her up once again, Amber giving a few panicked pleas of “Please, no! Stop!” Ash ignored her just like they had so many times in harassing her in her earlier encounters with them, propping Amber’s ass up on the middle turnbuckle. She hooked Amber’s legs over the ropes and started to unleash a barrage of speeding slaps and punches to Amber’s breasts and face, knocking her around like a busty blonde punching bag. Amber just grunted and flopped weakly throughout the whole thing, the crowd trying to keep count out loud for Ashley. She appreciated it, even if they were losing count from just how fast she was hitting.

Ash finally took Amber by the armpits and threw her back into the ring. She was sent flipping over Amber’s head and slammed onto her back, staring witlessly up at the sky and barely registering Ashley laying across her for a pin. Bunny and Kasey both hurried into the ring, leaning under the ropes and pulling on Ashley’s legs again. Ash still held onto Amber, barely budging from their weaker struggles before she kicked the interfering girls in the chests, sending them flying back and letting the crowd finish the 3-count pin as she slapped the mats.

The bell rang again and Ashley stood up, lifting Amber with her. “Here, she’s done!” she called over the ropes where Bunny and Kasey were just starting to get back to their feet. They gave a quick shriek before Ashley threw Amber over the ropes at them, smacking into them as they landed in a heap on the mats around the ring. They struggled to get out from under their heavier busty cohort as Ashley laughed and helped herself out of the ring.

Kimmy took a deep breath as Ashley came back into their tent. “You doin’ alright?” Ashley asked.

“Yea, it’s just my first real like… match, you know?” Kimmy said with a mousey smile.

“Oh yea. It’s the first time you’re officially in a ring for something,” Sam noted. “But you’re still full of serum, right? You can take it.”

“Oh, it’s not that,” Kimmy smiled, pushing up her glasses with her boxing gloves. “It’s just a lot of people watching. Hope I don’t get stagefright.” The girls laughed and Ashley took Kimmy’s glasses to hold them for her before the music came on to introduce Kimmy.

Kim came out with her pink gloves and orange sleeveless shirt over her sneakers and white shorts. She blushed as she waved the gloved hands to the crowd and shimmied cutely into the ring under the ropes.

Megan came out next in her pink shorts and tanktop, both a mixed pattern of pink and black. The top was modified into a v-neck sort of look, showing off her cleavage even further. It was no doubt some effort by her mother, “Double D” Debbie that walked along right behind her. She had an even tighter matching top and shorts, still upstaging her own daughter as they drew their share of catcalls from the audience mocking the bullies or complimenting their looks.

“Hey there, Velma,” Megan smirked dismissively. “I don’t know what your friends told you, but you’re not winning this. You’re a talentless little spaz who got lucky, and I’ve actually had boxing lessons. You’re leavin’ this ring in a stretcher.”

Kimmy seemed unshaken by the threat and knocked her gloves together casually. “Yea? Well I’m more prone to believe them over you. What’s this, like six times you’ve lost to Ashley and us now?”

Megan just growled and waved at the bell boy, who sounded the start of the fight. Megan came out a bit quicker, since Kimmy’s short build still kept her legs only able to reach so far. Megan was able to strike first, trying to use her reach advantage. Kimmy still zipped around her punches, her small size and minimal experience making her more built for dodging than blocking.

Still, that seemed to be working perfectly well against Megan. Kimmy didn’t know how to fight, but she knew basic physics and logic. For every swing that Megan threw and missed, it just sapped that much more energy out of her. Before too long, the aggressive Megan was sweating more heavily than Kimmy was. This made her easy picking for Kimmy to dart in, pelt her head with a quick one-two, the zip back out before Megan really knew she was there.

Megan quickly got frustrated with her, trying to grab Kimmy with a bearhug. Kimmy just ducked under and pulled back, letting Megan stumble clumsily past her. When she turned back, Kimmy unleashed a quick barrage of punches, the leather gloves smacking rapidly into Megan’s breasts and bouncing them around in her top.

Megan shouted in pain and frustration, shoving Kimmy back with both of her own gloves. Kimmy staggered a few paces back, unharmed until suddenly Debbie climbed onto the ring apron. She grabbed Kimmy by her hair, the geeky girl shrieking as she held her back by it.

“Get her, baby!” Debbie encouraged as Megan moved in for the kill. Kimmy shook one of her arms, managing to pull off one of her boxing gloves. She reached up and squeezed her fingers into Debbie’s wrist. The chesty milf shrieked and let go, allowing Kimmy to slip aside at the last moment and letting Megan punch her mother right in the stomach instead. Debbie grunted and stumbled back off the ring apron, though Megan didn’t feel bad for Debbie as much she regretted giving Kimmy another opening.

Kimmy grabbed Megan by the hair and shoved her towards the ropes after her mother. Megan managed to catch her gloves on the ropes, but she was still clumsily dangling over the edge of the ring with her ass up in the air. Kimmy pulled down her opponent’s shorts with her free hand, getting a big cheer from the crowd as Megan’s pantie-clad ass was revealed. Megan grabbed at them clumsily, but the gloves made it too awkward to pull her shorts back up.

Kimmy spanked the “palm” of her boxing glove against Megan’s ass with loud whacking sounds. Megan kicked and squealed painfully as the super strong paddling brought tears to her eyes, especially at the hands of the young scientist. Kimmy soon turned it to her bare hand with the same treatment, spanking Megan silly before finally pulling on the rope she was stuck on. It slingshotted Megan back into the rang, landing flat on her back and rubbing her sore rear.

Megan tried to crawl away as Kimmy came back for her, but the once mousey girl caught up to her easily enough. Kimmy shook off her last glove and grabbed Megan by the ankle, backpedaling quickly so that Megan’s breasts dragged over the mats. The head bully shrieked as it not only rubbed the mat painfully over her boobs, but the uneven friction pulled up on her top and bared her chest to the crowd. The fellow students laughed at her expense before Kimmy finally stopped the rough ride. She braced a foot on Megan’s back and grabbed her arms instead, pulling back on them to stretch out the bully’s back as well as thrust out her freshly bared chest for the continued hooting of the crowd.

Megan screamed as she was humiliated in the hold, but Kimmy shouted over it. “You give?!” she offered.

Megan nodded rapidly. “Yes! Yes! Stop!”

Kimmy let her go, the bell ringing again and the crowd cheering. Debbie had gotten back up from her fall, dusting herself off as she approached the ring. “Don’t get cocky, you little twerp!” she huffed, getting Kimmy’s attention (even if she was still just smiling proudly and brushing off her insults). “You think doping up you and your friends makes you tough? Well I’ll have you know that what it really takes is hard work, more money than you’ll EVER have, and… a little creative rule bending.”

Kimmy heard Megan get up and charge her from behind, not falling for Debbie’s distraction. Kimmy took a step aside and stuck out her leg, letting the nearly-topless Megan trip over her foot and stumble into the ropes. She bounced back towards Kimmy, staggering out of control as Kimmy threw one quick jab into her face that dropped Megan out cold on the mats.

The trio of girls regrouped in their tent, all victorious and laughing as they rested, drank and compared their fights. “You should have seen Megan’s face, Kim. Totally the fight of the night,” Ashley praised, tapping their water bottles together in a mock-toast.

“I couldn’t have. It’s way too hard to spank someone when you’re right in front of their face,” Kimmy giggled back.

Then came a knock from one of the posts outside the tent. Ashley poked her head out to find the aide/bell boy from the match looking at her uncertainly. “I thought you girls might wanna see this.” He nodded across the quad, where the helpers were taking down the wrestling ring. Beyond that, Megan and her group, back in more or less working order (at least they were all walking under their own power) and marching towards Ashley’s tent. She sighed and thanked the guy for the heads up before turning back into the tent.

“Come on, girls. They don’t give up that easy,” Ashley called to them.

Samantha shrugged and capped off her water bottle, setting it aside for later. “Then let’s go make sure they don’t feel like getting up again.”

Megan led her crew in an angry march towards their tent as Ashley and the girls stepped out. “You really just don’t learn, do you?”

“What we’ve learned is we’re tired of being humiliated by a bunch of juiced up freaks like you,” Debbie huffed, fists clenched at her sides.

“Then stop thinking you can beat us,” Samantha said with a snorting laugh. “You’re the ones picking the fights.”

“Well we’re about to pick one more,” Bunny growled as the band of bullies rushed at the three empowered girls. The trio of friends were plenty ready for them. Ashley easily dodged an attempted slap from Natasha, shoving her hard enough to send her stumbling backward. Her back hit the glass side of the nearby dunk tank that was also taking advantage of the open space near the ring. Megan got Ashley by the hair a moment after, but Ash caught her by the leg and lifted her off her feet before throwing her back down onto the grass. She stepped onto her stomach, getting a bit grunt from Megan as she flopped and Ash pursued the dazed Natasha.

Kimmy stopped Gabriella short with a quick kick in the stomach, winding her while she turned to block Kasey’s punch in an act of more raw speed than skill. She tripped Kasey with a sweep of her stronger leg, but Amber came at her with a clenched fist. It was probably from her looking like the easiest target again, even if that was definitely not the case anymore. Amber had barely started her blow when Kimmy had already dipped out of its path and punched her squarely in the breast. Amber gave a quick shout as she clutched her pained and jiggling chest, but Kimmy pursued her and hit her with a few more slaps and hits to the breast until she toppled over backward. She’d tripped over a big wooden mallet, which Kimmy quickly and easily picked up for herself.

“I always wanted to try using one of these,” Kimmy noted, raising it over her head.

“What?! Wait, no!” Amber pleaded, but Kimmy kicked out a foot to knock her back some more. She felt her ass land on the base of one of those test of strength carnival games, the people having stepped away to let Kimmy take her swing. The empowered hammer blow smacked into one end of the springboard, smacking the other into Amber’s ass. She yelped as she jumped and the small metal weight shot up, rang the bell over her head, and then zipped back down to bounce off of the blonde boxer’s head.

Sam shoved Bunny back into a abandoned hot dog cart, the aluminum stand rocking as she tried to hold herself up against it. Samantha marched right after her and opened up the lid, dunking the bully’s head into the cooled but still strong-smelling water inside. Bunny thrashed wildly, spitting up bubbles from inside as Samantha held her under. Debbie swung both her fists into her back, stunning but not really hurting the tougher coed. She spun around and slapped Debbie across the face, sending her spinning and staggering towards Ashley’s bunch and the carnival games. Debbie had second thoughts now that Samantha was gunning for her (and with Bunny too busy coughing and gagging on hotdog water), so she tried to make a break for it. Samantha just tripped her and braced a foot on top of Debbie’s bulging breasts, grabbing the water gun from the nearby game. It was attached to a long hose to provide plenty of water, and the owner just grinned and switched it on. Debbie shrieked at the top of her lungs as Samantha blasted the powerful squirt gun into her, making her shirt see-through on top of the stinging pain and ruining of her makeup.

Ashley grabbed the stumbling Natasha by her collar, forcing her up the short steps to the dunk tank. She tossed her the last step onto the platform where the “victim” usually sat. “No! No don’t!” Natasha kicked and tried to wriggle back off, but Ash gave her a quick punch to the face that knocked her silly. She took some of the plastic tape they used to rope off the event while it wasn’t being used and bound Natasha’s hands behind her back.

“Come on. It’s a fair. Have some fun.” Ashley grinned, yanking down Natasha’s pants to expose her ass and banging her fist into the target, kicking the platform out from under Natasha and sending her splashing down into the water. She popped back up, sputtering helplessly in her soaking wet clothes.

“Help! I can’t swim!” she babbled.

“Then stand up! It’s not that deep!” Ashley laughed at her along with the watching crowd as she struggled to keep her footing in her beaten panic. Megan came charging back at her as she regained her own senses, Ashley stepping back to casually dodge a furious punch from her biggest rival. Megan threw a kick at her stomach, but Ashley caught it and twisted totoss Megan behind her. She rolled until she smacked into something smooth, and when she looked up, she was thought she was seeing double… or triple? Ashley had knocked her right into the funhouse and its hall of mirrors.

Kasey and Gabby tried to attack Kimmy together, but her speed was keeping her well ahead of their attacks to block or dodge them. Kimmy caught Kasey’s punch in her palm, pulling her closer and kneeing her in the gut. Kasey fell to her knees clutching her stomach, just for Kimmy to give her a quick headbutt that knocked her flat on her back. Gabriella rushed at her, but Kimmy gave her a sharp elbow to the chin that sent her staggering back and falling to the ground. Kimmy grabbed the groaning Gabriella, turning to the little merry-go-round beside her. She lifted Gabby up with a wedgie that drove the thong up her ass, hooking the panties on the head of one of the horses like a safety harness and draping her over its back before the ride went into motion, forcing her to grunt as she was bobbed up and down on the prancing plastic pony.

Kimmy turned back right as Kasey punched her across the face, getting Kim to wince but only stumble a step back. “Ow,” she noted calmly, as if acknowledging that she was hit more than actually hurt. Kasey went pale and tried to run for it, and Kimmy let her… before kicking her in the ass to send her stumbling out of control. Kasey bumped into the front of another of the game booths, holding onto it for balance. Kimmy just grabbed her by the leg and pushed her the rest of the way over, flipping her right into the game’s booth as the owner stepped aside with an amused smile.

“Here,” Kimmy said, slapping ten bucks on the table. “Load me up, please.” Even when she was sounding badass, she was polite and adorable. The owner grinned and handed over a small rifle, with Kasey standing back up dizzily and not realizing she was right in front of a number of brightly-colored bullseyes. Her eyes widened to see Kimmy pointing the weapon at her, shrieking and trying to run, only to find no back exit to the booth. She was suddenly pelted with a series of popping noises and stinging sensations all over her body: the cork gun was certainly nothing lethal, but it had to have some punch if it was to knock anything over, hitting like a concentrated little punch. Kasey was too busy trying to shield her face, so Kimmy had a fun time blasting her in the boobs and trying to let the corks rebound and pile up in her cleavage, to the delight of the onlookers and owner alike.

Megan raised her fists to try to block Ashley’s incoming punch, but she was too panicked and dazed to realize she was blocking one of the mirrors. Ashley socked her in the cheek instead of head on, making her stumble and smack into another mirror. Ashley slugged her in the stomach when she was on the rebound, dodging aside when Megan took a wild swing at her and hit one of the thick mirrors instead. Megan squealed in pain and held her fist. “Fight fair, you little shit!” she hissed, just for Ashley to shove her in the chest. She went flying back and tumbled down the short ramp into the grass again, Ashley hold out her hands in an unspoken challenge.

“Fair enough fight for you now?” Ashley asked. “After all your cheating and dirty fighting, you want it fair now? I guess all’s fair at the fair, huh?” Megan’s face went red, looking over to see her variously beaten and trapped friends. Samantha had Debbie tied up with one of the water hoses, her big, wet tits bouncing with her heavy breaths.

“I can still beat you! You’re the loser! You’re the geek who can’t do shit, like you never could.”

Ashley just folded her arms and stared at her, unfazed by the insults. She’d gotten over it all a long time ago and come to terms with what she was, serum or not. Megan clearly had not. Her lack of response was even worse as Megan found her taunts useless, charging in a frenzy. One quick jab to the face was all it took to put Megan down in a heap on the grass.

“Well, hope you all enjoyed the rematch,” Ashley called to the crowd, who laughed and applauded the beating of the bullies. “Now what to do with them…?”

“We could get them in the carnival spirit,” Samantha offered, walking over to meet up with her since her opponents were all bound up.

They swapped some quick ideas before they arranged their deal with a few of the vendors. The girls were stripped down to just their and panties and each tossed into one of the carts on the ferris wheel. Kimmy, Samantha and Ashley borrowed some supplies from the snack bars to keep whipping up pie tins full of whipped cream while the ferris wheel did its rotation. The students were happy to pay a few dollars each to get a pie, stop the ferris wheel with a random bully inside, and toss the messy projectile to splatter over their face and tits with a big white mess. The line for “Cream pie the bully!” was huge, people circling back in a “catch em all” kind of attraction to try to cream of the them in the comically humiliating roulette. When they were finally shamed enough to go fleeing back to their dorms, Ashley saw that all of the money went back to the vendors and the school, of course, but the laughs were all theirs.

The End

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